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    Back in 2008, TLC introduced us to the world of kiddie pageants with “Toddlers & Tiaras.” Now, the same network is giving viewers an inside look at the lives of some slightly more mature pageant queens.

    “Crown Chasers” tells the story of five women, all between the ages of 30 and 52, as they attempt to balance the demands of their families, marriages and careers while strutting for sashes in the adult pageantry arena.

    “In 1998, I won the Mrs. California America title and a couple of years later I got divorced and thought I was done with pageantry. I got married again in 2009 and my now husband and I went to a reunion for the Mrs. Californias and when I came off stage he literally had a tear in his eye,” pageant pro Deborah Cooke, 52, told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “He said he had never seen me look so alive and it was obvious I had a burn to do this he pushed me to get back in to pageantry. So here I am back in, and I will be competing for the title of Mrs. International in Chicago in a few weeks.”

    TLC’s new series pulls back the velvet curtains on the cutthroat world of Mrs. Pageants through the eyes of Cooke and four other women in the Denver area.

    “We are competition for each other night and day,” one of the women states in the show’s teaser video, as she points out whom she has beaten for the coveted crown. Another breaks down as she tells the camera of all the cardio workouts and “not eating” she endures to get in shape for the pageants.  One other woman explains that she needs to take home the top spot to show others that she is “better than they are.”

    But that’s not Cooke’s motivation, she said. When she first entered the pageantry world at the tender age of 20, vying for Miss America and Miss USA, she did so because she wanted to earn money to pay for college. These days her sole focus is philanthropy and giving back.

    “The most rewarding thing with the Mrs. International system is that we are judged… [on] what we do to serve our platform. My platform is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and I sit on the board locally in Las Vegas as well as for the Heart Association. I have been instrumental in helping these organizations raise millions of dollars in the past few years,” Cooke said.

    But to raise those big bucks in the pageant circle, even in the Mrs. arena, having a toned bikini body is a crucial component.

    “I’m 52 years old and I don’t mind telling people that. When I was younger, if I had a swimsuit shoot or a pageant I would diet for a week. Maybe lift a weight here or there, and be good and ready,” Cooke said. “Now it’s a full six months of every day, no days off, and I am down to mostly just protein and greens and a little bit of carbs just to keep my kidneys healthy. It’s tough, really tough. I want to be ready so if there is an appearance that is a dinner I will still be able to eat. It’s constant scheduling.”

    But some get a little help for the local surgeon’s office when it comes to eliminating the lumps and bumps of age.

    “It all boils down to what you feel makes your exterior match your interior. If you’re a tireless worker maybe you’ve got some sagging skin so you may want to nip and tuck,” Cooke explained. “It’s a personal choice.”

    “Crown Chasers” debuts on TLC on July 10.


    Videos On TLC's Website

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    Jason Wahler, star of MTV’s reality shows Laguna Beach and The Hills, was a hard-partying bad boy while dating fellow cast member Lauren Conrad, but his issues were far more serious than anyone realized.

    “I tried taking my life multiple times,” Jason, 26, now a recovering alcoholic, reveals in the new issue of In Touch, on stands now.

    “About four years ago, I took more than 10 Antabuse [disulfiram pills, which can reduce the desire to drink] and was rushed to the hospital. It should’ve killed me.” After six alcohol-related arrests, Jason finally cleaned up his act in 2010 on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab.

    Now three years sober and planning his wedding with his fiancée, model Ashley Slack, 24, he’s hopeful again. “I feel like I was put in the limelight so I could tell the story of how deadly addiction can be,” says Jason, who’s now a substance abuse counselor in Laguna Beach, Calif.

    “I help people going through treatment — it’s amazing. I love my life again.”


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    NEW YORK -- A diva may be measured not just by how she acts under duress, but how she dresses.

    Mariah Carey, who last Sunday injured her shoulder while shooting a music video, turned up Saturday night at Central Park's Great Lawn in a dazzling, form-fitting white gown by Natalia Danilova -- and matching sling. Carey had only recently left the hospital, but she was set to perform as a guest of the New York Philharmonic at the Major League Baseball All-Star Charity Concert, benefiting relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy.

