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  • 11/18/13--19:49: Armani....You In Danger Girl
  • Armani Instagram Mistake

    Armani mistakes Alfre Woodard for Idris Elba via an Instagram post covering the 5th Annual Governors Awards.

    The post was taken down and corrected, but not quick enough. The Instagram profile is now receiving backlash and has spawned an #ArmaniCaptions TT on Twitter.

    "Alfre Woodard looking stunning in Giorgio @armani at the 5th Annual Governors Awards"

    "Idris Elba looking gorgeous in Giorgio @armani with Naomie Harris at the 5th Annual Governors Awards"

    SOURCE 1
    SOURCE 2

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  • 11/18/13--20:05: THIS WEEK'S SOAP PROMOS!!!!!

  • This week Alley Forrester returns home, plus things heat up with Wyatt and Hope! This is a week you'll never forget on The Bold and The Beautiful!

    Monday (Laying Blame)
    Former lovers accuse each other of deceit; Liam and Wyatt compete for Hope's attention.

    Tuesday (Coming Home)
    Thorne and Darla's daughter returns home; Bill is determined to regain what was once his.

    Wednesday (Baby Steps)
    Brooke and Katie slowly rebuild their relationship; Hope and Wyatt have an unplanned rendezvous.

    Thursday (Come on Down)
    Thorne and Aly work with television game show personalities; Bill agrees to make amends with Liam.

    Friday (Devastated)
    Aly receives devastating news from Eric and Thorne; Quinn has an angry confrontation with Bill.

    Seems the fans have been heard or some of them anyway when we begin to see the redemption of Brooke Logan. Brooke has done some pretty off the wall things in her past but the times they are a changing at least for Ms Logan just ask Brad Bell who is going to take Brooke down a different avenue, something she’s never been down before, putting family first. Yes you read that right, Ms Logan will finally realize that sisterhood is forever and she teams up with Katie to bring Bill down. But Katie being Katie doesn’t believe Brooke and it takes Ridge coming back to town to finally get Bill out of Brooke’s system. Or will it?

    The second generation of Logan women that being Hope has picked up where her mother has left off enjoying the fact that 2 men are pandering for her and she won’t be able to totally commit to one of them for another month or so yet. A very pretty Christmas wedding is being planned and written, but who’s it for?

    No more Dayzee for a while as the actress is on hiatus and recurring for a while and not by her own choice. Her story got so boring and with nowhere to go Brad put that character on hold. No surprise there, it’s what BB does best.

    With one exception J Wood who is enjoying her new show but Steffy is not coming back for good, just for a few visits. She and Wyatt have a heart to heart about Hope and it gives Wyatt enough of an insight to make some serious changes to his life.

    11/18, Nikki reveals her plan to Paul, while Kevin's determination to catch the hit-and-run driver troubles Adam.

    11/19, Victor and Kyle play a game of cat and mouse, while Paul and Christine form a plan to help Michael.

    11/20, Billy confronts Adam, while Lily and Cane's evening takes an exciting turn.

    11/21, Nick defends Sharon to Victor, while Devon's new ally has a hidden agenda.

    11/22, Adam and Chelsea make plans for their future, while Nikki gathers the Newman family and prepares to reveal the truth about Dylan.

    Is it the end for Billy Miller again? It’s contract time again and it’s the same old same old should I stay or should I go. Miller was one of those recast that worked and worked really well. Only a few others in daytime have been able to pull that off. Billy signed on last time for a short-term contract right before JFP became EP. Did he know something we didn’t?

    Its been rumored that Tristan Rogers may be returning but not permanently as he may do dual roles on GH and Y&R, with no contract and only recurring actors have the luxury to do this. But they can not be on ether show at the same time so the story goes unless approved by TPTB. Guess that’s a wait and see as well.

    During the live MTS/JW live twitter chat JW said there will be a totally unexpected surprise in Jill’s storyline. Some think Colin will return but I am hearing it has to do with Katherine’s bequest.

    Monday ("Marlena Turns to Victor")
    Marlena asks for Victor's help in finding Kristen's flash drive; Nicole and Eric have a difficult conversation about his suspicions of her.

    Tuesday ("Surprising News")
    Kristen is horrified when someone becomes privy to her scheme; Sami is upset when Sonny gives her some news about Gabi.

    Wednesday ("EJ's Lie")
    Victor makes an effort to convince Brady to steer clear of Kristen; EJ has no choice but to lie to Sami.

