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    Diplo looks so awkward, but I kinda like the song

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    Rowdy wrestling crowd send entrance music up the charts

    Patrick Williams
    11th Apr 2013 8:21 AM
    Updated: 10:47 AM

    WWE's Fandango is becoming an internet sensation as his entrance theme shoots up iTunes charts around the world following a bizarre crowd on Monday Night Raw. WWE's Fandango is becoming an internet sensation as his entrance theme shoots up iTunes charts around the world following a bizarre crowd on Monday Night Raw. WWE

    A ROWDY wrestling crowd have been credited for sending one performer's entrance theme into the top of the iTunes charts around the world.

    The music to introduce WWE's Fandango, who competes in a ballroom-dancer gimmick, has become a worldwide sensation since Monday Night RAW this week.

    The song, Chachalala, has already hit number three on the Top Soundtrack Charts in America and was on the verge of cracking the UK Top 10, behind Taylor Swift's "22". has noted since Monday's show, which was broadcast on Fox 8 in Australia on Wednesday, sales on the song have increased more than 4000%.

    It's all thanks to the rowdy post-Wrestlemania crowd at New Jersey's IZOD Centre.

    The 16,000 strong crowd became a bigger story than any title change with their bizarre chants throughout the three hour long show.

    They booed any mention of popular wrestler and movie star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, chanted for the commentators, referee, the ring announcer, cotton candy and wrestlers not seen on television in years, before getting caught up on Fandango's entrance tune.

    They sung and danced to his song, by composer Jim Johnston, throughout his match and for the remainder of the night.

    Footage has emerged of the crowd leaving the arena and humming the song into the car park and nearby train station.

    Fans are now tracking the progress on Twitter using #fandangorevolution.

    Fandango's Theme #37 In Official UK Charts, Last Push To Stay There

    Fandango is officially #37 in the Official UK Charts which differ from the iTunes chart in terms of ALL sales.

    Rob McNichol from The Sun and the @Wrestling_Memes page have made a huge effort into keeping Fandango in the Top 40 which it would have to stay there until Midnight Saturday.

    If you feel like downloading the Fandango theme, don't be afraid to via iTunes or Amazon. They ALL count! How cool would it be for the theme to be in the Top 40? Incredible.

    Kansas City Royals celebrate win by playing Fandango's theme music

    Please let this be the start of a new, long-lasting tradition. Please, please, please.

    This is Fandango:

    He's a WWE wrestler whose gimmick is "a dancer." Did I mention that his name is "Fandango?" Well, in the past week he's become something of a phenomenon. This is Fandango's theme music (it's called "ChaChaLaLa," if you can believe it):

    Catchy, right? Like, pretty much insidiously catchy. So catchy that the crowd at Monday Night Raw has taken to singing it, soccer-chant style. Here's a clip of the crowd at the IZOD Center singing it in the corridors on their way out of the building on Monday:

    It appears the live WWE crowds aren't the only ones who can appreciate a solid hit when they hear it. There were reports that after the Royals won their game on Wednesday night, Fandango's theme played over the PA system in celebration. A short while later, the official Royal Twitter feed confirmed those rumors:

    Let's have this usher in a golden age of baseball stadium celebration songs. There have been far worse. In 2000, the celebration song for the San Francisco Giants was "Who Let the Dogs Out?" They played it after every win. Weighed against that, Fandango's theme is a huge step up.

    Sing it with me, now: Duh DUH. DUH DUH duhduh duh duh duh DUH. DUHHHHHH DUH DUH DUH.


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  • 04/12/13--14:43: THE ANSWER IS YES

  • Should We Be Listening to Jessie Ware?

    Almost a year after it dropped in the UK—where it became a serious hit—Jessie Ware’s album Devotion finally arrives in the United States next week. And it’s about damn time.

