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    Demi arriving at SiriusXM Radio in NYC & Live Chat


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    Check out some clips from Psych's next Bachelor-style episode on March 14, guest starring Wayne Brady, Mike "The Miz", and Greg Grunberg:

    Thoughts on last night's episode?

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    According to a top surgeon, the secret to the 66-year-old actress’ age-defying looks comes courtesy of a syringe and a scalpel.

    The star appeared to be very puffy-cheeked at the signing of her new book, 10 Mindful Minutes, at Waterstones in London on Wednesday.

    “Has Goldie Hawn gone Overboard with plastic surgery? Maybe!” said celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn, in an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.

    “The actress has looked a tad puffy recently, with cheeks that appear to have been plumped by fat grafting,” he explained.

    “In addition, some of her wrinkle lines look filled and blunted, likely with an injectable like Restylane. Also, her skin is taut and smooth, a possible result of laser treatments.

    “I suspect that a facelift has contributed to her sharp jaw line, which is unnaturally tight for a 66-year old woman,” Dr. Youn added.

    While she’s clearly had a lot of work done, the doctor approves of how she did it but thinks she should slow down and realize that enough is enough.

    “Overall, Goldie looks youthful, happy, and at least 15 years younger than her real age. Even so, I recommend that she let things settle down a bit before having any further treatments. She should stop so she doesn't look like she belongs in the First Wives Club!"

    RadarOnline & Zimbio

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    The dependency court case against Gabriel Aubry has been dropped ... sources connected with the matter tell TMZ.

    As TMZ first reported, Gabriel was in court today as the judge wanted to discuss various conditions for his visitation rights with 3-year-old Nahla. Parents are sent to dependency court when there are concerns over the well-being of their children.

    Gabriel was hauled into court after the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services expressed concerns about the child's safety in the presence of Gabriel.

    We're told additional conditions were imposed on Gabriel's visitation, and the matter has now been dropped and sent back to family court, where Halle Berry and Gabriel continue to fight over custody.

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    Kaila Prescott is an actress who will be playing an ill-fated tribute for District 3 in the upcoming Hunger Games film. She also happens to be a model with Ford agency. Lauren tapped her for Paper Crown collection’s fall 2012 lookbook.

    Madame Dress in Rosebud Dot Print

    Kensington Gown in Ivory Lace with Mauve Skirt

    Windsor Jacket in Vanilla/Wimbledon Skirt in Rosebud dot print

    Clarence Blouse in Bouquet Print/ Tower Skirt in Vanilla

    Oliver Top in Bouquet Print/ Picadilly Skirt in Vanilla

    Clarence Blouse in Latte/ Thames Short in Vanilla

    Tate Sweater in Oatmeal/Victoria Top in Latte/Tudor Pant in Black

    Clarence Blouse in Trees Print/ Tudor Pant in Black

    Holland Blouse in Burnt Henna/ Wimbledon Skirt in Trees print

    Barlow Top in Burnt Henna/Picadilly Skirt in Vanilla

    Adelaide Gown in Burnt Henna

    London Coat in Tan

    The Coveteur took a peek inside Lauren’s closet and Paper Crown Offices.

    Lauren chilling at Paper Crown office in a Paper Crown top and skirt.

    I love maxi dresses and think they are such versatile and romantic pieces. I wore this nude, tiered chiffon dress (from my first collection for paper crown) with a sash to a ball held at the National History Museum. The silk dress on the right I wore for a photoshoot at my home in Laguna. In the center is a vintage nightgown – I love the little details and bias cut of this particular piece.

    Left to Right: Dress, paper crown; Nightgown, Vintage; Dress, paper crown

    Paper Crown top and skirt. Chanel Clutch

    I got these shoes from Topshop a couple years ago because I was obsessed with the color. Looking around, itʼs pretty evident. I love filling bookshelves with old books. I shop at vintage stores and buy stacks in similar colors.

    A perfect example of how I love pulling inspiration from vintage pieces in my work. I collect vintage sleepwear and often look to them for fabrication, details and prints. For this set, I wanted to do a sweet cami and high-waisted short that could be worn together or as separates. I had a specific type of dot in mind for this original print – I first drew out the scale on a post it note. As for the wall, I don't like too much blank space around me and one day decided (after one too many cups of coffee) to tear all the pages out of a book and paste them up there. I like it because when we open the windows the pages flutter and it gives the room movement.

