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  • 04/02/14--13:23: katy b has a new video

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    yas kathleen brien you look so good omg yaaaaas

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    Here is a clip from Portlandia airing tomorrow on IFC. It features Carrie Brownstein, Fred Armisen, and Maya Rudolph!


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    Jay Z has been accused of cheating on Beyoncé with Nicole Scherzinger, according to a gossip site.

    The rap mogul, who has been married to Queen B since 2008, is rumoured to have had a fling with the former X Factor judge while the power couple were engaged. He has not commented on the claims.

    The sensational claims first surfaced on gossip blog Crazy Days and Nights on its Blind Items Revealed segment just days after it emerged that former Pussy Cat Dolls star's romance with F1 star Lewis Hamilton had once again hit the rocks.

    "Before there was Lewis Hamilton there was this A+ list rapper/producer/everything else who was engaged at the time but made sure our female celebrity/singer was well taken care of," the post read.

    "Nicole Scherzinger/Jay-Z".

    While some fans claimed that the site was simply trying to stir up controversy, others were convinced that the 99 Problems hitmaker had strayed.

    "Nicole is so bitter now it wouldn't surprise me if she writes a tell-all. She thought she was gonna be big after the Pussy Cat Dolls," one wrote.

    Another said: "Don't believe it. I smell a rat"

    A third commentator added: "Who hasn't he taken care of?"

    This is not the first time Jay Z and Beyoncé's marriage have been hit with rumours of infidelity.

    In August 2013, rising female rapper LIV claimed that the hip-hop star, who fathered two-year-old daughter Blue Ivy with Beyoncé, made a move on her in a club and tried to make her his mistress.

    "For the most part, Jay hit me on some, 'I'll hit you when I'm in town' while he is married to Beyoncé," she told PNC Radio.

    "For me, I'm not that chick. I could do a lot of things but [choose not to.]"


    guess yonce aint the only one all on his mouf like liquor.

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    He's made a name for himself in the movie industry as a crime-fighting, alien-swatting action hero.

    And Will Smith looked every inch the leading man as he headed out for a bite to eat at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, California, on Monday night.

    The 45-year-old actor appeared to have been putting in some quality time at the gym as he showed off his positively bulging biceps in a tight-fitting gun-metal grey tee as he left the upmarket Italian eatery.


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    "It's only in recent years that I've become a fan," Captain America: The Winter Solider star Sebastian Stan revealed in a recent interview with Vulture when asked just how closely he’s followed Bucky’s comic book adventures. "And now I'm really into the story line and I've read all the [Ed] Brubaker stuff, so now I'm really going in and going, 'Okay, this is cool. Wow, I'm lucky this is the character I ended up with.'"

    In that storyline, the resurrected Bucky seeks out revenge against Tony Stark following Steve Rogers’ death at the conclusion of Civil War, later taking on the mantle himself. As you might expect, this is the kind of juicy material the actor is very interested in taking on. "I wouldn't mind that at all. Iron Man would definitely outwit the Winter Soldier very quickly, in terms of banter, but after that? Maybe things would turn out a different way."

    When talk turned to exploring the past between Bucky and the Black Widow as the comic books recently did, Stan added: "Hey, listen, I could talk about the Black Widow all you want! That's an amazing story line. I would love for that to happen.” As for the chance to seduce Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow in the present day, he added: “That is ... something ... one should ... have a chance at doing. Yes."

    CBR News recently spoke with Sebastian Stan about Bucky's resurrection, preparing for the role both physically and mentally, why the clothes make the man and his hopes for the onscreen future of the Winter Soldier.

    CBR News: Had you auditioned for any other superhero franchises before "Captain America?"
    Sebastian Stan: Yes -- I tested for "Star Trek" and "Green Lantern." Those didn't work out. "Star Trek" isn't really superheroes, though.

    When filming "Captain America: The First Avenger," were you aware of who the Winter Soldier was and that Marvel would be exploring that character in the future?
    When I had my initial meetings with them about Bucky Barnes and the Winter Soldier, I learned everything about the storyline. I didn't really have any idea whether that was something they were going to decide on doing in the following years or after the first movie, [but] when we were doing the first "Captain America," I was anticipating the possibility.

    You've played a few bad apples in your career. What makes a good villain?
    Whenever I look at a character, I try not to think so black and white in terms of, "Oh, this is the antagonist," or, "This is the protagonist." I always try to justify why the character does what he does in the script. In some of the other things I've worked on, it's been a lot clearer to me why this would be the bad guy. In "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," I'm a bit hesitant to go ahead and call the Winter Soldier a villain, even though I can understand why he may be perceived that way. His motives behind what he does are so much more complex than just "I want to kill someone or destroy the world." He's essentially doing something he believes is right.

    What makes the Winter Soldier such a formidable adversary for Captain America?
    He is a direct problem for Steve Rogers' psyche because of who he used to represent to him. He's a good adversary, because he plays into Steve's Achilles' heel. We saw, after the first movie, that Steve Rogers went into this post-traumatic stress-type guilt because he wasn't able to help his best friend. When Steve comes face-to-face with the Winter Soldier, he faces a dilemma within himself that he's partially responsible for. That's already a weak point for Steve.
    Then, the Winter Soldier has a weapon in the form of a metal arm that can go toe-to-toe with Cap's shield. And he's more evolved at this point. All of the skills the Winter Soldier has always had, from being a mercenary, and being skilled in terms of knife training, close hand-to-hand combat and being a really good sniper -- all those things have been amplified as the Winter Soldier. He's a pretty good threat.

    Can you talk about your initial impression of the Winter Soldier's costume and how it helps you get into character?
    My first impression was one of amazement. When I saw the sketches, it literally flew off the comic book pages. It seemed like what was in the comic books had come to life. That's a credit to the amazing costume designers the movie has. The costume was a big thing. It helped me physically, in the way I was moving and approaching the character. The arm was great and not CGI. It helped me have that awareness on the left side of my body. I always think you let the wardrobe do the work for you and you step back. This is one of those situations where once you step into wardrobe, you really forget about yourself.

    How did you prepare for this role, physically and mentally?
    It's always different. Physically, I trained over a span of six or seven months. It was a lot of fitness training, and eventually we did a lot of fight training and knife training and choreography for the fight sequences, which we practiced every day. The fitness diet aspect of it was very difficult for me. I'd never done any of that in my life before. I followed a pretty strict diet regime for about six months.

