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    Hollywood studios want a federal judge to preserve data on all the 66.6 million users of Megaupload, the file-sharing service that was shuttered in January due to federal indictments targeting its operators.

    The Motion Picture Association of America is requesting Carpathia, Megaupload’s Virginia-based server host, to retain the 25 petabytes of Megaupload data on its servers, which includes account information for Megaupload’s millions of users. That’s according to a newly surfaced court filing in the Megaupload prosecution in connection to charges of racketeering and criminal copyright infringement.

    The MPAA said it wanted to have that data because it might sue Megaupload and others for contributing to copyright infringement.

    Howard Gantman, a MPAA vice president, said in a telephone interview that the studios are not intending on suing individual users, but are considering suing Megaupload or other “entities involved.”

    “The reason we did that filing [was] that there is a possibility that litigation might be pursued against Megaupload or various intermediaries involved in Megaupload’s operation. We’re not talking about individual users,” Gantman said.

    Gantman declined, however, to name the “intermediaries” that might be sued.

    Here is the data the MPAA is seeking:

    “In light of the potential civil claims by the studios, we demand that Carpathia preserve all material in its possession, custody, or control, including electronic data and database, related to Megaupload or its operations. This would include, but is not limited to, all information identifying or otherwise related to the content files uploaded to, stored on and/or downloaded from Megaupload; all data associated with those content files, the uploading or downloading of those files, and the Megaupload users who uploaded or downloaded those files,”
    MPAA attorney attorney Steven Fabrizio wrote (.pdf) Carpathia Jan. 31, the letter of which Carpathia lodged in a legal filing Tuesday.

    A hearing on the matter is set for next month. Federal authorities have said they have copied some, but not all of the data, and said Carpathia could delete the 25 million gigabytes of Megaupload data it is hosting.

    Carpathia said it is spending $9,000 daily to retain the data, and is demanding a federal judge relieve it of that burden. Megaupload, meanwhile, wants the government to free up some of the millions in dollars of seized Megaupload assets to be released to pay Carpathia to retain the data for its defense and possibly to return data to its customers.

    The criminal Megaupload prosecution concerns seven individuals connected to the Hong Kong-based file-sharing site, including founder Kim Dotcom. They were indicted in January on a variety of charges, including criminal copyright infringement and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

    Five of the members of what the authorities called a 5-year-old “racketeering conspiracy” have been arrested in New Zealand, pending extradition to the United States.

    The government said the site, which generated millions in user fees and advertising, facilitated copyright infringement of movies, often before their theatrical release, in addition to music, television programs, electronic books, and business and entertainment software. The government said Megaupload’s “estimated harm” to copyright holders was “well in excess of $500 million.”

    Gantman said the MPAA is not concerned about the identities of the individual Megaupload users. He said Hollywood wants to know the uploading and downloading activity of the Megaupload users in a bid to prove a case that Megaupload or other “intermediaries” contributed or facilitated the users’ behavior.

    “If there’s evidence of a frequent infringers, high volume infringers, who are able to continue that operation despite knowledge by Megaupload, that could point to evidence that was involved in this infringing campaign,” Gantman said.

    Similar user data was part of the Grokster and Napster civil lawsuits.

    Megaupload was on the recording and movie industries’ most-hated lists, often being accused of facilitating wanton infringement of their members’ copyrights. The indictment claims Megaupload induced users to upload copyrighted works for others to download, and that it often failed to comply with removal notices from rights holders under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

    Megaupload, which was not based in the U.S., says it did comply with DMCA orders, despite not being legally required to due to jurisdiction issues.

    Correction: This story originally misstated MPAA’s reasoning behind its request that Megaupload user data be stored. MPAA says it has no plans to use the data to sue individual file sharers.


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    Apparently, Deadmau5 himself played this new track entitled "Professional Griefers" during a recent livestream. While it's not confirmed that it is Gerard...Well, it's still blatantly obvious. He's not much of a vocal chameleon. You can listen to the track below.

    audio source

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    Heads of social networking sites like Facebook and Tumblr are no strangers to controversy over the content posted by their members and are frequently put under pressure to take down pages or block users.

    Pinterest, the online 'pinboard' community that invites members to post pictures, photos, slogans and anything that piques their interest, is the latest site to be targeted by anti-'thinspiration' advocates.

