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    There’s so much for Person of Interest fans to analyze in this EW exclusive poster that we don’t even know where to begin ourselves. But executive producer Jonathan Nolan sums up the theme nicely, saying: “In light of the news about PRISM, we felt this poster celebrated both our panic at America’s descent into an Orwellian nightmare and our excitement over all the free marketing we’re getting out of it.”

    The poster will be available to fans at Comic-Con this weekend, and fans on-site also have a chance to see the cast and producers live, when they participate in a panel Saturday at 4 p.m. in room 6BCD. Nolan, fellow EP Greg Plageman, and stars Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson, Kevin Chapman, Sarah Shahi are set to appear. Recurring guest star Amy Acker will also be on hand.

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    Cowabunga, dude!

    We thought we we’d never live to see the day that Family Guy’s Griffin family met Bart’s bunch from The Simpsons, but that day is rapidly approaching. TVLine has learned that in a fall 2014 episode of Family Guy, Peter & Co. pay a visit to Springfield, where they’ll be befriended by Homer & Co.

    It doesn’t matter in the least to Homer that Peter is (in his jaundiced eyes) albino — in no time, the plus-sized pals are drinking brews and debating whether Duff or Pawtucket is the better beer. Meanwhile, Stewie is charmed by Bart’s old-school mischief; Lisa makes it her mission to find Meg’s talent (good luck with that!); and Marge and Lois become bosom buddies.


    No thank you.

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    At 20th Century Fox’s Comic-Con panel on Saturday, fans are expected to be treated to a blowout preview for a movie its director describes as “not a sequel or a prequel, but an inbetweenquel.”

    “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” which comes out in May of 2014, is a decades-spanning movie involving time travel and alternate timelines that’s based a seminal 1981 storyline from the comics about mutant superheroes who are societal outcasts.

    For those who aren’t longtime readers of Marvel Comics’ X-Men, however, “Days of Future Past” stands out because it marks the return of director Bryan Singer, who made Fox’s first two “X-Men” films, largely seen as the best in the series. It also brings together virtually every actor who has appeared in an “X-Men” film, including Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender.

    It’s an original story, but it’s based on ‘Days of Future Past,’” explained Mr. Singer. “It takes into account all of the films so far and doesn’t go crazy trying to tie them together, but establishes a timeline and flushes out the universe.

    Previous “X-Men” movies have included three set in the present day, 2011’s “First Class” with young mutants in the 1960s, and a 2009 spin-off featuring Mr. Jackman as the feral Wolverine. A follow-up, “The Wolverine,” hits theaters next week.

    Perhaps the biggest challenge in making “Days of Future Past” was that faced by screenwriter Simon Kinberg, who had to craft a story integrating past movies, paying homage to the comics, and balancing screen time for more than a dozen prominent actors.

    “At first we hadn’t settled on ‘Days of Future Past’ and were just talking about ‘The Godfather Part II’ as a model for a story with parallel timelines,” explained Mr. Kinberg. “But the more we talked about it, the more we were like, ‘This is the biggest story that hasn’t been told yet.’”

    With its huge cast and a budget of more than $200 million, “Days of Future Past” is Fox’s biggest super-hero movie yet and the centerpiece of its attempt to more effectively compete against the blockbuster “Avengers” and “Iron Man” films from Walt Disney Co. ’s Marvel Studios and the “Dark Knight” trilogy and “Man of Steel” from Time Warner Inc. ’s Warner Bros.

    Mr. Kinberg says he and his collaborators are using “Days of Future Past” to better connect Fox’s “X-Men” movies in the same way that every film produced by Marvel ties into each other.

    The goal is to take a step back and look at the franchise as more than one or two movies, but as an overarching mythology,” he said.

    Fans will get their first opportunity to judge that effort Saturday at 4:15 p.m. at Comic-Con.

    HUGH JACKMAN lands in Los Angeles


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  • 07/19/13--20:00: IT'S SOAP NEWS FRIDAY!!!!

  • Chandler Massey hopes his gay character on DOOL will live on even though he's leaving!

    Fresh off hiking Machu Picchu in Peru, Chandler Massey returned to the Days of Our Lives set this week ready to begin the final leg of his four year journey on the show. The actor left for the vacation shortly after winning his second consecutive Daytime Emmy for his performance as Will Horton.

    The 22-year-old actor announced after his second Emmy win that he would be leaving the show to return to college when his four-year contract expired in December.

    'Whatever they decide to do, I'll support it,' he says. 'The character is more important than the actor. He's a legacy character born on camera. I wouldn't be bitter at all if they go and recast.' This year, Will has been in a committed relationship with the character of Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) and the pairing has been both a popular and critical hit.

    'I think everyone is just concerned with what will happen to 'WilSon'. That's what I'm concerned about too,' Massey says. 'I don't want Will and Sonny to break up. I want them to be together forever and go off and get married. If I'm in school and not able to get back and they decide to bring someone else to play Will, I won't be upset and bitter. I want what is best for WilSon.'

    On episodes currently airing, Will is thinking Sonny might be trapped since they are now caring for Will's newborn daughter who is the result of a one-night stand with an ex-girlfriend.

    But Sonny genuinely loves the baby and helping to raise her. 'Most of the drama and conflict stems from Will misunderstanding situations and being insecure,' Massey says. He does not expect the couple to have a break-up before he leaves the show.

    'They are there to stay,' the actor says. 'Compared to all the other couples on the show, we are by far the most stable, most logical and loving.'

    Should ‘Glee’ Take A Page Out Of ‘Y&R’s’ Book?!

    The recent death of “Glee’s” Cory Monteith, who died of a heroin overdose in a Vancouver hotel on Saturday, July 13, hit the show’s fans just as hard as the death of “The Young and the Restless’” Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) hit soap fans earlier this year — if not more so, considering the Fox star was only 31. The powers that be at “Y&R” scrambled to come up with an appropriate way to handle Cooper’s death onscreen, leading to a beautiful tribute episode in which castmembers — as themselves rather than their characters — shared their favorite memories of the legendary lady. And The Boston Herald thinks that “Glee” should follow suit.

    In an article posted to the newspaper’s website, there are several suggestions for how the show — which isn’t scheduled to begin filming its fifth season until next month — could go about handling Monteith’s death, one being to break the fourth wall and have “Glee’s” stars share memories of the actor like “Y&R” stars did for Cooper.

    “When longtime “Young and the Restless” cast member Jeanne Cooper died earlier this year, the show devoted an entire hour to the cast sitting around on-set sharing their memories of the veteran performer,” the article says. “It was an extraordinary catharsis for viewers. A tribute honoring Monteith would be the best way to help the show’s young audience handle and heal from such a loss.”

    Executives at FOX have stated that its too soon for the series’ writers and producers to know how they will handle Monteith’s death, but there are plenty of other shows and sudsers the “Glee” team could turn to for ideas.

    Susan Lucci Puts Wendy Williams in the Hot Seat!

    DEVIOUS MAIDS star Susan Lucci visited THE WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW on Thursday, July 18, which just happened to be Wendy's 49th birthday.

    Lucci talked about her sexy new role in DEVIOUS MAIDS and missing Erica Kane on ALL MY CHILDREN.

    Lucci then put Wendy in the Hot Seat. Would Wendy rather give up magazines or high heels? What was her most awkward celebrity encounter?

    Find out what Wendy reveals in the video below:

    Scott Evans Case Dismissed After He Attended 60 Narcotics Anonymous Meetings!

    Former ONE LIFE TO LIVE star Scott Evans entered a guilty plea in January on attempted cocaine possession charges following his December arrest, but he did not have to do any jail time. Evans agreed to attend 60 Narcotics Anonymous meetings withing six months in exchange for the judge throwing out the case, almost like it never happened.

    TMZ is reporting that Evans (brother of Captain America star Chris Evans) is now officially off the hook after completing his obligation in the six month time frame. In exchange, the judge dismissed the case.

    Evans was busted in December and charged with one count of attempted possession of a controlled substance after trying to buy coke from an undercover cop. His original plea was "not guilty" but he changed the plea in exchange for no jail time.

    Evans played Oliver Fish in ONE LIFE TO LIVE from 2008 to 2010.

    ALL MY CHILDREN star Lindsay Hartley grew up in Palm Springs!

    There are times when Hartley misses the stage and belting out a tune. She’s happy for the memories in theater and the doors it helped open for her career. Those times on the stage were magical, she said.

    “I never had the thought I was going to be big or famous, I just knew I enjoyed the feeling of it,” she said. “It made me feel good. It was fun. It was something I enjoyed. I kind of followed that feeling.”

    Fort Wayne native Julia Barr credits soap’s endurance!

    Fort Wayne native Julia Barr reprised her role as Brooke English for the Hulu launch of “All My Children,” but the actress is back on television.

