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    "Fruitvale Station" star Michael B. Jordan is developing a basketball-themed TV show set in Detroit, the actor told Grantland's Bill Simmons on Moday's edition of popular podcast The B.S. Report.

    It's unclear whether Jordan intends to act on the show or simply stay behind the scenes in a producing capacity. A representative for the actor had no comment.

    After Simmons gave his guest some career advice (not that he needs any), Jordan responded, "Why don't you produce one of my TV shows I've been working on?"

    "Is it a sports one? Will there be balls?" asked Simmons, who taped the interview on Friday.

    "Yes, definitely. Basketballs," said Jordan, who revealed that the show is set in Detroit and in the vein of his past series "Friday Night Lights" and "The Wire." It's unclear whether the series would follow a high school, college, or professional basketball team.

    "I just think Detroit is such an interesting city. The automotive industry kind of destroyed that town when they went away and started outsourcing jobs and stuff like that. We'll talk," joked Jordan, who grew up in Newark, N.J., and considers himself a fan of Michigan State's basketball program.

    Jordan appeared on the B.S. Report to promote "Fruitvale Station," which opened over the weekend and performed very well in limited release.

    "It's not a film that's gonna gross $100 million opening weekend. It's not one of those projects. As long as it means something to people and people are affected by it, and I get people to start thinking about how we treat one another. I just want people to start thinking and start valuing life a little bit more," explained Jordan.

    "I don't feel like they're making enough movies like this anymore," added Simmons, who was speaking for just about everyone disappointed by this summer's big-budget blockbuster fare.

    Jordan agreed, claiming they made "Fruitvale Station" for $900,000 with one camera and some duct tape, singling out writer-director Ryan Coogler and DP Rachel Morrison for special praise.

    As for that aforementioned career advice, Simmons suggested that Jordan get himself a famous girlfriend.

    "I think you need a celebrity relationship. Talk to Kenny (Goodman), your dude, about this. Somebody famous. A 2.5-monther. You wanna hit that US Weekly cycle ... then in 10 weeks, get rid of her," joked Simmons.

    Jordan is currently single, as he barely has any time to date. "I'm just reading a lot of scripts and taking a lot of meetings trying to figure out the best move," said Jordan, who has been busy attending dozens of "Fruitvale Station" screenings, though he's only sat through the movie five times.

    Simmons closed the podcast by suggesting that Jordan, who played Wallace on "The Wire," return as the character's uncle if creator David Simon ever decides to do a "Wire" movie.

    We won't hold our breath for that one, however tantalizing the possiblity.

    source: thewrap

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    Pacey Witter has never looked so good.
    In a new fashion spread for Mr Porter, 35-year-old Joshua Jackson proves just how far he has come from his Dawson's Creek days.
    The handsome actor models this season's more relaxed designer suits, from cashmere Burberry Porsum sweaters to well-cut Alexander McQueen jackets, and Lanvin sneakers.

    Mr Joshua Jackson is going wild in the garden restaurant at Chateau Marmont: the Hollywood debaucher's hotel of preference. Under the balconies where former resident Mr Terence Stamp habitually performed a morning routine of naked yoga, at the foot of the drainpipes once scaled against all good judgment by Mr Jim Morrison, next to the lobby through which Led Zeppelin infamously careened on motorbikes, Mr Jackson is really pushing the envelope.
    His wildness, however, is not hedonistic, despite the storied location: it's conceptual. "Right now, the things that we're capable of doing will seem like pure magic to any other generation that ever walked the face of the earth," says the 35-year-old Canadian-American actor, talking ten-to-the-dozen about the transformative impact of radical technologies. "We're also going to make the future unrecognisable to the people who are already on the planet. From an evolutionary standpoint, we're moving into this pure information world. And I find that fascinating."

