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    Australia's Next Top Model Cycle 8: Who are the girls, and who has already been sent home?

    Meet the top 15

    Taylor, 16 – SA

    Taylah, 17 – WA

    Shannon, 17 - QLD

    Shanali, 16 – VIC

    Rhiannon, 19 - QLD

    Melissa, 16 – VIC

    Madeline, 20 – QLD

    Jade, 20 - NSW

    Ducky, 17 – VIC

    Dajana, 17 – NSW

    Chanique, 20 – NSW

    Brooke, 21 – VIC

    Ashley, 18 – NSW

    April, 18 - NSW

    Abbie, 17 - NSW

    Prison Photo Shoot
















    Cinderella Photoshoot
















    Sourced: Fox82

    So excited this is back! How many people will mistake AusNTM for autism this year??? Only time will tell!

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    Hostess Brands LLC is preparing for the return of the Twinkie in a week, without unionized workers, company stores or the pile of debt the predecessor company accumulated.

    The Twinkie's shelf life will be 45 days when the baked good returns to grocery stores on July 15. That's almost three weeks longer than the 26 days the former Twinkie was supposed to stay fresh.

    Customers can look forward to Twinkies, CupCakes, HoHos, Donettes, DingDongs, Zingers, fruit pies and mini muffins in the coming days while SnoBalls and SuzyQs will be back in the next few months.

    Hostess Brands, based in Kansas City, Mo. had stopped operations at the last of its 11 factories in November after failing to reach an agreement with its second biggest union, the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers & Grain Millers International Union. The company filed for bankruptcy on Nov. 16. The new owners of Hostess have cut the number of plants to four and the products will be sold through convenience and grocery stores only. Some 600 Hostess thrift stores have been closed permanently.

    Other differences for the new product include how the goods will be distributed. Company spokeswoman Hannah Arnold said "90 percent of the product will still be delivered fresh," but some will be delivered frozen.
    "A select number of customers - representing only about 10 percent of Hostess' distribution - have explicitly requested to receive frozen product," Arnold said. "This allows the retailer to date the product for freshness, provides flexibility in filling their shelves and has no impact on the quality or taste of the products. The decision is up to the customer - the only stores that will receive frozen product are those that request it."

    She said the Twinkie's extended shelf life is not new news, however.

    "The improvement was made under the old company, products were introduced to the market on Nov. 1, 2012 prior to the company's liquidation and prior to the sale of assets to the new owners," said Arnold, who declined to comment about what methods were used to extend shelf life.

    Mira Calton, nutritionist and co-author of the book, Rich Food, Poor Food, said freezing a product prior to delivery would "most likely require additional preservatives and dough strengtheners being added to the recipes."

    "When consumers are finally able to bite into Hostess snack cakes again on Monday, they are going to have the same delicious experience that has given these products their enduring appeal," she said. "Very minor tweaks have been made to improve product quality, such as using dark cocoa instead of milk chocolate in the CupCakes to make them darker and richer."

    The prices are also not changing. A 10-pack box of Twinkies retails for $3.99, much lower than the hundreds of dollars some eBay sellers were asking for last year when the Hostess folded.

    Hostess was first established in 1930 and was based in Kansas City. After emerging from bankruptcy in 2009, the company moved its headquarters to Irving, Texas. By the time of its second bankruptcy, it had $1.3 billion in debt, none of which the new company has taken on.

    The new owner and chief executive, C. Dean Metropoulos, is planning for 50 million Twinkies to be in stores during the first two weeks of the comeback. Hostess is operating factories in Schiller Park, Ill.; Columbus, Ga.; Indianapolis and Emporia, Kan. The company expects to have about 1,800 employees within months, according to a company spokeswoman.

    "The new ownership is absolutely committed to baking top quality snack cakes and, in fact, is making major investments to ensure that Hostess products are as good, if not even better than before," said a spokeswoman for the new company, Hannah Arnold.

    Original ONTD post

    I know none of this is actually food but my inner child will never let go. However, Little Debbie >>>

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    The Hollywood producer uploaded a picture of his wife taking a snap of herself body surfing.

    However, in the distance Cash can be seen sitting on the beach, giving the illusion that he is sitting right between his wife's perfectly tanned legs.

    The 34-year-old couldn't help but make a joke of picture on twitter when he gave the snap the caption: "Uh yeah, that's where I like to be... btwn my wife's legs.Happy 4th of July!!"

    Maybe that's a little bit too much information for us all.

    Cash met Jessica back in 2004 whilst filming The Fantastic Four and four years later the pair made it official when they wed in an quiet ceremony in Los Angeles.

    The pair now have two daughters Honor Marie, five and Haven Garner who turns two in August.

    The family of four seemed to have spent their Independence Day at the beach, as both Cash and Jessica tweeted adorable pictures of their children having fun by the sea.


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    A great shoe is all about design, so who better to create high heels than an acclaimed architect? Zaha Hadid, the Iraqi-British architect known for her futuristic buildings, has partnered with United Nude's creative director, architect Rem D. Koolhaas (the nephew of the great Dutch architect, Rem Koolhaas), on some insane, space-age heels we can already picture on the feet of Lady Gaga.

    The 6.25-inch NOVA heels appear to be heelless, but the architect claims to have engineered a comfortable shoe that you won't topple over in. The materials are equally creative, with the outside of the shoe using metallic chromed vinyl rubber in either silver, black, or rose gold. The result looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. The sole is rubber and contains a hidden platform and heel made of fiberglass, while luxurious Italian nappa leather lines the shoe's interior.

