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    It's official! After six years together, Donald Faison and Cacee Cobb were married Saturday night at the Los Angeles home of his Scrubs costar Zach Braff.

    Cobb's friend Jessica Simpson was a bridesmaid. Sister Ashlee Simpson also attended.

    "What a happy day," Tweeted groomsman Joshua Radin, a singer, who posted a photo of himself with Faison and Braff in their tuxedos.

    The couple got engaged in August 2011. At the time, Faison Tweeted, "If you like it then you better put a Ring on it," and Cobb replied, "If she likes it then she better say YES!!"

    Never 4get

    I had no idea they were even dating. But 6 years together? That's awesome. 

    Source:,,20656767,00.html /

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    Amber Heard is joining Kevin Costner in the McG-directed action-thriller Three Days to Kill.

    Written by Luc Besson and Adi Hasak, the film explores a story about Secret Service Agent Ethan Runner who discovers he's dying and decides to retire in order to reconnect with his estranged family. But when the Secret Service offers him access to an experimental drug that could save his life in exchange for one last assignment, he soon finds himself trying to juggle his family, his mission, and the drug's hallucinatory side-effects.

    Variety says Heard will play the woman who offers him access to the experimental drug.

    The EuropaCorp production will be released in the U.S. by Relativity Media. EuropaCorp's Besson and Virginie Besson-Silla are producing with Hasak and Relativity CEO Ryan Kavanaugh, while Relativity president Tucker Tooley is executive producing.


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    The pair were spotted last night (13 Dec) at the Groucho Club in London and according to Heat magazine, the two of them got themselves settled at the private members club and stayed for four hours together.  “They were drinking champagne and cocktails.”  Although they were joined by a friend of Caroline's for a little while, they spent the majority of the evening undisturbed, and loving each other's company.
    “A few people interrupted them to congratulate James - in fact at one point someone brought over a pair of massive Y-fronts to sign which made them both laugh – but more or less they were left alone."  Caroline, 33, was famously dating previous X Factor contestant, One Direction singer, Harry Styles this time last year but it looks like now it's all about James Arthur.
    She has told people that she finds the tattooed singer "very charming," saying, he has this way of making you touch your hair and go all girly when he gives you compliments."  “And he is like that with a lot of girls! I don’t think it’s just me, because he’s very good at it.”  But it sounds like Caroline's got his particular attention.  The source for heat said, "James was staring at Caroline really intensely all night, he couldn't take his eyes off her."A much more age appropriate X Factor romance, he can even buy the drinks!

    I don't hate it.  They were cute on xtra factor.  

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    Just a reminder that SNL is back on tonight! Don't forget to watch and join in on the discussion post (made by ecctv)!

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    BONUS Christmas Finale Promo: 

    ETA Stream:


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    On or near the top of many of 2012's best albums lists -- mine are listed above within a clickable gallery -- are two Angelenos: Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean. They earned their praise, Ocean with his Grammy-nominated "Channel Orange," a genre-busting slice of L.A. life that highlights the singer-songwriter's myriad talents, and rapper Lamar with his "good kid, m.A.A.d. city," a lyrically thrilling, musically urgent document of working-class street life.

    Ocean, 25, born in New Orleans and transplanted here six years ago, touches on the Cali of the imagination. Like many who land here, the artist born Christopher Breaux relocated to reinvent himself and make a career as a professional artist and songwriter. Within a few years he'd done that and more: written with Beyoncé, signed with Def Jam and hooked up with the rising Odd Future collective. He conveys experiences as a new Angeleno "lost in the thrill of it all" by creating his own figurative channel — it's orange, like the California sun.

    Lamar's also 25, a Compton native born Kendrick Lamar Duckworth who came up in the city. Born half a decade before the '92 riots, the rapper with precocious talent has the support of the King of Compton, Dr. Dre, who signed him to his Aftermath imprint. Lamar describes himself on "good kid, m.A.A.d. city" as "Compton's human sacrifice," and throughout the record he documents with an astute voice and the assured lyrical rhythm of a beat box percussionist.

