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    Lindsay Lohan’s current campaign for a career comeback, which kicks off tonight with her “SNL” hosting gig, will continue with a “sexual thriller” from Kris Thykier, the producer of Madonna’s “W.E.”

    Sources say that Lohan is joining the cast of a feature project directed by Johan Renck, the Swedish music video guru who’s shot clips for the Material Girl, Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams, New Order and Chris Cornell.

    Renck has recently directed episodes of edgy hit shows including “Breaking Bad” and “The Walking Dead,” as well as fashion spots for H&M, Levi’s and Agent Provocateur.

    Lohan is already playing Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming Lifetime movie, and she’s been making the media rounds this week.

    On Thursday, the troubled starlet told “Today” host Matt Lauer, “I’ve certainly seen a lot, and I’ve grown. I’ve . . . learned how to live my life in a way that I’m happy.”

    She broke out in the Lorne Michaels-produced “Mean Girls” in 2004. Now the “SNL” creator is the first to give her another chance.


    Lindsay Lohan's taking her music career to the next level on SNL tonight -- TMZ has learned, the actress plans to SING the majority of her opening monologue on the sketch show.

    Sources tell TMZ, nothing's off the table either -- Lindsay will poke fun at all the recent mishaps in her life ... arrests, endless court dates, necklace-stealing sagas, jail, morgue duty ... the list goes on.

    But Lindsay won't be alone on stage -- we're told several cast members will join her in chorus.

    Sources tell us, Lindsay wants to show the world she doesn't take herself as seriously as people think -- and actually has a sense of humor about the legal troubles that have plagued her the last few years.

    We're told Lindsay has also extended several personal invites to famous friends to join her on the show -- and they unanimously accepted. No word yet on who the surprise guests might be.

    Bottom line ... Lindsay knows there's a lot riding on tonight's performance -- so she's determined to make it one for the ages, practicing non-stop all week long.

    Speaking of singing -- let's all take a moment to remember Lindsay's foray into pop music ...


    Lindsay Lohan 'flawless' at SNL rehearsals - article from a few days ago

    Lindsay Lohan is blowing everyone away during her rehearsals for Saturday Night Live, it is reported.

    The 25-year-old actress will host the iconic show this weekend and she had impressed her colleagues with her level of professionalism so far.

    RadarOnline reports that the Mean Girls star is enjoying her first full day of rehearsals today after going through her lines for three to four hours yesterday.

    And although Lindsay was "excited" but apprehensive about how she would be received, she has settled in well with them.

    "Lindsay had been a little nervous about how the cast and crew would treat her," a source told the site. "Lindsay arrived early for rehearsals on Tuesday, and was embraced warmly by everyone."

    "Lindsay's comedic timing is absolutely flawless. She is absolutely clear headed and looks great."

    The troubled starlet is having to now rebuild her career and image after several years hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

    But she told The Today Show's Matt Lauer in an interview airing tomorrow that she knows she has a lot of fences to mend.

    "I still need to go through the process of proving myself," Lindsay said. "You know with SNL, being on time, being you know, keeping my - can't say the word - but stuff together."

    Lindsay is also set to star as Elizabeth Taylor in a biopic about the legendary actress.



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    Here are some new photos of Katy Perry attends the Viktor & Rolf Ready-To-Wear Fall/Winter 2012 show as part of Paris Fashion Week at Espace Ephemere Tuileries on March 3, 2012 in Paris, France.

    Source (1):
    Source (2):

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    Over tomato soup on an icy night in New York’s lower east side, actor Norman Reedus is talking about road kill.

    He spares few details recounting the several dead animals he found along the highway while shooting the zombie thriller TV show The Walking Dead in Georgia. We’re huddled in the back of the narrow restaurant, Bread, which Reedus insists has the best soup in the city. The more graphic his descriptions—details of a moose he saw hit by a car—the harder it is for me to spoon down the chunky red broth.

    The depiction sounds like a scene straight out of The Walking Dead, AMC’s original series, in which the Florida-born actor plays the crossbow-wielding, zombie-crushing, squirrel-hunting hothead Daryl Dixon. With the next half of the second season premiering February 12, the hit show has garnered a cult following almost overnight, as has Reedus’ character, which was penned specifically for him. Daryl is a redneck with an unreliable temper and a tendency to think with his fists, obliterating zombies so effortlessly it could be a sport.

    “He was written very angry and just like, ‘Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you,’” Reedus explains of Daryl. In all good fiction, however, our protagonists will be multidimensional and as The Walking Dead has progressed, we’ve seen a more complex Dixon, who comes into his own as a protector to a modest group of apocalypse survivors navigating through an unfamiliar world of flesh-eating freaks. “I’m trying to play him as a virgin who was constantly put down and had to fight for everything, as someone with a huge chip on his shoulder,” he suggests of Daryl’s personality. “In television, you kind of have to plant these little seeds and hope that those trees bear fruit. So I’m constantly trying to look for little moments and make this guy evolve.”

