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    Why Finding Out Kim Kardashian's Baby Gender Was "So Frustrating"

    Good things come to those who wait! Fans of Keeping Up With the Kardashians have been anxious to find out whether pregnant star Kim Kardashian is expecting a son or daughter with boyfriend Kanye West in July. And they're not the only ones. Sister Khloe Kardashian-Odom and the rest of Kim's family were eager to learn the news, too -- but they had to wait a while for the baby-to-be to reveal itself.

    On Wednesday, May 29, the youngest Kardashian sister stopped by the TODAY show, where she dished to Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford about finally finding out the gender of Kim's baby. The big reveal was filmed for the eighth season premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, so come Sunday, June 2, the whole world will know whether Kim and boyfriend West are having a little boy or a little girl.

    "It was crazy because we went to three different doctor's appointments and the baby kept sitting, like, Indian-style," Khloe said. "We couldn't tell the sex. It was so frustrating, so we were so happy to finally find out."

    Promos for the premiere show Kim, Khloe, and mom Kris Jenner at the doctor's office together, anxiously awaiting word from the ultrasound tech. Dad-to-be West is nowhere to be found -- but Khloe said fans shouldn't read into his absence. In fact, she told Kotb and Gifford that things are "great" between the couple.

    "He was at all the previous [appointments] where we never could find out the sex of the baby," she explained. "So that was just the one he wasn't at. But we were videotaping it on our iPhones and everything...I think he had a concert."


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    Is that up there the real album cover for Kanye West's Yeezus? According to DJ Semtex (via MissInfo) it is.

    The art Kim Kardashian Instagrammed-- the molten-gold jewel case one-- looked similar, but this is more simple: just a jewel case with a simple sticker on it. "No cover, booklet, just a sticker on the reverse of the package with the track list," according to Semtex. [Sounds like Mos Def's True Magic. -- Ed.]

    Yeezus is allegedly out on June 18 via Def Jam. Time is getting tight! It certainly seems about time for a single to drop-- likely "Black Skinhead" or "New Slaves", both of which he performed on "Saturday Night Live"-- but who knows if West will adhere to any traditional album-cycle conventions this time.


    So no album artwork and already iconic, when will your faves???

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  • 05/31/13--16:01: Free For All Friday!

  • I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

    No porn, nudes, spam, fighting, advertising, dickishness, huge browser slowing comments.
    Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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    Iggy Azalea performs her new single "Bounce" to a packed out crowd at the Warren, as part of the exclusive VEVO Sessions at The Great Escape Festival 2013. The song is already available on iTunes Australia and will be released on July 8 in the UK!

    Iggy Azalea sits down with Krystal B of Power 106 to play "Just The Tip." The two speak on being turned off by a groupie waiting for her in the rain with flowers, feeling the need to surround herself with women, dating and much more.


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    Back before her 1986 breakthrough, “Control,” then-teenage Janet Jackson was still mostly known as Michael’s Little Sister. And being Michael’s Little Sister brought with it a whole range of expectations and allowances. While no one would suggest that growing up a Jackson was without struggles, being the baby of one of the world’s most famous families, one that included six older brothers, certainly helped shield her from some everyday indignities and hassles.

    Yet that background did little for her in late 1985, when a pair of men began pestering her at a Minneapolis nightclub. Up-and-coming producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who were working with Jackson to create her third album, her first since firing her father as manager, sat nearby and watched. After waiting fruitlessly for her producers to come to her rescue, Jackson finally took matters into her own hands, told off the unwelcome suitors in furious fashion, and approached Jam and Lewis.

    As Jam recalls, when she demanded an explanation for their complacency, he immediately turned the situation into a Miyagi-like tutorial.

    “You can take care of yourself, girl, you don’t need people to take care of you,” Jam told her, urging her to channel her anger into music. “In life, there will be all these little experiences along the way, and you can put lyrics to them. These are valid ideas: What you’re thinking, what you want to get across, it’s all valid.”

    The three quickly wrote the self-reliance anthems “Nasty” and “What Have You Done for Me Lately,” and set the template for the uniquely personal, purgative approach to songwriting that has since come to define Jackson’s career.

