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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    We could get into all the meticulous undertones that are involved with this 16-second clip of Rihanna getting down to Drake's verse from A$AP Rocky's "F*ckin Problems," but why distract you with mindless verbiage when the video requests your attention? Like right now.

    Drop down and get your eagle on, RiRi.


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    Comic-Con is sending in the clones.

    The cast of BBC America’s Orphan Black — including Critics Choice Award champ Tatiana Maslany — will be making their way to San Diego to participate in their first-ever Comic-Con panel, TVLine has learned exclusively.

    On Friday, July 19 at 7 pm, Maslany will invade Room 7AB alongside co-stars Jordan Gavaris and Dylan Bruce as well as Orphan Black co-creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett for an hour-long discussion/Q&A about the thriller’s smash first season and (fingers crossed) an early preview of Season 2. (The show doesn’t resume production for a few months, but Manson and Fawcett will hopefully drop a few pieces of intel.)

    Additionally, the quintet will be on hand for an autograph signing on Saturday, July 20 at 4:30 pm at the BBC America booth.

    Now hit the comments below with answers to these questions: Will you be attending the panel, and what roles will Maslany play aside from panelist? I’m thinking moderator and five or six radically different audience members.

    TIME also named the show one of the best of the year (so far)


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    John Barrowman has married his long-time partner Scott Gill. The Doctor Who and Arrow actor announced the news by posting a clip on the photo and video-sharing website WhoSay.

    Barrowman addresses the camera and says: "It's five after one and we've got our coffee and we're in the car getting ready to leave, because where are we going, Scott?" Barrowman then turns the camera to Gill, his partner of 20 years, who replies: "To get married. Yay!"

    Barrowman adds: "We're getting married in the state of California. Thank you Supreme Court, about time you made it legal. See you after we have the ceremony!"

    The couple later posted a photograph of themselves with their marriage certificate to the site, writing: "We are now legally married. Thanks for all your great wishes. JB and Scott." The Torchwood star was among the many celebrities who last week celebrated the Supreme Court's decision to overturn the controversial Defense of Marriage Act, which banned same-sex marriage.

    The couple previously entered into a civil partnership in the UK on December 27, 2006. Barrowman has previously spoken about his wish to have a family. Most recently, he stated that he is hoping to adopt an older child or teenager.


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    Sneak Peak #1

    Sneak Peak #2


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    Pop legend Christina Aguilera heads to a private gym in Thousand Oaks, California for a workout on July 2, 2013.




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    It's been a rough year for "Happy Endings" star Eliza Coupe -- 'cause 2 months after ABC canned her show, her marriage is following suit.

    TMZ has learned the actress has been hit with divorce papers by her husband Randall Whittinghill -- a puppeteer and acting coach.

    In the docs, Randall says they're working out the division of property in mediation ... but he IS asking for spousal support. Makes sense since, ya know, he's a puppeteer.

    The two married back in 2007 after 7 years of dating. They have no children together. According to the docs, Randall blames the split on irreconcilable differences.

    Fun Fact -- Coupe has previously said that she only started dating her husband because he looks like Johnny Depp.

    We kinda see it ...

    Poor Eliza. And TMZ wrote that headline, of course.

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    North West isn't ready for her close-up just yet. The first daughter of media mavens Kim Kardashian and Kanye West won't be making her big debut in the spotlight anytime soon -- for any price. The media-savvy couple have yet to share any photos of their tiny bundle of joy since welcoming her into the world on June 15, though they've been offered a whopping $3 million from an Australian magazine to do so.

    "Kanye's been adamant about not having the baby on the show," an insider tells Us Weekly. "He was serious when he said North isn't America's baby, so he may not do anything."

    The rapper's protective, paternal instincts move beyond just maintaining North's image, however. West, 36, has been a doting father to his daughter, becoming a "super worrywart" over her and trying to stay by her side as much as possible.

    "Kim told him it was good to get out!" a friend of the Yeezus rapper tells Us. "He couldn't wait to get back. North is all they talk about."

    His new family-centric attitude is even starting to affect Kardashian, 32, who has toned down her usual social media frenzy in the past few weeks, only breaking her silence to wish sister Khloe a happy 29th birthday on Thursday, June 27.

    "Motherhood has changed her," a source tells Us.


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    Burt Lancaster, Apache, 1954
    Lancaster plays an Apache soldier captured by Americans. Jenni Monet writes, “The reality is, Native Americans have long suffered a public relations problem in a society that would rather regard today’s Indians as relics of the past.”

