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    WWE News: Scott Hall, Jake Roberts Are Next Rumored Hall of Fame Inductees

    As WWE plots its course for who will join Mick Foley on this year’s Hall of Fame slate, two former WWE stars with less-than-stellar pasts are being mentioned as possible inductees.

    PWInsider (via is reporting that Scott Hall and Jake “The Snake” Roberts have been added to the list of names under consideration. The report states that Diamond Dallas Page may have contacted WWE about honoring Hall and Roberts after working with them on his DDP Yoga training regimen.

    According to the PWInsider report:

    An induction for Hall or Roberts is not confirmed and it’s said that Roberts would be more likely than Hall to go in by himself. At the same time, Hall would have the support of guys like Shawn Michaels and others.

    While in WWF, Hall, as Razor Ramon, was a member of the backstage group The Kliq, which also included Michaels, Triple H, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman. The Kliq has been mentioned as potential Hall of Fame inductees this year.

    Hall/Ramon achieved some of his greatest success in WWF and WCW. He won four Intercontinental Championships in WWF, and three singles and seven World Tag Team championships in WCW.

    But Hall’s longtime problems with drugs and alcohol tainted his time in big-league wrestling. He also faced second-degree murder charges in 1983, but they were dropped due to lack of evidence.

    Roberts (real name Aurelian Smith Jr.) had two stints in WWF. Although he never held any championships in the company, he had one of the best-known gimmicks in wrestling by carrying a large snake in a canvas bag and releasing it in the ring.

    But like Hall, Roberts also had drug-abuse problems, particular with cocaine and crack cocaine. His drug problems were magnified in the 1999 wrestling documentary Beyond the Mat, where he appeared high.

    Recently, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution published an article on how Page and his DDP Yoga training have helped Roberts lose 50 pounds and start to get his life back on track. PWInsider also reported that Page has reached out to Hall to help him through DDP Yoga.

    Hall and Roberts are the latest in a growing list of legendary names rumored for Hall of Fame induction this year. That list also includes D-Generation X, King Kong Bundy, Bob Backlund and Kamala.

    Follow Bill Atkinson on Twitter at @BAtkinson1963

    8 WWE Superstars and Their Attitude Era Counterparts


    Seth M. Guttenplan

    WWE fans, like fans of any other sport, always jump to compare current superstars with those from previous eras, especially the Attitude Era.

    For this article, the Attitude Era is defined as March 29, 1998, when Stone Cold Steve Austin became WWF champion, until April 1, 2001 at WrestleMania X-Seven, when Austin defeated the Rock to become WWF champion again.

    Before I discuss current WWE superstars and Attitude Era superstars they most resemble, in terms of gimmick and character, there are some honorable mentions.

    Tensai and A-Train do not make the list based on the fact that they are in fact the same person. Other superstars such as The Rock and Big Show also do not make the list as their careers have lasted through both eras.

    Also, Cody Rhodes and Rick Rude do not make the list since the only similarity they share is their moustaches.

    With that said, here are eight current WWE superstars and their Attitude Era counterparts.

    Dolph Ziggler and Billy Gunn
    Mr. Money in the Bank, Dolph Ziggler may remind you of Shawn Michaels, but it is Billy Gunn who Ziggler is more similar to. The Heartbreak Kid was a Grand Slam Champion in WWE, but Ziggler has only had one very brief World Championship thus far in his career.

    Billy Gunn was a upper midcard superstar during the Attitude Era who even won the King of the Ring tournament in 1999. Although the King of the Ring tournament doesn’t exist anymore in WWE, the Money in the Bank briefcase is the closest accolade to it.

    One may give a superstar an automatic World Title opportunity, but both are or were used to elevate a midcard superstar to the main event.

    The King of the Ring win did not necessarily do that for Billy Gunn and it remains to be seen how Dolph Ziggler’s Money in the Bank win helps his career.

    From similar finishing moves to their blonde hair, Dolph Ziggler and Billy Gunn are very similar. However, Ziggler should hope to have a more successful tenure in WWE than that of his Attitude Era counterpart.

    AJ Lee and Lita

    AJ Lee would be thrilled to hear that of all the divas from the Attitude Era, she is most comparable to Lita. This is because AJ admitted to crying when she had the opportunity to meet her idol.

