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    If you listened to the Noctourniquet leak, what is your favorite song?


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    Richard Hammond’s Crash Course follows one of the United Kingdom’s favorite gearheads as he travels the United States to get behind the wheel of some massive, outlandish vehicles (a trash compactor, an airport fire responder, the tank above). In each episode, Hammond meets the people who operate the vehicles daily, trains in their use and then tries to prove his competency.

    Crash Course debuts April 16 at 10 p.m. Eastern on BBC America.


    The fact that it's called Crash Course still irks me a bit.

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    Here are some previews of Psych's upcoming Gus-centric episode on Wednesday, March 21, with guest stars Mekhi Phifer, Jaleel White, and Cheech Marin.

    Hope this one is as good as Blackapella!

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    LINDSAY Lohan has finished her final day of community service at the Los Angeles County morgue, reports said.

    The actress was spotted yesterday leaving the facility in a grey T-shirt that read Too Cool For School paired with a black blazer and aviator sunglasses.

    Lohan, who recently returned to being a redhead, smiled faintly as she strolled down the sidewalk.

    She was ordered to complete 480 hours of community work in May, after she pleaded no contest to taking a necklace from a Beverly Hills jewellery store.

    But the 25-year-old proved unreliable as a volunteer when she repeatedly missed appointments at a women's homeless shelter where she was scheduled to work.

    In November, Lohan pleaded guilty to violating her probation and the judge overseeing her case devised a new schedule to help the troubled star stay on track and posted her to work solely at the morgue.

    Lohan has since received glowing probation reviews at her latest court hearings and is expected to finish her sentence by her next court appearance on March 29.


    Lindsay was not clubbing night of alleged car scrape

    Lindsay Lohan may be in trouble with the law…but it’s not exactly as it seems. It was reported that Lohan struck a club manager with her car Tuesday evening after a night out at Sayers Club. However, a rep for the venue tells us Lohan was not there:

    “Lindsay Lohan was not at The Sayers Club last night or Wednesday early morning. She did not graze our manager or any of our staff by her vehicle.”

    For once, it looks like Lindsay is telling the truth! Here is what Lohan posted on her WhoSay account about the incident:

    "Scrape? This is all a complete lie. I’ve been at community service. Last night, I attempted to wish a friend happy birthday, which I didn’t even get to do because I was freaked out by all of the paparazzi. These false accusations are absurd."

    TMZ reports it was a hookah lounge manager that was scraped and the man later decided to go to the emergency room.

    Guess red headed Lindsay Lohan can’t stay out of drama, either.


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    All about Eden! The pint-size beauty queen struts off the catwalk and into the spotlight.

    Eden Wood, 7,  grew to “rule the pageant world” on TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras. But now that she’s retired, Eden’s pursuing her Kim Kardashian dreams of becoming a reality star on her own show,Eden’s WorldVulture reports. “It’s hard being Eden Wood. But I love it,” she boasts in the show’s promo.

    Premiering on April 16 on the Logo channel, the show sends Eden off to pursue big city dreams in New York accompanied by her mom, publicist and manager. “My baby is going to be the next superstar,” her mom brags with her strong Southern drawl.

    Of course, like most girls across the country, Eden plans to achieve super stardom before hitting puberty. She already has her own fashion line — what else does a girl need? “I wanna be a star,” Eden declares.

    Eden also wants to spread her superior knowledge of the pageant world to other aspiring toddlers (or their overbearing mothers). ”It’s great to help other kids learn what got me to the top,” Eden said.

    It’s Eden’s world, and we’re all just living in it.

    Are you excited for the little tiara-wearing tot to have her own show? Or should Eden stay retired?


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Here’s a bikini-clad Nicki Minaj filming her new video “Starship” in Hawaii yesterday

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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    Cher Lloyd performed at Idolator’s South By Southwest Pray For Pop party at the Pure Volume House last night as her first US gig. Check out some reviews, photos and videos!!

