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    It took all we had not to kill our super-chilled-out-beach-hair-cool vibes when we heard that the powerhouse known as Best Coast (the only band we know of managed by a cat named Snacks) aired the exciting news that their next album will arrive on May 15 through Mexican Summer. Entitled The Only Place, the sophomore effort is produced by Jon Brion and its cover art features a big ol’ bear cradling the 4:20-friendly state that is California.

    The cuddly feelings you get when you see the art are sure to carry over to the album itself, as singer Bethany Cosentino describes it as “seriously emo.” Previously released tracks “How They Want Me to Be,” “Dreaming My Life Away,” and “Up All Night” are all included on the upcoming full-length. If that’s not enough Best Coast for you, well, luckily you can you spend your summer chillaxxxed the fuck out, then get off your stoned ass to make it to one of Best Coast’s tour stops. Snacks the cat would want you to.

    The Only Place tracklisting:

    01. The Only Place
    02. Why I Cry
    03. Last Year
    04. My Life
    05. No One Like You
    06. How They Want Me to Be
    07. Better Girl
    08. Do You Love Me Like You Used To
    09. Dreaming My Life Away
    10. Let’s Go Home
    11. Up All Night


    03.12.12 - San Antonio, TX - The Big Spill at the Korova
    03.15.12 - Austin, TX - Parking Lot at 9th + Trinity (Google Music SXSW Showcase)
    03.15.12 - Austin, TX - Urban Outfitters Back Lot Performances
    03.16.12 - Austin, TX - Stubbs (Spin SXSW Showcase)
    03.17.12 - The Hype Hotel (Hype Machine SXSW Showcase)
    05.18.12 - Los Angeles, CA - Wiltern *
    05.19.12 - Oakland, CA - Fox *
    05.21.12 - Portland, OR - Aladdin *
    05.22.12 - Seattle, WA - Neptune *
    05.23.12 - Vancouver, BC - Commodore *
    05.25.12 - Aspen, CO - Belly Up *
    05.26.12 - Boulder, CO - Fox Theater *
    05.27.12 - Lawrence, KS - Granada *
    05.29.12 - Omaha, NE - Slowdown *
    05.30.12 - St. Louis, MO - Firebird *
    06.01.12 - Dallas, TX - Granada Theater *
    06.02.12 - Houston, TX - Free Press Fest *
    06.03.12 - Austin, TX - Chaos in Tejas *
    06.16.12 - Glasgow, UK - Garage
    06.17.12 - Manchester, UK - HMV Ritz
    06.18.12 - Birmingham, UK - Academy
    06.20.12 - London, UK - SBE
    06.21.12 - Brighton, UK - Coalition
    06.22.12 - Isle of Wight, UK - Isle of Wight Festival
    06.24.12 - Atlantic City, NJ - Metallica’s Orion Festival ^
    07.09.12 - Orlando, FL - The Social ^
    07.10.12 - Miami, FL - Grand Central ^
    07.12.12 - Atlanta, GA - Variety ^
    07.13.12 - Chapel Hill, NC - Cat’s Cradle ^
    07.14.12 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club ^
    07.16.12 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer ^
    07.17.12 - New York, NY - Terminal 5 ^
    07.18.12 - Boston, MA - Royale ^
    07.20.12 - Montreal, QC - Le National ^
    07.21.12 - Toronto, ON - Pheonix ^
    07.23.12 - Columbus, OH - Newport Theater ^
    07.24.12 - Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom ^
    07.25.12 - Madison, WI - Majestic ^
    07.27.12 - Chicago, IL - Vic ^


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    Here are some new candids of Demi Lovato leaving the Ritz Carlton Hotel on March 7, 2012 in New York City.


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    The first season of TLC’s “All-American Muslim” was also its last.

    The Silver Spring-based network confirmed that when it unveils its upcoming programming plans to advertisers in April, the controversially tame reality series will not be on the “Renewed” list.

    Back in July, the network of “Freaky Eaters,” “Hoarding: Buried Alive,” “Extreme Couponing” and “19 Kids and Counting” announced that it would do a reality series that, TLC promised, would be a compassionate look at what it’s like to be Muslim in America.

    The show followed five Arab American Muslim families in Dearborn, Mich., a mid-size industrial city that is home to the largest mosque in the United States. Cast members reported to the Detroit Free Press they’d been notified that the show would not move forward for a second season.

    “Through these families and their diverse experiences, we will explore how they blend their values and traditions with everyday life in America, providing insight into their culture with care and compassion,” TLC General Manager Amy Winter said when the show was announced.

    Which was just the problem. Although it was promisingly produced by Shed Media — the indie production house known for the reality series “Freaky Eaters” and “Real Housewives of New York City” — the cast of “All-American Muslim” showed a shocking propensity to not scream at recalcitrant children, brawl in bars, consume gallons of tartar sauce, steal best friends’ boyfriends or any of the other behavioral earmarks of a hit reality docu-soap.

