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    Baby makes five!

    Josh and Anna Duggar welcomed their third child, son Marcus Anthony, on Sunday, the couple tell PEOPLE exclusively.

    Arriving at 11:32 a.m. and weighing in at 9 lbs., 3 oz., Marcus joins big sister Mackynzie, 3½, and brother Michael, 2 this month. The reality stars say their children are "thrilled to welcome a little brother."

    "We are so thankful that mom and baby are well! We are blessed to have our family close as we celebrate this gift from God," the couple tell PEOPLE.

    Following family tradition, Josh and Anna documented the arrival of their new addition on 19 Kids & Counting: GrandDuggar Makes 3!, which premieres Sunday, June 16, at 8/7c.


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    Liberace's one time toy-boy companion Scott Thorson claims had an even more famous lover - in the shape of late superstar Michael Jackson.

    The man - whose memoir inspired HBO's Behind the Candelabra starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon - now alleges he had a six to seven years relationship with The King of Pop.

    And he claims Jackson and piano genius Liberace used to bond at his Palm Springs compound as they BOTH recovered from plastic surgery.

    'Liberace introduced me and Michael in the late 1970's,' 54-year-old Scott told The Sun. 'It was right around the time Thriller was coming out and Michael and I became lovers.'

    'Our relationship went on for six or seven years, Michael was very generous, too. He treated me well.'

    Scott previously talked about his relationship with Jackson after he gave an interview to The National Enquirer back in 2004 claiming their first sexual encounter to place and the home of late female impersonator Danny La Rue.

    'I was standing only a few feet away from Michael when he motioned with his hand to come over to him and join him on the bed,' he revealed

    'I climbed onto the bed - our lovemaking session lasted about an hour.'

    Behind The Candelabra tells the story of the bizarre love affair between Scott, then 17, when he met Liberace who was, 57, at the time.

    The multi-millionaire musician lavished his much younger lover with gifts but it came at a price as he demanded that he get plastic surgery so that he could look more like him!

    After their break-up Scott launched an unsuccessful $113 million lawsuit against Liberace who died of suspected AIDS in 1986.

    Ironically, he has only just seen HBO's mini-film about their relationship after he was jailed in Reno while awaiting sentencing for burglary charges.

    Scott - who is currently living at The Bunny Ranch Brothel after the owner bailed him out - liked the way that Matt Damon portrayed him.

    'Matt Damon did a great job playing me and he did a great job in bed with Michael Douglas too,' he revealed.

    But he's angry that he did not make more money out of the project and that the two stars did not come and bail him out recently.

    'Hollywood turned it's back on me. Matt Damon or Michael Douglas would not bail me out, even though I offered to talk to them about the film,' he complained.


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    Justin Timberlake and Pharrell Williams have sparked speculation of a collaboration after posing for a series of studio snaps together.

    Williams posted a snap of himself and JT on Instagram, fuelling rumours that Pharrell could feature on the second volume of Justin's comeback album, The 20/20 Experience.

    If hooking up with Pharrell wasn't enough, Roc Nation A&R Lenny Santiago also posted a photo of Timberlake in a studio with Suit & Tie collaborator Jay-Z, Nas and Timbaland.

    He accompanied the pic with the caption: "JAY x JT x NAS x TIMBO Rat Pack s***. For some this is 'Work'... For us it's just Fun. #RocNation."

    The second volume of Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience is due for release on September 30.

    @Spotted out in NYC trying to hide from the papz

    Justin Timberlake has been burning the midnight oil—right on through till dawn!

    A source tells E! News that the "Suit & Tie" singer partied all night Monday in New York City, ditching Catch restaurant in the Meatpacking District at around 4:30 a.m. for Chelsea hotspot Avenue, where he remained until 6 a.m.

    He was also spotted out partying a couple nights back with three male pals at 1-OAK in Chelsea.

    We're told (and we can see) that Timberlake wasn't too thrilled with the paparazzi detail on his trail.


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    Motherly love: Beyonce posted an intimate picture of her with baby Blue Ivy Carter snuggling in a hot tub while on vacation to her Tumblr

    Her arrival last January caused more fanfare than any other celebrity baby in years' past. And Beyoncé Knowles' and Jay-Z's pride and joy stole the show yet again in a recent set of holiday pictures. Blue Ivy Carter rested atop her superstar mother's chest in a hot tub as they vacationed on a tropical island.

    While Queen Bey looked every bit her moniker, baby Blue's gentle profile and curly hair was utterly 'aww'-inducing. The 31-year-old Diva singer shed her strong stage presence as she lovingly held her daughter in the bubbling waters. Her hair was wrapped in a leopard-print turban and gigantic circular sunglasses shielded her face in the sure-to-be iconic black and white image of the pop legend and her beloved daughter.