    He's Iceberg Slim for a new century, who with pinpoint accuracy evokes a post "Boyz N the Hood" world of a young man on the move: "You love streets, you love runnin', duckin' police, You love your hood, might even love it to death," he raps on "Real."

    The acronym in the album's title has two meanings: "My angry adolescence divided" and what Lamar describes as "the basic standout meaning, 'My angel's on angel dust.'"

    Like any accurate document of Los Angeles, much of "good kid" occurs in cars. On "The Art of Peer Pressure" he's with friends cruising "four deep in a white Toyota," rolling down the 405 with "a quarter tank of gas, a pistol, orange soda," eyeballing "the light-skinned girls in all their little dresses." He's a veritable Google maps of our town. In "Backseat Freestyle," Lamar suggests to a driver looking for a space to "park it in front of Lueders, next to that Church's Chicken" at the corner of Rosecrans Avenue and Bullis Road in Compton.

    Ocean's world encompasses the south of his youth and the L.A. of his present and the gulf that separates them. On "Sweet Life," Ocean describes someone "Livin' in Ladera Heights/ The black Beverly Hills/ Domesticated paradise/ Palm trees and pools." On "Super Rich Kids," as accurate a document of blue-blood L.A. as has ever been written, Ocean conjures a life filled with fine drink and smoke — "too many bottles of this wine we can't pronounce/ Too many bowls of that green, no Lucky Charms." Embedded within the song is another young voice of L.A., Earl Sweatshirt, who exquisitely embodies the subjects as "the Xany-gnashing, Caddy smashing, bratty-ass" kids.

    Perhaps most thrilling, in fact, is that Lamar and Ocean are part of bigger creative entities, perhaps one reason why the two have yet to collaborate: the former is part of Black Hippy, a four-DJ L.A. collective that also features striking talents Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock. Ocean came into his own after joining Odd Future, the chaotic Fairfax posse founded by Tyler, the Creator, who, along with fellow members Sweatshirt, Syd the Kid and others, have helped reinvigorate hip-hop.

    Such convergence of talent doesn't happen often. When it does, it's wondrous to behold. What Ocean and Lamar have achieved is not only notable in the year-end roundup scheme of things but suggests a thrilling new chapter of Los Angeles music unfolding before our very ears.

    It makes me really happy to see two African-American artists remain true to themselves, not cater to pop audiences and reach success on both the sales front and the critical front.


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    Pick one dramatic television series that is in the pantheon of all-time great shows and ask yourself which one of them had their reputation staked to the finale of Season 2.

    Here’s a little help: none of them.

    And that’s what’s so troubling going into the Season 2 finale of Showtime's Homeland. Last season’s most taut, audacious new offering topped many Year End lists and ended up dominating the Emmys for that effort this year. But Season 2 has been quite a different story. In a column I wrote nearly a month ago on the troubling red flags of this series, my chief worry was in the DNA of the executive producers, who oversaw 24 and were at the helm when that went from great to not very good to laughable at lightning speed.

    Truth be told, many of my comments about Homeland – even last year – were focused on how tricky it would be to sustain the frenetic pace and keep the quality up, mostly because of believability issues and painting characters into corners too quickly for the sake of pulse-pounding drama. When comparing it to other top tier series – and Homeland was definitely that in Season 1 -- I noted that if any series could fall from graces on that list, it would definitely be Homeland.

    And here we are at the end of Season 2 – a season that started off extremely strong and maintained that quality level for a bit, then began showing signs of real creative lag, of seriously bad decision making in the writing and scenarios and, finally, a culmination two or three episodes which did not in any way alter the worries I had in the column about the red flags.

    More than anything, all of this information should point convincingly to the realization that Homeland has hit an early and unfortunate downturn. I put it at No. 10 in my year-end list of dramas for The Hollywood Reporter, with the option to recalibrate either way based on the finale. But again, you never want it to come down to the finale. And really, had that been a list that also combined comedies, Homeland would not have made the Top 10 cut (though I used 15, so maybe a little luck there).

