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  • 02/12/13--17:50: State of the Union 2013
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  • 02/14/13--16:00: 2013 VALENSTANS (PT 3)
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    Game of Thrones' Nikolaj Coster-Waldau plays two characters in the horror movie Mama, but his biggest challenge was acting against an actual ghost. Because Mama wasreal, not just some CG tennis ball chasing around the actors. It was a real actor, wearing creepy make-up and giant latex fingers, who stalked the sets on all fours.

    What do you think is scarier, feral kids or ghosts?

    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: The combination is scary. But the ghost, the ghost for me. However, the kids in this movie really freak me out.

    When you first see the kids after they've been stranded in the woods for several years, they look like little rat people. Was that CG?

    I think it thinned them a bit, and maybe made the eyes a little darker. But the movement is all the kids. They may have sped it up a little, but the kids did all the motions. They had a movement coach work with them to get all their actions down. [When they start scratching at me] I told the girl playing Megan that you have to hit me for real. Or else it's too difficult to pretend. And she went for it!

    In the movie you play two characters, Jeffrey, who is a very bad man and does some very bad things, and his twin brother Lucas, who later gets the girls. What's it like holding a [fake] gun to a kid's head?

    That scene was... You know when I read the script, I liked that it had such a dark beginning. It's a different story in a way, it's almost like those stories you read in the paper — "father loses it and kills his family" — and then it becomes this different story. I wanted to show the craziness. But I also wanted to see if we could find the little point where [the audience] could look in and see a lost soul. Of course, it's disturbing when we did it. And the actress is such a sweet little kid, and then we pull out the gun — yeah, it's nice. The scene worked... That sequence was the most difficult emotionally to do, because it's a disgusting place to go. He wants to die, and clearly he has to take them with him because they won't be able to survive alone. It's disgusting. it's just horrible. I have kids myself.

    There are a lot of references in this movie to the idea of "unfit parents." The first parents are unfit, and then later your other character Luke and his girlfriend Annabel (played by Jessica Chastain) are also called unfit parents by others. The creature was definitely an unfit parent. Why was this theme important?

    I like the entity, the creature, the ghost, that they gave her a real, emotional motivation. It's not just something that comes out of nowhere and comes to hurt us. She wants something. I thought that was interesting. Together with the other mother, Annabel, who just doesn't want these kids at all, she wants them out of her life. That conflict is interesting.

    It feels like the mothers in horror movies are always the compelling figures fighting to protect children, and the fathers are always a bit clueless, why?

    I don't know, but it's like that saying about about bears. If you run into a bear cub in the wild you just have to pray you don't run into the mother. There's just something very deep and fundamental desire to protect your kids, no matter what. I think the bond between a mother and her child is incredibly strong.

    What did the Mama character look like on set? Was a lot of her CG?

    No, no, most of it wasn't CG. We had this amazing Spanish actor performer who was Mama. His name is Javier Botet. He has this insane body — he's like the skinniest guy I've ever seen, and very long-limbed. Then they had the special FX team from Pan's Labyrinth who did his head, so he had four or five hours everyday in make-up, so he came out every day looking more or less like Mama. But without the flowing hair, they added that after. But he was there to shoot. He had those crazy movements. It was weird the first time we saw him on set because he has a crazy look... He had these latex fingers and he would touch me like this [wraps fingers around his neck] — it was disgusting. And Jessica, she has these fights with him. It was all him.

    He's doing a Men's Health story soon and the magazine released some pictures from his shoot!



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    happy valentine's day, house ontd!


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    Hannibal will soon be taking a bite out of NBC’s Thursday lineup.

    Bryan Fuller’s long-awaited TV adaptation will premiere on Thursday, April 4 at 10/9c, the network confirms.

    The series, a contemporary take on the characters from Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon novel, focuses on the fledgling relationship between FBI agent Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and his mentor Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen, pictured).

    Hannibal will fill the void left by NBC’s short-lived Do No Harm, which was pulled off the schedule last week after two low-rated episodes. Encores of Law & Order: SVU will air in the Thursday-at-10 perch through March.

    The stellar cast also includes Laurence Fishburne as FBI agent Jack Crawford and Wonderfalls’ Caroline Dhavernas as an FBI consultant. X-Files’ Gillian Anderson will also appear as Lecter’s shrink.

    Pilot Scoop: Jason Isaacs Is Surgeon General

    Awake‘s Jason Isaacs has landed the title role in CBS’ Surgeon General drama pilot, TVLine has learned.

    The project, which will revolve around “America’s doctor,” is being written and produced by Lie to Me creator Samuel Baum.

    Isaacs’ top doc is described as “a man of solid build and solid character” who has the rare mix of resolve, humanity and dry wit.

