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    Americans spent over $2 billion on Easter candy last year, and with good reason. The stuff is amazing—who cares if it induces diabetes on the spot? Do you remember all of the hours you spent laboring over tie-dyed eggs as a kid? Of course you don’t. You were too busy spiking your blood sugar.

    Unlike Halloween, you didn’t have to go from door to door begging strangers for candy. Instead, you were presented with a massive bouquet of confectionery gifts, the stuff a hyperactive child's dreams are made of. Or, if you actually wanted to work for your sugar, the Easter egg hunt allowed you to do just that.

    Although years of consuming these treats may have led to unwanted trips to the dentist, we regret nothing, and we'll continue to indulge as long as we live.

    In preparation for the molars we'll soon have to excavate, we present the 12 Best Easter Candies of All-Time.

    1. Cadbury Mini Eggs
    Maker: Cadbury

    Encapsulated in a crisp, crunchy candy coating is the smooth milk chocolate for which Cadbury is known. No Easter is complete without a bag of these in our basket, inside toy Easter eggs, in your back pocket, and in your hand—all at the same damn time.

    One can never have too many Mini Eggs, as the pleasure received from their consumption is immeasurable. You did a great thing here, Cadbury; we can't thank you enough for the gifts to Easter candy game.

    2. Peeps
    Maker: Rodda Candy Company

    One might think that these brightly-colored, animal-shaped confections would rank as the number one Easter candy of all time, but they're just a close second in our book. The yellow chicks are the OG's of the Peep game, but since they were first introduced sixty years ago, we've been blessed with an assortment of shapes, colors, and even some new flavors.

    We don't appreciate the pumpkin-shaped peeps during the fall, though. Peeps at any time other than Easter seems borderline blasphemous.

    3. Cadbury Creme Eggs
    Maker: Cadbury

    How do you like your eggs? With a white and yellow fondant center surrounded by a thick, chocolate shell, please and thank you. The jingle tells us "Nobunny knows Easter better than Cadbury's," and the Cadbury creme egg is proof of that.

    We may have been brainwashed to like these things, though. Those commercials back in the day definitely had some hidden subliminal messages. Why else would we love them so much?

    4. Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
    Maker: Jelly Belly

    Because beans and eggs are aesthetically similar, beans decided to demand in on the holiday shine. Jelly beans were introduced into the Easter candy mix in the 1930s. And while generic, medicinal tasting jelly beans inevitably found their way into those plastic eggs, the only ones that got our taste buds amped were those of the Jelly Belly variety. We weren't stopping until we tried every last flavor.

    Didn't it make you furious when jelly beans were used as mere decorations? Loose jelly beans scattered into those shreds of paper grass in your basket? Now, why you gotta go and do that, Mom, huh?

    5. Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs
    Maker: Russell Stover Candies

    Russell Stover's has the holiday themed candy game on lock and they don't fail to come through for us every Easter. The mounds of marshmallow delicately draped in chocolate are a definite must-have item in every basket. They're like the abbreviated version of 'Smores—no mess, and sans the graham crackers. Your only options isn't just milk or dark chocolate, though. Russell Stover's gave us pink and chocolate marshmallow filling, cookie dough insides, and even eggs with white chocolate drizzle.

    Upgrading a classic to give us more options? Slick move, Russell Stover.

    6-12 @ source

    happy easter ontd!. what candies are your faves? i love me some charleston chews cherry airheads and cherry jolly ranchers.

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  • 03/31/13--14:16: AnnE Is A Green Queen

  • Anne Hathaway is known for her commitment to a cruelty-free diet and it seems she has decided to take it a step further.

    The 30-year-old actress displayed her green side in Brooklyn, New York, as she walked her dog with husband Adam Shulman, on Saturday.

    The Les Miserables star made quite a show of brandishing a boxed container of water in what appeared to be a gesture to raise awareness about the environmentally friendly product.

    The Academy Award winner held up the carton for photographers to get a full view of the ecologically sustainable packaged beverage.

    But the object of her outing was clearly about simpler concerns.

    The petite vegan was on a coffee run with her husband of six-months, which included some exercise for her chocolate Labrador, Esmeralda.

    The health-conscious adventure also had the Devil Wears Prada star taking impromptu snaps with her phone as her beau patiently waited on the corner of a brisk New York street.

    While the famous actress is clearly an eco-advocate she still made sure to be stylish.

    Anne donned a cute face-framing headband with a blue knit scarf and Jackie O sunglasses.

    Covering up for the winter climate the Princess Diaries star wore a black coat, form-fitting blue jeans, and leather high heeled boots.

    Adam was slightly more casual than his glamorous wife.

    The jewellery designer sported a purple shirt and hooded jacket.

