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    Matt Smith likes the idea, Steven Moffat thinks it could be confusing but what about you?


    "Is The Master coming back? Who knows?" said Matt Smith last night at the launch of the Doctor Who Christmas special. It's one of many questions surrounding next year's 50th anniversary.

    But if the Doctor's arch nemesis did return to wish him happy birthday and destroy the world, who would play him?

    John Simm is the most recent actor to fill the role of the evil Time Lord but if he was to regenerate who would Smith like to see take his place?

    “We’d love to have William Shatner on Doctor Who I’m sure. He’s a sci-fi God! He’d be great," Smith told Getty, before adding "John Simm is pretty damn good in the role, though".

    Steven Moffat agreed: "I love William Shatner but John Simm is The Master... John Simm would beat [Shatner] up if he thought he was going to take that part."

    And the Doctor Who showrunner suggested that signing the Star Trek icon up for another major sci-fi series could be confusing for fans.

    "William Shatner being The Master would be too confusing wouldn’t it? He’s Captain Kirk! It’s already confusing that there are now two Captain Kirks. But if I was considering it I wouldn’t tell you.”

    The question is, what do you think? Would. William. Shatner. Make a good. Master? Vote in our poll below and let us know...




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    Belated congratulations!

    Actor Michael Ealy married longtime girlfriend Khatira Rafiqzada ... back in October, his rep tells PEOPLE.

    The Common Law star, 39, and Khatira Rafiqzada, 31, wed in a private ceremony in Los Angeles. The couple have been dating for almost four years.

    "Michael has always been a private guy, and he wanted to enjoy his time as a newlywed with his wife privately," his rep said. "Now that some time has passed and the holidays are here, he wanted to share the news with his fans that he is married and very happy."

    Ealy earned a Golden Globe nomination in 2007 for his work on the Showtime drama Sleeper Cell. He has also starred in a number of films and other TV series.


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  • 12/20/12--10:07: Celebrity picture post
  • Emilia Clarke at LAX

    Malin Akerman on Melrose Avevenue

    Reese Witherspoon in Beverley Hills

    Seth Rogen on Letterman

    Gwen Stefani in West Hollywood

    Courteney Cox in LA

    Jessica Alba in LA

    Olivia Palermo in Brooklyn

    Rachel Zoe and family shop at Kitson

    Ali Larter

    Michelle Monaghan and Willow at Fred Segel

    Geri Halliwell arrives at Piccadilly Theatre to see Viva Forever 

    Nick Jonas goes to the cinema

    Kat Graham in LA

    Katie Price in London


    Snooki at Bootsy Bellows

    Ryan Reynolds

    Bradley Cooper at Heathrow

    Drew Barrymore at Pikeys bar

    Eva Longoria

    Holly Madison at Miss Universe 2012

    Russell Crowe in Sydney

    Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer

    Leslie Mann leaves the Today Show

    Julianne Moore and her husband Bart Freundlich in Manhattan

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    Grandma's House won’t be returning for a third series, Simon Amstell has confirmed.

    He ruled out any more episodes of the BBC Two sitcom during an interview on Nick Grimshaw’s Radio One breakfast show.

    ‘We felt we'd written all the pain out of us,’ he said. ‘It would be sort of gratuitous to just keep going.

    ‘Also, I leave things once I know how to do them and they've become good, which is upsetting I think for the public, because it would be nice if I could just keep [going]. It just feels gratuitous to know how to do something and keep doing it.

    ‘I worry “Right, they've started liking this; let's get out of here before it turns to hate!' then the love returns.

    ‘You must leave them more, you mustn’t leave them wanting less. I learnt that from stand-up.’

    His co-writer Dan Swimer had previously suggested the show wouldn’t return, saying it was down to Amstell, but said: ‘Everything’s in [the second series] and it’s highly unlikely we could do any more.’

    Amstell was speaking to promote his stand-up show, Numb, which will air on BBC Four on New Year’s Eve – which he said he was doing in lieu of a DVD.

    Source: Chortle, Image by the Guardian

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  • 12/20/12--10:22: Lyric video: Ke$ha "C'Mon"
  • CATS


    Feelin' like a sabertooth ti-GURRRRRRRRR

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  • 12/20/12--10:30: Twelve Days of ONTD: Day 6

  • Every day until Christmas, we'll be randomly giving away $25 Amazon gift cards to a lucky commenter! 