    It’s difficult to think of another pop star of Jackson’s caliber whose personal development has been so inextricably entwined with her music. For all the millions of albums sold, the hundreds of millions in touring grosses, the film roles, the bestselling book, the brand endorsements and the luxury fur line, there has always been a certain street-level realness to Jackson’s persona, a sense that she could still stand up to anyone in a fight, and probably emerge from the experience a song or two richer.

    Her career-making mid-’80s work saw her dramatically evolve from a fresh-faced pop heiress to a tough, self-sufficient young woman. Her subsequent sexual awakening likewise played out in starkly public terms, as Jackson moved from the seductive allure of “Janet” to the loneliness and confusion of “The Velvet Rope” to the outright carnality of “Damita Jo.” Even as a femme fatale, Jackson was honest: Madonna might have been more X-rated, but even her most literally naked moments came with an ironic guard up, while Jackson had no such compunctions.

    Not only is it hard to imagine an all-conquering diva like Beyonce or Aaliyah without Jackson’s influence, it’s just as hard to picture the tuneful yet splenetic likes of Pink, Alanis Morrisette and even Usher finding a home on pop radio without her as the model. Yet for all her influence, Jackson is also something of an anomaly in 2013. For one, Jackson has never functioned as a steady-rolling content machine, routinely taking several years between projects. The oft intense intimacy of her music has rarely coincided with an over-shared public life, and she retains a sense of mystery. And unlike the one-shot stars on the contempo pop assembly line, Jackson took her time to get going as an artist.

    Despite her familial connections — or perhaps, in fact, because of them — Jackson’s entrance into pop music was hardly auspicious. First album “Janet Jackson” peaked at No. 63 on the charts, while follow-up “Dream Street” couldn’t even break into the top 100.

    “I think her early albums were more driven by her dad knowing that she had talent and basically getting her into a record deal,” Jam notes. “So those records were basically this: Some tracks were created for her, she went in the studio and sang them, and she did a fine job. But there was nothing unique about what they were doing.”

    With Jam and Lewis behind her, however, Jackson quickly ascended the pop hierarchy. “Control” sounded like nothing else in record stores — full of loud, clipped electronic percussion and insinuating synth lines — while Jackson’s messages of empowerment and chip-shouldered feminism were miles away from the ironic provocation of Madonna or the willful quirk of Cyndi Lauper.

    “Control” was an overnight success, notching five No. 1 singles and selling just as many million copies. Unusually eager to tamper with a winning formula, the threesome followed it up with “Rhythm Nation 1814,” a quasi-concept album whose opening three songs directly addressed crime, the crack epidemic, racism, homelessness and youth illiteracy — not exactly a recipe for a party. And yet the record was somehow even more successful, generating a then-record seven top 5 singles.

    “The idea of putting ‘Rhythm Nation,’ ‘Living in the World’ and ‘The Knowledge’ as the first three songs on the record really set the tone as to what the record was,” Jam says. “Then to have the segue after that where she says, ‘Get the point? Good. Let’s dance…’ and then go into ‘Miss You Much,’ that was purposely done. In hindsight, maybe we could have called the album “Escapade” and loaded the radio songs upfront, saving the political songs for last. … So if anything was gutsy about it, it wasn’t that we wrote the songs, it was that we featured them.”

    Her career would only gain momentum as the years went on, with the tours getting bigger and bigger, a deal with Virgin in the early ’90s breaking records, an entre into film alongside Tupac Shakur in “Poetic Justice,” a rather memorable Super Bowl half-time show appearance, and collaborations with everyone from Chuck D and Busta Rhymes to opera star Kathleen Battle and techno-classical violinist Vanessa-Mae. In the new millennium, Jackson pushed further into contemporary R&B, ever evolving, even if that evolution alienated some.

    “I don’t think we agreed with all the ideas that came about as our involvement lessened,” Jam notes ruefully. “And obviously the results were probably less successful in concert with that. So whether you want to put the two things together …”

    But Jam’s criticisms have as much to do with protection as personal pride. “To me, Janet is a coveted artist, a coveted asset, you know? And if, as a producer, you can’t really take the time to come up with something that’s great for her rather than just pulling some stuff off the shelf … that’s really disappointing to me.”

    Her longtime choreographer Gil Duldulao admits that some of her deep dives into R&B were challenging. “I see her as a pop icon first,” he says. “And if I may say, I think she needs to get back to her lane. Her lane, but in a current way, a way that she could be her again, but still take things to a new level.”

