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    Sure, everyone knows that Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven” is about about his son falling from a window, Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” may or may not be about Warren Beatty, and “In the Air Tonight” is not about watching someone drown. But there are plenty of other less well-documented backstories behind popular songs — like the one that surfaced over the weekend about The Beatles’ “Get Back” starting its life as a dubious satire called “No Pakistanis.” Wisely, the band rewrote the lyrics before releasing the song, but it remains a pretty fascinating piece of history, and our cue to discuss the less-documented stories lurking behind some of the songs in our iTunes collection.

    The Flaming Lips — ”The Spiderbite Song”

    If you watched the excellent Soft Bulletin documentary that premiered on Pitchfork last month, you’ll know that the “spiderbite” in question is one that drummer Stephen Drozd allegedly suffered during the recording of the album. It slowly became clear that he hadn’t been bitten by a spider at all — the marks in question were from shooting heroin, which Drozd was doing an awful lot at the time.

    Bob Marley — “I Shot the Sheriff”

    Clearly, the man himself isn’t around to tell the story behind this song anymore, but his ex-girlfriend surfaced last year, claiming that it is in fact about his displeasure at her being on the contraceptive pill. Apparently the sheriff John Brown of the lyric is an allusion to the doctor prescribing her the pill, which does rather make sense when you look at the lyric: “Sheriff John Brown always hated me/ For what, I don’t know/ Every time I plant a seed/ He said kill it before it grow.”

    Grimes — ”Oblivion”

    The euphoric gender-inverting video and generally upbeat tone of “Oblivion” meant that plenty of people didn’t listen as carefully as they should have done to the lyrics. Once you do, the darkness that underpins the song becomes clear — it deals with sexual assault and its after effects: “I never walk about after dark/ It’s my point of view/ That someone could break your neck/ Coming up behind you, always coming and you’d never have a clue.” As Claire Boucher told Spin late last year, “I took one of the most shattering experiences of my life and turned it into something I can build a career on and that allows me to travel the world. I play it live every night. The whole process has been positive — engaging with that subject matter and making it into something good.”

    Radiohead — ”Pyramid Song”

    Inspired by Buddhism, quantum gravity, and a trip to an exhibition of ancient Egyptian paraphernalia. Honestly. Thom Yorke explains: “That song literally took five minutes to write, but yet it came from all these mad places. [It's] something I never thought I could actually get across in a song and lyrically. [But I] managed it and that was really, really tough. [Physicist] Stephen Hawking talks about the theory that time is another force. It’s [a] fourth dimension and [he talks about] the idea that time is completely cyclical, it’s always doing this [spins finger]. It’s a factor, like gravity. It’s something that I found in Buddhism as well. That’s what Pyramid Song’ is about, the fact that everything is going in circles.”

    Van Halen — “Jump”

    The story about this being inspired by David Lee Roth hearing a bunch of people trying to convince a man not to jump off a building, and thinking that he wished the guy would jump, is one of the more persistent in the world of music. Apparently it’s also true, at least according to an interview the singer did with Lisa Robinson in 1984: “I was watching television one night and it was the five o’clock news and there was a fellow standing on top of the Arco Towers in Los Angeles and he was about to check out early, he was going to do the 33 stories drop — and there was a whole crowd of people in the parking lot downstairs yelling, ‘Don’t jump, don’t jump’ and I thought to myself, ‘Jump.’”


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    Our main talent is being able to make groundbreaking articles out of certain boyband’s crotches, and also consuming the largest amount of crisps known to man in under five minutes. But Tom Fletcher from McFly’s talent is being able to write super amazing songs that make us weep with joy like it ain’t no thanggg.
    And, he manages to do all that whilst being all gorgeous and fit and stuff as well. Some people are just blessed it seems.

    Yesterday, Tom posted the latest video on his YouTube channel to share the experience of challenging himself to write a song in the quickest time possible. As you’ll see in the vid, in the time it takes us to make a cup of tea and complain about the hole in the crotch of our leggings, Tom has his written an album-worthy song for McFly. OH LIFE.

    Armed with a pen, paper and a pink ukelele (all the essentials), Tom’s creation I Hope You’re Feeling Great is born, and even though it’s a mere pre-breakfast activity for him whilst stuck in a hotel room, (probs on the 3rd floor innit), it’s most definitely going to be stuck in our heads forever thanks to its super cute little catchy tune

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    You haven't herd this from me, but Eurovision fans are udderly outraged after it was revealed Iceland's Eurovision entry this year is eerily similar to the hit song I Am Cow by Canadian comedy group The Arrogant Worms.

    Misteak or some sort of Iceland / Canada beef? Butter not take my word for it - you be the judge!


    source: #1#2#3

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    Actors Wagner Moura, Diego Luna, Alice Braga, Sharlto Copley, director Neill Blomkamp and actor Matt Damon attend the "Elysium" photo call at the 5th Annual Summer Of Sony at the Ritz Carlton Hotel on April 20, 2013 in Cancun, Mexico.