    A glimmer of hope flickered briefly when the conservative Florida Family Association condemned the show’s tameness as clever “propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda’s clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values.” That caused giant home-improvement retail chain Lowe’s to yank its ads from the series.

    Overnight, the show became the darling of the media and celebrities: Jon Stewart pasted Lowe’s on “The Daily Show,” Mia Farrow and Kal Penn tweeted their support of the series, and Russell Simmons offered to buy up remaining ad time in an upcoming episode.

    Things looked even better when online travel company scrubbed plans to buy any more ads in the show, charging TLC with not having been upfront about “the preexisting controversy surrounding race, religion and specifically the divide between the Muslim and Christian communities in Dearborn, Mich.,” when it sold time to Kayak.

    Usually, this sort of kerfuffle is TV-ratings lighter fluid. But fewer than 1 million people bothered to check out the episode of “A-A M” that was telecast in the eye of that storm. The first-season finale attracted only about 700,000 viewers. This on a network used to clocking about 2 million viewers with such reality series as the kiddie-beauty-pageant horror show “Toddlers & Tiaras” and the polygamist reality series “Sister Wives.”

    But “All-American Muslim” did not air in vain. Bravo has learned from TLC’s mistakes and will, this Sunday, debut the reality series “Shahs of Sunset,” from the Kardashian family’s favorite exec producer, Ryan Seacrest.

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    Junie Hoang is famous now, in a 15-minutes sort of way.

    But the media world and its legal eagles have yet to figure out how much she really matters.

    Ms. Hoang is a B-movie actress who used to get nameless roles like the Headless Woman in “Domain of the Damned” or the Zombie Postwoman in “Z: A Zombie Musical.”

    In January, however, she grabbed attention by identifying herself as the “Jane Doe” who had filed an anonymous lawsuit against the Internet Movie Database and its parent,, for disclosing her age, 40, in an online profile.

    Now, Ms. Hoang is working with 42West, a publicity firm that represents Woody Allen and Meryl Streep. “Good Morning America,” “People” and others have requested interviews, in vain. (She declined to comment for this article as well.)

    “She’s currently shooting a TV pilot,” Allan Mayer of 42West said via e-mail, when asked about Ms. Hoang’s professional activity. “No details are available.”

    Meanwhile, Ms. Hoang’s lawsuit against IMDb and Amazon, filed last October in the United States District Court in Seattle, is promising to become a drawn-out battle that may expose more than the ire of an actress who claims her career was damaged by the revelation that she is older than she looks.

    As the suit proceeds, the discovery process could show how IMDb, a vast repository of movie and television information that has become Hollywood’s quasi-official record book, compiles the facts and figures by which people in the entertainment industry are publicly defined. If Ms. Hoang’s lawyers prevail, moreover, the case may provide a road map for others who believe they have been abused by the biggest data collector in the film industry.

    “Hundreds of people have come to us,” John W. Dozier Jr., who represents Ms. Hoang, said. Speaking by telephone last week, Mr. Dozier contended that “hundreds or thousands of people” might have similar claims, opening the door either to a class-action suit against Amazon and IMDb, or to additional suits challenging the site’s use of data. So the financial damage might conceivably reach beyond the $1 million-plus sought by Ms. Hoang.

    Most of those contacting his Dozier Internet Law firm, Mr. Dozier said, have voiced complaints about their ages being listed on IMDb. But the core assertions in Ms. Hoang’s complaint relate not to the publication of age, per se, but rather to the way in which IMDb supposedly got its information.

    According to Ms. Hoang’s suit, the IMDbPro professional portion of the site, which charges an annual access fee, used her credit card information to learn her real name, Huong Hoang. Then, she asserts, the site “scoured” publicly available data to find and publish her birthday, July 16, 1971 — which remains posted.

    Amazon’s lawyers and a company spokeswoman declined to comment, citing a company policy against public discussion of pending litigation. But in their multiple legal responses, they have alternately dismissed Ms. Hoang’s claim as “selfish, contrary to public interest and a frivolous abuse” of the court, and bluntly denied the assertion that credit card information had been used to identify her.

    What the Amazon team has not done yet is to disclose how IMDb did, in fact, link the actress Junie Hoang, a stage name, with the IMDb Pro subscriber Huong Hoang, one of perhaps 600 people in the United States with the same name, according to a public records database maintained by Nexis. If credit card information had been used, Amazon’s lawyers say in court filings, there still would have been no violation of law or the company’s privacy agreement.

    Indeed, data-mining of that sort could appear downright primitive compared with the online tracking and behavioral advertising addressed in a set of online privacy principles outlined for Web-based business like Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Facebook and others by the Obama administration this month.

    But any court decision in the area will be closely watched.