    Camisole and Shorts, paper crown

    Clearly, I have a fascination with Chanel. I began collecting old perfume bottles a few years back because I thought they were so pretty. The crown is (embarrassingly) from when I was on the homecoming court in high school.

    Hair Comb, Vintage

    I found this backpack at a vintage expo I go to a couple times a year. I wear it every time I go to Disneyland or any other similar outing. It was a pretty fun find.All, CHANEL

    I got this top 2 years ago. I removed the tag because it was visible so the designer remains a mystery.

    Top, Unknown Designer

    I am in love with this blazer from my LC Lauren Conrad (Kohl’s) collection. I usually pair it with an all black ensemble - it feels so chic to me. I bought this art for the girls because they work so hard and spend long days in that office. When I saw it I thought: this must be exactly what is running through their minds every Friday by 5pm. Get me out of here!Blazer, LC Lauren Conrad

    The Coveteur

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    Natalie Portman's nose and Scarlett Johansson's lips: The face of the 'ideal woman' according to plastic surgeons' most popular requests

    Australia's Marie Claire magazine has come up with their image of the ideal woman, plucking the best features of some of the world's most famous celebrities and composing them into one, strangely recognisable, ensemble.

    Using data from leading surgeons around the world, the team have pulled together the most requested celebrity looks as received by plastic surgery experts in the past 12 months.


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  • 03/08/12--17:26: Lindsay goes back to red

  • Breaking Hair News: Lindsay Lohan is a redhead again!

    After years of bleaching her hair platinum blonde, the star returned to her roots ... and already, looks so much better.

    She was spotted sporting the new 'do today in L.A., almost a week after hosting "Saturday Night Live."

    The last time her hair was anywhere close to this color was back in 2009, but even then it was darker than her "Mean Girls" days.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    America's master surrealist, David Lynch, is an especially prime subject for a documentary film, seeing as how his work evokes as much curiosity as it does praise. So I'm happy to report that a group of filmmakers are planning just such a doc, with Lynch's blessing. The best part is that you can help get the film made, and get a limited art print signed by Lynch himself as a thank you. Details after the jump.

    The David Lynch documentary is a Kickstarter project from a group calling themselves "Lynch Three". "Our goal," they say, "is to make a film that deeply explores the influences and experiences that have helped shape one of the most distinctive voices in modern cinema: David Lynch. It has been six years since we completed the first two parts of the documentary series and we are now ready to complete the third and final part. To do this we have chosen to partially finance the film via Kickstarter so that we retain 100% creative control of the film. We're in the process of finishing the film, but need your help in order to do it. That's why we're reaching out to all David Lynch fans."

    Find out how you can participate, and score that signed Lynch art print, on the film's Kickstarter page. With Lynch's participation, this is bound to be a must-see for all fans of the maestro.


    I feel a Twins Peaks marathon coming on.

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    There’s been tons of debate lately about whether kids are becoming sexualized too soon (see: Toddlers & Tiaras, Thylane Blondeau,bikini waxes for 11-year-olds) and now a sort of stodgy retailer best known for its refrigerator selection is making headlines for offering really inappropriate children’s apparel.

    The New York Daily News reported this morning that they found some misogynistic and offensive kids’ clothing on Sears’ website. Some of the gems? T-shirts with the slogans: “Don’t Make Me Kick You in the Fallopian Tubes,” “Don’t Make Me Kick You in the Birth Canal,” and “Nice Girls Don’t Use Pepper Spray.”

    The reporter called Sears to complain, and the Sears customer service rep actually agreed that they were offensive. The NYDN reported that many of the questionable styles were removed from Sears’ site, but we had to go look for ourselves. Turns out they missed a few.

    While some of these items are sold through third party vendors on the site, it’s all under the Sears banner. The lovely garment above at left proudly proclaims “Hung Like Daddy,” which raised quite a few questions in my mind like: Who on earth would dress their child in that? And why would you want to compare your husband/partner’s equipment to that of a toddler? And in a weird juxtaposition, this particular shirt is offset by a very large number of shirts proclaiming “Believe in God.”

    And in that same vein, we found this horrifying BABY BLANKET, featuring a demonic face, flames and the slogan “Fear No Evil.” And while not immediately offensive on the surface, the yellow onesie proclaiming “Pretty Like Mommy” really sort of pisses me off. Why not: “Good Reader Like Mommy”? Or “Kick Ass Multi-tasker Like Mommy”?


