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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Like many this week, Pop powerhouse JoJo is in a giving mood.

    And with Christmas around the corner, what better way to usher in the day the world awaits than with her own take on ‘TheChristmas Song’. Penned by Mel Tormé & Bob Wells and originally recorded by The Nat King Cole Trio, the track is given a soulful revision courtesy of the 20 year old Boston native.

    So what are you waiting for? Hit ‘PLAY’ to check out the world premiere of the festive treat right here, EXCLUSIVELY, on That Grape Juice!


    Flawless, incredible, stunning, voice of our generation etc. But what are your favourite Christmas songs? Finally feeling in a festive~ mood.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    guesses as to who is in the costume now? my bet is the new niner Zig

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    i bet this is when tristan tells owen he's gay. he should have been Arthur Kobalewsky's (Degrassi Jr. High/Degrassi High) kid because he's a dead ringer for him

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    they bore me. cute, but boring. i thought she was going to be more badass, esp with what a bitch she was to clare but i guess not

    Melinda posted this on her tumblr:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    She and Luke got to be the Cannon Dolls in the National Nutcracker Ballet.

    February 24 - (tentative) date for the return of season 11


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    Nicki Minaj is set to drop the brand new official single from her next album Pink Friday: Roman’s Revenge. It is called Stupid Hoe and will drop in the next week or two. I can guess that this will be geared more towards urban outlets rather than top 40.


    ooh i am so excited but I hope its not another Lil Kim diss. just ignore that washed up has-been and continue smashing records boo!

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    David Fincher's new movie, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, already has a giant target on its back. No matter how "fresh" it is on Rotten Tomatoes, some people will say it's "not as good as the original" — that it's just another dumbed-down Americanized remake. Valid or not, this critique will inevitably lead to the suggestion that Hollywood stop remaking properties from abroad. "If the story's already been told perfectly, why change it for American audiences?" they'll ask. But those people will be wrong. Americanized remakes have tremendous value. Even the shitty ones.

    As you'd imagine, Americanized remakes vary widely in quality. There are good ones (The DepartedTwelve MonkeysThe Ring), bad ones (TaxiDinner for Schmucks), and ones so close to the original (Let Me InFunny Games) that you wonder why anyone bothered. But to understand why even the shittier remakes have value, you just need to look at the shittiest of them all: 1992's The Vanishing. (Do I need to announce upcoming spoilers for a twenty-year-old movie? Spoilers definitely do follow.)

    The original Dutch movie (1988's Spoorloos) is the story of a young couple who take a cycling vacation together in France. At a rest stop, the woman gets abducted, leading her boyfriend to spend years obsessively trying to find her. Eventually he tracks down her abductor, who offers a chance to learn the truth about her disappearance, but only if he drinks a sedative-laced coffee. He wakes up buried alive in a coffin. The end. The movie is suspenseful, heartbreaking, and one of the greatest pieces of psychological horror ever made.

    The 1992 remake, directed by the same George Sluizer who made the original, stars Jeff Bridges, Kiefer Sutherland, and Sandra Bullock, and follows the same story about a man obsessively trying to find his long-lost girlfriend. The difference is, it's complete shit. It falls into all the blunders that people complain about in Americanized films: slow-burn drama sacrificed for action; plot contrivances for the sake of filling screen time; an interesting, cold, and calculating killer thrown to the wayside for an over-the-top raging psycho; and a tacked-on happy ending — in place of the original's perfectly dark final note, the remake ends with the boyfriend being saved and taking his revenge on the killer. It's almost a parody. Ultimately, there's no good reason to ever see this movie. But that it exists at all is a net positive.  

    The original was a modest hit overseas and heavily admired by critics when it found its way into American theaters, but it wasn't a cross-over success. Arthouse audiences noticed, but that was about it. It wasn't until the remake came along and was given a wide release — and the accompanying reviews constantly praised the original — that most Americans even found out the original film existed. Without the remake, thousands around the country would have never made a point to see the first.

    Foreign movies, on their own, don't reach a wide cultural awareness in the U.S. You can condemn the American public all you want, call them idiots who can't bother to read the bottom of the screen if it makes you feel better, but it doesn't change the fact that if it's in a different language, most of the country doesn't know about it. By remaking foreign movies, Hollywood is actually doing the original a favor. It's giving the movie another wave of publicity, a second chance to reach an audience it missed out on the first time around — like the kid in rural America, hundreds of miles from the nearest arthouse theater, who hears about the remake coming out and decides to put the original on his Netflix queue. For that, even the worst remakes are worth it.

    idgaf I'm crazy excited for this movie (and I just started reading The Girl Who Played With Fire, so I'm getting all hyped up). And I agree with this author for the most part - remakes shed some light on the foreign movie market. However, it still doesn't change the fact that people would rather watch an action shitfest than a film that was actually well done, all because it stars people they don't recognise and it's in a language they don't understand.

