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    'I think for some of the critics, being #1 for six weeks in a row on the Billboard, people said, 'Now this is a real thing,' ' Redfoo tells MTV News.

    To say 2011 has been a big year for LMFAO is an understatement. They released their second album, Sorry for Party Rocking, in June, and from that album came the fist-pumping megahit "Party Rock Anthem." The #1 song, from the electro-pop duo of Redfoo and SkyBlu, got all music genres (and dancing hamsters) to band together for some excessive party rocking.

    "Party Rock Anthem" achieved serious success in 2011, staying at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for six straight weeks and becoming the seventh song to spend at least 25 weeks in the top 10. It also came in at the #2 for the best-selling single of the year on iTunes, topped only by Adele's "Rolling in the Deep."
    The video for "Party Rock Anthem" caused a movement all its own, showing everyone how to shuffle and garnering more than 314 million YouTube views. Now they're outdoing themselves with their latest single, "Sexy and I Know It," which has reached #1 on the iTunes chart.
    MTV News caught up with Redfoo at Z100's Jingle Ball concert on Friday, and he explained how the success of their chart-topping single has had such an impact on their career.
    "I think it just brought us into the households via the video, and it just got everybody more into dance music, because now they can shuffle, and so it was just a big thing." Redfoo said. "I think for some of the critics, being #1 for six weeks in a row on the Billboard, people said, 'Now this is a real thing.' "
    LMFAO don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. They will ring in the new year along with Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj in New York's Times Square for the 40th annual "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve."

    What did u think of LMFAO's big year? 

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    Bleach and Naruto are without a doubt two of the most popular shonen anime and manga series of the past decade. However it’s a little known fact that both series are heavily indebted to Yoshihiro Togashi, the man behind Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter. It may come as a surprise to fans of both Bleach and Naruto that they each in fact feature many of the same elements seen in Togashi’s works.

    First off I will start off by explaining why Bleach would not exist had Togashi not previously made Yu Yu Hakusho. Tite Kubo the creator of Bleach to this day refuses to confirm Yu Yu Hakusho as an influence but taking a look at it’s story is evidence enough;

    A delinquent teenager meets a young girl who gives him powers in which he is required to fight demons for beings of the afterlife, he soon encounters a man with red hair and another man with black hair who kidnap the heroes love interest. The hero then sets off to save the love interest, eventually befriending the red haired man and eventually defeating the black haired man and thus freeing his love interest.

    Soon after a powerful new enemy appears who was previously thought to be dead, with it turning out the enemy had faked his own death. The enemy then goes on the reveal that they are essentially undefeatable. With no other option but to enter in an arduous series of battles in order to grow strong enough to face this unbeatable enemy the hero as well as his friends battle and grow stronger as they fight. The hero then enters a cave with the challenge of overcoming something within themselves. After overcoming this ordeal the hero is stronger than ever and manages to defeat the supposedly unbeatable enemy. However after the characters defeats the main enemy one of them loses their powers.
    Things seem to return to normal, until humans with mysterious powers begin to appear and eventually take the hero to a bizaare house which in turn ends up being a way to train the hero. Not long after it is revealed that the next main villain is also formerly an agent of the afterlife, now causing the hero to have to eseentially face “himself”.

    That description fits both series in a nut shell. It is not to say Bleach is a bad series but it clearly owes a lot to Togashi’s manga. That isn’t all though, if Togashi had not made his second series Hunter x Hunter, it’s hard to say Naruto would have ever gotten off the ground.
    Admittedly Naruto only begun it’s life following the foot steps of Hunter x Hunter and after Togashi’s hiatuses forced it to live on it’s own, Naruto did distance itself very much Hunter x Hunter. But if you take a look at the beginning of Naruto its clear Masashi Kishimoto was following Togashi’s work closely;

    The hero is a 12 year old boy whose father is a legendary Ninja/Hunter. The hero is odd, yet pure, honest and kind of heart. He aims to become a Ninja/Hunter and after gaining friends along the way must undergo an examination in order to be granted the title of Ninja/Hunter. The exams are difficult and feature different phases, such as having to run through a dangerous forest in which the heroes are stalked by a creepy villain with a bloodlust and then a tournament phase in which characters are required to fight one another.

