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    'I learned that my sadness never destroyed what was great about me'
    Lady Gaga got serious recently when asked for the biggest thing she has learned about herself. Rather than a glib answer, she told Harper's Bazaar about the depression she felt – and the tolls it took on her – after the November release of her third album, Artpop. It's a feeling she had hinted at when she vented about feeling betrayed by members of her inner circle at the start of the year.

    "I became very depressed at the end of 2013," she said. "I was exhausted fighting people off. I couldn't even feel my own heartbeat. I was angry, cynical and had this deep sadness like an anchor dragging everywhere I go. I just didn't feel like fighting anymore. I didn't feel like standing up for myself one more time—to one more person who lied to me."

    Gaga said the only way she was able to break free of the depression was by confronting herself on New Year's Day. She looked in the mirror and warned herself that if she didn't fight she would not survive the slump. "I really felt like I was dying—my light completely out," she said. "I said to myself, 'Whatever is left in there, even just one light molecule, you will find it and make it multiply. You have to for you. You have to for your music. You have to for your fans and your family.'"

    Gaga added that she didn't feel like depression was depleting her "talents"; instead it made them harder to find. "I learned that my sadness never destroyed what was great about me," she said. "You just have to go back to that greatness, find that one little light that's left. I'm lucky I found one little glimmer stored away."

    So is she happy now? "Today, yes," she told the magazine. And just what would she like her epitaph to be? "She spread love with every invention." Elsewhere in the interview, she discussed kicking an eating disorder and said that she felt critics didn't quite understand her art. Asked for something true about herself that people need to know, she said, "That it's not an act."


    A blurb re: Overcoming her ED.
    Lady Gaga has always been open about her struggles with substance abuse, but she says there's now one former hardship in her life which she's finally overcome: her eating disorder."I am better with food. I don't have an eating disorder anymore,"
    the 27-year-old pop star tells the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar when asked about something she's "better at now" than when she was younger.

    so glad she's feeling better now. :)

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  • 02/07/14--16:00: FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY

  • I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

    No porn, nudes, spam, fighting, advertising, dickishness, huge browser slowing comments.
    Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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    First it was The Muppets. Then it was The Lorax. Now, the Fox Business Network has found another children’s movie that is clearly promoting an “anti-business” agenda. Ladies and gentlemen, beware The Lego Movie.

    The first thing you need to know, according to Fox Business host Charles Payne, is that the film features a character who is actually named President Business. He’s voiced by Will Ferrell and “looks a little bit like Mitt Romney.”

    “Listen, Hollywood has its own agenda, and we’re kind of used to this” Payne conceded. “But it feels a little bit more threatening when they start to push this out to our kids over and over.”

    When his media analyst guest suggested that a CEO can be an “easy target” when screenwriters are looking for villains, Payne was having none of it. “Why is the head of a corporation, where they hire people, people go to work, they pay their rent, their mortgage, they put their kids through college, they feed their families, they give to charities, they give to churches—why would the CEO be an easy target?” he asked indignantly.

    When it was contributor Monica Crowley’s turn to chime in, she decried Hollywood’s long history of “anti-Capitalist” movies. In fact, she had to go all the way back to 1946′s It’s a Wonderful Life to make the point that movies, in general, hate rich people. She then used the logic that “Hollywood” must think The Lego Movie is going to make a ton of money “no matter what” so they might as well “embed these kinds of anti-Capitalist messages and get away with it.” They must have made that decision at last year’s big “Hollywood” meeting.

    By the end of the segment, Payne had concluded that the whole thing “smacks of hypocrisy” and “there’s definitely something wrong with it for sure,” but he did not seem quite ready to define what that is.

    The Lego Movie exists for one reason and one reason only — and it’s not to entertain small children. The idea that a film designed solely to sell more Lego toys could be anti-Capitalist would be laughable coming from anyone, let alone a television network that proclaims to employ experts in the subject of business.