    How do you enter? All you have to do is comment!  We'll be randomly selecting winners from the comments section.   To keep it fair, you can only win once, but you can comment as much as you'd like, which increases your chances of winning.  


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    Rob Kardashian can't go shopping because he is hoping to "lose weight".

    The brother of Kim, Khloé and Kourtney is an avid follower of fashion and has his own range of socks.

    The 25-year-old may be hoping to sit front row at all the hottest catwalk shows, but it doesn't look like he will be making any purchases for himself.

    "Yeah. I want to go to all the shows I can. Definitely. I really want to be there," he told Racked.

    "I'm also trying to lose weight so I can't go too crazy [with shopping], because I know I'm going to end up buying a bunch of stuff and I don't want to waste money. I'm the most casual guy ever, though. I wear sweats most of the time."

    Earlier this month Rob launched his line Arthur George.

    The collection features socks in bright colours and loud patterns and the TV personality explained where all his ideas came from.

    "The wallpaper at the Beverly Hills Hotel; that was one of my first inspirations," he explained.

    "I'm a big scarf person, and I like to frame scarves to hang [like] paintings. There are so many patterns that I'll try to translate to socks. It's tricky, though, because the machines you use to make the socks can't create certain patterns."


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    Rob James-Collier

    On “Downton Abbey,” Rob James-Collier plays Thomas, the handsome valet always cooking up a scheme or jockeying for a position. Back in season one of the period drama — the third season begins airing on PBS on January 6th, having already played in England — we learned that Thomas was gay, an aspect of his character that gets much more fully explored in the coming season. James-Collier, wearing a blue sweater and some stubble, spoke with me about the series while he was in New York promoting the show. (The cast rode the subway while visiting because, as James-Collier joked, “We’re keeping it real. There’s a recession on. Saving PBS money; that’s what we’re all about.”) He talked about what’s to come on “Downton,” the show’s appeal and Americans’ love of dogs.

    Thomas’s storyline this year, which has to do with his sexuality, feels like the most modern and relevant of any this season.

    I think Thomas is quite a modern thinker, in terms of the show. He doesn’t believe in the class system; he’s always questioned it. He’s always wanted to see it ended. He ventured out to become a businessman, an entrepreneur when he attempted to go on the black market. In them days, that was unheard of. So that’s modernistic. And he’s not ashamed of his sexuality, which in a time when it was illegal and against God, was no mean feat. There’s a great line in this season where he says to Mr. Carson, “I am not foul; I am not like you, but I am not foul.” And he says it with such dignity, and holding his head high, ’cause he’s like “I’m not apologizing for who I am,” which, again, is extremely modern attitude. He’s ahead of his time.

    Speaking of the black market, how was doing that flour scene last season?

    Oh, that was great. It was an added scene. I don’t think it was in the script originally that Thomas trashes the shed. So I went up to the director James and I said, “Listen, how mad do you want me to go on this scene, James?” And he just looked back at me and said “very mad.” And we’ve only got one take, so the stakes were very high, and I knew we couldn’t go again. So the adrenaline was going. How many times in your life do you get the chance to smash up an entire shed? Fate was on our side because I was throwing stuff around so much the door smashed open, and thankfully, it let in a shaft of light, which really lit the scene and made it look great, but also thankfully there were no crew members standing across the road. Everything worked. It’s a scene that everyone will always come up and talk to me about. They love the scene where Thomas trashes the shed.

    Are there other scenes people often bring up to you?

    The scene where I hid the dog in the Christmas Special. They do not like that. America does not like people being not nice to dogs. I got a bit about it in England, but over here, even more so. You can try and get an innocent man sacked and frame him for stealing. You can trip up Bates, who is essentially disabled. That’s all fine apparently, but put a dog in a shed overnight over here, and people are not happy.

    He becomes much more sympathetic this season; he’s less the bad guy.

    When I first started playing him, I thought he was a bad guy. But one of the benefits of being on a show like this is it gives you time to expand the role. You start thinking about it more. He’s an outsider. He’s built up these walls, and I think he’s a lonely soul who is quite sad in a way. He has weaknesses and insecurities, but he’ll never show them. It was really last year, I was thinking, “Well, why is he so angry?” Everyone’s got a reason. And we don’t have back stories, we have to make our own up, and I think his is rooted in his sexuality. That’s why I was glad when series three kicked off that we finally got to deal with the crux of Thomas’s sexuality and how that affects his view of the world, and his world’s view of him.