    And there’s plenty of time left for yet another chapter in the Jackson story. Rapper Kendrick Lamar’s currently inescapable single “Poetic Justice” has returned 1993’s “Any Time, Any Place” into teenage consciousness thanks to a well-placed sample. Roles in Tyler Perry pics have kept her in the public eye. And per Duldulao, conversations about potential projects are always floating.

    “She really thinks a lot about things, like ‘Hey, if I’m going get up and go out there, I’m not going to put music out just to put it out,’ ” he says. “And I see her really changing the game in music again — that’s why she’s taking a long time.”

    Source/Your weekly Queen Janet post, tyvm

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    Just a few days ago, photographers spotted Whoopi Goldberg leaving the set of the Michael Bay-produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. At the time, nobody knew whom she was playing, but revealed who it is - Bernadette Thompson, an editor at Channel 6 News and April O'Neil (Megan Fox) and Vernon Fenwick's (Will Arnett) boss.

    Fans of the the 1987 animated series should be able to recognize that name as a gender-swapped version of Burne Thompson, who would constantly blame crimes in New York City on the Turtles. He clearly didn't care for them, and at times resembles J. Jonah Jameson. Even though he wasn't a fan of the Turtles, he didn't allow his feelings to prevent April from reporting on their heroics.

    TMNT lands in theaters June 6th, 2014.


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    She doesn't want nobody else.
    After the success of her single "Love And War," Tamar Braxton releases the video for her second single "The One."
    The flirty summer video features a pregnant Tamar Braxton hanging out at Santa Monica's famous pier.
    When asked about the theme of the Gil Green-directed video, Tamar stated:
    “It kinda gives you that feeling when you was in high school and you was with your boyfriend or your girlfriend and you go to the park and you hang out and you get all cutie, and it’s just funners.”
    "The One" is off Tamar's forthcoming album, Love And War, due out sometime this fall.



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    Kendall Schmidt has earned a huge fan base thanks to his starring role on Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush, and as the show rolls on in its fourth season, he's seizing the opportunity to re-launch his own music project. BFTV recently checked in with Kendall to find out if this really is BTR's final run and get the 411 on Heffron Drive.

    Kendall's co-star Tanya Chisholm told us earlier this month that season four is "technically" the last for Big Time Rush, but he said that he hasn't gotten that memo. "I really have no idea. I'm pretty sure being part of the band somebody would have told me, and nobody has done that yet," he explained. "I love doing the show, so we'll see. I think all of us are okay with taking the time to do something on our own, but also we love being Big Time Rush."

    He and his colleagues don't just play a band on TV - they actually are a band, and fans will be thrilled to know that there's more Big Time Rush music headed your way. Their new album is called 24/Seven, and can be pre-ordered on Amazon before it hits shelves on June 11. "We're really excited about that. We've been working on it since the end of our last tour," Kendall said. "I think there's 10 songs on the [regular] CD, 15 on the deluxe album. All the songs are in an episode [of the show], and then the deluxe stuff is just stuff that we had to put on there. James [Maslow] did this song called 'Amazing,' which is really great. Logan [Henderson] and I did a song called 'Untouchable.'"

    In addition to his commitment to Big Time Rush in all its forms, Kendall has teamed with Dustin Belt to resurrect a music project they began before the show called Heffron Drive. When he spoke to BFTV, he'd just returned from a European tour for the new-old gig, and he's excited to bring it back to the forefront.

    "Basically it's a new effort at something I did a long time ago. We started making music and we put a name to it, then I booked Big Time Rush, so obviously I kind of had to put on hold," he explained. "But [Dustin]'s always been there. He's been playing guitar for the actual Big Time Rush band since the beginning. So we kind of always had the idea of keeping it going. It's reinvigorated I guess you could say. I'm going to keep doing as much as I can while being in Big Time Rush."

    If you're a BTR fan that hasn't yet listened to Heffron Drive, there are a few things he'd like you to know before you get started. "The songs that they're listening to, I did them on my computer in my room when I was 17," he said, referring to the few tracks that are available at places like ReverbNation. "They're literally like mixed, mastered and done by me. I'd like to redo those songs and eventually put those songs out with modern tracks and everything like that"

    "It's a little more grown-up. It's a little more upper teenager lyrical content. The Postal Service is a big inspiration," he continued, describing the Heffron Drive sound. "But it's catchy stuff. My brothers love it just as much as some of the fans love it."

