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    Says music industry will *DIIIIIIEEEEEE* if people don't continue buying records.

    In support of their tenth studio album, ‘Sounds Of A Playground Fading’, In Flames were back in the UK to support Trivium on the Defenders Of Faith tour after previously touring Europe with the roles reversed.

    ‘Sounds Of A Playground Fading’ was the band’s first album to not feature Jesper Stromblad, who departed the band in 2010. Recorded as a four piece before long term stand in member Niclas Engelin joined full time, In Flames had to adapt to a life without Jesper and showcase that they can move on without him.

    Before the band took to the stage in Glasgow, I had the opportunity to sit down with In Flames bassist Peter Iwers to talk about touring, working as a four piece, Niclas addition to the band, criticism, his new restaurant 2112 and teaching the value of music to the younger generation.

    EspyRock: Must have been a little different yesterday and instead of playing you actually could go to a show as a fan (In Flames attended the Machine Head gig at the SECC).

    Peter Iwers: Yeah it was a nice break from being the band on stage. I’m a huge fan of DevilDriver and they are all very good friends of ours so it was nice to see friends again, especially when we live on different sides of the world. It still felt weird being at the [side of the] stage and for once not walking on to perform [laughs]. This has been a very good tour for us, I’m really enjoying it. We headlined mainland Europe first and now Trivium get their chance to be headliners over here in the UK.

    Is the tour in the US next year a co-headline tour?

    I’m not sure what the billing is yet and if we are headlining or they are or it is a co-headline like you said. It would be good to do the co-headline as it would complete these series of tours nicely. We get along with the guys from Trivium so well, we’re all friends and we always have a great time when we are out on tour together.

    You’ve been touring with them in some form for around five years now is it? If not on a tour like this then you have featured at festivals and such together?

    I think that’s right. Good thing we get on now I think about it, after all these years we’ve seen them [laughs].

    Had you heard of the Trivium before you started to tour with them back in the day or were they just put on a tour?

    I knew of them but I didn’t know of their music until we performed alongside them. People should take more notice of them because they are a young band and they really do what they do well.

    How do you find touring these days because I know tonight they have shut off the top level of the venue due to poor ticket sales? Previously In Flames have always done very well in Glasgow and so have Trivium, this has been their venue for a good number of years, so are you seeing anything different these days when on the road?

    I think the problem is basically that since people stopped buying records, bands are now touring more and more so there are more tours going on at the same time now and it is hard for people to decide how they will spend their money. We need to work to live and it’s a shame that we all have to clash but because of how we tour now, you know that it is likely you will see that band back in seven/eight months.

    I went holiday to the US with my wife a year ago and we went to New York, I was so looking forward to going to Tower Records and HMV but they weren’t around anymore, they had shut them all down. How is that ever going to help people buy CDs and continue to support music legally if they have no stores? I’m a big fan of the physical product and here in the UK it is ok, you still have stores like HMV and some independent stores which keep everything going. It is important that we teach the younger generation that the physical product is a great thing to have and that these stores exist. You get a lot more for your money with the artwork, booklets, lyrics and bonus discs. When I grew up it was LPs that I bought and for me, it was a magical experience to go home and study the cover from front to back, see all of the details as you sang along to the songs. These days people don’t do that and it sucks because it means that in the future, ticket prices for gigs are going to be really high and people will then go to less shows. Bands will be touring even more than what we are now and it will just collapse. We’re all just shooting ourselves in the foot because eventually music will stop, there will no money to be made from it therefore there will be no reason for any of us to do it. People can say they do it because they love it but how can you love and dedicate your time to something that doesn’t pay your bills and doesn’t allow you to eat. So yeah, that is my extra long extended answer to that question you asked [laughs]. Keep buying records or music will die.

    How have the other nights been on this tour so far in terms of ticket sales?

    I think we’ve sold out pretty much every show or at least close to it anyway, though this may be the start of a downward spiral if we have sold poorly here tonight.

    The album has been out for a couple of months and now and congratulations on going gold in Sweden.

    Thank you.

    Were you surprised with that news based on your previous answer with the level of sales these days?

    Oh yeah but I think the fact we did it so quickly was more surprising. Our last album [‘A Sense of Purpose’] also went gold but that took around two years and this one didn’t even take six months. In a world like today it is really impressive and I’m really pleased with that obviously. Again, I think it is important to appreciate the physical product and I have children who I am teaching the benefits of the physical product instead of going online and buying it that way. It’s still better to buy it that way instead of illegally downloading the song or album of course, I occasionally purchase from iTunes but I teach them to go to the record store and buy the album because they will enjoy it so much more. It’s a little more expensive yes but you are being given the added content that you cannot get with a downloaded album. It’s our job as parents to teach our children the value of music.

    At least the value hasn’t been completely lost in Sweden just yet.

    It is a fairly small country and the metal community is even smaller but they are amongst the most dedicated metal fans in the whole world and we’re fortunate to have those dedicated individuals as fans of our music. You have dedicated fans everywhere of course but at the same time you have to keep those fans by touring more. I think I went to five or six shows before I left for this tour in Gothenburg and we usually never have shows. I know that I missed two or three shows also but hopefully people will continue to go to shows and it will attract more bands to come now that crowds are gathering.

    There was an interview that Anders did recently and he said that you’re not supposed to be metal in Sweden. Have you ever thought about the fact that you are one of those bands who have been leading the charge and offering hope to Swedish metal bands that you can make it?

    I’ve never really thought of that. We play music that we enjoy and I think throughout the years, each record we’ve released has been classified as a different kind of music but I don’t really care because we write good music. I don’t care how you classify us, if we’re metal, mainstream or death metal, I don’t really care, it’s not important. I’m just grateful that there are people who listen to our kind of music and are dedicated to the band in some manner.

    How happy were you with the outcome and the way you did the work for this album considering it was a four-piece?

    I think the album turned out amazing but we would have never have put out anything we were not happy with. Even now there is no need to look back and see if there is anything we could have differently because it would be like crying over a glass of spilt milk. We achieved something as a four piece which was special. We went into the studio thinking that we had nothing to prove anything but in the end, we came out with this feeling like we had took on the world and won. I really do think it is a fantastic record and everyone is playing at their best now.

    The positive reviews outweighed the negative but how do you take the criticism of people stating you’re not the band you once were and you’ve lost your edge from the older material that you had released?