    What do you think about criticism that the second and third seasons aren’t as good as the first?

    I think this is one of our strongest series yet. And episode seven, which is the key point of Thomas’s journey, is my favorite, and I’m not just saying that because I’ve got a big storyline in it. It’s the other staff’s attitudes toward Thomas and his sexuality that I find fascinating, and how what one person does in the Abbey affects everyone in the Abbey. I think it was one of our grittier, darker episodes. “Downton” doesn’t normally do dark, but that episode, I think we did, and it was very suspenseful. In terms of the second series, I always thought it was different, because it had to tell the story of WWI. It wasn’t less good; it was just a different show. It was almost a completely different show to the first one. The public had gotten attached to the house and the Abbey, and they were taken out and transported to WWI. Obviously, it went back to the Abbey, too, but it became a different show. But three is my favorite series so far.

    Why do people love “Downton” so much?

    I think it’s the glamor of it — a bit of escapism. The nostalgia of yesteryear when everything seemed simpler, even though I’m pretty sure it wasn’t; we still had the same problems. The opulence of it. You know there’s a lot going on in the world today, and for an hour a week, you can sit down with your family — three generations, grandmother, mother and daughter — and watch the show together, as a family. It’s kind of wholesome. Jim Carter who plays Mr. Carson always says “It’s not cynical.” We are who we are. We deliver a specific kind of entertainment tailored for a specific audience, and we do it well, I think.


    I enjoyed reading this interview! I love how grateful he sounds towards the show and how much effort he puts into playing his character (unlike some others - cough -), even if Fellowes gives  him quite a few WTF-worthy storylines.

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  • 12/23/12--07:51: Love for the mini-series
  • bye bran
    The recent win for Game Change (HBO’s 2012 political drama about the last to last election) at this year’s Emmy awards got me thinking about my all-time favourite TV category: the mini-series.

    I seem to even prefer them to most movies. I like them because they are often dramatised versions of real events, or adaptations of fat or difficult novels that movies don’t want to or can’t touch.

    As a mini-series with a longer running time than a movie, they can do a more in-depth treatment of a subject or a book or a factual event. Game Change stars Juliane Moore as Sarah Palin and Ed Harris as McCain, and dramatises the 2008 campaign trail. Last year, there was the six-part Mildred Pierce with Kate Winslet playing James M Cain’s long-suffering heroine. And Too Big To Fail, also from last year, was a detailed, insider account of the 2008 financial meltdown.

    Game Change now has a Golden Globe nomination and is viewed as the favourite to win. All three happen to be HBO dramas — who usually take the lead in this category, but other networks and cable studios are catching up fast. (The ones to be avoided are the made for TV movies from Hallmark).

    They don’t always work, these mini-series, and when they backfire, they can be very testing and dull. (They go on and on, over several hours, with no end in sight). Two dramas that failed to hook me were Georgia O’Keefe, on the modernist painter, and the more recent Mildred Pierce. Too Big to Fail and Game Change are also not among HBO’s best — they are serviceable dramas, but not as compelling as Recount or You Don’t Know Jack from previous years.

    Recount, staring Kevin Spacey, tells the story of election rigging. You Don’t Know Jack is about Jack Kervokian, the courageous doctor who medically assisted people in chronic pain to end their lives. Kervokian is played powerfully by Al Pacino; a comeback role for this respected actor who has either been hamming away in his newer movie characters or sleepwalking through them. In this moving, revealing mini-series, he is finally handed a role that challenges him. (Something Robert Di Nero is yet to find).  &nbsp

    The people who do this kind of thing really well, even longer and possibly better than HBO, are the British — BBC2 primarily, but other studios too, like ITV. In fact, most of the best recent mini-series are from over there — from Downton Abbey to Sherlock to The Hour. This year has seen more interesting additions: David Morrisey as DCI Thorne, an adaptation of Mark Bellingham’s acclaimed detective novels, Parade’s End (starring Benedict Cumberbatch) by Tom Stoppard, and Secret State. (Secret State happens to be a new reworking of a classic political thriller from the 90s called A Very British Coup).

    Probably the best ever mini-series has to be the Prime Suspect series from Britain. It set the standard for good television. The various directors of the show, and especially Christopher Menaul who did the first, should be credited with establishing the unmistakable style of Prime Suspect — busy, crackling, terse, restrained, ironic, understated — that brought a new television verite atmosphere to not just a mystery series, but to the mini-series itself.

