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    Justin Bieber will be prosecuted for allegedly spitting on a neighbor ... at least if the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. gets its way.

    Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Sheriff's investigators will refer the case to the L.A. County District Attorney for review after the investigation is completed, and the Dept. will recommend that criminal battery charges be filed against the singer.

    Officially, the Sheriff's Dept. will say they have no recommendation yet because the investigation is not complete.  However, our sources say a clear picture has already emerged, and not just over the alleged spitting incident.

    We're told members of the Dept. believe it's relevant Bieber has shown a pattern of disregard for the law, including speeding tickets, fights, threats, reckless driving, drugs and more.

    Law enforcement sources say it's a cookie-cutter situation they've seen before -- small crimes that escalate over time to serious criminal conduct.

    Now the lil twist ... whether Justin is prosecuted or not, people in the Sheriff's Dept. believe he needs professional help to manage his anger and behavior.  And they say, it has nothing to do with the fact that he's famous -- anyone going down a "dangerous path" needs serious professional help.


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    'They were friends, but absolutely nothing more'

    Has Tiger met his love match? The still-legal husband of Kim Karashian was in communication with the skiing star, but word is there was nothing physical.

    By Rachel Maresca / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

    Going, going Vonn?

    Did Kris Humphries, who is the still the legal husband of Kim Kardashian, strike the eye of Tiger Woods' new girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn first?

    According to an US Weekly report that surfaced earlier in the week, a source dished to the mag that Woods' Facebook official gal pal was once interested in dating Humphries, however insiders have shut it down by claiming it's "totally untrue."
    "Kris did not date Lindsey," a source told E! News. "They were friends, but absolutely nothing more."

    Lindsey and I have been friends for some time, but over the last few months we have become very close and are now dating. We thank you for respecting our privacy, " Tiger Woods said and released portraits of himself and Lindsey on his Facebook page and his personal web site on March 18.

    The weekly gossip mag had reported that "Woods wasn't Vonn's only suitor … Bachelor No. 2 was none other than Kim Kardashian ex Kris Humphries. They're both from Minnesota, so they had a lot to talk about."

    The insider went on to say the duo never got physical and "by October…Vonn had given Humphries the brush-off for the only man who could understand her (referring to Woods)."

    One thing is for certain, the Brooklyn Nets star and Vonn were definitly in communication.

    Humphries tweeted at the blonde professional skier on June 17, 2012.

    "Hanging with a fellow Minnesotan @lindseyvonn. Gotta get her back on lake minnetonka soon!” he wrote.


    Ummmm .... okay ?

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    Sure, Blake Lively was cut from this year’s hit “Side Effects” after requesting too much money, her last two acting gigs were the now-concluded series “Gossip Girl” and last summer’s dud “Savages,” and she doesn’t have any new roles on the horizon.

    But don’t pity her — she’s devoting her time to baking.

    The 25-year-old actress, who resides with her husband (the actor Ryan Reynolds) in the rural village of Bedford, New York, has lately been in the entertainment press for buying a giant oven and for attending the opening of a Target in Canada. “It feels nice to get a good deal and a great product,” Lively told the Toronto Sun.

    Lively is just the latest actress to devote herself to performing the role of a real housewife of Hollywood once acting dries up a little. Her fellow Toronto Target attendee, Sarah Jessica Parker, talked to the Sun about kids’ bathing suits and Easter baskets. Jennifer Garner is by now more famous for showing up at awards ceremonies on the arm of Ben Affleck, doing interviews about children’s skin care, or for paparazzi photos shopping for school supplies than has been in years for her movie work. And Jessica Alba, whose last live-action role in wide release was as the mom in a 2011 “Spy Kids” sequel, has launched a weird feud with Gwyneth Paltrow. Alba has claimed that her book “The Honest Life” is more feasible for the workaday housewife than Paltrow’s tips in email newsletter Goop.

    But all of these actresses are allies, not enemies: they’re united in bringing back an old-school sort of stardom, from the studio era when actresses would use their families and domesticity to bolster their images. Think of Joan Crawford allegedly adopting children solely for publicity photos, or Katharine Hepburn — that most undomestic of stars — publishing a brownie recipe. Those stars were humanized (at least for a time!) by their domestic touches. Later came the realization that in a celebrity culture that simultaneously rewards and reviles edgy or neglectful behavior generally, the cover of Redbook and adulation is easy to snag by hewing to an ideal of domestic perfection and talking about it, loudly.

