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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    It’s always great to take a trip down memory lane. We wanted to shed some light on the natural haired ladies of the 90s that kept us entertained. So here they are, in no particular order:

    7. Rachel True

    Before she was Essence Atkin’s level-headed half-sister, Mona on Half and Half, True got plenty of screen time in films like The Craft and another cult classic, CB4. Straight out of Locash.

    8. Melanie B.

    Some of the biggest hair in one of the biggest pop girl groups of all time. Brown made sure you remembered the fierceness that is Scary Spice.

    6. Lauryn Hill

    “Girls you know you better….” Can’t thing of a single person in the 90s that didn’t jam the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. “That Thing (Doo Wop)” was played at least 8 times a day on most radio stations in the 90s.

    4. Debbi Morgan

    Debbi Morgan was the aunt in Eve’s Bayou that would you a run for your money. A class act alongside Lynn Whitfield, this beauty could command a scene.

    5. Erica Alexander

    Who doesn’t remember Attorney Maxine Shaw? Sharp as a tack and always providing comic relief especially with her love-hate for Kyle. Alexander made Living Single a party.
    Natural hair post!!!! Who is your hair inspiration??

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    Evgeni Plushenko (Russia)
    Sochi finish: 1st (team event), withdrew (men's)
    Best finishes: 1st (2014 Olympics -- team), 1st (2006 Olympics), 2nd (2010 Olympics), 2nd (2002 Olympics)

    Yuna Kim (South Korea)
    Sochi finish: 2nd
    Best finishes: 1st (2010 Olympics), 2nd (2014 Olympics)

    Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir (Canada)
    Sochi finish: 2nd (team), 2nd (ice dancing)
    Best finishes: 1st (2010 Olympics), 2nd (2014 Olympics), 2nd (2014 Olympics -- team)

    Pang Qing and Tong Jian (China)
    Sochi finish: 4th
    Best finishes: 2nd (2010 Olympics), 4th (2014 Olympics), 4th (2006 Olympics), 9th (2002 Olympics)

    Mao Asada (Japan)
    Sochi finish: 5th (team), 6th (ladies')
    Best finishes: 2nd (2010 Olympics), 5th (2014 Olympics -- team), 6th (2014 Olympics)

    Akiko Suzuki (Japan)
    Sochi finish: 5th (team), 8th (ladies')
    Best finishes: 5th (2014 Olympics -- team), 8th (2014 Olympics), 8th (2010 Olympics)

    Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat (France)
    Sochi finish: 4th (ice dancing), 6th (team)
    Best finishes: 4th (2014 Olympics), 6th (2014 Olympics -- team), 7th (2010 Olympics), 18th (2006 Olympics)

    Tomas Verner (Czech Republic)
    Sochi finish: 11th
    Best finishes: 11th (2014 Olympics), 18th (2006 Olympics), 19th (2010 Olympics)

    Jeremy Abbott (United States)
    Sochi finish: 3rd (team), 12th (men's)
    Best finishes: 3rd (2014 Olympics -- team), 9th (2010 Olympics), 12th (2014 Olympics)

    Brian Joubert (France)
    Sochi finish: 13th
    Best finishes: 6th (2006 Olympics), 13th (2014 Olympics), 14th (2002 Olympics), 16th (2010 Olympics)

    Jenna McCorkell (Great Britain)
    Sochi finish: 10th (team), 25th (ladies')
    Best finishes: 10th (2014 Olympics -- team), 25th (2014 Olympics), 29th (2010 Olympics)

    Miki Ando (Japan)
    Sochi finish: Did not qualify
    Best finishes: 5th (2010 Olympics), 15th (2006 Olympics)

    Nobunari Oda (Japan)
    Sochi finish: Did not qualify
    Best finish: 7th (2010 Olympics)

    Rachael Flatt (United States)
    Sochi finish: Did not qualify
    Best finish: 7th (2010 Olympics)


    the end of an era...
    no word on meryl/charlie yet

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     photo x123_zpsa860fd74.jpg

    It’s been over two months since we watched Emma and Henry drive away as Storybrooke disappeared in a cloud of purple magic in the midseason finale of Once Upon a Time.

    While there are still 13 days before the series returns, we were lucky enough to receive an advanced screener of the premiere from ABC so we’re here to give fans some scoop on what they have to look forward to on March 9.

    Right off the bat, we loved the episode, “New York City Serenade.” It’s fast-paced and fills in a lot of details that we were curious about once we saw Hook on Emma’s doorstep one year after Regina undid the curse.

