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  • 08/10/13--09:05: True Blood 6x09 Sneak Peeks
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    Yesterday, Madonna was spotted at the classic music festival in Menton, in the south of France. She attended the Labèque sisters concert who were joined on stage by the Kalakan Trio.

    When visiting Guéthary in August 2011, Madonna met Basque trio Kalakan who played for her during an intimate birthday gig with friends and family. They got introduced by the Labèque sisters, whom Madonna refers to as her “favourite pianists in the whole world” in the “I’m going to tell you a secret” documentary.

    Have a look…

    Also Madonna went to church, probably to pray for your faves

    In The Church of St. Michael. Art History Spirituality! Find GOD where you can.

    SOURCE 1
    SOURCE 2

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    Jemima and Felicity Jones filming "Girls" in NYC on 6th of august

    Zosia and Jemima filming "Girls" in NYC on 6th of august

    Lena, Allison and Jemima filming "Girls" in NYC on 31st of july

    from Lena's instagram:
    @lenadunham British Invasion

    @lenadunham Another important regram

    Lena posing with a fan

    Zosia at the Moto X Launch Event

    and at the Women's Health Hamptons "Party Under The Stars" For RUN10 FEED10

    Adam Driver for Gap

    oh and Adam was at JayZ's Picasso performance too btw (he looks cute)

    Allison Williams with her bf Ricky Van Veen at the Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas' wedding in Lord of the Rings inspired costumes

    with Emma Watson at the rehearsal dinner

    Allison and Zosia visit  DANNIJO studio

    Christopher Abbott for Free People campaign

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    Overall consensus from UK critics is that it's not as bad as American critics made it out to be, but still isn't great.
    The Guardian 1/5

    Like a defibrillator cranked up to the highest possible voltage, Rossini's William Tell Overture is slapped on to this film twice – at first briefly, then for a while. It results in something that isn't exactly a gallop, more like the protracted convulsive thrashings of a dead horse with its hoof jammed in the electric socket. Hearing the theme is always enjoyable (specifically, the Overture's fourth "Finale" movement), and maybe it's as well to reassert a wholesome association with the Lone Ranger, his horse, Silver, and his trusty guide, Tonto – and get away from the thought of Malcolm McDowell having sped-up sex with two women in Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. But the energy, brio and brevity of that musical signature is in mighty contrast to this fantastically mediocre and long film, starring Armie Hammer as the masked Ranger himself and Johnny Depp as Tonto, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Gore Verbinski, the men who gave us Pirates of the Caribbean.

    It really is long. I have known movies by Theo Angelopoulos and quadruple albums by Wishbone Ash that seemed shorter. Verbinski has surely modified this film's running time using dastardly new temporal-distortion technology, so that each of its 149 minutes contains 250 seconds. The South American landmass peeled off from the western seaboard of Africa quicker than this.

    What sort of a film is it? A family film, but too bloodless and archly self-aware to be a through-and-through western, and it's something other than an unassuming cinema version of the much-loved radio and TV adventure serials that in fact spawned two films in the 1950s. It's often self-consciously big and mythic, with Monument-Valley-grandeur tendencies that undercut the stabs at humour. Really, it's yet another superhero-origin franchise product, like the recent Superman and Dark Knight films, giving massively elaborate explanations for the hero's name and that of his horse. "The Lone Ranger" is finally spelt out haltingly, like "The Bat Man" – a legend being born. Pretty soon every film franchise in the world will be rebooted with this origin-myth style: a black-eared rodent called Michael will be tentatively hailed, at the end of a three-hour film culminating in a helium-inhalation tragedy, as "Mickey … Mouse".

    Armie Hammer is John Reid, a rather mousy, intellectual fellow who arrives in Texas in the 1850s to visit his alpha-male brother, Dan (James Badge Dale), a fearless lawman who is now married to the lovely Rebecca (Ruth Wilson), for whom John still carries a torch. Dan is tracking down loathsome bandit Butch Cavendish (William Fichtner); the resulting melee brings John into contact with crooked railroad chief Latham Cole (Tom Wilkinson) and also charismatic Native American Tonto (Depp), whose people are about to be screwed over by the white man's business interests, and who finds only John is his friend. Everywhere in America, it seems, bad guys are getting away with bad stuff, and the authorities do nothing. Who can come to the rescue?

    No new version of The Lone Ranger can simply leave Tonto as the lesser sidekick, and casting the A-lister Depp is perhaps intended to redress the balance all by itself. Depp brings a kind of deadpan drollery to the part, but I found his performance unbearably mannered, cute and coy. It is worryingly comparable to his catatonically detached hipster turn in the Venice-set caper The Tourist. Tonto has a wacky dead bird perched atop his head-dress, and there's a bit of comedy business here and elsewhere, but these cheeky flourishes sit uncomfortably with the need to be respectful. Depp's Tonto has a weird whiteface mask, which the actor says is based on historical photo research, but none of the other (genuine) Native Americans in the film have this, and it also looks like a way of finessing the racial imposture.

    The Lone Ranger winds up looking sort of like something by Sergio Leone – though it's difficult to tell if this isn't simply a by-product of the length – and there are pale allusions to Buster Keaton and The General, but unlike Keaton, Depp gets to do his cool, deadpan stunts in the comfort of a greenscreen studio. What this resembles most of all is Jon Favreau's Cowboys & Aliens (2011) – without the Aliens – or Barry Sonnenfeld's jokey Wild Wild West (1999). Like a single-ingredient mashup, it has a smug, tongue-in-cheek pastichey feel, a passionless lack of actual interest in the imagery of the Old West, and the Lone Ranger is evoked with a fraction of the humour and zing of, say, Sheriff Woody from Toy Story. The masked man may well be back for two or three more films, but I can't help hoping that he's trotted over the horizon for the last time.

    Mirror 2/5

    Sometimes it’s impossible to ignore the bad buzz, with Gore Verbinski saddling up to re-imagine the iconic western adventurer with The Lone Ranger already being hailed as the flop of 2013.

    That’s a touch harsh given this is the year of After Earth, but put it this way – the movie cost an estimated $375million to make and market, meaning it must take twice as much to show a profit.

    Frankly, you’ve more chance of meeting Jesus on the Piccadilly line. Mechanical, soulless and lacking in imagination, comparisons with last year’s turkey, John Carter, aren’t wide of the mark.