    Carey made her first entrance a few minutes late, leaving the Philharmonic and its music director/conductor Alan Gilbert to cool their heels after performing Randy Newman's suite from the 1984 baseball-themed film The Natural. But the singer was gracious, noting what an honor it was to perform with the orchestra.

    "I'm not in the best of health here," she said, pointing to her "fanciful" sling: "It was us getting creative." As a finishing touch, she draped it in a feather stole -- by Gucci, no less. "Is this working? Do we like it?" she rhetorically asked the crowd, who roared its approval.

    Carey sang two numbers before intermission, a husky, impassioned My All and Looking In. She noted that the latter was a more obscure entry from her 1995 album Daydream: "This requires a bit more stability than I have right now," she said, then started in her airier voice, later encouraging "people who know it" to "sing along."

    Ending the mini-set in equally dramatic fashion, she asked her fans to "wait for me. I love you madly. I love you madly."

    When she returned, Carey was all in black, sling included. "I'm sorry if I was a little emotional before," she said. "I'm in a tiny bit of pain."

    A spokesperson for Carey said that the singer was "actually in a lot of pain," with "bruised ribs, dislocated shoulder, temporary nerve damage in her arm." But she rallied again, delivering her current single #Beautiful in a robust alto embellished with her trademark coloratura high notes near the end.

    She again thanked the Philharmonic, and another supporting musician: her longtime colleague and former fellow American Idol judge Randy Jackson, who was playing guitar.

    The concert, which fans attended for free -- sponsors provided the funds to Sandy Relief -- also featured a guest appearance by former New York Yankees manager Joe Torre, who narrated Casey At the Bat accompanied by the Philharmonic. Other musical selections nodded to baseball and/or New York, among them a sumptuous piece from Leonard Bernstein's On The Town and a suite from the recent Jackie Robinson tribute movie 42.

    Carey, a native New Yorker herself, wrapped the concert with a song she said felt appropriate, Hero. "God bless you," she told the crowd and, not to be upstaged, exited before a fireworks display brought the evening to a close.

    Source: USA Today

    videos of the performance:
    more of #beautiful:

    she slayed, there's no denying it. she sang live and her pitch was still really impressive, despite the fact you could tell she really was struggling with her injuries and at one point had to stop and apologize. and she sang a song from the Daydream album live for the first time.this makes up for all the messes she's been giving us lately.

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    Mariah Carey’s latest album may be her last with Island Def Jam after delays and a lack of promotion and support plagued the project, sources tell Page Six.

    Carey, who last night performed with the New York Philharmonic at the MLB All-Star Charity Concert in Central Park benefiting Hurricane Sandy relief, was due to release her latest album, “The Art of Letting Go,” this month. But she announced in late June that she was delaying its release. “I got so immersed in the creative process that I just don’t feel I would be doing it justice to release it on 7/23,” she wrote on Twitter.

    Music insiders tell us the album’s first single, “#Beautiful,” was not heavily promoted by IDJ, and Carey was disappointed by the label’s efforts. Later, IDJ released remixes of “#Beautiful,” including a “Spanglish” version called “#Hermosa” and one with Young Jeezy, to attract spins.

    Some insiders blame the lack of attention to Carey on the fact that label execs were busy focusing on Kanye West’s album “Yeezus.” Page Six earlier reported that West’s last-minute production changes and legal issues were driving IDJ suits “crazy” as they worked overtime to get the album out.

    Now some insiders are speculating the diva will leave IDJ after “The Art of Letting Go” is released.

    “No one’s really scrambling to renegotiate her contract or put her music out,” said a source.

    But another insider insists there’s no power struggle between Carey and IDJ, describing the working relationship as “all love.”

    Carey is recovering from a dislocated shoulder after she fell last week at Avenue during a video shoot for the Young Jeezy “#Beautiful” remix.

    A rep for IDJ told us: “We love Mariah and her music and have fully supported her every step of the way here at Island Def Jam. ‘#Beautiful’ had an unprecedented promotional push and has already sold nearly 1 million singles.”