    It’s always going to be the same. People will always find something to criticise you for and while we may lose fans because they don’t like where we are now, we’ve probably gained an equal amount of fans or more just based on the new album alone. Older fans come and go depending on their mood but you shouldn’t pay too much attention to it because eventually you will change the way that you write music and that will be very damaging. We’ve never cared about what people think when it comes to the writing process; we just do it for ourselves and so far so good. Obviously if someone tells me that my bass playing sucks or the records sucks then I’m going to ask them why. I’m not going to abuse them or rip them to shreds like people do to bands online, I want constructive criticism that I can take on board and use in the future. If you really think it is that bad then tell us why, we’ll not forget and we’ll make sure that we take it on board for the future. Maybe [laughs]. At the end of the day I need to look at myself in the mirror and be able to say that I did this from the best of my ability.

    This album was more melodic compared to previous albums, was that a conscious decision as you were writing or was that just what came out of you as you wrote and recorded?

    No, not really. Before Bjorn [Gelotte] and Jesper [Stromblad] wrote all of the riffs together and this time it was just Bjorn. They both come from different schools of rock. Bjorn is a little more rock ‘n’ roll whereas Jesper is more death metal, so I suppose that maybe reduced the death metal influence that Jesper usually brought with him. Bjorn did a magnificent job in my opinion and the fact he is a little more rock ‘n’ roll worked better for me and my playing style. I love the old records and I’m not bad mouthing anything we’ve done, I love it all but you know someone is going to take that the wrong way [laughs]. That is just the way he writes and we just all work together to the end result and this is what we came out with.

    How has Niclas [Engelin] settled into his new full time role within the band?

    He is amazing. He came in with lots of energy and a really positive attitude which we needed after the divorce with Jesper. The stuff he [Jesper] went through was horrifying for all of us and to see one of my closest friends have to deal with the nasty disease of alcoholism, it just beat us all down. So when Niclas came in with such a positive attitude, it really lifted us and it really put us back on track again. He fits like a glove and he is an amazing guitar player, I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who loves to play guitar as much as he does. He is very productive so he is always trying to kick out new ideas. He was writing with Engel at the time for their new album so he was taking all of the energy he had for that and putting it into In Flames which was great. That energy he has took us to the next level and without him being part of the band, I’m not sure how well we would have come back from the slump we were in.

    Was the album written and recorded before he came in and was declared the new full time guitarist?

    He was there during the thinking period because he has joined a little earlier when Jesper couldn’t continue the tours. We asked him if he wanted to join and he told us that he would have to think about it because it was a big decision to become a full time musician. While he was thinking about it we decided that we would go ahead and do the album because we weren’t sure how long it would take him.

    It was a big change with Jesper leaving but at the same time you chose to leave Nuclear Blast for Century Media, what happened there?

    A lot of things that I can’t talk about. At the end of the day we needed to be somewhere that really worked for us and while Nuclear Blast had been that place for many years, it was time for us to move on to something new. Century Media showed us the best plan and they had the best ideas to get the record out there, plus they seemed motivated. There is no bad blood with Nuclear Blast, we weren’t with them for so long for no reason, they did do well for us and we’re still friends with the people there but things that I can’t really talk about made it time to move on and work with someone new.

    On a personal note now, earlier this year you opened your restaurant. Did you under estimate the size of the task to open the restaurant up?

    Oh yeah [laughs], I had no idea what I was getting myself in for. We spent plenty of time thinking about it, looking at possible locations and learning the business side of things. Once we were prepared and knew we could open it, me, Bjorn and two other guys, just went for it. We took it step by step and although it was a lot harder than we ever expected it to be, we didn’t rush anything and now we’ve been open for eight months. We’ve got people there who run it for us and as soon as we’re home then we go straight to the restaurant and we help out. We do anything that needs to be done and on most occasions we’re out as the host for all of the parties that come in. I don’t know if you have been online to see it but there are two parts to it.

    Yeah the restaurant and also the pub section.

    Yeah that’s it and it’s not one of these places that you need to wear a suit and tie and it’s also not a rock ‘n’ roll place either, something for everyone to enjoy.

    What made you decide on fine dining because you could have chose from a lot of styles?

    A couple of different reason actually. When we’re out on tour and someone invites you to a place, it always ends up being a rock ‘n’ roll bar with loud music and clouded in smoke. After a show, I don’t want that, I want a hotel bar which is quiet and I can just sit and relax, you know the piano and champagne type bar [laughs], I just want to unwind after a show. Another reason is that I enjoy going out with my friends, having something to eat, a few drinks and talk away for the rest of the night but most places in Sweden close at eleven so you have to move onto somewhere else. You keep moving round places but unless you’re quick then they are full and you end up at the loud rock bar anyway. So we decided that we would combine the two and give you a place that you can sit for a long time and dine, enjoy incredible food and drink at affordable prices and then just move onto the pub area to continue a nice relaxing evening. In the beginning we had two different menus but we then just made it the same menu so depending on how you feel and where you are, you will still be able to get the same good food and drinks. Tonight I know that Sepultura and Exodus are playing in Gothenburg and they are going there afterwards to relax. We’re all becoming the same now, we are tired of loud rock clubs and we just want to find somewhere that is comfortable and we can enjoy a drink and peoples company.

    That is an extra benefit if you’re home and other bands are touring Sweden then you will be able to see friends much easier, like DevilDriver last night, just by luck they were here on your night off.

    Exactly, it does work well that way. If you were to be there on a Saturday night then you would notice that it is interesting because we have a mix of people in Iron Maiden t-shirts and then guys in their fifties with their suits and ties on but everyone mixes perfectly, they all enjoy it and it is very calm, the perfect atmosphere and exactly what we wanted.

    I read that the restaurant’s name, 2112, is a tribute to Rush. What made you decide to go with that as the name?

    I think it was one of the other guys who came up with it, his name is Martin. It is a really clean name and we all happen to love Rush. We spent a while talking about what we would call it because the name is extremely important, people get a feeling of what your restaurant or bar will be like from the name and if we called it In Flames Bar, then people would think instantly that it was a metal place or somewhere dark and dungeon like, maybe a bit twisted with people on flames or something stupid. The name though was clean and then the decoration brings out the rock ‘n’ roll vibe which is helped with some paintings and we plan to add some guitars and things. So when he said “what about 2112, from Rush?” we thought about some other restaurants that have all numbers or letter/number combinations and it just worked very well. If you know about Rush then it’s awesome but if you don’t know about Rush then it still comes across as a neat name.