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    Anyway, at least Christina Aguilera’s title track for the soundtrack is serviceable enough, an immaculately sung power ballad she seems to be taking far more seriously than the movie’s personnel. (This is a compliment.) From everything that Aguilera’s said and that the music climate indicates, her Bionic follow-up will probably be something acoustic, something like the Sia-penned tracks from that album. But at the very least, this proves Aguilera’s versatile enough that she could make the move -Popdust

    The new song finds Aguilera making a welcome return to Latin music. No synthesizers or AutoTune here -- instead, the production has dramatic Spanish guitars, blaring trumpets, and a gospel backing all with a flamenco twist. Aguilera's vocals are in the forefont, doing what she does best: belting and sustaining the notes most can only dream of nailing. -Billboard

    The new tune boats no synthesizers or AutoTune, rather swooning mariachi sounds with dramatic trumpets, strings and Spanish guitars giving the atmosphere an authentic flamenco flavor. Aguilera slays the song with her insane range – showcasing her powerful vocal skills nicely. -MTV

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    Adam Scott making the rounds promoting 'Friends with Kids'


    All About Champion

    Amy Poehler to play Adam Scott's stepmom

    Amy Poehler is reportedly in final talks to join A.C.O.D., a 2008 Black List-ed comedy about a "grown man who finds himself still caught in the crossfire of his parents divorce." Also attached to the project is Poheler's Parks and Recreation co-star Adam Scott, who will play the grown man in question. (Richard Jenkins and Catherine O'Hara will be his parents.) If we understand correctly, Poehler is slated to play Scott's new step-mother, meaning the likelihood of a large screen Leslie-Ben make-out is unlikely. Or maybe it's very likely? They do have very charming chemistry! And crazier things have happened in movie divorces.


    PaleyFest: 12 Panel Highlights, Teasers From 'Parks & Recreation' Cast and Producers

    A last minute switcheroo had NBC's Parks & Recreation taking over for The Office on the fifth night of PaleyFest, with the cast and producers making sure the crowd got their money's worth.

    Complete with cardboard cutouts of the actors who couldn't make it, minus Nick Offerman who was attempting to race through Los Angeles from Burbank for the session (he didn't make it), the night was full of laughs, talk of a fifth season and Leslie Knope's (Amy Poehler) quest to take down Bobby Newport (Paul Rudd) for Pawnee's city council seat.

    Here are 12 memorable moments from the panel and some teases direct from co-creator Michael Schur (including talk of multiple endings), Amy Poehler and the rest of the Parks & Rec gang:
    [Warning: Some spoilers ahead.]

    1. Leslie has more competition: You thought Newport was all Leslie would have to contend with? Think again. As Schur revealed, in episode 20 (the same one Poehler wrote and direct), she debates with two other candidates and one named Festor Trim, played by none other than Friday Night Lights' Brad Leland (aka Buddy Garrity). Oh, and Glee's Mike O'Malley stops by for an episode.

    2. More than two endings were shot for season finale: It's no secret that several outcomes (Leslie winning and Leslie losing) were filmed for the season 4 finale, Election Day. Producer Dan Goor told The Hollywood Reporter on the carpet that there will be a "definitive" winner by episode's end.

    Schur also revealed to THR that there are more than two endings in the can. "We shot actually three different endings, partially because we want to make sure that the one we are choosing is the right and we reserve the right to change our minds and also partly just to confuse people," Schur explained. "There may be" a last minute switch. Will the chosen outcome affect season 5 in any way? "We wrote it in such a way that everything up until the moment we played that scene, it could go either way," he says. We have the ability to choose Path A, Path B or Path C. We'll wait to edit it, see how it plays, see how we all feel about it and then we'll make our choice."

    3. "Knope 2012" was a season 5 plan: According to Schur, Leslie's campaign arc was something the writers were toying with for a fifth season. But once they found out they were being moved to midseason for season 3, "F--- it, let's do it now," Schur said. It was perfect timing, too, as it lined up with the national event. It "makes breaking stories very easy." (Oddly enough, the panel took place on Super Tuesday.)

    4. Season 5 is up in the air: At the moment, the producers are hopeful that they will return in the fall. "We're cautiously optimistic," Schur says. Poehler chimed in to say that they've "had an interesting journey" to get to this place: a six-episode first season, a full sophomore run and being pushed to midseason for season 3.

    5. Future of the Tammys: Schur mentioned that though none of the Tammys will be making an appearance in the remaining episodes of the season, he did leave the door open for more returns should there be a new year. "They'll be back at some point," he said during the session.

