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    bee fan

    Beyonce fans don’t call her crazy names like ‘Beysus’ for nothing.

    Earlier this week, an overly-excited fan caught the holy ghost after Beyonce grabbed his hand while singing her last song of the night, “Irreplaceable.” Afterward, she gave him a hug and he fell out.

    If he had a camera phone, he would have missed that moment.

    Watch the fan stomp like he’s in a pulpit below:

    2 more Beyoncé fan freakouts here.



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    Today at SDCC 2013, the VM team released the first footage of the upcoming movie to Hall H, and now to the backers:

    source (link works for backers only but the vid should work for everyone)


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    Here’s today’s “13 Days” trailer with Japanese voice overs. Aside from the obvious language differences, this version of the trailer opens with a slightly different look at the Dead Dunes. If you look closely you can see the immobile form of the Pulse fal’Cie Atomos.

    Those interested in importing the game in time for its domestic launch on November 21st will be happy to know Play-Asia has opened pre-orderes for both the Japanese PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions – with the former being region free. Also available is the Lightning Returns Play Arts Kai, currently penned in for this November.

    by the way, Final Fantasy X-2 Leblanc lovers, I made something for you all!: [x] (no lag, no auto-play, etc)

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    A crowd of about 250 people attended a candlelight vigil in downtown Vancouver late Friday to pay their respects to Glee star Cory Monteith, and to prove that they won’t stop believing.

    Richard Monteith, centre, cousin of late Canadian actor Cory Monteith, is overcome with emotion during a candlelight vigil outside the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver, B.C., on Friday July 19, 2013.

    The 31-year-old B.C. actor was found dead in his hotel room at the Fairmont Pacific Rim last weekend, after overdosing on a mix of heroin and alcohol.

    Monteith had often spoken publicly about his struggles with substance abuse, having attended rehab at 19 and as recently as this past March.

    Even so, the messages and notes left at a memorial on the sidewalk outside the Fairmont on Friday painted a very different image of how Monteith would be remembered.

    Cousin Richard Monteith attended the vigil and was overcome with tears as the gathered Gleeks softly sang Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing,’ an anthem Monteith had performed with his co-stars on the pilot episode of Glee.

    “It’s heartbreaking and exciting; it’s a bunch of mixed emotions at the same time,” Richard told The Province.

    He alluded to fears that the public would only remember his famous cousin’s struggle with substance abuse, and not the countless other creative projects or charitable endeavours attached to his name.

    “All my fears are gone. No one gives a care about the last chapter,” Richard said, citing the many uplifting letters and notes fans had written to him in wake of Monteith’s death.

    “It’s about his beautiful story and that means a lot to see that.”

    The crowd outside the hotel grew quickly on Friday evening, forcing Vancouver police to limit car traffic onto Canada Place as people spilled into the roadway and watched from across the street.

    People gather at a memorial during a candlelight vigil for late Canadian actor Cory Monteith outside the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver, B.C., on Friday July 19, 2013. Monteith's body was found in a room at the hotel July 13

    Candles were also handed out among fans, as others wrote messages to Monteith on a yellow balloon, plastered with a smiley face.

    Later, a crowd cheered “Thank you, Cory” before releasing the helium-filled balloon into the evening sky.

    While Shawno Ashmore, 51, and his partner Hugh McPherson aren’t dedicated fans of Glee, the pair said they attended the vigil to honour Monteith’s charitable work and advocacy for gay rights.

    Ashmore also felt a deeper connection to Monteith — the Vancouver man had moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career in his 20s, just as Monteith had.

    “I got caught up in the drugs and fast-paced life there,” Ashmore confessed. “When I realized that was happening to me, I just pulled out of all of it ... and just moved back to Canada and lived a normal life.”

    A woman holds a candle as she sits at a memorial during a candlelight vigil for late Canadian actor Cory Monteith outside the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver, B.C., on Friday July 19, 2013. Monteith's body was found in a room at the hotel July 13.

    Monteith was found dead in his hotel room at the Fairmont last Saturday.

    He had returned to his room alone just after 2 a.m. but when he missed his checkout time later that day, staff found him dead inside his room.

    Autopsy results released Tuesday ruled out foul play, indicating Monteith had overdosed on a mixture of heroin and alcohol.

    Investigators say surveillance tapes from the hotel and room access records show Monteith was alone when he died, and that no criminal charges were applicable.

    On Friday, the executives behind Glee announced production for the show’s fifth season would be delayed until early August, and its series première pushed back one week to Sept. 26.

    At the end of its most recent season, producers revealed the show was renewed for not just one, but two additional seasons.

    Glee creator Ryan Murphy hasn’t revealed how the storyline will handle the loss of Monteith and his character.

    Monteith played lovable high school-quarterback-turned-glee-club-member Finn Hudson, who had graduated and moved on to college but returned to coach his old club and remained a part of the show.

    Finn also had an on-and-off romance with fellow student and singer Rachel Berry, played by Monteith’s real-life girlfriend and Broadway alumni Lea Michele.

    A Fox release that preceded Monteith’s death offered plot highlights of the coming season, including whether Rachel would find success on Broadway, and whether the characters of Blaine and Kurt (Darren Criss, Chris Colfer) would marry.

    There was no mention of what was in store for the character of Finn.

    A grieving Richard Monteith attends a candlelight vigil for his cousin Cory Monteith at the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel,Vancouver, July 19 2013.

    Richard Monteith, second left, cousin of late Canadian actor Cory Monteith, is comforted by a woman during a candlelight vigil outside the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver, B.C., on Friday July 19, 2013. Monteith's body was found in a room at the hotel July 13

    More pictures at the source here:

    I went. Press is so annoying. Tumblr fan girls everywhere being obnoxious. But it broke my heart when I saw Corys cousin sob into his hands holding drum sticks OMG D:

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    Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 10.05.31

    The photog who was attacked by Kanye West at LAX Friday is the SAME paparazzo who was attacked by Britney Spears in the famous umbrella incident ... TMZ has learned.

    The pap -- who goes by the name Dano -- was on the receiving end of crazy Britney's Mary Poppins-style attack back in 2007. The word on the street was that Dano was more than a tad aggressive.

    After the umbrella incident ... Dano put the umbrella (she left it on the street and he picked it up) on eBay. He also put the Ford Explorer she dented on the website and the bidding reached more than $30k.

    But those figures are small potatoes ... we're told he also raked in a fortune from his video of the incident.

    As for Friday's incident ... we broke the story .... Dano wants to press charges and Kanye is now a felony suspect for attempted robbery. [source]

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    Legendary Pictures began moving ahead on developing Pacific Rim 2 way back in December, hiring the first film’s screenwriter, Travis Beacham, to start penning another installment. In the months since, he and del Toro have been sharing some bare bits and pieces and possible ideas for what happens next. The details are thin but these teases about the direction part 2 would go in allow for some educated guessing and speculation as to what we’d see as far as more monster and robot battles. Below I highlight some of what’s been officially said, some of what’s been drawn from those reports and some of what we’re simply hoping for with Pacific Rim 2.

    If you haven’t yet seen Pacific Rim, there are spoilers to be found ahead. So get off the computer, go see it and then come back to read further.

    pacific rim03

    A Completely Different Direction

    Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, del Toro stated this week that the sequel would be unlike the first film. “We have plans that are pretty bold and pretty crazy,” he said. “We would not be repeating anything from the first one. We would go to completely fresh territory.” What he means isn’t clear, but it almost sounds too different. Obviously we don’t want a rehash, but people go to see Pacific Rim for monsters vs. robots. So it should still be based in that premise. It would be pretty funny if Pacific Rim 2 was primarily focused on the relationship between Raleigh and Mako (Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi) — and there is hint that this romantic storyline would indeed be “built up” — or if the Jaegers now fought something else entirely (giant apes from Skull Island? the spaceships from Independence Day? zombies trying to get over the giant walls?). Maybe we get to see the whole story over again but from the perspective of the aliens? I’m with Beacham, who tweeted today in response to the film’s box office: “Literally the only reason I’m following the numbers is that the sequel is bonkers and I want it to happen.”