    The Web version of the soap opera launched a few months ago and the series debuted Monday on the Oprah Winfrey Network for a 10-week limited showing.

    “It’s a medium that has had great endurance, even if you go back to when a lot of soaps started on the radio,” Barr says by phone from her home in New Jersey. “Going online is the third transition for this kind of entertainment – it has amazing staying power, which I find incredible.”

    The Daytime Emmy-winning actress had already left the soap opera when ABC canceled the show in 2011 because of the decline of daytime TV viewers. But the show has seen an upswing in interest since its online resurrection in April.

    Oprah Winfrey, who is a self-proclaimed soap opera fan, says in a new commercial that viewers have been pleading with her TV network to bring back “All My Children” and “One Life to Live,” which once filled the daytime time slots before her talk show on ABC. In late June, Winfrey took to Twitter to announce that the network will broadcast 40 episodes of both shows Monday through Thursday this summer.

    “For two years, you posted, tweeted, Facebooked me … I heard you,” Winfrey’s Twitter page said.

    OWN will rebroadcast episodes already available on Hulu, giving viewers a chance to catch up before heading online for new episodes. The shows air noon to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The story line picks up five years later in Pine Valley with a mix of recognizable characters and newcomers.

    “It brings those fans on who may be a little bit resistant or feel like they don’t want to watch it online,” Barr says. “It’s a way to engage them and hopefully, if they like the episodes this summer, it will entice them to carry on watching it online.”

    Graduating as a theater major from IPFW, Barr moved to Buffalo, N.Y., to study acting at the Studio Arena Theater for two years. A series of short-lived roles in other soap operas led Barr to “All My Children” in 1976 as Brooke, transforming a spoiled niece to an award-winning journalist and philanthropist. When Barr left the show in 2006, she had garnered eight Daytime Emmy nominations, winning the award in 1990 and 1998 for her performances as supporting actress. Barr says that after playing one character for more than 30 years, she has been able to leave Brooke in Pine Valley when she exits the studio.

    “The character exists in a certain time and place called Pine Valley, otherwise the character doesn’t exist; but there are certain things you bring to a particular character that that the role requires,” Barr says.

    Barr says she was on board for the online series after she heard that creator Agnes Nixon and former associate producer, now executive producer, Ginger Smith would both be involved in the project. She was also encouraged when she knew veteran “All My Children” actors such as David Canary, Debbi Morgan, Cady McClain and Jill Larson, who all have played characters on the show for more than 20 years, would be joining her for the new installment.

    “There was great comfort in knowing that the show would be in very good hands, not only in a writing and executive point of view, but also from a cast point of view. I never had a second thought about it,” Barr says.

    But some things have changed with the show. Now produced by Prospect Park, the online version is no more than 30 minutes long, with all of the week’s episodes posted on Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes every Monday. Barr says that, for her, the change signifies more of a look into the future rather than revival of the past.

    “I think what’s interesting about daytime soaps is that we’re actually tipping forward into what they have been talking about for a long time – that eventually you would be able to view any entertainment on any portable device that you have, and eventually you will able to take that entertainment from the Internet and watch it on your TV screen because there will be ‘smart TVs,’ ” Barr says. “I think it’s a real credit to the enduring nature of this kind of storytelling to be able to transition all the way from the radio to the Internet.”

    Actor confident his gay character on ABC's General Hospital will get love interest!

    It was last December that actor Marc Anthony Samuel made his first appearance as gay nursing student Felix Dubois on the ABC daytime soap General Hospital. The character quickly gained attention but not in a good way.

    In his very first scene, he pulled a tube of 'red velvet lipstick' out of his pocket when a female colleague needed to spruce up for a date. People were a little appalled because it appeared to be perpetuating a gay stereotype.

    But it turns out Felix was working as a representative for a cosmetics company on the side and that connection was crucial in setting up the show's nurse's ball which was the setting for a week of 50th anniversary shows. Samuel tells Gay Star News he's having a 'blast' playing the role.

    'I love everyone associated with it,' he says. 'They are so behind the whole storyline for Felix - developing him and creating a world for him and introducing him to the Port Charles community - not making him this kind of fly by night character.''It's been a privilege to work with people who I've seen over the years on TV,' he adds. 'It's kind of surreal a little bit too. I'm working with people who have been in my pop culture psyche for years. It's been a great ride.'

    Rival soap Days of Our Lives on NBC has put on the front burner its gay storyline between the characters of Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis who are an established couple raising Will's child together. So far, Felix's love life has been limiting to crushing on a few straight guys and he spends a lot of time helping his female BFF with her romantic troubles.

    But will Felix ever have a love interest of his own? 'He will, he definitely will,' Samuel says. 'I don't know anything yet but that's what it sounds like will happen. I think overall that's what they'd like to see. Felix can't be going after straight guys all the time. He knows better.'

    Samuel thinks that's what the soap's fans are hoping for too: 'People have really taken a liking to him and I'm glad, I'm really glad because GH fans are serious. I'm so glad to have them on my side. I'll take them in a bar fight with me, I'll have them so back-up when I'm doing a big dance number. They're faithful and I love them.'

    In addition to his recurring soap role, Samuel is also one of the main stars of the new gay-themed feature film Hot Guys With Guns which has been tearing up the film festival circuit in recent months and has already sold out its Friday screening at LA's Outfest. The movie, written and directed by Noah's Arc star Doug Spearman, has been described as Lethal Weapon if Mel Gibson and Danny Glover had been gay and exes.

    'It's a film that I'm proud of, a film that I would go see,' Samuel says.

    Kirstie Alley & Jennifer Finnigan Star In Lifetime Movie 'Baby Sellers'!

    Emmy and Golden Globe winner Kirstie Alley and three-time Daytime Emmy Award winner from THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Jennifer Finnigan star in the Lifetime Original Movie event Baby Sellers, premiering Saturday, August 17, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

    Inspired by true events, the provocative film from prolific and multiple Emmy and Golden Globe winning producer Robert Halmi, Sr. (Human Trafficking, Tin Man) is a chilling account of the brutal and horrific realities behind the global illicit trade of selling children, many kidnapped from their homes, under the guise of seemingly regulated adoption.

    Exposing the dark international crime enterprise of infant trafficking, Baby Sellers stars Alley as Carla Huxley, a well-respected, influential owner of a major U.S.-based adoption agency that helps prospective parents fulfill their dream of having a family. While presenting an innocent veneer of kindness and good intentions to her trusting clients, behind-the-scenes Hughes functions as a ruthless international kingpin, controlling an expansive syndicate spanning the world and manned by subordinates authorized to use any means necessary to procure children for her business. Finnigan stars as Nicole Morrison, the dedicated, tough-as-nails Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent who believes Hughes is fueling a global business that stops at nothing to find the right child for the right owner - at the right price - and goes undercover to bring her sordid operation down.

    Shot in India, Brazil and Vancouver, the two-hour film is produced by Reunion Pictures. Halmi, Sr. and Matthew O'Connor (Continuum, Alice, Tin Man) are executive producers of Baby Sellers, which is directed by Nick Willing (Neverland, Alice in Wonderland) and written by Humanitas Prize winner Suzette Couture (The Last Templar, Jesus) and William Gray.

    Celebrating ONE LIFE TO LIVE's 45th Anniversary: Erika Slezak & Robin Strasser Videos Released!

    In honor of ONE LIFE TO LIVE's week-long celebration of their 45th anniversary, MORE ONE LIFE TO LIVE host Leslie Miller has released special never-before-seen moments from her interview with daytime divas Robin Strasser and Erika Slezak. In addition, Erika Slezak reads a very special letter from creator Agnes Nixon about the anniversary of the iconic series.

    Jill Larson has been playing Opal of All My Children for 20 years!

    Jill Larson is going to miss the Minnesota State Fair this year, and there's only one person to blame -- Opal Cortlandt. Larson, who has played the zany "All My Children" redhead for more than two decades, usually gets back to her native Minnesota every August. But skipping the Fair next month is actually a good thing. Larson will be busy working on new episodes of "AMC," a show that was canceled nearly two years ago.

    "I feel like it's a fairly good trade off for the time being," she laughs. You certainly can't blame Larson for choosing Opal over cheese curds.

    In 2011, ABC, which aired the beloved soap opera "All My Children" for more than 40 years announced it was pulling the plug on the drama-filled Pine Valley and its colorful cast of characters. The production company Prospect Park stepped in and re-launched "AMC" on the OnLine Network in April as a web series with episodes available on Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes.

    Larson says 65 percent of the online audience are new viewers and, by airing "AMC" on OWN, the show is hoping to get back some of the fans it lost when it vanished from network TV. "We'll see how this next step of the experiment goes," she says. "I hope it's a big success."