    Laurence Olivier, Othello, 1965
    Olivier played the Shakespearean character, who is labeled a “Moor” in the play. A contemporary review of the film said he looked like the “end man in an American minstrel show.”

    Angelina Jolie, A Mighty Heart, 2007
    Angelina Jolie plays the real-life person Mariane Pearl, a French woman with a Cuban mother and a Dutch father. Pearl “is clearly a person of African ancestry, and putting dark make up and a curly wig on Angelina Jolie doesn’t change that fact or fool anyone,” writes Margaret Kimberly.

    James D’Arcy, Cloud Atlas, 2012
    James D’Arcy plays “The Archivist,” a Korean man who interrogates Sonmi-451 in Neo Seoul. Andrew Ti writes on Grantland that “rather than address something like facial structure, or, god forbid, getting an Asian actor to play this role, they elect to concentrate on the most obvious and craven characteristics that they perceive in Asian people, their slanty eyes and their not-quite-white skin.”

    Johnny Depp, The Lone Ranger, 2013
    Johnny Depp plays Tonto, a Native American companion to a masked former Texas Ranger.
    Welcome to the club?

    More at the source

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  • 07/02/13--22:13: Ciara on Chelsea Lately
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    Damon Houx for writes:
    ‘Pacific Rim‘s marketing has mostly focused on the giant robots (“Jaegers”) who battle enormous monsters (“Kaiju”) in the movie. While this appeals to many twelve year old boys (and people of similar mindsets), the film has run into a snag getting non-Comic-con audiences excited for it. Which is why we’re getting this final trailer.

    So here we get to see that Charlie Hunnam‘s character Raleigh Becket is a man being given a second chance to make good, which gives him a very familiar hero’s journey to go on. He’s a good fighter, but it looks like he has to learn how to work better with other people on top of beating up giant monsters and saving the world (he must “cancel the apocalypse” as Idris Elba shouts). We also get to hear Charlie Day add something, as he describes the Jaegers as “two thousand, five hundred tons of awesome.”

    Guillermo del Toro‘s ‘Pacific Rim’ is a rare original movie in this modern summer season, and it’s unfortunate that it’s being seen as a maybe-misfire because tracking (the measurement of interest in a film before it’s released) is suggesting more people want to see ‘Grown Ups 2.’Can word of mouth work for ‘Pacific Rim?’ Will those numbers tick up? At the end of the day, all we care about is the film’s quality, and hopefully if it’s good, audiences will turn up. ‘Pacific Rim’ opens in theaters July 12.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Every summer, Macy’s explodes more than 40,000 shells over New York City in the nation’s largest fireworks display. Never content to simply recreate a great show from year to year, Macy’s is always trying to make the celebration bigger and better with new fireworks, new effects and new collaborations.

    “With every year comes a new level of excitement and newness that we try to weave into the live show,” says Amy Kule, executive producer of Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks. “And this year, truly one of the most magnificent things we’ve ever done, is our first-time-ever collaboration with an outside artist on the soundtrack for the show, and it’s none other than eight-time Grammy Award winner, Usher.”

    “Though we’ve always worked with outside artists, to lend their voices, this is the very first time we took that creative piece and put it into the hands of someone else,” says Kule. “We were looking at a list of artists expansive enough to understand what we do. The list was long, and the name at the top was one we never thought would say yes. We got Usher on the phone, and he completely understood exactly what we’re trying to achieve on the Fourth.”

    Usher was so enthusiastic about the project that he didn’t just create the playlist, he became involved with the fireworks and with other aspects of the show as well. “He’s unique and dynamic, so engaging and so smart, that we asked him to collaborate on the show in the sky,” says Kule. “He added creative input on the posters and art, too. Usher’s fingerprints are all over this show.”

    Macy’s and Souza worked with Usher to create new pyrotechnic effects, including a beating heart. “This is really symbolic of the newness in this year’s show,” Kule says. “The shells burst in the shape of a heart, then burst again. This happens three or four times, and it looks like a beating heart. It’s really dynamic.”

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    And none for Lindsay Lohan~

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    Rising on itunes!!! "Crossing over to mainstream Top 40 radio on July 22nd"


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    Christian Bale has ruled out playing Batman in a Justice League movie.

    It was claimed earlier this year that the Dark Knight star was in talks to join a potential DC comics ensemble film, although the speculation was denied by writer David S Goyer.


    Bale has no told Entertainment Weekly that he has no intention of reprising his role in any future projects.

    "We were incredibly fortunate to get to make three [Batman films]," the 39-year-old explained. "That's enough. Let's not get greedy."