    It’s hard to see someone as good looking as Reedus—a former Prada model—as virginal. But for two seasons now, the actor has uncannily channeled this loner zombie combatant, proving to be his most revered and strongest performance to date. In the past, he’s portrayed a hitman and Debbie Harry’s son in Six Ways to Sunday; an introverted artist in Gossip; a cocky convict in 8MM with Nicolas Cage; a chain-smoking weapon maker in Blade II; and last year he even rode a motorcycle next to Lady Gaga in her surreal music video “Judas.” It was his breakout role as the gun slinging Christian vigilante Murphy MacManus in Boondock Saints I and II, however, that put him on the map and earned him a host of ferocious fans.

    He insists he doesn’t necessarily gravitate towards violent movies, but those he’s most known for tend to spill a lot of blood—ironic, given his view of mortality. “I have a fear of death. I don’t like the idea of it at all,” Reedus elaborates. “I don’t want to get old and die. My dad died when I was younger. He had a twin brother and I saw him die, too. My mom sold coffins for a little while when I grew up. She called them ‘eternal beds.’”
    It was with his mother that Reedus jumped around a lot as a kid, living in places like Spain, England, and Japan before love led him to the West Coast. “I followed a girl that I met in Japan to L.A. But she immediately left me and got married.” He found work at a Harley Davidson shop in Venice, while pursuing a career in studio art, something he’s still passionate about. His acting career began accidentally, when someone at a party suggested he try acting.

    Offscreen, Reedus is confidently soft spoken with a slacker drawl, leaning in to talk as if revealing a secret. He’s warm, approachable, and interacts with strangers like they’re old friends. He opens doors, says excuse me and thank you, and leaves generous tips. For the most part, he avoids anything too “Hollywood,” preferring a low profile, despite a five-year marriage with Helena Christensen, which ended in 2003. “We’re very easy with each other,” he says of his relationship with the supermodel, who is the mother of his son, Mingus. Now 12, Mingus is barely able get through The Walking Dead without covering his eyes, but the show has made him popular at school. Some of the older kids recently asked, “Is your dad Daryl Dixon? We love Daryl Dixon!”

    Reedus finishes his tomato soup and we’re on to tiramisu, compliments of the house. There’s no more talk of road kill, but instead what’s upcoming. He’s just wrapped Sunlight Jr. where he’s an “asshole” in a love triangle with Matt Dillon and Naomi Watts. He also plans to fit in a horror movie before the third season of The Walking Dead, which begins shooting in April. With all the glorified gore in his onscreen worlds, I wonder what he does for fun, imagining his real life more glamorous than the celibate Daryl Dixon. “Oh, Jesus. I don’t have any fun at all. I really don’t go out that much to be honest. What do I do on a Friday night? I steal tourist’s purses. Break shit.”

    source { norman tag imo }

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    It would seem that the download record for trailers posted on Apple isn't a record that's too hard to break. It was last October when Joss Whedon's The Avengers set the high bar by logging more than 10 million downloads within the first 24 hours of the first theatrical trailer being released. That preview, however, was forced down to the number two spot just a couple months later, however, as Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises surpassed the mark by garnering 12.5 million downloads in the same amount of time. Well, now The Avengers has taken revenge.

    Walt Disney Pictures has announced that the superhero team-up film is once again the all-time download record leader thanks to the new trailer that dropped yesterday morning. According to site statistics, the new clip shattered The Dark Knight Rises' total with 13.7 million downloads in the first full day after it was released. The trailer itself was received warmly by many, including our own Katey Rich who said in her write-up, "There's far more new footage in this than I was expecting, and though it's still unclear what kind of action we'll see beyond the giant New York scene and the various Avengers squabbling amongst themselves, the goods appear to be there." The film is the culmination of five years of planning on the part of Marvel Studios, who started their film franchise in 2008 with the release of Iron Man. The film is due out on May 4th.

    I must admit that when I first watched the new Avengers trailer I wasn't immediately blown away, but after watching it multiple times it really grew on me and I realized that it actually did a great job showcasing what the movie has to offer. I also really hope that this inspires jealously on the part of Warner Bros. and they decide to release a new Batman trailer. Would it be petty? Sure. But it's us, the viewers, who would end up the winners.