    Natural beauty: The 31-year-old songstress appeared make-up free as she went for a bike ride on the lush island

    Legs for days: The Diva singer bared her legs as she lifted up her white frock to prepare for her bike ride

    As the series of photographs continued on Beyoncé's Tumblr, colour drenched the images. In one, the Grammy award winner posed on her bike wearing a white top in front of greenery and palm trees, and not a trace of make-up could be seen on the L'Oreal model's face. Wearing the same white cover-up in another photo, Beyoncé stood and reveled a silver bikini and her toned bare legs. Later, as the sun set, the songstress took to the grass to lie down in a colourful frock, her arms outstretched to her sides.

    Chilling out: The Grammy winner sprawled out on the lush, cool green grass at the end of a day in the sun

    Her latest images continued with pictures of perfectly aligned palm trees and cosy knit socks with rolled-up leggings. The chart topper is taking a bit of a breather before she picks up the U.S. leg of her The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. Her next tour date is in Los Angeles at the end of June, and she will then embark upon a whopping 22 other U.S. cities.



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    So what happens when theories become reality?


    A new girl group called The Gloss just announced their impending debut a few days ago. Not much is known about The Gloss or their management, but we do know that they are being touted as an “international group” with four members: Grace, a Korean-American hailing from Chicago; Liz and Sol-E from Korea, and Olivia from France.

    From their teaser picture, The Gloss looks like another run-of-the-mill K-pop girl group in funky leggings and dyed hair. But if you squint a little bit, you might notice that there’s one member who is a little different. And she’s a little different because she’s…not Asian.

    Wait, a non-Asian in a K-pop group?! Wow, looks like K-pop has finally learned let go of their nationalistic streak and is beginning to embrace multiculturalism by allowing foreigners to become K-pop idols! I mean, it sure took them long enough, right? Stop the presses! Break out the champagne! Let’s throw a party!

    Except…let’s not.

    About a year and a half ago I wrote a piece on SM’s global auditions and the controversy surrounding the idea that the only people with a real shot at achieving K-pop stardom were East Asians. Korean entertainment companies have been holding overseas auditions for quite some time now, but even after all these years, the dearth of non-East Asian faces on the K-pop stage essentially speaks for itself.

    As I explained in my previous article, the reasoning behind favoring East Asians over any other race makes a lot of sense when one considers the ways in which K-pop has been marketed for the past ten years. As much as K-pop has recently grown to become a global phenomenon, there is still little doubt in the fact that K-pop is still recognized as an Asian music scene with Asian performers, and that the bulk of the K-pop fan market lies within Asia. Thus, Korean entertainment companies are completely justified in favoring people of East Asian descent when choosing potential trainees. It’s not because Korean entertainment companies are exercising their racism muscles when they favor East Asian recruits; it’s because that’s the way K-pop has worked for the past decade or so, and it still works pretty well today.

    As aforementioned, however, it would be foolish to ignore K-pop’s rapid spread outside of Asia over the past couple of years. Now more than ever, Hallyu has become an important facet of the Korean political and economic identity, and Western purveyors of K-pop are the next players up at bat. With Western fans consuming more K-pop than ever before, the next logical step might be to begin casting Westerners as K-pop idols.

    But the sight of a European face in an otherwise all-Asian K-pop group is bound to come off as a surprise to almost anyone who notices this irregularity. Some are excited at the prospect of seeing a non-Asian on the K-pop stage. Others are uncomfortable with it, though many might not be able to put their finger on why. In any case, though, there’s something about seeing Olivia in The Gloss that catches our attention in a way that forces us to think about the implications of having a non-East Asian as a Korean pop idol.

    After all, Olivia is the first non-Asian K-pop idol group member, and the first of anything is always bound to stir up some curiosity and controversy. The same could be said about Hangeng when he became the first non-Korean idol to debut in Korea; his placement in Super Junior drew a considerable amount of media attention to the entire group, and his Chineseness was highlighted at almost every possible opportunity. But in the end, things mellowed out and Hangeng was eventually regarded as just another Super Junior member instead of the strange kid from China wearing the mask during music broadcasts. Should the debut of the first white K-pop girl group member be treated with the same regard as the debut of the first Chinese K-pop idol?

    Well, if we’re working under the assumptions that Olivia has no ulterior motives in being a K-pop star apart from the chance to pursue her passion of performing and entertaining, and if we’re talking in purely objective terms of shoulds and should-nots, then sure — there’s no reason to treat Olivia any differently than any other K-pop idol. But this doesn’t negate the fact that Olivia’s debut as a white K-pop idol is at a critical junction of the intersection between Hallyu and the Western K-pop market. One cannot fairly assess Olivia making her K-pop debut as a white woman without considering the greater context of whiteness and its place in K-pop.