    This post has been brought to you by grumpy Matt, please enjoy the rest of your day

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    CinemaCon in Las Vegas saw many Hollywood films previewed the past few days but it’s a women in film panel that was most revealing.

    The Hollywood Reporter’s editorial director Janice Min moderated the panel on which actress Geena Davis, Bridesmaids director Paul Feig, The Hunger Games producer Nina Jacobson, Regal Entertainment CEO Amy Miles, and Fox Animation Studios president Vanessa Morrison sat. They report:

    Feig said he’s always tried to promote strong female characters, but was told again and again that movies with women wouldn’t work. “I was always shut down so quickly. You start to weirdly accept it,” he said.

    Min recalled a number of headlines in the weeks leading up to the release of Bridesmaids in 2011 suggesting that the R-rated female comedy could never work.

    “I was terrified, thinking that if I screw this up, no women are ever going to star in movies again,” Feig said.

    A very real fear when you consider the climate surrounding women in Hollywood. “It’s insanity. It seems like you have to go out of your way to leave that many women out,” said Davis, who founded the Geena Davis Institute of Gender and Media in 2004. But what happens in Hollywood translates to what happens in theaters as well.

    (While we're on the subject, I figure I'd bring up this video. It's from a speech Geena gave back in February. She brings up some very good points, i.e. in crowd scenes, only 17% are women. It's actually really informative so if you have the time I suggest a look)

    Miles — the only female to head a major theater circuit — said it’s disheartening to note that women make 70 percent to all 80 percent of all purchases, yet females only make up roughly 50 percent of those going to the movies. She questioned how much money Hollywood is leaving on the table by not turning more films that appeal to women.

    Miles also noted that when she receives toys and other movie swag from studios, she rarely has anything to take home to her small niece. Rather, it all goes to her nephew. “He’s much more excited than she is about the movies. Yet you want to build an affinity for moviegoing from a young age,” she said.

    Ah, yes, the old self-fulfilling prophecy. THR also notes the panel was somewhat reticent to discuss the female-driven Fifty Shades of Grey.

    When Min asked if the upcoming movie would be the best or worst thing to happen to women in film, the panelists giggled but remained largely silent. Davis responded by saying she was “speechless.” Feig begged off by saying he didn’t read it (he did joke later that would direct it), while Morrison skirted by saying she was in animation. Miles shrugged with a smile and shook her head playfully to indicate she wouldn’t be responding.

    Jacobson, the only one to respond, noted, “Female desire is a very complex subject.”

    Understatement of the century?


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    the audio is messed with a bit here but you can listen to the un-edited version


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    The plot is deceptively simple: it’s the story of the Borgia family living their lives in Rome. It just so happens this family’s father is the Pope, and this is the 1490s. It's a different playing field from your average family drama.

    That's just the tip of the Borgia iceberg, and here are a few more points to whet your palate while we await the Sunday night premiere.

    Because I'm the Pope, That's Why

    Since this is, in its way, a family show, we have to start with the trunk of the Borgia family tree: Pope Alexander Sextus aka Rodrigo Borgia aka Holy Father aka Jeremy Irons in a skirt.

    Irons is fantastic as the Borgia patriarch. Yo-yoing between Shakespearean dramatics and quiet seething, if the actor isn’t having the most fun of his career, he's certainly fooling me. Mercurial, in turns practical and so devout that he's bought his own press, the character is easy to both love and hate. Irons never lets up on the dichotomy and neither do the writers. Holy Father is a mad mix of true believer, vain peacock, and pragmatic religious and political leader in a time where the position of Pope was the equivalent of being king of the Christian world.

    Pope Alexander truly believes that he is the heir to the throne of St. Peter and the voice of the Church as ordained by divine providence. It makes for an interesting conundrum considering that all his sins are still there when the Holy Father's piety is added to the mix. Sorting out which version of the man you're dealing with is all part of the fun.

    Fruit of the Borgia Family Tree

    Now that you know about the Holy Father, here's a look at the children that grew from the branches of his family tree.

    First Born
    - Cesare Borgia (Francois Arnaud) - Cesare is the oldest of the four children Rodrigo had by his first mistress. He steals pretty much any scene he's in, even when up against acting titans like Irons. Despite being capable of despicable acts, I find it impossible to do anything but adore him. He delineates his causes - church from family, love from duty, necessity from desire - even if it doesn't change his behaviour. His self-awareness and depth of heart (for his friends and family in general; for his sister in particular) somehow counters the fact that he is a cardinal who on occasion murders people. I'm not sure how he does that, and Arnaud's acting being just that good is my only answer. His devotion to both his whole family is heart-breaking in its sincerity and desperation. He doesn't want the life he has been assigned by his father - the life of a priest. He's an expert fighter, a mediocre clergyman, and a loving son and brother, in some ways to the point of insanity.