    Mr Jackson, you might suspect, is simply detoxing after five seasons on cult sci-fi series Fringe - The X-Files for Generation Y - which aired its 100th and final episode in January and explored a host of wild ideas including transhumanism, the technological singularity and parallel universes. In fact, he's genuinely interested in science, futurism and all related subjects. Technology, for Mr Jackson, is the new rock'n'roll.
    I don't want to be too utopian about it, because it feels as if we're one horrible thing from it all going tits up," he continues, barely pausing for a swig of iced tea. "But it seems that we're living in this tremendous era."
    Over the course of a digressive conversation, during which Mr Jackson references cubism, the relativity theory and digital biology, memories of the child actor who secured his first major break alongside Mr Emilio Estevez in The Mighty Ducks (1992) - and proved himself a worthy heir to the Brat Pack dynasty of the 1980s in Dawson's Creek - seem more hazy than usual. In this light, his successful graduation from millennial teen drama to London's West End (in a 2005 production of Mr David Mamet's A Life in the Theatre) is not so surprising. Mr Jackson has a genuine thirst for knowledge, and he clearly enjoys a challenge.
    "I did three or four films in the first year after Dawson's, and I was frankly kind of burnt out. Just knowing that the opportunity [to act in the West End] was there, I could feel my guts clench, and I knew that that's what I had to be doing. Everything else at that point wasn't pushing or intimidating me to that degree. That's why I did it."
    His co-star in the play was veteran Shakespearean actor and star of the X-Men movie series, Sir Patrick Stewart. "I was at his tender mercies and he really helped me," says Mr Jackson. "He's a lovely man, but he's definitely not a luvvie. In fact, if he heard you call him a luvvie you might catch a cuff. He's a bit of a hard man."
    This throwback notion that an actor's physical presence can go deeper than skilful pretence - widely accepted during the heyday of cultured bruisers such as Messrs Lee Marvin, Steve McQueen and Sir Sean Connery - is not lost on Mr Jackson. He stands a solid 6'2" and has chalked up his fair share of youthful, red-blooded scrapes. "I wasn't a hard man, but I definitely went very hard when I was a young man. I only realised that my behaviour as a teenager was shocking to people once I left my group of friends and started telling my stories around the dinner table. I would see the blood drain from people's faces - who is this hooligan?"
    Raised mainly in Vancouver, after spells in the western US, Mr Jackson gravitated towards the edges of pop culture. "When I was a kid I was part of the punk tribe. My group of friends were all kids from broken homes. And I guess we were a band of outsiders. We ran the gamut from my friend George, who was a died-in-the-wool Marxist socialist, to the grunge kids."
    Back then, he remembers, fashion was a delineating social statement."I don't think that's the case any more. It seems to me that the tribe idea has fallen by the wayside. Bankers are wearing Ed Hardy shirts - they've left their tribe behind. It's an odd time to be a man really. We live in a funny era where every rebellious thing has been mainstreamed. You can really pick out of anything in the grab bag."
    Mr Jackson recently attended New York's Met Ball, which celebrates the opening of the Metropolitan Museum's fashion exhibition at the Costume Institute, with his girlfriend Ms Diane Kruger (National Treasure, Inglourious Basterds). "The theme of the ball - the biggest fashion thing in the world - was punk. It seems impossible to marry those two ideas together. And I guess that's where we are now."
    With a final slug of iced tea, the champion of wild concepts dials it down a notch, with a nod to his own restrained sense of style. "I guess I like sort of classic men's stuff, rather than anything too current," he admits. "Not pushing the envelope too much."

    Umbrellas are usually associated with bad weather, but Diane Kruger needed one to protect from a beautifully sunny day.
    The 37-year old actress was taking part in a rooftop photo shoot but because of the clear skies and blinding rays, a brolly was needed to protect from the dazzling light and heat.
    But as she posed in a black and white shift dress, Diane sizzled just as much as the weather.
    The actress was taking part in the fashion shoot on top of a warehouse in the South Central area of Los Angeles on Sunday.

    DailyMail | Mr Porter | DailyMail

    He's like a fine wine, he gets better with age.

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    Kris Allen is a dad! The season eight American Idol winner, 28, welcomed a baby boy with his wife, Katy O'Connell, on Tuesday, July 30, his rep confirms exclusively to Us Weekly.

    "Little Oliver Neil Allen is here!" the rep tells Us. "He's 7 pounds, 7 ounces, 20 3/4 inches long. Mom and baby are doing great."

    Allen first revealed his wife's pregnancy in January, after he was injured in a car accident. "Thank you, Ford, for equipping me with a car that kept my whole family and the little one we have on the way safe," he tweeted. "Yes, I got in a really bad wreck tonight, and yes, I'm having a lil baby."

    Two months later, he opened up about first-time fatherhood-to-be at the SXSW Festival in Austin. "I am really excited," he gushed. "I've always wanted to be a dad...[Katy has] already started buying him clothes like mine. He's already got some [fedoras]."

    This is the first child for the singer and his wife. Together since high school, they married in September 2008.


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    If you've been holding off on enjoying Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" because of the possible interpretation of its subtext or the way the song's music video treats its models with about the same respect that a horseman has for his prize pony (to be fair, the models' manes are extra shiny and, boy, can they canter!), let go and enjoy! "Blurred Lines" isn't anti-feminist — it's actually super feminist because it defends every woman's independence ("that man is not your maker") and right to have sex with Robin Thicke.

    This isn't just conjecture. Thicke said so himself on the Today Show this morning. When asked by Matt Lauer about the controversy surrounding the song,Jason Seaver, Jr. defended himself, saying:

    "When we made the song, we had nothing but the most respect for women and — my wife, I've been with the same woman since I was a teenager. So for us, we were just trying to make a funny song and sometimes the lyrics get misconstrued when you're just trying to put people on the dance floor and have a good time, but we had no idea it would stir this much controversy. We only had the best intentions."

