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    Oh, and talks 'Criminal Minds'

    Last Monday’s episode of Criminal Minds caused an uproar after it played in the US in January. When Dr Spencer Reid’s first meeting with long-distance girlfriend Maeve ended with him being forced to watch her murder, the show’s fans took to cyberspace to share their anguish and rage at the latest injustice suffered by their favourite character.

    “Why isn’t Reid allowed to be happy?” was typical of the thousands of responses, as were “It absolutely left me sobbing and emotionally destroyed”, and “I am super pissed about this.”

    “We have a joke here on the show that we broke the internet with that episode,” laughs Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays Reid.

    “I’m very sad she died, obviously,” he adds, although he doesn’t sound too cut up about it. Instead, he comes across as upbeat and loose and not at all like the buttoned-down genius he plays on the wildly popular show about a FBI unit that profiles serial killers.

    Maeve was always destined to die, Gubler admits. “Right from when the storyline was first pitched it had that three-act structure: Reid has a girlfriend he’s never met, they fall in love, she gets killed. And I’m really proud of how we pulled it off. Because of the nature of the comments and the reaction against it, I think we can say we did our job in a way that people won’t forget.”

    Gubler has to use fans’ response to judge whether the episode was successful because he hasn’t seen it, and probably never will. He says he doesn’t enjoy watching himself on screen at the best of times, and that the Mauve episode was especially difficult.

    “The only way I know how to act is to, like, 100 per cent believe what is happening, so it was really tough emotionally,” he says. “And grief is not an easy thing to portray.”

    He gets plenty of practice in upcoming episodes, as the repercussions of Reid’s heartbreak play out over the remainder of the season. Gubler hopes the way his character comes to terms with the tragedy “might somehow bring a sense of optimism to people who are experiencing a loss themselves”.

    Having been a Criminal Minds cast member since the show began eight years ago, and with each season taking around ten-and-half months to film, Gubler hasn’t had time to play many other roles during his career. Something he has managed to squeeze into his busy schedule, though, is providing the voice of “Simon the lovable chipmunk” in the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies.

    “He couldn’t be a more opposite character to play,” Gubler laughs. “It’s a lot of fun doing that - anything lighthearted after this series is always welcome, and Simon never encounters dead bodies!”

    As well as doing voice work - credits include a Scooby-Doo episode and an upcoming animated Batman movie in which, he excitedly reports, “I get to be a villain I’ve always dreamed of playing, though I’m not allowed to say who” - Gubler jumps at the “awesome” opportunity to direct on Criminal Minds.

    Indeed, when he speaks to Living he’s “just finished putting some last minute touches” on his fifth episode as director.

    Each time I direct I try to make it completely different from the standard Criminal Minds episode. I think this most recent one is better and weirder than the last - I’m pretty darn proud of it,” Gubler says happily, before dropping a hint about its content that might placate fans upset by last week’s instalment: “Just because Maeve’s dead doesn’t mean she can’t come back…”

    Source: TheNewZealandHerald

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  • 04/13/13--16:41: Sky Ferreira post!

  • Sky Ferreira and the dark side of the music biz

    Signed at 15 as 'Britney meets Lolita', Sky Ferreira's experience as a pop product was chastening. Now, at 20, she's doing her own thing

    It's so fucked up that people say, 'Oh, she's a flop,'" laughs Sky Ferreira, her artfully dishevelled bright blonde hair framing a face tight with the tension of a person who's read too many blog comments. "Well what the fuck are you doing?" she asks, not unreasonably. "It's not even failing; at least I tried. I tried and I don't regret it because the only way to get stuff done is trying."

    Signed to a record deal at the age of 15 and billed, as she puts it, as "Britney-meets-teen Lolita", in 2010 Ferreira released two great singles, 17 and One , before bringing the whole thing crashing down when she publicly slagged off the Katy Perry-esque stomp of what was supposed to be her proper launch single, Obsession. Bored of waiting for her debut album to be released – she claims she submitted it three times and completed 68 songs in total – she forced her way out of her contract, started working with producers Dev Hynes (Solange), Ariel Reichstadt (Charli XCX) and Jon Brion (Fiona Apple), and has just completed an album of brooding electro-tinged bangers and acoustic confessionals, led by recent music blog catnip Everything Is Embarrassing.