    » Review: “I headed over to Idolator’s ‘Pray For Pop’ afterhours party over at the PureVolume House for a totally different type of female singing star, ‘The X Factor U.K.‘s’ Cher Lloyd — who made her live U.S. debut for a rabid audience that included her new label boss, ‘X Factor’ judge and Epic Records honcho L.A. Reid. Sadly, Cher only played four songs, but she made maximum use of her stage name, all teeny-tiny red spandex hotpants, big hair, big voice, and most of all, big ATTITUDE. ...Cher dominated the stage so completely… Expect Cher to follow the path forged by Leona Lewis and One Direction, as she becomes the next ‘X Factor U.K.’ alum to break big in the States.” [via Yahoo! Music]


    Cher Lloyd performing "Want U Back" at SXSW on 3/15/12. Her debut performance in America!


    Cher with L.A. Reid and Wallpaper at the Idolator party.


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    Although all eyes are on the release of The Hunger Games in a couple of weeks, Lionsgate is hard at work planning the filming of Catching Fire.
    Today we’re learning when they’ll begin to prep the land and then begin shooting!
    North Carolina news reporter Russ Bowen tweeted confirmed information today:

    Russ Bowen @RussBowenNews13
    Members of #Hungergames crew say they'll return to Western NC in late July and August to prep for Sept shoot of #CatchingFire !
    5 Mar 12 ReplyRetweetFavorite

    Star Jennifer Lawrence recently revealed she was to begin training for Catching Fire in the summertime. We had learned several weeks ago that filming for the sequel was set to begin in September.



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    Taylor Momsen - JustFabulous hosts Abbey Dawn By Avril Lavigne Launch Party in West Hollywood

    Taylor Momsen leaving the House Of Blues after performing with her band in West Hollywood.


    don't forget to buy the new pretty reckless ep on itunes!!

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    Every year, "The Vampire Diaries" celebrates the people who actually made it through the year alive with a fun Mystic Falls High Decade Dance, and Season 3 is no different! Episode 20 will bring us back to the dance floor for a little mayhem inspired by the 1920s, which is sure to bring back some memories for Stefan, Rebekah, and Klaus.

    Of course, despite that, it's Elena who is always the center of attention at these Mystic Falls soirees. When we caught up with Nina Dobrev at PaleyFest's evening with the cast and executive producer, we had to grill her for spoilers about the big night.

    As always, though, Nina is an excellent secret-keeper, and she didn't want to give too much away! "Elena will dance with one of the Salvatores," she teased. "I'll just say that." 

    Of course. I don't want it to be Damon but I guess on this show I never get what I want. 

    Will she and Damon end their little rift and hit the floor, speakeasy style? Or will Stefan finally admit to Elena that he still cares in time for a dance amidst the inevitable chaos?

    "You'll have to watch and see!" Nina told us. We know who we hope to see her dance with. Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

    As for who else will attend the dance, we can reveal one special guest: Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) will return from Denver in time to suit up for the big night! The kid looks good in a jacket and tie. We're not sure whether Bonnie (Kat Graham) will be on his arm, but she won't be missing the dance. 

    Graham did reveal that fans will see Bonnie have a love interest who is "decent" at some point. "Yes, you will!" she told fans at the panel. Since there haven't been discussions about Season 4 yet, we can only assume that she'll be getting said love interest soon.

    We're hoping for a Bonnie/Jeremy reconciliation -- maybe Denver helped him get over his ghosts? -- but we're also interested to see how she relates to Abby's foster son, Jamie, when he returns for episode 17.

    Tune in this Thursday when "The Vampire Diaries" finally ends this excruciating hiatus with one of its best episodes ever. We promise.

    When The Vampire Diaries returns on Thursday, the show's newest character, Sage, won't just reunite with old friend Damon, but with past adversary Rebekah as well.   

    "They have a tension and a history there," Claire Holt (Rebekah) told from the show's Atlanta set. "You find out Sage is looking for Finn, Rebekah's brother, so there's definitely a bit of a hate vibe going on."

    Can we expect reconciliation between Elena and Stefan soon?
    Julie Plec: 
    We can expect movement, we can expect breakthroughs, we can expect honest conversations and we can expect some frustration as they continue to try to rediscover if those feelings that were so strong in the beginning still exist. Did they go away and has Stefan ruined it forever? Or does Elena still have a willingness and an ability to love him? In the midst of all that, [we'll] confront the question of what exactly has evolved and transpired in the Damon and Elena friendship that's gotten so far this year. The rest of the season is going to be circling around those questions.