    The part is Isaacs’ first major TV role since NBC put Awake to sleep in 2012.


    Pilot Scoop: Parenthood's Jason Ritter to Star in Fox Comedy Friends & Family

    Forget the Bravermans: Parenthood‘s Jason Ritter is becoming part of Fox’s Friends & Family.

    The actor has signed on to star in the network’s American adaptation of the British comedy Gavin & Stacey, TVLine has learned.

    Ritter will play Gavin, a neurotic and smart good guy who’s excited about his first real date with Stacey, a co-worker from rural Pennsylvania he’s become friends with through Skype and Facebook.

    The single-camera project is written by David Rosen (I Just Want My Pants Back), with Jane Tranter, Julie Gardner, Henry Normal and Gavin & Stacey creators James Corden and Ruth Jones also serving as EPs.

    In addition to playing Mark, jilted fiancé to Parenthood‘s Sarah, Ritter has had roles on The Event, The Class and Joan of Arcadia.


    The Office's Jake Lacy Joins CBS Pilot The McCarthys as Gay Son

    The Office‘s Jake Lacy has joined the cast of CBS’ dysfunctional family comedy pilot The McCarthys, TVLine has learned exclusively.

    The half-hour project, from Brian Gallivan (Are You There, Chelsea?) and Will Gluck (Andy Richter Controls the Universe), centers on a sports-crazed, Irish-Catholic Boston family.

    Lacy will play Ronny, the smart, funny, neurotic son who came out to his family two years ago. He’s finally decided to move out and begin a life away from his family, but they keep finding ways to involve him in their drama.

    As previously reported, Jacki Weaver (Silver Linings Playbook) and Jack McGee (Rescue Me) have been cast as Ronny’s parents.


    Pilot Scoop: AMC Casts Australian Actors in Revolutionary War Drama Turn

    Two up-and-coming Australian actors have been cast in AMC’s Revolutionary War-era drama pilot Turn, TVLine has learned.

    Meegan Warner will play Mary Woodhull, a mother who doesn’t want to see her young son grow up to be a soldier. She adamantly does not want to become involved in the war with England and hopes it will leave her family alone.

    Daniel Henshall will play Caleb Brewster, a near-fearless former whaler who’s now a lieutenant in the Second Continental Artillery and loves hand-to-hand combat. He’s eager to fight back against the oppressive British.

    Turn, from Nikita creator/executive producer Craig Silverstein and Barry Josephson, is based on Alexander Rose’s book Washington’s Spies: The Story of America’s First Spy Ring. It centers on New York farmer Abe Woodhull, who forms a group of spies with his pals in the summer of 1778. The gang winds up helping America greatly in its fight for independence.

    Warner’s credits include the Australian TV series My Place and Rescue Special Ops, while Henshall has appeared in the Australian mini-series Devil’s Dust and the BBC’s Out of the Blue; he also co-starred in last year’s other Beauty and the Beast pilot at ABC.


    Pilot Scoop: Glee's Mike O'Malley Joins NBC's Welcome to the Family as a Grandpa-to-Be

    Glee favorite Mike O’Malley has joined the cast of NBC’s comedy pilot Welcome to the Family.

    In the single-cam sitcom from Mike Sikowitz (Rules of Engagement), cultures collide when a white family and a Latino family are bonded together when their children fall in love and soon must deal with an unplanned pregnancy.

    O’Malley will play Dan, an affable and charming orthodontist who’s not equipped to handle his 18-year-old daughter’s unexpected bun in the oven. But he is energized by the idea of starting his next chapter when she leaves the nest.

    In addition to Glee, O’Malley’s credits include Yes, Dear, My Own Worst Enemy. My Name Is Earl and an arc on the current season of FX’s Justified. He also continues to serve as a writer on Showtime’s Shameless.


    Anything sound good to you? I think I am most excited for Hannibal - but it is up against Elementary!!

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    Everybody knows that the best screen actors are those said to completely and utterly inhabit the characters which they play. In this sense, Andy Serkis simply forms the latest in a lengthy tradition of role-inhabitors, devoting themselves to enacting a character’s mindset and movements down to the minutest detail. He stands out, however, in his devotion to what he calls the ‘art of performance capture technology’, an acting method he made famous with his inimitable portrayal of Gollum in The Lord of the Rings and, later, King Kong in Peter Jackson’s film of the same name.

    Today, Andy has taken his groundbreaking work in the area of performance capture to form his Imaginarium at Ealing Studios, “a creative lab here in the UK that is really expressly built for furthering the art and craft of performance capture.” Funnily enough, the Imaginarium’s humble beginnings were in Cambridge, where, post- Kong, Andy directed some video games with local company Ninja Theory. “They were really creative and wanted to push the boundaries in terms of interactive storytelling and characterisation now we have the technology to support it.”