    Johnny Depp is Tonto, a stoical Comanche who we meet on a train that’s carrying villain Butch (William Fichtner) to his execution in Texas.

    Also aboard is lawyer John (Armie Hammer) who, when the train is hijacked and the prisoner escapes, dons a mask and joins the Native American warrior to seek justice. The film also stars Tom Wilkinson, Helena Bonham Carter and Harry Treadaway.

    There are action set pieces arriving every 10 minutes, and there’s fun to be had watching the Ranger’s horse leaping on to a moving train, a bridge exploding and dynamite detonating all over the place.

    Western watchers may note that Verbinski is stealing/homaging pretty much every John Ford film. Thing is, each scene goes on for so long that exhaustion eventually replaces exhilaration and, with the movie clocking in at the two-and-a-half-hour mark, you may find yourself eyeing the cinema’s exit signs.

    Depp and Verbinski have made a multi-billion-dollar killing collaborating on three of the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies – which, for me at least, ditched storyline and character development in favour of bombast. This one is little different.

    Metro 2/5

    Trailing stinking US reviews such as: ‘Your expectations of how bad it is can’t trump the reality,’ (Rolling Stone) and predicted to lose Disney $150million (£97million), Hollywood’s supersized blockbuster bomb thunders towards British screens like a herd of flatulent turkeys on the run from a hungry Bernard Matthews.

    But, guess what? It’s not actually that bad.

    There are nuggets of gold to be found in what is yet another 149 minutes bum-numb from the guys who previously sucked our life force with the interminable Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise.

    Armie Hammer, for example, is Andrex puppy adorable as the by-the-book-lawman-turned-masked avenger after a wicked outlaw cuts out his brother’s still beating heart and eats it.

    He is aided by Tonto (executive producer Johnny Depp), a sporadically soulful Native American outcast who irritatingly feeds birdseed to the dead crow he wears on his head, making him resemble a mad old maiden aunt in leather moccasins.

    Obviously keen not to disrespect Native Americans by going too wacky, Depp’s characterisation in this waffly, revisionist western feels stiff beneath his cracked black-and-white mime make-up.

    Given he’s already channelling old daredevil silent film star Buster Keaton, if only Depp had gone bolder and played his Tonto completely mute: at least it would’ve spared us Tonto’s yawn-inducing narration.

    It all finally kicks off with a thrilling ‘hi-ho!’ at the two-hour mark in a giddily nostalgic train chase, seat-bouncingly scored to the William Tell Overture. But only Silver the horse comes out of this smelling of roses.

    Give the horse the sequel, I say.

    The Independent 3/5

    The Lone Ranger arrives in British cinemas trailing bad reviews and lousy American box-office figures in its wake. The film is already regarded as the come-uppance for director Gore Verbinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer after their run of success with The Pirates Of The Caribbean movies.

    In fact, this is a perfectly serviceable summer blockbuster. Like most other features that cost $200 million or more to make, it combines visual inventiveness and lavish set-pieces with moments of extreme clunkiness.

    It is hard to see how it could be otherwise. When you’re spending this much, you need to reach a family audience to have any chance of recouping your outlay. Verbinski makes nods in the direction of Sam Peckinpah and Sergio Leone westerns. There are elements of the story here that are very dark indeed - massacres, cannibalism etc.

    However, the filmmakers have the kids to think about - one reason why the film becomes ever more goofy and pantomime-like. There is something inherently kitsch in the idea of the masked Texas ranger on the white horse.

    The screenplay’s clumsy framing device - an aged Tonto (Johnny Depp) telling the story in flashback to a kid in a wild west exhibition - doesn’t help. Depp himself is fine as the Comanche Indian with a bird on his head and some very Gothic make-up. Unfortunately, he has no real comic rapport with Arnie Hammer’s John Reid, the uptight lawyer who becomes the Lone Ranger to avenge the death of his brother.

    The film is pepped up by its many chase sequences and by the vivid supporting performances. Helena Bonham Carter is good value as a brothel madam with a Rosa Klebb-like weapon in her foot while William Fichtner has just the right amount of rat-like malevolence as the villain Butch Cavenidish.

    Verbinski stuffs too many stunts and leaden moments of slapstick into the mix but, even so, at least The Lone Ranger occasionally takes wing. That’s more than can be said for Wild Wild West, (1999) Hollywood’s last western on this scale, which was a true Turkey in every particular.

    The Telegraph 3/5

    Some films are created awful, some achieve awfulness, and some have awfulness thrust upon them. The Lone Ranger, the new Johnny Depp blockbuster directed by Gore Verbinski, falls cleanly into the third category: it has arrived from America a pre-ordained flop, trailing critical roastings and a disastrous opening weekend behind it. The film cost $250 million to make and is expected to make a $150 million loss: hi ho silver away, indeed.

    Commissioning a $250 million western based on a radio and television serial whose original fans are now a good deal older than the core blockbuster audience is a feat of sheer pole-vaulting lunacy, but terrible business decisions do not necessarily lead to terrible film-making, and The Lone Ranger, while not without its problems, is a strange, fascinating and often thrilling movie artefact.

    One possible explanation for its lousy reception in the US: it may be the most anti-American blockbuster ever made. The dazzlingly beautiful landscapes in the film are unmistakably those of John Ford, but the nation of thieves and scumbags who creep across them are pure Sergio Leone.

    Armie Hammer, who played both Winklevoss twins in The Social Network, co-stars as John Reid, who arrives in Colby, Texas, with a smart suit and a copy of John Locke’s Two Treatises of Government under his arm. Reid is a firm believer in the rule of law – until, that is, the outlaw Butch Cavendish (William Fichtner) kills someone dear to him. (In one of the film’s many insane tonal wobbles, Butch cuts out and eats his victim’s heart.)

    Left for dead in the desert, Reid is rescued by Tonto (Johnny Depp), a Comanche loner with a stuffed crow on his head, which he occasionally tries to feed crumbs. You suspect the cinema-going public’s patience with Depp’s screen persona is running low at this moment, and yet this is his best and most distinctive performance for years: half Buster Keaton, half outcast Pueblo clown.

    Together, Reid and Tonto unite to bring Butch to justice, although the conspiracy they unearth also involves Tom Wilkinson’s venal railroad baron, Cole, who dreams of a continent brought together by steam.