    While the story similarities may end there, multiple other elements of Hunter x Hunter are present in the series such as a character who seeks revenge after his clan (famous for their unique eyes) is massacred, a group of criminals (which the previously mentioned creepy villain is a member of) and most of all similar abilities in characters.

    Fortunately, unlike Tite Kubo, Masashi Kishimoto openly admits he was heavily influenced by Hunter x Hunter in creating Naruto. While both series are heavily influenced by Togashi’s work that is not to say they do not both feature enough uniqueness in their own rights to make their existence worth while. It is however without a shadow of a doubt because of Togashi that both series exist today.

    Togashi laid the ground work for both series and ultimately influenced two of the most popular series of all time. So whether you are a fan of Naruto or a fan of Bleach, you should check out the works that made them possible.


    Yu Yu Hakusho remains flawfree :3
    I love Kurama almost as much as I love Trunks....almost

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    Jonjo gives Marcus a blowjob; Frankie goes berserk.

    Oh dear. So much for Frankie Cocozza turning over a new leaf. Photo agency WENN are reporting that the exiled X Factor indie boy was questioned by police last night, after a pap snapper was kicked and had his finger broken outside the end of series party at London's DSTRKT club.

    Jonjo Kerr (remember him, he was the soldier one) was also spoken to by the law after allegedly shouting abuse at the photographer. Or none of that might've happened. We don't know, we weren't there.

    Had we been there though, we most certainly would've made a drunken nuisance out of ourselves over Sophie Habibis who, despite wearing a dress that makes it look like she's being swallowed by a massive goldfish, managed to look utterly lovely. Ah.

    Judging by the pics, winners Little Mix either weren't there or came and went too quickly for photographers to notice. But as they revealed to us in our video interview, they're teetotal so it wouldn't have been much fun. And hey, Tulisa, they're our little muffins now. (Not in that way).


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    Clint Eastwood is going the way of the Kardashians ... TMZ has learned his wife and two of his daughters are currently shooting a family reality show intended to air on the E! network.

    Sources connected to the production tell TMZ ... the show will explore what it's like to live in a family of "Hollywood royalty."  It will focus on the relationship between Clint's wife Dina Eastwood, their daughter Morgan and Clint's 18-year-old daughter Francesca ... an aspiring actress.

    We’re told 81-year-old Clint has agreed to make a couple of cameos -- but will not be a main character on the show.

    The show is being produced by reality powerhouse Bunim/Murray -- the same people who produce all of the Kardashian reality shows ... along with "The Real World" and "Bad Girls Club."


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    Kate Beckinsale (38) was seen out in Beverly Hills on Tuesday afternoon (13 December). Later that day, the actress and her husband Len Wiseman attended a dinner party at the SLS Hotel to celebrate her cover shoot for FLAUNT magazine.

    In the accompanying interview, Beckinsale spoke about raising her 12-year-old Lily, speaking Russian, her body image and living with a film director.

    Raising a tween: It's great, but at some point you have to realize that you've become deeply embarrassing to them after having been relatively cool for a while.

    Being an embarrassing parent: She's mortified. My husband and I are always like, 'Come on! We're young; we're cool.' No, we're not apparently. We're not allowed to laugh in public. We're not allowed to dance - ever. I hope [it will pass], but I'm quite enjoying it right now actually. All I have to do is laugh really loud and she's destroyed - it's like kryptonite.

    Source 1, Source 2, Source 3
    Being a working mother: It's one thing to have a three-year old on set, but then suddenly school becomes something you shouldn't miss - that's why I didn't work for the past couple of years. And, really, there wasn't anything earth-shattering I felt I couldn't live without doing. And now she's in the seventh grade!

    On speaking Russian: I did a shoot with Russian stylists the other day and they were quite surprised. I felt bad because they were talking among themselves and I didn't want them to suddenly say 'Oh, isn't she terrifying-looking in real life,' so I had to say 'I understand you!' just in case. 

