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    Garbage have announced plans to release a new album in 2014.

    The band's producer and drummer Butch Vig has said they're not going to leave it as long to get out their next LP as they did between 2005's 'Bleed Like Me' and last year's 'Not Your Kind Of People'.

    "I think we want to get going quicker. We'd like to see a record come out next year. We have a couple offers to play, but we may try to go into the studio in June and start working on another album," Vig told Billboard.

    He continued: "We're all excited about that. We don't really have any songs started yet, but we all have ideas for songs. I have little riffs and things floating around in my head... If we could get started some time in the summer and finish close to the end of the year, we could have it out in the spring or summer of next year, which would be cool."

    Garbage have recorded a version of the Bruce Springsteen-penned Patti Smith hit 'Because The Night' for this year's Record Store Day. The band recorded the cover with last year's touring partners Screaming Females and their frontwoman Marissa Paternoster.

    Of the limited 3,000 edition single, which will come out on April 20, Vig said: "We did it old-school style. They came out to Hollywood and we went into a big tracking room and recorded Phil Spector style... We cut it live and did very few overdubs, did everything in a day and it came out pretty great. Marissa plays, I think, a 48-bar guitar solo at the end, that girl can shred like Eddie Van Halen, no kidding."


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  • 04/01/13--19:18: THIS WEEK'S SOAP PROMOS!!!

  • A fairytale life shattered by the ultimate betrayal this week on The Bold and The Beautiful!

    Katie tells Donna that she will not stand by while Brooke works her magic on Bill.

    4/1, Lives hang in the balance after a senseless car accident; Katie gets candid with Danielle about her relationship with Bill.

    4/2, With Bill hidden, Brooke answers Lt. Baker's questions regarding the crash; Katie reaches the end of her rope when she receives a call from Bill's phone and hears Brooke on the other end of the line.

    4/3, Hope and Liam babysit Will and contemplate the life they might have had; Katie makes a bold declaration upon finding Brooke and Bill together in Brooke's bedroom.

    4/4, Caroline concocts a plan to get Maya out of Rick's life; Bill is astounded by Katie's words.

    4/5, Maya and Rick determine that they will focus on the present, not the past; two people give in to their desires and make love for the first time.

    Torn between the past and the present. Who will Avery choose?

    4/1, Paul and Alex question Jack, while a conflict escalates between Cane and Tyler.

    4/2, Kyle unwittingly fuels Summer's crush, while Jack and Victor team up against Congressman Wheeler.

    4/3, Billy and Victoria ponder exciting plans for their future, while Kevin and Chloe take a walk on the wild side.

    4/4, Chelsea shares a tender moment with Adam, while Lauren feels the walls closing in as she fights her feelings for Carmine.

    4/5, Victor and Adam come to a new understanding, while Nick prepares a surprise for Avery.

    Monday ("Chloe's Orders")
    Daniel is confused by Jennifer's decision; Chloe's plan could be at risk after Kate learns some information.

    Tuesday ("Daniel loses it")
    Daniel accuses Chloe of upsetting Jennifer; Kristen witnesses an encounter with Marlena and Sy.

    Wednesday ("Sonny's News")
    Will is shaken by Sonny's news; Chad and Abigail vow to figure out what Cameron is hiding.

    Thursday ("Sami's Decision")
    Lucas rips into Sami for making a decision without his permission; Vargas wants Nick to follow his orders.

    Friday ("Runner Up")
    Daniel looks to Chloe for comfort; Abigail and Chad uncover Cameron's secret; Nicole can't stand the thought of Eric leaving town.

    Monday ("Monica Comforts Elizabeth")
    Bobbie gives Carly some words of wisdom; Monica learns that Tracy has hired a new cook.

    Tuesday ("The Tour")
    Epiphany leads a tour for the new interns; the town receives visitors from the past.

    Wednesday ("Protecting Laura")
    Luke comes to Laura's rescue; Sonny tries to digest Brenda's news; Elizabeth confronts Sabrina about not returning Patrick's phone call.