    To him, the Native Americans his work will displace are nothing more than collateral damage. In one scene, Cole conducts a hostile takeover of the railroad company, literally shooting a fellow investor in the back, while the forces of the law turn the other way, distracted by a phalanx of strumpets led by a one-legged brothel madam played by – who else? – Helena Bonham Carter. All the while, The Star-Spangled Banner plays ironically in the background. And to think this film bombed in America!

    But Verbinski, who previously worked with Depp in the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films, shows more ambition here than he did in that entire trilogy: he borrows shots and ideas from Ford and Leone, and also Keaton’s The General, while Hans Zimmer’s score cherry-picks motifs from Ennio Morricone and blasts us with Rossini’s William Tell Overture, the Ranger’s theme in the radio and television serials.

    Who is the film for? Who knows? Depp and Hammer’s sparky double-act will appeal to children, the violence is never as tough as it is in, say, Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, and the undercurrent of bitterness might not be apparent to younger viewers. But in truth, this is one for connoisseurs of Hollywood hubris. The Lone Ranger is a grand folly that, in a sane world at least, would never have been made, although I’m really rather glad someone did.

    London Evening Standard 4/5

    "What are they thinking?" asked Hollywood watchdogs as Disney poured a jaw-dropping $250 million into resuscitating an 80-year-old western icon. "The Lone who?" asked American audiences as the final product, less silver horse than white elephant, opened to a critical drubbing and inevitably indifferent box office. Yes, there’s no denying that The Lone Ranger, directed with palpable affection and not a shred of restraint by Pirates of the Caribbean creator Gore Verbinski, is a fabulously impractical folly.

    But that’s not the same thing as a bad film. Here, after a long run of rumbling robots and synthetic superheroes, is the first genuinely characterful action blockbuster of the summer: both a big, beautifully realised throwback to Hollywood Boy’s Own storytelling and an intelligent revision of Old West history. I’m as surprised as you are.

    The title, of course, is misleading for what has always been a buddy story. Armie Hammer may play John, the eponymous lawman turned masked justice-seeker, but he takes second billing to a piebald-faced Johnny Depp as Tonto, the unhinged Native American who becomes his reluctant ally. They’re an improbably good match. Hammer has a game, guileless stooge quality that softens his Ivy League handsomeness, while his co-star is on vintage loopy form: this Tonto is half shaman, half Buster Keaton, and wholly a Johnny Depp creation.

    The film wastes little time teaming them on a Texas-bound train hijacked by psychotic outlaw Butch Cavendish (William Fichtner) in the first of several smashing railway-based showdowns.

    The pair both have something to avenge — John his murdered brother, Tonto his entire massacred tribe — as they doggedly trail Cavendish around the Lone Star state. It’s a bond coloured by political injustices that mightn’t have troubled the Ranger in his 1933 radio serial. That lends unexpected human weight to the otherwise unflagging high jinks, which outstrip the Pirates films for energy and inventiveness as Hans Zimmer’s tremendous score gallops along to the signature William Tell Overture.

    Verbinski may well be the most eccentric Hollywood director ever given a nine-figure budget to play with, and his imagination is gleefully unchecked here. Sabre-toothed cannibal rabbits? Sure. Helena Bonham Carter as a peg-legged hooker with a rifle in her heel? Why not? Nothing’s too outlandish (or too expensive) for a film that none the less feels a refreshingly old-fashioned obligation to its audience as it piles one eye-popping set-piece upon another; at 149 minutes, its overlength is a mere side-effect of its eagerness to entertain.

    Verbinski might never again be entrusted with a film this size again; all the more reason to delight in this one.

    SMH, don't feed Johnny's delusions!

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    In a video from E! News, we see a glimpse backstage with Teen Choice Award hosts Darren Criss and Lucy Hale. We also catch a glimpse of some of the seating for the event.

    As seen in second half of the picture below, Demi Lovato will be seating right in between her close friend, Nick Jonas, and ex boyfriend, Joe Jonas.

    In the first half of the photo, we see another potentially awkward seating arrangement. Miley Cyrus is seated only one seat down from Selena Gomez. While neither of them are openly feuding, there have been rumors that the two do not get along well.

    Watch the interview with Darren and Lucy below!


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  • 08/10/13--09:35: GoT s4 Sightings Roundup
  • cerss

    Location sightings in Northern Ireland are coming in steadily now, and Dubrovnik filming is just around the corner. Here’s your round-up of the week’s highlights in filming reports and rumors.
    Child actress Trixiebelle Harrowell will be playing a small role in season four. On August 5th, the mother of the young performer tweeted a photo of her daughter in a trailer with the role “Farmer’s Daughter” clearly marked on the door behind her. On August 9th, this photo was tweeted showing Harrowell standing by what appears to be Arya in her familiar costume. The Mournes mountains are in Northern Ireland, and Tollymore Forest Park, a regular shooting site for the show, is located in its foothills. Trixiebelle is represented by Alphabet Kidz.

    So I guess Sanya will be hanging around villages until they get to the Saltpans.

    A fan spotted production on Tuesday while driving between Kilkeel and Hilltown in County Down. It looks like Northern Ireland location filming has really kicked into high gear now.

     Sibel Kekilli posted a photo of costumed extras on Facebook, on Thursday. The large crowd of male extras are all dressed in the style of King’s Landing nobility. There were only men in the photo, though it’s possible the female extras were being costumed and made up separately while they waited. A group of extras this sizable suggests a significant event for season four.

    Several photos surfaced this week of cast members outside Titanic Studios in costume, and people passing by snapped a few pics. Roger Ashton-Griffiths (Mace Tyrell) and Conleth Hill (Varys) can be seen in the photos, and the identities of several of the other people in the pictures are still being speculated on. Finn Jones (Loras Tyrell) appears to be in the back of the second photo.

    • Sources say that stuntmen have been rehearsing and getting ready to film another fight at Craster’s Keep. Last season we saw Lord Commander Mormont die there and Samwell escape, leaving behind Dolorous Edd and Grenn. Will we finally see what happened to the remaining Night’s Watchmen?