    If kids take away any major message from The Lego Movie this weekend, it’s likely to be something along the lines of “Buy me Legos!”
    Watch the segment:

    source, video of segment

    This film's already entered my top five list for 2014 ^_^

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    It takes three to make a thing go wrong, apparently — at least when it comes to "The X Factor USA." After three seasons of diminishing returns, ratings, and record sales, the fledgling Fox singing show has officially been canceled, or, as Fox's press release words it, has "completed its domestic run."

    Yes, producer and judge Simon Cowell has tried to put a positive spin on all of this: It was announced with great fanfare Friday that he's returning to the judges' table at "The X Factor U.K.," a far more successful series that has spawned actual superstars like Leona Lewis and 2013's top-selling British act, One Direction. With a full schedule in England (not to mention a baby on the way), he can now conveniently explain that he simply doesn't have time to simultaneously helm an American version of the show.

    2. That time when Cheryl Cole was fired after only two weeks. Cheryl was already a national treasure over in Britain, due to her tenure in pop group Girls Aloud and as a judge on "The X Factor U.K.," And Simon reportedly lobbied hard to have her judge the U.S. version of the show. But after only a few audition tapings, she was unceremoniously sacked. Was it because producers were worried that her thick Geordie accent would be difficult to understand? Was it due to her rumored lack of camaraderie with Paula? Whatever the reason, her sudden firing indicated that even early on, there was chaos behind the scenes of this show.

    6. That time when Simon told The Hollywood Reporter that an audience of less than 20 million would be a "disappointment." Simon was never able to live this one down. "The X Factor's" series premiere only drew 13 million. And by Season 3, he would have been thrilled with 13 million, since the show's audience was now about half of that. Ouch.

    8. That time when Melanie Amaro's album never came out. The Season 1 winner's debut disc, Truly, was initially slated for a Dec. 2012 release. Dec. came and went. Then it was supposed to come out in March 2013. It didn't. Now the album has been shelved indefinitely, probably permanently, after her two singles failed to chart. For a show based entirely on the premise of launching superstar careers, this was an inauspicious start.

    10. That time when Khloe Kardashian was hired to co-host. Khloe was a better host than Steve Jones, but she was still totally out of her depth trying to present on live television. Her most annoying quality was her tendency to shout every word with about as much voice-modulation control as Will Ferrell's "SNL" character Jacob Silj, seemingly unaware that a hot microphone was only about half an inch away from her lips. It was like her teleprompter dialogue was written in ALL CAPS or something. Apparently spending the past few years of her life with a mic-pack strapped to her back, on her various E! reality shows, in no way prepared Khloe for a job that involved operating an actual microphone. She was not asked to return for Season 3 ... but Season 2 fourth-placers Emblem3 did write a song about her.

    13. That time when Tate Stevens's album totally tanked. Season 2's winner actually got to release an album, but it went largely unnoticed, stalling at number 18 on the Billboard album chart and selling only about 45,000 copies to date. Tate wasn't ever invited back to "The X Factor" to perform— something even Melanie Amaro got to do once.


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    The developer of the popular mobile game Flappy Bird just declared that he’s taking the game down tomorrow.

    Dong Nguyen, an indie game developer based in Hanoi, Vietnam, tweeted, “I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours from now, I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down. I cannot take this anymore.” He then elaborated, “It is not anything related to legal issues. I just cannot keep it anymore.”

    After his tweets first went out, others asked if he was willing to sell it, but he said no. Nguyen also said that he’s still making games.

    TechCrunch interviewed Nguyen via email a week ago, after Flappy Bird took off (it’s still the number one free app in both Apple’s App Store and in Google Play). He said that he’s the only creator at his game studio .GEARS , and he seemed to be as surprised by Flappy Bird’s popularity as anyone else, telling us, “I have no resources to do anything else beside uploading the game.”

    I’ve emailed Nguyen to find out more and will update this post if I hear back. Presumably, if you’ve already downloaded the game you’d be able to continue playing it, but again, that’s not something I’ve confirmed with Nguyen.