    “A judgment would likely be a great concern for the many companies who actively use mining services and information,” Jonathan Turley, a professor at the George Washington University Law School, said of Ms. Hoang’s suit in an e-mail last week. But he also pointed out that a dearth of specific legislation governing data use had left much in the hands of the courts.

    Debate about age bias, Mr. Turley noted, has obscured the potential import of the case. “The age claim is so tenuous that it distracts from a legitimate concern over the mining of such information,” he said. Several publicists for movie stars, in fact, said last week that they had not collided with IMDb over age. “Age has never come up — just credits — and, yes, they were responsive,” said Kelly Bush, whose ID public relations firm has counted Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman and Diane Lane among its clients.

    But IMDb looms large because of its reach — it claims more than 110 million monthly unique visitors worldwide and is often at or near the top of movie-related Google searches. And while its publication of vital statistics might not affect the stars, whose lives are widely scrutinized anyway, many second-tier performers and film workers believe the site exposes them to a film industry bias against older people.

    The Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists both criticized IMDb last October for its habit of publishing ages. “It is time for IMDb to step up and take responsibility for the harm it has caused,” they said in a joint statement.

    Then, again, Ms. Hoang has achieved new prominence through her dispute with the site.

    And the message boards at IMDb are still hot with discussion about her suit.

    “I hope she wins,” begins one thread that was provoking comment last week. “I hope she loses and has to pay 100% of all fees,” begins another.

    Either way, IMDb gets the traffic.

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    A massive debate has been sparked with netizens from around the globe revealing racism against black people rooted in the influential and invasive Korean Wave.

    The online entertainment community, 'Oh No They Didn't' (ONTD) featured a post on the 29th of February entitled 'K-Pop or KKK-Pop?' which made anti-black discrimination accusations about Korean pop music. Black netizen, 'IFUASKEDMETO,' (t/n: the Korean sources called her a black netizen not me!) created the post and included photos and screen captures of artists like Big Bang and Girls' Generation caricaturing black people. The photos and videos from Korean shows like 'Invincible Youth' featured Hallyu stars mocking black people and wearing makeup to impersonate blacks (t/n: SNSD's Yuri, Brian Joo, etc). It also pointed out a singer (t/n: Taeyang) using the racial slur, 'nigga,' on his Cyworld minihompy, as well as a 4-member female group whose main gimmick was dressing up like black people.

    The community, which has a membership of 100,000 people, saw the post amass approximately 2,000 comments, exploding in a huge controversy. Most comments included things like, "Seeing anti-black racism and prejudice like this makes me so shocked and sick to my stomach," among other negative things, and reactions to the article spread around Twitter and other social networking sites rapidly.

    This issue was brought about due to the spreading of Korean TV shows from the domestic market onto YouTube and other video websites, causing them to be spread throughout the world. Fans of K-Pop artists put up the videos of their favorite stars and the videos are then spread throughout SNS sites on the Internet. However, stars and staffs of these programs don't realize their ignorance on racial matters and so this type of comedy, which was meant only for Korean audiences, spreads too.

    Recently MBC’s ‘Quiz that Changes the World‘ has left international netizens outraged and furious. During the episode, comedians Lee Kyung Shil and Kim Ji Sun parodied Michol by wearing similar costumes and both covered in black makeup. Unfortunately, overseas fans did not find the parody to be entertaining and furiously commented saying that it is a “racial discrimination.” MBC said, "This is something that occurred because we did not think carefully at the time about the fact that many international viewers also have gained a high interest in the show with the spread of the Hallyu wave."

    The article sent Korean netizens into a frenzy, as bloggers across the country took to their computers to voice their opinions, mostly supporting ifuaskedmeto:

    "If anyone had doubts about 'ifuaskedmeto,' just look at the Jenny Hyun controversy. That is proof. The conclusion? The atmosphere around K-Pop is showing it really is 'KKK-Pop.'"
    "This might turn the world against the Korean wave. I'm not sure [...] giving these kinds of excuses and attitudes in K-Pop must not go global."

    The blogs and articles that have been splashed across the front pages of Korean news sites about ifuaskedmeto have been full of confusion, controversy and fear as the Korean secret of racism has finally leaked.

    The post sent shockwaves across Asia as well, as ifuaskedme to's article was re-posted on message boards and blogs all over the continent. Some Japanese netizens reacted with disgust:

    "Jenny Hyun, the composer for Girls' Generation said on her Twitter that black people are disgusting idiots. This behavior is all over the Korean Wave. Sometimes people have called K-Pop 'Krap-Pop' but this time it's 'KKK-Pop.' The person who came up with that did well."

    "KKK = Kimchi Kusai Kankoku (t/n: Kimchi kusai means smells like kimchi, Kankoku means Korea)."

    "They think 'I want to sing and be cool like black people' yet they have these narrow-minded views of the world. It's like they think foreigners don't exist."

