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    Earlier this season, Catelyn Stark (Michelle Fairley) delivered a monologue suggesting that there is a curse on House Stark -- and that it's all her fault.

    But the Irish actress behind Catelyn on HBO's "Game of Thrones," doesn't think the curse is real. "I don't think she's to blame at all," Fairley told The Huffington Post via phone last week in an interview timed to this week's shocking episode, in which Catelyn Stark is killed along with Robb Stark; his wife, Talisa; and their unborn child.

    Still, Fairley acknowledged that Catelyn's fierce maternal instinct had caused plenty of trouble, ultimately prompting her to make the fateful choice that sealed her own doom at the so-called Red Wedding.

    Operating under the assumption that her four of her children Arya, Sansa, Bran and Rickon have all been killed, Catelyn can't bear to see Robb die at the hands of Walder Frey's hired goons. "She thinks they're all gone, so she has absolutely nothing to live for," Fairley said. "Basically, when she slits the throat of Walder Frey's wife, she's inviting her death. She's already dead inside."

    Fairley will be missed by fans who've taken comfort in her character's steely resolve. even as the Starks' fortunes have tumbled ever downward.

    Below, Fairley explains how emotional it was to shoot the Red Wedding scene, reveals the treat she gave herself when it was finished and declares that Catelyn would not give her blessing to a marriage between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. She also reveals how the various Starks got their accents, and says why she doesn't object to the theory that the Starks are Democrats and the Lannisters are Republicans. Read on for more!

    When did you first find out that your character was going to meet this grisly end?
    I only read a book per season, but some of the actors had gone ahead and read all of them, so most people knew about the Red Wedding. And you know how long your contract lasts as well. So that’s a bit of a clue in itself.

    People who've read the books tell me there's a chance you could reprise your role at some point in the future. Any truth to that?
    I think you’re just going to have to keep watching and find out. (YASSSS)

    Speaking of the books, there are some differences between this Red Wedding and the original, aren't there? Robb's wife in the book, Jeyne Westerling, isn't pregnant and doesn't go to the wedding.
    Obviously, there’s more at stake in the television series because you have more characters there. The stakes are higher.

    Why does Catelyn threaten Walder Frey's wife?
    She's trying to reason with Walder Frey in the hope that possibly, he loves his wife as much as Catelyn adores her son. At that point, she’s not concerned about her own life. She just wants her son to stay alive, basically. And unfortunately, it doesn’t go the way she wants it to go. Walder Frey doesn’t have that compassion or care for his wife. Robb gets stabbed, and Catelyn witnesses it. And then, as her final act, she slits Walder Frey’s wife’s throat, and in doing so, it’s enough to sign her own death warrant. But at that point, she’s convinced that she has nothing left to live for.

    Because she thinks her other children are dead.
    She thinks they’re all gone. So she has absolutely nothing to live for. There would have been no point to her life. Her whole life since the death of Ned has been to get her family back together again. Constantly, that’s the drive that has kept her going. And the fact that she’s witnessing the death of who she thinks is her final surviving child is enough for her to want to be dead herself. Basically, when she slits the throat of Walder Frey’s wife, she’s inviting her death –- she’s already dead inside.

    It’s that maternal instinct that we always see with her, which has caused a lot of trouble -- her decision to take Tyrion hostage in retaliation for the attempt on Bran's life, her decision to send Jaime Lannister back to King's Landing in exchange for Arya and Sansa.
    Yes, absolutely. Very much so. It’s coming from a good place, but it’s ultimately flawed at the same time. Her whole bit of operational drive comes from her being a mother and getting her children back together, but to her own detriment as well. She is prepared to do whatever it takes to get her children back.

    How emotional was the Red Wedding shoot?
    Very. We had a week to shoot the whole sequence, and it was shot chronologically. We started with the wedding ceremony on the Monday, then worked continuously until the Friday evening. On the Friday evening ,we reached a point where Catelyn was the last one standing. It was incredibly emotional because of what was in the scene. The stakes are high at that point for all of the characters. But also for me, internally, because you know this is a point where you’re possibly saying goodbye to people that you’ve come to know incredibly well and care about and love. It’s a very emotional thing to be involved in. You have to concentrate on the work. You can’t allow that to distract you.

    When it was all done, did you and Richard Madden [Robb] and Oona Chaplin [Talisa] have a going-away party?
    No, the cast had a shoot the next day. Richard went back to England that night, and I went and had my hair cut. Our wonderful hair designer, Kevin Alexander, said,"Listen, when this is all done, come in and I’ll cut your hair." I underestimated just how much the whole week took from me. I just felt completely exhausted. I’ve never felt anything like it in my life. But it was a wonderful sort of exhaustion, because you hope to have achieved something. And then we went for dinner with [co-creator and showrunner] David Benioff and a couple other people. And drank a lot.