    As noted in Kotaku, Nguyen said earlier this week that the press was “overrating” the success of his games: “It is something I never want. Please give me peace.”


    lol damn, I've never seen someone give up on a jackpot so easily.  High scores?  I'm up to 7 after two days of playing.

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    Jemima Kirke for Rookie website

    Jemima Kirke’s performance on Girls (she plays Jessa) is so constantly funny, heartbreaking, precise, and surprising that it’s a bit alarming to learn that acting is not even her main deal. Her first love is painting.

    We weren’t the least bit surprised that her High 5 list turned out to be wide-ranging, super specific, and full of surprises, too.

    Children’s T-shirts and antiques from the 1940s–1970s. I don’t know what it is about them, but I’m obsessed with all things antique-child-related. Clothes, bedding, furniture, toys—all of it. But the T-shirts are particularly exciting to me, because the image on a T-shirt tells you a lot about what people were thinking about when it was made. Through its holes and general wear and tear, an old T-shirt also tells you about the kid who wore it. And what kid doesn’t want to wear a T-shirt? All children love wearing them because not only are they supremely comfortable, they are also an easy and instant vehicle for self-expression, emblazoned as they are with favorite sports teams, cartoons, cities, amusement parks, animals, etc. T-shirts from the ’80s and ’90s are not loaded with enough nostalgia for my taste.

    The World of Interiors. One of the most enjoyable magazines out there. Some people mistake it for simply a decorators’ journal, but it’s so much more than that. Its mission is to take you inside living spaces/homes/buildings and to report on the creation of those spaces, their ambience, the people who made them, and the people who inhabit them. For example: a girls’ school outside London, a monastery in Italy, an old couple’s house in the hills of Cyprus, a 400-year-old stable in Spain, etc. The articles detailing the histories of different structures are the ones I like best. Each issue also has an piece on an overlooked artist from history or an underappreciated body of work by a famous artist, as well as amazing stories about nonfamous people throughout history (folk artists, housewives, teachers, etc.) with a particular craft. I save every issue and reread them constantly.

    Recycling. I started getting diligent about recycling after I had my first child and became hyper-aware of the amount of diapers I was throwing out and the amount of stuff I was accumulating (when you’re a mom, your world is just overrun with STUFF). I also started to think bigger than just my little life and world. I thought about the state of our earth in 50 to 100 years, and that scared me. The phrase “live gently” suddenly made so much sense to me. Do your part. Keep your side of the street clean and leave this world as close to how it was when you came in as you possibly can. Today, I am religious about recycling: composting, cloth diapers (I now use compostable diapers from Diaperkind), not using plastic bags, refusing plastic utensils and napkins when I order take out. I also take short showers and use electricity only when I need it. It’s hard and I’m not perfect at it, but I rest assured that I do the most I can.

    Shark Tank (Fridays, 9 PM, ABC). This show rules! Aspiring businessmen and inventors appear before a panel of business moguls (the sharks) and present their ideas in the hopes of talking their way to an investment or a partnership. The inventions are sometimes hilariously clueless, and I love hearing how the inventors came up with their ideas. Other times, the ideas are really genius, and those are exciting, but you soon learn that selling a good idea is more complex than just throwing money at it. The “sharks” look at all the numbers, the potential sales, the business models. I’m not business-minded, so it’s a fun way to learn. It’s also fun to watch people who live and breathe MONEY. All the investors are super smart and intimidating, and I love when they bring their dick-head attitudes to the fore and totally tear someone a new asshole. Here’s my rundown on the “sharks”: Mark Cuban is sexy, Mr. Wonderful is the biggest asshole on the planet and I love him, Barbara Corcoran manages to be a nice lady while also being critical and discerning (in short, she’s a badass bitch), Daymond John is cool as fuck and has a big heart, and it seems that Robert Herjavec doesn’t really want to strike a deal with anyone.

