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    How will the rest of the world cope?

    Ari Fitz. She's not the wildcard of MTV's 29th season of The Real World, not the racist, the rich kid, or the hot-tempered hulk. She's the voice of reason in a setting where grease-throwing is a form of communication and hooking up while wearing bear suits seems cute. She's perhaps the most rational thing to hit the once-unprecedented reality TV series since, well, who knows? Initially recognized for its provocative young adult narratives, The Real World is now unequivocally known for showcasing nonsensical debauchery. This go-round, the difference is the previously absent substantive layer Fitz delivers.

    It happened in San Francisco over 15 weeks last summer — the taping of The Real World: Ex-Plosion, the season MTV hopes will save the formerly relevant reality show from years of declining ratings. The twist: 30 days into filming, the exes of all seven cast members decide to plunk their suitcases down and move into the Tenderloin flat to add fuel to the already wild house fire.

    Sounds fun, right? Fitz didn't think so. She agreed to play herself, not "one-half of the lesbian couple." And over the next three months, viewers will watch the whirlwind intensify while she sits at the eye of the storm.

    Fitz (whose real name is Arielle Scott) is 24, black, gay, a model, a techie, an artist, an Aquarius. She's a Bay Area native, born in Vallejo, an Oakland resident for seven years, a frequenter of the city's streets before she was ever allowed in its bars.

    She submitted her Real World application last spring and as she completed each stage in the three-month casting process, the concept of being selected felt steadily less ridiculous to her. Then she found her incentive. This past year, Fitz jumped into suspense and horror filmmaking, and when MTV promised to follow her as she created her second film, she was sold. A visceral storyteller at heart, Fitz brings to life storylines that highlight uncomfortable plots and themes, like killing her girlfriends, and blossoming queer polyamorous attractions.

    "I've been a hustler all my life," she says, "always proactive about what I want to do. I imagined doing the show would be good for my filmmaking career. There are opportunities that can be built off the platform of The Real World. I don't need MTV's help because my stories are provocative and interesting; it's about expanding my reach. I went in to party but I also went in to work, and that's what I did."

    Unapologetic about her aspirations, and shameless about every other aspect of herself. Real World haters might even find themselves tuning in every Wednesday just to watch her dominate the other roommates with her IQ, charisma, and an "old-soul" quality that's both endearing and challenging.

    That's the thing: Fitz challenges. She plays herself. By doing so, her roommates and viewers alike are forced to confront their own ideas about what it means to be black, gay, and androgynous. Maybe that was the role she was handpicked to play.

    "It would be a huge lie to say I know nothing about the stereotypes created by reality TV," Fitz says. "A family member told me I shouldn't go on to avoid being labeled the 'angry black girl.' But I really believe the network wanted something different, someone who didn't fit into boxes you can easily put people of color in. I think they're trying to reach an audience that's been turned off by stereotypical tropes of queer people and people of color. It was just my job to be me."

    She certainly seemed placed as the contrasting archetype for the other roommates to bounce off of.

    There's Jay, 26, a Bronx-born Italian who, within the first 15 minutes of episode one, asks to touch Fitz's natural black hair. Cory, 22, a personal trainer from Michigan now working in Los Angeles, does not handle conflict well, especially under the influence of alcohol — the consumption of which, on the show, is substantial. Jenny, 23, is another L.A. transplant by way of Kansas City, an unabashedly raw aspiring actress and the show's "voluptuous blonde girl." Texan tennis teacher Thomas, 22, claims he's not "a snobby rich kid." Jamie, 22, is also from Texas, a tattooed bartender who used to tour with her ex-boyfriend's rock band. Then there's Ashley, 23, from West Virginia, a San Francisco resident before she was cast. She says things like, "My family could buy and sell your family."

    Throw them together, add alcohol, a jacuzzi, clubbing, and libidos against backdrops of the Golden Gate Bridge, Muni, Q-bar, Temple, and Dolores Park, and you get, well, an "ex-plosion." Surprisingly, Fitz says, there were no cue cards, teleprompters, or even soft-scripted scenes. This Real World was real. Or at least "real."

    "We all watch reality TV and think, 'Really? Did that person just say that? Or did somebody feed them that line?'" she says. "I've been on both sides of reality TV, as a skeptical viewer and as a participant, and I'm amazed at how effortless it was for us to be that batshit crazy. Within the first 24 hours, all the producers did was try to calm us down."

    Fitz stays calm, though, even against the absurdity of Real life. When drunk Ashley throws hot oil in Fitz's face for no discernible reason, Fitz finishes her burger, leaves the kitchen, and decides to have a sisterly and sober one-on-one with Ashley the next morning.

    There's also been talk of Fitz being a transgender woman, a subject that hasn't been aired on the show yet, but probably will. Fitz says she's not transgender, she's cisgender, meaning her gender identity matches her assigned sex at birth — female. (A transgendered person's gender identity would not match their birth-assigned sex.)