    The most popular mini-series in recent years again has been British: Downton Abbey, the crossover hit. This is something entirely new in television: a series that hooks you with an entrancing plot and ravishing characters, without depending on a literary source. It has a crisp, contemporary feel to it that is generally missing from most period stuff.

    This series, basically, as I’ve noted before, is about that whole British class thing about upstairs and downstairs (the owners live up, the servants below). The characters, both upstairs and downstairs, are sympathetically and warmly drawn, and you care for them immensely. The details are uber-meticulous, and hypnotise with the daily ritual of life at this large aristocratic house. If Prime Suspect is the best mystery series and Downton Abbey the most absorbing drama series, The Office and Extras, both from creators Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, must rank as the funniest mini-series since Fawlty Towers. However, rather annoyingly, the same can’t be said for their new shows: An Idiot Abroad and Life’s Too Short. Simply not as funny.

    There were several other disappoints this year: while Downton Abbey 2 fulfilled its promise (at least, I felt so, even though critics in Britain seemed to increasingly grow disenchanted with it; I look forward to Series 3 which will release in January 2013 on DVD), Sherlock 2 couldn’t sustain its earlier brilliance. The single exception was the first installment: A Scandal in Belgravia, after which there were only flashes of genius (OP: NO.)

    I enjoyed Game of Thrones as much as the next fan, but couldn’t get caught up in Homeland. The series is terribly overrated (or else, competing series are so mediocre that it allows for this one to stand out), and I didn’t feel inclined to watch the second series currently on.

    Even Titanic from Julian Fellowes, the man who gave us Downton, is only mildly engaging. Also disappointing is the other overrated show: American Horror Story. A series that was trashed by the critics turned out to be not so bad after all — a new mini-series remake of Coma. An expensive production from Ridley Scott with an ensemble cast, updating medical horror. Yes, it was far-fetched, but entertaining. Two new political series show promise: Political Animals with Sigourney Weaver and Veep with Julia Louis Dreyfus

    (Veep is from the creators of the cult British political satire, The Thick of It). Also enjoyable are the new shows House of Lies and Luck. The most engaging HBO series this year, however, is Lena Denham’s Girls, which cleverly uses a grungy, home video style to tell the stories of young, underemployed women still living with their parents, swapping their sad, funny stories.

    A fairly enjoyable new mini-series has been Elementary, another new Sherlock Holmes pastiche where, for some strange reason, Holmes is now living in New York City and Watson is a woman! The mini-series I most enjoyed this year — and I’m hoping there will be many more — is Endeavour: The Origins of Inspector Morse, which imagines a young Inspector Morse (played by Shaun Evans) and how he came to be at Oxford, and how his love for classical music offers the solution to his first mystery on which he cuts his detective teeth.


    I'm afraid to admit he might be right about Homeland, I still haven't be able to make myself watch the last episode. Also, Elementary isn't a mini-series. I really, really liked Veep

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    In the aftermath of the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, countless celebrities have joined millions of Americans in a plea for gun control -- Jesse James is not one of those celebrities.

    The former reality show host took to his Facebook page to express support for the National Riffle Association, the day after it finally broke its silence on last week's shooting in Newtown, Conn -- and called for armed officers in every school.

    On his Facebook page, the 43-year-old, who used to run West Coast Choppers out of Long Beach, Calif, writes that he witnessed so many shootings that having a gun was the only thing that made him feel safe.

    "Since the 1980's California has led the nation with the strictest gun control laws. In the middle of this state I have seen more dead bodies than I can count," he wrote, going on to describe weekly sightings of streets closed off with yellow police tape because someone had been shot dead.

    "On a weekly basis Cop friends would always check in to make sure I was carying (sic) a gun at all times. They would want to see it to make sure. They would tell me "You better be packing." For the last 20 years living in California I could never let my guard down, not even for a minute," James wrote in the lengthy message which was accompanied by a photo of himself with a large gun. "This is what living in a state with strict gun control was like."

    James went on to state that he doesn't think the country needs fewer guns, and he believes America could do with few gun laws as well. According to his logic, he claims that it's because of California's strict gun control legislation that so many people have been shot and killed. He writes that since moving to Texas, where there are fewer gun laws, he feels much safer:

    "I have not seen one dead body, have not experienced any drive-by shootings," he writes. "I can now relax, and live life in this free country."