    Pierre Bonnard (1867–1947). I wish I had the balls to play with color the way Pierre Bonnard did, or at least the insight to see those colors in daily life. The shortness and the busy-ness of his brushstrokes in some of his later paintings makes the image fall apart into a party of wild colors. Then you step back and the image comes back together. Not like pointillism—Bonnard’s technique is, to me, much more accurate and honest. But what fascinates me the most are his angles. Weird and voyeuristic, they feel very first-person. Like you just walked into the room, and this is what you found. To me, Bonnard is like existentialism without the angst. Looking at his paintings, you feel the beauty he sees and the respect he has for even—especially—the most mundane things.

    Zosia Mamet at the Rebecca Minkoff Show during NYFW

    Lena Dunham (with bf Jack Antonoff) at the Howard Stern's Birthday Bash

    Allison Williams for Glamour USA March 2014

    1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
    LOVE Zosia's new haircut, she looks really cute. Allison looks very pretty in her shoot but i don't understand how she gets all those magazine spreads

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    Canada has its first gold and silver medals of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

    Sisters Justine and Chloé Dufour-Lapointe placed first and second, respectively, in the women's moguls final at Rosa Khutor Extreme Park Saturday in Sochi.

    Justine, the youngest sibling, skied a near-flawless final run, with a score of 22.44 while elder sister Chloé scored 21.66, edging defending Olympic gold medallist Hannah Kearney.

    Kearney was hoping to become the first back-to-back Olympic champion in moguls, but still reached the podium with a bronze medal (21.49).

    The eldest Dufour-Lapointe sister, Maxime, 25, was eliminated after the second of the three-run final, along with Quebec native Audrey Robichaud.

    It was the fifth Olympics in which three siblings competed in the same event, but never has there been a podium sweep by three family members.

    Chloé, 22, has the most World Cup success with her, earning eight podium finishes in 65 World Cup starts. She's currently ranked fifth in the world and qualified for the final based on her first run (a second-place finish). She is also the only sister to have competed in Vancouver in 2010 (a fifth-place finish).

    Earlier in the day, Canadian snowboarder Mark McMorris won bronze in men's slopestyle.


    I am on the hunt for Olympics gifs, so please spam this post with any you find!

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    Jesse Eisenberg holds hands with his girlfriend Mia Wasikowska as they brave the cold for an outdoor stroll on Friday afternoon in New York City.

    It looks like the 30-year-old actor and 24-year-old actress went grocery shopping as Mia carried a bag full of items with her.



    Pretty basic post but they look cute and showered <3

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    Jessica Lange to Play Marlene Dietrich Type

    If Season 4 of American Horror Story will really be the last go-round for its biggest star, Jessica Lange, at least the two-time Oscar winner will go out with a bang. Co-creator Ryan Murphy says that he's fulfilling one of the 64-year-old's dreams with a tailor-made character.

    First things first, though. Ryan confirms that the actress will indeed return for the fourth saga in FX's spooktastic anthology.

    "Jessica will be back," Ryan tells Huffington Post."She says it's her last [season], but I'm going to do everything I can to convince her to continue with the series because I see AHS running for decades."(decades huh?...)

    So give us some dirt already, Murphy! "She'll be playing a Marlene Dietrich-type, which has always been one of her dreams," he continues.

    In case you're not acquainted with the golden age of Hollywood, Marlene was a German-born actress, singer, and fashion icon. After breaking through in The Blue Angel, Marlene cemented her fame with high-profile roles in The Shanghai Express, and Desire. The American Film Institute named her the ninth-greatest female star of all time.

    Huffington Post also asked Ryan why gay men have a seem to have a knack for writing fierce female characters:"I don't know if it's necessarily about writing for women … but writing for underdogs. People who are misunderstood. I can, somehow, naturally, relate to that. Go figure! [Laughs]"

    We are so ready to say "Hallo" to Frau Lange!


    American Horror Story Season 4: Sarah Paulson Working on "Special Skill" Before Filming

    With American Horror Story: Coven behind us, we're already looking forward to Season 4, and star Sarah Paulson is making us Supreme-ly curious about the upcoming season's theme.

