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    The Sherlock actor was photographed holding a sign while filming the show’s third season in Cardiff, Wales.


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    MOSCOW -- The Swedish high jumper who painted her fingernails in rainbow colors to support gay rights at the world championships took the field Saturday with bright red nail polish this time.

    Emma Green Tregaro had been told by Swedish officials that the rainbow gesture, which brought international attention as a protest against Russia's new law against gay "propaganda," could be a violation of the competition's code of conduct.

    "It was harder to not paint them in the rainbow than it was to choose to paint them," Green Tregaro said Saturday. "I'm surprised by the big reactions, but I'm happy about the big reaction because it's mostly been very positive."

    The 28-year-old Green Tregaro won the bronze medal at the 2005 world championships, but she finished fifth Saturday at Luzhniki Stadium.

    She said the Swedish track and field federation asked her to "please respect the rules" and change the color of her nails.

    "So I decided to paint them red instead, for love," Green Tregaro said.

    Green Tregaro's gesture Thursday was a quiet criticism of a Russian law that bans so-called propaganda supporting homosexuality to minors. Russian pole vault star Yelena Isinbayeva later said the protest showed disrespect to Russia.

    The general secretary of the Swedish federation said earlier Saturday that the IAAF, the sport's governing body, had warned them that Green Tregaro may have violated the code of conduct.

    "They were saying that this was by definition a breach of the regulations, not saying anything else, really," Anders Albertsson said. "We have informed our athletes about this."

    Green Tregaro said that Swedish officials were standing by her.

    "But I didn't want the federation to experience any consequences in any way for my choice," Green Tregaro said.

    Isinbayeva's criticism of the Swedish athlete's gesture attracted wide attention because she also said she supported Russia's law and that Russians have "normal" heterosexual relations.

    Isinbayeva said the next day she may have been misunderstood because she was speaking in English instead of her native language. She also said she is against discrimination.


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    Click on the images for a larger (readable) version.

    For the tl;dr crowd:

    • Sims will now experience different emotional states which will "unlock" different interactions/actions.

    • Moodlets are still part of the game.

    • A Sim's environment will contribute to their emotional state. (Ex. an inspirational painting in a room can cause a Sim to be more creative).

    • You can purchase furniture from an "Ikea-like catalogue".

    • A Sim can be so happy that they laugh to death.

    • There will be new creation tools for custom content.

    • New advances in group behavior-- multiple Sims can now interact together in a more natural way.

    • Players now have control over groups of Sims-- they can tell the group as a whole to do something together.

    • MULTITASKING! Sims can now do things like drink while eating, watch TV while on the treadmill, interact with other Sims while on the treadmill, etc.

    • Create-A-Sim has been totally revamped so instead of sliders, you drag and drop on the actual Sim to change how they look (ex for a Sim with a longer nose, grab his/her nose and pull it to make it longer). 

    • Sims can add hats to their outfits.

    • In Build Mode, you can now build a room, then pick it up and move it to a different spot. Blueprint mode will also be available from the start, but you will be able to tweak it by moving walls, etc.

    Source: Screenshots taken on my Nook HD+

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Ace's future best buddy has arrived!

    Less than two months after BFF Jessica Simpson had her son, CaCee Cobb has welcomed her own baby boy with husband Donald Faison, the couple's first child together.

    "Yesterday @caceecobb and I welcomed the most amazing little boy into our lives! Oh Happy Day!!" Faison tweeted Friday.

    "The happiest day of my life," Cobb added, also retweeting her hubby's sentiment.

    No other details were immediately available, including the little guy's name, so we're waiting on that for now.

    The proud parents tied the knot in December. Simpson, who attended as a bridesmaid, hadn't confirmed her own pregnancy news yet, but folks were starting to speculate.

    Once it was general knowledge that both Cobb and Simpson were expecting at the same time, however, they were free to be super-psyched for each other out in the open. Simpson threw her pal's baby shower and Faison called the pair "a good team" back in February.

    It's "great for those two" to be pregnant together, the former Scrubs star told E! News.

    While their son is Cobb's first child, this is baby No. 5 for Faison, who has three sons and a daughter from previous relationships.

    And speaking of BFFs, Zach Braff had this to offer: "Thank you @caceecobb. @donald_faison and I will take it from here. #mochaCub."


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    Do you dare to step inside the house of Margaret White?