    Thursday ("Nurses Ball")
    The Drakes are shocked when Noah comes to the Ball in honor of Robin

    Friday ("The Love Triangle")
    Felicia can't make a decision about Mac and Frisco; Noah wants to know if Bobbie and Scott are an item.

    Love, excitement and suspense return to Pine Valley with the Chandlers, Cortlandts, Martins and Hubbards. Revisit the lives of core characters who’ve inhabited the landscape for decades along with a younger generation that promises twists and turns of its own. Follow JR as he comes to grips with his past and meet his teen-aged son, AJ, who might just break the cycle of dysfunction that has plagued his family for years. Follow Pete Cortlandt as he falls in love with a girl named Celia who has a dark past even she doesn’t know about. Get re-acquainted with Angie and Jesse and see them tested by tragedy and loss. Witness the return of Zach and David and follow the emotional journey of Bianca’s daughter Miranda, whose own mother lived in the shadow of the great Erica Kane but who is determined to forge her own path, on her own terms. All that and more begins on April 29th…

    Intoxicating, character driven drama One Life to Live is back with all new must-see episodes. One Life to Live is filled with action, romance, comedy, and pushes the boundaries of entertainment by exploring cutting edge social issues. Viki, Dorian, Todd, Blair, the Buchanans and the Lords — all the icons of Llanview — are joined by gorgeous, hot stars of tomorrow in the all-new One Life to Live. At the start, Viki’s sexy, young reporter Jeffrey King uncovers a scandal that ends Dorian’s senatorial career. Of course, Dorian blames Viki, reigniting and exploding their feud to epic proportions. Meanwhile danger follows Todd to town in the form of a mysterious, evil organization signified by a sinister tattoo…and a deadly agenda. Blair and Cutter’s popular new club Shelter places Llanview on the map with DJ’s, singers and cameo roles played by the biggest names in show business today. The new One Life to Live has beloved characters from the show that ran on network television for 43 years plus the contemporary look, feel and style of an edgy new hit.

    YouTube, SoapTownUSA

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    Could this be Jessie's deep fantasy?

    UK singer Jessie Ware releases a groovy brand new track "Imagine It Was Us" on Annie Mac's BBC Radio 1 show.

    "Imagine It Was Us" is set to be Jessie's U.S. single, which will be officially released this spring.

    "I should know better than to wait for you/If I leave, it's no better, so I'll wait for you," sings Jessie.

    Jessie's currently prepping for her official U.S. invasion. The British starlet has enlisted the talents of Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky to remix her breakout song "Wildest Moments."

    Jessie Ware is currently touring the U.S. promoting her LP Devotion, which she plans to re-release in the States.


    Thank god her full-fledged US debut is starting. Best New Artist at next year's Grammys tbh.

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  • 04/01/13--19:53: New Brooke Candy
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    While there are certain aspects of film-making they can’t always control, ultimately it is the skill of the director that determines whether a movie is good or bad. To make this list of the greatest modern directors, a director must still be actively making movies and only movies from the last 15 years are considered in the ranking of the directors.

    The factors in the rankings obviously include the general quality of the directors films but also takes into account the number of films made in the given time period as well, the impact of the director on the filmmaking scene as a whole, and the potential they have for making more great movies in the future. The sheer number of quality directors ensures that a good number were excluded from the list as many excellent filmmakers such as Ang Lee, Kathryn Bigelow, Edgar Wright, Danny Boyle, Nicolas Winding Refn, and others fell just short.

    Each of the following directors has an instantly recognizable style and many of them are responsible for the some of the finest modern films.

    the rest here

    9. Steve McQueen

    The newest director on this list, Steve McQueen only has two movies to his name currently, with a third coming out later this year, but they just happen to be two of the best works of the last decade, ensuring him a place on this list. McQueen rose to prominence in the 90′s as an artist as well as with a series of experimental short films.