    • Extras NI, the agency Game of Thrones uses to book extras and stand-ins, has posted on their Facebook seeking someone with a very distinct look: a male 6’10″ and over, for a show in Northern Ireland. The requirements for the featured extra/stand-in are:

    The dates for this role are 2nd-6th September, and 12th-20th October.You must have a good level of athleticism & be willing to attend stunt training.You must be happy to have your hair CUT or DYED if required.
    Given the size and stunt-training mentioned, this would most likely be only a stand-in or double for Gregor Clegane, or a featured extra to play a giant in the northern storyline. Some exterior scenes for the Mountain might be filmed in Dubrovnik this year, but primary shooting is still done in Northern Ireland. A giant would presumably do all their filming in the Belfast area.
    Ours is the Fury:It’s been a busy week. It seems like half the cast is in Belfast lately, according to Twitter and the various sightings in local pubs.


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    if you're gonna steal her shine leak a good song, not a horrible one.

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    Congrats to former Big Brother contestant Janelle Pierzina!

    The blond beauty welcomed her second child into the world Saturday. Janelle tweeted: "I'm a mommy again! :) Meet Lincoln. I am absolutely in love with him! #BabyBoy #WelcometotheWorld."

    Janelle, who is also known as one of Big Brother's fiercest competitors, is already a mom to daughter Violet.
    Pierzina kept busy in the days leading up to her labor, tweeting about the current Big Brother season, and revealing that she doesn't understand why the contestants are voting as teams.

    Congrats to the happy mom and BB warrior.

    She looks flawless. I hope I look half as good after I give birth. Congrats to her!

    Forever my bb queen <3

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  • 08/10/13--20:17: It Happened... Again.
  • Man Found Dead at Gathering of Juggalos

    A 24-year-old man was found dead at the Insane Clown Posse's Gathering of the Juggalos in Cave-in-Rock, Illinois on Friday. According to St. Louis' Riverfront Times, the man's body was discovered in a tent where four others were sleeping.

    Sources told the Riverfront Times that the man had approached the owner of the tent a few hours earlier saying he felt sick and asking for a place to sleep. The four others in the tent were already sleeping as the man lay down beside them. When the owner of the tent returned to check on his guest at 2 p.m., he found his body cold. A heroin overdose is reportedly suspected.

    The Southern Illinoisan newspaper confirmed with the Hardin County Coroner that a 24-year-old man had died at the festival. His identity has not been released, and the Coroner and Illinois State Police are investigating the death.

    Nine suspected drug overdoses had been reported at this year's Gathering as of Friday morning, according to the Southern Illinoisan, along with three arrests, including one for aggravated battery and one for felony drug possession.


    I'm going to try and make a mega post of the gathering tonight!!

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    Once Warner Bros. announced the Man of Steel sequel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, many fans wanted to know who would takeover for Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Since then, site after site, has claimed that they know who is the number one contender to play the Caped Crusader, or at least have a good idea of who is on WB's shortlist. We've heard names like Matthew Goode, Ryan Gosling, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Josh Brolin, Scott Adkins and Gerard Butler being in the mix, and that isn't even all of them. But now, you can add Orlando Bloom's name to that list.

    But a senior source at Warner Bros studio confirmed: “Orlando looks odds-on to get the part even before our first casting call.

    “He would be perfect to play off Henry and I think US audiences would be happy with two Brits as the joint male leads.”

    The 36-year-old actor is best known for playing Will Turner in three Pirates of the Caribbean films, and Legolas in Peter Jackson's epic fantasy-adventure trilogies, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Outside of those two lucrative roles, Orlando's acting career has failed to bloom, with domestic stinkers like, The Three Musketeers and Elizabethtown. But don't feel too bad for him, the man is married to Australian model Miranda Kerr.


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    Weibo, the Twitter of China, has invented a thrilling new trend: dressing babies up in watermelons. China's Xinhua news agency first reported the trend in July, pinpointing its origin to Wenzhou city, where parents of the baby above dressed him in a watermelon on a hot summer day for reasons unknown. His watermelon overalls were so cute, other parents imitated them to similarly cute effect. Gaming blog Kotaku points us toa baby in Gladiator-style watermelon armor and an adult in watermelon sunglasses.

    Watermelon babies share meme DNA with this cat with a lime peel on its head, this other cat with a lemon peel on its head, and this kitten eating a watermelon.

    ( SOURCE )

    Well... at least them watermelon-clad babies in China aren't wearing fur! PETA would be so all over this like whoa. Et tu, ONTD?Are you a fan of watermelons?

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    (These are just artist's designs. Sorry to those who wanted a 12" veiny green dildo.)


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    TWENTY YEARS AFTER the release of their breakthrough album Siamese Dream, The Smashing Pumpkins will finally play their first gig in Hong Kong. Headed by Billy Corgan, the frontman and only remaining original member, the Pumpkins are scheduled to perform at AsiaWorld-Expo on August 13.

    Corgan believes this landmark gig is a sign of the globalised times. In fact, he's expecting even more change to come. "For the last 50 years, the majority of rock'n'roll artists in the world have had to sing in English, because the Western world dictates what is legitimate in rock'n'roll," he says during an exclusive interview with 48 Hours.

    "But once that's flipped economically and socially to, say, China, you'll have artists lining up to sing in Chinese because they will all want to penetrate that market. And that would instantly become the number one market in the world," he says.

    Along with shifts in the global economy, the music industry has witnessed its share of changes during the past few decades. During his time in the spotlight, Corgan has seen mainstream tastes transition from 1990s alternative to bubblegum pop via Britney Spears, to nu metal and hip hop, and now to the celebration of indie music, and the careers of Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj.

    throughout all the changes, The Smashing Pumpkins have remained critical and commercial darlings, which is why Corgan refers to the outfit as his band and his "brand".

    His brand has been a success, with eight studio albums that envelop their listener in everything from guitar-heavy rock and metal to gothic rock, psychedelia and electronica, released since the band formed in 1988. With more than 245,000 people following his personal Twitter account, Corgan feels he has high expectations to live up to.

    "You create a brand, and then people come to engage with that brand for a particular kind of experience. Whether you can create that experience or whether you can involve them in that experience becomes part of the challenge. Because you no longer have access to what's called a familiar identity," Corgan says of the way the Pumpkins are today. "It's my job to present an evolution of the identity that keeps it fresh. You have to be [savvy] because that's the way to survive. The Pumpkins have had to survive [various line-up changes]."

    From the early 1990s until 2000, alongside bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, the Pumpkins ruled the American alt-rock scene, with guitarist James Iha, bassist D'arcy Wretzky, Jimmy Chamberlin on drums (on most albums), and Corgan fronting the band. They released six dark, moody, yet varied albums, including the critically acclaimed Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, before breaking up in 2000.

