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    Photo of Byron Bay - one of Australia's best beaches!

    The Great Gatsby is fast becoming the film equivalent of Daft Punk'sRandom Access Memories, and short of announcing an international premiere in rural NSW, Baz Luhrmann's interview with the The Hollywood Reporter further confirms why Gatsby is one of 2013's most anticipated pop-culture events. Luhrmann's passion and enthusiasm has always been infectious (who wasn't totally psyched for Australia, right?), but his candid discussion about the friendship and workplace chemistry with his Romeo + Juliet star Leonardo DiCaprio, and the revelatoryCarey Mulligan IS Daisy Buchanan moment have us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks Baz.

    CAREY Mulligan sealed her role as the enigmatic Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby with a kiss.

    In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter,Gatsby director Baz Luhrmann shared that the Drive actress stunned Leonardo DiCaprio with an unexpected smooch while they acted out a scene.

    Luhrmann said, "So she does the scene, grabs him and kisses him" much to DiCaprio’s surprise.

    After the scene, Luhrmann revealed that "she went out the door and I was just thinking, 'My God, that is Daisy Buchanan. I wonder what (DiCaprio) thinks'."

    "He said, 'The way Carey manifests Daisy is like something Gatsby would never have met in his lifetime, something so delicate that he would want to protect her to an obsessive and impossible level."

    "And it was done,” Luhrmann concluded about his leading lady.

    The 27-year-old British ingénue reportedly beat out Blake Lively, Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams to win the role.

    Also in the interview, Luhrmann heaped praise on Dicaprio, who he also directed in 1996’s Romeo & Juliet.

    "I have known Leonardo since he was 19, he is a friend. When I met him he was a gifted boy," he said. "He is now a man, and he is a man completely in control of his powers. And he only has two things he takes incredibly seriously: the environment and acting."

    Click the image for the video (Baz is kind of funny).

    source | 1& 2

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    Cara Delevingne grimaces after being hit in the face by bird poo.
    The British model suffered the unfortunate – or fortunate if she’s the superstitious type – incident during a walk in New York.

    Far from throwing a diva-like tantrum over the feathered flier that had soiled her pretty mug, she sat down on a bench to capture her mucky moment on camera.

    She subsequently tweeted the resulting snaps.

    Cara wrote: “I can’t believe a bird actually shat on my head!!

    Meeehhhh!! Well at least it’s good luck.”

    It’s unlucky a fellow catwalk queen like Naomi Campbell would have taken it in such good spirits.


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    Brad Pitt will reportedly brandish his extremely large wallet when an intimate picture of partner Angelina Jolie is unveiled as one of the lots at an auction in London later this year.

    The 49-year-old actor is allegedly keen to snap up a tasteful 2001 shot of Angelina titled 'Horseplay,' in which she nuzzles up to a stallion – the four-legged variety– for professional photographer and video maker David LaChapelle.

    According to The National Enquirer, LaCapelle's shot will be one of the lots at an auction to be held at Christies later this year – and Brad is intent on purchasing it.

    Brad is prepared to pay whatever it takes to get the photo,” a source explained. “Brad finds the photo of free-spirited Angie very sexy, although he's not wild about the (Billy Bob Thornton) tattoo on her shoulder.

    Brad wants to keep the photo for himself but he's also out to protect Angelina's new image as an A-list actress, doting mother and United Nations human rights crusader.”

    While the insider remains adamant that Pitt is bent on owning the image, doubters claim her image has never been affected by the image – which has been printed on numerous occasions down the years and widely used by publications around the world.

    Elsewhere Brad is preparing for the release of new movie World War Z, an adaptation of the Max Brooks novel which sees the hunk pitted against marauding zombies.

    The film is expected to go on general release in June.


    Nudes/Embarrassing Pictures Post?

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    Kyle Richards

    Despite being "terrified of needles and blood," the Beverly Hills housewife, 44, had a nose job in 2006 and liposuction in 2012.

    "My nose bothered me for a long time," she told Us in March 2013. "The surgery made me feel better."

    As for the second procedure? "After having four kids, no matter what exercise I did, the love handles wouldn't go away!" she explained. "I'm very happy with the results!"

    Vicki Gunvalson

    Moved to tears last season when costar Slade Smiley called her Miss Piggy, the Real Housewives of Orange County star, 51, took action to change her looks in September 2012. "I've always felt like I'm not pretty enough," she confessed to Us Weekly of her decision to thin her nose, get a chin implant, and have body fat injected into her face to erase wrinkles.

    (She previously also had two breast augmentations.) "I'm still numb -- it'll take a year to fully heal. But it didn't change me inside!"

    NeNe Leakes

    Leakes, 45, has been candid about getting work done. "If anything falls, I pick it up!" the Real Housewives of Atlanta star and mom of two told Us Weekly of her breast lift, rhinoplasty, and liposuction. "As long as you don't look plastic, a little nip and tuck is okay!"

