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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Both Pop girls working those black leggings!



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    "Girls Night In" - Tuesday, January 14 at 10 PM ET

    Mary Jane has a big talk with Andre, leaving her to ponder her future. Meanwhile, friction develops between Kara and Mary Jane when Kara revamps Mark's show; and a woman inches closer to Paul Sr.


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    "Being Human" season 4 premiered Monday, Jan. 13, and during a recent press call, series stars Sam Witwer and Meaghan Rath and executive producer Anna Fricke spoke about some of the shocking events of "Old Dogs, New Tricks."

    As the "Being Human" season 4 premiere revealed, Kenny is still around in the city – but he's no longer deformed. He's now running Boston, with Blake going around and doing his grunt work. "It's absolutely brought up," Fricke said of his non-deformities. "It's part of his storyline and a general part of who he is now and his sort of new incarnation and it's definitely dealt with very early." Witwer added, "[It's] dealt with dramatically. There's not just a line about it. There's actual story material there."

    "Old Dogs, New Tricks" also saw that Aidan and Nora have bonded with Josh stuck in werewolf form in the months that have passed. "We really liked it because we'd been at odds before," Witwer said. "[Aidan is] a little more like Josh. He'd be sort of the surrogate Josh. So he'd be a little bit more wise-cracky. Trying to keep Nora's spirits up, but because it is Aidan it just comes off as sarcastic and moody, but regardless it was fun to just put in little moments that indicated that that relationship had changed."

    Finally, the premiere offered a look at some changes for Sally, who managed to escape Donna through her death spot but made a fiery return to the group and witnessed something pretty disturbing. "I feel like she's a lot more grounded," Rath said of her character. "She's choosing her moments better…and she's growing up quite a bit.""There's something that the writers did this year that sent us off in a certain direction where it's made absolutely explicit how much Sally has grown from season 1," Witwer chimed in, with Fricke adding, "I think Sally was in less denial this season. If season 1 is denial…season 4, she just owns it. And that was definitely our intention to track that character into that journey of strength."

    In the premiere, Donna tells Sally they're connected. Does she have anything to do with the new Sally? "It's both," Fricke said, but added, "I think it is pure Sally. I think even the Donna stuff is because Sally fought her. …It's mostly Sally because it is Sally owning what she has, as opposed to letting it rule her, she sort of harnesses it."

    Promo Pictures & Synopsis for 402: "That Time of the Month"

    Aidan (Sam Witwer) and Kat (Deanna Russo) take their relationship to the next level; Aidan encounters someone from his past; Sally (Meaghan Rath) uses her newly acquired powers to help Nora (Kristen Hager) try to free Josh (Sam Huntington).

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    Where are my few BHUS fans on here? Last night's episode was crazy!

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    American Hustle director David O.Russell has apologised for his ill-advised comments after he claimed Jennifer Lawrence was being worked like a slave by producers of The Hunger Games franchise.

    David, told Confidenti@l at the Australian Academy’s AACTA Awards on Friday: 'I’ll tell you what it is about that girl - talk about 12 years of slavery, that’s what the franchise is.'

    And clearly realising he had crossed the line, added: 'And I'm going to get into trouble for this.'

    However on Tuesday O. Russell apologised for his comments telling MailOnline: 'Clearly, I used a stupid analogy in a poor attempt at humor. I realized it the minute I said it and I am truly sorry.'

    The director's ill-advised comments came as he warned the Oscar-winning actress, who earns a reported $10million per film, as on the verge of burning out after making 16 films in just five years.
    Strong claims: David O. Russell has compared Jennifer's work schedule for the Hunger Games to slavery

    Strong claims: David O. Russell has compared Jennifer's work schedule for the Hunger Games to slavery

    But despite having worked with her on two films - Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle himself within that time, he blamed the 'hamster wheel' Hunger Games in which she plays heroine Katniss Everdeen, for overworking the young star.