    The elevated position of whiteness and white people in K-pop has been discussed in the K-pop blogosphere ad nauseum. One doesn’t have to squint too hard to see the ways in which whiteness is glorified in K-pop: close-ups of white audience members during music show broadcasts; music video casting calls open only to white women; the manipulation of makeup and Photoshop to emulate European facial features…the list goes on. Obviously, whiteness isn’t limited to K-pop or Korea, but the fact that it substantiates itself so conspicuously in the teeny microcosmic world of K-pop speaks volumes about its potency.

    But when it comes to Olivia’s debut, many seem to have skirted around the issue or ignored it completely. If we’re already having all these discussions about whiteness in the context of K-pop fandom, the debut of a white person as an actual K-pop artist should only serve to make the issue even more complex and raise even more discussion. It’s still too soon to tell what kind of impact Olivia might make on the Korean entertainment scene, but if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that K-pop is not colorblind — for better or for worse. Olivia might be a talented singer, but it would be naive to assume that her singing talent will be the main source of her marketing power.

    Some have said that Olivia’s place in The Gloss is simply to serve as the token white member. While that’s certainly a valid comment to make, it barely scratches the surface of the issue. For one, it lends way to the theory that the chances of Olivia being praised and being mistreated because of her ethnicity are equal — a theory that is effectively debunked by several decades’ worth in social science and whiteness studies proving that cultures everywhere largely regard white people in a favorable light.

    If there’s one way to demonstrate the role that whiteness will inevitably play in Olivia’s debut, it’s this: white K-pop fans — nameless, faceless members of fangirl mobs — are singled out and given an inordinate amount of attention by Korean press and Korean entertainment companies simply because they are white. Despite the fact that white K-pop fangirls are (and oftentimes want to be) simply a part of a larger, likeminded crowd of fangirls, they are individualized and seen as special on the basis that they are white.

    This phenomenon is seen especially clearly in the way Asian-American fans (particularly non-Korean-American fans) and white fans are regarded by Korean entertainment companies. Asian-American K-pop fans are every bit as “foreign” and Westernized as white fans, but white fans are always the ones with the privilege of holding the “foreign fan” title while Asian-American fans are rendered effectively invisible or useless by entertainment companies looking to increase their foreign star power.

    And while black and Latino fans might also be labeled as “foreign fans,” they have their own share of prejudices to face when it comes to K-pop. Case in point: there is a reason why the fan who was picked to go up on stage during Changmin and Kyuhyun’s duet at SMTown Anaheim last year was a thin blonde girl with classic European features, even though there were also a ton of Asian, black, or Latino fans in the audience to choose from. Even though fandom is usually regarded as being a faceless monolith with little acknowledgement of the individualities of the fans therein, white K-pop fans have been repeatedly pointed out, elevated, and celebrated as individuals over all other “foreign” K-pop fans.

    So if otherwise-anonymous white K-pop fans can be lifted out of their anonymity by the sole merit of their being white, what does that mean for a white K-pop idol like Olivia, who is already being elevated by the merit of her being a celebrity? If anything, it means that we will see the same glorification of whiteness practiced regularly with white K-pop fans, but this time on a much larger and much more visible stage. Usually, the increased visibility of a problematic issue helps to expose the problematic nature of the issue for all its worth.

    However, the lack of discussion on whiteness as a crucial factor to Olivia’s debut serves as an indication that not many people know or care about the preferential treatment of white people in K-pop. Therefore, no matter how much preferential treatment Olivia might receive on account of being white, the lack of a pre-existing concern for the proliferation of white glorification in K-pop guarantees that the preferential treatment will almost never be seen as an outrightly negative thing. In fact, it might even be seen as a positive thing — and that’s where the real danger lies.

    As I alluded to at the beginning of the article, many international K-pop fans are unhappy with the fact that Korean entertainment companies only seem to cast East Asians, leaving non-East Asians with virtually no shot at K-pop stardom. Olivia’s debut might serve as a sign of hope to some, defying the assumption that you must be Asian in order to be a K-pop star. The allure of becoming a K-pop idol is strong: auditions are held often in locations throughout the world, and you might not even have to be all that talented at singing or dancing to be considered because you’ll be in training for at least two years learning how to sing and dance once you get in. K-pop idoldom is both glamorous and accessible, and the latter helps to make the dream all the more tangible for young pop-idol hopefuls.

    And that dream is dangled right in front of the noses of these young pop-idol hopefuls — that is, until a door with a sign reading “Sorry, But You Are Not Asian; Maybe Try The X Factor” slams in their faces, destroying any hopes of becoming a K-pop idol. And of course, once you bring up the subject of race, all holds are off. Forget the possibility that K-pop companies might only cast Asians because their primary market is in Asia; no, the only reason why K-pop companies don’t let non-Asians become K-pop stars is because they’re racist.

