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    The new single from Calvin's #1 album '18 Months'. Available on iTunes here:!/calvinharris

    Music video by Calvin Harris feat. Tinie Tempah performing Drinking From the Bottle. (C) 2012 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

    Life's too short Danny DeVito

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    After Monday's exciting news that Life-Size, Tyra Banks' greatest contribution to television, is getting a sequel, a world of opportunity opened. The 2000 straight-to-TV movie became an instant guilty pleasure, but it was just one of Disney's many original movies to premiere on ABC or Disney Channel. There are plenty of others that deserve sequels of their own, but we're focusing on the best of the pre-High School Musical era -- because let's be honest, nothing was ever the same after that. Before that franchise, Disney Channel movies were adorably cheesy with cute, if completely unbelievable, storylines. Since the ill-fated day that Zac Efron had to choose between drama club and the basketball team, the movies lost all of their charms and became mere vehicles for the network's latest stars (all of whom were required to sing, apparently). Here are some of the classics (we use the word lightly in all respects) that haven't gotten sequels yet, and are long overdue:


    Does it get more '90s than an entire movie about rollerblading? Or as the cool kids of Brink! call it, inline skating. The movie stars Erik von Detten, whom you might recognize as the popular guy that "ugly" Anne Hathaway has a crush on in The Princess Diaries -- or as the voice of Sid in Toy Story (!?). For anyone very familiar with Disney Channel movies, it's a Johnny Tsunami-esque plot about two rival skating crews, the Soul Skaters and Team X-Bladz, and what happens when von Detten's Brink -- yes that's his name -- betrays his group for money. There are plenty of options for a sequel; it just needs a little updating. Like maybe a title that people actually understand, and a sport that's a bit more... hip.

    Don't Look Under the Bed

    Only the bravest Disney fans could sit through this one, and it's time to put the next generation up to the challenge. Seriously, this movie is legitimately scary at times, with main character Frances being blamed for freaky stuff happening in her town, only to find out from a guy invisible to everyone else that a Boogeyman is framing her. Even the commercials for this were frightening at the time, with a kid's legs dangling off the edge of a bed before being grabbed by a monster. But hey, today's viewers might be better equipped to handle it, as this was before everything, even Harry Potter, started getting dark. It'll take a lot more to scare people now, but maybe they can start with the boogeyman taking away everyone's cell phones.

    Model Behavior

    In the midst of N'SYNC mania (don't you dare even mention the Backstreet Boys), Justin Timberlake made many young girls' dreams come true when h starred in Model Behavior. Not only did it feature the biggest heartthrob of the time (though unfortunately he wasn't sporting the frosted tips) but it involved a scenario usually reserved for Mary Kate and Ashley, in which a normal girl switches lives with a model and gets to date Timberlake. Kathie Lee Gifford also appears, pretty randomly, as the model's mother. A sequel would only work if Timberlake came back, especially since he went from boy band cutie to legitimate superstar. Since Kathie Lee is busy drinking with Hoda, maybe Kelly Ripa can take her place. As for the girls who switch places, Lindsay Lohan has some experience in that area and her recent attempt at a comeback wasn't exactly a success.

    Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire

    Apparently Aunt Hilda just can't stay away from the supernatural. Somehow in the midst of dealing with a teenage witch and a talking cat, she had time to date a vampire. While Don't Look Under the Bed was actually creepy, Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire has a more fun Hocus Pocus Halloween vibe. Really, it was just ahead of its time, because if Twilight has taught us anything, it's that moms love vampires. Maybe with that franchise coming to an end, Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire could be the next big thing. A sequel can lead to all kinds of spin-offs: Mom can have a date with a werewolf, a zombie or a wizard, and Dad can even start dating, too. We just need someone to replace Caroline Rhea as the titular mother -- maybe she can pass it down to Sabrina herself, as Melissa Joan Hart doesn't seem to be up to much these days.

    The Luck of the Irish

    The high school basketball player at the center of The Luck of the Irish is played by Ryan Merriman, who also starred in Smart House, which basically makes him Disney Channel royalty. Smart House is also long overdue for a sequel, but for all we know Apple could be working on a real-life version at this very moment. Anyway, The Luck of the Irish is bizarre, even among other Disney Channel movies, what with a main character who thinks he's just lucky, finds out he's of Irish descent and then turns into a leprechaun. It's the insanity that makes it entertaining, especially the leprechaun vs. leprechaun competition and a very complicated gold coin. Looking back, the entire thing is rooted in a giant stereotype but hey, let's embrace that. The sequel can be about someone who thought they tanned easily finding out that they're Italian and then turning into a meatball.