    On body image: Well, I think not being 18 helps. You spend a lot of time being horrified about things when you're younger. By the time you hit 30, you've gotten to the point where you know your body and you feel comfortable with it. But by then, you're thinking 'Oh God, in a few years, is a hair going to be growing out of my chin?' It's important not to become completely obsessive, though. I think it makes you a deeply dull person.

    Having a director husband: I've only ever had two major relationships in my life [the last with Lily's father, Michael Sheen] and they've both been with people in the industry. My mother was an actor, my father was an actor, my stepfather was a director - I haven't really had a blueprint of how to make it work with a civilian. I didn't know I'd end up with a director just like my mother, though!

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    When the Lana Del Rey camp released the audio for her upcoming single "Born to Die", it came with a strange video accompaniment. It's just the opening and closing scenes of the real video, which was conceived by Lana and directed by Woodkid. The full thing features a volatile relationship with said tattooed dude, two tigers, and a lot of blood.

    her tweets

    omg stunning!!!

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    Romania's Alexandra Stan, the singer behind the worldwide smash "Mr. Saxobeat", has just filmed the music video to her new single "1.000.000", and here are the behind the scenes pics! "1.000.000" features German rapper Carlprit and is taken off Alexandra's debut album Saxobeats. The very glamorous yet urban video for "1.000.000" is a love story between two youth, and has Alexandra in some killer fashion. Check out those SHOES!!!

    Source 1, 2

    Alexandra is coming for that top 20 US hit! Get ready for it!!

    Alexandra Stan - 1.000.000 (feat. Carlprit)

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    When Lindsay Lohan missed her flight to Los Angeles from Hawaii on Tuesday - and a scheduled taping of The Ellen DeGeneres show - the program pulled a coup, booking Paris Jackson, the daughter of late pop legend Michael Jackson, in her first ever solo interview.

    After some discussion about her foray into acting, Ellen and Paris, 13, discussed her father's famous habit of disguising his children up in masks during public outings.

    Paris told Ellen that she's enjoying school and feels like she's having a normal childhood. Despite her famous family, Paris said she wasn't recognized by her classmates, which gives her "a chance to be normal."

    “They didn’t know who you were because you used to wear masks all the time," Ellen remarked. "When you would wear the masks do you remember thinking, because obviously your dad did that to protect you so nobody would know who you are and you could go out and have a regular life.

    "Do you remember wearing a mask and going this is kind of weird?" Ellen asked Paris, who said, "Yeah, I’m like, 'This is stupid, why am I wearing a mask?' But, I, kind of realized the older I got, like he only tried to protect us and he’d explain that to us too."

    In another candid moment, Paris shared with Ellen the most memorable thing her late father told her.

    "He said, 'If I die tomorrow, always remember what I told you," Paris recalled. "I took his advice and I remembered everything he told me.'"

    The interview with Paris airs on Thursday's edition of Ellen. source 1 2

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    The story of Alec Baldwin's ousting from an American Airlines flight last week may qualify for frequent flyer miles once it finally runs its course.
    Following the actor's Saturday Night Live cameo over the weekend, in which he further mocked his refusal to turn off his cell phone on the tarmac, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants has formally expressed their displeasure. And they want Badwin's 30 Rock banned from in-flight entertainment.
     “The APFA has requested that American Airlines remove the show from future flights, but would be agreeable to implementing it again if, and only if, Mr. Baldwin publicly apologizes to American Airlines flight attendants," reads a statement from the group.
    And the group, which represents nearly 18,000 flight attendants from American Airlines, might not want to hold its breath for that apology.
    Baldwin has since issued a mea culpa to his fellow passengers, put out by the ordeal, but remained firm in his insistence that he'll never fly American Airlines again.
    As for the likelihood of such a ban, American Airlines' in-flight programming is dictated by what NBC-Universal offers them. 30 Rock routinely rotates in and out of availability on flights.

    La Source

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    Can you believe this? Kris Humphries is said to be ‘furious’ with Kim’s selfish act.