    Pacific Rim The Drift 48
    Kaiju Drift

    At a screening in California this week, del Toro revealed during a surprise Q&A that he’d like the sequel to focus on the idea of humans “drifting” with the monsters. In the first movie, Dr. Newton Geiszler (Charlie Day) was able to connect with the brain of a Kaiju in order to understand the creatures and learn of their origins. The guess here is that maybe the humans will be able to control a whole Kaiju with this science. Another report from the same screening says del Toro brought up a deleted scene from the film that may be relevant to the story of the second. In the scene Geiszler mentions that the monsters have silicon-based DNA rather than carbon. I don’t know what that could mean but it has to do with the desire to show us more of the world they and the alien masters hail from. Also it sounds like Day could wind up a bigger part of the sequel, which is good or bad depending on how you enjoyed him in the first go (there seems to be a split with fans on that).

    The Alien Empire Strikes Back

    Another side to the teases about a sequel focusing on the Kaiju drifting is del Toro’s hint that it will actually be of benefit to the aliens in the “antiverse,” maybe more so than to the humans. As he recently told Brendon Connelly at Bleeding Cool, “They have a hive mentality, meaning that if you ‘drift’ with a Kaiju brain, you are drifting with every Kaiju alive. Depending on the duration of the drift the information might be complete or incomplete, but the Kaiju know everything the human drifts with them knows. That’s as much as I can tell you without spoiling the sequel.” So maybe Geiszler ultimately did a bad thing by connecting to the Kaiju brain. He’s one of the smartest we have, and he’s given all that intelligence to the enemy.

    Gipsy Danger 2.0

    Like any soap opera character thought to be killed off, the Gipsy Danger is not completely down for the count. According to that first report from del Toro’s surprise Q&A, the filmmaker claims that this main Jaeger of Pacific Rim, which was last seen falling through the bridge between worlds and acting like a bomb to both close the portal and destroy a bunch of evil aliens and their Kaiju in the process, may be back for Pacific Rim 2. Or at least parts of it, because the robot didn’t exactly disintegrate over in the “antiverse.” But that means the aliens have the pieces and could use them to reconstruct Gipsy Danger or simply learn about man’s technologies and strategies and use the thing against us. Del Toro also said to MTV News this week, “We will have Gipsy 2.0 for sure.”

    Good Kaiju vs. Evil Jaegers

    Putting the two above points together, Jason McDonald at thinks the different direction that del Toro is going in for Pacific Rim 2 is that the Kaiju will now be controlled by man and will therefore be defending cities from a bunch of Jaeger (or Mecha Kaiju) sent to attack the Earthlings. Of course, that’s not a huge change from the first film. It’s still monsters vs. robots, just with the roles reversed. Or maybe it’s a lot more complicated. More from that MTV News interview: “You’re gonna see a merging of Kaiju and Jaeger. And that is quite special.”

    Pentecost 2.0

    During a press event  in San Francisco recently, Rinko Kikuchi hinted that Idris Elba could return in Pacific Rim 2 despite seeming to die when he blew up his Jaeger to make way for the Gipsy Danger to finish the mission. Did he survive the explosion? Will it just be that nobody died in the first movie? Kikuchi’s idea was that her character could somehow still communicate with Pentecost (Elba) via the drift connection. That sounds a lot like we’re getting into Star Wars Force territory, but if this can be explained adequately, why not? This did come from an actress’s mouth, however, and may have just been her wish rather than anything she heard from del Toro or Beacham or anyone else.

    Mexican Jaeger

    Another part of Pacific Rimdeleted from the movie we saw on the screen apparently involved a Mexican Jaeger, which could show up in the sequel instead. According to Shock Till You Drop, del Toro said last month, “We basically couldn’t afford it. He was the most expensive Jaeger.” He elaborated to the site later: “We had a Mexican Jaeger with two ex-convicts that got a deal. They told them that,’If you drive a Jaeger one more time, we’ll give you freedom.’ But it was just too many backstories.” I understand his reasoning for the cut, but this backstory is more interesting than some others in the movie. I hope it does wind up being used for the next.

    Atlantic Rim
    (yes this is a real movie)

    atlantic rim poster1

    Who else agrees the logical title for a Pacific Rim sequel is “Atlantic Rim”? Not only does it make sense as a title, but obviously the change to the Atlantic Ocean would give us whole new locations to fight in (maybe the rift opens up at the other side of the world). Sure, giant monster movies tend to be tied to the Pacific due to the Japanese-led genre. Even The Lost World: Jurassic Park brought the T-Rex to San Diego. And sure, a lot of the major cities of the Atlantic aren’t as close to the ocean as the major cities of the Pacific. But there’s always New York, Boston, Rio, Dakar, Lagos, Cape Town, Miami, Reykjavik, Buenos Aires and Montevideo, among others. The last of these makes me think that if del Toro wasn’t up to direct the sequel that Fede Alvarez could take over (see his giant robot-filled short film Ataque de Panico!). The question would be if the franchise continued, could installments titled “Indian Ocean,” “Arctic Ocean” and “Antarctic Ocean” work?

    How About Some Daytime Battles?

    My main issue with the dark visuals of Pacific Rim are probably the fault of the 3D projection at my cinema more than the cinematography, but still I was dying to see a battle that didn’t take place at night in the rain. I’d love to see the sequel set some fights during the day, in sunlight or at least clearer skies. More aerial battles would be nice, too, as opposed to much more sea encounters. I’d even take some battles in the “antiverse,” though, as I’d just like to see Pacific Rim 2 play with different backdrops, like a fighting arcade game. Each battle is somewhere new. Put one in the ice, another in the desert, another in the African plains, etc. I love the movie’s attention to diversity in characters, now we just need more diversity in setting.

    A Lot More Ron Perlman

    As usual, Ron Perlman is a scene-chewing gem, and I for one wanted a lot more of him in Pacific Rim. It was hilarious yet disappointing to see him eaten in what seemed like an homage to the famed Samuel L. Jackson death in Deep Blue Sea. Then there were cheers all around when his character, Hannibal Chau, cut himself out of the baby Kaiju belly during the credits. He’s alive! He can return in Pacific Rim 2! Maybe he and Charlie Day can be the main characters this time. Perhaps somehow by being inside of a Kaiju, Chau developed some bond with the creatures, not that different from Geiszler’s drifting ability. Or maybe he’s somehow not really Chau… Okay, let’s not go too far. But if they want to make me enjoy the next one more than the first they can start by putting Perlman in a majority of scenes.

    Source: filmschoolrejects
    idk you guys i loooooooooooooooooved the movie but i think making a second one will...idk cheapen it? it would totally be a cult classic if it stayed solo imo. del Toro said that another Jaeger in the film would've been too much for backstory WHAT ABOUT THE RUSSIANS AND TRIPLETS I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT THEIR ORIGINS

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Once Upon a Time kicked off production in Vancouver last week, and they’ve already cast a familiar face as their latest fairy tale character. Community favorite Yvette Nicole Brown is playing Goldilocks — but there’s a catch.

    Yvette won’t be on the hit ABC show when it returns this fall; instead, she’s featured as Good Morning Storybrooke news anchor “Goldie Locksley” on OUAT Season 2 bonus features, ET Online revealed today. She describes her unique portrayal of Goldilocks as a “Katie Couric” type who is “really bubbly and smiles a lot,” which is unsurprisingly familiar to her Community character, Shirley.

    This is a companion piece to the Season 1 DVD extras, which featured The League’s Paul Scheer as anchor Hart Archer. He also reprises his role in the short helmed by OUAT writer and producer Jane Espenson. Notably, Jane also brought along her Husbands co-creator and star Brad Bell to play Boyd, who he describes as a "tricky fellow who maybe gets in a little over his head" that “some people may associate with a lie.” Hmm, do we have another Pinocchio on our hands?