    Viewers who haven't seen the online episodes will notice their favorite soap has changed a bit. It's faster paced, a little edgier and, while there are still some veterans on the show, producers are definitely looking to appeal to a younger audience. For Opal, it's all about getting her young tech whiz son Petey to come back to town to help save Cortlandt Electronics from disaster.

    "When Palmer had a heart attack and could not run the business, she stepped in and pretty much ran the company and did so successfully," Larson says. "She started two business of her own. She certainly has a business sense and ability. I'd also like to see her have a love interest," she continues.

    "Many women my age come to me and say, 'Opal needs a boyfriend.' Opal represents a certain element of our audience and they want to see themselves in Opal and see that there is still life and possibilities and romance in her future."

    "It's very exciting to be a part of something that is new and risky," she says. "And yet we are working with people rather than a huge corporation that really wishes we would stop being a problem for them. We're working for people who are excited to be producing these shows, and they're invested in them. They fully believe in the potential and the success in what they're doing. That feels fantastic."

    As part of her "AMC" contract, Larson is also active on Twitter and Facebook. She's enjoying connecting with fans: "Many of them have far greater knowledge of the history of the show than I do."

    As far as missing the Fair goes, Larson is still coming to Minnesota this summer -- just a little earlier than usually. She and her daughter will visit relatives in southwest Minneapolis (where she was born and grew up) later this month. Walks around Lake Harriet, a trip to Sebastian Joe's for ice cream and dinner at Lucia's are all things she likes to do when she's back in town. And while she does love Minneapolis, she has a very fond memory of St. Paul.

    "My first sort of union job as an actress was with the St. Paul Civic Opera doing a production of 'Guys and Dolls,'" she says.

    ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Jerry verDorn on how prostate cancer changed his career!

    We caught up with verDorn, a Sioux Falls, S.D., native, who shared his thoughts on what the switch to online means for soap operas like “One Life to Live.”

    Q: It’s been a couple months since “One Life to Live” made the switch to Hulu. Has the difference been noticeable for you?

    A: Well, first, I’m delighted to be a part of the history of it. I’m old enough to remember people telling me about the soaps when they went from radio to television. Now, to take another leap from television to another format is historically very similar to that.

    It was a lot of fun, and I’m glad it happened. But, it has not changed my life when I go into the studio. We shoot a lot of scenes in a short amount of time.

    What’s different is, every five weeks, we go away, and “All My Children” comes in, and they do five weeks. My wife says it’s the best part-time job in the world – you work real hard for five weeks and then get five weeks to recover.

    Do you think the new medium has had any effect on the intense fan base of “One Life to Live?”

    I believe it has. It’s kind of a dream situation because of the intensity of the viewership – and they are a lot more intense than someone who’s watching a cooking show or a talk show in the afternoon. I mean, these people will tune in.

    And now they don’t have to wait for a specific hour in the day to tune in. If they liked an episode, they can watch it multiple times, if they so desire. My sons, who are in their 20s, when I told them I was going to do this, they said, ‘Well yeah, it’s about time.’

    They’ll watch television like sporting events, but the rest of the time they’re on their phone or their iPads, and they watch (TV) when they want to.

    I think it’s an excellent match for the soaps to do that. Our intense viewership, if they wake up at 3 in the morning and they’re angry at my character, they can watch the thing again and yell at their phone.

    Q: Have you personally experienced the intensity of that viewership outside of the studio?

    A: Oh yes. They’re not shy, for the most part. Particularly if you happen to be playing a villain, which I was for the first few years on “Guiding Light.” I was a very bad boy. People would see you in public and recognize you, and they’d give you some advice. And sometimes it’d get rather colorful and salty.

    The character I’m playing now has a tendency to veer back and forth between being good and gruff and tender and raising hell and a wide scope of things, so at the grocery store or wherever, they recognize you and give you a bit of advice.

    Q: You were also on “Guiding Light” for 26 years before “One Life to Live.” Did you ever think that you’d stick around the world of soap operas for so long?

    A: After about 12 years there I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. At the time I had two kids – they were about 6 and 4. So real life steps in and adjusts your professional life.

    I didn’t want to quit because then my insurance would go away, and if I had a recurrence it would be somewhat catastrophic for my family. So luckily, they wanted me, and second, I did it from contract to contract because I wanted the insurance, and that’s pretty much the case today.

    If I had not gotten diagnosed, my career would be totally different than what it is now. But that happens to a lot of actors – where something happens in your real life that just takes your career in a totally different direction.

    Michael Easton Talks Comic-Con, Credence and General Hospital!

    He's the man of many names and professions — cop John McBain, vampire Caleb Morley, priest Michael Morley, rock star-serial killer Stephen Clay and now genius doctor Silas Clay — and Michael Easton is leading two lives in the real world, too. In addition to his much buzzed-about gig on ABC's General Hospital, he's a highly successful author of graphic novels, including the Soul Stealer trilogy and The Green Woman, and he's headed to San Diego this week to introduce his newest one, Credence, to the Comic-Con crowd. TV Guide Magazine spoke with Easton about his upcoming meet-and-greet and, of course, that controversial war between Prospect Park and ABC that still has viewers buzzing.

    TV Guide: Are there fans of your graphic novels who have no clue you're also a hot soap star?
    Easton: People often express surprise, probably because I don't put my daytime credits in my writing bio. Some people only know me as Duncan on VR.5 and have never seen me in anything else, as if my career stopped with that show in 1995! I have Mutant X fans who don't know me from anything else and people who know me just from Total Recall 2070. It's weird, but kind of fun, too. There are even a couple of Two fans still out there. They'll come by to see me at Comic-Con with copies of the show bootlegged from Hong Kong, something I don't even own. A lot of my old work isn't available here on DVD. Maybe it's a blessing. [Laughs] Maybe they're trying to tell me something!

    TV Guide: How can your groupies find you at Comic-Con?
    Easton: I'll be at the Blackwatch Comics booth 1804, Thursday, Friday and Saturday [July 18-20]. We're in the publisher's section this year. [Laughs] They finally accepted us! We're right in there with the big guys — Dark Horse, Marvel, DC Comics. We can see their booths without putting on binoculars, so it's pretty cool.

    TV Guide: Give us the scoop on Credence.
    Easton: It's about a guy who's trying to hold together his family while he spirals deep into depravity — the catch being that he's also a cop, the most decorated cop in New York City. It's very loosely based on a few guys I met when I went on some ride-alongs in New York while doing research for One Life to Live. He's also a guy who is having a lot of trouble relating to everyday life, the changing times, the pop culture, the sense of entitlement so many people feel, the younger generation, the widespread stupidity. He understands criminals better than he understands what's going on in society. I had so much fun writing this guy. He's a throwback to the old-style cops — a Harry Callahan-Frank Bullit type of guy.

    TV Guide: Let's talk GH. Due to the brouhaha with Prospect Park, you lost your role as McBain and were off the show for many weeks. Now you're back as this new character, Silas. How does it feel to suddenly play a doctor after so many years as a cop?
    Easton: It wasn't my first choice, that's for sure. Cops and doctors are probably the two most thankless jobs a character can have on a soap. You usually wind up with the most egg on your face. It was a bit of a surprise — but then this has all been a surprise, right? I've been thunderstruck since the whole thing came down. I don't think anybody's completely comfortable with what's happened. Hands were forced.

    TV Guide: A lot of fans are unhappy, feeling there's a Franco-Kiki-Silas overkill and that GH is off-balance. What do you say to that?
    Easton: Everyone is doing the best they can with the cards they've been dealt. The three of us were ripped out of our comfort zone and our characters and all their relationships were suddenly out the window. It's been a little scary. Hopefully the audience understands that this situation is unprecedented and really tough. The fans are so aware of the circumstances that went on behind the scenes, so I would hope they'll give us a pass and let us have the opportunity to play this out. I'm really encouraged by what's coming up. Some real fire will come out of the storytelling.

    TV Guide: Was it maybe a mistake to have you, Roger Howarth and Kristen Alderson all return at once rather than spreading it out a bit?
    Easton: Again, it was tough, maybe even impossible to do this any better. I think there was a feeling of, "Let's just do this all at once and take the hit and, hopefully, time will heal everything." If the storytelling ends up being good and engaging, then all will be forgiven. If it ends up going nowhere, then obviously it was the wrong choice. We need to give Ron Carlivati and his writing team a chance to tell their stories. They've mapped out something really strong here, something that can't be judged just three or four weeks into it.

    TV Guide: It's funny that so many fans have had trouble accepting the three of you as new characters, yet GH is packed with characters who've come back from the dead.
    Easton: That's our soap world! [Laughs] When I went from playing a vampire on Port Charles over to OLTL they told me, "We don't do vampires here." And within two months they had, like, eight people back from the dead, plus angels. It was crazy.