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    Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown student who House Republicans wouldn’t let testify at a contraception hearing last week, a “slut” and a prostitute. “She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception,” Limbaugh said.
    The remarks drew widespread condemnation, with House Democratic Leader Nancy Polosi (D-CA), demanding that “Republican leaders in the House to condemn these vicious attacks on Ms. Fluke.”

    But on his radio show, Limbaugh showed no remorse and instead reveled in the attention. Referring to Fluke, Limbaugh demanded that women post sex tapes online if they use insurance-covered birth control:

    LIMBAUGH: So Miss Fluke, and the rest of you Feminazis, here’s the deal. If we are going to pay for your contraceptives, and thus pay for you to have sex. We want something for it. We want you post the videos online so we can all watch.

    Limbaugh also said he found the outrage over his remarks “absolutely hilarious.” He again completely misrepresented Fluke’s testimony, saying, she “went before a Congressional committee and said she’s having so much sex she’s going broke buying contraceptives and wants us to buy them.” In fact, Fluke testimony was about a friend — who is gay — and needed contraception for medical reasons, but was denied coverage by Georgetown, a Catholic university.

    He went on to say, “I will buy all of the women at Georgetown University as much Aspirin to put between their knees as they want” — a reference to Rick Santorum-backer Foster Friess’ home-spun idea of birth control.


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    It's no surprise that tickets for the largest comic book expo in the world are expected to be snatched up almost as soon as they go on sale Saturday.

    Comic-Con, which will last from July 11 through the 15th, is the year's most anticipated event for many celebrities, pop culture gurus and self-proclaimed nerds.

    For the past several years, Comic-Con's website has crashed upon opening ticket sales to the public.

    To combat any potential crashes this year, Comic-Con's organizers set up a member ID registration process. Fans were able to sign up online before Feb. 28, and then buy badges on the website March 3. They were given a date and time to buy their tickets.

    The directions came with a warning to potential ticket-holders though: 

    "If your place in line is over 40,000, it is possible that you will not get a badge. If your place in line is under 40,000, it is possible that you still may not get a badge because buyers are allowed to register up to 6 people per registration session," read an email sent to registered members.

    The new system is anything but simpler for many fans, who say the registration process has too many hoops to jump through.

    "The process for registration this year at SDCC has been beyond frustrating," said Sarah Pilat, a San Diegan planning on attending the expo this year.

    Pilat has been going to the expo since 2007, she said. She's watched the prices rise and the convention center get more and more crowded.

    "Back then, registration was $50, and I bought a 4-day badge about a month in advance."

    While Pilat is prepared to buy her tickets, she said many of her friends have dropped out. On NBC San Diego's Facebook page, several followers said they stopped going to the convention in the last few years. Others scolded the publicity of the event, worrying their long-awaited plans to buy tickets might be ruined by late-comers.

    "SDCC truly is the highlight of my year," Pilat said. "It's so much fun, but I hope it continues to be worth it going into the future."


    So who got badges?! What panels are you excited to see? The process this year was a lot smoother. Also 4-day passes are gone already according to most on their FB page. ETA: For those who didn't get passes this morning, you can try again when they sell returned passes. :)

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    When Angelina Jolie flaunted her svelte right leg in a bizarre appearance at the Oscars last weekend everyone was buzzing about her sexy pose, but Dr. Drew Pinsky would rather talk about her incredibly thin body.

    Appearing on The View Friday morning, Dr. Drew said he thinks the 36-year-old star is “malnourished.”

    “I'm tired of keeping quiet about this stuff,” Dr. Drew told the ladies on the panel.

    “When I was quiet about prescription drug use and then everybody starts dying, now I feel an obligation to speak up, she's malnourished.

    She has the stigmata of malnutrition," he said.

    The respected doctor discussed what he believes Angelina’s motivation for staying so skinny is.

    “Us Weekly reported she was doing it to make a statement about the kids in Africa that she was working with that didn't have a chance to eat," he said, but he didn’t buy that excuse.

    “I just see malnutrition for some reason there, and we shouldn't look at that as an ideal of beauty. She's a beautiful woman, but she needs to be better nourished."


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    LA Times Magazine

    Fashion Magazine Canada April 2012

    Stella Magazine February 2012

    Nylon outtakes

    plus this new unknown shoot

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    (Sorry about the bad quality.)

    [...]Joey [McIntyre] says: “One Direction are the cutest things I’ve ever seen. I didn’t know if they could break America when I heard the single but now I’ve seen them I have no doubt.

    But JLS don’t have the right look. Let’s face it, you have to be cute to be in a boyband, and for people to like your personalities.

    I was talking to James Corden the other night about The Wanted. I didn’t know they don’t dance. That loses you 10 boyband points.” [1D don't dance either, though...]