    Well, we’re all here – fans and critics and those who make the show – at this unfortunately awkward intersection. Homleand needs to do something tonight that either dramatically reshapes the series or creates an intriguing detour free of implausibility. Honestly, the odds do not appear to be in the show’s favor in that regard.

    The writers could kill off Brody (Damian Lewis), but he’s such a fantastic actor, why would they? They could put him and Carrie (Claire Danes) into some buddy-revenge scenario, but that would hardly pass the implausibility part. They could come up with a mole, which would make it just like 24 (although I think the mole aspect at this point is overblown). They could have Estes (David Harewood) be killed or otherwise rendered useless – and that might help, but wouldn’t solve the what-happens-now part.

    To give the writers credit, people are creating all kinds of smart or, more often, far-fetched scenarios about how the season will end. What that points to is dedication. Fans love the show. Many of them will no doubt go on whatever ride they’re taken on. Hell, there are still vociferous and forceful defenders of 24, which really takes a level of disillusionment not normally seen in sane people.

    And yes, the writers could do something completely unexpected and wholly brilliant and we’ll all be falling on the ground in praise of this series. Let’s just wait to find out what they’ve got. (As a note, I’ll be watching on West Coast time because of other commitments, but will definitely post something after the show for discussion).

    In the meantime, there’s a bit of hope. But it’s unfortunate that we even need to be talking about 11th hour miracles for a show that came out of the box so spectacularly. The exercise I mentioned above stays pertinent – no drama series that is now considered an all-time great ever had this put-up-or-shut-up kind of pressure as early as the last episode in Season 2. I can’t help but believe that does not bode well for tonight and for Homeland’s legacy.

    But as the song says, here we are now. Entertain us. (But for the sake of the TV Gods, make it plausible.)


    Are you all ready for the shit to hit the fan tonight? I am so nervous!

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    What Does She Call Him Now?

    Major ch-ch-ch-changes are happening in Izabella Tovar's life! You probably remember this brunette bombshell from her episode of 16 and Pregnant, where she popped out a little bundle of joy named Enrique. The cutest!

    Well, apparently Izabella is less than impressed with her little boy's name, and after a full two years she's changing it! Izabella recently took a trip to Mexico to visit her family, and learned that "Enrique" means "Henry" in English. She liked the English version so much that it stuck!

    "Enrique = Henry. When we went to Mexico, my family began to call him Henry b/c they figured we used the English version..." Izabella tweeted to her fans, adding, "Henry is easier for a 2 year old to pronounce, so Enrique began to call himself 'Henry.' We have since stuck to Henry b/c we love it."

    Henry is an adorable name, but if this little dude ever wants to go back to Enrique, it won't be a problem. Izabella doesn't plan on legally changing her son's name, which means he can pick and choose what he wants to be called. "My son's name does not need to be legally changed to Henry," she explains. "It's like saying a word in English & Spanish, it's still the same word."

    Whatever floats your baby boat, girl!


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    Cameron Douglas, son of Michael Douglas and Diandra Luker, was sentenced to 5 years in jail in April of 2010 for possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute 230 grams of crystal methamphetamine. While his original 10 year sentence was cut in half agreeing to testify against his suppliers, he received an additional 4 1/2 years in December 2011 after pleading guilty to using drugs in prison after his girlfriend smuggled heroin into the prison by hiding an electric toothbrush filled with heroin inside of it into her vagina.

    Douglas suffered not only a broken femur which will require surgery to implant a metal rod, but also had several fingers broken after he was attacked by a fellow inmate during a handball game for being a rat

    A prison insider says that the pampered, baby-faced Douglas has “gone gangster” in the joint, reshaping himself by pumping iron and getting prison tattoos.

    “He recently had his initials inscribed on his neck and big stars on his shoulders, with each year of his incarceration in each star: ’10, ’11, ’12. And he’s currently getting a scroll on his back. They are being done by his best prison pal, Billy Trent, and he’s paid over $1,000 so far for all the ink.”

    Douglas has been working as a weekend orderly in a housing unit and earning $1.65 per month. He is not eligible to be released until 2018.