    Read the rest of the article at the source.

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    OP note: I hope this article is in jest because it's ridiculous.

    Justin/Ariana pic:

    Recently instagramed photo from Selena with David captioned "Homesick"

    Selena, it must be hard NOT to react when Justin picks up waitresses to party with and then kisses Ariana Grande, who tweeted the pic. But here’s why you need to stop retaliating!

    Selena Gomez — Don’t Worry About Justin’s Behavior
    When you see a photo of him kissing Ariana Grande, a very pretty and up and coming star, who is opening for three of his shows, it must just feel like a final straw after hearing how he had fun with bottle waitresses, earlier in the week.

    It must have been irresistible to retaliate by Instagramming a moody black and white photo of yourself, up close, forehead-to-forehead with handsome former Wizards of Waverly Place co-star, David Henrie. Then you added the provocative caption, “Homesick.”

    You must have wanted Justin to feel some of the jealousy that you’ve been dealing with. And honestly, a lot of other young women wouldn’t blame you for trying to get some revenge on your ex.

    You are someone who can’t avoid their ex! He is everywhere. You can’t go online, open a magazine, or even listen to the news without hearing about Justin.

    And so when he goes to a nightclub in Southampton, N.Y. and invites a couple of pretty waitresses, who happen to resemble you, back to his hotel to party with his entourage, you are going to hear about it and see the photos.

    You’d have to live in Antarctic with no internet for you to not hear the latest Justin news.

    Plus, you ARE still in touch with him. You two still talk and text regularly, according to our sources at

    Justin Still Really Loves You
    Justin has never wanted to be out of touch with you, even when you were at your most determined to split with him for good. He never stopped texting you or trying to see you. He never wanted to be broken up.

    Then of course, he flew cross-country to be there for your big 21st birthday party on July 22. He arrived, dressed up, just like you like, armed with a rose, and you two immediately started talking and PDAing before leaving together.

    If Justin didn’t care, he would never have bothered making a six-hour treak to the west coast and then back immediately to make it to his next concert on the east coast.

    The fact is — he does care, and so do you. That’s why you keep giving him mixed messages. You won’t take him back but you won’t let him go.

    You Two Have A True Connection, Selena
    Meanwhile, it’s clear that Justin loves you and has no feelings for any other woman. Even if he parties with bottle girls or kisses singer Ariana Grande on the cheek — she has a boyfriend, FYI — they mean nothing to him emotionally.

    “Justin and Selena have gone through a lot together and have a connection that other people won’t understand and it won’t be replaced by a bottle waitress,” agrees advice columnist, Diana Falzone. ”Selena can understand and relate to Justin and his world and very, very few other young women can do that.”

    Selena, you should have some comfort knowing — if you can think about it logically, even though that’s difficult — that even if Justin does fool around with other girls, they have no hold on his heart.

    And you have to remember two things:

    #1. You and Justin are not a committed couple right now, and you are keeping him intentionally at arm’s length.
    #2. He is a 19-year-old boy. All 19-year-old young men are filled with uncontrollable raging hormones.

    What these two points mean is that you are both free to see other people and live your lives. Also, any 19-year-old guy has a hard time exercising restraint, when it comes to cheating possibilities.

    “He has all the money, fame and options in the world and no impulse control,” Diana Falzone points out.

    That’s for sure!

    Selena — You & Justin Have So Much In Common
    Selena, you know how Justin came from a poor, underprivileged background, and now he is wealthy and famous beyond belief, with millions of women throwing themselves at his feet. It’s almost impossible for him to stay grounded and focused on the right values and actions at all times.

    “He’s spoiled by the spotlight,” Diana says.

    Ironically Selena, you are one of the few people in Justin’s life who can keep him grounded, and I bet that’s a big part of your appeal to him.

    Justin doesn’t just love you — he respects and listens to you.

    He knows you understand what it’s like to come from a broken home, with a young single mother and virtually no money, and then to achieve enormous success in Hollywood in your teens.

    He also knows that you’ve kept your feet on the ground despite your huge success and that you’ve stayed true to yourself and your values.

    I bet Justin wants to stay true to his values as well. He may be partying, annoying his neighbor and having a close encounter with a mop bucket, but he doesn’t really want to be “that guy”.

    Justin Wants To Be The Guy For You
    He wants to be the Justin who befriends children suffering from terminal cancer, who donates generously to help underprivileged kids and who is a good son and grandson.

    I think he also wants to be a good boyfriend to you. He’s in love with you and wants to see you much more and be a bigger part of your life.

    “He loves Selena in a way that isn’t comparable to anyone else,” Diana believes.

    But Selena, there’s a Tug of War between the Justin that wants to be your boyfriend, and the hormone-driven teen who can’t stay away from other girls when you aren’t there.

    In any case, you’ve made the right decision to end your exclusive relationship with Justin for now, but to maintain a friendship.

    It would be even harder on you to read Justin’s missteps and partying with other girls, if you were his “girlfriend.”

    Give him his space; let him make the mistakes he has to make in order to learn from them. You know he’s a smart guy and has a good heart — he will learn from them.

    Selena — Focus On You
    But let yourself be free to date other guys if you want to! Why not? You’re 21 and single.

    Try and enjoy the close and special friendship you do have with Justin.

    But refrain from posting revenge photos. It only lets him know how much you’re hurting because you still care so much.

    “Take a deep breath — it lessens you — and gives Justin a lot more power right now,” Diana advises, who points out that you and Justin are both playing games.

    After all, Justin may also just be trying to get your attention with the waitresses. And honestly, the Ariana kiss just seems harmless.

    Try your best not to Google Justin and to live your life and feel secure in your knowledge that Justin is emotionally loyal to you.

    Don’t Get Frustrated Selena, It Will All End Up O.K.
    You still have a relationship that could very well have a future. “I think they’ll end up as a committed couple though not for a while,” Diana says. “There’s a bond — an emotional attachment. Their families know each other, they have shared history. They won’t fall out of love with each other. They’re just frustrated with each other.”

    Yes Selena, it’s a frustrating situation. But don’t make it worse by playing the tit for tat game.

    You know your value Selena and so does Justin.

    lolololol I cannottttttt. Just posting for the lulz tbh. Enjoy, ONTD.