    "United Nude's collections are provocative yet sensual," Hadid said in a statement on the United Nude website. "Rem D. Koolhaas' unrelenting experimentation at the cutting edge of fashion never fails to capture our imagination. I have always appreciated those who dare to experiment with materials and proportions. Our collaboration with United Nude reinterprets the classic shoe typology; pushing the boundaries of what is possible without compromising integrity." To create the NOVA heels, the design duo apparently invented a new way of making shoes called "rotation molding," that United Nude claims has never been used before.

    The unique footwear doesn't come cheap. Only 300 pairs of numbered, limited-edition heels will be made—100 in each color—and will sell for $2,000 a pair. You can pre-order them now in sizes from 35 to 40 (US women's sizes 5 to 10) at the United Nude website, and they'll soon be available in select boutiques like L'Eclaireur in Paris. The price may be steep, but customers who cringe at copycats will be pleased with the product. The shoes are not exactly easy to knock off or mass-produce (ahem, Christian Louboutin).

    "Zaha consistently reinvents the program with her own ideas and interpretations," said Koolhaas. "Her visionary creations are often unexpected yet reinforce their origins. I could not resist the challenge to work with Zaha. We gave ourselves the greatest degree of experimentation and used the latest digital design and manufacturing technologies to create one of the most innovative shoes ever produced."

    Hadid is not a new face in the fashion world. Back in 2008, she designed limited-edition shoes for the Brazilian footwear label Melissa, and in 2009 she made an aerodynamic shoe collection for Lacoste. The architect also created the asymmetrical Louis Vuitton Icone bag in 2006 and has designed jewelry for Swarovski on several occasions. In terms of structures, Hadid is the mastermind behind Chanel's Mobile Art Container in Hong Kong and even supermodel Naomi Campbell's spaceship-style home in Moscow.

    For more on how Hadid's NOVA shoes are made, check out the video below.

    Also check out Zaha Hadid's previous shoe collaborations with Melissa and Lacoste below:

    Zaha Hadid + Melissa

    Zaha Hadid for Melissa worn IRL:

    Zaha Hadid + Lacoste

    Zaha Hadid for Lacoste worn IRL:

    ( SOURCE )

    Personally, third time's definitely the charm because Hadid's previous two shoes with the other labels were fug as fuck. Expecting to see these babies very soon on Lady GaGa's feet. Also, fashion shoes party post?

    What are the craziest-looking or beautifully designed fashion shoes you are dying to own and wear, ONTD?

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    Oh, Henry. Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco almost broke the Internet after news of their relationship came out via US Weekly, with a confirmation from People. To all the delusional fans who think that Henry and Kaley aren’t dating because it hasn’t been ‘confirmed’ – a People Magazine article about the romance is as close to confirmation as you’re going to get without actual pictures or interviews.

    Anyway, there’s been a lot of speculation about the nature of Henry’s and Kaley’s sudden [and very surprising] romance. There’s been a lot of doubt about the timeline of Henry’s recent romantic life – he seems to have broken things off with Gina Carano right after the Fast and the Furious 6 London premiere at the beginning of May [where they were spotted together], and then almost immediately embarked on a long, international publicity tour for Man of Steel.

    He got back to LA last week and unless he secretly stowed Kaley Cuoco in his trunk throughout the publicity tour without anyone spotting her, I’m kind of confused about how they are in ‘the beginning of a relationship’ after ONE WEEK.

    But then again, Mr. Cavill supposedly moves fast. He and his ex-fiance Ellen Whitaker were rumored to have broken up sometime in 2011, and then he and Gina Carano were spotted together a month later. Now, he’s broken up with Gina at the beginning of May, and is supposedly dating Kaley one month later. He really seems to be one of those people who can’t be without a girlfriend, doesn’t he?

    Anyway, Henry’s and Kaley’s relationship looks like a clear PR set-up, considering that they’re repped under the same PR company. But to what end? To put him in the news? Ok, sure. But I’m pretty sure we’re going to see him ‘moving on’ with another A-list actress soon after he and Kaley break up, which I’m going to make a wild guess and say that it’s going to be within the next few months – at the latest.

    Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Henry’s ‘always wanted to date’ Kaley and she found him hot, and their publicists were all like, ‘Hey, we can totally set you guys up’. Maybe US Weekly just got the jump on them, and they had no choice but to confirm with People. Maybe this is genuine. I doubt it, but we’ll have to wait and see.


    Any bets?

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    We're back again with another report of Aaryn Gries' staggering lack of self-awareness in the "Big Brother 15" house. You really should just sign up for the live feeds to witness this stuff for yourself.

    A little background. Fish-gate has been going on because of some comments Aaryn made about the black fish going towards the bottom of the tank and the white fish going towards the top. That alone is not racist, it's just idle chatter about the fish.

    However, it offended some people because this is just the latest in a (long) series of comments Aaryn has made about the black BB contestants.

    So, Amanda came to Aaryn to try to give her some friendly advice about minding her Ps and Qs because she's offending people. Now, Amanda does not have the luxury of 24-hour live feeds access. She has only witnessed (or heard about) Aaryn's "jokes." She has not actually been present for her more scathing comments, like saying Helen should "go make some rice" and whatnot.

    Just to clarify that Amanda only has part of the story here.

    But Amanda is trying to help Aaryn out, because she really does seem to be a rather idiotic 22-year-old, and so Amanda says this to Aaryn:

    I think that you're joking any time any sort of racial thing comes out of your mouth, I do the same thing. But I think the people that are a different race are taking it offensively. There was a conversation downstairs with Howard, Candice and Helen and ... I don't think that you're racist at all, but I don't think that they know that you're joking. ... People look for any sort of excuse to villainize you, so just be careful.

    Amanda finishes with, "I want you to know just so you are more mindful of it" and advises her to pull Howard aside and apologize.

    Aaryn, however, decides the best course of action is to defend herself:

    • "That's the most obnoxious, annoying thing I've ever heard."