    6. The return of Jean-Ralphio: There is a strong chance fans will get to see more Jean-Ralphio, played by Ben Schwartz (House of Lies), before the season is done. "We have shot a scene where Jean-Ralphio is in it," Schur says, but was quick to say that it may end up on the cutting room floor.

    7. Amy's favorite scene from her episode: Poehler wrote and directed "The Debate," airing in April, and one of her favorite scenes has to do with Chris Pratt's Andy re-enacting a film scene. "There's a moment in the episode where Chris Pratt has to act out a scene from his favorite movie and I could've watched that all day and had him do 40 movies," she told THR.

    8. The West Wing 2.0: Bradley Whitford drops by Pawnee for a guest spot in an upcoming episode and Schur, a die-hard West Wing fan, revealed that the opening scene in "Live Ammo" airing April 19, is a classic walk-and-talk. Another quintessential Josh Lyman thing? Leslie asks Whitford's character a question and he responds with "OK."

    9. The odd couple, Pawnee style: In the remaining five episodes, expect the following pairings to take center stage: Ron-Tom-Donna, Tom-April and Ron-Chris.

    10. Chris Pratt, a writer?: When asked whether he'd want to write an episode of Parks & Rec now that Offerman and Poehler have put pen to paper, Pratt was adamantly against it. "Maybe if we go 10 seasons and scraping the bottom," he joked.

    11. A Parks & Rec spinoff?!: So what if it isn't actually real, but we'll go with it. Picture this: 2003 TV series Philly Justice, starring Poehler, Adam Scott, Rashida Jones, Rudd and Kathryn Hahn. Tagline: "Without them, there is no justice." Rudd would ultimately be replaced by Dylan McDermott, who would be replaced by Dermot Mulroney. Scott's character, Nick Bellows, is still reeling from 9/11 and wants to go to Iraq (as a lawyer, cue laughs). Jones' character, Joanna "Joey" Suarez, likes to talk gang. Poehler's character, Holly McIntire develops an eating disorder. The series had a time slot after Joan of Arcadia. (Remember, 2003.)

    The running joke got so elaborate that Scott created a fake email address for McDermott, telling everyone how "excited" he was, Schur recalled. Then Scott would respond using his own email, essentially responding to himself. Poehler joked that they had to "reshoot the pilot because Elizabeth Smart was found." Highlight of the evening: A lengthy season 4 gag reel that was intercut with fake commercials promoting NBC's newest show Philly Justice.

    12. Anna Faris to guest star (maybe): If there is a fifth season, "I think it's going to happen," Pratt promised.

    Funniest line of the night:
    "I was a master debater," Poehler recalling one of Pratt's classic lines


    Follow @nick_offerman
    Full PaleyFest panel can be watched on March 15th on Hulu Plus
    Chris Pratt's On the Mat and Five-Year Engagement to premiere at Tribeca FF
    Listen to WTF Podcast with Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally
    Retta on The Baub Show mp3
    Jim O'Heir interview backstage
    Ginuwine wants to guest star EW

    WWW Fact of the Day - @mradamscott told us only 16,000 people watched the Party Down series finale when it originally aired. Wow.

    Source - 1 2 3 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

    One day, NBC will love me.

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    We love going behind the scenes with our favorite celebrities on Twitter.

    This week, Will Smith shared photos of his family on a movie set in Costa Rica, Alicia Keys attended Paris Fashion Week, Sherri Shepherd got ready for her turn on Dancing with the Stars, and more.

    Will and Jada, with son Jaden, enjoy some family time while filming on location in Costa Rica.

    Weeks after shaving off her hair, pint-sized trendsetter Willow Smith shows off her new green ’do.

    Alicia Keys attends the Givenchy show at Paris Fashion Week.

    Just days after announcing she was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, Sherri Shepherd and partner Val Chmerkovskiy brace for a whole lotta dancing in the coming weeks.

    Even celebrities have side hustles. Certified nail technician (and tennis champ) Serena Williams gives a lucky customer a manicure.

    A lucky Holly Robinson Peete shares a red carpet moment with Common.

    ESSENCE Music Festival performer Keyshia Cole and her son, Daniel Jr., attend a basketball game to watch her hubby Daniel Gibson play.

    LaLa Anthony continues to show off her acting chops. She recently wrapped up taping an episode of VH1’s Single Ladies, where she posed with resident hottie, actor Travis Winfrey.