    Kim Kardashian‘s wedding to Kris Humphries is the gift that keeps on giving — literally. According to a report from Star magazine, Kim has cashed in a chunk of the gifts she received at a luxury boutique in Hollywood in order to buy Rolex watches for her family! “Kim had never had the gifts delivered,” an insider tells the mag. “The store was still waiting for her to give them an address.”

    The source reveals that Kim paid a visit to the boutique the week after she filed for divorce, informing them that she wouldn’t need the gifts sent to her — and Kris is said to be “furious” about the whole thing.

    “[Kris] told Kim from the beginning that he wanted her to return the wedding gifts to guests who bought them,” the source divulges. “But she totally ignored him and just went ahead and did this. He thinks it’s disgusting.”

    OK, so we know what what Kris thinks — but what do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Should Kim have returned the gifts to her guests, or was she right to do whatever she wanted with them?


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    Once again, we're taking this week to count down the best albums and songs of the year. So far our year in music coverage has included The Year in Photos, The Best of, The Worst Album Covers, and The Top Music Videos.

    50. Atlas Sound - "Mona Lisa"
    49. Katy B - "Broken Record"
    48. Kreayshawn - "Gucci Gucci"
    47. Battles [ft. Matias Aguayo] - "Ice Cream"
    46. Ty Segall - "Goodbye Bread"

    45. Drake - "Headlines"
    44. Nicolas Jaar - "Space Is Only Noise If You Can See"
    43. Panda Bear - "Last Night at the Jetty"
    42. Jay-Z & Kanye West - "Otis"
    41. Frank Ocean - "Novacane"
    40. Burial - "Street Halo"
    39. Shabazz Palaces -"Swerve... the reeping of all that is worthwhile (Noir not withstanding)"
    38. Purity Ring - "Ungirthed"
    37. A$AP Rocky - "Peso"
    36. Jamie xx -"Far Nearer"
    35. Charli XCX - "Stay Away"
    34. Cut Copy - "Need You Now"
    33. AraabMuzik - "Streetz Tonight"
    32. Cold Cave - "The Great Pan Is Dead"
    31. The Field - "Then It's White"
    30. Clams Casino - "Motivation"
    29. Jai Paul - "BTSTU (Edit)"
    28. Danny Brown - "Monopoly"
    27. The Rapture - "How Deep Is Your Love?"
    26. Beyoncé -"1+1"
    25. Soulja Boy - "Zan With That Lean"
    24. Kurt Vile -"Jesus Fever"
    23. Adele - "Rolling in the Deep"
    22. Bill Callahan - "Riding For the Feeling"
    21. Drake -"Marvins Room"
    20. Gang Gang Dance: "Glass Jar"
    19. Lana Del Rey: "Video Games"
    Lana Del Rey is an extremely unlikely indie fave, but that's OK-- it doesn't look like the rest of the world knows what to do with her, either. It's not often that you come across a breakout artist who so thoroughly disguises her own level of awareness or intent. Listening to "Video Games" for the first time, hearing those chords paired with that voice, was a true WTF moment. Literally: "What the fuck am I hearing right now? Who is this person and where did she come from?"

    Among other things, "Video Games" is Del Rey's withering critique of the dehumanizing desires and stunted emotional capacities of men, and it would be powerful enough even if she were just momentarily putting on the guise of a tragic sex kitten in order to make her point. The fact that her overarching persona is more or less inextricable from that cartoonish bombshell, however, adds another fascinating, unnerving layer to the performance. The song's net effect was a mixture of that opening sense of mystery tempered with what we learned (or didn't learn) about a woman once known as Lizzy Grant. As a song, it should be too over-the-top to work-- the stereotypical tastefulness of the music, the breathiness of Del Rey's vocals, the utter sadness and desperation so blatantly present in the lyrics. But it clicks because she never winks, not even when the tape stops rolling and the cameras are turned off. --Josh Love
    18. St. Vincent: "Cruel"
    17. Oneohtrix Point Never: "Replica"
    16. Tyler, the Creator: "Yonkers"
    15. The Weeknd: "The Morning"
    14. Girls: "Vomit"
    13. tUnE-yArDs: "Bizness"
    12. Jay-Z / Kanye West: "Niggas in Paris"
    11. James Blake: "The Wilhelm Scream"
    10. DJ Khaled [ft. Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne]: "I'm on One"