    Prodigal Son - Juan Borgia (David Oakes) - Juan is the second son, raised to be a military commander but was terrible at it. He was terrible at basically everything besides getting drunk, needling one of his siblings past the breaking point, jumping to the wrong conclusions, killing the wrong people, and sleeping with prostitutes. If you needed one of those four things done, then Juan Borgia was your guy. Juan was also Holy Father's favourite of the three boys for absolutely no reason that anyone could see (except Juan). Sadly, Juan's behaviour, some of the worst of which involves baby-dangling à la old-school Michael Jackson, lead to his untimely end. However, I imagine his presence will still be felt this season.


    Little Sister - Lucrezia Borgia (Holliday Grainger) - I won't lie, Lucrezia is another one of my favourites. Her physical attributes are obvious but her personality traits are what get me every time. When we first meet her, Lucrezia is a sweet little kitten in episode one. By far one of the most glorious and painful things done over the two seasons we've seen so far was showing us how she learned less than friendly skills and grew from that kitten into a fierce jungle cat.

    On the other hand, you have to admit that a huge part of Lucrezia is who she is in relationship to Cesare - much like how Cersei Lannister's relationship to Jaime is so important in Game of Thrones though so far nothing's happened between them. They're chastely cute so we let that slide. Cesare's love and support for her is unconditional. Counting on that allows Lucrezia to make bolder moves, share her secrets and through Cesare's male smokescreen and accomplish things most women couldn't have. Lucrezia's always getting smarter and her metaphorical teeth and claws are just starting to be sharpened to a razor's edge.

    Baby Boy - Joffre Borgia (Aidan Alexander) - Innocent little Joffre's the youngest of the lot, younger even than Lucrezia and perhaps all of ten or maybe twelve at the outside when they marry him off to Sancia, Duchcess of Squillaci (played by Emmanuelle Chiriqui) who is much older than him and sleeping with Juan when they meet. We haven't seen much of Joffre yet but he's young. Maybe that will change this year? It's always fun to see the sweet ones corrupted.

    Ladies, Ladies, Ladies


    Considering the absolute power of the patriarchy in the period of the Borgia, the show manages to produce some of my favorite female characters on TV right now. Mistresses abound because when you're dealing with institutionalized celibacy, wives are non-existent but a cardinal's gotta get their kick's somewhere right? In The Borgias we have the Pope's amazingly self-possessed and gorgeous long-time mistress Vanozza (Joanne Whalley), the mother of his children. She has passed over for his new and equally awesome mistress Giulia Farnezi (Lotte Verbeek).

    I'm a modern woman with modern values and I don't like an old man going through mistresses like tissue paper but Giulia and Vanozza are so clever and classy and somehow join forces. The fact that these two women, who could've been torn apart by jealousy and position, instead come together to build an even larger stronger family with a greater purpose is mind-exploding.

    The writing and acting between them, and later Lucrezia, is done so carefully and with such consideration that the progression is seamless. I can never pinpoint the exact moment they transition from nemeses to allies. The triad is complete when they bring Lucrezia into their circle, then woe unto the men who try to stand against them. Each woman as their own skill - for example, Giulia Farnezi excels in maths and proceeds to filter through the church accounts and find all the fraudulent entries in ledgers. Vanozza's familiarity with the city gives her untold connections and she can get the three of them into dark places they couldn't imagine otherwise to find information.

    Lucrezia, well, in one of my all-time favourite moments of the series thus far Lucrezia is actually made the in loco parentis Pope while the Holy Father is out of town. "Can a woman occupy the chair of St Peter?" a cardinal protests to which Pope Alexander says, annoyed "Well, plainly one does." She, her mother, and Guila then proceed to systematically upend the system to bring change to public works while Holy Father's away, just to give you another taste of their awesomeness.


    who's seen 3.03??

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    Harvey Weinstein and Jennifer Lawrence presented President Glib Bill Clinton with the Advocate for Change award at last night's GLAAD media awards.


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  • 04/21/13--11:24: WEEKEND BOX OFFICE!

  • Weekend chart from Box Office Mojo

    International box office numbers (they're a weekend behind fyi)

    Tomatometer from Rotten Tomatoes

    Polls are still fucking up, so they're under the spoiler cut!

    How was your weekend, ONTD? Are you looking forward to any movies coming out soon?

    spoiler code:

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    Singer and actress Jordin Sparks covers the May 2013 issue of WOMEN’S RUNNING where she reveals her workout snacks, what she listens to when she jogs and what motivates her to stay in shape. See the highlights inside…

    In the May 2013 issue of WOMEN’S RUNNING, Sparkle actress and singer Jordin Sparks opens up about what she does to maintain her fabulous curves. And, she shares her weight loss journey and gives useful fitness, eating and confidence tips that helped her get ready for bathing suit season.