    The episode has some lovely parallels to the pilot episode of the series and there are quite a few things (moments, interactions) that give a nod to the show’s history. There are also some great role reversals thanks to memory gaps that serve as an enjoyable way to give fans information as to just how different things are without the curse.

    Obviously we can’t give too much away because that takes the fun out of it (and we don’t want ABC to put a curse on us), but here’s what we can share about the premiere:

    1. Aurora and Prince Phillip welcome the group back to the Enchanted Forest and catch them up on some of the happenings there. But they leave something major out for a valid reason.

    2. Neal and Belle each have a plan when it comes to getting Rumpel back. They also each get to have a reunion in the episode (Bonus Swan Fire Shipper Scoop: A choice Neal makes is also a throwback to a previous episode of the series as is something Emma sees).

    3. Hook is relentless in his efforts to make Emma remember and she is not amused, but her curiosity gets the best of her – twice (Bonus Captain Swan Shipper Scoop: Something you’ve been wanting happens and you will flail over it. Also, all of their scenes will make you smile. All of them).

    4. Snow helps Regina through an emotional moment and it’s touching to see how far they’ve come. [Bonus Outlaw Queen Shipper Scoop: If you weren’t already shipping these two, their first meeting will make you want to start. It’s flawless).

    5. Speaking of Regina, murder remains her go-to solution for any problem that she comes across. Alternate suggestions are made by [spoiler] and [spoiler]. Will Regina listen or go back to her Evil Queen ways?

    6. Storybrooke is back, but the how and the why are not immediately answered. Instead, we’re left with a mystery that will have viewers craving more episodes (Bonus non-shipper scoop: Out of all the throwbacks to the pilot, our favorite is a moment that takes place in Storybrooke).

    7. Flying monkeys are absolutely terrifying. As for the Wicked Witch…we don’t learn a lot about her in the episode, but what we see? Perfection.

    Bonus Dialogue Teases:

    “Emma Swan always gets her man.”

    “I know you better than you know yourself.”

    “Stop looking for things to be wrong.”


    How excited are you guys to for new episodes to laugh at? How many have already jumped ship and won't watch?

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    Morgan Stewart is still receiving backlash from a questionable comment she made on the premiere of #RichKids of Beverly Hills, and the reality star has finally decided to clear the air.

    During the #RichKids January premiere, Stewart was caught on camera uttering something that might haunt her for the rest of her life: “It’s 2013. No one’s homophobic unless you’re from Kentucky.” Wow.

    This comment definitely didn’t sit well with KY natives. And since then, viewers have taken to Twitter to bash the star for her ill-advised words.

    But in an open letter on her BoobsAndLoubs blog, Morgan has finally set out to explain herself, hoping she and her upset followers can start anew:

    Ok, where do we begin? I really don’t want this to be super awkward. There is just no reason for it- I really feel as though we got off to a very rocky and unnecessary start.

    Number ONE- My JOKE about nobody being homophobic unless they’re from your lovely state, was a joke, a pure JOKE. Now I’m not asking you to find it funny, or anything I say funny for that matter, but at least realize that the statement made was not from a hateful place.

    NUMBER TWO- Now, I’m not really sure that this excuse or reasoning is even valid due to the fact that I am in the middle of my first season on TV (Usually you can’t pull the” out of context ” card until you’re in season five and you have a “team” that helps deal with your stupidity) but my response to my first question in Maxim didn’t even make sense?

    So I am not sure if things were jumbled over or taken out of context- as annoying as I can be, I am more than capable of answering a question correctly and within context- so that fumble seems like pure coincidence.

    ANYWAY- I hope this is the first step in mending our relationship, hopefully we can re-build and start a new!


    Dorothy and Morgan Pose in Sexy Lingerie!

    The #RichKids of Beverly Hills are proving to be just as hot as they are rich. In the new issue of Maxim, on newsstands February 18, Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart decide to strip down for the cameras.

    "It's very lavish but also very sexy at the same time," Dorothy said behind-the-scenes. "Doing Maxim is the most lavish thing we've ever done," Morgan added.

    And while they look incredible for the shoot, the BFFs admit they didn't exactly work hard beforehand. "I had two glasses of red wine last night and a lot of sushi," Morgan confessed. "That's basically all I did to prepare for it."

    The girls were able to prepare for an amazing experience on reality TV. For years, the two were known as the life of any party they attended. "I went to a party when I was 12 years old and basically, I got on top of the table. Alicia Silverstone came up to me and was like ‘get this party started' and I didn't move the rest of the night," Morgan said.