    Being on a hit TV show, playing in the band that goes with it, and launching his own side project - what is it like for Kendall to juggle all these ambitions? "At this point it seems sort of normal to be on a pretty hectic schedule," he explained with a laugh. "You can't ever really be that upset. I'm running around promoting music that I've made, and I'm running around promoting a TV show I was lucky enough to be a part of. There's people in the world who want to see us play live and want to meet us in person, and it's our job as entertainers to do that."

    He also takes a moment to thank the Big Time Rush audience, having found out before this interview that the band has snagged a Teen Choice Award nomination. "I just found out about that. We're nominated for Choice Music Group," he said, adding without missing a beat, "We have the best fans in the world."


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    It’s the announcement you’ve been waiting for: Frank Ocean Splendour in the Grass sideshows are happening. The man behind Channel Orange will play two side dates in addition to his Byron Bay commitments this July, one in Sydney and one in Melbourne. Set for the Hordern Pavilion and Festival Hall respectively, the dates will mark the OFWGKTA-member’s first ever solo jaunt to Australia.

    Earlier today, Frank Ocean himself let the news slip when his website posted a ‘You’re Not Dead…’ world tour poster, with Sydney and Melbourne nestled among the likes of Munich, London, Montreal and Paris. Late this afternoon, promoters Live Nation and Niche made it official. Tickets to both shows go on sale from 10am on Thursday, June 6 – and you can count on both selling out very quickly.

    The visit comes off the back of a phenomenal year for the newly-solo star. Ocean’s debut solo record Channel Orange was, by all accounts, one of the best releases of the year. “Sure, Channel Orange– the major label debut from Frank Ocean that arrived in July on a tidal wave of hype – would never be mistaken for ‘dance music’,” our reviewer wrote. “The word ‘electronic’ certainly applies, though, from the brilliant 10-minute synth jam Pyramid to the luxuriant beats of Thinkin Bout You and Pink Matter. There’s accomplished production on each track, but the ‘less is more’ mantra pays off. Pharrell, Om’mas Keith, André 3000 and even John Mayer show up (in the case of Mayer,very briefly), but Channel Orange is all Frank Ocean. The guy can write. As the story goes, he spent many hours perfecting the album’s vocal performances, and the songs leave an indelible impression.”

    Frank Ocean Splendour sideshows

    Friday July 26 – Festival Hall, Melbourne
    Monday, July 29 – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney

    Tickets on sale 10 AM, Thursday June 6


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    been waiting three years for this to happen tbh

    wow haven't posted since april because there's been nothing new. not ready to say bye to some of these seniors :(

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    The upcoming "X-Men" sequel, "Days of the Future Past," is easily one of the most hotly anticipated superhero films currently in production.

    But as filming heads in to its final stages for its 2014 release, cast member Shawn Ashmore is not melting under the pressure to reveal what happens to, or how his character, Bobby Drake, aka Iceman, fits into the story.

    "Some of our characters in the film are facing a far, dark future and that continues with Bobby as well," Ashmore says during a recent break of filming in Canada. "It's an intense storyline and pretty exciting."

    Though he wouldn't reveal specifics -- "I want to get invited back," Ashmore jokes -- the actor says fans can expect to see a familiar, though more mature Drake.

    "He's changed from who you saw in 'X-3,'" Ashmore says.

    Ashmore says re-teaming with his "X-Men" castmates and director Bryan Singer -- who helmed the first "X-Men" film, and its followup, "X-2: X-Men United" -- has been comparable to attending a family reunion.

    "What's so great about being part of a franchise is every couple of years, or in our case, every five or six years, you get to come back and work with the filmmakers and actors," Ashmore says.

    "I just turned 19 when I shot the first movie," he adds. "I was still a teenager, but it feels like a lifetime ago. Everyone's grown up."

    Ashmore credits Singer for ushering in the superhero genre boom.

    "Bryan has grown as a filmmaker as well, so it's really exciting," Ashmore says. "I trust him completely, with the stories and the characters. It was a no-brainer to come back and watch him tell the story he wants to tell."

    'Following' talk

    But an ice-conjuring mutant is not the only character piquing fan interest at the moment.

    Ashmore plays young FBI agent/computer whiz Mike Weston on the Fox drama-thriller "The Following." The show follows FBI agent Ryan Hardy, played by Kevin Bacon, who is trying to track down a serial killer and his bloodthirsty cult.