    Plus it is a nice easy name that you can just roll off your tongue and it isn’t hard to forget.

    Yeah exactly, some restaurants just have some stupid names.

    As you’re food guys, have you tried anything from Scotland like haggis or black pudding?

    I haven’t sadly and I haven’t had the time to go and explore.

    Not even the deep fried Mars Bars?

    I’ve heard about this and I want to try that but I have no idea where to go for it after the show.

    They don’t do it anymore, well I haven’t seen anywhere in a long time do it.

    [Laughs] I’d still love to try it and haggis as well. Yesterday, although we had the off day, we had a really nice hotel and we just stayed in there the full day and it was nice to relax but I will try it next time I’m here.

    I’ll make sure if you’re here again then I’ll try bring some with me.

    That is a great idea, bring enough just to feed the band, we’ll sort you out with something for feeding us [laughs].

    As your dinner is here I’ll finish off with this last question. As you have been in the band now for fourteen/fifteen years, what is your best moment with the band or key highlights that stand out to you?

    Oh there are a couple. For me, most of them are back home because there some legendary venues there and we’ve managed to play in them so it’s special to say we’ve played in there. We played an outdoor arena some years ago with Iron Maiden to 55,000 people and that was amazing. It wasn’t because we were the supporting band but it was because it ended up being like our very own show everyone was going crazy for us and that will always be something I never forget. We headlined another arena a couple of times, on this tour as well, that I went to many shows as a kid so to be now be on that stage is incredible. The first time we ever played the US was the Milwaukee Metal Fest in 1999 and that was incredible to go over there and perform and see everything, it was a great moment. A day like today will be a key moment also. Outside it is raining and even though you have told me that one level has been shut off, I know that when we go out there, the fans who are there, who stood in that rain to see us perform will make everything worth it. I will not forget the fact that they paid their money to then stand in the rain to come be at a show that we were part of. On a day like today I really want to go on stage and just play, I don’t want to wait anymore, I just want to get up on stage and be impressed by the audience, they always impress us more than we could impress them and that triggers me. That’s why I do this every day, to build that connection between me and the audience and to see them enjoy it.

    Blah blah blah. Sorry bro but I don't think a little booklet and a disc are 'a lot more for your money'. Cry moar.


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    Episode 3: Where Did Our Love Go?


    "Mental Connection"

    Two teams battle at a time as they lay on a board suspended 25 feet over water. TJ asks a series of questions about random topics and and teams are awarded a point for each question a player gets right. If a challenger gets the question wrong, they are launched into the water and eliminated from the challenge. Final two teams with the most points go head to head in a final round.


    The smartest couple on the challenge lol




    TY & EMILY


    "Banded Together"

    Partners are connected to each other with a rubber band that is also connected to a pole. The first team to race across the dome and grab hold of the other pole for five seconds wins.



    Dustin busted open his knee and had to get stitches and was therefore deemed unable to compete. LAME.


    The girls have an idea for a jungle-themed animal party, but not everyone understands the concept.

    SOURCE + My TV
    is it just me or is abram extra crazy this time around
    lmao forever at diem & ct's love story making abe cry

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    Gael joined NPR's Alt.Latino to share some of his favorite new bands, discuss how he is involved in the musical selections for his films and answer the million dollar question: How did he prepare to sing his ranchera-themed cover of Cheap Trick's "I Want You to Want Me" for the movie Rudo Y Cursi?

    He also talks about films he has worked on and describes himself as "musically promiscuous."


    Mods/Commenters: Sorry if/when I screw things up, this is my first attempt at a post.

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  • 02/08/12--20:45: Revenge 1x15 Promo-"Chaos"
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    Seven words I never thought I'd write—Tuesday night's episode of Ringer was great. I'm serious. It was engaging, fun, and legitimately exciting, which is more than I can say about any of the episodes preceding it. If Ringer can keep this up, I might be willing to call it a show that I like by season's end. (Thought let's not get carried away: There's still a lot of badness it has to make up for.)

    "What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag?" may not have won me over with its title, but the episode was exactly the kind of soap opera thriller we've been promised since the start. I could lament the fact that it's taken Ringer so long to get to this point, but let's just celebrate an enjoyable hour of television.

    The main source of awesomeness? Bridget coming closer to discovering that Siobhan is still alive, and Siobhan doing everything in her power to keep that secret safe. I've mentioned this in my reviews of The Lying Game, but if you've got a show with two twins pretending to be each other, you have to give me plenty of awkward misunderstandings and near-misses. Now that Siobhan and Bridget are finally in the same city, Ringer has given them both a chance to shine—Siobhan continues to prove her role as master manipulator, and Bridget has stopped being annoyingly dense. These twins bring out the best/worst in each other!

    Speaking of people pulling their heads out of their asses, it's nice to see Agent Machado actually doing good investigative work for once. This is a character who needs to feel essential to the series, and up to this point, he's mostly been a nuisance. But as Machado has gotten closer to the truth, he's sharpened—maybe because he realizes this case is more complicated than it first seemed, or because the writers figured out one of their primary antagonists was too dull to take seriously.

    Here's hoping Malcolm can undergo the same personality adjustment and add something to this show. I think one of the reasons I enjoyed Tuesday's episode so much was that he never made an appearance.

    Now, the Juliet rape storyline. I'm still uncomfortable with it, and I remain dubious as to where it's headed, but the way it was handled in this episode worked for me. The surveillance video planted doubt, and it also reflected a very real problem in accusations of sexual assault. Just because Juliet made a pass at Mr. Carpenter doesn't mean she's lying about him later raping her. And if this is a lie, it's an elaborate one—as evidenced by the reveal that Tessa was also raped by her teacher. If Juliet and Tessa are both lying, this story is straight-up nabbed from Wild Things, but that's one of my favorite trashy movies ever, and I wouldn't mind if Ringer paid it homage.

    And Juliet's trauma did provide an excuse to introduce Andrew's ex-wife Catherine, a delightfully hot mess who gave Ringer the burst of absurdity and bitchiness it needed. "Siobhan" and Catherine duking it out may have little bearing on the story, but holy crap it was fun to watch. The petty sniping and the verbal barbs made the episode feel like a guilty pleasure instead of a slog. And I love that Catherine's parting words were a weak, "You know what, Siobhan? You can suck it." This woman is too drunk to fight properly. She showed up naked in a bathtub! She burned photos of her own daughter! Please let Catherine stick around for the rest of the season, because she has already earned a spot in my heart.