    Meanwhile, The Dark Knight Rises star has been loosely linked with a remake of the classic musical My Fair Lady.

    Although the actress has yet to confirm her role in Cameron Mackintosh's adaption of the well-beloved film, she has hinted that she might be attached to the project.

    Anne was quoted by Perez Hilton as saying: 'I haven’t heard for a while what’s happening with My Fair Lady and I don’t know whether I would do it on stage, or screen, but either would be a treat.'



    Are you Eco-friendly, ONTD?

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    Actors: They're so cute when they're young. And, as their audition tapes often prove -- super-talented. Now, some audition tapes featuring actors before they were uber-famous are going up on the auction block, and Darren Julien and Martin Nolan of Julien's Auction House joined TODAY's Matt Lauer Monday to share some extremely rare footage.

    "We've never sold anything like this, so it's hard to say" how much the tapes will go for, said Julien, though bidding estimates are currently in the very reasonable range of $2,000-4,000.

    The tapes are not very high quality, but showcase some actors in the earliest years of their careers and shine a revealing light on just which actors went up for which roles, parts they weren't always right for. One of the tapes features a 15-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio in 1990 trying out for a TV series based on "The Outsiders," instead, the role went to "Mad Men's" Jay R. Ferguson.

    Also up for purchase: Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr. and Keanu Reeves all trying out for 1991's "Backdraft" (the role went to William Baldwin), Gwyneth Paltrow and Helen Hunt trying out for the role Laura Dern ultimately won in 1993's "Jurassic Park" and Nicole Kidman giving it her all while auditioning for 1991's "Shattered" (a role that went to Greta Scacchi). Plus many more.

    The tapes came from a casting director who wished to remain unnamed, but who had taken the footage over the past 30 years. All in all there are 12 lots of videos, with 54 auditions in all, and they hit the block from April 5-6.

    It's no surprise that many of these actors went on to fame and fortune, but as Nolan noted, "You have to start somewhere."

    omg bb Leo! Helen Hunt would have been great in Jurassic Park imo & bow to Queen Nicole

    1& 2

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Reese Witherspoon is no longer legally blonde.

    The actress debuted a new, darker 'do in Nashville yesterday when she was spotted rocking a brunette look instead of her usual blonde tresses while out to lunch with hubby Jim Toth and their baby, Tennessee (so cute!).

    So what prompted Reese to switch to the dark side?

    Usually, a new movie role is behind a drastic switch with the 'do (unless you're Rihanna), but there's no word on a specific project causing the change, so maybe her recent birthday celebration inspired the new hair (regardless, who doesn't like to mix things up a bit from time to time?).

    Witherspoon kicked off her 37th birthday by heading to Cabo San Lucas with her hubby for a romantic, kids-free vacay last week. The couple stayed right on the beach in a one bedroom suite that had a private pool, a source told E! News, with the birthday girl spending her days laying by the pool, tanning and relaxing.

    Ah, the life.

    I love it!

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    Source 1 and 2
    Horrible grammar/spelling aside, I love him. I can't wait for the new album. Would you ever get any work done (and would you own up to it) ?

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    1. Jon Hamm Has New Phoot Shoot Demands – WAIST UP PIX ONLY

    Jon Hamm says that he wants us all to stop talking about his privates, but that’s not all he wants – Jon also wants us to stop LOOKING at them.

    He wants to be shot from the waist up moving forward,” one friend close to the well-endowed actor tells Naughty But Nice. “You will notice that The Rolling Stone cover he is currently on does not show all of Jon, just him from the waist up. Also, the promotion material for the new season of ‘Mad Men’ is drawings not photographs, removing the any potential big problem.”

    However, the more Jon tries to get us to stop talking about his privates, the more we do.

    “The poor guy is at a loss. He thinks of himself as an actor not a celebrity. He is not interested in fame, just the work. He is frightened that he is becoming an Internet joke. But everything he has done so far to stop this has failed. One thing is for sure, you will never see him walking down the street again commando, never!”

    See, we have all gone and ruined it. Wink!

    2. Mad Men star Jon Hamm's crotch spurs pants war – and male objectification

    The Mad Men star is tired of all the attention his 'privates' are getting. Or is this all just a publicity stunt?

    If you can count more than 20 penis-based puns in the paragraphs that follow, I'm donating my fee for this piece to charity. Admittedly, that's not going to make much of a dent in any cause but, as they say, size doesn't matter. Why exactly they say that, however, is something of a mystery, particularly considering the impressive number of column inches Jon Hamm's crotch has been racking up recently.