    He says the cast was never 100 percent sure what would be the fate of their characters from episode to episode. Ashmore says the producers gathered the cast before shooting started and warned them that some of their characters were not going to make it through to the end of the season.

    "It kept everybody on their toes," Ashmore says. "You would be going, 'Is this literally the one?' Story-wise, I had no idea (what was going to happen), which I kind of liked."

    Ashmore says the actors were barely catching up on scripts as filming took place and did not get to fully digest what was happening with, and to, their respective characters.

    "That's how we shot the first season and I think it worked out well," Ashmore says. ("The Following" was renewed in March for a second season.)

    Ashmore says he had a specific idea of who Weston was, but had a completely different perspective by the time of the season finale. Ashmore says Weston has become "for lack of a better word, a badass."

    "(At the start) he's inexperienced. He hasn't lived through violence and the extreme nature of a case," Ashmore explains. "I love that, to me, it brought out a maturity in him."

    Ashmore says he is a fan of the partner aspect of playing Weston and the dynamics it presents working with Bacon, and the "unspoken bond" the two characters share. "I love the team," he says. "They do what they need to do to stop this threat. I hope that idea sort of continues into next season.

    "I came to the realization that this kid's in it for the long haul and there is more to him than I thought," Ashmore says of Weston.

    Ashmore says he visited the FBI's Los Angeles headquarters to research the role. He says even Weston's look -- hoodie, leather jacket and jeans -- was a motif he borrowed from real-life federal agents he met.

    "I was only there for maybe four hours and you can only get so much knowledge," Ashmore says. "But they were very helpful. I just asked the questions that I wanted to know."

    Fan response

    Ashmore says he tries to play his character as raw and real as possible. He says he is overwhelmed by the amount of support he has received from fans.

    "These people dedicate their time and money, watching you on TV or watching movies," Ashmore says. "This is my dream job and I'm doing it. I've had so many amazing experiences."

    Ashmore will have a chance to interact with fans this weekend during the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con. The convention opened Thursday and runs through Sunday at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

    Ashmore acknowledges that it is natural not everyone is going to be happy about the way he portrays a character. But he doesn't have any complaints or regrets.

    "Ninety-nine percent of the response is positive," Ashmore says. "I'm really looking forward to coming to Philadelphia."

    Bonus: Eddie McClintock and Aaron Ashmore responding to the news of Warehouse 13's cancellation.

    Source 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
    If you're in the Philadelphia area Aaron and Shawn are currently doing their first convention appearance together at Wizard World this weekend. Thank you for your time. This post has been brought to you by actual fanboy Mike Weston and the fierce and flawless Steve Jinks.

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    One Direction hunk Zayn Malik is certainly one loved-up lad as according to insiders he's "promised," girlfriend Perrie Edwards he'll do anything to make their relationship work despite 1D's touring commitments over the next year. Pahahaha

    The Kiss You boys are currently on their eight month Take Me Home tour and have already announced an even bigger stadium tour, the Where We Are tour for next summer, but despite the hectic schedule the Bradford lad has reportedly promised his Little Mix love, it won't affect their romance, a new report claims. (But the cheating might)

    “Zayn feels guilty about how much time he spends away from Perrie," a reported insider told Star magazine. Suuurrrreee

    “He has made a pact with her that whenever he gets a break, he will see her. They’ve made it work before, but have never spent this much time apart in one go.”

    The source claims Perrie is worried the amount of time they're spending apart may end the romance, but the 1D hunk has assured her that won't happen.

    The close pal went on: “Zayn has sworn to Perrie that she doesn’t need to worry. He has promised her that he will do anything to make their relationship work.”

    Last week, Perrie joined her boyfriend in Italy as the boys continue their tour and looked more in love than ever as they walked hand in hand to their tour bus. 'Zerrie' have always insisted that they find a way to make long distance romance work.

    The DNA star recently opened up to Seventeen magazine about how the popstar couple make their relationship work, she said: “(To survive long distance) we talk to each other every day either on the phone or on Skype.

    “I think keeping each other updated on what’s going on and having something to talk about is the main key. I always save my funny stories to tell him!”

    They're such a cute couple! (Since when?)


