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    For years the fashion world has been in love with stilettos - but Catherine Deneuve claims the mid-heel is far sexier.

    The French actress said ‘twisted’ designers are to blame for the modern obsession with five-inch heels that are impossible to walk in.

    Deneuve calls the trend an ‘aberration’, claiming ‘simple’ shoes help women to feel ‘emancipated’.


    Deneuve said she deliberately chose heels ‘that weren’t too high’ for her portrayal of Séverine Serizy, a bourgeois housewife who turns to prostitution, in Luis Buñuel’s 1967 film Belle du Jour.

    The screen siren controversially went for clunky, mid-heeled Roger Vivier courts, which were, at first, given a frosty reception by audiences and fashion experts.

    But Deneuve turned the shoe into an overnight success with Vivier selling 200,000 pairs in one year alone to customers including Jackie Onassis and the Duchess of Windsor.

    In a new book on Vivier, Deneuve explains why she decided to forgo high heels and opt for a daintier shoe like other screen sirens of her era.


    She said: ‘One cannot walk properly in very high heels.

    ‘But also, we believed in an idea that no longer means anything for people today: that having a natural allure was the most important thing. That’s what counted most for all of us.’

    Favourite: Deneuve wrote a tribute to shoe designer Roger Vivier in a new book about his wonderful flat and low-heeled shoes

    She said the trend of wearing painful and impractical shoes does not stem from what women want.
    Deneuve said: ‘It’s something that comes out of a slightly twisted desire, which, for that matter, makes for a rather twisted way of walking.

    ‘I suspect that it has its origins in the minds of the designers, designers who have pushed the limits, who were imagining an extreme woman.

    ‘Everyone has fallen for it, women’s magazines first and foremost. Nowadays, a silhouette must be strong; it must create an effect, make an impact — all these powerful words.’

    She added that demure heels, which feature in the spring/summer 2013 collections of Lanvin and Prada, can be far more alluring.

    Deneuve said: ‘A simple, well-made shoe with the perfect arch is such a pleasure. It makes us walk differently; we feel free, emancipated, as if we can deal with life’s challenges.

    ‘You must remember that in the 1960s, high-heeled shoes were for women of ill repute. They were reserved for those who were obliged by their profession to live up to a caricature.

    'Do women today really want to make caricatures of themselves?’

    What do you think?


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    The goal of Mattel's "Dolls of the World" Barbie collection might be to boost intercultural understanding -- but it seems the brand has tried the tolerance of specific communities it seeks to represent.

    The latest batch of dolls in the collection -- shown in the slideshow below -- was introduced last summer. Each one comes with a passport and a pet -- Holland Barbie has a bunny and India Barbie, a monkey. The accessories assigned to Mexico Barbie, however, have been the focus of considerable skepticism from commentators.

    On the Barbie collector website, the doll is described as having the facial sculpt of a “new Hispanic” and a skin tone that is “LA tan.”

    Dressed in a pink ruffled dress for a “fabulous” fiesta, the Mexico Barbie is accompanied by her “Chihuahua friend” and a bright-pink passport.

    Bloggers including Laura Martinez have protested the inclusion of a passport at all, suggesting that making special reference to the doll's documentation is offensive.

    On Cafemom's The Stir, blogger Adriana Velez called the entire set a "missed opportunity" to teach about real cultural diversity.

    Complaining that the Mexican doll's costume was not only old-fashioned, but also inaccurate, she suggested alternative accessories like "a white blouse with colorful embroidery and a woven shawl."

    "[A]ll girls deserve dolls that enlighten them, not that talk down to them with this half-assed ethnic tourism," she wrote, adding that a hairless dog -- or even a Mexican bass guitar -- would have been a more appropriate prop than a Chihuahua.

    Mommy Maestra blogger Monica Olivera was similarly unimpressed by Mexico Barbie's canine pet, but apart from that, she wrote on NBC Latino, she doesn't find the doll objectionable.