    After Tumblr's agreement to block self-harm bloggers from using their site, Jezebel is pointing to Pinterest as another fertile breeding ground for pro-anorexia and 'thinspiration' devotees who post pictures of emaciated women as a way to encourage fellow die-hard dieters.

    Launched in 2010, Pinterest now has over ten million users and 'for the pro-ana community, the site's format has leant itself remarkably well to crafting "thinspo" pinboards,' says Jezebel.

    'A quick search of the site reveals hundreds of these boards full of pictures of coveted body parts, rarely with a face attached,' Jezebel continued.

    'In some cases, seriously f***** up text is superimposed over the image - think "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels," but with a cutesy font that would be at home inside a child's birthday card.'

    According to Claire Mysko from the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) the interactive nature of the site also appeals to this body-obsessed audience because they at once crave exposure and validation from their peers, but recognise their need to remain anonymous.

    On Pinterest, she told Jezebel, they're finding this opportunity 'in a very dangerous and self-destructive way.'

    NEDA has worked with Facebook staff to help flag up potentially harmful exploitation of their community boards and has taught them how to respond accordingly.

    The organisation was also instrumental in creating a new user policy for Tumblr where now anyone who searches for tags linked to any manifestation of self-harm will reach a public service announcement page.

    The aim behind this work is to help redirect those who clearly show signs of suffering from eating disorders to a place where they can be given constructive support.

    But so far, the only content banned from Pinterest is nudity and pornography and Jezebel says the site has not responded with comment.

    'Thinspiration' is already a hot topic of debate on the pinboard-inspired pages and posts range from encouraging images promoting health and fitness, to tagless pictures of bony models walking runways.  

    Tumblr's own recent development in user policy has angered many members who say that blocking blogs is tantamount to banning the expression of free thought and that they should not be held responsible for the way these feelings are interpreted. 

    Pinterest will no doubt therefore be trying to decide whether they can be accused of fostering a dangerous environment or not.

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    Taylor Armstrong ended her relationship with attorney John Bluher when she couldn't take the heat surrounding negative press, has exclusively learned.

    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star had John handling a lawsuit she was involved in, but she'd also become romantically involved with him — until broke the story.

    "Once the story made headlines Taylor broke it off with John and told him they couldn't see each other anymore," a source close to Taylor told us.

    "She just has so much going on and didn't want any bad press, especially involving her and a married man."

    The source tells that John was disappointed in her decision and had strong feelings for Taylor.

    As first reported, Taylor spent a lot of time with the 54-year-old lawyer, who is from Colorado and is married to Stephanie Bluher, when he took her case pro bono.

    "John traveled with Taylor while she was doing her book tour and the two of them hit it off, in more ways than one," an insider told us.

    "There's a very strong connection between the two, but Taylor doesn't want to be known as the other woman, period. She needs to be a role model for her daughter, Kennedy. John is still married and has three kids. Taylor has made great progress, but she's still in a vulnerable position, so most of her friends aren't much of a fan of him."

    According to our insider, Taylor's friends are happy with her decision to break it off with John.

    However, John denied the affair from the beginning telling “This story is a complete fabrication by someone that wants to hurt Taylor and damage my reputation. To place my name in an article that says Taylor or I are having an affair is libel.

    “There is no affair nor has there been one. Taylor would not have said it to anyone because it hasn’t occurred. Neither she nor I have any relationship other than my working as her legal counsel."

    Last August Taylor's estranged husband, Russell Armstrong, took his own life when he hanged himself in the friends home he was staying in after he and Taylor had separated.


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    Rihanna -- and her security team -- stopped by Ashton Kutcher's swanky L.A. house for a little late night visit Wednesday.

    According to the photographer, the "Birthday Cake" singer got to Ashton's home right around midnight ... and didn't leave 'til roughly 4 AM.

    As we previously reported, Justin Bieber recently checked out Ashton's $10 million bachelor pad on his high-end real estate hunt ... but we're guessin' Rihanna wasn't there for an open house.

    So far, no comment from Rihanna's rep.



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    Wipe your tears,"One Tree Hill" fans -- and, if you haven't yet seen tonight's incredibly emotional episode, "Danny Boy," you'll definitely want to click away and come back later. Consider this your official spoiler alert.