    Lisa Hochstein

    The Miami housewife, 30, first went under the knife at age 18, when she had her A-cups upped to Cs. A little less than 10 years later, she had another breast augmentation -- by plastic surgeon husband Lenny Hochstein -- to repair the previous job (which left her chest lopsided) and increase her Cs to Ds. "They look natural," the former Playboy model said of her new breasts.

    Tamra Barney

    Barney had buyer's remorse after getting size-DD implants several years ago. In 2007, the engaged mom of four replaced them with C-cups, only to remove those a few years later in 2011. (She's now a 34B.) "My breasts were the first thing everybody looked at," the Orange County housewife explained to Us of why she backtracked on her original decision. Now, she said, "I feel more confident when I wear a low-cut shirt."

    Brandi Glanville

    Unhappy with her breasts after the birth of sons Mason and Jake -- she told Us they looked like "tube socks with balls at the ends" -- Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife told a plastic surgeon to "fill them out but make them small." (She upgraded to B-cups.)

    Following her divorce from Cibrian (who had an affair with singer LeAnn Rimes), the Beverly Hills housewife got vaginal rejuvenation surgery and charged it to her ex. "It was painful, but I had very good results," she said.

    Teresa Giudice

    The Real Housewives of New Jersey star was motivated to upgrade her once-perky A-cups to C-cups in 2008. "After I breast-fed, [my breasts] looked different," she has said. "They were deflated. I was just a big nipple...I never liked how I looked in bathing suits." Now 40, the mom of four feels more confident than ever. "I feel much sexier!" she gushed.


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    Glee actor Jonathan Groff has signed on for a dramatic role in Ryan Murphy’s upcoming HBO film The Normal Heart.

    The film is based on a largely autobiographical play by Larry Kramer chronicling the rise of the HIV-AIDS crisis in New York City in the early 1980s. Groff will play Craig, an early victim of the disease and the first lover of Bruce Niles (Friday Night Light‘s alum Taylor Kitsch), an investment banker who becomes an AIDS activist.

    Also just cast: Longtime character actor Joe Mantello as Mickey Marcus, a man who’s an instrumental member of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis.

    The actors join previously announced cast members such as Julia Roberts (Dr. Emma Brookner), Mark Ruffalo (Ned Weeks), Matt Bomer (Felix Turner) and Jim Parsons (Tommy Boatwright). The Normal Heart is expected to premiere next year.

    Entertainment Weekly

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    Could Adam Schulman be responsible for Anne Hathway smoking marijuana? In fact can we believe that Anne would let her hair (such as it is) down enough to get high and lose some self-control? You know how they say that you eventually become just like the company you keep?

    According to a National Enquirer report, in the May 6th print edition, Anne and Adam are getting to be just like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez – a pot smoking pair of stoners!

    Anne always appears to be this insufferably elitist and contrived prim and proper actress but I’ve never actually bought that act – she just tries at it too hard. The Enquirer claim they have some photographs of what Anne does when the cameras aren’t rolling, and it isn’t pretty – at least not unless you are Rihanna.

    According to the Enquirer there are various shots of Anne holding a homemade blunt with booze in front of her. Of course her eyes are red because she all smoked up and by the last photo Anne is pigging out- with her mouth open!

    Anne’s closest friends are worried that her husband has brought a world of bad influence into her life. Since Anne won the Oscar they say he’s jealous as hell because he is surrounded by Hollywood players and can’t seem to get a break himself. Adam has been spotted puffing on a pot pipe on more than one occasion and supposedly he introduced Anne to weed and other things….

    Don’t you feel like we really have no clue who Anne really is? I mean she just kind of becomes whatever is required of her, even in interviews. If she’s talking to Chelsea Handler then Anne is a really ballsy chick, but then if it’s something more serious she’s super straight laced. Every moment of her life seems to be a choreographed acting gig.
    Is Anne becoming a stoner? Can you believe that?


    The side effects of medical marijuana, ladies and gentlemen

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  • 04/26/13--16:00: FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY!



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    Mario Party 3DS

    Ready to party with the Mushroom Kingdom crowd again? Today Nintendo revealed a new entry in the Mario Party franchise coming to 3DS this winter. Like previous Mario Party titles, board and mini-games will be featured. However, the seven boards in this game will each feature a set of unique gameplay challenges.

    For instance, one board will have players collecting items that can be used to either interfere with their opponents or to progress. Another board will have players scrambling to nab dice boosts, which could help a player in last place catch up to the rest of the pack. Yet another will tests player luck as they choose whether to hide from Bullet Bills or risk it out in the open to move ahead.

    Nintendo was quick to note that gameplay can change dramatically from one board to the next. Some will move along quickly for players who don't have a lot of time, while others will test your luck and concentration.

    The new Mario Party for 3DS, which doesn't seem to have an official title just yet, will feature 81 new mini-games that use the 3DS's unique features to spice things up. Nintendo mentioned that AR Cards and SpotPass will also be supported. No information on a release date has been revealed.