    I don’t understand what the big deal is. They’ve been doing international dolls for years now. The Dolls of the World series is not meant to represent examples of modern women in the now ubiquitous jeans and t-shirts now found around the world. ... I personally am thrilled to see a big company like Mattel preserving these beautiful and historical costumes that are rich in symbolism, meaning, and history.

    National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts chairman Felix Sanchez sounded off more generally to Fox News Latino about the "dated" images projected by the dolls.

    In an online announcement last June, when Mattel relaunched a group of the Dolls of the World principal designer Linda Kyaw noted that she had never been to Mexico when she designed the Mexican doll.

    Responding to complaints on Twitter, the company wrote:"Mexico Barbie is 1 of 100 Barbie Dolls of the World. Current dolls wear a country-inspired outfit & have a passport & animal."

    In a statement released to The Huffington Post, Mattel said:

    Each doll wears an ensemble inspired by the traditional costume and fashion of the country. ... We consulted with the Mexican Embassy on the Dolls of the World Mexico Barbie, especially with respect to the selection of the Chihuahua. Our goal with the Dolls of the World Mexico Barbie, as well as the entire Dolls of the World Collection, is to celebrate cultural differences and tradition, introducing girls to the world through play.

    The controversy comes not long after New York mom Karen Greene Braithwaite started a petition -- which now has nearly 15,500 signatures -- asking Mattel to use Barbies of color on party supplies. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like her wish will be granted anytime soon.


    mattel you in danger gurl

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  • 04/14/13--15:54: MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet
  • Bella Thorne

    Holland Roden


    Quvenzhane Wallis

    Ru Paul and Alyssa Edwards

    Jason Merritt

    Melanie Iglesias

    Ashley Rikards

    Shaun Robinson

    Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Sammi Giancola

    Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino

    Jessica Lu

    Alexa Vega

    Avan Jorgia

    Brittany Snow

    Nolan Funk


    Hana Mae Lee

    Snoop Lion

    Jared Gilman

    Kara Hayward



    Alexandra Daddario

    Anna Camp

    Jillian Rose Reed

    Beau Mirchoff

    Chloe Moretz

    Crystal Reed

    Zoe Saldana

    Melissa McCarthy

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Dylan OBrien

    Jordana Brewster

    Eddie Redmayne

    Kim Kardashian
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Steve Carell

    Kylie Jenner

    Selena Gomez

    Joss Whedon

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Last year Russell Crowe, Katy Perry and fellow British singer Adele raved about Jessie Ware for her fantastic set of pipes and a tasteful, highbrow mix of soul and pop falling somewhere between Sade and Lisa Stansfield.

    So it might not be a stretch to say Ware, in the basement of Toronto’s The Opera House hours before her sold-out Canadian debut, is finding it difficult to comprehend what’s happening.

    “Surreal,” she says when asked to describe it.

    And no wonder. With a very strong critical and commercial debut Devotion nominated for The Mercury Prize last year, 2013 sees her audience growing with the North American release on April 16 complete with four bonus tracks.

    Ware, 28, says she can sense something’s taking place but is reluctant to call it a “buzz.”

    “You don’t want to tempt fate, do you,” she says. “But it feels really good playing here. It feels like people are on my side and that’s a really lovely feeling. But I don’t know buzz…you know what I mean? I feel like a prat saying it.”

    A former journalist – and the daughter of BBC Panaroma reporter John Ware – Jessie started writing material a few years ago but found it tough starting out.

    “I think it was more trying to get the confidence to write the songs at the beginning was actually harder than making the album,” she says. “I got into the flow of it, took the shackles off of the neurotic me who couldn’t write a song for my life. Once I started working with the right people actually it came not easily but it was really enjoyable.”

    One of those “right people” was Dave Okumu who Ware says brought “love and real nurture and good taste” to the proceedings.

    “He always said I could do exactly what I wanted, it was just about getting the right amounts of everything,” she says. “So I’d be like, ‘Why not get a choir on this one?’ and he’d be like, ‘Yeah, wicked, but….’ He said it was like making a recipe, you just had to have (the right amounts), not too much salt, not too much sugar.