    The episode ended with a nice reveal, as Henry finally learned that Bridget has taken over Siobhan's life. And since Kris Polaha is a series regular, I'm guessing this is going to stick. I'm not dying to see next week's episode, but I'm a little bit excited—and I can't remember the last time, if ever, I felt even this much enthusiasm for Ringer.

    The ratings for this episode make me cringe. I hope the writers bust it out since it probably will only get one season D:

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  • 02/10/12--08:15: "The Artist " bloopers

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    Harvard-educated Tyra Banks is returning with an 18th cycle of Top Model.

    For its 18th cycle, "America's Next Top Model" is hosting a British invasion. Seven American girls will compete side-by-side with seven imports from "Britain's Next Top Model."

    Kelly Cutrone joins the judges panel for ANTM, and guest judges for this cycle include singer Kelly Osbourne , reality star Kris Jenner , singer Estelle , fashion designer Georgina Chapman, "So You Think You Can Dance" host Cat Deeley, former Pussycat Doll Jessica Sutta, model Beverly Johnson, designer Barney Cheng and more.

    We cannot wait to see all the "British" things Tyra Banks incorporates. We hope she does every elimination in a cockney accent - "I only 'ave one pitcher in moi 'and."

    The season premieres Wednesday, Feb. 29 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the CW. The models are as follows:

    Name: Laura
    Age: 20
    Hometown: Scotia, New York
    Height: 5'10 ½
    Favorite fashion label: Calvin Klein
    Favorite musician: Mickey Avalon, Ani Difranco and Ed Sheeran
    Favorite model: Mosh

    Name: AzMarie
    Age: 24
    Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Height: 5'9 ¾
    Hobbies: Taking photos, playing basketball and writing
    Favorite musician: Patti LaBelle
    Favorite model: Grace Jones

    Name: Eboni
    Age: 18
    Hometown: Seattle, Washington
    Height: 5'9
    Favorite movie: Ray
    Favorite musician: Nacho Picasso
    Favorite model: Chanel Iman

    Name: Kyle
    Age: 20
    Hometown: Magnolia, Texas
    Height: 5'10
    Hobbies: Modeling, wake boarding, going to the beach
    Favorite musician: Kings of Leon, Jay Z and Belle Epoque
    Favorite model: Adriana Lima

    Name: Candace
    Age: 22
    Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
    Height: 5'9
    Hobbies: Going to events like art galleries, dance competitions and lounges, watching movies
    Favorite musician: Lil Wayne, T.I., Adele and Evanescence
    Favorite model: Tyra Banks and Milla Jovovich

    Name: Mariah
    Age: 20
    Hometown: Pendleton, Oregon
    Height: 5' 10
    Favorite Musician: Drake
    Favorite Model: Irina Shayk
    Favorite Fashion Label: Betsey Johnson

    Name: Seymone
    Age: 19
    Hometown: Augusta, Georgia
    Height: 5'11
    Hobbies: Cheerleading, track, dancing and all things music and fun
    Favorite musician: Michael Jackson
    Favorite model: Tyra Banks and Adriana Lima

    Name: Louise
    Age: 25
    Hometown: Essex, England
    Height: 5'9
    Hobbies: Running, gym, walking my dog, seeing new places
    Favorite musician: Emeli Sande
    Favorite model: Crystal Renn

    Name: Jasmia
    Age: 24
    Hometown: London, England
    Height: 5'8 ½
    Favorite fashion label: Louis Vuitton and Burberry
    Favorite musician: Drake, J Cole, Movado, Beres Hammond
    Favorite model: Lilly Cole and Naomi Campbell

    Name: Annaliese
    Age: 24
    Hometown: London, England
    Height: 5'7
    Hobbies: Trampoline, gymnastics and dance
    Favorite musician: Drake
    Favorite model: Eva Marcille

    Name: Catherine
    Age: 22
    Hometown: Folkestone, England
    Height: 5'9
    Favorite movie: Terminator 2
    Favorite musician: Marilyn Manson
    Favorite model: Milla Jovovich

    Name: Sophie
    Age: 21
    Hometown: Oxford, England
    Height: 5'9
    Favorite movie: Devil Wears Prada, Mean Girls, Factory Girl
    Favorite musician: My boyfriend's band, Bob Dylan, Pulp and Britney Spears
    Favorite model: Kate Moss

    Name: Ashley
    Age: 22
    Hometown: Armadale, Scotland
    Height: 5'8
    Hobbies: Tae kwon do and kickboxing
    Favorite musician: Rihanna and Beyonce
    Favorite model: Tyra Banks and Kate Moss

    Name: Alisha
    Age: 20
    Hometown: South London, England
    Favorite movie: Roots
    Favorite musician: Rihanna & Mavado
    Favorite model: Jessica White


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    Challenge: Designers go head-to-head in pairs to create sportswear for a seasonal weekend getaway.

    SPRING: Austin (bottom) vs Kara (top)

    SUMMER: Kenley (top) vs Mondo (bottom)

    AUTUMN: Mila (top) vs Rami (bottom)

    WINTER: Jerell (top) vs Michael (bottom)

    WINNER: Jerell

    SENT HOME: Rami


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    Treating themselves to an afternoon date, Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen were spotted out to lunch in Los Angeles yesterday (February 9). The “Notebook” starlet and her “Twilight Saga: New Moon” boyfriend looked to be enjoying their time together as they strolled hand-in-hand.

    In a recent interview, Rachel confessed that while she may look super stylish on the red carpet, her everyday wardrobe is self-selected.

    "I do feel a little bit like Cinderella. Like when I went to the Sherlock Holmes premiere. The shoes were little Christian Louboutin glass slippers and the gown was made from beautiful silver lace. When you take it off it's really weird, because it's all borrowed. I feel like a pumpkin.”
    “Only when I work [do I use a stylist], I don't have a little special person who helps me get dressed in the morning! I am blessed to work with amazing stylists when I am working, otherwise I will grab a pair of jeans."

    so in sync


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    Madonna called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to discuss her Super Bowl performance including the controversy around M.I.A.‘s digit malfunction, and whether or not we can expect Britney Spears on her upcoming single “Girls Gone Wild.”