    Dorothy added, "When I was 18, I partied with Diddy until like nine in the morning." Yah, that's pretty impressive too.

    It appears that the twosome live a life that was just meant to be captured on the small screen. "A thousand percent we thought we would be on a reality show," Morgan said. "I've been filming a reality show in my head for the last five years," Dorothy added.

    Jonny Drubel Joins Advocacy Campaign!

    Jonny has joined forces with #ComingOutMatters, a new social media campaign from Students Moving America. The campaign’s goal is to provide hope and support for closeted LGBT individuals by sharing coming out stories that will empower those still in the closet to embrace who they are.

    Wetpaint recently spoke with Jonny about his life filming #RichKids, and now the witty reality star tells us why he’s so excited to speak out for this particular cause.

    “#ComingOutMatters is doing something that has never been done before and I'm so honored to be doing this with Students Moving America,” Jonny tells Wetpaint exclusively. “Coming out is a difficult life milestone that is different for everyone, so we're creating a safe online space for people to turn to that are struggling with their own coming out process.”

    But #ComingOutMatters features more than coming out stories. “We've also been very lucky to have received so many videos from straight allies who are telling their own story of a loved one coming out them, as well as why they believe it is important to come out,” he continues. “It's very inspiring and we hope to reach as many people as possible.”

    WetPaint, RumorFix, E!

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    The "Bailey Bowl," an adult version of a field day organized by Cynthia Bailey in order for the ladies to have a little innocent fun, turned into the Bailey Brawl on Sunday's The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

    "Let the games begin!" Bailey, 46, announced at the beginning of a fitness day filled with nostalgic events like egg-and-spoon and three-legged races. But it didn't take long for the adults to act like children.

    Marlo Hampton, former BFF and bridesmaid to NeNe Leakes and now BFF of Leakes's frenemy Kenya Moore, began to boil in the Hotlanta heat competing against Leakes's Team Rich.

    "I'm gonna beat your butts," Hampton initially taunted Team Rich as a member of Team Twirl, Moore's team. "I'm mad … I don't know how not to say what's on my mind … I wasn't invited to the original family team."

    Cue chaos.

    "Get the f--- off me," Leakes, 45, shouted as Hampton got close to her. "Don't try to grab me."

    Leakes then tossed a water bottle Hampton's way, which didn't dampen her fiery emotions one bit.

    "B----, you're stupid," Hampton yelled. "You are insecure … Tell the whole ATL why you're not talking to me? 'Cause I'm Kenya's friend?"

    Leakes quickly began to exit the Bailey Bowl, opting to leave "Nay-Nay," the alternate, evil personality that she has now named after unleashing it at Moore's masquerade ball, on the sidelines of the athletic field.

    "I've never seen NeNe walk away from a fight," a competitive Kandi Burruss noted.

    "You don't know what a friend is!" Hampton continued to yell at Leakes. "You have to kiss her ass to be her friend. You that insecure?"

    "I'm not speaking at all to her," Leakes stated as Hampton broke down in tears in the arms of Moore, 42, telling her new friend, "I feel so stupid."

    "The Bailey Bowl just became the Bailey Bust," Bailey astutely summed up the day.


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    -they didn't date/ are just friends
    -says that he isn't addicted to drugs
    -says she has never been to jail and does not have multiple arrests
    -says she doesn't know why his family/team came down for an "intervention"
    -she is still in touch with him
    -promotes her eyebrow product line
    -says justin didn't know she was giving an interview (whoops)

    source: 1 and 2

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    Sometimes things are even more beautiful when you freeze them.


    The U.S. women’s hockey team huddles before a game against Canada.


    Sisters Chloe Dufour-Lapointe and Justine Dufour-Lapointe of Canada hold hands after winning silver and gold in the women’s moguls competition.


    Lydia Lassila of Australia jumps in the women’s freestyle skiing aerials qualification.


    Performers dance during the opening ceremonies.


    Henrik Lundqvist celebrates after beating Finland in the men’s ice hockey semifinals.

    28 more at SOURCE

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    1. "Marilyn Monroe"
    2. "Brand New" (featuring Justin Timberlake)
    3. "Hunter"
    4. "Gush"
    5. "Happy"
    6. "Come Get It Bae" (featuring Miley Cyrus)
    7. "Gust of Wind"
    8. "Lost Queen"
    9. "Know Who You Are" (featuring Alicia Keys)
    10. "It Girl"


    i'm getting my entire life rn

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Josh Boone is in early talks to direct The Stand, the adaptation of Stephen King’s epic novel being made by Warner Bros. and CBS Films.