    In the episode "Dark Wings, Dark Words," you had an incredible (really?) monologue where Catelyn reflects on her cruel treatment of Jon Snow and suggests that she may have brought a curse down on House Stark. Do you think the curse is real, or is she simply looking for a way to explain the horrible misfortunes that have fallen on her family?
    She has tried to live her life in an honorable way, and she’s a religious person as well. She worships the old gods. I think with religion, there’s a lot of self doubt -- questioning your actions, especially if you have a conscience. I think that’s a natural state for her to find herself in. I don’t think she’s to blame at all, but I think the fact that she couldn't love [the baby Jon Snow] -- I think that comes from within. It’s misplaced anger. She can’t take that out on Ned, so she takes it out on an innocent child. A motherless child. That highlights her inadequacies and her frailty.

    So the curse is real to her, at least.
    I totally think she believes in it. It’s a measure of the doubt and the questioning constantly running through her veins. But she continues to do the honorable thing. She tries to have recompense for this right up until her last breath. Yes, she goes against honor and slits someone’s throat, but that is honorable in itself -- even though it’s murder.

    I don't know how closely you follow U.S. politics, but I like to joke that the Starks are like the Democrats and the Lannisters are like the Republicans.
    Well, if there’s a possibly that I could be married to Mr. Obama, then that’s nice. I like that.

    I guess I mean that the Lannisters are much better at the game. The Starks are noble, but then, they make dumb mistakes and people get really hurt.
    Yeah, they’re too honorable. There is such a thing as being too honorable. They don’t take risks in any way, shape or form. They’re good people, but they will be outwitted because they don’t think outside of the box, really. They don’t have that sort of mind that the Lannisters have. They are much better able to survive than the Starks are in the world that they actually live in. The Starks are the innocents abroad, basically. And their honor is the most important thing. They learn slowly, and I think you’ll start to see that happen with the children. Even though they have that good moral code in their genes, they are out in the world on their own. They have to survive, and that involves thinking like your opponent, and being one step ahead of him.

    It’s interesting that Catelyn had that special relationship with Littlefinger, the master of the game and the climb. Is that an opposites-attract thing?
    He was brought up with the Tully family, so there is a history there. He has been constantly, for all his life, in love with Catelyn. Littlefinger may be a master manipulator, but when it comes to affairs of the heart, he can’t control that. He’s still smarting from [losing Catelyn], and that’s what gives him momentum to achieve, because he’s getting retribution. But she places a lot of trust in him because he is a childhood friend. She won’t think badly of him. It takes a long time for her to realize that this is not an honorable human being.

    Do you think Catelyn knew deep down when Rob married Talisa that they were all doomed?
    I think there’s an issue with definitely not trusting Walder Frey. This is a man you do not cross. But the other issue is that you do not break your honor, either. You do not break your honor. And he is the king. If you want people to trust you and follow you and respect you, and possibly give their lives up for you, you have to set the example for them. If you break your word, that’s not an honorable thing for a king to do. So though the omens are already starting to form when he does this and she knows it. At the same time, she is the mother of her boy, who is now the king. So how do you talk to a king? Do you talk to him like a son, or do you give him the respect of a king? Are you a subject or a mother, basically? His actions there are not actions that she agrees with at all. Absolutely not.

    Some fans like to speculate that Jon Snow and Daenerys are going to get together in the end and rule the Seven Kingdoms. Ice meets Fire, as it were. Do you think Catelyn would bless that union?
    Considering the fact that she detests Jon Snow [laughs], absolutely not. She wants her son -- Robb -- to be the king.

    Max Read of Gawker wrote an obsessive article about the accents on the show. Did you guys discuss who gets what accents?
    Yes, absolutely. Ned was the head of the family and that was Sean Bean, and Sean’s accent is a Sheffield accent. It’s northern. Therefore, the older children were to speak the way Robb speaks, with a northern accent. But Catelyn is originally from the south, so she wouldn’t have a northern accent. And the children are educated. Some of the kids have northern accents, and Jon Snow has a northern accent. It was discussed individually with each actor about what they were expected to be.

    So Arya and Sansa have educated accents because they're younger?

    And what is Dinklage doing?
    Peter? Peter’s doing English.

    Just a stage English, Shakespearean English?

    You've had a long and illustrious career on British television, and you played Hermione's mom in a Harry Potter movie, but this show must have brought you a new level of visibility. What's it been like getting recognized everywhere you go?
    In my mind, I see a completely different looking woman than myself as Catelyn Stark. I don’t see my face as Catelyn's. I imagine somebody else. I’m always surprised when people recognize me. There was one guy who was crossing the road and he tripped ... His head did this theatrical turn. I was like, "Oh my God. Am I that bad?" [Laughs.]