    "If people think I'm trans, it's not an insult," Fitz says, "but it's important to understand what that actually means. Sometimes people don't know how to describe me, so they use whatever word they've last seen on the Internet."

    Ready for Gender 101?

    Gender identity is people's internal sense of their gender. Gender expression is the external communication of that gender identity. Fitz's gender identity is female and her gender expression is androgynous — a magnetic mixture of masculinity and femininity presented through her style, physical features, and mannerisms.

    "When people label me as trans, I think they really just mean androgynous," Fitz says. "It's an issue of language and a problem in education."

    Maybe we can't whittle it down to just vocabulary deficiencies. The public's thirst for a juicy controversy is, after all, enduring. Fueled by Fitz's 5-foot-10 height and lean frame, rumors will no doubt persist. Through it all, she's learned a thing or two herself.

    "I've read the rumors, seen them online," she says. "It even came up when I was out with the roommates. Through hearing those terms thrown around, I've realized how much I actually don't know. It's been an opportunity to expand my own knowledge."

    It's unlikely that Fitz will turn around the series, especially when the environment and the plots (think tearful Jacuzzi confessions) around her lean so heavily on the trash of past seasons. If anything, she's the last glimpse of what initially made the series revolutionary — interesting stories of compelling and nuanced individuals.


    For those of you who watched the show... Would you go to an erotic dinner with your partner?


    Excerpts from "From Groundbreaking to Gimmick: How "The Real World" Face-Planted on Its Way Back to San Francisco"

    [...The world has changed, and The Real World no longer holds the cultural or social relevance that it once did. While cast members might still experience individual success, the infamous, generation-defining moments are no more. Gone are standout scenes like Eric Nies and Kevin Powell’s conversation about race in the show’s inaugural season, which vaguely mirrored what led to an unlikely bond between Coral Jean and Mike "The Miz" Mizanin on The Real World: Back to New York. Gone are instances like a young Tami Roman’s abortion on the show’s second season and Stephen Williams' "Slap Heard 'Round the World" of Irene McGee on The Real World: Seattle. The thrill and the impact have vanished.

    There will likely never be another moment more significant than HIV/AIDS activist Pedro Zamora marrying partner Sean Sasser on the first Real World: San Francisco—the first same-sex commitment ceremony ever aired on television. That season is credited with cementing the show as a hit, and Zamora—who died at the age of 22, just hours after the show's season finale—as an icon. Then-President Bill Clinton commended Zamora for his work, and while I could very well be jumping the gun here, I highly doubt any of this season’s cast will do anything worthy of President Obama’s attention in the immediate future.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    [Perhaps the reason they decided to proceed with a 29th season featuring a cast two times the normal size was to deepen the drafting pool for The Challenge, which is sometimes the fourth-best sport. The Real World has functioned almost exclusively as The Challenge’s farm system for a few years now, and a larger cast accustomed to bathing in conflict will likely lead to more candidates for the belly of the beast that The Challenge represents. But rather than sully the reputation of a formerly-innovative program (and the memory of one of its finest seasons), MTV should just cancel The Real World and introduce Fresh Meat prior to each Challenge. They could even make cast selection shows out of it, should they feel the need. (Ratings folks, ratings.) This accomplishes want they want to achieve anyway, sans the disaster.]


    How would you save the Real World ONTD?

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  • 01/30/14--10:59: Midnight Memories Teaser 2

  • src
    ontd 1d stans poll: who's gonna make the video post??

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    Sharing thoughts on Michael Douglas and whether Rashida Jones is joining the cast, comedian-actor Paul Rudd talks briefly about Marvel's Ant-Man while promoting his new rom-com

    "Well, It's all just kind of starting, so it's really cool,"Paul Rudd told Flicks And The City about playing Scott Lang in Marvel's Ant-Man. "I'm very excited about it. I read some comics and seen some [Marvel] movies and I knew Edgar Wright for many years. The whole thing that it's actually happened, that I got the part is still kind of surreal. It's still sinking in over these last several months," the comedian-actor added, indicating that he was certainly fibbing when he told reporters last month that his involvement was but a rumor. Moving along, when asked how much comedy will he bring to the titular role, Rudd insisted, "We'll see what Edgar has in mind. We haven't started shooting any of it yet." As for his Ant-Man co-star, Michael Dougles, who's playing Hank Pym, Rudd kept it short and sweet:"It's a thrill, He's amazing! Lastly, Flicks And The City slyly asked Rudd how psyched he is to be working again with Rashida Jones, who's rumored to nab the lead female role in Ant-Man. "I follow what comes out online and even then I don't quite follow," he replied with a big grin. "I let those powers at be announce what they want to announce when they announce it. A lot of that stuff you hear is not true." What do you think?

    Anyhow, Ant-Man stars Paul Rudd & Michael Douglas, with Michael Pena & Clifton Collins Jr. rumored for roles. Directed by Edgar Wright from his screenplay, which he co-wrote with Joe Cornish, the film is scheduled for a May shoot in and around Georgia, and releases July 17, 2015.