    You might remember that I sat down with Jessie back in January to discuss her music and her lifelong love of Barbra Streisand. You might also remember that I said her flawless ballad “Wildest Moments” was the #24 song of 2012. But if you don’t remember, go ahead and listen to “Wildest Moments” right now. It sums up why Ware is one of the most interesting new singers of the last few years:


    Did you notice how many things are happening there? There’s a sheen of electronica and some Flaming Lips-style distortion, but there’s also a vintage R&B elegance and ache. Somewhere in that intersection, you get exactly why I love this music: It’s incredibly passionate, yet it’s also incredibly restrained. (Because big emotions are sometimes more powerful if you glance at them.) It’s a little modern, and it’s a little old-fahioned. (Because fusing styles lets an artist emerge with a distinct voice of her own.)

    And then there’s this other thing that I can’t quite explain. This song just moves me. The rhythm. The melody. Ware’s vocal. It’s all such a beautiful package.

    But if you’re feeling groovy, then Jessie’s also got you covered. If you remember 90s diva Lisa Stansfield (“been around the world and aye-aye-aye”), then you’ll probably dig “Running,” a smoky song of dysfunctional love with a kicky backbeat. And check out the vocals in the final third! Jessie puts some stank on it!


    Last but not least, let’s get our late-night swerve on with “If You’re Never Gonna Move,” which is obviously a perfect soundtrack for romantic sex. Once again, Ware’s techno background comes through, and she mixes in a slight hip-hop flavor. This one reminds me of Dido, and you KNOW that’s alright by me.



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  • 04/12/13--14:51: Bruno Mars talks cameras
  •  photo 8613339b-edb3-4c6e-b776-69b7821c1741_zps613a731c.jpg

    Bruno Mars finds it "weird" his life is already mapped out for next year.
    The Grenade singer is constantly travelling the world to promote his latest tracks.
    The Moonshine Jungle Tour begins in June this year, with dates planned right through until November and further shows penciled in for 2014.
    "I look at the schedule and it's kind of creepy that my life is planned out on a calendar for 2014!" he laughed to Australian radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O.

    "That's kind of weird, but I'm also excited!"

    The star is known for energetic songs such as Locked Out of Heaven as well as more romantic singles like When I Was Your Man.

    His performances are about having fun, but Bruno believes fans often let the need to capture everything on their phones get in the way.

    "You go to concert and see everybody holding cameras up and you can't dance and get a good shot so they substitute the having fun!" he marveled.

    "I remember going to concerts [in the past] and you got escorted out if you have a camera!"

    The handsome star is often approached by fans who want to take a picture to share with their friends.

    The 27-year-old recalled one particularly funny incident.

    "I had this girl the other day and she was with her mother and she said, 'Oh it's Bruno Mars, can I take a picture?' and I said, 'Yeah sure,'" he shared.

    "The mom pulls out her phone and the girl said, 'No, my phone!' Her mom didn't have her daughter’s phone with her so she said, 'Oh, then I can't upload it,' so she said, 'Oh never mind then,' and walked away. It broke my heart! [Laughs]."

    That is the dumbest reason ever to not get a picture with someone.

    bb Bruno tyfyt
     photo bm29_zps3720888d.gif


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    Baroness Thatcher's daughter Carol has arrived at her mother's home as mourners continue to pay their respects to the former prime minister.
    The siblings posed briefly for photographers at about 6.50pm on Friday before entering the house without speaking to reporters.
    A spokesman for the family said Miss Thatcher, 59, would not comment ahead of her mother's funeral but may make a statement on Saturday.
    Well-wishers continued to leave floral tributes throughout the day outside Lady Thatcher's Chester Square property.
    Her former personal assistant Cynthia Crawford visited the house to help collect flowers left by well-wishers.
    Mrs Crawford, known as "Crawfie" by the former prime minister, was Lady Thatcher's personal assistant for 35 years. Packing a box into her blue BMW after 10 minutes inside, she told reporters that "things are calming down".
    Julian Seymour, the former director of Lady Thatcher's private office, also visited the property but declined to answer questions from reporters. Mr Seymour was the director of Lady Thatcher's private office from 1991 to 2000 and was one of her chief advisers.
    TV personality Christine Hamilton left daffodils from her garden on the doorstep of Lady Thatcher's house this afternoon.
    "She was a good friend," said the former I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! contestant and wife of former Conservative MP Neil Hamilton


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    ("Fun" fact: James Hunt later "transfered" his wife Suzy to Richard Burton for $1 million. Classy.)