    A rep for Carey added: “Mariah couldn’t be happier with the support from the label and is looking forward to finishing and releasing her record.”


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    Out Magazine talks to the singer-songwriter about his latest video—which also features classic summer Americana—and why it's more of a positive message than Steve Grand's 'All-American Boy'

    Out: Young love is an eternal story/message: What do you think the message of "Young Love" is for young gay men?

    Eli Lieb: Love is love. I'm just celebrating love and life and to me that transcends, race, gender, sexuality, and any other distinguishing factors. Being gay isn't a gimmick or an issue for me, it's just me. In my music, my persona and this video, I want to represent myself authentically. And I believe everybody should express love how they know it and not be afraid of showing the whole world, including friends and family, how they feel. It was important to me to also show my friends, and represent other people in love (the girl and boy kissing, etc.), to say, "It's just love, let's celebrate it!" I don't feel any shame, and I don't feel self-righteous, I just am who I am, and I'm not afraid of it. On the positive side, I'm happy that being who I am might help others, to see a love like mine represented. Watching this video really makes me feel how I feel when in love. Not specifically gay love, or specifically straight love, just LOVE. And I wanted to show how lucky I am to have love between friends who can accept each other 100% for who they are.

    Although Steve Grand said that his recent video hit, "All-American Boy" is positive in the way the straight male still wants to be friends with his gay pal after he kisses him, some could say that it's shame-based while your song/video is more of a celebration. What are your thoughts about that?

    Firstly, I think that it's awesome that there is something in the air, that people are feeling the freedom to express their story, whatever it is. The story he tells is much different than mine, so it's so funny we both have a couple similar shots! I guess that fireworks and country rides in a convertible are just classic summer-time images. But I feel incredibly blessed that in my story there are no secrets. Everyone in the video and in my life, including me is happy with who they are. People have different experiences in being gay, and I think both videos give two different, very personal experiences.

    Some people can relate to Steve Grand's video, because they are still closeted as is the lead character in the video, but for me, I wanna show the freedom of being who I am. I didn't set out to make a righteous statement with this video. I always live my life completely authentically without any fear of what others might think. I find true happiness comes with that kind of honest acceptance of oneself. It just so happens that one of my many characteristics is that I am gay. When it came time to shoot a video to this love song, I of course had to stay true to who I am in order to tell that story: I didn't flinch for a second. I hope that this video will help other people live their lives to the fullest: never out of fear and always toward love.”

    Since your recent video became a viral hit on YouTube have you been surprised by any of the reactions?

    I am thrilled with the response. Every new view is a welcomed surprise, and they just keep coming! I have over 10 million views on my YouTube channel now, which is quite the jump since "Place of Paradise" came out! It's been amazing to create this from the ground-up. I don't have a label or a big fancy team; it's all just me with the help of a couple friends, Geoff Boothby (director of "Young Love" and "Place of Paradise") being one of them. I feel extremely grateful and blessed that based off of who I am, authentically without holding back artistically, that I've been met with this kind of support and I truly believe that if everyone functioned from a place free of fear, we could all make our dreams come true.

    Any surprises that you have in store for us?

    Well, they wouldn't be surprises if I told you! But I am definitely working on a lot of new projects right now, and you guys will be the first to know!

    source 1& source 2

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    Alanna Lynott for The Daily Mail writes:
    Some parents take their duties more seriously than others.

    And, in her first tweet since giving birth to baby Ace Knute, Jessica Simpson, 33, has revealed that fiance Eric Johnson is taking his responsibilities to the extreme.

    The actress and singer shared a photo of her mother Tina, tightly swaddled in a blanket wearing a look of surprise.

    Alongside the picture, Jessica tweeted: 'Eric got carried away with his swaddling skills!'


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    Amanda Bynes recently adopted a puppy and it wasn’t by chance — has exclusively learned the troubled actress idolized Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton so much, that she wanted to get a puppy and tote it around like Paris famously used to do.

    “Amanda is fascinated by the world of paparazzi. She thought Paris was so glamourous when the paps when follow her around all the time,” the insider revealed.

    “She talks about Paris and Kim a lot because she completely idolizes them. It’s the weirdest thing. So when she got that puppy she said it was to try and be more like Paris.”