    You'll never want another chicken breast!
    No, now I'm stuck. All I eat is chicken breasts. But that kind of adds a certain level of confidence. When you're shooting, you feel good, like you've worked out hard and you're proud of those achievements. That confidence is important when you're called for these types of roles.
    Mentally, it's always a funny game that you play with yourself. Some days, you feel really prepared. Other days, you feel lost. It's hard to describe completely. The material in the comics was there. There was a lot of information on the character already. I wanted to do a fair job of honoring that material and following the map that was so well written by Ed Brubaker. I watched a lot of documentaries on post-traumatic stress disorders, and what happens to some of these people that are essentially victims and casualties of war, which in a sense the Winter Soldier is. Like any other soldier, he's a weapon somebody uses to carry out an order. There's a desensitizing these guys go though in order to act under pressure. The Winter Soldier is so far removed from opinions and right or wrong at this point.

    Looking at the trailer, there are numerous moments that have moviegoers giddy. What sequence makes you grin?
    All those sequences. There were a lot of times when we'd be showing up to set, about to shoot that day, and were in the costumes. There was so much preparation and then you stand up there and go, "I can't believe this is what we're really doing." There was always a giddiness factor to it, especially with these films. There is that element of cowboys and indians you had when you were a kid. There's an energy behind it. You're playing a larger-than-life character. It is fun, and you don't get to do that every day. The whole experience was like that for me.

    Director Joe Johnston established Bucky in "Captain America: The First Avenger." Did Anthony and Joe Russo approach things differently for the sequel?
    Absolutely, in the sense that this is a very different movie from the first one. It's much more grounded and rooted in our world today, as we know it, in 2014. Joe Johnston did a great job in the first film, as an origin story that took place in the '40s. It was a different time. There was some propaganda. The World War II environment gave the movie a more faded, nostalgic look.
    The Russo brothers had a very specific goal in mind. They wanted to really accentuate Cap's ability as a fighter. They wanted everything to be as realistic as possible. It doesn't feel very comic book-ish. It honors what's in the comic book, but it feels very realistic in terms of how people can relate to it. Who can you trust? What information is really the truth? The moral decisions behind what you believe in and what you stand for? All those things are themes in the movie that are happening now. It's a much darker, more realistic take on Captain America and embracing the world he is in.

    Assuming you survive this installment, how would you like to see the Winter Soldier explored in future endeavors?
    I'll just leave it to surprise. I know that's not a very exciting answer. I enjoy playing the character. I have a lot of fun. I'd love to continue the story. In the comic books, the Winter Soldier gets to the point where he's having to deal with his own struggles of embracing this world and what has really happened and what he's been up to in the last 50 to 70 years. As an actor, that would be a great challenge and also an interesting part to work on. I'm excited to see what happens next!

    The Winter Soldier is a fairy tale - at least that's what the intelligence community in the Marvel Cinematic Universe tells themselves. This assassin, with his cybernetic arm and relentless pursuit of his targets - has been picking off victims for fifty years, a span too long for any human being. But some people know the truth, that the Winter Soldier is in fact a man, and that he is kept in cryogenic stasis between missions. And that his mind has been wiped, and that he is programmed only to kill.

    That makes him a weird character for an actor to approach. History is everything when actors prepare for roles, but the Winter Soldier's memory is wiped every time he is taken out of storage. For Sebastian Stan, who plays the long-haired death dealer and central physical threat in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, that blank slate was evocative of something he had experienced in his own life.

    "It reminded me of someone suffering from Alzheimer’s, and I had a chance to see that very up close and personal in someone I knew. That’s what that scene was. Watching someone go through Alzheimer’s you see them struggle to understand why they’re feeling what they’re feeling. They have glimpses of things they don’t completely get, so they’re very confused. They’re also extremely violent, they can be very violent. They can go from ‘You’re familiar’ to ‘You’re a threat to me’ - immediately. It’s hard. I just thought, for me, that [character], when I was reading [him] on paper, very much reminded me of someone who, unfortunately, was struggling to understand what he feels and what he’s thinking."

    Of course that is just one aspect of who The Winter Soldier is. Stan needed to prepare himself physically to be a guy who could stand toe-to-toe with Captain America, recipient of the Super Soldier Serum.

    "Physically I started training about six months before. The whole deal: eating spot on, eight hours a night, no drinking, no partying. Monk living! It was hard, but also it’s amazing to see what happens to your body. Your energy skyrockets. I was also doing a play at the same time, which helped my discipline. Then it went right into fight training about three months before, and the stunt guys were teaching us every move beat by beat by beat. It’s like learning notes, it’s that mechanical and choreographed."

    "[This is] the introduction of the Winter Soldier onscreen. That meant you needed to understand why this guy was a threat, what he does and how he does it, what his process is. You’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg, in terms of how much of a threat he is - how much of a weapon he is - but he’s still a human being."


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    One Man's Trash Is Anthony Mackie's Treasure

    The handsome star told Ellen about his unusual technique for home décor.

    he's freaking hilarious i love him! He is also such a badass Falcon forreal and he should be in Age of Ultron tbh

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    Around the three-minute mark of Cassadee Pope's first country single, "Wasting All These Tears," she hit an impressive (well, that's one way to put it) high note and drug it out for a solid nine seconds as a hypnotic instrumental figure repeated underneath, heightening the drama in a song about a woman recovering from a breakup. The performance clearly connected: Pope ascended to No. 5 on Hot Country Songs and No. 10 on Country Airplay, becoming the first country female whose debut single was certified platinum by the RIAA since Taylor Swift in 2006.

    On her sophomore single — "I Wish I Could Break Your Heart," released to radio via Play MPE on March 3 — Pope similarly hits a big note just after the two-minute mark, potentially setting up a signature sound
    ("tone deaf goat") for the former champion of NBC's "The Voice."

    "I really just love belting," says Pope. "I look up to artists like Martina McBride and Kelly Clarkson. They leave it all out there on their recordings and onstage. I don't know if it's a signature thing, but I really like to do it a lot."

    The note is a particularly telling moment in Pope's development as an artist, because her big-voiced performance was not necessarily part of the road map in the demo she originally heard.
    Singer-songwriter Jon Green provided the voice on the demo, delivering "Break Your Heart" with more of a masculine Keith Urban/Chris Martin graininess.

    "I didn't even think of a girl doing it," says Ashley Monroe ("Heart Like Mine,""The Truth"), who co-wrote it with Green and Gordie Sampson ("Jesus, Take the Wheel,""Song About a Girl"). "It's so cool to hear Cassadee wail it. It's cooler to me from a girl's point of view." Actually, the songwriters had no one in mind when they created "Break Your Heart" at Sampson's writing room, The Shack, even though two of them are artists in their own right: Green fronts London-based pop/rock band The Bonfires, and Monroe is both a Warner Bros. solo artist and a member of Pistol Annies.