    Cadet Kelly

    Just kidding! It's a load of garbage.

    Pup n Sud Sauce

    I guess this can be a saturday 90s nostalgia post =)

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    Award-winning Calgary-born novelist Nancy Huston won Britain’s Bad Sex in Fiction award for her novel Infrared, whose tale of a photographer who takes pictures of her lovers during sex proved too revealing for the judges.

    The choice was announced by Downton Abbey actress Samantha Bond during a ceremony at the Naval & Military Club in London.

    Judges of the tongue-in-cheek prize — which is run by the Literary Review magazine — said they were struck by a description of “flesh, that archaic kingdom that brings forth tears and terrors, nightmares, babies and bedazzlements,” and by a long passage that builds to a climax of “undulating space.”

    Huston, who lives in Paris, was not on hand to collect her prize. In a statement read by her publicist, the 59-year-old author said she hoped her victory would “incite thousands of British women to take close-up photos of their lovers’ bodies in all states of array and disarray.”

    Huston, who writes in both French and English, is the author of more than a dozen novels, including Plainsong and Fault Lines. She has previously won France’s Prix Goncourt prize and was a finalist for Britain’s Orange Prize for fiction by women.

    She is only the third woman to win the annual Bad Sex prize, founded in 1993 to name and shame authors of “crude, tasteless and … redundant passages of sexual description in contemporary novels.”

    Some critics, however, have praised the sexual passages in Infrared. Shirley Whiteside in the Independent on Sunday newspaper said there were “none of the lazy cliches of pornography or the purple prose of modern romantic fiction” — though she conceded the book’s sex scenes were “more perfunctory than erotic.”

    Huston beat finalists including previous winner Tom Wolfe — for his passage in Back to Blood describing “his big generative jockey” — and Booker Prize-nominated Nicola Barker, whose novel The Yips compares a woman to “a plump Bakewell pudding.”


    What else do you guys think should have been nominated/won?

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    ETA Stream:

    Only three episodes left... :(

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    Ivanka Trump has been married for 3 years now to business mogul Jared Kushner and reveals the one thing she loves to do for her husband and 3-year-old daughter. Plus, did Ivanka and her brothers really have an intervention with her father, Donald Trump, due to his recent Twitter feuds? Ivanka sets the record straight!


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    t was a year without masterpieces. Instead, 2012’s best pop albums felt more like weird friends. They crashed our parties, passed out on our couches and ate all of our Golden Grahams in the morning. Now we’re pals.

    Also, I said masterpieces. There was one. It came from Frank Ocean, a 25-year-old R&B rookie whose summer opus, “Channel Orange,” exploded the emotional possibilities of contemporary pop music. At his best, Ocean was sharing deep secrets with a universe of strangers — an approach he parabolized with “Bad Religion,” a ballad about unloading your spiritual confusion on an anonymous taxi driver.

    And while nobody came close to matching Ocean’s quiet intensity this year, that doesn’t mean 2012’s best albums lacked quirk, courage or character.

    Best friends forever — maybe. Best friends for now — for sure.

    1. Frank Ocean, “Channel Orange”

    As a singer, songwriter and storyteller, Ocean is every bit as fluid as he is commanding, delivering songs crammed with moods, memories and detailed characters — all sung by a protagonist who’s earned himself a place among the greats.
    2. Neil Young and Crazy Horse, “Psychedelic Pill”
    3. Jessie Ware, “Devotion”
    4. Future, “Pluto”
    5. Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang, “En Yay Sah”
    6. Fresh and Onlys, “Long Slow Dance”
    7. Kellie Pickler, “100 Proof”
    8. A Tribe Called Red, “A Tribe Called Red”
    9. Dierks Bentley, “Home”
    10. Laurel Halo, “Quarantine”

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    The star picked up band-aids, medicine & mentos.

    She tweeted about catching a cold and a nasty cough on Thursday. The pair stopped by a convenience store to purchase a couple of items including a box of Band-Aids and what appears to be Mentos.

    Courtney flaunted her body in a tight beige tank top, showing some cleavage and leopard print tights with sky high nude heels.