    Thursday ("The Wedding")
    Brady and Kristen's wedding begins, but a revelation puts the nuptials at a standstill; Jennifer and JJ bond.

    Friday ("The Wedding")
    Brady and Kristen's wedding ends in chaos; Daniel and Nicole bond over their commonalities.

    Not much to report on the Salem front.

    According to the preview that was shown at the Day of Days Event, Nick is going to go right back to being an obsessed psycho and this time, the object of his obsession is Gabi. He is shown attacking her. Meanwhile, an unexpected alliance forms between Sami and Kate in order to stop Nick.

    Hope arrives at EJ’s door step with a search warrant.

    Kristen is still missing.

    Shane and Kimberly decide to leave Theresa’s fate up to Jennifer.

    Nicole is stunned at her first assignment as a TV reporter.

    Will and Sonny get into a huge argument.

    Caroline gets in Victor’s face about the sex video reveal.

    11/18, The judge is ready to make a ruling in the custody hearing. Luke learns that Robert, Anna and Duke have all disappeared.

    11/19, Someone learns that Robin is alive. Carlos has a warning for Sabrina.

    11/20, Franco threatens Heather's life. The outcome of the custody hearing threatens the relationships of everyone involved.

    11/21, What is Ava hiding? Robin questions her right to interfere in Patrick's life.

    11/22, Faison's decision to change plans leads to a chain reaction of major events. Robin is affected when she realizes that it is Patrick and Sabrina's wedding day.

    A few interesting tidbits may be coming that is totally unexpected, but we are talking Ron Carlivati here so you shouldn’t be so surprised. Pay attention to this week when something will be revealed that will total make you say WTF. It has do to with Robin and what I am being told is that Robin may have a sibling she doesn’t know about. Could it be Kiki as it was mention awhile back that Ava isn’t really her mother (rumor for now) and another addition to her family also and its all thanks to the crazy insane Dr Olbrect, that’s all I know for now but I was told to pay attention and remember these words.

    I am still hearing Ben is Lante’s child but before this is revealed, there will be a betrayal storyline going in Lulu and Dante’s storyline. It is being speculated that it might be Lulu and Carlos but there’s a crossover love affair between the rival families involving Lante. So take this with a grain of salt for now.

    As for Baby Connie’s story there is lots of mud-slinging and Diane is in this to help Damian and will double cross Maxie at some point. During the custody trial the judge is inclined to take Connie away from both Lulu and Maxie after an altercation in court turns particularly ugly. Rumor has it that Spinelli and Ellie win custody. Maxie has a breakdown and Lulu blames Dante. An deep insider mention that this last Friday the show had a goodbye cake for Bradford Anderson and Emily Wilson who apparently won custody and leave PC. Both are recurring so don’t be surprised if we see them sooner than later.

    Now here is something that is way way out there but again with Ron anything is possible. Julian may not be the top banana as we are led to believe. Carlos’s connection with the Rivera crime family, and his connection with Lily Corinthos just may the big story here. Is Lily still alive and is she the one behind all of the madness in Port Charles? Stranger things have happened and if this is true it won’t happen until 2014.

    YouTube, SoapTownUSA

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    Justin Bieber leans on his manager Scooter Braun with the phrase “Justin Bieber Is Not Sorry” front and center on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter‘s latest issue, out on newsstands tomorrow (November 20)!

    The 19-year-old singer opened up to the mag about getting counseling from Will Smith, Eminem reaching out to him, and how he is extending his empire out of adolescence.

    “He has to make his own decisions – and mistakes,” Scooter shared.

    Behind the Scenes pictures from the Wait For A Minute Music Video

    justinbieber #allthatmattersmusicvideo

    Sources: 1 - 2 - 3

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    This year has seen quite a few actors trying their hand behind the camera, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lake Bell and Jason Bateman releasing their feature-length directorials. Poised to join their ranks next year is William H. Macy with the Billy Crudup-starring “Rudderless,” his first feature film effort following an HBO TV movie way, way back in 1988. And now we can see the result as the first stills from the film have arrived online for your viewing pleasure.

    First announced this past spring, the indie drama follows Crudup as a grieving father who forms a band after discovering music written by his late son. Anton Yelchin, Selena Gomez, Laurence Fishburne, Felicity Huffman and Macy himself round out the cast. Here's the full synopsis:

    “Rudderless” is a musical drama about the power of a parent’s love. When a grieving father in a downward spiral stumbles across a box of his deceased son's original music, he forms a band, hoping to find peace in the wake of his tragic loss.

    more stills of other people at the source

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    Drake’s charming ways are paying off. He’s getting all of the ladies.