    Damon made it very clear that he is much better at being the bad guy than Stefan is. Will he now give up on Elena? Will he turn bad again?
    The beauty of Damon is he never really gives up. He acts out, he takes a stand, he has opinions, but when all is said and done, if brother's in a crisis, if girl's in a crisis, if the world is in a crisis, Damon inevitably can't help himself and he's got to find his way back in. This week's episode really shows that perfect balance of Damon being nasty and sarcastic and angry, and yet really illuminating at his core that he is a very heroic person. It's the constant Damon evolution.

    Alaric (Matt Davis) was shot by Meredith (Torrey DeVitto) in the previous episode. What can you tease about his future?
    Alaric, with his tragic and unfortunate luck with the ladies, has just found himself nearly murdered by a human. Had she aimed the gun one inch to the right, he probably would be dead right now. A little spoiler alert, but of the duh variety: We will actually see Alaric again and he'll find himself in this week's episode caught right smack in the center of this murder investigation. We'll start to get a lot of answers about what's going on, and who's behind what and who is going to take the fall for the serial killings that are going down in the town.

    Now that it's been revealed there's another white oak tree, how will that change the direction of the rest of the season?
    The discovery that there was another tree planted in absence of the original one that was burnt down, that definitely sets Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) on edge a little. They just temporarily defeated their mother, who was trying to annihilate them, so they couldn't even enjoy that victory for a short minute before they learned that there's another weapon out there. That being said, right now they're the only ones who know that that weapon is out there. We'll see how long Rebekkah is able to hold onto that secret. The answer is probably not very long. We'll see what Damon does to get a hold of that information and to figure out what she's snooping around about and why.

    Abby's transition obviously won't go as smoothly as Caroline's did. How will Caroline (Candice Accola) help Bonnie's mother through this?
    The beauty of Caroline is that a control freak in her human life became a very, very, very well controlled vampire when all those things got magnified. Nobody else is blessed with that kind of obsessive, compulsive, dedication to perfection as Caroline. With Abby (Persia White), what we'll see is that a witch is connected to the Earth, and when you turn a witch into a vampire, she's no longer a witch, so it's losing a part of yourself. It's not just losing your humanity, it's losing what really connected your soul to God, if you want to get religious about it. It's not going to be easy for her or Bonnie (Katerina Graham), because there's no spell she can whip up to help. It's, "How do I help my mother here, who I don't know very well, who left me? We just barely got our relationship going, now how do I help her find her true self in all this tragedy?"

    Elena's friends have made it clear that other people end up suffering so that she can be saved. Will that weigh on her heavily when the show returns?
    Yeah, the biggest burden that Elena has to bear, frankly, is that she herself is an incredibly selfless person. She very much wants to take care of and protect the people that she loves, and yet, because ultimately she loves so deeply and so thoroughly, she has created a circle of friends who love that deeply right in return and are, in their own way, selfless and willing to sacrifice themselves for her. It's a little battle of, "Hey, wait a second! I was willing to jump off a cliff." "No, I was!" It all comes down to one of the big central themes in this show, which is loyalty and love and the friendship and bonds of family, and what you're willing to do for the people that are important to you. In a situation like this, with these kids in Mystic Falls where the stakes are high every day, there's a lot of ways that can go. Lately, it seems like it's been going in the disfavor of Elena's friends and she's going to have to deal with that.

    Last year's finale had a huge element of danger. Is this one emotionally grounded or will there be more danger?
    It hasn't been put on the page yet, but the finale this year is like a combo platter of the finales from Season 1 and Season 2 in that the mythology and the villain are going to continue to drive us to the end of the season, but emotionally, there's a lot going on in the characters' journeys. Just breaking this story I probably cried four or five times, got a few chills, got very excited, got nervous about how we're going to do it. There's a lot of story to tell and not a lot of time to tell it in. But fingers crossed on what I think is going to be really good.