    Today’s stars use it to continue manufacturing press. Any celebrity can have or adopt a child or get good at cooking — it’s the truly clever one who can insert herself into the attachment-parenting debate or have an entire second career as a decorator once the agent stops calling.

    Perhaps Lively’s truly interested in cooking and home decor — she did interviews about a class she took at Le Cordon Bleu in 2010 — but there’s no denying that it’s a productive angle for the public figure moving from “actress” to “celebrity.” Gwyneth Paltrow, for instance, gets more press coverage than she did in her mid-2000s dry spell for perpetually breaking her silence on what food is good for kids. And if there’s something about it that seems a bit fake — Paltrow is a well-known, award-winning actress with the means to order in every night, for instance, and it’s hard to reconcile Parker’s image as Carrie Bradshaw with her interest in kids’ bathing suits or believe that Alba tests recipes all day long — it seems ungenerous to say so.

    Though not herself a mother, just someone who loves homemaking, Lively’s making herself skew older: if there’s one way for a 25-year-old actress to set herself apart from the Jennifer Lawrences and Kristen Stewarts that snatch up all the roles, it’s by making herself safe, approachable, and comforting. Expect the cookbook soon — and then a career renaissance, if not the one Lively first imagined.


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    Shaving men into shape: Kate Upton stresses the importance of male grooming ‘down there’ in sexy new razor advert

    She is currently considered to be one of the hottest women around, who has men of all ages fawning all over her. But for those wondering how they can impress Kate Upton, the answer seems to be in the grooming. In an advert for Gillette the ample chested star reveals it’s ‘very important’ for men she dates to be in order ‘down there.’ Dressed in a low cut white dress, with her long blonde hair loose around her shoulders, the 20-year-old purrs about body hair. When posed with the question of whether she likes men who don’t body groom, she replied: ‘I wouldn’t date a guy who has grooming problems, so no.’

    And then when asked how important is it for a guy to groom ‘down there’, looking seductively at the camera she says ‘very important’ and winks. When joined by the other actress, the model addresses a few other hair issues, before saying: ‘If you can do a little grooming, we'll do a little grooming.’


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    Saturday morning of WonderCon 2013 got started with a panel for the mini-series Vikings featuring cast members Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick and George Blagden as well as Dirk Hoogstra, Executive Vice President of the History Channel.

    The panel got started with a clip reel of events that have taken place in the first four hours of the mini-series followed by freelance writer Kate Hahn, acting as moderator, introducing the cast member to the stage.

    The first question was lodged to Dirk, asking what made the History Channel to decide to present Vikings as their first scripted drama, especially after the hit-sensation that was Hatfield and McCoys. Dirk answered that the network had done documentaries about Vikings and the subject matter just seemed perfect for them to launch a show about the Norse legends.

    Of course, the key to making the mini-series work was getting the right cast with Dirk sharing that they were actually struggling to find the right actor to play the lead role of Ragnar until MGM brought Travis to them. After taking one look at Travis’ screen test, they knew they had their leading man. He went on further to share that to play Lagertha (Katheryn’s character) was not going to be easy either; and they had to find someone who could play the wife and mother but also be strong enough to be a shield maiden. They found that in Katheryn, who not only has a long background in martial arts but is also a certified bodyguard.

    Katheryn went on to share that her first love was martial arts, starting at the age of 7. She also shared that she earned her junior black belt at the age of 13 and she loves the physical side of training so the work involved in preparing to play Lagertha was very different from what she has done in the past. This was also the first time she had ever worked with a sword and a shield so that was quite new to her; but she did share that for the first three months on set, she was the only woman on set, and that was quite fun for her.

    George then shared that the first scene he filmed was the proposition scene between Ragnar, Lagertha and his character, Athelstan, where they ask him to join them in bed; and he said that he was quite “terrified” by that; and, of course, Travis gave him a hard time about that. But then the conversation veered to George sharing that he actually visited the island where the original raid took place (in which the Vikings abduct the priest from the English abbey) for about 3 to 4 days during pre-production and how it was “a lot scarier than he thought it would be”.