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  • 01/30/14--11:04: Celebrity Picture Post
  • Austin Mahone and Kylie Jenner at the Aquafina FlavorSplash Pre-Super Bowl Concert

    Rita Ora arriving at Glasgow Airport

     Will, Jaden and Trey Smith catching a flight out of LAX

    Halle Berry at the Acapulco Film Festival after party

     Jessica Simpson out in NYC

    Emma Roberts out shopping in Beverly Hills with Tyler Shields

    Sarah Hyland arriving at SiriusXM Studios in NYC and GMA

    Elisabeth Moss leaving Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills

    Michelle Monaghan arriving at the Michigan Avenue Magazine's Winter 2014 Issue Celebration in Chicago

    Kendall and Kylie Jenner out in NYC

    Sarah Michelle Gellar and Liev Schreiber meeting at The Brentwood Country Mart

    Kate Hudson arriving at JFK

    Cameron Diaz at the TAG Heuer flagship store opening in New York City

     January Jones out in Beverly Hills

    Gwen Stefani out in Beverly Hills

    Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman at the Beverly Hills Farmers Market

     Kourtney Kardashian out in Calabasas with Scott, Mason and Penelope

    Vanessa Hudgens in California

    Naomi Watts in LA

    Anna Kendrick on Extra

    Ali Larter in LA

    Len Wiseman and Kate Beckinsale in LA

    Gabrielle Union arriving on a flight at LAX airport

    Kylie Minogue arrives at the BBC Radio One Studios.

    Jessica Alba in Beverly Hills

    Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo at the New York Red, White and Black Super Bowl Party

    Megan Gale at the David Jones winter launch

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    It looks like Fox might be taking a gamble, because a new Cajun mutant is in the cards.

    Channing Tatum is the studio’s top choice to play the X-Men mutant Gambit in the character’s new solo movie. That’s according to X-Men film producer Lauren Shuler Donner, who confirmed to Empire Online that Tatum is attached to the role:

    "I'm dying to do a Gambit movie with Channing Tatum. That doesn't have to be a great big movie. It's a thief in New Orleans, it's a whole different story. He's on board, and I have to get the studio on board. How can anyone resist Channing? He's such a sweetheart."

    Gambit is one of the more popular X-Men mutants. He has the ability to manipulate kinetic energy in objects that he touches, like cards, and he’s also pretty good with a staff. The hero first appeared on the big screen in the much-maligned prequel X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where he was played by Taylor Kitsch.

    It’s unclear where the standalone Gambit film will fall into the already busy schedule of upcoming X-Men projects.
    Fox is developing several new films, with the next one, Days of Future Past, hitting theatres this summer.

    Source 12

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    "Daddy & Son Sunday"

    Hilary leaving the gym in Los Angeles January 24th

    Hilary leaving the nail salon in Los Angeles January 25th

    Leaving the Flea Market with Luca January 26th

    At Cold Water Park with Luca in Los Angeles January 27th

    Leaving Coldwater Park with Luca

    Leaving the gym in Los Angeles January 28th

    Hilary leaving her Lawyers office in Hollywood January 29th

    New Instagrams

    Well..these have changed since I last had them in grade school.... What happened to "be mine"

    — Hilary Duff (@HilaryDuff) January 25, 2014


    pics of her and luc at the park are so adorable!

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    She is the grand-daughter of Caribbean immigrants to America who has just been appointed to a top job by Bill de Blasio, New York's new mayor.
    He is the dashing British actor who stars as Sherlock Holmes in the hit television series on both sides of the Atlantic and plays a plantation owner in the Oscar-nominated film 12 Years A Slave.
    Despite their very different backgrounds, Stacey Cumberbatch and Benedict Cumberbatch apparently do not just share a distinctively English-sounding surname.
    Ms Cumberbatch believes that the star's fifth great-grandfather owned her ancestors on an 18th century sugar plantation on Barbados.
    They are "related", not by blood, but by their shared roots in the brutal transatlantic slave trade, she told The New York Times after her appointment as a city commissioner.