    Shaun Robinson is all smiles on the set of Access Hollywood. Might we just add the color plum looks amazing on her?

    Actress Tia Mowry showed off the fab wardrobe choices from a photo shoot for her and twin Tamera Mowry’s Style Network reality show.

    Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes attend the CIAA (Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association) festivities down in Charlotte, NC.

    Christina Milian celebrated her daughter Violet’s birthday in Los Angeles. “She’s so cute! Man I love her!” tweeted the happy mom.

    Tyra Banks poses with contestants for Seventeen Magazine’s “Fiercely Real” contest for real women.


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    Sorry Mods. Queen Meredith. Share your pets ONTD?


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    Crystal Renn and Karolina Kurkova get in touch with their, ahem, clinically insane sides in a Steven Klein-lensed editorial for Interview Magazine, called “Strict Institution.”

    Renn is the horribly abused patient antagonized by Kurkova’s Nurse Ratched-type character who metes out punishments like tying Renn up in weird positions and handcuffing her to things. The whole thing is weirdly convincing–Kurkova makes an excellent sadistic (yet composed) nurse, and Renn is superb as an unhinged mental patient.

    The shoot kind of gave us the creeps–we just aren’t sure the whole corrupt insane asylum thing can (or should) translate to high fashion.


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    (ABOVE: Glenn Close plays a man in her new film Albert Nobbs.)

    Instead of complaining about the lack of meaty roles for older actresses, Glenn Close has gone out and nabbed a leading MAN part.

    The 64-year-old actress plays the title character in upcoming film Albert Nobbs.

    Glenn isn't the only actress to don male clothing for a role -- Cate Blanchett, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hilary Swank and Angelina Jolie have all manned up for a movie.

    Here are our favorite women dressed as men:

    Angelina Jolie donned male clothes in Salt.

    Cate Blanchett became Bob Dylan in I'm Not There.

    Keira Knightley disguised herself as a man in Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Julie Andrews played a man and a woman in Victor Victoria.

    Barbara Streisand won an Oscar for playing a man in Yentl.

    Gwyneth Paltrow also won an Oscar for dressing as a man in Shakespeare in Love.

    Hilary Swank played a transgender man in Boys Don't Cry.

    Tilda Swinton played a young nobleman in Orlando.

    Katharine Hepburn wore men's clothing in Sylvia Scarlett.

    Young actress Amanda Bynes played a boy in She's the Man.

    Lady Gaga has a male alter-ego called Jo Calderone (left).

    (Okay, so, Gaga's not technically an actress, but . . . too bad, she's on the list. =P )

    Source - The Australian Women's Weekly

    Feel free to post your fav gender-bending actors/actresses/singers/whatever in the comments! :D I always find it really interesting, to see who can pass for the opposite sex when they really try.

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    Spotted: Gossip Girl‘s Sebastian Stan putting down stakes in the nation’s capital.

    The Captain America actor has joined the rock-solid cast of Political Animals, a six-episode Washington D.C.-based drama about a former first family debuting this summer on USA Network.

    From Greg Berlanti (Dirty Sexy Money) and Laurence Mark (Jerry Maguire), the series stars Sigourney Weaver as Elaine Barrish, a divorced former First Lady who immerses herself in her new job as Secretary of State as she rebounds from the dissolution of her marriage and losing the presidential nomination.

    Stan, who turns up on Once Upon a Time on March 25, will play her son T.J, a lost soul struggling with addiction — the polar opposite of his “perfect” twin brother, Douglas (Lone Star‘s James Wolk). Brittany Ishibashi (Ghostfacers) plays Doug’s fiancée.

    Carla Gugino rounds out the ensemble as a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who is hellbent on destroying Elaine’s career.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    (CNN) -- The comic Gallagher, known for smashing watermelons, is "slowly recovering" from a heart attack suffered just before he was to perform at a Texas club, his promotional manager said Thursday.

    "We will not know the outcome until sometime tomorrow," said Christine Scherrer.

    Gallagher, 65, is listed in stable condition at an undisclosed Dallas-area hospital, Scherrer said.

    He was about to go on stage Wednesday at Hat Tricks, a Lewisville, Texas, club, when he fell ill and was taken to a hospital by paramedics, she said.

    "His family is with him and Hat Tricks has been unbelievable with the help and support with everything," Scherrer said.

    His shows in Texas, Oklahama and Oregon scheduled through next week have been postponed, she said.