    “I think he loved the fact it was our first time with him producing an album and me writing one. It was all very exciting and he never quashed that. He just let my imagination run wild and let me run free and just took all of my ideas and tastefully held them up.”Jessie Ware -Devotion

    Devotion has several high points but two of the best numbers were from Ware thinking the album was done. With the pressure lifted off her shoulders, she kept writing. The two songs she came up with were the timeless “Wildest Moments” and “Running,” the latter she describes as a sequel to the song “Sweet Talk” that she worked with Julio Bashmore on.

    “It was a really easy song to write but we made it really late at night,” she says of “Running.” “I don’t usually work late at night. I quite like to treat it like nine to five, be really focused, but we wrote this really late and I loved it.

    “It supposed to be like a scene in an old teen prom film, you know that last scene where the guy is going to apologize to the girl for making a huge mistake and then it’s all very dramatic. So ‘Sweet Talk’ would probably be earlier in the film and ‘Running’ would be at the later bit when she realizes she’s in too deep and she made the wrong decision.”

    When it comes to her singing career, it was far from a mistake. Ware says while she wasn’t “a very good journalist” she took a few things from journalism and applied it to her music.

    “I love when they can say something quite simply and it can universally resonate and people can understand it everywhere,” she says after thinking about it. “I really like to try and do that as well and take the idea of simplicity, even if you say ‘I love you’ that you mean it, however simple it is.”

    She also says she’s better equipped for the ancillary rigors which come with being in the spotlight than if this stardom were to hit her in her late teens or early twenties.

    “I think I can appreciate it a bit more,” Ware says. “I can also accept that if it all got taken away from me then it would be okay because at least I had a go. I kind of feel like it’s wonderful what’s happening and I love it and I hope this can be my career forever now. But if it didn’t then I’d go train at something else and I’d go and do it and I’d have wonderful memories.”

    Although the April jaunt was a short trek across North America, it included MTV streaming her headlining gig at New York’s Webster Hall before concluding at Coachella. Ware enjoys touring and loves playing the new upbeat song “Imagine It Was Us,” one she says has “a different kind of personality” and is “quite fun” live.Just don’t ask her about a cover version of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” as she couldn’t perform it on the Canadian and American trek.

    “I can’t do ‘Diamonds’ because I don’t have a fretless bass,” she says as if about to stomp her feet in disappointment. “I’m gutted. We did it all in Europe because we had a tour bus but we’re flying everywhere and fretless basses are quite expensive to hire. I’m gutted because I loved that but alas.”

    If there’s any solace it might be the gifts she’s received from fans along the way. Ware receives items from all kinds of people and places. Toronto was no different as she tweeted about getting “a hand made dress, a cd and a lovely gold ring!”

    “I get lots of roses which is lovely,” she says. “I got this whole package from these Polish gentlemen that gave me a guide to Poland. I think they’re kind of hoping I’m going to move there. (It was) chocolates, very long letters by both of them and some flowers. It was like a Valentine’s gift, very nice. People are very sweet.”

    (more at da)source
    she's playing Coachella RIGHT NOW WATCH

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    VEVO LIFT brings you Iggy Azalea performing Work like you've never seen it before....

    An awesome 'behind the scenes' look at Iggy Azalea's Stripped session which sees her rendition of 'Work' accompanied by a string quartet.

    Iggy is also slaying the UK charts, here's today's official update:


    She's so amazing!

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  • 04/18/13--07:16: JKras and Emily Blunt at LAX
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Landing back on the West Coast, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski arrived on a flight at LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Wednesday (April 17).

    Dressed for travel in casual garb, the couple held hands and stole loving glances at each other as they made their way through the terminal.

    Recently, the English actress sat down with InStyle for a cover interview and spoke about her marriage to the “Office” hunk.