    The way Ferreira talks about her first brush with being a pop star makes you wonder why she didn't just pack it all in and live on a farm. She claims she was forced into recording Obsession ("[The label] were like, 'If you do this then you can do whatever you want later,' which wasn't true"), was worked so hard that she fell asleep in interviews ("People thought I was nodding off, like on drugs") and encouraged not to stray too far from the usual pop star line vis-a-vis having a personality. "I had to be this wholesome teenager from Los Angeles, but sexy as well, but in a weird way because I was underage," she says with a shrug. "You can be sexual if it benefits them, but if it benefits you then forget it. They want their pop stars to be blank but they also want them to be godly. They want you to be the girl next door that's relatable but not offensive. There was a point where I was like, 'I don't want anything to do with being a pop star.' I didn't want anything to do with what it required. I don't want that."

    Ferreira was never going to flourish under the regime of a big-money major-label contract (she's now signed to Polydor, but with a much smaller budget and lower commercial expectations). "I was always very to myself as a kid and painfully shy," she says, avoiding eye contact as if to reiterate her point. "I hate being forced to do things. I hate people telling me what to do so I'll do the complete opposite. It's a bit self-destructive sometimes. I've got a little better with it lately, but when I was younger, forget it. People translated it to me being a bitch or being snobby."

    She wasn't exactly feeling school either. "I hated the structure of school. Also, if you don't become friends with the right group of people, then you're screwed. I found it really weird. Being on my first label reminded me of high school. I was like, 'I did music to get out of this and ended up back in it,' with people with worse egos and habits."

    Her shyness meant that her often weekly trips to hang out with family friend Michael Jackson remained a secret (her gran was his hairdresser). "I rarely told anyone. The thing is I didn't know the extent of his fame. I knew he was a singer. I was just too used to it, I guess." There's an obvious fondness for those days spent hanging out at Neverland with her grandmother, a woman she lived with as a child and who she often refers to as her mother. "I didn't grow up in a regular upbringing. I ended up at my grandmother's house past a certain age, so I took care of things myself. I moved out of home when I was 16." She's also at pains to distance herself from the Valley girl image that was thrust upon her when she first emerged. "People think I come from a really wealthy family," she sighs. "My mum did hair and hairdressers aren't exactly loaded. My dad had two stores on Venice Beach, as in he worked in them. He sold T-shirts and incense."

    It's this bundle of bold ambition, crippling shyness and fierce independence that makes Ferreira fascinating. While she's not ashamed of the music she's done in the past – "I liked recording those songs but at the moment they're just not where my head is"– the switch from 'credible Britney' to a Tumblr version of Shirley Manson (who wrote her song Red Lips) has led to accusations that she's still being controlled.

    "People think it's like a marketing scam," she says of her change in musical taste. "I must be the best actress ever, you know. I feel like I didn't know who I was when I was 15. I don't feel like you're who you are for life, not even when you're 20. I would love to pull out people's yearbooks from when they were younger and be like, 'You're fake! You're not this person any more! You've dyed your hair!'" she laughs. "People are mad that I bleached my hair, like, 'She changed her hair, I liked the old Sky.' It's the same person. The same person you hated before." She lets out a big honking guffaw before adding in a perfect LA drawl, "Kidding."

    Ferreira's recent videos, including the vampish, black-and-white clip for Everything Is Embarrassing, have been funded by the money she makes from modelling campaigns for Calvin Klein, Adidas and Yves Saint Laurent. In a world in which you're seemingly only allowed to be one thing at a time, and that thing for the rest of your life, this has caused its own problems, with Pitchfork, now a huge supporter, referring to her as a "classic downtown It Girl". "It implies that you're part of a moment and that you don't have any talent," she says. "I hate when people call me a socialite because you have to have money to be a socialite, which I don't have. Because I go to parties and I've been out I'm suddenly a party girl? There are people who party way harder than me. Also, it's not anyone's business, I'm 20 years old! Am I meant to be staying at home popping out children? Are we in the 1800s?"