    • "I've never made a joke like that in front of anyone."

    • "If it's being taken that way it's because Candice knows that she's going home and she's just trying to start s*** ... Candice is obviously insecure about it."

    We would like to point out that yes, Aaryn's "jokes" made to people's faces are certainly more mild, but the stuff she says in private to GinaMarie is pretty ugly.

    Then later, Aaryn is talking to Spencer and Andy about this whole discussion with Amanda and she characterizes it that Amanda "basically came up to me and said there's a minorities alliance."

    OK, that's not at all what Amanda said. But we could see how in your mind, this means all the minorities are against you.

    Aaryn then continues to play the victim card:

    • "I think that is the most immature thing ever. They call me Barbie and all sorts of s*** about me being blonde all the time, so what's the difference?"

    • "People want to paint an ugly picture of me. Any good thing that I do, people want to turn it like I'm doing it for an ulterior motive. It's like no good deed goes unpunished in my life."

    • "Why is it OK for them to make comments about my attributes and my background and my life, and [Amanda] goes because there's no history of going against blondes. And I'm like that's not fair."

    What's the difference? What's the difference between calling you "Barbie" and making racist comments about black people?

    We can't ... we can't even with this. We are literally at a loss right now.

    Oh, and lest you think Aaryn is the only one still going on with this nonsense -- earlier today, Spencer relayed a story of how last night at the pool table, one leg was wobbly, so GinaMarie folded up a paper cup, stuck it under the wobbly leg and then says, "That's the way I n*****-rig s*** back home."

    And Howard was standing right there. So, just .... wow.


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    In which you suffer through that big chinned man to watch Charlie Day being adorable while promoting 'Pacific Rim'...

    Charlie's Thomas' Bagels commercial

    Getting shocked on set

    SOURCE 12

    So here for Charlie in glasses

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    A new superhero team may be coming to primetime.

    Fox has ordered a pilot based on Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s popular graphic novel The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Writer-producer Michael Green (Green Lantern, Kings, Heroes) will serve as showrunner.

    The show chronicles “a group of Victorian age literary characters, including Captain Nemo, the Invisible Man, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, who team up to fight a common enemy.”

    The comic was launched in 1999 and was adapted into a 2003 origin-story film starring Sean Connery as Allan Quatermain. The film was intended to start a franchise, but underperformed at the box office. The off-season order from Twentieth Century Fox TV represents Fox following up on its pledge to do year-around development and scheduling of its shows. Moore and O’Neill are not involved in the show.

    This could actually be awesome if done well. Although really this makes me want an 'Anno Dracula' series or mini.

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    On tonight's episode of Wild n Out, the topic of Mariah Carey's recent BET Awards performance arose and host Nick Cannon jokingly said,

    "You gone come out with the microphone singing live, hitting high notes....
    You could've just lip-synch that shit like Beyoncé did at the inauguration!"

    Beyoncé's fanbase swiftly took to Twitter to voice their displeasure, going so far as to call an MTV manager en masse to complain.


    This hasn't been officially reported anywhere b/c it just happened. I'm sure Beyoncé & Mariah are reading this on their phones like

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    It's hard not to love Judy Blume. And thanks to a new wave of interviews the iconic author has been giving to promote "Tiger Eyes," a film based on Judy Blume's 1981 novel of the same name and directed by her son, we have even more reason to adore her.

    A month ago, we learned from a Reddit AMA that Blume based her infamous character Margaret from "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret" on herself and that writing helped her survive a miserable marriage. In a July 8th interview with Jamia Wilson of Rookie Magazine, Blume opened up more about her past and offered some thoughtful observations about porn and sex.

    Sex has changed for young women today, Blume told Wilson:

    In my day, the rules were there for us. Back then there was no abortion and no pill, and my friends and I knew that what we called “going all the way” could ruin our lives. It is not that we didn’t have physical sexual longing, but we went out with guys who understood that there were ways to satisfy -- and it wasn’t oral sex. We kind of could be satisfied through touching; we could be physically satisfied with what we called petting. I went out with a lot of guys, and there was an understanding. I was never pushed to go all the way.

    Although Blume is generally sex-positive, she told Rookie that young women (and men) may lose out on something in an age where Internet porn is ubiquitous:

    I think today’s kids miss out on being sexual without having intercourse. There are a lot of sexual expectations today. Everyone is watching porn now. It turns you on, sure. I’m not saying don’t watch it. But what you see in porn is not what real love and sexuality within a long-term relationship are. Just like kids have to learn that the toy they see on TV is different from different from what it does in real life, I’d like to see the same thing taught about sex. I hate to see girls feeling like they have to emulate what they see in porn, with breast implants and pole dancing ... What would I do if I was 16 now?

    But one experience that remains untouched by time and generational differences, according to Blume? Longing:

    There are so many kinds of longing. The longing to fit in, the longing to figure it out, the emotional longing for friendship and being accepted -- these are all as important as physical longing. Before all the hormones start raging, it’s the emotional longing that is most important, and boy, you have to learn to figure it out.


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    by Wang Qiting | Photographs by Tan Si Bo | Transcript by Fan Jia Qiu

    Translated from Chinese by anivad

    He doesn't care about his appearance, and he likes philosophy. Approaching his fiftieth year of life, this Hollywood actor of 1/8 Chinese blood has most recently been involved in two films related to the martial arts.

    Vagabonds and ragamuffins are but one step away. Over the internet, a photograph circulated of slacker Keanu Reeves: sitting lonely by the road, a full beard around his mouth, eating something. Several netizens were blunt in their comments. "Dirty", they called him.

    But that's when Keanu is not filming movies. The moment a movie wraps, he and his beard would leave the set together. Keanu's beard has thus become a sign of his unemployment, a habit that he's said to have kept up for the past few decades.