    On the heels of the international trailer earlier this week, Universal has debuted the domestictrailer for Ron Howard's F1 film Rush along with a batch of eight new pictures.

    The film stars Chris Hemsworth (The Avengers) and Daniel Bruhl (Inglourious Basterds) as Formula-1 race stars James Hunt and Niki Lauda respectively and follows their racing teams of McLaren and Ferrari. Olivia Wilde and Alexandra Maria Lara co-star. The script was written by Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon) and it's set for a September 20 release.

    Check out the new domestic trailer below and I've added the new pictures below that.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    1, 2

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    Most of us are binge-watching Arrested Development on our own time, but Wisconsin native son Joshua Cox was lucky enough to re-watch the entire series for professional reasons. The graphic designer has created fictional album covers for every member of the ever-dysfunctional Bluth family, from a Gob-Franklin duet to George Michael channeling his teenage discomfort. The concept isn’t new — Cox was inspired by a similar project that reinterpreted Homeland as jazz covers — but as die-hard fans know, there are way more über-specific inside jokes to reference for Arrested Development, and Cox has made the welcome addition of potential track lists, including Gob’s hit single “Come On!” and Lucille’s deep cut “Lupe.” Click through for all nine albums and get even more hyped for the May 26 event than you already were. All that’s missing is the Teamocil jingle.


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    Janelle Monae's team posted this on her Facebook page today...

    my body has never been more ready

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely Talk CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 and THOR 2; Reveal CAP 2 Has Faster Pace & Fewer Flashbacks Than Initially Planned

    Marvel’s run of Phase One films culminated with the smashing success of last year’s The Avengers, and while Phase Two is gearing up to kick off next month with the release of Iron Man 3, there are a couple of Marvel veterans who have their hands creatively in more than one upcoming film. Screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely wrote the script for Captain America: The First Avenger, and while they were enlisted to pen the sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the duo also worked on the screenplay for this November’s Thor: The Dark World.

    Steve recently spoke with Markus and McFeely in anticipation of director Michael Bay’s upcoming black comedy Pain & Gain (which they wrote), and during the course of their conversation the two talked extensively about their work on Captain America 2, Thor 2, and Marvel films in general. Hit the jump to see what they had to say about Easter Eggs, Black Widow’s presence in Cap 2, the amount of flashbacks we can expect, planning for Phase Three, and much, much more.

    While McFeely and Markus are the sole screenwriters credited on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the duo also had a hand in the script for Marvel’s Thor sequel. Steve asked the duo about their involvement with that film, and they talked about the multiple screenwriters who did some work on the pic while also revealing that the film will spend much more time on Asgard:

    Stephen McFeely: [The Thor: The Dark World script] was in good shape, we left it in good shape. There are a few different masters on Thor. It’s a hard project to get right, I’m really impressed with the first one; I know how difficult it is to get the balance between Earth and Asgard right and that still is the case, you’ve gotta figure out a way to balance both worlds.

    Christopher Markus: You get a lot more Asgard in this one in a satisfying way.

    McFeely: Chris Yost sort of was the guy on set, and then Don Payne who recently passed did the first draft. And then Robert Rodat did at least a draft before we came on, and then even some other people.

    Markus: It’s a party line (laughs). Surprisingly, I wouldn’t let that worry you. It came out really tight.

    Thor: The Dark World is wrapped and set for release later this year, but production only just began on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. When Steve spoke with the screenwriters as they were just beginning work on the Cap sequel, they said we could expect a fair amount of flashbacks in the follow-up. However, it appears that the initial plan has evolved quite a bit:

    Markus: [There was] a fairly dramatic change. I mean we haven’t thrown anything out but I think structurally we had something in mind that might serve us better in another movie down the line.

    McFeely: When we talked to you that would’ve been summer of 2011 so we were at the “anything’s possible” stage so we were heading down a particular road that had a few more generous flashbacks, and we didn’t go quite down that road. Frankly, Kevin Feige came in and said like two words and we went “Oh, those are two really good words. Let’s go that way.” I mean I’m very pleased with where we’ve ended up.

