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    U.S. prosecutors allege the son of Equatorial Guinea's dictator is a — wait for it — smooth criminal

    America's foreign diplomacy involves an untold number of moving parts that affect the lives of billions of people around the world. Just this week the U.S. government has had to deal with the eruption of violence in Egypt, a proposed boycott of the upcoming Winter Olympics over Russia's draconian anti-gay laws, and the ongoing saga of Edward Snowden— oh, and recovering one of the Swarovski crystal gloves Michael Jackson rocked on his "Bad" tour. According to the Hollywood Reporter, federal prosecutors have been embroiled in a lawsuit with Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, the son of Equatorial Guinea's dictator, in a case filed as United States of America v. One White Crystal-Covered "Bad Tour" Glove and Other Michael Jackson Memorabilia. (Really, that's what it's called.)

    The case has been in court for more than 28 months, but it faces a crucial hearing on Monday regarding whether or not the U.S. government had probable cause to seize Nguema's assets. The case could potentially be dismissed from court, which would be the second time Uncle Sam has had its claims against Nguema rejected. Owing to the amount of time the case has been in court, the lawsuit is a thick jungle of legal wonkery, but it basically boils down to this: The feds really want Michael Jackson's glove back. Oh, and they also want to stop a family that allegedly uses its own government as an ATM.
    According to the lawsuit, as quoted by THR, Nguema has "amassed over $300 million in net worth, all while earning an income of less than $100,000 per year as an unelected public official appointed by his father." U.S. authorities argue this happened amid corruption and money laundering, in a nation of rampant poverty. The question remains: Who's bad?

    Source 1, 2, 3

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    Ethan is looking good DAMN

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    With clients such as Madonna, Beyoncé, and Robert Downey Jr., makeup artist Damone Roberts perfects the art of the brow.

    Name an in-demand movie star or superstar singer and chances are Damone Roberts has powered their faces, glossed their lips, or trimmed their brows -- if not all three.

    His deft hand with makeup and eyebrow grooming has made him somewhat of a Hollywood legend. From Iron Man’s Robert Downey Jr. to music icons such as Madonna and Beyoncé, Roberts has built a multi-million dollar Beverly Hills empire out of his love of art, fashion, and all things beautiful.

    Not bad, as he likes to say, "for a little gay, black boy from Oakland."

     “I was always just this creative kid who loved beauty,’’ Roberts tells The Daily Beast. “What really did it was when I was about seven or eight years old and I saw Diana Ross on the television screen for the first time. I was so mesmerized by her beauty and by the fact that she had my skin color and was running the world in terms of dominating music and winning Oscar. I had to be in that world somehow.’’

    His father’s work as a regional manager at Nabisco caused his family to move around the country quite a bit, but by the time Roberts was a senior in high school, he’d drawn a picture of Ross that won him a full art scholarship to Rutgers University.

    “It was so great to finally be somewhere where everyone was unique and a little different," remembers Roberts. “I wasn’t the only one different. Everyone was incredibly creative in their ideas and their thoughts. I didn’t stand out as I had for most of my life and that felt good.’’

    Even today the Northern California native arrives at work in his Beverly Hills salon each morning with a full face of flawlessly applied makeup, courtesy of years as a MAC makeup artist, along with a mass of shoulder-length curls. His signature hairdo, he says, is a loving homage to his idol, Ms. Ross.

    “How can I make anyone else look fabulous if I don’t?’’ asks Roberts. “I take my craft very seriously and my clients know it. They pay well for it.’’ Indeed they do: a trip in Roberts's chair for just eyebrows in either his New York or Los Angeles salons will run you $125.00.  House calls run $300 and above.

    Roberts was busy perfecting his craft in eyebrows and makeup in the late 1990s when another eyebrow legend, Anastasia Soare, asked him to join her team. The woman behind the brows of Oprah, Sharon Stone, and Penelope Cruz already owned the most famous brow salon in Hollywood when she recruited him. "Anastasia took my skills to another level," remembers Roberts. “Before I met her eyebrows were just a part of the look I did for makeup. But Anastasia showed me that brows are frames for the face, and make such a world of difference in how a woman looks. I knew I’d found my little niche when I began to focus on making eyebrows the central part of my work.’’

    After a few years in the shadow of the Queen of Eyebrows, Roberts decided it was time for him to claim his rightful place as the Eyebrow King. In 2003, he opened the Damone Roberts Salon, just blocks from his former employer in Beverly Hills and immediately began attracting many of her high-profile clients.

    Anastasia wasn’t pleased. The Brow King and Queen’s huge falling out resulted in a story aptly titledEyebrow Wars.’’ “It didn’t end well with Anastasia but I needed to move and grow as an artist,’’ admits Roberts. “We were very close, we’d spend holidays together and now when we see each other at functions, we say hello and that’s about it."

    With names like Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Madonna filling his appointment book regularly, Roberts soon opened a New York location in 2006. "People said I couldn’t do it,’’ he recalls. “They didn’t’ see how a black man could be successful doing eyebrows in Beverly Hills.  With a store right across from Neiman Marcus no less. Thankfully, my chair is never empty.’’