    She also talked about her workout playlists, her dream of running with Fergie and her relationship with singer-songwriter boyfriend, Jason Derulo. Here are the highlights:

    On Biggest Inspirations:

    “Watching my dad was one of my biggest inspirations.” “There are days I don’t want to get up, let alone run, and Jason’s a great motivator.”

    On her music of choice while running?

    “Kanye West, Jay Z…and I listen to Jason a lot. I can’t help that—it’s just nice to hear his voice. I’ve also been listening to some new up-tempo stuff of my own that I’m excited for people to hear.”

    On her dream Running Buddy?


    On her snacks of choice?

    “Baby Carrots, Instant Maple-Brown Sugar Oatmeal, Almonds, Apples, Bananas, Clementines, and La Croix Sparkling Water”

    On her workout routine?

    “I put my iPod on shuffle and let the song’s pace determine my interval. If it’s a slow song, I turn the incline way up and jog to the beat. If a faster song comes on, I turn the incline down and watch the miles fly by.”

    Check out some behind the scenes photos from Jordin’s shoot:

    source I& II

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  • 04/21/13--12:02: Israel's Eurovision entry
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    Chris Pine, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Armie Hammer suit up while attending the 2013 CinemaCon Big Screen Achievement Awards on Thursday (April 18) at Caesars Palace’s Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas, Nev.

    Chris was the recipient of the Male Star of the Year Award, Joseph won the Breakthrough Filmmaker of the Year Award for his film Don Jon, and Armie was awarded the Male Star of Tomorrow Award.

    Sources: 12

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    Entertainment site reported the result of a survey yesterday with the results showing fans consider Rumplestitlskin, Robert Carlyle's character, the hottest guy of "Once Upon a Time".

    Rumplestitlskin had some pretty tough competition against Captain Hook (Colin O'Donoghue who came in a close second) Dr Whale (David Anders) and August Booth (Eion Bailey). Even gone-too-soon characters Graham and Lancelot were included, as fans fought, vied and lobbied for fellow fans to vote for their favorite male hottie.

    Voting ended April 14th which coincided with and announced shortly afterward that Rumplestiltskin had won the pole. The entertainment website is also holding polls for favorite couple. With popular couple Rumplestiltskin and Belle featuring prominently in a new storyline in the upcoming episode "Lacey" perhaps that will help their chances coming in first for this poll. As it stands, they won runner-up for the "March Madness Challenge" runner up, losing to Supernatural fictional couple Dean and Castiel.

    "Once Upon a Time" has been confirmed for its third season next year, and resumes regular episodes on ABC April 21st, 2013.


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  • 04/21/13--13:41: Celebrity picture post
  • Dianna Agron and Christian Cooke at the inauguration of the new Louis Vuitton shop in Venice

    Naomi Watts and Padma Lakshi arrive at the New York screening of 'Sunlight Jr' at The 2013 TriBeCa Film Festival.

    Camilla Alves at the Macy's International Concepts brand in Austin, TX - April 20, 2013

    Emma Roberts arriving at Pier 59 for Lexus Design Matters event in NYC

    Karolina Kurkova and Evan Rachel Wood in Tribeca

    Ali Larter in LA

    Eva Longoria at the Sunset Plaza in Hollywood and at LAX

    Zoe Kazan attends the "The Pretty One" World Premiere during the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival

    Cara Delevingne in the East Village

    Miranda Kerr at LAX

    Victoria Beckham in Paris

    Carey Mulligan in Manhattan

    Olivia Palermo in NYC

    Lily Cole in Manhattan

    Sarah Jessica Parker in NYC

    Elizabeth Olsen and boyfriend Boyd Holbrook in East Village

    Rose Byrne leaving Chateau Marmont

     Natasha Lyonne, Sasha Pieterse and Evanna Lynch attend the "G.B.F." world premiere during the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival

    Garner and Affleck family in Santa Monica

    January Jones in Los Feliz and at LAX

    Gwen Stefani and Zuma in California

    Carly Rae Jepsen at the Juno Gala Dinner in Canada

    Bryce Dallas Howard attends Tribeca Talks Director's Series: Mira Nair With Bryce Dallas Howard during the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival

    Rachel Zoe in Beverley Hills

    aggie Gyllenhaal, Jamie Foxx, and Channing Tatum at the 'White House Down' photo call at the 5th Annual Summer Of Sony in Cancun

    Zac Efron at LAX

    Alessandra Ambrosio and Anja in LA

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    Game of Thrones' Natalie Dormer: Margaery Seeks to Control Joffrey

    Two women fighting over Joffrey? Only on Game of Thrones.

    On HBO's fantasy drama (airing Sundays at 9/8c), Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer) is the young king's (Jack Gleeson) energetic new fiancée... and the chief rival of his mother, the Queen Regent Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey).