    Now, we all know last week, he was throwing dollar bills at a Houston strip club with Rihanna, but it seems as though Lenny Kravitz’s daughter Zoë has caught Drizzy’s eye as well. Last night, Drake was spotted arriving at Gjelina restaurant in Venice Beach with the young actress/musician for a romantic dinner date.

    According to our spies, they were seated outside on the patio where Zoë drank wine, laughed a lot and was full of smiles. Meanwhile, Drake’s bodyguard sat on the inside of the restaurant making sure no photos were taken. When dinner was over, Drake was a gentleman and waited for Zoë outside of the restroom before they exited the restaurant together.

    Photos have also emerged of Zoë hanging out on Drake’s tour bus this past weekend. According to Global Grind, Drake has been crushing on Zoë since 2011 when he tweeted:

    Zoe Kravitz on Californication…my two favorite things in the world. But she’s not a thing…she’s everything.

    1 - 2

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    It looks like the conservative media has found something new to scare the children: Oprah.

    The talk show queen made headlines last week when she told the BBC that racial progress will move forward when older generations of racists "die," and that President Obama has faced racism during his time in office.

    Most of the world moved on relatively quickly, but Oprah's comments have been re-litigated for days on Fox News and conservative radio.

    Bill O'Reilly talked about it.

    Mark Levin freaked out about it.

    "The Five" went on multiple rants.

    Our favorite thing, though, is this "Hannity" commercial, which basically makes Oprah seem like the second coming of Freddy Krueger.

    more at S O U R C E

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    One of our favorite band members was possibly sporting some trendy pink nail polish on his fingers before removing it for his ‘Where We Are’ book signing on Nov. 18. Keep reading to find out the details below!

    The ever-popular Harry Styles, 19, was photographed in London for One Direction‘s Where We Are book signing with remnants of what looks to be pink nail polish. Harry, who is known for being a true jokester, was allegedly trying to hide his fingers in pictures — but we couldn’t help but notice a few traces of pink. What do you think, HollywoodLifers — was Harry wearing pink nail polish? VOTE and let us know!

    Harry, who just got off his 134 day Take Me Home Tour, is on a break before him and the other members of the band release their third studio album, and start their Midnight Memories stadium tour.

    The ultra popular band member was photographed with what appears to be the remainder of pink nails. Now we all know the boys need some pampering after such a long tour, but did Harry decide to go all out and get a girly manicure?

    The boys of One Direction are total jokesters and are always playing pranks on one another — could this have been a possible dare or was Harry just having a little fun? Maybe One Direction is releasing a new nail polish line and Harry was just trying out the merchandise? Either way, with pink nails or not — the sexy boy bander still looked good!


    Who cares. Nail polish party, yo!

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    Songs: My Favorite Things, Edelweiss, Maria, Do-Re-Mi.

    Carrie Underwood 'Sound of Music' Soundtrack Seeing December Release

    Sony Masterworks will release the soundtrack to NBC’s live broadcast of “The Sound of Music” on Dec. 3, two days before the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical airs.

    "The Sound of Music (Music From the NBC Television Even)t" will include studio recordings of all the musical numbers performed by the cast members in the live broadcast on Dec. 5. Carrie Underwood stars as Maria von Trapp with Audra McDonald as Mother Abbess; Stephen Moyer as Capt. Georg von Trapp, Christian Borle as Max Detweiler and Laura Benanti as Elsa Schrader.

    Source 1Source 2

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    Angel Haze first broke onto the scene last year, with her excellent mixtape Classick, which included an unabashedly raw and honest cover of Eminem's "Cleanin' Out My Closet." Haze's version detailed the harrowing story of her repeated rape and abuse when she was a child and a few weeks ago, she opened up further with a cover of Macklemore's "Same Love" where she laments about her struggles with family over her own sexuality. This January, however, she'll stop with the mixtapes and cover songs and finally release her long-awaited debut, Dirty Gold. Earlier this year, she dropped the U.K. single "Echelon (It's My Way)" and the fast-paced track features more of the lyrical fire we've come to expect from Haze at this point. Rolling Stone spoke with the 22-year-old rapper about her new album, her aspirations of becomign a coffee-shop artist and why she'll never be apart of the "rap club."

