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    Snow White is one of the most famous of the Grimm brother’s fairy tales and has been one of the most adapted stories to film. In this article, we take a look at some of the most well-known of those adaptations and see how they stack up against each other and against the original fairytale. (From House of Geekery)       

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)
    Disney has a reputation for producing impeccable animated stories and their very first full-length animated feature was just that. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a treat for the eyes and the ears. With simple yet beautiful drawings in striking primary colors and lovely songs that are time-tested classics, this is a movie that simple can’t be topped. Snow White is a sweet and charming young princess, the dwarfs are each delightful characters with individual personalities, and the Evil Queen is both beautiful and terrifying. The story follows Grimm’s tale with the exception of a few minor details and does so with the wit and charm that only old-school Walt Disney could produce. You would be hard pressed to find any flaws in this film. A+
    Trivia: Dancer Marge Champion’s movements were rotoscoped to be used as guide for Snow White.

    Snow White (1987)
    This version of Snow White is (unfortunately) a musical. Dianna Rigg plays the Evil Queen as a campy, singing version of a vain old lady. Sarah Patterson plays an older Snow White who, in this story, is chased away by her step-mother at a young age (played by Nicola Stapleton) and grows up with the dwarfs for a number of years. The dwarfs themselves are for some reason so hairy that they could be confused with animals.  The one thing about this movie that worked was the Magic Mirror which was made to be quite scary.  The idea of Dianna Rigg as the Evil Queen is not enough to make this more bearable. The horrible songs, coupled with a terribly dated look made it difficult to sit through. And it was also kind of racist. F
    Trivia: Sarah Patterson also played Red Riding Hood in a movie made by the same company.

    Snow White: A Tale of Terror (1997)
    The scariest film on this list, Snow White: A Tale of Terror made a horror movie out of a fairy tale and it worked. Monica Keena as the innocent yet intelligent princess Lilli provides the perfect balance to Sigourney Weaver’s elegant queen who slowly loses her mind to magic. Both performances were stunning enough to outweigh any of the less-than-stellar performances by more minor characters. The dwarfs have less individual personalities in this movie, save for the one romantically interested in Lilli (who also happens to be not a dwarf but an average-sized human). The tone was dark and creepy, effectively created with setting, light, and story. Although this tale has quite a few differences from the original Grimm’s story, none of them manage to derail the plot in any way and it remains a fantastic adaptation of Snow White. A-
    Trivia: The role of Lilli Hoffman (Snow White) was originally written with Alicia Silverstone in mind.

    Snow White: The Fairest of Them All (2001)
    This movie featured Kristin Kreuk (in her film debut) as Snow White. She was not the best actress, but she was surprising better than she was in the long-running Smallville. With the pounds of white make-up they put on her, she certainly looked the part but despite how pretty she was, it didn’t make up for the rest of the movie. The gut-wrenchingly corny music and lackluster special affects made it painfully obvious that this is a Hallmark movie. This is not a movie for critical viewers. The film is full of dreadful, oddly-contemporary dialogue delivered by bad actors. This movie also took the liberty of adding some sort of ice-demon that is inadvertently rescued by Snow White’s father and repays him by proving baby Snow with milk (since her mother has died by now and her father apparently doesn’t know how to feed her). Oh, and he gives him a kingdom too, complete with the Queen (Miranda Richardson) who was possibly the best part of the movie. The dwarfs were uncomfortably clothed in the most ridiculous looking rainbow ensemble and grating on the audience’s nerve from the very start.  All in all, this version of Snow White’s many deviations from the original story worked against it, creating a ridiculous and unnecessary tale. D
    Trivia: Kristin Kreuk is starring in the new CW television show Beauty and the Beast, another fairytale adaptation.

    Zwerge (2004)
    The German comedy 7 Zwerge has a quirky sort of humor (some of which I’m afraid was lost on this English-speaking viewer) that mixed in some modernity with its classic fairy tale. Cosma Shiva Hagen played Snow White and she has an ethereal sort of beauty about her that makes it hard to take your eyes away, which is appropriate for the role of the fairest of them all. The evil queen (played by Nina Hagen) resembled a woman gone delusional with old age; inches of blue eyeshadow and tall platinum blonde hair made look her as ridiculous and over-the-top as she acted. In this movie the dwarfs are actually grown men who live in a forbidden part of the kingdom to avoid women. This movie features over-the-top acting, silly costumes and ridiculous plot points but unlike some others on the list, it does so on purpose. There’s also a surprising and original twist ending. It’s not for everyone, but there are more than a few who would appreciate the sort of humor 7 Dwarfs has to offer. B-
    Trivia: Cosma Shiva Hagen is the daughter of New Wave/punk singer Nina Hagen and the late musician Ferdinand Karmelk.