    Discussing the popular franchise O. Russell said: ‘I personally think they should give her a bit of breathing room over there because they’re printing money. But she’s a very alive person.’

    He continued comparing the films, the third and fourth of which are currently being filmed, to a ‘hamster wheel’ and claimed that Jennifer sees prefers working on films such as American Hustle, which she compares to ‘a vacation.’

    This time last year Jennifer fell ill with pneumonia following an exhaustive work schedule, which meant she almost didn’t make it to the awards season.

    Anti-slavery campaigners will no doubt bristle at the stunning comparison to slavery O. Russell makes of the A-list star's life.

    Aidan McQuade, director of Anti-Slavery International told the MailOnline: 'I think David Russell was trying to raise some legitimate concerns about how young actors are treated by powerful movie executives.

    'The fact that Jennifer Lawrence - one of the finest actresses currently working – is not exempt speaks volumes.

    'But I’m surprised that a director of David Russell’s calibre doesn’t appear to have taken the time to watch 12 Years a Slave or else he wouldn’t have been so glib with his comparisons.

    'Indeed if he’s interested I would invite him to join me in visiting India or Nepal to see what real contemporary slavery looks like.

    'Working up to 12 hours a day in a brick kiln for nearly nothing, living in squalid conditions and not being able to leave – that’s real slavery.'

    It's not just anti-slavery charities who took issue with the comments, the director also came under fire from fans of the film.

    Twitter user Zizza sarcastically wrote: ‘David O. Russell compares working on a multi-million $$$ film franchise to slavery. Yeah, totally accurate.’

    Another user Kayleigh Anne posted a link to his quotes and said: ‘I will literally pay David O Russell to stop talking.’

    While a Twitter user under the name Ana added: ‘Director David O. Russell Compares Jennifer Lawrence's Work Schedule to 12 Years of Slavery"….why would you even?’

    Jennifer first appeared in the Hunger Games in 2012 and reportedly received just $500,000 for her role despite it making more than $680 million in the box office.

    By the time she filmed the sequel Catching Fire, she was thought to have negotiated a $10 million contract which would only have increased for the third and fourth films considering in that time Jennifer has gone on to win an Oscar.

    As well as The Hunger Games, the star who picked up the Best Supporting Actress award at the Golden Globes on Sunday evening, also appears in the X-Men Franchise.

    It has been reported in the past that there has been a struggle for the studios and Jennifer to schedule a time for filming as she is fully contracted to X Men, regardless of any other commitments.

    Her work schedule doesn’t appear to be letting up any time soon as this year will see her reprise her role as Mystique in the film X-Men: Days Of Future Past, with James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender.

    She will also be starring in her third collaboration film directed by David O. Russell, titled The Ends Of The Earth.

    In addition, Lawrence will play Jeannette Walls in the film adaptation of Walls' best-selling memoir The Glass Castle.

    A spokesperson for Jennifer and David have been contacted for comment.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    A COURT order stopping the paparazzi from harassing singer Harry Styles is to continue.

    Last month the 19-year-old One Direction star went to London's High Court as a last resort after trying to persuade a number of photographers to stop their behaviour.

    On that occasion, counsel David Sherborne told Mrs Justice Nicola Davies that it was not a privacy injunction.

    "Mr Styles is not trying to prevent fans approaching him in the street and taking photos. He remains happy to do that, as he always has. Rather, it is the method or tactics which have been used by a certain type of photographer."

    The injunction against the unnamed individuals -- "Paparazzi AAA and others" -- prevents them from pursuing the singer by car or motorcycle, placing him under surveillance, loitering or waiting within 50 metres of his place of residence to monitor his movements or take photos.

    The judge scheduled another hearing for March 10 which will decide how to proceed.

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    Monday on “The Bachelor,” it was time for the girls’ first group date. And this one involved each them dressing up in different costumes and taking photos with dogs and Juan Pablo.