    "But when you looked at it later," asked Savannah Guthrie, "did you kind of get what people were saying?"

    Thicke replied:

    "Yeah, but I think that's what great art does. It's supposed to stir conversation, it's supposed to make us talk about what's important and what the relationship between men and women is, but if you listen to the lyrics it says 'That man is not your maker' — it's actually a feminist movement within itself."

    There you have it. Much like Serrano's "Piss Christ" or Banksy's "Napalm," "Blurred Lines" is just trying to make us think (mostly about how we want it how we want it how we want it). It's not just representative of feminism. It's representative of a new wave of feminism.

    Susan B. Anthony. Germaine Greer. bell hooks. Robin Thicke. We thank these brave warriors for all their hard work.

    source: 12

    lol I swear I have nothing against Robin. I really enjoyed his first 3 albums but come on~ bruh.

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    Restaurant owners desperate to save their business from going belly-up have called on the help of Gordon Ramsay and his hit Fox show Kitchen Nightmares, but has learned the reality TV show’s track record is anything but stellar!

    During the first two seasons alone, Ramsay visited 21 different restaurants all over the country and as of July 30, 2013, all but two of them have closed down — equaling just a 9.5% success rate.

    In fairness, the venues that called on Ramsay and his show for help were already failing and hoped a week with the celebrity chef would revive their business.

    But it’s just another tarnish on the genre of reality TV, which has proved to have many shows busted for being fake or scripted.

    There have been four more seasons of the foul-mouthed British chef attempting to help struggling restaurants and his success rate has progressively improved.

    Season 3 and Season 4 had Ramsay visiting 23 restaurants, 13 of which are now closed giving him a 43.5% success rate — an improvement of nearly 35% from the first two seasons.

    As exclusively reported last month, Chappy’s on Church in Nashville, Tenn. appeared on the Fox show during Season 6 but has since closed down and owner John “Chappy” Chapman blames Chef Ramsay, who called the restaurant “bland” and Chappy “a joke,” for his failed business.

    “This is a very sad day since we have worked so hard,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

    “We shouldn’t have done Kitchen Nightmares. We have spent several months struggling to come out of a negative situation.”

    However, Chappy’s is the only restaurant out of 12 from Season 6 that has closed so far, and Season 5 and 6 are the most successful yet, with a combined success rate of 77%.

    As the article points out most of these restaurants are on their very last leg before they even get on the show so really it's not that surprising. It's a case of too little too late. It's kind of ridiculous for Chappy to blame Kitchen Nightmares though since his restaurant was actually seized due to him not paying taxes. Anyway just sharing some Gordon love.

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    90 plus days in rehab didn't make Lindsay Lohan modest -- 'cause she wasted no time showing off her legs moments after leaving Cliffside Tuesday afternoon.

    Lindsay was smiling in shades, blue print mini-dress, suede-fringe jacket and knee-high socks as she got into the SUV that picked her up from the Malibu facility.

    Sources close to Lindsay tell us she'll be staying with a sober coach somewhere in Los Angeles for the next few days.

    As we previously reported, Lindsay's telling people in her life she feels like she needs a transition period before re-entering the real world on her own.

    Gotta say, so far ... she's looking good.


    Can't wait for her interview with Oprah in a few weeks!

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    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), the group which awards the Oscars each year, has elected its first African-American president.

    Cheryl Boone Isaacs was elected by the board of governors to lead the Academy on Tuesday night, The Hollywood Reporter said.

    Boone Isaacs, a veteran marketing executive who currently heads CBI Enterprises, is only the third woman to lead the 86-year-old Academy. The first two female presidents were actress Bette Davis and screenwriter Fay Kanin.

    Boone Isaacs has previously served as president of theatrical marketing for New Line Cinema and executive vice president of worldwide publicity at Paramount Pictures. Earlier this year, she produced the 4th annual Governors Awards for the Academy.

    Boone Isaacs will replace Hawk Koch, a producer who left the board because of term limits. According to Entertainment Weekly, one of her first jobs will be to select a host for the March 2 Oscar telecast.

    The Academy has traditionally been overwhelmingly white and male. A study by the Los Angeles Times in 2012 found that Oscar voters were nearly 94 percent Caucasian and 77 percent male. In the past year, the organization has been expanding to include more women and film professionals from various backgrounds. Current membership now stands at 6,000.


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    It’s another week and another episode of MTV’s Catfish. This week, we’re heading to Iowa to meet Jennifer. Jennifer is an adorable and bubbly girl who has fallen for a boy named Skylar. She met Skylar online when she turned to an online gaming community as an outlet to get away from her bullying. I love Jen. Nev loves Jen. Max loves Jen. It’s a bummer she’s bullied.

