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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    She conquered the Oscars, and now Jennifer Aniston is preparing for another very big day.

    The actress, 44, is in the process of planning her wedding to screenwriter-actor Justin Theroux, 41 – and she has already checked off some major tasks on her to-do list, including choosing wedding bands, setting a date and narrowing down dresses.

    Just don't expect the wedding, which is likely to take place soon after Aniston wraps her current film in Connecticut on March 8, to be a lavish production.

    "It will be a small affair with their closest friends," a source close to Aniston tells PEOPLE in this week's cover story.

    In the meantime, the bride-to-be is enjoying life with her future groom.

    "Jen seems more confident than ever," says the source, "and they've become a great team."


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    ONE Direction singer Harry Styles was floored at his Scots gig after a shoe hit him in his groin.
    The singer had been answering questions from Twitter after the band sang Last First Kiss when he was caught out by the flying missile.
    He had managed to catch the first one and looked puzzled as he held it aloft for the audience to see. He said: “It’s a shoe.”

    A split second later another was thrown directly at his crotch and managed to catch him, making him bend over double in pain.
    Harry fell to the floor bent double as his concerned bandmates looked on and Liam tried to speak to him.
    He rose looking a bit flustered and lost his place when he was asked to answer a question.
    Seeing that he was lost bandmate Liam said: “Well he has just been assaulted.”
    After regaining his composure Harry managed to smile and wave to the audience.


    video at the source, since it won't embed xD
    poor bb <3

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    Elijah Wood suffered a major Hollywood slump as he approached his 30th birthday, so he enrolled in therapy to deal with his issues.

    “The Lord of the Rings” star reveals he didn’t work for two years and he sought professional help as he struggled to deal with his emotional problems.

    However, Wood, 32, enjoyed the sessions as he learned to “laugh at himself.”

    He tells Britain’s Live magazine, “I’ve had things that I had to overcome, like everybody does. I went through a period a couple of years ago where I didn’t work for two years. When I was 29 and turning 30, I went to therapy for the first time. It was amazing. It made me learn to laugh a lot at myself, but I also learned a lot of groundbreaking things. It was like mental excavation. I found it fascinating.”

    Also, full article on Britain's Live Magazine (which I don't have access to).

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    Jess comes to a conclusion about her romantic feelings for Nick and she struggles to tell him – until she’s hopped up on pain medication. But after admitting her feelings, she finds out he may have been keeping something from her.
    Meanwhile, Schmidt becomes obsessed with buying a fish, which Winston sees as a metaphor for Schmidt’s unresolved feelings toward Cece….
    …and Nick plans a bar promotion to impress the bar owner (guest star Odette Annable).
    You can read our exclusive spoilers below for season 2 episode 19 of New Girl, “Guy’s Night”:
    Nick decides to do a “guy’s night” at the bar, when guys can “drink for free”. Nick thinks it’s an awesome idea, but then again, Nick also thought his zombie novel was an awesome idea. Jess tells him it’s a “terrible idea” and says she won’t go…so imagine Nick’s surprise when she shows up anyway looking to “bang” for some nachos (hey hey, don’t get excited. In the words of Jess it’s, “just a saying”).
    In an effort to take Schmidt’s mind off Cece, Winston takes him to his own favorite place to waste away his troubles – the aquarium. Only problem is, Schmidt’s seeing Cece everywhere – including in the fish – and he just might reach a breaking point trying to convince an aquarium worker to let him buy the exotic, endangered Cece-fish. (How this leads Schmidt to cry to Winston for help after a jellyfish attaches to his face, I have no idea.)
    After seeing his boss’ daughter, Shane flirting it up with Nick at the bar, Jess assumes it’s all a show to win her over. So of course she’s incredibly hurt when she finds out that Nick and Shane are doing more than just some innocent flirting (check out these spoilers here for a clue). By the way, expect a panicked Nick to run out after a shocked Jess.


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    Rachel McAdams is back on the market. The actress has ended her real-life romance with Midnight in Paris costar Michael Sheen, a source confirms to Us Weekly.

    McAdams, 34, and Sheen, 44, took their romance public in October 2010 after meeting on the naturally romantic set of Woody Allen's film.

    "Michael and I didn't get together while we were filming Midnight in Paris, which I feel strongly about not doing when I'm working. We became quite good friends, which I think is a great way to start," McAdams told The Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine in January 2012. "I felt very blessed to have made a Woody Allen film in Paris together."

    The Vow actress also shared that her most important relationship is good communication. "You need to trust each other and be able to talk to each other and be best friends."