    ‘Teen Bride’ Courtney Stodden was ordered to cover up and wear looser clothes while she was on the VH1 reality TV hit Couples Therapy. The petulant teen was later filmed trying on a maxi dress, saying: “I look like a nun!”

    The buxom blonde, an aspiring singer and actress, met Hutchison, 52, after applying for an online acting course he was teaching.


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  • 12/08/12--20:24: SNL Post: Jamie Foxx

  • Quick Gifs & Caps:
    Or just search the #snl tag on tumblr.

    Live Links:
    (Or go to and look for NBC)

    Here is the rundown for the season so far.
    Week number, Host, +SkitsWithHader -SkitsWithoutHader

    Week 1: Seth MacFarlane +6 -6
    Week 2: Joseph Gordon Levitt +7 -6
    Week 3: Daniel Craig +4 -6
    Week 4: Christina Applegate +4 -6
    Week 5: Bruno Mars +6 -7
    Week 6: Louis C.K. +2 -7
    Week 7: Anne Hathaway +5 -5
    Week 8: Jeremy Renner +7 -4
    Week 9: Jamie Foxx +3 -7

    Opener:Obama and Boehner talk Fiscal Cliff (Hader)
    Monologue: How black is that? and then he sings. (BONUS: 2chainz) (No Hader)
    Bitch, what's the answer? (No Hader)
    J-Pop America Fun Time Now!!! (No Hader)
    Tyler Perry Presents Alex Cross 2 The Madea House (No Hader)
    Ne-Yo performs, and a girl's top pops at the end
    Weekend Update (No Hader)
    Dylan McDermot or Dermot Mulroney (Hader)
    Marcus Banks: Tree Pimp (No Hader)
    Maine Justice (Hader voiceover) BONUS CHARLIE DAY
    Swarovski Crystals (No Hader)

    Hader Skits

    Skits w/o Hader

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    McDownton! It's the TV event of Christmas... and we've been given a sneak preview - by the Scottish aristocrats whose stately home bagged a starring role

    lol. I mostly included this picture because I thought the family was cute, tbh.

    It is 8 o’clock on Christmas Day and the family is in a festive slump in front of the television, waiting for a highlight of the day – the Downton Abbey Special.

    On screen, however, the action is set in high summer and the plotlines are dramatic, with naughty new girl, Lady Rose, taking centre stage as she is packed off to Scotland.

    In a series of exclusive pictures, The Mail on Sunday can reveal that the manicured lawns of Downton have been swapped for the granite walls of Inveraray Castle.

    The Crawley family and staff follow the example set by the doughty Dowager Countess, played by Dame Maggie Smith, who decides they should visit her cousin, the Marquess of Flintshire, while keeping an eye on Lady Rose.

    The castle is the real-life home of the Duke and Duchess of Argyll, who have offered us an intriguing glimpse into the film-making process and give their thoughts on having the crew and stars as guests for several weeks over the summer.

    And they provide some tantalising details about the difference in the way the fictional Lord Grantham and his clan are portrayed and the more simple way their family lives in the stately pile today.

    The Duke and Duchess, themselves big Downton fans, were thrilled when Inveraray, set between the seashore of Loch Fyne and the Grampians in the Highland mountains, was chosen as the backdrop for the popular programme.

    ‘The series makers wanted somewhere rugged, a Scottish castle with rolling water and hills,’ says Eleanor, the Duchess of Argyll, who lives in the 17-bedroom castle with her husband, Torquhil, the 13th duke.

    ‘We were avid fans – although we had to wait to get to see the first season. Scottish TV didn’t think we would want to watch it, but there was an outcry here.’ Once the castle was chosen, the Argylls were caught up in a whirlwind of cast and crew meetings.

    ‘It was like getting through to the finals,’ says Eleanor, 39. ‘At first, there were just two or three location teams. But at the last site visit, we had about 40 people: artistic directors, lighting people, props people, directors . . .

    ‘It meant that when the cast arrived on set, everyone knew what was going on.’

    While the story line is shrouded in secrecy, what we do know is that Lady Edith’s married admirer, the newspaper editor Michael Gregson, turns out to be holidaying near to Duneagle Castle.

    His continued dalliance with Lady Edith causes a row between Matthew Crawley and his wife Lady Mary, who disagree about his intentions towards her. ‘In some scenes we see Cora [Oscar-nominated Elizabeth McGovern] waltzing in a tiara at the ghillies ball,’ says Eleanor. ‘Matthew Crawley has also been seen wrestling with a fishing rod and shooting a rifle in the grounds.’