    Source: Don Hatfield @ MTV Multiplayer

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  • 04/27/13--13:54: A Veep-licious Post

  • Everybody knows a Jonah—the obnoxious, cocky, little runt of a man (though actually quite tall) that serves as White House liaison to the vice president's office on HBO's "VEEP." The comedy, a satire of dysfunctional Washington politics, returns this weekend, and so does Jonah in all his foul-mouthed, imbecilic glory. Timothy Simons—who is far more pleasant than his character—talked to U.S. News about Jonah's style evolution, meeting a real-life version of his character, and where the show came up with the term "pencil f--k."

    How did you shape your character?

    I talked to somebody who worked on the Obama campaign leading up to the pilot and one of the things I talked to him about was position is capital, position is currency – your position next to power is the money that you can spend, and what would you spend it on? I think it's pretty clear what Jonah would spend it on, generally. So I just tried to think of what somebody who so wants to be considered important – even if they aren't important at all - I think he understands that, now matter how important, 'I am close to power so therefore I am powerful.' It's been fun in the second season to see who has the power throughout the season, whether it be Selina [the vice president played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus,] or Gary Cole's character [who plays a member of the president's staff ] or our other characters from the White House. You can kind of tell who has the power because Jonah is then sucking up to them or following them around or making himself subservient to them somehow. Powerless as he is, he's going to find a way to always be in a room or close to someone who has power.

    Did you ever dream of working in politics?

    My parents were definitely cut from that cloth of "you can do anything if you put your mind to it," so I probably said that when I was six. I look at working in politics now and absolutely not. I would never, ever want to work in politics at this point. I used to be very interested in it, in that I would follow it day-to-day, but I found that it was just flat out ruining too many of my days to stay on top of it, moment-to-moment. I want to be a part of an educated electorate, but I just thought it was ruining my days. So I'm now sort taking a larger view. I want to know generally what's going on, but not so much that I am just going to be angry, because that doesn't help anything.

    What kind of research do you do?

    We would take staffers out for drinks and you really got into the truth around midnight, at least four or five beers in, where all the stuff came off, all the walls came down and it's just, "You know what man, this is off the record, but this [job] f--ing sucks." You actually got some truth out of them.

    One of the things we found out in taking people out to drinks is that everybody has two phones, little prop things like that, some of the vernacular, some of the terms. We picked up "pencil f---ed" [a term used when the vice president's speech is heavily edited at literally the last minute] from that meeting. Somebody was like, "Oh yeah, a guy had a speech today, I totally pencil f---ed him." And we were like, "I'm sorry, what? I'm sorry, what?," and we wrote stuff down and that ended up making it into the pilot. The process is pretty collaborative one, so we always come in with stuff like that and we'll pitch it.

    What we will learn about Jonah in the second season?

    You see him in his element a little bit more. You see how other White House people respond to him. It's pretty clear that the VP's office hates him, but up until this point, you don't know how the White House staff feels about him, so you start to see that a little bit more. As comfortable as he is going into the Eisenhower [The Eisenhower Old Executive Building, which holds the VP's office] and just being a total c--k, you get see him in his element, where he is even more comfortable being a c--k.

    What's been the feedback you get from people who work in politics?

    I would say 99 percent of the feedback we've gotten back from people in D.C. has been positive and it's all been geared toward, "Yes, it's absolutely just like that," and that's a really flattering thing to hear, because that's what we're going for.

    There was an article that came out last year about how there's a Jonah in every office. That's definitely been something that I've talked [about] to everyone I've met in D.C. If we're going out to drinks with a friend, they have a Jonah in their office. I'll get stopped while I'll be in D.C. and people will tell me about their Jonahs. But I've never actually met one. I've never actually met a Jonah, because if you are going out for a drink or getting dinner in D.C., nobody is going to invite the Jonah out. I would really like to meet one. No one would ever admit to being one. Nobody is ever going to actually bring one out to the bar, so I don't know if I ever will.

    Anything else we should talk about?

    You're going to see Jonah's style is elevated a little bit this year – his actual clothing choices. He's such a suck-up chameleon. I was pretty excited just to get a suit that fits this year. Last year we always had this discussion of that he probably sleeps in his car most of the time – never really leaves [Capitol] Hill. He's got suit pieces that if you're walking by his desk, it looks like a suit, but on closer examination it's definitely three disparate pieces of clothing. This year, you'll notice he has to up his game if he is going to be hanging around the chief of staff and senior strategist. So I am excited that Jonah actually has a suit that fits, but also kept his ridiculous sweater vest collection. I'm taking that s--t back from Santorum.

    VEEP premieres Sunday, April 14 at 10 p.m. on HBO.

    Anna Chlumsky stopped by to talk about playing Amy Brookheimer, the Vice President’s Chief of Staff on the HBO series VEEP.

    Anna says that she actually got a lot of pointers on the job from Barbara Boxer’s Chief of Staff. Ali, who grew up in DC, said Anna’s portrayal of the character is spot-on, “Constantly on the blackberry, a little frenetic, and your life is gone.”