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    When last we checked in with the aggressive trio of brokers on “Million Dollar Listing New York,” the former hand model and soap actor Ryan Serhant was working the deal of his career at a SoHo loft, while the former Swedish porn actor Fredrik Eklund had opened himself up to love.

    Fredrik Eklund, of Douglas Elliman, interacts with clients on “Million Dollar Listing New York.”

    Fans of the reality show will be rewarded in Season 2, which is to start May 8 on Bravo, with more catfights and dirty tricks among the brokers, and in the season finale, Mr. Eklund’s emotional wedding on an island in South Florida.

    After success with the original “Million Dollar Listing” in Los Angeles, the New York show pulled in an average of more than a million viewers an episode and was sold to almost 100 countries. Now the cable network is in discussions about “Million Dollar Listings” in both Miami and San Francisco, according to a person familiar with Bravo’s plans. The Los Angeles show, which is returning this summer for its sixth season, averaged 1.28 million viewers per show last year.

    And why not? Real estate is on fire again, certainly in New York, and lately in Miami as well. Mr. Serhant and Mr. Eklund had a year of huge sales and credit the show for at least part of their success.

    But television can be a messy business, and efforts to make good television can clash with the challenges of representing the realities of real estate transactions. And as “Million Dollar Listing” shows, it can be the fame-seeking brokers themselves who drive the faux drama that keeps the ratings up, sometimes to the distraction of real-life owners.

    Mr. Eklund saw his team’s gross commissions nearly double, to $5.27 million, and last year he and his partner, John Gomes, and 10 others were the second-ranked broker team within Douglas Elliman, the city’s largest brokerage, having risen from eighth place the year before. Mr. Serhant, a broker with Nestseekers, moved from an office over a burger joint on 49th Street to his own space in TriBeCa, and went from having one assistant to a team of 12, with perks including a chauffeur-driven Escalade.

    They could pay us nothing and we would probably still do it,” said Mr. Serhant, 28, “because the advertising is something you can’t buy.”

    But just as buyers of million-dollar apartments should beware of the not-so-pleasant details of any listing, so too should viewers understand that “M.D.L.N.Y.” sometimes offers an alternate form of reality.

    Michael Lorber, a broker at Elliman and the son of its chairman, Howard Lorber, said he decided to quit the show after the first season because it did little for his business. It is filled with scenes recreated for the cameras, he said. Scenes of the brokers waking up in the morning, for instance, were often filmed in the afternoon. One time the producers asked him to dress in winter clothing in the summer to walk into a building, for a shot that would be added to a show that had been taped long before.“It was so stupid,” he said.

    “Most of my clients don’t watch the show,” he added, noting that the thrust of his sales — co-ops — have never been represented on “M.D.L.N.Y.” because notoriously thorny co-op boards want nothing to do with it. “People do it for the fun and to be famous.”

    With the production team insisting on capturing the brokers’ home life, Mr. Eklund hit an early snag when the condo board at 21 Astor Place, where he lived, refused to allow seven months of filming (even after he offered to pay them, he said). So he rented a second apartment a few blocks away; there, he said, the film crew shot scenes of him waking up and hanging around the kitchen.

    The pace of real estate is such that even with Bravo’s seven-month shooting schedule, deals can fall apart and viewers may not get the whole story. Mr. Serhant’s double-unit sale at 95 Greene Street in SoHo became a shadow of its former self — whittled down to a single unit — due to legal issues, after the cameras stopped shooting, something that was awkwardly noted in quick on-screen text in the season’s closing seconds.

    Some things are never explained. In the Season 2 premiere, Mr. Eklund asks Stuart Parr, a film producer, if he is the owner of the Marble House, a town house in TriBeCa. Mr. Parr replies that he is the “owner, designer and actual contractor.” He gives Mr. Eklund 30 days to sell the residence for $17.5 million. What is not revealed is that Mr. Parr was not the actual owner, but an old equity partner in the company that previously owned the building; he was trying to flip the apartment before he was contractually obligated to acquire it, said Justin Ehrlich, a partner at VE Equities, which owns the building.

    Mr. Eklund said he had not found out about the ownership situation “until much later.” Mr. Parr said this week that although VE Equities owned the unit, “I controlled the right to sell it.”

    The Marble House ended up being a kind of Waterloo for Mr. Eklund. He noted on the show that he spent $40,000 trying to market it, even trying publications aimed at wealthy Chinese and Russian buyers. In the end Mr. Parr ran out of time; in March he had to buy it for $9.46 million or lose it.