    Grimm’s Snow White (2012)
    I have low expectations from any movie made by the Asylum Company. That being said, this movie wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. This version of Snow White, although named “Grimm’s” is very far from the original tale. It in fact has a fantasy twist to it; with elves, dragons, and other beasts. When Snow is injured after escaping from her would-be murderers, she is taken in and healed by elves, whose species is persecuted by the humans for their magic. She then ends up fighting with them against the Queen (with no explanation as to how she can use weapons so well). Plenty of other changes were made to the story; a ring instead of an apple takes the princess down, for example.  The acting was actually not bad, especially Jane March as the beautiful, Evil Queen. Jamie Thomas King as Prince Alexander was bland and forgettable and his romance with Snow White seemed undeveloped and boring. One thing this film did differently was cast a blonde as Snow White, which was interesting to see. Eliza Bennett is a cute girl didn’t really get to do all that much. The best part of the movie (besides Jane March) was the costume design, which was simple yet effective. An original take on the Snow White tale, Grimm’s Snow White is one of the better Asylum movies out there and managed to exceed my (very low) expectations, although it still ended up being anticlimactic and unnecessary. C-
    Trivia: Jane March played Jane Porter in Tarzan and the Lost City.

    Mirror Mirror (2012)
    Tarsem Singh is famous for creating visual masterpieces and that goes for this film as well. Lovely special effects and bright colors make it a treat for the eyes. The dialogue was unnervingly modern but mostly for Julia Roberts. Roberts is a terrific actress but it was sometimes difficult to picture her as anyone BUT Julia Roberts, especially with the silly dialogue she had to work with. Lily Collins was good as the pretty but naïve princess although her insane eyebrows were pretty distracting. Arnie Hammer was a charming and endearing prince whose romance with Snow White seemed appropriately realistic even if his role was a bit shallow. Each of the dwarfs was superb with great talent and not written to be ridiculous like in other versions; I simply loved all of them. The Huntsman was substituted for a combination of the Queen’s servant who brings her into the woods to be eaten by a fearsome beast. Out of all the live action Snow White films, Mirror Mirror is one of the most visually exciting and if you don’t mind a little silliness and some deviation from the original story, then you’ll enjoy this one. B+
    Trivia: Saoirse Ronan was considered for the role of Snow White, but the age difference between her and Armie Hammer was too big.

    Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)
    Snow White and the Huntsman was a big budget blockbuster that didn’t quite live up to expectations. There were so many ridiculous plot points that they overshadowed what could have been a pretty awesome story about a young princess fighting to take back her kingdom from an evil sorceress. The main actors seemed like they were teenagers awkwardly delivering lines in a school play. Charlize Theron played the Queen and if there’s anyone whose beauty can enchant a king, it’s her. She plays the role in an over-the-top and campy way that most people would find annoying. Instead of writing a better story for Snow White they spent time having other characters tell us how beautiful, innocent and strong she is. Kristen Stewart was completely miscast as a princess who is supposed to possess great beauty and charisma. She delivered her lines in a very Bella Swan-esque manner, without emotion or interest (and in a terrible accent). Chris Hemsworth was appropriately ass-kicking as the Huntsman (who in this story, sides with Snow White) and Sam Claflin appropriately noble as the handsome suitor still hung up on his childhood crush. Both males were pretty much there just to give us a (completely forced) love triangle. The dwarves were all played by upstanding actors but don’t get enough screen time. The best thing about this film was the special effects including the changing scenery, magic mirror and phantom army. Overall this film is all style and no substance. C+
    Trivia:  Lily Collins auditioned for the lead role but lost to Kristen Stewart. Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder were considered to play Ravenna, the Evil Queen.
    What’s your favorite Snow White film adaptation?
    Author’s Note: Due to the overwhelming number of Snow White films I had to narrow it down to only the most well-known and those that were easy for me to get hold of (essentially, I couldn’t find many non-English or silent films). I also left out television shows (sorry Once Upon a Time) and very loose adaptations like Sydney White.