    His first full-length feature, 2008′s Hunger, depicted the 1981 Irish Hunger Strike with breathtaking results. Starring Michael Fassbender as political prisoner Bobby Sands, McQueen showcased his talents as one of the premier visual stylists working today, stringing together a series of astonishing images. The film’s centerpiece is a seventeen and a half minute unbroken shot of Sands and his priest engaging a discussion filled with both political and philosophical ramifications. Hunger topped Sight and Sounds list of best films of that year and is one of the great movies of the last decade.

    McQueen followed this with 2011′s Shame, an incredibly affecting portrait of a man consumed by addictions. Featuring once again McQueen’s penchant for visual flair and another incredible performance from Michael Fassbender, Shame was unfortunately snubbed from the Academy Awards but remains one of 2011′s most acclaimed films.

    McQueen’s next film, 12 Years A Slave, will be released later this year and is one of the most anticipated films of the 2013 and hopefully will propel McQueen into the filmmaking elite.

    Eligible Films: Hunger (2008), Shame (2011)

    7.Michael Haneke

    Arguably the most respected filmmaker in the world, Michael Haneke has become famous for his dark, morally complex films that generally present the viewer with lots of ambiguity. Haneke believes that films should cause self-reflection and should not provide all the answers, resulting in many of his film being confusing and feeling almost unfinished according to conventional standards.

    Haneke’s first film after the cut off date was 2000′s the Code Unknown which earned him a Palme d’Or nomination at the Cannes Film Festival. His breakout film was 2005′s Cache, a deeply unsettling mystery film that became one of the years most acclaimed movies. 2009 saw the release of the White Ribbon, which won the highest honor at Cannes and earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Language film. In 2012, his film Amour also received considerable acclaim, again winning Cannes as well as winning Best Foreign Language film and receiving a nomination for Best Picture.

    While Haneke does not currently have any films in development, he has already done enough to earn a place on this list as his films are among the most interesting and though-provoking films there are.

    Eligible Films: Code Unknown (2000), The Piano Teacher (2001), Time of the Wolf (2003), Cache (2005), The White Ribbon (2009), Amour (2012)

    3. Terrence Malick

    One of the all-time great filmmakers, Malick would arguably be number one on this list if he had directed more than three movies in the last twenty years.

    In 1998 he created one of the all-time great war films in the Thin Red Line, which was nominated for Seven Academy Awards and praised by Martin Scorsese as the second best film of the 90′s. Malick experimented a good bit with the Thin Red Line, eventually cutting out whole parts and reshaping the narrative around different characters. The film featured Malick’s signature visual brilliance and has a good bit of thematic depth if you look hard enough.

    Malick’s next film came almost a decade later with 2005′s the New World, a retelling of the story of Pocohantas. While earning mixed reviews upon release, it has since gone on to become one of the most acclaimed films of the 2000′s and again featured incredible visuals while Malick experimented even more narratively.

    His 2011 film The Tree of Life is one of the most significant films of recent years as it is a work of vast scope and ambition. Essentially, the film juxtaposes the lives of a family in 1950′s midwest America with the birth,life, and death of the cosmos. Praised by critics such as Roger Ebert, who later put it on his top 10 films of all time list, the Tree of Life was voted onto Sight & Sounds list of best films only a year after its release.

    Malick is best known as an incredible visual stylist as many of his films are considered among the most beautifully shot movies ever made. A former philosophy professor, Malick’s films contain a variety of moral, philosophical, and religious themes, giving them a sense of significance few other films can match. With several movies in production, Malick is currently the most prolific he has ever been and he could very well be number one on this list a few years from now.

    Eligible Films: The Thin Red Line (1998), The New World (2005), The Tree of Life (2011)

    2. Christopher Nolan

    The current king of blockbuster cinema, few directors are as capable of holding together huge films the way Nolan does while at the same time making them interesting.