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    The Real Housewives of New Jersey star looked picture perfect at the Beauty Buster Awards hosted by Lora Condon in NYC but she stumbled over Lora’s last name and even made a dirty joke about it.

    “Condon,” Teresa says struggling to pronounce the name. “I was just thinking of something else,” she suggestively said.

    Teresa was accepting the award for the Best Specialty Product for her Milania Hair Care line and she read her notecards in a monotone voice thanking the event organizers and “My fans for believing in me for what I do and for standing behind me.”

    Teresa drops a spoiler for an upcoming episode saying that there was a launch party for the hair care line, but it was adults only and Milania was furious that she couldn’t attend.

    “Milania says her hair care product smells like poop,” Teresa laughed. “You know why she said that? Because she was mad that she wasn’t allowed to come to the launch party.”

    Teresa said her daughter then said she wanted the name changes. “She asked me Ma, why can’t I come to the party? Change the name, I don’t want it to be named after me anymore.”

    Ryan’s Past With Domestic Violence Is Revealed!

    Ryan Culberson’s extreme aggression on the Real Housewives of Orange County season finale stunned viewers nationwide, leading many to assume that this was not the first time he’d lost his temper and attacked someone. We all remember Vicki’s brother Billy saying over and over, “You gotta stop! You gotta stop this shit!” It seemed clear that the family had seen Ryan spiral out of control before, and while I admire Vicki for respecting her adult daughter’s decisions, it’s quickly becoming clear that he could actually be a legitimate danger to Briana.

    Briana needs to be careful. Ryan’s last girlfriend before Briana, Rachel Lawrence, accused him of domestic violence and even went as far as to file for a restraining order, which the judge granted her. He’s also been married once before. Details of the divorce are unclear, though it’s quite possible that his violent behavior led to the demise of that relationship as well. Sadly, this is not a relationship Briana can simply break away from. They have a child together. They’ll be in each others’ lives forever now. Ryan certainly doesn’t seem the type to let something go without a fight so I fear for her safety during the inevitable potential divorce.

    If the screen shots just aren’t cutting it for you, feel free to check out Ryan’s cases in the Orange County Family Court records online. This dude definitely knows his way around a courtroom. Special thanks to “Concerned” commenter on the post about Ryan and Judy’s reactions to the finale episode.

    “After accepting the terms, you type in Ryan Culberson’s name and his divorce record by his last wife (09D010806) is available (has to be sent in the mail though) as well as the domestic violence/restraining order case (#10V001529 filed 7/8/10) from his ex-girlfriend before poor Briana. Both of these cases are in Orange County Family Court records. The domestic violence in his past was mentioned last night on the Military Times website article by Gina Harkins, and she deleted the comment with the case number immediately.”–Concerned

    Brandi Brings New Beau Drew Carter to Real Housewives Party!

    E! News has exclusively learned that for her fourth date with new love Drew Carter, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star brought him to the show's season four finale party at the Beverly Hilton Friday night.

    Although there were cameras there, and a bit of drama surrounding them, the pair looked cozier than ever and was spotted sneaking kisses the entire evening.

    "Having fun ‪@BrandiGlanville…," the former Oakland Raiders football player tweeted Friday night.

    And that was just the beginning of their night out together.

    "After shooting wrapped, Brandi, Drew and a couple of close friends hit the hotel's 1912 bar for drinks and snacks," a source tells E! News. "Later on, they met up with Kim Richards at the Polo Lounge. Kim and Brandi have been getting along great lately, they're really having fun with their new friendship."

    Instead of heading home together though, Brandi and Drew shared a goodbye kiss at the Polo Lounge.

    "Drew left in his car and Kim then dropped Brandi back at her house in the limo she had hired for the night."

    Things still seem to be going quite smoothly for the budding couple.

    Following their third date, a source told E! News the duo is "headed in the right direction," a source tells E! News. "He's a good guy and he treats her very well. They're into each other."

    Caroline’s Son Albie Makes Her "Sad" Sometimes

    This week on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, we watched Caroline Manzo cringe as she watched her son, Albie, follow in his father's footsteps in more ways than one. Yes, they are both in the restaurant business, but like Dad, Albie seems to be obsessed with work and has no time for any personal fulfillment.

    Following Sunday's episode, Caroline took to her blog to vent about her son's behavior.

    "Albie makes me so sad sometimes. I hated to hear him say he wasn't ready to be happy," Caroline wrote.

    Still, she's proud of Albie for his admirable work ethic; she just wishes that her son could fit in a little bit of "play" every now and then.

    "He's such a serious kid, or man, I should say ... I understand and agree that my children have a strong work ethic, and believe me, that's something that Al and I instilled in the three of them from a very young age," Caroline clarified, adding, "However, a balance of work and play is very important for the mind. Albie is incapable of creating the balance."

    FriendlyDish, RadarOnline, E!, Bravo

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    Whisper, a mobile app (and service) that allows people to anonymously share their secrets, has raised a large round of funding (rumored to be about $15 million) from top investors according to Silicon Valley sources. We are told that company is being valued at $100 million and Sequoia Capital is leading the series B round of financing. The app allows you to share secrets by putting them on top of photos and illustrations, very much like PostSecret, another popular (if somewhat older) service. It launched in May 2012, and is steadily growing in popularity.

    Roelof Boetha, (partner at Sequoia Capital), fresh off the successful sale of Tumblr to Yahoo is said to be leading this round of financing. I have reached out to Boetha for comment.  The company, co-founded by Michael Heyward and Brad Brooks raised $3 million in Series A funding from LightSpeed Venture Partners, Trinity Ventures and Shoedazzle founder Brian Lee. Heyward declined to comment.

    Whisper is an offshoot from a messaging startup, TigerText and is part of the growing number of mobile and web applications that are based on the notion of anonymity. Private social networks such as Snapchat are getting attention (and thus high valuations from investors) in the market at a time when large social networks such as Facebook in an effort to find growth are making social content more public. My colleague Mathew Ingram recently noted that as the mobile web evolves, we are constantly seeking impermanence offered by services such as Snapchat and Whisper.