    "It's about having power and control over Joffrey," she tells "I'm sure many of your readers will be able to identify with having problems with the mother-in-law. It's quite a human commentary, isn't it? The husband has to reconcile the No. 1 woman in his life going from being his mother to being his wife, and that's difficult for both women. Margaery is angling for control of Joffrey. If Margaery has control of the king, her family has control of the throne. Cersei is legitimately concerned about having that power over Joffrey taken away from her."

    Margaery is quickly making headway with Joffrey though. Not only is she attractive, wealthy and popular with the King's Landing people, but she knows how to flatter a fellow (and his crossbow). She had better be careful, however. It's not easy to keep the bloodthirsty and unpredictable Joffrey in check. Just ask his previous fiancée Sansa (Sophie Turner), whose father Ned (Sean Bean) he had beheaded despite promises to let him live.

    Will Margaery underestimate her king? Dormer answers this question and more below:

    How would you describe Margaery's ambition and ability to play the political game?
    Natalie Dormer:
    The audience is very much acquainted with Joffrey and Cersei and they know the darkness and the danger of the Lannisters. The Tyrells have come and arrived at King's Landing, underestimating the situation. They think that they can control the Lannisters and can take them on. They're going to get a nasty shock. Even though they are great politicians and pragmatists, I think the Tyrells weren't quite expecting the level of gameplay and danger that find against their in-laws-to-be. The interesting thing about Margaery is that yes, she is an opportunist. Margaery is very much the protégé of the Queen of Thorns, Lady Olenna, Diana Rigg's character. There's a pragmatism to her. She knows how to survive.

    Can Margaery match the Lannisters in the scheming department? Her charity seems calculated.
    The interesting thing to play for me is where the calculation starts and the sincerity stops. I think people can get Margaery wrong; she is a sincere, genuine girl. She has genuine sympathy for Sansa. And I don't think her public PR is completely disingenuous. We're all used to politicians kissing babies ... I don't think she's necessarily a calculating bitch who likes playing the public and likes playing everyone around her. She's trying to reconcile being a good human being and being a good ruler. She genuinely thinks that if she marries Joffrey and has a son, she can create a good, strong, peaceful king sitting on the throne with her as the Queen Mother type of thing.

    What does Margaery think of Sansa's revelation that Joffrey is a monster?
    I think there's genuine trepidation there, definitely. That's the way Diana and myself were playing it. This is a genuinely dark, dangerous problem. At least it's not going to be easy. Of course she's scared; she's not immune to fear. The beauty of writing Thrones is that the characters aren't immune to fear. It's now her struggle to now conquer it.

    There's an intriguing line that Margaery says when she's admiring Joffrey's crossbow: "I imagine it must be so exciting to squeeze your finger here and watch something die over there." Is she just playing him or is she really intrigued by that dark side?
    Margaery is not safe. Although that scene was shot in a very sensual, sexual way, it's more psychological than that. She's trying to work out what makes Joffrey tick because if she can work out what makes Joffrey tick, she can control him. And not just control him in a nasty, manipulative way, but control him for the better of the kingdom. Joffrey is a loose cannon. Manipulation of a person is not necessarily a negative. We manipulate our children in trying to make them better people. It's about psychology. Margaery is a student of psychology.

    I remember the director said to me, "He's holding a crossbow at you when you walk into the room. It's like somebody holding an AK-47 on you. That's the Westeros equivalent." The guy, my fiancé, is holding a gun pointed at me as I walk into the room. So it's like, take a deep breath and try to find a way to point it in the opposite direction. It's an echo of that previous scene when Joffrey holds a crossbow pointed at Sansa. There's a direct comparison there of, "How does that girl handle it? How does this girl handle it?" There's genuine fear there. She's working really, really hard because I think she knows how deep the water she's swimming in is.

    Margaery doesn't seem to be having much luck with Cersei though...
    She has another great scene where she's trying to work Cersei out and she completely misfires. She doesn't win that scene as she does with Joffrey. She doesn't get what she needs out of it: information. She realizes that she's even more lost at sea with Cersei than she thought she was.

    What is the dynamic between Sansa and Margaery?
    It's tentative because the two women are in quite a scary world, and it would be oh-so-much nicer and more reassuring if they could actually be friends. Had those two girls met in another situation, under different circumstances, it's highly likely that they'd genuinely be friends. They both come from privileged families, ruling families, and they both come from close families. We both know how close the Starks are, and it's commented on that the Tyrells are a close family as well. I don't think it's beyond the realm of reason that in different circumstances, Margaery and Sansa would be completely, innocently genuine friends.

    Margaery looks up to her grandmother Lady Olenna. Is that how you view Dame Diana Rigg, who plays Olenna?
    Insofar as Dame Diana Rigg, the Tony Award-winning actress is a veteran, and when you're in the midst of a grand dame like that, you just sit back and you watch and you learn. So there's a nice parallel there for Sophie and I as younger actresses to listen and learn the way Margaery and Sansa would listen and learn from Olenna. I think that parallel is obvious and completely creditable.