    It was the year's most ubiquitous mixtape beat, dominating radio and bringing together three of hip-hop's biggest stars. The instrumental, with producer 40's atmospheric texture wedded to a memorable, addictive, slashing melodic loop, is a masterpiece of subtle confidence and understated strength that sustains through implied gesture rather than obvious show of skill. It frames some of the more evocative lyrics of the year, the best of which come from Rick Ross' middle verse, from the purple flowers burning his chest to his supremely over-the-top sexual conquests in London. But it's Drake's chorus that really gives the song its power and spurs its hedonistic internal logic. As the beat's melancholy drifts along, the 25-year-old rapper mixes his past, present, and future into a heady brew: "I don't really give a fuck, and my excuse is that I'm young/ And I'm only getting older, somebody should have told you...." --David Drake
    09. Azealia Banks: "212"

    It's quite an achievement at this stage in the game to get noticed via dirty talk, but the first time you hear "212" that's what sticks with you. Azealia Banks' perfectly timed, sweet-voiced threat as the track drops out ("Imma ruin you, cunt") is the song's hotline to virality, its VIP pass to buzz.

    So she's an internet novelty? Hardly. "212" works because its popcraft and its shock tactics are each other's Trojan horses-- concentrate on one and the other sneaks up on you. One reason "ruin you, cunt" feels like such a payoff is that Banks spends an entire verse of quick, unshowy rapping setting up its run of vowels. Banks uses the peaks, breakdowns, and drop-outs of Lazy Jay's bouncy "Float My Boat" to give her Minaj-style vocal-shifts some context: from sassy and chatty during the build ups to cartoon rage as the synths rear up around her at the song's end. If it were judged only on its visceral thrill, "212" would still be one of 2011's best, an unashamed banger in a mostly mid-tempo year. But the more you dig into the song, the more you can hear details and decisions that suggest a scary degree of pop talent. --Tom Ewing

    08. Cass McCombs: "County Line"

    07. Beyoncé: "Countdown"

    The first Destiny's Child singles were broadsides backed up by joyful jitter-funk, kiss-offs aimed at bad boyfriends, lackluster lovers, and guys who just couldn't take a hint. Losers who creep around behind their trusting partners' backs, lames who flood inboxes with unwanted advances, frauds, and misers of all stripes. Beyoncé made telling them off, crushing their egos, and sending them home to mama sound like a total blast. As recently as "Irreplaceable", an older and wiser Ms. Knowles was finding empowerment in relationships gone wrong, sounding less aggrieved than emboldened by finally laying down the law. I mean, do I even need to bring up "Single Ladies"?

    But Beyoncé's been enjoying domestic bliss for some time now, and on the evidence of "Countdown", Jay-Z has yet to get on her bad side. If anything, his devotion has ignited Queen B's most delirious hymn to being head-over-heels since "Crazy in Love". This track is a virtuoso performance from singer and producers alike, so giddy with the thrill of having someone have your back that it can't sit still. The tempo shifts are like a smitten lover trying to calm herself down only to start babbling about how awesome everything is all over again a moment later. "Countdown" can't stop spinning out new musical ideas every few seconds because maybe this zinging synth riff or this crazy orchestral percussion crescendo will help you catch the feeling, too. Beyoncé cycles breathlessly through every vocal trick at her command, from church choir ululating to fierce fast-rap, and somehow it's both overwhelming and infectious, coming off like the most emotionally affecting sound effects record ever recorded. Sure, we've all been in love. But it's doubtful we've ever sounded this damn excited about it. --Jess Harvell

    06. Destroyer: "Kaputt"

    05. Real Estate: "It's Real"

    04. Nicki Minaj: "Super Bass"

    Nicki Minaj's sea-parting verse on Kanye West's "Monster" dared you to imagine how much more twisted the game would be on her own turf. So it was a resounding bummer when her first proper album, Pink Friday, ended up so deferential to the strictures of pop radio; tepid tracks like "Your Love" and "Right Thru Me" curbed her boundless imagination in favor of easy hits.