    How excited are you for Dirty Gold to come out?
    I am in Stoked City. This morning, I woke up and got a link to the final, sterling masters and I freaked out. I'm so excited because it's actually happening and that's surreal for me. Fuck, I don't even feel it completely until the day the album comes out and I just die. It'll be an overload of emotions.

    What does "dirty gold" mean anyways?
    It's how I view people in particular and, specifically, myself. Gold comes from the dirt. It's underground and you mine it and make it better. That's how I view people. You go through your dirt and your tough stuff and you deal and you get better. Once you come out of it, you're fucking worth something. That's how I saw myself in regards to the album. I looked back at where I was before I started making the album. I was obviously very dark and, when you hear this album, there's an exponential amount of growth in every single thing that I've done. And I'm only saying that because it's something that I'm very proud of.

    What's Dirty Gold's sound like?
    I think it's a melting pot of a ton of different genres. I worked with a bunch of people who were able to take what I wanted it to be and make it all very cohesive. With their help, I feel like I created my own genre.

    Your cover of "Same Love" blew up online. Did you plan to drop that poem in at the end all along?
    No, I actually did it spur of the moment. I didn't want to leave that space open at the end so, being an OCD freak, I just decided to write a poem then and there.

    That's crazy. You realize that, right?
    The first few lines actually come from an Andrea Gibson poem called "Andrew" and then, afterwards, I said, "Let's keep going. Why not?" So I freestyled it and it came out pretty cool.

    You have to start reading your YouTube comments.
    I can't read my YouTube comments because every other one is like, "I hate this bitch." [Laughs.]

    Being from Detroit, when did you first hear about Eminem?
    I didn't hear about Eminem until I was around fourteen when 8 Mile was out on VHS or something. It was insane. I was like, "Who is this guy?" At first I thought he was really, really hot and I used to watch the movie over and over. I still know all of his freestyle rap verses from that movie. I'm a little embarrassed about that, but who cares. Once I learned about that, all of my knowledge of music came from remembering it from movies. Soundtracks saved my life.

    Was moving to Brooklyn a huge culture shock?
    Yes! It's like the most interesting amalgamation of things in life. I sat there saying, "Woah. There's bluegrass. There's country. There's jazz. There's rock. There's pop. There's pop rock. There's alternative-rock. There's alternative-rap. There's goth-rap. There's punk-rap!" There's all this shit, so where do you start? I had no clue and I didn't know how to go back. I didn't understand the Biggies and the Tupacs.

    You had no basis of knowledge for that.
    Yeah, I had none. I still didn't until like last week. One of my DJ friends came over to my house and she loaded up all of this music on my laptop and said, "You have to listen to Gang Starr, De La Soul, Wu-Tang Clan." I was like, "Woah, woah, woah. What's the significance?" So she opened up all their Wikipedia pages as well and told me, "Read about them. Learn about them. Know this. This is your hip-hop lesson." It still effects me to this day because I got more interested in developing my own influence and being influenced in my own way rather than saying, "This is my favorite rapper. I want to be just like them." I wanted to figure out the point and put it into motion on my own shit.

    Do you worry about what people will say about your lack of historical knowledge?
    I feel like I got the brunt of that right at the beginning when I signed. There were so many hip-hop articles about how, "She doesn't know anything. She doesn't deserve to be signed. She doesn't know any of the history. Who the fuck is this? She's not a hip-hop artist." To this day, I still have that stain within the hip-hop community where they don't view me as a hip-hop artist, and that's fine. I don't think I'll be any more crushed than I was when I first heard it. I'm over it now. I'm just like, "Well, that's fine. I'm still going to continue to make this fucking music and move on with my life."

    You don't feel like you need to be a part of the "club."
    No. I don't think I'm a part of any club and that's what makes everything better. To be a voice for the voiceless means to be an exclusive to everything. That's your own club.

    Have you heard from any of the people whose songs you've covered, like Eminem or Macklemore?
    Oh, yeah. Macklemore wrote me after I put out "Same Love" and he told me that he really respects it and that powerful writing is the reason they started doing what they do. I've been a Macklemore fan since the first time I heard his music, so that was amazing.

    How about Eminem?
    I know that he's heard it. I'm not interested in feedback at all.

    It wasn't written for him or anyone else.
    Yeah. I love him though. I'm just really scared to ever talk to him.