    Either way, AJ Lee and Lita are very similar in their characters while in WWE.

    AJ has become the most famous diva in WWE today due to her multiple on screen relationships with various WWE superstars such as John Cena, Kane, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and now Dolph Ziggler.

    Similarly, Lita had multiple relationships while a diva in WWE. Lita spent the Attitude Era with the Hardy Boyz and it wasn’t until the era was over that she began relationships with Kane and Edge.

    Lita became a four time WWE Women’s champion, which is an accomplishment AJ has yet to achieve once. Either way, with their punk-style look and similar characters, Lita has to be considered AJ Lee’s Attitude Era counterpart.

    Damien Sandow and Triple H

    The intellectual savior of the masses, Damien Sandow, is not the Game, Cerebral Assassin or King of Kings.

    However, Sandow may remind you of the man who debuted as Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Triple H began his WWE career as a proper, classy superstar similar to Sandow.

    The similarities are obvious. Both superstars use sophistication and intellectuality as their character’s main gimmick. However it is their differences that make the situation interesting.

    Triple H was known for his valets that accompanied him, including the diva who would later be known as Sable. On the other hand, Sandow is known for his promos, using ridiculous amounts of big complicated words that most WWE fans probably never use.

    Is Damien Sandow the new and improved Triple H? If Hunter Hearst Helmsley became a 13 time World Champion in WWE, then what does the future hold for Sandow?

    CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin
    The best in the world and WWE Champion may remind you of a number of superstars from the Attitude Era, but it is Stone Cold Steve Austin who CM Punk should be most compared to.

    One may think Punk and Austin are very different in terms of their habitual activities. Austin was always associated with his high level of beer drinking, while Punk is known for being straight edge. However, it is their rebellious characters that make them much more similar than you think.

    During the Attitude Era, Austin was constantly feuding with his boss, Mr. McMahon in arguably WWE’s biggest and best feud ever.

    Nowadays, CM Punk is also feuding with Mr. McMahon, though the chairman is rarely seen on WWE TV. McMahon is now seen as a babyface from who CM Punk demands respect. Punk’s famous pipebomb promo from June 2011 was aimed against WWE and Punk is clearly a rebel against the company he works for.

    A potential WrestleMania match between Punk and Austin would be epic, but these two WWE superstars are much more similar than one may have thought.

    Brodus Clay and Rikishi

    When Brodus Clay debuted as the Funkasaurus, older WWE fans may have been reminded of Flash Funk, the Godfather or Ernest “The Cat” Miller, he most resembles Attitude Era’s Rikishi.

    Rikishi originally joined WWE as Fatu as part of the Headshrinkers, but during the Attitude Era he was the big man who loved to dance just like Brodus Clay.

    The Godfather’s gimmick had more to do with his ho train and being a pimp, so Rikishi would be a better fit to compare with Brodus Clay. Hopefully we don’t see any stink faces from Brodus Clay anytime soon.

    While Rikishi is a former WWE Tag Team Champion and Intercontinental Champion, Clay has been unsuccessful thus far in claiming any gold in WWE. Perhaps a heel turn will help Clay, but then the gimmick similarity with Rikishi would no longer exist.

    A reincarnation of a gimmick from the Attitude Era may or may not be a good choice by WWE. New and creative characters will generally stand out more than recycled old gimmicks.

    However, as wrestling fans have seen over the years, there are many similar gimmicks and characters that show up on WWE TV.

    So what do you think? What current WWE superstars resemble those from the Attitude Era? What are your thoughts on my selections?

    TV Spot for Michael Bay's "Pain and Gain," with Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg

    Director Michael Bay just unveiled a new TV spot for his upcoming $20 million "Pain and Gain" movie, which stars Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg. Check it out below.

    Plot: Based on a Miami New Times article from 1999, "Pain and Gain" will follow a pair of Florida bodybuilders (Johnson, Wahlberg) who get caught up in an extortion ring and a kidnapping scheme that goes terribly wrong.

    The new movie co-stars Anthony Mackie, Ed Harris, Rob Corddry, Tony Shalhoub, Bar Paly, Ken Jeong and Rebel Wilson, and is set to hit theaters on April 26th.