    Michael Douglas believes that without prison intervention, his son was going to be dead or somebody was gonna kill him. "I think he has a chance to start a new life, and he knows that."


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    10. fun., Some Nights
    If Freddie Mercury were alive today, these would be his favorite karaoke jams.

    9. Chiddy Bang, Breakfast
    Goofy college rap with so many great indie samples, you'll want to Shazam every one.

    8. Kendrick Lamar, good kid, m.A.A.d. city
    Dr. Dre's protégé puts Compton back on the map.

    7. Django Django, Django Django
    In which Django Django prove that psychedelic art-rock is still awesome awesome.

    6. Killer Mike, R.A.P. Music
    Dirty South hero rails against Reaganomics and convinces the world that agit-rap isn't dead.

    5. Lord Huron, Lonesome Dreams
    Campfire folk-pop with harmonies so lovely, the hipster coyotes will howl along.

    4. Miguel, Kaleidoscope Dream
    Only the smoothest slow-jam king can admit that he wants to ''do you like drugs'' and make it sound romantic.

    3. Japandroids, Celebration Rock
    Dive-bar punk that makes you pound your fist just as hard as you pound your beer.

    2. Fiona Apple, The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do
    Deeply personal piano ballads that you'll love as long as it takes to read the album title (i.e. forever).

    1. Frank Ocean, Channel Orange
    He's one of L.A.'s best pulp-fiction storytellers, and the most original voice in avant-R&B.


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    3D can be a controversial subject among film fans. On the plus side, it can turn out well if done properly, i.e. if the film is shot with 3D cameras and not converted in post-production (see: Hugo, Cave of Forgotten Dreams). However, that tends not to be the case, with a large number of films post-converted so the studio can tack a 3D surcharge onto ticket prices (see: Clash of the Titans, Green Lantern). Post-conversion has a bad rap, and for a good reason: It tends to not be good.

    But post-conversion has a fan in J.J. Abrams, who spoke out recently about how Paramount forced him convert Star Trek Into Darkness to 3D… and he actually ended up liking it.

    OK, Abrams. You have thirty seconds. Convince me.

    Says the director:

    “3D was something that, frankly, I was not a big fan of to begin with. Essentially in order for us to make this movie, the studio said ‘You gotta do this in 3D’. So we said, well, we can do a 2D version that we love that can also be converted to 3D. And the truth is that I’ve actually been having a lot of fun with it…This is kind of the myth, that it only looks good if you shoot the movie in 3D, which is completely not true…

    In fact, we’re doing a bunch of things with the 3D in this movie that have not been done before, using techniques that have not been seen. All the exterior shots, including the shots in space, are all either shot or rendered in IMAX format.

    It’s the first time a movie has been shot in IMAX to this scale and converted to 3D.”

    Well. Abrams knows more about the technology of 3D than I do, so if he says shooting in IMAX makes a difference when it comes to post-converting, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Then again, he wouldn’t exactly come out and say “This thing the studio forced me to do really sucks, I hate it, but they control the budget so YOLO!”

    I think what it comes down to for me is this: Shoddy 3D conversions tend to make movies dark (Deathly Hallows Part 2, anyone?), and I can’t believe that Abrams would jeopardize his love affair with shininess by not making the 3D look good. I mean, lens flare is his baby, and you can’t have shady lens flare. That’s just crazy talk.

    Can anyone who saw the 9-minute preview of Star Trek Into Darkness with The Hobbit confirm whether it was in 3D or not? Did it look good? Awful? Lens flare-y? (No spoilers, please!)



    Yeah, sure, JJ, whatever you say.

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  • 12/16/12--19:13: WEEKEND BOX OFFICE!

  • Weekend chart from Box Office Mojo

    Tomatometer from Rotten Tomatoes

    How was your weekend, ONTD?

    spoiler code:

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    With their tea-party theme for their “Anything Could Happen” performance on Wednesday night, it almost seems written in the stars that Fifth Harmony is now the Cinderella story of “The X Factor” USA. They are going into the final round as the huge underdogs, but they are also going into it with arguably the most momentum out of anyone left. Can this carry them through? We’ll have a little bit more information on that in our contestant rankings a little bit later in the day.