    Is Dirty Gold as raw as what's on those covers?
    Of course. I think even more so. I do this thing where I try not to impose my own point of view on other people, but I'm really excited for everyone to hear my perspective. It's not as dark as the previous music has been because I'm just past the phase of sulking in my grittiness, but it's still very lesson-bound. I reveal sides of myself that I've never shown.

    Do people feel like they can open up to you since you're so open?
    There's a song on my album called "Angels & Airwaves" that's completely derived from this guy telling me that he wanted to kill himself. He told me that he feels lost and alone in the world and nothing helps him but my music (and even sometimes that doesn't help him). He told me all these things about his life and his struggles. I took that and I turned it into a song for him on my album.

    Some people message me things like, "I really need you right now." I'll wake up in the middle of the night with a Direct Message notification from my Twitter and I'll be up all night talking to them and telling them, "It's alright. You're going to feel trapped and lost and all these things, but the most important thing to remember is that the only way out of the labyrinth is straight and fast. That is the way through. That's it."

    BONUS: Angel Covers OneRepublic's 'Counting Stars'

    Source #1, Source #2

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    Magician David Blaine had a TV special tonight on ABC called "Real or Magic". Throughout the 90-minute special, he freaked out a bunch of celebrities, including Kanye West. Below, watch Kanye pull an ice pick out of David Blaine's hand. Oh, and Woody Harrelson is there, too.


    ONTD, have you ever pulled out an ice pick in front of a multiple Grammy winner from Chicago in his 30's who has recently released the messiest video of the year?

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    In 2010, former Disney star and current X Factor judge Demi Lovato hit bottom amid reports of bipolar disorder, cutting, and drug use. Now 21, Lovato makes good use of the struggles she experienced in her new bookStaying Strong (out today), a book of daily inspirational thoughts. Lovato stopped by the EW offices to give a no-holds-barred interview about her book, Taylor Swift, and the advice she’d give Miley Cyrus.

    ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: A lot of your peers like to say, ”I’m not a role model.” But with a book of advice like this, you’re saying the opposite.
    DEMI LOVATO: I used to say that too. That was my excuse to do whatever the f— I wanted and not give a s— about what other people thought. Then I ended up going through some stuff. I realized I’m never going to escape the fact that I’m in the public eye, so I might as well do the best I can.

    You’ve been quite open about your personal struggles ever since they came to light.
    When I went to rehab, I was still on the Disney Channel — I think I might be the first person who can say that! [Laughs] It wasn’t like I could discreetly make the choice to go into treatment. My actions were very public. My manager told me, “You can decide not to talk about anything, or you can be completely honest.” Now, at night, I can rest on my pillow easy because there’s nothing I’m hiding.

    Was it scary making that decision?
    When I was in treatment, I honestly thought my career was over. But when I came out of treatment, I had more supportive fans than ever. There are lots of artists who aren’t honest — they put on a face. Nobody can relate to that face. Growing up, I needed someone in the public eye to look up to. At the time, it was starlets clubbing and getting really, really thin. That’s what I thought was cool and glamorous. But now I want to inspire that young girl who thinks she’s overweight, or too thin, or not pretty enough.

    How do the people around you help you stay on the right path?
    I have my manager, who will sit me down. He’ll tell me, “Some days I can tell you’re doing really, really well,” and other days he’s like, “What’s wrong? Something’s off. What’s going on?” There’s my day-to-day manager, and sometimes I unintentionally sound like I’m barking at her. I get into business woman mode, and I say, “THIS CANNOT HAPPEN AGAIN!” because I’m stressed, and she’s like, “That was really rude,” and I say, “I didn’t even realize that, I’m so sorry.” So I have people who’ll call me out and be like, “No, we’re not going to let you act like a little spoiled brat.” I had a lot of yes people in my life when I was really sick, and that’s what kept me sick.

    Sometimes you really need to go into business woman mode, though.
    Yes, but there’s also a way of getting your point across and not being a bitch. So I had to learn that

    You have a book deal for a real memoir. Have you started on that?
    I haven’t. I’m battling with internal thoughts on how honest I should be. Yes, I’ve been very honest, but if peoplereally knew how dark and deep my struggles got — not just with my eating disorder but with drugs and alcohol — they’d be really shocked. But I’ll most likely end up saying everything. Maybe it’ll help other people in the industry who are headed down the wrong path.