    Boundaries were pushed, however, all the way back to the home of Gollum and his companions - a suitable studio for Serkis’s new projects could only be sourced in New Zealand. Thus, along with producer John Cavendish, Serkis built his ‘Imaginarium’, and the team finally had a creative, theatrical space in which they could develop their own material. Idealistically dubbed, the studio’s name reflect Serkis’ own sunny attitude to the future of motion and facial capture technology: “It’s a busy and exciting time”, he gushes, “I’ve worked with Performance Capture Technology for twelve years and it has come such a long way.” He is emphatic that their practice should be seen not as mere acting genre, however, but “another way of capturing an actor’s performance”: “Its another bunch of cameras – sure, they’re a million megapixels and incredibly expensive - but in terms of the acting process its no different.” But surely there is a difference between Andy Serkis as Gollum and Andy Serkis as, say, Ian Drury (a role for which Serkis was critically acclaimed)? Nope: “If I were to approach a live action character I wouldn’t approach it any differently.” According to Serkis, “that’s how one needs to perceive it now...and people in the industry are catching up with the punters.” And, with upcoming projects including a new film of George Orwell’s Animal Farm alongside other big budget video games and Hollywood blockbusters, his confidence may be justified.

    I wonder what Serkis’ favourite part about working in the film industry might be - my own mental ‘Imaginarium’ (read: brain) producing answers only the die-hard Lord of The Rings fan could dream up (“Why, working with Merry and Pippin of course! What cheeky chaps!”). The man himself, however, sums it up in a single term: “the possibilities.” Again, his new venture takes precedent: “As the Imaginarium develops the film industry is only one part of what we’re doing. Its really the convergence of all these different disciplines – theatre, film, video games – and using this to tell engaging stories.”

    If Serkis calls the world today “a wall to wall, visually complex and challenging environment”, then he certainly seems well placed to embrace that challenge. What clearly – and pleasantly - comes across in interview is that rather than cash in on his rising Hollywood capital via a more well-trodden road (more roles, a move from motion capture to ‘real’ characters) Serkis instead has a genuine passion for elevating those very technologies that got him to where he is today. More than this, however, the actor-turned-director has not lost sight of what is essential to good filmmaking. Often a judge on short film festivals, he dishes out advice not just from behind the computer screen, but beyond it too. “The technology’s there for everyone. There’s no excuse – you can shoot an entire movie on your iPhone! What it’s really about is completing things, finishing them. You need to be clear about the story it is you’re telling, and what you want to say about the human condition.”

    On that note, our chat ends and its time for Andy to take to his ‘stage.’ Whether he was about to don the spandex or take the director’s chair was unclear, but one thing I felt sure of was that he’d thoroughly enjoy either.

    watch the full interview here

    Classically-trained British thespian Andy Serkis is famous for being the man pretending to be a chimp learning to become a man who taught us all what it means to be human in Rise of Planet of the Apes, grunting and pooping in a grey leotard as many a producer hailed his performance as "So, so brave," clapping slowly in awe, eyes welling up with tears. Serkis was so inspired by the work that he's set up his own Imaginarium Studio, "to develop the art of motion capture in the UK." Gollum University, I like to call it.

    Thanks to heroes like Andy Serkis, we'll never again have to see a Jurassic Park where soulless dinosaurs are moved around by puppeteers or controlled by mechanical animatronics. They'll be given heart, soul, and emotion, by people who know how mythical creatures and extinct beasts should feel. Actors! Wearing spandex!

    Anyway, Serkis's Imaginarium announced they'd be producing a motion-capture take on George Orwell's Animal Farm a few months back, and he recently gave BBC News a tour of his facilities.

    watch the tour here

    And in related news:

    Most think of film as art form and much is made about those who dazzle at its highest levels, but science has always been a key component to cinema. A group who worked on “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” received early Oscar awards — for science — Sunday night. Those who perform such technical innovation rarely get even a sniff of the spotlight but Simon Clutterbuck, Richard Dorling and James Jacobs were recognized for their work bringing Gollum to life, especially for his skin and movement.

    The new tech makes Gollum appear more lifelike in an approach the team calls “Tissue: A Physically-Based Character Simulation Framework.”

    “The framework is used to construct and simulate the anatomical components of our digital creatures and characters,” Jacobs, a supervisor for creature special-effects told NBC.

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    So why am I making a second post? Because this game has graduated from flop to full blow disaster of epic proportions.

    How often we forget that demos are sales tools, designed to pitch consumers a dream of what may be, not what actually is. Dull knives slice cans like butter, hamburgers perfectly cook on a budget grill, and Aliens: Colonial Marines looks like a next-gen title instead of last-gen.

