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  • 02/10/12--09:57: Kate Moss: Angel and Devil
  • article-2099333-11AA9AE3000005DC-990_306x423.jpgarticle-2099333-11AA9ADF000005DC-487_306x423.jpg







    Article at the source.

    W Magazine

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    It's never fun when a friendship goes awry, but it's doubly worse when there's quite a lot of money involved: Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has been sued by former collaborator and childhood friend Tony Moore, who drew the first six issues of the comic book, as well as dozens of covers after leaving the title. Moore claims that he was tricked into giving up his commercial rights to the series, which has, of course, gone on to wild fame as cable's highest rated TV show. "Each of these works was prepared by [Moore] and Kirkman with the intention that their contributions be merged into inseparable or independent parts of a unitary whole," the lawsuit reads. "[Moore] and Kirkman were thus joint authors and co-owners of the copyrights in these works."

    The Hollywood Reporter has all of the nitty gritty allegations: Moore says that back in 2005, he signed the majority of his copyright interests over to Kirkman thinking that a proposed TV deal would fall apart if he didn't, the idea being that Kirman would pay him his share of royalties. Instead, Moore says he hasn't received any money, using pointed words like "swindle" to describe how the deal went down. In counterpoint, Kirkman's attorney said "Mr. Moore is owed no money at all. And Mr. Moore's contract has an attorneys' fees clause in it so we will be going after him to collect attorneys' fees. We are taking this matter very seriously." This sounds like a bloodbath, one that won't end pleasantly.

    For what it's worth: I used to be a slave to the Walking Dead comic, and Moore's hyper-detailed art was definitely a huge factor in shaping its tone. Of course, the good intentions of creative collaboration don't automatically translate to legal right, so it's difficult to say what recourse he has. It's hard to poke into the details of any fallen-apart friendship, but it's sad that they have to resort to litigation to work out what started as such a small, noble endeavor (about bloodthirsty zombies and the perils of struggling in a mad, Godless world, but still).


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  • 02/10/12--09:58: ONTD Roundup
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    Glee's Lea Michele in Talks for Spring Awakening Movie!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Is Lea Michele gearing up for another Spring Awakening?

    We are so excited to exclusively report that the Glee gal could be reprising her role from the hit Broadway musical in the upcoming movie adaptation.

    "We're talking to Lea Michele because she made the role of Wendla famous and we'll see if that pans out and works with the timing of her schedule on [Glee]," the flick's director, McG, told us last night at the Hollywood premiere of his new romance action flick This Means War.

    The show, which won eight Tony Awards and is based on an 1891 German play of the same name, centers around a group of teenagers dealing with topics including abortion, rape, suicide, masturbation and even some S&M. (Glee, anyone? L O L NO)

    "I love Lea; we've talked about it," McG said. "When I first got turned onto the show she was in it so it's her voice that echoes in my heart. I really think she's wonderful and we'll see where it takes us."

    McG said Spring may be his next film project. "It's very similar to the [stage] production," he said. "We're probably going to shoot it in Eastern Europe and it's a very true adaptation of what it is with a little Baz Luhrman thrown in."

    Now we want to hear from you. Do you want to see Ms. Michele in the Spring Awakening flick? Sound off below!

    Honestly, McG is a terrible director, but he's been wanting to make this movie for awhile now, and I know Duncan Sheik has already written a song for the film. All in all, the movie is a long time coming considering how long everyone's been talking about it. And yes, Lea and the rest of the OBC (except for maybe Jenn and Remy) look too old to pass off as 14 year-olds but I don't care. Lol.

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    so 70s chic imo

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    Schmidt wins again
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Ph. Willy Vanderperre

    Ahead of the release of the new issue of AnOther Magazine next Thursday, we present cover star Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain.

    A truly modern star with a magnetic screen presence and a rare beauty that recalls the old-style glamour of Hollywood’s Golden age, Chastain joins the long list of credible Hollywood actresses to grace AnOther Magazine’s cover. She appears as she’s never been seen before in an exclusive fashion story photographed by Willy Vanderperre and styled by Olivier Rizzo, previewed here in this behind-the-scenes film by Michael Cleary.

    Inside the issue she discusses her cinematic adventures of the past year working with some of the greatest names in film including Terrence Malick, Al Pacino, Sean Penn and Brad Pitt.

    Jessica wears blouse and corsage by Miu Miu and crystal earrings by Jil Sander.

    AnOther Magazine, Spring/Summer is on sale worldwide on Thursday February 16.