    For now, though, we just thought we would share that the girl group has even managed to impress the original performer of the song with the performance. Speaking out in a new post on her official Twitter, here is what Ellie Goulding (who is really only well-known in America for the song “Lights”) had to say about the girls taking on one of her other notable hits:

    “Really impressed with @fifthharmony rendition of Anything Could Happen on Xfactor USA!!”

    Of course, the challenge for Fifth Harmony now is simple: finding a way to bring over many of the young voters who were cheering on Emblem3 to win the competition. If they can do that, then they actually have a very good shot at winning given that these are the votes moving forward that will probably decide who wins the competition in the end.

    call me when Paul McCartney is praising any performances done by The New Beatles imo

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    An original ONTD article. by me, nt4m☺♡♫

    2012 has been somewhat of a quiet year for Paris Hilton, at least compared to past years where she has launched numerous products lines, promoted television series, released music all within 12 months. But 2012 has still been a solid year for the pulchritudinous icon of modern celebrity and entrepreneurial success. Here are my favourite Paris Hilton moments of 2012~

    Paris' Philanthropy.

    Paris has spent a lot of her time participating in chairtable activities throughout her life. Whether she's donating money, or time, she has always been a keen philanthropist. In 2011, she won a Starlight Foundation award for her efforts. In 2012, Paris' efforts continued. One of the sweetest stories was the story of Paris' friendship with Mike Oliveri. What started off as a good time, turned into a genuinely sweet moment that gave a glimpse of the kind and caring Paris most are too cynical to believe exists. Mike suffers from muscular dystrophy, and was struggling to live with a miniscule $484 he recieved each month. Unsure whether he would make it through the next week, a chance encounter with Paris made his next few months secure, saving his life.

    “One night a couple of weeks ago I was at Club AV and next thing I know there was Paris - right next to me,” Mike tells Hollyscoop, “She started talking to me and we exchanged numbers and then she went on to my website and tweeted me out. She gave me the $5000 donation, she did it in such a nonchalant way. She transferred it to me on Paypal and when I asked her if it was her that did it, she simply said, ‘Yeah.’”

    While that story alone is more than enough, Paris' 2012 has been full of moments like this. Paris made a little boy’s wish come true to experience the celebrity lifestyle, she donated gifts to orphanages in India, and to ill children in hospitals. Paris has shown her genuine interest in brightening the lives of those less fortunate. Say what you will about Paris, but her charity is undeniable.

    Paris Hilton Protects Herself.

    Imagine it's 3:30am, you're walking through an empty parking garage to your car, exhausted, and ready to go home. It's quiet. It's still. You walk towards your car, when suddenly a large man appears out of nowhere, filming you, and telling you how sexy you are in an intimidating voice. What would you do? Well, this happened to Paris Hilton. What did Paris do? She reprimanded the motherfucker. Every ninety seconds, a woman is sexually harassed in America [*], and Paris wasn't going to let that happen to her. She protected herself, and that lurking paparazzo was taught a major lesson. I strongly believe this showcases Paris' mental and physical strength. She was not willing to be threatened by a man who had no place to film or talk to her. She was vulnerable, and this oversized man intruded into her person space, but she forced him out.

    DJ Paris Hilton.

    One of her most controversial moments of 2012, Paris debuted as a DJ. While some were skeptical, and others were incredibly melodramatic, there were still some who understood why and fully supported Paris' decision to DJ. As Lil John said, "It's a logical step." Paris Hilton is eponymous with partying and clubs, she has spent years experiencing different music from across the world, and the different DJs each country has to offer. Paris knows good music to party to, and her set showcased that. It may not have been a technical masterpiece, but really, Paris was about putting on a show, and she delivered a show.