    A new image from Carrie shows the house that Chloe Grace Moretz’ title character grew up in. It’s one of unspeakable horrors. It’s part of Sony’s new Facebook Connect experience. The Find Carrie site has launched. You connect with Facebook to have a friend act as a lookout while you explore Carrie’s House. Also, you can enter the Experience as Christine Hargensen with Billy Nolan as your lookout.

    “A reimagining of the classic horror tale about Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz), a shy girl outcast by her peers and sheltered by her deeply religious mother (Julianne Moore), who unleashes telekinetic terror on her small town after being pushed too far at her senior prom.”

    Brian De Palma’s 1976 film version of Carrie earned Oscar nominations for stars Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie.

    Kimberly Peirce’s prom night comes early this year – on October 18 to be exact.


    Creepy post? ONTD is so dead rn

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    Ashley Benson, 23, is one of our favorite beauty inspirations. The Pretty Little Liars star always looks good, whether she’s on the red carpet of just chilling behind the scenes — but we’re not sure what to think her August 15 Instagram! In the picture, Ashley is clearly wearing makeup while working out — and that’s a big beauty no-no.

    There are two sides to this beauty debacle: the ideal one and the practical one. Ideally, you should never wear makeup while you work out, and we shouldn’t even have to tell you why. As you sweat and your pores open up, the makeup can mix with grime and create a bacterial feeding ground on your face — resulting in blemishes the next day.

    However, Ashley is one busy lady. In fact, she probably went to the gym after a day of filming, so she more or less had to wear her makeup. And we get that — even we’ve rolled up to the gym without washing our faces first.


    Do you wear makeup when you work out?

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    Thanks to twitter user @kellybelle3 for recording it on her phone. Will updated the post whenever a better version pops up. :)

    'Sons of Anarchy': Kurt Sutter talks Season 6, Jax, Clay and happy endings

    When it comes to "Sons of Anarchy," creator Kurt Sutter has an end in mind. He's been very open about the fact that his story for the show will be complete after the seventh season. With the Season 6 premiere closing in fast, the time for the show's home stretch is at hand.

    However, looking back on the events of Season 5, the show's characters have never been in the middle of more turmoil and chaos. Zap2it had the chance to talk with Sutter about some of those characters, and the direction they are heading in Season 6. Be warned, the discussion contains spoilers through Season 5.

    Zap2it: In his rise to power within the club, Jax (Charlie Hunnam) has become a great example of how corrupting absolute power can be in a person. Going into Season 6, where is his story heading?
    Kurt Sutter: I think it's somewhat on that trajectory. There's a scene in episode 2 with Tara, where Jax talks about how the death of Opie is what's driving him and ultimately it's hard for him to step away now, because if he does, he sees that Opie's death was in vain. Opie set himself up, knowing where it was all going to a certain extent. And him sacrificing himself for the club, for Jax to walk away would be dishonoring his memory. That's what I'm talking about when I say the ghost of Opie is living in Jax, in at least the first half of the season, and is sort of motivating him to ... not necessarily go rogue, but perhaps pushing him down this path where he may be leaping before he looks.

    We spoke with Ron Perlman at Comic-Con about Clay in Season 6. He says playing the character has become very uncomfortable, because he isolated and no longer a part of the SAMCRO world. Does that isolation reverberate through his character?
    Yeah, you know it's interesting. Actors always sort of tend to experience what their characters are going through. When you've been part of something so long, and are so committed to it ... It's so ironic because I think a lot of what Ron is feeling, in terms of what's going on with Clay, is really what Clay is feeling. When you've been playing these characters so long, and I saw it on "The Shield" too, it's hard to distance yourself from it and not wear it. Not that they can't distinguish reality from fiction, but you just wear it for a certain amount of time. To be a sort of vital part of this environment for so long, then all of a sudden to do these things that have you exiled from it all, and now you're living this other life. It's as difficult, I think, for Ron as it is for Clay. And it's really interesting to see the impact that has on Ron. You know, it's been a difficult season for him, because Clay has had the wind taken out of him, and he's separated and has been betrayed by the woman he loves, and yet on some level knows he's responsible for that. He's on this very different, and I think really interesting, trajectory. I think, for me, it's the most honest and real we've ever seen Clay. I think it's truly more who he is as a man than anything else we've seen to date.