    I'd say it means you're that good!
    I constantly get people who are like, "Hello, how are you?" And you can see it dawn on them that they don’t actually know me. But it’s incredibly humbling because, without people who watch it, we would not have a job. So huge thanks to them for continuing to follow it and stay with it.


    everything still hurts

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    The possibilities are endless for any music video, though maybe less so when your song is titled "Pussy." So it went with The-Dream, who yesterday released a video for his song of that name, a clip that is essentially softcore porn. Directed by someone named LatinLegend, the video is four minutes of a woman caressing herself and nearly masturbating. If that's your kind thing, then have a ball. The song's starring team — which includes The-Dream, Pusha T, and Big Sean — never appear, making the video slightly less creepy. But it's still really creepy.

    The-Dream "#GimmeSomeIVPlay" ("Pussy" ft. Pusha T & Big Sean) from Def Jam Recordings on Vimeo.

    Of course, when it was uploaded to The-Dream's official YouTube, flagrantly breaking the site's nudity rules, the video was pulled down immediately. That in of itself, though, might have simply been a publicity stunt designed to generate buzz around his new album IV Play, which is on pace to sell around 20,000 copies in its first week.


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    He has famously kick-started the careers of Hollywood superstars by turning roles down himself.

    But Al Pacino last night spoke of his knack for talent-spotting when he described casting the then unknown Jessica Chastain in a major new production of Oscar Wilde’s play Salome.

    In a one-off evening at the Palladium talking about his life and work, the 73-year-old Scarface actor told how Chastain walked in to audition for the role of the biblical character who demands the head of John the Baptist.

    Pacino said he and producer Robert Fox could not believe it when she began to read, adding: “It was as if we had both seen something we had never seen in our life before. It was stunning. It was like looking at a prodigy.”

    He said she gave “a great performance” in the original stage run of the play in Los Angeles in 2006 and in the subsequent film, Wilde Salome, which will be released in Britain next year. Chastain went on to star in blockbuster movies including Zero Dark Thirty, about the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

    Pacino admitted he had turned down many parts during his career and often wondered why afterwards. “I’m not a very good judge of what’s good,” he said. He laughed as compère Emma Freud listed a string of such roles including Bruce

    Willis’s character in Die Hard — “I gave that boy a career” — and Harrison Ford’s Han Solo. “Star Wars was mine for the taking but I didn’t understand the script,” Pacino said.

    He compared himself to a rising star of today, Jennifer Lawrence, saying: “I was the one. Things came to me.”

    The actor also revealed that Michelle Pfeiffer was a good kisser but difficult to work with, reminisced about his friend John Cazale falling for Meryl Streep, and discussed stopping drinking 25 years ago.

    And he recounted how only Francis Ford Coppola wanted him for The Godfather — for which he met real members of the Mafia — and how close he came to being thrown off the film.

    He pointed out that many of his early movies, such as Dog Day Afternoon about a gay bank robber, were made by big film studios whereas similar projects today were only made independently.

    The evening concluded with a standing ovation from an audience which included Steven Berkoff, Beverley Knight and Mark Rylance. Some had paid as much as £500 for the event.

    Dental nurse Katarina Godlova, 32, of Fulham, said: “You found out things that I didn’t know. He was such a showman and made everyone laugh.”

    Actor Chris Crema, 18, of Surbiton, said: “He came across completely differently to what he’s like in his films, very down to earth, quite a charming guy.”

    Rebecca Loads, 27, an admin assistant from Battersea, said it was a shame it had not lasted longer, adding: “It was just like sitting in his living room, it was just absolutely brilliant.”

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    Roger Waters and Alice Walker have penned open letters asking Alicia Keys to call off a forthcoming concert in Tel Aviv. Walker, the author of The Color Purple, invited Keys to join a cultural boycott of Israel, visiting "the children in Gaza" instead of supporting "a system that is cruel, unjust and unbelievably evil".

    "Dear Alicia Keys," Walker wrote on the website for the US Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel. "I have learned today that you are due to perform in Israel very soon. We have never met, though I believe we are mutually respectful of each other's path and work. It would grieve me to know you are putting yourself in danger (soul danger) by performing in an apartheid country that is being boycotted by many global conscious artists."

    In his own letter, Waters admitted that Keys may not know who he is. "I used to be in a band called Pink Floyd and, believe it or not, I still work," he wrote. The English musician implored Keys to "join the rising tide of resistance" and refuse "to give legitimacy to the Israeli government policies of illegal, apartheid, occupation of the homelands of the indigenous people of Palestine."

    Keys is due to appear at Tel Aviv's Nokia Arena on 4 July, as part of her ongoing Girl On Fire tour. It will be her first appearance in Israel. As the concert approaches, activists have begun ramping up their Facebook and Twitter campaign, asking the long-time HIV/Aids activist to consider dropping the gig in solidarity with the Palestinian rights movement.

    "I have kept you in my awareness as someone of conscience and caring, especially about the children of the world," Walker went on. "A cultural boycott of Israel and Israeli institutions (not individuals) is the only option left to artists who cannot bear the unconscionable harm Israel inflicts every day on the people of Palestine, whose major 'crime' is that they exist in their own land, land that Israel wants to control as its own."