    The Vampire Diaries‘ Damon will have a blast in the past – and then get a blastfrom the past – starting tonight (on The CW, 8/7c), when Cassidy Freemaninhabits the role of Sage, an ol’ vampire friend who in the books was a male, but let’s face it — Cassidy Freeman? Yes, please. TVLine spoke with the Smallvillealumna about jumping back into the genre-TV ring (literallyand figuratively), how Sage will bring flavor to Damon’s current existence and the super opportunities presented to her post-Smallville.

    TVLINE | You’ve had a nice run of straight dramas — guesting on CSI: NYThe Playboy Club, the upcoming A&E series Longmire. Were you tentative at all about dipping back into genre TV?
    Absolutely not. This more fantastical kind of vampire-superhero genre? It was super-fun.

    TVLINE | Yeah, Sage is out there clobbering guys and canoodling, looking both vixenish and violent… what’s not to like?
    You know what I mean? [Laughs] It was a wide array of stuff. [Executive producer] Julie Plec was like, “Would you do it?” And I was like, “How could I not!”

    TVLINE | How would you describe Damon and Sage’s relationship in the “1912″ flashbacks?
    It’s definitely a mentor-mentee relationship, and that’s what I kind of love about this character. I’ve watched this series since it first started, and Damon is that vampire we all love to hate, and he has such a grasp on what being a vampire means to him. And what’s really interesting about this flashback to 1912 is you figure out where that came from. When he was first turned, he wasn’t like that, so this gives great insight into his arc during the entire time he’s been a vampire.

    TVLINE | How is Sage brought into the present timeline?
    She comes back for her love, for Finn (played by Caspar Zafer), who is one of the Originals.

    TVLINE | Aww. That’s a nice reason.
    Yeah! True love prevails.

    TVLINE | What will Damon’s reaction be to seeing her again?
    It’s one of surprise — that was a chapter of his life he thought was pretty much over. Plus, Sage was such a fantastical character in 1912 that you almost can’t imagine her in the present day, because things aren’t quite as heightened. To see her in the present brings back the memories of why he was who he was. Lately, Damon has been playing kind of a good guy, and seeing Sage reignites his bad boy ways — or his “tendencies,” I should say.

    TVLINE | Is he wary of her when they reunite? Does he suspect she has an agenda involving more than true love?
    I think Damon is wary of everyone, and everyone has an agenda. It’s definitely not wide-open arms, “Let’s hug it out.” There are a lot of question marks.

    TVLINE | Let’s talk about you beating up those guys up in the 1912 boxing ring specifically, my slight unease that you seem a bit too much of a natural.

    Yeah…. I do have two brothers, and I’m used to beating guys up, so…. I came a little bit early for the episode and studied with John Copeman, the stunt supervisor. We rehearsed together for probably two or three days before we shot it, and then he hired some really talented stunt people to make it look like I knew what I was doing.

    TVLINE | There’s a juicy new promo out…. What are we to make of the bed scene with Damon, Rebekah and Sage… who’s apparently stroking Rebekah’s face?
    They released that?! I haven’t even seen that. I need to go online more often. Hmm…. Well, she’s definitely helping Damon figure out what Rebekah is up to. With any sort of threesome, you never know who to trust, but it’s definitely a sordid affair — and because they’re vampires, it has to happen in the bedroom. I think that’s one of the rules!

    TVLINE | Like you, Erica [Durance] promptly booked a pilot (NBC’s Saving Hope) after Smallville, as well as guest roles — on Charlie’s Angels and Harry’s Law. Justin [Hartley] also has done the same. Was it a small relief to see yourself not get pigeonholed and round up work right away?
    Yeah. I think it was more of a pigeonhole for Erica, obviously, because she played a character that was soiconic and had been on for much longer than I had. I felt really fortunate to be able to play Tess Mercer, but there is something to say about playing different roles. Smallville gave me such an incredible opportunity to get out there, and I think the fear was that might be the end, now that I had whetted my appetite with something that I love to do and with a character that was super-badass. How could I find something to live up to that? And I have. I have found really great characters in Playboy Club and now The Vampire Diaries, and even my little guest star on CSI. And I’m starting Longmire in a week (playing the daughter of Robert Taylor’s Wyoming sheriff), and that is very different than genre, so I couldn’t be more excited.

    source 1 2

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    File-sharers, beware: By July 12, major US Internet service providers (ISPs) will voluntarily begin serving as copyright police for the entertainment industry, according to Cary Sherman, chief executive of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The so-called “six-strikes” plan is said to be one of the most effective anti-piracy efforts ever established in the US.