    This is obviously a foolhardy assumption to make, but the fact that Olivia’s debut is being seen as some sort of “victory” or as this beacon of hope to non-Asian K-pop idol hopefuls is directly reflective of the idea that the all-Asian casting of K-pop idols is unprogressive or fundamentally racist and needs to be changed for the sake of a better tomorrow. And some might argue that the increasing popularity of K-pop in Western countries necessitates the addition of non-Asian idols to the K-pop scene — but is it really necessary at this point? Do we really need idol groups with a token white member so that white K-pop fans have someone to relate to? It makes no sense for Korean entertainment companies to expend time, energy and money recruiting, training, and integrating a European K-pop star when European audiences are eating up an Asian-dominated, Korean-speaking K-pop scene just fine.

    The only people who would benefit from white people joining the K-pop industry are white people. More than that, however, there’s really no argument in support of welcoming white people into the K-pop scene (as we’ve already established that the primary motivation behind casting Asians as K-pop idols is not fueled by racism) apart from the fact that there are some white K-pop fans who just really, really, really want a shot at becoming a K-pop idol. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with wanting something, but it’s one thing to want to become a K-pop idol, and another to view it as an injustice when you can’t become a K-pop idol.

    Story time.

    As an Asian-American, one of the main reasons why I was so drawn into K-pop in the first place was because it was an extremely, extremely rare instance where I could see Asian faces like mine singing and dancing on stage. K-pop was a place in which the idea of Asians being pop stars was accepted and normalized. Needless to say, you don’t get that in the Western world. I’ve loved to sing ever since I was little, but I always thought of it as an “inappropriate” or “unsuitable” hobby because the Western culture around me dictated that singing is just not something that Asians are supposed to do, let alone be good at. For a time, I even believed that no matter how much I practiced, I could never be as good as my white friends in choir because I was convinced that Asians just weren’t biologically built for singing since there were so few Asian singers out there. This all might sound ridiculous and illogical, but consider the fact that the most famous Asian singer in the United States is William Hung. I think you get my point.

    But even after immersing myself in K-pop for so long and getting over my false belief that Asians don’t sing, the idea of an Asian-American pop star achieving mainstream success in the United States was so far-fetched — and it still is, and it probably will be for a very, very long time. K-pop, however, remained a place where the idea of Asians playing pop star was seen as normal and — with the right amount of determination and luck — feasible. K-pop auditions in the United States was one of the few avenues where Asian-Americans had a shot at achieving their dreams of becoming entertainers without the added pressure of battling against cultural stereotypes.

    I attended the SM global audition in New York for fun last year, but felt a moment of sudden solemnness after seeing the expanse of other Asian faces just like mine in the waiting room and feeling for the very first time that things were finally fair — not because I lacked confidence in my singing to “compete” against non-Asians, but because this was perhaps the first time I would be judged solely for my singing abilities. I would not have to worry about someone asking me if I played the violin or piano in addition to singing. I would not have to worry about someone assuming that I couldn’t hit a high note or pull off a complicated ad-lib because their only other instance of a singing Asian they’d ever seen was William Hung. I would not have to worry about someone telling me that I “sung well for a little Asian girl.” I would not have to worry about any of these things because the existence of K-pop — a pop entertainment scene composed entirely of Asians — proved all of these things wrong, and more.

    Obviously, Korean entertainment companies like SM don’t set up these global auditions with the intention of creating an avenue for Asian-American pop idol wannabes to reach stardom in the face of an oppressive, stereotype-perpetuating Eurocentric society. But for many Asian-Americans, this is what these global auditions mean to them, and even though the chances of actually becoming a K-pop idol are slim to none, the fact that this avenue exists serves as a beacon of hope. Hell, the fact that there is an entire entertainment scene upheld by young singing and dancing Asians is a beacon of hope in itself. As far as pop entertainment goes, K-pop is one of the few things that Asians and Asian-Americans still have to themselves, while the rest of Western entertainment continues to be unwelcoming to Asians.

    With that said, the fact that white K-pop fans feel entitled to have as much of a fair shot as K-pop idoldom as Asians comes off as being a bit irritating, and the fact that a white woman like Olivia chose to pursue K-pop idoldom when she could have pursued a career as a singer in France just as easily (unlike, say, Asians who are living in France) is irksome. There’s no doubt in my mind that Olivia was talented enough to make the cut — the teaser video of the group proves that Olivia is a capable singer with a lot of potential. And there’s no doubt in my mind that Olivia probably worked her butt off to get to debut, and should The Gloss continue to carry on with a healthy, long-lived career, she will continue to work hard to build her identity and reputation as a singer. At the end of the day, I don’t mean to use Olivia as a scapegoat for my supposed failed pop star dreams. Rather, the fact that Olivia’s debut as a white, non-Asian K-pop idol is regarded as a sign of K-pop’s “social progressivism” or “acceptance of cultural inclusivity” – that’s the real problem here. And the fact that Olivia’s whiteness will undoubtedly be praised, elevated, and seen as superior over Asian characteristics as she works as a K-pop idol in Asia only serves to add insult to injury.