    While the cast could not share too much reveals on what it to come in the remaining episodes of the mini-series, they could share that episode seven is a personal favorite for several of them and that the final episode is quite strong. Episode 8 will also explore the pagan belief of the Vikings, which will prove to be a conflict for Athelstan.

    Soon enough, the panel was opened up for audience questions with several questions about the language that is used in the mini-series and how the actors learned the language. Katheryn shared that they have a dialect coach as well as a bible of sounds from which to use on a regular basis; but obviously since there is no concrete knowledge of the Norse language, as much research was done to make it as authentic as possible.

    As the panel came to an end, the audience was thrilled to see a teaser clip of what will happen in the next new episode that is set to air on the History Channel tomorrow night, March 31 at 8/7c.

    Sorry, I couldn't find the Travis pictures without the watermark :( Also, this is my first post to the com but On Edges did a photoshoot with George Blagden months ago, but won't release anymore photos besides this one unless they get 400 followers on twitter, so if you could help us poor George fans out and follow them long enough that we could get it, I'd be so thankful :(

    ps hope i did everything right this time mods, sorry! x

    source, source

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  • 03/30/13--17:46: Celebs sign fan's body parts
  • Stars love signing autographs! And fans are getting creative when it comes to where they want their favorite celebs to pen their signatures. From arms and legs to boobs and even butts, check out Gerard Butler, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Chastain and more stars signing fans' bizarre body parts!

    a few more @ the source

    What's the weirdest thing someone has done to your body parts, ONTD?
    Is it too early for a sex post?

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    Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been inseparable since his return to Los Angeles from 64 days filming in the Australian outback — but that all seems to have changed this weekend.

    Dressed inconspicuously in a grey hoodie and jeans, 26-year-old Pattinson snuck into the fav celebrity haunt Teddy’s at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood in the early hours of Saturday morning.

    And Twilight costar Stewart — Rpatz’s on-again, off-again girlfriend since 2008 — was nowhere in sight, an eyewitness exclusively tells

    “He went straight to the back and commandeered a corner table,” the source says.

    “There were a bunch of gorgeous models standing around him, but he looked disinterested in them. He was sitting with another male friend. He almost seemed timid and shy.”

    PHOTOS: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson And Other Twilight Cast Go Late Night Bowling In Berlin

    KStew’s non-appearance at the nightspot alongside her British heartthrob comes just 24 hours after we reported that Pattinson wanted “room to breath” from his girlfriend.

    “Kristen wants to spend every minute with Robert… She’s even talked about attempting to take summer off to spend every day with him,” a source told us. “He was happy that Kristen made such an effort after he returned to the States; she rallied all their friends together for a big welcome back party and Robert was touched by the gesture.

    “But, he’s still very cautious when it comes to fully committing himself to her and she’s being really clingy right now.”


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    With five tweets, singer Justin Timberlake made several lucky fans’ dreams come true.

    Fans didn’t walk – they ran when the Grammy winning superstar tweeted on Friday that he was hiding signed copies of his new album “The 20-20 Experience” in various places around the U.S.

    “It’s friday and I ain’t got $h*t to do! Sooo I placed 5 signed vinyls around the country! #staytuned #finderskeepers,” Timberlake tweeted.

    The clues came in the form of Instagram photos with the first taken in New York City’s Central Park.

    Skyler Green wasted no time.

    “I ran from my house a few blocks away…saw the album…(I’m) very excited,” Green said.

    To prevent people from just snatching the albums, Timberlake’s record label representatives were nearby. Whoever picked up the album had to confirm the hashtags Timberlake gave in the twitter clue. Other albums were hidden in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Memphis near Timberlake’s hometown.

    Abby Rutgens found one on a park bench in Chicago.

    “It’s more special because you know that it came from him,” Rutgens said.

    There’s no doubt the 32-year-old is a music marketing megastar as well.

    “Timberlake is no fool. He grew up in this business,” said Joe Levy, editor of Billboard magazine.

    Leading up to his album’s release, he performed at the Grammys, “Saturday Night Live” and even appeared on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” for a whole week.

    The strategy is now stirring-up sales through social media.

    “When people are talking about your music and how much they love it and how they want to find copies of it, then other people are going to see that and they might go, well…buy a copy, ” Levy said.

    On Friday, Timberlake congratulated the fans who found the signed albums.