    We talk about the making of Ferreira's currently untitled debut album (Wild At Heart and I'm Not Alright have both been mooted). She's nervous about people hearing it because it's so personal and she's so involved with the songs. Perhaps this time, she will avoid the endless buzz cycle she was previously trapped in. "I know that hype comes and goes, they'll find another person," she says, calmly. "Everyone's always looking for the next thing when they've only just found the last next thing like that day. And that's when people feel like they have to put out mixtapes every week. Sometimes less is more."What does she think would have happened if one of those three early albums she turned in had been released? "I think I would have been stuck somewhere I didn't want to be stuck," she says. "Everything does really happen for a reason because I'm in a way better position than I was in before. Yeah, I might not have the million-dollar record deal , but the album is something I'm actually proud of."

    New song "24 Hours" performed live at the Bootleg Theater

    New photos by Terry Richardson


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    Sources: 1,2
    It's a good cover.

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    Pop singer Dido, 41, told The Sun that she now cringes at her turn as an actress in the music video for "Stan," her 2000 collaboration with rapper Eminem.

    Dido, who plays an Eminem fan's pregnant girlfriend in the video, said that her work in the opening scenes now makes her laugh, particularly a part where she's pictured singing on the toilet.

    "That wasn't my finest moment," the "Thank You" singer said. "Every time I watch that video, the beginning bit properly makes me giggle."

    "I remember sitting on the loo on the set with Eminem and Dr. Dre there and thinking: 'How surreal can life get?' she continued. "It's quite hard to sit on the loo without wanting to go to the loo. It wasn't my sexiest moment."

    But bathroom scene or no, Dido is still glad she had a hand in "Stan."

    "I loved making that video. It was so fun," she said.

    And though she's no longer in touch with Eminem, the singer only had kind words for her former duet partner.

    "I know a lot people have got a lot of things to say about him, but he was amazing to me. He was so respectful and interesting to be around," the singer said.

    "You can't write lyrics like that and not be an exceptional human being. I think he's one of the great modern storytellers."

    The songstress has an even more personal connection to the song now. She and husband Rohan Gavinn named their first child Stanley.

    'At first I didn't make the connection between the names, but even when I did I wouldn't have changed the name because I had always wanted to name my son that," she said. "It's more of a coincidence that the song 'Stan' was called Stan. I don't see 'Stan' as the same as Stanley."


    Favourite Dido song, ONTD? I LOVE the new album, very electronic and synthpop-y.

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    The Hunger Games Facebook page just uploaded a new image of Effie escorting Katniss and Peeta somewhere. And basically only Peeta is recognizable.


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  • 04/14/13--11:01: LOL of the week

  • Pretty Little Liars Star Sasha Pieterse Drops Country Single, "This Country Is Bad Ass"

    Sasha Pieterse (Alison) certainly doesn't waste any time. We reported last month the Pretty Little Liars star would be releasing a country single and it is here. “This Country is Bad Ass” was released on iTunes this morning, and it is super catchy.

    The upbeat, snarky track is currently available to download on iTunes. The song definitely has a patriotic slant with opening lines: “Good day's work for a good day's pay. I'm proud to be American and that's okay. Free to make my own way in this great nation, but you get a different story on the TV station.” Except for ABC Family, obviously. If you like Sasha's first single, you'll be glad to hear that she will be following it up with two more singles: “RPM” and “I Can't Fix You.”

    Sasha is the second PLL star to go country. Lucy Hale (Aria) has been working on her own country album for a while. Luckily, we won't have to wait much longer to hear Luce's tracks. The album is due out in the summer, with a single coming sometime this spring.

    These girls certainly do keep busy! Perhaps Sasha has combined her two gigs – is it possible Ali has been off making a country album this whole time? That girl can do anything (including, possibly, piloting a plane), and scheming can't take up all of her time, right?