    Source 1 2 3 4 Translated by [info]devilsat
    Very disappointed in you, Kpoop

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    Episode 7: Love And Marriage


    "Race to the Altar"

    There is an obstacle course and each team must complete a series of tasks at designated stations and a collect an item. The last team to complete the task at a station must stay there while the remaining teams continue until there is only one team left.


    CT & DIEM


    TY & EMILY


    The Exes watch as Johnny and Camila get blown away by a super intense challenge.

    SOURCE + My TV
    eek @ everything

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    Josh Beech is one of the the most iconic alternative, high-end male models around. Fronting campaigns for Moschino and Levis, Beech shed the labels in favour of his first passion, music. The London born talent decided to make his touring band of John Turnham (drums,) John Martinelli (bass) a full time pursuit, releasing the Josh Beech and the Johns‘ first EP “She” in April 2011, and later adding Gulli Gunnarsson (keyboards) to the line up. We caught up with Beech before the release of the band’s debut single “Lights” on March 5th.

    You’re one of the most recognisable models out there. Are you concerned that your music may not be taken seriously because of this?

    Not being taken seriously as a musician is something that has crossed my mind, but I wouldn’t really say it was a concern. You either like the music
    or you don’t.

    How integral to a band’s success is carving and nurturing a certain image?

    Image is very important in the music industry, every big band in history has had an image weather it was suits, punks or hippies. A lot of people will judge your band just on a promo. It’s kind of sad really, but that’s just the way it is.

    How did you guys meet?

    John Turnham has been one of my best friends for the last 12 years. John Martinelli I have known for about seven years through local bands on the scene. We supported each others’ bands along the way and always talked about starting a project together. Gulli is the newest member of the band. I have only known him for about a year and he has been in the band for about six months. John Martinelli went to uni with him and they worked on music projects together over the last few years. I was really excited when he joined as he is not only an extremely talented musician (as they all are), but one of the funniest people I have ever met.

    How would you describe the band’s sound?

    That’s difficult. How would you describe it? “DEATH METAL AMBIENT THRASH CORE”? I guess it’s just progressive rock/ singer songwriter. One music magazine called us “post-folk”.

    Was it a group compromise to create that sound or are you all on the same sort of wave-length and listen to the same sort of genres?

    We have a really mixed bag of musical influences. Everything from John Mayer to Norma Jean is on our playlist.

    The debut EP was pretty mellow. What sort of sounds can we expect to hear on the LP?

    I would say that it’s all a progression. I am writing differently now to how I was six months ago.

    What can we expect from the band this year? Any tours or festival dates scheduled?

    We are actually currently looking for a booking agent so we can tour as much as possible. Every day we have requests from fans all around the world to come and play in their city, and we would love to.

    The single launch “Lights” is being held at The Old Blue Last in Hoxton. What is it that you love about London?

    London is the best city in the world. I would have liked to do the launch in south London to be honest, because that’s our home borough but east is were it is at right now.


    purchase 'Lights'


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    There's some text at the source but it's in Portuguese


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    On last night's episode of Dance Moms, the tween girls took the stage during the Fire and Ice competition in Pittsburgh and performed a rather risqué Vegas showgirl-like routine—complete with skimpy outfits and feathery fans. But did it go too far? Not in the eyes of dance coach Abby Lee Miller.

    "The idea of the fan dance is you give the illusion that you're nude underneath the fans, which, c'mon, we all know you have tan bras and tan tights on," said Miller during the program. "Everyone in the industry knows that the girls are completely covered and everything is harmless."

    Sure enough, not only were several of the moms taken aback by the revealing outfits, but so were many of the young ladies themselves. "I guess all the girls and I feel kind of nervous because we feel kind of naked," said Chloe before stepping out to dance in front of the equally uncomfortable judges.


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    Halloween 3D
     isn't gonna happen this year. Aside from the fact that it's no longer listed on Dimension's release schedule, it's also simple math. It's March. For a quality film to come out by October it would at least have to start shooting around now. But not only is Halloween 3D not shooting, it's not even in pre-production. There's no cast. There's no approved script. It's still in development. 

    When BD's Brian Collins sat down for a chat with Todd Farmer about the status of this project back in September, the date still looked to be October of this year, if not sooner. Farmer had worked on a draft that the studio had set aside, but his takeaway from the experience was that Dimension wanted it soon, regardless of whose take they ultimately might end up using. "Absolutely. The date has been set. October of 2012. And even that can be pushed forward if the movie’s ready, like the last couple.

    Apparently things have changed and Dimension hasn't found a take on it that excites them. In a way, this could be perceived as good news. It's widely known that Dimension still wants to make the project, and I take it their enthusiasm for the brand hasn;t dimmed since last year's Farmer interview. Perhaps they're just putting a lot of care into making sure it's done right this time.