    To put it simply: We've been lied to by Randy Pitchford and Gearbox. We passed those lies onto the consumers. Is it our fault for putting trust that the demo was real? Is it our fault that we believed it to be real?

    No, it's Pitchford's fault for being disingenuous in presenting his company's latest game.

    At E3 2011, Randy Pitchford and Gearbox showed off Aliens: Colonial Marines in a closed theater. Droves of game journalists, GameStop managers, and their kids, that they always manage to somehow sneak into the show, came to see the off-hands demo; the one which Pitchford repeatedly told press and industry was "real live gameplay" featuring "sophisticated artificial intelligence."

    Jim Sterling, Chris Carter, and I all heard the same thing, even though we were in different presentations (and representing different publications at the time).

    "Gearbox called it a 'vertical slice' showcasing the gameplay sequences that'd appear throughout the campaign. Only trouble is, none of the gameplay shown ever happens, and we were never told it was just conceptual," Jim stated, in a recent internal email chain on the above subject. "I played the entire campaign waiting for things shown in the walkthrough and got none of them. The only gameplay retained is one siege room, and even that plays out 95% differently."

    When screens from the previous demo are compared to the finish product, the lack of environmental detail, dated lighting effects, and linear-to-a-fault gameplay become apparent. Games shown at E3 don't suddenly look worse as development continues. Like early trailers for Hollywood blockbusters, graphics and gameplay in early game demos get repeatedly touched-up and expanded for release.

    What exactly happened to the lighting effects?

    As far fetched as it may seem, we can't rule out the possibility that this was some advanced demo, showing off a much improved engine and game sections, that was scrapped in favor of a much weaker engine and gameplay. The more likely truth is that Pitchford sold a mock-up (or as developers call it, a "target render") as a live demo. He lied to us. To our faces. We can't even get the truth out of them on who developed the damn game (was TimeGate a co-developer or just an outsourced company?).

    Our industry runs on little white lies controlled by marketing. Peter Molyneux makes promises that won't be delivered, while major publishers distribute bullshots -- touched-up images that present the game in a better light than it ever will be when in the player's hands (see Edge's excellent article). Pitchford's act of deception goes beyond being a white lie. He earned fan trust and admiration through manipulation. Not only at press events, but also Gearbox's Community Day where the same demo was shown and presented in the same light of being indicative of the final game.

    How can we ever trust Pitchford and Gearbox again? Because they made Borderlands 2? Sure, but what about that Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 demo that I am now questioning?

    And the lies didn't even stop at the E3 demo. Gearbox and Sega kept showing a screenshot of the Alien Queen fighting a Power Loader. This scene does not happen in the game.

    "It's rare, in all my years, to see a demo so unrepresentative of the finished product. Even worse, I've never seen a demo that looks so much BETTER than the finished product," Jim said. "The 'work in progress' warning attached to demos is to warn you the product doesn't look that rough. This may be the first game I've covered where it meant the opposite. Gearbox's definitely on the hook for dishonesty -- if not to us, then definitely to Sega."

    Some may bring up Killzone 2 and its infamous 2005 E3 demo that blew audiences away with its graphical fidelity that has yet to be matched by a game of this generation. The difference with Gearbox is that it continued to use footage from this demo in its trailers. We at least saw the real Killzone 2 before launch.

    By knowingly deceiving its fans, Gearbox has gone from being a company worth celebrating to a developer that plays dirtier than the big publishers that we so often damn for sleazy marketing campaigns and excessive pre-order programs.

    Before founding Gearbox, Pitchford was a magician. Turns out he's still pulling tricks of illusion on the public. Soon his audience might ask, when is the vanishing act?


    Aliens: Colonial Marines has turned out to be more than just a bad game. It's a confusing story of allegations, outsourcing, and potential deception on a considerable level. The biggest mystery to come out of this debacle is the question of who actually made the game. Nobody's entirely sure.

    It was rumored Gearbox outsourced development of at least the campaign to TimeGate Studios, a claim SEGA itself denied. However, with TimeGate, Demiurge, and Nerve Software all credited as having a hand in the project, this situation is as clear as a cracked window covered in black paint.

    Then there's a Reddit post by an anonymous writer who claims to be an ex-Gearbox developer, and a followup post from a self-titled TimeGate employee. These two posts really throw a wrench in the works.

    Here's a rundown of everything that's happened so far!

    In 2012, an anonymous writer claiming to be a former Gearbox worker posted on message board to reveal the Colonial Marines campaign had been outsourced to TimeGate. According to the early allegation, dug up recently by Superannuation, Gearbox had refocused itself toward multiplayer a long time ago.