    “Congrats to my 5 winners! Maybe we’ll do something like this again soon… #youneverknow #staytuned #bestfansever,” he tweeted.


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    With Mad Men returning April 7, the world eagerly awaits to see what’s it store for Don Draper, not to mention how the show’s wardrobe department will handle Jon Hamm’s battle of the bulge as the series moves into the tight-trousered late ’60s. Yet many queer fans are still smarting over the departure of closeted gay Sal Romano during season 3 and, rest assured, series creator Matthew Weiner empathizes with our anguish.

    The Sterling Cooper art director, memorably played with just the right amount of swish by Bryan Batt, was a victim of the time. Although married to a female, he still yearned for fulfillment with a man, when he wasn’t busy swooning to Ann-Margret movies. Romano was unceremoniously fired from the ad agency after he rebuffed the advances of a drunken client.

    It was a move that surprised and angered many hardcore fans, but Weiner says that while it was a tough decision, it was necessary in the interest of historical accuracy.

    “More than with any other character, I’ve had lots of conversations about that,” Weiner tells Wall Street Journal. “I wanted to tell the story of how incredibly unfair it was for Sal, and that’s the sacrifice I made. It’s a gigantic moment in the series.”

    As the series heads into its penultimate season, here’s hoping Sal makes a return in time to raise hell at the Stonewall riots.


    But...seriously tho?

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  • 03/30/13--19:07: Orphan Black S1x2 Promo

  • Source
    It was good enough to continue watching.

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    Easter is a holiday in the Western world that originally marked the resurrection of one Jesus Christ. Whether or not you want to believe that happened is not part of this article, but we do acknowledge the lasting impact of the biblical story on the world of popular culture. So to mark the holiday we’re busting out the ten characters who have risen from the grave in the realm of pop culture. First, the rules:
    1) The character has to return to life in the same form they left it. No zombies, vampires, Time Lords or the like.
    2) No comic book or slasher movie characters. Because their graves might as have been spring-loaded for the frequency at which they leap out of them.


    #1 – Gandalf
    The Death: Gandalf the Grey was a party wizard. He smokes up the place, lets loose fireworks and then gets into a brawl with the nearest orc. Eventually he bites off more than he can chew by taking on a Balrog, a battle that ends with them killing each other on a mountain top in epic fashion.
    The Resurrection: The Universe wasn’t done with him? Something like that. With Sauroman having gone off the deep end it was decided by some mystical forces that Gandalf would take his place as the White Wizard. This nobler calling doesn’t stop him from being a rascal though.


    #2 – Aslan
    The Death: Return of the Christ Allegory. When the White Witch decides that young Brit Edmund is ripe for the execution the mighty Lion Aslan negotiates to take his place. The evil witch can’t turn down a chance to eliminate her greatest foe. They tie down Aslan, mock him and then murder him.
    The Resurrection: Aslan turns up in the nick of time to turn the tide of battle against the witch. Because magic.


    #3 – Scott Pilgrim
    The Death: After defeating the first six of Romana’s Evil Exes Scott Pilgrim finally comes face to face with the final bos: Gideon Gordon Greaves. True to his reputation Gideon is truly evil and stabs Scott through the back.
    The Resurrection: Luckily Scott had picked up an extra life earlier in the story. He uses it to spring back to life, ready for a rematch. Sadly the movie adaptation left out one of the funniest moments of the book – Scott’s sister Stacey on the phone having told her mother of Scott’s death and then dismissing it with ‘never mind’.


    #4 – Buffy Summers
    The Death: Buffy was strangled by The Master at the conclusion of Season 1, but she was resuscitated before her condition became permanent. Fast forward to the conclusion of Season 5 where Buffy is much more successful at being dead. When Glory opens a portal to a hell dimension using Buffy’s sister as a mystical key Buffy does the Jesus allegory thing by leaping to her death and sealing the portal.
    The Resurrection: When her friends get all weepy about not having Buffy around any more they cast an evil spell to bring her back. Following some snake vomiting they do succeed but fail to get her out of her casket first, leaving their hero having to crawl her own way to the surface. Jerks.