    Jimmy Miller and Roy Lee are producing the project.

    Boone isn’t a name yet but may have awareness in a surprising demo: teens. The writer-director is in post on The Fault In Our Stars, Fox 2000's adaptation of the mega-popular YA novel by John Green. The movie will be released June 6.

    Boone already has a King connection dating back to when he was 12 and King's books were banned in his household. The writer-director has previously recounted how he was forced to rip covers off of Christian books and tape them to King books just so he could slyly read them. The Stand however, faced a cruel fate: his mom found it under his bed and subsequently burnt it in the fireplace.

    Boone, still 12, wrote a moving letter to the author to which he responded by sending the boy a box filled with books, with a letter written in the front covers of the tomes. The act impressed his parents, who then lifted the ban.

    It started a lifelong relationship with King, who even played himself in Boone's feature debut, 2012's Stuck in Love, and recently gave Boone permission to adapt
    Lisey's Story.


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    source: FOX8's youtube

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    Steven Moffat

    Doctor Who and Sherlock are Britain's most successful TV exports, being shown in more than 200 territories worldwide.

    Steven Moffat, the man in charge of both shows, discusses British TV's global appeal and why a foreign Doctor Who remake would be "insane".

    The Tardis looms over hundreds of tiny identical booths that are laid out in uniform rows, with each booth containing a figure staring intently at a screen.

    This is not a scenario from an episode of Doctor Who.

    This is the scene at the BBC Worldwide Showcase, a TV industry event in Liverpool, where global broadcasting executives come to decide which British programmes to buy for their channels.

    The Tardis is painted on the wall, the figures are TV buyers from all over the world and they are intently watching hours upon hours of British TV.

    They also attend special screenings and parties with actors and executives, who try to sprinkle some stardust over proceedings in an attempt to persuade the executives to buy their shows.

    Steven Moffat may not be an A-list star, but he is one of the most popular people here.

    He became executive producer and head writer on Doctor Who in 2010, while Sherlock, the updated detective drama he created with Mark Gatiss, seems to be the main name on the buyers' lips at the Showcase.

    Moffat says he comes across episodes of Doctor Who "all the time" while abroad. "Doctor Who's everywhere," he says. "You can bump in to the Doctor anywhere."

    Despite events like the BBC Worldwide Showcase and the sums of money to be made from selling programmes to foreign channels, Moffat says he does not write shows with overseas sales in mind.

    "I don't think creatively it makes any sense at all to try to imagine selling your show to the rest of the world. You'd get it wrong anyway.

    "Sherlock and Doctor Who are both doing rather well but they couldn't be more definitively British. They're obtusely British. They're about as British as it gets. You shouldn't be afraid of being British because that's what you're selling."

    Before (almost) taking over the world with Sherlock and Doctor Who, Moffat earned his spurs in the TV industry with romantic sitcoms Joking Apart and Coupling.


    Coupling, which was produced by Moffat's wife Sue Vertue and ran in the UK from 2000-2004, was remade widely, from Kenya to Canada.

    "Sue and I would always let the rights to Coupling go for a reasonable fee so long as we got foreign travel out of it, to be quite honest," Moffat admits.

    The most high-profile Coupling remake was in the US, where NBC hoped it would provide a replacement for Friends. It lasted for four episodes.

    Moffat puts part of the blame for its short lifespan on network interference.

    "I didn't like any part of that process," he recalls. "I was fairly against doing it at all because we were still making the British version and that just divides your thoughts.

    "It wasn't terrible. I saw a cut of their episode three, which I thought was pretty good. Then it went to the network execs and they asked for some changes and it became terrible. So that may have been typical of the process they went through."

    Why do British shows need to be remade for the US anyway? Why did NBC not just air the British original?

    "We mostly watch shows made by our own country," Moffat replies. "There are no shows from America that are big hits in Britain. They're all minor hits. Your mates may talk about them but no-one's watching them. They're getting squashed by the locally-made shows. Always."

    Despite the buzz around the likes of Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, he is right. The top 10 shows in the UK in 2013 were all home-made.

    The situation is "changing a little bit", however, Moffat continues. Although Doctor Who is a cult hit rather than a prime-time smash in most countries, it is so distinctive that it has become "unremakeable", he says.