    According to the insider, Amanda can’t stop feeding off all the attention she’s been getting from the media and paparazzi.

    “She’s intrigued by the entire business and will actually talk to the paparazzi trying to find out more about other celebrities,” the source told Radar.

    “Amanda loves all the attention she’s getting. It’s like a light switch with her — one minute she’s holding a normal conversation and the next minute all she can talk about is the paparazzi, and Kim and Paris!”


    Amanda Bynes is claiming that she’s bald!

    “Not having hair makes me feel like a cancer patient,” the troubled former actress tweeted late Friday.

    The bizarre comment follows her appeal on Thursday when she wrote, “when my hair grows out will everyone stop putting up fake videos of random girls in wigs posing as me?


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    Lady Gaga has announced the official pre-order and release dates for ARTPOP, her new album, and also the app through which it will be delivered to smartphones and tablets.

    Both album and app will be pre-orderable from 1 September, according to a post on Gaga's Facebook page, before their official release date of 11 November.

    "Built by TechHAUS, the technological branch of HAUS OF GAGA, the app itself is a musical and visual engineering system that combines art, fashion, and technology with a new interactive worldwide community – 'the auras'," explains the post, which doesn't skimp on grand claims (or capital letters).

    "Altering the human experience with social media, we bring ARTculture into POP in a reverse Warholian expedition.

    Exploring Gaga's existence as a cultural interface, the user will share in the 'adrenaline of fame; as they build and share their own projects, chat with one another, and watch in real-time on a virtual globe as ARTPOP explodes onto the physical and virtual universe at once on November 11, our 'BIG BANG!' On this day, HAUS OF GAGA venges with forte to bring the music industry into a new age: an age where art drives pop, and the artist once again is in control of the 'icon'."

    The album launch will be preceded by "an evening of artRave" including collaborations with photographers Inez & Vinoodh, theatre director Robert Wilson, and artists Marina Abramović and Jeff Koons.

    It's the app that promises to be most intriguing, though. It's the most high-profile album-as-app since Bjork's Biophilia in 2011, which was initially released for iPad as a collection of interactive sections: one per song.

    Gaga actually announced plans for the ARTPOP app in September 2012 on her Little Monsters website, promising fans that "the most major way to fully immerse yourself in ARTPOP is through the APP". It sounds like the creative vision for the app has remained roughly the same since then:

    "ARTPOP will be released as an IPAD, iPhone, mobile and computer compatible application (WORLD) that is completely interactive with chats, films for every song, extra music, content, gaga inspired games, fashion updates, magazines, and more still in the works! I will also be able to upload new things to the APP all the time, the same way i upload to twitter and"

    Most major music artists have an app of some kind nowadays, although in most cases a relatively simple one that pulls in social media updates and YouTube videos while pointing fans out to buy music, tickets and merchandise.

    Others have taken a different approach. Snoop Dogg was making $30k a week from sales of digital stickers in his Snoopify photo-sharing app in June this year, while Trey Songz was reportedly making $54k a month from sales of virtual items within his Angel Network fanclub app earlier in the year.

    Biophilia remains the most creatively-ambitious artist app, but also a bigger financial risk – it was rumoured to have cost more than $500k to develop, but sales figures have never been released for the iOS version. A Kickstarter campaign to raise £375k to port the app to Android and Windows 8 was cancelled 10 days in after failing to pick up steam.

    Lady Gaga looks to be pulling out all the stops for the ARTPOP app in order to make it the most successful artist app yet, and prove there's a business model for apps as a format for music distribution. But also to continue making the case for the album itself as a music format.

    "An app can demand all of your senses and attention at once. That's something exciting for musicians," said Scott Snibbe, who worked with Bjork on Biophilia, talking in October 2011.

    "A lot of them lament the demise of the album experience due to digital distribution. But one thing about the app-album is it reclaims people's attention for an entire album."

    Lady Gaga will certainly have people's attention on 11 November. It remains to be seen if ARTPOP can kick off a new wave of album-as-app projects from her peers.