    In "One Tree Hill's" nine years on the air, Dan has survived a heart attack, a fire, a dog eating his donor heart, multiple car accidents, a psychotic nanny -- the list goes on. We didn't think we'd ever see the end of him -- and Paul Johansson agreed. "I thought Dan was a cockroach," he joked. "When nuclear winter came. Dan would be walking around in the ashes."

    Instead, though, we finally said goodbye to Tree Hill's greatest, most dynamic and sympathetic villain in a powerful episode that featured a surprise guest appearance from Keith (Craig Sheffer), the brother Dan murdered in Season 3.

    Johansson was thrilled to learn that Sheffer had agreed to return to the series again, nearly 5 years after his character's dramatic death in the school shooting episode. "I called him immediately," Johansson tells us. "Craig and I are boys, we're very close friends. I love him. I think he's so talented. I'd love to work with Craig again; I've missed him a lot."

    Sheffer has appeared briefly in a handful of episodes since the character's death, but certainly none with the poignancy and impact of "Danny Boy."

    "You know, when I read the script that he died in, I was torn, because I knew that it was great for the show; I knew it'd be very controversial," Johansson remembers. "That episode was just so contemporary in terms of what was happening in America at the time. On the other hand, I was very sad, because I didn't want to lose my good friend from Wilmington. I did, and I missed him greatly."

    Though the fans sobbed through this episode, we had to wonder if, after nine years of shooting angsty, dramatic episodes, Johansson has gotten used to the turmoil. It seems that the tearjerker scenes could become tedious after so many episodes, but Johansson assures us that it's just as emotional for the actors on set as it is for fans at home.

    "No, we don't take it for granted. Not for Craig and I, or for James and I. Stories like ours are so rich. Our relationships as friends definitely colored the scenes," he says. "It's a beautiful life to be hired as an actor, to work with writers who give you this kind of material with this kind of depth. I never take it for granted, and I know that Craig doesn't either."

    The biggest question for Dan Scott this season has been whether or not he's capable of redemption or deserving of forgiveness. We've certainly mused on the subject a fair share ourselves. It's been a central focus of Johansson's work since he began playing the character. Is salvation in the cards?

    oth-dan-nathan-early-years.jpg"If I were still on the show, I wouldn't engage this conversation, because it's personal, background work that I do on the character. Since it's over, though, I'm happy to talk about it," he says. "Yes, I think that Dan has redeemed himself. I think that we are, from a moral standpoint as creatures, we are in constant flux of straddling that line of making choices that are either choices for the greater good or choices that are selfish. Those are things that are blurry. Dan completely lost his ability to differentiate between what was good for all, what was good for his sons, and what was good for him. All the bad things that Dan did to his sons, he did for them. He did those things in the name of teaching them, or guiding them, or in some cases forcing them into places where he thought they needed to go for a better life. All the things that Dan did, he did because he loved his sons -- especially Nathan."

    As we saw in tonight's episode, though Nathan has forgiven his dad, Lucas remains unable to let Dan off the hook for killing Keith. For those of us who have been watching since the pilot, when Lucas was still rejected by Dan, and Nathan was still seeking Dan's approval, it's a powerful parallel. "It's painful, and it's tragic, and people don't forgive sometimes," Johansson says. "I think it's beautiful, dramatically, for the show, that Lucas didn't forgive him, because that makes Nathan's forgiveness all the more cherished by him."

    It's also something that he can relate to on a personal level. He opened up to us about his own experience with his father and how it's reflected in his work.

    "I've got a couple of brothers and we had a very, very tough childhood, we had a very tough dad," he reveals. "My dad grew up in a time when men were men and everyone was scared. He was really tough on us, a very tough guy who played professional hockey for many years, he says. "Two of my brothers are very unforgiving about the way that we were raised and don't really have a relationship with my father in a meaningful way. To watch that, to see the pain that that inflicted on my dad -- a lot of my work as Dan Scott over the years was a response to my father. I think that's one of the reasons I got hired for the job -- the conversations that I had with Mark nine years ago about my life growing up as a professional athlete and who my dad was. A lot of that was in the early Nathan and Lucas episodes."

    Though Johansson's final episode was certainly on the emotional side, he also got to play action hero this season, particularly in last week's episode, where he literally took out the kidnappers with both guns blazing before taking a bullet for Nate. That side of it was part of the appeal for Johansson in returning to the series.