    Craig Marquardo, who said he manages Gallagher's "bigger deals," said this is the comedian's third heart attack.

    "He's weak," Marquardo said. "He's having difficulty."

    Scherrer, however, told CNN any information from Marquardo is "100 percent inaccurate," saying he is not Gallagher's manager.

    Gallagher's family is "fuming" over reports quoting Marquardo, she said.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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    Emilia Clarke talks 'Game of Thrones' season 2: What's next for Dany's dragons?

    Emilia Clarke’s breakout performance as Daenerys Targaryen on HBO’s Game of Thrones landed her on one of four Entertainment Weekly covers this week. Shooting in Croatia last fall, the 23-year-old actress took a break from playing the exiled dragon queen to talk to EW. Below, Clarke discusses her character in season 2, fan reactions, working with dragons, the show’s ratings, and more.

    Warning: If you wish to know nothing about Dany’s story line in season 2, skip the first three answers below.

    ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What’s your character going through at the start of this season?
    EMILIA CLARKE: Things kind of suck, because when you last saw her, it’s like magic was being re‑awoken and it’s all wonderful. Now [she's in] complete and utter despair. She has dragons, but they are tiny. They’re babies. She doesn’t even know how to feed them. So, and she’s got all her people looking to her, including Jorah, and she’s losing the will to kind of see her way through it.

    Does your story line pretty much follow the book?
    I don’t want to give too much away. There are a few things that are slightly different, just to give her a bit more meat this season. Dany is going to get a little glimpse of what else is going on in other parts of the world of Game of Thrones. There’s a number of surprises in store for everyone.

    Any romantic prospects for Dany with Drogo gone?
    I feel that the audience knows at this point that Jorah’s feelings toward me are dubious. We’re not sure where they lie. Whether it’s paternal. Whether it’s sexual. We’re not sure. And I think that that is something that Dany is becoming increasingly aware of. But I truly believe that she’s still in love with Drogo.

    What’s been the toughest thing about shooting this season?
    Working with the dragons, at the moment. They’ve created these beautiful models of the dragons. I’m getting quite maternal towards them. But then they take them away [during filming, with dragons inserted later using CGI] and that’s when I’m seeing nothing. As an actor, there’s so much focus [required] and my imagination is being pushed to its limits. I’m trying to see them in my mind’s eye and I’m trying to work with this invisible thing. And I can tell everyone around me is going, “what the heck, she’s crazy, she’s absolutely lost her mind.” Because I’m just kind of playing with this invisible ball of air.

    On the set, the producer noted “the Daenerys stance” that you have, where you look super tough.
    It’s kind of “always being ready.” She just has a strength and it’s not modern. I always try to bear in mind the kind of different physical things that she’s up against that give her a core of steel that physically manifests itself.

    So that’s very much your character, not you?
    Yeah. That’s that’s kind of how she tries to put her armor without actually having any. It’s also like within the book, she’s always continuously asking herself, “What would Drogo do?”

    What’s the common reaction on the street when you’re recognized?
    It’s happened twice. Once was the frozen yogurt [shop] where I got free frozen yogurt, which is brilliant. It completely made my day. I just walked in and she just went “Oh! Game of Thrones!”

    If I was working a Starbucks, I’d like to think I’d just take your order and say, “It is known.”
    [Laughs] That would be awesome.

    How was Comic-Con?
    Oh, it was amazing! I hope that we’re going to please the fans. And by the reaction we had at Comic-Con I think we have. I think we will continue to …all the new characters are like sick. I can vouch for every one of the actors.

    With certain popular characters no longer on the show, has there been any concern about the ratings? I suspect they’ll go up anyway.
    I think that people are hooked and I think that peoples’ curiosity will get the better of them. And their curiosity will lead them to even better stuff than season 1, which will lead to the same, if not better ratings. Knock on wood. That’s my prediction.

    If you had a dragon, what would you do with it?
    Oh my, God, what would I do with it? I would definitely keep it where there were no walls, so it would be as big as it could physically be. Rule the world maybe? Have it. Ride it.

    Access Countdown To ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 2: Q&A Maisie Williams Talks Arya Stark

    She’s just 14, but Maisie Williams is already proving to be an acting powerhouse on the small screen.

    As Arya Stark in the first season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” the British teen held her own in tender father-daughter scenes with veteran actor Sean Bean, crafted a convincing sibling rivalry with Sansa (played by her off-screen pal Sophie Turner), and managed to wield a sword with expertise. And in Season 2, her role is set to show off even more of this rising star’s blossoming talents.