    Since stepping off the Super Bowl stage controversy has swirled due to Madonna’s guest performer M.I.A. raising a middle finger during the performance. Madonna confesses: “I was really surprised. I didn’t know anything about it. I wasn’t happy about it. I understand it’s punk rock and everything, but to me there was such a feeling of love and good energy, and positivity it seemed negative. It’s such a teenager…irrelevant thing to do…there was such a feeling of love and unity there what was the point? It was just out of place.”

    Can we expect more gladiator motifs from Madonna’s upcoming world tour? “Oh god no! I don’t want to repeat myself. I never do that! I am having auditions all next week. Then I’m going to shoot the video for ‘Girls Gone Wild’ after that, then I start rehearsals,” she says. Madonna also squashed rumors that Britney may make an appearance on her upcoming single “Girls Gone Wild” saying, ”No, it’s just little ol’ me.”

    The “Material Girl” shared that the most stressful moments of her Super Bowl performance were “when my throne docked on the stage…then getting my cartwheels on the bleachers right. Once I got past those two moments I knew I was sailing home.” However while performing her hit “Like A Prayer” with Cee Lo Green she “was overwhelmed. I started crying. I felt an incredible sense of warmth, love, and support. To see an entire stadium light up like candles it was…like a religious experience.”

    Pre-order Madonna’s new album MDNA is due out on March 26th which has “a lot of up tempo [music], but I also have three ballads which I haven’t done in a while. Something for everyone!”


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  • 02/10/12--08:58: Songs from Glee 3x13 "Heart"
    Artie - Let Me Love You ♥=(°∀°*)
    Mercedes - I Will Always Love You
    Quinn, Sam, Joe Hart (Samuel Larsen), & Mercedes - Cherish / Cherish
    Joe, Sam & Mercedes - Stereo Hearts
    Blaine, Mercedes & Kurt - Love Shack
    Leroy (Brian Stokes Mitchell) & Hiram (Jeff Goldblum) Berry - You're the Top
    Rory - Home
    Mike & Tina - L-O-V-E

    s o u r c e s

    0 0

    George Clooney, who is an Academy Award Nominee for 'Actor in a Leading Role' for his work in 'The Descendants,' appears in a portrait taken by Douglas Kirkland on February 6, 2012. 2011 Academy Award Nominee Actor in a Leading Role: THE DESCENDANTS

    Jean Dujardin, who is an Academy Award Nominee for 'Actor in a Leading Role' for his work in 'The Artist,' appears in a portrait taken by Douglas Kirkland on February 6, 2012. 2011 Academy Award Nominee Actor in a Leading Role: THE ARTIST

    Brad Pitt, who is an Academy Award Nominee for 'Actor in a Leading Role' for his work in 'Moneyball,' appears in a portrait taken by Douglas Kirkland on February 6, 2012. 2011 Academy Award Nominee Actor in a Leading Role: MONEYBALL

    Demián Bichir, who is an Academy Award Nominee for 'Actor in a Leading Role' for his work in 'A Better Life,' appears in a portrait taken by Douglas Kirkland on February 6, 2012. 2011 Academy Award Nominee Actor in a Leading Role: A BETTER LIFE

    Gary Oldman, who is an Academy Award Nominee for 'Actor in a Leading Role' for his work in 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,' appears in a portrait taken by Douglas Kirkland on February 6, 2012. 2011 Academy Award Nominee Actor in a Leading Role: TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY

    Meryl Streep, who is an Academy Award Nominee for 'Actress in a Leading Role' for her work in 'The Iron Lady,' appears in a portrait taken by Douglas Kirkland on February 6, 2012. 2011 Academy Award Nominee Actress in a Leading Role: THE IRON LADY

    Michelle Williams, who is an Academy Award Nominee for 'Actress in a Leading Role' for her work in 'My Week With Marilyn,' appears in a portrait taken by Douglas Kirkland on February 6, 2012. 2011 Academy Award Nominee Actress in a Leading Role: MY WEEK WITH MARILYN

    Viola Davis, who is an Academy Award Nominee for 'Actress in a Leading Role' for her work in 'The Help,'

    Rooney Mara, who is an Academy Award Nominee for 'Actress in a Leading Role' for her work in 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,' appears in a portrait taken by Douglas Kirkland on February 6, 2012. 2011 Academy Award Nominee Actress in a Leading Role: THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO

    Bérénice Bejo, who is an Academy Award Nominee for 'Actress in a Supporting Role' for her work in 'The Artist,' appears in a portrait taken by Douglas Kirkland on February 6, 2012. 2011 Academy Award Nominee Actress in a Supporting Role: THE ARTIST

    Glenn Close, who is an Academy Award Nominee for 'Actress in a Leading Role' for her work in 'Albert Nobbs,' appears in a portrait taken by Douglas Kirkland on February 6, 2012. 2011 Academy Award Nominee Actress in a Leading Role: ALBERT NOBBS

    Christopher Plummer, who is an Academy Award Nominee for 'Actor in a Supporting Role' for his work in 'The Beginners,' appears in a portrait taken by Douglas Kirkland on February 6, 2012. 2011 Academy Award Nominee Actor in a Supporting Role: BEGINNERS

    Jonah Hill, who is an Academy Award Nominee for 'Actor in a Supporting Role' for his work in 'Moneyball,' appears in a portrait taken by Douglas Kirkland on February 6, 2012. 2011 Academy Award Nominee Actor in a Supporting Role: MONEYBALL

    Kenneth Branagh, who is an Academy Award Nominee for 'Actor in a Supporting Role' for his work in 'My Week with Marilyn,' appears in a portrait taken by Douglas Kirkland on February 6, 2012. 2011 Academy Award Nominee Actor in a Supporting Role: MY WEEK WITH MARILYN

    Max Von Sydow, who is an Academy Award Nominee for 'Actor in a Supporting Role' for his work in 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close,' appears in a portrait taken by Douglas Kirkland on February 6, 2012. 2011 Academy Award Nominee Actor in a Supporting Role: EXTREMELY LOUD & INCREDIBLY CLOSE

    Nick Nolte, who is an Academy Award Nominee for 'Actor in a Supporting Role' for his work in 'Warrior,' appears in a portrait taken by Douglas Kirkland on February 6, 2012. 2011 Academy Award Nominee Actor in a Supporting Role: WARRIOR