    "On set I couldn't not shave everyday, but once it was over I could let loose and stop caring," Keanu told reporters at the Man of Tai Chi press conference on the 21st of April, having arrived at the Beijing Film Festival with his iconic beard.

    A month after, Keanu Reeves was dressed in a white suit, appearing in the role of director at the Cannes Film Festival. For some reason, he had shaved off his beard; but his cheeks were bloated, making him look like a completely different person from the one he was a month ago. Photos soon spread online and broke the hearts of fans - you must know that until 2008, Keanu had enjoyed the reputation of 'immortal pretty boy'.

    But in Keanu's world, he's consistently been casual and unconcerned with his appearance. Man of Tai Chi actress Ye Qing rushed to defend Lao Li (Editor's note: Keanu's Chinese nickname). She rebutted these accusations on Weibo: "Lao Li's enthusiasm for his work is greater than that of a tinker (?)! In my heart, he is a thoughtful, good actor, and a resourceful director! Lao Li is hardworking! The most handsome of serious men!"

    The brother who's known him for many years, and the star of Man of Tai Chi, Chen Hu also wanted to set the record straight on him: "He's just this guy. You have someone eating something, looking lazy, weary, seemingly depressed, but in reality it's not the case. That's just how he is when he's in a relaxed state. When you're relaxing, are you going to look extremely happy?"

    On the fifth of July, Man of Tai Chi opens worldwide. Before that, Keanu Reeves and star Chen Hu are rushing through Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing and so on - eight cities in total, including stopovers at 360 headquarters and Dongfang TV's 'Tonight's After 80 Talk Show'.

    Keanu Reeves is asked again and again to demonstrate some tai chi, speak Chinese, describe his favourite Chinese dish, answer questions about his weight gain... to the latter, his responses are evasive.

    Keanu Reeves is a bit angry. Why is everyone so concerned about his appearance, rather than focusing on Man of Tai Chi itself?

    But that's because he's been out of the limelight for so long. In the minds of most Chinese audiences, their impression of him is stuck at Neo, the omnipotent saviour of mankind from The Matrix 14 years ago. Before that, Speed, A Walk in the Clouds, The Devil's Advocate and other movies shot him to fame. And with the conclusion of the Matrix trilogy, it seemed like the peak of his career was over. After that, he participated in a few small independent films, walking on the fringes of Hollywood.

    That is, until two years ago. Keanu broke out from the silence and began to show what he was capable of in the film industry. Last year, he worked with Christopher Kenneally to film the documentary Side by Side, in which he served also as producer. In the film, Keanu Reeves' interviewees included George Lucas, James Cameron, Martin Scorcese, Daniel Boyle, David Fincher, Christopher Nolan, and other famous directors, discussing the impact of digital technology on traditional film, and trying to predict the future of the film industry.

    And his two most recent acting projects involve 'Eastern' and 'martial arts' themes. The Carl Rinsch directed 47 Ronin reimagines the Japanese legend, wherein Keanu plays a mixed Japanese-English romantic warrior. Man of Tai Chi is focussed on China, and was financed and filmed entirely in China.

    More importantly, it's his first time wearing the director's sleeve, and the first time playing the villain. (LIES. There was David Allen Griffin and Donnie Barksdale and Don John. Donaka Mark of MOTC is but the latest in a string of Keanuspawn bad guys whose names start with D. - Ani)

    Now, as he approaches his 50th year, prodigal son Keanu Reeves seems to have emerged from his mid-life crisis. In a recent interview, he admitted: "I did indeed go through a mid-life crisis. But I've recovered."

    The mixed-blood director's kungfu brotherhood

    In the 60s and 70s, Bruce Lee brought Chinese kungfu to America, launching a new genre in Hollywood: kungfu movies. For many American directors, this was the starting point of their understanding of Eastern martial arts.

    When he was eight, Keanu Reeves saw the first kungfu movie in his life. He was born in Lebanon in 1964. His father was born in Hawaii. 'Keanu' in Hawaiian means 'Cool breeze over the mountain'. His grandmother was of Chinese, Hawaiian and Portuguese descent, making Keanu 1/8 Chinese.

    When he was very young, his father left the home, and his mother had three more marriages. When he was six, his mother remarried Paul Aaron, a Broadway and Hollywood director.

    In 1972 in New York, the Jeong Chang-hwa -directed film Five Fingers of Death was released in the US. Eight year old Keanu had yet to know what the word 'director' meant. But the film's fight scenes dazzled his eyes. "In the movies, I saw New York, Times Square. These stories were very interesting, like fairy tales and folk tales, concerning revenge, martial arts brothers and other such topics. Quentin Tarantino can name the director of every kungfu movie. I can't, but I really like them," Keanu said.

    He told Bund that he can still remember watching Enter the Dragon with his stepfather Paul Aaron.

    That movie, most representative of the global fervour towards 'kungfu', was Bruce Lee's last work, and also Keanu's favourite kungfu movie. "It's sad that Bruce Lee didn't shoot more movies," he said. Bruce Lee became the martial arts star who had a profound impact on Keanu Reeves.

    Man of Tai Chi had its beginnings 14 years ago in The Matrix. In that movie, Neo flies over roofs and walks on walls, dodging bullets, engaging in action moves stylistically reminiscent of Chinese martial arts.

    At that time, the film's action choreographer was the Hong Kong -famous Yuen Woo Ping. Chen Hu was Keanu's personal action trainer. Through this, the trio became the 'Action Golden Triangle'. When filming The Matrix, Keanu was 33 years old, a hot and popular young actor in Hollywood; Chen Hu was 22, alone in America making his living away from home, working in Chinatown teaching martial arts to foreigners and young Chinese children. He was the first person from China, after Bruce Lee, to be honoured as an American Karate Champion. The Matrix brought together these two men who at first glance had nothing in common, and led to them forging a profound brotherhood.