    Some of the girls wore sexy bikinis, others donned silly fire hydrants, while a few sported nothing at all. Unfortunately for dog-lover Kelly, she was placed in a bald cap and painted brown, making it look as if she were wearing blackface makeup. And while none of the girls or Juan Pablo noticed the potentially insensitive costume.

    video at source

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    Behind the scenes:

    I love this, they all look super cute and happy

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    Following the examples of Boardwalk Empire and The Newsroom, FX president and general manager John Landgraf announced today that Justified will end after next season, which would be its sixth. He stated that the decision came from showrunner Graham Yost and star Timothy Olyphant:

    We talked about it a year ago and they (Yost and Olyphant) felt that the arc of the show and what they had to say would be served by six seasons instead of seven and I regretfully accepted their decision. I would have liked to have had more Justified. It’s one of my favorite shows.

    Season 5 of Justified is currently airing on Tuesdays at 10pm EST on FX.

    Tonight: "The Kids Aren't All Right"

    Video, Pictures

    So sad it's ending... but its probably for the best. Excited Loretta is back tonight though!

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    When you are a world wide advocate for animal rights, the fight against the ivory trade should be one of your top concerns.

    However, someone may have to remind Ke$ha of that, as it has been revealed the star was 'detained by the U.S. Homeland Security' in 2012 for bringing a piece of the banned elephant part back into the country.

    Despite being a vegetarian and a Global Ambassador for the Humane Society of United States, Radaronline reported the now 26-year-old star was stopped with ivory in Los Angeles, California, after returning home from Japan.

    Branding the Tik Tok star a 'hypocrite,' the website reported an ivory snuff bottle was seized from Ke$ha at the airport.

    Paperwork shows the Timber singer - who is currently receiving in-patient treatment for an eating disorder - was detained on August 27, 2012.

    According to officials, the 'snuff bottle made of ivory' was valued at $500.
    Property seized: Paperwork shows the 'snuff bottle made of ivory' was valued at $500

    The star had been in Japan playing the Summer Sonic festival along side Rihanna, Pitbull and Green Day.

    According to the website, another member of Ke$ha's team 'was also detained in a separate incident two days earlier ... after she was discovered having ''possible ivory'' in her possession.'

    Ke$ha - who has also starred in campaigns for People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) - was the Humane Society's first Global Ambassador.

    When her role was officially announced the same year as her detention for ivory possession, the star said: 'I am honored to be the first HSI Global Ambassador because my music is inspired by the freedom and primal beauty of animals and the natural world.

    'I take this opportunity incredibly seriously because we are ALL animals. One of the main underlying sentiments of my music is to respect all living creatures just as they are.

    'I believe that together, we can change laws that allow innocent animals to be unjustly mistreated and abused all over the world,' she added.

    After being advised of the incident, Michelle Cho, the Vice President of The Humane Society of the United States, told Radar: 'Ke$ha apparently bought a piece of jewelry at a thrift shop and was unaware it was ivory.

    'It is not uncommon for even the most dedicated animal lover to mistakenly buy ivory when they think it’s another material. Ke$ha, like other animal advocates, assures us she would never knowingly contribute to such a gruesome industry.'

    The ivory trade has led to elephants and rhinoceros - along with other horned animals - being hunted to the brink of extinction.

    Money from ivory sales has been linked to funding wars throughout Africa.


    Apparently she didn't know it was ivory.

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  • 01/14/14--11:02: ONTD Roundup
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    Former Big Love polygamist Bill Paxton — who showed off his action chops in movies like Twister— will begin an arc of at least four episodes on ABC's Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. starting in late February or early March. "We wanted to bring in a rough-and-tumble former cohort of Agent Coulson [Clark Gregg] with a little bit of attitude and cigar-smoking swagger," says executive producer Jed Whedon.

    Paxton plays Agent John Garrett, who will work alongside agents Ward (Brett Dalton) and May (Ming-Na Wen) and "comes into the fold in a very surprising way," says executive producer Maurissa Tancharoen. "He is the type who wants to stay out in the field no matter how high-level he gets."