    #5 – Neo
    The Death: The Christ Allegories Strike Back. Mr. Anderson was a moody programmer who discovers that his world in a artificial reality created to imprison the human race. Upon his re-awakening in the real world there are those who believe he is the ‘Chosen One’ who with lead their people to salvation. This theory goes pear shaped when he takes a couple of bullets to the torso.
    The Resurrection: Except he’s fine. Being the ‘One’ he is able to excerpt remarkable control over the Matrix. A couple of slugs in the chest is pretty easily shrugged off and he returns to life. Also some nonsense about love.

    6-10 at the Source

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    Coronation Street star Michelle Collins has revealed she was mistaken for a heroin addict during her battle with the eating disorder bulimia.

    Collins - who plays landlady Stella Price in the soap - was given a "wake-up call" early in her acting career when she was snubbed for a fashion commercial because the casting agent thought she was taking drugs.

    Speaking to the Daily Mirror, she revealed: "I went to auditions for a fashion commercial and they said they didn't think I was quite right for it because I wasn't 'upmarket' enough.

    "Later that day my agent called to see if I was OK and told me that actually I had looked so awful the casters had thought I was a heroin addict and wanted to know if I was on drugs. That was the wake-up call I needed."

    The 50-year-old actress admitted she used alcohol as a replacement for food and opened up about how she had the "body of a child".

    She said: "It was a running joke with friends that I would order a salad without the oil and then drink copious amounts of alcohol like them. That was just what I did because I thought it had fewer calories than food ... I went for weeks without really eating any food. I'd starve all day then binge on anything I could get my hands on.

    "I raided the fridge and cupboards then stuck my hands down my throat to feel empty again ... I had the body of a child, but when I looked in the mirror I still wanted to lose more."

    Michelle, who now works with charity b-eat, admitted she has fears for her 16-year-old daughter Maia because of the pressure to look a certain way.

    She said: "I see 15 and 16-year-old girls posting photos of themselves in their underwear on Twitter and Instagram because all their self-worth is in their looks.

    "I'm scared for Maia and for all her friends. I want to grab them and say, 'Don't give in to the pressure'."

    The actress has just filmed Coronation Street scenes which see her pub - The Rover's Return - go up in a fatal blaze.


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    Good Friday turned out to be better than good for Jon M. Chu's G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

    From Paramount, the action bonanza took in $15.5 million Friday at the domestic box office for a two-day total of $26 million and projected four-day debut in the $50 million range.

    Benefiting from the Easter holiday, the movie has already earned $63.4 million worldwide and is now anticipating a global debut of $110 million or more. Overseas, it's pacing 50 percent ahead of G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra, taking in $37.4 million through Friday.

    The sequel, with a cast led by franchise newcomers Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis, got a jump on the holiday frame by opening Thursday. The Paramount picture took in $10.5 million on its first day, which puts the movie's two-day cume at $26 million.

    G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra opened to $54.7 million in 2009, but that film was released during the summer play period in early August 2009. The film (earning a B+ CinemaScore) ultimately took in $150.2 million domestically and $152.3 million internationally for a total of $302.5 million.

    G.I. Joe also is opening in most international markets (75 percent) and is anticipating a global bow in the $100 million range. Paramount financed and produced the film with MGM and Skydance Productions in association with Hasbro. Producers are Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Brian Goldner.

    D.J. Cotrona, Byung-hun Lee, Adrianne Palicki, Ray Park, Jonathan Pryce and Ray Stevenson also star in the sequel.

    G.I. Joe originally was set to open last summer, but the studio pushed back the release in order to convert it to 3D and refashion Channing Tatum's role. Originally, his character was killed off, but after the star's box-office status surged thanks to The Vow and 21 Jump Street, Paramount and its partners decided to make the character's fate more ambiguous.

    Paramount already is anticipating that G.I. Joe will hit $200 million internationally, notably more than the original.

    The studio says it minimized its risk overall by keeping G.I. Joe's budget to roughly $130 million; Cobra cost at least $175 million. Paramount put up half the money for the sequel, while MGM and David Ellison's Skydance each put up a 25 percent share.

    Animated event pic The Croods generated big business on Good Friday, falling only 8 percent to come in No. 2. From DreamWorks Animation and 20th Century Fox, the family film took in $10.7 million for a domestic total of $72.8 million. Croods is expected to gross $28 million for the weekend.