    "Hate to say it, but I wouldn't get your hopes up too high for Colonial Marines. I used to work at Gearbox, and the development of that game has been a total train wreck, going on what, 6 years now? Gearbox isn't even making the game, except for the multiplayer. Primary development was outsourced to TimeGate Studios, which has a less than stellar past.

    I hope it proves me wrong, as I still have alot of friends still working at Gearbox, but I am expecting it to be average at best."

    While the comment went unnoticed at the time, its resurfacing seemed to explain a lot.

    Dark Side of Gaming ran a story in which a SEGA rep was quoted as denying the outsourcing of Colonial Marines. According to Matthew J. Powers, the other studios involved in production merely "helped" Gearbox as it worked on both the solo and multiplayer portions.

    Absolutely not, the game has been developed by Gearbox Software. Other studios [like Timegate] helped Gearbox on the production of single and multiplayer.

    Of course, as the story developed, it became wholly likely that not even SEGA knows who did what.

    Randy Pitchford tells IGN TimeGate made up to 25% of A:CM

    A recently published IGN interview with Randy Pitchford, put out just before the controversy began, had the Gearbox CEO claim TimeGate helped with maybe a quarter of Colonial Marines. He said the studio was just as much a collaborator on the project if you took all of Gearbox's preproduction work out of the equation.

    Houston-based TimeGate Studios, meanwhile, worked on “probably about 20 or 25 percent of the total time,” with Pitchford noting that “if you take preproduction out of it, their effort’s probably equivalent to ours. Now, it’s not fair to take preproduction out of it, but that says a lot about how much horsepower those guys put into it.”

    The interview also broke down the contributions from other studios. According to Pitchford, Demiurge helped Gearbox with networking and multiplayer options, while Nerve designed the multiplayer maps. Pitchford presented all this as Gearbox wanting to give customers more for their money, packing in more content rather than selling it as DLC.

    Colonial Marines has a DLC season pass costing $29.99.

    Anonymous 'ex-Gearbox' dev spills the beans on Reddit

    Things got really interesting once an alleged developer took to Reddit and revealed some shocking, if true, details about A:CM's development. It's a story that involves Gearbox dicking SEGA around, pushing off its campaign to TimeGate, favoring Borderlands 2 over Aliens, and rushing at the last minute to fix an utterly broken, serviceable game. It's juicy stuff.


    First off, due to me breaking NDA, I can't provide any proof that I'm not just talking out of my ass. But I figure you'd be interested in hearing what I have to say regardless. I've been on the project for around a year and a half, so some of the following are things I've heard from more senior guys.

    Pecan (the internal codename for ACM) has a pretty long history. SEGA, GBX and 20th Century FOX came to an agreement to produce an Aliens game around 6 years ago, after which SEGA almost immediately announced it, long before Pecan had even started production. The game has been in active development in the past, only to be shelved in favor of another project (Borderlands, Duke, etc), and each time it was resumed it would undergo a major content overhaul.

    SEGA, naturally, wasn't super pleased about the delays, but GBX got away with it for a long time and the contract between SEGA and GBX kept getting augmented to push the projected release further and further back. The last time it was resumed, GBX outsourced a good portion of the game to outside companies. Initially, the plan was for TimeGate to take the majority of campaign, GBX would take MP, Demiurge and Nerve would handle DLC and various other focused tasks. This decision was made mostly so that most of the developers at GBX could continue working on Borderlands 2, while a small group of LDs, coders and designers dealt with Pecan.

    Somehow the schedules for Pecan and Borderlands 2 managed to line up and GBX realized that there was no fucking way they could cert and ship two titles at the same time. Additionally, campaign (which was being developed by TimeGate) was extremely far behind, even as Pecan's Beta deadline got closer and closer. In April or May (can't remember which), Pecan was supposed to hit beta, but GBX instead came to an agreement with SEGA that they would push the release date back one more time, buying GBX around 9 mos extension.

    About 5 of those 9 months went to shipping BL2. In that time, TimeGate managed to scrap together 85% of the campaign, but once Borderlands 2 shipped and GBX turned its attention to Pecan, it became pretty apparent that what had been made was in a pretty horrid state. Campaign didn't make much sense, the boss fights weren't implemented, PS3 was way over memory, etcetcetc. GBX was pretty unhappy with TG's work, and some of Campaign maps were just completely redesigned from scratch. There were some last minute feature requests, most notably female marines, and the general consensus among GBX devs was that there was no way this game was going to be good by ship. There just wasn't enough time.