    Jessica Chastain, who is an Academy Award Nominee for 'Actress in a Supporting Role' for her work in 'The Help,' appears in a portrait taken by Douglas Kirkland on February 6, 2012. 2011 Academy Award Nominee Actress in a Supporting Role: THE HELP

    Melissa McCarthy, who is an Academy Award Nominee for 'Actress in a Supporting Role' for her work in 'Bridesmaids,' appears in a portrait taken by Douglas Kirkland on February 6, 2012. 2011 Academy Award Nominee Actress in a Supporting Role: BRIDESMAIDS

    Octavia Spencer, who is an Academy Award Nominee for 'Actress in a Supporting Role' for her work in 'The Help,' appears in a portrait taken by Douglas Kirkland on February 6, 2012. 2011 Academy Award Nominee Actress in a Supporting Role: THE HELP
    Janet McTeer, who is an Academy Award Nominee for 'Actress in a Supporting Role' for her work in 'Albert Nobbs,' appears in a portrait taken by Douglas Kirkland on February 6, 2012. 2011 Academy Award Nominee Actress in a Supporting Role: ALBERT NOBBS


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    Take a big event, mix in a few vampires, add in some fancy clothes and you've got a recipe for disaster on The Vampire Diaries.

    On this week's episode, "Dangerous Liaisons," Esther's ultimate plan to kill Klaus (and by default her entire family) was revealed. But will they go through with it? Will Elena be distraught by Damon and Rebekah's hookup? And when the heck is Tyler returning? Executive producer Julie Plec answers some burning questions.

    Will Esther really eradicate her family?
    She's planning to, that's for certain, but Plec says, "The fact that this isn't a done deal by minute 42 of the episode leaves a lot of potential for how it could all go very right or very wrong in the next episode. " But one thing Plec can say for sure? "Everyone drank [the champagne with Elena's blood]. I can put that to bed now. "

    What will be the fallout from Elena finding out about Damon and Rebekah?
    Word travels fast in Mystic Falls and Damon and Rebekah's tryst is no exception. "Elena is going to be pissed on multiple levels," Plec says. "The thing with Damon we've seen is that when he's hurt, he lashes out. In a way, this is both the most cruel way he could've lashed out, but also shows a peculiar evolution in him as a character because rather than take it out on an innocent human in the middle of the road, he's striking where it hurts the most [and] very specifically at Elena."

    lmao bitch please, YOU CAN'T HAVE EVERYONE. She's flirting with Stefan and now she thinks she has the rights to Damon too! DIE BITCH ALREADY. 

    How will Caroline cope with her new situation?
    The Caroline of Season 1 was desperate for affection, but the current Caroline may be tempted, but not giving into Klaus' passes. "The king of all evil vampires has plucked her from obscurity and said, 'I bestow upon you my affection and my gifts and my flirtation,' and our girl who has come so far is like, 'Talk to the hand, buddy.' So to see her take that stance against him and in defense of Tyler is a really big deal for her," Plec says.

    When will Tyler be back?
    Not until spring episodes, unfortunately. But when our favorite hybrid returns, expect his old anger issues to resurface. "There's nothing worse than going away and putting yourself through endless and eternal agony to break a bond to some guy and then when you come back to town you realize he's been putting the moves on your girl. I can't imagine that's going to go over well."

    What are the Bennetts up to? 
    Bonnie and Abby were absent this week, but are very important come next episode, which takes place during a full moon. "We'll learn that like most of the heavy-duty witch spells, there needs to be some sort of recurring celestial event to attach to it," Plec says. "They are going to find themselves enlisted by Esther to help in this spell that would help eliminate Klaus. It's coming back to the bloodline that originated with Ayanna, and now Bonnie and her mom are the keys to being able to see it all the way through."

    Elena and ... Elijah?

    Since the introduction of Elijah, he and Elena have had an unexplainable connection and understanding for each other. Plec says it came completely by surprise. "When we decided there needed to be a big bad evil vampire in the middle of last season that paved the way for the introduction of Klaus, never in a million years would we have said that one day he'll have this magnificent and lovely friendship with Elena. And yet, that has evolved over the course of a season and a half. Next week is very much rooted in the foundation of this compassion that Elena has for Elijah and her concern in that maybe signing his death sentence she's made a mistake."

    But wait, the series isn't ignoring Matt, right?
    This week's episode demonstrated that despite a lack of prominent story line, Matt can easily get caught up in the battles (and be in grave danger) because of his friendships. "Screen time be damned, I think he is one of the most important characters on the show in what he represents: that guy just trying to get through life, maybe trying to get out of this town one day and have a normal life free of vampires and ghosts and supernatural."

    While not nearly as evil as Klaus, Mystic Falls’ newest inhabitant, Esther, proved a worthy adversary for her hybrid son this Thursday when she — with a little blood help from Elena — seemingly signed his death sentence. But will she go through with her spell to rid the world of all her offspring? And, if Klaus isn‘t doomed, will he continue to pursue Caroline? Where the heck is Tyler? And what’s next for the members of TV’s messiest love triangle? Here’s what exec producer Julie Plec revealed during a recent Q&A:

    QUESTION | It seems as though you’re setting it up for the Originals to be killed off, all in one fell swoop. Is that an actual possibility?
    Just mass Original annihilation? [Laughs] I can’t say too much about that without revealing the plan for the season, but if the villains on our show have proven anything, it’s that they have a durability that borders on supernatural. There are five Originals and an Original mama, and we’ll see who comes out the other side of it to tell the tale.

    QUESTION | Esther mentioned that it would take time to kill Klaus. What exactly did she mean? 
    The next episode takes place on a full moon, and we’ll learn that — like most things that take heavy-duty witch spells — there needs to be some sort of recurring celestial element attached to it. So, that’s what she meant.

    QUESTION | Might Esther change her mind about dispatching her family since she clearly cares so much for the “moral” Elijah?
    The fact that this [massacre] isn’t a done deal by [the first minute] of this episode [means that it] definitely has a lot of potential to go very right or very wrong in the next episode. But some major, major stuff goes down that will be interesting and surprising for the audience.

    QUESTION | Why is the eldest Original, Finn, so willing to sacrifice himself?
    If the “chip off the old block” theory applies to anyone on the series, it would be Finn as he relates to Mikael. As we know, their father had deep self-loathing and deep shame attached to vampirism, and Finn ultimately feels the same way.