    I try to explain to him the virtues of The Wanted and JLS but all he continues to do is swoon about 1D.

    He says: “They have Sim­on Cowell behind them, right,” knowing the power which lies in the hands of The X Factor boss.

    Source 1, 2

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    BRANDY HAS REVEALED THE NAME OF HER NEW ALBUM and it follows a trend of naming albums after numbers--but, of course, Brandy trumped them all

    Brandy has announced Two Eleven as the title for her upcoming 6th studio album; numbers which represent her birthday and also, sadly, the day her idol (and good friend) Whitney Houston passed.
    Marking her first release since 2008′s Human LP (a project she was largely unhappy with) and her debut on RCA, the new long player is expected to drop this coming June. A lead single is due sometime before.

    Featuring productions from the likes of Bangladesh, Sean Garrett and Rico Love, it’s her collaboration with Frank Ocean that has most fans excited. If Brandy is able to merge her distinct vocals and style with an edgier, alt-R&B sound that Ocean can potentially provide – it’s game over. Her voice over an atmospheric production would quite literally render a lot of newcomers useless – deep and true.


    2/11 > 4 >>>>> 21 > 19

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    NEW YORK — No pressure or anything, Jordyn Wieber.

    The last two Olympic gymnastics champions warmed up with a victory at the American Cup a few months before claiming their gold medals. So, too, Mary Lou Retton.

    Now it's Wieber's turn. The reigning world champion kicks off her Olympic season Saturday at the American Cup, a chance to give everyone an early reminder that she's the one to beat this summer in London.

    "It's a message to say, 'Hey, look at me. Everybody take note. I'm in shape and you better watch out. This is just a stepping stone in my Olympic journey,'" Retton said Friday.

    Wieber already has won the American Cup twice, including an upset of then-world champion Aliya Mustafina at last year's event. But everything is magnified in an Olympic year, and the American Cup is no exception. Carly Patterson won the American Cup in 2003, but it didn't cause nearly the stir as her victory the following year. Same for Nastia Liukin, who won the meet in 2006 and then again in 2008, five months before winning gold at the Beijing Olympics.

    It's not by accident that USA Gymnastics moves the event to Madison Square Garden, a flip or two from the bright lights of Broadway, every Olympic year.

    "I knew Mary Lou had won it going into her Olympic year, and I knew how prestigious this event was," Patterson said. "You're in Madison Square Garden, and it's a packed house. It's an exciting competition to have on your resume."

    Mustafina and Russian teammate Viktoria Komova, who finished second to Wieber at worlds, aren't here, and Wieber's biggest competition Saturday likely will come from fellow American Aly Raisman, who was fourth at worlds last year. Romanian up-and-comer Larisa Iordache, who won three gold medals and six total at last year's European Youth Olympic Festival, is making her senior debut here.

    But you can bet the Russians and their coaches — and everyone else in the world, for that matter — will be scouring the internet for results and videos as soon as the meet is over.

    "It's (a chance) to make a good impression and prove to the world that, after winning the world title she is not in a relaxed mode," said Martha Karolyi, coordinator of the U.S. women's team.

    U.S. champion Danell Leyva and John Orozco headline the men's competition, which also includes Britain's Daniel Purvis. Purvis was fourth in the all-around at the world championships and last month helped Britain qualify for the London Games, the first time the British will have a full men's team at an Olympics since 1992.

    Wieber is well aware of the significance of this year's American Cup — it would be impossible not to with everyone asking her about the last two Olympic champions winning it and Retton, Patterson and Liukin making the rounds Friday. But she's trying not to pay too much attention to that history, to say nothing of the hype that has surrounded her since she won worlds last October.

    The 16-year-old from DeWitt, Mich., who turned pro after worlds, already has made an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," and coach John Geddert has lost track of how many interview requests he's gotten. Her list of endorsements is growing, and she's beginning to pop up on commercials. The spotlight will only grow the closer it gets to London.

    "It's been a little bit different," Wieber acknowledged. "I still feel like I have to prove myself like everybody else."

    There won't be much doubt of that after Saturday.

    This is Wieber's first meet since winning the world title, and she's spent the last six months packing even more difficulty into routines that were already among the hardest being done. She's added four-tenths of difficulty to her balance beam routine, with another three-tenths to be added in the coming months, and increased the start value of her floor routine by two-tenths.

    Considering Wieber and Komova were separated by just .033 points at worlds in Tokyo, those additions might well make the difference between gold and a less-desirous medal in London.

    "If that girl stays healthy through the Olympic Games, she's the one to beat. Truly," Retton said. "She's the whole package. She's got the explosiveness, she's got the flexibility and she's getting the confidence.