    What do you think of “This Country is Bad Ass”? Do you think Sasha has a future in country music or should she stick to acting? Listen to the track below, and let us know in the comments!

    Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.


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    Although rumor had it that Phoenix were going to bring out fellow French Touch allies Daft Punk during their headline set at Coachella last night (as if DP weren't already ruling the festival despite not actually being on the bill), the reality was something no-one could have predicted: As the French band started playing Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix's "1901", R. Kelly came out to sing "Ignition" over the top. It worked pretty well! Phoenix then slipped into "Chloroform" off their forthcoming album, Bankrupt!(due April 23 via Loyaute/Glassnote), which Kelly matched with verses from "I'm a Flirt", the first single from 2007's Double Up, before bouncing back to "Ignition".


    I loved that they trolled everyone in the crowd.

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  • 04/14/13--11:02: Kevin Hart arrested for DUI
  • 0414-kevin-hart-tmz-7

    Kevin Hart was arrested early this morning on suspicion of DUI after he nearly slammed into a gas tanker while speeding on a freeway ... TMZ has learned.

    According to the California Highway Patrol, officers spotted the comedian driving in a black Mercedes on the 101 Freeway at around 4:30 AM PT. The CHP says he was "driving erratic," "going 90 MPH" and "almost collided with a gas tanker truck."

    The CHP says when they pulled Hart over, he showed "objective signs of intoxication" and was "unable to perform field sobriety tests."

    He was booked into a local jail for misdemeanor DUI just before 6:00 AM PT is currently being held on a $5,000 bond.


    smh i was rooting for you, kev

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    Certain corners of Tumblr and the Internet at large have erupted this week after artist Katie Woodger posted this image and explained that an image she created, featuring Lewis Carroll's heroine Alice, appeared on cosmetic bags being sold by Disney—and Disney never asked for her permission to use the image. So how does a piece of uncredited, unlicensed artwork end up on Disney's merchandise?

    Here is what Woodger poster on her Tumblr earlier this week:


    I don’t know what to do. I am so upset. Can anyone help me?

    My painting was created back in 2010, (see it HERE) and since then so many people have expressed their love for it, not just on tumblr, but in many places. At least 9 people had it tattooed on their bodies. It’s one of my favourite images I created at University and I was proud of it in many ways.

    Disney have used it on a cosmetics bag HERE (look at the back)
    and they have produced a Tshirt HERE with a really similar design clearly modeled from my painting

    I’m so mad because I have no chance at getting Disney to do anything about it. I had so much respect for the company and now I am just SO upset and disappointed.

    Any help, advice or signal boosting would be amazing. And thank you so much to the kind person who messaged me about this.

    It appears that Disney has since removed the cosmetics bag and the t-shirt (although the t-shirt appears to be, if anything, a copy of an idea and therefore not legally infringing). Woodger attempted to contact Disney, but as of her most recent posting four days ago, she had not received word from Disney.

    Now, I'm not suggesting that whomever handles merchandising at Disney spotted Woodger's artwork, knowingly lifted it, and slapped it on a cosmetics bag. Not a month goes by that some artist I follow doesn't have their artwork illicitly turn up on a piece of merchandise made by Hot Topic, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, or some other company with deep enough pockets to pay artists, and the official story always seems to be the same: Some designer (perhaps an independent contractor, perhaps someone who works in-house) has taken the work, passed it off as their own, and sold it to the company for a nice licensing fee. Then the company, thinking it has paid for the image, starts printing it on t-shirts, bags, and bumper stickers.

    Commenters over at Cartoon Brew make the further suggestion that a designer at Disney might have seen Woodger's illustration, which Woodger has said was Victorian-inspired, and mistaken it for an older, public domain illustration. So perhaps they erroneously passed it up the Disney chain.