    "I haven't gone into any sessions as yet looking for material for my own project, The Bonfires, but I definitely hope to on upcoming [Nashville] trips," says Green. "I think Ashley was already finishing up her own record at that point, so she too wasn't looking for anything she could sing herself particularly." Instead, they were just looking for a quality song, stirring the creative pot by fusing talents with three distinct accents from three different countries.

    "I brought Tennessee, Jon brought British, Gordie brought Canadian — he's from Nova Scotia," says Monroe. Monroe also brought the title, "I Wish I Could Break Your Heart.""I always like to go in with some sort of idea, especially when I'm with people I'm big fans of," she says. "So I was like, ‘I don't know, guys. I feel like this needs to be written. I've had this title for a little while.' I forget which one started chugging and making it."

    "I recall Gordie and I immediately latching onto it and [the words were] singing great over the guitar lines we were jamming," Green adds. "I really liked starting with the hook line, too. Straight out the gate we have a story and an angle.""I Wish I Could Break Your Heart" became the first line of the song, leading into a verse with a revolving melody and a quiet resolve. That title resurfaces in the chorus, which is distinctly different in tone — a fairly linear melody, centered at a higher pitch and delivered with a pleading immediacy.

    "I like that when songs almost have two hooks," says Monroe. "That's a good little accident to have." Pitching the chorus higher than the verse "was part of my idea," she continues. "I just wanted it to almost sound desperate, not in a pitiful way but in a kind of frustrating way, like, ‘The truth is I would never hurt you because I love you, but it'd be nice to know I had the power to.'" The song was written and the demo was finished within 90 minutes, Green recalls. Monroe could have sung the demo, but she opted to let him have it, figuring males are having greater success in country's current climate and that her vocal tone might limit how the song was received. "Everybody hears my demos — ‘Oh, that's good for Dolly [Parton] or Lee Ann Womack,'" she says. "My voice isn't good on demos."

    Republic Nashville signed Pope to a recording deal shortly after she won The Voice in December 2012. Wrensong Publishing president-owner Ree Guyer-Buchanan pitched "I Wish I Could Break Your Heart" to the Big Machine Label Group, and before January 2013 was over, Pope had it on hold. "I didn't really think, ‘Well, this is from a guy's perspective,'" says Pope. "I knew what that felt like, and I'd felt that before in past relationships. Weird emotions came over me when I first heard it, and I loved it right away."

    She recorded it at Martina and John McBride's Blackbird Studio, singing with the band during every take in the tracking session and pushing her voice in the process. Drummer Chris McHugh (Keith Urban, Little Big Town) gave the arrangement room to build by playing the first verse on a miniature drum kit — "It looks about half-size," says producer Dann Huff (Rascal Flatts, Hunter Hayes), "and it sounds exactly like it looks"— and steel guitarist Paul Franklin (George Strait, Vince Gill) threw in a repetitive two-note trill on the chorus that serves as a melodic and rhythmic break.

    "There's a lot of stuff on that track, real kind of subliminal stuff that you really wouldn't even identify as steel guitar — the little segues into choruses, I call them waves," says Huff. "We work on those harder than we work on anything else. You feel some sort of crescendo into a chorus, but we can work really hard on almost making those invisible-sounding. He's great at that."

    Huff played a four-bar solo — a "non-solo solo," as he calls it — and the label released a Wes Edwards-directed video even before the single shipped, with Pope singing in a suspended, steel-framed heart and crushing another glowing, plastic heart under her stiletto heel. "I was so nervous about it because I was wearing strappy heels where my feet were exposed," she says. "But I crushed that baby. I got it down on the first take."Four for you Goat Coco, you can step on things. Four for you.

    It's not difficult to picture country fans head-banging during the chorus of "Break Your Heart" on the drive to work. At least one of the song's writers has already had a similar experience. "As an out-of-towner trying to earn the right to work in Nashville, to hear her smash the vocal, to get to have a song produced by Dann Huff and to hear it sounding so rocking was a big honour," says Green. "I got sent the mix, and I was air-drumming along to it on repeat in my car for about two hours."

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    Shot by Karl Lagerfeld

    Pictures from her newest project, Apnée (with bf, Jérémie Laheurte)

    A bunch of cute pictures from her instagram


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    Any boy looking to date a Duggar girl should be prepared to take it very, very slow. During the season premiere of 19 Kids and Counting on Tuesday, April 1, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar laid out the rules of courtship for their 19 children -- two of whom, 20-year-old Jessa and 22-year-old Jill, recently began relationships with prospective mates.

    "As far as our kids dating, we believe a lot of times if you're alone with the person, it can create desires that can kind of get stirred up, and you don't have any accountability, and [that] can kind of lead to some hanky panky," Jim Bob explained on the show. And hanky panky is a big no-no.

    "Courtship is really getting to know each other for the purpose of possibly getting engaged and getting married," the father of 19 said. Added Jill, who is courting 25-year-old Derick Dillard: "The main difference between courting and dating is setting boundaries for yourself so that you don't cross over those."

    Those boundaries, for Jessa and her beau, Ben Seewald, 18, include no holding hands, no kissing, and always having a chaperone (usually one of the Duggars' 10 sons). So how do they show affection? With "side-hugs" when they say hello or goodbye. "Obviously we're saving our first kiss for marriage," Ben said. "It's pretty basic."

    Michelle and Jim Bob, who are devout fundamentalist Independent Baptists, also require that their daughters' suitors include them on any text messages. "It's neat to see their conversations," Jim Bob told

    Jim Bob is very hands-on when it comes to his girls' love lives. In fact, he told that he fields letters and calls every week from guys who want to date his daughters. "The girls have always said they would send any guy who was interested in them to Dad," Michelle said. "That's a good thing -- that is such good protection for them."