    Her ancestors were slaves on the island at the time when it was the practice for them to take the family names of plantation owners such as Abraham Cumberbatch.
    The star has previously discussed how his name became common among families from the Caribbean because of his forebear's role on the island.
    Although there are no paper records to establish the link, it now seems that New York's new chief of administrative services is among them.
    Mr Cumberbatch's performance in 12 Years A Slave, which has been nominated for several Oscars, including Best Picture, is not the first time that he has chosen a role that harks back to his family's ties to slavery.
    Abraham Cumberbatch, who was born in Bristol in 1726 and died in 1785, came from a family of merchants and adventurers and built the clan's fortune from a sugar plantation on Barbados.
    The actor said that it was a "sort of apology" for this history when he played William Pitt the Younger, the abolitionist prime minister, in the 2006 film Amazing Grace about William Wilberforce's fight to eliminate the slave trade in the British empire.
    In an interview, he once said that his mother, Wanda Ventham, the actress who also played his mother in the latest season of Sherlock, encouraged him not to use his real name in his professional career because she was concerned that he could face claims from reparations by slaves of descendants.
    The Cumberbatch family has faced no such lawsuits. But 14 Caribbean nations last year said they would seek reparations from the former colonial powers of Britain, France and the Netherlands for the slave trade.
    The countries have hired the firm of London lawyers that secured compensation from Britain for Kenyans who were tortured under British colonial rule in the 1950s.
    The islands have said they will compile an "inventory" of damage suffered and demand an apology and financial damages. Britain abolished the slave trade in 1807 and Tony Blair, the then prime minister, expressed his "deep sorrow" for the practice in 2006.
    The Cumberbatches are among many prominent British families who once built their wealth and standing on the slave trade. Researchers said last year that an ancestor of Samantha Cameron, the prime minister's wife, received the equivalent of several million pounds in compensation when the British abolished the trade in humans.
    Mr Cumberbatch was born in Kensington and Chelsea, educated at Harrow and has starred in a series of acclaimed films in recent years, including Atonement, War Horse, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and The Fifth Estate, in which he played Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder.
    In 2012 he courted controversy by lamenting that he was a victim of "posh-bashing", saying he might move to America to escape being "castigated as a moaning, rich, public-school bastard, complaining about only getting posh roles". In an interview with the Radio Times, Cumberbatch insisted he was middle class, saying that despite his public school education and classical training, "I wasn't born into land or titles, or new money, or an oil rig."
    Ms Cumberbatch was born in the New York borough of Queens, graduated as a lawyer and has spent a long career in city and state government. Talking of her roots in Barbados, Mr de Blasio said that her heritage "has driven her to excellence".


    First post!

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    Lorde spends some time with her boyfriend James Lowe on Ponsonby Road on Thursday (January 30) in Auckland, New Zealand.

    The 17-year-old two-time Grammy winner was joined on the outing by her older sister Katherine.

    “wow thankyou for that, auckland! you made my day brilliant. so glad we could make this happen #Laneway2014,” Lorde tweeted the day before after performing at St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, which promotes indie music.


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    It looks like Louis Tomlinson may have been taking tips from his One Direction bandmate Harry Styles when it comes down to romantic getaways, as Eleanor Calder took to Instagram yesterday to share a few snaps of her and her beau hitting the slopes with a group of pals.

    According to fansites on Twitter, Louis flew himself, Eleanor and a few friends away for a skiing break and it seems like they are all having a great time, with the 1D stud's lucky GF taking to her social networking profile to share some photographs from the getaway.

    The crew are thought to be in France, but the exact location is unknown.

    dedicated to spread and 2morrowww. i cant believe i found an article on it lol. also the source needs to up its game, stalkers have already determined they were at the val d’isere ski resort in france


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    @justinbieber @cairusso #confidentmusicvideo #jb #success

    Justin singing happy birthday to Cailin #behindthescenes @cairusso @justinbieber #confidentvideo


    they look so good together

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    Why are the X-Men in the past? How do they meet their future selves? Why is the future so damaged? Who is Apocalypse? What is The Matrix? The upcoming X-Men: Days Of Future Past and follow-up X-Men: Apocalypse sure are laying some heavy groundwork for Fox’s X-Men franchise, but they’re also giving film and comic fans a chance to ask a load of questions about some of the unpredictable elements emerging from this ad campaign. And Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg may be answering too many of them.

    We get into MAJOR spoilers ahead, so tread lightly.

    The most pressing issue for fairweather fans (SIDE EYE) is why the future Wolverine has his metal claws, given that at the end of The Wolverine, Wolvie had them cut off by the Silver Samurai. Speaking to Empire (via ComingSoon), director Bryan Singer is weirdly coy when he says that Magneto could, "reconstitute the adamantium claws… [Wolverine] has a different relationship with Magneto, and perhaps Magneto could forge them."

    What’s this b.s., Singer? Either it happens or it doesn’t. And if there’s another shade to the Wolverine/Magneto relationship, it’s because of something that happened offscreen. Did they bond because they were both appalled by how Professor X treated Jean Grey? Do they text metal jokes to each other with accompanying LOL’s? Does Magneto appreciate that, given the events of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Wolverine participated in World War II? Regardless, yeah, it makes sense that Magneto COULD do this, but given that Wolverine has the bone claws in the past segments of Days Of Future Past, kind of a waste of mutant surgery, no?

    Another question was why Anna Paquin’s Rogue received her own Empire Magazine cover, given that she was cut from the film. Singer’s original statements claimed that she was in one sequence, both Paquin and her character, and that it was excised.
    Is Singer singing a different tune now?

    Singer confirms the scene is still cut, but he tells Empire, "It does not mean that we won’t see her in the
    " So, what does THIS mean? Why are we being so coy about such minor elements of this story? Is it a big deal that Rogue’s consciousness comes into play or something? Is a future WANTED poster of her going to be key to the story? Actually, that’s a pretty good theory. You heard it here first, please remember that.