    Nolan’s first movie was the very impressive Following, depicting a young writer who follows strangers in London for inspiration. Nolan broke out with his 2000 cult film Memento, about a man with memory loss who attempts to hunt down his wife’s murderer. Memento was notable for having two story-lines, one going forward and the other backward and Nolan deftly balances them in a way few other filmmakers could. His next film was the 2002 thriller Insomnia about a murder investigation in Alaska. While very solid, Insomnia is arguably Nolan’s weakest film to date but featured Robin Williams as a great villain in a brilliant casting choice.

    In 2005, Nolan resurrected the Batman franchise with Batman Begins, one of the greatest superhero films and a brilliant imagining of the batman character.He followed that with 2006′s the Prestige, his most underrated film, about rival magicians who embark on a deadly game of one-upmanship. Nolan returned to the batman world in 2008 with his most successful and iconic film, the Dark Knight. Featuring a legendary performance from Heath Ledger, the Dark Knight broke box-office records and redefined how good a superhero film could be.

    2010 saw the release of what is likely Nolan’s best film so far as Inception became one of the most mind-bending blockbusters ever made as well as one of the most acclaimed. 2012 saw Nolan return once more to the batman universe, unfortunately the Dark Knight Rises was seen by many as a bit of a disappointment although the film was not without its merits, most notably Tom Hardy’s brilliant portrayal of Bane.

    Nolan earns a place on the list for his ability to put together extremely difficult films and make it look easy as well as his ability to make financially successful films that still respect an audiences intelligence. Finally, I had to put him this high because there are few thing scarier than an angry Christopher Nolan fanboy.

    Eligible Films: Following (1998), Memento (2000), Insomnia (2002), Batman Begins (2005), The Prestige (2006), The Dark Knight (2008), Inception (2010), The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

    1. Paul Thomas Anderson

    While in my opinion he is a director whose films are easier to admire than to love, its hard to make a case that there’s a more talented director out there than Paul Thomas Anderson as he’s reached a level where every movie he makes is an event not to be missed.

    His first film after the cut-off date is Magnolia, a sprawling epic focusing on the interconnectedness of a multitude of characters in Los Angeles. The film is arguably among the most ambitious films ever made and its reputation has only grown since its release. Anderson’s next film was the smaller but no less impressive Punch-Drunk Love, starring Adam Sandler of all people, which follows a lonely man with anger management issues. The film earned Sandler the best reviews of his life and the film is considered by many to be a modern classic.

    Anderson followed that with what many to be his magnum opus, 2007′s There Will Be Blood. Following oil tycoon Daniel Plainview, There Will Be Blood became one of the most acclaimed films of the decade and features an all-time great performance from Daniel Day-Lewis. After a five year break, Anderson released the Master, one of 2012′s most impressive, yet divisive and controversial, films. Loosely based on the rise of scientology, The Master is a brilliant but arguably unfocused movie that benefits from absurdly good performances from Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix. Voted the number one film of 2012 by Sight & Sound, the Master was acclaimed by many but missed out on a Best Picture nomination at the Oscars.

    Anderson is currently in pre-production on his next film, based off Timothy Pynchon’s novel Inherent Vice. A technical virtuoso, Anderson is one of the best visual directors working today, having a host of tricks up his sleeve. Anderson also laces his films with a variety of themes that ensure there is enough beneath the surface to keep his films interesting on repeat viewings.

    Perhaps his most important ability as a director is his penchant for pulling incredible performances from actors as several of his films, such as There Will Be Blood and The Master, feature iconic performances from several different actors. Anderson’s overall abilities and his imposing filmography make him the best director modern cinema has to offer.

    Eligible Films: Magnolia (1999), Punch-Drunk Love (2002), There Will Be Blood (2007), The Master (2012)

    Where are the queens Coppola and Bigelow tho



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    Hard to believe, but yes, those two photos above are of the same actress.

    Jessica Lucas stars in the upcoming "Evil Dead" movie -- and while she's a naturally gorgeous human being in real life, some really nasty things happen to her as she transforms from living to the living dead in the new flick. Trust us when we say this movie isn't for the squeamish, as Lucas' character is seen slicing off her own face. And no, that's not a spoiler ... just watch the trailer!