    Roberts says that his technique of carefully studying each client’s facial features before he tweezes or waxes distinguishes him from others.  “Women come in with magazine photos of Madonna, Megan or Beyoncé and tell me they want to look like them,’’ says Roberts. “I tell them they’re beautiful women in their own right and need eyebrows to match their exact facial shape. Not someone else’s.’’

    With regular appearances on Oprah, Good Morning America, and TLC’s 10 Years Younger, it also wasn’t long before Roberts expertise in brow grooming was being sought by those of the male persuasion, including Channing Tatum and Robert Downey Jr. “A lot of men come in after their significant suggest it," he says. “Both Robert and Channing make their money off their faces so grooming their eyebrows just makes sense.’’

    Though he’s tended to the brows of many of the world’s most famous women and men, there are still two people he’d love to get in his chair: First Lady Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton. “I’d love to reshape the First Lady’s brows and make them a bit fuller,’’ says Roberts. “For Kate, I’d like to thin them out a bit more. They are both incredibly beautiful women but I’m always looking for what more can be done to make them even prettier and add more frosting on the cake."

    ( SOURCE )

    Well, now I know where to get my brows done if I get famous! That being said... let's go on an all-out beauty/makeup discussion party post, ONTD!

    This one's for you bb judgmental, cause I know you always deliver with the beauty posts here on ONTD. <3 ;)

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    candids aug 20 lana barrie lunch date beverly hills1

    She always makes an effort to expertly style her outfits, even when it comes to her day wear. But the same couldn't be said for Lana Del Rey's rumoured fiance Barrie-James O'Neil on Tuesday. The Glaswegian rocker looked rather scruffy as the pair went for a romantic lunch date at famed Nate 'n Al's deli in upscale Beverly Hills.

    Why Lana was super stylish in a little black knitted dress and a pair of navy blue lace-up sneakers, the Kassidy star donned a pair of ripped jeans and a flannel shirt which was unbuttoned to show off a considerable amount of his chest. His look was completed by scuffed Converse trainers and the long haired singer sported an unruly beard. Lana, however, could not have cared less about her beau's appearance and held his hand tight as the pair padded around the streets of the famous Los Angeles zip code.

    The Born To Die star accessorised her casual chic ensemble with round-rimmed sunglasses and a colourful handbag. But her most standout accessory was the large diamond ring she continues to wear on her engagement finger, which has lead to rumours that she and Barrie are set to tie the knot. Lana wore her long brunette locks out and flowing around her shoulders and applied some scarlet lipstick to her pout to complete her polished look. The couple have been in Los Angeles for several weeks now.

    At the end of last month they were spotted looking at homes for sale together with a real estate agent. In February last year it was reported that the American beauty had been dating the Kassidy singer for around six months. 'They make a very unlikely couple but they seem to work, and bounce really well off one another,’ a source told the Daily Mirror at the time.

    candids aug 20 lana barrie lunch date beverly hills2
    candids aug 20 lana barrie lunch date beverly hills3
    candids aug 20 lana barrie lunch date beverly hills4

    Earlier this month.
    candid lana barrie august 2013


    obviously aaaaaaahhhhhhhh
    As long as he's good to her <3

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    Today rapper Drake tweeted the album covers to his upcoming antipcated album "Nothing Was the Same." Originally to be released September 17th, Drake pushed back the release date by a week to September 24th.


    Serving some Notorious BIG "Ready to Die" teas tbh and I'm here for it. So excited for this album! I'm seeing him in October. Any of ya'll going to "Would You Like a Tour?"

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    Current showrunner Steven Moffat was talking with Frank Skinner and Fred MacAulay earlier this evening at the AdLib Comedy event in Edinburgh. During the session both Doctor Who and Sherlock were discussed and there was also a Q&A with the audience. Highlights below!

    What are the chances of Peter Jackson directing an episode?
    "He's serious about it. We talked at The Hobbit premiere - he just wants a Dalek. So we'll give him a Dalek and he'll direct an episode. I think he'd like to us to go to New Zealand. I think it's entirely possible."

    Rumour that JK Rowling is writing a short story for the 50th Anniversary.
    "I can't confirm that..., right now."

    A return for the Doctor's daughter, Jenny?
    "The door is open, it's entirely possible."

    Similarly, a return for Romana?
    "I have actually given no thought at all to Romana. The Time Lords are dead in my mind. They died."

    Will Peter Capaldi's Doctor have a Scottish accent?
    "I'd be very surprised if he didn't"

    On the importance of Rose Tyler.
    "When the show came back, I think it really was Billie Piper who brought it back. Those first two years, that was Billie Piper's show. It became David Tennant's show in the third year but it was all about Billie, and Billie as Rose. And Russell [T Davies, former showrunner] was clever in writing that character and casting that character so perfectly. Seriously, in the first two years, that was Billie Piper's show."