    Elvis Costello, Santana, the Pixies and Gil Scott-Heron are among the other artists to have boycotted Israel in recent years, while acts including Madonna and Paul McCartney have dismissed calls to cancel shows. Earlier this month, physicist Stephen Hawking announced he was joining the movement, adding his name to a list of supporters that includes dozens of Nobel laureates.

    Keys has yet to respond to activists' requests.

    all da legendary legends
    waiting for da kween to make ha move

    ha impact <3


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    Kerry Washington

    Sofia Vergara

    Vera Wang

    Olivia Palermo

    Hilary Rhoda

    Jessica Chastain

    Ethan Hawke

    Zachary Quinto

    Gabe Saporta and Erin Featherston

    Linda Cardellini

    Mary Alice Stephenson

    Miranda Kerr

    Juliette Lewis

    Elizabeth and Mary-Kate Olsen

    Douglas Booth and Hailee Steinfeld

    Michael Kors and Karolina Kurkova

    Aerin Lauder


    Will update as more pics come in.

    ETA: apologies for fucking up the cut.

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    If you ever wondered what it would be like for Nemo to have sex while there's a toaster in the water, then this is the scene and movie for you. Most of us have seen this film, in which our darling Jesse Spano a.k.a. Elizabeth Berkley wanted to break out of the Saved by the Bell mold and let the world know she's not a teenager anymore. Unfortunately, instead of taking a selfie that was zoomed in on her budding crow's-feet and writing the caption: "Grown. Ass. Woman," she decided to make Showgirls, in which she portrayed a stripper who dreamed of becoming a Vegas showgirl. The movie is full of bad overacting, terrible plot developments, but worst of all, we have another example of a guy—the director, Joe Eszterhas—whose understanding of what is sexy is similar to a virgin teenage boy


    The premise of this movie is simple. Jason Statham has poison running through his system that will kill him unless he keeps his adrenaline pumping above a certain level. Basically, it's Speed but for the human body. Pretty cool, right? Except for the scene where he semi-forces his ex-girlfriend, played by Amy Smart, to have sex with him in public so he won't die. Uh, time-out: We all know that as soon as dudes are done having sex, their heartbeats slow down, and they pass out like a someone who just had the Holy Ghost leave his body. In short, Statham would died right as soon as he finished. But putting that logic aside, the most ludicrous part is that Smart, who resists getting it on at first, suddenly and inexplicably gets extremely turned on. Ugh

    Howard the Duck

    Shout-out to all the parents who let their kids watch this movie without explaining to their children about the whole almost bestiality thing. My mom and dad straight-up treated that subject like I do when I see there are bad ingredients on a box of food I'm about to buy:

    a.k.a. I pretend I didn't read them and purchase the food anyway. My parents pretended the following foolishness didn't happen, so they didn't press stop on the VCR after this

    Team America: World Police

    Like all the other clips on this list, this is funny. The only difference is that actually was South Park's Matt Stone and Trey's intention when they wrote the movie, which is about a North American anti-terrorist team portrayed by marionettes. Team America is full of laugh-out-loud moments, but one of my favorites is this sex scene. It's a commentary on how sex, especially in Hollywood films, can be silly. If you don't laugh at this, there's something wrong with you

    Shoot Em Up

    In this 2007 action movie, Clive Owen and Monica Bellucci have sex while he's killing assassins. That makes about as much as sense as having sex while doing anything else! Hooking up is not the time for multitasking. Unless the guy is grabbing a boob and the vajayjay like a rock-climbing instructor does a rock-climbing wall. In that case, get your multitask on. Anyway, this lack of focus is not the most absurd thing about this scene. That would be the fact that Owen and Bellucci aren't fooling around in the simple missionary style. They're doing intricate spinning around like they're Brian Boitano doing a triple Salchow at the 1988 Winter Olympics. Oh, did I also mention that Bellucci's newborn baby is just chilling in the bathtub like a knocked-over bottle of Garnier Fructis shampoo as all of this is going on?

    the rest @ src(NO IT'S NOT A SLIDESHOW OK)

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    Cyndi Lauper has plenty to celebrate – and she's not doing it alone.

    Not only is the singer-songwriter Tony-nominated for her critically acclaimed score to the best-musical contender Kinky Boots, but she's also marking the 30th anniversary of the monster hit that first put her on the map, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," which she released in 1983.

    To celebrate? She was totally surprised by the Kinky Boots ensemble. After quietly securing permission from Lauper's manager and her record company, Sony Music, they assembled this performance music video (see below) of Lauper's signature number.

    "It's so sweet, I'm crying," Lauper, 59, during a quick break from rehearsal Monday, told PEOPLE of her reaction to what was done – and about those who participated. She first saw the video Sunday night, before it was posted to YouTube.

