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    Kristen Stewart appears on stage during the 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief to benefit the Robin Hood Relief Fund on Wednesday (December 12) at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

    The 22-year-old actress presented a video of Jon Bon Jovi visiting Sayreville, New Jersey after the destruction from Hurricane Sandy.

    “A day after the storm one of Jersey’s most famous own went back to his home town of Sayreville to see the devastation first hand. What Bon Jovi – sorry, Jon Bon Jovi – saw served to humble, inspire, and move him,” Kristen said.


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    Anyone remember that flop, Tara Simon from this season's US X-Factor? She was basically CeCe in 20 years, over-sang everything, horrible fashion sense, talking shit about Gene Simmons daughter...yeah, her. Even though she got cut at the judge's homes, she's back with her first official music video. I absolutely hated her on the show, but the song and video are actually kinda good. I'm also into the X-Factor shade. Maybe getting cut was a good thing?


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    Survivor Philippines: Episode 13 - "Gouge My Eyes Out"

    Skupin won reward, choosing to bring along Malcolm and Lisa, leaving Denise to suffer at camp with Abi.

    At the individual immunity challenge, Malcolm pulls off a come from behind victory, winning immunity for the second time in a row.

    Abi was voted out 4-1.

    Ding dong, the witch is dead.

    Think it will be a final 3 or a final 2?

    Abi's ponderosa videos:

    Source: TV/CBS


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    Canadian Exclaim! interviews Ke$ha

    Exclaim! Ke$ha Questionnaire
    [I skip the boring disclaimer and jump right to the interview. Disclaimer at the source.]


    This love is supernatural - can you feeeeel itttt???

    What are you up to?
    This exact moment I am trying to even out my eyeliner but it's not working. I have a wonky eye.

    What are your current fixations?
    My cat Mr. Peeps is the love of my life. I'm obsessed with him and take him everywhere. I take him to the grocery store, the doctor's office, into the studio, in rehearsals — I take him everywhere. He's so cute. He's my best friend and I love him.

    Why do you live where you do?
    I'm from Nashville and my family's here. Plus it has so much soul. It's genuinely a part of who I am and I just didn't want to move.

    Name something you consider a mind-altering work of art:
    Pink Floyd's The Wall. The album and the visuals that go with it were very influential on this record.

    What has been your most memorable or inspirational gig and why?
    I played to a crowd of about 300,000 people in Budapest, Hungary. I'm Hungarian, and it was this massive show that was one of the most insane thing's I've ever seen. I realized then and there that words have power. It was a huge deal.

    What have been your career highs and lows?
    I think my highs would be that show in Hungary, playing Rock in Rio, performing with Stevie Wonder and getting to work with Iggy Pop. The main lows are just when I come across online scrutiny that is mean beyond necessity.

    What's the meanest thing ever said to you before, during or after a gig?
    Probably when people say that I can't sing because I used Auto-tune on my first record. I wanted to set the record straight so I've put out an acoustic EP called Deconstructive.

    What should everyone shut up about?
    Everyone should be themselves, love themselves and mind their own business.

    What traits do you most like and most dislike about yourself?
    I like my cat… I guess that's not myself. I like my ability to laugh at myself, especially in this business I think it's important. I dislike how I'm overly emotional and kind of psychotic when it comes to relationships.

    What's your idea of a perfect Sunday?
    Having sex and eating candy. All day.

    What advice should you have taken, but did not?
    I don't really live like that. I live with no regrets and think everything happens for a reason.

    What would make you kick someone out of your band and/or bed, and have you?
    I did have to fire somebody because they ate whale when we went to Japan. That's not acceptable to me. I'm an animal rights activist. And for my bed, if someone acts selfish they will get the boot.

    What do you think of when you think of Canada?
    I think of giant bearded men that wear red flannels, Bell, beer and killer whales and bears. Is that pretty accurate?

    What was the first LP/cassette/CD/eight track you ever bought with your own money?
    I remember being obsessed with "Gettin' Jiggy With It," that Will Smith song. I don't remember if I bought it, I just remember being obsessed with it.

    What was your most memorable day job?
    I was a telemarketer. It was incredibly soul crushing. I only did it for two days though. I was like, "Fuck that!"