    Though Yvette admitted that “every black chick in Hollywood is waiting for that call for [The Princess and the Frog’s] Tiana,” she’s happy “they made Goldilocks a curvy black chick.” To see her twist on the classic character — including Goldie Locksley’s reports on Bambi’s survival, the town’s wolves acting up, and the Little Lady Who Lives in a Shoe,” pick up Once Upon a Time: The Complete Second Season on August 13. ET Online notes there will be three featurettes on the DVD/Blu-ray — including a Hook-centric one! Sign us up.

    Would you like to see Yvette Nicole Brown on OUAT permanently?

    video at the source

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    Netflix received Emmy nominations Thursday for two of its original series, House of Cards and Arrested Development.
    With the entertainment industry recognizing what the streaming service is doing, it’s time we realized that Netflix is the new standard in premium channels.

    House of Cards was nominated for best drama series alongside critical darlings Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Homeland and Downton Abbey. This is the first time a series that wasn’t viewed on broadcast or cable TV has received a nomination. Whether or not the series actually wins the Emmy is academic because the nomination is the industry recognizing something that viewers have known for a while.

    Something else viewers have known for a while: If you want to enjoy quality TV, you need Netflix.

    The company that started by shoving DVDs in the mail now joins AMC, HBO, and Showtime as a premium outlet, a channel you need if you want to access the best shows on TV. And while Netflix is relatively new to the world of “must-see TV,” it has a pretty good track record for a network noob. The streaming service has launched three critically acclaimed shows in 2013: House of Cards, Arrested Development, and the recently launched Orange is the New Black. If the the new drama from Weeds creator Jenji Kohan isn’t in next year’s Emmy nomination line up, it’ll be the biggest mistake in TV since someone green-lit Two and a Half Men.

    Netflix liked the new series so much that it ordered a second season of Orange is the New Black before the show even premiered. Plus, there’s good news for the Bluths. Talks are underway for an additional season of Arrested Development. Netflix is making renewal decisions much faster than the rest of the industry. Typically, network TV orders up a new season while the current season of a show is airing. Because it has instant access to its own customer viewing data, Netflix can move much more quickly.

    Also, Netflix dumps all the episodes of a current season into its library at once. People start binge-watching right away, and the company can start sifting through the data immediately. This data helps Netflix determine not only if a show should be renewed, but also what types of shows it should green-light to best satisfy audience demand.

    And when the Netflix-programmed shows are done, you still have the enormous library of movies, documentaries, and regular TV shows available for streaming. Of course, most of these choices are utter crap, but Netflix is moving towards licensing deals that will bring higher quality media to the service instead the current firehose of whatever it can license from content creators. In a recent shareholder’s letter, CEO Reed Hastings wrote, “As we continue to focus on exclusive and curated content, our willingness to pay for non-exclusive, bulk content deals declines.”

    And it does all this for $8 a month. If a la carté cable TV does become a reality, it’s going to be tough to get the traditional networks into hitting a sub-$10 price point for single-channel access. ESPN is expected to cost between $10 and $20 a month, while HBO is already charging $15 to $20 a month on top of your basic cable service. The big daddies of premium network programming is unlikely to drop that price if unbundled subscription TV becomes a reality. But they’re going to have to keep the prices down and the choices abundant if they want to compete with the current leader.

    And Netflix is the current leader, make no mistake. It’s cheap, it’s entertaining. It knows what shows we want, and it lets us decide how and when to watch them. It’s exactly what TV is supposed to be.

    Oh snap. I can't wait for Netflix to keep cutting these regular cable bitches.

    Also I finished Orange is the New Black, it was so amazing I'm still not over it!

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    Kevin Feige is introduced as “the master of nerd puppetry” by moderator Chris Hardwick.

    Asked what he has in the works, Feige says: “Well, we have a movie called Thor: The Dark World.”

    A boom! And then total darkness as the billboard-sized screen in 6,000-seat Hall H goes blank.

    “Humanity … look how far you’ve fallen. Lining up in the heat … chattering together in the dark … LIKE BEASTS!!!”

    Aaand LIGHTNING FLASH as Tom Hiddleston appears in character as Loki.

    “Stand back, you mewling quim!” He declares. And everyone falls down in fealty, cheering.

    “You should have let me rule you when you had the chance.”

    Hiddleston, er, Loki unleashes an Asgardian-style Don Rickles routine, insulting the miserable mass of humanity before him. Then asks: “Say my name?”

    LOKI!!! the crowd roars

    “Say my NAME!” he says, no longer asking.

    The crowd chants: LOKI …! LOKI …! LOKI ….!

    Hiddleston smiles: “Then I have an army.”

    And we have video!

    This has footage from the beginning of his appearance.

    Flawless dork on the red carpet <3

    Source 12

    This lovable dork <3

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    By far the highlight of the show's second Comic-Con panel was Kripke's straight talk about what problems he hopes to address from Season 1 and hopefully fix in Season 2.

    "I'm harder on the show than any human being," Kripke said during the panel discussion. "As I was watching the second half of the season, I was like, 'Huh, there's a lot of power on this show without power' ... with the drones [etc.] ... I was like, 'Huh, isn't this supposed to be a show about swords?' A powerless world is a really fascinating concept and I really felt like we hadn't explored that enough."

    "It's not just about, 'Do we flip a switch off or on?'" he continued. "It's about so much more: the soul of America, faith, god, destiny, family. If last year was about a war, this year is about an unfolding mystery that I think is going to be really gripping [and] a way better show than Season 1."

    To that end, don't expect the power that was restored in the Season 1 finale to stick around. "Not very long at all," Kripke confirmed about the length of the power's return. "Just enough to get the nukes in the air. We leave the cliffhanger with our heroes heroically striving to stop those bombs and -- spoiler alert -- they do not stop them."

    "It's a very intense second season," he revealed. "The east coast is totally destabilized. We're back to basics for the show -- how we all survive in this world, which is even more primitive than we saw in Season 1."

    "[Season 1] was a lot of story about a light switch. As we talked about Season 2, and had a lot of really long hard conversations about how we could improve the show, one thing we talked about was, 'Let's turn the power off, let's take the pendants and the tower off the table for the foreseeable future and let's make it about all the issues the show could really be about.'"

    It will also boast a new, grittier look more suited to a world without power. "If anyone was upset that our characters looked too clean ... I was on the phone yelling 'They look like they're in a Noxzema commercial! Where's the dirt?'"

    Kripke's plan for Season 2 is to step back, expand the scale, explore those big picture issues and reveal more about the characters (who were often little more than stick figures in Season 1). "I'm really proud of Season 1 but it became a war show," Kripke confessed. "This allows us to really dig into the people and characters rather than just running and gunning."

    But don't interpret that as a change dictated by NBC's decision to move "Revolution" to a 8 p.m. timeslot on Wednesdays (where it will no longer have the good fortune of following "The Voice"). "The show's the show," Kripke said. "NBC has been incredibly supportive even though we have this new timeslot and said, 'Keep on making the show you're making.' I don't think [the violence] will be markedly more or markedly less, it'll be the same amount of action we saw in Season 1."

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Source 1
    Source 2
    Source 3

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    Little Mix has taken the music—and style—world by storm. After winning the X Factor UK in 2011, their first album, DNA, debuted at number four on the Billboard 200, making them the highest charting debut for a UK-based girl group ever. The four 20-somethings are now making their way across the pond with their fearless attitudes toward all things fashion and beauty.

    We caught up with Jade Thirlwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock to get a few insider tips.

    Real Beauty: How would you describe your personal style?
    Leigh-Anne Pinnock: I'm quite old school. I love snap backs, lots of denim, and lots of gold jewelry. Anything from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air—I'll be wearing it! I also love Lisa Turtle from Saved By The Bell.
    Jade Thirlwall: I would say urban, geek-chic. I really like my bow ties. I take a little bit of inspiration from Alexa Chung because she's quite boyish, but cute and girly at the same time. I always steal my boyfriend's clothes. They're so comfy!

    RB: Do you have a certain style or beauty philosophy that you live by?
    LP: Wear what you want, when you want. As long as you feel comfortable and as long as you're happy then that's all that matters.
    JT: I either have eyes and no lips or lips and no eyes. I don't like having too much going on. Audrey Hepburn is my role model in that sense.