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    Following the reveal earlier this month that Benedict Cumberbatch's Star Trek Into Darkness villain goes by the mysterious name of "John Harrison," GyaO! (via TrekMovie) caught up with director J.J. Abrams and Cumberbatch himself.

    "When J.J. described the role to me… he described someone who was, in movie terms, a mixture of Hannibal Lecter, Jack in 'The Shining,' and the Joker in 'Batman,'" Cumberbatch said. "...He's someone who has enormous physical strength. He's someone who is incredibly dangerous, both as a physical entity and through the use of various technologies and weapons and who performs acts of what I would describe as terrorism. He's also a psychological master. He manipulates the minds of those around him to do his bidding in a very, very subtle way."

    "His name is John Harrison and he is sort of an... average guy who works in an organization called Starfleet," Abrams added, "and he turns against the group because he has got this backstory and this kind of amazing secret agenda. After two very violent attacks, one in London and one in the US, our characters have to go after this guy and apprehend him. And it is a far more complicated and difficult thing then they ever anticipated. 'Into Darkness' is very much about how intense it gets and really what they are up against."

    Fans can catch a brief tease of Cumberbatch's character on the big screen now as part of a nine-minute IMAX preview during digital screenings of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (find the full list of participating theaters here). The full film hits theaters May 17, 2013.


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    After weeks of campaigning and promoting, football fans around the world have achieved an historic feat – the Justice Collective's Hillsborough charity single 'He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother' is Christmas No.1!

    Following widespread support for the track - a cover of the original Hollies song featuring some of the biggest names in music, including Sir Paul McCartney and Robbie Williams - it was confirmed as the highest seller of the week on Sunday.

    Competition had been provided by X-Factor winner James Arthur with 'Impossible', but even the 24-year-old himself asked the public to purchase 'He Ain't Heavy' to ensure it finished in top spot before Christmas.

    Football supporters, both Liverpool and otherwise, backed the song from its inception, and clubs across the country have given their support by playing the record at half-time during league fixtures.

    Celebrities, politicians, football figures and contributors to the recording have all used social media to raise awareness about the single, while Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers made an impassioned plea for fans to buy the track on Thursday.

    All funds raised by the song will be used to aid the Hillsborough families' ongoing campaign for justice on behalf of the 96 people who lost their lives during the tragedy in 1989.

    That battle received several significant boosts earlier this week - with the High Court decision to quash the original inquest verdicts into the disaster and the Government's pledge to fund future legal costs for the families.


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    Bethenny Frankel and husband Jason Hoppy have called it quits fter almost three years of marriage.

    "It brings me great sadness to say that Jason and I are separating. This was an extremely difficult decision that as a woman and a mother, I have to accept as the best choice for our family," Frankel said in a statement Sunda

    "We have love and respect for one another and will continue to amicably co-parent our daughter who is and will always remain our first priority," the statement continues. "This is an immensely painful and heartbreaking time for us."

    News of their split comes after months of speculation that their relationship was on the rocks. Earlier this summer, the reality TV star, author and talk-show host admitted that she was fighting for her marriage, which was filmed for and subsequently documented on her Bravo reality sho Bethenny Ever After.

    Frankel and Hoppy, who married March 201 when Frankel was seven months pregnant, are parents to daughter Bryn Hoppy, 2½. The family was spotted out together in New York last week, even as rumors swirle that a split was imminent.

    Frankel, 42, is the creator of the Skinnygirl ne of cocktail, food and nutrition products and rose to early fame as a cast member The Real Housewives of New York. e later starred Bethenny Getting Married? d as host of her own talk sho Bethenny. As an author, she has published four book

    Frankel met Hop at a nightclub in November 2008, and they two became engaged 11 months later. At the time, she told PEOPLE he gave her life stabilit

    "He's my anchor," she said back then. "I fell in love with a regular guy with a regular salary. He taught me that being taken care of was emotional and not financial.",,20657870,00.html

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    Twitter have revealed the most popular tweets of the year on the social media site, or 'Golden Tweets' as they're called.

    'Golden Tweets' are tweets that generated the most Retweets for the year, and that caught attention around the world. Here are the some of the top tweets of the last twelve months...

    >> 'Four more years' (@BarackObama)

    Just before his second term in office was announced, Barack Obama marked his election victory in November via Twitter with the above phrase. It quickly became the most retweeted of 2012 and then the most retweeted ever on the site, having been sent by people more than 200 countries around the world.