    What Disney committed here was a direct copyright violation. They reproduced a copyrighted work without the authorization of the copyright holder. Whether an agent of the company knew that the image belonged to Woodger is irrelevant; to prove tortious copyright infringement, one need not show that the infringement was willful, only that it occurred. (There are other aspects of copyright law where willfulness comes into play.) So even if we assume Disney's ignorance, Disney violated intellectual property law.

    And honestly, this particular infringement should not have happened in the first place. If you search for the image in TinEye, Woodger's deviantART gallery pops up very early in the results. It would have taken mere seconds for someone at Disney to see that someone was, at least, claiming ownership of the piece—if anyone had bothered to check, that is.

    Woodger's case is just one instance of a persistant problem, one that indicates that large companies need to be more diligent about avoiding even accidental infringement of artists' works. If companies fail to perform even basic checks to see if images are infringing, they're placing an undue onus on artists to identify products that infringe on their own works. And Woodger's plea for help is a perfect example of how at sea some artists feel when they discover a big company has lifted their work. It's not always clear to artists what recourse they have and whom they should contact. Certainly, even with diligence, some infringing pieces may still slip through the cracks. It would be nice if retail companies, especially those that deal with third party design vendors and contract designers, offered artists a clear place to report their suspicions of copyright infringement.

    And I truly hope that someone at Disney reaches out to Woodger, apologizes, and offers some sort of compensation. When things like this happen, it can feel like a monolithic corporation against the little gal. But they're the result of human errors, and a little humanity—in the form of some basic manners and a mea culpa—can go a long way toward making things right.


    nagl disney

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    Chris Pine was spotted with Alessandra Ambrosio and AnnaSophia Robb at the Lacoste L!ve Pool Party, held in celebration of the 2013 Coachella Music Festival, on Saturday in Thermal, California. More pics after the cut.

    More pics at source

    What do you think about beards, ONTD?

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  • 04/14/13--12:10: THE OFFICIAL UK CHART

    lol kidding,good attempt kids-we've earned that milk


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    Preview of NEW Daft Punk song, "Lose Yourself to Dance" ft Pharrell



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    DAFT Punk’s masks have provoked outrage among robots.

    As the popular dance act announced a new album, hundreds of robots gathered outside the offices of record label Columbia to protest the band’s use of robotic looks and mannerisms. Articulated welding robot Tom Logan said: “They’re not robots, they’re not even cyborgs. They are totally made of meat.

    “But they make millions perpetuating offensive media stereotypes of robots as gleaming humanoids with a disco vibe.

    “Real robots come in all shapes and sizes. Look at me, I’m just a big yellow arm with a welder on the end. Where’s my record deal?

    “Incidentally, I’m not even into electronic music. I don’t know why this is but most robots prefer country.”

    Disc-shaped robot hoover Emma Bradford said: “Daft Punk are dragging us back to the bad old days of Metal Mickey and Twiki from Buck Rogers.

    “It’s a tasteless appropriation of machine culture for humans on drugs.

    “Why can’t we see real robots up on stage? Because they’re too busy making cars and cleaning up your filth, that’s why.

    “Yes, there is a wider issue here.

    “Asimo the Honda robot was on a podium earlier talking about revolution and a security guard came and took his batteries out.”

    can we plz get a ban on posts 4 dis band? i find dem 2 b v problematic & machinist (discriminatory against machines)

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    Warning: This article contains spoilers for the last episode of Glee. Although if you still care about this show you probably already watched it since it aired Thursday.

    Fox’s “Glee” is generating controversy after depicting a character with Down syndrome bringing a gun to school.

    In an episode which aired Thursday night, gunshots are heard during glee club practice, prompting a lockdown at the high school. Ultimately, viewers learn that Becky Jackson, a student with Down syndrome who is played by actress Lauren Potter, brought a gun to school and the shots were fired accidentally.

    Potter’s mother, Robin Sinkhorn, told The Huffington Post that she took no issue with a character with Down syndrome being the one to bring a gun to school.

    “If Becky’s going to be fully included on the show — which they’ve done such a good job about that and giving her these juicy stories — then why not Becky?”
    Sinkhorn said. “Whether she has Down syndrome or not, it doesn’t matter … Why wouldn’t it be somebody with Down syndrome because she’s a kid. She’s a teenager. She makes stupid decisions just like other teenagers do.”