    RB: Best beauty advice you've ever been given: go!
    LP: Just to be happy in your own skin, really.
    JT: Our makeup artist just taught us how to cleanse our face properly—and it's amazing! Your really do see the benefits straight away.

    RB: Is there a beauty look you'd never try?
    LP: I would never shave my head again. On the X Factor, I shaved literally half of my head. They thought it was a really cool style and I really liked it at the time, but now I'm growing it back and it's just so annoying! I don't know how long it's going to take, but I know I have a long way to go!

    RB: You guys are touring a lot, what are your must-have beauty products for on the road?
    LP: I loved Redken Argan Oil. It's basically saved my hair. I love Aesop facial products. I use the cleanser, toner and moisturizer—I'm obsessed with it! I also have lots of MAC and Bobbi Brown makeup.
    JT: I always carry dry shampoo because it's like the best thing invented—ever! And I always carry around lip stuff because I get dry lips all the time. Powder, as well, especially in the summer.

    RB: Are you constantly raiding each others' makeup bags on the bus?
    JT: Not really...but because we all shop at the same places, we'd often have moments on the road where one of us was like, 'Ah! I can't find my lipstick!' And we'd all have to go through our bags and it'd like, 'Aw, yeah, I've got it.' Because we all have the same ones, we always mix up our makeup. I think we should label it from now on.

    RB: You've been compared to The Spice Girls —and even broke their record by having the highest charting debut for a UK girl group ever! What do you think about that?
    JT: They were the biggest girl group in the world and we really look up to them and aspire to be like them in terms of success and the message that they represented. And because they were fearless and so confident, they got away with some huge fashion and beauty risks!

    Little Mix's DNA Certified Platinum by the British Phonographic Industry

    Included in the list of newly-certified albums are the likes of Ellie Goulding’s Halcyon, Rita Ora’s Rita Ora and Little Mix’s DNA – which are recognized for achieving over 300,000 sales to attain Platinum status.

    Little Mix Enlist Help of the World's Biggest Urban Writers

    Little Mix are definitely mixing with some of the BIGGEST producers/writers in the business in newly released details of songs submitted for their next album.

    None of these songs are confirmed for the album but all have been bought/submitted awaiting approval. For me, the biggest name is Kevin McCall who has worked on pretty much every Chris Brown song.

    Not mention all of these writers are American (apart from the last song) and have been nominated for a Grammy.

    Break Your Heart
    Writers: Kyle Christopher (artist signed to Warner Bros), The Fliptones (David Delazyn & Chaz William – produced “Don’t Wanna Go Home” – Jason Derulo), Chrishan (singer/songwriter who has worked with Lil Wayne and Katy Perry).

    Dominate You
    Writers: Kyle Christopher (artist signed to Warner Bros), Chrishan (singer/songwriter who has worked with Lil Wayne and Katy Perry), Michaela Shiloh (written for Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and Pitbull)

    Fire In The Sky
    Writers: Kyle Christopher (artist signed to Warner Bros), Chrishan (singer/songwriter who has worked with Lil Wayne and Katy Perry), Jordan Matthew Suecof (R Kelly)

    Fux Wit This(da fuq with this song title?)
    Writers: Kyle Christopher (artist signed to Warner Bros), Chrishan (singer/songwriter who has worked with Lil Wayne and Katy Perry), Michaela Shiloh (written for Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and Pitbull), Ronald M. Ferebee (“Say Aah” – Trey Songz)

    Writers: Kyle Christopher (artist signed to Warner Bros), Chrishan (singer/songwriter who has worked with Lil Wayne and Katy Perry), Michaela Shiloh (written for Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and Pitbull), Jordan Matthew Suecof (R. Kelly)

    Like A Drum
    Writers: Kyle Christopher (artist signed to Warner Bros), Chrishan (singer/songwriter who has worked with Lil Wayne and Katy Perry), Kevin McCall (Grammy-nominated artist/rapper who is the main producer for Chris Brown. Produced “Deuces” and “Strip”)

    Writers: Kyle Christopher (artist signed to Warner Bros), Chrishan (singer/songwriter who has worked with Lil Wayne and Katy Perry), Michaela Shiloh (written for Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and Pitbull), Maurice Wade (Written for Kelly Rowland)

    Tap Out
    Writers: Kyle Christopher (artist signed to Warner Bros), Chrishan (singer/songwriter who has worked with Lil Wayne and Katy Perry), Jordan Matthew Suecof (R Kelly), Dayve Brown (2x Grammy nominated Songwriter & artist)

    We Own The Night
    Writers: Little Mix, Iain James (“Wings”, “DNA”), MNEK (Need U (100%) – Duke Dumont)

    sources: 123


    0 0

    Cillian Murphy plays schoolteacher Mike Kiernan in a piercing drama titled, “Broken.” It’s written by Mark O'Rowe, directed by Rufus Norris, and stars Tim Roth and brilliant newcomer Eloise Laurence.

    “Broken” is the story of Skunk [Laurence], a young girl who lives in North London with her father [Roth] and brother. Much like “The Hunt,” starring Mads Mikkelsen [TV’s Hannibal], a young girl’s lie ruins someone’s life. Skunk’s innocence is lost when she witnesses the ugliest truths about people.

    Cillian Murphy’s character, Mike, has a dynamic relationship with Skunk—first as her nanny's boyfriend and then as her teacher.

    Today, Examiner Dorri Olds had the pleasure of a one-on-one interview with Cillian Murphy.

    What attracted you to the movie “Broken”?

    I had worked with the writer on two films before and I’d seen the director’s work on stage. I also loved that my character was friends with the young girl without it being weird. That is thanks to the great writing and directing. This is a universal film about innocence lost and family.

    What did you think of Mike’s fear of commitment?

    Nowadays, both economically and socially, people are much more wary of commitment. I like my character because he is a good man. I had a back-story for him of thwarted ambitions. He’d written his own novel but kept it hidden in a drawer. Journalists, teachers and actors often have the desire to write and publish a book. My parents are teachers. I’m from a long line of teachers. I appreciate that vocation so it was nice to play that. If you have one good teacher in your life it can set you on a great path. I had one teacher who really pushed me into focus on what I wanted to do and what my interests were. You find that among creative people there is often one special teacher.

    How did you feel about working with Eloise Laurence?

    I thought she was wonderful. She is an actress who is able to just be. That’s what you want ultimately, to just be in the scene and let the situation envelop you. It was great to watch her and see her grow into that role. It’s her film. The film succeeds or fails on her shoulders and it couldn’t have succeeded without Eloise.

    How was it working with Tim Roth?

    He and I got on fabulously and have remained friends. He gave a genuine, authentic, quiet performance that shows his range. Even before I wanted to be an actor he was a hero of mine. I’ve always admired his choices.

    Did some of the more gut-wrenching scenes stay with you after filming?

    I have two kids and I think this film effects you so much more if you’re a father or mother because it’s about the corrosion of innocence. Of course it's inevitable for that to happen to all of us but as a parent you attempt to preserve that innocence even though you know it is a futile battle.

    How many scripts do you read in a week?

    That depends on the week. You never really know. I have good weeks and bad weeks.

    Have your acting experiences lived up to what you’d hoped for when you set out to be an actor?

    I suppose so. I didn’t really have a plan. I wanted to be a musician but it just ended up like this. I feel lucky. I went to see a play in Cork when I was 18. It was a classic, “Chocolate Orange,” based on the book. It made a big impact on me and was an epiphany. It was the power of live theater that affected me and made me pursue that avenue.

    Do you still play music?

    Yeah, but just for fun. I play ukulele.

    Do you ever get nervous or insecure when starting a new film project?

    Sure, yeah, it’s essential to what you do as a performer. Acting is about this weird alchemy of self-confidence and deep insecurity.

    Have you experienced any of the down sides to fame?

    I’ve been pretty lucky. I’m not an actor who can complain about any of that. It’s never been intrusive or a problem, but I prefer to talk about the work.

    What other projects are you working on now?