    Thanks to AHS co-creator Ryan Murphy, we already know that the fourth go-round of FX's hit anthology will be set in 1950 — though he still won't reveal the premise: "If you look historically what happened in the year 1950, there’s some more clues in that year. It’s a period piece. We try and do the opposite of what we’ve done before."

    Ryan also teased that Jessica Lange was working on her German accent in preparation of her Marlene Dietrich-role.

    Now, Sarah is saying that she too has homework: "I'm not working on an accent, but I'm working on something. That's all I can say," she tells Vulture, who tries pressing her for more details. "A special skill. A very special skill."

    A popular theory among fans is that Season 4 might be something like American Horror Story: Circus, and Sarah's "special skill" talk will undoubtedly fan those flames of speculation.

    Might Sarah be boning up on acrobatics? Trying her hand at fire-breathing? Limbering up for contortions? What do you think the skill might be? Guess away in the comment section below.


    So if we look historically as to what happened in 1950...what do you suppose it could be?

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    Check out Ashley Wagner Face.

    The American figure skater was all waves and smiles following a good performance in Saturday's team figure skating event in Sochi. Wagner sat down with the rest of the U.S. team and her reactions suggested she was fully ready to receive a score worthy of a good rebound from her poor national championship showing.

    The posted numbers, however, left much to be desired. Even though Wagner helped the United States team advance in the event, her fourth-place score of 63.10 left her disappointed.

    At least, we're pretty sure she was disappointed.

    Though the look on her face said it all, Wagner later relayed the same message to reporters.

    “I know what I’m capable of and what this program is capable of,” Wagner said in Sochi. “I don’t agree with the marks, but that’s what the individual event is for.”

    Wagner's look of disgust is so distinct we could see it becoming a meme of these Winter Games.

    And given the viral sensation that was McKayla Maroney's unimpressed turn in the 2012 Summer Games, we just couldn't help combining the two.


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    Today sees the release of the second trailer for the Lionsgate release Divergent. Positioned as the would-be “next Hunger Games,” the film is poised to be one of the biggest films in the first 1/4 of 2014. Said trailer debut follows the first trailer for the highly anticipated drama The Fault In Our Stars. That film, based on John Green’s novel about two teenagers who fall in love via a cancer support group, is set to be released by 20th Century Fox on June 6th, 2014, which is just over three months after Divergent drops. Those are just two of three major films starring Shailene Woodley that will debut this year. Imagine that, a major would-be rising star actress actually flush with out-and-out starring vehicles in a variety of genres.

    With these two possible blockbusters, along with the upcoming release of the artier all-star ensemble piece White Bird In A Blizzard (which just debuted at Sundance), Woodley is indeed on the verge of genuine stardom. The only question is now whether or not she can become a genuine box office draw, or at least the kind of added value element that boosts an otherwise appealing picture. Why this matters isn’t because Woodley is unique or special, although anyone who has seen The Spectacular Now knows she has the goods. It matters because a would-be “next big female star” is getting a range of honest-to-goodness mainstream starring vehicles usually only afforded to white male actors.

    Once white male actors become crowned as the “next big thing,” be it Michael Fassbender, Channing Tatum, or Ryan Reynolds, the opportunities for starring roles explode and rarely dissipate. No matter many times Colin Farrell proves that he’s a better actor than he is a movie star, he’ll still get meaty starring roles like costly flops like Total TOT +1.81% Recall or Fright Night. Anyone potentially crowned as a next big star gets showered with high profile and major opportunities that can sustain an entire career of starring vehicles or meaty supporting turns. Josh Brolin will still get lead roles in major films no matter how many flops (Jonah Hex, Oldboy, Labor Day) he headlines. And even white male actors who are comparative unknowns can anchor their own would-be blockbuster, as John Carter (Taylor Kitsch from Friday Night Lights), The Legend of Hercules (Kellan Lutz, one of the Cullens in the Twilight Saga), and Pompeii (Kit Harington from Game of Thrones
    ) prove.