    "Mark told me all about what I was going to be doing this year and I was so excited about it. What I loved was that, with the gravitas of trying to save your son from being tortured into a painful death, or even just having your son missing and all those fears, we also had the comedy. To have Tyler [Hilton] and Austin [Nichols] to play off of on the road to get there, and all those set up scenes that we did, knowing what was going to happen, the action stuff was a blast. Mark really directed us well in that episode."

    In the end, though, Dan's was not a story of true heroism, but a story of a tragic man who, quite literally, needed a new heart. We know that Nathan has forgiven his many terrible deeds, and Lucas has not. But what about Dan himself?

    oth-ravens-dan-121.jpg"I don't think Dan ever forgave himself," he says. "I think Dan was tortured to the end, over Keith's death, and never forgave himself. There's definitely a lot of religious subtext to this -- death, and humanity, your soul, the afterlife, all those things. I think Dan's worth as a human being is in his quest for forgiveness, and if he didn't have that, we wouldn't really care about him."

    Johansson adds, "Mark has given me the most beautiful, redemptive ending that any actor could ever hope for. It was a terrific season to come back for. I enjoyed myself immensely playing Dan Scott this year."

    And -- whether loving Dan Scott or hating him -- we, the fans, certainly always enjoyed watching him. We thank Johansson (and Mark Schwahn!) for the nine great years and look forward to what's coming next for him -- Johansson tells us he's currently writing a feature with Nick Cassavetes and is set to begin directing it in about two months.

    And now, if you'll excuse us, we're going to go cry some more. For a week, probably.

    For the 3 people left here that still watch this show, what did you think of tonight's episode?


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    The first scans of images from Andrew Niccol’s (Gattaca) adaptation of Twilight author Stephanie Meyer’s The Host have gone online. The first trailer hits tomorrow, even though the film doesn’t come out for another year. In the world of the film, a parasitic alien species is nearly finished wiping out the human population by taking over the consciousness of each person. A soul named Wanderer is attempting to take control of Melanie’s (Saoirse Ronan) consciousness, but faces strong opposition by what remains of the girl. Though I’m wary of anything by Meyer, I’m a big fan of Niccol’s work (even In Time had its moments) and he’s assembled quite a cast.

    Hit the jump to check out the images, which feature Ronan, Max Irons as one of the male leads, and Diane Kruger as the villain/alien president. The Host opens on March 29th, 2013.

    The images are scans from the latest People magazine, courtesy of Up & Comers (via Jeff Sneider’s Twitter):

    1 | 2

    Watching this just for the pretties of Saoirse and Max tbh

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    What's more important: your abs or your long-term relationship?

    One of Reebok's new ad campaigns weighed in on that question (which no one was really asking?) with the slogan: "Cheat on your girlfriend, not on your workout."


    Reebok has now yanked the ads after consumer complaints start prickling around the Internet. Radar Online obtained one statement from, a site that aims to call out philandering partners online and that urged a boycott of Reebok, saying:

    "This form of advertising shows a dishonest and disrespectful attitude towards women and your company should be ashamed to have even placed this ad in various places thinking it would be perceived in any other way."

    The ad apparently only ran at a gym partner of Reebok located in Germany, but thanks to YouTube and social media, the controversial campaign made its way overseas.

    Reebok acknowledged in a statement that the ads were "offensive," as a spokesperson told CBS:

    “We regret that some offensive Reebok materials were recently printed. The signs were removed as soon as we were made aware of them. I can assure you that Reebok does not condone this message or cheating in any way. We apologize for the offensive nature of these materials, and are disappointed that they appeared at all."

    Reebok also found itself in hot water last year due to the campaign for its "toning shoes," which the FTC said constituted false advertising. They saddled Reebok with a $25 million fine.

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    Game of Thrones Creators: "We Can't Kill the Characters Fast Enough"
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    IGN: You being a huge fan of the books, was there anything that you had to let go of, or write out of the season, that was painful?

    Well, some of the things we're kind of putting off and delaying instead of just letting them go. With the first season we were pretty much more or less able to adapt the novel Game of Thrones. But going forward we're thinking of the TV series as an adaptation of the entire saga. So it's now the Song of Ice and Fire that we're trying to adapt. And whether or not the second season actually mirrors the second book or not is less important to us than the whole series. When we're done, provided that HBO gives us permission to keep going with this year after year - say it takes us eight seasons to finish it all – then someone could take the DVDs for all eight seasons, some masochistic viewer, and just watch 80 straight hours and it would tell George's saga. As opposed to us being too worried about Season 2 just mimicking book two. At a certain point it just wouldn't make sense either since book four would mean that the fourth season wouldn't have any of the major characters since he split them in half. And so we could lose three or four of our main people. And so there are things that get bumped ahead from the third book into the second season, and likewise there are second book things that will be pushed into Season 3. Characters and storylines and whatnot.