    “Meeting John really changed my life. When I feel the support that I have from him, I feel invincible,” she gushed.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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    Someone found this on Iggy's Facebook page

     the caption was: ''This is the only picture I'm showing you guys of 'Bounce'. Savour it!

    The video will be beautiful. Thank you, India!''

    it's a bit of a preview for her new video 'Bouce'


    Iggy's facebook

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    I really hope this is good.


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    Better than nothing?

    While the Ninth Doctor might not be appearing in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode, Christopher Eccleston’s presence will certainly be felt next week in Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.

    Although the rest of the world is currently waiting on the mysteries of Hide, it has been revealed that fans will hear the voice of the Ninth Doctor in the coming episode (scheduled for April 27th) in a clip from Rose, namely:

    “The assembled hordes of Genghis Khan couldn’t get through these doors, and believe me they’ve tried.”

    This scene apparently features the voice over while a space salvage team attempts to take the time machine apart.

    We learned earlier this month that despite months of rumours to the contrary, Eccleston sadly wouldn’t be returning to Doctor Who for the 50th anniversary episode alongside David Tennant and Matt Smith.

    Who knows, perhaps Paul McGann will take his place…?


    Another element of the 9th Doctor will be included in the 50th Anniversary, even if the man himself won't show. Check beneath the cut for a spoiler-y piece of wardrobe.


    It's Voice of the Dragon, John Hurt in 9's jacket!


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    Though Elisabeth Hasselbeck has been fired from The View (moderator Barbara Walters has publicly denied Us Weekly's exclusive report), Whoopi Goldberg isn't concerned about the fate of the morning talk show. During the Vanity Fair party at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City April 16, the 57-year-old told Us she's steering clear of the casting drama.

    "Let me tell you this about The View: I take a paycheck every other week. That's all I do. I could give a sh-t what comes. I do my job -- I have a contract. That's where I stand. I don't give a f-ck," Goldberg said

    When producers announce replacements for Hasselbeck and JoyBehar (the co-host recently announced she's leaving the program after 16 years), Goldberg promised she will be courteous as ever. "I try to," she said. "Whatever y'all want. Just make sure my check doesn't bounce!"

    Goldberg added that she's not involved in any casting decisions. "I don't care. That's not my job," she explained. "My job is to show up and be cute by 11 o'clock and get the f-ck off that show by 12. And that's what I try to do."

    The EGOT winner said she plugs her ears when people discuss rumored replacements for her co-hosts. "I think it's the only way to keep your sanity because these are not decisions that I get to make," Goldberg told Us. "It ain't my show. It's Barbara's show."


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    A model once dropped by an agency for being ‘too big’ now wants to help other ‘normal sized’ women break into the thin-obsessed fashion industry.

    Saffi Karina, 27, from Wandsworth, began her modelling career when she was a size 10 but as ‘womanhood ensued’, she was told she was ‘too big’ to carry on working because of her curvy hips.

    ‘I had only been working for a couple of years, and really loving it, when they dropped me. But I have 41-inch hips – they are pure bone, there is nothing I can do about them, they aren’t going anywhere. I had to work with what I’ve got,’ she told the Evening Standard.

    She took a break from modelling for a short time and then returned to a different agency as a size 12 to work as a plus size model. Since then she has featured in numerous advertising campaigns including those for Debenhams, Speedo, John Lewis and Bravissimo.

    She said: ‘As you grow older, you become more womanly and I actually didn’t want to change that, so I started looking for what else was out there. I began working as a plus-size model and it is a very positive and happy industry. I still got to do what I loved and travel the world.’She has founded ‘The Curve Project London’ where she will hold workshops alongside fashion photographers, make-up artists and stylists to show people how to make it as a model.

    She said the aim of The Curve Project is: ‘To empower, educate and encourage young women to love and embrace the skin their skin. It strives to endorse a positive body image and act as role models to young women who previously thought ‘thin’ was the only way to get a foot in the fashion threshold.’ [Read the rest here]

    too big?!? Excuse you. Set phasers to fucking stunning.