    Since they generally don’t make female-centric action pictures, actresses don’t get the conventional action vehicles or even the mediocre genre entries that actors take for granted. What happens when you’re the next big female star? Generally speaking, you get to be the girlfriend in bigger and/or more prestigious movies. Anna Farris’s reward for her face on the poster hit The House Bunny were love interest roles (Observe and Report, Yogi Bear, The Dictator). One starring vehicle miss later, What’s Your Number? in 2011, and it was off to television. Emma Stone’s reward for Easy A was, with the arguable exception of The Help, a series of girlfriend parts in films like The Amazing Spider-Man, Stupid Crazy Love, and The Gangster Squad. Carey Mulligan’s break-out turn in An Education was followed by love interest and/or token female parts in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Drive, and Inside Llewyn Davis.

    The reward for a male break-out performance is often a leading role in a major picture. The reward for a female break-out role is often playing break-out male’s girlfriend or the lone female in a male cast. Even Jennifer Lawrence is not immune to this. She powered The Hunger Games into the biggest ongoing franchise around, but token male love interest Liam Hemsworth got to star with Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman in Paranoia while she earns plaudits and awards for playing the love interest and/or romantic rival in David O. Russell’s last two films. The good news is that O. Russell’s next film will apparently be a starring vehicle for Ms. Lawrence. Elizabeth Olsen’s highest-profile role since her breakout turn in Martha Marcy May Marlene involved getting raped onscreen for kicks in Old Boy. The good news is that, quality of roles unknown; she will be a featured player in Avengers: Age Of Ultron and this summer’s Godzilla.

    Those who can be counted as genuine female stars (Jessica Chastain, Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett, etc.) have to divide their time between leading roles in smaller films and token girlfriend roles in bigger films. It’s a balancing act that male movie stars rarely have to make. This isn’t an evil conspiracy, per-se. Most films are written by white males and thus their stories often are about white males. As such, the only female role in many of these films for females is usually a variation on the Smurfette. The kind of character roles that, for example, earned Jonah Hill both of his Oscar nominations generally don’t exist for women. Matthew McConaughy can reinvent himself because the roles are there, but there exists few female equivalents for the kind of parts McConaughy has thrived on since 2011.

    Joel Kinnaman impresses Hollywood with his strong turn in AMC’s The Killing and gets the lead role in next week’s Robocop remake. Mireille Enos impresses Hollywood with her strong turn in AMC’s The Killing and gets to be the suffering wives of Brad Pitt (World War Z) and Josh Brolin (The Gangster Squad). With the arguable exception if Hilary Swank, it is nearly impossible for an actress to maintain a high profile career without succumbing to the token girl roles now and then. Even Keira Knightley, Oscar-nominated actress, took a role in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit which checked off all the boxes (prize to be won, girlfriend, hostage). The usual refrain when discussing the major female role in a studio release is still whether or not the token female gets anything to do in the narrative, the sexy lamp test if it were. This is why Woodley’s recent slate is important.

    She is a break-out female star who is actually getting unabashed starring vehicles in major studio releases.
    We’ll see if Woodley gets tossed in the girlfriend box down the road from time to time. But for now her breakout supporting turns in The Descendants and The Spectacular Now have paid off with genuine mainstream star vehicles. Divergent, whether it’s any good or not, may in fact be a blockbuster, surely not on par with The Hunger Games or even Twilight, but a genuine action-franchise headlined by a major female actress. And The Fault In Our Stars is already amassing huge buzz five months before its summer debut. The trailer was allegedly viewed on its official page 9 million times in five days. Toss in the probable art house vehicle White Bird In A Blizzard (that may or may not get a semi-wide release) and its clear Shailene Woodley is reaping the kind of rewards that usually only accompanies white-male breakout stardom.