    He blamed the Bravo show for problems selling the place. He forbade Mr. Eklund to film at Marble House after the second episode, saying Mr. Eklund’s need to sell within the time frame of the show was interfering with his own attempts to sell.

    Mr. Eklund responded by saying, “We worked incredibly hard to sell this property and, unfortunately, did not succeed.” He added that he sold 38 apartments in the second season.

    Last year Holly Parker, an Elliman broker, said the show had staged a broker party at a penthouse at 100 11th Avenue that she had sold for $19.4 million. So brokers were ostensibly being introduced to the listing after Ms. Parker already had a signed contract. She referred to the show as “all make-believe.”

    Shari Levine, a senior vice president of Bravo, defended the show’s realism. “The level of reality is very high,” she said.

    And these sorts of issues don’t really bother Dottie Herman, the chief executive of Elliman. She says the bottom line is what matters to her, not the messy details.

    “They might throw an extra party or two,” she said, “but there would be nothing that would be false false.”

    The brokers insisted that they themselves drive the drama, not the producers. In the Season 2 premiere, Mr. Serhant shows up at Mr. Eklund’s open house for the Marble House. After Mr. Eklund ribs him about his collapsed deal in SoHo, Mr. Serhant strips off his shirt and dives into the pool.

    “I think I got a little too cavalier” and jumped in to irritate him, Mr. Serhant said.

    Mr. Eklund later shows up at Mr. Serhant’s office unannounced to complain about the stunt, and the two trade nasty put-downs.

    Last week Mr. Eklund said he was still annoyed. “But does one part of me acknowledge that this could be good TV?” he said. “Perhaps. It is a fine line.”

    Luis D. Ortiz, the Keller Williams broker who replaced Mr. Lorber, and who plays up his Puerto Rican heritage on the show, enlists the help of a doorman at 15 Broad Street to divert people from Mr. Serhant’s open house to his own listing in the building, where he offers salsa lessons. And in a later episode Mr. Ortiz, 26, enlists his twin brother, Daniel, to alter photos of an apartment in bad need of a kitchen remodel.

    After an open house at which potential buyers question Mr. Ortiz’s honesty, his bosses at Keller Williams put him on probation.“I don’t regret it,” he said last week. “It was part of a learning process.”

    Mr. Ortiz has run-ins with both of his cast mates in Season 2. And the tension between Mr. Serhant and Mr. Eklund never lets up. The animosity is delicious, of course, for the cameras.

    It came as no surprise to Mr. Serhant that Mr. Eklund didn’t invite him to his February wedding to Derek Kaplan, 38, on Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys. Although Mr. Serhant was not there, a Bravo film crew of 16 joined the 64 guests at the resort for four days. Cameras captured uncomfortable talk of a prenuptial agreement and monogamy, Mr. Eklund said.

    “Filming a reality show is like jumping out of an airplane,” Mr. Eklund said. “You just hope at some point on the way down that parachute is going to go off. I am a control freak in real estate. But you cannot control this, there is no way.”


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    Prom season is here and it's downright stressful. Finding the right date, the right tuxedo, and the right afterparty all take a lot of work. So does deciding how to pose for those pre-prom photos—whether it be in your parents' front yard or the cheesy photo stand near the entrance to your big night. Don't worry, you're not alone. Even your favorite musicians have had their awkward phases well-documented at their own proms. Here are 23 5 Photos of Musicians at Prom.

    Taylor Swift

    Trey Songz

    Bruno Mars

    Lady Gaga


    Britney, Snoop Dogg, Fergie, Brandy & more at the source

    ONTD, did you go to prom? How was it?

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    In Jupp Heynckes' final game in charge, Bayern became the first German team to win the Bundesliga, the European Cup, and the German Cup in the same season.

    Thomas Mueller scored from the spot before Gomez scored twice in the second period to put Bayern three ahead.

    Martin Harnick managed to pull two back for Stuttgart but Bayern held on.

    The Bavarian club, who will be taken over by former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola on 26 June, finished the season with 15 wins from their final 16 matches and have only suffered one defeat since October.

    Mueller set them on their way with a penalty after Philippe Lahm was tripped by Ibrahima Traore.