    How do you spoil yourself?
    I'm not the most extravagant person. I only have one car and half the time it doesn't even run. But I did buy the world's biggest bed. I had it specifically made for me because I like having slumber parties. Comfortably it fits ten people. It's the funnest place in the world. It's twice as big as a California king size bed.

    If I wasn't playing music I would be…
    Dead. Or I'd be a hobo.

    What do you fear most?
    It's not failure because I'm not afraid to fail. It's more when I'm afraid to not try something. I'd rather fail than be too scared to ever try something. Like I was really nervous to get into a room and work with Iggy Pop, who's my idol.

    What makes you want to take it off and get it on?
    Bearded dude, big wiener, motorcycle. With a kitten. Like if Sons of Anarchy and Hello Kitty had a baby.

    What has been your strangest celebrity encounter?
    One of the strangest was when I ran into Snoop Dogg during a party at Coachella at six a.m. Now we're really close friends. He introduced himself by passing a joint and I was like, "Hello Snoop, I love you. Living up to all my expectations."

    Who would be your ideal dinner guest, living or dead, and what would you serve them?
    I would really like to sit down and talk wardrobe with Marc Bolan or Liberace. And I would probably skip dinner and go straight to the drinking. Some sort of weird concoction made out of blueberries and whiskey.

    What does your mom wish you were doing instead?
    Nothing! We wrote five songs together for my new record. She's not only supportive but a huge part of what I do.

    What song would you like to have played at your funeral?
    I think it would be a record, Jeff Buckley's Grace. It's definitely a tear-jerker, it's beautiful and I love his voice.


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    Lindsay Lohan nearly torpedoed her episode of "Million Dollar Decorators" on Bravo -- after the network spent roughly $200,000 renovating Lindsay's Beverly Hills mansion -- because TMZ has learned she refused to film the big reveal moment for the show.

    Sources close to Lindsay tell us she agreed to film the segment for the show earlier this year -- and in exchange, the people behind MDD spent $200,000 on expensive furniture and other trappings for her house ... which Lindsay's now renting for $8,000 a month.

    We're told Lindsay was initially cooperative -- filming a furniture shopping segment back in March and spending several more days shooting in the home before the renovations.

    The show then went to work on the house -- filming the entire renovation process -- but when it came time to shoot the big reveal in April, Lindsay stopped returning their calls.

    Lindsay's since been living in the house -- and according to sources, the home is now so messy ... it's completely unfilmable.

    We're told MDD producers have since decided to use canned post-renovation footage (without Lindsay) as the big reveal moment.

    Calls to the network were not returned. The episode's scheduled to air early next year.


    Not surprised by this but wtf, how can you trash such a nice house when so many people are struggling???

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    Tue, 2012-12-11 15:33

    For those of you who enjoyed this summer's guilty pleasure that was Oxygen's The Glee Project, have we got a bombshell for you! 

    Remember Dani Shay, the super-adorable butchy lady who also appeared on America's Got Talent, but for some reason we still don't understand got sent home about halfway through the season? We thought so.

    And of course you'll recall Ali Stroker, the spunky blonde with a voice bound for Broadway, who made it to the final three (and arguably still should have beat out Blake Jenner for a recurring role on Glee). Did you know she's a lesbian, too?

    And even better — did you know Dani and Ali are in love? Because we didn't until the couple released this adorable video, simply titled "One." The couple announces their romance with heartwarming lyrics and more than a few steamy makeout scenes—which somehow never made it into The Glee Project. (Further evidence of creator Ryan Murphy's squeamishness about lesbians? We think so.)

    Watch the video, produced with FUN. and The Ally Coalition, below.

    Thank you so much for watching our video.
    I’d like to tell you how I feel about the video, and why I wanted to
    share it. Over a year ago I met Dani at the glee project call backs. We
    connected in a way I have never connected with anyone in my life. It was
    never about gender or my wheelchair or the number of YouTube hits. It
    was always about the feeling that I felt when I was around her. We
    laughed so hard that weekend we cried.  The joy and trust was immediate.
    Dani and I shared our goals and I realized how aligned we were.  I
    recognized our connection was bigger than just the two of us and we
    could say something together.

    I’ll be very honest, when Dani had the idea to make the video I was
    nervous. I worried that this was another way for someone to put me in a
    box. Then I realized I felt even stronger knowing this is another way to
    help people see beyond the box!  We are so much more than the
    categories we place ourselves in. I have never just wanted to be labeled
    “the girl  in the wheelchair” so I was scared that this would be
    another opportunity for someone to label me.  I know that I am more than
    that.  I’ve never let labels define who I am.