    Considering its ubiquity this year, it's easy to forget that the song that got Minaj back on track-- and what's become the most successful single by a female rapper since Missy Elliot's 2002 hit "Work It"-- wasn't even supposed to be a single. "Super Bass" was originally a Pink Friday bonus track and only later released as a single in the U.S. due to the demand of fans, including Taylor Swift. Unlike the softer cuts on Pink Friday, "Super Bass" reinvents the love song as something that's never mawkish but instead contagiously gleeful. The carbonated beat and Minaj's exuberant verses find the perfect alchemy of idiosyncrasy and pop appeal. The result is one of those impossible-not-to-love mega-hits-- even harder to find these days given the internet's tendency to help us all burrow into our respective niches-- that momentarily levels the ground between music critics and little girls in tutus: We're all just singing along. --Lindsay Zoladz

    03. EMA: "California"

    02. Bon Iver: "Holocene"

    I had never knowingly heard a Bon Iver song until this past summer. I hadn't avoided Justin Vernon's music; I just never sought it out. I'd read about the cabin in the woods, and that was enough to suggest that it probably wasn't for me. Then, one night in July, driving around Portland, Oregon, shuttling another load of boxes between my mom's old house and her new assisted-living home, I found myself transfixed by an unfamiliar falsetto streaming from the speakers of my rental car, faltering and fumbling, a mirror of my own emotions.

    "Holocene", the song that got me, has remained moving in the months since, in moods sunny and stoic as well as worn out and wrung dry. Beneath the surface beauty of the chiming guitars and close harmonies, far more ambivalent tensions are at play-- pedal steel sighing against muted vibraphones, weary handclaps, a quiet squall of clarinets. The rising and falling chord changes create a sense of motion that develops throughout the whole song, a tide-like ebb and flow that ends with an abrupt denouement, so swift it withholds almost as much pleasure as it yields.

    It doesn't hurt that the lyrics are vague enough to lend themselves to open-ended interpretation. ("Hulled far from the highway aisle," I read, and feel none the wiser, even after trying out various homophones.) The way they're overdubbed, consonants garbling together at the edges of Vernon's fraught falsetto, only further smudges their intelligibility. Beyond the cryptic references presumably knowable only to Vernon and his intimates, we're left with a few boldly declarative statements: "At once I knew I was not magnificent," surely a universal feeling, at least outside the 1%; and "I could see for miles, miles, miles," a tweak on an old staple from the Who, but with the drama inverted, the horizon internalized and turned back upon itself. Anyone who's ever driven late at night towards an unknown destination will recognize this stretch of road. --Philip Sherburne

    01. M83: "Midnight City"


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    As some of you may know, Darren Crisss will be replacing Daniel Radcliffe as J. Peirrepont Finch in the Broadway hit How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and he's already started some of the promotional photoshoots for the show. Below is a video of his photoshoot courtesy of H2S BWAY at YouTube.


    I'm honestly interested to see how he'll do. I have more faith in him than I have in Nick Jonas, tbh....

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    Oooo things are getting saucy on the Harry Styles and Caroline Flack front. According to reports the two alleged lovebirds are planning a cheeky little weekend away together. And it's not just going to be any old weekend away, it's going to be a "dirty" one.

    What's a weekend without a bit of filth?

    An insider told Star magazine: “Harry and Caroline can never spend any time together without being hunted down, and they really want to get to know each other without distractions. "

    They probably mean Louis Tomlinson.


    The source added: "Caroline has been working flat-out on Xtra Factor, so now that has finished she’s got a bit of time. It’s likely they will head off somewhere not too far away, like Rome or Paris. They want to go somewhere they can really escape the media for a bit.”

    We can just see them now eating macaroons by the river Seine or sharing a bowl of Spaghetti near The Spanish Steps. We hate to tell you guys but you're probably going to get followed there by the paps now. And irate One Direction fans. We've witnessed Harry's fans firsthand, they're intense.