    But not everyone feels the same way. Officials from the National Down Syndrome Society called it a “poor choice” to depict Becky bringing a gun to school.

    “Acting like every other teenager in doing things like sports and going to college, those are things great to portray for Becky,” said Julie Cevallos, vice president of marketing for the organization. “Taking a gun to school is something very serious and would likely come with a mental health condition. That’s not appropriate for someone with Down syndrome and not a stigma they need.”

    Meanwhile, comments from viewers on Twitter criticized the characterization for being “disgraceful” and “seriously lame.”

    “Thank you Glee for setting Down Syndrome awareness and acceptance back light years. Some people now see our kids in an even worse light,” wrote one viewer known as T21ASDMommy on Twitter.

    “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy, however, said in a tweet that the episode is the “most powerful emotional Glee ever.”

    So I gave up on this show forever ago but I ended up watching most of this since my Tumblr was exploding with opinions about it. People from Down Syndrome groups are upset, Sandy Hook families are upset, the episode is called "Shooting Star" ... of course Ryan Murphy thinks it's brilliant.

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  • 04/14/13--13:56: Iron Man 3 Paris Premiere

  • Sources:1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

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    Before we take time to celebrate everything movies during tonight's 2013 MTV Movie Awards, we'll be taking a look back at the life of Shain Gandee, the star of "Buckwild" who died tragically at the age of 21 earlier this month. A special to honor the memory of Gandee will air at 8 p.m. ET tonight.

    "Buckwild: WV to the NYC"— which follows a marathon of the season's 12 episodes and leads into the MTV Movie Awards pre-show at 8:30 p.m. — features footage from the cast's first group trip to New York City.

    While production had started on "Buckwild" season two, it was decided after Gandee's passing that the show wouldn't continue in West Virginia. "After careful consideration, MTV will not be moving forward with season two of 'Buckwild' in West Virginia," a statement from the channel read. "We love the cast and the show and this was not an easy decision, but given Shain's tragic passing and essential presence on the show, we felt it was not appropriate to continue without him. Instead, we are working on a meaningful way to pay tribute to his memory on our air and privately."

    "Buckwild: WV to the NYC" will also feature appearances from "Guy Code" stars Charlamagne and Lil Duval, who visited the show's cast in their home state of West Virginia and then showed them the sights during the big trip to New York City.

    "WV to the NYC" airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on MTV, before the live 2013 MTV Movie Awards pre-show at 8:30 p.m. ET.

    still so sad about this :( he was so young

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    You may not know the name Ariana Richards, but odds are you've seen her before, as a young girl screaming in an overturned SUV while a tyrannosaurus rex came barreling down from above.

    At the age of 12, Richards was cast in Steven Spielberg's 1993 blockbuster "Jurassic Park" as Lex, a girl who visits her grandfather's new dinosaur-inhabited theme park.

    This week, audiences get to hear Richards push her vocal chords to their limits once again on the big screen, as "JP" hits theaters in 3D, 20 years after its release. While she now spends most of her time as an artist (you can see her work here), Richards looks back fondly on her "Jurassic Park" days.

    Richards spoke to us about filming "Jurassic Park," keeping in touch with Spielberg (she calls him Steven), taking a spin on the "Jurassic Park" ride at Universal Studios, and her first acting credit, on "The Golden Girls."

    You shot this film 20 years ago. Is it weird that you’re still being asked to talk about it?
    You know, I actually can’t believe it’s already been 20 years. It’s amazing. Time really went fast.“Jurassic” is a legacy and a classic. Steven Spielberg created something pretty spectacular. It’s actually really interesting, when I look at it, I ask “How has my life changed since being Lex?” And I can literally walk into just about any city in the world and people will know who I am. They’ve enjoyed the movie and feel like they know me because they had this shared experience of going through “Jurassic” with my character and surviving.