    Before filming, the Argylls were invited to lunch with the actors at Ealing Studios, where the servants’ quarters are filmed.

    ‘They were charming,’ says Eleanor. ‘Especially Rob James-Collier, the actor who plays conniving footman Thomas, which rather threw us. I told him I had wanted to hate him.’
    Keen to know what to expect, Eleanor had gone to watch Downton being filmed at Highclere, home of the Earl of Carnarvon.

    ‘Lady Carnarvon was very helpful. I wanted to see what happens when the cast and crew are in your house. The stuff you need to protect. She told me, “It’s the little things. Like there will be lots of people using your water supply and electricity.” Things I hadn’t thought of.

    ‘I had never been on a film set before. We sat on those red sofas as they filmed in the drawing room. I hadn’t realised every scene has to be filmed from about 17 different angles. I met Cora and Lord Grantham [Hugh Bonne-ville], who were delightful.’

    To the Argylls’ deep disappointment, the weeks chosen for filming clashed with their annual two-week stay on the island of Tiree in the Inner Hebrides. So the couple had to make do with daily updates from Alastair Bruce, Downton’s historical adviser and an old friend of the Argylls who is also a Queen’s Herald, a former Scots Guards officer and an equerry to Prince Edward.

    ‘Alastair phoned us daily to let us know what was happening. It was all a great secret, but some of the guests staying with us became very suspicious. One would crouch outside the door with his ear to the keyhole, hoping to overhear the plot.

    ‘I didn’t know what to do, so eventually I told him Wallander was being filmed at the castle. I told him the makers thought the mountains and the loch at Inveraray looked better than Norway. He spent hours on the internet trawling Scotland and Wallander.’

    While the cast were in town, they socialised at the pubs. Brendan Coyle, who plays valet John Bates and has Scottish ancestors, was so enamoured of Inveraray, he had two kilts made up in the redshanks at the local kilt-makers.

    Torquhil, 44, who is head of his clan and owns 60,000 acres of land in Scotland, had to give permission for the Flintshires and Granthams to use the bluey-grey Campbell tartan. And a local piper, who played at Eleanor and Torquhil’s wedding, was also featured in some scenes.

    For viewers, Downton Abbey is an escapist fantasy – a heady world of magnificent ‘upstairs’ frocks, dreary ‘downstairs’ drudgery and, for the Crawleys, a cossetted life in which their every whim is catered for by their put-upon staff. For Eleanor and Torquhil and their three children, Archie, Marquess of Lorne, eight, Lord Rory, six, and Lady Charlotte, four, the reality of aristocratic life in the 21st Century is vastly different from the gilded idyll portrayed by Downton creator Julian Fellowes.

    ‘The big difference between then and now is staff,’ said Torquhil, who is brand manager for Chivas Regal Whisky when he isn’t managing the estate. ‘My grandmother had 30 people living in the castle and we used to have a huge team of gardeners. The kitchen garden would provide for the castle, but now we buy from the supermarket. And we have lots of machinery to do the work. We run it on a skeleton staff and I am chef most of the time.

    ‘Torquhil is a much better cook than I am,’ explains Eleanor. ‘He lived in Hong Kong so he can do sushi and amazing curries.

    ‘There probably are people who still have masses of staff like in Downton Abbey, but let’s face it, they are not British.’ While the vacuum cleaner, food processor and washing machine have, it seems, taken the place of kitchen staff Daisy and Mrs Patmore, the Argylls do have a nanny and a couple who do ‘everything from the security to the dusting.

    ‘But I clean the chandeliers myself,’ Eleanor admits. ‘I make our beds. I make the children’s beds. And Torquhil certainly doesn’t have a valet to put his coat on for him. Mind you, he doesn’t have to dress in white tie every night. He mows the lawn too. When the children get up in the morning, we have Shreddies in the kitchen,’ she adds, ‘which is also where the children do their homework.

    ‘Torquhil’s mother [The Dowager Duchess, Iona] had a cook so she used the dining room more, but Torquhil’s grandmother used the Mrs Patmore-type kitchen in the basement, which we now show to tourists.