    Ali also asked about Anna’s background as a child actor, and while you may think “My Girl” was her first role, she actually scored her first job—a modeling gig--at ten months old. In the years after her hit movie, she went to college and then tried some non-acting gigs. She worked in an entry-level job for Zagat guides, which, “was really a step above telemarketing,” and then worked as an editorial assistant in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy division of Harper Collins, where she says she developed her geeky side. “Reading about princesses and mages…the wizardly cover art, it’s pretty fun for a 9-5 job."

    Ali also asked six-month pregnant Anna, “What’s the grossest thing that’s happened since you got pregnant?” To hear her hilariously adorable answer, check out the video.

    [Yahoo sucks and doesn't allow their videos to embed]

    “Parks and Recreation” may have heart, but HBO’s “Veep” has an even greater trick up its sleeve: it doesn’t have a heart.

    Like at all.

    That may sound like an indictment. It’s not.

    The heartlessness of “Veep” is what makes it so funny.

    Starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, HBO’s original comedy follows the adventures (but mostly misadventures) of Vice President Selina Meyer and her staff.
    Like most television shows, “Veep” struggled in its first season when it came to finding what exactly it wanted to say.

    With the last few episodes of season one and Sunday’s season two premiere, however, the show has finally found its footing.

    The show’s season two premiere sees Selina at a rare high: after trekking around the country to advocate for candidates during midterm elections, Selina received some positive news.
    She learned that her approval rating was higher than that of the president, even though her candidates’ ratings were low. This information immediately went to her head, and she began some painfully comedic angling for greater responsibility in the administration.
    None of this would seem out of place on a political drama. To be honest, it seems rather boring written out like it is above. But trust me: this show is funny.

    “Veep” is actually a lot like a dark mirror of “Parks and Recreation” — it centers on a female politico and her cohorts, but it’s nowhere near as sweet.

    Instead, it’s deliberately dour, and it positively overflows with constant (and terrific) swearing.
    And that’s what makes the show so wonderfully unique. “Veep” never tries to tug at your heartstrings.
    It would rather punch you in the gut with its intricately-crafted jokes.
    The series’ greatest strength is, without a doubt, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Tackling her third major sitcom role (Remember “Seinfeld” and “The New Adventures of Old Christine”?), Louis-Dreyfus is as fresh and funny as ever.

    She’s especially funny in “Veep” because her character is so deliberately unfunny.
    Selina Meyer is a bumbling, misguided idiot, but Louis-Dreyfus imbues her with humanity. Selina is not a funny person, but Louis-Dreyfus’ portrayal of her is absolutely hysterical.
    It takes a true comedic champion to tackle a role like this, and Louis-Dreyfus makes it look absolutely effortless.

    The show’s ensemble cast has also grown tremendously over the course of the show’s short run.
    Whereas the first few episodes of the series made every character seem like they were trying too hard to be funny, the end of season one and the beginning of season two show marked improvement.
    Sufe Bradshaw, Anna Chlumsky, Tony Hale, Reid Scott, Timothy Simons and Matt Walsh have all blossomed into their roles, with Hale being a true standout as Gary Walsh, Selina’s personal aide.
    “Arrested Development” fans will remember Hale as Buster Bluth, and that’s essentially who he plays in “Veep.”

    Picture Buster as the vice president’s lapdog and you’re on the right track. Sunday’s premiere includes a hysterical scene where Gary scrubs Selina’s lipstick out of the carpet of the Oval Office.
    Despite its initial struggles, the cast, writers and producers have found a tone for “Veep” that makes it unique.

    Don’t watch this show if you like your TV shows to be cloying and sentimental — “Veep” bypasses the heart and goes straight for the funny bone.

    1, 2, 3

    Can't wait for Veep tomorrow night!

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    Amanda Bynes has made no secret of her disdain for certain media outlets that do negative stories about her. But Friday she took to her Twitter account and unloaded on the writers at one particular magazine. And she let them know that her life of wealth and not having to work is far better than their professional lives.

    She started out “@ComplexMag you’re ugly writers. I just read an article saying I’m having a break down on twitter. I tweet like every person on the face of the earth. I’m not making empty threats on twitter. “

    She went on to say “I don’t need your advice thanks! Are any of you multimillionaires? I highly doubt it! Because I’m loaded! Millionaires do things less desperately than average folks like you. You are pathetic writers and a lame excuse for a magazine. “

    And near the end of her tirade she let them know that the life of a retired teen actress is far better than one of a working magazine writer, telling them “I have so much money that I’m giddy all day, every day. Not needing to work again is far more impressive than any of your ugly writers careers.”



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    Crowdfunding has helped countless creative projects get off the ground, but if we continue to allow it to be hijacked by the rich and famous there will be no chance left for the little guy.

    How does a globally syndicated TV star with a multi-million dollar fortune (have a gander at his flat) fund his next movie project? If you're Zach Braff you ask the public to stump up. Less than three days after uploading a Kickstarter request for $2m towards Wish I Was Here, co-written with his brother Adam, he's nearly greenlit already, with around 25,000 backers so far pledging amounts between $10 and $5,000.