    Several years after The Matrix wrapped, Chen Hu took the initiative to contact Keanu. At that time, they had a script for a kungfu movie in mind, and wanted to invite Keanu to act in it - even if just in a cameo role. "But Keanu was very disatisfied with the script. He felt that there was nothing special on the kungfu side, and he didn't like the story either."

    "We found other writers and did quite a few versions, but draft after draft he was not satisfied," Chen Hu recalls. "After that, Keanu got anxious, and said he'd write the script himself! That was around 2006. But he was too busy, and so the script got shelved. In the end we decided that a few of us would write the script together."

    This took about five, six years. From the early stages of research, to discussing the script, they perfected their understanding of tai chi over and over again, spending no short amount of time. At the end, about 60% of the script's plot was Keanu's work. "That naturally led to me becoming the director," he said.

    In his first time directing, Keanu did not cast well-known martial arts stars with proven box-office appeal, like Jet Li or Donnie Yen; instead, he selected Chen Hu to be the star, and explained: "This is a film that got made because of brothers. Without Chen Hu, there would be no Man of Tai Chi."

    A story about the tai chi layman

    Keanu Reeves wanted to set the story against a modern day background, and shoot a modern day kungfu film. They shot in more than twenty on-location sets in Beijing and Hong Kong, filming for over 6 months. "Keanu Reeves might be subverting some traditional ideas," said the film's investor, "reimagining tai chi in a more commercialised form."

    In its entirety, Man of Tai Chi has 14 fight scenes, totalling about 40 minutes and not lacking in a few gunfights - Karen Mok plays a Hong Kong policewoman. Keanu saw her performance in Go Lala Go! and felt that she was "cute and perfect." He happened to meet her one time in Beijing, gave her the offer, and Karen immediately agreed.

    Apart from tai chi, the film also introduces various forms of martial arts from around the world, such as MMA (mixed martial arts) Sanda, a fusion of Brazilian jujitsu and Japanese karate.

    Chen Hu says that this time nobody used a stunt double. The fighting is the real deal. According to MMA choreographer Chad Stahleski (Fun fact: this guy was Keanu's stunt double in The Matrix and Constantine. - Ani), they first designed the Sanda action moves in Los Angeles, then integrated Yuen Woo Ping's 'dragon', 'crane' and other such tai chi boxing routines. This has to be the first time in history that MMA and tai chi are put to the fight on screen. The whole film has 3033 scene cuts, with very fast rhythm and pacing.

    "The martial arts choreography here is very special," MMA fighter Jeremy Marinas said. "Tai chi is very relaxed: like walking on clouds and flowing with the water. Whereas MMA is very hard, very direct, like dancing. The result is like a ballerina and hip-hop dancer dancing together."

    In the film, Chen Linhu (Chen Hu) is a master of spiritual taichi, dressed in white, a pure-hearted 'son of tai chi'. Donaka (Keanu Reeves) is, on the surface, operating a security company in Hong Kong, but in reality is the head of an underground black boxing criminal organisation, as well as Chen Hu's 'dark master'. Via the temptation of big money, he lures Chen Linhu into participating in underground black boxing matches, gradually nurturing his inner savagery and tyranny.

    "He's a metaphor, one who seduces your depravity," Keanu said, explaining his character.

    At the beginning, Keanu had some reservations. Initially, he thought that 'tai chi' is something done by old people in a park, gentle and feminine, without any substantial confrontative power. In order to convince him, Chen Hu demonstrated 'Tai Chi Pushing Hands" and beckoned (?). The media then describes, "The two of them were standing one metre apart. No matter how hard Keanu pulled, exhausting his brute strength, he couldn't move Chen Hu one bit, and in fact often had to dodge, eventually being flung off into a stumble." From then on, Keanu's views towards tai chi were completely different.

    Through Chen Hu's teaching and related lessons from movies and books, Keanu continually deepened his understanding of this profound form of Chinese kungfu. "For this script, the notes he took were half a person high," Chen Hu said.

    In traditional Chinese academia, there's the saying "there's no growth (height) by the moon (yin) alone, and no growth (maturing) by the sun (yang) alone. To some degree, the 'yin and yang' philosophy of tai chi perfectly encapsulates the theme of the movie.

    In the trailer, Donaka has a line: "We want to see a pure-hearted man of tai chi become a killer", adding at the end: "Kill or be killed!" These all convey the contradictory choices between darkness and light, good and evil. In the movie, tai chi becomes a double-edged sword - it is both the expression of a martial artist's morality and spirituality, as well as turned into a tool of murder. Therefore, unlike the clear split between black and white that makes up the symbol of tai chi, when it comes to one's inner reality, that straightforward division in good vs evil exists only in the mind.

    Keanu said, "I remember when Chen Hu and I were filming The Matrix, every morning before we started shooting, we would spend about two hours stretching. When we were sitting together I would ask him a few things about his master, listening to his stories about learning martial arts. One day I asked him: What exactly is the point of kungfu? What use does it have? Chen Hu said, from a physical perspective, you can use it to kill people. But, once you have this kind of power, you will also develop compassion."

    Chen Hu started learning martial arts from childhood, and the education and training he received were all of the traditional sort. But he also grew up in modern society, and often felt like a living contradiction. Keanu felt that Chen Hu's character and personality expresses some of that yin and yang quality. "He's very profound, but he's also very naive, very playful, very charming." So, does Keanu have similar qualities? Chen Hu replies: "In the area of personality, we should form our own category of people."