    I just wrapped Wally Pfister's, “Transcendence” and I’m starting a movie with Ron Howard called, “In the Heart of the Sea.” I also did a British TV show coming out soon called, “Peaky Blinders.”

    Is there anything else you’d like to add that I haven’t asked?

    Oh, I dunno. That’s your job isn’t it?


    flop questions tbh, but at least there's some new info

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    - Judd is HOH
    - Judd nominated Kaitlin and Aaryn

    MVP Results

    America has voted, and the chose to nominate....

    as the 3rd nominee. America ultimately picked Aaryn as the first nominee, but they had to go to the second person which was Elissa. Thus, Elissa joins Aaryn and Kaitlin on the block.
    Maybe America didn't listen to Julie this week when she said, vote for the worst person.

    Who won the Golden Power of Veto?


    Expect a nomination change!

    Source: Me watching live feeds.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    John Casablancas, the modeling agent whose shrewd and sometimes scandalous packaging of beautiful women ushered in the era of supermodels, died on Saturday in Rio de Janeiro. He was 70.

    The cause was cancer, said Lorraine Caggiano, his executive assistant. Mr. Casablancas, who lived in Miami, was being treated in Brazil. (I think it was actually the opposite, he lived in Rio with his Brazilian wife and youngest children)

    Head-turningly handsome, Mr. Casablancas courted scandal in his own life as well, accused of having sexual relations with teenage models and pursuing a playboy’s life of excess. For 30 years, through the Elite Model Management agency he founded in Paris in 1972, he shaped the careers of models who became household names, among them Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Carol Alt, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, Andie MacDowell, Kim Alexis, Paulina Porizkova, Iman, Heidi Klum and Gisele Bündchen.

    By the end of its first decade, Elite had become a serious and brash competitor to the well-established New York agencies, like Ford and Wilhelmina, triggering a series of raids, defections and gossipy lawsuits that forever changed the modeling industry and were voraciously covered in the tabloids as the “Model Wars.”

    Mr. Casablancas was at the center of it all, unabashedly mixing business with his pleasure. Where Jerry and Eileen Ford, who founded Ford Models in 1946, had brought an almost puritanical sense of ethics to the modeling business, introducing modern accounting practices and standardized pay and working hours, Mr. Casablancas planted the flag of a provocateur, encouraging his young charges to enjoy a lifestyle of Champagne and wild parties, and sometimes more. He also made the most successful ones very rich.

    “I had the understanding of a guy who loved beautiful women, and above all who liked the sensuality of it all,” Mr. Casablancas said in a 2010 video interview with the blog Modelinia. “All of the other agents were either women or gay guys. They had their own approach, which in certain instances was probably superior to mine, but I had something I thought was unique. I looked at my models as women.”

    He was largely responsible for glamorizing the business and turning models into idols, their egos expanding in direct proportion to their earnings potential. In 1990, at the height of the supermodel moment, Ms. Evangelista, then married to Gérald Marie, the president of Elite in Paris, made a comment to Vogue that came to define the vainglorious world of modeling that Mr. Casablancas had created: “We don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day.”

    Mr. Casablancas demanded top dollar for his models, developing them as celebrities and media personalities, the stars of music videos and presenters on MTV. In 1988, to make Ms. Crawford a recognizable face beyond fashion, he encouraged her to pose for Playboy magazine. The ensuing publicity led to a job as host of “House of Style,” and then a Pepsi commercial. In 1995, she topped the Forbes list of highest paid models, earning $6.5 million.

    The success of Elite, with more than $100 million in annual model bookings during the years it was run by Mr. Casablancas, represented a turning point in modeling, for better and worse. As Wilhelmina Cooper, one of his rivals, said of the typical top model in 1978: “She is now picking or choosing who she wants to work for, instead of just taking what her agency tells her to.”

    Mr. Ford, who accused Elite of poaching models and sued the company in the late 1970s, described Mr. Casablancas’s methods at the time as “sleazy.”

    Beyond his feuds with other agencies, Mr. Casablancas was frequently criticized for having sexual relationships with young models. His public affair with Stephanie Seymour in 1983, when he was 41 and she was 16, ended his second marriage, to Jeanette Christjansen, a former model and the 1965 Miss Denmark.

    Mr. Casablancas scoffed at the criticism, but his reputation was severely tarnished in 1999 as a result of a BBC One undercover exposé that showed Elite’s agents in Europe, including Mr. Marie, boasting of drug use and sexual conquests with young models. Though he was not implicated in the scandal, Mr. Casablancas resigned from the agency the following year.

    John Casablancas was born on Dec. 12, 1942, in Manhattan, the third of three children of Fernando and Antonia Casablancas, a Spanish couple who, after fleeing the country’s civil war, grew wealthy from operating a family textile-machinery business with factories around the world. At 8, he was sent to the Le Rosey boarding school in Switzerland, along with many children of the international jet set, and began a somewhat wayward life for the next two decades.

    After attending several European universities without graduating, and taking jobs in finance, public relations and real estate, he accepted a position offered by a family friend to become the marketing manager of a Coca-Cola factory in Brazil. Still in his early 20s, he invited his French girlfriend, Marie-Christine, to join him, and married her at her father’s insistence.

    When the couple returned to Paris a few years later, he took a job with her brother in public relations for an architecture firm, but their marriage was soon on the rocks. Mr. Casablancas was living in a tiny hotel in 1967 when he met Ms. Christjansen, who was 19 and on a modeling assignment for the photographer Gunnar Larsen.

    “I thought he was the best-looking man I’d ever laid eyes on,” Ms. Christjansen told New York magazine in 1988.

    After the affair began, Mr. Casablancas had a daughter, Cecile, with his wife.

    Ms. Christjansen’s unhappiness with her agency inspired him to start a business, Elysée 3, representing photographers and models. After a rough start, he created a new company with Alain Kittler, a classmate at Le Rosey, to focus only on those they regarded as the best models. They named it Elite.

    Mr. Casablancas said he had seen an opportunity for models with personality and sex appeal to command wider attention in magazines and on runways.

    “I introduced women with shape, short hair, brunettes, brown eyes,” he said in the Modelinia interview. “Fashion is not about a Disney-like type of catalogish model. Fashion is about really exciting girls that have something to say, that express something.”

    Shortly after opening a New York office in 1977, Elite was sued for $10 million by Ford and Wilhelmina, but the cases were unsuccessful and resulted only in more publicity for Mr. Casablancas. In 1978, he married Ms. Christjansen and had a son, Julian, with her while the agency continued to thrive.

    Elite was the dominant name in global modeling well into the 1990s, until a series of problems, including the BBC One documentary and a class-action lawsuit that accused several agencies of price fixing, led it to seek bankruptcy protection in 2004.

    Its assets were most recently acquired by Pacific Global Management Group in 2011.

    In 2000, Mr. Casablancas announced that he was selling his Manhattan home and moving to Rio de Janeiro, where he had married Aline Wermelinger in 1993. His marriage to Ms. Christjansen had ended in the late 1970s after their son’s birth. Ms. Wermelinger was then 17, having met Mr. Casablancas the previous year when she participated in Elite’s Look of the Year contest. She and their three children — John Jr., Fernando Augusto and Nina — survive him, as do his children with his previous wives. Cecile Casablancas is a jewelry designer, and Julian Casablancas is the lead singer of the rock band the Strokes. He is also survived by a brother, Fernando.

    After leaving Elite, Mr. Casablancas created a modeling school, a model-scouting organization called Star System, and what he called a “cybermodel agency,” named Illusion 2K, which briefly promoted a computer-animated model named Webbie Tookay. Her greatest attribute, Mr. Casablancas said, was that she would never complain.

    “One of my biggest regrets is that I created the supermodel,” he said in the London newspaper The Telegraph in 2000. “They can be impossible. Elite single-handedly brought modeling rates to a peak no one could have imagined, but the girls never thanked me for it. I’ve had enough.”