    A lot of lyrics in pop songs seem to be all about drinking and clubbing. Do you feel like it’ll hurt your music career not to put out records about those types of things?
    I don’t really care because those things don’t apply to my life at all. A good example of that is Taylor Swift. We’ve had conversations about this where I’m like, “I have so much respect for you as an artist because you don’t have to write about that stuff.” She’s like, “Well, I don’t go out.” I don’t go out to clubs and I don’t party and to me, it says more when you don’t have to do things for shock value. You’re more repsected as an artist. And that’s what I want to be, I want to be respected as an artist and not a tabloid headline.

    You and Miley Cyrus both started out on Disney but now have very different careers. What advice would you give her?
    I’m in no position to give people advice on their careers. She’s having fun and figuring out who she is, and this is the age when that happens. I think that…[long pause and a smile] she’s doing her own thing. Good for her.

    When did you have time to write?
    I fly a lot, so I had this huge stack of papers. Whenever I sit on plane, as much as I would love to sleep, I sat there writing this really deep book and exhausting myself even more, but I was so excited about it. Flight attendants would walk by and I’d have these papers everywhere and I was so unorganized and I was writing very feverishly with coffee on an airplane. I never want to slap my name on something. If I’m going to have a perfume, I’m going to be involved every step of the way. If I’m going to write a book, I’m not going to have people do the whole thing for me. Obviously I’m going to have help because I’ve never written a book before, but really, I really, really wrote that book. I have proof! You can see all of the edits. If I’m going to co-direct, I want to know what I’m doing and set up the treatments and everything. I never half-ass anything. This was something I’m very proud of for that specific reason.

    Now that you’re a published author, what do you want to do next?
    Life is so short, and I have so many dreams. I even had dreams of becoming a prosecuting attorney. I told my management I was going to law school, and they said, “When?” I was like, “Maybe when I have a baby and things slow down.” They’re like, “That doesn’t make any sense!” I want to be a director, and I want to pass bills in Congress about bullying. I really, really want to have my own talk show one day — be the next Oprah. I really do want to save the world. I know that’s kind of impossible, but I’m striving for it.

    source: ew

    buy staying strong 365 days a year!

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    LOS ANGELES – The drama surrounding Vanity Fair and Gwyneth Paltrow has been going on for a couple of months now, with no resolution.

    According to multiple reports, the Oscar-winning actress is trying to stop pals and associates from speaking to Vanity Fair, which is said to be working on a detailed expose of her past. It all began in early September with a New York Times article entitled “Harder Edge From Vanity Fair Chafes Some Big Hollywood Stars.” The Times claimed that back in May, Paltrow had asked friends not to deal with the glossy magazine and sent out an email which not only requested pals decline to comment, but recommended that they never work with the magazine again.

    "We started a story on her," the magazine’s editor-in-chief Graydon Carter later told the Times of London in October. "We have a very good writer and it'll run."

    It is now November 19, and still no story. So what gives?

    A source who has worked closely with Paltrow told us she isn’t the controlling person she has been labeled by the press throughout the ordeal.

    “Gwyneth is actually one of the very genuine few in Hollywood, she isn’t calculative but can sometimes put her foot in it without thinking it through,” said the source.

    But others have suggested the whole feud could all be a carefully constructed publicity stunt. Paltrow’s longtime publicist Stephen Huvane was listed by Business Insider last year as the most powerful Hollywood publicist and is one of the founders of the top entertainment industry firm Slate PR. Slate PR also happens to handle press and publicity for the Vanity Fair Oscar Party and the week of glamorous festivities prior to Hollywood’s night of nights.


    While a source closely connected to the magazine said it was highly doubtful that this was a stunt, other experts haven’t totally ruled it out.

    “It takes work to break through all the noise and creating tension is a way to do it,” said crisis communications expert Glenn Selig of Selig Multimedia. “Controversy helps sell magazines, but I would say this helps the magazine more than Gwyneth.”

    Unless it doesn't.

    “I’m still not sure how much is going to come from this,” an insider told FOX411. “It seems like a lot of hot air with little substance, at least so far."

    Entertainment writer Scott Huver agrees.

    “While I give Vanity Fair credit for sticking to their guns despite celebrity pressure, Gwyneth is not exactly the most pulse-quickening subject for an expose – the world’s not necessarily going to be a better place because of it,” Hubver said. “But if Paltrow’s camp did in fact make a major effort to squash it, you can be sure Graydon Carter’s not going to be the one to blink in this showdown.”