    I never expected to meet Dani and fall in love, and I especially
    never expected that I would want to share it with the world. Here I am. I
    couldn’t be more proud to share my love with all of you. No matter who
    you are. No matter what you think is or isn’t possible I am telling you
    that life’s surprises are the best gifts! I never thought I could have
    it all. It didn’t seem possible. I can say now, I feel like I got my
    fairy tale.

    One last thing, I want to thank Dani.  This has been ONE of the
    greatest adventures of my life. You’ve helped me see so many new
    beautiful parts of life. Thank you for loving every part of who I am.
    Love really feels limitless with you!

    To PRE ORDER “ONE: The Winter EP” (featuring a duet of “Let it Snow” between Dani and I)  go to…


    This is so awesomely sweet!

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    Your television screen is spattered with more blood than ever before, what with all the zombies and vampires, meth fiends and Prohibition gangsters who populate our favorite dramas. From the biker treachery of Sons of Anarchy to the boardroom betrayal of Mad Men, it's one big American horror story. Here are 10 of the most brutal, shocking and delectable deaths from the 2012 TV season.

    'True Blood': Russell Edgington Stakes Roman Zimojic (Season Five, Episode Six)

    Deaths on True Blood are so commonplace, the only way to shock the fans at this point is to kill off a major character as soon as he or she is introduced. That's exactly what happened to megalomaniac vampire Roman Zimojic, whose storyline came to a screeching halt after just five episodes at the hands of the diabolical Russell Edgington – proving once again that no character, however powerful, is safe on this show. This rule of thumb re-emerged at the season's end, when we bade a blood-teared adieu to Russell himself (staked by Eric Northman, settling a 1,000-year grudge), and when, after downing a vial of vampire goddess Lilith's blood, Bill Compton was reborn an indeterminate hybrid the interwebs have unofficially dubbed "Billith."

    'Gossip Girl' (The Series)

    "You know you love me, XOXO." Oh, but how we did, dear Gossip Girl! Remember when that show was everything? Dan and Serena! Chuck! Blair (and Nate)! Dorota! The Met steps, little J before she became a punk-rock raccoon, and the time when every masked ball, every fundraiser and every champagne brunch felt like it was the place to be, because it was? Those times became a distant memory sometime around 2010, when ­– seemingly overnight – the show's guilty pleasure appeal became tired and uninspired and we no longer actually cared who was hooking up with whom or when (if) Chuck and Blair would finally play it for keeps. But the CW kept the Josh Schwartz teen show a-churnin' for three more seasons, until, in the spring of 2012, the network finally realized it was time to put the show out of its misery with a half-season order. And so, we raise our glass of champagne to the Upper East Siders. Here's to the good times, despite how long ago they actually were.

    'Sons of Anarchy': Saying Goodbye to a 'Son' (Season Five, Episode Three)

    There have been plenty of deaths on Sons of Anarchy over the years (see: Piney and Half-Sack), but none shocked fans more than the unexpected demise of Opie, played by Ryan Hurst. The brutal lead-pipe prison beating of the fan favorite left many asking, "Why?" But in the realm of SAMCRO, it was the only way to save Opie's best buddy, Jax, from a similar fate. The onscreen death was compounded by the grisly real-life murder-suicide involving Johnny Lewis, who played the aforementioned Half-Sack, that unfolded just hours after the episode aired. It was a sad example of life imitating art, in the worst possible way.

    'Boardwalk Empire': Owen Sleater in a Box (Season Three, Episode 10)

    The murder of Boardwalk Empire's most unhinged mobster, Gyp Rosetti, may have been Season Three's splashiest death, but given the battle lines that had been drawn between Gyp and Nucky Thompson, we figured at least one of them would wind up six feet under. It was the subtle, offscreen killing of Nucky's right-hand man, former IRA soldier Owen Sleater, that had us all jumping up from our couches when his body was delivered in a wooden crate to Nucky's Ritz-Carlton suite – a casualty of the botched assassination attempt on Joe Masseria. The consequences of Owen's murder went beyond gangster reindeer games, though: in the season finale, a distraught Margaret Thompson, whose affair with Owen had resulted in an illegitimate pregnancy, made the heart-wrenching decision to abort the baby.
    (Still not over it. Never)