    I wonder if they would do the same with the sons

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    "The Mindy Project" finally returned after the LONGEST HIATUS EVER with two episodes prominently featuring Mindy and Danny hooking up. At least when the show came back it gave us Chris Messina reading "Bridget Jones' Diary" in a proper British accent. (Side note, can that be an actual audiobook we can buy? Asking for a friend.)
    In "French Me, You Idiot," after making out in the most spacious airplane bathroom ever, the new couple returned home to find that Cliff made a grand gesture to get Mindy back. And since he didn't believe her when she tried to break up with him and then his grandmother died, Mindy pulled the classic "try very hard to get dumped" thing, which didn't actually work until she and Danny caused a fire and ruined his grandmother's funeral.
    Mindy and Danny sort-of being together is awesome because it gives us excellent exchanges between the coworkers/lovers like this one: Mindy: "Why are your lips so scrumptious?" Danny: "I don't know, they just are."
    The episode also saw the return of Mark Duplass' Brendan DeLaurier, but not hooking up with Mindy, teaming up with Peter to get the New York City ballet as patients. It didn't work, because Peter couldn't convincingly feign interest in dance for an afternoon. Oh well!
    "Indian BBW" also brought back another Mindy ex: Bill Hader's Tom, when a sex tape the two made ten years ago surfaced on a porn site Peter was surfing during his lunch break. Mindy and Peter teamed up to get the tape back, which almost didn't work (but did, thanks to his fratty connections). With Adam Pally returning as a series regular for Season 3, it's nice to see him vibing with the rest of the Schulman & Associates team.
    Meanwhile, Danny contracted viral meningitis, but also managed to accidentally view (and become irate about) the sex tape, causing Peter to deduce why he was so upset. That, and Mindy contracted his meningitis, which in turn caused an all-better Danny to read aloud Mindy's favorite sick day book to her, British accent included.
    All in all, they were an excellent two outings for Mindy's return. What did you think of the episodes? How happy are you that "Mindy" is back?!


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    Rob Kardashian has prompted speculation that he may not be completely over his failed romance with Rita Ora after posting a cryptic message on Twitter this week hinting at heartbreak, coincidentally just as his pretty ex gushed about her newfound love with DJ Calvin Harris.

    The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, who endured a bitter split from the 'I Will Never Let You Down' singer in 2012, made a dramatic return to Twitter earlier this week and posted a mysterious message which some have attributed to his weight loss struggles.

    “No one will ever understand how much it hurts,” Rob tweeted yesterday.

    The tweet came just hours after extracts from Rita's interview with Elle magazine had been released, and features the British star cooing over her relationship with producer Calvin, whom she has been dating for around a year.

    In the magazine interview, Rita candidly said: “There are so many things. The fact that he got something out of me that I never thought I had. Yes, like falling in love. I just didn’t think I had it. I’d never experienced it before.

    “And I was just like in the wilderness, thinking, 'Will it ever happen?'”

    Rita, 23, and Rob, 27, had a very public break-up in December 2012 but it wasn't the most amicable affair with the reality star appearing to accuse the Roc Nation songstress of cheating on him during their relationship.

    Several months after the scandal, Rita spoke out on their split saying that she didn't actually believe they were in a genuine relationship.

    “I never thought it was actually a relationship, in all honesty,” Rita told Australian newspaper The Sunday Telegraph's Sunday Style magazine in March 2013.

    “I never mentally defined it as 'boyfriend, girlfriend'. When I split up with him, I said, 'It's because I'm never there, I don't know how to do it.' That's all I said, then... the rest happened. He obviously felt that creating myths was the way forward.”


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    Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin had 'open' marriage before split, report says

    Were Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin consciously sleeping with other people?

    That's what People magazine is claiming in their cover story about the superstar couple's recent "conscious uncoupling."

    People reports that several friends of the couple said the two were in an "open" relationship, on and off, before their announced split.

    "They have been on and off for many years," one source told the magazine. "The marriage was falling apart."

    The Oscar-winning actress and Grammy-award winning singer had been married for 10 years, and have two children ages 8 and 9 1/2.

    Never one to do things traditionally, the couple was recently spotted on vacation together in the Bahamas with their children, after their breakup.

    "They seemed to have a pretty mature handle on that crazy rotation of being superstars and parents," another source said. "But that balance, given the time they had to spend apart, clearly couldn't sustain itself."

    This week's People story is a far cry from a year ago this month, when they named Paltrow their Most Beautiful Person. (well damn)
    Source 1

    Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin – Neighbors From Hell! Residents Of Los Angeles Community Say Divorcing Couple Have Made Life A Nightmare On Their Street

    Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are staying civil post-split (your fave could neva), but it’s a different matter entirely when it comes to their neighbors! has exclusively learned that the angry residents who live close to the couple’s $10 million mansion in Brentwood, Los Angeles, have accused the pair of being the neighbors from hell — and now, Paltrow and Martin are even facing prosecution!

    Paltrow and Martin bought the home in 2012. According to neighbors, Paltrow immediately planted four layers of huge fir trees surrounding the property and installed a huge nine-foot black gate that violated zoning laws in the posh neighborhood.

    A complaint was filed with the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety. But a year later, they still haven’t torn it down and their livid neighbors are demanding action.

    The couple should have replaced it with a smaller gate within 45 days or incurred a $900 fine. A Los Angeles City Council spokesman said that for that particular property the height limitation is 3.5ft — more than five feet shorter than the one the couple currently has.

    But this is only the start of the list of complaints by neighbors, who have spent more than a year living next to what one described as a ‘building site.’

    “There was always work being done at the house,” one neighbor reveals. “I only got annoyed when the workmen would illegally park in my driveway and they hadn’t even spoken to me about it.”

    When faced with such issues, neighbors were forced to go through a middleman instead of approaching the famous duo directly.

    “I spoke to a guy called Oliver who seems to deal with all their issues to do with their neighbors, the house and community,” the source says. “He sorted it.”

    “We never got to see Gwyneth; we’d only go through Oliver,” the source explains.

    Other neighbors confirmed that Paltrow is barely seen in the neighborhood, despite saying in an interview last year that she was desperate to drag the family to Los Angeles so that their kids Apple and Moses could go swimming and ‘pick avocados.’

    Instead, neighbors say it’s been Martin who’s been overseeing home base for the family.

    “We used to see Chris walking the dogs,” neighbor Hilda McGonigle reveals. “He was a really nice guy. He was the one with the talent; she was the one just writing cook books. To some people, their issues might get on people’s nerves, but I personally didn’t care. I didn’t have much time for her, but I liked him.”

    Now that the couple has split, another neighbor says, “It’s weird timing … he was building a studio in the back of the house, so it makes no sense he wanted to leave here. He seemed happy. But she wasn’t as popular with the street.”

    In fact, some neighbors were even scared to speak about her on the record. One said fearfully, “I don’t want anything bad to happen to me, so I can’t say anything. Last time I did, then it was difficult, so now I don’t want any problems.” (cowards)

    But Paltrow and Martin have hardly been the neighborhood’s only famous residents. Michael Douglas and Arnold Schwarzenegger have both owned homes on the exclusive Mandeville Canyon Road – and Steven Seagal still lives there. The residents pride themselves on their friendly community and say that, it doesn’t matter if they’re famous or not, Paltrow and Martin should abide by the local etiquette and rules.

    McGonigle explains, “It’s a really active community, but we don’t see much of them. When they moved in they had Do Not Trespass signs put up at their school and all over their property. Then they had the big gates put in and four layers of trees. I actually felt bad for them, as there was so much media intrusion when they moved in, I had paparazzi blocking my way into my own drive. It got so bad the police got involved. There was no sense of privacy, but I know it annoyed the neighbor next door.”