    PS sorry about the wonky formatting - lj is fucking with me today.


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    Nearly two years after he first went to Haiti to help after a devastating earthquake, Sean Penn is still just as determined as ever to see positive changes take root in the disaster-ravaged nation.

    So, with the idea of raising mucho dinero in mind, the two-time Oscar winner and a bunch of his famous pals have shot a new PSA—obtained first by E! News—to encourage folks to get involved with the J/P Haitian Relief Foundation, founded by Penn in the wake of the 2010 earthquake that displaced millions of people.

    The list of people onboard with the cause of course reads like a red carpet rundown...

    Edward NortonZooey DeschanelMiley CyrusEric DaneSarah SilvermanSoleil Moon Frye and LL Cool J all appear to sing the praises of J/P HRF, which, as Rainn Wilson points out, has treated over 100,000 medical patients since the quake.

    And, Norton says, "brought in over a hundred thousand pounds of medical supplies," and, Cyrus adds, "delivered over a thousand babies."

    "Dreaming is not so much a right as it is a human need—and without a home, there's little else to dream about," Penn says.

    "Help us help Haiti Home," the group encourages.

    And the rest is up to the rest of us.


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    Guy Who Pirated Wolverine Is Now Guy in Prison

    Gilberto Sanchez, the 49-year-old man who leaked 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine more than a month before the film's release, was sentenced today to a year in prison. According to United States Attorney André Birotte Jr., "The federal prison sentence handed down in this case sends a strong message of deterrence to would-be Internet pirates."

    Sanchez, a Bronx resident, was formerly convicted of a similar offense, having uploaded pirated films for half a decade. Oh, and guess where he first posted Wolverine? MegaUpload, the file-sharing site curiously/infectiously endorsed by a slew of celebs in a recent music video.


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    Megan Fox trails behind her husband Brian Austin Green as they make their way through LAX International Airport on Saturday (December 17) in Los Angeles.

    The 25-year-old actress recently told InStyle that she does not like to wear makeup.

    "I don’t wear make-up when I’m not working, unless I’m going on a date with my husband," Megan said.

    I'll just pretend it's still 2009...


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    Responds to Mag Editor who called her a "N*ggabitch"

    Rihanna responds to the Dutch magazine editor who offended her. The editor has since claimed the whole thing was "a joke" and will "be corrected"

    @evajackie I hope u can read english, because your magazine is a poor representation of the evolution of human rights! I find you disrespectful, and rather desperate!! You ran out of legit, civilized information to print! There are 1000's of Dutch girls who would love to be recognized for their contributions to your country, you could have given them an article. Instead, u paid to print one degrading an entire race! That's your contribution to this world! To encourage segregation, to mislead the future leaders to act in the past! You put two words together,

    @evajackie with the intent of abasement, that made no sense..."***** BITCH"?!....Well with all respect, on behalf of my race, here are my two words for you...FUCK YOU!!!


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    Source this song is my jam, i love that they cut Drake's part in the video, i hate his rapping sometimes 

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    The first Broadway adaptation of Godspell in 35 years opened last month at the Circle in the Square Theatre, and though the reviews have been mixed, the production has re-introduced the heavenly music and lyrics of Tony-nominated Stephen Schwartz. Today, the new Broadway cast recording becomes available as a digital download (the CD will be released on Jan. 31), and Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive video clip of Hunter Parrish (Weeds), who plays Jesus, recording the song “Beautiful City.”

    1. “Tower of Babble” — Company
    2. “Prepare Ye” — Wallace Smith and Company
    3. “Save the People” — Hunter Parrish and Company
    4. “Day by Day” — Anna Maria Perez de Tagle and Company
    5. “Learn Your Lessons Well” — Celisse Henderson and Company
    6. “Bless the Lord” — Lindsay Mendez and Company
    7. “All for the Best” — Hunter Parrish, Wallace Smith and Company
    8. “All Good Gifts” — Telly Leung and Company
    9. “Light of the World” — George Salazar and Company
    10. “Turn Back, O Man” — Morgan James and Company
    11. “Alas for You” — Hunter Parrish
    12. “By My Side” — Uzo Aduba and Company
    13. “We Beseech Thee” — Nick Blaemire and Company
    14. “Beautiful City” — Hunter Parrish
    15. “On the Willows” — Wallace Smith and the Band
    16. “Finale” — Hunter Parrish and Company
    Bonus Tracks:
    “Beautiful City” — Performed by John Ondrasik of Five for Fighting
    “Learn Your Lessons Well (After Hours)” — Performed by Telly Leung, Lindsay Mendez and Wallace Smith


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  • 12/19/11--22:30: Blind Items
  • Will you guys please give it a rest and pay attention for one second?