    "Chris [Nolan] always said he wanted to make it one film at a time. And we ended up sitting there looking at each other, saying, "We're about to make the third'. We never really knew if we were going to get to be there, but if that was how it was going to be, this was where it should end as well."

    On the role of the Caped Crusader, he added: "It's a torch that should be handed from one actor to another. So I enjoy looking forward to what somebody else will come up with."

    Bale went on to say that he does not know anything about a Justice League movie, which has been heavily rumored following the box office success of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel.

    "I have no information, no knowledge about anything," Bale insisted. '

    "I've literally not had a conversation with a living soul. I understand that they may be making a Justice League movie, that's it."


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    Talk about a model family! NFL star Tom Brady and his supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, took their 3-year-old son, Benjamin, and Tom's 5-year-old son, Jack (with ex Bridget Moynahan), to Disney California Adventure Park's Cars Land on Tuesday.

     Looks like they decided that 6-month-old daughter Vivian just wouldn't appreciate the experience yet and left her at home.
    But we're sure she'll get a chance to visit down the road!


    Taking an evening off from their parental duties, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady hired a babysitter and went out to dinner in Brentwood, California last night (July 1).

    The Brazilian supermodel and her football-playing hubby opted for the sublime cuisine of Toscana restaurant, though upon their exit they had a run-in with a few crafty shutterbugs.

    And as always, Gisele looked impeccable in a leopard print blouse with a white-t-shirt and blue skinny jeans.

    more pics at source

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    Scott Johnson for writes:
    The original Boondock Saints movie came out in 1999. The film starred Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus, and it was written and directed by Troy Duffy. The Boondock Saints initially had a limited and unsuccessful run in a handful of theaters, but it went on to become a cult classic on video. In 2009, a sequel called The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day was released.

    In an appearance at the Wizard World New York Experience, Norman Reedus was asked about the long-rumored third Boondock Saints movie. Norman Reedus said, “Supposedly Troy [Duffy] is writing it right now, so I’m curious to read it.”

    Explaining the ten year gap between the first Boondock Saints movie and the second Boondock Saints movie, Norman Reedus said, “You know, there was a lawsuit with that movie, so there was a ten year contract. We couldn’t even do part 2 until the ten years expired. Everybody wanted to do it sooner, but I think the story is all the lawyers were sitting in a room, right when the clock struck 12, everyone had their pen in their hand, you know, waiting for the ten years to be over. That’s why it took ten years.”

    At the Wizard World New York Experience, The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus dropped an interesting tidbit of information about a project he almost worked on with the late Heath Ledger. While Reedus is best known for his acting roles, he also has an interest in directing.

    Reedus has directed a couple of short films and one of the projects he eventually wants to direct is a movie based on [the book] ‘I Was A White Slave In Harlem.’ When asked about the movie during a Q&A panel, Reedus said,“We haven’t even done it yet. It’s a script that I’ve been working on for about five years. It’s sort of a marvel how it happened. I worked on it with somebody that did her biography, and so the script, we kept just rewriting and rewriting.”

    One of the big challenges with the film was “to get like a young actor to play an insanely masculine tranny.” When asked why he didn’t play the part, Reedus said, “You know I would have, but I couldn’t direct it, and I’ve never directed a feature before, and I didn’t want that much pressure.”

    Norman Reedus added,“The only actor that ever said he would play the part was Heath Ledger.” Heath Ledger passed away in 2008 after completing work on The Dark Knight.

    One of the central storylines of Season Three of The Walking Dead was the reunion between brothers Merle and Daryl Dixon. There were several emotional and powerful scenes that took place between actors Michael Rooker (Merle) and Norman Reedus (Daryl). One of the most memorable scenes was when Merle ripped Daryl’s shirt and spotted scarring on Daryl’s back.

    At the Wizard World New York Experience Comic-Con, Michael Rooker gave some background info on what was going on in Merle’s head during that scene. Michael Rooker explained, “At the time when I saw the scarring on Daryl’s back in the woods…the scarring is the same scarring on my back, because I was abused before my little brother was abused.”

    Rooker continued, “So in Merle’s mind, when Merle splits, he’s thinking…you know in my mind, I felt Merle left because the abuse got so bad that he was either going to kill the guy or he just had to walk. So it wasn’t even in his mind that he was going to switch from the one brother to the younger brother. So when I find out that he abused my younger brother as well, you know if he had been there in front of me, I probably would have snapped his neck.”

    Source 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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    Amanda Bynes is in love. She said it herself.

    Not long after demanding a million dollars (from whom, it's not clear) for illegal use of her brain, she shared this uplifting, intriguing piece of news.