    In the comic Elektra: Assassin, S.H.I.E.L.D. turned Garrett into a cyborg to save his life after he was injured in the line of duty — but all Whedon will say is that "when Garrett got his promotion to Level 7, he refused to sit behind a desk and doesn't like the formalities of S.H.I.E.L.D. He's going to help Coulson solve some mysteries and is not afraid to rig an explosive or two."

    SOURCE 1

    SOURCE 2

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    Holy “Bachelor” drama! Fans of the ABC dating show are only two weeks in but are just DYING to find out who Juan Pablo rides off with into the sunset.

    Unfortunately nine episodes remain in season 18 until the big reveal … but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wait until then to discover which lucky lady won his heart.

    Reality Steve, the all-knowing reality-TV blogger, revealed on his site the alleged winner of the final Rose Ceremony in the season finale …

    and according to him it’s none other than 26-year-old pediatrician nurse, Nikki.



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    With just two weeks before its big premiere at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, David Wain is unveiling the first look at his new film, They Came Together, exclusively on BuzzFeed. The movie has all the staples of Wain's most beloved works, like Wet Hot American Summer, Children's Hospital, and The State: romance, New York City, bookstores, and Yiddish!

    They Came Together, which is the big closing-night selection at Sundance later this month, reunites Wain's A-team crew of collaborators, with newly minted Golden Globe winner Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd leading the way. As the clip above shows, the two play an unlikely pair who start off on the wrong foot, but connect at a bookstore.

    Fellow alumni Michael Ian Black, Christopher Meloni, and Ken Marino also return for They Came Together, while Max Greenfield, Cobie Smulders, Ed Helms, Melanie Lynsky, Michael Shannon, Jason Mantzoukas, and Michaela Watkins join this time around too. Wain offered this directors’ statement ahead of the premiere of They Came Together:

    After having already made world-changing cinematic statements on adolescence , religion, and community, I teamed up with Michael Showalter to take on a topic that (to our knowledge) has yet been seen in the movies: ROMANCE - particularly heterosexual romance between two white people.

    Our next idea was to mix this romance story with humor - so you could almost call this a Romantic-Comedy, so to speak.


    Don't think I can embed the clip (it's at the source), but I like the poster!

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    Justin Bieber's good friend, rapper Lil Za has been 'arrested for cocaine possession' after police raided the 19-year-old singer's home in Calabasas on Tuesday.

    Police were searching Bieber's mansion to investigate an egg throwing incident at his next door neighbour's home.

    The website reports that Lil Za once lived at Bieber's Calabasas home and has been a friend of the Canadian singer 'for years'.

    The 19-year-old singer was being 'detained in his garage' while officers searched for surveillance video from his house that might shed some light on the incident, according to TMZ.

    According to reports, Bieber allegedly caused more than $20,000 in damage during the vicious egg attack last Thursday.

    Law enforcement sources told TMZ that eleven police cars descended on Bieber's mansion and are 'executing a search warrant in connection with the egg-throwing incident.'

    Deputies are looking for any evidence linking the star with the egg assault including other eggs in the house. There is also a battering ram at the scene. 

    The existence of more eggs in Justin's fridge could apparently link the star to the broken eggs outside, according to the website.

    In California, if the damage is greater than $400 it becomes felony vandalism - a crime which could land Bieber in prison.

    A source told that Justin was 'furious' at the raid.

    'He is obviously upset that cops basically had free reign and are going through his personal belongings in his house,' the source said. 'Justin has been kept out of the house while the search warrant is being executed and is being watched over by several sheriff’s deputies.'

    The incident was caught on camera and the neighbour can be shouting: 'I can f***ing see you!' as the footage shows the damage allegedly done by the star.

    Featuring a gallery of images showing smashed eggs on the property, TMZ adds that there was also a verbal altercation between the pair with the neighbour shouting: 'What the hell are you doing?'

    Then another voice, allegedly Justin's, shouts back: 'F**k you! I got another one for you, actually.'