    "There is a lot of pressure," Retton added. "But as an athlete, that's what we thrive on."

    And Wieber can't wait for it to begin.

    "It's really exciting to be here in New York," she said. "I'm definitely excited for the next few months."

    VT - Gabrielle Douglas - USA - Amanar (very small hop). Score: 15.866
    VT - Rebecca Tunney - GBR - Yurchenko full (small hop). Score: 13.866
    VT - Victoria Moors - CAN - Yurchenko double (big side step). Score: 14.733
    VT - Georgia Simpson - AUS - Yurchenko full (small hop). Score: 14.100
    VT - Diana Chelaru - ROU - Yurchenko double (big leg separation, small hop). Score: 14.500
    VT - Larisa Iordache - ROU - Yurchenko double (hop back). Score: 14.866
    VT - Jordyn Wieber - USA - Amanar (very small hop). Score: 16.100
    (hardest vault being done in the world)
    VT - Lisa Hill - GER - Yurchenko full (hopped straight up). Score: 14.100
    VT - Alexandra Raisman - USA - Amanar (bent knees, small hop). Score: 16.100

    UB - Gabrielle Douglas - USA - Tkatchev (huge) to pak, piked stalder, endo, piked tkatchev, double layout (hop). Score: 15.633
    UB - Georgia Simpson - AUS - Stalder, shaposh, overshoot, toe one full, tkatchev (low), double pike (hop back). Score: 13.800
    UB - Diana Chelaru - ROU - Gienger, straddled jaeger, overshoot, double layout (low, steps forward). Score: 13.200
    UB - Larisa Iordache - ROU - Toe on shaposh, piked jaeger, stalder full to tkatchev to pak, toe on full to tucked full twisting double back. Score: 14.233
    UB - Jordyn Wieber - USA - Weiler kip, weiler kip, toe on shaposh, struggle on pirouette, toe on full to tkatchev (low), double layout (stuck). Score: 14.833
    UB - Lisa Hill - GER - Toe on shaposh, free hip full, gienger, toe on full, overshoot, straddled jaeger, full twisting double back. Score: 14.233
    UB - Alexandra Raisman - USA - Toe on full, toe on shaposh, overshoot, straddled jaeger, stalder full to tkatchev (bent knees), double front (hop back). Score: 14.333
    UB - Rebecca Tunney - GBR - Stalder, blind change to jaeger, toe on piked tkatchev to pak salto, shaposh, overshoot, full twisting double back (chest down, step forward). Score: 13.900
    UB - Victoria Moors - CAN - Toe on, toe on shaposh 1/2, extra swing on pirouette, straddled jaeger, overshoot, toe on front full dismount. Score: 13.033

    BB - Gabrielle Douglas - USA - Front aerial, back hand lay step, standing full (wobble), switch leap back pike, switch half (wobble) missed connection to back tuck, punch front, switch ring, bhbh double pike (step). Score: 14.800
    BB - Larisa Iordache - ROU - Back hand tuck full, double turn, switch leap half, front aerial, back hand back pike (wobble), switch leap back tuck, side somi, r/o back hand triple full (steps). Score: 15.400
    BB - Jordyn Wieber - USA - Front aerial, 1 arm back hand lay step (wobble), standing full to back hand stepout, switch leap back pike, side aerial side somi, switch side, back hand back hand 5/2 (small hop). Score: 14.966
    BB - Lisa Hill - GER - Onodi (wobble), side aerial, switch leap (small wobble), back hand lay step, switch half, side somi, r/o double full. Score: 13.500
    BB - Alexandra Raisman - USA - Front tuck, back hand back lay, front pike layout step out, switch half (wobble), back pike, side aerial, switch leap back tuck, full turn leg up horizontal, r/o arabian double front (small hope). Score: 14.966
    BB - Rebecca Tunney - GBR - Switch side, front tuck, switch leap back tuck, front aerial (fall), back hand back pike (fall), full turn (wobble), side somi (fall), side aerial (wobble), r/o double pike. Score: 10.200
    BB - Victoria Moors - CAN - Switch half, side aerial (wobble), front aerial, back hand back pike (wobble), side somi, r/o double tuck (step back). Score: 13.833
    BB - Georgia Simpson - AUS - Switch half, punch front (wobble), switch leap back tuck, side aerial, full turn leg horizontal, front aerial back hand back pike (fall), back hand back hand double tuck (steps back). Score: 13.300
    BB - Diana Chelaru - ROU - Wobble on mount, punch front, switch half, front aerial switch leap back tuck, switch side (wobble), back hand back hand double tuck. Score: 14.000