    Regarding the casting of an older actor being cast as the next Doctor (Peter Capaldi, in case you'd forgotten), Frank Skinner suggested: "I hope it will stop Steven's temptation to make it all flirty between The Doctor and the companion," to which Steven Moffat replied sarcastically, "Yeah, 'cos older blokes - they just don't ever flirt with girls, do they?" Skinner also suggested that Dorium Maldovar would be a brilliant companion. "You really do want to reduce the flirting! I love the character. We would bring him back if we had a good story for him. But he's just a head in a box, which could make it slightly limiting. [Laughs]"

    On the Sherlock Series 2 finale...
    "He cunningly avoided the pavement - that really is the only way to avoid dying. There's only a limited number of ways he can do this. He's got to interrupt his fall before he hits the pavement." Moffat also revealed that the first episode of the next series is set in November.


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    Episode 7


    "Blind Leading the Blind"

    Each team is tied together, blind-folded, and wearing shock collars. The objective is to make it through a maze as fast as possible.

    Also there's a puppy!!


    Frank & Johnny

    Diem & Aneesa


    Leroy & Ty


    Jordan & Marlon


    "Last Chance"

    Challengers from each team are divided into offence and defence and their objective is to make it past a narrow space and ring the bell before their opponent.


    Leroy & Ty

    SOURCE + My TV
    Sorry about last week! I didn't get home in time

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    But GE steps forward over LGBT rights in Russia: “We expect the IOC to uphold human rights in every aspect of the Games.” Other Olympics sponsors back the International Olympic Committee attempt to avoid conflict with Putin.

    NEW YORK CITY — As discussions about Russia’s anti-LGBT laws dominate coverage of the lead-up to the planned Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, only one corporate sponsor of the Olympics, General Electric, is pressing the International Olympic Committee publicly for action in support of human rights in response to inquiries from BuzzFeed.

    While several companies pointed to their own support for LGBT rights — including, as BuzzFeed reported Tuesday, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s— few of the Games’ key sponsors were willing to engage the IOC in any specific request for more action. Several, in fact, provided BuzzFeed with identical language backing the IOC’s current position that it has received assurances from the Russian government that the games will not be affected by the new law banning LGBT “propaganda” being shown to minors.

    A GE spokeswoman, however, told BuzzFeed: “We expect the IOC to uphold human rights in every aspect of the Games.

    BuzzFeed inquired with all 10 of the Olympic Games’ marquee sponsors, as well as several other sponsors, about their response to current questions about the anti-LGBT environment in Russia. On one end of the spectrum, the electronic company Panasonic dismissed the notion of engaging on the question of civil rights. The company “has no involvement in, and is not in a position to comment on political and social matters related to the Olympic Games or specific governments in any country or region,” Panasonic’s spokeswoman said in an email.

    A spokesperson for Adecco, a workforce solutions company, said in an e-mailed response to BuzzFeed: “We’re closely monitoring these developments, but I’m afraid we cannot offer a comment at this stage.” Neither Procter & Gamble nor Microsoft provided BuzzFeed with any response to a request for comment.

    The Olympics are big business for the sponsors, many of whom have a decades-old relationship with the Games and which provide the companies with opportunities to expand into emerging markets and improve their brand image across the globe. The political and human rights questions being raised about the Sochi Olympics raise difficult questions for companies eager to show their pro-LGBT efforts but also focused on the bottom line, with marketing budgets set sometimes years in advance.

    Several major corporations said they would defer to the International Olympic Committee. Spokespeople from Dow Chemical, Samsung, McDonald’s and Visa, for example, all provided BuzzFeed with statements that were similar to one another — down to the adjectives used, suggesting coordination among the sponsors or directly from the IOC itself — and which back the IOC’s cautious engagement.

    Dow and Visa led their statement by noting their status as “an Olympic TOP Partner,” then stated their respective companies “believe in the spirit of the Games and its unique ability to unite the world in a way that is positive and inspirational.” Samsung’s statement led off with the same sentence, but noted the Games’ ability to “engage” the world.

    McDonald’s, while noting, “There’s no room for discrimination under the Golden Arches,” reiterated the common response, with a spokeswoman telling BuzzFeed: “McDonald’s supports the spirit of the Olympic Games and its ability to unite the world in a positive and inspirational way.

    Dow and Visa went on to state, “We are engaged with the IOC on this important topic and support its recent statement that sport is a human right and the Games should be open to all, spectators, officials, media, and athletes, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.” McDonald’s spokeswoman said, “Regarding the recent Russian legislation, we support the International Olympic Committee’s belief that sport is a human right and the Olympic Games should be open to all, free of discrimination, and that applies to spectators, officials, media and athletes.” Samsung, however, was even more vague, stating only, “We support the Olympic Movement and wish as many people as possible can take part in the Olympic Games.

    The statement provided by GE was similar, but went a step further, suggesting a willingness to engage the IOC on its actions in the coming months.

    GE believes the Olympic Movement has many positive influences beyond the sports arena,” Leigh Farris, a spokeswoman for the company, said in an e-mail to BuzzFeed. “GE speaks regularly with the IOC on a variety of topics, including issues of great concern like human rights. We strongly support the IOC’s recent statement that sport is a human right and the Olympic Games should be open to all. We expect the IOC to uphold human rights in every aspect of the Games.