    Unconventional sauce

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    Rihanna came out of a medical building in Bev Hills Tuesday ... and said she's doing a lot better, but it's done nothing to stop the pregnancy talk.

    Rihanna has cancelled 4 concert dates on her Diamonds World Tour ... which kicked off on March 8.

    Sources connected to the singer told TMZ in early March she was suffering from a throat infection. Thing is ... it's been more than a month now and there are clearly still issues.

    Because the info coming from Rihanna's camp has been sketchy ... there have been a slew of tabloid stories speculating that she's pregnant.

    Video at the source

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    Fans of best-selling fantasy series don't often get to live out their real-life fantasy: meeting the creator of the books, TV shows, or movies that they are obsessed with. Fans of Game of Thrones (the show) and A Song of Ice and Fire (the books), however, do. When he's not writing like the wind, George R.R. Martin can be one of the most accessible best-selling authors, and not just in the usual autograph/photograph session way. Martin has had drinks, meals, and partied with fans, even invited them over for dinner. He even fact-checks the books with fans. We talked to four fans who have shared meals and partied with Martin, and through their experiences we have pieced together what it might like to spend the whole day with him.

    In 2010, Phil Bicking, the 31-year-old editor of a fansite for Martin’s book series, Winter Is Coming, was invited by HBO to the TCA (Television Critics Association) winter press tour, where the network would be introducing the show. When he heard that GRRM was going to be attending, he asked HBO if they could set up a meeting; turns out that Martin “had seen my site and he liked what I was doing!” says Bicking, who goes by “Winter” on his site (the GOT username equivalent of “First!”), so a breakfast was arranged, and he flew from Raleigh, North Carolina, on his own dime. And lo, Bicking found himself chowing down on “bacon burnt black” (Tyrion’s pork preference) with Martin and another Winter Is Coming contributor (whose moniker is “Fire and Blood”) at Beverly Hills’s Four Seasons.
    Over the two-hour meal, the two sitemasters asked for spoilers on A Dance With Dragons, the as-yet-unpublished fifth book in the series, and for the secret of Jon Snow's parentage ("That was one of the ones I was hoping he would reveal"), but Martin wasn’t giving them up. He did, however, happily share his medieval history inspirations for the series, chatting about how he didn't like the overused fantasy trope of peasant boys rescuing princesses only to have a happily ever after. "That never would have happened!" Martin said at the time. "He would have his head chopped off for addressing her without being spoken to first!"
    Conversation turned to matters outside of Westeros, discussing football (Martin is a Giants fan; Bicking loves the Eagles), and at the end of the meal, while Bicking did ask Martin to sign his copy of A Game of Thrones, he neglected to snap a picture. "My wife to this day yells at me about it," he laughed. "It was a fail." But even though he missed out on photographic evidence of their time together, Bicking got something better: one of the dedications in A Dance With Dragons. "That was cool," Bicking said. "He remembered me."

    Kyle Maddock, a 29-year-old marketing rep who runs A Podcast of Ice and Fire on the side, has met GRRM four times now. One time he ran into the author in Venice Beach, California, when Tom Colicchio was offering dishes inspired by the show from an HBO food truck. Spotting Martin feasting on head cheese, Maddock went up to say hello, and mentioned that they had met briefly before. "He said he remembered me and my mind exploded!" Maddock said. "He asked me a couple of podcast-specific questions, so not only did he remember, but he had obviously been to our site and taken a look around, which scared me a little, because it's not PG-rated. But mostly, it just put a stupid grin on my face." Emboldened, Maddock decided to ask Martin to tape a shout-out for the podcast, and was ecstatic that Martin agreed to do one. So Maddock suggested what he thought would be a funny line for Martin to say: "This is George R.R. Martin and you're listening to A Podcast of Ice and Fire. I don't know why. I'm not even sure these guys have read my books." But GRRM thought this was too cheesy — he looked Maddock right in the eye and shot him down: "I'm not saying that." And never try to force a man who has just scarfed down head cheese.