    When the show began, Tara (Maggie Siff) was a promising young surgeon who seemed to have her whole life ahead of her. While she now has a family, it seems everything in her life outside of the club has taken a complete nosedive.
    You know, Maggie and I have conversations about who she is and where she's going all the time. But, I gotta tell you, and I've always said this whether it was conscious or unconscious, when Tara was being pursued by Agent Kohn (Season 1), she really felt like her life was in danger, because he was a federal agent and nobody was going to believe her and nobody was going to protect her. So she came back to the one guy she knew could do it. I think when that happens, when Jax kills Kohn in episode 7, to be okay with that and for them to consummate the relationship ... Once that happens, I think it's really about "Okay, I'm in." That was a decision she made, and I felt like at that point she could not be spared the consequences of the life. She's trying to, but ultimately once she made that decision that she was part of it, she's subjected to the same circumstances as everybody else.

    You've said you have an idea for the end of the show, the final shot. Without asking for specific names, is there a happy ending at the end of this journey for anyone?
    You know, here's how I describe all this: It's a heavy world, it's a dark world but as heavy and violent as it is, I like to think that ultimately there is some sense of hope. So that it's sad and heavy, but there is always some sense of hope. Will it be a happy ending? No, but I do think that there will be something hopeful about the way it ends.

    Scoop from TVGuide + TVLine

    What can you tell me about the upcoming season of Sons of Anarchy? — Frank
    This season's major antagonist, Donal Logue's former U.S. Marshal Lee Toric, proves how formidable he can be in the premiere when he attempts to turn an incarcerated Clay against the club. (Unfortunately for Jax & Co., Clay finds Toric's offer to be plenty tempting.) Meanwhile, Tara will take a very "hands-on," do-it-yourself approach to surviving her time in the Big House. And if you think Tara being in jail is the biggest threat to her relationship with Jax, think again.

    Question: Please can you spare some scoops on Sons of Anarchy? —John
    Incarcerated Tara’s inner Pit Bull — which viewers first met last season when she went to town on Wanda De Jesus’ unhinged madam — will rear its ugly head again in the Sept. 10 season premiere. Also making a cameo in the super-sized opener: Charlie Hunnam’s naked arse.

    Title of the first 3 episodes of season 6

    6.01 - Straw
    6.02 - One One Six
    6.02 - Poenitentia (i googled it and it means something like "regret")

    SOA Q&A: Paris Barclay on Redemptive Season 6, Internal Club Strife, Impending Character Deaths

    Paris Barclay is the man behind the camera on Sons of Anarchy.

    And the director might know more about events to come on Season 6 than just about anyone not named Kurt Sutter, which is why we're so afraid by the concluding statement Barclay gave us on the red carpet of Comic-Con:

    "Everyone who starts this isn't gonna make it."

    Elsewhere in the exclusive Q&A, the director dubs this the season of "redemption" and also talks about chickens coming home to roost. Along with a dead kitten.

    omfg i love ron perlman, katey sagal, and donal logue sooooo much this promo got me exciteeed! :)

    source 1source 2source 3source 4sourcesource 5

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    Calvin Harris has revealed that girlfriend Rita Ora "doesn't really like" his music.

    The 'Sweet Nothing' DJ explained that Ora is not generally a fan of dance music.

    He told The Sun: "Rita doesn't really like dance music. She doesn't really like my music, but I like hers. We're not together for musical reasons, which is great."

    When asked about the possibility of teaming up with the 'Radioactive' singer, Harris replied: "We're trying to keep business and pleasure separate. And she's not really into the idea."

    The pair began dating earlier this year and were rumored to be appearing on stage together at this year's Virgin Media V Festival, which takes place this weekend.

    Harris made chart history earlier this month after 'Thinking About You' became his ninth Top 10 hit from his 18 Months LP.

    He is teaming up with Tiesto for a UK and Ireland tour later this year, which he insisted will be a "massive" production.

    "We're gonna make it five massive, amazing-looking nights. Everything we make from it is going to go on the production side," he said.


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    The relationship between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber has been scrutinized by the media since they became a couple. The on again, off again couple have been through a lot together, something Selena Gomez was willing to show to the world when she recorded one of her more personal songs on her new album, "Love Will Remember".