    IGN: Are you ready for more fan outrage like the kind that hit Youtube after the death of Ned Stark last year?

    I think that was actually one of our favorite moments last year was seeing that YouTube video. Because it's really hard to shock people these days. To really surprise them. After so many thousands of hours of movies and TV shows. And the idea that you can tell a story that still has that much of a visceral impact on people, and that so many people could be shocked, is great. Especially when it was a secret that millions of people who had read the book already knew about. We felt incredibly gratified though. And yeah, that one guy – Larry Williams – even though he was really angry at us in that moment might have come around to our side when we got him a poster signed by Sean Bean. I think he forgave us. So yes, we are hopeful that we can continue to stir up equally strong emotions.

    IGN: One thing that fans feel very protective of, as far as Clash of Kings goes, is the Battle of Blackwater. Is that something that you were able to figure out, scale-wise, for the series?

    As far as the Battle of Blackwater goes, there was a danger at the top of the season, when we were doing the budget, that we thought that we just wouldn't be able to do it. And that we might just have to have Cersei and Sansa holding fast in that sort of panic room in the Red Keep getting reports from the outside, from the front. Which was more or less the way Shakespeare handled battle scenes when he knew he could do anything on stage. And that's kind of a time-tested way of doing things. Whether it was Rome, or even I, Claudius. But at a certain point, that felt like a cheat. Because it was one thing to do it in Season 1 when we did it with the battle, but this whole season is kind of building to the Battle of Blackwater Bay. And for us to not show any of that felt like it would have been cheating viewers. At the same point, we knew we didn't have the time or the money to do a prolonged Peter Jackson-style or Ridley Scott-style battle, so it came down to trying to figure out what we could do to have real dramatic impact. And visual impact knowing our limitations. And there was a lot of stuff we couldn't do.

    There's rarely a time that I wish we were making these as features because we would lose so much and we wouldn't get to spend nearly as much time with the characters. And there would be so much pressure to make everything PG-13. Tyrion couldn't curse. And there wouldn't be any nudity and the violence would be too toned down. But this is one of the few moments when you do wish you had, like, a month to go out and shoot the full battle. And take that time to do it exactly the way George wrote it. And we couldn't. So it became about making strategic decisions about what we could show and what was going to be amazing. And luckily we have incredible VFX teams.

    IGN: Who are some of your favorite new characters this year?

    It's tough to choose of course. I mean, I just love the women. I mean Carice van Houten who plays Melisandre is great. Rose Leslie playing Ygritte and she's wonderful. Oona Chaplin playing Jeyne. Natalie Dormer playing Margaery. So for me is sort of the season of the "new women characters." And they're all really strong in their own way. In very separate ways. I mean there's obviously a big gap between someone like Melisandre and Ygritte, even though they're both red-heads. They're phenomenally different. And each of them has made such an impact on their various storylines.

    IGN: What have the child actors on the show been like this year? Have they been able to fully embrace the darker storylines?

    They're kind of amazing. I mean we just got so lucky because the three star kids are fantastic. And back at the beginning we knew we needed three great actors because the scenes do get so much more harrowing. So we needed something way more than just cute Hollywood kids. We needed to find real actors. Who were mature enough to handle the stuff that was waiting for them ahead down the line in the story. And they needed to be pros. For example, Sansa this year had a really brutal year in terms of what happens to her character and abuse and terrible stuff. And I think that because Sophie Turner is such a grounded person, and her mom Sally is so supportive, we were never nervous about it. I honestly thought that Sophie was more scared during a scene where she had to sing than a scene where she's getting her clothes torn and she's getting hurt. A scene that I would think would make a teenage girl scared, she was actually far more nervous about singing.


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    How can 30 Rock reclaim some of the ratings that were frittered away by its tough 8 p.m. time slot early in its current season? How about another live episode? According to Alec Baldwin, the cast and crew are gearing up for another live taping next month. "That's our last episode in production, even though it's not our last episode to air," Baldwin told Extra. "So watch Thursday night, April 26." 30 Rock first tried the live gambit in October 2010, when they taped two different shows (with many different songs and guest spots) for both coasts. As long as Jon Hamm comes back for more faux commercials, we're in.
    Will only watch if it turns out to be an episode of America's Kidz Got Singing...