    Still, she insists that the couple should take down the gate, even as they focus on their divorce. She insists, “It’s against the zoning laws to do it, as it ruins the sense of community if everyone had those gates.”

    Source 2

    ONTD, have you ever angered your neighbors?

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    Jail is no place anyone wants to be and Chris Brown is no exception. Breezy’s time in L.A. County lockup has ‘broken’ him and he’s ‘lost all hope,’ a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.
    Chris Brown doesn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. The X artist is stuck in the Los Angeles County Men’s Central Jail until April 17, and he’s feeling more helpless and alone than ever right now, is EXCLUSIVELY reporting.

    All Breezy wants to do is go home, eat his own food and take showers at his leisure. But that’s just not in the cards for the 24-year-old singer, and his time in jail is really starting to take a toll on him, both mentally and emotionally.

    “He’s lost all hope. Jail has broken him,” a source close to the singer EXCLUSIVELY reveals to “He can’t be
    upbeat or happy in jail because he doesn’t have control over sh**. He can’t do anything on his own and he’s told what to do, when to eat, when to sleep and sh**, and people are watching over him 24/7.”
    Poor Chris. We know he’s going through a tough time but we hope he finds a way to stay positive because this kind of outlook won’t help him at all! ew this article

    As previously reported, a judge has ordered Chris to remain in custody until his April 17 trial date in D.C. We’re told that Chris isn’t sure if he will be able to beat the case, or whether his attorney’s plans to pay the alleged victim a cash settlement to avoid a trial will work.

    “He wants this D.C. case behind him but he’s not trying to get his hopes up,” the source reveals. “He’s not setting himself up for the ultimate failure. He’s just playing the waiting game but he has no hopes either way because he doesn’t want to be let down.”


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  • 04/02/14--15:11: Lady Gaga in NYC

  • 007
    Spotted leaving her apartment



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    First Miley Cyrus invented twerking, now this.

    Earlier today Marie Claire got a taste of what it feels like to be on Black Twitter’s bad side after they shared a photo via the magazine’s Twitter account of Kim Kardashian’s younger sister, Kendall Jenner, rocking a set of cornrows. While there was nothing particularly wrong with the photo of the 18-year-old reality star, the caption that MC tacked onto it automatically sent Black Twitter into defense mode.

    And of course, as you’ve probably guessed, all hell broke loose from there. Tweeters quickly responded to the comment, noting that it’s nearly impossible for Kendall (or anyone else for that matter) to take cornrows to a “new epic level” since braids have been a thing for what seems like forever.

    #MarieClaire eventually became a trending topic on Twitter. And well, we all know how that goes.

    The magazine later issued a brief apology for the tweet.


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    Pastore strike puts Paris clear of Chelsea

    Javier Pastore's added-time effort secured Paris Saint-Germain what could prove a vital two-goal cushion as the French club beat Chelsea FC 3-1 in their UEFA Champions League quarter-final opener.

    Billed as a moment of truth for Paris, the visit of José Mourinho's Premier League juggernauts initially brought the best out of them, with Ezequiel Lavezzi firing them into a fourth-minute lead. Eden Hazard struck from the spot as Laurent Blanc's men began retreating, though, and it took a David Luiz own goal to restore their advantage, doubled at the death.

    Paris had waited all season for a match of this tenor and how it showed. They clicked the 'on' button of their fluid midfield machine and quickly set about hunting space, a strategy that prospered when Thiago Motta picked out Blaise Matuidi on the left. The French international's cross was cleared by John Terry but only as far as Lavezzi, who controlled and rifled a fine half-volley in off the crossbar.

    Mourinho had preferred André Schürrle to Fernando Torres up front, reinforcing the sense his team would concentrate on staying tight, but suddenly it was Paris who could afford to counterattack. Twice the effervescent Lavezzi broke free, first drawing a foul from Ramires – who picked up a booking and second-leg suspension – and later finding the side netting.

    Sitting back does not come naturally to Blanc's charges, however, and a nervousness infected their defending, which culminated in Thiago Silva upending Oscar in the area. Hazard slotted low to the left from the spot, and although Lavezzi soon tested Petr Čech, the Belgium playmaker then volleyed against the base of the far post from a tight angle.

    Paris came out after the break eager to win back ground in the midfield battle, and from another Matuidi cross they almost went ahead again. This time Lavezzi headed over, but it was the Argentinian international who caused Luiz to prod the ball into his net just after the hour, his probing free-kick from the left creating panic in the box.

    That came after Chelsea had introduced Torres for Schürrle, yet it was another substitution that worried the locals most, the subdued Zlatan Ibrahimović leaving the pitch holding his thigh. Edinson Cavani curled a late effort wide as Paris sought to increase their cushion, and they ultimately did precisely that when substitute Pastore slalomed through the Blues' defence close to the byline and beat Čech at the near post.

    Madrid ease to Dortmund triumph

    Real Madrid CF took command of their UEFA Champions League quarter-final tie against Borussia Dortmund after Carlo Ancelotti's side eased past last year's beaten finalists with an energetic first-leg display.

    The nine-time champions accounted for Dortmund's Bundesliga rivals FC Schalke 04 in the last round and they quickly set about Jürgen Klopp's men in this last-eight encounter, Gareth Bale scoring his ninth UEFA Champions League goal in the third minute. In the team to replace Ángel Di María – a late withdrawal with a virus – midfielder Isco added a second as the hosts overran their opponents who fell 3-0 behind to Cristiano Ronaldo's record-equalling 14th goal of this season's competition in the second half.

    Determined to avenge their semi-final loss to the Schwarzgelben last April, Madrid followed their coach's attacking orders and were soon in front after Karim Benzema, on the right flank, picked out Daniel Carvajal's run into the box. The Spanish Under-21 international cut back for Bale whose first touch edged Sokratis Papastathopoulos out of the picture, leaving the Welshman free to poke a finish under Roman Weidenfeller.

    Given little time to recover by the relentless Merengues, Dortmund's defenders were soon backpedalling again, with Ronaldo – on his 100th UEFA Champions League outing – drawing successive flying saves from Weidenfeller. That a second Madrid goal would arrive as the half progressed appeared inevitable, and so it proved, with Isco, a beaten quarter-finalist with Málaga CF against Dortmund last term, driving a low right-footed shot into the corner of the net from the edge of the area.