    ~~~~~POST SECRETS POST~~~~~~

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    As two of the most hyped releases of the year, Lady GaGa and Katy Perry‘s respective projects - ‘ARTPOP’ and ‘Prism’ - are being pit against each other by critics and fans alike.
    And we’re not against it. At all.
    Purists can sing Kumbaya all day long, yet the fact remains: there is only one top spot. Indeed, given the similar lanes the ladies play in (not to mention the overlapping of their release windows), this is very much a head-on collision. A clash of the titans, if you will.
    And while it’s certain that the divas (and their teams) are well-versed in this, it appears they’re playing a game of “sugar, spice, and all things nice”. For now.
    Taking to Twitter, the Billboard belles discussed each other’s new singles (‘Applause’ and ‘Roar’ respectively).
    Responding to the “coincidental” leak of both songs yesterday, GaGa initiated the chat by writing:
    ggag to kp
    Perry responded, sharing her excitement for ‘Applause’ (which arrives in full on August 19th):
    Perhaps our cynicism got the best of us and the ladies actually do share a mutual excitement for each other’s projects. Who knows. For now, though, we’ll file this one under “I’ll Share My Fanbase, If You Share Yours”.
    ‘Prism’ arrives on October 22nd, while ‘ARTPOP’ hits stores on November 11th. Their lead singles singles, ‘Roar’ and ‘Applause’, impact iTunes on August 12th and August 19th respectively.


    [Gaga seems fake, Katy is an opportunist, and both are smarter than Rihanna, for sure.]

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    Larry Kasanoff the director of “Foodfight!,” with designs for its characters in 2004.

    The brand managers at Georgia-Pacific were not about to budge. They agreed that Brawny Man, the plaid-shirted character adorning millions of paper-towel rolls, could come to life and share a moment with Mr. Clean. But their Angel Soft Baby, who had sold countless reams of toilet tissue, could never be displaced from her perch in the clouds.

    Such concessions were typical of the two years spent negotiating for more than 80 food-industry characters to appear in “Foodfight!,” a computer-animated movie that was announced in 2000 by Threshold Entertainment. The company’s chief executive and chairman, Larry Kasanoff, proclaimed the project, featuring a voice cast led by Charlie Sheen and Eva Longoria, would help make Threshold’s animation arm “the next-generation Pixar.”

    He predicted a huge $100 million tie-in merchandising campaign, with the film being promoted by partners like Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola. There would be “Foodfight!” Web episodes, storybooks, plush toys and possibly a live stage show, “Foodfight on Ice.”

    That final notion was prescient. Despite Mr. Kasanoff’s track record — a producer on “True Lies,” he was a onetime partner of James Cameron and had control over much of the lucrative “Mortal Kombat” multimedia franchise — “Foodfight!” failed to make a 2002 release, as well as anticipated 2005, 2006 and 2007 dates.

    In May, the feature made a muted debut on DVD, where it was quickly seized upon by Internet purveyors of bad cinema and dissected like the Zapruder film.

    The animation appears unfinished. The sexual innuendo is flagrant for a film ostensibly aimed at children. And the plot — grocery store mascots come alive at night to fight generic Brand X antagonists intent on taking over the shelves — is impenetrable and even offensive. Dressed in Nazi-inspired regalia, the villains declare their intention to send the “Ikes,” or brand icons, to the “expiration station.”

    As Disney’s “Planes” this weekend closes out a summer filled with animated successes — Universal recently proclaimed “Despicable Me 2” the most profitable film in its 100-year history — the torturous production of “Foodfight!” stands as a cautionary tale regarding the pitfalls of a complex industry.

    Mr. Kasanoff started Threshold in 1992. Formerly known as Amalgamated Widgets, the company billed itself as an intellectual property hub, harvesting rights to video games like Duke Nukem or Lego animated projects; its subsidiary Threshold Digital Research Labs provided animation and effects work for a variety of clients, including a “Star Trek” attraction in Las Vegas. Threshold also tried to court the young-male demographic of the emerging World Wide Web with content like the series “Bikini Masterpiece Theater.”

    In 1999, Mr. Kasanoff and a Threshold employee, Joshua Wexler, conceived a film in which food mascots would come alive when away from prying eyes, much like the playthings in “Toy Story.”

    “Imagine,” an information packet for potential licensees later read, “shopping cart chase scenes up and down the aisles in the same manner as ‘Ben-Hur.’ ”

    Mr. Kasanoff raised an initial $25 million for production costs in conjunction with a Korean investment consortium and expected the rest of the budget, which Threshold projected at $50 million, would come from foreign presales and loans against those sales. He worked with IBM for on-demand processing power off site, an early precursor to cloud computing that Mr. Kasanoff predicted would save the production millions in operating expenses.

    He also decided that he would produce and direct, despite never having supervised a full-length animated feature.

    “His approach, because he had gotten the money for it, and no one could say no to him, was very idiosyncratic,” said Kenneth Wiatrak, a layout artist on the project. “You didn’t know from day to day what would occur. Would there be a review? Would he suddenly want to change the whole thing?”

    Citing legal reasons, Mr. Kasanoff declined to comment for this article.

    The Brand X minions prepare to battle the corporate-mascot heroes.

    With preproduction under way, Mr. Wexler and consultants met with major brands, enticing them with the notion of free on-screen placement in exchange for promoting the film upon its release.

    Chef Boyardee, Twinkie the Kid and others were not the stars. Those roles were reserved for original Threshold characters like Dex the Dogtective, a private investigator searching for his missing girlfriend; Sunshine Goodness, a raisin spokeswoman; Daredevil Dan, a squirrel piloting a small-engine airplane and serving as the comic relief. Threshold’s aim was a role reversal: that the proprietary characters would soon be courted to endorse their own breakfast cereals or chocolate bars.

    Nothing at Threshold had ever been deemed so crucial to the company’s success. “For us,” Mr. Kasanoff told the press, “this is ‘Casablanca.’ ”

    “Foodfight!” was originally intended to be a computer-animated film resembling the original Warner Brothers Looney Tunes shorts. Animators call this look “squash and stretch,” with figures performing wildly exaggerated motions.

    This changed when a portion of the film was reportedly stolen during a break-in at Threshold’s Santa Monica, Calif., offices around Christmas in 2002. With no backup available, the production started from scratch in 2004, after months of additional conceptual work.

    The break had given Mr. Kasanoff a new idea, one that probably sealed the film’s fate. He wanted to direct it like a live-action movie, complete with retakes, motion-capture performances and more spontaneity. As a result, he and animators were speaking two different languages.

    A roving Mr. Kasanoff, animators said, would request that things be “more awesome” or “30 percent better” and didn’t understand why someone trained in texture couldn’t do modeling work. (The production’s previous software had allowed for such flexibility, but the new system, Maya, was geared toward specialists.)