    After the break Gomez converted crosses from Lahm and Mueller.

    Austrian international Harnick scored with a fine header from Gotoku Sakai's cross before setting up a tense finish with a firm shot after he was denied by Bayern keeper Manuel Neuer.

    But the Bundesliga and European champions withstood heavy late pressure to complete the treble and send Heynckes out on a high.

    source 2


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    Jennifer Lopez performed an energetic set at Chime for Change in London today that included On the Floor, Live It Up, and a medley of her greatest hits. But it was her surprising duet with Mary J. Blige on Come Together that really stole the show. Chime For Change is an event that brings forth attention to women across the globe who suffer from a lack of resources in education, healthcare & freedom, and seeks to send out financial relief to different groups worldwide that actively are doing their part to make a change for women.

    Lopez & Blige, both Bronx natives, have never performed live together, but their emotionally charged performance was a spectacular girl power moment for all the stadium to experience.


    Even if many people still discredit JLO as an artist, her voice has come a long way from If You Had My Love. Mary ALWAYS kills it, but JLo held her own! It was amazing to see how much love the two women had for each other, and it was great that they showed this love at an event that seeks to empower women all over the world.

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    He will bow out in the Christmas special when he will be replaced by a new incarnation of the Time Lord.

    Smith, 28, who has been in the role since 2010, said it had been "an honour" to play the part.
    He said: "Doctor Who has been the most brilliant experience for me as an actor and a bloke, and that largely is down to the cast, crew and fans of the show.

    "I'm incredibly grateful to all the cast and crew who work tirelessly every day, to realise all the elements of the show and deliver Doctor Who to the audience. Many of them have become good friends and I'm incredibly proud of what we have achieved over the last four years."

    Smith also paid tribute to the programme's producer, Steven Moffat, whose "varied, funny, mind bending and brilliant scripts has been one of the greatest and most rewarding challenges of my career". He said: "It's been a privilege and a treat to work with Steven, he's a good friend and will continue to shape a brilliant world for the Doctor.

    "The fans of Doctor Who around the world are unlike any other; they dress up, shout louder, know more about the history of the show (and speculate more about the future of the show) in a way that I've never seen before, your dedication is truly remarkable.

    "Thank you so very much for supporting my incarnation of the Time Lord, number Eleven, who I might add is not done yet, I'm back for the 50th anniversary and the Christmas special."

    Smith, who recently made his directorial debut with Cargesee for Sky Arts, has spoken about ambitions for a film-making career.

    He became the eleventh, and youngest, incarnation of the Time Lord when he was unveiled as the new Doctor, replacing David Tennant who had taken over from Christopher Eccleston in 2005. It is not yet known who will replace Smith as the Doctor. His most recent on-screen companion, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, will stay with the show.

    Rumours of Smith's departure from the series sparked speculation over who will be his replacement when the Doctor is regenerated in a new form once more. Favourites include Homeland star Damian Lewis or that Tennant may make a return. idts

    Mr Moffat said: "Every day, on every episode, in every set of rushes, Matt Smith surprised me: the way he'd turn a line, or spin on his heels, or make something funny, or out of nowhere make me cry, I just never knew what was coming next.

    "The Doctor can be clown and hero, often at the same time, and Matt rose to both challenges magnificently. And even better than that, given the pressures of this extraordinary show, he is one of the nicest and hardest-working people I have ever had the privilege of knowing.

    "Whatever we threw at him - sometimes literally - his behaviour was always worthy of the Doctor.

    "But great actors always know when it's time for the curtain call, so this Christmas prepare for your hearts to break, as we say goodbye to number Eleven. Thank you Matt - bow ties were never cooler.

    "Of course, this isn't the end of the story, because now the search begins. Somewhere out there right now - all unknowing, just going about their business - is someone who's about to become the Doctor.

    "A life is going to change, and Doctor Who will be born all over again. After 50 years, that's still so exciting."

    Source / BBC UK announcement

    I'm updating this post in case news other than Matt leaving arise.

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    Iggy Azalea performed at the ‘Chime For Change: The Sound Of Change Live‘ Concert at Twickenham Stadium in London earlier today, June 1. Chime For Change is a global campaign for girls’ and women’s empowerment founded by Gucci with a founding committee comprised of Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini, Salma Hayek Pinault and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter.




    I can't believe she's performing at these big events already, amazing!

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