    ‘These days, we only use the State Dining Room for Christmas Day or when we have a corporate event. Normally, we use a smaller dining room.’ Today, corporate events and tourism are the lifeblood of a house such as Inveraray.

    Some 75,000 visitors look round the castle each year and corporate clients pay to be wined, dined and steeped in Clan Campbell grandeur, with Torquhil and Eleanor, their hosts, dressed in their clan tartan.

    Sadly, however, there is no family tiara for Eleanor: ‘It was sold by Torquhil’s grandfather to pay a gambling debt,’ she explains. The biggest recent outlay for the Argylls was having central heating installed a few years ago.

    ‘In the past, each room would have a fire or two and that in itself required a great deal of manpower,’ says Torquhil. ‘Instead of lighting them, we just put on more jerseys.’

    They’ve also just put in 12 bathrooms. ‘Before that there were only four and only enough water for one hot bath. You had to run like mad to grab it,’ says Eleanor. The Crawleys would certainly have understood.

    lInveraray Castle ( is open to the public between April 1 and October 31.

    LINK TO THE DOWNTON ABBEY CHRISTMAS SPECIAL PRVIEW! - I can't embed it because the tumblr video player is the worst. But you should watch it anyway.

    Lord Grantham + Lord Flintshire in their hunting gear, I think?


    A line up of manly men being manly or something. Idek.

    source for the pics + article

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    Ed Asner is stirring up controversy over at Fox News. Host of the "Hannity" show, Sean Hannity, aired a video reportedly produced by the California Federation of Teachers union. In the animated video, Asner narrates as a caricature of a wealthy person -- "the one percent" -- urinates on a group of poor people.

    A Fox News producer questioned Asner about the cartoon outside a New York City theater. Asner first claims to have no recollection of the video's content, but clarifies, "I agreed to do it for California teachers. I approve this message."

    When the producer reminded Asner of the "trickle down" depiction, Asner responds, "How digusting. It should be reversed."

    He then asks the producer, "Do you have any money?" When the producer responds to the affirmative, Asner asks, "Can I piss on you?"

    Back at the anchor desk, Hannity retorts, "Pretty classy, Mr. Asner. I guess it's true, there's no business like show business."

    Source 1 and 2

    So, Ed Asner is a left wing extremist who is dehumanizing hard working Americans by saying this and yet Glenn Beck can actually piss in a jar with a figure of Obama and it's "artistic freedom of speech". Okay, Fox News, okay.

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    HARRY STYLES and his ONE DIRECTION bandmates lapped up the rabid attention from the crowd when they played the Jingle Bell Ball at London’s O2 arena last night.

    The band were joined on the bill by JLS and CHERYL COLE – who dueted with WILL.I.AM.

    1D star Harry's missus TAYLOR SWIFT was secretly whisked into a VIP area to watch the lads – out of sight of the fans

    It’s probably best his bandmates don’t have much contact with her.

    A source said: “Her presence has stirred tensions in the band as Harry’s now spending most of his time with her, and jetted into the gig on her private jet instead of coming in with the rest of the lads.”

    Meanwhile, 1D risk the wrath of die-hard BLONDIE fans by covering One Way Or Another for next year’s Comic Relief single

    But Harry said: “We can’t wait to perform our version of this iconic pop song and raise as much money as possible.”

    Bandmate ZAYN MALIK gushed: “At school Red Nose Day was a big deal. Me and my friends used to really look forward to it. One year we all came in in our pyjamas which was pretty cool.”



    Also the One Direction Facebook account has confirmed it:

    Excited to officially announce that the boys will be recording the next Comic Relief single, a cover of Blondie’s 1978 hit One Way or Another! You can preorder it from 31st January… just 55 days to go! 1DHQ x 

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    Walking away from The Real Housewives after five seasons wasn’t an easy thing for Kim to do, but the fan favorite opens up about why leaving a show that has given her so much was the right decision.

    “Bravo and RHOA have been beyond good to me, and I will be forever grateful for some of the moments that occurred on the show, but I couldn't deal anymore,” Kim explains. “I handled my shit for five seasons, from fights, to arguments, to the tears, but being pregnant puts a whole new spin on everything, and what happens on the outside affects what happens with the baby on the inside, and that was my priority!”

    If you’re still crying into your Pinot over Kim’s departure, then dry those tears and put on your party wigs, because this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Ms. Zolciak.