    One of the major changes that we only recently learned about is the fact that Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow plays a major role in the story. Markus explained that the character provides a nice foil for Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers:

    Markus: [Black Widow is] a great—both in attitude and in profession—a great contrast to Steve Rogers. She’s incredibly modern, not very reverent, and just very straightforward whereas Steve is, you know a man from the 40s. He’s not a boy scout, but he is reserved and has a moral center, whereas her moral center moves.

    Though the story went through some drastic changes in development, McFeely says the script has been pretty solid for quite some time:

    McFeely: The script has been tight for a while. So anything we do these days is really about, “Well that’s a door and we need a window,” as opposed to big stuff. And then there’ll be stuff for cast, so we’ve had the privilege of going “Alright now that it’s Robert Redford, what does that mean?” (laughs) And so that was great.

    Speaking of Robert Redford, the actor recently revealed that he will be playing the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. in The Winter Soldier. Steve asked the duo if they could confirm who Redford is playing, and they were a bit coy:

    McFeely: I’m giving you nothing on that. I would not say that Mr. Redford is wrong.

    As for the film’s timetable with regards to The Avengers, Markus says it’s non-specific:

    Markus: Chronologically it takes place at some point after The Avengers, I’m not even sure we’re particular about it in the script. The movies are more or less evolving in the time of release so if The Avengers came out in 2012, I think you could almost count the years after release.

    McFeely also revealed that moviegoers will likely be able to follow along with The Winter Soldier even if they’ve only seen The Avengers and not the first Captain America film:

    McFeely: We have to assume that more people saw The Avengers than saw Captain America. That doesn’t mean that we do a whole “previously on Steve Rogers,” but we have to be cognoscente of it. Not everyone knows the first movie in the same way.

    That being said, the events of The Avengers allows The Winter Soldier to have a much faster pace than the first film:

    Markus: Coming after the first movie and coming after The Avengers, there’s now stuff we don’t have to do in terms of, “Let’s give you the idea of who this guy is and he wears this outfit.” Everybody knows now, so you can hit the ground running much more quickly than we did in the first one when we had to spend 40 minutes introducing the skinny guy. I think it allows for a much faster pace and a tenser movie.

    Though the team-up in The Avengers now forces the subsequent standalone films to grapple with the question of, “Well why doesn’t X just call his/her friends and be done with this villain already?”, Markus thinks The Winter Soldier sidesteps that issue just fine:

    Markus: In terms of “Why doesn’t he call The Avengers?” it never bothers me in the comic books, you know, it’s just they’re not here. But I think it’s also a question of is the story you’re telling personal enough? If it’s Cap’s story, if it really has to do with his life, then your desire for him to call for help is out. It’s his life. It’s a question of making it personal to him and it’s also a question of pacing… I can’t tell you what the plot is, but it has a lot to do with Cap, on a thematic level, as a person. If it was giant space robots, anyone can fight giant space robots. Only Cap can do what’s happening in this movie.

    Marvel also has a track record of hiding Easter Eggs for fans in their films that may or may not pay off down the road, and McFeely and Markus revealed that there will be plenty of hidden goodies for fans to find in Cap:

    Markus: Easter Eggs more with Cap than Thor, but I think more with this one literally some of the eggs are hatching as opposed to being planted… [But] yes, there are certain locations [in The Winter Soldier] that offer the opportunity to pour out the Easter Eggs like it’s Easter.

    McFeely: There are a few hopefully Blu-ray moments. There are gonna be frames where you can pause and go, “Yep, yep, yep.”

    Speaking more generally about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the duo revealed that setting up storylines for down the road comes secondary to the film at hand:

    McFeely: [Kevin Feige] has a general sense [of the trajectory for future films], but I wouldn’t say—he never inhibits the current phase in the interest of the next phase. So if this, in order to be a great movie, needed to do X, Y, and Z and that screwed up W over here, you wouldn’t do W.