    Her debut set was met with intense hate from the EDM community, the very community that Paris herself was part of. It was sad to see, people were actually blaming Paris for the death of EDM - melodramatic ignoramuses, to say the least. Even Paris' once close ally turned his back on her. Paris was guilty of only one thing, pursuing a goal. She wanted to DJ, and she had the opportunity to do that. It's quite inspiring when you think about it, and people should follow her lead. Follow your dreams, do what you want to do. Don't let the insecurities, and pessimism of others drag you down. Paris didn't. Even after the intense wave of unnecessary hate, Paris stood tall and once again delivered an amazing show in Goa, India at the start of the month. She was happy on stage.


    Last Night, and the Album That Never Was.

    I guess an unreleased album isn't exactly what you'd expect to see on a "best of" list, but I think it's more than fitting and it perfectly shows Paris' gusto.

    This story starts in September 2011. Paris Hilton finally went into the recording studio with DJ Afrojack, a then very promising DJ and producer who seemed to be heading to huge heights in 2012. Some major singles, and a huge album with Paris Hilton seemed like the perfect release for 2012. It was going to be. But things happened, friendships were damaged, and as a result the complete album - Which vocal producer, Taura Stinson, described as "dancey, edgey and cool" - was never to be released. Paris was the perfect person to release a big EDM-pop album in the summer where there were to be no other major pop releases. The summer was begging to be Paris', and it was the plan for Paris to own it. But alas, not all people are as business oriented as Paris, and let themselves be overwhelmed by personal issues.

    While fans kept their fingers tightly crossed in hope that the two would professionally reconcile, a truly vulgar move was made by Afrojack. The tracklist of Pitbull's newest album, Globalwarming (which peaked at #14 on the billboard 200) was released. The only song of interest was Last Night (feat. Havana Brown). Produced by Afrojack, and written by Antony Preston. Antony Preston was one of the main song writers involved in Paris' album, who even as late as August was still unaware that Afrojack had turned his back on Paris. During her set in June, Paris premiered her "new single", Last Night. It was too obvious that they were infact the same song, and Afrojack had handed the single over to prevent Paris from releasing the single herself. Quite the immature move, but not so surprising when you learn of the treatment his ex-girlfriend received. Fans were disappointed, and upset. It seemed as if we were never going to hear any of the songs we were all so excited for... until a mysterious video was uploaded to youtube.

    This video was uploaded to youtube by "Ira Mira" on the 20th of November. What seems like any fan video, it was actually quite special. Not only did it feature the unreleased full version of Paris' Last Night, featuring Lil Wayne. The video itself also contained then-unreleased footage from Paris' DJ performance backdrop. While I could never truly confirm it was Paris, and it's unfair to speculate, I personally wouldn't be surprised. Paris has always been incredibly generous with her fans, she's constantly reaching out to them on various social media sites, and has always looked out for them during promotional events and even during her days off, spending lots of time taking photographs and signing things for them. So it's really not that outrageous to think that Paris potentially leaked it for her fans who had so desperately been waiting for new music.

    Of course, Paris' years has been full of many other events and honorable mention to her ever growing billion dollar brand, her new perfume Dazzle (purchase here), and her many new stores that opened in 2012. 2013 is set to be an even bigger year for Paris, she's continuing to record music, she's spoken about television series and movies she's producing, and of course there's no doubt her brand will continue to grow.


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  • 12/16/12--19:21: Twelve Days of ONTD: Day 10

  • Every day until Christmas, we'll be randomly giving away $25 Amazon gift cards to a lucky commenter! 

    How do you enter? All you have to do is comment!  We'll be randomly selecting winners from the comments section.   To keep it fair, you can only win once, but you can comment as much as you'd like, which increases your chances of winning.  


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    Survivor Philippines: Episode 14

    DENISE! She won 6-1-1 over Lisa and "Skoopin"

    Reunion show is on live!

    Source: TV/CBS

    0 0

    The elder statesman of the group, Louis Tomlinson, 20, is also known in inside circles as the defacto leader and resident perfectionist in One Direction. In our conversation about being named Billboard's Top New Artist of 2012, Tomlinson doesn't exactly dispute the labels. "I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I have to be kind of be on board with every minor detail and [I'm] quite opinionated," he said. "It's quite important for me personally to be involved with the whole project."

    Congrats on being named Billboard's Top New Artist of 2012. How does that feel?