    In relation to the APP, Billboard director Bill Werde confirms that the app sales might count as album sales for Artpop.

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    Prince William has arrived at pregnant wife Kate Middleton's side as she prepares to give birth, according to today's reports.

    Pilot William is said to have left his base on Anglesey to be with Kate after taking leave from his job as an air-sea rescue helicopter captain.

    Today is thought to be Kate's due date.

    According to today's Mirror (July 13), the "entire family are on tenterhooks".

    A royal insider says: "William is dedicated to his work but he was absolutely determined to make it, no matter the distance.

    "It is a momentous time, not just for the Duke and Duchess as a couple welcoming their first child into the world, but for the future of the monarchy as a whole."

    Kate is due to give birth in the Lindo wing of St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, Central London, where the couple are said to want a natural birth.

    It is the same place Diana Princess of Wales gave birth to William and brother Harry.

    Kate and William have chosen not to discover the sex of their baby ahead of its birth.

    News of the birth will be announced to the general public when a royal aide leaves the hospital with the birth notice (signed by medics) and travels with a police escort to Buckingham Palace, where the notice will be affixed to an easel in the palace forecourt.

    What do you think Kate and William should call their new baby? Tell us below!


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    Background Info-

    • Own an athletic garment company (Trifect Athletics)

    • Models/Actors

    • Names are Lance, Mark & Charles.

    1044718 524040920990864 1928278771 n
    Lance(one with a smaller jaw), Charles(one with the jaw)& Mark(one without the jaw imo), in that order.

    1010806 525376937523929 2107089564 n

    208702 395818340479790 1180469082 n

    We are proud to finally let this video out of its cage.  Some back story on the concept.  Kyle Davison shot this baby in Toronto.  He hired triplets to act in the video, but only two out of the three actually did the work.  We think they did an incredible job of acting.  They actually had to take the blows you see on film…because the PHANTOM camera was shooting at over 1200 frames a second.  There is no faking the funk here.

    INSIDE is a song about dealing with the inner struggle of being yourself.  We were pretty shaken when we heard of the teen suicides in the US around the bullying they were experiencing for being LGBT.  (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender).  INSIDE was a song where we tried to put ourselves in their shoes - what these teens must have felt, what were they dealing with, what was the internal struggle they fought?…we drew on the racism we both experienced growing up being minorities - the hate that I had (Fernandez) toward myself for being South Asian and not fitting into life in suburban Hamilton/Stoney Creek.

    The director did not know the meaning behind the lyrics but came up with a treatment of a person fighting themselves…it fit perfect to what we had scripted in our words.  Kyle shot and we made no edits to what you see.  We want to work with Kyle again…someday…

    Source the triplet's facebookfreedomordeathmusic@ytfulcher agency@yttorontosupershowBTS info of the MV@tumblr

    Why do they never smile :(
    Mods the tumblr IS the source

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    Source: Aquarius peg@yt An Pham@yt

    Part-time Actor/Model, full-time sex bomb imo

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    Family, fans, and friends of Glee's Cory Monteith are in mourning following the actor's sudden, shocking death at age 31 on Saturday, July 13. The star, who had recently completed a stay in rehab and was in a relationship with his costar Lea Michele, was found dead in a hotel room at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver, Canada, after he missed his noon checkout time.

    "We are so saddened to confirm that the reports on the death of Cory Monteith are accurate," his reps said in a statement. "We are in shock and mourning this tragic loss."

    Police first announced the tragic news in a press conference late Saturday night, just a short while after Monteith's family had been notified of his passing. The coroner is still investigating cause of death, but no foul play is suspected at this time.

    Immediately after the press conference, messages and remembrances started to pour in on Twitter. Among those who expressed their grief and disbelief over Monteith's death were Taylor Swift, Sophia Bush, Kim Kardashian, Nina Dobrev, and Glee costars Kristin Chenoweth and Dot Marie Jones. Read on for their reactions, and others:

    Kristin Chenoweth: RIP Cory Monteith. You will be loved. Always.

    Dot Marie Jones: I have no words! My heart is broken. Cory was not only a hell of a friend, he was one amazing man that I will hold close to my heart forever.