    GE recently sold its remaining ownership in NBC — which has the exclusive rights to broadcast the Olympics in the U.S.

    Panasonic’s full statement, provided by Gwennie Poor, an external spokeswoman for the company, was that “Panasonic has been contributing to the Olympic Games as an Official Worldwide Olympic Partner for more than 25 years, starting with the 1988 Calgary Olympic Winter Games.” She added that the company “strongly supports the Olympic Movement ideal of promoting world peace through sports” and, as noted, “has no involvement in, and is not in a position to comment on political and social matters related to the Olympic Games or specific governments in any country or region.

    Others, like McDonald’s, noted their own support for LGBT rights. Coca-Cola’s spokeswoman noted the company has been a sponsor of the Olympics since 1928, pointed to its record as “a strong supporter of the LGBT community [that has] advocated for inclusion and diversity through both our policies and practices.

    When it came to seeking action, however, Coca Cola fell back on the IOC’s previous statements, telling BuzzFeed, “We take security very seriously, as does the IOC. The IOC has received assurances from the highest level of government in Russia that the legislation will not affect those attending or taking part in the games.

    Atos, an information technology company, took a similar position, with a spokeswoman noting that it “operates and promotes diversity, and bans all forms of discrimination,” but saying as to the Olympics, “The IOC position is clear and they will continue to address this important topic, through Sochi 2014, with the governmental authorities. We are fully confident that the IOC will do the right thing.

    ( SOURCE )

    This messy fucked-up Olympic sponsorship thing dealing with Russia's even more fucked-up anti-LGBT regime, ugh. What say you, ONTD?

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  • 08/21/13--20:25: jamesfrancotv
  • James Franco announced via Instagram on Wednesday, Aug. 21, that he's adding reality TV star to his already versatile resume.

    "There's a new show on Ovation TV called James Franco Presents. Just a bunch of crazy stuff, look out for it," he says in a monotone voice.

    According to Ovation TV, the show will premiere in Nov. 2013 and will feature the "real-life adventures" of the Oscar-nominated actor, 35, and will "provide an exclusive opportunity to hear Mr. Franco’s point of view on his most-personal passion projects, most of which have not been seen by the public."

    "This is a show where content dictates form and form dictates content. It is an art show that is an art piece, meaning the show has synched with the rhythms of my life and work," Franco said in a statement.

    The This Is The End actor will both host and executive produce the project that hopes to "give viewers an extraordinary opportunity to travel across the world with him as he concocts his laboratory of creative projects."


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    Known the world over for their heartwarming stories and breathtaking animation, Studio Ghibli’s animated feature films have been capturing the hearts and minds of movie lovers young and old for years. With Kaze Tachinu currently soaring high above our heads and Kaguya Hime no Monogatari scheduled to arrive in just a few short months, the studio is showing no signs of slowing down, with both productions sure to attract whole new legions of fans.

    But did you know that Studio Ghibli’s movies are literally crawling with easter eggs, secrets and sly winks, and that many of Ghibli productions have links to popular culture the world over? Test your Ghibli knowledge and maybe even learn a thing or two with this list of 15 little-known facts about our favourite animated movies.

    My Neighbor Totoro

    2. Growing up fast

    Mei’s older sister Satsuki was originally supposed to be a fourth-grade elementary school student, but after realising that both her way of speaking and assertive behaviour made her seem much developed in years, the decision was made to make her a sixth-grader instead.

    3. Just stopping by

    Pixar producer John Lasseter and Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki have been friends for more than 30 years, first meeting when My Neighbor Totoro was still in early stages of production. For this reason, Lasseter decided to give Totoro a cameo in Toy Story 3, having him appear in the background for a few seconds during a scene taking place in human character Bonnie’s bedroom.

    Kiki’s Delivery Service

    5. It’s all in the name

    The bakery belonging to Osono-san and her closed-mouthed husband where Kiki finds accommodation has “Gütiokipänja” written in the window. A joke written by the writer of the original story, Eiko Kadono, the sign is read ”guu choki pan ya” in Japanese and is actually a reference to guuchokipa, an alternative name for the game jankenpon (or rock, paper, scissors in English) with the final word “pa” replaced by the Japanese word “pan“, which means bread. The name “Rock, Scissors, Bread Shop” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue in English though, so translating writers cleverly renamed the shop “Good Cooking Pan Bakery” which has a similar ring to the original moniker.

    6. Kanji not your strong point?

    At the close of the movie, Kiki writes a letter to her parents, mentioning her friends, or tomodachi 友達 in Japanese. Eagle-eyed viewers note, however, that Kiki has missed a stroke from the second kanji character, 達, which would result in a big fat X in kanji class at school. It’s likely that Miyazaki and his team added this mistake intentionally to show that, although Kiki has matured greatly throughout the course of the film, she is still young and has more to learn. That or she spends too much time texting friends and, like so many kids today, struggles to write kanji by hand…

    7. Careful supervision

    Miyazaki, who directed Kiki’s Delivery Service, makes a brief cameo during the climax of the film. When Kiki manages to rescue her friend Tombo from the sky, a street labourer proudly yells out “That’s my broom she used!” If you look carefully you’ll see an animated version of Miyazaki himself in the top-right corner of the frame.

    Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

    8. La, la, lalala la la…

    Nausicaä’s Theme, the haunting song featuring a child’s voice that played throughout the movie, was actually sung by the young daughter of Joe Hisaishi (real name Mamoru Fujisawa), the man behind the musical scores of nearly every Studio Ghibli movie from My Neighbor Totoro to this year’s Kaze Tachinu. Mai Fujisawa (or simply Mai 麻衣 as she’s known to her fans) grew up to become a professional singer, and even went on to sing Kokoro no Kakera, the beautiful theme tune for the Japanese version of the Level-5 and Studio Ghibli-developed video game Ni no Kuni.

    9. Monster maker turned gentleman

    The fearsome God Warrior that is prematurely awakened during the course of the film was created and animated by none other than Hideaki Anno, the man who would later write and direct the anime adaptation of Neon Genesis Evangelion. More recently, Anno returned to work with Studio Ghibli, voicing the mild-mannered lead character Jiro Horikoshi, the real-life designer of the Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter plane, in this year’s summer hit Kaze Tachinu.

    Laputa: The Castle in the Sky

    12. The fox returns

    Towards the end of the film, kitsune risu (flying fox squirrels) the like of which Princess Nausicaä keeps as a pet in her own movie, can be seen frolicking in the lush vegetation of the floating castle’s gardens. How on earth did they get up there…?

    13. Parusu!

    The terrible word from the spell of destruction that brings much of the great city tumbling down at the climax of Castle in the Sky actually means “peace” and “harmony” in Turkish. Whenever the animation is aired on Japanese TV, fans all over the country are known to simultaneously tweet the word at the exact moment Sheeta and Pazu say it.

    And two one more just for fun

    15. Why so serious?

    There is a long-standing urban legend here in Japan that the cute and fluffy giant Totoro is actually a shinigami or “death god”, only visible to children who are close to death or have already died. Many suggest that during the movie when her sandal is found in the lake, Mei has actually drowned and that Satsuki knowingly denies that it belongs to her sister, instead going off in search of Totoro and accidentally stepping into the land of the dead herself. Finally, the only reason Satsuki and Mei’s presence was noticed by their mother at the end of the story, the po-faced pundits maintain, is because she too is close to death and will not recover from her illness. Studio Ghibli has repeatedly denied these claims and last year asked once and for all for everyone to lighten up and just enjoy the film for what it is, but still the rumours persist.

    what's your favorite ghibli film? mine are totoro, kiki's delivery service, and howl's moving castle. anime post, tbh!

    more at the src

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  • 08/21/13--20:39: FREE TERESA!!!!
  • Teresa Giudice Fraud Case: Prosecutors Demand Unaired ‘Real Housewives Of N.J.’ Footage


    Teresa and Joe Giudice, the reality TV stars who were indicted on 39 counts of fraud charges in July, may have to watch footage from their own show, “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey,” in federal court, if prosecutors have their way.

    The couple, charged with committing bankruptcy fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, conspiracy to commit mail fraud, and making false statements in loan applications, appeared in court in Newark, N.J., on Wednesday and pleaded not guilty. Joe and Teresa are accused of inflating their income when they applied for loans before “The Real Housewives” first aired in 2009, and of later failing to accurately disclose their increased incomes when they filed for bankruptcy. Prosecutors also allege that they submitted false mortgage and loan applications and lied on tax returns and W2 forms,the Washington Post reported.

    Joe Giudice, who risks deportation as an Italian citizen, is also accused of failing to file tax returns between 2004 and 2008, and of using his brother’s identity to get a driver’s license. And according to the Daily News, the couple’s involvement with the Bravo reality series could work against them.

    Prosecutors are reportedly asking Bravo producers to turn over raw, unaired footage of the two taken for “The Real Housewives.” “For every hour that airs, there are more than 20 hours of unedited footage,” a source with knowledge of the situation told the publication. “They shoot for three months and end up using only the footage that fits into the story line they want to focus on.”Aside from the negative publicity the Giudices’ legal problems have brought the network, the source added that Bravo was frustrated with the request because most unused footage is put into storage and never looked at again. “The network is not happy,” the source said. “Everyone is asking if ‘Housewives’ ruined Teresa. The real question is, will Teresa ruin ‘Housewives’?”


    Concerns about the show getting canceled due to the Giudices’ legal woes have been circulating for more than a month. In July, Darren Del Sardo, a New Jersey attorney, told Fox411 that the case could likely result in many cast members being called to testify as witnesses.

    “The network could also be called as a witness to support an increase of anticipated income paid by Bravo to Teresa that was not disclosed in her bankruptcy filing,” Sardo said. “In addition, they could be asked questions regarding the Giudices' business operations that Bravo followed at the time of the filing.”

    But despite the possibility of a 50-year jail sentence, Giudice hasn’t seemed too affected by the charges. Hours after appearing in court, the 41-year-old housewife hosted a book signing for her cookbook, “Fabulicious: On The Grill.”