    Source 123

    Royal Rumble is this coming Sunday ! Who do you all think will win ?

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    Early in the new Netflix series “House of Cards” the narrator and card player Representative Francis Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, looks straight into the camera and tells viewers: “Power is a lot like real estate. It’s all about location, location, location. The closer you are to the source, the higher your property value.”

    Underwood is speaking at a presidential inauguration, just outside the Capitol in Washington. As viewers observe the swearing-in he asks in a delicious Southern drawl, “Centuries from now, when people watch this footage, who will they see smiling just at the edge of the frame?” Then Underwood comes into frame again. He’s just a few rows away from the president. He gives the camera a casual wave.

    Underwood, having been spurned in his bid to become secretary of state, is on a quest for power that’s just as suspenseful as anything on television. But his story will unspool not on TV but on Netflix, the streaming video service that is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in original programming. Its plan for showing “House of Cards,” an adaptation of a 1990 BBC mini-series set in Parliament, will itself be a departure from the usual broadcast approach. On Feb. 1 all 13 episodes will be available at once, an acknowledgment that many of its subscribers like to watch shows in marathon sessions.

    Another 13 episodes are already in production. Odds are, then, that viewers are going to spend quite a while inside Underwood’s head as he tricks, coerces and sometimes intimidates his opponents. “He makes you complicit in an odd way,” said David Fincher, the acclaimed filmmaker who directed the first episode of the new series.

    This is accomplished by having Mr. Spacey break the fourth wall, or address the audience directly. The original “House of Cards” did it too.

    “I loved the idea of being intimately part of the thought process of this lead character, because he could take you aside and explain to you what he was doing and why he was doing it and where it was headed,” Mr. Fincher said.

    He and the other producers won’t reveal exactly where their modern-day “Macbeth” ends up, though a shot at the presidency isn’t a bad guess. The characters introduced in the first two episodes include Representative Peter Russo, a pawn for Underwood, played by Corey Stoll (Hemingway in “Midnight in Paris”); Linda Vasquez, the president’s chief of staff, played by Sakina Jaffrey; and Underwood’s conniving wife, Claire, played by Robin Wright. “In politics there’s ambition, desire, lust, betrayal — all the same kinds of things we exhibit and experience in our own everyday lives,” said Beau Willimon, the show runner. Mr. Fincher, Mr. Willimon and many of the other players — all basically television novices — were brought together by Media Rights Capital, an independent studio that had optioned the rights to “House of Cards” thanks to an intern who recommended it to Mordecai Wiczyk, the studio’s co-founder.

    Mr. Fincher was finishing “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” when he was introduced to the BBC mini-series by an agent. “David said, ‘I’d love to executive-produce this, and I’d like to bring Eric Roth with me,’ ” Mr. Wiczyk recalled. “Generally speaking, when you get that phone call, you just say yes. Which I did.”

    Mr. Roth had written the screenplay for “Benjamin Button.” Next, Mr. Fincher said, they had to “find a writer who would do the due diligence to transplant parliamentary politics to Washington.” Enter Mr. Willimon, who had written the play “Farragut North” and turned it into the film “The Ides of March.” After watching the BBC mini-series, he said, “I saw tons of great opportunities to make it our own, to make it contemporary, to broaden its scope and deepen its story.” It’s a “reinvention,” he added, not a mere remake.

    By the time Mr. Willimon completed the pilot in early 2011, Mr. Spacey’s agent had started asking about the project. (Artistic director of the Old Vic theater in London, “Kevin is an Anglophile,” Mr. Wiczyk said.) The actor was part of the package Media Rights Capital brought to HBO, Showtime, AMC and other possible television buyers.

    But before the studio met with any of them it put out a feeler to Netflix, thinking that fast-growing service might bid for the rights to repeat the show after a television premiere. The Netflix chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, a fan of the original, did what Netflix executives tend to do: He looked at the data. He found that Mr. Spacey and Mr. Fincher’s films were pretty popular among subscribers to Netflix’s streaming service. So were the films and TV shows in the category Netflix called “political thrillers.” And if that wasn’t enough evidence that a “House of Cards” reboot would fare well, there was this: The DVDs of the original mini-series were popular among subscribers to the company’s DVD-by-mail service.