    And so… Apocalypse. Days Of Future Past leads into X-Men: Apocaylpse, of which we know not much about, aside from a release date and the creative team involved. Singer has stated that it would involve the X-Men: First Class squad, but even that seems a bit suspicious at this point. Bryan Singer, why won’t you let us trust you? Via Coming Soon, Singer says,

    "One thing that interests me is the notion of ancient mutants. What would people thousands of years ago, without the benefit of science, think mutants were? And more importantly, what would mutants thousands of years ago think they were? Gods? Titans? Angels? Demons? And if such mutants did exist thousands of years ago, what became of them? Did one survive?"

    Apocalypse, for those of you who need a primer, is perhaps the first mutant ever born, raised into slavery in Ancient Egypt. His origin is convoluted and involves many different possible avenues to pursue, though most retellings have the character, as his birth name En Sabah Nur, uncovering a wealth of alien technology that evolves him and informs his dangerous ideals about the rise of mutantkind against humans. It’s a rich backstory, and clearly Singer plans to do more than just touch on it. Days Of Future Past screenwriter Simon Kinberg also reveals that one of the biggest Apocalypse storylines could also be visited:

    "Age of Apocalypse was one of my favorite stories. We like the stakes of it, and it feels like a story that could impact a lot of our favorite characters in big, dramatic ways. We feel it's a very different story from Days of Future Past. For starters, it's a very different villain, and the characters will be in very different places emotionally."

    Well then… Empire, you’ve gotta press them on this. Is X-Men: Apocalypse an adaptation of the Age Of Apocalypse storyline? If so, that’s a HUGE deal. That story, from the 90’s run of the comics, found Professor X’s son Legion embarking into the past to kill a young Magneto and change time. Instead, he murders his own father, changing the course of history forever. Xavier does not lead the X-Men, but instead Magneto does, in honor of his friend’s legacy. Unfortunately, Magneto isn’t quite the pacifist that his friend was, and as a result Apocalypse basically enslaves the planet, turning major cities into rubble and scattering the remaining mutants into gangs. It also largely changed the Marvel universe as a whole: a powerless Peter Parker dies as part of "the rebellion," Frank Castle joins a monastery instead of becoming the Punisher, etc. It stretched over a full year, replacing all the in-continuity X-Men books.

    Singer only confirms, "It’ll take place some time after this movie. What happens in this movie brings about what’ll happen in that movie." Could he mean that perhaps Xavier doesn’t make it out of Days Of Future Past? Could Apocalypse rise as a result of an altered timeline that takes the Professor’s life? In being coy, did y’all just reveal what happens at the end of this movie? Because Days Of Future Past creating a splinter alternate reality where Xavier doesn’t live not only gives them a chance to definitively pave over the continuity of previous films by basically erasing them from existence, but also gives their leading man a serious spotlight.
    And that’s not Hugh Jackman, and it’s not James McAvoy.It’s Michael Fassbender. (I KNEW IT!)

    It was Fassbender who totally stole First Class and it’s Fassbender who is the hot Academy Award-nominated actor. Jennifer Lawrence might price herself out of the franchise, and Mystique isn’t a central character to the mythos. But Fassbender has no franchise to call his own, and could easily become the new face of the X-Men. In the current comics, Professor Xavier is also dead, and the X-Men comics have made a pretty strict evolutionary leap in recent years to suggest that it’s permanent, with Magneto developing an uneasy relationship with the good guys. While Xavier remains dead, Magneto is about to debut his own comic, right in time for the launch of Days Of Future Past. Magneto is about to become the face of the X-Men series, one way or another, and Singer and Kinberg just told us how.

    Was Singer and Kinberg’s reveal of this information maybe a response to the leaked ending of (more spoilers coming) Days Of Future Past, where Apocalypse apparently inhabited the body of Magneto, shades of the character Onslaught from the comics? Singer claims, "That’s not the case, and nor will that particular thing be in the film." But that rumor likely came from the feeling that Fox wants to stay in the Fassbender business, and giving him a central part in the franchise is best, given that Magneto is easily the most (no pun intended!) magnetic and complex character in the onscreen universe. Today’s movie fans want full access to the filmmakers, but in doing so, Singer and Kinberg might have given up the game.


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    One of the highlights of last year's fall film festival season, Jonathan Glazer's "Under the Skin" (the director's first film since 2004's "Birth") became an instant must-see-whenever-it-gets-released movie for 2014. Now, A24 Films has released a new red band trailer that's just as thrillingly elliptical as the film itself.

    Based on the novel by Michel Faber, "Under the Skin" stars Scarlett Johansson as an alien sent to prey on earth hitchhikers (who happily follow her, being that she looks like Scarlett Johansson), but whose conscience gets the better of her. The trailer follows the film's example by focusing more on bizarre images and sounds than dialogue. It's a striking, unnerving preview for a striking, unnerving film. "Under the Skin" hits theaters in New York and LA on April 4 and expands April 11.