    Ever since the "Mad Men" star was snapped with an enormous bulge in his pants, large swathes of the internet have traded lolling at cats in favour of rampant speculation about the size of Hamm's package. And where media interest goes, advertising dollars follow. Two underwear companies are now fighting it out to brand Hamm's bits. Both Jockey and Fruit of the Loom have announced their willingness to give the underwear-shy actor the support he has shunned for so long.

    So what does the Mad Man himself think of all of this? In short, not much. As he told Rolling Stone:

    "They're called 'privates' for a reason. "I'm wearing pants, for fuck's sake. Lay off."

    And he has a point. Leveling this amount of scrutiny toward a woman's body immediately provokes outraged accusations of sexual objectification. Are things any different just because Jon Hamm's a man?

    To a large degree, yes. There is nothing new about the sexual objectification of men in popular culture but, to date at least, it has operated very differently from the way in which women are objectified.

    In The Boy, Germaine Greer wrote of the objectification through centuries of young males, from Cupid to David (supposed to be disproportionately small) to Kurt Cobain. It's a visual paean to the beauty of boys full of pervy-cum-erudite captions such as:

    "Correggio is the only artist ever to have depicted the anus and scrotum of an airborne angel."

    Greer intended the book's celebration of younger men to be deliberately controversial and demolish one of the "last great western taboos". Ten years later, however, older women swooning over boys doesn't seem like such a big taboo: there are plenty of mums who lust after Justin Bieber just as much as their tweenage daughters. As Greer conceded even then, "Women have now claimed the right to look and to derive pleasure from looking" – be that looking at younger boys or middle-aged Mad Men.

    The last few decades have seen an increasing emphasis on an idealized male body in the popular media and advertising. Indeed, women in a recent AdAdge survey said they wanted to see more sexy men in Super Bowl ads. When asked why, many said because this type of imagery is everywhere today, so "they've come to expect it." And Cindy Gallop, something of an original "Mad Woman" of advertising and founder of MakeLoveNotPorn, told me:

    "As a straight woman who appreciates a nice penis, I see nothing wrong with celebrating Jon Hamm's. We all have genitalia, we all have sex, and I'd like to see less prudishness and more acknowledgement and celebration of that in media and advertising."

    While the female gaze may be growing more prevalent, it rarely has the menace associated with its male counterpart; it is, as Gallop puts it, more "celebration" than objectification. And the reason for that is simply that male bodies are not commercial objects in the same way as female bodies. They are not blithely compared to "cool cars" by Esquire editors; nor are they the raw material of the multibillion-dollar sex-trade market. A large penis is not an "Industrial Vagina".

    All of this is not to say that sexual objectification of the male body can't be harmful. Indeed, there is evidence that the proliferation of sexualized images of men in advertising is driving an increase in eating disorders and poor body image among men. However, for the most part, men are still more relaxed about their bodies than women.

    Indeed, a Guardian interactive project launched last month found that men are more than twice as likely as women to underestimate their weight. In these cases, getting men to feel bad about themselves might, perversely, do some good. Speaking about the enormous billboard showcasing David Beckham's crotch that used to be in Midtown Manhattan, one male advertising exec said:

    "David Beckham's perfectly photoshopped abs didn't leave me in any doubt that this is the 'ideal' shape of a man, but I can't say it made me feel any more like a rotund, micro-endowed freak than usual. That said, I think I did go to the gym the day I saw it …"

    Of course, with the next season of Mad Men airing in just a week, all this talk about Hamm's private parts could just be a carefully orchestrated publicity drive. John Hamm's TV persona, Don Draper, once said that "What you call love was invented by guys like me, to sell nylons." It might just be that that the buzz about his bulge was also invented by guys like him, to sell AMC dramas.

    source: 12

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    As we inch ever closer to May when the networks will decide which shows are coming back and which pilots they’ll pick up to series, TVWise presents the second edition of its broadcast TV buzz, which lists, by network, the latest industry intel (buzz if you will) on which shows will be back next year and which shows we will be saying goodbye to. There has been a fair amount of movement since our first edition last month, with CBS having renewed 18 shows, and the fate of several others having firmed up.

    ABC: While ABC has yet to renew a single show, there had been some movement in recent week. With five shows (666 Park Avenue,Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23, Last Resort, Private Practiceand Zero Hour) already cancelled, the network looks poised to renew the majority of its line up. I hear that Castle, Grey’s Anatomy, The Middle, ModernFamily, Once Upon A Time, Revengeand Scandal are all locks for renewal and will be back next season. While not the dead certs, my sources tell me that Last Man Standing, Malibu Country, Nashville and Suburgatory are all set to be renewed. Body of Proof and The Neighbors are both firmly on the bubble, but I hear that as things currently stand The Neighbors could well swing a second season, depending on the state of the net’s comedy pilots in May. Despite its strong supporters at the network, I’m now told that Happy Endings is a goner and joins Red Widow as the only shows at the network that I’m being told will be cancelled.