    Her next three movies are unquestionable star vehicles, an action franchise entry, a romantic drama released in the heart of summer, and an artier family melodrama/mystery. It is ironic that she was actually cast as Mary Jane Watson (Peter’s replacement girlfriend) in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 before the role was cut from the second film. Woodley is in a rare position where she doesn’t need to be the superhero’s girlfriend because better and meatier roles are being offered to her within the studio system. It may be a coincidence and apros of nothing. Or maybe, just maybe, the generation of child actresses who just came of age (Chloe Moretz, Dakota Fanning, Saoirse Ronan, Kristen Stewart, etc.) will still get the kind of quirky and compelling work in films both small and large that they became accustomed to as kids. Shailene Woodley’s current slate gives hope that the current generation of breakout actresses won’t have peaked before they get to drinking age.


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    Ever since it was announced that George Zimmerman would be fighting DMX in a “celebrity” boxing match, people have gone hard to shut it down. While we would all love to see Zimmerman get beat up, many felt the match was making him more famous and putting money in his pocket, two things we definitely don’t want. Well it appears your wish has been granted as boxing promoter Damon Feldman announced the fight was cancelled.


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  • 02/08/14--14:01: Friday Box Office

  • Coming off two slow frames, the box office should pick up substantially this weekend. With its broadly-appealing brand, strong sense of humor and unique animation, The LEGO Movie is poised for one of the best February openings ever.The Monuments Men should also do decent business—though poor reviews could hold it back a bit—while Vampire Academy seems like the latest young-adult miss.


    What are you watching this weekend, ONTD?

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    There's one thing the 30 seconds of footage below have made clear: this will be better than "Start-Ups: Silicon Valley."

    That may be akin to saying that two grains of warm rice are better than rat's tail soup, but I am preternaturally optimistic.

    For this is the first trailer for HBO's new series that attempts to cast the same kind of mockery upon the large-headed makers of the world as "Veep" casts upon the wrong-headed stiflers of the world.

    "Silicon Valley" is the work of Mike Judge, whose previous efforts include "Beavis And Butt-head" and "Office Space."

    Some might say that "Silicon Valley" is too generous a title, when he and his two co-creators, John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky, could have chosen "Butt-head Space."


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    Russian police detained gay rights activists who tried to protest on Moscow's Red Square and in St Petersburg on Friday, shortly before Vladimir Putin opened the Sochi Winter Olympics, gay rights activists said.

    The protests followed international criticism of a law the Russian president signed last year banning the spread of "gay propaganda" among minors.

    Police in Moscow and St Petersburg did not immediately comment on the reports by the gay activists, who said 10 protesters were detained in Moscow and four in Russia's second city.

    A list posted by one rights activist on Facebook said two of those detained in Moscow were women from Sweden.

    In St Petersburg, the protesters were detained after unfurling a banner declaring "Discrimination is incompatible with the Olympic Movement"
    , gay rights group All Out said.

    Putin, who has staked his political and personal reputation on staging a successful Games, has said there will be no discrimination at the Games and the Russian government says the law is needed to protect young people. [lol]

    Gay rights groups say the new law discriminates against gays and that it has fuelled attacks on homosexuals in Russia, but Putin says it is needed to protect young people.


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    A glimpse into what could have been -- a 14-year-old Justin Bieber dropped some bars on a hip hop track ... rapping about his penis before even hitting puberty ... and it's shockingly awesome.

    It was the early days, a high-pitched moppy-haired Bieber and a few rapper friends were in some studio -- and Bieber threw down over Asher Roth's "Cannon" beat -- dropping lines like, "Hey my young, wanna have some fun? You can play with my cannon."

    Even then, the douche level registers -- Bieber's entire verse is pretty much about getting girls to touch his penis -- but what is amazing -- and it pains us to say  -- he actually has sick, sick flow. You gotta hear it.

    Bieber gave us a taste of his rap talents during a 2011 radio interview ... but now we know, Bieber's had spitfire ever since he was a wee lad.

    Sources tell TMZ, Bieber actually wanted to pursue a rap career ... but manager Scooter Braun dissuaded him, convincing Bieber the real money was in pop.