    "Doctor Who's probably penetrated enough that it's no longer regarded as an import, it's just that show."


    US network CBS did make its own Sherlock Holmes series titled Elementary, starring Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. But it was not an official remake of the British series.

    That is obviously a source of some contention for Moffat. "CBS approached us to remake our version," he explains.

    "We declined, saying we weren't ready to do that. Shortly after that, they announced they were making an updated version of Sherlock Holmes. Those are the bald facts. I can't comment on how it turned out or the people that made it because I've never seen it."

    At the time, Moffat was quoted as saying he may have to "take action" if Elementary turned out to be too similar to the British version.

    "We don't own Sherlock Holmes," he now says. "We don't even own the idea of updating Sherlock Holmes. That's been done before, several times actually. So there's no action to be taken."

    Have any foreign TV channels ever enquired about making their own version of Doctor Who?

    "If anyone were to ask me, I'd say it's an absolutely insane idea," the producer replies.

    "You couldn't have more than one Doctor Who in the world. It would just be dreadful."


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    The fates are pretty much sealed for two cast members on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- we're told producers are gunning to replace them next season ... because they're just not exciting enough.

    Sources tell TMZ, there's a 95% chance Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia won't be back for Season 5 -- they're just not involved enough in the series' story lines to justify their coveted spots in the cast.

    We're told it became obvious Joyce and Carlton weren't jiving during the reunion show taping earlier this month -- all the other women had great chemistry ... and Joyce and Carlton were clearly outsiders.

    But the feeling's not mutual -- at least for Carlton, who tells us, she'd love to return for Season 5 if she gets asked back.

    Sources tell us, producers are already on the hunt for replacements ... you listening, Joanna?

    A rep for Bravo had no comment.

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    sean faris

    One of Rosewood’s finest is joining Supernatural: Tribes.

    Sean Faris, currently recurring as Officer Gabriel Holbrook on Pretty Little Liars, has been tapped to play a werewolf on The CW’s planted spin-off, TVLine has learned.

    Tribes is being described as a sweeping drama about the various mafia-esque monster families that unknowingly-to-humans “run” the underbelly of Chicago and who are being tracked by a newly-minted Hunter who’s trying to stop them and rid Chicago of anything or anyone supernatural.

    Faris will star as Julian Durant, the son of a wealthy family of lycanthropes who has no love for the shapeshifting Hayden clan.

    He joins the recently cast Nathaniel Buzolic (The Originals), as shapeshifter David Hayden, and Lucien Laviscount (Episodes, Skins), who will portray Ennis Roth, a resolute police academy trainee whose fiancée is killed in the crossfire of the monster war. The tragedy leads him to the truth about what lurks in the shadows and to become a monster-hunter himself.

    The trio will appear in this season’s 20th episode of Supernatural — aka Tribes’ de-facto pilot — airing April 29.

    No stranger to the supernatural, Faris played jock-turned-vampire Ben on Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries. He also starred on Reunion and Life As We Know It.


    Welp. Looks like I'm officially watching this shit.

    0 0

    Excited for next week's episode!

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  • 02/25/14--19:05: Supernatural 9x15 promo
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    'Her' actor Joaquin Phoenix seen leaving a karate class in Los Angeles, California on February 25, 2014. After his training session Joaquin walked barefoot to a nearby ATM to get some cash to go!



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    Ronan Farrow’s debut on MSNBC on Monday was a ratings disaster, but that’s not all. Farrow, despite his show business lineage, came off today – his second day – like the host of a show on UHF or closed circuit TV in a community college. Physically, he comes off as small. The set doesn’t help him. His voice his high and uncertain. He reminded me (this is an old reference) of the high school stringer hired by Lou Grant who phones in a scoop. Watch this clip below. Does this seem like a show that should be on a network connected to NBC?

    Really? This is enough to make me turn to Fox News.

    Today Farrow put up Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s phone number. He urged the audience to call her if they don’t agree with her position on gay rights. (Later, he will call Justin Bieber and egg her house.) I think we did this in 11th grade to our high school principal.

    Meanwhile, Farrow, one day on the job, is hitting the lecture circuit. He’s already booked Fairfield (CT) University for March 18th on the topic “A New Generation of Protest: How Technology Is Changing the Art of Uprising.” His official bio says he’s the son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen. So much for Frank Sinatra!

    If only Farrow had started out as a contributor on some show first.
    You think of all the talented people who could host that hour and do a great job. This is going to end in tears, I’m afraid.


    Did you watch Ronan Farrow's show?

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