    FX - Gabrielle Douglas - USA - 3/2 to triple full (small hop), arabian double front to stag jump, double turn leg horizontal, tucked full in, tucked double back to split jump. Score: 14.700
    FX - Rebecca Tunney - GBR - Whip arabian double front, 3/2 through to 5/2 to stag jump, triple turn, double tuck, double pike (step back). Score: 14/166
    FX - Victoria Moors - CAN - Double twisting double back, 3/2 through to triple, 5/2, double tuck (step forward). Score: 14.766
    FX - Diana Chelaru - ROU - Tucked full in, whip to triple twist (step back), double pike (hop), double tuck. Score: 14.400
    FX - Georgia Simpson - AUS - Tucked full in (stumble full in), double tuck (hop), double pike. Score: 13.366
    FX - Larisa Iordache - ROU - Whip to triple twist stag jump, piked full in, 5/2 punch front punch front, double tuck. Score: 14.833
    FX - Jordyn Wieber - USA - Double twisting double back, 3/2 through to triple twist (step forward), 5/2 to split jump, double pike. Score: 15.133
    FX - Alexandra Raisman - USA - 3/2 to arabian double front punch layout, piked arabian double front to split jump, triple twist, double pike. Score: 15.433
    FX - Lisa Hill - GER - Double pike, 3/2 to punch layout, front hand front full, double tuck. Score: 13.766

    Unofficial Gold: Gabby Douglas
    Gold: Jordyn Wieber
    Silver: Aly Raisman
    Bronze: Larisa Iordache (Romania)

    Real star of the show. Not actually competing, just bending the rules and training to get comfortable in a big competition. Not on the scoreboard, but being scored and beating everyone. Gabby Douglas. (via usagym: "61.299 for Gabby Douglas today. That would have won any of the last three world championships. And she’s only an alternate here at the American Cup!")

    Source + tumblr
    Live Stream

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    Lars Ulrich not a fan of clever release strategies "written about on 12 different blogs for six hours"

    Given that Metallica are one of the few rock acts that can still reliably sell a ton of records, the decision about who gets a piece of the band's heavy metal pie is a big one — and one the metal monsters are about to re-think. "We're free and clear of our record contract. The world's our oyster," says drummer Lars Ulrich. The band's last studio effort, 2008's Death Magnetic, was released by Warner Bros. "We can basically do whatever we want," he continues. "And we're going to start figuring that out."

    The band is even contemplating non-traditional approaches to releasing its new music. Though, as Ulrich explains it, exactly what that might entail is still far from certain. "We're writing music and we're going to be recording very soon," he says. "At some point we're going to want to share that with people that are interested in listening to it. So we gotta figure out ways we want to do that, from giving it away in cereal boxes to getting people to do handstands for it. We could come up with something wacky."

    One thing Ulrich wants to make clear, though, is that the band is not sitting around conjuring up buzzy distribution models. "This whole thing about who can come up with the coolest [release strategy] so it can be written about on 12 different blogs for six hours — I mean sure, that's all pretty cool and hip," he says, "but at the same time you have to remember we have a very global audience. We have fans in India and the U.A.E. and Russia. In a lot of these places there are still more conventional ways of getting music to people. We're not just selling Metallica music to people in Los Angeles, New York, and London. We have to think of the whole globe to try to find the right balance."

    Just like their business future, Metallica's new music is also in its beginning stages. "We're still throwing ideas around," says Ulrich. "We work in stages. Some people will write a song from beginning to end in one go. We don't do that. We'll develop, like, 10 ideas and do a couple cycles. We'll do a verse, chorus and maybe an intro, and then we'll leave them and go develop 10 other ideas. So it's a little early yet because we haven't gone back yet and started tweaking anything. Right now we're throwing ideas at the canvas and picking out great riffs."

    Much further along is the planning for the band's Orion festival, which takes place on June 23 and 24 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. "Right now we're putting the final touches on a stage that's going to host mostly thrash and punk — kind of extreme stuff," Ulrich reveals. "The whole point is to give people a chance to explore. It's not so much about, 'Okay, I’m going to park myself in front of Stage A for the next nine hours.' It becomes about continuous movement: 'I’ll go into Lars' film tent. I’ll go over to Kirk Hammett’s surf tent. I’ll check out the comedy and the thrash stage.' It’s pretty ambitious. We want to make sure it’s the best it can be."

    A comedy stage at a Metallica-curated music festival? We're there.


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    Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan has said the band have 20 songs lined up for their next album.

    The singer reckons the band will be hitting the studio in April to lay down tracks for their first LP since 2009's 'Sounds Of The Universe'.

    Gahan told Rolling Stone: We've got about 20 songs demoed and we're going to begin recording at the end of next month.
    He added: "It's a very different process from what it used to be.