    Martin isn't that hard to find; he posts his schedule on his LiveJournal blog, and at fan conventions, he's known to attend Brotherhood Without Banners parties. But should you encounter GRRM outside of an autograph session, he does have some ground rules. "At parties, or in the bar, by all means, come up, say hi, introduce yourself, start a conversation, offer to buy me a drink ... flirt with me," he says on his blog, "[but] asking me about my favorite character or telling me who YOUR favorite character is will likely just send me slouching off to find someone who wants to talk about Jack Vance, sing old TV theme songs, or argue whether Sanchez or Tebow should QB the Jets." In other words, while you may be thrilled to meet the Game of Thrones creator, don’t ask him about Game of Thrones.
    "He has to lay down the law, otherwise he would get mobbed," explains fan Alicia Godwin, a 32-year-old administrative assistant, who ran into GRRM last Memorial Day at a Worldcon afterparty in Chicago. The party was standing-room only, with Martin the only one sitting, so attendees joked that he was "on his throne." "People wanted to take pictures, and he wasn't having it," Godwin said.
    Because she knew Martin preferred talking to female fans ("It's kind of a sausagefest at the Con"), Godwin played up her assets to get GRRM's attention. "I was dressed a little skanky, I'm not going to lie," she laughed. "It doesn't hurt to show a little cleavage." And because she knew the rules, she thought better of "begging him about some of the lives of the characters who are in the balance." Instead, they talked food and football.
    Over a beer, Godwin learned that despite Martin's penchant for Southwestern food, he doesn't like Tex Mex. "He said he's snobby, and I was like, 'Whatever, George,' because I'm from San Antonio," she said. "He did approve of our barbecue, though." And she offered to take him on a road trip to "pee on the stadium" of the Dallas Cowboys, "because he hates them with a passion"; next time she sees him, she plans to gift him with a Dallas Cowboys voodoo doll. "It was just really chill," Godwin said. "We just shot the shit for fifteen minutes."

    Elio Garcia, the 34-year-old webmaster of, has probably spent more one-on-one time with GRRM than any one fan. Since first approaching Martin online in 1997 — before the book series had much traction — Garcia developed an online relationship with the author. Then, seven years after first contact, he got an invitation to meet up for dinner, since he was passing through New Mexico on a road trip with his family in 2004. Garcia had his parents drop him off at Martin's homes in Santa Fe — “homes” plural because he has two houses across from each other on the same street, and possibly even a third house now for storage. "He had a mailbox shaped like a castle," Garcia told Vulture. "I've never seen a mailbox that big."
    Garcia got a quick tour of the house, whereupon he noticed a big box sitting on a desk containing the manuscript for the then-unpublished book four, A Feast for Crows. "I wanted to go and touch the box," Garcia laughed. "And I kicked myself afterwards. Why didn't I take a look?" The two of them headed to a local steakhouse for dinner, and then went back to Martin's house afterwards, where the two chatted about comic books, medieval military strategies, and obscure characters in the series. "It's sort of sad that I have all this room for trivia in my head, and I can't remember what I had for dinner yesterday!" Garcia laughed. Keeping it on the obscure side, however, worked to his advantage. Martin later sent him the Manuscript in the Box, asking him to fact-check it for him — because a slip like a change in eye color will make fans salivate with imposter theories, when sometimes it's just a mistake. Garcia now performs this function for all the books, but it's completely unofficial: "It's not like I'm paid or anything." And yes, that means he's read parts of book six, The Winds of Winter — including a Sansa chapter that is sure to be controversial.
    Martin also paved the way for Garcia to visit Belfast, Ireland, in 2010, when the show was in production for season one, and the two toured the set together. And to end the evening, Martin took Garcia to a "moot," a gathering at a local pub with some of the actors from the show, including Kit Harington, Gethin Anthony, Finn Jones, Kristian Nairn, and James Cosmo. "That was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," Garcia said. "Everybody knows them now, but people didn't know them at the time, so that was pretty cool."
    Garcia and his fellow webmaster (and fiancée) Linda Antonsson now have a "standing invitation" to stay at Casa Martin, should he ever travel through New Mexico again. "We're not just fans, we're friends," Garcia said. "I don't think he invites random fans to stay with them for a week. But it's just so completely random how we got here."