    Diana Rigg is a joy to work with. We had a nice glass of wine in a bar at the hotel after our first day at work. We both had our wig and wimple off. She told me old stories going back to the theater she's done, the people she's worked with back in the '60s and '70s. She's a legend. It's great to hear those old war stories. I'm sure off-camera, Olenna is doing the same with Margaery, telling her all the gossip of the old days of Highgarden and King's Landing, doing what grandmothers and granddaughters do: having a bit of gossip.

    What's coming up for Margaery?
    It's about Margaery realizing what she can and can't control and who she can and can't control and what that means for the future. And the other side of the wedding, if we get to the wedding, how she's reconciling herself to this cage. The cage that Cersei herself talks about. Margaery is reconciling herself to the cage and at the minute she's struggling to see how big she can make the cage for herself.

    Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner is a very down to earth princess

    Sophie Turner, one of the stars of TV’s Game Of Thrones, is watched by millions. There are countless websites devoted to the character she plays in the hit drama, and Hollywood has come a-courting.

    But just to keep her on terra firma, her mother gives her a daily list of household chores and, just in case that doesn’t do it, her two older brothers often watch her acting work and usually end up telling her ‘That was awful!’ — for which she’s grateful.

    ‘They’re not afraid to put me down, as brothers should,’ said Sophie
    , who has played the teen princess Sansa Stark on Game Of Thrones for the past three years.

    I liked her even more when she told me she found Hollywood claustrophobic — and couldn’t wait to get back to the Warwickshire village she calls home.

    ‘It’s in the heart of England and has a windmill, church, some houses and cottages,’ the 17-year-old told me.
    ‘About 50 people live there and everyone pretty much knows everyone.

    'But I don’t think they know what I’m doing and I don’t tell anyone. They probably think I’m at school.’

    During our meeting at the Union Club in Soho, Sophie drank nothing stronger than water.

    When she’s filming (interiors are shot in Belfast and exteriors in Croatia), she joins the rest of the cast in the pub for a virgin mojito.

    She may not be old enough to drink, but at least she’s now treated as an adult on set, which she enjoys. Until she turned 17, she had to work special hours, having 15-minute breaks every couple of hours.

    ‘I never liked taking the breaks and it meant the adult actors had to wait around if I was in the next scene. It was probably annoying for them. Now I work adult hours and I like it.’

    And what about all the nudity on Games Of Thrones?
    (Uggghhhh at the fact that she's already being asked questions like this.) ‘I’ve never been in any nude scenes — so far,’ she said.

    Playing Sansa, who for a time was engaged to cruel King Joffrey, has been a showcase for her acting talents, which have delighted viewers of Sky Atlantic in the UK, HBO in the U.S. and millions who have bought DVDs of the first two series.

    The camera loves her blue-grey eyes, and she’s being sent scripts for every teen role going. She reads all of them and would like to play a variety of roles — not just princesses.

    Last year, she filmed the psychological drama Panda Eyes for Spanish director Isabel Coixet and it’s due out later in the year. She plays a young woman haunted by a trauma rooted in her childhood.

    Sophie runs her fingers through her long, strawberry blonde hair (her tresses are dyed auburn for the show) and then scoots, entourage-free, into the street for a bit of shopping at Topshop. A very down-to-earth princess.

    5 Things to Know About 'Game of Thrones' Star Oona Chaplin

    A woman must be quite something to steal the heart of a king.

    As the beautiful healer Talisa on "Game of Thrones," Oona Chaplin is all fire to Robb Stark's ice. She's certainly melted his heart, so much that the would-be king broke an important engagement promise to marry Talisa instead.

    Chaplin doesn't just play a queen, though; she's Hollywood royalty off-screen, as well. Yes, she is related to that Chaplin, who has been called "the first truly great figure of twentieth-century fame." In the book "Fame in the 20th Century" by Clive James, the author wrote, "'The Tramp' was from the twentieth century. Thanks to the nearly universal reach of silent film, [Charlie Chaplin] was the most recognizable figure on Earth. And the man who played the role made himself famous too." Paying tribute to her grandfather, the "Thrones" star rocked his signature bowler hat on the red carpet of the show's premiere.

    Here are five things to know about the 26-year-old actress:

    1. She's the granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin and the great-granddaughter of Eugene O'Neill.
    Chaplin is named for her grandmother, Oona, the daughter of the great, Pulitzer and Nobel-winning playwright O'Neill ("Long Day's Journey Into Night,""The Iceman Cometh"). The elder Oona defied her father and turned down author J.D. Salinger to marry the iconic movie star, who was 36 years her senior. The couple had eight children, including the younger Oona's mother, Geraldine.