    CBS: Over at the eye, the network has now renewed 14 scripted shows including 2 Broke Girls, The Big Bang Theory, Blue Bloods, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Elementary, The Good Wife, Hawaii Five-0, How I Met Your Mother, The Mentalist, Mike & Molly, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles and Person of Interest. While cancelled shows include Made In Jersey and Partners. Of the remaining shows, I hear that Criminal Minds and Two And A Half Men will be back next season, and it’s just a matter of hammering out those deals. Friend Me has yet to premiere on the network, Golden Boy is on the bubble and its performance in the coming weeks will determine its fate, while I’m being told that CSI: NY, Rules of Engagement and Vegas are set to be cancelled.

    The CW: There hasn’t been a lot of movement over at The CW. Having already cancelled 90210 and renewed Arrow, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries there are only a handful of shows in question. I’m still being told by sources that Nikita and Hart of Dixie will be renewed. Cult is a goner and will not appear on next seasons schedule. Of the two bubble shows, I hear that Beauty and the Beast is still on track for renewal while The Carrie Diaries is set to be cancelled.

    Fox: Just like The CW, there hasn’t been a lot of movement at Fox. The network suffered this season from poor ratings and not having a deep enough bench of originals to replace its under-performing series. As such they are expected to be more bullish with its series orders this May. The network has already cancelled Ben and Kate and renewed American Dad, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, The Simpsons, The Following, New Girl, The Mindy Project and Raising Hope. According to my sources, Glee is looking good for a renewal, with negotiations currently underway. I hear that The Cleveland Show is firmly on the bubble, while Touch will be cancelled. Despite the fact that the series won’t premiere until late May – word is that The Goodwin Games also won’t be back next season.

    NBC: At NBC, the return of Revolution and The Voice has eased some of the ratings pains at the network, but their fall 2013 line up still looks like it will contain a large number of new shows. I’m being told that 1600 Penn, Deception, Guys With Kids, The New Normal, Smash, Up All Night and Whitney are all set to be cancelled by the time of the upfronts in May. My sources tell me that Chicago Fire, Grimm, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Parenthood and Revolution are all locks for renewal and will all be back. Community, Go On and Parks and Recreation are looking good for renewals and, barring any significant ratings declines in the coming weeks, should all be back next year.


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    Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, Michelle Fairley, Maisie Wiliams, Sophie Turner, Richard Madden and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau recall their most challenging moments in the fictional lands of Westeros and beyond.


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    Suede frontman Brett Anderson has revealed that he wants to release another "great record" with the band following the success of their most recent album, 'Bloodsports'.

    The LP was the band's first in over 10 years and entered the Official UK Albums Chart at Number 10, giving them their first Top 10 hit since 1999's 'Head Music'. Now, speaking to the Daily Star, the singer hinted that the reformed Britpop band could carry on making music together.

    Initially talking about former guitarist Bernard Butler, he said: "I've learned before, to my eternal regret, that if a creative relationship works you're a fool to throw it away." He then added: "So now Suede's relationships work again, I'd like to think we could make another great record to follow this great record and start a new chapter for the band."

    Anderson also said that the band had benefited from adopting a more mature approach to performing music, stating: "We're more focused and professional, which sounds really boring but it makes us better as we know how to channel our energy now. In the 90s, a gig was just another moment in the crazy carnival of our day. Now the shows are all we care about - I can't be bothered with the other bullshit any more.

    "I've done all that, and it's a dull cliche anyway, which I'll leave for new bands to find out for themselves," he added. "We know our job is to play great shows, which seems unromantic and not very rock 'n' roll, but it means when we're on stage there's fireworks."

    Earlier this week, Anderson slated the state of the UK's Top 40 after claiming that record companies "play safe" and said that they "can't afford to nurture something interesting so music is made by committee". Speaking in a recent issue of NME, meanwhile, he suggested that many of today's alternative rockers are too careeriest in their motives.

    "I think being in an alternative rock band has become a career over the years, sadly," he said. "I never thought I was embarking on a career in 1989 – we didn't think five days ahead, let alone five years. I don't think a band nowadays would have the motivation to make a record like 'Dog Man Star' for their second album. We were always maverick, a bit 'fuck you' to the record label."


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    A new poll by asked 1,000 people to vote for the worst hair fads of the last 13 years, with the Barbadian singer scoring a massive 20% of the vote.

    David Beckham’s infamous cornrows and Kelly Osbourne’s Mohawk weren't far behind the ‘Skrillex’ trend, named after the dubstep DJ's long dark style with one side of his head shaved.