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  • 04/18/13--10:14: Celebrity Picture Post
  • Ke$ha and Sarah Jessica Parker at Calzedonia 'Forever Together' show in Rimini

    Jenna Dewan Tatum in London

    Kate Hudson and Elizabeth Hurley at the 2013 Hot Pink Party in NYC

    Stacy Keibler heading to The Grove to film Extra!

    Uma Thurman at the HRC Marriage for Equality USA celebration in NYC

    Eva Mendes in NYC

    Eva Longoria in New York City

    Anne Hathaway in Beverley Hills

    Karolina Kurkova in NYC

    Sofia Vergara on Good Morning America

    Pink and family in Paris

    Miranda Kerr

    Kristin Chenoweth at the Royal Caribbean International Groundbreaking

    Ashley Tisdale in Studio City

    Alexis Bledel attends the premiere of "Remembering Sunday"

    Sienna Miller in NYC with her parents

    Jane Levy at the Evil Dead premiere in London

    Selita Ebanks in NYC

     Gabrielle Union and Miguel attend the BET Networks 2013 New York Upfront

    Candice Swanepoel walks with her boyfriend, Hermann Nicoli in Manhattan

    Ashley Greene in LA

    Diane Kruger

    Daisy Lowe at the Jaeger Boutique launch in London

    AnnaSophia at the Kiehl's launch of the Environmental Partnership Benefiting Recycle Across America

    Kelly Rowland in LA

    Gemma Arterton in London

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    The organization is presenting the Academy Award-winning actress, who isn’t able to attend, with the Down Syndrome of Louisville Friendship Award to honor her relationship with Louisville’s Andy Strunk.

    Strunk, who has Down syndrome, has received national attention in recent months for his lifelong friendship with Lawrence, which started when the two attended Kammerer Middle School together.

    They still communicate regularly and when Lawrence is in town, she usually drops by his Indian Hills home to say hello, often bringing him signed movie posters.

    Strunk recently told The Courier-Journal that he was “like best friends” with Lawrence and also said “she’s kind... I think she has spirit.”

    On behalf of his famous sister, Louisvillian Blaine Lawrence will accept Down Syndrome of Louisville’s award for Jennifer Lawrence on April 26 at the organization’s Derby bash, the Mint Jubilee Gala. Jennifer won't be able to attend the event because she's currently shooting X Men: Days of Future Past.


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    Jonny Lee Miller and Natalie Dormer on set of Elementary, April 17, 2013.


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    TIME Magazine:
    By John Legend

    Frank is brilliant. The day I started writing with him, it was clear that he has a very interesting mind and a distinctive way of expressing himself. He was fearless and innately creative. You talk to some people in this business and you get the sense that they’re very focused on radio: what will be a hit or won’t be a hit. You never get that from Frank. The focus is on creating something that’s beautiful, that’s great art.

    Frank broke a lot of rules with his album Channel Orange. He wasn’t focused on “What’s gonna be my single?” And obviously, one of the cardinal rules was that he wasn’t supposed to come out. But he did, and he did it in a way that speaks to what kind of artist he is, in a beautifully written letter to his fans. The day the letter was published, he came over to my house for a July 4 barbecue, where he was among friends who supported him and showed him love.

    How fitting that he released his “declaration” on Independence Day. I think Frank’s career will be defined by his fearlessness and his artistic freedom. He has the talent, the ability and the brilliance to have an impact for a long time. He will follow his muse wherever it goes — he’s not the kind of artist to adhere to everyone else’s schedule. That’s what makes him special.

    Source 1
    Source 2

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