    'Mad Men': Lane Pryce Resigns (Season Five, Episode 12)

    When Mad Men returned after a 17-month absence this past March, the show appeared to be suffering from a case of uncharacteristic jollies. Namely, Don Draper, womanizer extraordinaire, was happily married and displaying zero signs of infidelity. Yet the fifth season turned out to be especially dark, with the story line of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce's financial officer coming to a bleak end in the penultimate episode. After learning that Lane had embezzled funds from the company to pay back taxes, Don was forced to demand the British expatriate's resignation. Personally and professionally humiliated, Lane hangs himself on the door to his office (following a bungled self-asphyxiation attempt in his brand-new Jaguar), leaving his bereaved colleagues to discover his dead body.

    (He was robbed of award noms for this imo)

    rest at the source

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    'As I look back over my life in romance, I don't feel that I have ever been loved': Sean Penn opens up about his split from Robin Wright 

    He has been married twice - to Madonna for four years, and then to actress Robin Wright for 13 years.
    And now Sean Penn has opened up about his heartbreak over the failed relationships.


    The Hollywood star tells Esquire magazine that he thinks that throughout his romantic life, no woman has ever really loved him.
    The 52-year-old, who muses over his love life with the magazine, saying: 'There is no shame in saying that we all want to be loved by someone. As I look back over my life in romance, I don’t feel I’ve ever had that,' he tells the magazine.
    'I have been the only one that was unaware of the fraud in a few of these circumstances blindly.'
    Penn and Wright had a particularly turbulent relationship.
    After the pair, who now share two grown-up children, tied the knot in 1996, their relationship went from on to off in the late 2000s.
    The couple filed for divorce in 2007 only to dismiss the filing and reconcile shortly after.
    But in 2009, the union appeared to had sour again and Penn filed for legal separation only to once again withdraw it and reconcile with his wife in May.
    It was finally over in August 2009, when Wright filed for divorce and the couple's split was made official in July 2010.
    Penn tells the magazine that divorce made him realise the truth about his relationship.
    'When you get divorced, all the truths that come out, you sit there and you go, "What the f*** was I doing? What was I doing believing that this person was invested in this way?" Which is a fantastically strong humiliation in the best sense,' he says.
    'It can make somebody very bitter and very hard and closed off, but I find it does the opposite to me.'
    Cover boy: The actor graces the cover of the January edition of Esquire magazine
    Penn explains that the couple's divorce also impacted on how he handled co-parenting the pair's children - daughter Dylan, 21, and son Hopper, 19.
    It was a particularly tough time when Hopper recently underwent brain surgery after a skateboarding accident.
    'When he was recovering, seeing the morphine go into him and give him relief created kind of a love affair for me with morphine and that usage of it,' Penn says.
    'It had already been eight months of divorce and s***, and raising a kid that's going through the divorce himself, and then this f***ing thing happens was a tough, tough time.'
    Penn reveals that after his son Hopper moved in with Wright following their split, he was left confused about what was next.
    With time on his hands, Penn had began watching television and saw the crisis in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake.
    'I thought, "Wow, I can actually go on a date." And so I go out and I strike out four nights in a row, drinking at a bar and ending up home, you know, drunk,' he explains.
    'And on the fourth day I said, "I could just go sit in the middle of the bed and watch TV at four in the afternoon, too. I don't have anything." My daughter's ... doing her thing, my son's with his mother. So I turned on the TV and there was this earthquake in Haiti.'
    It wasn't long after this point that Penn co-founded the J/P Haitian Relief Organization.
    'The road started with the most obvious kind of trauma, my son's head, and then to get to a place that had been just so devastated and traumatized, and then to see that in fact most of the trauma actually predated the earthquake,' he says.
    'You had a country that had never experienced anything that related to comfort, and out of that you had great trauma - but also this great strength that, I think, we all benefited from.'


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  • 12/13/12--01:01: well fuck
  • Access Hollywood have now posted videos from their interviews with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.

    In this first video Zach talks about how Into Darkness is "bigger" than the 2009 movie and more "absorbing."

    In this second video Scott Mantz (a huge Trek fan) asks about how the original Star Trek has many allegorical episodes and how Into Darkness ties into today, where they talk more about how the villain (Cumberbatch’s John Harrison) is a "terrorist." Pine also talks about how Kirk and Spock are two halves of the same person and how they are still on an arc together. Quinto talks about what a visionary Gene Roddenberry was and contrasts him with JJ Abrams.