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    Mmmmmmm Ritz -- TMZ has learned, Amanda Bynes ran up a super stoner bill at the Ritz-Carlton in NYC this week ... ordering more than $2,000 worth of room service before getting the boot on Thursday.
    As we reported, Bynes was ejected from the hotel for smoking weed inside her hotel room, as well as for being intolerably rude to hotel staff. Bynes denied the allegations, but her hotel bill, obtained by TMZ, appears to back up the hotel's story.
    According to the bill, Amanda racked up nearly $9,000 in charges, staying in a $700-a-night room -- and $2,389 of that bill came from room service orders.
    The bill shows Amanda placed nearly FORTY (40) separate room service orders -- and we're not talking a side of fries here and some nachos there ... each order averaged roughly $60-70 a POP.
    Talk about a high price to pay.

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    Today's Pokemon Smash premiered the first footage of the new X/Y anime and some gameplay footage of Pokemon X and Y, as you can see below.

    Pokéxperto has posted online some supposed new Pokémon names from X & Y. The list supposedly existed before Swirlix, Spritzee and Inkay were revealed, and as such Pokéxperto believes it provides some credence to the list.

    [UPD]: We’ve added translations and name breakdowns below. Please remember to take them with a grain of salt, whether from our list below or from any other source. We’ve tried our best to break down the names and find their origins, but there’s a chance that some are incorrect.

    • Dianshii (ディアンシー) — Possibly a deer Pokémon. It’s name could come from deer + fancy + antsy.

    • Hariboogu (ハリボーグ)— Most likely the evolution of Chespin — Hari (ハリ) comes from pin/needle, boogu (ボーグ) or bogue, is the name of the shell of a chestnut is French. Thanks to belmad for this tip-off!

    • Gekogashira (ゲコガシラ)— Possibly from gecko + boss. Gashira means either head or boss. Possibly a Froakie evolution.

    • Borukenion (ボルケニオン)— Probably Volcanyon — likely boruke (ボルケ) from volcano and nion (ニオン) from canyon.

    • Dedenne (デデンネ)

    • Horubii (ホルビー)— Likely comes from horu (ホル) to dig + bee.

    • Nyaonikusu (ニャオニクス)— Probably Meowstick, as mentioned in a previous leak

    • Burigaron (ブリガロン)— Maybe a blizzard wolf: buri (ブリ) from blizzard (burizaado) + garo (ガロ / 牙狼) meaning fanged wolf. It could also come from garou (餓狼) meaning starving wolf.

    • Jigarude (ジガルデ) — Is possibly from Jiga (ジガ / 自我), which means ego.

    • Mafokushii (マフォクシー)— Is possibly an evolution of Fennekin: Mafoxy

    • Fuupa (フーパ) — fuu (フー) is most likely wind, pa (パ) could be many things.

    • Gekkouga (ゲッコウガ)— Gekkou (ゲッコウ) means moonlight + ga (ガ) is moth. Literally moonlight moth.

    • Torimian (トリミアン)

    • Teerunaa (テールナー) — Possibly related to Gekkouga. Teeru (テール) means tail and runaa (ルナー) means lunar.

    Pokéxperto was known for providing information that later turned out to be true before Black & White released, so we do have some reasoning for believing these could be true. As always: remember that these names are not confirmed, and should not be considered true just yet. Whether true or not we’d like to hear your opinions on these names. What do you think the Pokémon could look like?



    Two names stood out to us as possible Chespin evolutions, however we only updated with the name origins of one. That was Hariboogu. Today we’ve looked back and it seems we were right in thinking there were two names that could relate to Chespin.

    ハリボーグ/HaribooguThis stays mostly the same as what we had: hari (ハリ) means pin/needle, but boogu could be a combination of 防具 (bougu) meaning armour, and the French word bogue (the shell of a chestnut). Strongly suggesting that Chespin could develop some sort of natural armour (something backed up by the next point).

    ブリガロン/Burigaron— Here is the biggest deviation from what we originally had. Initially we believed it could have been some sort of ice wolf, we may have been completely wrong… Brigandine is a type of armour from the middle ages, this acts as the most likely origin of buriga (ブリガ). Ron is assumably from marron (meaning chestnut in French). These combination of words fit the potential theme set by Hariboogu. Chespin may evolve into a sort-of knight.


    We believe what we initially reported as a Fennekin evolution to be correct, and we’ve now found a name that could fit the bill to fill the second slot.

    マフォクシー/MafokushiiFokushii here still remains as foxy, ma is from 魔, meaning magic or demon, although in this case more likely magic. This fits with the heavily rumoured Fire/Psychic typing for Fennekin and could mean the Pokémon becomes a sorcerer of sorts.

    テールナー/TeerunaaTailunar (Teeruna)remains the same. We however believe it could be an evolution of Fennekin. Foxes are often emphasised for their tails, something the huli jing (see below) is known for. We’re uncertain whether this could be Fennekins final or first evolution.


    We believed that we could have been shown the names for one of Froakies evolutions, however looking back again it’s entirely possible that we actually got names for both of its evolutions.

    ゲッコウガ/Gekkouga — To begin with we believed that Gekkouga could have been a moonlight moth, from gekkou (moonlight) and ga (moth), this could still be the case (see the other theory below). However, it’s possible that gek comes again from gekogeko (ゲコゲコ) and kouga from Kōga-ryū the name of a school of ninjutsu.

    ゲコガシラ/Gekogashira— In Japan kerokero is a common onomatopoeic term for the noise a frog makes. There is, however more than one—of which one is gekogeko (ゲコゲコ). Gashira literally means head, in the sense that someone is head of something or, the boss.

    These possible name origins would suggest that Froakie will become some sort of ninja-frog, with a typing that could very well be Water/Fighting.

    The Unova starters were all based around Japanese, European and Chinese myths, as such it’s possible to interpret Froakie as a ninja (Japanese origin), Chespin as a knight (European origin), and Fennekin as a huli jing from China.

    source: 1, 2, 3

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    Oh Easter Island Head, you so cute, and your American accent is good. And I guess that scar on his noggin is real.


    He and baldy Karen need to take some pics together pls.

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  • 07/20/13--20:20: Article 14
  • Do What You Love: Keanu and Keanu Doctrine

    by Li Hongyu (reporter) and Wei Jie (writer)
    Photographs by Jiang Bin

    (Translated from Chinese by anivad)

    After Keanu Reeves became famous, he thanked his mother countless times for giving him his freedom. He's persisted in his 'do what you love' Keanu doctrine: only doing commercials for products he himself liked; staying for long periods at a hotel rather than at home; readily buying and giving away 12 Harley motorbikes; turning down an offer to star with Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in Heat, instead going off joyfully to spend three weeks acting in Hamlet for US$6000; and for his Chinese friend Chen Hu, he became a film director. Keanu Reeves happily shouted at the Southern Weekly reporter's camera: "China! We're coming!"

    "Positive energy brings good feelings, and dark energy often means harm. But the destruction in dark energy is also a subtle aspect of construction, like how even forest fires have their benefits. Sometimes enemies are our best teachers, people can learn from their mistakes, destruction sometimes means rebirth. Tai chi is the concept of transformation: the so-called yin and yang, free of and without the need for moral judgement."
    - Keanu Reeves

    Keanu Reeves' mother never constrained her children. The thing she said most often was: "Do what you love."

    So Keanu Reeves became an actor, and now he's become a director.

    "China! We're coming!" Director Keanu Reeves faced the Southern Weekly reporter's camera, gesturing wildly. Compared to his onscreen movie characters, the offscreen Keanu's expressions are blatantly rich and varied. He would laugh briefly, but never presumptuously. At almost fifty years of age, he still exudes the demeanour of a high school student, free of any aggression as he engages with his surroundings.

    In 2013, Keanu Reeves has already visited China quite a few times: for the Beijing International Film Festival, the Shanghai International Film Festival, as well as to promote his soon-to-be-released Man of Tai Chi.

    Man of Tai Chi is the first movie that Reeves has directed, and is, very fashionably, a US-China co-production. In fact, this is also a result of 'Do what you love'. The film was conceived in 2007 - at that time, there weren't any Hollywood people who thought that there was any future in producting films with China. "I did this project because of Chen Hu," Reeves repeatedly told the Southern Weekly reporter. On The Matrix, Chen Hu was the one in Yuen Woo Ping's team who was Reeves' kungfu trainer, and due to Man of Tai Chi, Chen Hu has also become a famous name.