    Mr. Sarandos also sized up the project qualitatively. “It looked incredibly promising,” he said, “kind of the perfect storm of material and talent.”

    He wanted exclusive rights to the show — a jaw-dropper at the time, since Netflix wasn’t in the exclusives business yet. His $100 million commitment to license 26 episodes, two seasons, sight unseen clinched the deal.

    Since the deal was struck in March 2011 Netflix has taken a couple of tentative steps into original programming, picking up overseas shows that had never been seen in the United States before. But “House of Cards” is the first show that can be called made for Netflix. It’s also the first to be considered, by those that do such considering, as prestigious as the programs on HBO and other top-tier cable channels. Netflix plans to have premieres of several other original shows this year, including a new season of the canceled Fox comedy “Arrested Development”; “Hemlock Grove,” a horror series produced by Eli Roth; a comedy, “Orange Is the New Black,” from the “Weeds” creator Jenji Kohan; and another called “Derek” from Ricky Gervais.

    For “House of Cards” what was almost as important as the two-season commitment was Netflix’s promise of zero interference. “We’re placing our faith in you,” Mr. Sarandos told Mr. Fincher and the other producers.

    Mr. Willimon said that he and his writing staff wrote drafts of all 13 episodes of the first season before filming commenced on a soundstage outside Baltimore last April — in contrast to most television shows that have a much more compressed timetable. What is compressed, in this case, is the release of the first season.

    “We approached this creatively as a 13-hour movie,” said Mr. Willimon, who eschewed cliffhangers at the ends of some episodes because, well, he could. “Knowing we had two full seasons in advance, I didn’t feel the pressure to sell the end of each episode with superficial cliffhangers or shock tactics in order to keep coming back, in order to jack up the ratings week to week,” he said. “I hope our version of a cliffhanger is compelling, sophisticated characters and complex storytelling.”

    Since the series is set in Washington, some viewers will surely wonder if the characters are stand-ins for a real political animals. “Yeah, people will be tempted to think that it’s a real-life portrayal of life in D.C.,” Mr. Sarandos said. “It’s not at all. It’s a piece of fiction that is incredible. It’s not an attempt to portray the nastiness of Washington. It’s an attempt to portray the nastiness of mankind.”


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    Rosie and Baby

    Could this kid be any cuter?

    Rosie O'Donnell headed to Twitter recently to show off her darling daughter Dakota, whom she and her wife Michelle Rounds welcomed Jan. 9.

    In one of many adorable snaps, the comedian cuddles the newborn, holding the baby close in a sentimental photo.

    O'Donnell also tweeted a touching poetic tribute to the couple's baby girl Wednesday, called, "A Baby Born," in which she wrote, "I have a new baby
, she smells delicious,
 cooing and blinking,
 welcome to the world. Life has on occasion so much joy, 
babies anchor me 
to souls here and gone
 2 connection."

    This is the fifth child for O'Donnell who has four other children from her previous marriage to Kelli Carpenter.


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  • 01/20/13--18:11: OUAT - 2.13 - Tiny - Promo
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  • 01/20/13--18:32: WEEKEND BOX OFFICE!
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    1. She has the most challenging role.
    As an elderly woman whose health dramatically declines after a sudden stroke, Emmanuelle Riva was charged with true high-difficulty acting rarely seen on the screen. She was required to display her music teacher character in a vibrant and talkative state, and then transform herself into a near vegetative condition. The physical challenges associated with a task like this can’t be downplayed. The actress had to virtually relinquish all of control of her body, and eliminate any "monitoring" which might suggest self-awareness to the audience. Was there ever a moment when you doubted what you were seeing? Many people found the film somewhat difficult to watch, but that’s largely due to how convincing the acting was. Riva has been this year’s critical darling, winning honors from the Los Angeles Film Critics, the National Society of Film Critics, the Boston Society of Film Critics and numerous other groups. While such awards don’t always translate to Oscar, bet that the Academy will surely recognize Riva’s monumental achievement.