    In the 'Tonight's After 80 Talk Show', moderator Wang Zijian secretly asked Chen Hu in Chinese: "As a foreigner, does Keanu really understand tai chi?" Chen Hu replied that Keanu himself prefers philosophical thinking - this actually fits in perfectly with the speculative and philosophical style of the Matrix trilogy. In addition, when it comes to any task, he would give his 100% effort. "While it's unlikely that he'll ever become a tai chi master, among foreigners, he definitely knows a lot."

    Director 'Lao Li' is in the studio

    The Man of Tai Chi studio is based in the Huairou District of Beijing. On Keanu Reeves' director's chair are the two words 'Lao Li'. This is his Chinese nickname. In times of leisure, everyone loves calling him that.

    Every day, Keanu would determine work hours based on the scenes and lighting. Work might start in the morning or at night, but a 10-12 hour workday on average was unavoidable. (In Chinese: 'even the force of thunder could not change it'. In English: 'unavoidable'. - Ani) Chen Hu said, at the beginning, they were still thinking of living in Dongzhimen, going back and forth from the city every day, but after the first day they gave up.

    During the shoot, the actors felt that the atmosphere was very serious. However, Keanu evidently had a different impression: "I was very calm, very cooperative. I was very organised, I would also joke around - I wanted everyone to be able to relax."

    Going from actor to director, what was the biggest change? Since April, this question has followed Keanu around, and he looks a little tired of it. But he also gamely replied, "For those of us working in film who aren't young any more, but aren't quite old just yet, this is about getting to stand on the other side of things, and it's a process of exploring my own limits."

    Also, according to Chen Hu, who has known him since The Matrix was being filmed, Keanu's transition is obvious. "As an actor, he could express himself as he liked, and only concern himself with his own body. But as a director, he needs to control his own emotions and control the whole scene. He himself cannot feel those things."

    When filming The Matrix, Keanu was still a stubborn, headstrong young man. Chen Hu shared some embarrassing incidences with this reporter. Once, no matter how hard he tried, Keanu's martial arts moves were not matching up to standard. So he gave up and ran out the door to go have a cup of coffee.

    Keanu gave a wry smile. "This time, he left more often than I did. I had to stay in the studio."

    Chen Hu added: "This time he could only watch other people go out to drink coffee."

    Keanu Reeves said that he "would not easily get angry."

    But Chen Hu insists that he did have his angry moments. "You could see it on the set when he wasn't satisfied. But he would endure it and not lose his temper. But then at the end of the day when we were returning to the apartment, he would break out," Chen Hu said. "During the filming process he basically didn't drink alcohol; alcohol would affect his judgement. So he didn't drink, but he was very good at smoking. These are the pressures that he wouldn't make known. Keanu Reeves keeps his mouth shut to the outside world, or only mentions them casually, but Chen Hu could see it in his eyes."

    As a new actor, at the end of each scene Chen Hu would ask: Lao Li, how was my acting? Lao Li would encourage him: you weren't bad, and at the same time ask Chen Hu: how was my directing? - these questions, with the film's release, can be left up to the audience to answer.

    Actors going behind the scenes to direct, in search of a personal breakthrough, is nothing new. In Hollywood. Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and others all beat Keanu Reeves to it (In Chinese: handed in their exam scripts before Keanu did. - Ani). Among them, Ben Affleck's Argo also won this year's Oscar for Best Film.

    Director Anthony Minghella shared a theory with Matt Damon, to the effect that every director lives on their own island, and rarely visits other islands.

    But it's not the same when it comes to actors who take up directing, because they have seen the landscapes of many other islands and received a lot of experience; such that when it comes to their time to direct, all that comes in handy and makes the job easier.

    From 25 years in film (Lies. He's been acting in film since 1985. - Ani), Keanu Reeves has visited no shortage of islands. Gus Van Sant, Richard Linklater, Bernado Bertolucci, the Wachowski elder sister and younger brother (then still known as brothers)... their own styles and charisma all influenced Keanu Reeves, making him a synthesizer of the art of film directing.

    "Gus Van Sant especially would let actors freely express themselves. He would rarely interfere, and wouldn't force anything. He would personally select his actors, and give those actors the space to express themselves."

    Keanu recalled to Bund, "Bertolucci was also very wonderful. He was full of ideas. He had two modes of working: he would discuss your inner life, talking about the abstract, but he would also talk about external appearances, telling you not to put your hand in your hair. At the same time, he would talk to you about the inner and outer aspects of a person." And if you were to take into account the number of collaborations and time spent working together, the Wachowskis undoubtedly had the most far-reaching effects on Keanu Reeves.

    It's said that before deciding to start shooting Man of Tai Chi, Keanu specially paid a visit to these old partners of his to seek their opinions. After having seen the landscapes of so many different islands, Keanu Reeves himself eventually took the step of becoming an excellent guide. "You know, there are times when these directors would give you very specific instructions, like don't do this, and what to do instead, or how about this, how about like that. So I'm trying to learn from that," he said. It's now down to Keanu Reeves to go train actors and tell them what they should do.

    "Everyone has an inner demon"

    "Man of Tai Chi's star, Chen Hu, plays a courier who's extremely good at tai chi. The film tells the story of how Chen Hu's character defeats his inner demons by virtue of his talent. I think that people's hearts all have these demons. I hope that this film is one that everyone will look forward to and enjoy. The film's concern of 'traditions within modern society' is something that I don't think is limited to China, but is also present in America, and it's something that exists in every culture."

    Q: You usually always play good characters, and this might be the first time you're playing a character with a dark side. In your opinion, is this a very big change?

    Keanu: It's true, I haven't played that many villains, but I can tell you that it's very fun to play the bad guy. There are a lot of things about them that are very straightforward: they know what they want, and they want more, they want revenge, like a hungry ghost, but on their face you can see they're having fun. You have to spend time researching villains, because there's that mystery.