    Jessica talked to toofab's Brian Particelli at WonderCon in Anaheim over the weekend, where she described the process behind playing dead.

    "I was really anxious, how do you be a zombie?," she tells toofab."That's not something you prepare for as an actor, you don't really know. They had a movement coach come in and teach us all different ways to use our body and how to find out own unique Deadite," she continues.

    For the uninitiated, Deadites are those who have been possessed by evil spirits in the "Evil Dead" world.

    "It was physically taxing, we were all really uncomfortable," says Jessica. "You're covered in blood and prosthetics and makeup. It was so worth it though, it was so amazing."

    And while Jessica had it bad, that was nothing compared to her costars, Jane Levy.

    "Jane, by far [had it worst]," Jessica adds. "Jane spends 90% of the movie covered in prosthetics and just awful stuff. I remember watching her going, 'Oh my god, I'm gonna have do that soon and it's not gonna be fun."

    Check out a sneak peek at Jane's creepy transformation in the clip below. It ain't pretty!


    Comes out this weekend, how many of y'all have the balls to go see it?

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Jane Henson and husband Jim Henson with the cast of Sam and Friends in 1960. Photograph: Del Ankers. AP

    Jane Henson, the former wife of Muppets creator Jim Henson who was influential in the creation of the popular US TV puppet program, died on Tuesday following a long bout with cancer. She was 78 years old.

    Henson, who died at her home in Connecticut, was an "integral creative and business partner" in the Muppets, the Jim Henson Company, owned by the Hensons' five children, said in a statement.

    Jane, born in Queens, New York, in 1934, was an early puppeteer, as well as puppet designer for the Muppets, best known for characters Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy who starred in numerous television programs and films.

    She first met her future husband in puppetry class at the University of Maryland in the mid-1950s and the two went on to create the five-minute television program Sam and Friends, a precursor to the Muppets. The show served as a lead-in to The Huntley-Brinkley Report news show and The Tonight Show Starring Steve Allen .

    Although Henson stopped working as a puppeteer to raise her children in the early 1960s, she was still responsible for recruiting top talent and performing occasionally on the children's show Sesame Street.

    Henson legally separated from her husband four years prior to his death in 1990 of organ failure following a bacterial infection at the age of 53. She later founded The Jim Henson Legacy to promote his work. Jane is survived by her five children.


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    looking so forward to this, especially with Rockne O'Bannon being a part of this. More information about it here.

    SOURCE 1

    SOURCE 2

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    Gaga in NYC today.

    Gaga among new round of celebs whose finances were hacked

    Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga are the two newest victims of the celebrity hackers who had already exposed the financial secrets of Michelle Obama and Beyonce ... TMZ has learned.

    The hackers returned to the Internet after a brief hiatus ... and immediately hit six more A-list victims, including Angelina, Gaga, NRA advocate Wayne LaPierre, Dennis Rodman, Michael Vick, Secret Service Director Julia Pierson and Robert De Niro.

    The hackers have posted what they claim to be the social security numbers, mortgage amounts, credit card info, car loans, banking and other info for the celebs listed on their site.

    The hackers' previous website was shut down by its host -- but it's now back up and running with a new domain extension (.re) that suggests it's based out of the French island of Réunion located off the coast of Madagascar.

    Along with Beyonce and Michelle, the hackers previously hit names like Mel Gibson, Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher, Hillary Clinton, Kim Kardashian, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kanye West, Mitt Romney, and Tiger Woods.

    As we reported, the FBI has been investigating the hackers from the beginning ... no arrests have been made.


    There are also reports going around that her maternal grandfather died today. (Confirmed) :( Not a good day for Gagaloop.

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    Willow @ The KCA's



    Willow Smith: Movie Monday!