    2. Support is soft for the category’s perceived frontrunners.
    Most pundits are currently predicting a win by either Jennifer Lawrence in "Silver Linings Playbook" or Jessica Chastain in "Zero Dark Thirty." The pundits are wrong. Sure, "Silver Linings" is a wonderful film which the Academy obviously adores. And Lawrence has a terrific chemistry with Bradley Cooper and manages to hold her own with Robert De Niro. But is this really an Oscar-caliber performance? Couldn’t a number of other actresses have played the part just as well? At 22, the "Winter's Bone" and "Hunger Games" star has a lifetime of great performances ahead of her. Voters will feel content waiting to reward her down the road. The same goes for the slightly older Chastain in "Zero Dark Thirty." A Julliard-trained talent who now seems to appear in every film, she’s certainly solid in "Zero." However, it’s an understated performance which displays only a fraction of her great thespian range. She’s going to have much richer roles in the future which will earn her Oscar recognition. As for Naomi Watts in "The Impossible," she’s a widely respected actress and seemingly overdue. If she had a little more screen time and wasn’t the only nomination for her film, she might have a chance. She’s bound to eventually win, but it’s going to be next to impossible this year. Even voters weary of voting for Riva will eventually do so for lack of a better choice.

    3. Her age isn’t an issue.
    Much has been made of the perception that the Academy always goes for the "babe" in the female acting categories. Some would argue that that explains the victories by Natalie Portman in "Black Swan" over Annette Bening in "The Kids Are All Right," Reese Witherspoon in "Walk the Line" over Felicity Huffman in "Transamerica," Charlize Theron in "Monster" over Diane Keaton in "Something’s Gotta Give," and Halle Berry in "Monster’s Ball" over Sissy Spacek in "In the Bedroom." I would argue that those outcomes had to more to do with the nature of the roles than the attractiveness of the stars. Portman, Witherspoon, Theron and Berry were all given more dramatic parts than their rivals. If the younger actress always prevails, then how did Meryl Streep in "The Iron Lady" win over Michelle Williams in "My Week with Marilyn" just last year? Why didn’t Penelope Cruz in "Volver" pull off an upset over Helen Mirren in "The Queen" for the 2006 lead actress trophy? And how in the world did the category’s oldest winner, Jessica Tandy in "Driving Miss Daisy," defeat the drop dead gorgeous Michelle Pfeiffer in "The Fabulous Baker Boys" 23 years ago? (I'm still seething from that. Will nver get over it tbh) Riva will in fact turn 86 on Oscar Sunday. After she wins, perhaps the pundits will finally 86 the tired "babe theory" altogether.

    4. The Academy is filled with Francophiles.
    There’s a long history of recognizing French films and actors at the Academy Awards. The classic "Grand Illusion" was the first foreign language film nominated for Best Picture following its US release in 1938. While very much in English and shot in Hollywood, "An American in Paris" pulled off a shocking win for Best Picture of 1951. French talents like Isabelle Adjani, Charles Boyer, Leslie Caron, Catherine Deneuve, and Gerard Depardieu have all been nominated for Oscars. Claudette Colbert (French-born), Simone Signoret, Juliette Binoche, Marion Cotillard and Jean Dujardin have even won. If Dujardin presents this year’s Best Actress award as expected, he’ll likely be delighted to read his compatriot Riva’s name. (Watch for him to exclaim “Mon amour!” after opening the envelope.) Why such Academy admiration for the French? Maybe it’s like dining at an upscale French restaurant or ordering a fancy French wine. In fact, you might even compare this year’s Best Actress contest to a dessert menu. You have Jennifer Lawrence's apple pie, Jessica Chastain's red velvet cake, Naomi Watts's coconut tart and Quvenzhane Wallis's bread pudding. Then there’s Emmanuelle Riva’s crème brulee. It’s not the obvious selection and it may not even be the tastiest. But somehow it’s just the finest – reflective of the diner’s sophistication and high class. Expect the Academy to say "oui" to Riva’s sublime creation.