    Markus: But it’s also if we come up with a fun idea and pitch it to Kevin, it might trickle down to the next phase because he’s like, “Oooh I see how that can…”

    Watch the video interview below preceded by a time index, and look for much, much more from McFeely and Markus in Steve’s full interview, which should be available closer to the release of Pain & Gain.

    Thor: The Dark World opens on November 8th of this year, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens on April 4, 2014.


    One of the few criticisms of fans about THE AVENGERS, was a dislike of the suit worn by Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America. So, we figured there would be a revamp in store for Cappy's sequel movie. Well, CBM scooper "Flint" sent us some concept art, and this may be it! Tell us what you think.

    Taking a que from the heroic age suit (see comic book image below), gone are the midriff stripes. While you can't see it from this new artwork, the star on Cappy's chest may still remain. The helmet is a little more of a minimalist skull cap with several pieces, and sporting a chin strap. No wings, but you can see his ears now. Overall the helmet feels a bit more fluid with the suit than the previous one. What do YOU think?

    Yeah, image got deleted since then, but the internet never forgets, so from elsewhere I give you:

    And from Tumblr I give you:

    Most valid Extra Information from the Collider reporter:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I dedicate this tweet to _dennis_csi_ so that she can stop raging about Evans not bulking up.

    Sauces: 1 / 2 / 3

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    After Esquire magazine named her "Sexiest Woman Alive" last year, Details magazine is bestowing a similar, if not more questionable, title upon Mila Kunis: "The Most F*ckable Celebrity."

    The "Oz: The Great and Powerful" star raked 41 percent of the votes based on their online poll, crowning her the winner "of your sexual fantasies," per Details. Kate Upton follows with 32 percent of the votes and Jennifer Lawrence is right behind with an impressive 27 percent. But that's not all -- Details also polled their readers about the men they'd like to get down and dirty with and (wait for it...) everyone's boyfriend Ryan Gosling beat the rest of mankind with 50 percent of the votes.

    Zac Efron follows closely with 45 percent of the votes and "Maroon 5" frontman Adam Levine gets 36 percent, meaning a third of the population -- if we pretend for a moment that a "Who'd You Do" poll is representative in any way -- would get it on with Levine. Then again, that sounds about right!

    ONTD who do you think is the most fuckable celebrity?

    This post is dedicated to beachshore :)
    Sources: 123

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    Lindsay Lohan may have made it to the Scary Movie 5 premiere red carpet last night (30 minutes late), but she skipped the afterparty at Hollywood hot spot Lure.
    The reason?

    E! News has learned that the 26-year-old actress stopped by a meeting at a nearby hotel before hitting the road with friends to drive to the Coachella music festival, which starts today outside of Palm Springs. Lohan and her group made it to Indio, Calif., where they are staying for the weekend, late last night.

    "She had a really great time at the premiere last night," a source close to LiLo tells E! News. "She received a lot of fan gifts and went through the letters last night."
    Regarding Coachella this weekend, Lohan is telling her close friends that she plans on keeping things clean and sober in preparation for her admittance into a rehab facility on May 2. A second source confirms that she plans on, "having a healthy fun time at Coachella."

    As for why LiLo was late to the premiere? Lohan was having problems getting red carpet ready because the original dress she had wanted to wear was left back in NYC by accident and her stylist had to find a backup dress."The Dolce dress she wore arrived at around 6:50 p.m. and she put it on a little after 7:00 and bounded out the door," a source tells us. "Traffic was jammed and she arrived at the red carpet at 7:42 p.m.. The dress was 100 percent why she was late."
    "At the end of the day she was very happy with the dress choice," a source dished.

    We're also told her red carpet reunion with pal Charlie Sheen involved no drama regarding what the Anger Management actor said during his recent visit to the Late Show.

    A source says, "There is absolutely no hard feelings with Charlie at all."


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    Charlie Sheen has recently helped out Lindsay Lohan with finances and job opportunities. Lohan has now returned the favor by giving Sheen's "Anger Management" a little boost.

    Lohan's guest shot on the FX comedy pulled in more than 1.25 million viewers, a 22% increase over last week's installment. The episode attracted 705,000 viewers in the 18-49 demographic, a 35% increase over last week.