    I thank my mother for giving me freedom

    When Keanu Reeves was four years old, his father left and never came back. His mother on one side pulled him and his sister Kim along, and on the other side continued to fall in love, marry, and divorce. They wandered from Beirut, Lebanon to Australia and New York, finally settling down in Toronto, Canada.

    After yet another divorce, his mother started repeatedly moving house. Keanu was in Toronto for five years of middle school, attending four different schools in that time. His manner was like that of a good-tempered tenant: polite, pleasant, happy no matter where he was; but he still kept crossing the line.

    A kid who joined Keanu in delivering newspapers knew his insecure, irritable side. He was very angry about his father's departure. In the 1990 movie I Love You to Death that he acted in, he had a line, saying that the so-called father is in fact only a father in that moment of fertilising the egg. That was really how he felt about his own father.

    His mother's occupation was as a costume designer, with clients including David Bowie and Dolly Parton. She loved the theatre, dressed in alternative fashion styles, had very short hair dyed pink, and smoked Gitanes cigarettes. Their more conservative neighbours thought she was a hippie. Because her work often required her to be out, Keanu and his little sister had only each other to depend on. "I didn't bring them up, I watched them grow up," his mother used to say to the media.

    At 16, Keanu Reeves started performing in dramas at the community theatre. His first professional play was in Toronto in 1984, starring in Wolfboy. This play, because of its homoeroticism, became a hit in the gay male community. Its effect on Reeves' image was lasting - in 1995, Hollywood was suddenly circulating with rumours that Keanu Reeves wanted to get married to entertainment mogul David Geffen. David Geffen was quick to refute the rumours, saying he didn't know this guy; Reeves was also asked by the media if he was gay. He said, "I'm not," but later also seriously added, "But on this subject, everyone says no." (Note: I'm not sure if this is a translation issue either on my part or the reporter's, but the latter is in direct contradiction to what Keanu actually said. His initial response was 'No... but ya never know', and at another time - after being constantly hounded by the press demanding a direct answer - saying that he's not gay and has in fact never had a single male sexual encounter in his life, but he doesn't like making a big deal of it: "Well, I mean, there's nothing wrong with being gay, so to deny it is to make a judgment. And why make a big deal of it? If someone doesn't want to hire me because they think I'm gay, well, then I have to deal with it, I guess." (source) Basically, perfect immortal human is perfect and immortal. - Ani)

    After Keanu Reeves became famous, he thanked his mother countless times for giving him his freedom. In turn, he happily supported her various whims. He bought her a house in Los Angeles, pays all her bills, and invites her to all his movie premieres.

    Compared to a house, he prefers living in hotels

    In 1994, Reeves starred in Speed, for which his six-figure paycheck rose to US$7 million.

    Reeves also chooses his films in accordance with 'Do what you love.' He turned down an offer to perform alongside big names Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro in Heat. What he wanted to do was act in Hamlet, for three weeks at the Manitoba Theatre Centre in Canada's town of Winnipeg, for US$6000. He reckoned that getting to play Hamlet is a huge achievement for an actor.

    After Speed, he acted in two movies, Johnny Mnemonic and A Walk in the Clouds. No matter their reviews or box-office takings, Keanu did not take it to heart.

    Keanu did not own his own property, and when he wasn't staying at a hotel, he was staying at his sister's or a friend's home. He likes motorcycles, owning a 1984 Norton 850 Commando, frequently riding them out at midnight on weekends, shuttling through the city - at this time, the crowds had dispersed; even the prostitutes had gone to rest, and Reeves would sometimes be riding all the way till 4 in the early morning.

    The Matrix trilogy made both Reeves and his fans happy. He played the robotic, straight-faced saviour Neo, and became a truly world-renowned star.

    It was only when The Matrix Revolutions came out in 2003 that Reeves bought his first house for US$4.8 million in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley, and constructed a hospital ward within it - his sister had leukemia, and the house was for her. His mother and sister were always the most important women in his life.

    And Reeves was also not used to staying in his own house, preferring to live in a hotel.

    Who is the real friend?

    Reeves does not mix with the Hollywood young actors scene, spending his free time studying scripts, reading books, and listening to music. He also has few friends. In 1990, his co-star in I Love You to Death and My Own Private Idaho - River Phoenix - was his closest friend. Phoenix died in 1993 of a drug overdose. (MOPI in Chinese is 'Unlimited Sky' (or 'Unlimited Heaven'). I love that. - Ani)

    The Matrix franchise brought great riches to Keanu. He generously bought 12 Harley Davidson motorcycles for the stuntmen who worked with him.

    After The Matrix, Reeves didn't do any other martial arts films. He brought his attention to the documentary Side by Side, which discussed the impact of digital technology on the science and art of film. During that time, he also made a few films that he wanted, such as the comedy Henry's Crime. "I really like it. I got to act with James Caan," Reeves told the Southern Weekly reporter, snapping his fingers. In Henry's Crime, Reeves played a man without a dream, while Caan played a conman with a dream. The movies that Keanu like also include A Scanner Darkly, an animated film, as well as the Japanese samurai science-fiction movie 47 Ronin.

    As for box-office takings, Reeves still "doesn't take it to heart."

    Reeves' and Chen Hu's friendship really began in 2005. After working together on The Matrix Reloaded, a few years passed without any interaction between them. In 2005, Chen Hu sought out Keanu, inviting him to write for his script. By the second day, Keanu had produced another draft, saying he'd made some corrections; a few days had barely gone by before he'd done yet another revision. (The details here don't seem to tally with other interviews, where it was years between all those drafts and Keanu admitted to being a huge procrastinator. - Ani)

    "I feel that this person is enough of a friend, and at the same time very moving," Chen Hu told the Southern Weekly reporter. (Note: I have absolutely no idea what he's saying there. I know what the words mean but they don't make sense together. - Ani)

    In 2006, Chen Hu wanted to become an actor. Script in hand, he wanted to offer Keanu a cameo role. The movie was originally called Tai Chi Tiger, clearly tailored for himself, and later renamed Man of Tai Chi. Given Keanu's then star status, if he agreed to guest star in the movie, it would greatly increase its ability to persuade investors to support the film.

    Reeves very quickly agreed. He took the script to look it through, and felt that a lot of parts needed fixing, but even after more than ten revisions he was still not satisfied.

    "He said, what are you guys doing? How hard is it to write a script? If that's the way things are, I'll write it!" Chen Hu recalled.

    Five years later, Reeves hadn't become the scriptwriter; he'd become the director, and used the word 'wonderful' to sum up his life as a director: "You might sometimes think that your original idea was great, but when actors bring their input to their performance, you'll exclaim in your heart: "Oh my God, how did I not think it could be acted this way? This is simply too great!"

    Dark energy is still a form of energy

    Southern Weekly: You've said that acting is where you truly belong; so what made you decide to change it up and become a director?

    Keanu Reeves: It's really simple. I wanted to tell stories. This story had to do with Chen Hu, and I had an urge to tell it to everyone.

    Originally it was Chen Hu who inspired it, and this project was done for him. When I started learning martial arts in 1997, Chen Hu was always my partner. He taught me kicking, punching,and other similar martial arts actions, and we became good friends. We worked together on The Matrix Reloaded and have maintained our friendship, which made me really want to work with him again.

    Chen Hu keeps to his master's Taoist beliefs. Within the movie martial arts industry, he was an extremely traditional person, but at the same time a martial arts master. He was a tai chi champion in his youth, with a very traditional yet contemporary side. I wanted to write this story for him. Man of Tai Chi in some way tells the story of Chen Hu.

    Writing the Man of Tai Chi script for over five years, I felt more and more strongly that I wanted to direct this movie. Maybe I've reached a certain age, and no longer wish to only be a part of a work, but wish to go create works.

    Southern Weekly:Man of Tai Chi's original formula was modern times + fashionable + kungfu; is that still the same?