    "The Kinky Boots cast is so funny, and all the other shows participating is the sweetest thing I've ever seen," she said.

    The four-minute video's guest-star girls – all with boots in hand – include Kelly Ripa, Rosie O'Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg, Katie Couric, Holland Taylor, Hoda Kotb, Kathie Lee Gifford and, in addition to Kinky Boots, members of the casts from such current Broadway shows as Annie, The Lion King, Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella, The Phantom of the Opera, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and Chicago.


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    Kim Kardashian's baby shower went down this weekend -- and now ONTD knows the gift from Kanye West that had everyone crying.

    The lavish event was hosted by Shelli and Irving Azoff at the music manager's home in Beverly Hills, which Kim told friends was the "prettiest place she's ever seen."

    Kim's sisters Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Khloe's husband Lamar Odom and Kim's mom Kris Jenner were all on hand for the affair, as well as relatives from both sides of Kanye's family.

    Celebrity guests included Kelly Osbourne, Maria Menounos, Nicole Richie, NeNe Leakes, Kim Stewart and Robin Antin.

    And while there were probably a few ostentatious presents, it was a sentimental one from Kanye that really stood out to Kim.

    Kris J tells the internet that West surprised his baby mama by finding out what books Kim's father, the late Robert Kardashian, used to read to her as a kid -- and then went out and bought vintage copies of them all, to read to their little girl after her birth.

    The present left the entire party misty-eyed, with Kim gushing that it was "so sweet!" to friends and family.

    But it wouldn't be a Kardashian baby shower without one over-the-top present from her man -- and he delivered there too.

    We're told Kanye also got Kim a diaper bag. But not just any diaper bag, this one was from Hermes.

    Yep, Kim's unborn baby already has a better bag than you.

    i wonder if kim did her ugly crying face.


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    The bandmember relayed that she has ended her action after prison officials restored the normal security regime.

    MOSCOW (AP) — A jailed member of the punk group Pussy Riot has ended her 11-day hunger strike Saturday after prison authorities met her demands, an activist said.

    Maria Alyokhina had complained that officials at her prison colony in the Ural Mountains attempted to turn fellow inmates against her with a security crackdown. Inmates, who could previously enter and leave their workplace freely, had to wait for up to an hour for prison guards to escort them.

    Pyotr Verzilov, the husband of Alyokhina's jailed band mate Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, told The Associated Press that Alyokhina called Saturday to say she has ended her action after prison officials restored the normal security regime.

    Verzilov said authorities took Alyokhina, who was hospitalized Tuesday, on a tour across the prison colony, so that she sees that all extra security measures were removed. The extra security meant that inmates were denied prompt medical care when they sustained injuries during their work sewing uniforms.

    "It looks improbable, it's not in the tradition of the prison system here to make any concessions," Verzilov said. "There must have been a political decision."

    Alyokhina's lawyer, Irina Khrunova, confirmed to the AP that she ended the hunger strike, but gave no further details.

    Alyokhina and Tolokonnikova are serving two-year sentences over an irreverent punk protest against Vladimir Putin in Moscow's main cathedral. The third band member convicted alongside them,Yekaterina Samutsevich, was later released on appeal.

    Courts have denied parole to Alyokhina and Tolokonnikova, who are serving their sentence in different prison colonies.

    Alyokhina earlier spent five months in solitary confinement after claiming that officials deliberately lodged her with hardened criminals, including a convicted murderer, and encouraged them to intimidate her.

    In a complaint filed in January, Khrunova wrote that officials did nothing after seeing criminals threaten Alekhina with violence. The lawyer said officials also wrote false psychiatric reports and pushed Alyokhina into violating colony rules.


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    Do your good looks threaten others?
    Do you fear you outshine your friends?

    Do your friends not include you in nights out on the town because you steal the show? Or do your co-workers think you were promoted because of your physical charms? Is the only crime you've committed being beautiful or handsome?

    MTV premiered a True Life episode featuring two young ladies, Brooke Torres and Dana Adiva, who share the same troubling social problems.

    Brooke: “I’m not sure if it’s my face or the way I wear my clothes but no matter what I wear, it looks good.”

    Dana:“I don’t have to be smart, because I have my looks....People will stare at me no matter what and it’s the most irritating thing in the world.”

    "I got so much attention from all the guys, but I didn't get along with any of the girls. They were extremely jealous of me."

    Brooke: “It’s great to be pretty and not ugly but if you think it will change your life, it won’t.”

    During the episode Dana’s sister Nikki, who buys into Dana’s self-assured sexiness, suffers because of her sibling’s perceived beauty. Dana decides to help by daring to venture out without makeup while bringing sissy along – so all the attention wouldn’t be on her distracting radiance.

    Brooke’s boyfriend was angry all the time because everyone was hitting on his too-hot commodity. Poor Brooke couldn’t help all the attention and her attractiveness was causing a major rift in their romance.