    Considering that SEGA was pretty close to taking legal action against GBX, asking for an extension wasn't an option, and so Pecan crash-landed through certification and shipping. Features that were planned were oversimplified, or shoved in (a good example of this are challenges, which are in an incredibly illogical order). Issues that didn't cause 100% blockers were generally ignored, with the exception of absolutely horrible problems. This isn't because GBX didn't care, mind you. At a certain point, they couldn't risk changing ANYTHING that might cause them to fail certification or break some other system. And so, the product you see is what you get.

    Beyond gameplay, the story has been raised as an issue several times. I can't really comment without feeling bad beyond saying that the script was approved by 20th Century FOX, and that the rush to throw a playable product together came at the cost of the story. Campaign does a pretty bad job of explaining a lot of the questions raised at the start of the game, and so hopefully there will be DLC to flesh that out a bit better.

    I'll answer some questions, but I have to run soon, so it may take a while for responses.

    Alleged TimeGate developer throws Gearbox under the bus

    The original Reddit poster would later be responded to by a different anonymous user, this one claiming to be in the employ of TimeGate. Defending his studio against implications of laziness, the poster said Colonial Marines' campaign turned out so badly thanks to terrible supervision from Gearbox.

    Just to clarify, Everything Timegate did was under clear and explicit direction from Gearbox. Gearbox had creative control of everything that occurred at TG. In addition, Gearbox was responsible for firing some of the most talented people (and internationally recognized as such) TG had employed, all of which were snatched up immediately by competitors. It was Gearbox's shitty oversight of the project that led to the product you all now have before you. I wouldn't expect you to understand, considering you're probably some QA who has no idea what goes on outside of his department. But TG had absolutely no control of what was produced, they did exactly what they were asked to. You should be furious with Gearbox for assigning such shit quality creative directors to the project.

    According to another anonymous poster, the game's ever-changing story didn't help TimeGate either.

    The script was rewritten too many times.

    Demiurge working on Wii U version, now rumored to be indefinitely delayed

    The final chapter in the story so far places Demiurge as the studio behind the Wii U version of the game, with Kotaku alleging an indefinite delay on the upcoming release. Writer Jason Schierer made the claim, though notes it's not confirmed.

    We heard from a tipster about a month ago that the Wii U version had been "postponed indefinitely." We reached out to Sega, and they denied it. I'll let you guys fill in the blanks there. :)

    And that's us up to speed on the Aliens: Colonial Marines story so far. Personal feelings on the game aside, it's one hell of a story, and I think that, when/if the truth finally outs, it'll make for some fascinating reading. It's already quite engrossing with just what we have!


    I'll just link. EGM gave the game a 9 out of ten, where every other outlet has given it at very best a 5. Reading the review it becomes clear the guy either never played the game or is out and out lying. This has led to accusations around the net that we have a picture perfect case of a studio buying a review for it's product.

    To put it simply, we're looking at a Developer shitting it's pants in public and having the entire world watching as it desperately tries to pass the blame off to the guy standing next to it.

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    Source 2

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    Britney Spears' rep is calling BS on Eve's insinuation that Britney didn't sing on her new release, "Scream & Shout."

    Jeff Raymond, B.S.'s publicist, tells TMZ, "It's absolute BS. Britney sang the song. wanted her for this song and she sang on it."

    Eve went on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" and said, "I heard that might not be Britney."

    A source from the recording studio cattily tells TMZ, "Was Eve even in Studio. Didn't know. She's clearly jealous. I didn't even know she still sings."Mariah?

    Read more:

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    Christine McVie, 69, joined Steven Tyler and former bandmates Mick Fleetwood and Rick Vito onstage last night in Maui to perform the Fleetwood Mac classic "Don't Stop." This is Christine's first public performance since retiring from Fleetwood Mac in 1998.


    Dying. Dead. Died.

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    Yuri Koller is a singer/songwriter/producer from Toronto, Ontario. Yuri has open for Drake, Jay Z, Eminem, Bun B, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Fabolous, and others at Drake's 1st annual OVO Fest at Toronto's Molson Amphitheatre during Caribana 2010. Yuri has also had the opportunity to record on tracks with Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Royce Da 5'9", Tona, P.Reign, JD Era, Kim Davis, Solitair, Rich Kidd, Redway, Haley Small and a multitude others, as well as work with producers such as Boi 1da, Beat Merchant, Y-Not and many more.

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     photo philmugshot_zps969623f3.jpg

    Phillip Phillips' mother Sheryl Phillips, who appeared on several episodes of "American Idol" during Phillip's championship run last season, was arrested for DUI earlier today.