    TV Guide: How were you emotionally when things started getting ugly between Prospect Park and ABC?
    Easton: It was strange suddenly being out of work for 12 weeks. During that time I chose not to say much — mostly because I didn't know a lot — but we had actors Twittering about my situation with Prospect Park when they didn't know anything about it. Stories were flying that just weren't true. When the three of us left GH there was total uncertainty about when we were coming back or even if we were coming back. There was a story going around that I was refusing to go back and play McBain on OLTL. At the time, I chose not to address it but it just wasn't true. I have a funny feeling I know where that rumor started.

    TV Guide: So you were willing to go back to OLTL for a bit like Howarth did?
    Easton: There's a fairly lengthy paper trial documenting my discussions about how we could make it work. I have a family now and I've never spent a night away from them, so trying to figure out how to make it work with us living in L.A. and OLTL shooting in Connecticut wasn't easy but we did seem to be working toward something. Prospect Park and ABC seemed like they wanted to work together but we just couldn't come to an arrangement. And then, suddenly, things built into a tempest between the parties and there was a lot of confusion and uncertainty, so I tried to stay away from it and focus on my writing and my family. In the end, I don't know that the situation worked out all that well for anybody. I think maybe people thought I knew more than I did. We were never privy to any of the discussions about what was going on behind the scenes. We were pawns in a much bigger story. I cleaned out my dressing room at GH on my last day as McBain. There were no plans for the future, no guarantees of anything. Without a job, I started watching a lot of Sesame Street. I spent all day with my daughter, teaching her to swim, taking her on outings, so on that level it was great.

    TV Guide: Are you surprised ABC wound up the villain in this scenario? People seem to forget that the three OLTL characters only went to GH after Prospect Park declared their proposed reboot dead in 2011.
    Easton: Completely. Those of us who had commitments to [continue with Prospect Park] were released from those commitments and heard nothing else from them. After you go awhile not making any money, you end up choosing what's right for your family and, for me, that was moving to GH. The whole thing was awkward and I don't think anybody handled it very well, but it is what it is. It feels really terrible to be in the middle because the people on OLTL are my friends. I would love to have worked with them again. It was really hard to have it go down that way. And to not be able to support them and go along on their ride to the Internet made me kind of sad. But I do think people are being too hard on ABC. They kept OLTL going for over 40 years. Yes, having it cancelled was a really bad thing but the network's four-decade commitment shouldn't be forgotten. You can't dismiss it. But that's just my take.

    TV Guide: Do you miss playing McBain?
    Easton: A lot. He's a tricky character. It took a while for even me to like him. I didn't care for him much, at first, but I came to appreciate that it was his job to be grounded and enhance the many other extreme, extraordinary characters who were spinning around him. It's almost like McBain was the straight man to Todd, to Victor, to David Vickers. I really liked fulfilling that purpose. It wasn't the flashiest role, but I really liked investing in the character. So, yeah, I really miss him. And I'm really, really sorry that he just sort of...went away. I hated it to end that way. I wish McBain had gotten what he deserved — a chance to go out in a blaze of glory.

    Big Brother's Jeff Schroeder Guest Stars on The Bold and the Beautiful!

    As one of the most popular players in Big Brother history, Jeff Schroeder has been exposed to a whole lot of lying, cheating and backstabbing — so he should fit right in at a daytime soap! TV Guide Magazine has learned that the reality-show fave and host will be seen on The Bold and the Beautiful August 27 in sequences involving the production of Room 8, the show-within-a-show starring Maya and Carter. Schroeder gave us the lowdown on his suds gig, the state of his romance with Big Brother 11 winner Jordan Lloyd and, of course, those scandals that have been rocking Big Brother 15!

    TV Guide: This isn't your first time on B&B, right? Didn't you and Jordan cameo in a prom sequence a few years back?
    Schroeder: Yes, but I had forgotten all about it until I showed up on the set this time! We had appeared on the soap in this 1980s flashback scene right after Jordan won Big Brother. Immediately after. Like, two minutes after! And it was all such a crazy blur for us, a real whirlwind because of all the media stuff that was going on. But how could I forget it? Jordan had the big '80s hair and I had the puffy shirt. It was a supercool experience, exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time.

    TV Guide: And, now, four years later?
    Schroeder: [Laughs] I'm still screwing up my lines! I had a scene with Karla who was super-awesome but, when we were on set, it was all so real and she was looking right into my eyes and I got caught up in the moment and forgot what I was supposed to say! I got it on the second take, so I didn't embarrass myself too badly. I play a production assistant—slash—janitor at the Room 8 show. I have a mop and a huge garbage can, but I really felt at home cleaning floors because I got into a little trouble in high school and had to be a janitor for the rest of my senior year.

    TV Guide: Do tell! What kind of trouble?
    Schroeder: Let's just say it's a long story.

    TV Guide: I got the time.
    Schroeder: It was nothing illegal but I was bad, let's just put it that way. It wasn't, like, jail time. It was community service and it really taught me a lesson.

    TV Guide: A lot of wannabe actors who've diligently gone to school, paid their dues and pounded the pavement for years would die for a few lines on a soap. Any of them ever give you grief?
    Schroeder: That's a fair question. Serious actors do not take too kindly to us reality-TV people, because we're getting a lot of opportunities. But I feel very lucky and grateful for this kind of work. I don't take it for granted. I know there are a lot of people who want to act but I want a career in this business, too. [Laughs] I feel bad but not that bad. I gotta keep in the fight! And it's not like I'm stealing major motion pictures from anybody.

    TV Guide: You're also hosting the live Big Brother chats on What's your take on the racism, sexism and homophobia that's rampant in the house this season?
    Schroeder: I am so surprised! The houseguests know they're on camera 24/7 and should be much more aware of what they're saying. Now they're going to have to pay for it once the game is over. Some have already paid by losing their jobs, though they don't know it yet. Hopefully, they'll learn from what they've done wrong, but I don't think the answer is spreading hate with more hate. I've seen a lot of things being said about this situation online and some of the viewer responses are just as ugly as what's being said in the house. I don't like all this public bashing. Fighting hate with hate doesn't work. Don't get me wrong. I don't condone the terrible stuff that's being said in the house, nor am I trying to protect those players but I believe educating them when they get out is the key. You can only hope they'll learn from their mistakes and become better people.

    TV Guide: You and I interviewed each of the houseguests at the Big Brother press junket before they entered the game. Could you see any of this coming? Because I sure as hell didn't.
    Schroeder: Not at all! I'm with you 100 percent. I thought each of them had a great personality and a great energy and that they all brought something positive to the table. I didn't get a whiff of this. Nothing even close.

    TV Guide: Someone who was cool then and is still cool is Amanda, who told me she flirted so outrageously with you during your interview that she was sure you'd be suing her for sexual harassment. Comment?
    Schroeder: Yes, Amanda was very playful and flirty but I definitely used Jordan as a deflection. I said, "Amanda, you know I'm taken!"

    TV Guide: And that brings me to my last question: Why have so few Big Brother showmances survived? There's you and Jordan, and Brendon and Rachel.
    Schroeder: And Daniele and Dominic are married now, so there are three successful couples to come out of the show. I don't know why there aren't more. Maybe because they weren't real to begin with? Of the three, Jordan and I are the only ones who still haven't gotten married.

    TV Guide: Well, I'm sure you take enough crap for that at home so I won't give you any more!
    Schroeder: Yes, I get it every day, so I appreciate that!

    Richard Simmons Returns To General Hospital!

    When we last saw Richard Simmons on General Hospital during the revival of the Nurses Ball this past April, he went loony-tunes all over Lucy Coe and ended up being carried out by a bevy of beefcake after the gents of Port Charles did their “Magic Milo” act!

    Now it look like the fitness guru is having another revival himself, as he just tweeted this morning that he is off to the ABC soap to tape another appearance! Is Richard coming back to torture Lucy Coe’s and her efforts with her new business with Laura? Or, is he going to make sure everyone sweat to the oldies and get in aerobics class on the seventh floor at GH?

    Simmons tweeted, “Off to do General Hospital this morning…………what fun!”

    DAYS Casting New Role!

    The casting calls continue at DAYS. The show is seeking a daytime or prime-time "name actor only" to start shooting in mid-August for the contract role of Seth, who is described as a 45-55 gorgeous male.

    The specifics read: "All ethnicities. Seth is an outgoing, charismatic extremely handsome man. He is charming and funny but is also opinionated at times, He is very sure of himself which sometimes can be mistaken as arrogance….

    The one real chink in his armor is his young son. He is fiercely protective of him. There is some mystery as to their past and he could very well have a darker to his personality when backed into a corner."

    AMC’s Ambyr Childers Expecting Second Child!

    Hot on the heels of the news that both “All My Children” stars Eden Riegel (Bianca Montgomery) and Paula Garces (Lea Marquez) are expecting babies comes the news that Ambyr Childers (ex-Colby Chandler) is pregnant, too!