    Beckham's braids scored a huge 19% of the vote, narrowly missing out on the Worst Hair Trend title. The footballer later admitted he must have been drunk when we decided to opt for the style!

    In third place was Hollywood A-lister Scarlett Johansson and her infamous mullet followed by Kelly Osbourne’s Mohawk, which scored 16% and 14% respectively.

    Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘greasy’ hairstyle won fifth place with 12%, beating singing superstar Christina Aguilera and her dreadlocks into sixth place.

    Justin Timberlake’s blonde curls just topped comedian Russell Brand’s mad hairstyle to be voted as the seventh worst hair trend with six per cent of the vote and the final two places were taken up by music mogul Simon Cowell’s flattop middle parting and eccentric singer Nicki Minaj’s myriad of colourful hairstyles and wigs.

    One voter had this to say: “What is with the fascination with the ‘Skrillex’ haircut? All these celebrities think they’re so cool, but you can just see kids following this stupid trend. How are they going to get jobs with a half shaven head?”

    Another said: “David Beckham has had some brilliant hairstyles but those cornrows were a shocker. It looks like Victoria dared him to do it. All those people who copied him should be ashamed of themselves.”

    One lady commented: “The one thing I can’t stand is guys with shoulder length hair. Russell Brand looks like he needs a good makeover. Seriously, how does he manage to look after it?”

    Francecsa Davies from commented on the results: “I am not at all surprised the ‘Skrillex’ look claimed the prize as the worst hair trend of the 21st Century.

    “What is surprising however, is the number of people still copying the style. I would never have imagined the haircut becoming so popular.

    “The list shows that even the most stylish celebrities can make a hair mistake, David Beckham’s cornrows and Christina Aguilera’s dreadlocks definitely spring to mind.”

    See the Top Ten in full:

    1. Rihanna’s ‘Skrillex’ look – 20%

    2. David Beckham’s cornrows – 19%

    3. Scarlett Johansson’s mullet – 16%

    4. Kelly Osbourne’s Mohawk – 14%

    5. Cristiano Ronaldo – greasy hair – 12%

    6. Christina Aguilera’s dreadlocks – 7%

    7. Justin Timberlake’s blonde curls – 6%

    8. Russell Brand’s long hair – 3%

    9. Simon Cowell’s flattop parting – 2%

    10. Nicki Minaj general hair styles – 1%


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    The screentest is the last hurdle an actor has to jump over before being given the role that could change his or her life forever. A nobody can instantly become a somebody, or an actor can just continue the struggle of looking for work. For many of the talented actors on this list of those who missed out, it was only a matter of time before the big role came along. For others, however, the story is not as kind, and these screentests probably keep them from sleeping most nights.

    It is strange to think how incredibly different some films would have been if a different actor had won the role…

    5. Tom Selleck – Raiders of the Lost Ark

    This one doesn’t have as happy of an ending. Tom Selleck’s screentest to be Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark was so good that he was offered the role of the man who would become film history’s most famous archaeologist. Tom Selleck was Indiana Jones! Perhaps even sadder than missing out on the role because simply someone else was cast instead of you, Tom Selleck missed out on the role because he decided to become Magnum P.I. instead.

    Magnum P.I. certainly was a huge hit for Tom Selleck, as the TV show ran for eight seasons and over 150 episodes, so you can’t say that it was a career ending mistake, but it did turn out that Tom Selleck really didn’t have to choose one over the other.

    As if some great cosmic joke, Selleck’s schedule opened up when there was a six month writer’s strike in Hollywood that delayed the filming of Magnum P.I. During those six months, Harrison Ford had stepped in, the movie had been filmed, and a billion dollar francise was born.

    4. Dan Fogler – Sam Kinison Biopic

    Even with a Tony Award for his work in The 25th Annual Putnum County Spelling Bee and many roles in film and television, Dan Fogler isn’t an actor many people know by name. Clearly a talented comedian, Dan has yet to have a breakthrough film role. Playing someone as revered as Sam Kinison certainly could be the role that changes that. Talk of this biopic has been around since 2008, so it is probably safe to say this movie will never happen; at least not with this director, this script, and most likely, this actor.

    Besides possessing a strikingly similar look, Dan perfectly emulates Kinison’s “ticking timebomb” delivery. Without taking the easy route of just simply doing an impression, in this screentest, Fogler seems like a fully formed human being. Kinison said that he took a lot of his delivery from Gene Wilder, but brought it to a new level. There is something beautiful about an actor, on the fringe of Hollywood stardom, taking Sam Kinison’s delivery (and legacy) to a new level.