    Catfish Jen and Skylar Recap:

    The Search

    Jen’s gaming avatar has a gold money chain and she utters the phrase “Hey, Boo.” Max did not see that coming. Jen, apparently, has game. But Skylar could be a 50 year old man. The only thing we know for sure, is that Skylar Hazen is not Tyler Faison, the bald ginger camera man in the background. Or is he?

    The guys start by looking up Skylar’s phone number and come up with nothing. Same with an image search. A phone call to Skylar’s school reveals he is not currently enrolled. The duo discover a Facebook account for Skylar Hazen and it’s a 19 year old kid with a girlfriend. They reach out to one of his friends and when this kid realizes MTV is snooping, he reaches out to “Niv” himself to get his 15 minutes.

    At this point, the kid claims it isn’t him. The guys are back to square one and go back to Jen’s house with no new information. Has this ever happened before?

    Jen is super frustrated and the dramatic music has begun. I know she’s bummed but Nev and Max look really good. Max is on a couch cuddling with a puppy and I almost miss his sassy bitterness. Almost.

    “…Can I have my dog?” Ha! Sorry, Max.

    Nev decides to just call Skylar and talk to him on his own. Skylar panics when he realizes he’s talking to MTV royalty. Or because he’s caught in a lie. He’s “busy” and doesn’t want to deal with this during finals.

    The next day, for some reason, perhaps with the incentive of a paycheck, Skylar miraculously changes his mind and agrees to meet Jen.

    Off to San Francisco we go.

    The Meet Up

    They knock on the door and out comes Bryan. Jen’s face is hilarious. I mean, the guy isn’t ugly or anything. He just looks like he lacks a few chromosomes. Perhaps the ones that supply emotion.

    He’s just a huge asshole. Jen looks like she wants to chop his dick off. She’s not the only one.

    Some of the gems in the exchange are as follows:

    Bryan: I have no emotional feelings towards her. I could never have a romantic relationship with her.

    Max: Then why the fuck are we here?

    The sass! It’s back! And in full force. Bryan likes to hook girls to chat and then never speak to them again. He wanted to “brush up his game.”

    Nev: You realize this makes you look like a huge asshole right?

    The guys are PISSED. I am loving this.

    Nev: I don’t really give a fuck about you wanting to come clean and set the story straight about all the other girls you’re being a dick to. Why did I bring this awesome, amazing girl here for you to clear your conscience?

    Max continues to give the guy a verbal beat down when Nev leaves with an “Ugh, I don’t really care anymore.”

    Just when you think it’s over, Bryan gives us this gift:

    Bryan: I was giving her the gift of talking to me.

    At this point, I really think Max will hurl his camera at this guy’s junk.

    Max: You’re going to have a shallow, miserable existence and the world will think you’re a douche bag.

    I am weeping at the perfection. I don’t even miss the puppy.



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    Ryan Murphy has cast two talented, well-known actresses to lead his sexy HBO pilot.

    Fox’s Fringe star Anna Torv and veteran performer Jennifer Jason Leigh (most recently seen on Showtime’s Weeds and ABC’s Revenge) have joined the cast of Open.

    The pilot is described as “a modern, provocative exploration of human sexuality and relationships.” Anna Torv will play Windsor, “a yoga instructor in a long-term relationship with Holly (Jennifer Jason Leigh), but upon meeting Grace feels an instant connection.” Now Murphy just needs to cast Joshua Jackson and John Noble to bring the dreams of Fringe fan fiction to life!

    The actresses join actors Scott Speedman and Wes Bentley, who were previously announced.

    Open is from American Horror Story writer-producer Murphy and Dexter co-executive producer Lauren Gussis; it’s produced by Fox 21.


    Really happy to have Anna back on my tv screen. And at least we all know this show will be amazing for one season before sinking to the depths of hell!

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    Sources: 1 l 2 l 3

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    Sydney Leathers, the girl who leaked the sexy chats from former congressman Anthony Weiner, went on the Howard Stern Show this morning. Stern obviously asked all the right questions.

    When Stern asked if Weiner has a large penis:
    Leathers: Actually yeah, it is. He’s well endowed.

    On being in love:
    Stern: How long into it did you start to feel like you were in love with him?
    Leathers: Well, he said it first. When he said it, I was like, “I have to say it back or it’s going to be awkward.”

    Why it ended:
    Leathers: There were times he’d talk to me multiple times a day. He’s like a needy girlfriend or something. It actually was a turnoff. That’s why things started to fizzle out. He was clingy with me; he’d get pissy with me over guys complimenting me over Facebook or weird shit like that.

    Regarding a very pressing issue to Howard:
    Leathers: We never talked about anal.