    He argues that enacting stricter laws nationwide will only "keep the honest people, honest," and "people that should not have guns, will still find a way to get them." He also urged others to join the NRA.

    James, who was famously married to and cheated on Sandra Bullock, is one of the few celebrity supporters of the NRA who has spoken out since the shooting on Dec. 14. His position is at direct odds with stars including Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Jon Hamm, Beyonce, Selana Gomez, and Chris Rock, who took part in a powerful PSA that urged lawmakers to put forth a substantive plan for increasing gun control.


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  • 12/23/12--08:44: You can hate me now.
  • Rapper Nas Sued for $10 Million by Kidnapped Concert Promoter


    Nas may be rethinking the title of his most recent album, Life Is Good.
    The rapper, born Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, is being sued for $10 million by a concert promoter who claims he was kidnapped because the hip hop star failed to show up for a gig in Angola, TMZ reports.

    According to the site, Patrick Allocco filed a federal lawsuit on Friday, Dec. 21, in which he alleges that Nas is responsible for his kidnapping in December 2011. Allocco says the "Daughters" rapper accepted $300,000 to do a New Year's Eve concert in Africa and then never got on the plane. As a result, the promoter claims, he and his son were held captive by another promoter for 50 days, during which time they were reportedly beaten and threatened constantly.

    The suit also alleges that Allocco lost his home and company as a result of the abduction and has suffered psychological, physical, and financial damages.

    Nas, for his part, has said that Allocco's version of events is misleading. In an interview with MTV News earlier this year, the musician opened up about his side of the story, claiming that he had never made official arrangements with the promoter.

    "The business wasn't handled," he told MTV. "There was nothing sent to me, and there were no flights. By the time he did send money -- he did eventually send money to me -- it was too late to go. I didn't even have a visa to get in the country." (The rapper returned the advance after the concert was canceled.)
    Nas has not yet commented on the lawsuit.


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    Lily Collins, Ben Whishaw and Rebel Wilson were among the silver-screen stunners of this year.

    A fairy tale princess, a gadget guru and an outrageous a cappella singer walked into a theater ... and entertained the pants off of us.

    Of course, this character cabal wouldn't have been what it was if not for the breakout performances of Lily Collins, Ben Whishaw and Rebel Wilson — just a few of the fresh film faces we met in 2012. And as the year comes to a close, MTV News is reflecting on the dozen Hollywood noobs who made the marquee shine just that much brighter

    Lily Collins
    Role: The 23-year-old daughter of Phil Collins carved out her own path in Hollywood with roles in "The Blind Side" and "Abduction," but it was her turn as Snow White in Tarsem Singh's kaleidoscopic "Mirror Mirror" that left a real impression.
    Up Next: Collins will star as a Brooklyn teen who uncovers her family's mysterious history destroying demons in the big-screen adaptation of "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones," hitting theaters August 23, 2013.

    Ben Whishaw
    Role: Floppy-haired Brit Ben Whishaw hit big Stateside this year in a pair of films: The Wachowski's era-spanning drama "Cloud Atlas" and the latest Bond romp "Skyfall," though it will likely be Whishaw's tech-savvy quartermaster Q who will leave the most indelible impression. After all, he can do more damage on his laptop sitting in his pajamas before his first cup of Earl Grey than 007 can do in a year in the field. 
    Up Next: Whishaw can currently be seen in the second season of the BBC's winning period drama "The Hour." He'll next star alongside Matt Damon in 2013's "The Zero Theorem," and is rumored to be circling a role in Steven Spielberg's "Robopocalypse."

    Rebel Wilson
    Role: The Aussie's outsized sense of humor was only hinted at in "Bridesmaids" — it took the role of Fat Amy in the aca-awesome musical comedy "Pitch Perfect" to get everyone singing along.
    Up Next: Wilson has several encore performances arranged, including "Pain & Gain," starring Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson, and "Super Fun Night" (which she wrote), co-starring "Pitch Perfect" castmate Anna Camp.

    Quvenzhane Wallis
    Role: Little Quvenzhane Wallis melted hearts (and spurred plenty of awards-season speculation) with her role as Hushpuppy in the fantastical "Beasts of the Southern Wild."
    Up Next: Wallis, along with "Beasts" father Dwight Henry, will appear in Steven McQueen's "Twelve Years a Slave," starring Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender.