    “I called it quits for this season, and I don't regret it at all. So no, I clearly wasn't fired, you can hear me say "I'm done." But I won't be gone too long, my OWN spinoff premieres in the spring.

    Who the hell gets fired and then receives a promotion? Nobody! If I got fired from RHOA and got my own spinoff, can you imagine if I got fired from my spinoff, I might end up in Andy Cohen's seat.


    Ask. Believe. Receive.
    Kim Biermann


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    It's no mystery that Lindsay Lohan has become a super fan of The Wanted's, following them on tour and hanging out backstage as they perform for sold-out crowds. But how do the guys really feel about her?

    "I like her!" Siva Kaneswaren told The Huffington Post at Z100's Jingle Ball presented by Aeropostale at Madison Square Garden in New York City last night (Dec. 7).

    "Yeah it’s fun [having Lindsay on tour]," Max George, Lohan's supposed flame, added, "She’s a good girl."

    George, 24, and Lohan, 26, have reportedly become close pals after she was arrested outside the New York City nightclub Avenue on Nov. 27, following The Wanted's gig with Justin Bieber at MSG. Lohan punched Florida psychic Tiffany Ava Mitchell, who allegedly was arguing with her over George.

    But he reveals it's all good fun with LiLo, who joined the Jingle Ball tour for the third time this week to catch her new crush's performance. (She also turned up at Q102's Jingle Ball concert in Philadelphia on Dec. 5 and was seen planting a quick peck on George's lips backstage in Boston Dec. 6).

    "I love that she can party nearly as hard as we can," George admitted to HuffPost. "We had a big night on the bus where Ed Sheeran came on with us and a few of our mates as well, and we just had one big party. It was great!"

    So, do they think Lohan will be get her own bunk on their tour bus pretty soon?

    "I suppose we’re all good mates already, so I hope that lasts," George confessed. "She's cool."

    Still The Wanted -- including Nathan Sykes, Jay McGuiness and Tom Parker -- don't necessarily think they're helping her cause.


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  • 12/09/12--17:30: Girls Aloud Megapost
  • Cheryl Cole Sends CRAZED FAN into Delirium + Chery & Girls Aloud Perform at Jingle Bell Ball

    Cheryl Cole must be used to screaming fans when she is on stage performing.

    However, the pop star's appearance sent one woman into delirium as she left a London night club in the early hours of Sunday morning. The woman began screaming 'Oh my God, I can't believe it's Cheryl Cole, oh my God! oh my God!'.

    The excited girl was constantly pulling faces with her eyes were nearly popping out of her head when Cheryl walked past her. Cheryl and her entourage left the Rose Club at 4am with her mother Joan Callaghan and brother Garry Tweedy in tow. The family were spending a relaxing evening together following Cole's performance at the Jingle Bell Ball at the O2, earlier that day.

    The brunette performed at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball and despite the temperature hitting the zero mark, the star opted to don a black satin jumpsuit to the ball - and not much else. The low-cut jacket revealed a lot of the Girls Aloud star's curves, and Cheryl narrowly avoided showing off a little bit too much as she posed for the photographers. As she and boyfriend Tre got into the car, they couldn't help giggling at the level of excitement she had triggered.


    Cheryl Cole performs at Capital Fm's Jingle Bell Ball - Night #1 [12/08/12]

    Cheryl invited two of her Cheryl Cole Foundation girls on stage with her to perform Under The Sun.

    Girls Aloud perform at Capital FM's Jingle Bell Ball - Night #1 [12/09/12]

    Nadine provides the LOLs with her facial expressions.

    Source for videos

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    FOR its campaign with Beyoncé next year, Pepsi doesn’t just want to sign up the telegenic pop star for another TV commercial. It also wants to get into the Beyoncé business.

    A limited edition Pepsi can developed in partnership between the beverage company and Beyoncé will first be seen in Europe in March 2013.

    In an expansion of the recent marketing experiments that have brought PepsiCo ever closer to the music industry, the company has embarked on a hybrid project with Beyoncé that will include standard advertising like commercials as well as a multimillion-dollar fund to support the singer’s chosen creative projects.

    “Pepsi embraces creativity and understands that artists evolve,” Beyoncé said in a statement. “As a businesswoman, this allows me to work with a lifestyle brand with no compromise and without sacrificing my creativity.”