    When the hit fantasy drama returns to HBO April 1 at 9 PM, things are about to change in a big way for the little lady, now disguised as a boy.

    As viewers will recall from the season finale, Night’s Watch member Yoren, chopped off the now-fatherless Arya’s hair, strongly suggested she now publically appear as a “he,” and stuck her with the party of leftover boys, poor young men – like King Robert’s illegitimate son Gendry – and criminals he’s taking for service at The Wall.

    And in the seventh installment’s “Game of Thrones” Season 2 Q&A countdown series – Maisie explains that Arya is a young girl about to learn some very important lessons. Last time we saw Arya, she found a sort of stand-in older brother with Gendry, who defended her when a boy tried to take her sword. Will his sort of brotherly-inclinations continue as the season begins?

    Maisie: At the beginning of the season, she still doesn’t really trust him because everyone who she’s trusted before has been taken away from her, and she doesn’t think she’s going to see most of them again, and she knows she’s not going to see her dad again. I think she knows that she can trust him, but for some reason she doesn’t because she doesn’t want to get emotionally attached to anyone, just in case they get taken away from her.

    Access: Arya learned really quickly at the end of Season 1, when the boy tried to steal her sword, that her world is more treacherous by the minute. How dangerous is it going to get?

    Maisie: I think because Needle’s the only thing she’s got left of home, and that’s really the only thing worth something that she’s got with her, she’s really protective. Because she was quite sensitive anyway, and this boy she never even met before came up to her and was trying to take her sword away, she didn’t stick up for herself. After that happened, and when we start off Season 2, she’s not gonna be pushed around… She can now stand up for herself and people won’t sort of laugh at her because she’s a girl, because everyone think she’s a boy.

    Access: Joseph Dempsie who plays Gendry — you worked so well together at the end of Season 1. Are you friends in real life?

    Maisie: Yeah, all of us are – me, Joe, Ben [Hawkey] and Eros [Vlahos] — who play Hot Pie and Lommy. We all got on really well… We always went out to dinner… [and] to the cinema. We’re all sort of like brothers to each other and they all had a laugh and we all went and played mini golf together.

    Access: Who won?

    Maisie: Well… Eros did.

    Access: You cut your hair this season to play Arya in disguise. What was that day like when you first saw yourself?

    Maisie: When I was about 7 — I think — I had really long hair. It was down to my elbows… and then I just decided to cut it all off. So, I’ve had sort of long hair/short hair on and off for several years… When I decided to really grow my hair long — after getting the part of Arya — when they [eventually] said, ‘We’re going to cut off your hair!’ I kind of thought, ‘I don’t really want to, because I’ve been there before, and I’ve decided to grow it out now because I’m getting older and I prefer to have long hair.’ But after thinking about it, I thought, ‘It’s just hair, and it grows back!’

    Access: What did your own brothers think of the short hair?

    Maisie: Both my brothers are older than me, but the younger one, he isn’t that much older than me. We look really alike anyway, and when I had my hair cut short and I got out of the shower and it was all like, wavy, we looked exactly the same because his hair’s really curly, and it was really funny (giggles).

    Access: I talked to Tom Wlaschiha, who plays Jaqen H’ghar, and he raved about how talented you are. Tell me, what he’s like, because he’s playing this super-mysterious character involved with Arya.

    Maisie: I think it was when I was gonna go and get my wig done last season, was when I first met Tom… He came in and I knew he was from ‘Game of Thrones’ just because he had that look about him and he looked really mysterious… I think he already knew who I was, but I wasn’t sure on who he was. And yeah, he came in and introduced himself, and later on, we Googled him and saw a bit more about him and we kind of put two and two together and realized that maybe he was going to be playing Jaqen.

    Access: And when he hit the set properly?

    Maisie: When it came to actually working with him and acting with him… he’s just got this voice, and, I don’t know – when he just spoke to me, it was, I don’t know what it was. But because English is not his first language, he had a lot of work with the dialect coach and he would always ask me, ‘Oh, how would you say this?’ just so he got the accent right… And, you know, we worked really well together and I got on really well with him and — I don’t know — it’s just his look and the way he speaks — it just captivates you like that, and it was great fun.

    Access: I know you haven’t read George R.R. Martin’s books – your mom does. Not to spoil anything, but do you know what’s in store for Arya?