    It's absolutely amazing to have that kind of recognition in America. Obviously for boy bands it's huge - it's just so nice. To have this opportunity to come here and perform is amazing, never mind who has been recognized so far. At the end of the day we're having a good time. It's almost a cliché but it's so true -- if anyone hadn't bought a record we wouldn't be here.

    This week in New York is certainly quite the culmination of the incredible year you've had - headlining and selling out Madison Square Garden, hosting a global fan convention and playing the Z100 Jingle Ball.

    This week's been crazy, crazy busy but so much fun. We were all nervous that we were gonna be rehearsed in time [to play Madison Square Garden], then when we were finally onstage we got to relax.

    Was it representative of what we might see from your 2013 World Tour, or was this more of a one-off?

    That's kind of the thing with our shows, loosening the reins. We don't dance because we can't dance. Our shows, production-wise, are always quite minimal. We always try and keep it more about us having fun and stay away from gimmicks.

    Going into 2012, what expectations did you have about breaking America? Did it seem impossible, knowing the challenges other British boy bands had before you?

    I remember the flight over here when we first came to America when we were supporting Big Time Rush, we were delighted we even had that opportunity. We said, "Let's give it a go." I remember we said as a band we would be really, really happy with a top 20 album - that would be incredible. When we came off that first show our management was saying, 'This isn't your show. You might not see the reception you were expecting so just prepare yourself.' We went onstage terrified that people would be like, 'Who are these blokes?' We finally go onstage and we got an incredible reaction. And even at that stage we thought it was amazing that we're getting recognized here. We had no idea how the album was going to go. We were lucky enough to get to No. 1.

    And didn't the fans at the Big Time Rush shows already know your songs?

    Yeah the fans were chanting our names. They knew the words to the songs off the album that wasn't even out in America. The album's doing this and this on YouTube. They're singing all the words on the album charts as well. It was amazing.

    That kind of fan frenzy made recording "Take Me Home" difficult as well, because you had fans waiting for you outside the studio singing the words to the hits from the first album while you're inside trying to create new ones. What was that experience like?

    We were very blessed to have that when we recorded. We go to a show and a recording studio with 1,200 people -- that makes you a little bit nervous. You want to leave everything a surprise, because the last thing you want is the fans outside to hear the new material. But it was cool.

    You largely worked with a lot of the same writers and producers as you had on "Up All Night." Why was it important to keep the same team this time out?

    It was great but it was not as easy as you might think. It was great to have people like Carl [Falk] and Rami [Yacoub] and Savan [Kotecha] -- we feel comfortable around them and obviously get better vocal performances. But at the same time we had the opportunity to work with Dr. Luke, which was amazing, and we had Julian Bunetta, who wrote some of my favorite songs. We're in a very lucky position to be working with the people that we are. It's not just a band who've had a successful album, it's the producers as well.

    Obviously One Direction's music is very pop. But what about your personal tastes -- what do you listen to?

    My favorite music isn't necessarily the songs that One Direction come out with. That doesn't mean to say I don't secretly really love some of our songs, which I do. My personal tastes... I actually like quite a bit acoustic and more mellow kinds of things. I quite like American music, like The Fray, I'm a massive fan of them, and The Killers. I also like more acoustic stuff like Ed Sheeran, I like this English songwriter James Morrison and another singer called Ben Howard.

    Do you have a favorite One Direction song?

    Off the album my favorite is "Little Things," or "Back For You" which we all wrote and feels quite band-y.

    You guys are about to film a concert movie with Morgan Spurlock. What can we expect?

    We've been documenting stuff for a long time actually, just because it's important. We've had a crazy week and a crazy year -- it's important to document everything on the way really. I'm really excited about the prospect of the film, it's a great chance to all get across our personalities. The fans do know them to a degree, but they'll get a real chance to have a real insight on what our day to day is and exactly what we do.

    Several people in your management and inner circle have described you to me as the unofficial businessman or leader of the group. Is that a fair assessment?