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    Macaulay Culkin bailed on his monthly deejay gig Thursday night at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City's West Village. Instead, fans ready to dance to his live music picks got an earful of his iPod – and a chance to do some charity.

    "He's here all the time. He comes pretty often. Tonight, something just came up and he couldn't make it," a club employee told PEOPLE. "But he did drop off his iPod – that's what's playing. It's a shame he's not here, because he always plays really good music."

    Culkin, whose gaunt appearance in a paparazzi shot made headlines Thursday, was expected to take to the turntables around 10 p.m. Around that time, a sign (above) was taped to a box downstairs by the bar telling fans a canned good would get them in for free, and with no "Mack" in attendance that dancing would be to his pre-selected tunes.

    "Macauley Culkin is in perfectly good health," his rep said in a statement when asked about the photos Thursday. "For any media outlet to speculate otherwise is reckless, irresponsible and destructive."

    The club employee that PEOPLE spoke to hadn't heard of the photo controversy, but he said the food drive was legit – and that a lot of people brought canned goods.

    The bigger question about the MIA actor: Was he home alone?(lol),,20569122,00.html

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    Lionsgate Will Film More ‘Twilight’ if Stephenie Meyer Writes a Fifth Book.

    When Lionsgate bought Summit Entertainment a couple weeks back — or when Lionsgate bought Twilight, I might say to be more direct — Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer said he would like to continue Twilight, either on film or television.

    Now, during a conference call to report Lionsgate’s third quarter earnings for 2011, Rob Friedman, the co-chair of the studio’s motion picture group, says they’re ready to make a sixth Twilight film if Stephenie Meyer will write another book.

    THR reports that Friedman said,

    If she (Meyer) wishes to do it, we’ll be there to support her.

    If this was a J.K Rowling series they were talking about, the author would probably be able to silence the talk with little more than a withering glance ( ok but this bitch has ONE series, one hit wonder, STFU etc.). But Stephenie Meyer doesn’t seem to be so dedicated to a full-stop end for her signature series. In 2009 she left the door open for another book:

    I am a little burned out on vampires right now. I think I need a little break. I might go spend some time with my aliens. I might do something completely different. I’ve got to cleanse the palate. I may come back to it. I did envision it as a longer series. But I wrapped Breaking Dawn in a way that I felt satisfied with, so if that moment didn’t come, I’d be okay.

    A few years ago Meyer was writing a fifth book, Midnight Sun, which was actually a rewrite of the first Twilight novel from the perspective of Edward Cullen. She quit writing that book in 2008 when the first twelve chapters of the unfinished novel were leaked online. She said,

    If I tried to write Midnight Sun now, in my current frame of mind, James would probably win and all the Cullens would die, which wouldn’t dovetail too well with the original story. In any case, I feel too sad about what has happened to continue working on Midnight Sun, and so it is on hold indefinitely.

    At that point she also said that she wanted to leave the book alone for a couple years, and perhaps go back to finish it when it seemed like people had forgotten about it. Given the continued popularity of Twilight, that forgetting doesn’t seem very likely.

    The DVD and Blu-ray release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 take place late tonight, and a trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 2 will premiere in front of The Hunger Games when that film opens on March 23.


    dkisogbscyxhg i know its coming you guys THE ANNOUCEMENT IS CUMMING!!

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  • 02/10/12--11:04: Kirk Cameron is at it again

  • It's been four years since Kirk Cameron appeared in the impactful marriage film "Fireproof," but he hasn't been resting. Working on his latest film "Monumental," Cameron is looking to make an even bigger impact this time around, tackling family, politics, and spirituality in America.

    "Monumental: In Search of America's National Treasure" is Cameron's latest effort. The film captures his personal journey through American and European history, visiting historical sites to capture what has made America the "freest, securest, prosperous, and healthy" nation in the world.

    With the country plagued by a spiritual, political, and economic decline in America, Cameron takes this journey in hopes of starting the healing process from its roots – the American family.

    "Now this is my project, but it's about all of us, it's about our kids and securing a monumental future for them," he said in speaking about the film. "How do we teach them the truths that will set them free internally and externally for the world that they live in and secure their future?"

    Telling the story of early Americans who sacrificed for liberty, "Monumental" shares stories of faith and how it helped to shape the fibers of America, including education, civic life, and government.

    "I decided to travel across the U.S. and Europe to discover the true national treasure of America. I wanted to find out who the people were who built this country – the heroic men and women who sacrificed everything to be free and give their children and their grand children freedom and prosperity."