    About meeting with Steve Hirsh porn company Vivid Video:
    Leathers: He reached out to my manager Gina, and I just feel like, he’s a great guy, I’m keeping all my options open. We’ll see what happens.

    Her manager, Gina Rodriguez (who represents Tan Mom, Octomom, Angelina from Jersey Shore, and others):
    Rodriguez: We’re sexing [Leathers] up right now. Like, next week she’ll be all sexed up… We’re gonna get her some new big boobs… It’s good for business.

    Gina and Syndey told Howard they were stopping by Weiner’s home for a photo shoot today. She also spoke of plans to release a song called “Weinerizer” in a collaboration with Adam Barta.


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    It’s like Santa for your Vagina!

    Advertising in the feminine hygiene category has made some dramatic leaps away from the insufferable blue liquid framework in recent years. And now, period-care service takes another step forward with "Camp Gyno," a two-minute film starring a young camper who embraces her role as period pioneer.

    Hello Flo is a subscription service that delivers flow-specific period products monthly. The website promises discrete packaging--"feel free to get it sent to your office." The service currently includes Tampax Pearl and Always products and ships throughout the continental US. The company is now also introducing a "starter kit" for the newly menstruating--and that’s where our little camper comes in. Embracing her "red badge of courage," the girl assumes the role of period advisor to her peers, until, that is, they get wise to Hello Flo. But in the interim, she delivers a lot of frank talk about periods, up to and including the use of the words "vadge" and "vagina."


    Yay for actually saying "vagina" to advertise products for vaginas and for empowering young girls!

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    Music video for band's new single, I Hope You Suffer.

    SMH, Davey, could your lip-synching be any more half-assed?


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    Sierra Pictures Acquires 'Obsidian' for the Big Screen (Exclusive)

    New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Armentrout's YA novel is the first in the five-title "Lux" series.

    Sierra Pictures will finance and produce the film adaptation of Obsidian, about a 17-year-old girl who discovers that her neighbor is anything but the normal guy next door.

    Jennifer Armentrout's YA novel, published by Entangled Publishing, is the first in the five-title Lux series.

    The story follows Katy Swartz as she moves to rural West Virginia just before her senior year, resigned to a life of boredom. Things look up when she meets Daemon Black, her neighbor, but she quickly finds herself infuriated by his arrogance. However, Daemon and his sister soon turn out to have otherworldly powers with a galaxy of enemies pursuing them, with Katy caught in their crosshairs.

    Sierra's Nick Meyer and Marc Schaberg will executive produce the movie, with Sierra/Affinity handling international sales. Sierra/Affinity senior vp of production and acquisitions Kelly McCormick and senior vp of sales Kristen Figeroid were instrumental in bringing in the property. McCormick will oversee production.

    Armentrout's new e-book Wait for You -- published under the pen name J. Lynn -- debuted at No. 25 on the New York Times E-Book Fiction Best Sellers list before shooting up to No. 1 in its third week. She also topped the self-published list, the Barnes and Noble self-published list and the iTunes self-published list.

    Armentrout and Entangled Publishing are represented by the Gersh Agency; Marsal Lyon Agency is the publishing agent.


    'Legend' Author Marie Lu On Film Adaptation, New Book Series

    The bad news first, "Legend" fans: There's no updates to be had on the movie adaptation of Marie Lu's YA trilogy. The good news: You know that saying "no news is good news," right? Well, in this case, that's probably true.

    When Hollywood Crush caught up with Marie at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, she told us that the film's status is the same as it was last time we updated you: Producers are hunting for a director. "I'm excited by the people they're thinking of, and hopefully it'll pan out," she said cheerfully. "I'm excited to see who they pick and excited to see where it goes from there."

    As plenty of authors know, just because a production company buys the film rights to a book doesn't mean it'll get past the development process. But Marie is just happy there's the potential of a "Legend" movie. "When I first wrote the book I didn’t even know that we could sell movie rights. I didn’t know that was, like, a thing you could do, so when it happened I was so excited and I still can’t quite believe it," she said. "I definitely fantasize the possibility of going on set. I’d imagine it would be very surreal to see things that are in your brain laid out in the real world."

    Giving up control of something you've spent so much time on is nerve-wracking, but Marie said she's comfortable with any changes producers might want to make. "I know there’s a lot of things that won’t translate well to the screen. They’re just two very different mediums," she said. "Especially with 'Legend'—June as a character, a lot of stuff happens in her head, where she’s constantly thinking about numbers and puzzles. I’m sure that would have to be translated differently. I’ve seen the screenplay, and I really love what they’ve done with it."