    1. A while back, this comedic television actor said some very offensive things during a performance. One of his television costars – who took the insult very personally – came down hard on him, and demanded that he refrain from ever repeating the offending material again. The actor refused, claiming that he had to be true to himself as a performer, and that controversial material was part of his persona. The costar, who wields more power on the show, told the actor that he would be fired if he didn’t make amends for his transgressions. So he relented and finally did apologize… very reluctantly. He told friends that he would never forgive the co-star for making him do the walk of shame. Although they are still on the same show, their relationship is very rocky, and the two do not speak at all unless they are in a scene together. Blind Gossip
    My Guess: Tracy Morgan spewing ignorant homophobic bullshit that wasn't even remotely funny & Tina Fey laying down the law like the BAMF she is on 30 Rock

    2. What do you do if you are the daughter of a billionaire and have a thing for a jackass of a reality star who is not married but close enough? You offer him $50K to spend the night and the only thing he says is that it needs to be cash so the family does not find out. CDAN
    My Guess: One of the Ecclestone girls (father is CEO of Formula One) and Scott Disick

    watching Planet Earth drunk TBH

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    A special announcement to tell everyone at the Salt Lake City show during the My Kind of Christmas Tour.

    for those of who who are too lazy to watch the video, he's going on a mission
    wow. i am nawt okay with this, this means that i won't be able to hear new music from him for the next two years. rip. good luck to him on everything tho etc.


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  • 12/20/11--00:00: a 6'5 gift for your loins

    at an event looking all mad men and shit (girl next to him could be asian joan with that hair tbh)

    at some other event, channeling sexy scientist type look?

    and now a parting gift. tyfyt

    edit: wow you guys that cut was a joke to make fun of dipshits, not an invitation to announce your lack of attraction to asian men.

    1 2 3

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  • 12/20/11--00:10: Top Ten Cover Songs of 2011
  • We like music, a lot. Covers are a great way for an artist to give respect to another, but we especially like when they put their own unique little spin on a song. Think something like Johnny Cash covering Depeche Mode. So we’ve put together a nice list of the top ten covers of the year. Don’t worry, we passed on Katy Perry’s Rebecca Black cover.

    10. Losing My Religion (R.E.M. Cover)
    Dia Frampton

    In case you hadn’t heard, R.E.M. broke up this year. Dia Frampton gives us a fairly straight to the point cover of the song in a live performance. Despite this, she still manages to bring the same emotion Michael Stipe brought in the original.

    9. Stay Away (Nirvana Cover)
    Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band

    Nirvana helped create the grunge movement in the 90s, as they were influenced by many different musicians in different genres, they have done the same. Who can forget that Paul Anka cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”? Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band bring a great jazz vibe to the guitar thrashing and incomprehensible lyrics of “Stay Away.” Whereas the original had a very distinct rushed eel to it, the cover slows the song down significantly while still retaining the feeling of Kurt Cobain’s strained vocals.

    8. Lovesong (The Cure Cover)

    There could be no way the biggest artist of the year escaped this list. “Rolling in the Deep” has to be one of the most covered songs of the year, but hearing Adele cover The Cure is better than anything else related to her name. The original, set against that 80s synth-pop vibe that was so popular, has the same lyrical approach of Adele. After stripping the song down to her haunting voice and a few instruments, she turns the song from a sad song with upbeat music into an Adele song full of emotion. Just like all her other songs, this cover could bring anybody to tears. My only issue with this is the number of kids that will grow up thinking its originally an Adele song.

    7. Skinny Love (Bon Iver Cover)

    Over the past few years, we’ve been forced to listen to some bad music from kids under the age of sixteen (Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, and any kid that’s ever been on the Disney Channel). Remove your prejudices against those kids because this cover “Skinny Love” is brilliant. Yes, she may have only been eleven when the song originally came out in 2008, but she packs in more emotion in her cover than the original had. Replacing the guitar with a piano, Birdy keeps the distant vocals but forces us to listen to the words. Yes, both songs are beautiful, but Birdy creates an atmosphere that acutely captures the feelings of failed love described in the song.