    Unfortunately for Dan Fogler, even a very impressive screentest doesn’t always mean you get the part… or that the movie will even get made at all.

    3. Scarlett Johannson – Jumanji

    Scarlett Johannson was once a child actor, years before becoming one of the most dreamed about women alive. Though this seems more like an initial audition than a screentest, I find it hard to believe this footage would still be around unless she was being seriously considered. Scarlett seems like a very focused and mature child, who actually appears to be having a conversation. This girl really means business and looks like she is working. She also is very cute.

    I wonder how much of the film had been explained to Scarlett before being put on camera because Jumanji was a very scary movie for me to understand at that age and being stuck in a horrifying jungle for over 25 years still scares me. Scarlett may just have been too brave to get the role of a terrified child, as she did not get the part. The role of “Judy” instead went to a young actress named Kirsten Dunst.

    2. Kurt Russell – Star Wars

    Oh, yes. Another one of Harrison Ford’s billion dollar francise characters almost went to another action star. Before Big Trouble in Little China and escaping from both New York and L.A., Kurt Russell had a screentest for the role of “Han Solo”. There is a lot of footage of his screentest and there is no doubt Kurt Russell could have played Han Solo well. His attitude, voice, and look all seem to fit, even with these strange actors he is forced to screentest with. The biggest issues with Kurt’s screentest are Luke and Leia, who seem to be more likely be from New York than Polis Massa.

    Kurt Russell also has the lines down and seems to understand what he’s talking about, even though I doubt no one could fathom the scope of Star Wars or what George Lucas was envisioning. Harrison Ford did however get the role, of course, and it would take a few more years for Kurt Russell to become a big star. Strangely enough, Kurt Russell did get a role the same year that the first Star Wars film came out, but it was on an episode of Hawaii Five-O… what is it about Harrison Ford and taking roles away from men in Hawaii?

    1. Chris Klein – Mamma Mia!

    Last, but not least, possibly the most entertaining screentest in the history of film. Before launching into his crazy-eyed rendition of ABBA’s “Lay All Your Love On Me”, Chris Klein makes the room very uncomfortable with his admission of his secret love for Mandy Moore and admitting that his singing is better than he has let on in his previous films.

    As we soon get to see, his singing is still not good. The poor guy is singing octaves both below and above where he should, his voice cracks, he can’t remember the words, and then is met with complete silence upon finishing.

    This screentest is certainly cringeworthy, but Chris Klein at least gives it everything he’s got. There is a fearless quality to this truly horrible audition and for that, I think Chris Klein deserved at least some role in the film version of Mamma Mia!


    0 0

    In nearly 20 years as a Hollywood star, Ewan McGregor has been a prominent figure in the world of mainstream and independent cinema. He has successfully accomplished the daunting task of moving between genres without his fanbase or stock levels diminishing greatly, while crafting roles that are masterful, engaging and thrilling. Of course not everything the Scottish actor has done has been critically or commercially successful, but more often than not he has produced acting performances that allow his films to become more than what it should, extending his abilities and enthusing them with a vigour and passion that wouldn’t of been possible in anybody else’s hands.

    His latest film Jack The Giant Slayer, based on the fairy tales “Jack and The Beanstalk” & “Jack The Giant Killer”, is released in UK cinemas today and while it has gathered average reviews from critics and has been underwhelmed at the US box office, here’s hoping that it finds success here and across Europe in the coming weeks.

    Due to the film’s release here in the UK today, Ewan McGregor is the latest actor for a close examination of his career as we remember 5 Awesome Performances and 5 That Sucked…

    5 Awesome Performances…
    5. Big Fish – Young Edward Bloom

    Tim Burton’s most restrained film Big Fish tells the story of Edward Bloom, an enthused storyteller who likes to recount tales that have happened to him over the years that vary from those of generosity, to to those of love. The story begins with an older Edward Bloom, played brilliantly by Albert Finney, recounting the tale of the day he caught the uncatchable fish, leading us to meet Edward Bloom in his youth played by Ewan McGregor. This begins the magical journey that Burton and screenwriter John August take us on for two hours of glorious cinema.

    Big Fish really is a movie that has to be sat through multiple times in order to fully appreciate. It blends reality and fantasy wonderfully and has a pure heart at its core.

    McGregor is enigmatic and charming in the lead role, possessing the ability for audiences to feel sympathy and engage with Edward, something particularly crucial when spending so much time in a characters’ presence. If you’re familiar with Burton’s previous work but have missed out on this, give it a try, you may be pleasantly surprised.