    The actress, who currently stars on Showtime’s “Ray Donovan,” and her husband, “2 Guns” producer Randall Emmett, are expecting their second child, due in November. This baby will serve as a little sibling to the couple’s three-year-old daughter, London.

    “I’m craving candy, so I literally went to CVS and bought basically the whole aisle of candy,” Childers tells US Weekly, adding that she’s mulling over names, which she’s keeping private — along with the sex of the baby — for now. “I don’t want to say [but] I have ideas floating!”

    Patsy Pease Confirms Return To Days of our Lives!

    Now that it has been revealed that Jen Lilley’s character of Theresa is really Jeannie Theresa Donovan, that means she is playing the daughter of long time Days of our Lives and Salem favorites, Shane and Kimberly!

    And hot on the heels of Jen’s emergence on the Salem canvas, it has now been confirmed after much speculation that Patsy Pease is returning to the NBC soap as Kimberly to play her on-screen mom!

    Patsy related on her facebook page today, “Well, that was a long ‘nap!’ Hello Everybody! I’m back with GOOD news! I start shooting July17th, 18th and 19th. Thrilled to be back on ‘Days’ and I am so excited about working with the lovely and VERY talented Jen Lilley! Stay tuned !”

    Is The Bold and the Beautiful recasting Ridge?!

    Is The Bold and the Beautiful ready to move forward with plans to recast the role of Ridge Forrester? The role became vacant last year when original cast member Ronn Moss exited the show. The show recently put out a casting call for a character being called "Harper." Savvy soap fans know that soaps often use false names in casting notices to disguise the role that they're really trying to cast.

    Harper is described as a Caucasian male in his mid-to-late 40s. The casting notice also offers additional details, saying that Harper is "Handsome! Very upscale. Great business man. A commanding presence. Refined -- comes from money. Actors for the contract role must be at least 5'11".

    Soap Opera Digest has suggested that the recast might be an attempt to recast Ridge Forrester, a role played by Ronn Moss from the show's debut in March 1987 through 2012, when the actor opted to leave the show he'd called home for 25 years.

    The age range in the casting notice might strike some fans as curious. Ronn Moss is more than a decade older than the actor the show is seeking to play Harper. In an August 2012 interview with TVGuide, B&B's executive producer and head writer Bradley Bell acknowledged that there would come a time when the show would need to have Ridge be a part of the canvas again.

    "Ridge will not be dead or presumed dead," said Bell said at the time. "He will just not be in the picture. I don't want to do a presumed death because I don't want the story that follows to be all about Ridge. [...] There will be a period of time without Ridge, which is where some new, interesting avenues for Brooke will come into play. But at some point it will be necessary for Ridge to return to the show. Who will be playing the role at that point remains to be seen."

    Genoa City to Mourn Katherine Chancellor in September on Y&R!

    According to Daniel Goddard, the citizens of Genoa City will mourn the loss of Katherine Chancellor in episodes scheduled to air on Tuesday, September 3 and Wednesday, September 4 of CBS’ “The Young and the Restless.” Goddard, who portrays Cane Ashby on the daytime drama series, noted on his Facebook page that the episodes were filmed on Tuesday. He posted, “Huge day on set today just got home have to be back in 10 hours. How was ur day?” after completing filming.

    Jeanne Cooper, who portrayed Katherine on “Y&R” for nearly 40 years, died on Wednesday, May 8 after battling a short illness. It was previously noted by Jess Walton in the Tuesday, May 28 special tribute episode dedicated to Cooper that the show would address the death of the character. When Soap Opera Network caught up with the actress shortly after the conclusion of the 40th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards, Walton stated, ”It’s too premature to talk about that, but it’s going to be fantastic. I guarantee it!”

    The Week In The Year 2012!

    Liam finally dished to Hope that he and Steffy had "kissed" in Italy, but he neglected to tell Hope that he and Steffy had almost made love. Steffy watched the video repeatedly on her phone, and Liam watched with her, but he persuaded her to delete the video. Hope never learned about the video, and Brooke promised not to tell her. Hope was upset with Liam and Steffy, but she told them both that she had forgiven them and wanted to forget all about their actions in Italy. Marcus and Dayzee scheduled their wedding at the Forrester mansion, and the Forresters held a shower for Dayzee at Dayzee's. Marcus was obsessed with texting people, to the irritation of everyone. While texting Dayzee, Marcus ran into Anthony with his car, and Anthony ended up bloody and unconscious in the hospital under Dr. Meade's care. Thomas showed up to assist Marcus. The Baker boys were in charge of investigating the accident, and they allowed Marcus to leave for his wedding. Later, the Bakers discovered that Marcus had been using his phone right before he had called 9-1-1 for help. Dayzee and Marcus' wedding started at the Forrester mansion, and it progressed without anyone telling Dayzee or anyone else what had happened to Anthony. The wedding was nearly over when the Baker boys showed up at the mansion.

    Chad, Bo, and Hope arrived at Andrew's apartment in search of Melanie. Chad was so frantic to find Melanie that Bo threatened to restrain him if he didn't cooperate. Bo, Hope, and Chad found Gabi in Andrew's room, pretending to be his victim. Nicole helped Daniel and Maggie in the search for Melanie. Carrie was excited to share her life and new baby with Austin until she noticed Rafe and Nicole bonding over Nicole's unborn child. Carrie told Rafe and Roman that she and Austin had decided to leave Salem and return to Switzerland to raise their child and make a new start. Roman suspected that Carrie was leaving town to get away from Rafe and to save her marriage. Lucas found Alice's letter to Stefano that proved E.J. was not Stefano's son. E.J. went to Sami's apartment to visit his children, but found that he was alone with Sami. Will fled the mansion in a panic when he realized that he had lost Alice's letter. Lucas showed Alice's letter to Marlena and John, who were shocked to learn that E.J. was not Stefano's son. Sami believed that she could find a way to prove E.J.'s innocence. While Sami reviewed her plan with E.J., they both experienced another moment of sexual tension. Lucas turned in Alice's letter to Rafe and the Salem Police Department. Will blasted Lucas for not going to him first before he showed the police Alice's letter. Will was so angry with Lucas that he said he was sorry that Lucas had returned to Salem. Lucas and Roman could not understand Will's undying support of E.J. With the evidence mounting up against E.J., the police moved in and arrested him. Bo and Hope announced the true identify of Melanie's kidnapper and that a search for him was in progress. Gabi's guilt over Melanie's disappearance seemed to take its toll on her. John accused Ian of causing Brady's relapse. Kate remained suspicious of Ian's intentions and true feelings for her.

    The Haunted Star reopened, but Lulu was disappointed that Dante didn't show. Dante and Anna questioned Archibald Boles about his connection to Heather. Archibald revealed that he had forged several letters for Heather, including Maggie Wurth's confession, which had cleared Steve of murder charges. Dante realized that Heather had murdered Maggie and used the suicide letter to cover it up. Anna figured out where Heather had stashed Luke when Luke's coded letter was found. Luke accidentally set fire to the cabin. Heather revealed that she intended to drug Anna with LSD in an effort to make Anna go insane, so that Anna would be institutionalized. Steve broke off his relationship with Olivia, because Olivia refused to give Heather a chance. Olivia encountered Heather in Anna's hotel suite. Heather filled a syringe with LSD intended for Olivia. Todd was delighted when Blair showed up in Port Charles without Tomas. Todd assumed that Blair and Tomas were no longer together, so he proposed marriage. Blair confessed that she and Tomas were engaged. Patrick was stunned when he spotted Robin on the deck of the Haunted Star. Lulu realized that Patrick was high on drugs, so she confronted him about his continued amphetamine use. Kate paid Joe a visit in jail. Joe denied that he had raped her. Kate was rattled when Joe mentioned the baby that she had abandoned. Trey raced to Atlantic City when Joe reached out to his son. Joe cautioned Trey not to let anyone, especially Sonny, learn that Trey was actually Joseph Mitchell Scully III. Connie made an appearance.

    Nick was furious with Phyllis for having lied to him for years about running Paul and Christine down with a car years before. Feeling betrayed by his wife, Nick moved out of the penthouse. Ronan warned Phyllis that Christine had gotten a warrant for her arrest. In front of Daniel and Summer, Phyllis was arrested. Michael and Ronan were sympathetic to Phyllis and felt Christine was out for revenge. Avery and Daniel urged Phyllis to consider taking the D.A.'s deal, even though it meant five years in prison. Paul warned Phyllis that karma would bite her in the butt. Avery was determined to defend Phyllis, but grew concerned when she realized that Daniel believed Phyllis was guilty. Victor blasted Abby for taking Carmine with her to the ranch. Abby and Carmine made love. Kevin and Chloe accepted Adam's major investment in their web startup. Before leaving town, Adam bought Genevieve's former house as a wedding gift for Chelsea. Sharon learned that Adam was eloping with Chelsea to Kansas. When Victor asked Sharon to move in with him, she reacted by lying to him and leaving town. Sharon wanted to reunite with Adam before his wedding to Chelsea. Adam planned a traditional wedding for Chelsea. Adam arrived at Hope's farmhouse and was startled to find Sharon there. Adam said that a part of him would always love Sharon, but Chelsea was his best friend, and he wanted to marry her. Adam and Chelsea were married at the farm. Victor flew to Kansas and took Sharon back to Genoa City. Sharon agreed to live with Victor, and he moved her into the guest room. Nick warned Christine to stay away from his children. Nick told Phyllis he would stay with her. Billy decided to publicize Phyllis' scandal in order to satisfy the producers of the Restless Style reality television show.