    Would it be nice if people of all ethnicities could have a part in the K-pop music industry and become privy to all the great things that K-pop idoldom has to offer? Sure — but this “We Are the World” approach that fails to take into account the fact that current preexisting cultural biases and the omnipresent potency of whiteness will only contribute towards making K-pop even more prone to glorifying whiteness at an even more visible scale than it does now. Even if we were to step outside of the realm of the White-Asian dichotomy — if The Gloss had chosen to debut a black or Latina member as the token “foreign member,” by doing so they would not pander to whiteness and might even start some fruitful and productive dialogue about race and negative stereotypes against blacks and Latinos in Asian society. Adding a white member, however, does nothing to further the dialogue, but it does further propagate the idea that at the end of the day, white people are entitled to anything and everything they want.

    The future of The Gloss is still rather nebulous at this point: they’ve proven that they’re a musically talented group and there are some great voices in there, but they’re also one of a bajillion rookie groups that will be debuting on the K-pop scene this year. So who knows? Maybe they’ll stay so far under the radar that no one will have ever noticed that K-pop debuted its first white K-pop group member this year. But regardless of whether or not The Gloss ever manages to make its way out of nugudom, the time for a conversation on whiteness in K-pop is now.

    The Gloss covers Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back


    I bolded like a mofo, but it's still fairly long. Very interesting read imo.

    Race issues are a sensitive topic across Asia (and the world, lbr), I'm curious to see how this unfold in this context.

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    Paris Jackson Complained She Felt ‘Betrayed’ By MJ Molestation Accuser Wade Robson In Days Before Suicide Attempt

    In the days before Paris Jackson attempted suicide, the 15-year-old became despondent over allegations her late dad had sexually abused family friend Wade Robson, multiple sources tell

    “Paris felt betrayed,” one Jackson family insider said.

    Robson, a dancer-choreographer who was befriended by Michael Jackson when he was a child, filed a claim against the Thriller singer’s estate for alleged child sex abuse and called late pop icon ‘a pedophile and a child sexual abuser’ in a television interview last month.

    Robson spent time around Paris and her siblings before Jackson’s death on June 25, 2009, after suffering a cardiac arrest.

    “Paris just couldn’t understand why Wade would make such outrageous allegations against her dad. She remembered him fondly and thought of Wade as an older brother when she was growing up,” the source said.

    “Michael had always warned Paris about opportunists that would try and make a quick payday of the Jackson name, but she was stunned that Wade was now looking for money from the estates — It really shook her up.”

    Calls to Robson’s attorney weren’t immediately returned.

    Judge may unseal part of Michael Jackson abuse claim by Wade Robson

    LOS ANGELES – A judge said Thursday he was inclined to unseal portions of a choreographer's court filings alleging he was abused by Michael Jackson.

    However, personal details and psychiatrist reports would likely not be released.

    Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff said he needed to address which records should remain sealed before he can deal with whether Wade Robson, a choreographer and television personality, can pursue his claim.

    Robson requested on May 1 that Beckloff allow him to file a late creditor's claim against Jackson's estate nearly eight years to the day after he testified in Jackson's defense at the singer's molestation trial.

    Jackson was acquitted after Robson told jurors the entertainer never touched him inappropriately. Henry Gradstein, an attorney for Robson, said a breakdown last year prompted Robson to address the abuse.

    On Thursday, Beckloff presented attorneys with possible redactions of Robson's sworn declaration and said it should serve as a roadmap for what information can be made public.

    The judge believes some of the material could be made public, even though attorneys on both sides would like the case sealed in its entirety.

    Some of Robson's private and personal information, including a paragraph that detailed his allegations of abuse by Jackson, should be sealed, Beckloff said.

    He also said portions of the records that deal with mental health issues also should not be released.

    "There aren't a lot of redactions," Beckloff said of his suggestions.

    Attorneys for Robson and Jackson's estate will review the suggestions by the judge and report back at a hearing on June 25, the fourth anniversary of Jackson's death.

    Beckoff, who is overseeing the probate case involving Jackson's massive estate, said he will also handle a separate lawsuit filed by Robson against Jackson and two other defendants listed as "Doe 2" and "Doe 3" that includes allegations of abuse by the entertainer. That lawsuit also remains sealed.

    Robson, 30, has worked with Britney Spears and numerous other stars. He was 22 at the time he testified, telling jurors in Jackson's criminal case that he met the pop star when he was 5 and spent the night at Jackson's Neverland Ranch more than 20 times, sleeping in the singer's bedroom on most visits.

    During the trial, Robson bristled at testimony by other witnesses that they had seen Jackson molest him.

    "I'm telling you nothing happened," Robson testified when a prosecutor challenged his account in 2005.

    Gradstein previously issued a statement saying, "Last year, on a career trajectory that was off the charts, (Robson) collapsed under the stress and sexual trauma of what had happened to him for seven years as a child."