    4. Moulin Rogue – Christian

    On paper, Moulin Rogue shouldn’t have worked. By the start of the 21st century, musicals were simply not mainstream anymore and were declared dated. However Baz Lurhmann had other ideas and did his best to bring musicals back and in a big way! He cast Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman as the romantic pair Christian and Santine that fell in love in Paris in the early 20th century. The chemistry between McGregor and Kidman is off the charts and there can be no denying that McGregor’s performance is pure brilliance, excelling in the dramatic scenes but also showcasing his versatility with his vocal talent.

    Blending modern music to its historical setting, Moulin Rouge is a brash, bold and ultimately joyous musical that captures the trials and tribulations that love can have over a person and the risks they are willing to take to get it. McGregor was Golden Globe nominated for his performance.

    3. Beginners – Oliver
    2. The Impossible – Henry Bennett
    1. Trainspotting – Mark Renton

    And 5 Performances That Sucked…
    5. Deception – Jonathan McQuarry

    Released in 2008, Deception stars Ewan McGregor as the nervous and timid Jonathan McQuarry who befriends Hugh Jackman’s incredibly charismatic and arrogant lawyer named Wyatt Bose, and starts to gain some of the self-confidence that Bose possesses. The plot focuses on both being part of an exclusive sex club while both falling in love with the woman simply known as “S”, played by Michelle Williams.

    The problem with the film is that it’s just far too predictable and could easily have been a straight to DVD release had it not had an A-list cast. McGregor in particular just doesn’t seem to be interested in finding the intricacies of the character and when the shift in tone changes within the film the contrast in personality on McQuarry is far too obvious and two dimensional. The performance needed a more gradual shift in personality but instead it all happens very suddenly as his love S is placed in danger.

    Admittedly Jackman as the pretentious Bose does provide some enjoyment as a very serious threat to McGregor’s McQuarry, but in the end the film is merely a standard thriller that was critically and commercially unsuccessful.

    4. Angels & Demons – Camerlengo Patrick McKenna

    Ron Howard’s adaptation of the Dan Brown novel The Da Vinci Code was incredibly successful at the box office and despite a critical mauling, a second adaptation was inevitable. Starring Tom Hanks as the protagonist Robert Langdon, Angels and Demons see another intricate plot involving conspiracies surround the Catholic Church, or more specifically around the time or electing a new pope.

    The film, while arguably better than the convoluted The Da Vinci Code, is still a very average throwaway thriller that doesn’t really generate any real suspense and plods along until its admittedly, decent conclusion. However there were changes from novel to film, something normally expected with an adaptation, but in particular one change that involves McGregor’s character is slightly baffling.

    In the novel, McGregor’s role is that of a Spanish priest named Carlo Ventresca, but for reasons that are bewildering the role was switched to a Northern Irish priest named Patrick McKenns and thus McGregor must provide the suitable accent for the role. It really can be seen as a very bizarre switch considering that McGregor’s performance doesn’t really give any suggestion to the audience that the change was necessary. It’s a very bland, laboured and apathetic performance that doesn’t instill any of the character traits from the novel and an actor such as Javier Bardam would have been able to bring the impassioned pain and eeriness that Camerlengo exudes.

    In the end, the film and the performance by McGregor are forgettable, which is a shame as I feel another approach to the film may have allowed the film to feel more authentic and a better film as a result.

    3. Cassandra’s Dream – Ian Blane
    2. Emma – Frank Churchill
    1. Eye of the Beholder – The Eye


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    Maybe Amanda Bynes should just stop writing on Twitter.

    On Sunday, she went on a rant against someone who she only identifies as an ex.

    “When you write me on twitter and I ignore you it’s because I plan on ignoring you on twitter and in life forever,” the Easy A star said.

    That followed yesterday’s barrage of strange comments “If I’m not following you on twitter Quit acting like you know me,” “I want to be the only one you adore” and the totally confusing “If you were hot, I’d be so into you. Dedicated to my exes still tryna holla”

    Along with the bizarre tweets, the former actress who says she’s now a fashion designer, also posted a close-up photo of one of her eyes, with the comment “my eyes are green with a ring of blue!”

    As has been reporting, Amanda’s family and friends are all concerned about her indiscernible behavior.

    Her family is hoping she’ll move back from New York to Los Angeles so they can better keep an eye on her.

    We don’t know if their eyes are also green.

    The exes tweets were sent out yesterday and the YOU DON'T KNOW ME ones were sent out today not long after Nikki's so some people are speculating that today's tweets are about Nikki Blonsky and not an ex. Currently Amanda only follows five people on Twitter and Nikki isn't one of the five. Or it could just be about people in general, who the hell knows?

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    Are Ray J and Teairra Mari rekindling their romance? The former couple was spotted popping tags at Fred Segal in L.A. on Saturday. The paparazzi snapped the singers as they made their way out of the clothing store. Ray J was the perfect gentleman, holding her bag and opening the car door. The two reportedly dated when Teairra was signed to Roc-A-Fella.