    Q: I see that Karen Mok is holding a gun in the movie. How do you deal with the relationship between traditional kungfu and the background of modern society?

    Keanu: In the movie's story, Karen Mok tries to shut down the underground fight club. My character's name is Donaka, and she tries to stop me and rescue Chen Hu's character Chen Linhu. But the two of us never have any face-to-face confrontation.

    Q: Regarding traditional Chinese kungfu and modern society, how do you deal with this dramatic conflict?

    Keanu: They both appear together in the story, but there's no conflict. Karen Mok plays a policewoman, Chen Hu is a good guy. They're both standing on the same side, but they never come up against each other.

    Q: So it seems that the audience won't be able to see anything similar to the classic bullet-dodging scene in The Matrix?

    Keanu: Yes. (laughs)

    Q: In the trailer, your character said, "We want to see a pure-hearted man of tai chi become a killer." Does this reveal the duality of kungfu - it's a manifestation of morals and character, but at the same time can be used as a tool for killing?

    Keanu: Yes. I remember when Chen Hu and I were filming The Matrix, every morning before we started shooting, we would spend about two hours stretching. While sitting together, I would ask him a few things concerning his master, listening to his stories about learning martial arts. One day I asked him: What exactly is the point of kungfu? What use does it have? Chen Hu said, from a physical perspective, you can use it to kill people. But, once you have this kind of power, you will also develop compassion.

    Q: Among all the types of Chinese kungfu, why are you specifically fond of tai chi?

    Keanu: The inspiration for the movie came from the understanding I have of my hero, Chen Hu. When he was still a kid, he'd already started learning tai chi and participating in contests. We've also talked about his master. His martial arts pervade his body, heart and spirit. To me, Chen Hu is a traditional yet modern person, and in the five years labouring over the script, its story emerged from his own.

    Q: From those beginnings, how many years did you spend until the whole movie was finished? Where did you get your inspiration from?

    Keanu: More than six years. Chen Hu was the inspiration. After developing the story and spending that much time on that part of it, I decided to fulfill my dream, and make it into a story that I got to tell and direct.

    Q: What kind of research did you do in preparation for this film?

    Keanu: Because tai chi is very complex, with rich implicit meaning, I didn't want to use specific tai chi moves from the movies. So we came up with a form of 'spiritual tai chi'. I wanted to use some concepts of 'light energy', 'dark energy', and some ideas about controlling your strength, energy transfer, and so on. There's also 'mindfulness'. You need to think about who you are, and what you're doing.

    Q: There's a saying, "Kungfu movies are a type of movie that you don't need to understand the language to understand." Do you agree with this? For instance, you don't understand Chinese; do you feel you did a good job directing this kungfu movie?

    Keanu: I hope so. I hope people enjoy this movie. I relied on a lot of actors. Building a relationship of trust was extremely important. We also worked together with Chinese writers, and they helped us with translation.

    Q: You have some Chinese blood: this seems to give you a natural link to China. Is this a factor in your interest in the East? Will there be some Chinese philosophy in your life?

    Keanu: I'm not sure. I have a philosophy of human relations. But as for something specific, I can't say for sure. On the cultural front, certainly, my father had some Chinese blood. My grandmother really likes Chinese paintings.


    Original article in Chinese, with photos:
    In English:
    Previous Chinese-to-English translations (this year's by me, older ones not):

    Well, that was the longest article I've ever translated. :D
    One thing that keeps striking me is how much gets lost in translation: a lot of the imagery and poetry in the original texts rarely convert well to English (puns and wordplay? completely gone), and just end up stripped in favour of more convenient substitutes. So many of these writers are actually really eloquent, intelligent, and witty, with an deftly nuanced grasp of their language of choice... and then their painstaking work so often ends up fed through Google Translate to emerge as this ruthlessly butchered, practically incoherent jumble of words with sentences like: "Keanu Reeves being asked over and over again performing Tai Chi, speak Chinese, describing favorite Chinese dish, its shape changes to accept the reporters questioning - and his response is, that any evasive."

    As a writer, I find this really depressing.
    (it doesn't help that my webstats show non-English-speakers reading some of my fanfic and other writing via Google Translate. >_> )

    It's also made me curious about how much of our impressions of other cultures and people end up subconsciously shaped by bad translations and/or a lack of fluency in the language. I was in China a few years ago on an exchange programme. My spoken Chinese sucks (my written is marginally better), and from that, people seemed to get the impression that I wasn't too bright. It made me wonder about the times I made similar judgements of people who didn't speak English well; for all I know, they might have been geniuses in their native tongues.

    and this is why we need Babel Fish.

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    I love that they attended!


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    Hard to believe that Paris Hilton is signed to the record label that built its empire off street-bred artists like Juvenile, B.G. and Lil Wayne, but in May it was announced that the Hilton heiress has joined Cash Money, and Birdman couldn't be more excited.

    "Honestly, I don't think people know how talented Paris is. I just left from her house she was playin' me some music and we were meeting," the Cash Money CEO told MTV News last month, when taking a break from a Los Angeles recording session where he was finalizing his upcoming Rich Gang album.

    The "Bling Ring" actress announced the deal back in May and hopes to have her sophomore LP out later this year. Her first album dropped in 2006, but Hilton says that this new LP will be different from her initial pop offering. "It's really going to be house music," she told Showbiz 411.

    Birdman certainly has an ear for talent. Not only has he groomed Lil Wayne from a kid rapper to a global rap master, his roster boasts a lineup that includes Nicki Minaj, Drake, Tyga, DJ Khaled, Busta Rhymes and Ace Hood. He absolutely stands by Paris.