    He certainly sells it well to his fans; his comedic Kickstarter video clip includes appearances from his Scrubs co-star Donald Faison, The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons and Nerdist presenter Chris Hardwick.

    And the actor isn't the first big name to fund a movie this way; last year Charlie Kaufman used Kickstarter to fund his stop-mo project Anomalisa (raking in double the required amount), and more recently David Fincher, who raised $400,000 (plus a further $41,000) to make The Goon, based on Eric Powell's comic-book creation. Significantly, the producers of the Veronica Mars movie asked for $2m and raised a whopping $5m (as the all-time highest-funded project in the film category, backers will now receive a bonus Veronica Mars sticker).

    Kickstarter is proving incredibly effective in its guise as the internet's cocky little panhandler. Around 44% of projects on the site have reached their funding goals since it was launched in April 2009. More than $500m has been pledged, funding more than 35,000 creative projects.

    But a dollar for Braff is a dollar away from an unknown, and so reaction to this particular fundraiser has been mixed. What irks is that the man on the street will not be an investor in the project, merely a donor. So if the movie becomes a sleeper hit like The Blair Witch Project, which was made for $60,000 but grossed $250m worldwide, no donor will see any kind of return. The producers get to build another kidney-shaped swimming pool, but you'll be left with your pdf of the screenplay ($10), frameable art prints ($60) or a fleeting moment as an extra ($2,500). There's a lot of talk about the spirit of crowdfunding, and how it's one of the few ways that a truly independent artist can fund their project. But if the likes of Zach Braff can hijack the process, then surely the system is compromised? And what's to stop the producers of the next Iron Man movie asking for a couple of million?

    Braff says in his video clip that he was about to sign a "typical financing deal" before realising that Kickstarter could help him hold on to all creative control. Lucky for him he had a "typical financing deal" on the table to begin with. That's not the case for most indie film-makers who are using the site to fund their passion project.

    You could argue that anything that keeps a creative dream alive is a good thing. Braff's enthusiastic online backers will be integral to the marketing of the movie, which may help it to win big at the box office, or on the festival circuit. And if you don't like him, and thought Garden State was good only for its soundtrack, no one is forcing you to donate a single penny.

    But in a climate where young artists are struggling to make their voices heard, where funds for unknowns are rare, and where every penny in the tiniest budget is hard won, it seems somewhat askew that an actor/director who has the means to either fund his movie himself, or sign a typical financing deal, is asking you for cash.

    Surely if you're the guy who has already found considerable success in a competitive industry, you should also be the guy putting something back in.

    interesting article

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    In 20 years time, we’re probably not going to remember 84% of the film stars polluting Hollywood at the moment, let’s be honest. The Adam Sandlers and the Robert Downey Juniors are safe, they have a backing with many established films under their belts.

    But there are numerous stars out there who are simply place holders, with nothing special marking them out. If you think about it, there are so many people out there with a pretty face or a good body, but only a small handful will be remembered. Most of them will die off in a couple of years.

    It’s not that I’m bitter though. Sure, I’d like to look like Channing Tatum, or earn thousands of pennies for starring in a massive franchise like Twilight. It’s the truth. So many film stars in the movies nowadays are just your flavour of the month. Very few have that longevity that will keep them chugging along for another 20 years. But who will be forgotten? Well…

    20. Taylor Kitsch

    Forget 20 years, nobody knows who Taylor Kitsch is now. He’s bad news, and don’t we all know it. Kitsch helmed recent box office bombs John Carter and Battleship, and as a result, he’s pretty much been branded tainted meat.

    If you do a quick Google search of his latest films, the gross doesn’t look that bad. Sure, they flopped hard in America, but they did some business overseas. Unfortunately, that just wasn’t enough to save those films, and I doubt they’ll save Kitsch’s ailing career. He shouldn’t shoulder all of the blame for his recent box office failures, but things are looking pretty bleak for him.

    To be honest, there’s little he can do to be remembered. With some luck, he might be able to attach himself to some half decent projects, but I highly doubt it’ll be as a lead actor. After his recent flops, nobody will be knocking down his door anytime soon.

    19. Brendan Fraser

    Oh how the future looked bright for Brendan Fraser when he starred in The Mummy. But then he started doing terrible family films and now no one wants to touch him with a barge pole.

    Looney Tunes: Back In Action was a horrible film, and that had the help of an established brand (and Space Jam. SPACE JAM). Fraser has had very few hits outside of anything not related to pyramids and Egypt, and I can’t imagine The Mummy being brought back over and over again so he can indulge in a bit of nostalgia.

    Speaking of his terrible family films, he actually hasn’t done one (acting wise, not voice roles) for a while. But he hasn’t done anything for a while. He’s fading into obscurity already, so he doesn’t stand a chance at being remembered in 20 years time.

    18. Ron Perlman

    I’m not sure to what extent you can call Ron Perlman a “film star” as such, but he’s been around the block. However, when your biggest role sees you plastered in more makeup and prosthetics than a Christmas special of The Only Way Is Essex, you’ve got yourself a problem.