    Probably true ... but a future for Bieber in the rap game isn't out of the question -- in fact, sources tell us, Bieber was in the studio just this week with Diddy, Rick Ross, and Jermaine Dupri.

    Listen to it @ the Source

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    She's in love and isn't afraid to show it. Supermodel Tyra Banks engaged in some very public displays of affection with her new beau Erik Asla. The loving couple shared a romantic kiss while having lunch at Pearl's Liquor Bar in West Hollywood on Friday.

    The 40-year-old beauty cuddled up next to her striking lover in the restaurant's balcony when they both leaned in for a passionate lip lock. The couple canoodled in a corner as Erik listened tentatively while his gorgeous girlfriend whispered into his ear. After their intimate meal, the dynamic duo were spotted in great spirits as they walked around Los Angeles together. While they were first spotted together last summer, Tyra only recently confirmed her romance with her blonde main man. But the TV host and her fashion and fine art photographer beau looked quite smitten with each other, as they headed out for a stroll after their meal. The doting duo could hardly stop smiling as they strutted down Sunset Boulevard, following their PDA-packed afternoon.

    The two-time Sports Illustrated cover model appeared casual yet chic in a cropped black puffy jacket, printed white T-shirt, and skinny, leather and suede ankle-length trousers. Putting comfort first, she teamed the pieces with a pair of hip black kicks and opted to carry a small Louis Vuitton bag instead of a massive purse. Meanwhile, Tyra let her long brunette locks flow in loose curls, covering them up with a taupe beanie hat. And as a natural beauty, the America's Next Top Model judge appeared to be wearing minimal make-up but made sure or brighten up her complexion with some blush.

    Last month, Tyra confirmed that a sequel to Disney's television movie Life-Size is currently in development. But the star kept mum on whether co-star Lindsay Lohan will reprise her role in the updated version of the 2000 cult hit. Despite the confirmation of the film, Tyra didn't go into specifics. 'I can't [tell you anything] unfortunately,' she said. 'I'm under contract with Disney and I can't talk about it at all, except that it's coming. But it will be very different, very different. Very modern - a modern take.' The television personality said the film would likely be released next year. 'I don't think it'll be out until probably 2015, but I'm guessing - it could be late 2014 or 2015. But it will be back - Life-Size will be back, better than ever.'


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    Welcome to Gotham, bitch!

    Southland/O.C. vet Ben McKenzie will play the lead role of a young Commissioner Detective James Gordon in Fox’s upcoming Batman origin series, TVLine has learned.

    Exec-produced and penned by The Mentalist‘s Bruno Heller, the one-hour drama promises to explore the origin stories of Commissioner Gordon and the DC Comics villains that made Gotham famous.

    Last month at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, Fox president Kevin Reilly confirmed that Gotham will also follow a young Bruce Wayne’s journey to becoming Batman.

    “This is all of the classic Batman characters, with a young Bruce Wayne, the Penguin, the Riddler [and] how they came to be,” he explained. “What events led up to [someone] becoming Catwoman…. all with Gotham teetering on the edge.

    “This is not some adjunct companion series,” he added. “This is the Batman franchise, just backing it up [in chronology].”


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    For Esquire Latinoamerica



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    Looking ahead to next year's awards season, The Weinstein Co. has plunked down a hearty $7 million for U.S. rights to World War II drama The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the famed cryptographer who played a key role in cracking the Nazi's Enigma Code before being prosecuted for homosexuality.

    Footage from the film was shown Friday to buyers at the European Film Market, sparking heated interest.Morten Tyldum is directing the film, which he finished shooting last fall from an adapted Black List script by Graham Moore. Cumberbatch stars opposite Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode and Mark Strong.

    The project was made a reality by Teddy Schwarzman's Black Bear Pictures after Warner Bros. put Imitation Game, based on the biography Alan Turing: The Enigma, into turnaround.

    At one point, Leonardo DiCaprio was interested in playing the role of Alan Turing.

    CAA brokered the deal.


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