    Law enforcement officials say, an undercover unit observed Sheryl swerving her van across lanes of traffic in Albany, Georgia and pulled her over. Based on what officers observed after the stop, they had reason to believe Sheryl was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

    According to law enforcement, officers administered a field sobriety test and Sheryl was unable to complete it. Cops took her into custody and transferred her to a nearby hospital, where doctors decided she was well enough to go to jail. She's currently being booked in Dougherty County.

     photo philmom_zpsdf815a50.jpg

    A source close to the family states that, Phillip's parents split up last week. Phillip has had a strained relationship with his family after he refused to help them financially when their pawn shop went out of business.


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    Forget the promo for next week, can we all have a gif party to celebrate

    the return of Queen Katherine?!


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    Demi Lovato hasn't officially been asked to judge another season of The X Factor, but the "Give Your Heart a Break" singer would jump at the opportunity to do so. "I'm focusing on my music this year, so it's going to be a lot of touring, a lot of promoting of my album, but I would love to," she tells Extra. "Obviously, if they asked for me to come back, I'd say yes."

    Britney Spears, who joined the show in its second season with Lovato, announced her exit in January. Music executive L.A. Reid, who appeared during the show's first two seasons, has also left the talent competition.

    With Spears off the panel, Lovato hopes to see another chart-topping pop star on the judges' table. "I would love to see Lady Gaga," she says. "I don't know if that is possible or not."

    Like Gaga -- who just canceled her tour in order to have hip surgery -- Lovato is on the mend. The 20-year-old broke her leg after her roommate cleaned their floors. "I slipped and fell in my living room and, God bless my roommate, but she's not used to cleaning and so she actually "Pledged" the floors," the singer explained. "Needless to say, that didn't go very well."


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    Six months ago, he was arrested for allegedly head-butting his then-wife Evelyn Lozada. But disgraced NFL player Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson has found love again with chef Lauren Popeil as the blonde has posted several Instagrams of the new couple enjoying Valentine's week in Spain.

     photo f2c09363-a6a1-497c-8e3e-b350a4e58c07_zpsabd2b021.jpg

     photo l2_zps21faff4c.jpg

     photo l3_zpsca9e5791.jpg

    The lovebirds began their Valentine's Day grabbing a quick bite at Le Pain de Quotidien before watching the Real Madrid vs. Manchester United match in Madrid.

    Lauren tweeted: 'On my way to the Real Madrid vs. Manchester United match with my boy Chad... Having the best time!!! No better way to spend Valentines week!'

    She then added, 'Couldn't be happier!!!! Thanks Chad!!!! Kisses!'

    Meanwhile, Chad opted out of retweeting his enthusiastic new girlfriend's couple shots and wrote the following message to his 4.7 million followers.

    'Happy Valentines to all 504 n a possible of my girlfriends, no gift is greater than being a part of my spontaneous, unpredictable weird life,' Johnson wrote.

    The previous night, the couple hit the clubs with Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

    The professional foodie's father is infomercial godfather Ron Popeil, worth in excess of 100 million dollars, known for his catchphrases 'Set it and forget it!' and 'But wait, there's more!'

    Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada filed for divorce from the former wide receiver just 41 days after their lavish August wedding following his arrest for domestic violence.

    Johnson was dropped for the Miami Dolphins the day after his arrest, but he avoided jail time after striking a plea deal with prosecutors.

    He was placed on 12-months probation and ordered to attend domestic violence awareness classes after pleading no contest to the misdemeanor charge on September 21.

    In a recent interview, Johnson revealed that he is taking anger management classes following the incident.
    He told Showtime's Inside the NFL: 'I'm trying to find out how can I channel my anger when I'm in situations to where I would pop off.'


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    Let's begin with this.

    "Oh, darling, don't you ever grow up, don't you ever grow up. Just stay this little. Oh, darling, don't you ever grow up, don't you ever grow up. It could stay this simple."
    Ah, remember those sweet lyrics to Taylor Swift's song "Never Grow Up," off her album Speak Now? Well, I kind of wish she would forget them.

    I love Taylor and there's no question that I love her music, but lately she's been leaving me with some unsettling questions.

    When she released her latest album, "Red," fans (including me) and the media alike figured she'd mature along with her new sound -- but it actually seems she's taken leaps back into her pre-teen years. She went from being this lovely young girl to a naive but talented teen, to a sophisticated 20-something serial dater, to a 23-year-old middle-schooler (if that makes sense).

    Take this photo, for instance: Taylor was seen shooting the music video for her upcoming coming-of-age single "22" on Feb. 11 -- except she's acting like she's 12. Do 22-year-olds ride around in shopping carts eating ice cream cones? NO. They typically ride around in cabs chugging beer on their way to the bar. (Sorry, mom).

    One day Taylor will be cuddling with her cat Meredith, baking cupcakes or making arts and crafts, and the next she'll be bashing an ex-beau or going out on a date with another guy. Girl, you need to decide: Are you a high-school student or a seasoned superstar that's heading into her mid-20s?