    When the Halloween franchise returns, where would you like to see it go? A continuation of Rob Zombie's path (not likely)? Or a whole new take? What would it look like to you?

    Its scary, yea. I think I need some hypnotherapy, yeaa~


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    Courtney Love has told Hole's Eric Erlandson that she doesn't want him to write about their relationship in his book about Kurt Cobain's suicide.

    According to the New York Daily News, the singer has given her blessing to the project but has insisted that he doesn't mention any details about their romantic history together.

    She said: I wish him well. Even more than Dave [Grohl] and [Krist] Novoselic, Eric was family… I just hope he didn't write that we dated. We had sex, yes, but I don't date.

    Erlandson first spoke about his Letters To Kurt tome, which will be published on April 8. The 52-chapter offering will be made up of poetry, prose and 'free association' and will comprise "reflections on rock'n'roll, drug abuse and the loss of Cobain".

    The guitarist also revealed that he hadn't discussed the book with Love, adding: "Up until September of last year, October, she was asking me to play with her. But I felt like there was no transformation in our relationship at all. So that kind of worked its way into the book. I never mentioned to her that I had written the book, and I'm sure she's heard of it now."

    Had he not committed suicide in 1994 at the age of 27, Kurt Cobain would have turned 45 on February 20 of this year. Letters To Kurt will be published in the United States three days after the 18th anniversary of Cobain's death.


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    It’s George’s world; we just live in it.

    Almost a million of us, in Canada alone. Eight and a half million across North America, twice that worldwide, in 20 different languages. A record 300,000 in first-day sales.

    And it isn’t just A Dance With Dragons, the latest instalment of George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire.” Nor the four that preceded it, nor the two that are to follow . . .

    It’s the hit HBO TV adaptation Game of Thrones (named for the first book), returning for a second season April 1, with the first season released on DVD this week. It’s the ultimate pop-culture benediction: a Simpsons parody of its Emmy-winning title sequence. It’s computer games and role-playing games and comic books and conventions and, soon, a new calendar and a cookbook . . . and this week in Toronto an up close and personal exhibit of costumes and artifacts from the series, opening Friday at the TIFF Bell Lightbox.

    On Monday night, TIFF, Martin’s publisher Random House and HBO Canada’s parent company, Astral, are bringing Martin himself to town for an already sold-out live event at the Lightbox.

    “It’s a natural fit,” says Lightbox artistic director Noah Cowan.

    “TIFF already has a great partnership with Random House — they’re a partner on our Books on Film series — so when the opportunity came up to bring George R.R. Martin to Toronto, we decided to team up with them to offer an onstage conversation for the public.

    “In terms of the exhibition, organized by HBO Canada, it was also a natural fit. Astral is a longtime supporter of the festival; they’ve been our Opening Night sponsor for several years. Since we opened TIFF Bell Lightbox, we’ve offered several exhibitions in our main floor gallery, including shows on Tim Burton and Grace Kelly. So we’re very excited about having the Game of Thrones exhibition in that space over March Break.

    “Game of Thrones has legions of fans and this exhibition gives them a look behind the scenes at the art and craftsmanship that bring this hit series to life.”

    No one saw all this coming — least of all Martin, creator and proprietary overlord of the “Ice and Fire” kingdoms, from Westeros to Essos and beyond.

    Not bad for a scruffy sci-fi geek who, back in the ’80s, cranked out TV scripts for the maudlin genre series Beauty and the Beast and the cheaply Canadian-produced Twilight Zone remake.

    The last thing Martin expected was that the bestselling novels would a) be bestsellers, and b) chart the circuitous route that would ultimately lead him back to TV, where he had always been told his epic ideas were inherently unfilmable. (He has since, of course, proved them wrong; this interview took place just as the HBO series’ first season wrapped.)

    “Every time I turned in a first draft, it was always, ‘George, this is great, but it’s too long and it’s too expensive,’” he says. “‘If we had five times our budget, maybe we could do it, but we don’t, so get to work cutting.’ And I would cut and trim and combine characters and eventually, by the fifth or sixth draft, I would have something they could actually produce.”

    And so he gave up, putting television behind him.

    “After a decade or so, I was sick of it. I wanted to kind of spread my wings, and I sat down and said, ‘I’m going back to prose. I don’t have to worry about a budget. I don’t have to worry about it being producible. I’m going to have hundreds of characters in giant battles and magnificent castles, and they’ll never make this in television or film, but I don’t have to worry about it, ’cause I’m just working in prose.’”

    No one was ever happier to be proven wrong, even though the popularity of the books and of the series adaptation — which credits him as producer — are such that they have started to conflict.

    “When the first novel came out, no one was waiting for it,” Martin allows. “I wasn’t getting any emails as I now get every day about ‘Where is the next novel?’ and ‘Could you please hurry up?’ and ‘Why are you going to Los Angeles when you should be home working on the novel?’