    Bale's whipped free-kick would have brought more but for Dortmund's alert No1 while, at the other end, Iker Casillas dealt with Kevin Grosskreutz's testing effort. As the rain poured down, and after opportunities were spurned in both boxes, Ronaldo showed the way, accepting Luka Modrić's through pass before applying a clever finish in the 57th minute. The goal meant Ronaldo equalled Lionel Messi and José Altafini's 14-goal record for a single European Cup campaign.

    Their chances of bettering a record of one win in 11 previous visits to Spain now all but over, Dortmund had nonetheless threatened throughout and were denied a route back into the tie when Pepe threw himself at Henrikh Mkhitaryan's goal-bound strike. Benzema then elicited another fine stop from Weidenfeller but, as it stands, Madrid have a clear edge in their hunt for a record 25th European Cup semi-final appearance.

    Atlético hold Barcelona at bay

    A volcanic match full of sumptuous skills left Club Atlético de Madrid with a slender advantage for next week's second leg thanks to Diego's invaluable and thrilling long-range goal – although Neymar's fine 71st-minute equaliser kept FC Barcelona firmly in this quarter-final.

    Atlético, in the last eight for the first time since 1997, belied the first-half loss of talismanic forward Diego Costa to injury; his replacement, Diego, fired the visitors in front 11 minutes after half-time with a thunderous angled shot. Seeking a seventh successive semi-final appearance, Barcelona continued probing, however, and Neymar's fourth UEFA Champions League goal levelled matters 19 minutes from time – although perhaps the hidden hero was Thibaut Courtois, who made three world-class saves in the second period to ensure Atlético's efforts did not go unrewarded.

    The opening half brimmed with intensity, invention and quality, with each side losing a key player early on. Gerard Piqué fell awkwardly following a challenge with Costa, then Costa himself pulled up feeling for the hamstring in his right leg. The supporting cast compensated for their departures.

    The returning David Villa became Barça's chief tormentor. Diego Simeone had ordered his men to press high up the pitch and to try to prevent goalkeeper José Manuel Pinto from keeping the ball moving. The pressure worked. Barcelona sacrificed possession much more regularly than normal, most dangerously when Pinto kicked straight to Arda Turan, who found Villa for a snap-shot that curled just round the post.

    Javier Mascherano's anticipation then won a crucial challenge and the ball was worked to Lionel Messi; Miranda blocked superbly. Diego Godín then did likewise to deny Andrés Iniesta, through on goal. Messi's header from a Daniel Alves cross forced Courtois to dive quickly before a long free-kick gave Villa another opening. Pinto pushed the attempt wide.

    Atlético's breakthrough more than equalled the majesty of the match. Godín took a sharp free-kick but there seemed little danger from Diego, only for the substitute to unleash a shot to remember, bending the ball into the top corner from 25 metres.

    Sergio Busquets replied promptly with a vicious volley which Courtois threw himself full length to touch round the post and the contest was sizzling. Fittingly, Barcelona's equaliser was wonderful. Iniesta held off and held off before splitting the defence and Neymar got ahead of Miranda to level with his right foot.

    There was more drama to come, Courtois producing memorable saves from Iniesta's fizzing strike and a Messi free-kick in the closing stages, meaning the teams will reconvene at the Estadio Vicente Calderón all square.

    United and Bayern battle to Old Trafford draw

    Bastian Schweinsteiger struck a fine second-half equaliser but then got sent off as holders FC Bayern München earned a 1-1 draw at Manchester United FC in an absorbing UEFA Champions League quarter-final first leg.

    This was a tie that Bayern, already crowned German champions, entered as strong favourites yet United belied pre-match assumptions to ask serious questions of the visitors, taking the lead through captain Nemanja Vidić's header just before the hour. Although Schweinsteiger levelled, Bayern ended the match with ten men after he collected a second yellow card for a challenge on Wayne Rooney and they will also have Javi Martínez suspended for next Wednesday's second leg in Bavaria.

    It was a contest that offered a reminder of the unpredictability of cup competition as United, off the pace in the Premier League, pushed Bayern all the way. Josep Guardiola's side had 73% of the possession in the first half and at times had United chasing shadows, yet it was the hosts who came closest to scoring before the break.

    David Moyes in his programme notes had demanded that United start on the front foot and he got that with Danny Welbeck putting the ball in the net after three minutes, only to see the effort disallowed for a high foot as he took the ball past Martínez.

    Before long Bayern had the home team pinned back but United's pace on the counter troubled the visitors and in the 40th minute Welbeck missed a golden opportunity after Jérôme Boateng slipped as the striker broke onto Rooney's through ball. With only Manuel Neuer to beat, Welbeck attempted a cute chip but did not put enough weight on the ball and Neuer saved easily.

    At the other end, United were unable to get a kick at times but just about held firm. Vidić made a fine last-ditch intervention to stop Thomas Müller turning in David Alaba's cross while David de Gea dived across goal to turn behind a trademark curling shot by Arjen Robben.

    United began the second period with Shinji Kagawa replacing Ryan Giggs and with Marouane Fellaini pushing upfield, Bayern looked a little unsettled. The belief levels soared around Old Trafford as Vidić then delivered the opening goal. Kagawa won the corner, Rooney swung it over and Vidić, though moving away from goal, did superbly well to stretch his neck muscles and direct the ball inside the far corner.

    Bayern's defenders will not enjoy reviewing their marking – or lack of it – but nine minutes later they had their equaliser. Robben fed Rafinha down the right and his far-post cross was nodded by substitute Mario Mandžukić into the path of Schweinsteiger who sent a brilliantly controlled half-volley into the roof of the net. Bayern might have grabbed a winner – Robben twice firing narrowly wide – but that would have been cruel on United.


    i thought bayern would've had an easier time oop

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    Today over at The Cut, they're featuring the first-hand account of a Hollywood personal assistant who has a lot of particularly damning things to say about a former celebrity boss. It's all pretty juicy except — UN PROBLEMO — the entire thing is anonymous and you never get to find out what famous person she's talking about.

    And another incident where she called the assistant during her time off because she needed someone to drive her to an emergency psychic appointment:

    Once I got called in as an emergency because she said, "I need to see my therapist." So I had to leave my family and drive over and pick her up, because she was like, "After therapy, I can't drive." That's fine, I get it: So she's in with the therapist, and I'm sitting there in the car, reading, and I remember seeing the therapist's name — but she wasn't a therapist. Oh no. She was a palm reader. She was a palm reader that we got a discount for in the gift bag at an awards show. She was a psychic.