    What do you think? Are you still finding it difficult to get your head around this relationship? Reckon a weekend away will be good for them?

    If you could go on a ~sexy mini-break with anyone ONTD, who would it be and where would you go?

    0 0


    Get More: Mob Wives (Season 2)

    In its first season, Mob Wives redefined reality television. The women on this show were not just some “housewives” looking to show off their beautiful homes, adorable pets, and perfect-on-the-outside lifestyles. No, these women were forces to be reckoned with, who came from famous families (er, “families”), and in season two, they’re about to set the bar even higher. In the supertrailer, watch as your four favorite females from Staten Island try to hold their lives down without tearing one another apart (or stepping on each other’s necks), and meet the newest addition to the show, Ramona Rizzo, who might just stir the pot even more. The new season begins on January 1st. Might I suggest as a new year’s resolution that these ladies watch their backs?

    NEW SEASON | JAN 1 @ 8/9c on VH1
    SOURCE: Vh1


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    Crazy story: In 2006, housing officials broke into a north London flat only to discover the body of a young woman surrounded by a pile of half-wrapped Christmas presents, her television set still flickering away. Joyce Vincent was her name, and she had been dead for a long time. Like a really long time. Those presents? They were for Christmas 2003.

    Here’s the thing: She didn’t fit the profile of the kind of person who might die alone. She wasn’t old. She wasn’t a recluse. She wasn’t a junkie. The mystery of how a 38-year-old woman who once hobnobbed with celebrities and had a high-powered job at Ernst & Young wound up dead and forgotten is the subject of a new movie, Dreams of a Life, by Carol Morley.

    Given how much of our lives today are spent online, it seems unlikely that Joyce Vincent is the first, or the last, to die like this.  :(  Maybe Bridget Jones was right to fear dying alone and being eaten by wild dogs...


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  • 12/14/11--14:42: lohan post.
  • Exemplary citizen (officially!!) Lindsay Lohan is spotted leaving the Staples Center with her sister Ali Lohan after seeing Jay-Z in concert, Los Angeles.

    pose that pose!!!!!!

    lol mods THIS IS MY SOURCE. wow rn mods!!! bless <3

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    Off their yet-to-be-titled 2012 Album.

    Swedish pop purveyors Miike Snow had music fans of all ilk talking upon the release of their 2009 self-titled debut thanks to its myriad of irresistible electro-dance tracks, but they’ve been quiet about its follow-up until yesterday, when they premiered “Devil’s Work” on BBC’s Radio 1.

    New material from the guys maintains the wide appeal that got them noticed in the first place – indie instrumentation (that catchy piano riff and those horn and string bursts meld in seamlessly) amalgamated with clubby elements (that vocal editing is fabulously well done, and those stabs and whirls of synthesizer sneak up where you don’t expect) leads to another surefire winner. Listen up.

    Devil's Work by miikesnow

    Official singles out in JANUARY


    Reminds me a little bit of Silvia tbh, I love love love it!

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  • 12/14/11--15:03: Cici RUMOR ALERT !!!

  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Ciara has already picked the name title for her 5th studio Album!! - SIngle is going to be a "heavy based" mainstream track!

    Ciara has been recording her 5th album. Under new label "Epic" and L.A. Reid on her team, who already set up writing camp for her, CiCi ain't playin'! Producers/writers who are on the album so far: Kevin McCall, HitBoy, Soundz, Johnta Austin, Cri$tyle, Harvey Mason, Jr., Bangladesh & Diane Warren. 2012 - it's Ciara time!

    Thanks Mods!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Singer and songwriter, Jeremih, hit the studio earlier this month to craft a masterpiece which he said would be featured on either his or Ciara’s upcoming album. The ‘Birthday Sex’ singer, known for his very sensual and bass-strong tunes, also stated that his third studio album is set to be released in June 2012. Looks like we’re in for an R&B treat! (Forward to 3:30 in the video below)

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    A Madonna interview to promote her movie W.E. has leaked today.


    It's really interesting what they have to say about it and clears up some misconceptions on what the plot of the movie is


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