    “So yes, the situation has changed somewhat. Then again, that’s every novelist’s dream. I mean, the vast majority of novelists in this country, be they science-fiction novelists or mystery novelists or mainstream novelists, labour on their books for years, and no one cares whether they turn it in or not, and then they’re published to total obscurity.

    “My problems are very nice problems to have, and I appreciate them and the fans, the readers.”

    He’ll get his chance to voice that appreciation when he visits the Lightbox Monday night, where he will apparently read from his next book-in-progress, The Winds of Winter. The next day he will appear at Indigo at Bay and Bloor to sign some of his already published books.

    With the first event long sold out and the second a guaranteed massive mob scene, the chances of you getting anywhere near the man are nil to non-existent.

    You can, however, take some consolation from the fact that, once he does leave town, he’ll be getting right back to work on Book 6.

    “I’ve never been able to write away from my own place,” Martin admits. “Some writers can. I can’t.

    “When I’m not travelling, when I’m at home, I pretty much work seven days a week. I don’t crank out a certain number of pages. I sit down and I look at the work I did yesterday, and I usually wind up revising that for a certain period of time because I hate some of the stuff I did yesterday. And then I get into new material.

    “Some days I have good days and I get a lot of pages done. Some days I work all day and maybe I’m a paragraph further on.

    “I’m a slow writer. I’m a slow writer and these are huge books, so it takes a long time. But it seems to work for me and I’m probably too old to change at this point.”

    “Ice and Fire” fans have had to learn to be patient. Last time, it was six and a half years between books. Fortunately, in the meantime, there are the comics and conventions, the cookbook and calendar, the Game of Thrones series and its satellite exhibit . . .

    It’s George’s world and welcome to it.


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    Celebrities seem to be getting thinner every day in our weight-obsessed country, so much so that a slew of websites have cropped up that use their images to tout some dangerous -- and potentially deadly --eatind disorders

    Known as “pro-ana,” “pro-mia” and “thinspo” websites, they are dedicated to promoting anorexia and bulimia, and they feature photos of well known "poster children" for excessive skinniness.

    A few weeks ago, a model named Ioana Spangenberg made headlines for her 84-pound frame and 20-inch waist. But "thinspo" devotees already knew all about her, as her image had been dominating the pro-ana website circuit for months.

    Numerous other Hollywood celebrities have become poster children for anorexia, as young girls praise their bony bodies and smaller-than-average physiques.

    Hundreds of blogs, forums and content-sharing websites have exploded in the last few years, offering tips on how to starve yourself toward the goal becoming as thin as your favorite screen or runway star.

    Now experts are telling Pop Tarts that it’s time Spangenberg and other celebs, including Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, 

    Gisele Bundchen and Mila Kunis, took action against sites that are using their images to encourage dangerous behavior.

    “These sites are very dangerous, both for those who have an eating disorder and those who do not, but may be vulnerable,” Susie Roman, director of programs at the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column.

    Patrick Wanis, Ph.D., says the celebrity aspect further “exalts and glorifies anorexia, validating it as something positive rather than screaming out about how dangerous, destructive and even lethal it really is.”

     “When Hollywood stars’ photos are used on sites that provide dangerous pro-ana/pro-mia content, we hope they will speak about the dangers and encourage healty body image,” Roman said.

    While first amendment expert and trial attorney Deborah Drooz argued that there is little that the celebrity can do aside from speaking out if the photos are merely being used as an example of an aesthetic ideal, other experts disagree.

    California-based attorney David Wohl noted that when celebrities find their image being used without authorization, they can sue the websites in question.

    “The bloggers/website can be sued for misappropriating the images of the various celebrities for financial gain and that can lead to big damages and an injunction to cease and desist from using the images,” he said. “Even if the bloggers and web sites are not making money off the images, the celebs can sue for invasion of privacy and get a court order to have the pics removed. “They can also ask that each of the websites issue a disclaimer that indicates the celebrities wholeheartedly reject the idea of promoting anorexia/Bulimia as pathway to success for anyone.” 

    A rep for Paris Hilton told is that she was not aware of these girls’ websites and blogs using her image in this way and she doesn’t support it.

    “Paris supports a healthy and balanced diet and is not involved in any weight loss or diet programs,” a rep for the entertainment personality said. “It’s almost impossible to control how every photograph is being used on social media and personal blogs but if a company ever makes false claims using her name or image then it’s always addressed with her legal counsel.”

    A spokewoman from Gisele Bundchen’s camp also stressed that the supermodel “is the best eater, most athletic, healthy body & soul” and that the issue doesn’t really impact them. 

    And while the presence of “pro-ana” and “pro-mia” is still very strong across the web, major social media platforms are taking action to curb the epidemic. For one, Tumblr recently enacted measures to ban self-harm sites from its blogging platform.