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    JLS, Lady Gaga and the Wanted churn out the singles and reload their albums as the pop biz decides 'more is more'

    As Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke have found, you can't hang around for too long between singles. But is this the end of the 'era'?

    Last November, stilted male mannequins the Wanted "composed" a "news story" for the Daily Star in which they discussed their just-released second album, Battleground. "Our album came out four days ago but don't worry, a repackaged version will be along soon," appeared to be the gist of it. While the promise of "some extra-special new tracks" (one of the potential songs is described by the band themselves as "shit") probably thrilled the band's many back-catalogue completists, it also poses an interesting question about the rate at which pop now moves. Is our collective musical attention deficit disorder so extreme that we need details of an album repackage in the same week as the original is released? Is it time to say goodbye to the notion of pop star "eras", if each era now overlaps with barely a breath? Or – and let's try to consider some positives here – does this mean the length of time we have to endure, say, Stooshe, is now limited to about six months maximum?

    It's worth noting that when Madonna's last album, Hard Candy, was released in April 2008, Lady Gaga's debut album was still four months away. Since then, Gaga has released 12 singles, two more albums (well, one and a bit), and has already started work on the next one. In that same time period, Madonna's directed a film so bad she had to go on Graham Norton to flog it, and launched a fashion label with her 15-year-old daughter. Sure, she went on tour for a year or so but then so did Rihanna and that didn't stop her churning out Talk That Talk two-thirds of the way through a worldwide jaunt to promote her previous album, Loud. Pop stars can't take four years to make an album any more. In fact, they can't even take two (ask Leona Lewis or Alexandra Burke). The internet won't let them. And their pop rivals certainly won't.

    Nicki Minaj knows this well. In the same week that her I'm The Best single – the tenth to be released from her debut album - was added to the Radio 1 playlist, she released two teaser tracks from her forthcoming second album, due in April. What would usually be divided into two very distinct "eras", with some kind of gap inbetween, is now just one long series of songs.

    The idea of being able to differentiate between albums and eras is fading faster than you can say "the Saturdays - All Fired Up: Platinum Edition featuring five new tracks and a Pitbull guest verse". JLS, for example, announced that work had started on their fourth album six weeks after the third was released. Obviously part of this is to strike while the proverbial iron's still hot, but what if that iron is already cooling on the sideboard, facing away from any plastic objects? Is throwing more at the problem really going to help? Given that JLS's last single was their first to miss the UK Top 10, shouldn't they maybe enjoy their forthcoming tour, have a bit of a holiday, launch a line of pastel cowl-neck T-shirts, then come back when they've got at least three amazing singles?

    Still, if we assume that this new strategy – "more is more but actually less" – will speed up the lifespan of any given pop act, it could mean that by 2013, Little Mix will be on their Greatest Hits and Perrie Edwards can start her inevitable solo career. This, by the way, is a good thing.

    Source: Guardian

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    Maggie Gyllenhaal and Ewan McGregor film a scene in the rain for their upcoming HBO drama The Corrections on Thursday (February 9) in New York City.

    The 34-year-old actress held onto a gorgeous bouquet of sunflowers for the scene.

    The show is based on a Jonathan Franzen novel. Here’s a short synopsis: Three generations of a dysfunctional Midwestern family meet at the family home for what will be their last Christmas gathering there.


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    AP)  NEW YORK — On a chilly winter afternoon, Andrej Pejic settles into a Manhattan cafe with a cup of Earl Grey tea, sitting gracefully, long legs crossed. The blue-eyed fashion model gazes out a window, unaware that almost every man sitting at surrounding tables is transfixed.

    A man in a black leather jacket walks up to the window, presses his face against the glass and kisses it. Pejic giggles and admits: "I find it flattering."

    The admirers are likely unaware that the beautiful blonde is actually a man.

    As Fashion Week gets under way in New York City, Pejic is one of the most recognizable — and controversial — faces in the industry. He's the only top-tier fashion model who can walk down the runway as either a man or a woman. And his androgynous beauty has turned him into a trendsetter in an industry that's always seeking to push the envelope.

    "He's just this beautiful thing that everyone wants a piece of," says stylist Ken Anderson, who dressed Pejic for a German magazine cover.

    He has the kind of face that makes even the vainest woman jealous: high cheekbones, flawless skin and plump, shapely lips. When he speaks, his ever-so-slight Adam's apple is the first sign of his masculinity.