    An insider told TMZ the repairs are like to cost thousands of dollars because the pricey Venetian plaster on the outside of the house has to be redone.

    According to the website, the entire front of the house needs to be re-plastered with Venetian plaster, which will cost around $15,000. An additional $5,000 is needed to to repair the entryway, including re-staining the doors.

    Justin allegedly hasn't called the neighbour to apologise or offered to foot the bill.

    'It's currently under investigation and [Justin Bieber] is a named suspect,' L.T. Jennifer Barsh told People at the time.

    TMZclaims that the alleged incident was attended by the L.A. County Sheriff office, who were called to the scene as it unfolded.

    The neighbour 'heard something banging against his house in Calabasas around 7:30pm on Thursday, and when he stepped on to a second floor balcony ... he says he saw Justin down below hurling eggs at his front door,' the website reported.

    The neighbour's daughter, who TMZ reports is 13-years-old, then calls the police upon instruction from her father - and sounds clearly panicked.

    It is claimed the alleged attack involved around 20 eggs, while the 'victim' has told TMZ that the damage caused 'far exceeds $400'.

    Officers from the LA County Sheriff department have confirmed that deputies responded to the call for assistance and obtained a statement.

    It is not yet known if they spoke with Justin himself.

    If true, the news is just the latest clash in the affluent LA city of Calabasas - which is located in the hills west of California's San Fernando Valley.

    Justin has allegedly frequently upset neighbours with noisy house parties and speeding in recent months.

    In March last year he was said to have spat in a neighbour's face after he was confronted over speeding in his Ferrari. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department were said to be investigating the incident, during which Justin was alleged to have said: 'I'm going to f**king kill you.'

    In November, police attended his home three times in one night when he held a major party.

    According to TMZ, the noise got out of control and neighbours called the police at 1am, the LA County Sheriff's deputies then allegedly paid Bieber a call and told him to keep the noise down.

    A representative for Justin has been approached by MailOnline, but is yet to respond.

    Egg's in question


    ALOT of videos at source

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    For Young the Giant, Mind Over Matter is more than the title of their latest album, it’s what they told themselves to get over the pressure of making a second record. ”We’ve done it once before,” lead singer Sameer Gadhia said in regards to their 2010 self-titled debut, which spawned the hit singles, “My Body” and “Cough Syrup.” “But it was a long time ago.”

    After releasing their first album, the band spent two and a half years on the road. Guitarist Jacob Tilley told that by the time they were done touring, they were all ready for a break and a chance to recharge their batteries.

    “When we did the first record it was very blind faith that it was gonna work,” he said. “We were happy to be recording, taking time off school and having all this buzz around us. It was very exciting, but we toured for a long time and changed as musicians and as people. We wanted to have some time to really decompress with each other and really think about what we were as a band.”

    They admit though that they were away longer than they would have liked, due to a bout of writers block that had them struggling to find their sound again. It was writing “It’s About Time” that helped the guys bounce back and ended up becoming the first single off Mind Over Matter, mostly because Gadhia couldn’t stop playing it. “There’s a level of frustration in the song that’s just from the music itself,” Gadhia explained.

    The album comes out January 21! But it is now streaming on Itunes!


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    Cara Delevingne has been pictured filming more scenes for up-coming movie The Face Of An Angel, in the Mediterranean Sea off the North coast of Italy.

    The 21-year-old grimaced and groaned as she was made to splash about the in the chilly sea, with temperatures reaching no more than a lowly 9 degrees in the town of Rimini.

    Wearing a checked pair of bikini bottoms and a plain black top the star was able to flaunt her catwalk-ready physique as she waded around.


    Directed by Michael Winterbottom, the movie is set around a journalist and a documentary filmmaker who chase the story of a murder and its prime suspect.

    Other A-list stars involved in the much-hyped thriller include Kate Beckinsale and Inglourious Bastards star Daniel Brühl.