    The comedy, which stars Sheen as an anger management therapist, has a weekly average of about 1.2 million viewers.

    The troubled actress, who is scheduled to start a 90-day rehab stint on May 2, played herself as a patient on the show.

    On "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" this week, Sheen said that Lohan was on time and knew her lines perfectly on the first day, but the second day was more problematic because she was several hours late. He joked that she held the show "hostage."

    The turnout for the "Anger Management" episode is particularly good news for Lohan, showing she still has some drawing power following her turn late last year as Liz Taylor in the Lifetime movie "Liz & Dick."


    I thought she did great in this ep, she was actually pretty funny and charming. Any thoughts from others who saw it?

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    Any wedding plans for the freshly reunited Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are apparently being kept under wraps, but whether or not they tie the knot, the Hemsworth clan is already considering the singer a part of the family.

    "She plays with our kids. She loves our kids," Samantha Hemsworth, wife of actor Luke Hemsworth, told PEOPLE at Monday night's Inaugural Oceana Ball at Christie's in New York City.

    Asked if the kids are looking forward to calling her "Aunt Miley," Luke (born in 1981 and the eldest of the three actor siblings; Chris is 29 and Liam, 23) called Cyrus "lovely" and told PEOPLE, "She is ['Aunt Miley'] already."

    Without revealing anything specifically about a wedding, Luke did offer his baby brother some relationship advice: "Never go to bed angry. That's it." (He also says he "won't be" organizing Liam's bachelor party, telling PEOPLE, "I'm sure he'll ask someone who knows him better.")

    Another of Cyrus's potential sisters-in-law,actress Elsa Pataky – who is married to Chris and said "It would really be nice to go" to Miley and Liam's wedding – revealed that she and Miley have confabbed about their dramatically different hairstyles, now that Pataky also recently lopped off her long locks.

    Pataky said that although they both wanted to go short, Cyrus took her look to an entirely different level. "Hers is really short," Pataky said. "It's funny, we talked about it doing it some time ago, and [we were] like, who's gonna do it first? And she cut it off and I was like, 'I'm not doing it.' [Then] I was like, 'Just do it!'" Since then? "Now, of course, they compare us," she said. "But she's going shorter and shorter and shorter – which I love."


    whatever elsa. she needs lessons from samantha on how to be classy with the press about your in-laws!

    0 0

    It's an icy day in London, but inside Casa Paltrow (painted so many sensuous shades of gray) in the north of the city, a fire roars, and our honey-limbed chatelaine pads about barefoot. She's dressed in defiance of the local climate—in a black tissue tee and green leggings (both prototypes from her burgeoning Goop mail-order business). Around her neck is a Jennifer Meyer gold chain that spells out MUM in funky fat type (another Goop collaboration). A dash of daring is provided by a chunky gold chain belonging to her seven-year-old son, Moses, from the downtown hipster boutique Blue & Cream in New York. "He's obsessed with hip-hop and wanted a chain like his Uncle Jay," she says with a smile, meaning, of course, Mr. Z.

    Having survived her 10th London winter (she got through January by assigning it "international month," and amusing Moses and his big sister, Apple, 9, with a visiting Italian chef, Japanese anime screenings, and hand-rolled-sushi lessons, no less), Paltrow admits that her dreams of relocating the family to their recently acquired residence in Brentwood, California, are becoming ever more urgent. "Just to have my kids be in the sun every day—picking avocados, going for a swim," she says. "Even for two years or something, and come back when they go to senior school."

    Paltrow turned 40 last fall, and after subjecting her life to a searing stock-taking, she says she feels on the cusp of change. "I'm at quite a pivotal point: Do I want to go back more into films? Do I want another child? Do I want to move back to the States?" Her wide blue-gray eyes flash me a look of amused self-knowledge."You can call me a lot of things, but you can't call me complacent!"