    "I'm In Love With Someone Else Who I Do Not Follow on Twitter Who Is The Most Gorgeous Man I Know," she tweeted. "But Drake Comes In Second."

    Drake, if he were reading this, would probably be a bit confused.

    After all, just prior to tweeting about the rapper coming in second place, she mused "Drake Is The Most Gorgeous Man On The Face Of The Earth."

    Eh, if you're not on the Amanda Bynes ugly list, just call it a win.

    Then there's another Drake - Bell - who Tweeted his former co-star after her declaration of love, implying (jokingly) that HE is The One for Ms. Bynes:

    Who do you think Amanda's soul mate is? Do you think he's aware she exists? And how long will it be until she calls him ugly in a Twitter tirade?


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    They were seen as opera's answer to the Beckhams – or perhaps, more appropriately, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.
    Fiesty and ferociously talented, soprano Angela Gheorghiu and her husband Roberto Alagna, a French tenor, captivated audiences with their vocals – and fascinated opera fans with their relationship. When Romania-born Miss Gheorghiu announced – for the second time – that she was divorcing Mr Alagna, in January, opera lovers were saddened.
    But now the community has been stunned by her allegations about Mr Alagna's temper and fiery mood swings.
    "It's the most black page of my life," said Miss Gheorghiu, 47.
    In January she announced that they were separating, and that the divorce was mutual. But the latest claims put a far more dramatic spin on events."I said everything, I did everything, until the last moment: I said to myself it is not true, I cannot accept it," she said.
    "OK, now I accept – so, basta. A person like that will never, ever change."
    "Crying and singing, singing and crying: maybe I cry more than I sing. I was so tired – from screaming and crying."
    Miss Gheorghiu had escaped from Ceausescu's Romania, where her father was a train driver and her mother a dressmake
    She has earned a reputation as a demanding diva, who once threw a bucket of water over buskers in Covent Garden, and was notoriously late-running. She told the press her husband was jealous of her singing with other men – but that she was having none of it. Alagna is now said to be enjoying the company of another eastern European soprano Aleksandra Kurzak, while Gheorghiu has admitted a romance with Cézar, a flamboyant Romanian counter-tenor, 15 years younger than she is, who represented his country in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.
    When contacted by The Daily Telegraph, Mr Alagna's representative declined to comment on the allegations.

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    THR highlights the biggest movie panels heading to the San Diego convention, which runs July 17-21.

    Comic-Con is quickly approaching, which means that panel, party and event announcements are arriving on a daily basis. The Hollywood Reporter has compiled a list highlighting all the biggest movie events hitting San Diego during the annual convention, which runs July 17-21. We'll update as more gets announced.

    Wednesday, July 17
    You're Next: The upcoming slasher from Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett will screen Wednesday night, followed by a Q&A session with the filmmakers and star Sharni Vinson.

    Thursday, July 18
    Summit Entertainment Panel: Summit's panel will feature footage from two hotly anticipated films: Divergent and Ender's Game. The panel for Divergent, the adaptation of Veronica Roth's popular sci-fi YA novel, will debut the very first footage from the film. It will also include appearances by director Neil Burger and castmembers Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Miles Teller, Maggie Q, Ansel Elgort, Mekhi Phifer, Ben Lamb, Ben Lloyd-Hughes and Christian Madsen. The Ender's Game presentation will also debut new footage, and feature appearances by director Gavin Hood and castmembers Harrison Ford, Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld and Abigail Breslin.

    Friday, July 19
    Veronica Mars Movie: The panel for the Kickstarter-supported film will take place Friday morning. Creator Rob Thomas and stars Kristen Bell, Enrico Colantoni, Ryan Hansen, Jason Dohring, Tina Majorino, Krysten Ritter, Chris Lowell, Percy Daggs III and Francis Capra will be in attendance. They're currently shooting the project in Los Angeles, so they're sure to have plenty of stories to tell about reprising their characters.
    Mortal Instruments: City of Bones: The adaptation about a young half-angel warrior will be featured in a panel in Hall H. Stars of the film, including Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower, will be on hand to participate.

    Saturday, July 20
    Lionsgate: Lionsgate's panel will feature a presentation for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which hits theaters Nov. 22. Members of the cast will make appearances. The film stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Htucherson and Liam Hemsworth and is directed by Francis Lawrence, who is new to the franchise. The cast from I, Frankenstein will also be be on hand to preview the Jan. 24, 2014, release. Footage from the film will be unveiled during the July 20 panel. I, Frankenstein stars Aaron Eckhart, Yvonne Strahovski and Bill Nighy.

    *The panel for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire are TBA.

    Click here for the TV lineup.

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