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    Syd Barrett’s entire catalogue has been made available via Spotify for the first time

    The launch marks the 40th anniversary of the release of double album Syd Barrett, which combined the late Pink Floyd genius’ two solo albums under one title.

    His 1970 records The Madcap Laughs and Barrett can both be streamed, along with a John Peel Session from the same year, his 1988 rarities album Opel and 2010 retrospective An Introduction To Syd Barrett.

    Floyd’s catalogue was launched via Spotify in June after the band announced it would become available once their track Wish You Were Here had been streamed one million times. It took only four days to reach the target.

    Boss Ken Parks said at the time: “It’s a great day for fans of prog, but it’s also a great day for younger fans who have yet to be turned on to the magic. That’s a lot of what this is about – bringing a new generation of fans.”

    A rare live recording of Syd Barrett is to be released.

    The performance dates from January 27, 1972, at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge.

    The tapes were originally put up for auction at Bonham's in June 2010, listed as "1/4 inch reel-to-reel tape on 10inch BASF spool in Agfa PE36 box with handwritten recording details, with statement of provenance". They were later sold to the Easy Action label.

    The label’s managing director, Carlton Sandercock, said: “We have indeed purchased and are preparing to release a live set by The Last Minute Put Together Boogie Band featuring Bruce Pain, Jack Monk and Twink. Guesting is Fred Frith and, on two maybe three songs, Syd Barrett.

    “The music played in this set is a million miles away from anything Pink Floyd have ever done,” he adds.
    According to additional reports, Barrett appears on the last three tracks - "Number Nine (Gotta Be Reason", "Let's Roll" and "Sweet Little Angel".

    The tracklisting for the release is:
    Sea Cruise
    L.A. To London Boogie
    Drinkin’ That Wine
    Number Nine (Gotta Be Reason)
    Let’s Roll
    Sweet Little Angel

    Lost Pink Floyd treasures found

    The drummer of Pink Floyd has discovered unseen footage of the band. Nick Mason came across the black and white film while he was piecing together archive footage to be used at exhibitions about the rock band.

    The 69-year-old said the clips show himself backstage with band members David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Richard Wright and Syd Barrett at some gigs in the late-60s.

    He said: “There are some unseen bits and pieces. We have got a bit of backstage black and white footage – 8mm film – that we took ourselves.”

    sources: 1, 2, 3, 4.

    fave syd song? solo or with the floyd... discuss!

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Finding Carter has stumbled upon some good news — a green light at MTV.

    The cabler handed a 12-episode series order to the coming of age drama from executive producer Terri Minsky (Sex and the City) and based on an original script by Emily Silver (Bones).

    Finding Carter centers on a teenager named Carter (Skins‘ Kathryn Prescott) who seemingly has the perfect life with fun-loving single mom Lori (Law & Order‘s Milena Govich), until the police bust a high school party and she discovers Lori abducted her as a toddler. Now Carter must return to the family who thought they had lost her. As she navigates brand new parents (Angel‘s Alexis Denisof and Lost‘s Cynthia Watros), a twin sister (newcomer Anna Jacoby-Heron) high school and boys, she vows to find Lori before the only mom she’s ever known is gone forever.


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    Joel Kinnaman suits up on the cover of August Man Malaysia‘s February 2014 issue.

    Here is what the 34-year-old Robocop actor had to share with the mag:

    On his take on movies being remade
    : “I think it’s part of the human tradition to go back to our favorite stories, which we continuously do in the theatre. I have seen four different Hamlets and they all gave me something different. So, I think there is value in retelling old stories if you have a great idea of what that concept could be used for in today’s world. And I think we did.”

    On the differences between the new and old Robocop movies
    : “Different to the original, in our movie you can still see my face until I go into combat mode because then there is a visor that comes down. So far the dramatic scenes it was possible to connect with my co actors on a deeper level.”


    On working with Abbie Cornish: “She was an actress that I was unfamiliar with, but I couldn’t be happier with how it’s gone for us. Abbie brought an emotional truth and rawness that helped to portray the loss they go through as a family.”

    For more from Joel, visit!


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    After nearly a month of voting in the 2014 MTV Movie Brawl, we're finally ready to announce the Most Anticipated Movie of the Year. But first, some statistics!

    Specifically, one giant statistic: all told, fans voted more than 200 million times in the MTV Movie Brawl, and over 40 million times in the final round alone. That's significantly more votes than in the last Presidential Election (though to be fair, you can't vote for President more than once).

    Point being, the winner of the 2014 MTV Movie Brawl had a fierce battle to fight from all sides, and despite overwhelming competition managed to eke out a significant win. Without further delay, the winner is:


    Though "Vampire Academy" put up a huge fight, in the end the blood-sucking students of St. Vladimir's were no match for the detective from Neptune. And that was only the most recent of the surprising victories for underdog "Veronica Mars."

    In the first round, the Kickstarter-funded movie managed to take down the highly anticipated Marvel Studios movie "Guardians of the Galaxy," but the biggest battles were yet to come.