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    Joslyn Davis & Dana Ward sat down with Dayo Okeniyi from ‘The Hunger Games’ in the ClevverTV studio recently. Dayo plays Thresh in the movie and he talked about his audition process, stealing things from Jennifer Lawrence, creating his character’s backstory and more.


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    The cable companies, the TV networks and incoming team owners alike are taking some risk with the new TV economics of baseball. That’s why most of the regional sports networks have been structured with an equity component—they’re sharing the risk.

    There is one group, however, that gets a sure thing from the local broadcasting windfall: star players.

    Mega-television deals, after all, are based on the underlying assumption that the team will be competitive—or that, at a minimum, it has some drawing power. So marquee players, the kind that a team can use to ­market itself, suddenly find themselves in a better position than ever.

    That’s how the Los Angeles Dodgers–a bankrupt baseball team–gives a young star player, Matt Kemp, an eight-year, $160 million contract, even when he isn’t a free agent.

    Kemp is a terrific player—the 27-year-old outfielder led the National League in numerous offensive categories last season and finished second in Most Valuable Player balloting.

    For the bankrupt Dodgers, headed for sale at auction, a long-term contract with Kemp represented an asset rather than a liability. The team’s enormous valuation is predicated on the ability of the new owner to quickly negotiate a deal worth more than $3.5 billion over 20 years with a regional sports network. Locking up Kemp was an implicit guarantee that Dodgers broadcasts in the foreseeable future would be marketable and, one hopes, worth watching.

    A similar rationale drove Arturo Moreno, owner of the Los Angeles Angels, to pay the biggest free agent on the market—Albert Pujols—$240 million over ten years, despite a recent drop-off statistically as ­questions swirl about his actual age (remember: baseball contracts are guaranteed). No matter: Moreno now has a face for his franchise—and for Fox Sports West, which recently agreed to give the Angels $2.5 billion over 17 years.

    “When rights fees and franchise values go up, so do the values of the players,” says baseball’s most aggressive agent, Scott Boras. “It’s the movie-house theory. The stars generate box office interest. The RSNs need the ratings for their advertisers.”

    But it’s not just the stars. Wins are the best source of ratings, so the teams are ponying up for middling talent, too. Yes, the Texas Rangers forked over more than $100 million for Japanese superstar Yu Darvish, but they also signed Joe Nathan, a reliever coming off an injury, to a two-year deal worth $14.75 million. Moreno paired Pujols with a very good (but not great) pitcher named C.J. Wilson, who got five years and $77.5 million.

    The union loves it, of course. “It’s a great development for the ­economics of the game,” says Michael Weiner, executive director of the MLB Players Association.

    And the players themselves? “It’s great to know I’m going to be here for the next eight years,” says Kemp. A $160 million guaranteed payday has a way of making a man feel like that.

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    Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake and Clint Eastwood have come to Atlanta to film the baseball-themed movie “Trouble With the Curve.” Filming has taken place all over metro Atlanta and beyond, with shooting recently in Macon and now in the Athens area.


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    “One warm and hazy Sunday afternoon I teamed up with You Me & Charlie to create a series of photographs to celebrate the Spring equinox. Inspired by the novel The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, the series depicts everything my heart aches for throughout winter. In our garden you will see my favorite sun drenched grassy knoll, an abundance of blossoming weeds and wildflowers, and a touch of magick sprinkled about for good measure. It is a place of renewal and harmony where each imagination can grow to it’s full potential.”

    Here’s a peek of what Claire captured on the day of the photo shoot with Dianna, Ashley and Chelsea. There was certainly frolicking, dirt under our fingernails, bare feet, sunshine and of course, the sound of nature providing the most beautiful soundtrack.

    The Spring Equinox is today. March 20, 2012 at 12:14AM EST a time of rebirth, growth, where we shed the old and let in the new.