    But instead of becoming an uber-groupie, I wish Taylor would remember that she's as famous (if not more famous) than most of the stars she's "competing" against. (You don't have to dance to every song, Taylor -- be greedy!)

    And please, next time you open the Grammys, don't wear a top hat and dance alongside oversize rabbits and scary clowns. (A bit "Alice In Wonderland," no?)

    Now, moving on to her love life ... I think Swifty needs to make another HUGE choice: Is she a sugar baby or a cougar? One minute she's dating grown men -- John Mayer (now 35) and Jake Gyllenhaal (now 32) -- and the next she's spotted getting cozy with boys going through puberty -- Conor Kennedy and Harry Styles (both 18 at the time).

    Speaking of Harry, Taylor recently dumped on her latest ex-boyfriend, sporting the One Directioner's beanie in the music video for "22" (pictured above), which is just another one of the countless digs she's sent his way since they called it quits last month.

    Taylor has even dabbled in the middle, romancing young men like Taylor Lautner (now 21) and Joe Jonas (now 23). Hey Tay, how about someone in the 25-28 age range? We're feeling Zac Efron at the moment, but you might have already been there, done that.

    But really, in all seriousness, Taylor needs to take this time to be single for a while and focus on the direction her career needs to go in, because honestly, I'm OVER IT. (Like Tina Fey said at the Golden Globes, "she needs some ‘me time’ to learn about herself."

    T-Swift, I love you and listen to your music constantly (I confess), but I'm just confused.


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    Joan's now a detective guys!!!!!

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    On Feb. 11 the English rock band Foals announced headlining tour dates for the spring of 2013. The North American tour begins in Reno, Nev. on April 10 and ends in Asheville, N.C. on June 12. You can view a complete list of tour dates below.

    During Foals' spring 2013 North American tour the band will perform 39 shows over a two month time span. Two of those performances will be at the Coachella Music Festival. Surfer Blood and Blondfire will support the band on most dates and The Neighborhood will appear on select dates.

    Foals will be touring in support of their third full length studio album, "Holy Fire" which was released on Feb. 12 via Warner Bros Records. The album was produced by Flood & Moulder (PJ Harvey, Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins) at Assault & Battery studios in London.

    Tickets for Foals' upcoming spring 2013 North American tour go on sale beginning Feb. 15. For more information about the tour visit the band's official website here.

    Foals - Spring 2013 North American Tour Dates:

    4/10 - Reno, NV - Knitting Factory **
    4/11 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore**
    4/12 - Indio, CA - Coachella
    4/13 - Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues**
    4/18 - Tempe, AZ - Marquee Theatre**
    4/19 - Indio, CA - Coachella
    4/20 - Sacramento, CA - Ace of Spades
    4/22 - Mexico City, MEX - El Plaza Condesa
    4/25 - Houston, TX - Fitzgeralds*
    4/26 - Dallas, TX- House of Blues*
    4/27 - Austin, TX -- Emo's*
    4/28 - New Orleans, LA - House of Blues*
    4/30 - Atlanta, GA - Goat Farm*
    5/1 - Charlotte, NC - Neighborhood Theatre*
    5/3 - New York, NY - Terminal 5*
    5/4 - Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory*
    5/5 - Washington, DC - 930 Club*
    5/6 - Albany, NY - Upstate Concert Hall*
    5/8 - Providence, RI - The Met*
    5/9 - Boston, MA - House of Blues*
    5/10 - Montreal, QC - Club Soda*
    5/11 - Toronto, ON - Koolhaus*
    5/13 - Cleveland, OH - House of Blues*
    5/14 - Cincinnati, OH - Bogarts*
    5/15 - Columbus, OH - Newport Music Hall*
    5/17 - Indianapolis, IN - Deluxe*
    5/18 - Chicago, IL - Vic Theatre*
    5/19 - Milwaukee, WI - Turner Hall*
    5/20 - Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue*
    5/29 - Portland, OR - Crystal Ballroom*
    5/30 - Vancouver, BC - Commodore*
    5/31 - Seattle, WA - Neptune*
    6/3 - Salt Lake City, UT - The Depot*
    6/4 - Denver, CO - Ogden Theatre***
    6/5 - Lawrence, KS - Granada*
    6/7 - St. Louis, MO - Pageant*
    6/9 - Pittsburgh, PA - Mr. Smalls*
    6/11 - Baltimore, MD - Ram's Head*
    6/12 - Asheville, NC - Orange Peel*

    *with Surfer Blood and Blondfire
    **with The Neighbourhood
    ***with Blondfire


    Their new album is set to go #1 in the UK! For those who might not be familiar, their song "Spanish Sahara" played during this Misfits scene.

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