    QUESTION | Klaus was always said to be purely villain, and yet we now seem to be seeing a much more human side to him. Is this something that will continue?
    I think that you can define “villain” in a lot of ways, and Klaus certainly is and will continue to be the provider of much antagonism and some very, very extreme jeopardy for our heroes. But no one is singularly just evil. He has got his own demons, his own wants, his own desires, and there are things that he’s never experienced that he wants in his own life, and I think that the two are not mutually exclusive. We could get a glimpse into what makes Klaus tick as a man without compromising his ability to wreak major havoc in this town.

    QUESTION | In comparison, Damon seems to be getting back to his evil roots. How far do you plan to take that? And how will Elena react to his hook-up with Rebekah?
    Elena is going to be pissed on multiple levels, but she also understand that in a way she sort of pulled the trigger on that. Damon has every right to be angry with her as well, and a lot of people are going to continue to be angry with each other as this unfolds in the next episode. The thing with Damon is, as we’ve seen, when he’s hurt, he lashes out, and in a way, this is the most cruel way he could have lashed out. But it also shows a peculiar evolution in him as a character. Rather than take it out on an innocent person on the road, he’s striking where it hurts the most — very specifically at Elena. By no means is it gentlemanly behavior, but certainly it was fun to watch. [Laughs]

    QUESTION | When are we going to see Tyler again? And how is he going to react to this budding Klaus/Caroline relationship?
    Tyler’s still going to be a little while [on] his journey of self-discovery and whatever it is that he’s doing. We’ll see him back in the spring. There’s nothing worse than going away and putting yourself through endless and eternal agony to break a bond to some guy, and then when you come back to town, you realize he’s been putting the moves on your girl. I can’t imagine that’s going to go over well.

    QUESTION | Speaking of Klaus and Caroline, can you talk a little about how, if at all, that’s going to develop?
    I can’t really say where it’s heading or if it’s heading more so than for us it’s fun to explore that side of Klaus, seeing a vulnerability and a romantic vulnerability, because it’s giving a window into him a little bit. What we love is watching Caroline, who in the beginning of the series, before she was a vampire, was desperate to be chosen by anyone, and now the king of all evil vampires has plucked her from obscurity and bestowed upon her his affection… We certainly find Klaus to be irresistible as well.

    QUESTION | What about the relationship that is clearly developing between Elijah and Elena? Did the writers, at some point, realize that this was more than just a “working relationship”?
    Yeah, absolutely. The whole character of Elijah has been such a glorious surprise to us as writers, because… Daniel Gillies and what he’s brought to the character… has fed into what we want to give to the character. Of course, when we decided that there needed to be a big, bad, evil vampire in the middle of last season, [and] that paved the way to the introduction of Klaus, in a million years never would we have said, “Oh, and then one day he’ll have this magnificent and lovely friendship with Elena!” And yet, that has evolved over the course of a season and a half['s] worth of stuff. Next week definitely is very much rooted in the foundation of this compassion that Elena has for Elijah and her concern that in signing his death sentence, maybe she’s made a mistake.

    QUESTION | Is there any chance Elijah didn’t actually take a drink during the toast?
    Zero. Everyone drank, I can put that to bed now.

    QUESTION | What’s ahead for Rebekah? 
    Rebekah’s going to have bigger fish to fry [than going after Matt again] in the next episode or two, with her mother trying to see her dead and her indiscretions with Damon Salvatore.

    QUESTION | How about a little scoop on what’s coming up with the Stefan/Elena/Damon triangle?
    Obviously, we’re at a little bit of a crossroads with Elena and the boys. A lot of what we’re going to start to see is the question for Elena… We’ll really be exploring her point of view for the rest of the season. Certainly, I can say that you’re not going to get to the end of the season without all three of them understanding that a choice needs to be made some way or the other.

    QUESTION | Should we anticipate some signature Vampire Diaries deaths by season’s end?
    Many of our characters are going to come face-to-face with their maker at some point before the season is over. But whether they meet and shake the hand and get dragged away with their maker is a whole other question. There are going to be a lot of moments where we’re not going to be sure who’s really safe and who’s going to see it through… But there’s definitely going to be some jeopardy by season’s end.

    The Original siblings are in danger, y'all! Remember how Esther (Alice Evans) said she wanted them all to be a family again? Well, Mama Original is a big fat liar as she revealed her plan to Elena: kill all of her children by binding them all together so that if one is killed, they all die...including Klaus (Joseph Morgan). Elijah was just returned to us and they are already planning on taking him away?! And the handsome troublemaker Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic), too?! Fate, you are a fickle mistress! 

    "I think that if the villains in our show have proven anything from the beginning in that they have a durability," Plec says when asked if the show is ready to say goodbye to the five siblings. "There's five Originals and an Original mama and we'll see who comes out the other side of it all to tell the tale." Still, having all the siblings drink Elena's blood was just the easy part in offing the Originals. "Next episode, it takes place on a full moon. We'll learn that, like most of the big, heavy-duty witch spells, there needs to be some sort of recurring celestial event or some recurring event attached to it." Enter Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Abby (Persia White), whose help Esther will need in completing her mission. 

    Now that we've got that whole Original mass-death thing out of the way, let's talk about romance! (Best segue ever? Discuss!) Let us start by saying this: Poor Damon! The eldest Salvatore brother told Elena he loved her! This should be happy news, right? Wrong! Elena's response was less than ideal (and really harsh): "Maybe that's the problem." Ouch! Clearly hurt, we saw the return of the old Damon, with swagger to spare and not a care in the world. After causing a scene at the ball with Kol, Damon ended the night with a bang: He slept with Rebekah! Can't say we blame the dude as Elena was busy as well, desperately trying to get Stefan (Paul Wesley) to admit he still cares for her. Homegirl was definitely hoping for some lip action, no? So what's ahead for TV's most angsty love triangle?

    "Obviously, we're at a little bit of a crossroads with Elena and the boys as she's starting to understand Stefan's whole 'I'm filled with nothing but rage and anger and no love and no humanity' wall has crumbled and he's actually the only one preventing himself from truly letting his feelings back in and becoming his old self. And of course Damon, who she's grown closer and closer to, she just put her foot in it big time with him," Plec explains. "I think a lot of what we're going to start to see is the question for Elena, which is ‘Here's this person that I loved, and still love in my mind, so much, and here's this friend that I have made, that has this friendship that has gone complicated. At the middle of it all, I'm still that girl who is not entirely sure that she's supposed to be in love with any vampires, much less two.'