    Reps for both Paltrow and Vanity Fair did not respond to a request for comment.


    Where is this article????

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    IMP Awards shared a sales poster for Atom Egoyan’s crime thriller Devil’s Knot, which premiered last month at the Toronto Film Festival. In addition, we’ve updated this piece with a leaked trailer that was circling AFM earlier this month.

    Devil’s Knot, about the West Memphis Three killings, stars Colin Firth and Reese Witherspoon. The film, which received mostly mixed reviews at Toronto, is based on Mara Leveritt’s book “Devil’s Knot: The True Story of the West Memphis Three.”

    The film was written by Scott Derrickson (Sinister) and Paul Harris Boardman, who also produced alongside Elizabeth Fowler, Richard Saperstein, Clark Peterson and Christopher Woodrow of Worldview Entertainment.

    Image will release in 2014.

    I'm definitely interested in seeing this when it comes out. This whole story is so awful, especially since whoever actually killed those boys will never face justice.

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    Rather, "12 Years A Slave." Also, they discuss the impact on Solomon Northup's novel on "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and the undeserved recognition it has never received. It's quite interesting and a bit of a history lesson.

    Source, Video @ Hulu,

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    Villains tend to make or break shows. Whether you love to hate, hate to love, or just plain love them, they just have a special way of making our protagonists’ lives hell on Earth. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best and worst villains of the fall TV season.


    Rowan Pope, Scandal


    Anyone who watches Scandal knows Rowan Pope is one evil, sadistic motherfucker. Here’s a “short” list of grievances against him: he’s the head of a government assassin branch called B613. He gave the order to shoot down a plane with over 300 passengers in it. He’s an emotionally abusive, manipulative control freak, particularly with his daughter Olivia Pope (he nearly killed Olivia’s fiance once to force her to break off the engagement!). He also stuck Huck and Jake into The Hole and tortured them for ages, then later got a murder-addicted Huck to fall off the wagon. Most recently, he “recruited” (read: manipulated) another of Olivia’s friends into joining up with B613. And this is all within season three!

    This guy gets shit done, and as despicable a person as he is, we can’t stop watching to see what hell he’s going to rain down next.

    Headless Horseman, Sleepy Hollow


    It doesn’t get much better than a headless mercenary from the 18th century, especially when that headless mercenary turns out to be Death itself, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Besides looking pretty tricked out in his Revolutionary-era uniform and atop his pretty white red-eyed horse, the Horseman’s villainous exploits around Sleepy Hollow include going around decapitating people (cause he’s obviously got a complex about his own looks) and wielding a M16.

    In the latest episode of Sleepy Hollow, the Headless Horseman was captured by Abbie Mills, Ichabod Crane, and Captain Irving with the intent of figuring out how to stop him permanently. They called upon an undead Andy Brooks, played by John Cho, to communicate with Death. Turns out the Headless Horseman has got serious beef with Ichabod Crane… and boy is it personal.


    The Red Queen, Once Upon A Time in Wonderland


    Both the Red Queen and Jafar (what with the ridiculous Jeri curl and metaphorical mustache twirling) kind of suck. In this case, the Red Queen might just take the cake as the ultimate worst – only because we’ve got a soft spot for Sayid from Lost, aka Naveen Andrews. She’s got some of the worst outfits in the entire OUAT franchise. Isn’t it bad enough that her, er, voluminous lips are horribly distracting?

    Her backstory isn’t all that fascinating, either. The Red Queen is really a commoner named Anastasia; she and her former lover, Will Scarlett aka the Knave of Hearts, ran away to Wonderland to start a life together. Wonderland was far from the paradise that Anastasia hoped it would be, unfortunately. Circumstances eventually led to Anastasia marrying the king and taking up as the Red Queen. Yawn.

    Rumplestiltskin, Once Upon A Time


    This guy keeps popping up in every single fairy tale, from “Cinderella” and “Beauty and the Beast” to “Peter Pan”. He’s the fairy godmother who helped Cinderella get to the ball, he’s Belle’s true love, he’s the crocodile who took Captain Hook’s hand, and his father is none other than Peter Pan himself (WTF!). All these crossovers have gotten a little too tedious for us. Now it’s just expected for Rumpelstiltskin, or The Evil Queen for that matter, to be involved in every fairy tale in some form or another. We wouldn’t be surprised if Rumpelstiltskin showed up in an episode as Mrs. Doubtfire, as well.


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