    The campaign will coincide with a blitz of promotion for her next album, which has no title or release date so far but is expected in 2013. Sometime after she performs at the Super Bowl halftime show on Feb. 3 (also sponsored by Pepsi), Beyoncé will appear in a new TV ad — her fifth for the soft drink since 2002 — and her face will be on a limited-edition line of soda cans.

    The less conventional aspects of the deal are meant as collaborative projects that indulge Beyoncé’s creative whims, and might well have no explicit connection to Pepsi products. They are still at the brainstorm stage, but could include live events, videos, “a cool photo shoot” or almost anything else, said Lee Anne Callahan-Longo, the general manager of Parkwood Entertainment, Beyoncé’s company.

    For Pepsi, the goal is to enhance its reputation with consumers by acting as something of an artistic patron instead of simply paying for celebrity endorsements.

    “Consumers are seeking a much greater authenticity in marketing from the brands they love,” said Brad Jakeman, president of PepsiCo’s global beverage group. “It’s caused a shift in the way we think about deals with artists, from a transactional deal to a mutually beneficial collaboration.”

    The multiyear campaign is estimated at $50 million, the bulk of it for media placements and promotions around the world, and the remainder split roughly equally between Beyoncé’s fee and what Pepsi calls a creative content development fund.

    According to the tracking firm Kantar Media, PepsiCo and its archrival the Coca-Cola Company each spent about $148 million in the United States to advertise their soft drink brands in the first six months of 2012, across all measured forms of media, like television, print, digital and radio.

    Over the last decade many consumer brands have been taking more active roles with artists, particularly in pop music. Converse, Red Bull and Toyota’s Scion line, for example, have become as familiar in the music business as any label or concert promoter by paying to help create and promulgate music.

    Bands always risk fan disapproval when shaking hands with big corporations. But with record company budgets diminished, Madison Avenue money is often seen as essential. PepsiCo has been part of this trend through Green Label Sound, a label financed through its Mountain Dew drink, which over the last four years has paid to release free music by under-the-radar groups like Matt & Kim and the Cool Kids.

    “We recognize that there have been massive disruptions in music industry: lower investment in artist development, fewer points of distribution, financial constraints,” said Frank Cooper, a top marketing executive in PepsiCo’s beverage division who has been a force for such projects. “We look at those disruptions as opportunities for Pepsi.”

    These deals are not limited to music. In 2010, Jay-Z (Beyoncé’s husband) teamed with Microsoft to promote his memoir, “Decoded.” According to a case study led by Anita Elberse, a Harvard Business School professor, the publisher could contribute only $50,000 for marketing, but Microsoft paid $2 million for an elaborate scavenger hunt that promoted the book as well as its new search engine, Bing.

    • She will tour in 2013.
    • New music is happening within the next 6 weeks or so.
    • Her untitled album will be out in the first quarter.
    • She will star in a new Pepsi ad airing after the Superbowl.
    • Pepsi and Beyoncé agreed on a $50 million deal to promote her new era.
    • Beyoncé is the reason the Earth spins.
    • Blue Ivy is set for life and so are her great, great grandchildren.
    • Your fave better get her shit out the way by February.

    Sources: 1 - 2

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    Multiple news outlets are reporting that Latin superstar Jenni Rivera died in a private plane crash on Sunday.

    RumorFix has celebrity reaction:

    Ricky Martin tweeted in Spanish, “This is sad. I’m a bit in shock. Much peace to her family.”

    Cristina Saralegui, the Latin Oprah, writes, “I was saddened to hear of the news of my friend Jenni Rivera. My deepest sympathies to her family and to the family of the others on the plane. May they rest in peace.” She also tweeted this photo from 2009:

    Gloria Estefan tweets “Our deepest sympathy to the family & fans of @jennirivera & those that accompanied her on what was to be her last voyage. Rest in peace…”

    Paulina Rubio, who was to co-host the Mexican edition of The Voice with Rivera, wrote in Spanish, “I’ve been waiting for my 9:00 a.m. for my dear friend@ jennirivera but she never came. I’m crying. She left us too soon … There are no words — no consolation.”

    Hunky actor model William Levy was stunned, writing, “I can not believe the @ jennirivera news … My heart goes out to her family. I wish you all the strength in the world. God rest her soul.”

    Rivera, 43, was one of seven passengers on a private jet that took off from Monterey, Mexico at 3:15 a.m. Sunday on the way to Mexico for her appearance on The Voice. Jenni’s publicist and make-up artist were believed to be on that flight as well.