    MTV caught up with the two alluring ladies to see how things have been going in their angelically appealing, while simultaneously difficult, worlds:

    Brooke - Have you been going out with friends more often?

    I have been going out with friends more often but I realized that having friends doesn’t make my life any easier. I learned to be happy with myself, and now, I actually appreciate the time I have alone. I have built a great relationship with Amanda, and having just her on my side still feels like I have one hundred friends. Nolan has been cool with me going out once in a while. I think he realized it isn’t so bad, letting me go out every so often. I think maybe now he actually likes his alone time.

    Dana - Do you have any plans to go out with Nikki without makeup again?

    After seeing the sneak peek of the show and seeing myself without makeup on TV, I probably will, because I like the way I looked.

    Brooke - Have you been going out with friends more often?

    I have been going out with friends more often but I realized that having friends doesn’t make my life any easier. I learned to be happy with myself, and now, I actually appreciate the time I have alone. I have built a great relationship with Amanda, and having just her on my side still feels like I have one hundred friends. Nolan has been cool with me going out once in a while. I think he realized it isn’t so bad, letting me go out every so often. I think maybe now he actually likes his alone time.

    Dana - Do you have any plans to go out with Nikki without makeup again?

    After seeing the sneak peek of the show and seeing myself without makeup on TV, I probably will, because I like the way I looked.


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    (click image to watch video)

    NEW YORK — "I feel like Cinderella at the ball," coos Laura Osnes — who should know that feeling well.

    Since March, Osnes, 27, has played the title role in the Broadway musical Rodgers + Hammerstein's Cinderella. Eight times a week, she gets to transform from a rag doll into a regal beauty, complete with sparkling slippers, and to glide in a converted pumpkin to a grand palace, where she meets the prince of her dreams.

    There are no royalty present as Osnes stands before a full-length mirror in designer Randi Rahm's Midtown studio, where she is choosing a dress for this Sunday's Tony Awards. But Rahm, who has worked with Osnes previously and whose other clients include such pop princesses as Beyoncé and Carrie Underwood, sees potential.

    "I think she's such a star," Rahm says of Osnes. Indeed, the wholesomely pretty, creamy-voiced singer/actress has done quite well for herself since winning the role of Sandy in a 2007 Broadway production of Grease on a TV talent competition. Well-received performances in revivals of South Pacific and Anything Goes followed; and last season, Osnes received her first Tony nomination, for leading actress in a musical, playing against type in Bonnie and Clyde.

    Cinderella has made her a contender in the same category this year, and for the big night, she wants a gown that, as she puts it, "maybe nods to the part but is also something that I can make my own."

    A royal blue chiffon dress with slits is brought out first; Rahm calls it Athena, "because it's so goddess-y." Osnes, a Minnesota native who is polite and gracious as any of the ingénues she has played, responds, "I really love it. It's so elegant ... but I don't know if it's the Tonys dress. I'm sure it could be used for something else."

    Similar conclusions are made about a body-hugging number with a sleek leopard design — "Your body is just insane, Laura," Rahm gushes — and a hand-beaded black dress with a cap sleeve, which Rahm calls "very old-world Hollywood."

    Osnes observes that the Rahm creation she wore recently to the Drama Desk Awards (where she was proclaimed this season's outstanding actress in a musical) had a similar silhouette and adds, as demurely as possible, that she'd "like to show just a little more skin."

    The winner turns out to be strapless golden tuile, also hand-beaded, with "a little bit of a pouf" at the bottom, Osnes observes admiringly. "It's a princess dress for all princesses. It's contemporary but still classic."

    Her decision made, Osnes, still in the gown, settles on a chair and reflects on how her own journey has invited comparisons to her latest character.

    "People say I have my own Cinderella story, and in a way, I guess I do," she says. When she auditioned for Grease: You're the One That I Want!, the reality series that led to her Broadway debut, "I was one of the only contestants who didn't live in New York at the time. I had grown up doing theater in Minneapolis. I just packed up everything and moved. I was very lucky."

    Six years later, she is still living in the moment, happily. "I'm signed on with Cinderella for a year; there's nothing else on the horizon yet. I haven't done any new readings or gotten any offers. I'm just enjoying this, soaking up every second of it."


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    The Bottom 2

    L.O.V.E. (what a surprise said no one)




    about time tbh

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    Actress, producer and philanthropist Jada Pinkett Smith had something to say to Beyonce’s haters who criticized her inappropriate stage attire during the Chime concert in London. Beyonce wore a custom Gucci black curve-fitting leather one piece body suit with silk tulle sleeves and black crystal embellished shoulders. The "30-year-old" mother-of-none completed her outfit with a pair of black TKO combat boots by Stuart Weitzman.

    “Here is the problem I see, a woman’s body is too much power for one woman to have, even Beyonce,” wrote Jada on her Facebook page in a post titled “Whose body is this anyway?” Read the full text of the post after the break.