    Taylor Swift: Speechless. And for the worst reason.

    Adam Shankman: Goodbye my amazing and beautiful friend. The lights in my world just grew dimmer. The world just lost one of our best. I love u so much...

    Nina Dobrev: I'm gutted. Shocked and saddened to hear the news, my heart goes out to Cory's family and friends. Let's respect their space as they grieve.

    Kat Dennings: I can't fully process this news. Tragic, tragic loss of a young, promising, talented man. Cory Monteith, rest in peace.

    Zooey Deschanel: This is such sad news about Cory Monteith - what an absolutely tragic loss of a very talented young man.

    Kim Kardashian: Just heard about the death of Cory Monteith. So sad. Prayers 4 his family. Praying 4 Lea too! Words can't describe what they must be feeling.

    Kaley Cuoco: #CoryMonteith, no words. Prayers. Thoughts w/ his family. This is terrible. Can't speak.

    Sophia Bush: I saw him a few weeks ago in NY, looking so happy. Heartbreaking...

    Mario Lopez: RIP Cory Monteith...Such a nice guy, very down to earth. Incredibly sad. #TooYoungToDie

    Marlee Matlin: My thoughts & prayers are with family and friends as well as cast of Glee on passing of Cory Monteith. A young talent gone too soon.

    Joel McHale: Way too soon. A very nice & good guy.

    Lance Bass: Devastated about the news of Cory Monteith - such an incredible guy - my thoughts are with his family and friends.

    Scott Porter: This news of Cory Monteith's death just shakes me to my very core. So young. My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.

    Holly Marie Combs: Life is hard. Be nice. For you never know what another could be struggling with or against. You never know. #RIPCoryMonteith

    Damian McGinty: The guy I shot my first acting scene with. The nicest guy I've met. Can't believe it.

    Katie Cassidy: So sad to lose a dear friend & talented man...Cory Monteith, you'll always be remembered.

    Nick Zano: ALL of our lives are precious & can be gone in a flash, live better, smarter & show true appreciation for the now. Sad day. #RIPCoryMonteith

    Monica Potter: Oh my god, my heart & prayers go out to the family & loved ones of Cory Monteith. This is heartbreaking. Tragic.


    this is super sad. sleep tight, you sweet man.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    2. Nora Ephron, essayist, playwright, screenwriter ofWhen Harry Met Sally…

    5. George R. R. Martin, creator of A Song Of Fire And Ice and executive producer of Game Of Thrones.

    7. Ridley Scott, director of Alien and Thelma & Louise

    9. Quentin Tarantino, writer and director of Kill Bill Volume 1 and Kill Bill Volume 2

    10. Tina Fey, writer of 30 Rock and Mean Girls.

    11. Hayao Miyazaki, creator of Princess Mononoke,Spirited Away, and many other wonderful films.

    Guys, this post is just to try and take our minds off a little of all the awfulness that was last night :(
    Rest of this list is not so good tbh. Some shady people are in it.


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  • 07/14/13--06:46: Leona Lewis covers Diamonds
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    Courtney Stodden showed off those new Double DDs in a tiny red dress hardly bigger than a swimsuit.

    The teen bride and her 53-year-old husband, character actor Doug Hutchinson, were on their way to dinner in West Hollywood Friday night when she was spotted in the eye-popping dress.

    Stodden completed her ensemble with a pair of sky high stripper heels and bright red lipstick that matched her dress.


    Prayer circle for her poor back...

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    The wait is finally over. Kanye West's collaboration with A.P.C. just hit the Internet. It hit the retailer's French site last night, and it's a lot larger than we initially expected. While we've seen him walk around in the light-washed jeans and a short-sleeved hoodie, there are plenty of pieces in the whole collection we haven't seen yet.

    In addition to the heather grey short-sleeved hoodie, there are two long sleeve hoodies in a marine and dark navy color. Both feature the same side-slits as the short sleeve version. The jeans come in a raw wash we haven't seen before either, and they're selvedge. As expected, a plain white T-shirt finds its way into the collection, along with a simpler navy version. The most surprising piece has to be the the "Trippy Symphony" T-shirt, a white tee with a Been Trill graphic adorning the front and back.