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    Madonna concerts in South America outsell rival Lady Gaga by three to one, according to latest statistics.

    The statistic is even more embarrassing to Gaga as Madonna's 'MDNA' tour tickets are also three times more expensive than briefs for her 'Born This Way' world tour.

    The Examiner reports that Lady Gaga's management used under-hand tactics, such as issuing buy-one-get-one-free deals to fans, in order to boost crowd numbers. The singer played in front of a crowd of 50,000 in Peru but only 17,000 tickets were sold.

    However, Madonna played in the same venues on the South American leg of her worldwide 'MDNA' tour and managed to sell-out the stadiums without having to resort to issuing incentives to raise numbers.

    The feuding pair have been at each others throats ever since Madonna claimed that Gaga's track 'Born This Way' sounded "familiar" to her 1989 hit 'Express Yourself'. Throughout this year's 'MDNA' tour, Madonna has mocked the similarities between the two songs by performing a mash-up of 'Express Yourself' and 'Born This Way' followed by a pointed snippet of a track called 'She's Not Me'.

    During a show in Atlantic City in September, Madonna dedicated her song 'Masterpiece' to Gaga, before saying: "I love her. I love her. I do love her. Imitation is the highest form of flattery."

    Last month, Madonna's famous conical bra was sold for $51,971 (£32,450) at auction. The iconic garment - which was made famous by the Queen of Pop during her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour - fetched twice its estimated price when it went under the hammer at a music memorabilia auction at Christie's.


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    Arena auditions will be axed, and mentoring might be no more.

    Bosses want Simon to star again but his US diary makes that tricky. A source said that could be fixed by dropping the mentoring aspect— leaving Cowell with just a judging role and allowing him to fly back and forth.

    They said it would also make evictions more tense, adding: “Judges always vote to save their own acts.”

    Further changes already flagged up include changing the judges, with Tulisa Contostavlos and Gary Barlow in the firing line— and Sharon Osbourne waiting in the wings for a sensational return.

    And it is understood arena auditions will be axed — with the return of try-outs in nondescript rooms underlining the eventual finalists’ rags-to-riches stories.

    A senior source said: “It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the show is not in the best health. We have had some very strong singers this year but the show is feeling in need of a reboot.”

    The start of next year’s show — the last in the current ITV deal — is set to be moved back to the weekend after kids return to school to make it more talked-about by young fans.

    Saturday shows will start earlier as ratings dwindle after 10pm.

    ITV bosses have booked crisis talks with show guru Simon Cowell for next month when he returns from the US version to start filming Britain’s Got Talent.

    Latest viewing figures show the audience for this Saturday night’s crucial show plunged to a seven-year low of 9.7 million.

    SIMON Cowell is expected to be the star witness in Cheryl Cole’s £1.4million case against the US X Factor over her sacking.

    Her lawyers plan to use evidence from show creator Simon, 53, who admits he sent Cole a text stating he took “full responsibility” for the 2011 axing fiasco.


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    In its bid for the largely untapped metrosexual viewership, NBCUniversal is set to rebrand G4 channel as the Esquire channel.

    Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the NBCUniversal-owned cable network has closed a deal with Esquire parent Hearst Corporation to shift the former gaming network to a destination more in line with the modern male. The effort is designed to capture a growing, upscale demographic that isn't being reached through other male networks, including adrenaline-heavy Spike and History. (PFFFT....)

    Some of the new programming -- which will focus on such genres as cooking, travel and fashion -- already is in production as the rebrand is expected to take place during the first half of 2013, according to sources. True to the decade-old network's heritage, there will be gaming fare as well.

    An NBCU spokesperson declined comment.(probably because they are embarrassed)

    The news comes nearly a year after NBCU cable entertainment chairman Bonnie Hammer hired longtime NBC marketing executive Adam Stotsky to take the helm as general manager at G4. Earlier this fall, his team canceled the network's Attack of the Show! and X-Play, a move that followed press reports of the net's desire to include more than simply geek TV.

    In exploring potential partners, NBCU had conversations with Hearst rival Conde Nast as well. For their part, NBC and Hearst Corp. have a history, having served as co-owners of A&E Networks as recently as this summer, when the former sold its 15.8 percent stake for $3.03 billion. Hearst maintains an ownership stake in the cable group, which includes Lifetime, A&E, History and Bio.


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