    6. Pursuit of Happiness (Kid Cudi Cover)

    Lissie has done a number of great covers this year but there’s something about the way she does “Pursuit of Happiness” that is more memorable than her other ones. Perhaps its that the original song already had such a distinct sound, notably the minimalistic music that MGMT and Ratatat helped bring to the table. Like the original, the real meat of the song comes from the singer and the music comes secondary. Lissie builds the song up and down with the listener, forcing them to follow her voice turn the words into an emotional journey that makes the original almost seem a little flat and devoid of any real meaning at times.

    5. Look at Me Now (Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes Cover)

    Personally, rap and hip hop songs are my favorite covers, especially when they’re done by non-rappers (think Mat Weedle covering Outcast’s “Hey Ya”). Initially when the video first went viral, its exactly what I expected, then as she managed to keep up with the speed rapping, well, damn. The viral video helped propel the group to stardom, appearing on Ellen (not that we sit around in the middle of the day and watch Ellen or anything like that). Anyways, they make it a a really fun song and to hear, and Amy Heidemann was clearly having fun with the song while recording the video.

    4. The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover)
    Mr. Little Jeans

    Arcade Fire’s album, The Suburbs, was an aptly named collection of songs about the Suburbs, you know, that whole cookie cutter, pointless feeling the intro to Weeds had and the ennui that undoubtedly comes with living there. The lyrics of the original seemed too bleak to be put to the pop-like music Arcade Fire used, which is how Mr. Little Jeans turned the song into something special. The repetitive beat and ghostly synths capture the uninspired designs of suburbia and its lack of spirit and character. Though the songs have the same message, they use completely different methods of telling the story. We just like the bleak version better. Sorry if you live in the suburbs, truly, we are.

    3. Only Girl (In the World) (Rhianna Cover)
    Xiu Xiu

    Out of all the songs on this list, Xiu Xiu and Rhianna cannot be the most opposite. While everybody knows Rhianna, Xiu Xiu is an avant-garde group that makes feeling uncomfortable part of the listening experience. Surprisingly, the two still manage to have a very similar feel despite the obvious departure in instruments and vocals. But while the Rhianna version of the song plays in bars and clubs on a nightly basis, the Xiu Xiu version probably plays in those seedy, heroin filled get-togethers. Still, it’s a very fresh take on the song, turning a very danceable song into something creepy and unsettling. And after hearing the “we can make sandwiches” line throughout the song, it’ll definitely make you think of this version the next time you hear it at a club.

    2. We Found Love (Rhianna feat. Calvin Harris Cover)
    Boyce Avenue

    Boyce Avenue takes a song that is the epitome of house, and strips it down letting the dreamy vocals of Rhianna shine. Boyce Avenue, well-known for their acoustic covers of famous songs, does it again with their cover of our second Rhianna song on the list. Unlike some of our more recent choices, this cover does very well at keeping the similar upbeat atmosphere. Though, instead of relying on looming club sounds, a piano and percussion make it more akin to the original than anything else. Unlike many other female artists, Rhianna lets her vocals carry the song, which makes this cover spectacular. The song, like Dia Frampton’s cover, doesn’t change the song in any extraordinary way, but the fresh approach in both cases shows the power of a single song.

    1. Till the World Ends (Britney Spears Cover)
    Finding Jupiter

    Finding Jupiter took one of the biggest pop anthems of the year and threw it all away. The ukelele cover of one of the most frequently played dance songs turns another pop song into a beautiful rendition of a song that had already seemed to go stale. Ignoring the dance beats, Finding Jupiter also makes the ‘ohs’ in the song manage to sound less obnoxious when placed over a ukelele. This cover is sicker than the remix.


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    Check out the poster for How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying featuring its upcoming star, Darren Criss!

    The 24-year-old Glee actor is replacing Daniel Radcliffe in the hit Broadway production for a three-week engagement starting January 3.

    Darren will take over the lead role playing J. Pierrepont Finch, after Daniel finishes his run on New Year’s Day. Nick Jonas will then succeed Darren beginning January 24.

    “Daniel gives an extraordinary performance eight times a week and we knew finding someone to fill his shoes would be nearly impossible. When we learned of Darren’s dream of performing on Broadway we knew we had found our Finch but presumed his Glee schedule would eliminate any chance to work with him,” director/choreographer Rob Ashford previously said.