    >> 'RIP Avalanna. i love you' (@justinbieber)

    Justin Bieber got to know six-year-old Avalanna Routh - a little girl suffering from a rare form of brain cancer - throughout her treatment. When she passed away in September. Bieber paid tribute to her in a Tweet, and many, many Twitter Beliebers responded.
    >> '29 gold, 17 silver, 19 bronze - We finished 3rd in medal table after most successful Olympics for 104 years #OurGreatestTeam RT your support' (@TeamGB)

    The London Olympics - heralded as one of the best Games ever in some quarters - was an Olympics for Twitter. As the first Olympics in London since 1948, the 'home team' performed excellently and brought home more medals than expected. Fans followed their every move, joining in at the close of the Games to show their support for #OurGreatestTeam.
    >> '…I would like to announce here: I, Koichi Yamadera, have married Ms. Rie Tanaka … I am really happy to have met such a great partner and have our lives come together. We made up our minds to respect each other, help each other and build a home full of smiles…' (@yamachanoha)

    When actor Kouichi Yamadera announced in a Tweet that he registered for marriage with actress Rie Tanaka, it became the most retweeted message from Japan this year. Why? Both are prominent Japanese voice actors, famous for many of their anime roles.

    Source 1

    Four more years gets me everytime <3 <3

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    TV star Miranda Hart says she is infuriated by the material of some of her fellow comedians.

    The writer and actress's sitcom iranda, co-starring Patricia Hodge, Tom Ellis and Sarah Hadland, has been a huge hit on BBC1.

    But Hart, 39, told th Radio Times: "Comedy is so subjective...I mean there's some comedy on at the moment which makes me furious - I don't understand why people like them because I hate them so much."

    The star declined to name names, saying: "No, I couldn't possibly tell you who... As a comedian, the audience think you're saying, 'Look at me! I'm the funniest person in the whole world!'

    "You're setting yourself up for people to say 'Why on earth does she think that?' But that's not what it is - you're just doing your job."

    Hart said that she never intended that her sitcom would be about a "single woman looking for love" and told the magazine that her friends worry that becoming famous has made it more difficult for her to find a man because "men are going to feel nervous approaching me".

    She added: "I'm surprised that anyone's interested in my love life....I don't feel like a famous person. If I'm walking the dog and someone comes up to me, it's a surprise. I forget that I'm on telly."

    The Call The Midwif actress, who previously suffered depression, revealed that she has two tattoos - Chinese letters on her arm and a bird and heart on her ankle.

    "It's pretty horrible and no, I wasn't drunk - I was stone-cold sober. But I do regret it," she said.

    "I think I just wanted to say, 'I'm not the public-school stereotype you think I am'."

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    They spent Christmas in LA last year, so it seems only fair that the Stefani-Rossdale clan head across the pond to Old Blighty this festive season.

    And after arriving in London yesterday, Gwen and Gavin embarked in some good old fashion fun with the kids by taking them to the local park near their Primrose Hill home.And so without the reassurance of the Californian sun, the family made sure to wrap up warm as they larked around in the playground on Sunday afternoon.

    Joining them for the day was Gavin's daughter, the model Daisy Lowe, who brought along her cute dog for the day out. But as the afternoon drew to a close, the family headed home, with Gavin taking control of the pushchair carrying a worn out Zuma. This left his elder brother to lead the way, but their doting mother didn't stray far form her son's side.


    this is the only picture i've seen of daisy and her un-estranged dad. made me feel warm and fuzzy and christmassy. like this:

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    Statement to Employees from Acting Director Michael Morell: "Zero Dark Thirty"

    I would not normally comment on a Hollywood film, but I think it important to pu Zero Dark Thirty, which deals with one of the most significant achievements in our history, into some context.  The film, which premiered this week, addresses the successful hunt for Usama Bin Ladin that was the focus of incredibly dedicated men and women across our Agency, Intelligence Community, and military partners for many years.  But in doing so, the film takes significant artistic license, while portraying itself as being historically accurate.

    What I want you to know is tha Zero Dark Thirty s a dramatization, not a realistic portrayal of the facts.  CIA interacted with the filmmakers through our Office of Public Affairs but, as is true with any entertainment project with which we interact, we do not control the final product.