    "You've got to put interesting people around you, you've got to work with people who are going to inspire you to take the songs you've written into a completely different direction, because there's nothing more boring than going to the studio and predictably knowing what is going to happen."

    Founding member Martin Gore also recently said that the band hope to have their new album finished by the end of this year.

    His VCMG side project with ex-Mode member Vince Clarke will release their debut LP 'Ssss' in the UK on March 12.


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    Hot off the heels of recent successes "We Found Love" and "Feel So Close," "Let's Go" will be the third single off of Calvin Harris' yet to be released third album!!!

    move over Guetta imo

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    Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs announced for PC

    The power of two crowned indie developer darlings have joined together to form one team, set to bring the Amnesia franchise into a new era.

    Speaking exclusively with Joystiq, Frictional Games and Dear Esther's thechineseroom have revealed their latest project, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.

    Developed by thechineseroom and produced by Frictional Games, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is planned for a debut on PC later this year. No firm date has been set, but internally the two studios hope to launch before Halloween. A recent alternate reality game has been teasing the the next Amnesia's reveal, sending fans into a frenzy.

    "It's not a direct sequel, in terms of it doesn't follow on from the story of Amnesia. It doesn't involve the same characters," Dear Esther writer Dan Pinchbeck told me. Instead, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs will be set in the same "alternate history and set in the same universe." In short, the game will look to scare your pants off.

    Set in 1899, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs follows the "wealthy industrialist" Oswald Mandus, who has returned home from "a disastrous expedition to Mexico, which has ended in tragedy." Struck by a destructive fever, Mandus is haunted by dreams of a dark machine until he mysteriously regains consciousness. Months have passed, unbeknownst to the industry tycoon, and as he emerges from his slumber the roaring engine of a mysterious machine sputters to life.

    A detailed interview with Frictional Games designer Thomas Grip and thechineseroom's Dan Pinchbeck is coming later today, delving deeper into the darkness with Amnesia's next chapter. And yes, the two discuss what A Machine for Pigs means.



    potential creepy post?

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  • 03/03/12--11:58: The Shins - Bait and Switch
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    Hilary Duff is not only working on new music for her new album, but she is also co-writing. Hilary has co written a song with Victoria Horn "LadyVMusic" for her upcoming album. Hilary has also been writing and recording for her new album since January. There is no date set for her new album, but one of her producer's Matt Squire hinted we will be hearing new music from her this year.


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  • 03/03/12--12:22: FRIDAY BOX OFFICE

  • Daily chart from The Numbers

    Tomatometer from Rotten Tomatoes

    How was your Friday night, ONTD?

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    Happy Saturday you guys , I hope all is well and you are all enjoying the weekend so far.

    This post is a follow up to this one, A couple of people asked if I could make a part 2 so I decided to do it.  Special thanks to all of the people who helped out ;)

    Shall we begin?

    Bianca Montgomery
    Were you all aware that this character was played by 7 different actresses? Eden Reigel set the bar really high when she portrayed  the lesbian daughter of Erica Kane. After Reigel's official departure in 2010 ABC hired a dollar tree doppleganger Christina Bennett Lind to fill in.

    BUT!!!! Did you know that the third actress to portray Bianca was one of the plastics? That's right Lacey Chambert portrayed Bianca Montgomery at one point.

    Carly Corinthos
    When the little troublemaker Carly came to Port Charles to make Bobbie Spencer's life a living hell , ex VR Troopers star Sarah Brown originated the role and went on to win a Daytime Emmy.

    After Sarah quit she was replaced by Tamara Braun who started off as a wannabe but eventually became an HBIC in her own right.
    Sadly Tamara quit the show and the people in charge of the casting were doing some kind of drugs because they allowed this to happen.

    O_O we soap fans like to pretend that this stranger bitch version of Carly never existed , Though I do feel bad because the fans were awful to her. Laura Wright is now in control of things .... and winning Emmys like a boss!!!

    But we cannot forget Sarah Brown's return to the show , this time as Claudia Zacchara who is now dead. It was revealed that she has a son (whom we all thought was her brother) who in reality is maybe like 6 years younger than her ( I am not kidding lol ).

    Victoria Lord/Buchanan
    We all know Erika Slezak as Vicki Buchanan don't we? To Soap fans she is the only actress that really matters .
    When the series began in 1968 the role was originated by Gillian Spencer....but we don't care because Erika is the boss!!!


    Years before that mockery of an X-men film was released and January Jones was chosen to play a basic ass Emma Frost
    Queen Finola Hughes also known as Anna Devane portrayed White Queen in the made for tv movie Generation X. YOU MAD? So what if she had on an outfit from WEEKEND , doesn't change the fact that she is the superior White Queen.