    Selena spoke to Saturday Night Online last week, talking about the process of recording the song that surprised her fans when it was released containing a voicemail from her ex, Justin, in the song. She told them "Love Will Remember" and "Forget Forever" were some of the hardest songs she's had to record.

    "Both of those are really strong tracks and very fun and emotional as well," she said, adding, "It was really liberating,"

    She also spoke to InTouch Weekly, stating, "Obviously, ‘Love Will Remember’ is a personal song to me and I don’t really need to say anything. I think my fans will get it. I think people will figure it out themselves.. I’m sure he’ll like it too."

    Obviously recording "Love Will Remember" was part of a healing process for the pop singer.

    What do you think? Do you enjoy "Love Will Remember"?


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  • 08/17/13--18:32: FRIDAY BOX OFFICE

  • Daily chart from Box Office Mojo

    Tomatometer from Rotten Tomatoes

    How was your Friday night, ONTD? Are you doing anything fun tonight or tomorrow?

    spoiler code:

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    Demi Lovato is fearless. Like fear to the less. The singer, who turns 21 next week, has absolutely no qualms about posting Instagram selfies in which she is wearing no makeup. She is a natural beauty, so of course she can get away with it.

    Her latest selfie was post-Teen Choice Awards, with her layered blonde locks tossed around her head in an effortless, “I just woke up” mess.

    Lovato also donned her black eye glasses, appearing as cute as ever. She really does look gorgeous when she goes au naturel. She is sexy when she goes glam, but we do like her when she sheds the false lashes, the smoky eye makeup and the lip gloss in favor of a little down-to-earth Demi.

    We won’t count those glittery, glam talons that she’s rocking, which you can see since she’s holding the camera to grab the shot. We’re speaking strictly about her makeup-less face.

    Just gorgeous!


    What do you think of Demi like this? I love it when she takes no makeup selfies. She is just gorgeous without makeup.

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    Beyonce shows off her short bob haircut while performing at the 2013 V Festival held at Highlands Park on Saturday (August 17) in Chelmsford, England.

    The 31-year-old singer was joined at the festival by Rita Ora, who proudly showed her stripes during a performance.

    “Straight out of hospital on my way to V Fest! Lets do this!!! On my way!! #Showtime!!” Rita tweeted after staying in the hospital for a bad throat and chest infection.

    Earlier in the week, Beyonce rocked longer hair after getting a short hair cut during a lunch with her husband Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy.

    still working that hairography yaas


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    Earl Sweatshirt's collaboration with Frank Ocean has leaked online ahead of the release of the Odd Future rapper's debut album 'Doris'. The track, titled 'Sunday', features Ocean making a rare appearance as a rapper with the 'Channel Orange' star seeming to take shots at rival Chris Brown in the lyrics to his verse. "He called me faggot, I was just calling his bluff" raps Ocean. "Why his mug all bloody? That was a 3-on-1".

    It was recently revealed that Chris Brown is being sued by a man claiming he was punched and kicked by a member of Brown's entourage during the alleged fight, which took place earlier this year and is said to have involved Frank Ocean.

    'Sunday' is taken from the Odd Future member's forthcoming album, which will also feature guest spots from Tyler, The Creator and Wu-Tang Clan man RZA. Odd Future member Domo Genesis will also feature on the album, with other artists set to make appearances including Mac Miller and Vince Staples. 'Doris', the follow-up to the rapper's 2010 debut album 'Earl', will contain 15 tracks including 'Chum', which he unveiled late last year, 'Whoa', whose video premiered in March, and 'Guild', which appeared online in May. The album is set for release on August 20.

    The full tracklisting for 'Doris' is as follows:

    'Pre' (feat. SK La' Flare)
    'Burgandy' (feat. Vince Staples)
    '20 Wave Caps' (feat. Domo Genesis)
    'Sunday' (feat. Frank Ocean)
    'Hive' (feat. Vince Staples and Casey Veggies)
    'Sasquatch' (feat. Tyler, The Creator)
    'Centurion' (feat. Vince Staples)
    'Uncle Al'
    'Guild' (feat. Mac Miller)
    'Molasses' (feat. RZA)
    'Whoa' (feat. Tyler, The Creator)
    'Knight' (feat. Domo Genesis)

    Pitchfork Review:

    Though it's been a year since Earl Sweatshirt and Frank Ocean teamed up for Channel Orange's most memorable duet, "Super Rich Kids" and "Sunday" sound like two sides of the same weekend: a Saturday night spent lackadaisically popping bottles and pills only to wake up 10 hours later, head full of mush, swearing off all substances forever. "Everything's a little different since I stopped smoking pot/ Nightmares got more vivid since I stopped smoking pot," Earl spits. And I do mean spits-- one of his signature tricks is dribbling out each line with such a bummed-out nonchalance that you (almost) forget the impeccable control he has over every single one of his words.