    It would not be practical for me to walk through all the fiction in the film, but let me highlight a few aspects that particularly underscore the extent to which the film departs from reality.

    • First, the hunt for Usama Bin Ladin was a decade-long effort that depended on the selfless commitment of hundreds of officers.  The filmmakers attributed the actions of our entire Agency—and the broader Intelligence Community—to just a few individuals.  This may make for more compelling entertainment, but it does not reflect the facts.  The success of the May 1st 2011 operation was a team effort—and a very large team at that.
    • Second, the film creates the strong impression that the enhanced interrogation techniques that were part of our former detention and interrogation program were the key to finding Bin Ladin.  That impression is false.  As we have said before, the truth is that multiple streams of intelligence led CIA analysts to conclude that Bin Ladin was hiding in Abbottabad.  Some came from detainees subjected to enhanced techniques, but there were many other sources as well.  And, importantly, whether enhanced interrogation techniques were the only timely and effective way to obtain information from those detainees, as the film suggests, is a matter of debate that cannot and never will be definitively resolved.
    • Third, the film takes considerable liberties in its depiction of CIA personnel and their actions, including some who died while serving our country.  We cannot allow a Hollywood film to cloud our memory of them.

    Commentators will have much to say about this film in the weeks ahead.  Through it all, I want you to remember tha Zero Dark Thirty s not a documentary.  What you should also remember is that the Bin Ladin operation was a landmark achievement by our country, by our military, by our Intelligence Community, and by our Agency.

    Michael Morell


    Is Usama bin Ladin a legit alternate spelling of Osama bin Laden, or did the dude misspell it twice?  

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    The Clara Lionel Foundation, a humanitarian foundation formed this year in honour of Barbadian international superstar Rihanna, has donated in excess of $3.5 million (BBD) in equipment to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) for its radiotherapy department, which now bears the name of the late Clara Brathwaite.

    At the renaming ceremony yesterday morning for the department, Chief Executive Officer of the QEH, Dr. Dexter James, said that the renaming of the department as ‘The Clara Brathwaite Center for Oncology and Nuclear Medicine’, demonstrates the significant role that philanthropy plays in the financing arrangement of health systems.

    The Chief Executive Office revealed that negotiations began with the Clara Lionel Foundation in early July, when the Foundation approached the management of the hospital requesting ways in which they could support the health facility and it was determined that a donation of equipment in support of patients who require treatment for various forms of cancer was most prudent.

    Dr. James told those gathered that at the end of that meeting it was agreed that the Foundation would donate three major pieces of equipment – an Equinox External Beam Therapy System and related equipment at a cost of US $905 767; a Brachytherapy Treatment Planning System and related equipment valued at US $638 000 and a Gamma Camera valued at approximately US $350 000 to assist in the care of such patients.

    “The donation of this oncology equipment is very timely for it was only about two weeks ago that we launched our equipment prospectus [for] 2012. The prospectus presents a list of equipment of the highest priority that would have the greatest impact on patient care and improvement to quality and good outcomes,” he said.

    The CEO reported to those gathered, including the family of the late Clara Brathwaite, that the already-purchased Equinox External Beam Therapy System, is expected to be shipped by mid-January 2013, and it is anticipated that it would be in operation by early March. The remaining equipment to be delivered within one year after that installation.

    Once the equipment is in use, it will allow for faster turnaround times for setup of treatment. As a result, patients can expect that the backlogs will be reduced.
    Moreover, he gave those present the assurance that the necessary preventative maintenance contracts would be implemented on each installation and that the hospital would uphold the terms of the grant agreement with the Foundation in its entirety.

    Speaking on behalf of the Foundation, Rihanna said that the donation was her way of giving back to the country of her birth and to assist the QEH in its continued modernization efforts.

    “I believe that this will have a huge impact on the people of Barbados. This was all done in effort to save lives or at least extend it and I thank you all for being a part of it,”
    she said. (JRT)


    The World Is Listening


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    Lindsay Lohan-- Hey LiLo What's in the Cup?

    Lindsay Lohan celebrated the birthdays of her two of her siblings last night in NYC, but the cup with the salted rim in front of her makes you wonder ... how much celebrating did she do?

    According to our sources, Lindsay dined out with mother Dina, siblings Cody, Ali and Michael Jr., and even Lindsay's grandmother. It was a double celebration -- Ali turned 19 yesterday and Michael Jr. turned 25 the day before.