    Round two pitted "Mars" against the Robert Pattinson-starring "The Rover." And if you know anything about RPattz fans, you know that taking down the man is nearly impossible. Only a split in the vote between "Rover" and the also Pattinson-starring "Maps to the Stars" helped "Mars" eke ahead.

    Then came round three, and the unbelievable happened. "The Hunger Games: Mackingjay -- Part 1," poised to be the blockbuster followup to 2013's biggest movie, fell at the last moment to "Mars." The entire battle was a tight one, with the two movies trading places back and forth, and often neck and neck. At the last moment (quite literally), "Mars" pulled ahead, taking the round by two measly percentage points of the vote.

    Video from Ryan and Jason to vote:

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    This week on “Ain’t That America With Lil Duval,” Lil Duval shows fellow “Guy Code” cast members Carly Aquilino, Andrew Schulz and Charlamagne what it would be like if he was a member of the crew on “Catfish.” If you haven’t seen “Catfish,” the hosts of the show delicately reveal to people that their online relationships are not what they appear to be. Unsurprisingly, Lil Duval would not be so delicate. Check out this sneak peak and tune in this Wednesday at 11 ET.

    The video wont embed so here it is at the source. Watch out, it's really stupid.

    Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 2.45.44 PM
    Nev& Max

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    In both 2012 and 2013, just three of the top 25 artists on Billboard’s Top Country Songs chart were solo women. In a Billboard Country Update column last fall, we heard what country radio has to say about this, but what do the artists themselves think?

    Carrie Underwood was one of the artists who made that list of three both years (along with Miranda Lambert and Taylor Swift), and she’s among the ranks of those hoping things will improve for females this year.

    You would think that we would be farther along in the thinking about women in country music,” Underwood says. “I like to think things are getting better, but then I see stats like [the one cited above] and realize that women really do seem to get the short end.

    Theories abound about why women get short-changed in country music, but Underwood notes, “There is certainly not a shortage of talented ladies out there that want so badly to get their fair shot in this business. But there seems to be only room for only a few.” On the flip side, she says, “there seem to be so many male singers out there who can be viewed as similar, and there seems to be plenty of room for all of them.

    “We see new male artists have their first single reach No. 1 on the charts, but it generally takes a female a lot longer to build momentum,” Underwood continues. “I know that I am an exception to this, but I [also] know that if I hadn’t made my place in country music via ‘American Idol,’ I probably could have tried to make it for the rest of my life and never made any progress.”

    One working theory is that song content has been a potential factor in the male/female disparity. Women—the theory goes—tend to write and/or choose to record songs with more substance and deeper themes than the “Parking Lot Party”-type songs that are working so well for the male artists right now.

    Underwood agrees that that theory has some merit. “I don’t think women can get away with the partying, beer-drinking, hung-over, truck-driving kind of music that a lot of the guys have gotten away with lately,” she says.

    “It does kind of seem like it’s a big party right now,” Kellie Pickler agrees. She notes that, “All the women that are played [on the radio] are outselling the men, and people are listening to what they have to say, so I don’t know why more women aren’t played.”

    I’m really, really sick of trucks and bonfires,” says Suzy Bogguss, who had her hits in the early ’90s at a time female artists were flourishing on the radio—including Mary Chapin Carpenter, Pam Tillis, Kathy Mattea, Patty Loveless and Lorrie Morgan—who collectively turned the derogatory term “chick singer” into something Bogguss says “meant you had some balls.”

    “When that radio door opened, it let so many of us through,” she recalls of that time. “I felt at the time that [female listeners] really wanted us to speak about things they related to, and a lot of us did. One of the things we’ve gotta hope for is that the tide will turn and female fans will continue to speak up and say, ‘We need some real material here.’”

    In the meantime, Underwood says, expectations remain different for male and female artists. “It seems women are expected to be so much more than men, which means we have to work that much harder,” she says. “We’re the ones under the microscope. We’re expected to sound perfect. We’re expected to look perfect all the time. We’re expected to be style-setters, whereas the boys roll onto the stage in their jeans, T-shirts and baseball caps. I don’t know what we all can do to change this. But I do hope it does change. I would love to see more women making their mark in the music that I love so much . . . There are so many more out there just waiting for their shot. I hope they get it!


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    nick and winston

    Not long after the confetti freezes to the turf at MetLife Stadium and a few lucky players are coerced into announcing a trip to Disney World on camera, Fox will premiere an episode of New Girl to what will likely garner its biggest audience ever.

    The team behind the third-year comedy, which got the green light for the coveted post-Super Bowl time slot almost nine months ago, has been prepping the episode since they found out -- though they tweaked plans accordingly when Prince made himself available.

    Prince -- that's Purple Rain, pride of Minneapolis, sometimes a symbol Prince -- reached out to the New Girl producers earlier this season after they had first tried to recruit him for a cameo in 2013. The resulting collaboration, which will include the rock icon performing a tune with New Girl star (and She & Him frontwoman) Zooey Deschanel, is a semi-surreal turn for the comedy that creator Liz Meriwether says is more about wish fulfillment than anything they've tackled before.