    Whether we'll see a Marie Lu movie or a new Marie Lu book first depends entirely on how fast the often slow film-making process moves. A new book, on the other hand, is definitely coming. Marie said a first draft of the first book in her new series is two thirds of the way done, and should be released by next fall. "It’ll be a YA fantasy series, and it’s called the 'Young Elites' for now," she said.Mb< "I’m sort of pitching it as 'X Men' meets 'Assassin’s Creed.' It’s superheroes but in this fantasy, renaissance-y society. I’ve always wanted to write a fantasy."</b>

    And we might not have seen the last of the "Legend" world—Marie said she would be open to revisiting the story in the (far) future. "I never rule anything out. I could see myself potentially revisiting the world in the future, but if it happens, I don’t think it’ll be any time soon," she said. "I think it might be a little while so I can sort of cleanse my palate so I can feel refreshed and ready to go back into the world."


    Bite Into 'Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters' Poster!

    Filming on the big-screen adaptation of Richelle Mead's bloody best-seller "Vampire Academy" may have just wrapped over the weekend, but the studio behind the February 14 release is already giving fans a chance to bite into part of the production.

    A nifty new motion poster for "Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters" has just hit the web, which captures blood droplets slowly coloring a school seal, with the taglines "Prepare to be tested" and "Registration begins 2014."

    The film follows BFFs Rose (a dhampir) and Lissa (a royal Moroi) as they return to St. Vladimir's Academy after running away a few years prior. Plenty of drama unfolds as the girls readjust to campus life and try to find their places in the school's social strata.

    Zooey Deutch, Lucy Fry and Danila Kozlovskiy star.

    motion video poster @ source

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    Beyonce and Mariah Carey better be ready to bow down because the real Queen of Lip-syncing is back on the the scene. (and queen of Vegas lbr, hi Britney.) Shimmering in a gold blazer and pretending to sing live during a recent concert in Quebec was Celine Dion, who debuted a new song called “Loved Me Back to Life”.

    Rumoured to be the lead single from Dion’s upcoming album, “Loved Me Back to Life” was penned by Sia (Rihanna’s “Diamonds”, Beyonce’s “Standing on the Sun”). Dion performed the tune for the first time “live” for 42,000 spectators during her Celine… une seule fois show in Quebec City on July 27.

    Whether Dion sang “Loved Me Back to Life” is debatable but there is no denying that the song will be a winner on Adult Contemporary/Pop radio. Dion certainly hasn’t been relevant with younger audiences for quite some time but her older fans remain true – that’s why she still attracts such a massive attendance at her concerts – and it is quite difficult for her to fail on the formats targeting that market. Plus, she is still a consistent album-seller, so I sense another platinum album in her future.


    0 0

    Beginning her work week with a new project, Drew Barrymore shot scenes for her upcoming movie, "Blended," in Atlanta, GA on Monday (July 29).

    Looking casually cute, the "E.T." actress (lol seriously?) wore skinny jeans and a pattern top as she walked around set under an umbrella.

    In the comedy, a man and woman find themselves stuck together at a resort for families after a blind date, where their attractions for one another grow as their respective kids benefit from the burgeoning relationship.

    Also lending their star power to the Frank Coraci-directed movie are Adam Sandler, Bella Thorne, Chelsea Handler, Joel McHale, and more.


    Looking forward to this! A majority of his movies are terrible, but they always make a great team imo!

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    The question of how much a public figure can reveal about herself - without crossing some invisible line of being too revealing - has come up after Shea Allen, a news reporter for WAAY-TV (an ABC affiliate) in Hunstville, Alabama, got fired for posting intensely personal information about herself and her television job online, according to a Mediaite report on Monday.

    In a blog-styled post, Allen wrote a piece called “Confessions of a Red Headed Reporter” in which she listed 10 confessions about her personal life’s journey – including information about her television experiences and her personal beliefs.

    Here are the ten confessions Allen wrote which resulted in her unemployment:

    1. I’ve gone bra-less during a live broadcast and no one was the wiser.

    2. My best sources are the ones who secretly have a crush on me.

    3. I am better live when I have no script and no idea what I’m talking about.

    4. I’ve mastered the ability to contort my body into a position that makes me appear much skinnier in front of the camera than I actually am.

    5. I hate the right side of my face.

    6. I’m frightened of old people and I refuse to do stories involving them or the places they reside.

    7. Happy, fluffy, rainbow stories about good things make me depressed.

    8. I’ve taken naps in the news car.

    9. If you ramble and I deem you unnecessary for my story, I’ll stop recording but let you think otherwise.

    10. I’ve stolen mail and then put it back (maybe).

    While some of the items on the list are quite innocent, stealing mail – and an admission that she has broken the law by stealing mail - isn’t a smart thing to do. Also, the one about her being afraid of old people and not wanting to deal with them makes one feel rather sad for her parents and grandparents, doesn’t it?


    Have you ever been fired from a job?

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    A newly launched website for Trask Industries rewrites American history with the mutant-hunting robots at the forefront.

    The Wolverine has been in theaters for mere days, but Fox is already heating up promotion for the next X-Men film.