    I said Perlman’s status as a “film star” was open to debate, and to be frank, it is. A large majority of his roles are either voice acted or direct to video releases. So yeah, he straddles some blurry line between “film star” and “that guy who voices all those people”, but his issue is that he’s just unrecognisable in his roles. Voice roles are never remembered for the actor, and Hellboy was all about the massive red monster. No one probably even knew it was Perlman underneath all that makeup.

    So while Hellboy will live on (maybe, probably not to be honest) Perlman won’t.

    17. Hayden Christensen

    What has Hayden Christensen done exactly other than play Anakin Skywalker? Very little. The final (or third) Star Wars was released eight years ago. But since then, Christensen has vanished off the radar completely.

    Christensen’s performance in Star Wars Episode III was slated; with him being awarded with the Golden Raspberry Award (ok, Razzies are largely a joke award) for Worst Supporting Actor (he also won the award a few years earlier for his performance in Star Wars Episode II), so he was pretty much doomed from the start.

    I would say he could salvage his career, but let’s face it, he probably can’t. Having not really featured in a hit since Star Wars, for which he didn’t receive the greatest of receptions, Christensen will be instantly forgotten.

    16. Jason Statham

    I can’t imagine Jason Statham having a very long shelf life. He’s your generic action film actor, except he doesn’t play it nearly as well as someone like Bruce Willis.

    His most recent hits have been The Expendables films, and despite being billed as one of the top stars, I doubt people are turning up to see him. It’s all about Stallone, Willis, Schwarzengger. Household action names. Statham churns out a couple action films a year that all flop and no one really cares about. In fact, in his near fifteen year career, Statham has never starred in a film (other than The Expendables) that has opened to more than $20,000,000 (Box Office Mojo doesn’t count Gnomeo And Juliet or Collateral apparently).

    He’s far too generic to be taken seriously. Anyone can star in an action film. John Cena did it, and he is one of the most wooden actors ever to grace the screen. I can’t help but think that if Statham tried his hand at wrestling, he’d experience more success.


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    The debate over marriage equality in France has sparked violent protests across the country this week, one of which led to the arrest of four individuals caught ransacking a gay bar in Lille.

    Though Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault and President Francois Hollande have condemned the violence and urged the public to remain calm, French filmmaker Mike Fédée took to YouTube to share the message in a more personable way.

    Check out his powerful plea for equality below:


    I know this is a week old, but the video is really touching + the protests are still an issue (according to the internet)

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    In a new promo video for the Steve Buscemi directed Vampire Weekend concert at New York’s Roseland Ballroom on April 28, Grimes turns down the Hollywood actor's offer of brunch with the band.

    Click above to watch the short clip, which trails the fourth part of the American Express Unstaged gig series, which will be streamed via VEVO and YouTube. Previous episodes of the concert programme have featured the likes of Usher, Jack White and The Killers, whose show was directed by filmmaker Werner Herzog.

    The clip follows other videos including one in which Buscemi awkwardly meets Vampire Weekend and accidentally calls them Vampire Holiday.

    In a statement, Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig described Buscemi as "a wonderful actor, a NYC legend and a great director". Buscemi has previously directed several episodes of the US drama The Sopranos as well as four feature films, including 1996's Trees Lounge.

    Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio recently revealed that Buscemi was a distant cousin.

    Buscemi was spotted with the band at the New York Easter Bonnet festival where he sung the group's latest single 'Diane Young' through a loudhailer.

    Vampire Weekend will release their third album 'Modern Vampires Of The City' on May 14.


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    Kasabian's Serge Pizzorno has said that he wants to "put rock 'n' roll to the sword" on the band's new album.

    He and his bandmates are currently working on the follow-up to their last album 'Velociraptor!' and, in an interview with MTV, he said of his plans for the new material: "I want to put rock 'n' roll to the sword - I'm looking for the future sound of rock. I love guitars but I wanna destroy guitars as well."

    He went on to add: "Don't worry, I'm not talking about going on the dubstep wagon. I just want to harness the power of when you go to see The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers or Rage Against The Machine and you leave reborn. When the album turns on you won't ever want to stop it - that's what I want."

    Earlier this month, lead singer Tom Meighan also spoke about progress on the LP and said: "It's like The Prodigy's dirty remix thing. It's cool and it's got really heavy drums - it sounds electrocuted."

    Kasabian released their fourth studio album 'Velociraptor!' in September last year. They are set to headline Hard Rock Calling on June 29, with support from The Cribs, Paul Weller, Miles Kane, Klaxons, Tribes and Kodaline.


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    Video won't embed, click photo to view video

    During a recent interview with Rob Marciano of Entertainment Tonight, Jennifer Lopez revealed that her upcoming ABC Family television show highlighting lesbian moms, "The Fosters," which she executive produces, is an homage to her late lesbian aunt.

    The Bronx born actress, singer and producer explained to Marciano that the series is about complex contemporary families. "Although [the script] was about a non-traditional family and had some newer themes, it had some really basic themes as well about family and love and what's really important in life," said Lopez. "And life can be complicated and messy sometimes and not simple. It was really a true depiction of family in this day and age."