    Though Pejic isn't trying to be a woman, many in the transgender community have already claimed him as their own. He is seen as a bit of a maverick, someone who has embraced his sexuality without any need for explanation or justification. Last year, the gay and lesbian magazine Out named him "stylemaker of the year" and put him on its cover wearing a bridal veil and flowers in his hair.

    Pejic graced the covers of 14 magazines last year alone, including an ad campaign for a Dutch push-up bra. In 2011, he was the face for a fashion line by designer Marc Jacobs. He has walked the runways for heavyweight designers, including John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier.

    French designer Gaultier was so enamored of Pejic that he used his gender-bending look as a source of inspiration for his 2011 men's and women's wear shows, both of which Pejic modeled in. In the Gaultier men's show, a pistol-packing, bare-chested Pejic wore a sleek black suit as "James Blonde."

    That was in stark contrast with the women's show, where Gaultier crowned Pejic with the prized piece in the women's wear collection: a couture bride's dress.

    French photographer Sebastien Micke, who has photographed transgender models, says Pejic's femininity is effortless.

    "Andrej's got this thing that supermodels have — how to pose in front of the camera," Micke says. "It's just natural."

    But life hasn't always been so easy or glamorous for the 20-year-old. Born in Bosnia, Pejic spent much of his childhood living in a Serbian refugee camp before his family fled the country for Australia. He was discovered by a talent scout while working at a McDonald's as a teenager.

    From an early age, Pejic exhibited qualities thought of as traditionally feminine, for instance, preferring Barbie dolls over toy cars. As a teenager, he often hung out with girls and was once busted for stealing makeup from a drugstore. Pejic says acceptance from his friends and family made him comfortable in his own skin.

    "I'm lucky in that sense," he says. "If I had big muscles and were hairy with a beard, I might not be comfortable with that."

    At 6-feet-1, he's rail-thin, a women's size 2 or 4. His shoe size is the most problematic. Technically a women's size 11, he's forced to squeeze his feet into a size 10 to walk in women's shows.

    Gene Hogan, a representative at DNA models, the agency representing Pejic in the U.S., says dozens of calls pour in every week touting a slew of hot new androgynous models: "They say, 'Oh, you've got to see this guy! He's the black Andrej Pejic!'"

    For Pejic, every fashion season brings a new surge of headlines and opportunities, including talks of a fragrance line or a possible reality TV show. With New York Fashion Week — when designers debut their fall collections — beginning Thursday, it's unclear which shows he will walk in — if any at all.

    With the frenzy of media attention over the past year, industry insiders say Pejic runs the risk of overexposure. Given his very niche look, Pejic's ability to stay relevant may become difficult. And as his star rises, it's possible designers could hesitate to book him, fearing his persona may overshadow the clothes.

    Pejic is all too aware of the fickle nature of the fashion business. He plans to attend college eventually, having deferred his acceptance to a university in Australia. If fashion doesn't work out, he'd like to go back to school and major in economics or law.

    Although open to discussing almost anything, Pejic remains secretive about his sexual orientation. When asked whether he prefers men or women, he coyly smiles.

    "Love has no boundaries," he says.


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    1, 2

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    ...20 minutes apart

    Well . . . the Rihanna Breezy reconciliation is about to be COMPLETE. yesterday Rihanna and Chris were spotted coming out of the SAME West Hollywood recording studio. And according to the streets, they're recording a SONG together.

    The song, says the streets, is about friendship and working through problems . . . and not love per se.

    Well . . . it's about time that we all MOVED ON from the two-piece incident!!


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    We had high hopes for Legion the 2010 apocalyptic thriller pitting humans and the archangel Michael against the heavenly host, but we were sorely disappointed by the clichéd characters and mile-wide plot holes.

    But now it looks like we'll get a second chance to see heaven's war on Earth with Syfy's Legion TV series.

    Syfy has snapped up the B-movie, and now has a television series in development. In the original film, God has lost faith in humankind and has sent a legion of angels to violently destroy humanity.

    The archangel Michael, rebelling against his creator, makes a last stand with a group of humans in a diner.

    The film's director and co-writer Scott Stewart is directing and producing the film, and Sons of Anarchy Vaun Wilmott has signed on to write. Hopefully, Wilmott can help make sure Legion doesn't take itself too seriously amongst its hordes of killer angels.

    We've heard publishers predicting that angels are poised to be the new zombies/vampires/whatever, and maybe a Legion series is proof of that. Or maybe Syfy just wants to snag some of Supernatural's sweet, sweet fanbase.