    AND then there was the occasion when she had her assistant unwittingly smuggle drugs for her on an airplane:

    I started to check all the details on the things I had to do for her. Like when I had to go to pick up her quote-unquote "herbs" — I didn't realize until then: Oh crap, I'm a drug runner. She said "herbs" because she was being holistic, and I was naïve and thought it was something herbal to help her calm down. Once when we went to a film festival, I flew out early so I could lay out the clothes she would wear. When she got in, she was like, "Did you get my stuff?" What stuff? "Oh, I put some stuff in your bag." Oh my God, I went on a fucking plane carrying drugs for you? I could have gotten arrested! You could have at least told me so I knew what I was doing, and put it in the bag that's not checked! What are you doing to me?

    So who could the mystery celebrity be? From the original post, we know she has a child, has had high profile relationships (at least one with a co-star), smokes a lot of weed and is known for being difficult by those in the industry.

    My guesses:

    Joanna Gleason
    The ghost of the Black Dahlia
    Sally Field
    That girl who plays Prim in The Hunger Games
    I'm pretty sure at least one of those is right, but still, feel free to speculate.

    Jezebel Article
    Link to Original Assistant's Post

    I have no clue. Any guesses?

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    Late-night host and comedian Conan O'Brien is hosting the "2014 Movie Awards," and "Extra" has a look at how the show's rehearsals are going.

    The video features O'Brien, actress Ellen Page, and a giant hamster ball. Watch!


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    The new Sailor Moon anime is set to premiere this summer, but we still have little idea as to what it will even look like. While a teaser or promotional image leaked recently, that is not necessarily indicative of the show's true quality.

    In the meantime, fans can gush or cringe in unison at some of the best and worst animation from the original anime.
    The 5 Best Animators
    1. Ikuko Ito
    Other notable works: Magic User's Club, Princess Tutu

    Hands down, the animation director who improved the most throughout the series was Ikuko Ito. This was a feat in itself considering some of the other directors did the exact opposite as the series continued. Her first episode was actually skipped by DiC when they released the English dub stateside. At first look, the homely renderings in Ito's early designs resemble those from episodes animated by Masahiro Ando.

    Ito's work quickly changed for the better with each episode. The bodies shrunk yet their heads remained rather large until R. Ikuko's staff never shied from going into great detail, and this was obvious in S and SuperS. The final showdown with the Death Busters featured some of the anime's best art. Even today, it still proves to be ageless. Unfortunately, Ito exited with the final episode of SuperS. On an interesting note, Jouji Yanase's direction in episode 116 (the greenhouse episode) is redolent of Ikuko's. For anyone who's looked at Ito's personal sketches, they may have come across line art for Haruka and Hotaru from that same episode. More than likely, Ito helped with the animation, but was not credited.

    Notable Sailor Moon episodes/accomplishments:

    • Episode 45: The battle with the DD Girls, and the deaths of the four guardian Sailor Senshi.
    • The second opening credits for R, and the opening credits for SuperS.
    • Episode 68: The Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask fight Rubeus and the Ayakashi Sisters. This is considered her transitional period between her old style and new style.
    • Episode 111: Sailor Moon acquires the Holy Grail and becomes Super Sailor Moon.
    • The transformations for Sailors Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
    • Episodes 124-125: The end of the Death Busters; Sailor Saturn's first appearance.
    • The character designs for SuperS.
    • Episode 139: Filler involving a child trying to become the best swordsperson.
    • Episode 159: More filler; the girls try to find out who Chibiusa's secret boyfriend is.
    • Episode 166: The Dead Moon collapses, but Nehelenia tosses Chibimoon off a floating barge. Sailor Moon jumps after her, resulting in quite possibly one of the longest, most dramatic falls in television history.
    • The Laserdisc art for S and SuperS.
    2. Hisashi Kagawa
    Other notable works: Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, Fresh Pretty Cure!, Pokémon

    The Sailor Senshi matured whenever Hisashi Kagawa handled an episode. He gave them athletic builds, long legs with bigger calves, petite waists, and larger than usual eyes.

    Like Ikuko Ito, Kagawa bowed out in SuperS. He only worked on one episode in S. Additionally, Hisashi contributed to all three movies, especially the second and third.

    Notable Sailor Moon episodes/accomplishments:

    • Sailor Jupiter's first transformation, and the Supreme Thunder stock footage sequence.
    • Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Escalation stock footage.
    • Episode 44: The Sailor Senshi view the final moments of the Silver Millennium before its demise.
    • Episode 70: Koan's reform.
    • Episode 85: Black Lady's first appearance.
    • Episode 130: Moon and Chibimoon receive their new, permanent powers.
    • Episode 141: Minako dates both Tigers Eye and Hawks Eye.
    • The Sailor Stars opening credits.
    3. Katsumi Tamegai
    Other notable works: Boogiepop Phantom, Serial Experiments Lain, Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, Magic User's Club, Cutey Honey F

    Tamegai, who first directed in episode 43, and Hisashi Kagawa had some similar techniques. A glaring trait of Katsumi's work, though, was the huge heads.

    The bobbleheadedness really came to fruition in Sailor Stars. Seiya and Taiki's bare foreheads alone could have doubled as projection screens. Tamegai had the honor of being featured in every season, until the very end.

    Notable Sailor Moon episodes/accomplishments:

    • Episode 43: The Sailor Senshi fake a mutiny to draw out the enemy.
    • Episode 59: The Makaiju Tree arc comes to an end.
    • Episode 72: Petz and Calaveras abduct their reformed sisters.
    • Episode 74: Sailor Moon fights Rubeus in space.
    • Episode 91: Sailor Moon receives her new S powers.
    • Episode 106: The story of how Haruka and Michiru became Sailor Senshi.
    • Episode 149: The Amazon Trio's final appearance.
    • Episode 167: Nehelenia, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto return.
    • Episode 200: The finale.
    • The character designs for Sailor Stars.
    • The Laserdisc art for Sailor Stars.
    4. Miho Shimogasa
    Other notable works: Cutey Honey F, Ultra Maniac

    Miho only worked on seven episodes, from SuperS to Sailor Stars, and the Ami's First Love special. She was versatile in both silly (Usagi and Seiya's date) and serious (Usagi's star seed is stolen) situations.

    Miho was admittedly guilty of giving the senshi emaciated figures, but she drew some of the most expressive eyes. This was evident in Nehelenia's final episode as the nightmare queen was offended by the determined, pitying eyes of the White Moon people. Shimogasa eventually went on to draw the character designs for Cutey Honey F, the anime that took over Sailor Moon's time slot.

    Notable Sailor Moon episodes/accomplishments:

    • Episode 172: The Nehelenia story is concluded.
    • Episode 181: Usagi and Seiya go on a date; Iron Mouse's final episode.
    • Episode 187: Eternal Sailor Moon receives her second and last attack.
    • Episode 193: Sailor Lead Crow's last episode, and Princess Kakyuu first appears.
    5. Kazuko Tadano
    Other notable works: Wedding Peach, Petite Princess Yucie

    Kazuko drew the preliminary character designs for the first season. She teamed up with Hiromi Matsushita to direct episode 21. The plot parodied the duo's real life art studio and situation. Despite being pure filler, it boasted some of the greatest season one animation.