    Suraj Sharma
    Role: The Indian teen had no acting experience when he landed the title role in Ang Lee's picturesque epic "Life of Pi," following a boy marooned in the Pacific Ocean with a Bengal tiger.
    Up Next: College. The 19-year-old is currently studying philosophy at St. Stephen's College in New Delhi, though he hopes to make more movies in the future.

    Dane DeHaan
    Gina Carano
    Thomas Mann
    Berenice Marlohe
    Sam Claflin
    Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward

    Rest of the write up at the source.

    Also "outsized sense of humor" - REALLY?

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    It appears as though no one, who competed on ‘The X Factor,’ is going home empty handed! Tate Stevens may have won the $5 million recording contract, but he is not going to be the only contestant who gets a record deal, as Simon hints that he plans to sign Fifth Harmony. How exciting!
    It’s looking like all of The X Factor semi-finalists are getting record deals — hooray! At the Dec. 20 finale, Simon Cowell spoke to about his plans for the contestants, and he hinted that the girl group Fifth Harmony will be getting signed by Sony.

    After Tate Stevens’ glorious victory, Simon spoke about his plans for the other contestants, saying that Emblem3 will be signed. Now, it looks like Fifth Harmony is going to get a record contract too. Phew!

    “There is such a market now for this girl band I believe, I think where there’s boybands there’ll be girl bands. We may have someone who can fit that gap!” said Simon.

    This is great news! Fifth Harmony really proved themselves throughout the duration of the competition, earning them an opportunity to collaborate with Demi Lovato, and they came in at a respectable third place. It would be so great if they made an album.

    Simon also revealed that Emblem3 will be getting a record contract, so we can expect lots of fun pop music in 2013. As for Carly Rose Sonenclar? She is bound to have a big and bright future – as long as LeAnn Rimes isn’t in it!


    my babiesssss :3333

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    It's official! Shia LaBeouf confirms relationship with Nymphomaniac co-star Mia Goth in public show of affection


    After weeks of speculation over their relationship status, it seems that Shia LaBeouf and British actress Mia Goth are official.
    The pair were spotted in a sweet embrace whilst enjoying a day out in LA on Saturday.
    Clearly at ease with each other, Mia sat back and relaxed in her Hollywood beau's arms.
    Their romance began on the London set of Nymphomanic, the latest film from Lars Von Trier.
    Although Shia was in a relationship with stylist Karolyn Pho when he first signed on to the project, reports of the couple's split circulated in November, leaving the actor free to pursue other romantic interests.
    He and Mia would have certainly become very intimate, as they share real life sex scenes in the film which follows a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac recounting her erotic experiences to the man who saved her after a violent assault.
    But for the more conservative viewer, the director will be creating both soft and hardcore versions, with the latter featuring the x-rated fornication.
    Mia's Gallic looks suggests she could be playing a younger version of Charlotte Gainsbourg's character in the controversial movie, with a cast that includes Stellan Skarsgård, Jamie Bell, Stacy Martin, Connie Nielsen, Christian Slater and Uma Thurman who has just signed on.
    Speaking of the shocking love-making scenes, producer Peter Aalbæk Jensen, told the Guardian last year, 'Lars wants to see the sexual arousement (sic) of a girl [on screen].'
    This is the exact scenario that led to the public fight between Shia and Karolyn, but now the Lawless actor couldn't seem more happier as he enjoyed a coffee with his new English rose.
    But this cosy image of the two is nothing that hasn't been seen before when it comes to the 26-year old, who over the years has dated former Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps  co-star Carey Mulligan and China Brezner who he met on the set of The Greatest Game Ever Played.
    Shia even reportedly had liaisons with his Transformers 2 co-stars Isabel Lucas and Megan Fox whilst they were with their respective partners Adrian Grenier and Brian Austen Green - now Megan's husband.
    However the National Enquirer say that a source close to the actor told them Shia believes Mia is 'a female version of him', so this time around, the girl from New Cross may very well have captured his heart for good.


    I'm not really sharing the christmas spirit here, but God those pics are fug. I don't want to be rude to that girl, only Shia deserves it.

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    Bristol Palin's DNA will always have a special place in Levi Johnston's Christmas family photo, at least in the form of the ex-couple's 4 year old son Tripp, who made a red-sweater'd cameo in this year's snapshot.

    The photo was taken last week for the Johnston family Christmas card inside Levi's Wasilla, Alaska home with Levi's new wife Sunny Oglesby and their 3 month old daughter Breeze Baretta.