    Lopez attempted to hold back tears when she began speaking about her aunt who recently passed from cancer. The "If You Had My Love" singer said she thought of the plight her aunt faced while deciding to take on the executive producer role.

    "I had an aunt who was gay. I lived with her and I loved her. She just passed away from cancer. I thought of her often when I was thinking about taking on this project and the prejudices that she faced."

    Lopez, who has played a lesbian character in the past, has frequently spoken out about her love for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in the past. In a 2010 interview with The Advocate she stated, "When it comes to gay marriage, I just believe in love. I believe that when two people find each other and love each other, they should be able to spend their lives together."

    "The Fosters" debuts on ABC Family on June 6.

    Back in 2005, JLO paid $50,000 for her aunt to have cancer treatments overseas at the same facility Farrah Fawcett was treated. Her aunt lived another 3 years.

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    The Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, a critically acclaimed event, is based in the world-renowned historic South Beach neighborhood with additional films screened at locations throughout Miami-Dade County. The 15th Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival will take place from Friday April 26 until Sunday May 5, 2013. The Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival is committed to its mission: To inspire, entertain and educate the public, encourage a sense of community through international and culturally diverse film, video and other media that offer historical and contemporary perspectives on the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender experience.

    The festival has grown from a 3-day event in which 25 films were presented to the current format of 10 days with over 65 films. The Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is an internationally acclaimed event serving as a platform for numerous World Premiers, North American Premiers and East Coast Premiers.

    The some of the movies will be shown at the festival include:


    They came for the hormones and stayed for the health-care. Eighteen years ago a team of HIV providers at a clinic in San Francisco and trans activists from every ethnicity broke the mold. The warm narratives of these 12 pioneering patients provide the film's beating heart, revealing some harrowing places they have been. Their stories provide a sense of victory and hope.


    Danny Lohman is an actor who takes his work a little too seriously. Pip Armstrong is Danny's ex with a trust fund and a knack of finding trouble. Together they enlist the help of a jaded P.I., Jimmy Peppicelli, to break up a crime spree targeting Hollywood's Gay Mafia. It's definitely a queer way to solve a crime!


    The film follows Cedric and Gertrude through the most intimate parts of their lives as they grapple with homophobia, religion and the complexities of traditional Cameroonian culture—and as they prepare to come out to their mothers. At the same time, their activism becomes bolder and stronger as they work to help defend two young women on trial for charges of homosexuality.


    Nimer, a Palestinian student, is dreaming of a better life abroad. One fateful night he meets Roy, an Israeli lawyer, and the two fall in love. As their relationship deepens, Nimer is confronted with the harsh realities of a Palestinian society that refuses to accept him for his sexual identity, and an Israeli society that rejects him for his nationality. When his close friend is caught hiding illegally in Tel Aviv and sent back to the West Bank, where he is brutally murdered, Nimer must choose between the life he thought he wanted and his love for Roy.


    With dressing room hilarity, the documentary reveals what is a drag mom and kid. You are immersed into local families and those who operate outside of them. LaWanda Jackson opens her heart and joins the soulful stories of drag, evolution, and love. You think it is about drag but find out about you.

    For more trailers, click here

    If anyone has any other resources and/or media involving LGBT feel free to share and discuss it here!

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    Union J's George Shelley has promised to pose naked in a bath of beans if the band's debut single reaches number one after its release in June.

    The boyband, who came fourth in The X Factor in 2012, release Carry You on June 2 and George made the promise in an interview with him and his bandmates - Josh Cuthbert, Jaymi Hensley and JJ Hamblett - in a tabloid newspaper.

    When asked by The Sun what they plan to do should they top the charts, the 19-year-old replied: "We'll have a massive party - and I've said I'll sit in a bath of beans."

    When pressed as to whether he was serious, Shelley responded: "Yes definitely, be pictured and everything, you have my word."

    George is the youngest in the band and auditioned for The X Factor as a solo artist before the judges persuaded the other three – who were in a band called Triple J – to add him to their line-up so as to proceed in the competition.

    But the singer, who is often compared to One Direction's Harry Styles, has definitely fitted in with the others and recently moved into a new flat in London with Cuthbert.

    He told the paper: “Me and Josh are living together and so are JJ and Jaymi, who have turned into husband and wife."

    “They’re like my nan and grandad. When we get in the car in the morning, they’re like, “Have you got this, have you got that?”

    Union J's Josh Cuthbert is a cougar-fan: "Holly Willoughby is really sexy, Kelly Brook is incredible"

    The singer admits he's got a thing for both Celebrity Juice team captains. If that isn't a reason to get him on the show pronto, we don't know what is...

    Listen up you cougars – Union J heart-throb Josh Cuthbert has an eye for older ladies.

    The 20-year-old singer has told 3am he fancies Holly Willoughby, 32, and Kelly Brook, 33 – both more than a decade his senior.

    Josh reveals: “I know Holly likes the band. My mum found an interview where she said some nice stuff about us. Mum said, ‘I think Holly Willoughby’s got a thing for you’.