    "One of the great things about Tumblr is that people use it for just about every conceivable kind of expression," a rep for Tumblr wrote on the site last week. "People being people, though, that means that Tumblr sometimes gets used for things that are just wrong.”

    NEDA is also urging all web users to join the fight against the dangerous “thinspiration” and “pro-skinny” movement.

    “NEDA is currently working on resources that target the dangers of pro-ana/pro-mia sites for our many Media Watchdog volunteers that want to use their voice to create positive change,” Roman added. “We hope that people will join the Media Watchdogs and help put pressure on those in a position to combat the proliferation of these dangerous sites.”


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    Some Meet And Greet/TParty photos from Australia

    @taylorswift13 About to go onstage in Adelaide, marveling at this fantastic gift from a fan...

    Also, she sang Safe And Sound in Brisbane 3/6



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    James Denton’s character Mike Delfino will be killed off this Sunday on the ABC series. He will be the most high-profile character killed off the show since Nicollette Sheridan’s Edie Britt character was eliminated in Spring 2009. Plaintiff’s attorney Patrick Mahoney asked Perkins on the stand this afternoon whether Sheridan’s character was the most high-profile one to be killed off, to which Perkins responded, “You mean up until today”? Housewives creator/executive producer Marc Cherry later smiled and gave a thumbs-up outside the courtroom when Deadline asked about the revelation. Ironically, Denton testified earlier in the day that he was constantly worried about being killed off the show. The demise of his character should not come as a complete surprise as he got into a physical confrontation with a powerful loan shark in the most recent episode.


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    Lenny Kravitz has evolved from a soul stirring singer into a noteworthy actor. Kravitz, who turns 48 this year, gave a memorable performance as the compassionate Nurse John in the critically acclaimed movie Precious. That acting role caught the eye of director Gary Ross, who cast Kravitz in his latest film, Hunger Games, due in theaters March 23.

    In Hunger Games, contestants are chosen to fight to the death on national television. Kravitz had some interesting things to say about the film’s concept relating to today’s scripted reality shows.

    Kravitz recently spoke with his longtime friend singer/songwriter/producer Raphael Saadiq for Interview magazine.

    On getting the role in Hunger Games without an audition:
    LENNY KRAVITZ: “Gary [Ross] saw Precious and said that he liked the character of Nurse John, so he thought I’d be right for the role in Hunger Games… So he called me down here in the Bahamas— I was actually making the album at the time. He said, “Hi, I’m making this movie called The Hunger Games. I think you’d be great. If you want it, you’ve got the part.” No audition. I was really flattered, but I had not read the book. So I downloaded it. I remember I started it late one night and I needed to go to bed—I was tired and had been recording all day and night—but I couldn’t stop reading because I was captured by the story. So I finished the book and called him back and said, “I’d love to do it.” You know, the film definitely represents these times—from government on down to reality television. It’s interesting that we’re living in these times. Really, when you go back to being in junior high school and reading George Orwell’s 1984, you’re, like, “Man, here were are . . .” Our characters have changed, our sensibilities. We’re definitely morphing into something different.”

    On Zoe Kravitz, his daughter with ‘Cosby’ actress Lisa Bonet:
    KRAVITZ: “It’s beautiful. She was in the latest X-Men movie last summer. She also did this really beautiful independent film, Yelling to the Sky, which went to the festivals. She’s in this band called Elevator Fight, and they’re making some really cool music. I went to a gig of hers in Brooklyn not that long ago. She just watched everything as a child. She was around a lot of great, creative people, being with me and her mother [Kravitz’s ex-wife, actress Lisa Bonet]. She just finished making her album. It’s just wonderful to see her doing her thing.”

    On his late mother’s groundbreaking role on TV’s ‘The Jeffersons’
    KRAVITZ: “When people understood that my parents were an interracial couple, some of them were like, “Is that guy on The Jeffersons your dad?” I was like, “No, not both my parents are on the show.” [The late actor Franklin Cover played Roker’s husband on The Jeffersons.] But that was the first interracial couple on prime-time television, and The Jeffersons was on for 11 seasons. You had All in the Family and Good Times and all of these other shows that Norman Lear did at the time that were really important because they actually dealt with those kinds of issues.”

    On American kids not knowing their music history like European kids:
    KRAVITZ: “Well, since I’ve been on the scene—for 23 years—I think kids in Europe have developed a deeper knowledge of music and of black music in particular. You go to Europe, and these kids know about all this obscure funk and soul that kids over here wouldn’t know. I think it’s getting better in the States, though, with the age of the Internet. I mean, my daughter, Zoe and her crew—those kids know everything. But that has taken time to happen over here. It’s definitely been more of a European thing. Or, if you go to Japan, they’re still buying vinyl, and they want the education. They know who’s playing on what tracks from the ’60s and the ’70s—who the guitar player is, who the drummer is, who the producer was, what studio it was recorded in. That’s how you and I grew up listening to music. We bought albums. We read the liner notes. It was important to know the whole history behind it.”