    The housewife has also been spotted hanging out with her family and friends at the beach this summer. On Aug. 11 and 12, she shared several photos on Instagram of her family sunbathing on the Jersey Shore.

    “We have told them to continue life as they’ve lived it,” Miles Feinstein, an attorney representing Joe Giudice, said. “They have contracts with Bravo and others, and they shouldn’t imprison themselves.”

    Melissa and Joe Gorga Sell New Jersey Mansion for $3.8 Million, Building New "Dream Home"


    Melissa and Joe Gorga are officially moving! The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars have sold their Montville Township, New Jersey mansion for the full asking price of $3.8 million.

    Us Weekly exclusivelyrevealed in May 2012 that the Gorgas had put their 2009 colonial style home on the market. The stunning property featured six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, four fireplaces and a three-car garage. At the time, Joe told Us. "We tried Montville, but it just wasn't for us. We want to go back to Franklin Lakes, which is closer to where I work, and we're looking at a couple of properties now. And that's exactly what the Bravo stars did.


    The family has purchased land in the Franklin Lakes area and will start building a new home this fall. The parents of three -- Antonia, 8, Gino, 5, and Joey, 3 -- are also making preparations for their eldest children to begin school. Until their new home is ready, the Gorgas will be renting a home in the area."I feel like this was meant to be. It happened just in time for the kids to start their first of day of school," Melissa, 34, tells Us.

    "It's going to be a lot of work designing and building the new home, but Joe is an incredible builder and I'm excited to go back to where we started our family."

    Developer Joe added, "This is what I love to do. I can't wait to begin building another dream home for my family."In addition to their move, Melissa and Joe are also celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary. Melissa tweeted Tuesday, Aug. 20, "I love you Joe Gorga. Happy Anniversary! 9 years feels like 9 days."

    Message to moderator: Yes i really did go with that Username and its fabulous!!!!!!!!!


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    During the auditions round the singer had an accident that literally floored her. All four judges had just finished listening to one of the auditions and stood up to give him a round of applause. When Belinda was about to take a seat she did not notice her chair had rolled back and missed it completely.

    What's more surprising is that Angélica María and Nacho took a couple seconds to react. Nacho looked at the crew off-camera while María extended her hand to help. As soon as Chino noticed what happened, he stood up to help the singer up off the ground.

    The little boy auditioning stood still as he was shocked the pop princess had fallen off her chair. The scene helps put into context what did not make sense during that first week of auditions. During that round, the accident was edited out, but Belinda saying she didn't want to stand up wasn't.

    This lead viewers to believe she was acting like a diva who didn't want to be agitated with getting off her seat. Now we know why.


    0 0

    She is known for her very slender and pint-sized frame.

    But Miley Cyrus was even more dwarfed as she posed with a rather statuesque and voluptuous pal on Tuesday.

    The We Can't Stop star was forced to climb three stairs in order to reach her friend's height for the Instagram happy snap. Wearing a white crop top and tiny shorts, Miley once again opted for a skin-baring ensemble. But her most standout attire was the fluffy white unicorn slippers on her feet. The fun footwear is typical of Miley's current whimsical style. She was even seen arriving at the recording studio earlier in the day wearing the cosy footwear.

    It appeared that Miley was back in the studio either recording new music or a video clip. She wrote in an accompanying caption to her social networking image: 'STAY ON YO TOES H**S! #wereback #votemiley.'The songstress, 20, also had her short blonde crop up in pigtails after she recently revealed that she is trying to grown her long mane back. In a recent interview with pal Kelly Osbourne on E!'s Fashion Police, Miley admitted that she wants her long hair back and is even making an effort to expedite the process.

    'I’m secretly tugging on it every night and taking [hair-growth vitamin supplement] Viviscal, I’m not going to lie,' she told Kelly on E!'s Fashion Police. 'But I’m going to rock it while I have it.'The singer also addressed all the attention she's been receiving for her provocative style and love of twerking, noting that it's just a natural part of her growth.'It's called puberty,' Miley said. 'Everyone's done it from the beginning of time. I'm just doing it, so you're zooming in on it and you're fascinated by it.'Miley's new album Bangerz is set to drop October 8 and features production by the likes of Mike Will and Pharrell and it could potentially show off collaborations with Big Sean, Nelly and other hip-hop stalwarts.

    how long until she gets Poetic Justice braids?

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  • 08/21/13--20:59: See Geodude in the Nude
  • The nude you've all been waiting for, ladies and gents. Rapper/homie smasher/boob-job funder/star of Love & Hip Hop Altlanta, Benzino got his nude selfie leaked.

    Prepare for total titillation.

    You're welcome.

    The Source... you get it???

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    Yes, it's true: Christina Hendricks is going to play a stripper in her next movie. We can already hear Internet fanboys and fangirls salivating all across the world at this very prospect. According to Empire Online, the Mad Men star has just joined the cast of the highly anticipated film adaptation of Gillian Flynn's thriller novel Dark Places as a stripper named Krissi Cates.