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    Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers is an on-the-record Game of Thrones superfan, but even with the new season of its TV adaptation fast approaching, Meyers is still anxiously jonesing for the next installment of George R.R. Martin's book series. "I'm mostly waiting for George R.R. to get his act together because I read the first four books in one summer and then I had to wait for Dance with Dragons, and I don't want to be a sucker waiting four years for another book," he told us last night at the Top of the Standard for the premiere party of The Hunger Games. Still, don't get Meyers wrong: He's still super psyched for HBO to start airing new episodes of Thrones. In fact, "I used to live in Amsterdam, and a Dutch actress who I'm very good friends with [is on the show]," said Meyers. Would that be Thrones newcomer Carice van Houten? "Yeah! She's [playing] Melisandre, which is really exciting. I don't want to take full credit for it, but she knew I was a nerd about those books, and when she got offered the part, she sent me a text asking if she should do it, and I said yes. So I'm kind of on the hook for it." And who would Meyers play if he could be on the show? "Let's be honest — we all want to be Jon Snow, but we're all not. I'm probably like one of the guys who came up with Jon Snow but wasn't one of the main dudes." At that point, his date Alexi Ashe interrupted with her own suggestion. "My girlfriend says I'm Robb Stark," laughed Meyers. "I like cold, wet, and gray, so I would make a very good King of the North."


    I sort of dislike him. SNL is not the same as it used to be, and they need a second person to help with Weekend Update. But if this is true...and he did indeed contribute to Carice being casted then....

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    THE TALK celebrated the 25th Anniversary of CBS's Emmy award-winning soap opera THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL on Monday, with a special commemorative show featuring cast members John McCook, Texas Battle, Jacob Young, Katherine Kelly Lang, Kimberly Matula and Heather Tom.

    The B&B cast joined THE TALK co-hosts in studio to discuss the legacy of the show and how it has touched and entertained viewers for the last 25 years. They also looked back on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL's most memorable show moments, both on-camera and behind the scenes.

    In other Talk news, Sheryl Underwood will be reprising her role as a Justice of the Peace on The Young and the Restless, on Monday, March 26. The comedienne will be back just in time for Y&R to mark its 39th anniversary, sharing scenes with Michael Baldwin.


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    During the March 19 edition of Andrea Mitchell Reports, actress Eva Longoria fielded softball questions about her new role in President Obama’s re-election campaign. During the interview, Mitchell had no problem with reminding MSNBC viewers about the so-called Republican War on Women, chiding, "But the women's issues, women's health issues have become front and center force of what has happened on the Republican side."

    Longoria was also given a chance to attack Republicans, sneering that Mitt Romney is "probably the one on the wrong side of every issue pertaining to Latinos, education, the economy, health care access....He's calling the anti-immigration law from Arizona a model law for the rest of this- the country."Rather than ask questions about President Obama’s views on issues such as the economy, foreign policy, or immigration, Mitchell reflected on President Obama’s plan to win over the Hispanic vote by informing viewers that President Obama has appointed seven Latino co-chairs. Mitchell also took the opportunity to remind viewers that Longoria had been profiled on NBC Nightly News.

    It's hard to believe that, had Mitchell been interviewing a celebrity co-chair of a Republican's presidential campaign, she would opt to avoid any tough questions.


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    FINALE PT. 1

    Episode 9: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?


    "X Battle"

    Guy versus guy and girl versus girl. The objective is to rip a steel "x" from your opponent's hands. Best two out of three.



    ------ ✧ ------ ✧ ------ ✧ ------ ✧ ------ ✧ ------ ✧ ------



    Race with a series of check points.
    Complete each task to receive a viking artifact.
    Use seven artifacts to unlock the final key to the prize.

    Best dog sled time + Best river time
    = Best sleeping arrangements for glacier overnight
    ( CT & DIEM )


    The final couples trek through the snow in sub-zero temperature to chow down on a traditional viking feast.

    SOURCE + My TV
    ahhh why couldn't they have made it a two hour finale tonight?

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    Their mockup of Darth VaPaula, to show what would happen with the gar content promised by "Star Wars: The Old Republic".

    The Florida Family Association is best known for badgering companies into pulling advertising from cancelled TLC reality show All-American Muslim last year.

    From their website:

    These LGBT activists want children to be able to choose Star Wars action figures who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. This would mean:

    • Children and teens, who never thought anyway but heterosexual, are now given a choice to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender in their game player.

    • Children and teens, who choose non-social agenda characters, would be forced to deal with lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender characters chosen by other players.

    There were no LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) characters in any of the Star Wars movies.