    For the first minute or so, the track's mood is as ominous as a late-afternoon storm cloud, threatening rain but never quite brimming over. Then all of a sudden we're under a disorientingly clear sky, as a familiar voice cuts in with this cruising-altitude flow: This is your captain Frank, rapping. Ocean's appearance on "Sunday" is the polar opposite of that other big guest verse that happened this week-- unlike Kendrick, he's not here to show off his hunger, or aggression, or virtuosity. He's as indifferent to the beat as Chris Brown was to his Grammy win. And that's the whole point. Aggressors can only understand the message when it's spelled out in the language of aggression, so I'm guessing Breezy had to listen to this thing at least five times before he realized it was a TKO. Ocean's a lowercase letter in a caps lock world, and the brilliance here is how he turns the guest verse into an act of civil disobedience. It might sound quiet, but it's brash as fuck.

    To listen to the song visitSource
    Source 2

    Well punch Frank!

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    Pop star Adam Lambert weighed in on the current uproar about Katy Perry and Lady Gaga that has resulted largely because of the media. With the recent new single releases by both artists, the media, and even fans, have taken to choosing sides between the two queens of pop.

    Many are merely predicting who will win the Entertainment Weekly dubbed "Singles Sales Showdown." However, in some cases, reports have been downright nasty. Directlyrics wrote, "although [Gaga] has the "Applause" music video coming out next Monday on 'Good Morning America', her real and ONLY chance to make true damage to Katy Perry's uber successful "Roar" will be when they both take the stage at the 2013 Video Music Awards." Are these women really trying to damage each other? It seems more like the media wants them to have an all-out war, rather than let them bask in their individual glory.

    Adam, who has supported both artists in the past, re-tweeted Michelle Visage on Saturday: "WHY does the media have to pit @katyperry and @ladygaga against each other? Can't they both release songs and just BE? WTF?" He responded with, "I agree! There's room for all! It's music not a contest. The fan "wars" are so silly too." Adam has relationships with both artists, being long-time friends with Katy Perry, and Gaga wrote a song on his debut album.

    The music biz is a competitive industry, but as Adam says, there is room for all artists to be successful. The media and fans should take a lesson from Adam and rather than bash artists, focus on helping their favorites to succeed.


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    Ashley Benson + NYLON + DKNY JEANS. Werk.


    Ashley has been teasing this vid on her insta for the past few weeks. Amaz.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Jensen Ackles and his wife Danneel Harris Ackles make their way through LAX Airport after arriving on an inbound flight on Saturday afternoon (August 17) in Los Angeles.

    The 35-year-old actor was joined by his baby girl Justice Jay, who was kept covered in her stroller.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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    What do you do if you’re booked to perform at a full soccer stadium but once you enter the stage your audience only consists of about 40 people? This horror scenario just happened to R&B star Brandy who was ready to perform a set in Johannesburg for the Nelson Mandela Sport & Culture day. Unfortunately, the crowd didn’t know Brandy was to hit the stage and left the stadium… Brandy only performed two songs before she left the stage.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Lady Gaga certainly knows how to keep her fans happy - while at the same time generating publicity for her new single Applause.

    The 27-year-old superstar strutted out of the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles on Saturday looking like Morticia from the Addams Family before promptly serving her fans - known as Little Monsters - some cool drinks.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Gethin Anthony talks GoT, "Renly's gang", and working with some House ONTD faves

    Game of Thrones Renly Baratheon, Gethin Anthony, chats about whether Renly would have been a good ruler of Westeros, filming his death scene, his reaction to watching season 3, working with Finn Jones (Loras Tyrell) & Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell), filming intimate scenes, what he thinks Melisandre is up to, his most memorable moments in Game of Thrones, the best death scenes in the show, and Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth) throwing Gethin's birthday party.

    I will forever miss him on GoT, and I love how passionate he still is about the show. Bless. Also, here to show off my new username, altho I'm def going to miss my old one.

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