    “We are ecstatic and grateful to Ryan Murphy and his Glee team at 20th Century Fox TV for helping to make both Darren’s and our dream come true,” the statement added.

    To purchase tickets and for more info, check out!

    Nick starts his run on January 24th right after Darren.

    Missing Broadway's BAMF already :'(

    Source 1
    Source 2

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    India.Arie's former manager isn't just suing her for money she claims she's owed ... she also believes India sabotaged her own career, which cost her even more money ... this according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

    According to a lawsuit filed earlier this year in federal court in Tennessee, Noreen Nalli served as India.Arie's manager from 2005-2009, when she claims Arie dumped her without notice.

    The two are now involved in a she-said-she-said battle. Nalli claims India.Arie still owes her money from when they worked together and India.Arie counter-sued ... claiming she overpaid Nalli.

    But here's the interesting part ... Nalli claims India.Arie constantly canceled shows, rejected offers to perform, and would be unavailable for weeks at a time ... which hurt record sales and therefore cost Nalli additional money

    A rep for India.Arie tells TMZ that "she remains hopeful that the matter will be resolved amicably."


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    The Material Girl is finally going to make good on her promise to produce new albums under an all-encompassing rights deal worth $120 million that she signed with concert promoter Live Nation more than four years ago.

    Madonna will release a new album in late March through Universal Music Group’s Interscope Records, the label said Thursday.

    Live Nation Entertainment Inc. will participate in the profits, if the album does well.

    It will be her first album in five years and is part of a three-album agreement with Interscope. It will follow the late January release of the single “Gimme All Your Luvin’” and her halftime performance at the Super Bowl on Feb. 5.

    Madonna broke from her longtime music backer, Warner Music Group, and was among the first of a host of megastars that Live Nation signed to huge rights deals that would give the concert promoter a share of revenue from touring, merchandise, fan clubs, sponsorships and even recorded music. Her deal covered 10 years.

    Other pricey deals around that time included artists Jay-Z, Shakira, Nickelback and U2.

    Live Nation has never had the ability to record, promote and distribute albums, so it has tied up with traditional recording companies to make its so-called “360 deals” work.

    Jay-Z released his first album under his deal, “The Blueprint 3,” with the help of Warner Music’s Atlantic label in September 2009. “Watch the Throne,” the rapper’s collaborative album with Kanye West, came out in August with an assist from Universal’s Def Jam.

    Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary, said in a statement that “we couldn’t be happier” with the new arrangement. “We anticipate a very bright future at our new home.”

    The expensive signings have not quite worked out as expected for Live Nation. It issued $25 million in new stock to pay Madonna in October 2007, but later found itself on the hook to make up the difference in cash when its stock price collapsed.

    Live Nation shares closed at $8.23 on Thursday, down from $21.45 the day it closed the deal with Madonna.

    It also took a $13.4 million write-down on the deals in the first quarter of 2010 as it revised downward their expected value.

    The company, which merged with Ticketmaster in early 2010, has generated some sales from the deals, however. Madonna’s “Sticky & Sweet” tour, which began in August 2008, went on to gross more than $400 million, giving her the crown for the most successful tour ever by a solo artist.


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    Simon/Barry/Superhoodie/Pussy Meister himself, Iwan Rheon

    From his official Facebook:

    This follows Antonia Thomas (Alisha) also announcing that she's left the show.



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  • 12/20/11--07:10: "Oopies," says Sony
  • Sony apologises as PlayStation Vita complaints rise

    The PlayStation Vita went on sale in Japan at the weekend. Users have described unresponsive touchscreens, crashes and freezes. Glitches in new consoles are not unusual, but experts have been surprised by the number of related postings sent to Twitter and YouTube.

    Local reports suggest over 300,000 devices were sold over two days.

    The console boasts a gyroscope, accelerometer and electronic compass beneath its 5 inch (12.7cm) OLED touchscreen as well as front and rear mounted cameras. However, complaints of technical issues have threatened to take the shine off the launch, prompting the company to issue a statement on its PlayStation site.

    "Currently, our information centre regarding PlayStation Vita as well as our usual customer service centre are receiving many inquiries. We apologies if your phone isn't connected straight away," it said.

    "Some issues regarding PlayStation Vita can be addressed by simple procedures at home," it added, going on to provide a list of questions and answers to tackle problems including the console refusing to start-up.


    That's why you shouldn't be an early adopter of gaming tech tbqh. Have any Japanese ONTDers gotten their hands on a Vita yet?

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    REMIX Mag Winter Issue

    InStyle Thailand Mag January 2012

    Image Hosted by

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