    And in this final video Quinto and Pine contrasted the villains in the 2009 Star Trek film and Into Darkness, and in doing so at one point Quinto accidentally says "Khan" instead of Nero. That should fuel some more speculation even in light of what Cumberbatch says below. Both talk about how Cumberbatch’s character has a big psychological impact on the crew.

    lbr though no one is surprised cos there all lying liars who lie

    videos won't embed unfortunately, so if you're really and truly interested click the nice little source.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    Btw she looks just as sickeningly gorgeous in motion:


    Oh and at 5.30am PST, Megan (and some other people) will be announcing the Golden Globes nominations!
    Can't wait to see which celebs
    are popular with the HFPA/bought their awards/sucked the right diqwere lucky enough to get a nom!(fuck everyone that doesn't vote for Joaquin Phoenix, Emmanuelle Riva or Quvenzhané Wallis)
    You can watch the announcements live here



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    Lindsay Lohan is on the verge of losing expensive designer clothes, family heirlooms and potentially embarrassing items ... because she hasn't paid her storage bill and as a result the unit is about to go up on the auction block.

    Sources close to Lindsay tell us ... LiLo has fallen behind on paying her monthly bill ... and now owes roughly $16,000 to the storage company.

    The account is now delinquent and the locker can't be opened until the balance is paid in full ... and that's not going to happen because Lindsay doesn't have the cash. As we reported, her financial situation is so desperate the IRS has frozen her bank accounts because of unpaid back taxes.

    So here's the upshot. If Lindsay doesn't get a big check for XMAS, her storage unit will be auctioned off this month. We're told she's reached out to family and friends to front her the money but so far no one is biting.

    Talk about a good "Storage Wars" episode.


    Oh my God. This is Paris Hilton in 2007 all over again. Merry Lindsmas ONTD.

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    Kristen Stewart and Kirsten Dunst pose together on the red carpet at the premiere of their film On the Road on Thursday (December 13) at the SVA Theater in New York City.

    The 22-year-old actress wore a sheer Erdem dress and Christian Louboutin pumps to the big event.

    Earlier in the day, Kristen was spotted heading into The Daily Show‘s studios to tape an appearance on the show.


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  • 12/13/12--19:04: New Zero Dark Thirty Trailer

  • source 

    Ugh, Chastain's character looks amazing. This is like everything I wanted Carrie on Homeland to be. And no flop Brody-esque character to ruin everything. <3 Get that second oscar Bigelow. 

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Zombie killing (and getting killed by zombies) is pretty violent business, as any regular viewer of AMC's undead drama "The Walking Dead" knows all too well. 

    Earlier this week, Tim Winter, president of the Parents Television Council (PTC), wrote a letter to former Oregon senator Gordon Smith, who now serves as chairman on the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board -- otherwise known as the group that sets the standards for TV ratings.

    "Throughout its run, the AMC program 'The Walking Dead' has featured some of the most graphic and brutally intense violence and gore imaginable," Winter wrote. "In the current season alone the show has depicted hundreds of scenes of grisly murder both of living and 'undead,' but human, characters. The intensely violent content has included depictions of the cleaving of human skulls with a machete, extreme gun violence, including graphic depictions of blood and brains splattering after gunshot wounds, and the use of a sharpened human bone as a weapon to stab another character."

    Of course, that's all just par for the zombie-filled course on the show. But the PTC, a group known for urging networks to reconsider content and advertisers to cease sponsoring programs they find particularly offensive, isn't asking for the slayings to stop -- at least not yet. Instead Winter is focused on changing the prime-time hit's rating of TV-14.
    "Clearly, this is content appropriate to an adult-only audience, but AMC has rated every single episode of 'The Walking Dead' as suitable for a 14 year old child," Winter complained.

    According to his message, members of the PTC have mailed "thousands of letters" to AMC about "The Walking Dead's" "inaccurate age-based rating." Since the network hasn't changed the rating, the PTC wants Smith's group to take action.

    The only higher rating that exists is TV-MA, for mature audiences only.

    "Therefore, on behalf of our better than 1.3 million members, we call on you and the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board to immediately take any necessary steps to insure that this program is rated accurately, appropriately and for the audience for which the show is designed," Winter wrote.