    Monday ("Kristen Is Stunned")
    Kristen is shocked by Brady's revelation; a huge scandal interrupts the reception for the new school.

    Tuesday ("Sami's World")
    Sami's world as she knows it comes crashing down and reality about her situation sets in; Eric and Nicole argue about Sami.

    Wednesday ("Justin and Adrienne")
    Justin gives Adrienne a tongue-lashing; Kristen lies to Brady once again.

    Thursday ("Nicole Is Horrified")
    News of Brady and Kristen's reconciliation horrifies Nicole; Daniel lets Eric in on whom he thinks poisoned him.

    Friday ("Testing the Waters")
    Eric admits to Brady his true feelings about his stepbrother's reunion with Kristen; Theresa tests the waters with Daniel.

    Monday ("Franco has Danny Kidnapped")
    Dante organizes a search party when Sam, Carly and Silas figure out Franco has abducted Danny

    Tuesday ("Discussing Sam's Father")
    Molly and Rafe put together clues regarding Sam's father; Taylor becomes emotional when TJ tells her he doesn't have feelings for her.

    Wednesday ("Franco Awakens Confused")
    Franco regains consciousness, disoriented by his circumstances and Carly's compassion towards him.

    Thursday ("Sam Prays for Franco's Surgery Survival")
    Sam prays that Franco will pull through so that he can help save Danny.

    Friday ("Ousting AJ From ELQ")
    Tracy and Ava use Franco's condition to their advantage, making a move that will remove AJ from ELQ's board.

    7/22, A marriage falls apart as another couple becomes engaged; sibling rivalry within the Spencer and Logan families increases.

    7/23, Hope and Wyatt discover there is more to the story; Quinn sees someone from her past; Donna tries to keep the peace between Brooke and Katie.

    7/24, The revelation of a 20-year-old secret causes emotions to run high; Caroline manipulates Maya and Carter from behind the camera.

    7/25, Caroline springs an unexpected leak; Bill reveals his true colors.

    7/26, Quinn confronts Hope for getting mixed up with Wyatt; Brooke and Eric share a moment.

    7/22, Billy and Melanie team up against Adam; Phyllis and Sharon go head to head.

    7/23, Lily and Cane have a romantic evening; tension grows between Carmine and Lauren.

    7/24, Jack and Nick come together to support Summer; Chloe and Chelsea are confronted.

    7/25, Lily is troubled by Abby's insights; Summer decides to pour her heart out to Phyllis.

    7/26, Kevin tries to help Michael; Sharon thinks about revealing the truth to Nick.

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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    Jessica Chastain flashes her gorgeous smile as she arrives at LAX Airport on Thursday (July 18) in Los Angeles.

    The Oscar nominated star signed autographs for fans who spotted her making her way through the terminal!

    This weekend, Jes will attend the 2013 Giffoni Film Festival, where she will be honored with the Giffoni Experience Award, the fest’s most prestigious honor! The Giffoni Film Festival begins today, and Jessica will be honored on Sunday (July 21).


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    After her workout, Britney treated herself to a Coffee Bean then did a little shopping with David in Thousand Oaks. Miraculously David was seen without a Virginia Tech shirt!11!!1!


    Comin to snatch ya faves wigs for the 8th time xxoo

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    It airs Sunday @ 10/9c on E!

    in case you missed it! it's in HD now too!


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    Siohvaughn Funches Claims the Miami Heat Star is a Deadbeat


    Siohvaughn Funches, the former wife of NBA star Dwyane Wade, camped outside the Daley Center in Chicago on Friday with a homemade sign that read, "NBA Miami Heat Star Mother of His Children On the Streets".

    Funches told the 89 WLS Sports Pregame Show that she took the measure of embarrassing Wade in public -- his hometown nonetheless -- because she wants her voice, her freedom and because Wade owes her money.

    "He owes me quite a large sum of money."

    Funches said a court order dictates that all of Wade's endorsement companies are supposed to deposit funds directly into an account for her, but she hasn't received anything.

    "He hasn't complied with that order and neither have those endorsement companies made any direct deposits. That went on for years.

    "So I took care of myself and our two children, purely living off of savings. The savings dwindled down. I was advised by my lawyer to find a bankruptcy attorney. I went into the courtroom and I asked the judge,'Please, let's just settle this matter because if I'm destitute I can't be a mother,' Funches said.

    It's not just endorsement money. Funches said she is not getting any money based off of Wade's salary, and years went by without her receiving any financial help whatsoever from Wade.

    "I need you to understand this:for several years in a row I got nothing. Nothing at all."

    She said at one time a judge gave her enough to pay her tuition, which she said amounted to $10,000. But nothing else from Wade.

    "I'm out on the streets right now because we can't reach any sort of an agreement. "

    But here is the kicker: Funches also told the show that she doesn't want any money from Wade, just her voice and her freedom.

    She said that Wade refuses to give her the money she is due unless she agrees to refrain from speaking out about their relationship.

    She won't agree to that. So instead she camped outside the Daley Center in Chicago with her sign and spoke about her difficulties on 89 WLS, comparing herself to Tina Turner, who survived an abusive relationship to become an American icon.

    "All I want is my freedom and my voice. I want Mr. Wade to leave me alone, he can keep his money. I told them very clearly -- my voice is not for sale."


    An 'Ugly, Ugly' Divorce

    The couple had an ugly — and we repeat, ugly — divorce. Funches was awarded a $1 million lump sum and $25,000 per month for child support.

    The divorce battle between the high school sweethearts was nasty. They battled over custody of their two sons, with Wade eventually winning.

    Funches is no stranger to erratic behavior. During the divorce proceeding, TMZ reported she had parted ways with nine attorneys.

    This meltdown comes days after Funches dropped a lawsuit that alleged Wade owed her at least $1 million.

    The Chicago Tribune reported Funches filed a voluntary dismissal order Tuesday.

    Check out some of Funches' post-split interviews here.

    Sources 1, 2, 3& 4

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  • 07/19/13--20:20: Big Brother Spoilers

  • Rundown:
    Jeremy was eliminated on Thursday night. Everyone (minus Kaitlin), voted him out of the house.

    Who is the New HOH?


    And who did Judd nominate?

    Kaitlin and Aaryn!

    Additional Notes:

    - It appears as if Jessie, Candice, Andy and Spencer are all have nots for the week.
    - Amanda is becoming unbearable on live feeds. Woman has won nothing yet, yet tries to get everyone else to do her dirty work. She initially was petitioning for Howard and Aaryn up. Though, I think America will be fine with Judd's decision.
    - America, everyone better be voting for Ginamarie to occupy the last nomination seat. I'll be shocked if anyone else is up there.

    Source: Me watching live feeds.

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    British actress Anne-Marie Duff is to make her Broadway debut alongside Ethan Hawke in a new production of Macbeth. She will play the role of Lady Macbeth at the Lincoln Centre Theatre in New York from October.

    Jack O'Brien, who has won three Tony awards including best direction for Hairspray in 2003, will direct the Shakespeare classic.

    Duff, known for playing Fiona Gallagher in TV drama Shameless, has several Bafta and Olivier nominations. The actress, who is currently starring as Nina in Eugene O'Neill's 1920s epic Strange Interlude has received rave reviews for her performance at the National Theatre in London. In Charles Spencer's five-star write up in The Telegraph, he said Duff "brings a thrilling raw intensity to the stage". The Independent's Michael Coveney called Duff's "scintillating" performance "effervescent".

    Her performance in George Bernard Shaw's St Joan at the National in 2007 was acknowledged with a London Critics Circle Award and an Olivier nomination. She was twice nominated for a Bafta for her role in Channel 4's Shameless, as well as for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I in The Virgin Queen and her supporting role in Nowhere Boy.

    Duff, who is married to Scottish actor James McAvoy, is one of a number of British actors appearing on Broadway this autumn.

    Daniel Craig will star alongside his wife Rachel Weisz and Rafe Spall in Harold Pinter's love affair play, Betrayal. Directed by 10-times Tony Award-winner Mike Nichols, the production opens at the Barrymore Theatre in October.