    Sadly, Chaplin never met her famous grandfather, who died almost a decade before she was born. "When people say 'Charlie Chaplin' I still think now of the guy in the moustache and bowler hat and funny walk -- I don't think of an old man who was my grandfather," she told The Independent.

    "I never met him, which probably adds to the confusion. There are moments, even now, when I sort of go 'Whoa ... my blood has some of that in it? It's amazing, but it kind of freaks me out sometimes."

    2. She speaks three languages.
    Since her mother, Geraldine, was an actress and her father, Patricio Castilla, a cinematographer, Chaplin spent much of her early life on sets and visiting family in Spain, Switzerland, Cuba, Scotland, Chile, and England. Thanks to that globe-trotting childhood, she can speak Spanish, French, and English fluently (in that order!).

    3. She's an accomplished flamenco and salsa dancer.
    Chaplin took ballet, salsa, and flamenco dance lessons since she could walk. Some of that may have been inherited from her grandfather. "He was an incredible dancer and I can move," she said.
    But it also comes from spending time with her father's side of the family in Cuba. Now, Chaplin can often be found heating up dance floors in London. "There's an amazing salsa night at the Colosseum nightclub," she told The Telegraph. "I'll be mainly found in the Cuban salsa room, which is always really hot but the people there know how to dance. I'll be on my feet until I'm kicked out at 4 AM."

    4. She's besties with her "Game of Thrones" co-star Natalia Tena, who plays Osha.
    Not all of the "Game of Thrones" cast works together, since they film in several different countries, but one person Chaplin has gotten close to is Natalia Tena, who plays Osha the Wildling. Her Twitter pics are full of the redhead, who you may also remember as Nymphadora Tonks in the "Harry Potter" movies.

    5. She was almost a Bond girl.
    Chaplin tried out for the role of Bond Girl Strawberry Fields in "Quantum of Solace," but her good friend Gemma Arterton got it instead. For the movie, Chaplin was a "gloried extra. My minute and a half of glory ... I brought in a beer ... and then I ran away. It was a fun five days."

    While the Bond thing didn't work out, Chaplin didn't have to wait long for her break. Just a couple years later, in 2011, she landed the part of Marnie, the wife of Hector (Dominic West) in the acclaimed British drama "The Hour."

    Oona is totally awesome and does not get posted about enough, tbh. And Natalie and Sophie remain perfect. Anyway, what are you looking forward to in tonight's episode?

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    Rihanna certainly had an action-packed Saturday.

    And she made sure to dress the part with three costume changes for the day's events, celebrating 'weed day' on April 20 or better known as 4/20.

    But her final ensemble for the evening's festivities was the skimpiest and most flattering of them all as she headed to a nightclub in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, after a crowd-pleasing performance for her Diamonds world tour.

    Skimpy appearance: After her concert in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Rihanna hit up a local nightclub in a form-revealing outfit, on Saturday

    The Barbadian songstress donned strappy stilettos for the night on the town.
    The black footwear added more than a few inches to her height and nicely showcased her sun kissed legs after her sweaty dance routine onstage just hours before.

    She was certain to make sure her accessories caught just as much attention as her toned body.
    The Diamonds (In The Sky) recording artist also wore statement earrings as she sported pink lipstick and white nail polish.

    And it was a good thing that Rihanna donned the daring outfit as she got a surprise visit from a certain South American Victoria's Secret Angel just prior to her nightclub appearance.

    Adriana Lima popped by to congratulate the singer and blow a few coy kisses to the camera as the two posed for some playful snaps backstage.

    The Brazilian model attended the concert in a ripped vest and leather leggings.
    Rihanna playfully captioned a snap of the two of them: 'Only bad bitchess get backstage on the #DIAMONDSWorldTour #nobasiczone.'

    In the photograph Lima can be seen affectionately kissing the singer's cheek.

    Happy 4/20: Rihanna toasted her fans with a shout out to '4/20', a term founded by a group of California High School students in 1971

    After her dance heavy performance onstage, the adventurous singer indulged in a 4/20 treat, as evidenced by her Twitter, where she posted a photograph of a cake in the shape of a marijuana leaf.

    'What did I do to deserve the epicness that is my fans??!!' she wrote in a caption accompanying the photograph, indicating that the dessert came from an admirer.

    The singer toasted her fans with a celebratory smoke, writing, '#420 it's a celebration b******!! Thank you to all my ft. Lauderdale and Miami fam that came through #DWT #backstageLife.'

    What a gift: 'What did I do to deserve the epicness that is my fans??!!' the singer wrote of the tasty treat

    The afternoon prior to her evening's performance onstage, Rihanna unleashed a slew of pouty pictures on Instagram.
    She posted a series of heavily filtered shots onto the picture sharing website, including one of her on a bicycle, a far cry from her sexy moves onstage.