    Willow Smith checks her phone messages as she heads to see a movie at The Commons on Monday afternoon (March 25) in Calabasas, Calif.The 12-year-old singer was joined by a guy pal who also grabbed lunch with her before going to the theater.

    src | 2

    Amandla @ The KCAs
    sorry for the small ass pics

    Zendaya's Interview w/ Jimmy Kimmel

    image heavy post

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    Also just a reminder that this movie was denied a PG-13 rating and given a R based solely on the tone of the movie and not for any graphic content. I can't wait for this.

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    When you break up with a long-term squeeze, you both go your separate ways and redefine yourselves as ostentatiously as possible. Why should former tween stars Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens be any different simply because they are blemishless dollfaces, indistinguishable from their own action figures? One-time sweethearts both on-screen, as power-ballad-crooning Troy and Gabriella in Disney's High School Musical films, and off (2006-10), the pair now star in challenging new movies that put some distance between their virtuous younger selves, that squeaky-clean franchise and one another. But which of them has done the more comprehensive job of sullying their image?


    The film

    Zac: Stars in The Paperboy, directed by Lee Daniels, who was previously Oscar-nominated for Precious. Sully score: 1/10
    Vanessa: Stars in Spring Breakers, directed by Harmony Korine, who once shot footage of himself provoking strangers into beating him up. Sully score: 6/10

    pb  sb

    OP here: if you haven't seen any of these movies and intend to do so, be warned - this is full of SPOILERS!


    The role

    Zac: Plays a student expelled for letting the water out of the college swimming pool. 1/10
    Vanessa: Says: "Fuck school. Just fuck it," while smoking dope during a three-way bisexual pool romp. 9/10




    Typical trait

    Zac: Rolls around in his white underwear while Macy Gray watches. 3/10
    Vanessa: Holds up a diner using hammers, then sits in her knickers in the loot groaning: "All this money makes my mouth wet." Only she doesn't say mouth. 7/10




    Significant other

    Zac: Sleeps with Nicole Kidman. 5/10
    Vanessa: Sleeps with everyone. 9/10




    Key scene

    Zac: Gets peed on by Kidman. 9/10 (But it was first aid: he got stung by jellyfish: -5)
    Vanessa: Becomes James Franco's love slave, moll and Uzi-toting soldier. 9/10 (No mitigating circumstances whatsoever: +5)


    (yeah, I'm skipping that other gif...)



    Zac: 14
    Vanessa: 45



    Zac still hasn't quite graduated from High School Musical. Vanessa, on the other hand, has turned so convincingly sleazy that even John Waters probably wouldn't even cast her now. Go, girl!



    So this was one of the most pointless articles I've ever seen in The Guardian (or anywhere, really) but 1) it was kinda funny and 2) it was an excuse to make a Spring Breakers related post. I saw it this weekend and LOVED IT. Did you guys watch it? If so, did you love it / hate it / thought it was just meh? And what about The Paperboy? (still haven't watched that one)

    Oh, and this is first my first ever post here so go easy on me, okay? <3


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    Though its characters remain locked in myriad unresolved battles, the HBO series “Game of Thrones” can claim one clear victory: Its season three premiere is, officially, one of the most-pirated shows of all time.

    TorrentFreak, a Web site that tracks torrents and piracy, logged more than 1 million illegal downloads in the day after Sunday’s episode aired, including more than 163,000 simultaneous downloads on one file. That broke the 143,000 record set by “Heroes” in 2008.

    “These are mind-boggling numbers that we’ve never seen before,” TorrentFreak’s Ernesto Van Der Sar wrote in a blog post.

    But more mind-boggling still, given the current “piracy, it’s a crime” climate, is the muted reaction from “Game of Thrones’” network, cast and crew. In an interview with the BBC last month, actress Rose Leslie — who plays the wildling Ygritte, herself a lawless type — called the show’s high piracy rates a compliment. A “back-handed compliment,” but a compliment nonetheless.

    “I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but it is a compliment of sorts,” HBO programming president Michael Lombardo echoed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly ahead of the season three premiere. “The demand is there. And it certainly didn’t negatively impact the DVD sales. [Piracy is] something that comes along with having a wildly successful show on a subscription network.”