    It could be something like Darth VaPaula, a combination of Darth Vader, one of the most popular Star Wars characters, and RuPaul, the renown transgender cross dresser.

    This isn't the first temper tantrum that supposedly pro-family groups have thrown over The Old Republic, just the most recent.

    The headline of the alarmist new missive asks: "Will the makers of Star Wars video games create Darth VaPaula, a (mock) transgender version of Darth Vader - RuPaul, for kids to choose as their action player?" The mock-up image at the top of this post comes from their website.

    Everything is wrong the FFA's claims. Their insistence that BioWare is going to start gender-bending Darth Vader and warping vulnerable minds indicates a bigoted point of view and a complete misunderstanding of how video games work. Their complaint appears to have nothing to do with reality, either in the physical world or in the game they're panicking over. They insist that, "[I]f BioWare ... adds LGBT characters for kids to select as their action figure it could be something like Darth RuPaula, a combination of Darth Vader, one of the most popular Star Wars characters, and RuPaul, the renown transgender cross dresser." That has no relation to the game or to future changes proposed for it.

    For those unfamiliar with the title, Star Wars: The Old Republic is a massively multiplayer online game, where players log into a virtual Star Wars-themed world and play characters they customize heavily from a number of species, appearance, class, and alignment options. All players must choose a gender — either male or female, no third options, nothing non-binary — for each character at the moment of its creation.

    Romances in SW:TOR, as in other BioWare games, are initiated by the player at his or her choosing, from a limited selection of companion characters. At the moment, only heterosexual relationships are available, but BioWare has promised since before the game's December launch to add same-sex options in the future, which is the source of the uproar.

    The FFA's argument rests on the back of the old workhorse, "Won't somebody think of the children?!" Their alert claims, in among all of the language begging readers to send e-mail to EA:

    An overwhelming percentage of the 1.7 million games sold are being used by children who do not need to be introduced to this propaganda.

    LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) activists are demanding that the makers of Star Wars video games add LGBT characters for kids to select as their action figure when playing the games.

    Studies observing MMORPGs throughout the past decade have found that overall, the player's average age is in the mid-20s, and that roughly 75% are 18 or older. The game is not designed for or marketed to children, though undoubtedly a number do play; it's designed for people with credit cards, who can pay the monthly fee.

    Children and teens, who never thought anyway but heterosexual, are now given a choice to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender in their game player.

    Children and teens, who choose non-social agenda characters, would be forced to deal with lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender characters chosen by other players.

    I am shocked to find that when I step out of the front door of my apartment into the world, or when I take my avatar and step into a shared virtual world, that I can't control the people I meet. Other people are going to have the audacity to live the lives and take on the identities that they choose, rather than the ones that I choose for them? And here I thought that by sheer force of will, I could make the rest of the world conform to my tastes and expectations alone.

    It's also quite impressive that the Florida Family Association knows that only 100% heterosexual minors have ever picked up this video game! That's statistically amazing. You would think that in 1.7 million active subscribers the odds are somewhere between 50,000 and 170,000 (3-10%) are likely to identify as gay or bisexual, or even mildly curious, but no! This box apparently comes with a built-in filter meaning only straight players touch it. It's the game — not burgeoning hormones, brain chemistry, inherent identity, curiosity, attraction, or even choice, but this one game — that's going to make all the kids suddenly gay!

    Just trying to reach the reality of the game-that-is, instead of the game-that-is-argued-against, is challenging enough. Under that mask, Darth Vader could have spent three films wearing the pinkest, most sparkly lipstick Imperial credits can buy, and no one would ever have known — nor would it have mattered. In the world the FFA lives in, the existence of a same-sex partnership option for the small percentage of players who choose to pursue it magically invalidates all other available choices or paths, and somehow even starts overwriting gender identities.

    Whether or not any particular group accepts it, queer folk and their allies are gamers too. Sometimes, people choose romances in games just to see what happens, what with games being an essentially consequence-free virtual world. And I refuse to believe that a significant portion of players who choose f/f pairings in games aren't straight men.

    In short, the FFA's values certainly are drawn from a long time ago, but the reality they inhabit doesn't seem to be in this galaxy, or even in one far, far away. Realistically speaking, the Florida Family Association is one very determined man, David Caton, who has an opinion he's determined to bully the world into hearing. And that opinion is about a very strange game in his head alone, not one that actually exists.

    Their website S2

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