    TMZ obtained a photo from the dinner ... and our eyes were immediately drawn to the drink in front of Lindsay ... the one with the salted rim.

    But sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ the drink was a VIRGIN strawberry margarita and it wasn't Lindsay's ... it was her grandmother's.

    You go Granny.


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    There's no story recycled by mainstream rom-coms and commercial literature more frequently than that of the uppity, cerebral woman being put in her place (and happily!) by a dude who can't spell. Case in point: The Ugly Truth was on about three times in a row last night! Thank you, but I would rather drink battery acid.

    You might remember Alisa Valdes as the author of the bestselling novel The Dirty Girls Social Club, which was bastardized into an offensive-sounding TV pilot by George Lopez's soon-to-be-ex-wife Ann. Valdes protested the sexist, racist changes made for the sake of network appeal, and was hit with a cease-and-desist letter. (The option was eventually dropped.) Valdes was once blurbed by Gloria Steinem and self-described as a hardcore feminist: "I was one of the demanding ones, combating injustice and inequality on the front lines." She was raised by progressive feminist parents, and at twenty-two, Ms. Magazine recognized her as one of the top feminist scribes under 30.

    Now Valdes comes back, dishearteningly, with her first memoir, entitled The Feminist and the Cowboy: An Unlikely Love Story. (The original title was—gah—Learning to Submit.) In case you haven't guessed, it is "an engrossing memoir about how falling in love with a sexy cowboy turned her feminist beliefs upside down." Putting the "gross" in "engrossing." How's that for a blurb?

    The memoir follows single mom Valdes' adventure on a dating site as she attempts to find a guy who "belonged to a food co-op yet understood snark and appreciated sushi... a man with a flurry of liberal bumper stickers on his Subaru."

    Instead, predictably, she finds "a never-been-married 52-year-old conservative actor-rancher named Steve Lane, who collects guns, buys only American cars and watches Fox News." Our man Steve was able to talk Valdes out of all that crazy feminist jibberjabber, and—with the newfound, giddy feather-lightness that comes from completely giving up any of your personal values because your boyfriend doesn't agree with you, and therefore you have no responsibility to anything but him anymore, ever!—she found that:

    "when men… act like men rather than like emasculated boys, you as a woman will find not only great pleasure in submitting to them but also great growth as a person."

    And if you like that, the newly reformed Valdes has some rules for wrassling and branding your own man/steer that sound simply charming:

    * When talking to a man, don't digress. "Keep it clear and direct . . . their brain processes language differently than ours do."

    * Never expect anything; instead win him over "by giving and giving and giving until it hurt."

    * If an alpha male cheats, let him. "I would share him if I had to."

    * Spiffy up: "Men want women to look like women, in dresses and skirts."

    The Postspeculates that Valdes' hook-y memoir is a simple attempt to save herself from bankruptcy. Look, as long as she's giving up feminism, how about he gets rid of one of his fucking guns? Just saying.



    What a mess. You're more than welcome to give up your ideals for a penis-shaped Patriarchy Sticker of Approval, but don't sell me this BS.

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    Having beaten out seven other high-end chefs for the honor, Alex Guarnaschelli was chosen as the winner of "The Next Iron Chef: Redemption." The chef managed to beat Amanda Freitag and Nate Appleman to take the title in the season 5 finals

    So how did she win?

    Chairman's Challenge

    The chefs had to create a "Last Supper" menu incorporating one of the following ingredients:
    • Farm Chicken (Chef Freitag)
    • Haddock (Chef Appleman)
    • Sea Urchin (Chef Guarnaschelli)

    Nate Appleman presented poached haddock and clam chowder. The judges called parts of his dish "absolutely perfect" and said that his haddock changed their mind about it being boring.

    Amanda Freitag gave the judges a lusty lemon-roasted chicken. "Wow wow wow wow wow..." was only part of the praise she got for the dish. It was called "one of the best dishes of the competition."

    Alex Guarnaschelli presented sea urchin custard with corn, brussel sprouts and sun-chokes. There was foam on it

    Chef Freitag was the first told she was making the finale. Despite some criticism about acidity, Chef Guarnaschelli followed to Kitchen Stadium. Chef Appleman was sent home.

    Kitchen Stadium

    The final challenge's ingredients for "Respect" include Southwestern ingredients, Mediterranean ingredients and the ingredients in standard Japanese cooking. Two ingredients from each area were needed for the three dishes.