    During her relationship with the British actor, the paris remained steadfastly devoted to making it work. "Michael and I never spend more than three weeks apart -- we rack up a lot of air miles -- but you have to be quite adaptable in this business whether you are in a relationship or not," she told Stella.

    The Canadian star's last serious relationship prior to Sheen was with herNotebook costar Ryan Gosling. The two began dating in 2005 and were briefly engaged, but called it off in 2007. Sheen had an eight-year relationship with actress Kate Beckinsale from 1995 until 2003; the two share daughter Lily, 14.


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  • 02/27/13--07:01: Official Trailer for Peeples
  • The new trailer for the upcoming comedy film Peeples has been released.

    Scandal star Kerry Washington and Hot Tub Time Machine actor Craig Robinson both star in the upcoming movie written and directed by Tina Gordon Chism (Drumline) and produced by Tyler Perry.

    The film revolves around a fairly wealthy East Coast family who is in the midst of celebrating a reunion weekend in the Hamptons. The gathering is interrupted though, when Wade (Robinson) shows up unexpectedly, to propose to his girlfriend Grace (Washington).

    “I worked with Tyler on a movie he did called ‘Daddy’s Little Girls,’” Robinson told Movieline in 2011. “I can’t say enough good things about him. He was way cool and down to earth. He put me in a scene, and the scene didn’t make it into the final cut. But we were having so much fun on the scene that I did — it was so funny — that when I got to the set the next day, he had them put me in an outfit and add an additional scene. That’s the kind of dude he is. He sees something and he goes with it. That’s what makes him great,” according to

    Other than this film, Washington plays Olivia Pope in ABC’s Scandal which airs on Thursday at 10pm EST and Craig Robinson in The Office as Darryl Philbin, which airs on TBS.

    Peeples is slated to hit theaters on May 10, 2013.

    Check out the trailer below:


    Both deserve better material imo

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    God bless the internet and modern technology, or pehaps take it as a sign as to how much of a misfire the Oscars were on Sunday, but in less than 48 hours we're already seeing improvements to the show. This morning, a much, much better video montage tribute to the James Bond franchise arrived and now, a response has been filed to Seth MacFarlane's pretty dumb "We Saw Your Boobs." Ladies, your rebuttal has arrived.

    New York software developer Kevin Gisi has put togther "We Saw Your Junk," which uses the same jaunty, jazz hands tune to reel off all the actors who have flashed their wares on the big screen. It's fun and lively, even manages to make a quick dig at MacFarlane himself, and all told is a pretty fun riff on one of Oscar night's most obvious blunders. So kick back, and give it a spin below -- well done, Gisi.


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    The next Assassin's Creed game will star a pirate assassin and be set in the early 18th century Caribbean, a slew of leaks suggest. It will be named Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag.

    Leaked artwork posted by Kotaku showed a new hooded assassin taking on a ship full of salty sea dogs, armed with a pistol and dagger. A black skull-and-crossbones flag hangs behind him.

    That assassin is Edward Kenway, father of Haytham Kenway and grandfather of Connor from Assassin's Creed 3, according to The Examiner. He's a privateer, assassin and occasional pirate.

    The leaked artwork - a poster sent out to retailers - has a detailed map of the Caribbean on its reverse, presumably showing the islands and towns that Kenway will visit.

    Havana, Kingston and the southern tip of Florida are all named, many of which have a new 'skull-and-Assassin's Creed' symbol icon, presumably the sign of the Brotherhood in this era.

    A leaked screenshot is also doing the rounds, supposedly of the game running on Xbox 360. There are plans for a next-gen console version, too.

    News of the nautical-themed adventure fits with what Ubisoft has said officially about the next game - that it stars a new protagonist and new setting.

    It also backs up a number of Reddit leaks we've had our eyes on for some time. One posted claimed to have spotted the name "Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flags" in a Ubisoft exec's marketing materials while travelling next to the employee.

    "I was on a flight where the lady in the row in front of me was working on a PowerPoint presentation on marketing strategies of several gaming titles," the anonymous poster wrote earlier this month.

    "And one that stood out the most was AC4: Black Flags, aimed for release 2013 Holiday season according to her slide. It already had a cool looking logo for it."

    An earlier report from over a month ago came after someone overheard to advertising designers discussing "a new piece of AC3 DLC, titled Black Flag, that will focus more deeply on naval combat".

    Black Flag will almost certainly feature more of AC3's naval battles, which were of the best bits of the game. Another highpoint of AC3 was Haytham Kenway himself - Connor's father. It's a safe bet he'll be popping up too.

    Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag is due to launch sometime in the coming financial year, but we'd be amazed if it arrived any other time than November.


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    Last night the Jonas Brothers played before a crowd of 80,000 at Chile's Vina Del Mar festival, picking up four awards including the festival's top award (I think--I don't know, the hosts just stopped the concert and started handing the band all these trophies which they were all pretty happy about.)

    The whole set:

    Sooo tired today from staying up and watching this live stream last night! But it was a pretty good show, even though they didn't sing Pushing Me Away or their new single like Nick hinted they would.

    sorry mods, I hit post instead of preview & left the source off the first time

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    Worried that Smash‘s Karen Cartwright has been too distracted by her new (possible) paramour Jimmy’s zygote of a musical The Hit List to properly focus on her role as Marilyn Monroe in the much further developed Bombshell?

    Well, it’s time to press pause on the “fret” button.

    In this exclusive preview from next Tuesday’s episode “The Read-Through” (10/9c on NBC), Katharine McPhee’s protagonist — looking more Marilyn-esque than she has at any point in the series — leads an elaborate new production number called “Public Relations.”

    Not surprisingly, there are plenty of breathy coos and double-entendres (“Well, I’m pretty good in private, but the truth is I’m better in a crowd!”), but you’ll also get some fleet-footed dancing and Christian Borle’s Tom trying out an exaggerated German accent.


    HF Christian Borle's voice and dancing skills.

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    The "Admission" star won raves as this year's Golden Globes co-host with Amy Poehler.

    When Seth MacFarlane emceed this year's Oscars in his first-ever gig as host of the telecast, the Family Guy creator recruited William Shatner for a surprise appearance via satellite. Shatner, flashing in "from the future" to tell MacFarlane how he fared in the role, asked: "Why can't they get Tina and Amy to host?"

    Cue audience laughter and and a flurry of tweets quoting Shatner. Which begs the question: following Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's widely acclaimed performance co-hosting the 2013 Golden Globes, couldn't they sign on to do the same for the Academy Awards next year?

    In an interview with the Huffington Post, Fey dismisses the idea, saying: "I just feel like that gig is so hard. Especially for, like, a woman -- the amount of months that would be spent trying on dresses alone ... no way."
    She says, however: "It's an honor to be Shatnered."

    Fey recently wrapped up the final season of her critically beloved NBC series 30 Rock and will next be seen on the big screen in the comedy Admission opposite Paul Rudd. That film opens March 22.

    As for MacFarlane, who received mixed reviews for his envelope-pushing turn as Oscar host, apparently has no plans to accept the position in 2014. "No way. Lotta fun to have done it though," he tweeted Tuesday.


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    I’m Sorry! Megan Fox Got Herself A Role In Michael Bay’s New Movie With Heartfelt Apology

    Megan Fox won herself a role in the new Michael Bay movie by extending an olive branch to the fiery director because she feared her days as a leading lady were numbered, is exclusively reporting.

    The 26-year-old Transformers beauty, who once likened Bay to Hitler in a magazine interview, will team up with the filmmaker for a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

    But that’s only after Megan, 26, swallowed her pride, picked up the phone and apologized for her criticism of him! “It was Megan that made the first move to talk with Michael,” a source tells Radar.

    “Since Transformers, she hasn’t been getting the leading lady roles she had hoped for and Megan was starting to get concerned that it was because of what she said about Michael. “So, she swallowed her pride, picked up the phone and spoke with him to clear the air and apologize. She told him how thankful she was to have been casted by him in the first place, and that she was totally out of line to say what she said.

    In the end she realized that Michael may be a hard taskmaster, but he does it purely to get the best out of his actors on set. “Michael said he had a role she would be perfect for and was willing to forgive and forget the incident because he’s a big fan of hers,” the source says.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Chyler Leigh has landed her first major TV gig since checking out of Grey’s Anatomy last May, scoring one of the lead roles in NBC’s comedy pilot Holding Patterns.

    From Office scribe Justin Spitzer, Holding Patterns is a multi-cam ensemble about a group of friends whose lives are altered after surviving a plane crash — ironic considering it was an air disaster that claimed the life of Leigh’s Grey’s character, Lexie.

    Rachel Kaplan (Do No Harm) and Peter Traugott (Samantha Who?) are also attached as EPs.

    LOLing so hard right now.

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    Letterman asked the American television personality what it was like attending Sunday’s Academy Awards, she described it as “a lot of new faces on a lot of old bodies”.