    Hendricks joins an already star-studded cast including Charlize Theron, Chloe Moretz, Corey Stoll, Rescue Me star Andrea Roth, and Nicholas Hoult. If you've never read the novel, the plot goes a little something like this: Theron plays Libby Day, a woman who accused her brother (Stoll) of killing their family when she was a little girl, even testifying in court against him. 25 years later, though, the clues don't seem as crystal-clear as they did back then, and she's forced to "reevaluate" her recollection of the events that transpired when she was younger.

    Hendricks' character, Krissi, is described as a "down-on-her-luck" stripper who "has a history of accusing Stoll's character of misdeeds, and is harbouring a secret about what really happened to the Day clan." Very suspicious indeed.

    Dark Places is still in early development, so unfortunately it'll be a while before we see it in theaters: The film is currently shooting for a September 2014 release.

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    Our alternate headline for this was Benedict Cumberbatch Cumber-bails On "Crimson Peak," but that seemed a bit ridiculous. Either way, Guillermo Del Toro is now down a man, but he has plenty of time to find a replacement, so it's probably not a project-altering departure.

    THR broke the news on this one, and while the reasons the actor has exited the picture aren't clear, it's not because of scheduling. Speculate away, but perhaps a busy awards and movie season—he's in four films that open in the next four months, "The Fifth Estate," "12 Years A Slave," "August: Osage County" and "The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug"—means that he might just want to take a breather to start the new year. Either way, the film—a gothic horror piece about a young woman and author Edith Cushing who discovers her husband isn't who she thought he was—still has a pretty great batch of actors attached in Charlie Hunnam, Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska. As for who will step in for Cumberbatch remains to be seen, but Del Toro has time and he's already shown he can attract top talent regardless.

    Until "Crimson Peak" rolls in early 2014, Del Toro will be busy on his FX series "The Strain."


    Yay! Was hoping this would happen since they announced his casting. Now I can enjoy Chastain in this movie. <3

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    It’s back to photo shoots, lunch dates and cat fights.

    That’s right. Shaunie O’Neal, ex-wife of Shaquille O’Neal, EvelynLozada, ex-wife ofAntoine Walker and Chad Ochocinco, Tami Roman, ex-wife of Kenny Anderson and Suzi Ketcham, ex-girlfriend of Michael Olowokandi are back for Season 5 of VH1′s Basketball Wives! The show is in need of a new name because the “wives” part of the moniker no longer fits.


    Nearly a month after the incident occurred, Evelyn decided it was time to take the situation into her own hands and speak to the media. Call it damage control or just the desire to contain the situation, but it’s not something she wanted to relive so early on and she dreads these interviews. “There was this perception about Evelyn, all she does is argue and fight,” she explains, but because of that reputation, people started blaming her for what had happened, which is not something any victim of domestic abuse should endure. To add the the snowball effect of one awful thing after another, Chad has remained silent throughout, and the only time he did speak about the situation, he made comments that Evelyn says “made me look worse than I already had.”


    Last season brought the drama and there was very little restraint when it came to these ladies and their interactions with one another. When Shaunie and Tami get together for the first time this season, it sounds like each of them has made some changed. While Tami says she’s showing more restraint and reeling it in, Shaunie feels the opposite and says she’s more inclined to finally speak her mind and speak up. “You’re releasing!” Tami says. “I like that.”
    Tami reveals that right now she’s alone in her life — she and her boyfriend have broken up, her mom is terminally ill, and her ex-husband is offering her no support. “For the first time, I feel like it’s just gonna be me,” she cries.

    Evelyn goes to visit her daughter, Shaniece, in L.A. — can I get a show of hands here for people who want Shaniece to be a permanent fixture in the cast?? She is hilarious. She’s probably the only person in the world who can get away with complimenting Evelyn on her healing forehead scar, and when she asks what’s new with Chad, Evelyn responds that he’s been dragging his feet to sign the divorce papers. Shaneice wonders if Chad wants to reconcile, and Evelyn thinks he probably does. “She’s really not feeling Chad these days, and that’s understandable,” Evelyn says. When Ev tells her Chad seems hopeful that they’ll get back together, Shaniece lays it out there. “I don’t really think that’s a good idea,” she says. And then she admits “I didn’t like him from the beginning. Then she says “If everyone doesn’t like this particular person, it’s for a reason.”

    “I wouldn’t say everyone,” Ev says.

    Nobody likes him,” Shaniece deadpans.

    Evelyn attempts to justify that they really did have good times together and they loved each other, but that Chad wasn’t ready for marriage, but wise Shaniece says that he’s never going to be ready, in her opinion. In the end, Shaniece tells Ev “I’m proud of you. And I’m sure there’s a lot of other women who are proud too…Starting over isn’t so bad. We’ll start over together.”


    it's about time Suzie entered the fold, and when she shows up to dinner with the ladies, she explains to them that she’s not at 100% after having two major jaw surgeries that have left her swollen, healing, and unable to fully open her mouth. That’s a problem in Suzie’s world, and she explains that she’s been celibate for ten months as a result of all of this.“Suzie being celibate for ten months is like, ‘Really, Suzie?’ ‘Cause like, you’re the one who kept the penises in your purse,” Tami laughs.