    The “gradual response” program works like this: ISPs will automatically monitor the Web activity of their customers. If a subscriber is found to be downloading copyrighted content illegally, their ISP will send them an “educational” notice saying such activity has been detected from IP addresses linked to their account. If that customer continues to download content illegally, the ISP will send “confirmation notices” to make sure they received the original notices. If copyright infringing activity continues still, the ISP then reserves the right to throttle Web access speeds, or cut off a subscriber’s Internet access altogether, at least until that user agrees to stop pirating copyrighted material. According to CNet, the ISPs have the option to skip these “mitigation measures,” and none have yet committed to completely cutting Internet access.

    “Each ISP has to develop their infrastructure for automating the system,” said Sherman, at a CNet event in New York this week. This is required “for establishing the database so they can keep track of repeat infringers, so they know that this is the first notice or the third notice. Every ISP has to do it differently depending on the architecture of its particular network. Some are nearing completion and others are a little further from completion.”

    While the RIAA, MPAA, and even the White House support this measure, many questions still remain. For instance, what about customers that get Internet access from smaller providers? Will those companies be pressured into jumping on the Hollywood bandwagon? Moreover, given the staunch public opposition to governmental efforts to impose restrictions on the Internet, how will people react if they lose their connection altogether? Our prediction: Dark days are ahead.


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    Russell Brand has been arrested for allegedly grabbing a photog's cell phone and firing it through the window of a New Orleans law firm ... TMZ has learned.

    Russell turned himself in to New Orleans police within the last hour and is currently in police custody.

    TMZ broke the story ... Russell got pissed Monday night, after a photog began taking pictures on his iPhone. Russell allegedly took the cell phone and hurled it through the window of a law office.

    The photog got the phone back and Russell agreed to pay for the window, but that didn't satisfy cops and prosecutors. A warrant was issued for Russell's arrest.


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    Nathan FUCKIN' Fillion

    Castle's Nathan Fillion to Play Greek God in Percy Jackson Movie Sequel

    There's never been a more appropriate time to worship Nathan Fillion! According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Castle star has just landed the role of Greek god Hermes in the sequel Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Sea of Monsters, hitting theaters in 2013.

    The film is based on the second book in the best-selling young-adult book series by in Rick Riordan. Nathan's character is the father of antagonist Luke, who is played by actor Jake Abel.

    Joining Nathan in the film are Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, and Brandon T. Jackson.

    Dylan Neal played Hermes in the first movie, Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, which was released in 2010.

    Congrats to Nathan on this awesome gig!



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  • 03/15/12--14:15: Get it, GoT.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    LOST ANGELES, March 15 (Reuters) - HBO's award-winning fantasy drama "Game of Thrones" has earned a new crown: the largest first-week DVD sales among any series in the cable network's history.

    Season one DVD sales reached about 350,000 units in the first seven days following its March 6 release, the network said on Thursday. That pace ranks ahead of other popular HBO series including "The Sopranos," "Sex and the City" and "True Blood."

    The DVD sales indicate strong interest in "Game of Thrones" ahead of the second season, which starts April 1.

    The "Game of Thrones" news comes as HBO battles the backlash from its cancellation of the show "Luck," produced by series star Dustin Hoffman, after the death of a third horse on the show.

    "Game of Thrones" tells the story of clashes among seven noble families seeking control of the fictional medieval region of Westeros. The series is derived from the five best-selling novels by George R.R. Martin and became a hit when it debuted last year. The show averaged 9.3 million viewers during its first season, ranking fourth among all series in the network's history.