    It's obvious Paris' issues go above and beyond these molestation claims and should not be used to impede or deter Wade from trying to get justice for himself if his claims are valid.

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    She chats about:
    - Dating Jerry O'Connell (who's cohosting the show)
    - The Crazy Ones and how awesome Robin Williams is
    - Her daughter meeting Kelly Clarkson
    - The sounds of pertussis campaign

    Source: Me and my ability to record things off of HULU.

    It's a little choppy throughout this thing. I recorded it online with a screencapture program so things aren't as smooth as I would've liked them to be.

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    Patrick Schwarzenegger: Shirtless Summer Workout!

    Patrick Schwarzenegger pumps his muscles while going shirtless after a workout on Friday (June 7).

    “Early morning pump! Who is getting into shape for summer??!! Gonna gain 7 pounds this summer,” the 19-year-old actor tweeted.

    “Can’t believe this shooting happened at Santa Monica City College. Was a mile away when it happened. Prayers to everyone at that school,” Patrick later wrote. “My pops briefly went to Santa Monica city college & tons of my friends go there today. Hoping people will realize the destruction gun can do.”

    Also pictured: Patrick posing with a Walt Disney statue that same day and also working out with pal Matt McKinney and trainer Eric Fleishman the day before.

    Gregg Sulkin & Brandon Smith Celebrate Birthdays Together!

    Gregg Sulkin and Brandon Smith pose with pals David Henrie and Patrick Schwarzenegger a birthday dinner held at Planet Dailies at The Grove in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (May 29).

    The 21-year-old and 24-year-old actors share a birthday!

    In addition to Patrick and David, Jennifer Veal also joined in with a slew of other guests.

    “Thank u all for your birthday wishes. Can’t believe I’m 21. Getting on a bit lol,” Gregg tweeted to his fans.

    Taylor Lautner & Patrick Schwarzenegger: New 'Grown Ups 2' Clip

    Hopefully this loaded. If it didn't and you really do need to watch a Grown Ups 2 clip, go to source 5 :)

    Check out Taylor Lautner and Patrick Schwarzenegger in this brand new clip from their upcoming film Grown Ups 2!

    The actors play fraternity brothers who seem to battle with Adam Sandler‘s character and his friends.

    “Taylor is not a basketball player but somehow is weaselly enough to beat most opponents,” Adam told MTV.

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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    Chris Brown directed his own video for "They Don't Know" featuring the late Aaliyah. Also look for the Breezy-helmed clip for U.G.L.Y.'s "REDD."


    disgrace to r&b tbh, hoping ppl mark the video as spam

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    Kat Graham
    She enchants men, women, and children on The CW’s The Vampire Diaries, but these days the Switzerland-born 23-year-old is casting spells over the radio with her new single, “Wanna Say.” What’d she bring to our shoot? Her camera. “I’m always filming my journey,” she says.

    Leven Rambin
    Remember Glimmer in The Hunger Games? This 23-year-old is ready for more action this summer with Percy Jackson 2: Sea of Monsters. We love the names of her dogs, seen here prowling the sidewalk outside the hotel. They’re Sookie Stackhouse (a nod to True Blood) and Rooney Mara. “I’m obsessed with her in real life,” Rambin says.

    Christa B. Allen
    The 21-year-old Californian stirs up trouble Sunday nights on ABC’s Revenge. Offscreen, though, Allen is a good girl. She presented our photographers with 200 roses and brought her teddy bear to the shoot.

    Maika Monroe
    Monroe looks like a movie star, but this 20-year-old from Santa Barbara, California, moonlights as a pro kite boarder. No joke—the Labor Day actress (she costars with Kate Winslet) even brought her board to the shoot. “It keeps me sane!” she says.

    Alexandra Daddario
    This NYC girl, 27, is hitting the big and small screens simultaneously with Percy Jackson 2: Seas of Monsters (costarring Leven Rambin) and HBO’s upcoming True Detective—but her real sights are set on Broadway. Watch out: We’re predicting she’s a triple threat.

    Isabelle Fuhrman
    Our youngest up-and-comer (she’s just 16!) got some face time in The Hunger Games but recently stepped behind the camera. She was so inspired by our shoot that she came back to the Chateau to direct her sister Madeline’s music video at Bar Marmont.

    Willa Holland
    After breakout success on TV with The CW’s Gossip Girl and Arrow, the 22-year-old L.A. lady stars in this month's adaptation of the Judy Blume classic Tiger Eyes. Her best friend, Max, was her plus-one at Glamour’s shoot because “every Bonnie needs her Clyde!”

    Erin Moriarty
    The native New Yorker, 19, started out playing pretty on the soap One Life to Live and as Vince Vaughn’s daughter in The Watch. Now she reveals her true acting chops in the coming-of-age indie The Kings of Summer.