    For one picture the Umbrella singer sat posing with her pals, writing: 'Our #420 on #420 #clique', referring to the day - a term founded by a group of High School students in 1971.

    Later on, for the onstage antics, Rihanna stunned in a pair of embroidered black hotpants, a sheer long-sleeved tunic layered over a studded bra and thigh-high leather boots with gold detailing.

    The Umbrella diva, known for her changes in hair colour, has settled on a mottled auburn shade for her Diamonds World Tour.

    'Can you handle this?': Rihanna couldn't resist indulging fans in a string of questionable dance moves during a Florida stop of her Diamonds World Tour


    what did u do ontd?

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    Cher, one of the Most Enduring Divas in Pop Music, announced that her follow-up to 2001′s Living Proof is complete thanks to one last song featuring Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters (“Let’s Have a Kiki”). “Got to down & Finish last song ! Then it DONE !! Jakes here putting some parts down & a Harmony !” Cher said Saturday on Twitter, before she announced the album’s completion this morning.

    Once scheduled to drop in March, Cher’s new album was to feature Timbaland, a duet with Lady Gaga (“The Greatest Thing”) and two songs written by Pink. Cher has yet to say whether her new album will still include these superstar collaborations, but she did respond to one fan who thought she had disappeared. See her response:

    Asked how many tracks:


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    “Well, now I feel like I’ve seen the whole movie,” is an increasingly common complaint about movie trailers. Studios’ marketing strategy is frequently to lure viewers into the theater with a peek at a movie’s biggest fight sequence or most compelling twist, a promise of what people will see if they buy a ticket. But there are some trailers in recent years that have mastered the art of creating a sense of mystery and avoiding spoiling key surprise moments.
    Speaking of spoilers, WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD for Oblivion, Looper, and Moon.
    Oblivion, which opened in the U.S. this weekend and internationally the week prior, appeared to give viewers a pretty full picture of the sci-fi film with its trailers: We saw the blown-up moon. We saw the desolate, post-apocalyptic landscapes. We saw Tom Cruise discover that things are not what they seem – there are more humans on Earth, the woman in his dreams is real, his partner is not to be trusted. But it turned out there was more that wasn’t as it seemed. There are Tom Cruise clones. Humanity actually didn’t migrate to Titan. Melissa Leo is really a big HAL-like red light. And derivative of other sci-fi films though those twists may be, Oblivion was still able to pull a few surprises on the audience.
    Director Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy) told the Huffington Post that the marketing team for the film would probably have been “thrilled” to be given the green light to include footage of Tom Cruise fighting Tom Cruise in the trailers, but he decided to keep the lid on that part of the movie. “I feel there are certain twists and turns in this movie that are such an important part of the movie experience that knowing it’s there changes things,” he said. “The message I’m trying to get out there is that it’s a movie with a lot of twists and turns, you have to pay attention, and it’s not what you expect.”
    Another sci-fi flick that featured multiple copies of its star, 2009′s Moon, opted to reveal that a clone plot may be at play in its trailer. But the shots with two Sam Bells were still very sparse in the trailer, leaving the best aspect of the movie – Sam Rockwell’s performance opposite himself – an experience exclusive to anyone who bought a ticket.
    The editors of previews for Looper, The Hunger Games, and Super 8 also get high marks for knowing how to keep a secret. Super 8 – directed by the master of mystery, J.J. Abrams – showed no shots of the creature wrecking havoc on the film’s small Ohio town in its trailers. The Hunger Games got audiences to the theater by not showing footage of the Arena in its marketing. Looper managed to create trailers with plenty of captivating content that still left out footage of key components of the movie, including the all-important son of Emily Blunt’s character (played by young actor Pierce Gagnon in a haunting, awards-worthy performance).

    So why does all this mystery make for a good viewing experience? When you go into a theater all hyped up about the strong points of a film, there’s bound to be some letdown. But when a film surprises its audience and gives them more than they knew they were in for, expectations are both met and exceeded.
    It is worth noting, though, that building speculation and mystery with a trailer is a whole different matter from previews that end up misrepresenting a film. Last year’s Flight and Magic Mike kept central plots of substance abuse out of their marketing. Trailers for The Tree of Life, The Fountain, and Drive didn’t let on how arty, philosophical, and abstract – albeit beautiful and compelling – those films really were. The result wasn’t so much creating pay-off to mysteries and pleasant surprises for ticket-holders as it was drawing in the wrong crowd.
    Perhaps the best advice on this issue for the movie-making and marketing powers-that-be comes from Joss Whedon, who produced and co-wrote last year’s horror hit The Cabin in the Woods.  As explained by his The Cabin in the Woods co-writer Drew Goddard: At a March 2012 screening of the horror film that had more than a few tricks up its sleeves, regarding the choice to introduce Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford’s characters and the Facility early in the movie, Goddard said, “Put all your cards on the table right away, and then that will force you to come up with new cards.”


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