    The newly launched puts a friendly face on the Sentinels, the mutant-hunting robots that will factor heavily into 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. The site touts the work of the fictional company and founder Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage), the creator of the robots, and also reveals detail about the Days of Future Past timeline.

    X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer has been tweeting images from the set of the film since before production began, which have been more or less straighforward. Some have teased potential plot points, others have revealed stunts in the film, and some have confirmed returning cast members. The latest image features Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique holding a man up against a wall by her leg!

    In the new issue of Empire we spoke to the mutant mastermind himself, Bryan Singer, and asked him all about his return to the beloved X-franchise he helped create with X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Here below is what he had to say...

    The X-Men franchise is the most uncanny of things: a series where its storylines are less convoluted than the game of musical chairs played by its directors. Bryan Singer, director of Days Of Future Past, replaced Matthew Vaughn, who himself replaced Singer on the previous X-Men: First Class, having himself been replaced by Brett Ratner on the third X-Men movie, The Last Stand, having first replaced… Bryan Singer.

    Yet there’s something fitting about the fact that original X-Men/X2 director Singer is back for the biggest X-Movie yet. “It takes place in the future and the past and then all over the world, from Russia to China, then France, and Washington, New York,” he says. “It’s got scope, but most of the scope is in the breadth of the story.

    That story is inspired by the classic Chris Claremont/John Byrne comic-book arc, which takes place in a possible future where mutantkind has been virtually wiped out by giant robots called Sentinels. A rogue group of X-fugees, led by Wolverine and Storm, try to save the future by changing the past, so they send one of their number back in time to hook up with the early X-Men.

    It’s not a straight adaptation, though. “It’s its own story, inspired by Days Of Future Past It takes place about ten years, give or take, after X-Men 3; and in the past it takes place about ten years after First Class,” insists Singer. Days Of Future Past, the comic, doesn’t feature Professor X or Magneto, but Days Of Future Past, the movie, operates as a follow-up to X-Men: First Class and the original trilogy. “I’d say it’s not a sequel to one of the others,” says Singer. “It’s an inbetwequel — that’s what I call it, for lack of a better word. It takes place about ten years, give or take, after X-Men 3; and in the past it takes place about ten years after First Class.”

    Which means it features two sets of Professor Xs and Magnetos: the Patrick Stewart-plus-Ian McKellen vintage, and the James McAvoy-plus-Michael Fassbender models introduced in First Class. “They’re in a radically different place,” explains Singer of the latter. “Charles is in a very dark hole when we meet him, and Erik has been gathering his power.

    Days Of Future Past boasts a huge ensemble. First Class is also represented by Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, with Nicholas Hoult slaying giants once more as Beast; while the cast from the original includes Halle Berry as Storm, Shawn Ashmore as Iceman and Ellen Page as Shadowcat.

    Page’s character is the one who goes back in the comic, but in the movie that changes. “She’s the prime facilitator — it’s her power that enables that to happen,” reveals Singer. “But it’s Wolverine who has the strength and the stamina to be able to go back on this journey.

    Meaning Jackman has spent far more time with Fassbender and McAvoy than his First Class F-bomb cameo allowed. “Watching them on set together is really fun,” Singer says. “There are a few moments of improvisation, when the characters clash, that are really jolting and exciting.”

    X-Men: Days Of Future Past is set for a May 22, 2014 release


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    A collection of 74 contact prints of Marilyn Monroe taken by Richard Avedon for Life in 1957.
    Estimate: $2,000 - $3,000. Sold for: $14,000.

    Profiles in History, a memorabilia and historical collectible dealer best knownauctioning off some of Hollywood's most coveted movie props and costumes, recently finished up its Hollywood Auction #56. Notable items from past auctions have included the hat of the Wicked Witch of the West, Marilyn Monroe's famous "Subway dress" from The Seven Year Itch, and a Luke Skywalker light saber screen-used in Star Wars. This time around, potential Hollywood collectors had the chance to bit on some unusual props, plenty of costumes, and more Hollywood glamor prints than Rafiki could shake a stick at.

    Who could resist owning a piece of Hollywood history? (As long as they had the cash, of course.) Let's take a look at the highlights!

    Two vintage black-and-white 11x14" master prints of Marilyn Monroe from the "Balalaika" sitting by Milton H. Greene.
    Estimate: $300-500. Sold for: $1,200.

    Four vintage 10.25x13.25" master prints of Marilyn Monroe by Carl Perutz.
    Estimate: $300-500. Sold for: $7,000.

    A handwritten note by Marilyn Monroe to her niece, signed "Marilyn, your auntie."(Note's text)
    Estimate: $4,000-$6,000. Sold for: $11,000.

    A collection of 12 vintage contact print sheets of Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller by Richard Avedon.
    Estimate: $2,000-3,000. Sold for $14,000.