    “We’ve been on her show This Morning a few times. She’s VERY pretty and really sexy. But she’s married with kids.

    But Holly's not the only on Josh's radar.

    “I also think Kelly Brook is really fine, she’s incredible.”

    So that's both of the Celebrity Juice team captains, then.

    Maybe Keith Lemon should get Union J on soon and devise some sort of game or Josh and both ladies. Perhaps involving them removing clothes in front of him until he boils over with excitement.

    Union J's "Carry You" Video Teaser

    AHH! The Carry You video comes out on Monday, JCats! The boys will also have a livestream to celebrate the video release. Now who can we write to get Union J on Celebrity Juice?

    Sources: STV / Mirror / Entertainmentwise / Vevo

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    It's hard to believe that it's been a year since The Avengers (2012) hit theaters worldwide, forever changing the superhero landscape, and cementing Joss Whedon as Marvel's shepherd for the near future.

    What better way to celebrate the anniversary - and prepare yourself for Marvel Phase 2 - than to watch the movie over again. We'd be willing to bet that much of the behind-the-scenes planning and Avengers trivia still goes unnoticed by even the most devoted of fans. But fear not: we're here to help.

    Easter Eggs, trivia, or useless facts to enrich your viewing experience: here are 25 (5 included, rest at source)Things You Didn't Know About The Avengers.

    Embodying Whedon's Women

    After Loki arrives on the scene and the task of introducing 'the good guys' begins, it is Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) who kicks things off. The scene was actually a particular treat for Whedon, who had studied the Russian language and literature in college, finally getting to put them to use.

    Whilst filming the scene (which despite its order in the film, took place quite late in the shoot) executive producer Jeremy Latcham noted to Whedon that the scene was the only one which appears in the film exactly as it was written in the director's first draft of the script.

    Perhaps that's not entirely surprising, given Whedon's flare for heroines (most notably in Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Whedon himself confessed that the Widow introduction is essentially "my career in microcosm," featuring a 'helpless female' tied to a chair, who turns out to be much stronger than the men around her.

    Banner's Bassinet

    In one of the first scenes filmed during production, the introduction of Dr. Bruce Banner/Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) has the mad scientist explaining to Natasha Romanoff that despite his wishes to keep from unleashing his alter-ego, he warns: "I don't every time get what I want."

    The line had been written long before the time came to shoot, but when Joss Whedon noticed that the set decorators had included a crib (splattered with green paint) among the objects found in the improvised Calcutta setting, he realized the words would carry far more weight if Banner touched it as he uttered the line.

    Ruffalo agreed, and the shot made it into the final cut of the film. It's an easy moment to miss, but for those paying close attention, the shot offers one of the only glimpses into the life Bruce Banner might have led.

    A Dash of Pepper

    It may come as somewhat of a surprise - given how memorable the scene turned out to be - but Joss Whedon's original script didn't feature Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) at all. It was only Robert Downey, Jr.'s insistence that had Pepper included to give Tony some depth (he would later go on to insist on Pepper sharing a larger part of Iron Man 3 as well).

    Whedon didn't object, claiming that the addition of Potts gave him the chance to "write three minutes of The Thin Man," referring to the quick-and-witty 1934 film starring William Powell and Myrna Loy. The film was infamous for the banter between its leading couple, and is even set to be remade with Johnny Depp in the main role.

    The remake has since run into delays, but don't expect Depp to discuss it with Whedon any time soon; it was The Avengers' mammoth box office that limited Depp's last remake, Dark Shadows, to a disappointing domestic gross.

    Thought and Memory

    Another 'blink and you miss it' Easter-egg can be found when Thor retrieves his brother and begins his mountaintop interrogation. The two ravens startled from their perch by the approaching Asgardians (and later seen circling back) may seem like everyday birds, but fans of Norse mythology know Huginn and Muninn when they see them..

    To the Norse, the ravens serve Odin, traveling throughout the world to gather information and reporting it back. The Norse were more than fond of this particular bird, with some scholars arguing that the release of the ravens could also mean Odin himself embodied them on their journey, seeing what they saw and hearing through their ears.

    In Marvel comics, the brothers Hugin and Munin act as messengers and assistants, and even show up perched on the throne of Odin (Anthony Hopkins) in the coronation scene of Thor. Even if the 'all-father' couldn't be present to witness this argument between his sons, he was at least represented.

    Trading Card Callback

    When Fury tosses the still-unsigned collector cards pulled from Coulson's jacket (locker), the image of Steve Rogers' WWII-era USO costume is given top billing. Not hard to understand, since the blood-tinged photo of a young, innocent, and naive Rogers helps set the tone for the scene of disillusionment and the death of a fan-favorite character.

    But a closer look at the other cards in the deck shows just a small glimpse of Captain America mid-punch. The card is actually a recreation of the cover to "Captain America" #1, featuring Cap delivering a knockout blow to Adolf Hitler.

    It's a quick Easter egg that even die-hard fans might miss, but a nice hint that the rich history of Captain America's legend isn't forgotten in the live-action universe.


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