    Ahead of the Sunday premiere, Meriwether spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about working with Prince, giving in to the temptation of having her musically inclined star finally sing and the future of Damon Wayans Jr. (and fan favorite game True American) on New Girl.

    So you first tried to get Prince on the show last year?

    We thought it was would be really fun if Cece [Hannah Simone] lost her virginity to Prince in that flashback episode ["Virgins"], so we offered him that role and he couldn't. He said, "I'm a big fan. I'd love to do the show at some point in the future." I think I didn't really take that seriously because, you know, that can't be true. And then we were contacted by his manager in the beginning of this season that he was serious.

    And he's no stranger to the Super Bowl.

    They approached us right about the same time Fox gave us the post-Super Bowl slot, so we built the episode around him. He was really involved in the planning of it and emailing back and forth about what he wanted to do on the show, collaborating with us. It's a really fun, crazy, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    How long was he on set?

    I think he shot for two days. He performs a song in the episode, and he also acts. He has a bunch of scenes with Zooey. He plays ping-pong with Hannah.

    Does Prince have a ping-pong stand-in or did he really play?

    Prince is fantastic at ping-pong, like maybe one of the best I've ever seen, which is amazing because I kind of think you can only be really good at one thing -- but you can be really good at a lot of things if you're Prince. He told Hannah to practice. She actually got one back at him during the first take, and he was genuinely surprised that she could score a point off of him.

    This is not the most organic thing to happen to these characters. How easy was it for you to write Prince into a storyline?

    We went through a couple scripts where it didn't feel like our show. It was funny, but it didn't feel real. These are real characters, so it was actually a huge priority that we kept it feeling like the show -- even though these huge, semi-implausible things are happening. It is a Super Bowl episode, so we also have a little bit of leeway. I remember one pitch that we didn't do involved Prince playing the lead singer of a Prince cover band. That would have felt a little more like what would actually happen to our characters, but there's a great wish fulfillment kind of fun and a slightly fantastical feeling to this episode that I really like.

    Did you approach anything differently knowing so many viewers may not have seen New Girl before?

    It's definitely a chance to introduce the series to a bunch of people who haven't seen it before, but we also wanted to give the fans a really special episode. We made sure that we did both things. And, at the end of day, it's just a sitcom. It's not Homeland. Our main goal was for it to be as funny as possible and a little romantic and sweet. I think we did that.

    Opening sequence aside, the show has always been restrained in using Zooey musically. Did having Prince there have to change that?

    It might, it might. (Laughs.) There is a moment where Zooey sings with Prince. That was also definitely about trying to figure out what was within the world of the show, but it was just so fun to watch and shoot. We just felt, again, it was one of those moments where we're like, "Well, let's just go for it." I think we can come back from this without losing all of our integrity. Basically, it's just awesome to see.

    Give the people what they want.

    Why not? Exactly. I mean, there have been nights when I've done karaoke and I'm convinced that I have an amazing voice. There are just moments in your life where you do something insane that you'll never do again. I think that's what this episode feels like.

    How much do you see the show focusing on Nick [Jake Johnson] and Jess as a couple for the rest of the season?

    I think for better or for worse, this season has been about them as a couple. I think toward the end of the season, we're playing that out. And this episode is a big milestone for them. I think it's just a great, romantic episode. After this episode, we're going to … spoilers, spoilers! But I do think the end of the season will have big things in store for Nick and Jess. That's what we're in the process of figuring out right now. This episode feels like a culmination of what we've been trying to build this season. And there's Prince!

    What's been the biggest change writing a couple into the show for the last year?

    I think we've gotten some great episodes out of it. They still have amazing chemistry. They're just great together. It's almost like they're great together in whatever form their relationship takes. It's obviously been a big change for Nick's character because he, in the first two seasons, was sort of this miserable, semialcoholic, angry old man trapped in a young man's body. To give that character this amount of happiness with Jess and to give him what he wants has definitely adjusted him a bit. I'm glad that they got together because, if they hadn't, it would have felt like we were playing with the audience, which we never want to do. We've always just wanted to tell the story as organically and truthfully as we can. I think we found a way to make two happy people funny. It hasn't always been easy this year.

    Are you trying to keep Damon Wayans Jr. as a regular in season four?

    Yeah, I think we would love to have him in the fourth season. I don't know exactly what is going to happen, based on a couple things, but we love having him. We definitely feel like he is one of the cast. I'll just keep my fingers crossed.

    When can we anticipate another outing of True American?

    We are actually working on it right now as we speak. There's a big True American episode coming up. I think we have to do one once a year.

    And you're updating from Strip True American?

    Yes, definitely. We always put it off in the season until the moment when we just need it. It kind of gets us all going as a writing staff. It's a little reward that we save for the doldrums in the middle of the year when we need help.




    Sources: THR, TV Line, EW, FOX Youtube

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