    5. Because I said so.
    Don’t believe me? Consider my track record. Five years ago, I boldly declared (in writing) that Marion Cotillard would win for "La Vie en Rose," while every expert seemed to be picking Julie Christie in "Away from Her." After "The Social Network" swept the critics’ awards and Golden Globes two years ago and seemed unstoppable, I presented five reasons why "The King’s Speech" could still win Best Picture. Last year I gave five arguments why both Jean Dujardin and Meryl Streep would take the top acting prizes – even going on television guaranteeing the Iron Lady’s victory. In early December, I suggested that "Silver Linings Playbook" might become the first film since 1981’s "Reds" to earn Oscar nominations in all four acting categories. Am I always right about everything? Of course not. But have I gotten my fellow pundits nervous about this year? I certainly hope so.


    I'm rooting for her. I hope she gets it, I mean, the other nominees still have time for more, but this might be her only shot at an Oscar win. Plus the film made me sob so hard, even more than Terms of Enderment, Grave of the Fireflies, Steel Magnolias, Weekend, and pretty much every other sad film ever has.

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     photo Courtland_Rogers_Jenelle_Evans_sonogram_zps23447bf0.jpg

    Things had seemingly been going very well for newlyweds Jenelle Evans and husband Courtland Rogers since it was revealed last week that Jenelle is seven weeks pregnant. But anyone who has followed Jenelle’s relationship history over the last few years knows that bliss is a tentative thing, and the all-too-familiar Twitter feud flames were lit late last night when Courtland apparently bugged out on his pregnant wife in the middle of the night to get lit himself at a party. Anger, profanity, and cheating allegations ensued…

    JENELLE: @courtyb11 wow

    COURTLAND:: I think I just lost it all!!!!! I swear to god I am depressed as f**k I need my wife in my arms telling me everything is gonna b okay

    JENELLE: Heartbroken in half completely.

    COURTLAND: She deserves somebody better!! A guy with a job a house and the perseverance to b anything they wanna be I’m a piece of sh!t and I now know!
    COURTLAND: So now all I can do is pray for our little angel and pray for her as well @PBandJenelley_1 sometimes life gets tuff where do I go from here?
    COURTLAND: I miss her like a million times more than anything else in the world
    COURTLAND: Goodbye twitter

    JENELLE: And just to think I fooled myself into thinking I was happy, happiness doesn’t exist it seems like. Just when I’m around my one and only.

    COURTLAND: And I am glad to know hat somebody has just sent me. A screenshot of jenelle and gary [Jenelle's ex Gary Head] talking today ! TODAY

    JENELLE: @courtyb11 want me to blast what u did? Lmfao don’t think so

    COURTLAND: I went out last night and got wasted and came home at 3 am and I left my pregnant wife asleep by herself but I didn’t cheat!! I just left

    JENELLE: @courtyb11 it was way worse then that
    JENELLE: I have to figure this out.
    JENELLE:It ain't easy growing up in world war 3, I don't want love to destroy me like it has done my family @Pink

     photo jenelle-evans-ultrasound-lg_zps2a5e028d.jpg

    Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans announced her second pregnancy a few days ago, and the Internet is already swarming with fans accusing her of faking those adorable ultra-sound pictures. Pshhh, as if!

    nice ultra sound of your std/ovarian cyst check up.

    Jenelle insists that the picture is real and that she's really pregnant.

    Lmfao wow u guys really are in denial about this news," Jenelle tweeted, adding. "lmfao never ever used photoshop in my LIFE. Idk how to work it at ALL."

    "yr going to feel really stupid and dumb when u find out I'm not lying."

    It’s beginning to look more and more like the “fake pregnancy” conspiracy theories are wrong and we can expect a little Jenelle or Courtland Jr. in September!


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    Justin Bieber Overtaking Lady Gaga in Twitter Followers

    Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber have always been Twitter royalty – The King and Queen of the service, if you will. They’ve held the #1 and #2 spots in follower count for a couple of years – but always in that order. Lady Gaga has always had a slight edge over Bieber.

    That may be about the change

    Back in May of 2011, Lady Gaga became the first person to ever hit 10 million followers on Twitter. Coming in second, at the time, was Justin Bieber.

    Flash forward to January, 2012, when Lady Gaga hit 18 million followers. Once again, Justin Bieber retained the second-place spot.

    In March, Gaga hit 20 million followers, with Bieber still trailing. In June, Gaga hit 25 million and yes, Bieber was just behind her. I’m hoping you’re sensing a pattern here.