    Then again, "Walking Dead" showrunner Glen Mazarra doesn't seem too worried about the PTC's request. 
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    But even if the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board agrees with the PTC's take, there's a problem with the request. While the group is in charge of monitoring how the ratings are applied, and welcomes viewers to contact them with questions and concerns, ultimately ratings aren't actually set by them.

    "Programs are voluntarily rated by broadcast and cable television networks, or program producers," the organization's website reveals.

    SRC& SRC

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  • 12/13/12--19:11: Glee: "Sadie Hawkins" Promo
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    Christ Maloney's unpopularity with the other singers could earn him private rehearsals and an exclusive backstage area


    X Factor runner-up Chris Maloney may get “star treatment” on tour – because the other finalists can’t stand the sight of him.

    His unpopularity with the other singers could earn him private rehearsals and an exclusive backstage area.

    Contestants have been calling for Kye Somes to take Maloney’s place on stage for the gigs in January and February after the third-placed singer turned up smelling of drink and insulted them.

    But he BEGGED bosses to allow him on the money-spinning tour.

    A source said: “There is unhappiness over this decision to let him back. He wasn’t universally liked whatsoever.”

    Now producers are considering measures so he spends as little time with other finalists as possible.

    These would include giving him his own dressing room and ­separate rehearsal times.

    Kye revealed earlier this series how the Scouser shunned the rest of the hopefuls, except when a cameraman was present.

    He said: “There’s two people. One when cameras are there and one when they’re not.”

    Carolynne Poole claimed Chris “lost it” backstage at Sunday’s final and hurled foul-mouthed abuse at her. She said Chris, 34, beaten into third place on Saturday by James Arthur and Jahmeme, turned up for rehearsals ­apparently drunk and started to shout at her.

    Carolynne, 32, out in week one, said: “He was horrible. Basically, because I didn’t say ‘hi’

    Chris denied the reports and insisted doctors told him to pull out because of a sore throat.

    On Sunday he tweeted X Factor’s press team: “Can’t believe the bull. This is a witch hunt for defo, the show is over.” Yesterday Maloney’s management didn’t return emails.

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    Raven stars in MNDR's new music video 'Feed Me Diamonds' and looks absolutely fabulous doing so!


    0 0

    They do drop a spoiler about the Christmas episode so watch at your own risk.


    Still grieving over the loss of the Ponds, but I an genuinely excited for Jenna to start. She was brilliant as Oswin in Asylum of the Daleks, so I anticipate good things.

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    Anne Hathaway & Amanda Seyfried: Hugh Jackman's Walk of Fame Ceremony!

    Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried sandwich in their Les Miserables co-star Hugh Jackman at his Hollywood Walk Of Fame ceremony on Thursday (December 13) in Hollywood.

    The 44-year-old actor received a coveted star on the illustrious walkway! Congratulations, Hugh!

    “It’s kind of a surreal day,” Hugh told E News about the honor. “I’m excited. The star is right here outside where I got to host the Oscars and if the movie gets nominated [for an Oscar], it’ll be nice to get up there and show a little bit of the show to everybody.”

    FYI: Anne is wearing a Prada dress, Aldo vegan shoes, and Me and Ro jewels. Amanda is wearing a Burberry trench.


    Entertainment Weekly: Les Miserables Review

    Since everything about Les Misérables is fortissimo — including but not limited to its unabashed pursuit of awards that are shiny or globular or both — you have perhaps already heard a little about the movie now storming the Bastille of your wallet. You may already know that to make his movie adaptation of the internationally popular theatrical musical conjured from the 19th-century political novel by Victor Hugo, director Tom Hooper (The King's Speech) bade his actors sing live during filming. You probably already know that Anne Hathaway, as the wretched single mother-turned-prostitute Fantine, is reputedly a formidable Oscar favorite for her sobbing and warbling and haircutting-in-real-time. You've learned, from posters and trailers, that Hugh Jackman, as former convict Jean Valjean, looks impressively stricken and that Russell Crowe, as implacable police inspector Javert, looks disconcertingly dyspeptic.