    From Jada Pinkett’s Facebook:

    There was some backlash about the performance outfits for the Chime concert. Since a woman’s body has been deeply connected to sin, it’s easy to forget all the power and beauty her body and sexuality possesses. Yes, with this power comes great responsibility, but how was Beyonce’s tasteful outfit irresponsible? Here is the problem I see, a woman’s body is too much power for one woman to have, even Beyonce. Although we see corporations exploit this power through women and girls, with far less clothing on than Beyonce, to sell their products, do we protest? But hey, a woman has to be in check, right? Know her position since we’ve all been taught that a powerful woman is dangerous and that a powerful man makes the world go round. Here’s the deal… soon the reign of shame on a woman’s body and her control of it will end. She will be autonomous. For she can’t truly be free without it. And oh boy…what a different world this place will be…when she is free.


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  • 06/03/13--20:10: The CW New Series Previews

  • Sources 1, 2, 3, 4

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    When an actor says they’re excited about a movie, it’s difficult to trust them completely. Maybe they’re being honest. Or, maybe, they’re just saying what needs to be said to get asses in the seats. On occasion though, you talk to an actor and they speak with such genine enthusiasm and passion, it’s impossible not to believe them. That’s what happened when I asked Jay Baruchel about How to Train Your Dragon 2.

    Baruchel, who stars in the hilarious June 12 comedy This Is The End, lit up and gushed when asked for an update on the animated sequel, which is scheduled for release just over a year from now. He said while he thinks the first one is “one of the greatest flicks ever” he believes “we smoke the first one with number two.” Read his full quote below.

    "It took us three bloody years to do the first one so it’s a piecemeal process. I’ve been working on Dragon 2, on and off, for the past year and a half now. And boy is it ever something special. I truly adore the first one. I think it’s one of the greatest flicks ever. Period. And one of my proudest moments. So it’s no hyperbole when I say we smoke the first one with number two.

    It’s going to be pretty incredible in every way. The emotional content, the action sequences, it’s everything it’s supposed to be and then some. It’s really going to be a pretty incredible, beautiful flick. People will go buy tickets, see this movie, and be taken on a journey like they’ve never been on."

    If you weren’t sold already, start to get excited. Maybe we’ll see some early glimpses at Comic-Con this year, or surely later this Fall.

    How To Train Your Dragon 2, directed by Dean DeBlois, opens June 20, 2014. This is the End, featuring a much more coarse Baruchel, opens June 12. We’ll have more on both flicks soon.


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    Miley Cyrus is known for partying in the USA, but is she in favor of some much harder partying than we realized? Miley's new single, "We Can't Stop," dropped on June 3, and she appears to make numerous drug references in the song, according to Hollywood Life.

    In the chorus, she appears to refer to taking Molly, which is the colloquial name for ecstasy. The lyric that she sings is apparently, "We like to party, dancing with Molly, doin’ whatever we want."

    Another part of the song includes an apparent cocaine reference. "Everyone in line in the bathroom, Trying to get a line in the bathroom," she sings, seemingly referring to doing a line of cocaine.

    So are these references a sign that Miley is growing up and perhaps making some not-so-great choices? Or are these lyrics just being misinterpreted? After all, there's always the possibility that Miley is saying her own name, "Miley," rather than "Molly" - although it really does sound like "Molly."

    Kids today grow up so fast, don't they?


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  • 06/03/13--20:26: THIS WEEK'S SOAP PROMOS!!!!

  • An affair turns into a dangerous obsession when Carmine refuses to break it off with Lauren. This week on The Young and the Restless.

    Monday ("Confrontation")
    Chelsea confronts Adam; Lily and Cane receive shocking news.

    Tuesday ("The Marriage")
    Michael updates Gloria on his marriage; Carmine tells Lauren that he refuses to move on without her.

    Wednesday ("Lily Confronts Neil")
    Lily questions Neil about the most recent blog post; Billy's secrecy upsets Victoria.

    Thursday ("Shocking Sharon")
    Adam shocks Sharon; Lauren is forced to prevent a troublesome situation.

    Friday ("Decision")
    Phyllis makes an important decision; Nick makes an announcement at Adam's party.

    Monday ("Accusation")
    Maya stands up to Bill; Caroline tries to convince Rick that Maya did him a favor by ending their relationship.

    Tuesday ("Standing By")
    Katie supports Steffy during a fragile time; Brooke begins to worry when the media goes looking for answers.

    Wednesday ("Brooke's Reaction")
    Eric and Brooke recall a moment from their past; Steffy is forced to deal with her painful loss.

    Thursday (Advice)
    Hope extends a helping hand to Liam; Katie can't believe that Steffy wants her to keep some important information from Liam.

    Friday ("Decision")
    Eric comes to a conclusion about raising Brooke's baby; Rick protects his mother from Taylor's persistent questioning.

    Monday ("Winning Back Brady")
    Kristen tries to win back Brady's affections; Stefano's jealousy gets the better of him.