    But now, it looks like Bieber is gaining on Gaga – and fast. Some Bieber fans are already reporting that Bieber has surpassed Gaga, and have screenshots to prove it. TwitterCounter lists Bieber with a 1,000 follower lead on Gaga, but still ranks him at #2.

    Twitter follower counts (especially when we’re talking tens of millions of followers) can fluctuate wildly by the second – but as of right now we’re still seeing Bieber as about 3,000 behind Gaga. Both have just over 33.3 million followers.

    It does look like it’s going to happen soon, however. Gaga used to hold a couple of million follower lead on Bieber.

    If he becomes the leader, maybe he’ll twitpic a photo of his ass in celebration. That would most definitely fire up the beliebers.

    Source 1, 2, 3

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    Paul Rudd, Prince Avalanche

    Ben Foster, Rooney Mara, and Casey Affleck, Ain't Them Bodies Saints

    Fred Malamed, Alexandra Holden, Rob Corddry, Lake Bell (director), Tig Notaro, Michaela Watkins, Ken Marino, and Demetri Martin, In A World...

    Lake Bell (director), In A World...

    Rob Corddry, In A World...

    Ken Marino, In A World...

    Ellen Page, The East

    Alexander Skarsgard, The East

    Brit Marling, Alexander Skarsgard, Ellen Page, and Zal Batmanglij (director), The East

    Brit Marling, The East

    Martin Starr and Kristen Bell, The Lifeguard

    Kristen Bell, The Lifeguard

    Mamie Gummer, Alex Shaffer, Kristen Bell, Josh Harto, Liz W. Garcia (director), David Lambert, and Martin Starr (bottom), The Lifeguard

    Trae Harris and Amari Cheatom, Newlyweeds

    Shaka King (director), Trae Harris, and Amari Cheatom, Newlyweeds

    Tamsin Egerton, The Look of Love

    Langley Hemingway, Mariel Hemingway, Bobby Williams, and Barbara Kopple (director), Running From Crazy

    Langley Hemingway and Mariel Hemingway, Running From Crazy

    Sebastian Junger (director), Which Way is the Front Line From Here? The Life and Times of Tim Hetherington

    Allen Leech and Alice Englert, In Fear (OP Note: Branson!)

    Alice Englert, In Fear

    Bishop Christopher Senyonjo and Reverend Kapya Kaoma, God Loves Uganda

    Will Brittain and Lindsay Burdge, A Teacher

    Brad Miska (producer), Roxanne Benjamin (producer), Eduardo Sanchez (director), Simon Barrett (director), Adam Wingard (director), Gary Binkow (producer), Gregg Hale (director), Samantha Gracie, S-VHS

    John Akomfrah (director), The Stuart Hall Project

    Richmond Arquette, Chad Hartigan (director), and Paul Eenhoorn, This is Martin Bonner

    Gina Piersanti, Andrew McCord, Jesse Cordasco, Giovanna Salimeni, Ronen Rubinstein, and Case Prime, It Felt like Love

    Greg ''Freddy'' Camalier (director), Muscle Shoals

    Julie Delpy, Before Midnight

    Ben Lewis (director), Google and the World Brain

    Michael Urie, Ryan Spahn, and Halley Feiffer, He's Way More Famous Than You, Slamdance Film Festival

    Michael Urie, He's Way More Famous Than You, Slamdance Film Festival


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    Newly single pop star Britney Spears indulges in some retail therapy in Thousand Oaks, California on January 21, 2013.


    She looks happy!

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    Yes, you read correctly. Today it was announced that Aliya-Jasmine would be stepping down after 3 years of hosting 1 girl 5 gays.

    The question remained as to who would fill the "1 girl's" shoes. Turns out it's Degrassi alumni Lauren Collins


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  • 01/21/13--18:13: Paramore - "NOW" LEAK!!!
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     photo kidnplay_zpsbb77e812.jpg

    Michelle Obama's flat-top rocking nephew needs to get with the times -- so says one of the greatest flat-top rockers ever ... Kid from Kid 'n Play ... who tells us, the hairstyle is embarrassingly out of fashion and needs to die.