    What's left to learn is this: Les Misérables provides compelling reasons for Crowe to be peeved, beginning with the humiliation of having to sing Broadway-style, when it clearly is so not his thing, and ending with the Cap'n Crunch wardrobe into which the gentleman is packed. (O, for Crowe's costumed glory days in Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World!) Jackman has a right to be cranky too, although he's too much of a trouper to show it as he overemotes on demand and sings of finding God after he steals a pair of candlesticks from a nice priest. (Long story.) Hathaway looks happy enough channeling Liza Minnelli for her tremulous rendition of the Susan Boyle-appropriated anthem ''I Dreamed a Dream,'' but that's no doubt because she knows that soon after the song, she's pretty much done for the night.

    Shall I go on about all the ways in which this fake-opulent Les Miz made me long for guillotines while millions of viewers who have softer, more generous hearts than I may swoon with money's-worth contentment? (At least it doesn't skimp on length: The movie is approximately as long as the 1832 Paris uprising it depicts.) Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter mug and prance as the comic-relief grifters Thénardier and his missus, outfitted in what has become de rigueur for both BCs — Pétrouchka makeup and prosthetically grungy teeth. Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne play the young lovers Cosette (Fantine's muppet daughter, raised by Valjean) and the boy-band-styled student revolutionary Marius like lab rats, their pale faces and lashless eyelids often observed in the merciless close-up that is one of Hooper's mix-it-up signature shots. (He is similarly devoted to tilted perspective and the room-at-a-45-degree-angle shot.)

    It's a daunting challenge, to be sure, to turn a big musical into a viable movie. For every great Cabaret, My Fair Lady, and The King and I, there's a dud Rent, Evita, and Mamma Mia! But this steam-driven military weapon of an enterprise is a sobering reminder of just how tinny a musical Les Misérables was in the first place — the listless music and lyrics by Alain Boubil, Claude-Michel Schönberg, and Herbert Kretzmer, the derivative characters fashioned from Oliver! scraps. And even if you do come to Mr. Hooper's neighborhood loving the show, having seen seven stage productions and named your cat Gavroche after the urchin who hitches his fate to those of grown-up revolutionaries, well, you're in for a gobsmacking: This ''prestige'' production is at heart a minor road-show carnival, leaving behind little but tinsel as it rumbles through the streets of Awardstown. C


    Amanda on Ellen

    Amanda Seyfried wears a frog’s head hat while making an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing Thursday (December 13).

    The day before, the 27-year-old actress was spotted arriving at LAX Airport in Los Angeles.

    Amanda celebrated her birthday earlier this month and she is celebrating the occasion by raising money for charity:water!

    “On December 3, I’m turning 27. And this year, I don’t want presents or drinks. I want clean water,” Amanda wrote on her fundraising page. “Women and children in Rwanda walk for hours every day, up and down mountains, just to collect water from rivers. And the worst part? The water they collect can make them really sick. We can actually do something about it. Just $65 can give someone in Rwanda clean water.”

    Help Amanda reach her goal of $27,000 at!


    Samantha Barks on Bringing 'Eponine' From the West End to the Big Screen, Career Aspirations & More!

    LES MISERABLES might not open in movie theatres until Christmas day, but you need not wait that long to get the inside scoop on the highly anticipated new film. BroadwayWorld's Richard Ridge was invited to chat with Samantha Barks, who stars as Eponine, about what it was like bringing 'Eponine' from the West End stage to the big screen, how she won the role, future career aspirations, and so much more!

    Click image above for video

    Eddie on Today: ‘Les Mis’ is ‘breathtaking’

    British actor and Tony winner Eddie Redmayne talks about pushing himself for the role of Marius in “Les Miserables,” in which he falls for Amanda Seyfried’s Cosette. Joking with Kathie Lee, who said she’s obsessed with his upper lip, Eddie says his first role was “playing Angelina Jolie’s son.”

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    Did 5th Harmony or Emblem 3 get to the final?

    The X Factor's second season is almost over, with the finale soon approaching.

    The competition remained as cutthroat as ever as each of the aspiring superstars performed two more songs last night, with an eye on next week's finale.

    Bruno Mars and Bridgit Mendler both performed on tonight's results show.

    There was no sing-off, and the contestant that received the lowest votes immediately went home.


    Emblem 3

    In The Final:

    Fifth Harmony

    Carly Rose

    Stephen Eatinger

    Results Show Videos:

    Bridgit Mendler performs

    Bruno Mars performs

    Top 4 group performance - Coming Home

    5th Harmony is saved + Britney's reaction

    Carly is saved + Emblem 3 is eliminated


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