    With a movie résumé bulging with everything from her Oscar-winning turn in Shakespeare in Love to everyone's favorite indie princess, the kohl-eyed Margot, in The Royal Tenenbaums, Paltrow is in the habit of choosing her acting gigs very strategically these days, having found a sort of lifestyle G-spot, combining the roles of school-run-ready parent and Web entrepreneur, with her site, Goop, with part-time movie star. Funnily enough (given her impeccable art-house pedigree), it's the blockbusting Iron Man franchise that has facilitated this life-work balance over the past five years. Thanks to her adventures in superhero territory, she and the kids can indulge in a dose of Hollywood sunshine during filming (beach rental, tutors, et cetera). And while Moses experiences the kind of nirvana that only a seven-year-old boy can when visiting a superhero on set ("I mean, he is obsessed"), Ms. Paltrow gets to relish some sparky thespian chemistry with her good friend Robert Downey Jr. "It's very alive. It doesn't matter if we're talking about robots or aliens, it doesn't matter if it's Shakespeare, if you're working with someone of that quality, it's very invigorating as an artist," she explains. And for Iron Man 3, out this month, her flame-haired alter ego, Pepper Potts, gets to be a little more bodaciously kick-ass: "There's a portion of the movie where something bad happens to me, and I lose clothes along the way, so essentially I'm wearing a bra and trousers." Self-deprecating pause. "There are certain requirements, but luckily I have a good base because I work out often. I just had to not eat pasta and french fries the night before shooting—which I'm terrible at doing." [Yeah right.]

    Embracing exercise and taking back control of her body after the physical and emotional impact of two children (she has spoken in the past about the postpartum depression she experienced after Moses's birth) famously revolutionized her life. Her fitness guru, Tracy Anderson ("She is like my God!"), whom Paltrow met in 2006, is now a business partner, with the actress an investor in Anderson's growing exercise empire. Sitting across from her today at her art-book-laden coffee table, I can report that she looks better in person than she has on any of our previous encounters. "I really used to be bad with products, but now I exfoliate every night and use a lot of organic oils on my face," she confides. (She's a Sonya Dakar fan.) "And I have a great dermatologist in L.A. who gave me this amazing laser the last time I was there. It's called Thermage. It's not invasive. I went out to dinner right afterward and I didn't look crazy, but it's quite painful. It feels like someone's smacking your face with a rubber band that has an electric shock in it. But I would do it again, because I feel like it took five years off my face."

    As it happens, Paltrow and I share a London facialist (holistic queen Vaishaly Patel), which leads to talk of the lifestyle contradictions presented by the high-tech temptations of the beauty business. "I think it's a mix," she says honestly."You know, I use organic products, but I get lasers. It's what makes life interesting, finding the balance between cigarettes and tofu.

    "I've probably tried everything," she continues. "I would be scared to go under the knife, but you know, talk to me when I'm 50. I'll try anything. Except I won't do Botox again, because I looked crazy. I looked like Joan Rivers!"

    There's something refreshingly frank and fearless about this new fifth-decade Gwyneth. "I don't hold on to fear as much as I used to, because I've learned a lot about genuinely not caring what strangers think about me," she says. "It's very liberating. It's very empowering, and I've learned a lot of that from Jay—Shawn Carter—Z, because his approach to life is very internal. It's a very good lesson to learn."

    Such candor, of course, makes for excellent company, and our conversation zips from life's entertaining trivialities to the poignant and profound: Her favorite TV shows: "New Girl and Homeland." Guilty pleasure: "My one light American Spirit that I smoke once a week, on Saturday night." Her regret: "Not finding my voice earlier in life." On 10 years with Coldplay rocker Chris Martin: "We are growing into very similar people. It's cool, it's good. It's not always easy, though!"

    It seems perfectly fitting that one of the producing projects she has brewing is a "very outrageous girl comedy. I want to be challenged, and I want to have fun. I would love to do movies with friends and laugh and have a good time, or do something with a high degree of difficulty like 33 Days," she says, referencing the in-development Picasso biopic in which she plays French artist Dora Maar opposite Antonio Banderas, in Spanish.