    Alex Guarnaschelli started with scallops with hen-of-the-wood mushrooms.

    She followed with lamb loin with fennel, olives and eggplant.

    The final dish was a cherry tart with pasilla and lime.
    Amanda Freitag's first dish was feta burratta caprese.

    Her second dish was lamb loin with charred eggplant yogurt and chermoula.

    For the third dish, Freitag served a brown sugar corncake with miso honey ice cream, blueberry ginger compote.

    Best quote in response to food: "If baba ganoush wore Chanel, this is what it would be like."
    Thanks in large part to timid seasoning in her first dish, Amanda Freitag fell short and Alex Guarnaschelli was declared the winner of the competition. It seemed to be a close match when the judges discussed the merits. Chef Guarnaschelli just came out slightly ahead in the end.

    And Alex Guarnaschelli is the chef who got full redemption and won "The Next Iron Chef" season 5.

    source: Zap2It

    I'm really excited, I was rooting for them all this season and in their original season. PS: Zap2It's recap is kind of lacking, but I couldn't just post a picture ok.

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    Rob is being accused of raiding Kristen’s closet after he was spotted wearing a floral-lined jacket at JFK airport on Dec. 22. What do YOU think?
    Robert Pattinson was spotted arriving at JFK airport in New York City on Dec. 22, after spending a week in the Big Apple, where he was shooting a commercial for his new men’s Dior fragrance. Kristen Stewart did not accompany Rob on the trip, but it appears as though Rob still had a part of Kristen with him — in the form of her clothes!

    Kristen, 22, has been known to wear items of Rob’s clothing in order to enhance her grungy style, but Rob wearing K-Stew’s clothes doesn’t seem as sexy.

    On Dec. 22, the Twilight hunk was wearing a rather feminine black jacket, which looked a bit too small for him and had a bright floral lining. Could it be Kristen’s?

    Fans on Twitter are claiming that the jacket is from Japan and Rob has not been there lately, but Kristen has! They’re suggesting the jacket was a gift from Kristen.

    “Apparently the Adidas jacket that Rob wore at JFK is only available in Japan and Rob hasn’t been there recently…but guess what? Kristen has,” @RobertsCaramel said.

    Either way, the jacket seems to have once belonged to Kristen, and that fact that Rob is wearing it shows just how much he loves her!

    Rob has been keeping his head covered lately as he allegedly cut off his locks of hair.


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    MISIA and Tomoyasu Hotei are making music together!

    You know him from the Kill Bill soundtrack ("Battle Without Honor or Humanity") and her from, hopefully, all of my posts about her on here ofc.

    These two legendary Japanese musicians have teamed up on the theme song for the period drama Ohoku Eien, "Back In Love Again":


    Nothing short of a masterpice! Enjoy <3

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    Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson may be one of Barbara Walters‘ 10 Most Fascinating People of 2012, but at home in Georgia she’s just a regular kid — and can’t stop talking about Christmas this time of year! Honey Boo Boo and her Mama June Shannon reflected on Christmases past, including the best and worst gifts they’ve ever gotten.

    Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson is enjoying counting down the days till Christmas with the help of her brand-new Elf on the Shelf!

    Just in case you’re not familiar with this popular holiday tradition, the Elf on the Shelf is a “scout elf” that sits in families’ homes and reports back to Santa every night to let him know whether the kids in his charge have been naughty or nice. Part of the game is to move the elf’s location and let the children find him the next day. (Depending on the family’s sense of humor, the elf can end up in some pretty interesting places.)

    Honey Boo Boo received hers as a gift from a fan in Oklahoma named Emilee Martin. She and mom Josey made a contribution to the Thompson/Shannon family’s Christmas toy drive and included the Elf for Alana to keep “for working so hard and for doing such a great deed,” Josey explains on Alana’s official Facebook page.

    Since then, Alana’s Christmas companion – whom she named Elvis Sweetie – has been making spirits bright for Honey Boo Boo, Mama June and the rest of the family. She’s also been causing a bit of mischief around the house, which June has been capturing on film and sharing with fans.

    Here Comes Honey Boo Boo returns to TLC on Jan. 6 for their new holiday special episodes: Jan. 6 airs the Halloween special, the Thanksgiving special is on Jan. 13 and the Christmas special is on Feb. 17.