    "She got a record we're about to come out with and she's very talented. You know she's already somethin' special as an entrepreneur and everything that she do," he said. "But on the music side, I'm super excited. We all — me, Wayne, everybody — we listened to her music and she got some hits."


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    Remember just last week when Kate Middleton and Prince William received their first royal baby gift and it was a cardboard box? [What now?] Well, the gifts keep on rollin' in - and this week, they're even crazier! Kate was reportedly given a $15,000 bracelet that doubles as a diaper cream holder. I kid you not, folks - a bracelet that moonlights as a portable diaper cream container. Modern marvels, y'all!

    British jeweler Theo Fennell, whose long list of celebrity clientele includes David and Victoria Beckham, Elton John and Madonna, has gifted the royal mum-to-be with his most lavish, over-the-top creation yet! Fennell was commissioned by Sudocrem (an antiseptic healing cream company) to create a jewel-encrusted 18-karat white gold charm bracelet that doubles as a diaper rash cream holder. Worth more than $15,000, the bracelet is designed to keep Kate looking posh and elegant as ever even when she's applying rash cream to the royal baby's bum! The bracelet has a small, jeweled container that the Duchess can use to stash the perfect amount of diaper cream. Even though the gift might seem just a wee bit too much, Fennell is over-the-moon for the chance to work with the royal family. He said, "I am thrilled to make this miniature pot and bracelet for Sudocrem."

    He also plans to engrave the royal baby's initials into a charm to be placed alongside the diaper cream charm, so that Kate will never be too far from her little one or her diaper cream. But, here's the twist. Instead of giving the bracelet straight to the parents-to-be, Sudocrem has opted to send the over-the-top gift straight to sale. The bedazzled, sparking bangle won't even touch royal hands before it's on its way to someone else. (Which is a little weird, no? Some stranger will be walking around with a bangle that's engraved with the royal baby's initials?) A spokesperson for the company said, "We have decided to auction this very special bracelet to raise money for one of the Duchess' favorite charities. In the spirit of giving, it's about putting something back." The plan is to auction off the extravagant bangle and donate the proceeds to a charity (or charities) of Kate's choosing, which is probably what the royals would have done, regardless.

    In total, Kate and William have received a handful of gifts so far from eager eyes round the globe: a cardboard box from the Finnish government, a knitted kangaroo from Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard (which caused quite a bit of controversy) and a crate of baby food presented to Camilla (Princes Charles' wife) by Plum Organics. The baby food (which, by the way, baby can't even touch till about six months from now), was a product of Rhug Estate in England and is one of the nation's leading suppliers of organic food. Even the Kiwi's are excited to get involved! New Zealand-based advocacy group Monarchy New Zealand, plans to light up the sky after the royal baby is born! Over 20 famous landmarks, including Christchurch Airport, Auckland's Sky Tower and Gisborne's Town Clock will light up in blue and pink color's to honor the royal heir.>


    Quite the assortment of gifts there. Curious who will end up buying that bracelet because it seems really silly.

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    Rihanna has reportedly moved on from Chris Brown by dating her former flame Drake.

    The pop star recently called time on her relationship with US singer Chris Brown, after dating him on and off since 2008.

    Rihanna is said to have since moved on with her ex-boyfriend, rapper Drake, who she was involved with in 2010 and 2011.

    "When she was dating Chris, he banned her from talking to Drake," a source close to Rihanna told the latest edition of UK magazine Look. "She really missed him in that time - yes, they went out years before but he was also a good friend to her - so calling him was one of the first things she did when she realised she was over Chris."

    Friends close to Drake say the star anticipated Rihanna and Chris' split. The 26-year-old chart topper allegedly never stopped loving the Barbadian beauty and even sacrificed his happiness in pursuit of her.

    "[Drake's been] waiting patiently on the sidelines. Just over a month ago, Drake gave Rihanna an ultimatum. He told her he needed to move on if she wasn't going to commit," an insider explained.

    "His love life was paused when Chris and Rihanna reunited, and Drake claims it caused him stress headaches, writer's block and anxiety. He was obviously sick of it, but Rihanna wasn't ready for him. Now Chris and Rihanna are done for good, Drake might finally get his chance."

    Rihanna and Drake have been increasing communication with each other over the past few weeks. Sources say Rihanna has even started to think she made the wrong decision courting Chris over Drake.

    "Since that first phone call they've been talking again a lot and have such a connection," an insider continued. "She even hinted in one message that she chose the wrong guy."

    Since splitting from Rihanna, Chris has rekindled his relationship with former flame Karrueche Tran.

    The pair apparently attended the BET Awards after-party at the end of May looking "loved up".


    Keep on ridin' that merry-go-round of dating fails, gurl.  Hopefully he's cleaned off a corner of his Aaliyah shrine to put her picture on.

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    Source + Twitter

    I know you mods hate Gossip Cop but this is basically a straight compilation from Twitter via GC.

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    Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster will have a new 30-minute-long drama that will play during the compilation’s credits sequence, this week’s issue of Shounen Jump magazine reports from Japan.

    There is no confirmation at this time whether the scene will run during the opening credits, ending credits, or if you must complete both games to view it.

    This 30-minute sequence will feature newly recorded voices and will be written by Kazushige Nojima, the scenario writer for the two games.


    Final Fantasy tag? :3

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  • 07/13/13--22:08: RIP Cory Monteith

  • Source

    I'll update as the news conference happens... Or anyone have more info on this.

    Update:Live Stream of the VPD Press Conference

    I hope this is not true but definitely someone OD'd today :(

    Update 2:The Hollywood Report confirms

    Also, the press conference is starting...

    Vancouver Police confirms. They only told the family an hour ago. No foulplay.

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