    Plec continues, "We'll really be exploring her point of view a lot for the rest of the season, and certainly I can say that you're not going to get to the end of the season without all three of them understanding that a choice needs to be made."

    source  2

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    Part of goal to "bang 200 women this year"

    “I’d definitely bang a 60-year-old. I’d probably only draw the line at 70.”

    The girls still come in droves for axed X Factor star Frankie Cocozza.

    The 19-year-old was spotted picking up two blondes while out in Newcastle last night.

    And Frankie told us: “I’m not really fussy at all. Especially after I’ve had a few drinks, I’ll bang anyone. I don’t have standards, to be honest.

    Frankie revealed: “I masturbate three times every day. I just love it. Sometimes I’m lying there hungover and really don’t want to do it.

    “I lost my virginity at 12 and then there was a good nine or ten months, maybe even a year, without me having sex.

    “And the whole time I was thinking about the first time. That’s even though I couldn’t feel anything when we did it.”

    Frankie, who was runner-up on celebrity Big Brother last month, was seen taking the young girls up to his hotel suite after partying at Bambu.

    He looked deep in conversation with a beauty dressed in a leopard-print dress as the pair had a cigarette outside.

    Love him or hate him, Frankie's social calender has been full since he auditioned for the talent show last year.

    He has been booked to host a number of events at clubs around the country.
    But all the partying is taking a toll and the Lothario took to Twitter to bemoan his drinking habits - but didn't sound like he wanted to cut back anytime soon.

    'Would like to stop drinking, but its just to much fun,' he said.
    'Soon though, maybe.. doubtful.'

    He then added that 'drinking was bad' and he was 'feeling a bit leggy.'

    He will join his new best friend, and CBB co-star Kirk Norcross at the Sugar Hut in Brentwood, Essex tonight to host the Zoo party, featuring models from the magazine.

    In a shocking interview confession, the teenager - who claims he's on course to bed 200 women this year said he worried his wild lifestyle might kill him.

    'I've had a lot of time to think about things recently and I don't want to keep going out and getting p***** all the time,' he told the Daily Star Sunday.

    'It's not healthy and not good for you. I don't want to be dead by the age of 25. And if I keep going out and getting pissed I probably will.'

    He admitted he's find it difficult to give up alcohol.

    'I go out a lot and get f***** all the time - and I mean really f*****,' he told the paper.

    'I've been doing it every night since X Factor. When they're giving you a free bottle of Jack Daniels it is hard not to.

    'It feels like it's not possible to drink less.'

    A party for three: The girls head up to Frankie's room

    Source S2

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    Coco is famous for having more than an ample curves and she has certainly taken part in more than her fair share of racy photoshoots.
    Having made a living from posing in bikinis and showing off her cleavage, the 32-year-old, who is married to rapper-turned-actor Ice-T, is a dab hand at working it for the camera.
    However, a recent photograph that she posted online may split public opinion and will be sure to start a debate on exactly what is acceptable.

    Coco recently uploaded a photograph in which she can be seen lying apparently naked on a bed with her sister's baby son sleeping next to her.

    The photograph shows the glamour model with one hand on her nephews chest and her other hand propping up her head as she struggles to keep her eyes open.
    The blonde bombshell obviously shares a close relationship with her relative but some people have been outraged by the photo and have said it is inappropriate for her to pose naked with him.
    Coco, , real name Nicole Natalie Marrow, removed the picture from her Twitter page shortly after posting it up.


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  • 02/10/12--09:29: Deb and Dex are at it again

  • Although "Dexter" co-stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter finalized their divorce in December, the former couple couldn't be any closer as they walked arm-in-arm and snuggled in Venice Beach on Wednesday.

    So much for irreconcilable differences.


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    H.R.H Queen Catherine of France at the Sidaction Gala dinner, Jan 26

    Her Majesty also attended the Maison Louis Vuitton Roma Etoile cocktail in Rome, Jan 27

    Isabelle Huppert was also at the Sidaction dinner with Christian Louboutin and Diane Kruger, Jan 26

    Clémence Poésy was at the 39th London Evening Standard British Film Awards, Feb 06

    Vanessa Paradis was also among those attending the Sidaction dinner, Jan 27

    Anna Mouglalis was there too..

    Aissa Maiga attends the "Aujourd'Hui" Premiere during day two of the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival, today

    Léa Seydoux looked flawless at the "Les Adieux De La Reine" Premiere during day one of the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival, Feb 09

    Charlotte Gainsbourg proved she's cooler than your faves at the International Jury Photocall during day one of the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival, Feb 09

    Charlotte again with the rest of the jury, Feb 09

    Juliette Binoche in this week's Figaro Madame

    Tahar Rahim on the cover of the Spring 2012 issue of VMAN

    Louis Garrell is also featured in the Spring issue of VMAN

    sources 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14

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    LOL JK it's just Serena Williams, posing last night with Kelly Rowlegend and Black Michelle Williams at the premiere of 'Think Like A Man' in Hollywood.

    mte michael ealy

    Serena's ass thanks you for your time


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    Benedict Cumberbatch is to take a break from sleuthing to play a part in a new Rumpole of the Bailey adaptation for BBC Radio 4.

    The Sherlock star, who has lent his voice to several of the famous fictional barrister’s adventures on Radio 4 in the past, will play the Young Rumpole in Rumpole and the Man of God.

    Starring Timothy West as Rumpole, the story takes place in 1959, when the cheroot-smoking lawyer is given the task of defending a clergyman accused of shoplifting who risks being defrocked if he is convicted of the crime.

    In addition to West and Cumberbatch, Rumpole and the Man of God features Jasmine Hyde as Rumpole’s wife, Hilda, and Stephen Critchlow as George Frobisher.

    Rumpole was created by former barrister John Mortimer, whose books about the jovial lawyer became bestsellers and spawned a long-running television series starring Leo McKern.

    Rumpole and the Man of God will transmit on Radio 4 on Thursday 1 March at 2:15pm. It will be followed by a second episode, Rumpole and the Explosive Evidence, on Wednesday 2 March.


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