    Source 1, 2 and 3
    Happy Holidays, ONTD! What is the best present that you've ever received? How about the worst present? What are your holiday traditions? Have fun! :D

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    Oh Miley! Now Cyrus tweets a bizarre picture of herself with a sex doll in her passenger seat


    She celebrated her 20th birthday with a lap dance from a stripper.
    And it seems Miley Cyrus has no regrets - marking Christmas by posting a picture of herself with a sex doll in her car.
    The doll, which she apparently received as a humorous gift, was seen sitting in the front sear of her vehicle while Miley gave a thumbs up beside it.
    'Does this count for the carpool lane? Such a nice Xmas gift,' she wrote.
    The doll comes after wannabe bad girl Miley was seen grabbing hold of the stripper's bottom in a photo from her birthday celebrations, during which she also received a lap dance.
    The stripper is wearing just a silver bra, pink thong and black stiletto ankle boots.
    Meanwhile Miley' look is getting more punky and grown up by the day - and Saturday was no exception.
    The actress and singer was spotted stopping off for coffee with fiance Liam Hemsworth and looked every inch the young rock chick.


    Dressed in loose animal print jeans and a snug black jumper, with her shaved and quiffed platinum hair she certainly stood out from the crowd. 
    On her feet she wore simple ballet flats and the 20-year-old also toted a back and gold designer bag - which matched her belt.
    Miley's sunglasses would have also made her stand out.
    Large, slightly Fifties-inspired they looked to be vintage inspired and definitely made a statement.


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    Members of ONE DIRECTION have raised nearly $2,000 for an Alzheimer's charity in support of LOUIS TOMLINSON's girlfriend as her grandfather battles dementia.

    The boyband stars donated a signed T-shirt to an auction to raise money for British organization the Alzheimer's Society, a care and research charity for those suffering the degenerative condition as well as other forms of dementia.

    The singers threw their support behind the organization after Tomlinson's girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, discovered her grandfather has been diagnosed with dementia.

    Calder says, "I'm so pleased the boys have decided to support Alzheimer's Society in this way. My grandfather has dementia and my family and I have had first hand experience of how the condition affects every aspect of a person's life."

    Jenny Hughes, chief executive of the Alzheimer's Society, adds, "The boys' support will help us reach new audiences and raise awareness of dementia amongst younger people. Everyone has a role to play in improving the lives of people with dementia."

    The T-shirt sold for $1,952 on Thursday (20Dec12).

    Happy B-day Louis!!! 

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    It's not uncommon for actors to make the transition into directing, often with great success (Ben Affleck (Argo) and Kenneth Branagh (Thor) for example). Talking t Empire Magazine ecently, Tom Hiddleston was asked whether or not he would have any interest in directing a film at some point in the near future "Yes, I do. I did ask, half-jokingly, Kevin Feige about directing Thor 2 and he said, 'Do you have something to show me?' I said no. He said, 'If you made something and showed me, I might consider it.' But it's better for the world that he said no. It would be such a responsibility, but I think I'd enjoy it." arvel Studios are known for making some unusual choices when it comes to their directors, so it certainly wouldn't be too shocking if they were to give Hiddleston a shot at helming one of their comic book adaptations. If his skills behind the camera are as impressive as those in front, it's hard to not want to see this become a reality!


    I guess if you don't ask you don't receive?!?!? little bit cheeky though, doubt Chris would have been cool with it

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  • 12/24/12--07:10: Zoe Saldana Gets A Puppy
  • Christmas has come a few days early for Zoë Saldana.

    The actress has received a gift in the form of a little white rescue pup that she adopted just days before the holiday.

    "Meet Mugsy!!! Rescued her last week – my best friend named her – ha! She's adorable and super smart," Saldana Tweeted Thursday, with a photo of the wiry-haired pooch sitting in the passenger's seat of a car.

    Perhaps spending timing with her boyfriend Bradley Cooper's dog Charlotte is what persuaded the The Words star to adopt a furry friend of her own. Saldana spent Thanksgiving walking outdoors with the white chow/retriever mix, who is definitely one of the leading ladies in Cooper's life.

    "She has to like my dogs," The Hangover star told PEOPLE in 2009 of what he looks for in a potential girlfriend. "My dogs and I come in a package."

    Here's hoping Charlotte and Mugsy have already hit it off!


    show me your pets ontd...and Merry Christmas!

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