    Ashley Madekwe
    The 31-year-old is wily on Revenge, and she’s damn stylish online—check out her fashion blog Ring My Bell, where the Londoner-in-L.A. gives her fans a daily dose of style.

    Dania Ramirez
    Dominican-born Ramirez, 33, stars on Lifetime’s Devious Maids, but on our shoot the only thing she was cleaning up was the dance floor. The sweet boy she’s twirling? Her stepson, Kai. “He’s my dance partner!” she says.

    Zoey Deutch
    The gorgeous 18-year-old star of 2014’s Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters arrived at our shoot with her own 1950s dress. “I love vintage stores!” she says. “I thrift like it’s my job.”

    Alexis Knapp
    She proved she can sing as super-sexual Stacie in Pitch Perfect, but this North Carolinian loves some drama too. The 24-year-old surprised everyone by bringing her albino red-tailed boa constrictor (not pictured!) to the shoot.

    source | source

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    Sounds like Rider might be on Girl Meets World.


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    more pics at
    also SOURCE

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    At this point all we have is a teaser poster for Spike Lee's Oldboy (10/25) remake starring Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen, Samuel L. Jackson and Sharlto Copley, but today come four "key art explorations" created by artist Juan Luis Garcia (via Movielicious) for the film that went unused.

    Oldboy follows the story of an advertising executive (Josh Brolin) who is kidnapped and held hostage for 20 years in solitary confinement without any indication of his captor's motive. When he is inexplicably released, he embarks on an obsessive mission to discover who orchestrated his bizarre and torturous punishment only to find he is still trapped in a web of conspiracy and torment. His quest for revenge leads him into an ill-fated relationship with a young social worker (Elizabeth Olsen) and ultimately to an illusive man (Sharlto Copley) who allegedly holds the key to his salvation.

    I usually hesitate to post stuff about the Oldboy remake but these actually look kind of cool and way better than the original poster.

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    In other news, the single continues to slay, shows no sign of stopping destroying everything in its path

    5 +1 SELENA GOMEZ Come & Get It 11318 +222 1272 +37 70.134 +2.002 7
    6 -1 DEMI LOVATO Heart Attack 11120 -232 -1033 -211 66.267 -1.797 30

    6. Selena Gomez - Come & Get It (+1)
    7. Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop (-1)

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    Patrick Dempsey is super dapper as he makes his way through LAX Airport on Thursday (June 6) in Los Angeles.

    The 47-year-old Grey’s Anatomy star posed for pics with fans as he walked through the terminal!

    Patrick recently chatted with Bon Appetit about drinking five cups of coffee a day.

    “It doesn’t really affect me. Coffee is good for your mind–it’s basically a legalized drug. The next step is selling marijuana, of course [laughing],” he said.

    Patrick recently bought Tully’s, a coffee chain whose main competition is Starbucks.


    aging like a fine wine

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    Has Selena found a rebound? She seemed pretty interested in the boy band member on Friday, June 7, when she playfully told George to give her a call. Look out, Justin Bieber!

    George Shelley, of the British (not-One Direction) boy band Union J, has been very vocal about his crush on Selena Gomez. Now it looks like the feelings might be mutual!

    Selena Gomez To George Shelley: ‘Give Me A Call’

    When the boys of Union J made an appearance on CBBC’s Friday Download on June 7, there was a special surprise in store for George. The show’s producers played a video of Selena that was personally addressed to the 19-year-old singer: “I was in London for a bit and I’m actually really bummed I missed you,” Selena said flirtatiously. “So next time, maybe give me a call?”

    George reacted to the video message with giddy excitement, adorably in awe of Selena’s beauty. “I’ve got an undying crush on her,” George has previously told Sugar Scape. “It’s the whole Disney thing I love her.”

    Well now’s your chance, George! Selena seems like she’s a little interested!

    Selena Gomez: Single Justin Bieber

    You can tell that Selena knows how sexy and desirable she is in the video message, and she’s got every reason to be at full confidence. She’s reportedly denounced Justin Bieber for good, and is happy to be able to be drama-free and able to focus on her music career.

    idk what's going on anymore lol


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    All this week, Leonardo DiCaprio has been in Paris for the French Open. I always forget that Leo is into tennis. He’s also a big Lakers fan. I wonder if he likes baseball too? Leo went to Paris with his boys, not with his reported girlfriend, 20-year-old Toni Garrn. You can see Leo’s BFF Lucas Haas in these photos – I can’t even imagine what their relationship is like, can you? Is Lucas subservient to Leo, or are they just two dudes, giving each other sh-t? Huh.