    Tami wasn’t able to attend Ev’s wedding, so she wants to know details about everything: the wedding, the “condom conversation,” all of it

    “What I need is just a little more information about Chad and Evelyn. Why not share it with the group? You shared it with Iyanla, so you might as well tell me, I’m a little closer to you than Iyanla!”

    So Evelyn breaks it down like so. “This is the thing. Dude, you mess around with f—ing birds. Let’s just keep it real. You mess around with birds that don’t have nothing to lose and are quick to put you on blast. So before a bird puts you on blast, I want you to tell me so that I know what the f— is up and I don’t get blindsided.What Shaunie wants to know is how it turned violent, and Ev says there have been times when she’s seen Chad angrier, but maybe it’s that they were in a confined space in their car, or maybe it was that Ev told him she wouldn’t stick by him if he kept this stuff up. “I don’t really have closure with it,” she says. “I feel like I need to feel comfortable about it and I just don’t.”

    Tami, surprisingly, says that she thinks people, and Chad, deserve second chances. “Sometimes people have to go through some s— to get TO some s—,” she tells Ev. She clarifies that she doesn’t believe in third and fourth chances, but that maybe Ev should “step out on faith” and hope things do work out with Chad. “Would you give your daughter that advice?” Shaunie asks. And to our surprise, Tami says yes. In fact, she thinks that it applies to any relationship, even Rihanna and Chris Brown. “Mistakes will be made,” Tami says, in every relationship. Suzie disagrees completely and thinks Ev could do a lot better (“She should never have to deal with a man doing that to her.”)

    “I felt like I was the only one at that table who felt like Tami’s advice was total bulls—,” Suzie says. Now that we’ve all heard it, it’s time for the masses to weigh in. Let us know what you think of the season premiere, Evelyn’s situation, and Tami’s advice in the comments, and tune in next week for more brand-new Basketball Wives.


      Image and video hosting by TinyPic

        Tami's "advice" was absolutely disgusting. Everyone, except Suzie was trying to persuade Evelyn to get back together with Chad. IMO a man who puts his hands on you DOES NOT LOVE YOU. Tami should know better, as a mother of two teenage daughters. At the same time, i have to say that I wasn't surprised that she thought that Chad should get another chance, being as shes someone who thinks that putting your hands on someone and being violent is a way to always solve a problem.

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    Beliebers got riled up after singer Ariana Grande posted a photo of herself getting a peck on the cheek from Justin Bieber—and that's exactly why she didn't want to post the photo in the first place.

    During an All Access interview with fans on MTV, Grande gave the audience the 411 on that whole situation, and went a little something like this: "I went to meet and greet with my grandparents, because my nonna has a massive crush on Justin Bieber, so I went and our fans...I think they trended #JustinandArianaSelfie or something like that. So I was like, 'We have to do this,' and Justin was like, ‘Yeah, let's take a picture.'"

    Ariana continued, "So, I took my phone and I went like this [gestures selfie] and I was just smiling, and he kissed me on the cheek. I didn't know what to do. I just walked out of the room. I got shy."

    However, Biebs wanted to make sure that photo was posted on the social media sites.

    "Then Scooter [Braun] came after me and was like, 'Justin says you have to post that picture.' I was like, 'I will not.' And he was like, 'He says you have to post that picture.' And I said, 'I can't,' and he asked why not and I was like 'because I don't want the drama that's going to come with it.'"

    Clearly, Ariana wasn't being irrational, but at one point, she posted the picture, anyway. "Then, Justin tweeted me, ‘Post that pic.' So, I just did it, but everyone was like, ‘Oh my gosh a kiss on the cheek. I'm like, can you not?' Come on!"

    "You're crazy and nonna says thank you, she loves you," the 20-year-old captioned the pic, which she tweeted to the "Boyfriend" crooner and then seemingly deleted. Regardless, the twitpic was quite the hit: Within three hours, it had been retweeted 27,300 times.

    After taking the snapshot down, she wrote, "Everyone, girls are allowed to be friends with guys. I'm a lady. Chill out."


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    Captain America's Hayley Atwell has been cast alongside Lily James, Helena Bonham Carter and Richard Madden for a new adaptation of Cinderella directed by Kenneth Branagh.

    Hayley Atwell may sadly have a reduced role in the Captain America film franchise from this point on, but the actress who once played Peggy Carter is getting the chance to work another Marvel Studios alum, Thor’s Kenneth Branagh, in a new adaptation of the Cinderella fairy tale.

    Atwell scooped the story to Harper’s Bazaar, when she said in an interview:

    “I am about to start filming Kenneth Branagh’s new movie, Cinderella,” Atwell writes, “playing Cinderella’s Biological mother at the beginning of the story, the embodiment of goodness and mature love.”

    Atwell, who is appearing briefly again as Peggy Carter in Marvel’s new short Agent Carter, will be joining a cast that includes Lily James as the titular princess, as well as Cate Blanchett as the stepmother, Richard Madden as Prince Charming, Stellan Skarsgard as the Grand Duke and Helena Bonham Carter as the Fairy Godmother.

    Cinderella heads to the ball in March 2015.


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