    Tadano had the pleasure of directing the artwork in the R movie. She mirrored a few scenes (Mamoru's impalement, Princess Serenity invoking the Silver Crystal) from TV episodes that she happened to work on. Once R wrapped up, Kazuko left to work on the similarly themed Wedding Peach. In spite of Tadano being the "original" artist for the anime, her clinical style did take a bit of a drop in quality in the second season. The showdown between Death Phantom and the Sailor Senshi came off as rushed, aesthetically speaking.

    Notable Sailor Moon episodes/accomplishments:

    • The original character designs for the first two seasons of the anime.
    • The Laserdisc art for season one and R.
    • The first opening credits for R.
    • Episode 21: An animator working on the 'Sailor V' movie is targeted by Nephrite's youma. This was a joint project with Hiromi Matsushita, who animated the very first episode.
    • Episode 34: The Silver Crystal is formed, and Sailor Moon becomes Princess Serenity.
    • Episode 46: The end of the Dark Kingdom.
    • Episode 69: Luna confronts Mamoru on his behavior toward Usagi.
    • R Movie.
    • Episode 88: The end of the Black Moon Clan.
    The 5 Worst Animators
    1. Taichi Nakamura
    Other notable works: Nothing significant

    Something about Taichi Nakamura's work looked incredibly bootleg, especially in S and SuperS. It's offensive that Toei continued to employ him. Angles and contours were his enemy, and his proportions were sloppy.

    Taichi's introductory episode, 47 (the beginning of R), wasn't that bad in hindsight. Simply a bit flat, and reminiscent of former animation director Akira Nakamura from season one. Were they related? It's really no surprise that Nakamura didn't work on much of anything else before or after Sailor Moon.

    Notable Sailor Moon episodes/accomplishments:

    • Episode 47: The return of Sailor Moon.
    • Episode 102: The Sailor Senshi battle Kaolinite in the Tokyo Tower.
    • Episode 143: Pegasus gives the guardian Sailor Senshi new wands and uniforms.
    2. Michiaki Sugimoto
    Other notable works: Cutey Honey F, Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Sugimoto's work on Sailor Stars was more or less a travesty. Although none of the Sailor Senshi or Starlights were over six feet tall, Michiaki somehow made them all appear gargantuan. Faces were particularly rough, and eyes were half realized most of the time.

    Sugimoto's style was admittedly unique, well suited for action scenes, and it could easily be spotted within a pool of artists. It just didn't fit within the context of a magical girl anime.

    Notable Sailor Moon episodes/accomplishments:

    • Episode 195: Sailor Tin Nyanko and Kakyuu die.
    3. Masahiro Ando
    Other notable works: Crayon Shin-chan, Oniisama E...

    One of the most hated animation directors in the original Sailor Moon anime is usually Ando. You know his work: round, cherub-like faces, and boxy bodies. Unlike (Taichi) Nakamura, Masahiro sometimes gave us decently drawn episodes (see below).

    Then there was SuperS. The Ando episodes, regardless of how good the story may or may not have been, were marred by mediocre and poorly executed artistry. In the final season, Ando left during the Nehelenia storyline. This was for the best as his way of making the Sailor Senshi look childish clashed with the newly hired animators.

    Notable Sailor Moon episodes/accomplishments:

    • Episode 33: Sailor Venus saves the others from Kunzite and Zoisite; the Crescent Beam stock footage sequence.
    • Episode 54: Rei's school festival is attacked by a cardian; Sailor Mars uses her Fire Soul Bird for the first time.
    • Episode 60: The Black Moon Clan appears, and Koan fights Sailor Moon.
    • Episode 71: Berthier's reform.
    • Episode 90: Rei is targeted by the first daimon; Sailor Moon's Crystal Star locket is broken.
    • Episode 96: Makoto's pure heart is sought after, and Jupiter and Uranus trade blows.
    4. Shigetaka Kiyoyama
    Other notable works: Barefoot Gen, Digimon, Naruto Shipuuden, Rurouni Kenshin

    Shigetaka showed up near the middle of SuperS - specifically Makoto and Minako's power up episode. More or less, his work was average and generally inoffensive.

    Kiyoyama only did the one episode in SuperS, but he returned for six more in the last season. With each entry, his craft declined in quality: misshapen heads, humdrum eyes, callow bodily representations. Allowing him to direct Sailor Pluto and Saturn's death episode was a mistake. The story along with the art were almost caricatures, and it was a chore to take the emotional scenes seriously. Shigetaka should honestly stick to shounen anime.

    Notable Sailor Moon episodes/accomplishments:

    • Episode 154: Jupiter and Venus get new powers.
    • Episode 168: Usagi becomes Eternal Sailor Moon for the first time.
    • Episode 188: Identities are revealed aboard an airplane.
    • Episode 197: Uranus and Neptune cross over to the dark side; Pluto and Saturn die.
    5. Shinya Hasegawa
    Other notable works: Evangelion, Di Gi Charat, Grappler Baki, Revolutionary Girl Utena

    Hasegawa was a hesitant inclusion. He first directed episode 48, where the four guardian senshi regain their memories after the battle with the Dark Kingdom. The art was basically good - bright and subtly stylized. Other standouts for him were the Snow White play episode, and the one where Sailor Mars first sparred with Koan.

    Shinya's further work in SuperS was moreover lazy and disappointing. Faces were unappealing, and they looked indelicate when characters embraced solemn demeanors. The stark look may be suitable for Evangelion and sometimes Utena, but it made Sailor Moon downright ugly. There are obviously better examples of mediocre directors. At least they're consistent with their bad art.

    Notable Sailor Moon episodes/accomplishments:

    • Episode 48: The return of Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus after the Dark Kingdom's defeat.
    • Episode 56: The girls, Natsumi and Mamoru put on a 'Snow White' play.
    • Episode 63: Koan seizes the Hikawa Shrine; Sailor Mars' Burning Mandala is first used.
    • Episode 86: Saphir dies.
    • Episode 99: Yuuichirou leaves the shrine.
    GIF Source: My tumblr

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  • 04/02/14--15:17: Guess Who I Met in NYC
  • I'm on a trip right now, visiting NYC and I encountered a very popular pizza shop where I happened to see an oddly recognizable tall person!!!

    2014-04-02 12.36.48

    **resubmitting because I forgot the pic, sorry mods

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