    Anyway, during the Cannes Film Festival, many of us were focused on whether or not Leo could nail down Cara Delevingne. Cara seemed to be actively thwarting his advances, much to her credit, but Leo was still having such a great time in the South of France that he ended up canceling his appearance at the Sydney premiere of The Great Gatsby. So just what was Leo up to in Cannes? It seems like he was trying to break his record for “most ladies boned within a 10-day period”:

    The Great Gatsby premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on the first night, and Leo was there for almost the full week and a half. When you think about that, and you think about all of the C-list actresses and B-list models and the range of hookers also working the festival… doesn’t seven women sound like too few? I mean, a dude like Leo could easily make his way through two or three girls a day. And I hope no one is going to accuse me of taking a “boys will be boys” attitude here – I think the idea that Leo is just randomly hooking up with whatever half-way attractive girl is following him around… well, that’s just gross and skeevy. And imagine if the genders were reversed! Ugh.

    This post is dedicated to ponpiri<3

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    Serena Williams Beats Sharapova in French Final

    By STEVEN WINE AP Sports Writer
    PARIS June 7, 2013 (AP)

    Two hours before her French Open final, Serena Williams practiced on center court, the stands deserted as she whacked one winner after another to the distant sounds of a brass band playing on the plaza.

    When the music stopped, the seats filled and the match began, Williams went on defense, relentlessly chasing down one shot after another to defeat familiar foil Maria Sharapova. With a 6-4, 6-4 victory, the No. 1-ranked Williams won her first French Open championship since 2002.

    "Eleven years," Williams said in French during the trophy ceremony. "I think it's unbelievable. Now I have 16 Grand Slam titles. It's difficult for me to speak because I'm so excited."

    Then the national anthem played for the first American singles champion at Roland Garros since Williams' previous title.

    Williams whacked 10 aces, including three in the final game, and the last came on match point at 123 mph — her hardest serve of the day. She then sank to her knees, screamed at the sky and buried her face in the clay.

    The victory completed her rebound from a shocking loss to 111th-ranked Virginie Razzano in the first round at the French Open a year ago. Since that defeat she's 74-3, including titles at Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, the London Olympics and the season-ending WTA Championships. (BOW!)

    Both finalists swung with their typical aggressiveness from the baseline, but Williams' superior serve and defense proved the difference. She silently ran side to side whipping groundstrokes with little apparent strain, while Sharapova often found herself lunging after the ball to stay in the point, with each shot accompanied by her familiar shriek.

    When Williams once summoned a grunt herself to match Sharapova's volume and pound a winner, the crowd responded with a laugh.

    Sharapova completed a career Grand Slam by winning Roland Garros last year, but she's still looking for a breakthrough against Williams, who has won their past 13 meetings since 2004.

    "I played a great tournament and I ran into a really tough champion today," Sharapova said.

    Lately Williams beats everyone. She extended her career-best winning streak to 31 matches.

    At 31, she became the oldest woman to win a major title since Martina Navratilova at Wimbledon in 1990 at age 33.Her 11-year gap between Roland Garros titles is the longest for any woman.

    Williams, who has a home in Paris, is already thinking about winning again next year.

    "I love Paris," she said. "I spend a lot of time here. I live here. I practice here. I think I am a Parisian."

    Williams also congratulated Sharapova during the ceremony.

    "She played a beautiful final," Williams said in French. "She's a great champion. I hope to be with her again next year."

    "Merci beaucoup," Sharapova responded with a laugh.

    In an all-Spanish final Sunday, Rafael Nadal will try to become the first man to win eight titles at the same Grand Slam event when he plays first-time major finalist David Ferrer.

    The women's final, the first between No. 1 and No. 2 at a Grand Slam tournament since 2004, wasn't as close as their rankings. It has been 12 years since the most recent three-set women's title match at Roland Garros.

    Playing in hazy, warm weather, the finalists took ferocious swings from the start. With fans perhaps fearful that Williams would win quickly, they began shouting encouragement toward Sharapova after she lost the first two points.

    She overcame four break points to hold in the opening game and led 2-0 before Williams began to assert herself. It took Williams 17 minutes to win a game, but then she swept four in a row.

    After Sharapova took the next two for 4-all, Williams surged at the end of the set, taking the lead for good by winning eight of the final 10 points.

    Sharapova had to dig in again to hold at the start of the second set, fending off five break points, and it was all downhill for her from there. Williams easily held serve all the way to the finish.

    She improved to 16-4 in Grand Slam finals. She leads all active women with her 16 major titles and is sixth on the all-time list. Margaret Court holds the record with 24.

    Williams improved to 43-2 this year, including 23-0 on clay. Now comes the switch to grass, and she'll be a heavy favorite to win Wimbledon for the sixth time.

    Source: 123

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    If you think the infamous fight on Episode 7 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was the start of the beef between Joseline Hernandez& Che Mack, you all have not seen nothing yet, Che Mack has recently released a diss track titled S.A.B. The vocals samples cast member Mimi Faust saying to Joseline “Slut Ass B——”. This beef is about to get interesting. There has been beefs on the show already but this one excites me. The battle of the ratchets shall continue. I wonder what the Puerto Rican Princess response to the diss track?


    dying rn. joseline better go in.

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