    Levi is strongly considering filing official paperwork in a move to get full custody of Tripp. He believes Bristol is a bad parent because she lets Tripp run amok at home, talk back, curse, and disrespect his elders while Bristol claims he hasn't made a child support payment since June of 2010 and is only interested in talking care of their son when cameras around to tape it.



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    Kelly Osbourne had to kiss a lot of frogs to find her prince, because she didn’t think she deserved any better!

    The Fashion Police host, who has been dating vegan chef Matthew Mosshart for over a year, opens up to Cosmopolitan Body about how she finally found the love of her life and learned how to let someone love her the way she deserved to be loved – and has the details.

    “I have finally learnt to let somebody love and treat me the way I deserve to be and that’s a great feeling,” Kelly admits.

    “The thing is, if you think you don’t deserve to be treated well, you won’t be. A lot of girls don’t believe they deserve the best and their boyfriends walk all over them,”
    the 28-year-old, whose former fiancé, Luke Worrall, famously cheated on her with a transsexual, continued. “I learnt the hard way.”

    However, with her current boyfriend, things are different.

    “But when I met Matthew, everything changed and I realized I’d never been in love before.”

    To read Kelly’s full interview, pick up the new issue of Cosmopolitan Body UK, on sale Thursday, December 27, 2012, which is also available as a digital edition.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The cast of Cougar Town films the season finale on December 20 and 21, 2012.

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    Lindsay Lohan idn't find the new trailer for "Scary Movie 5" very funny -- in fact, she's pissed off at the producers ... claiming they secretly inserted an extra dig at her expense ... simply out of spite.

    As TMZ first reported, the working scrip of "SM 5" contains a scene where LiLo screams bloody murder -- and it's revealed she's just watching her film "Herbie: Full Loaded."

    But in the new trailer released Friday, it shows LiLo screaming at a fake news clip of her probation being revoked instead. We're told the change was NEVER cleared by LiLo.


    According to our sources, producers assured Lindsay she'd have the final say on what jokes went in ... so she was livid when she saw the probation joke instead

    We're told Lindsay feels this final joke was meant as payback from producers -- all because they blame her for holding up the shoot and trashing her trailer

    LiLo plans to speak to her team this week over the alleged breach of contract.

    Calls to Dimension Films were not returned.


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    'He was practicing a form of animal cruelty!' Justin Bieber is chastised by animal rights organisation for giving away hamster to fan

    Justin Bieber probably thought he was making a fan's year when he handed his pet hamster to 18-year-old Victoria Blair, but the California Hamster Association think otherwise.
    David Imber, an adviser and spokesman for the organisation pointed out to ABC that what Bieber, also 18, did was thoughtless and actually cruel.
    'No doubt Justin Bieber meant well in delighting his adoring fan with the gift of his hamster, but without realising it he was practicing a form of animal cruelty,' Imber said.
    An offer she couldn't refuse: Victoria Blair posted a video still on her Twitter of the shirtless singer offering her his pet
    'We have subsequently read that the recipient is attempting to be responsible about caring for the animal, but absent any other indication, in general it is extremely likely that this hamster would have been harmed,' Imber continued. 'No pet, large or small, should ever be ‘gifted’ to an unknowing recipient.'
    The Canadian star handed of the hamster to Victoria following his performance at the Jingle Ball in Atlanta on Wednesday.
    In a video obtained by TMZ a shirtless Bieber approaches the fence behind the Phillip Arena handing over Pac in a cage.
    The singer can be heard making the girl promise to do what he didn't: 'You gotta take care of PAC.'
    Blair can be heard replying: 'I will take care of him.'
    The hamster - who has his own Twitter page - had appeared in a number of Justin's Instagram pictures after the star first introduced Pac to his fans on October 20, and promised to bring his pet with him to every meet and greet.
    Since receiving world's most usual celebrity keepsake, Victoria has been dedicated to the creature posting photographs on her Twitter account of her and the hamster going to the pet shop, having play and nap time and exploring his new home.
    On her twitter Victoria explained she did not do anything out of the ordinary to become the enviable new pet owner.
    'I waited outside after the concert and he just gave it to me!!!,' the young fan, a singer herself, tweeted.
    But her new pet has also come with a whole lot of baggage for Victoria.
    After news spread of Justin's decision to give away his pet, Victoria's Twitter followers exploded and she is now followed by more than 10,000 other Bieber fans.
    Justin gift also caused some jealousy amongst other Bielebers, who sent her negative comments.
    'And I have some haters now but it's okay I'm a strong girl and Justin chose me for a reason!' Victoria wrote.
    Despite vowing to bring the hamster with him everywhere, Justin's friend and director Alfredo Flores - who is on tour with the star - explained on Twitter it was just a case of the singer and his furry friend needing a 'break'.
    'PAC will be missed but it's time for a break,' the director tweeted.
    'You will be great in the hands of that wonderful girl. Thanks for all the great memories.'