    Lord of the Rings star Orlando Bloom will also make his Broadway debut in a modern adaptation of Romeo and Juliet with Condola Rashad. Director David Leveaux, who led the Beatles play Backbeat in the West End, will cast white actors as the Montagues and black actors as the Capulets. Bloom made his professional stage debut six years ago in London in a revival of David Storey's In Celebration.


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    After attending “The Walking Dead” roundtables at the SDCC, we came away with some casting news we hadn't heard yet, a few inklings of what's in store for fans of the show come October, and a bit more info about the tone of Season 4.

    First to join our table were new showrunner Scott Gimple, comics creator Robert Kirkman, and the dreaded Governor himself, David Morrissey. If you watched the new Season 4 trailer (and if you didn't, do so immediately – we'll wait) and have also read the comics, you probably noticed a lot of elements from them in the footage. Gimple's philosophy in that regard is to incorporate big moments from the source material with different characters and different contexts but keep them recognizable. They have to change, of course, due to the fact that we have characters who are now dead but still living in the comics and vice versa as well as characters like Daryl who exist only in the TV world.

    One question everyone had after watching the trailer is: Where's the Governor? What's his mindset now? Morrissey said he's in a “deeply traumatic place.” His actions have had consequences on his soul and are a burden. He still has some great, complex things to do, but past events have taken a toll. For instance, after killing his own people, who is he?

    Kirkman added that one of the things he's most excited about in the new season is, of course, the return of the Governor, but also the presence of Tyreese, who will be stepping up and taking a more central role as the character is integrated into the cast. He did say the best part about adapting the earlier issues of the comics was the opportunity to revisit the Governor.

    We asked about how they're bringing in all the new characters from Woodbury, and Gimple mentioned one of them, Zack, will be played by Kyle Gallner (A Haunting in Connecticut, Jennifer's Body) and have a romantic relationship with someone (we're thinking possibly Beth).

    But the biggest thing they talked about (without actually talking about it) was a “new threat” being introduced this season You can't stab it in the face like a zombie or reason with it like a person – it could very well be the “most deadly” thing our survivors have faced yet.

    When asked about taking on his new role as showrunner, Gimple said it's really all the same stuff he was already doing, just more of it, with time management being his biggest challenge.

    Next we chatted with Lauren Cohan (Maggie), Steven Yeun (Glenn), and Scott Wilson (Hershel). You might have noticed Hershel getting around a bit better than we've previously seen him in the trailer. Wilson confirmed that Hershel is adapting to the loss of his leg and is becoming more agile.

    Cohan and Yeun described Maggie and Glenn as facing Season 4 “solidified, united, and together.” Maggie is stepping up a bit more as far as helping out Rick and the others. She's more capable than ever and renewed, with Rick able to rely on her, filling the void left by Andrea's death. Yeun mentioned that for Glenn, it's a more civilized environment they find themselves in, but danger's always around. He's especially anxious to see what happens with Carl and what he's turning into. People are put under pressure, and how they respond to it is not necessarily what you'd think. He believes Glenn reached his breaking point – or at least very close to it – but he has resiliency and is able to come back from it.

    Then we were joined by Chad Coleman (Tyreese), Andrew Lincoln (Rick), and exec producers Gale Anne Hurd and David Alpert. Chad said how thrilled he was to film his scene in the trailer, which is of course a total homage to the comics. He described the new season as “epic and gut-wrenching,” with Hurd nodding vigorously in agreement. She said Season 4 is a true hybrid of past seasons: “character-driven with seminal moments of horror, scope, and action but all in service to the characters.”

    Lincoln told us with regard to Rick's mental state that they are reeling him back him so he can reclaim what he once was. He's a man “trying to be a single dad in the apocalypse.” We'll get a little sense of the old sheriff he was. The death of Andrea and Carl becoming a murderer are the catalysts to his return to who he was. He's a man “wrestling with lots of things,” but he's a born leader so that hasn't changed but his responsibilities have.

    Coleman chimed in that “conflict makes drama,” and we'll see Tyreese wrestle with the rules of engagement around him and how he fits in. He'll be tested as “no one goes unscathed.” Lincoln (despite Hurd kicking him under the table to watch what he's saying) told us to watch out for Episode 3 as Chad does some especially excellent work.

    As for how the zombies are evolving, Lincoln warned that they are behaving in different ways. But again, Hurd mentioned how this season there are “threats from within and without.” Lincoln added that we'll see “more horrifying things that have nothing to do with fighting zombies.” The horror element is back more than ever with no safety in the world of the living or the world of the dead. There will be constant tension between deciding whether to keep moving or stay put and attempt to build some normalcy. Andrea's death gave them the opportunity to look at the story from a different angle and approach, and best of all, nothing is a repeat of what we've seen so far.

    Our last group was the always entertaining special effects makeup supervisor/exec producer Greg Nicotero and fan favorite Norman Reedus (Daryl). As we already knew, Greg directed the first episode of the new season, and he promised as the episodes unfold, we'll see dozens of new sculpts, puppets, and even some zombie mouths that move. The zombies are decomposing more and getting really nasty. All the new gags are intrinsic to the storytelling.

    As for that “new threat” everyone kept mentioned, Nicotero said we'll find out what it is by the end of the first episode.

    Reedus was asked how he thought Daryl felt after finding his brother, Merle, only to have him taken away so quickly. He said that he had already accepted Merle's death, and yes, to lose him again hurts, but after being in this world so long, he loses people all the time.

    And how does Daryl feel about Tyreese, another Alpha male, joining the group? Reedus said it's not really like that; it's more about how to continue on rather than who's going to be the leader. As for Daryl's leadership style, Reedus said it's different. If things needs to be done, he'll do them, but he's not a “look in your eyes, tell me your feelings” kind of guy.

    Nicotero said the overall theme of Season 4 is: What will you do to keep someone you love safe? How far will you go? Norman gave us the two-word description: “sympathetic loss.” Nicotero left us with the reminder that everybody has had to do terrible things to survive. Can you come back from that? Do they make you less human by doing them?

    I guess we'll find out come October, and we can't wait!

    Shaking and crying over Kyle joining the show. Here's to hoping they don't kill him off too fast and that he's not too much of a creeper

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    Leaving her hotel in London today (July 19). She was later seen shopping at Roberto Cavalli.


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    Steve still owes her that dance.
    (Sorry, there was no embed code; click the pic to be taken to the video)

    Agent Carter has been activated.

    Marvel Studios premiered the latest in its One-Shot series of shorts at San Diego's Comic-Con tonight, and Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive clip.

    The action-noir story picks up with British operative Peggy Carter just a year after Captain America: The First Avenger left off, with Hayley Atwell's character now working in New York for the watchdog group that will eventually become S.H.I.E.L.D.

    The problem is that Carter is stuck with a desk job, doing the kind of busywork her chauvinist boss (The West Wing's Bradley Whitford) thinks is suitable for a woman.

    Then one night when the office is empty except for her, a call comes in. A voice (provided by Iron Man 3 director Shane Black) tells her that the enigmatic "Zodiac" has been located, and three to five agents are necessary. Agent Carter ventures off to find it on her own.

    What is The Zodiac? "Zodiac in the books has been many, many different things,” says Agent Carter director Louis D’Esposito, the co-president of Marvel Studios. “We just want you to know it’s deadly, it’s important, bad guys are guarding it, and it’s imperative she gets it.”

    The short also co-stars Dominic Cooper as industrialist Howard Stark, Tony's father and one of those helping shape the new global crime-fighting team. There are a few cameos, too, though we won't spoil those here. [There’s also apparently a post-credits scene, according to the illustrious Agent M.]

    D'Esposito also directed last year's One-Shot short, Item 47, and has continued to expand the series to feature more ambitious storytelling.

    The screening Friday night is prologue to Marvel's highly anticipated Saturday evening presentation in Comic-Con's 6,000-plus seat Hall H, where Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Thor: The Dark World and possiblyGuardians of the Galaxy will be featured.

    Agent Carter can be seen in its entirety on the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray, out Sept. 24.


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    Prepare to be POWERED UP! Straight from Power Rangers headquarters, check out this latest video featuring a legendary Ranger from each of the past 20 years!

    That's 19 Red Rangers plus the beloved White Ranger - morphing from one to the next seamlessly! You'll be taken through the exciting visual evolution, starting with the classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers all the way through the current season on Nickelodeon, Power Rangers Megaforce.

    Watch, enjoy and share as we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the longest running boys action series in television history. Go Go Power Rangers!