    Rivers said she met the British songbird, for the first time, at the Oscars.

    “What is her song? Rolling in the deep?” Joan asked. “She should add fried chicken!”

    Joan then joked she overheard Adele moaning, “My throat, my throat, I don’t know if I can swallow! I said, ‘Oh, yeah — you can swallow!’”Joan hit back.

    However it’s not the first time Rivers has teased the 'Set Fire to the Rain' singer about her weight. When Adele gave birth to her first baby last October, Joan tweeted, @Joan_Rivers: "Congratulations to Adele on the birth of her 68 pound 8 ounces bouncing baby boy." Ouch!

    After Adele's music success this season, the mum-of-one is said to be keen on having another child within two years with partner Simon Konecki according to The Daily Star.

    A source revealed, "Adele has been telling her friends that she is ready to try for another baby. She loves being a mum and wants two kids to grow two years apart.


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    CBS’ Golden Boy on Tuesday night debuted to 10.5 million total viewers and a 1.8 demo rating — up from time slot lender Vegas‘ most recent 9.5 mil/1.5, but well shy of Vegas‘ own premiere (14.9 mil/2.5) and also predecessor Unforgettable‘s (14 mil/2.9).

    That said, it dominated the 10 o’clock hour in both counts.

    Opening CBS’ night, NCIS (20.5 mil/3.4) — starring Plucky Ducky — shed some viewers and a tenth in the demo, but NCIS: LA (16.8 mil/2.9) added viewers and two tenths.

    ABC’s Celeb Wife Swap returned to a series high, up a tenth (2.4) from its previous premiere, while The Taste (1.4) dropped two tenths in its later time slot. Body of Proof (6.3 mil/1.2) shed a few viewers but was steady in the demo.

    NBC got what only NBC can consider good news, in that Smash stabilized in Week 3 with 3 mil/0.9. Leading into that, Go On‘s Studio 60 reunion (3.15 mil/1.1) matched last week’s demo, and New Normal (2.6 mil/1.0) dropped some eyeballs but rose a tenth.

    Fox’s Raising Hope’s My Name Is Earl reunion (3.6 mil/1.5) and Mindy Project (3.2 mil/1.6) were steady, while New Girl (4.3 mil/2.3) ticked up a tenth.

    The CW’s Hart of Dixie (1.42 mil/0.6) inched up in audience and the demo, while Cult was flat at 875K/0.3.

    Tuesday hour by hour:

    8 p.m.

    CBS: "NCIS" (20.5 million viewers, 12.8/20 households)
    ABC: "Celebrity Wife Swap" season premiere (7 million, 4.5/7)
    NBC: "Betty White's Off Their Rockers" (4.5 million, 2.8/4)
    FOX: "Raising Hope" - two episodes (3.4 million, 2.2/3)
    The CW: "Hart of Dixie" (1.4 million, 1.0/2)

    18-49 leader: "NCIS" (3.4)

    9 p.m.

    CBS: "NCIS: Los Angeles" (16.8 million, 10.6/16)
    ABC: "The Taste" (4.1 million, 2.8/4)
    FOX: "New Girl" (4.3 million, 2.8/4)/"The Mindy Project" (3.2 million, 2.1/3)
    NBC: "Go On" (3.15 million, 2.0/3)/"The New Normal" (2.6 million, 1.8/3)
    The CW: "Cult" (877,000, 0.6/1)

    18-49 leader: "NCIS: Los Angeles" (2.9)

    10 p.m.

    CBS: "Golden Boy" series premiere (10.5 million, 6.8/11)
    ABC: "Body of Proof" (6.3 million, 4.3/7)
    NBC: "Smash" (3 million, 2.1/4)

    18-49 leader: "Golden Boy" (1.8)

    1 | 2 | 3

    Anyone watch Golden Boy? I like the cast (Pamuk from Downton Abbey and Emerson Cod from Pushing Daisies), but is it worth it?

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    Lindsay Lohan may have been drinking just before she crashed her Porsche last June on Pacific Coast Highway ... TMZ has learned. Nevertheless, prosecutors are offering her a brand new plea deal that does NOT involve jail.

    Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... a bottle of alcohol was found next to Lindsay's Porsche, and we're told her breath smelled of alcohol. For some reason, cops did not perform a field sobriety test at the scene of the crash.

    Sources tell us ... the Santa Monica City Attorney is prepared to offer Lindsay 60 days in a residential rehab facility in her lying-to-cops case -- where she said she wasn't driving the Porsche. That's 4 months less than the original offer.