    My favorite comment at the source:
    "Why was he in a back alley, shirtless, with just his pet hamster in the first place? Strange guy".

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    From the elegant young Obamas to the jazzy Mary Berry – and some dazzling trendsetters in between. The G2 fashion team present their style winners of the year.

    Ben Whishaw as Q

    It was a total stroke of genius casting Ben Whishaw as Q in Skyfall, and thus bringing a modern spin to the tech-geek role. The specs, cord jacket and anorak worn b Whishaw in a scene with Daniel Craig's Bond, shot at the National Gallery in London, were the perfect mix of east-London-cool-meets-Burberry. Meanwhile, for scenes where Whishaw is manning various hi-tech devices, he sport a brilliant piece of knitwear: a camel-fronted zip cardigan with contrast burgundy and navy trim. At first, said cardigan was thought to be of Marni or Balenciaga origin but is, in fact, the always marvellous Dries van Noten. And his hair? Monumental. -SC

    Malia and Sasha Obama

    If Michelle Obama's style was th fashion story of Obama's first term, the evolving fashion sense of their daughters looks set to be the style story that defines his second. "The Obama girls might be the fashion news tonight – full skirts, bright colour, cute" tweeted Cathy Horyn, fashion editor of the New York Times, as the family took to the stage in Chicag in November. What makes 14-year-old Malia and 11-year-old Sasha compelling is the narrative arc we get to watch as they begin to express themselves in clothes. There is a simple all-American elegance that is recognisably their mothers' influence, but Malia favours electric blue (especially on the campaign trail – smart girl) while Sasha loves an abstract pattern. -JCM

    Gwyneth Paltrow

    Jonathan Franzen recently wrote in the New Yorker that Edith Wharton persuades us to invest in what happens to her female characters not by making them likable or deserving, but by convincing us of the strength of their desire. We are won over more by desire than moral goodness. This is how Paltrow has risen from anodyne actor to pop cultural Marmite. She fascinates not by being lovable but because we can see how badly she wants success and how hard she works for it: the Tracy Anderson workouts, the backstage Instagrams, the fiercely minimalist wardrobe. What thematic link unites thewhite Tom Ford Oscar cape, th sculptural Stella Grammys gown, and the silver Prada Met Ball dress? Ambition. -JCM

    KStew and RPattz

    Forget Stewart's relationship infidelity, here are a pair of New Generation A-listers who, whether seen together or apart, bring a bit of modern bite to the Hollywood fashion conveyor belt. She's unpredictable, veering from tricky short dresses to long cocktail frocks and biker jackets (plus snarl), while he's all non-boring suits or artfully scruffed up, perhaps with a dash of Kenzo. One of thei joint triumphs this year, though, was a Twilight prom gig with K Stew flashing knickerline, and vamping it up with lace peepholes in a beigey strapless Zuhair Murad gown, while R Patz had slipped himself into a emerald green Gucci two-button suit. Utterly scorching. -SC

    Marc Jacobs

    Not content with being one of fashion's most influential designers, Jacobs is also a dresser with proper snap. One of the most analysed looks of the year is surely his Met Ball party piece. Having established that the skirt or polo shirt dress is becoming to Jacobs what high-collared shirts are to Karl Lagerfeld the designer chose a see-through lace polo-shirt-dress by Comme des Garçon to make his red-carpet statement. Showing off white boxers and sculpted pecs, Marc further threw out the rule book by accessorising with a clutch and sparkly panto shoes. In short, it's Jacobs having a Cher moment, which is amazing, obviously. -SC

    Also listed:
    Azealia Banks
    Jessica Ennis
    Mary Berry
    Cara Delevingne
    Claire Danes


    Favourite outfit of 2012?
    I'm sorry if there are random letters missing, I tried to add them it, but it doesn't appear to be working.

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