    Comedywise, we've seen Paltrow get her funny on recently with the lo-fi rap parody she filmed with her friend (and sometime London houseguest) Cameron Diaz as they rap-serenaded mutual pal Chelsea Handler. Does she hold any theories about the current dame-centered revolution in American comedy? "Well, women are huge consumers of entertainment—they love movies, they love TV, and now I think with the success of something like Bridesmaids, where the audience is women but because there are diarrhea jokes, their husbands or boyfriends will go, it sort of opens things up. Women can be outrageous, and it's commercial."

    Woman power: I note that over the years, several of her well-known girlfriends, from Liv Tyler to Kate Hudson to the Brit interior designer and former Coldplay wife Jo Berryman, have told me how Paltrow plays the role of teacher and adviser in their lives. As the tabloids like to tell it, she is some kind of an unofficial life coach to Cameron Diaz, reportedly advising her, inter alia, to forgo sexual liaisons in a bid to achieve domestic stability. At this last bit, Paltrow gives a hearty laugh before answering: "I think that women, especially women in my job, come to me because they know I'm very loving and nonjudgmental and I'm not competitive, and I've been through a lot. And so they come round to talk about their stuff. I'm a bit of a mother hen. Everyone wants a home-cooked meal and to come over and talk about where they are in their life," she says. "I love it, and I feel that I have the most incredible women friends, some who are super famous, some who I've had since I was four years old. I love it that people will call me up and say, 'What do you think about this?,' because my dad was very much that person for everyone in his life. So I feel like I'm carrying on my dad's spirit in that way."

    In the absence of Bruce Paltrow, the producer/director and all-round charismatic mensch who passed away in 2002, I wonder, who is now the mentor in Gwyneth's life?"It's so funny you ask that," she says, explaining that, as a 40th-birthday present to herself, she booked a three-day solo trip to a retreat in Sedona, Arizona—the kind of "me-time" indulgence she has not allowed herself since Apple's birth. "Every day I set an intention, and on the third day I said, 'I would like some guidance in terms of these life decisions that are coming up.' I'll never forget it. I was starting to hike up the Red Rocks, and honestly, it was as if I'd heard the rock say: 'You have the answers. You are your teacher.' I thought I was having an auditory hallucination."

    And so … what's next? The umbilical pull of L.A., where she spent her early childhood? Expanding the Paltrow–Martin brood? "There are some films that I want to do, and I love my business and I want to expand that a lot. We'll sort of see. I mean, if I want to have another kid, I gotta kind of get on it."

    We discuss the domestic cocoon of new motherhood—and weighing the option of climbing back into the maternal nest. "But then you see a baby and you smell a baby!" she says, almost squealing. "And you're like, 'Yep, I do.' I don't know. It's a very big decision, so we'll see. Anyway, I'm not doing it this month!"

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    Dead at her coppin a feel on him. I want to see Nobody's Business but I'd love to hear Ri's voice w/this era's sound tbh


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    Hilary Duff is pictured during the 2013 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival at the Empire Polo Club on April 12, 2013 in Indio, California.

    MarcusRFrancis "buddies for life @HilaryDuff"

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    The only little feet pitter-pattering around the fabulous homes of Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi will be those of dogs and cats. Married for nearly 5 years, the couple are steadfast in their decision not to have children, de Rossi explains in the May issue of Out Magazine. The Australian-born actress says she struggled, briefly, with the decision.

    "There comes some pressure in your mid-30s, and you think, Am I going to have kids so I don’t miss out on something that other people really seem to love?" the Arrested Development star, now 40, says. "Or is it that I really genuinely want to do this with my whole heart? I didn't feel that my response was 'yes' to the latter."

    Continues de Rossi: "You have to really want to have kids, and neither of us did. So it's just going to be me and Ellen and no babies."

    And that's more than fine for de Rossi and her comedienne/talk show wife, 55, whom she wed in 2008. "We've settled into happily married life," she explains. ""We really support each other in whatever we're doing and we're incredibly happy, which is why you don't see us in the press so much. There's no drama to report."

    De Rossi is also gearing up for the much-anticipated return of Arrested Development: She's reprised her role as Lindsay Bluth Fünke in a hotly anticipated new season of the beloved comedy, returning via Netflix. All in all, life's a beach! "Married life is blissful, it really is," she tells Out. "I've never been happier than I am right now"


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