    Ready for a mindfuck...or two?

    Willow Rosenberg
    No that is not Tai Fraiser looking rough during a visit to Sunnydale, that is actress Riff Regan who was the first actress to take a shot at Willow Rosenberg. She sucked and was replaced by the lovely ginger Alyson Hannigan.

    *Bonus* Sarah Michelle Gellar was originally cast as Cordellia but she got the lead as Buffy and Charisma Carpentar won the role of Cordellia ( thank you [info]hotfuss )

    Jensen Ackles as Sam Winchester? Lol Que?
    Because she summed it up perfectly I will quote our resident Supernatural expert [info]vehiclesshockme on this one

    Back when they were casting Supernatural, Jensen Ackles auditioned for - and was offered - the part of Sam Winchester. Later after meeting Jared they turned around and offered Jensen the part of Dean instead. Ultimately convincing him by saying wouldn't he rather be Han Solo than Luke Skywalker?

    Coincidentally, Jared Padalecki auditioned for Jason Teagues on Smallville but didn't get the part because they didn't want someone that was taller than Tom Welling. Jason Teagues ended up being played by Jensen Ackles.

    I cannot imagine Jensen Ackles playing Sam .... it's just....WRONG!!!

    Tara Thornton
    No that is not Rutina Hilton (the jahunkafied version of Rutina Wesley) , that is actress Brook Kerr who portrayed Tara in the True Blood pilot. She was replaced by the queen for unknown reasons.

    I was not aware of this until [info]superdogbiter mentioned it to me O_O
    But yeah … err …. Stuart Townsend won the role of Aragorn/Strider in "The Lord of The Rings".
    After months of training and rehearsing Stuart was let go and the role was given to Viggo Mortensen.

    The Little Mermaid was in developement since the 1930s

    The film that started The Disney Renaissance premiered in 1989 but the idea was originally pitched in the 1930. Ariel was not a red head originally but that would all change when Disney decided to move forward with the project. The film was a major challenge for Disney because the team went to great lengths to put the film together . The Little Mermaid went on to be a major success and change the game as far as 2D animation is concerned.
    ( Don Bluth you tried it )

    Mozenrath ... Aladdin's brother?
    Anyone familiar with the Aladdin television series knows obviously remembers the GQMF Mozenrath.
    Apparently he was supposed to be featured in third film "Aladdin and The King of Thieves " as Al's brother (which would explain the resemblance) but they put emphasis on Aladdin's father instead. Who cares though, he is still flawless and he needs to be featured in Kingdom Hearts to be honest :D :D
    The late Jonathan Brandis did the voicework for Mozenrath , may he rest in peace.

    The Lion King or The Lying King?
    LAWDT Were we go, I am sure most people are familiar with the Kimba/Simba controversy but I felt it was important to add.

    Disney allegedly swag jacked Osamu Tezuka's " Kimba The White Lion " series.
    There have strong similarities found in character designs and settings which led to some speculation that The Lion King was supposed to be an adaptation of Kimba The White Lion but the company refused to give up the rights.

    This early Lion King piece shows a White Lion cub

    Disney denied the claims and said that the similarities were purely coincendential. Others believe that Tezuka Productions had been paid hush money but those claims were shortly dismissed by Yoshiro Shimizu.

    We will never know for sure, while the similarities are strong this could have simply been a case of great minds thinking alike seeing as how Tezuka worked with Disney in the past. The world may never know.

    Dragon Ball
    The popular Dragon Ball franchise is based on the chinese folk tale "Journey To The West" ( atleast it was in the first series ) . The series protagonist Son Goku ( all of us westerners know him simply as Goku ) is based on the character Sun Wukong aka Monkey King which explains Akira Toriyama's early depiction of Goku where he had an anthropomorphic appearance.

    Bulma and Oolong also had different appearances in the early drafts as you can see

    Bulma looks like Taylor Swift XD

    In the end result Bulma's western appearance was scrapped, Oolong became a little short perverted pig, and Goku was given a human form although he did keep the monkey tail and the power pole.

    The character design for Son Goku from the series "Saiyuki" which is loosely based on "Journey to The West"
    is much close to the original Sun Wukong

    * SMALL BONUS!!! *

    In honor of my sis [info]trumpydoesmagic upcoming birthday I have decided to add this little piece of silly.

    Dule Hill did not play Bud on The Cosby show , that was actor Dean Richmond

    They do look just alike though , it is a funny joke in the Psych fandom. ( see [info]listenlouder icon )

    Source wikipedia + ONTD members + my crazy head

    This shit took like 10 years to put together OMG!!!

    Discuss discuss discuss!!!

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