    Would you ever want to do a comedy?
    KRAVITZ: Oh, I love comedy. I like dark comedies. Things like . . . Well, obviously, Woody Allen and Wes Anderson. The Royal Tenenbaums [2001] is one of my favorites. And I actually just watched Fantastic Mr. Fox [2009]. George Clooney and Meryl Streep were flawless. I love Wes’s work. I mean, if I ever got to work with somebody like him, it would be a dream. I did this thing for Funny or Die called “Lenny Kravitz Is Angry.” My daughter and I were talking, and we thought it would be really funny. She said, “You know, you’re known as this Let Love Rule guy—Mr. Love and Peace. What if you just kind of go off on people?” So that’s how it happened. It was actually her idea, that skit.

    Do you have any brothers or sisters?
    KRAVITZ: I have two sisters whom my dad [late television producer Sy Kravitz] had from his first marriage, but we didn’t grow up together. I grew up as an only child.

    Do you feel like Europe is more advanced than America?
    KRAVITZ: Well, since I’ve been on the scene—for 23 years—I think kids in Europe have developed a deeper knowledge of music and of black music in particular. You go to Europe, and these kids know about all this obscure funk and soul that kids over here wouldn’t know. I think it’s getting better in the States, though, with the age of the Internet. I mean, my daughter, Zoe and her crew—those kids know everything. But that has taken time to happen over here. It’s definitely been more of a European thing. Or, if you go to Japan, they’re still buying vinyl, and they want the education. They know who’s playing on what tracks from the ’60s and the ’70s—who the guitar player is, who the drummer is, who the producer was, what studio it was recorded in. That’s how you and I grew up listening to music. We bought albums. We read the liner notes. It was important to know the whole history behind it.

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    unf unf unf, mah body is ready, etc

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    While Dakota Fanning's most recent big screen effort looks like this (lol), her sister Elle Fanning has been the one with the lucky horseshoe lately. Counting David Fincher, Cameron Crowe, Sofia Coppola, J.J. Abrams and Francis Ford Coppola among the directors she's recently worked with, the actress is now looking to bank time with Angelina Jolie on the set of her next film.

    Twitch reveal that Elle is in talks to star opposite Jolie in the brewing "Maleficent." More or less confirmed last month by Jolie as her next big screen role, the film is a reboot of the classic fairy tale (of course) that would see Mrs. Brad Pitt as the evil witch and Fanning as Princess Aurora, who gets lulled into a long slumber. We haven't seen the Broadway production, but we presume she won't be sleeping for the whole movie. The Jolie/Fanning pairing seems pretty unstoppable, and as much as another fairy tale movie makes us want to tear our hair out, it's hard to argue with those leads.

    Newbie Robert Stromberg (production designer on “Alice In Wonderland,” “Avatar” and “Oz: The Great and Powerful”) is being tasked with making his directorial debut on the movie, proving Disney has learned little from taking that approach on "John Carter." No release date yet but seeing as this seems to be gearing up, 2013 is looking like a possibility.


    omg b o w

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    Word on the street is that Nicki Minaj is hooking up with her pal, professional Femme Fatale Britney Spears, for her April release, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. According to Brit Brit fansite, BreatheHeavy, the fiercest Barb in the land has tapped her one-time tourmate for the track, “Masquerade.” Neither girl has commented on the rumor, but it’s not that crazy in terms of collaborations.

    It wouldn’t be the first time the two ladies worked together. Minaj dropped a verse on Spears’ “Till The World Ends” last year before she hit the road with the pop princess for her Femme Fatale trek. But the move, if it turns out to be true, shows that Minaj is always trying to move in between a pop and urban audience.

    While on tour with Spears last year, she explained her stance. “I'm always surprised," she said of Spears’ fans knowing the words to her songs. "I don't really expect them to know all the records, but I guess it just kind of transcends all genres of music at this point."

    While this all remains a rumor, Minaj did drop the deluxe artwork for the album, out April 3. It is basically the same as the standard album’s art, but with a lot more of Nicki showing. Still painted up, the camera has panned down a lot more to expose a lot more of Minaj’s body and curves.

    Source: MTV

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    One Direction has continued their wig snatching road through American airwaves and stopped by 1075 "The River" to perform What Makes You Beautiful and More Than This (which I'm sure they are planning to release as a single in the U.S) in the acoustic fashion. The result? Flawlessness.

    edit: Q&A session courtesy of <lj user=iciegurl89>


    As always, they are flawless and Zayn is killing it every day. Love the reactions that Niall is getting in the US so far! 

    Your faves could never. Keep on snatching those wigs, boys!

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