    That complicates the usual rhetoric on piracy — some of which HBO has advanced in the past. We’re used to hearing that piracy is “stealing.” That it kills jobs. That it contributes, somehow, to child labor and gang violence, as the Department of Justice posited in a 2011 PSA. To quote the owner of a film distribution company, who lamented the rise of digital piracy in the Wall Street Journal, “it’s changed us. It’s a very damaging trend.”

    But some contrarians, both on “Game of Thrones” and around the industry, are finding reasons to doubt that narrative. For starters, they point out, subscription networks like HBO make it difficult to watch the show legally unless you have a premium cable package or know a hospitable friend who does. Otherwise, you can’t watch “Game of Thrones” online — not on Hulu, not on Netflix and certainly not on HBO’s online service, HBO Go, which demands your cable provider and password as soon as you click into the site. Paying subscribers outside the U.S. have to wait as long as a week to see the shows.

    On top of that, there’s some suggestion that piracy might actually help the “Game of Thrones” franchise. Director David Petrarca has said as much already: Downloads “generate buzz,” he told a crowd in Sydney, and “that’s how they survive.” A recent Wall Street Journal story broke the numbers down this way: 11 million HBO subscribers watch “Game of Thrones” legally, and 3.7 to 4.2 million people pirate it online.

    Depending on your point of view, that means HBO lost out on subscription fees from a quarter of its audience — or that 4 million fans are tweeting about the new episode and eyeing that pricey collectors’ edition, when they wouldn’t have otherwise.

    So far, it’s an issue the industry hasn’t been able to settle. Do people pirate things instead of buying them, or do they pirate some things in addition to buying others? A recent European Commission study on music piracy in Europe found that piracy doesn’t correspond to dropping sales.

    It’s “fair to assume that not every pirated copy of an audiovisual work represents lost revenue to the content producer,” copyright lawyer Jonathan Rose told Forbes in March.

    In either case, it doesn’t seem to be hurting “Game of Thrones” or any of its companions atop the most-pirated list. “Game of Thrones” moved more DVDs on its first day than any other HBO release. According to industry analyst Nash Information Services, that makes it the best-selling TV DVD of 2012 — followed closely by “The Big Bang Theory,” which is also the third-most pirated TV show, according to TorrentFreak.

    Still, the old fears of piracy remain — and many studios, including ABC and NBC, are ramping up their fights against it.

    “At the end of the day, it’s stealing,” “Game of Thrones” actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau told the BBC. “I know it doesn’t feel like it, but it is. And it’s not right.”


    0 0


    Christina Aguilera carries her cute son Max while touching down at LAX Airport on Tuesday (April 2) in Los Angeles.

    “In heaven… cherry blossom season in Tokyo. Love it here,” the 32-year-old entertainer tweeted over the weekend.


    He is too cute.

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    If new previews from Bravo are any indication, things are going to get pretty nasty on the season 5 reunion. For starters, Nene Leakes will be telling Phaedra Parks that she’s not nearly as smart as she thinks she is. But of course she also doled out a little advice tinged with tough love to the southern belle.

    Then, “RHOA” fans will finally get to hear Porsha sing, but they’ll all see her get very passionate on the subject of motherhood. Coincidently, it appears that her estranged husband Kordell Stewart was not on-hand when the other hubbies came out.

    While the men were on the set, they took that opportunity to settle their scores with Kenya and stick up for her ex-boyfriend Walter.

    Kenya and Phaedra really went in on each other at the reunion. The entertainment lawyer yet again calling Kenya fake, the former Miss USA had a new label for Phaedra: “Evil little devil.”

    Aside from the name calling, though, Kenya believes that the reason her DVD is selling bette than Phaedra is because her “RHOA” nemesis is too fat to be taken seriously as a fitness instructor.

    The Nene vs Kandi!

    Kandi Burruss and NeNe Leakes have never really been the best of friends, but they usually try to be cordial. That said they have been known to throw some jabs at each other.