    Price-wise, jeans are around $235, while the hoodies go for $225 for the short sleeve to $250 for the long sleeved versions. T-shirts are selling for around $100, while the Been Trill "Trippy Symphony" tee is more around $125.

    So yes, the prices are "up there" but they're not as expensive as say...Givenchy. The collection hits A.P.C. stores and the U.S. website at 10 a.m. today. We'll be taking a closer look at the collection, but if you hope to get your hands one one of the pieces, you better get your mouses ready.

    too expensive for ur broke ass?

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    this wasn't really worth the wait tbh; the show's done better

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    A married British rock star is facing demands from a the mother of a US love child that he has tried to keep secret.

    The mother demanded £2million and child support but friends say that he refused the request. The singer cannot be named for legal reasons and is thought to be desperate to keep the news a secret.

    The star fathered the little girl after a one night stand that he has described as a mistake. One friend told The Sun: ‘He has a duty not just morally but in law. The mother is holding all the cards and if he doesn’t accept his responsibility she has said she will call his wife.’

    The woman is said be completely certain that he is the father as there is no possibility that she is anyone else’s daughter. She has said that she is prepared to tell his wife if he refuses to acknowledge his daughter. The star is willing to negotiate with the mother to keep his wife in the dark

    The Sun describes the singer as part of an internationally successful rock band that has had a string of hits played on the radio. Instantly recognisable, he is known as a responsible husband and father.

    The child’s mother is a successful freelance writer in her 30s, and has refused to speak out before the matter is resolved. She is considering DNA testing, and yesterday a mobile DNA testing van was parked outside her new York City home.

    A friend told The Sun: ‘He knows his wife will go ballistic and throw him out. He’ll be picking his clothes up off the street.’ Neighbours say the woman adores her little girl, but always stays silent on the subject of her father.

    After a brief meeting in New York last year, she fell pregnant and contacted the father. But he refused to acknowledge his daughter and hired lawyers.
    Her friend said: She knows she will be entitled to a big sum. She was successful before they met, but now she’s set for life.’

    The singer’s agent refused to comment.

    Source 1/2

    any guesses?

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    Justin Timberlake could face legal action from anti-sexual violence charity Take Back The Night over the title of his new single.

    The singer began streaming his track 'Take Back The Night' on Friday (July 12). It's the first song to be taken from his upcoming album 'The 20/20 Experience - Part 2'.

    However, the executive director of the Take Back The Night group, which has been in operation as a charitable foundation since 1999, has now claimed that Timberlake failed to ask permission to use their name.

    "Everyone at Take Back The Night is really shocked, because normally we get asked when people want to use the name," Katherine Koestner told Radar Online. "Normally entities as large as Justin Timberlake do very kind and thoughtful things to support our cause."

    Continuing, Koestner said her organisation has "big concerns" over Timberlake's use of the phrase "Take Back The Night" and took issue with the song's lyrics. "The lyrics are definitely very sexual and not at all clearly anti-sexual violence. 'Use me', for example, is not a great phrase for anyone affiliated with the organisation."

    Koestner also revealed that her organisation is now in communication with Timberlake and his team. "We tried to contact him through his website and got no answer. Then we sent him a letter Friday (July 12) from our legal counsel saying 'You used our name without our permission'."

    "They got back to us and said they're sorry," Koestner continued. "His agent said 'Justin's a good guy! He's a family man!' They claimed he'd never heard of us before he wrote that song. I don't know what country he's been in. I suppose it could have slipped off his radar screen somehow. Somebody working for him definitely messed up."

    Although Koestner went on to criticise Timberlake for failing to "take the necessary steps to make sure that it was appropriate," she also made clear that the Take Back The Night foundation is keen to reach an agreement with the singer. "This whole thing with Justin is just really unfortunate and we're hoping it can be amicably resolved," she added.

    Timberlake played 'Take Back The Night' during his headline set at London's Wireless Festival on Friday night (July 12). He'll return tonight (July 14) to headline the third and final night of the festival alongside Jay-Z as part of their 'Legends Of The Summer' world tour.


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