    Cara plays Melanie, a student studying Italian and working in a bar in Siena. There, she meets and befriends Thomas, a documentary film-maker covering the murder trial, played by the brilliant Daniel (Bafta-nominated for his portrayal of Niki Lauda in Rush).

    Cara was seen stripping as she stepped onto the beach, removing her black Dr. Martens first and then unbuttoning her skinny jeans.

    The star pulled another of her infamous faces as she then began to remove her socks and her feet touched the wet, cold sand.

    Finally, Cara ripped off her t-shirt and headed for the water as a man dressed all in black stood waiting for her on the beach with two fluffy white towels.

    Speaking about making the transition from catwalk to silver screen, Cara admitted to MailOnline she was ‘scared to death’ about the whole experience.

    She said: ‘I’ve got so much to learn, but I do know that you can’t learn to act if you don’t experience real life as well.’

    The 21-year-old added: ‘Modelling is a great job, and I appreciate everything it has brought me, but it’s not my passion.

    ‘As far back as I can remember I’ve wanted to act. We were going through all these old home videos recently, which I’d never seen before, and there were shots of me acting on a mocked-up stage.’


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    LeBron James has spent the past decade as arguably the most polarizing, scrutinized and criticized athlete in the world. The Miami Heat star forward and four-time league MVP has learned to adjust and thrive under the intense spotlight throughout his career.

    But not even James could imagine what it would be like to work under the global spotlight and walk in the footsteps of the president of the United States. James wouldn't mind playing a game of one-on-one with President Barack Obama on the White House basketball court. But just don’t ask James to sub for Obama in the Oval Office.

    “It’s a tough job,” James said Monday. “Obviously, I don’t know the ins and outs about it, the daily regimen. But I wouldn't want to have those shoes. That’s why it’s always important who we vote for, getting the right guy to lead our country, because there are so many things we have to do.”

    If any sort of presidency is in James’ future after his playing days are done, it’ll be as the chief executive of a major sports franchise or marketing firm. Politics never have been his thing. That’s why when the Heat make their second trip to the White House in as many seasons on Tuesday to commemorate their second consecutive NBA championship from the 2012-13 season, James will again enter the most powerful building in the world with a full appreciation of how difficult a task it is to be president.

    Even with all of the attention and criticism that comes with being LeBron James, it’s relatively peanuts compared with the public demands of being the nation’s commander in chief.

    “It doesn’t compare -- absolutely not,” James said. “Because he doesn’t just have to worry about Americans ... his finger, he presses the button on so many issues in the world -- not just America. We know how many people we have in America. But how many people are in the world?”

    When the Heat made their trip to the White House last year, a giddy and slightly nervous James walked to the podium beside Obama and declared, “Mama, I made it.” This time around, James plans to play it cool, take in the sights and enjoy the highlight of four consecutive days off the team will have had before Wednesday’s game against the Washington Wizards.

    Heat guard Dwyane Wade has visited the White House three times as a champion and has met with Obama numerous other times during fundraisers and social initiatives. Wade said being around the president never gets old, although he was surprised by how small and cozy the Oval Office is in reality.

    “On TV, it looks huge,” Wade said. “And then you get in there, you’re like, ‘This is where all of that magic goes down?’ Our president is a very personable guy. He loves the sport we play. You always look forward to that moment when he comes around the circle, goes around and says something to everybody. It’s a cool moment. You get to relax and be yourself.”

    There are some who might want to test the limit of relaxation during Tuesday’s visit.

    “[Let’s] go in the Oval Office, see some top-secret stuff or something,” center Chris Bosh said of how comfortable the Heat are beginning to feel with these annual championship trips to Washington. “We can just skip all that [formal] stuff, and just go hang out. Just the fact that [Obama] loves basketball. He’s a Bulls fan. I give him that, because he’s from Chicago. Nobody’s perfect. But the fact that he knows who we are, and he watches the game and follows the game closely, it’s pretty cool.”

    James, whose team is just 5-4 in its past nine games amid a stretch in which the Heat play 11 of 14 on the road, did have an idea of what his first executive order would be if he were president for a day.