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  • 02/11/12--12:37: Demi Lovato dyes her hair

  • demetria lovato @ddlovato
    Thank you SO much Nine Zero One salon for my new locks!! How do you guys like the new look?? :)

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    Sanrio revealed the first crossover goods that it is creating with the American rock band KISS. Four plush figures reimagine the four KISS band members, as they appeared on the jacket cover from the band's Dynasty album. The release date and price have not been set yet, but Sanrio and KISS also displayed keyholders, cases, and other character goods.

    Gene Simmons, the front man for KISS, revealed last June that he met with executives to discuss, in his words, "a KISS-Hello Kitty worldwide deal. Wow." Simmons plans to sell the Hello Kitty merchandise at the band's concert venues, and the band is considering developing the collaboration overseas as well.

    As Sanrio's most recognizable character, Hello Kitty has already joined forces with the rock band X Japan to create "Visual-Kei Kitty." The artist duo Mad Barbarians (Unko-san) designed official Hello Kitty Zombie Friends for Kitan Club's mascot lineup last September. ASCII Media Works' Tokyo Kawaii Magazine has been selling T-shirts and rubber straps that combine Hello Kitty with Hatsune Miku and other virtual idol characters from Crypton Future Media.

    Simmons himself played Jack ill Dark, the "Emperor" of rock, in the live-action film adaptation of Kiminori Wakasugi's Detroit Metal City comedy manga.


    ngl this sounds totally awesome

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                   Take A Look At The New Ad Campaign For Kardashian Kolor             

    Kris Jenner: Scenes were shot in Dubai

    Kris Jenner says those suspicious Kourtney and Kim Take New York scenes showing her heart-to-heart talk with daughter Kim Kardashian as they rode to the airport in Dubai were not faked.

    On HLN's Showbiz Tonight, A.J. Hammer asked Jenner about Kris Humphries' lawyer saying they were shot in a studio two months after the Dubai trip, as was reported when Kim and Kris were seen leaving a studio with the clothes they were wearing in that Dubai scene, suggesting the film was doctored.

    "We shot the entire episode in Dubai. Everyone is going to take a shot about something and, you know, challenge you at every turn. At some point you have to let it roll off your back."

    When asked about the possibility of Kim and Kris' divorce playing out in court, with cameras rolling, she said, "Honestly, I've never really heard of a divorce proceeding going to trial. I think those days are long gone," and she said she thinks the best plan is "to let attorneys" deal with it.

    Kim Kardashian’s BFF Jonathan Cheban Says Kris Humphries Can’t Prove The Marriage Was Fake

    Kim Kardashian’s BFF Jonathan Cheban says Kris Humphries can’t prove the marriage was fake. HollywoodLife spoke with Kim’s best friend and Kourtney & Kim Take New York star, Jonathan Cheban at the Diet Pepsi Style Studio Fashion Show and he revealed what he thought of Kris’ Access Hollywood interview and why he thinks it’s shocking Kris wants to battle with Kim in the public eye!

    “I mean for a guy that doesn’t like [media attention] … it’s really weird that he’s pushing for that to happen,” Jonathan tells us. “Kim is not doing the fighting, it’s up to the lawyers now. I just think that if he wants to keep pursuing it, he obviously has a big issue.”
    But can Kris prove the wedding was fake by having Kim’s sisters subpoenaed to testify and show allegedly mis-edited Kourtney & Kim Take New York footage?

    “The wedding was not fake, he’ll never be able to prove that the marriage and wedding was fake. It’s impossible,” Jonathan explains.”The wedding was real. I was there from the beginning where Kim was like ‘He’s cute, that guy, I want to meet him!’ You know what I mean? It could never work in court.”

    Jonathan also stated that that he’s currently planning another reality show and he’d love to have a spinoff with Kim!
    “I’m working on something right now that I’m developing that will be bigger than the show we already have [The Spin Crowd],” he tells us. “Having a spinoff with Kim would be amazing. She and I vibe really great and we’re obviously really close friends. We’d do it the right way.”

    "While we were in Dallas visiting Khloe the whole family decided to go line dancing! We took a class and had no idea what we were doing, but that was the best part! We had so much fun!!! Have you guys ever been line dancing?"

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    omg i cant wait to buy all the new kolors ^_^

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    aliana lohan at the chateau marmont


    she looks like a mini paz de la huerta here <3

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