    Most recently, NeNe put one of her “RHOA” co-stars on blast via Twitter for having a “past she doesn’t want anyone 2 know abt!” For those still scratching their head over who NeNe could possibly have been talking about, the “New Normal” star admitted that she was tweeting about Kandi.

    But according to Kandi, things only got bad between them after NeNe made some harsh remarks about her deceased fiance AJ Jewell.

    SYLVESTER STALLONE Contractor: Sly Threatened TO BLOW MY HEAD OFF!

    A contractor who is being sued by Sylvester Stallone over a construction project gone bad is now lashing out himself ... claiming in new legal docs the actor abused his dog and threatened to blow the contractor's head off.

    Mohamed Hadid just got a temporary restraining order against Sly, claiming the "Rocky" star walked up to him in court, pushed him and threatened, "I am going to kill you motherfucker."

    Sly is about to go to trial in his legal war against Hadid, claiming the contractor royally screwed up his house to the tune of $1.4 million, calling him an "unscrupulous, unlicensed predator."

    Hadid claims in his new legal docs ... while he was working on Sly's house, he witnessed the actor fly into fits of rage ... at times grabbing his dog by the neck and throwing it into its crib. Hadid also claims Sly threatened to smash his head in with a baseball bat.

    And there's this allegation .... Hadid says Sly once said, "Get these dirty Mexicans out of here or I will blow your head off."

    Sly's lawyer, Marty Singer, says the actor was never notified of a hearing for a restraining order, adding Sly's trial is about to begin and this is just a desperate attempt to smear him. Singer says he took Hadid's deposition last week and asked about all the conversations he had with Sly -- and no threats were ever mentioned.

    Singer says, "This is a desperate attempt by a man who wants to be a media star, which is why he's a guest star on 'Shahs of Sunset.'"

    Vicki Gunvalson Unveil Her New Chin and Nose!

    If you watched The Real Housewives of Orange County last night, you know that Vicki Gunvalson had her nose and chin done, but she was still a bit swollen when the show was shot. But then later she was on Watch What Happens Live to unveil what the results of the plastic surgery look like now that her face has settled.

    Watch the unveiling below!

    She says she had fat from her sides injected under her eyes, her nose reshaped, and a small chin implant. And while it makes me sad to hear why she did it (on RHOOC, she mentioned being teased about her nose by different people—and specifically mentioned Slade calling her Miss Piggy), I do think the surgery looks great.

    Glamour, TMZ, S2S

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  • 04/02/13--20:39: Hilary Duff Mega Candid Post

  • Out and about for lunch with Luca March 24th

    Picking up her dry cleaning in Beverly Hills March 22nd

    Shopping at NYC Scoop in Beverly Hills March 23rd

    Walking with a sleepy Luca in Studio City March 26th

    Going to a playdate with Luca in LA March 28th

    At the park with Luca April 2nd in Beverly Hills


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    Behind the cut you'll find some information about who was filming today, where the scene seemed to be set, and what monsters are going to make an appearance.

    First up, the official BBC blog confirmed the return of the Zygons!

    From the blog post:

    Aside from flashbacks these malevolent shape-shifters have only appeared once before, threatening Earth in the Fourth Doctor adventure, Terror of the Zygons. Despite the fact that their solitary outing was over thirty years ago they remain a popular old enemy and in the 2010 episode, The Pandorica Opens, they were amongst the massed aliens said to be gathering above Stonehenge. Later, in The Power of Three, we learnt that Zygons had one of their ships under the Savoy Hotel in 1890 and apparently replaced half the staff with imposters! But this time they really are back…

    Pictures of filming were snapped and in the following pictures you'll see evidence of David and Billie on set, the medieval England appearing setting, the RTD era Tardis, as well as a Zygon wandering around.

    source 1

    source 2

    Speculate away! What could this mean for the plot of the special?

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  • 04/02/13--20:50: G Dragon New Single
  • G Dragon's new single MichiGo

    Source: Youtube-

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