    Tuesday ("Suspicions")
    Gabi tells Will that she is having doubts about her marriage.

    Wednesday ("Dangerous Situation")
    EJ vows to find out how much Sami cares for Rafe; Gabi and Nick have a realistic talk about their future; Kate attempts to make amends with Stefano.

    Michael and Kiki's Moment:
    Michael and Kiki share a charged moment in Michael’s apartment. There is a little attraction but that’s not what fuels Kiki’s desire. She gets a kick out of the challenge. Kiki is used to having boys wrapped around her finger, with Michael it’s different. Because Michael does not like her, she’s going to keep messing with him.

    Sonny and Carly's deadly Plan:
    Sonny and Carly launch a deadly plan. Carly approaches Sonny with a drastic and deadly plan. She feels there is something that needs to be taken care of and Sonny is the only person to do it. Carly feels that her family is threatened and will do anything to protect them, so she convinces Sonny there is only one way to ensure that safety. However, things may not play out the exact way Carly plans it.

    Health Crisis for Danny:
    This is going to be a rough week for Sam. First, Silas files a custody petition for Rafe then things go from bad to worse when Danny becomes gravely ill. Sam thinks it is low that Silas would come in and take Rafe away when he’s happy. Once Sam is in the courtroom, Silas reveals something about Danny that he noticed. At first Sam doesn't believe him and is only trying to prove that she is unfit but it turns out to be true. While Sam is waiting on the diagnosis, she receives unexpected support, from Elizabeth.

    Meanwhile, Franco may have found an unlikely ally in the Quartermaine family, while his own family continues to spar as Ava and Kiki’s relationship further combusts.

    Last Week's Re-cap

    This Week
    Monday June 3:
    Brooke makes David an offer he can’t refuse.
    Jesse finds a message at the place where Cassandra is being held.
    Celia has a vision she can’t forget.
    Zach and Lea question Billy Clyde.

    Wednesday June 5:
    Colby returns to town.
    Jesse makes a deal with the devil.
    Celia makes a decision that could change her life, due to her visions.
    JR spots David with AJ.

    Last Week's Re-cap

    This Week
    Tuesday June 4:
    Jeffrey uncovers another major story for The Banner.
    Matthew receives a visitor.
    A mysterious message arrives for Tea.
    Todd and Dorian clash.

    Thursday June 6:
    An extremely unlikely source gives Matthew advice.
    Dorian has an idea for David's reality show.
    Vimal gets a handle on his open marriage.

    YouTube, SoapTownUSA

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    Daniel Radcliffe has babies on the brain.

    Even though the former Harry Potter star, 23, doesn't know "when or who" he'll have a baby with, he insists he "definitely" wants to have kids.

    "I'd like to get started on it before my thirties," he tells Time Out: London magazine in its issue coming out on June 4. "I like the idea of being a youngish parent so I've got energy to play football even though they'll be better than me by the time they're four."

    Speaking of football, Radcliffe says he's "definitely going to be one of those parents who pushes their kids into things" – namely, sports, "not the film industry."

    Jokes the actor, "I will have to find a very tall wife if they're going to be good at sports. You could be my size as a boxer, you'd just have to be a super featherweight or something."

    His desire to have children comes from what he witnessed during his upbringing.

    "I've grown up around lots of people who were having kids when I knew them, because a lot of them were a lot older than me," Radcliffe says. "And I saw the wonderful change in them. I see that it gives you a sense of purpose that up till now I only really get from work. I want that [purpose]."

    Baby talk aside, the upcoming Kill Your Darlings star also dished on body art.

    "I am planning to get a couple of tattoos," he said. "It's going to sound really pretentious, but there's a [Samuel] Beckett quote I really like which I'm going to get tattooed on me. 'Try again, fail again, fail better.' That's what I'm about. I heard someone say growing up is about aiming to succeed, but being fulfilled by failing very well. I agree with that 100 percent."

    I volunteer.


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    Soul singer will undergo an operation to remove a tumor

    Sharon Jones is postponing the release of her new album and an accompanying tour after she was diagnosed with bile duct cancer, the soul singer said today. Jones and her band, the Dap-Kings had planned to release Give the People What They Want on August 6th, but the singer has scrapped her schedule to undergo surgery and recover.

    "Over the last few weeks I haven't felt good and I didn’t know what was going on. We sadly had to cancel shows while I went through a series of tests and short hospital stays," Jones said in a statement. "We just found out that I have a stage-one tumor on my bile duct. Luckily we caught it really early and fast and the doctors say it's operable and curable!"

    There's no word yet on a new release date for the album, Jones' sixth, but the singer is determined to return as soon as she can.

    "I will be having surgery very soon and will have to rest and recover. I'll be staying in touch and keeping my fans and friends updated on my progress," Jones said. "I'm looking forward to getting back on the road to give the people what they want!"


    Get well soon Sharon!

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