    In addition, we're told the City Attorney wants Lindsay to attend another set of AA meetings. And he wants her to do community service. We're told the prosecutor will let her do the community service in New York City, but -- unlike Chris Brown -- it must be closely monitored.

    The wild card is that the L.A. City Attorney is also involved in the case because they're handling the jewelry heist case where Lindsay is still on probation. Up to now, we're told the L.A. City Attorney wanted jail time for the probation violation, but the prosecutor may back off that position.

    The plea bargain meeting between prosecutors and Lindsay's lawyer, Mark Heller is today ... so stay tuned.


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    L-R Dondre Whitfield, Delroy Lindo, Lance Gross, Colin Salmon

    Dondre Whitfield has joined Merle Dandridge (Sons Of Anarchy), and Arjun Gupta (Nurse Jackie) in the CW pilot Company Town, written by Sera Gamble and directed by Taylor Hackford, and which chronicles the aftermath of a scandal at a Naval base, which touches the lives of both civilians and military personnel. The project follows two 20-something women who grew up together, were once best friends, but now are on opposite sides of the Military divide.

    Whitfield will play Don, a combat-trained trauma surgeon working at the Naval base’s hospital who is troubled by the repercussions of the scandal on the base.
    Delroy Lindo has signed up to co-star in NBC's drama pilot Believe.

    The drama revolves around a gifted young girl with powers that'll full mature in seven years, and the man who is sprung from prison to protect her from those trying to hunt her down. Delroy Lindo will play a man named Winter, who's described as a kind man, posing as a priest with an honorable agenda, but isn't what he seems.

    Alfonso Cuaron and Mark Friedman will pen the pilot script and executive produce alongside Bad Robot's J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk. Another J.J. Abrams project. The man is everywhere!
    Lance Grosshas joined Halston Sage in NBC’s yet-to-be-titled drama pilot from writer/executive producer Rand Ravich, which is described as an emotionally-charged political action thriller set in Washington DC, and will follow Marcus Finley (played by Gross), who's an idealistic Secret Service agent who finds himself at the center of an international crisis on his first day on the job as the President’s son’s protection, when the son, along with several of his schoolmates, are kidnapped.
    British actor Colin Salmonhas joined the cast of Bravo‘s hourlong pilot Rita, which is written by Krista Vernoff and will be directed by Miguel Arteta. The family drama follows Rita (to be played by Anna Gunn), described an acerbic, outspoken private-school teacher who struggles to raise her 3 teen children while dealing with the bureaucracy and overprotective parents at her school.

    Salmon, who can currently be seen in a recurring role on the CW’s The Arrow, will play a character named Colin Paige, who's described as an aristocratic, emotionally-guarded British teacher who is the head of the history department at the school.

    source, 2, 3, 4

    Someone made an interesting observation that most of these casting announcements have been for male roles. hopefully that changes once the shows are picked up. Between the Craig Robinson and Lance Gross pilots, it seems like NBC is looking to add two more black leads to it's roster.

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    One Direction are to join characters from The Beano after being drawn for a cartoon strip to raise money for Comic Relief.

    The boy band are to appear in monthly spin-off magazine BeanoMAX, which goes on sale on Wednesday.

    Other big names making appearances in the comic are Jessie J, Olly Murs and former Doctor Who, David Tennant.

    In the story, the stars help Beano characters Dennis The Menace [note to Americans: not that one] and Minnie The Minx put on a charity show.

    One Direction said: "We've grown up with the magazine so now to actually appear in it with Dennis and Gnasher themselves is incredible."

    Mike Stirling, editor-in-chief of The Beano and BeanoMax, said: "It was brilliant fun imagining how Jessie, Olly, David and 1D would interact with our mischievous characters.

    "I hope they enjoy the results as much our readers and their fans will."


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    A Connecticut woman whose son died in the Sept. 11 attacks at the World Trade Center says she's upset the Oscar-winning movie "Zero Dark Thirty" used a recording of his last words without her permission.

    Mary Fetchet of New Canaan told CBS News and the Daily News this week that she was shocked the filmmakers didn't ask if they could use the voicemail her son, Bradley Fetchet, left on her phone while he was on the 89th floor of the World Trade Center's south tower.

    The movie about the manhunt for Osama bin Laden begins with the voices of 9/11 victims making their last phone calls.

    Sony Pictures Entertainment said in a statement that the filmmakers contacted several relatives of 9/11 victims about using the voice recordings.


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