    The series earned critical acclaim and a supporting actor Emmy for Peter Dinklage, who plays the clever but rude Tyrion, among other awards. HBO is a unit of Time Warner.

    The program also set an HBO series record for sales of digital downloads from outlets such as iTunes apple, the network said, but it did not provide figures.

    "What we are seeing is 'Game of Thrones' being a hit across all platforms-network, disc and digital," said Henry McGee, president of HBO Home Entertainment.

    I had a feeling they'd have a huge week, but this exceeded even my expectations.

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    Rival models already have the knives out for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover beauty Kate Upton. There was a frosty atmosphere during a launch event last month in front of Caesars Palace in Vegas for this year’s issue.

    Sources said when the 18 SI models, including Izabel Goulart, Irina Shayk, Chrissy Teigen, Anne V., Genevieve Morton and Julie Henderson lined up for a photo, Upton, standing on one side, was asked to move to the middle of the group by a producer.

    Upton, at first, was hesitant but moved after further prompting. But some of the ladies at the shoot weren’t pleased at making space — an onlooker said one model rolled her eyes while another mumbled under her breath.

    When Upton asked what she said, the model snapped, “Don’t worry about me, honey, cause I’m not worrying about you!” A rep for Upton didn’t get back to us.

    An SI rep said, “If there were words exchanged, it’s news to me. Kate was elegant and a complete force of spirit throughout the launch.”


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    Adam Brody, on the set of Welcome to the Jungle, in the process of praying for your attention and the revival of his relevancy. Here I am, answering his prayers, and reminding everyone of his existence with beaucoup de set pics.

    omg guy in the background, u r biutiful

    my face when i think about ur relevancy tbh

    rivadavia's personal faves: adam brody; tourist

    i miss the pornstache 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。


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  • 03/15/12--14:52: Madonna Pit Tickets Info

  • Superstar singer Madonna is reportedly planning to give away tickets to shows on her MDNA World Tour, which kicks off in Israel on May 29th.

    According to posts on the Madonna manager Guy Oseary’s Twitter, 50 lucky fans will win the chance to see the star live in concert as she travels across America to promote and perform her brand new album ‘MDNA’, whilst there’ll be competitions for fans in other countries from across the globe to win too. And it’s not just regular tickets that are up for grabs – as winners will get access to the pit, meaning they’ll be just be a couple of feet from their favourite singer.

    Oseary wrote: “Enter to win PIT tickets!! 50 tickets per show! U.S only. Good luck to everyone that enters to win PIT tickets.. we have 50 tickets per show in the U.S… enter!!. We will come up with ways for fans to win PIT tickets outside the u.s. as well.. stay tuned..”


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    "Gossip Girl" will likely be renewed for a shortened sixth and final season, according to an individual close to the production.

    The CW drama is expected to return for a reduced number of episodes like fellow CW drama "One Tree Hill" did for its final season, the individual said.

    A spokesman for the network said that CW has not yet made a decision about picking up any of its scripted shows for next year.

    Given its low ratings, the show is seen as perpetually on the bubble. "Gossip Girl" averaged 1.7 million viewers, and a 1.9 rating in the women 18-34 demo, this year. That's a far cry from the 2.35 million viewers the show averaged in its debut season.

    But renewal could be more palatable to the network because all of the show's stars, including Blake Lively, Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford, and Leighton Meester, are under contract for another season. That will spare CW the potentially costly ordeal of re-negotiating salaries.

    "Gossip Girl" centers on the romances, trysts and social rivalries of a group of privileged young adults living in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

    The series celebrated its 100th episode in January. At the time, the show's producers expressed optimism that "Gossip Girl" would be back with more rivalries and bed-hopping.

    "We're not writing a series finale this year," Executive Producer Stephanie Savage told zap2it.


    chuck/death for endgame! /harassment

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    Alisha (UK)

    Annaliese (UK)

    Ashley (UK)

    AzMarie (US)

    Candace (US)

    Catherine (UK)

    Eboni (US)

    Kyle (US)

    Laura (US)

    Seymone (US)

    Sophie (UK)

    I love Catherine's and Laura's shots. I think either Seymore or Candace are gone


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