    Opening on Good Friday were writer-director Tyler Perry's Temptation -- a marked departure from the filmmaker's comedic fare -- and director Andrew Niccol's sci-fi thriller The Host, adapted from Twilight author Stephenie Meyer's novel.

    From Lionsgate, Temptation grossed a solid $9.4 million for a projected three-day opening of $21.8 million. The pic placed No. 3 and earned an A- CInemaScore.

    Temptation stars Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Friday Night Lights) as a restless marriage counselor who begins a dangerous affair with a social media mogul (Robbie Jones). Lance Gross, Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Williams also star.

    Lionsgate targeted women and African-Americans in marketing the film. The studio also took advantage of Kardashian's celebrity profile. It is the fourth Perry film that Lionsgate has released over Easter weekend.

    The Host, starring Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons and Jake Abel, is pacing to open in the $13 million to $14 million range after grossing roughly $5.5 million on Friday. Coming in No. 4, the film only earned a B- CinemaScore.

    Open Road Films is distributing the film on behalf of producers Nick Wechsler, Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz and Inferno Entertainment. Meyer also is a producer and has tirelessly promoted the project, which marks her first post-Twilight outing.

    Set in a society where parasitic aliens known as "Souls" inhabit humans, The Host is appealing primarily to females (Meyer's fan base). The story follows a "Soul" who finds it impossible to entirely banish the human girl she inhabits.


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    Check out Niall Horan performing One Direction‘s ballad “Little Things” on Thursday night (March 28) in Mullingar, Ireland.

    The 19-year-old singer put on an impromptu show for the crowd in a small pub while in town for his brother Greg‘s wedding.

    Niall recently caused a fan frenzy while arriving back at Heathrow International Airport in London, England.

    1, 2

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    It looks like Derek Cianfrance’s “The Place Beyond the Pines” is a record indie hit this weekend. Total ticket sales for showings in just 4 theatres is around $300,000. Of course, having Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper in one movie, not to mention beautiful, talented Eva Mendes (who also dates Gosling) and the fearsome but beloved Ray Liotta in an indie film made for nothing, is kind of outrageous.

    But the budget was minimal as Cianfrance’s script is a literary triptych. The movie unfolds in three parts; Gosling and Cooper are never in it together, really, except for a brief sequence. The third part is about their sons, one of whom, played by Dane DeHaan, is the new Leonardo DiCaprio. If the movie holds as it expands at the box office it could be the first Oscar nominee of 2014. I am serious. “Pines” is a deeply wondrous film that when it was first shown in Toronto last fall caused a sensation. Gosling and Cooper each do exceptional work. They have turned into old fashioned movie stars who are also very good actors. Or vice versa. And they are real leading men, something we haven’t had in a long time.

    The premiere on Thursday night was held at the dreadfully cold Landmark Sunshine Theater, a foreboding pit. But the party was at the ultra hip Bowery Hotel. You go to a lot of these things and the cast doesn’t seem too interested in each other. But the “Pines” gang seems pretty cohesive. Gosling brought his mom, Donna, who’s a doll. She told me she’s just gotten her teaching degree and is launching a new career.

    Ryan is very excited but nervous about shooting his first feature as a director. He’s directing Mendes, he said. “Or she’s directing me,” he laughed. No one will talk about the plot of this movie. Not because it’s a secret. “But you know, it can change a lot,” Gosling told me.

    Cooper had an unceasing crowd of young women piling up around him. We attempted to talk, but we were constantly interrupted by young women who simply walked right up, interrupting without thinking once, and saying “Can we take a picture?” All the main actors had personal bodyguards who were very polite.
    Some of the other guests included Patricia Clarkson, who had a long talk with Gosling, and Oliver Platt, who told me he’s getting into producing now. “It turns out I’m very good at calling people up and asking them to do things,” he said.

    Funniest line of the night was Cianfrance, introducing Ray Liotta at the Sunshine: “When I was a kid, I didn’t have posters of Playboy playmates on my walls. I had pictures of Ray Liotta.”

    By the way: Cianfrance’s lovely wife, Shannon Plumb, has directed her first film. It’s called “Towheads,” and it features the couple’s two young sons. “Towheads” was shown at MoMA’s “New Directors” series this weekend and got rave reviews.


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    A part of a scene from season 3 showing Derek battling some alphas!

    And some bloopers from season 2!


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