    A collection of 5 portraits of Katharine Hepburn by Cecil Beaton for Vanity Fair.
    Estimate: $400-600. Sold for: $2,500.

    Oversized signed portrait of Carole Lombard by George Hurrell.
    Estimate: $300-500. Sold for: $1,300.

    Collection of 15 studio camera negatives of Bela Lugosi in Dracula.
    Estimate: $3,000-5,000. Sold for: $15,500.

    James Gandolfini's screen-worn "Tony Soprano" costume from the final scene of The Sopranos.
    Estimate: $3,000-$5,000. Sold for: $22,000.

    The "Tramp" cane screen-used by Charlie Chaplin for Modern Times.
    Estimate: $120,000-150,000. Sold for: $350,000.

    Original screen-used matte painting by Fitch Fulton of "Tara" from Gone with the Wind.
    Estimate: $60,000-80,000. Sold for: $225,000.

    Early "Dorothy" dress designed by Gilbert Adrian and worn by Judy Garland from the early Richard Thorpe-directed filming of The Wizard of Oz. (This costume was worn for the first two weeks of filming under Richard Thorpe; production was halted and Dorothy's look was redesigned.)
    Estimate: $80,000-120,000. Sold for: $300,000.

    Ten Commandments tablets props from The Ten Commandments.
    Estimate: $20,000-30,000. Sold for: $25,000.



    Collection of 21 costumes worn by Julie Andrews and the "Von Trapp" children from The Sound of Music.
    Including the signature "Maria" dress, the yellow skirt suit worn by Maria after her honeymoon, the Von Trapp "Drapery" costumes, the Von Trapp school uniforms, the "Kurt" costume from So Long, Farewell, the "Brigitta" costume from the Do-Re-Mi montage, and three "Liesel" costumes.
    Estimate: $800,000-$1,200,000. Sold for: $1,300,000.

    Signature red hoodie worn by Henry Thomas as "Elliot" in E.T.
    Estimate: $6,000-8,000. Sold for: $35,000.

    Screen-used whip used by "Indiana Jones" in 1981, 1984 and 1989.
    Estimate: $40,000-60,000. Sold for: $95,000.

    Screen-used half-scale "Spiral Hill" set piece from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
    Estimate: $12,000-15,000. Sold for: $70,000.

    A porcelain doll owned by "Claudia" from Interview with The Vampire.
    Estimate: $600-800. Sold for: $1,300.

    Screen-used hammer from The Shawshank Redemption.
    One of three hammers created for Andy Dufresne; each hammer given a weathered/deteriorated look to show the passage of time. This is the "second stage" hammer.
    Estimate: $2,000-3,000. Sold for: $32,500.


    A bench used for the bus stop scenes in Forrest Gump.
    Estimate: $8,000-12,000. Sold for: $25,000.

    Prop ticket won by "Jack Dawson" in Titanic.
    Estimate: $600-800. Sold for: $1,500.

    source: list is my own creation, original images are from the Profiles in History Hollywood Auction #56 flipbook, estimations & realized prices from

    Would you ever bid on a piece of Hollywood history, ONTD? Is there a prop or costume that you'd love to own? I'll admit I put a bid in on the Titanic ticket--sadly, to my pre-teen self's utter despair, I did not win.

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    (31 July 2013 – Toronto, ON)STARS DANCE, the fourth studio album from multi-platinum recording artist, Selena Gomez, has today debuted at #1 on the Canadian Nielson Soundscan chart, selling 16,500 copies in its first week. STARS DANCE, released July 23 through Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company, is Selena’s first #1 debut in Canada and features Selena’s double-platinum hit single “Come & Get It”, as well as her most recent single, “Slow Down”. Internationally,STARS DANCE debuted at # 1 in 28 countries and top 10 in 84 countries on iTunes.

    The road to # 1 kicked off in April with the release of Selena’s first single from STARS DANCE, “Come & Get It”. The video for the single will hit the 100 million view mark next week, and was recently nominated for MTV’s 2013 Video Music Awards for Best Pop Video. A week prior to release, iTunes offered a global stream of Selena’s STARS DANCE following an online marketing campaign which enabled Selena’s fans to unlock previews of the album.

    Selena is set to launch her world-wide tour on August 14 in Canada’s own Vancouver, BC. Additional Canadian tour dates will follow in Lethbridge, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. For Selena tour updates, go to

    In the states, Gomez, who just turned 21 last week, is also the youngest solo female artist to hit No. 1 since her friend Taylor Swift in 2010. On the chart dated Nov. 13 of that year, the then-20-year old Swift debuted at the top with her second leader, "Speak Now."

    The album also debuted at #1 in Mexico! Selena has done something none of her peers have, hit #1 in America, Canada & Mexico at once!

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