    “I’d give the Miami Heat a week off from playing basketball games,” James cracked.

    source | pic source

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    We recently caught up with the witchy and wonderful Taissa Farmiga and the AHS actress revealed that there are some "big life-changing moments" coming up for Zoe and the rest of the coven in these next few episodes.

    "In the last episode we're going to announce the supreme, so obviously we won't leave you hanging without that we promise," she said. And get excited magic-enthusiasts because Farminga exclusively revealed to us that Zoe will be gaining some new and "exciting" powers. "Out of all the characters, especially in the last episodes you're going to start seeing new powers come and go. One thing that's kind of cool is teleportation, being able to jump to another part in the room."

    Sign us up for that one please!

    E! News

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    GQ: You play Jordan Belfort's wife, Naomi in The Wolf of Wall Street. What was the physical description of your character?
    Margot Robbie: Long tanned legs, glamorous, blonde-haired 22 year old, blah blah blah blah.

    Absolutely not. Let's just say the wardrobe and make-up departments worked very hard and they made it all come true.

    Do you know why Martin Scorsese cast you in the role?
    I don't, but I heard later that he'd said to Leo [DiCaprio], "There's something about Margot, I feel we're discovering something."

    Have you met anyone who talks faster than Scorsese?
    He does talk fast but it's mind-boggling the amount of knowledge he has. Also, he doesn't underestimate anyone. He mentioned this film shot in Germany in the early 1900s and then said to me, "Did you see that film?" No, Marty I didn't, but I appreciate the fact that you thought it was a possibility.

    What did you do at the audition that landed you the part?
    We did this scene where we were having dinner and Leo started to improvise and I had no idea what was going on and I was flailing and trying to keep up and it was terrible. So I thought, I've got moments left in the room, I've got to do something. So for the next scene, which was a fight, I got a little lost in the moment I think because at the end of the scene, I was meant to walk way but instead I slapped him in the face and said, "F*** you!" And there was this stunned silence which probably only lasted three seconds but felt like an eternity and then they all burst out laughing. I thought they were going to sue me. I apologised profusely. I said, "I'm so sorry" and Leo said, "That was brilliant. Hit me in the face again."

    Will we sympathise at all with Naomi?
    No. None of the main characters have any redeeming qualities. There are no good guys but you're kind of rooting for them anyway. You're on their side, you want it to work out for them. Among the bad characters in the film, you're probably going to sympathise with my character the least because you need to sympathise with [DiCaprio's character].

    Do you sympathise with her?
    I can sympathise with what she did, but in the final cut of the film I think you're going to look at her and think, "Wow, she's a heartless bitch."

    What was your favourite scene?
    My last scene. You'll know it when you see it, I won't say any more! We rewrote the whole scene literally the night before we shot it, it's absolutely insane. I've no idea how it turned out, but to me it felt like the best acting I've ever done.

    What's lined up for 2014?
    I have nothing planned other than press for Wolf of Wall St. I'm attached to this film called Violent Talent (a Chicago-set crime drama] and that's the only thing I'm working on.

    The Wolf Of Wall Street is out 17 January (in the uk)

    more questions at the source

    Bye @ her delusion. Naomi was my fave. Jordan was a psychotic monster by the end. The rest were losers w/ some occasional funny moments.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thomas Kretschmann, who played Abraham van Helsing on NBC’s “Dracula,” has been cast in a villain role for the upcoming Marvel movie, “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

    Kretschmann is expected to play Baron Wolfgang von Strucker in the film.

    James Spader, it’s been previously announced, is playing the main villain role of Ultron. Elizabeth Olsen was recently cast as the Scarlet Witch.

    The sequel to the record-breaking “Avengers” is due to hit theaters May 1, 2015. Joss Whedon is returning as director and Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans all return to reprise their roles. Production begins next month.

    “Marvel’s The Avengers” grossed $1.5 billion worldwide.


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