    Check out more pics from their shopping date below.


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    Fielding a fan question at today's WonderCon panel for his upcoming Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro
    offered a few details about his in-development DC Universe project, Dark Universe (He also hinted
    that it may ultimately be called Justice League Dark).

    Del Toro has written a story bible for the film and they have a writer to adapt the screenplay
    that they hope to announce very shortly.
    The project won't happen, however, until after
    del Toro's next, the horror story Crimson Peak.

    The film will follow John Constantine (who, Del Toro promises, will be blond this time)
    as its protagonist, and will include the previously-announced Swamp Thing, the Demon,
    Deadman, the Spectre and Zatanna as well.


    "He is basically trying to recruit," says Del Toro of the "Hellblazer" hero.

    Though the film's through-line will feature Jason Blood's history with Merlin and the Knights of King Arthur, bringing a threat to present day.

    Del Toro stressed that he didn't want any of the heroes' origins to be delivered up front and, instead, will be explored throughout the film.

    "Swamp Thing is at peace with who he is," says Del Toro, "but Deadman is still trying to find out who shot him."

    When Dark Universe ultimately heads to the screen is still anyone's guess, but fans can catch Del Toro's Pacific Rim in theaters July 12.

    Who do you want for John Constantine?

    My #1 pick: Tom Hiddleston

    Also acceptable:
    Guy Pierce!! fuck yeah <3

    A better pic of Guy as a blonde (from Iron Man 3)

    Paul Bettany<3

    Ontd's former lover~  Alexander Skarsgard

    Only in my dreams:

    Mads Mikkelsen

    Photoshoot by Patrizio di Renzo for Tush Magazine.

    Harry Lloyd

    Yes i know, he might look too young for this part.

    Remember him in GOT?

                                               *  *  *  *  *

    For those who are not familiar with the comic, here ya go :)

    John Constantine  is an antihero/occult detective appearing in comic books published by DC Comics.

    This is what he looks in the comic:

    The titular Hellblazer, Constantine is a working-class magician, occult detective, and con man stationed in London. He is known for his endless cynicism, deadpan snarking, ruthless cunning, and constant chain smoking. A roguish counterculture antihero, Constantine is also a passionate humanist driven by a heartfelt desire to do some good in his life. Originally a supporting character who played a pivotal role in the "American Gothic" Swamp Thing storyline, Constantine received his own comic in 1988. Pop artist Sting was the visual inspiration for John Constantine.A live-action film was also released in 2005 entitled Constantine, where the character is played by Keanu Reeves.

    NGL I'll miss Keanu :(  I loved the movie and it's the reason i got into the comic book.

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    Nashville's Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio performed the song "If I Didn't Know Better" on The View.

    Impressed that they sound that good live too.


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    "You have two herds of wild animals charging at each other and everyone has guns, knives and explosives. People will definitely die," actor Norman Reedus tells of Sunday's season three finale.


    Discussion post via Brenden's permission, thank you <3
    27 People die tonight, what are your predictions ONTD??

    The Twenty Sevens.
    -Random Woodbury shot gun guY
    -Like 15 Woodbury peeps wtfffff i can't


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    Take one drink:

    -Every time someone says “Khaleesi.”
    -Every time any of the characters drinks.
    -Every time someone dies.
    -Every time someone calls Tyrion “Imp.”
    -If someone mentions Ned Stark.
    -Every time Jaime Lannister calls Brienne “wench.”
    -Someone gets decapitated.
    -Someone loses a limb.
    -Every time someone calls Jaimie “Kingslayer.”
    -Every time Hodor says “Hodor.”

    Take two drinks:

    -If one of the Stark children has a wolf dream.
    -Every time you see an exposed breast. Two drinks per breast.
    -If a Weirwood (Heart Tree) is shown.
    -If a White Walker kills someone.
    -If entrails are shown.
    -If someone makes fun of Varys for being a eunuch.
    -If Joffrey kills someone with his crossbow.
    -If someone calls Jon Snow a bastard.
    -If someone says “Winter is coming.”

    Take three drinks:

    -If Arya kills someone.
    -If a dragon kills someone.
    -If Bran sees the three-eyed crow.
    -Someone says “Snark” or “Grumpkin.”
    -If Dany says “I am blood of the dragon.”
    -If there is incest .

    Finish your drink:
    -If a Stark dies.
    -If a Lannister dies.
    -If Hodor’s massive dong is shown again

    Do a shot:

    -If Winter comes.

    Have fun and drink responsibly!


    Stream hereTo get rid of the annoying noise press this

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