    Maisie: Yeah, my mum’s read all the books and she told me what happens all the way through and where Arya goes and where she ends up and things like that, and I think it’s nice to have an idea, but from what I heard of Season 1, some of the storylines changed and some of the character’s weren’t there… It’s nice to have an idea of where Arya’s heading, but I don’t think anyone can be sure on what’s going to happen because (breaks out in laughter) I don’t want to tell you – but yeah, they change it up a lot.

    Access: So you’re in the British equivalent of high school – like American students, do you have a reading list of books for school?

    Maisie: Yeah, our school, we read a lot of Michael Morpurgo… I’ve finished reading a series of books about a girl who’s quite — she’s a bit like Arya, I guess. She gets like, bullied in schools and things. She’s always been a bit different and she doesn’t really realize why… and it’s just the story of how she grows up. It’s really nice. A really nice sort of ending as well.

    Access: What series is that?

    Maisie: I don’t think it’s got a whole series name, but it’s a series of five books and all the book titles are about water, so it’s like, ‘Out of My Depth’ and things like that [from author Helen Bailey]. All the names are related to water. It’s quite nice.

    Access: Have you read anything yet that you thought – as you get older – you’d love to play that role?

    Maisie: When I first watched ‘Coraline,’ I thought , if that ever got adapted… if it was done by real actors, I think that would be a really fun thing to do, just because it’s a kind of whole new universe. And just the way [they] show Coralline on screen… I kind of think she looks a bit like me, and she’s the same sort of character as me, and the same sort of character as Arya too — very curious and says what she thinks and things like that, so I think it’d be great fun to do.

    Access: Speaking of female characters — there’s a couple new girls in the ‘Game of Thrones’ cast this season — Carice Van Houten (Melisandre) and Gwendoline Christie (Brienne). Did you get a chance to spend time with them?

    Maisie: I got to meet Gwen. I didn’t get a chance to meet Carice. But Gwen was very nice and we both had to have our hair cut, so that’s how we got talking. We both [have] these kind of female characters that are really strong and that a lot of people look up to…

    Access: And you and Gwendoline both wield swords!

    Maisie: [We were] both talking about different moves that we learned. We’ve both got a lot in common [in] the way we were taught… We had a lot of things to talk about and I think that’s why we get on so well… She’s really funny and a real pleasure to be around.

    Access: So finally, with your short hair, you’re really recognizable. Have you been spotted in [British supermarket] Waitrose with fans screaming ‘Arya!’?

    Maisie: I’ve only been stopped, I think three times… But that was when I had long hair. Because people haven’t seen me with short hair, no one really knows what to look out for, I guess. When I went over to America last year, I did a thing on the radio, and when we were just down in the lobby of the hotel we were staying at, I overheard a lot of people talking about hearing me on the radio and they weren’t even aware that I was sat right next to them.

    “Game of Thrones” Season 2 premieres April 1 at 9 PM on HBO.

    GRRM interview:!

    Jason Momoa accidentally breaks David Benioff's hands

    Jason Momoa accidentally broke both the hands of his scriptwriting pal David Benioff during a drinking game at the "Game Of Thrones" wrap party.
    Benioff, the head writer of the hit TV fantasy drama, was celebrating the season's end during a party on location in Belfast, Ireland, when he decided to challenge actor Momoa to a hand game of strength called Mercy.
    However, in his drunken stupor, Benioff miscalculated the "Conan the Barbarian" star's power and he was consequently left with two shattered hands.
    Benioff's wife, actress Amanda Peet, recalls, "He was running in from his flight from London... and he came in and he just looked kind of funny. He stormed right by me and kind of skulked away. I said, 'Honey, what's the matter, did you have a bad flight?'... And he said, 'I just think I might have broken my finger.' And I said, 'How did you do that?' And he said, 'I can't tell you.'
    "I got home from work and his hands had swollen. It was like elephantiasis... He proceeded to tell me that in Belfast, it was their wrap party, and they got to drinking and he decided to play a game of Mercy... with Jason Momoa. And he had a few drinks and he didn't realize that he was getting hurt.
    "So we go to the emergency room the next morning... and finally the lovely doctor who was on call at the hospital took X-rays... and she said, 'Well, I mean I don't want to say that his hands were crushed, but basically that's what happened.' So he spent the week in two slings... unable to drive, on Vicodin (pain medication), and not helping me very much with lifting up the children."

    0 0

    Source | she looks so good rn. someone tell her to stick with this flawless look rn, offstage at least <3 ps, that isn't me btw, these are just candids~

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