    In case you weren't watching ... news cameras captured "First Nephew" Avery Robinson sporting a hi-top fade while watching his uncle Barack get sworn in for the second time.

     photo firstnephew_zpsd5bbb8e2.jpg

    Kid -- real name Chris Reid -- tells us, it's a throwback 'do that never should've happened ... "I think that flat-tops should not come back ... It's an old style that now looks stupid to me."

    Kid added, he doesn't want to "blatantly bash anyone" ... but said Avery needs "to get out of the time warp."


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    Might Taylor Swift be getting back together with Harry Styles?

    The 23-year-old "I Knew You Were Trouble" crooner flew into London Monday on her private jet, a source tells E! News—and the source also believes that the One Direction singer is in the country, and has a couple of days off. 

    According to the source, Swift arrived midday accompanied by two other people, and had several bags with her and her guitar.

    "Once she disembarked, she was met by a bodyguard and a driver who took her straight into a central London," the source said. "She is staying at a London hotel. She seemed excited to be here. She was heard saying how pretty London looked (it's covered in snow at the moment)."

    While we'll have to wait to see whether the ex-couple will get caught canoodling again, but Swift has been making the most of her time following her split with Styles a couple of weeks ago, grabbing dinner with her family and spending time in the recording studio.

    Swift and Styles called it quits earlier this month after going on vacation together during the holidays in the British Virgin Islands. 


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    I'm not sure if the cover was posted yet, but here it is anyway.

    sources: 1 | 2 | 3


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     photo wes-welker-ray-lewis-1_zps8675664f.jpg

    Wes Welker's wife hates Ray Lewis ... and not just because the Ravens beat the Patriots yesterday ... it's 'cause she thinks he's a terrible human being ... and she made her feelings known on Facebook.

    After Sunday's AFC Championship game ... Anna Burns Welker went to her Facebook page and posted the following message:

    "Proud of my husband and the Pats. By the way, if anyone is bored, please go to Ray Lewis' Wikipedia page. 6 kids 4 wives. Acquitted for murder. Paid a family off. Yay. What a hall of fame player! A true role model!"

     photo wes-welker-ray-lewis-2_zps44ba106e.jpg

    FYI -- Lewis was charged with murder back in 2000 for his involvement in a fight that resulted in two deadly stabbings ... but the murder charge was dropped as part of a plea deal.

    "I apologize to Ray Lewis and his family for my comments. In no way did I mean for them to be mean or hurtful. I'm embarrassed for being a sore loser. I wish Ray and the Ravens good luck. Lesson learned!"



     photo cryingpatschild_zps948379f8.jpg

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    Prince Harry is ready to become Uncle Harry!

    Speaking with reporters in a pre-taped interview at the end of his four-month military tour in Afghanistan, Harry reveals he "can't wait" to be an uncle to Prince William and Kate Middleton's first child, adding he's "thrilled" for the couple. 

    Plus, Harry finally talks about the nude photo scandal he endured after his trip to Las Vegas in late August, saying he let himself down.

    "Obviously I'm thrilled for both of them. It's about time!" Harry says of Prince William and Kate's pregnancy. "I can't wait to be an uncle." 

    Though the officer known as Capt. Harry Wales has been serving with the British Army Air Corps in Afghanistan since September, Harry says he has been in contact with his brother and sister-in-law. "I spoke to my brother and her, and they're both very well and both very happy obviously," he says. "I think it's very unfair that they were forced to publicize it when they were, but that's just the media for you."

    Speaking of the media, Harry adds that he hopes Kate will be able to maintain privacy during her pregnancy, especially after having to announce the news early after Kate was hospitalized due to acute morning sickness. "I literally am very, very happy for them, but I just only hope that she and him—but mainly Catherine—hopefully that she gets the necessary protection to allow her as a mother-to-be to enjoy the privacy that that comes with," he says. "I seriously hope that's going to be able to happen." 

    Speaking to his nude photo scandal, Harry says, "I probably let myself down. I let my family down, I let other people down."

    However, Harry once again brings up the issue of the media's treatment of him and his family, saying, "At the end of the day, I was in a private area and there should be a certain amount of privacy...The way I was treated by [the media] I don't think is acceptable."


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