    If you thought Power Rangers: From Mighty Morphin to Lost Galaxy DVD set was massive, then you haven't seen anything yet! As Comic-Con begins, Shout! Factory have announced the upcoming Power Rangers Legacy: The First 20 Years collection.

    power rangers legacy

    In celebration of this multi-generational pop culture phenomenon, Shout! Factory and Saban Brands are releasing the first 20 (!!!) seasons of the Power Rangers TV series in one mega DVD set. This limited edition home entertainment collection comes packed with every Power Rangers episode, from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Power Rangers Megaforce, boasting over 270 hours of action-packed entertainment across 98 DVDs.

    Housed in a collectible Mighty Morphin Red Ranger helmet, Power Rangers Legacy: The First 20 Years includes six DVDs showcasing hours of bonus content, including brand new featurettes as well as special archival material. This baby hits shelves on December 3, 2013.

    IGN had the opportunity to swing by Shout! Factory's Comic-Con booth for an exclusive preview of the Power Rangers Legacy: The First 20 Years collection. We also got to speak with DVD producer Brian Ward, who offered us a glimpse at the prototype helmet and walked us through some of the details. [Note: The pictures below are not of the final helmet, just a mockup.]

    power rangers legacy img 1

    First of all, the DVDs are stored in slots in the back of the helmet, separated into 10 tins. "The tins are going to look like the Power Coins," Ward explained. "Each one of those tins will hold 10 discs." And as an added bonus, "there are two empty slots for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. So if you have those discs from Fox, you can just slide them right in, and you've got the first 20 years' worth of episodes, and the two movies right there in one helmet." The black base, meanwhile, will house a hefty episode guide book, featuring trivia, photographs and artwork.

    The Red Ranger helmet itself, Ward continued, was a long, thorough process to make. "We've been working on this for about six months... We actually got the original helmet used in the show, did a 1:1 digital scan of the helmet, created the file, then sent that off to the vendor, who was able to create a clay sculpture of it."

    power rangers legacy img 2

    As for choosing the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger helmet as the helmet? "I think [the Red Ranger] is the most iconic of the leaders," Ward said. "You've got the White Ranger, for sure. Tommy is Tommy -- you can't take that away from anyone... but you want that first iconic helmet that we all remember seeing to be the one that represents the series... It is the hope and dream that this particular helmet is sitting on fans' shelves and that it's the highlight of their collection."

    No price has been announced for the Legacy set just yet, but we did learn that it will be a numbered piece, with a limited run of 2,000 copies worldwide.

    Over the last few days, Papercutz has been dropping teaser images around the web, and now MTV Geek has the exclusive reveal. '90s kids, listen up, because no one else knows this yet: Papercutz is launching a “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” graphic novel series starring the original Power Rangers team!

    Papercutz is already publishing the “Power Rangers” graphic novel series, but this new companion series is set to work like lost episodes of the original TV show, so it’s going to feel just like 1995 again. Stefan Petrucha and PH Marcondes have been tapped as writer and illustrator, and the first book will debut in May of 2014. Now that the news is out in the open, MTV Geek spoke to series editor Michael Petranek about what fans have to look forward to.

    MTV Geek: What are you most excited about in bringing back the Mighty Morphin Team?

    Michael Petranek: The huge level of spectacle that telling these stories in comics allows us to use. I can't wait to see PH Marcondes draw the Rangers in a huge fight scene with a bunch of Putty Patrollers. We don't have to secure the budget for 100 highly trained stage combat performers like you would if you were shooting this stuff on film, and Stefan Petrucha is great at taking advantage of that. The Power Rangers Megaforce comic "Panic in the Parade" shows that-- the action scenes we put on paper would cost tens of millions of dollars to shoot on film. I want to put the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in bigger battles than anyone's ever seen.

    I've also got to mention that original Ranger team-- they were so perfect. The creators of the show were able to balance personalities so well that the original Mighty Morphin team 20 years later still serves as a standard fans look to when judging the newer seasons. It's unfair to the newer generations, which are all great in their own unique ways, but that's kind of how it is.

    Geek: How will it work with the Power Rangers series you already have?

    Petranek: We're shifting focus right now from the Power Rangers series we already have to Mighty Morphin, as I want to be able to put our full, undivided attention on this project. In the future, I see us being able to continue doing both series. The Super Megaforce stuff I've seen looks amazing, and I'm excited to be able to work on those comics. Right now, PH and I are working on the 2nd Megaforce volume, and I think it has the potential to be the strongest "Power Rangers" volume we've done yet. I think both series will complement each other very well.

    Geek: Can you give us any teasers about upcoming story lines?

    Petranek: Ooh, I have to tread carefully here! I'm great at divulging too much information about these things. With the first issue we're going back to the start of the series, before Tommy (The Green Ranger) has been introduced, and before Lord Zed has arrived. There's going to be an all-new villain, and we'll definitely see Rita Repulsa. Right now Stefan has floated some incredible ideas for the second volume. Will all of the volumes take place within the events of the original TV series? Maybe. Maybe not… If we were to have stories that didn't take place within the events of the original series, how would we do so? How's that for a tease!

    And speaking of Rita Repulsa, MTV Geek has an exclusive image featuring the baddie!


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    Rae Dawn Chong says TMZ caused her a world of hurt by running only a portion of her tirade against Oprah Winfrey ... and her comments, including calling O a "field n-" were actually intended as a compliment.

    RDC just released a video statement in which she does not apologize ... although she says she regrets using the N-word to describe her former "Color Purple" co-star.

    As you know, Rae mused that Oprah wasn't fit to be a "house n-" but would be relegated to a "field n-" back in the day ...although Ray thinks "back in the day" is 60 years ago.

    Frankly the video is hard to follow, Rae never explains how she intended the N-word to serve as a compliment. She also never explains how calling Oprah fat, ugly and a brown-noser is high praise.

    Watch the video.

    Watch Video - TMZ


    This bitch.
    oprah punch

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    Uncle Jesse and crew reunite and perform a medley of hits on Fallon, including the 'Full House' theme song. Danny Tanner and Aunt Becky were there too!


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    Okay, I lost my shit at "How 'bout I stick my foot up your snatch?" Also, when did mclovin get so hot lawd hammercy

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  • 07/19/13--23:32: Leaked Zero Theorem Trailer

  • Starring: Christoph Waltz, Lucas Hedges, Mélanie Thierry, David Thewlis, Tilda Swinton, Peter Stormare, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Matt Damon, Ben Whishaw

    The story centres on Qohen Leth, a reclusive computer genius working on a formula to determine whether life holds meaning.


    Christoph Waltz showing how truly one-note and overrated he is. His 2 Oscars show how much of a joke the awards truly are. EVERYTHING ELSE LOOKS AMAZING THO

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    Once the victim of vicious bullying, openly gay WNBA star Brittney Griner is embracing her new role as inspiration and superstar.


    In an interview with the Los Angeles Times this week, Griner, an NCAA phenom who came out as a lesbian before the WNBA draft in April, opened up about her difficult teen years and the responsibility she feels as a role model to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth.

    "I didn't have a real role model that I could look up to that was out openly," the 22-year-old Houston native said. "I knew there were a lot of younger girls that needed someone."

    As the world's most famous female basketball player, Griner may just be the perfect candidate to fill that role.

    "On the court, Griner brings a blend of size and skill not seen before in the women's game. Off it, she has taken the unprecedented step of coming out publicly at the start of her pro career, allowing her to build her own brand -- she is the first openly gay athlete to sign with Nike -- while influencing the marketing of an entire league," wrote ESPN of Griner, who was selected by the Phoenix Mercury as the top overall pick in the draft.

    Despite her successes on the basketball court, the Baylor University alum has admitted that coming out publicly was initially a challenge. In an earlier interview with ESPN, she said she felt pressure from her college coaches to hide her sexuality for "recruiting" reasons.

    Griner told the L.A. Times that her struggles began in adolescence, when she was taunted, invalidated and sexually harassed by bullies. Her family life was sometimes difficult too, she admits, as her father, a former Marine, had initially found acceptance difficult to swallow.

    In an essay she wrote for The New York Times in May, Griner said she has been "bullied in every way imaginable." "People called me a dude and said there was no way I could be a woman," she wrote of her younger years. "Some even wanted me to prove it to them. During high school and college, when we traveled for games, people would shout the same things while also using racial epithets and terrible homophobic slurs."

    Griner added that she continues to be taunted on social media today.

    The basketball star insists, however, that time has healed many wounds and has even made her stronger.

    "I am 100-percent happy," she told ESPN in May. "When I was at Baylor, I wasn't fully happy because I couldn't be all the way out. It feels so good saying it: I am a strong, black lesbian woman. Every single time I say it, I feel so much better."

    Today, Griner says she gets several tweets a day from young people asking her for advice about coming out and dealing with bullies. Drawing from her own experience, she says she often tells them to simply ignore the taunts.

    "When I was younger, it really bothered me to the point where I was like 'I don't even want to be alive; why am I getting treated like that?'" Griner told the L.A. Times. "But as I got older, I started caring less. … I've learned to love myself."


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