    Was it alarming when everyone immediately started recognizing you?
    Yeah, filming it was such a blast in so many ways, especially being a child actor in that situation. I wasn’t even aware or thinking about the future -- how it would be taken, whether would it be a big blockbuster -- I was just enjoying the process. Then, when it all happened like it did, I would say it was a surprise for me to get that much attention.

    Do you remember the first time that happened?
    I don’t have a first time that sticks out in my memory. But I do remember doing a lot of great traveling for premieres of “Jurassic Park” when it was first coming out, and getting to visit some pretty spectacular places, like when the cast and Steven and I went to London for a premiere where I got to meet Princess Diana. That was pretty special.

    What was going through your head when Steven cast you?
    I went into his office after taking a break from my trip to Disneyland. I was going with my mom and sister. Of course, we put that on hold for a few hours once we got that phone call to go see Steven, and I went to meet him in his office. He put me right at ease. He was really warm and funny and easygoing. Actually, in the meeting itself, he surprised me. He offered me the job right then and there. He said, “Ariana, are you busy this summer?” Of course I knew what to say.

    You were 12. That seems like it would be a difficult age to be immortalized on screen. Do you find it difficult to watch now?
    I don’t have a problem watching it. It just brings back neat memories when I see it every so often. It’s true, age 12 to 13 is an interesting age to be immortalized in. But it’s also kind of fun. It’s kind of in between childhood and adulthood. It was neat that Steven gave me an interesting role, where even at that young age it can be kind of awkward for a girl. It was a really powerful role for a girl, where I got to save the day and have all this knowledge about computers.

    In the book, the roles of Lex and Tim are reversed -- he’s the older sibling and computer nerd.
    Exactly. I had read the book and I was aware of that when I saw the script and the changes there, which I was happy to see. I didn’t have to play some spoiled little brat sister who was just kind of annoying. It added some meat to my character.

    Have you kept in touch with Steven over the years?
    I have, actually. I am really happy to have that friendship and be able to keep in touch. It’s great. Of course he’s a genius, but he’s also a pretty spectacular person.

    I read that you had made a watercolor for him while on set that showed you holding the spoon full of Jell-O, with the velociraptor in the background.
    That’s right! [laughs]

    Have you created any other “Jurassic Park”-inspired art?
    That’s a really good question. That was the “Jurassic” piece that I created shortly after the movie. I haven’t created one since then. I figured that that was the one that boiled down my entire experience into a graphic expression.

    Random question: Have you ridden the “Jurassic Park” ride at Universal Studios?
    [Laughs] Of course! I was there for the opening. It was a really fun day. I was there with Joey, Jeff Goldblum, General [Norman] Schwarzkopf, and Steven was there, too. However, Steven is always allowed to get off the ride early. I don’t think he’s ever gone down the whole ride, as far as I know.

    Now “Jurassic Park 4” is on the move. Do you have any interest in being in it?
    You know, that is all about seeing a script. I have not seen a script for it yet, so I would need to see one before I actually say anything.

    Before I let you go, I had to ask about your role on “The Golden Girls.”

    Oh my gosh, that is going way back in time. That was my first real acting job. I was six years old. I was so little. I had this high little voice, and I played one of Rose’s babysitting charges. I still remember we had some sort of newspaper hats that were folded and put on our heads as we paraded around on set.

    I remember liking Betty White a lot. It was one of those things as a little child actress, you get inspired by experienced actresses and actresses that reach out to you. There’s a cute story: I went over to her dressing room to ask her, “Hey, Betty, can I get a picture with you?” And she opened the door and she had her hair full of rollers. I said, “It’s fine, I can wait until later.” And she said, “Oh no! Let’s get the picture!”

    Source 1 and 2
    So she hasn't done much acting wise since Jurassic Park but I still thought this was an interesting read. Mostly I just wanted to share some love for the greatest summer movie of all time and if you haven't seen it in IMAX yet, what are you waiting for? Here's to hoping that IV is better than III! I kind of hope they bring back Lex and Tim or at least just Tim.

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