    Mr. Kasanoff sourced out part of the production to House of Moves, a motion-capture company, and Image Metrics, which had developed software to sync animation to a voice actor’s filmed performance. But Image Metrics had a limitation: Performers had to stare straight ahead and keep still. The result was subdued, with eyes appearing vacant or looking in the wrong direction.

    “There’s a very conscious exaggeration in animation that makes it feel alive, and the mo-cap didn’t work like that,” Mr. Wiatrak said. “It gave you a first pass of animation, but it wasn’t particularly lively.” Animators would then have to attempt to apply plasticity to natural movements, which only increased their jarring motion.

    As the production wore on, the more overt innuendo began to give staff members pause. The villainous Lady X performs a seductive dance in a schoolgirl outfit for Dex, who appears to sport a visible reaction in his trousers. McKee Foods wouldn’t allow Daredevil Dan make catcalls at Little Debbie. One snack mascot was to declare a case of “peanut envy.”

    It is not unusual in the animation industry for workers to amuse themselves by sexualizing their characters. “I thought: ‘They’re just having fun writing this. It won’t make it into the finished film,’ ” said an animator, Mona Weiss.

    The Brand X army parades its ketchup-based artillery.

    In 2005, Threshold secured roughly $20 million in additional financing through private investors represented by StoryArk, a financing firm that had been impressed by the brand tie-ins, the celebrity voice cast and a new distribution deal Mr. Kasanoff had struck with Lionsgate. The studio balked, however, when planned release dates in 2006 and 2007 didn’t materialize.

    “It wasn’t as tightly structured as I had experienced subsequently in other places,” Mr. Wiatrak said. “Studios doing large animated features have a defined pipeline, a hierarchy of how shots are launched, reviewed and approved. The process here was less formal.”

    The mortal wound for “Foodfight!” was inflicted when StoryArk’s investors, frustrated by the missed release dates and the fact that Threshold’s production company had defaulted on a secured promissory note, invoked a clause ultimately giving the insurance company, Fireman’s Fund, the right to step in and complete the film as quickly and cheaply as possible.

    Shots barely realized were pushed through. “The film was already ruined,” said Ken Bailey, an animator during the project’s last stages. “They were just trying to salvage what they could.”

    The film was shelved until 2012, when Fireman’s Fund obtained the full copyright to “Foodfight!” and began selling it to territories. Some of the plush toys and storybooks made it to stores and eBay. In the United States, Viva Entertainment waited until Walmart could assure good display placement and released it in May.

    Viva’s president, Victor Elizalde, said the film was “already profitable” after the company’s modest investment, which he declined to disclose.

    Animators arranged for viewing parties, remembering particularly stressful deadlines or half-baked sequences they were ashamed to put their names on. Internet forums performed blunt post-mortems.

    “It’s an utter travesty of cinema,” one poster wrote on On, Nathan Rabin wrote, “The character design alternates between nightmarish and hopelessly generic.”

    While Threshold remains in operation and is soliciting money on Kickstarter for a documentary on meditation, it has yet to tackle a second animated feature.

    “Early on, it looked to me like, ‘O.K., this is great,’ ” Mr. Bailey said. “It was one of the best ideas for a kids’ film I’d ever seen.”

    Or as the Threshold licensee packet put it, “All of this technology, work, time, talent and artistry will make ‘Foodfight!’ unlike anything ever before seen on film.”


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  • 08/11/13--07:10: Guess who got married!
  • 1

    Unlike many Sin City nuptials, this is not a rash decision as the couple have been together since late 2008 and are already parents to daughter who turns two on August 15


    Britney Spears' ex-husband is a married man again.

    Kevin Federline, 35, and longtime girlfriend, Victoria Prince, 30, applied for a marriage license in Las Vegas on Friday, prompting speculation that they would tie the knot that same weekend.

    And according to E! News, the couple wasted no time in getting hitched and were married the following day.
    Newlyweds: Kevin Federline and longtime girlfriend Victoria Prince (pictured here on January 30) married in Las Vegas on Saturday

    Newlyweds: Kevin Federline and longtime girlfriend Victoria Prince (pictured here on January 30) married in Las Vegas on Saturday

    'For the first time in my life, I got a taste of heaven!' Victoria told the publication.

    Unlike many Sin City nuptials, this is not a rash decision as the couple have been together since late 2008 and are already parents to daughter, Jordan Kay, who turns two on August 15.

    Having first met when they were both members of the same bowling team, the Party Animals, things quickly got serious between the backup dancer and the statuesque former volleyball player.
    First time around: Kevin married Britney Spears in a lavish Los Angeles wedding in September 2004

    First time around: Kevin married Britney Spears in a lavish Los Angeles wedding in September 2004

    In 2010, Federline hinted that a wedding to Prince might be in the cards, telling Ryan Seacrest, 'Would I get married again? Definitely.

    'I just want to be happy. Right now, I really am happy. Victoria's a great person. She's an incredible person,' K-Fed went on to tell E! News host Seacrest.

    The happy pair were granted a Nevada marriage license for Clark County on Friday night at around 8.42 p.m., reported

    Ironically, Las Vegas was the location of ex-wife Britney's first short-lived marriage to hometown friend, Jason Alexander, when the paired said 'I do' after a drunken night out in January 2004.

    The union was quickly annulled 55 hours later on the grounds that the Toxic singer 'lacked understanding of her actions,' at the time.

    Spears' and Federline's lavish wedding ceremony in Studio City, California, the following September was a much more extravagant affair, which Kevin said afterwards, 'couldn't have been better.'

    Sadly, that only lasted just over two years. The divorce was finalized in July 2007, and they went on to embark in a bitter custody battle over their two children, Sean Preston, seven and Jayden, six.

    Federline has since claimed that the divorce took him by surprise and though rocky times were to come, he would have taken care of the boys after Britney's meltdown in 2008 and helped with her rehabilitation.

    Despite their fallout following their messy split, Spears and Federline now seem to have found an amicable balance co-parenting their sons, and while Federline - who also has two children with Shar Jackson - has full legal custody, Britney pays him $20,000 a month in child support.

    The 30-year-old pop star spent a whopping $303,673.72 on child support and care alone in 2010, according to the paperwork filed in her conservatorship case.


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