    I've sometimes felt like that, but to be honest most of the time I'm the immature one who needs to be told to get focused. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I have to be kind of be on board with every minor detail and [I'm] quite opinionated. It's quite important for me personally to be involved with the whole project.

    It also probably helps that you're technically the oldest one in the group.

    And in one month I'll be legal to drink in the U.S. So, summer 2013 -- watch out!

    I didn't bold any of it because you should read all of it- it's flawless, just like Prince Louis.


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    London: Britney Spears could be losing her 10-million- pound per-season mega-deal with the ‘X Factor’, as her lackluster stint on the show failed to attract viewers.

    The 31-year-old pop diva is due to bow out after this week’s two-night grand finale, along with music mogul judge LA Reid.

    Simon had hoped Britney would be a ratings boost but that simply hasn’t ­happened,” the Daily Star quoted a senior executive at Fox as saying.

    “It’s no coincidence she is not in talks about a new deal,” the senior executive said.

    Fellow judge Demi Lovato is already in contract negotiations with Simon Cowell’s production company Syco and Fox TV for next year’s show.

    Fewer than eight million viewers watched this season’s episodes compared to an average of more than 12 million last year.

    “She just doesn’t seem to be cut out for a TV talent show,” the senior executive said.


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    kind of a lq vid, ill replace it as soon as a better one is available! she looks SO good! i love that dress!!! and omg dedicating her performance to lila <3! she was fantastic!


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  • 12/16/12--21:59: Misfits Series Finale Review

  • Cast your mind back a year to the end of Series 3 of Misfits and

    - amid the ghosts and Simony-timey-wimeyness – you'll remember that
    there was a feeling that an era was coming to an end: that with plots
    sutured and so many of the main cast gone, the show could have feasibly
    finished after three solid series of community service superpowers. But
    while Series 3 seemed prepared for oblivion, Series 4's last episode
    gives a middle-finger to closure.

    In places it feels like Episode 8 is too preoccupied with gestating
    tantalising new plot threads for (the just commissioned) Series 5, than
    actually providing a satisfying conclusion to a bumpy run. The mystery
    of Abbey's personality, Finn and Jess's relationship, the heartbreak
    behind the Probation Worker's unexploded bomb of a face...All three are
    difficult to engage with this late on when we're annoyed at the thought
    of having to wait a year to find out how they'll develop.

    Most egregious of all is the idea that Geordie boreman Alex might
    return with a power that's more interesting than talking about his cock,
    thanks to a handy transplantable lung lying around like an abandoned
    bagpipe. We hope it's merely a joke, but from the prominence he was
    given on the operating table we suspect not. Maybe he'll come back like
    Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen: big and blue and with his prized dick gently swaying in the chilly estate breeze like a broken wind-chime.

    When not worrying about its own future this is actually a solid, but
    not spectacular, finale filled with more blasphemy than a Frankie Boyle
    gig at The Vatican. That's because it's smart enough to focus on its
    best asset, Joe Gilgun, and gives him opportunity to rise magnificently
    to the challenge of creating some depth to Rudy. It's a performance that
    infuses his carefree cheek with real pathos and heartbreak and Nadine's
    death would feel cheap were it not for the emotional side that the
    writers and Gilgun have carved from Rudy's seemingly unalterable

    It's a shame Nadine has to die. If there's one thing the show could
    have teased more it's the idea of a deviant dating a former nun who can
    summon terror incarnate. Nadine's Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are
    typically reflective of the show's urban aesthetic, re-imagined as a
    gang of bike-riding, samurai sword swinging hoodies, but their brevity
    on screen and their one-dimensional purpose are disappointing. These are
    meant to be demons of vengeance, but they come across more like four
    youths holding up an off-licence, and vanish just as quickly.

    So ends a series that has, on reflection, been a mixed bag. A
    collection of good story ideas undermined by a change in cast that the
    show always seemed uneasy about. Yet we have hope for the fifth series,
    because the finale does manage to capture the peppy group dynamics of
    the show's early days. You wouldn't call Series 4 a triumph for the
    show, but based on the gang we're left with it might be that Misfits' fifth year will be something more special. We're already praying hard for it.

    I liked it :)


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