    Keanu: Oh, this is a modern kungfu movie, it's a story taking place in modern times. In the movie, Chen Hu and I have a new approach to kungfu, such as positive and negative energy, energy transformation, energy control, meditation, taking and caring (?) and so on.

    The hero is a courier living in Beijing. Every day he has to go home to have dinner with his parents, and on his delivery route might see a girl and it's love at first sight. But at the same time there's the side of him that lives in the martial arts world, part of a kungfu league, training with his master in the mountains. Each of us also has these many sides: the working side, the private side, the public side. I hope this character will resonate with people.

    Southern Weekly: Recently in China there's a buzzword going around: 'positive energy'. How do you understand positive energy?

    Keanu: On a shallow level, positive energy brings good feelings, benefiting others and yourself; dark energy often means harm, unknowingly causing injury - positive energy is generally accompanied by awareness and consciousness, while lack of awareness symbolises the negative effects.

    Southern Weekly: Aside from kungfu, what did Chen Hu bring to you?
    Keanu: Patience, humour, approachability, courage; he can inspire me, he's intelligent, he's profound, he's a very cool guy.

    Hamlet to me was a high mountain

    Southern Weekly: Among the roles of actor, director and producer, which are you most interested in?

    Keanu: Ah, the problem of labels... acting is my home, but I love directing. I like fiddling with the camera lens, I like movies, I want to think about how to film this particular story, I wish to give audiences a few different stories, I like to work with other actors, I like having discussions with everyone in the shed (?): what are we filming today, how do we tell this story, what kind of emotions do we want to capture, the camera angle, we can shoot now, let's go! Stop! I know how to say 'do it again' in Chinese. Do you know, I also really like editing, but all of this eventually comes down to the same point: what kind of story do you want to tell?

    Southern Weekly: What approach do you use to choose your movies? What do you wish to see in the script or the role?

    Keanu: I would choose the type of movies that I like; often those are movies that are entertaining, but also allow people to face life in a positive way.

    Southern Weekly: Standing on stage, and standing in front of the camera, how do these differ in terms of your performance and level of excitement?

    Keanu: I think the biggest difference is in the scene. Drama is the art of the moment, it's performing in front of a present audience; you can't do it over. We remember outstanding performances from actors in film, but film isn't an actor's medium, because there are cinematographers, film editors. But on the stage, the moment the curtain opens, it's all down to just the actors.

    Southern Weekly: You've acted on stage four times: Hamlet, The Tempest, Romeo and Juliet and Woflboy. Could you tell us about the process of acting in each of those plays?

    Keanu: I performed for the first time when I was 17, in Toronto, Canada with Wolfboy; that was my first professional performance. I remember finally getting that role after countless auditions, and the moment I heard the news, that excitement was something that, for a young person, doesn't come by often. After that was Hamlet, and Hamlet was, to me, like a goal, like conquering a tall mountain. I thought my acting wasn't too bad.

    Southern Weekly: You also played Don John in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. In that movie, how did you shape this character?

    Keanu: He's an outsider who desires love and power, and who is jealous and wants revenge on happy people.

    If you want me to do a commercial, I must really like the product.

    Southern Weekly: Despite your fame, you haven't done many commercials; why? Do you resist endorsing businesses?

    Keanu: I was a kid when I started shooting commercials. I did a few scenes for Coca Cola, as well as cornflakes and so on, until I was fifteen, sixteen years old and started acting. So, to me, doing commercials was an opportunity that allowed me to slowly get into an acting career.

    I don't want to do ads to sell just anything; they must be things that I actually enjoy. When I was young, if I didn't like those products, I wouldn't audition. I like Coca Cola and cornflakes.

    In that time, shooting commercials was different from today. Today, being in a commercial has become a form of personal success, an expression of one part of yourself. A lot of commercials are designed with this goal in mind. Nowadays if an actor can do a commercial it's an obvious sign that they are powerful, that they have a place in the circle, and if they have a relationship with brands that have particular connotations, it can boost a certain image of themselves; so advertising is an opportunity. But when it comes to this, I'm still old-fashioned.

    Southern Weekly: How many motorcycles have you collected?

    Keanu: I ride a British Norton motorcycle, and I've collected three from that brand. If you want to buy a refurbished one, it's about US$8,500 each.

    Southern Weekly: Is it true that after The Matrix you gave the stuntmen Harley Davidson motorcycles?

    Keanu: It's true. They gave a lot for the movie, and this was nothing in terms of thanks. The Matrix series gave me a lot of good things, and if not for those stunt doubles, Neo wouldn't exist the way he did.

    Southern Weekly: I hear you've collected a bottle of 2 September 1964 (Keanu's birthday) wine.

    Keanu: That was a gift from my agent for my 40th birthday, a bottle of Italian wine. At the moment it's still in my house, and I have no idea if it can still be drunk. It's been too long. Aside from that, at what kind of time should I open it? That's another question; should I let it be the very last thing I drink in life?


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    Helen Thomas, the trailblazing reporter and columnist who was known as the "Dean of the White House Press Corps," has died at 92. The Gridiron Club, the press group that counted Thomas as its first female member, announced the news in an email, Politico first reported. The Associated Press said Thomas had been sick "for a long time."

    Thomas was the first woman to become a chief White House correspondent for a wire service, and the first to join—and lead—the White House Correspondents' Association. She served as White House correspondent for United Press International (UPI) for 39 years. She then moved to Hearst, where she became a columnist with increasingly open political views, though she retained her prime spot at White House press briefings. Thomas covered every president from Kennedy to Obama. She was the only woman who traveled with Richard Nixon on his trip to China. She was the person who ended every presidential press conference by saying, on behalf of her fellow journalists, "Thank you, Mr. President."

    By the end of her career, her chair in the White House briefing room had been adorned with, as the New York Times wrote, "a small plaque with her name, the only seat in the briefing room designated by the name of a person, not a news organization." Thomas became known for her tough, relentless questioning of presidents and press secretaries. It was not an uncommon sight to see a president repeatedly saying, "Helen—Helen—Helen," as he tried to get a word in edgewise. She became a special foe of the Bush administration, whose policies she openly loathed. President Bush famously refused to call on her at press conferences for years at a time, perhaps due to exchanges like this one, as described by the AP:

    In March 2005, she confronted Bush with the proposition that "your decision to invade Iraq has caused the deaths of thousands of Americans and Iraqis" and every justification for the attack proved false.

    "Why did you really want to go to war?" she demanded.

    When Bush began explaining his rationale, she interjected: "They didn't do anything to you, or to our country."

    "Excuse me for a second," Bush replied. "They did. The Taliban provided safe haven for al-Qaeda. That's where al-Qaeda trained."

    "I'm talking about Iraq," she said.

    It was that outspokenness that led to Thomas's resignation from her White House job in 2010. After she was recorded on tape saying she thought Israelis should "get the hell out of Palestine," the ensuing controversy forced her to step down.

    Even so, on Saturday, her former colleagues remembered Thomas for the paths she carved:

    Steven Thomma, the current president of the White House Correspondents' Association, hailed Thomas's legacy in a statement:

    Starting with the Kennedy administration, she was the first woman to cover the president and not just the First Lady. At her urging in 1962, Kennedy said he would not attend the annual dinner of the White House Correspondents Association unless it was opened to women for the first time. It was. And in 1975-76, she served as the first woman president of the association. Women and men who’ve followed in the press corps all owe a debt of gratitude for the work Helen did and the doors she opened. All of our journalism is the better for it.

    Obama also issued a statement regarding Helen:

    Michelle and I were saddened to learn of the passing of Helen Thomas. Helen was a true pioneer, opening doors and breaking down barriers for generations of women in journalism. She covered every White House since President Kennedy’s, and during that time she never failed to keep presidents – myself included – on their toes.

    What made Helen the “Dean of the White House Press Corps” was not just the length of her tenure, but her fierce belief that our democracy works best when we ask tough questions and hold our leaders to account. Our thoughts are with Helen’s family, her friends, and the colleagues who respected her so deeply.

    What follows are various twitter reactions to her passing:

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