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  • 12/07/12--13:00: Rihanna Post
  • 399269_10151276352816676_106934577_n
    'Yacht Vaca 2012'


    Rihanna was spotted a few hours ago at LAX heading to her airplane. According to her crew, she’s traveling to Zurich.


    'Set it off'


    I love the short hair 

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    When FX renewed American Horror Story for a third season, the network touted that Jessica Lange was set to return for Round 3 as well.

    That makes the two-time Oscar winner, thus far, the only actor who will appear in all three seasons of Ryan Murphy's anthology series. But why did Lange decide to be the one constant in the repertory cast? Well, apparently, there's nothing Murphy could do that would make her not want to return.

    "Ryan is very collaborative, so I don't think he would suddenly pull something out of his hat that I would suddenly say, 'I absolutely don't want to be involved with this story,'" Lange said during a call with reporters Friday. "Sometimes, episode to episode, I think, 'Oh my God, what the hell are we doing? We shouldn't be doing this!' And yet, the thing that always amazes me is nothing that we do in this show, really, is not somehow founded in some reality somewhere... Unless we really sink the ship, I can't imagine that there would be something that Ryan came up with that I would not want to be involved with."

    Putting her trust in Murphy has paid off, with Lange scoring SAG, Golden Globe and Emmy awards for her Season 1 performance as Constance Langdon, the acid-tongued Southern belle neighbor of the Harmon family. But whether her Season 2 turn as Sister Jude, the nun once in charge of Briarcliff who finds herself as a patient next week, will garner the same accolades remains to be seen.

    Still, after decades in the business, Lange says that she doesn't worry what the critics think and just wants to make sure she's doing things she's never done before. "Now I feel like I have nothing to lose, so I don't mind putting myself out there in the most raw, naked, exposed way," she said. "I also am able to do that because I really feel like Ryan would protect me somehow. I feel, at this point, I can take any chance I want. I can go as far as I want because judgment doesn't matter to me anymore."

    She's a Queen lbr. And she will win all the wards again next year!


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    Parading his nan at every opportunity has come at a price.

    Christopher Maloney’s nan has been getting death threats after her latest appearance on The X Factor 2012.

    Speaking to Reveal magazine this week, Chris said he and his nan have been trying to ignore the messages sent by crazy fans of the show.

    “I never thought being on a TV show could warrant death threats,” he said. “The most recent threat was from someone saying they were going to hunt my Nan down and kill her.

    “It is frightening, but we try to ignore it, otherwise we’ll be paranoid and looking over our shoulder all the time.”

    Chris previously claimed the judges have made him a target after “ganging up” on him with their comments.

    He said: “They are making me out to be a pantomime villain and I’m not. I’m just a genuine normal guy from the backstreets of Liverpool that’s done nothing like The X Factor in my life.”

    Christopher went home to see his nan and family in Liverpool earlier this week at his homecoming party with mentor Gary Barlow. Speaking about his homecoming yesterday, Chris said he was left in tears by the amount of support from locals.

    Chris, who performed for more than 2,000 fans at the Liverpool Empire, said: “It was absolutely fantastic, the city of Liverpool came out and I’m so proud to be from the north west.

    “They were brilliant. There was tears, it was emotional, I haven’t been back home of months.”


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    The troubled star sent sister Ali Lohan to sell shoes and clothes at a used-clothing store.

    With her accounts frozen by the IRS due to nonpayment of taxes in 2009 and 2010, Lindsay Lohan is running out of cash and out of options. She's apparently resorted to selling off her old clothes and shoes for extra money.

    Radar Online reported Friday that Lindsay Lohan sent sister Ali (she of the terrifyingly shadowed visage) to Wasteland, a used clothing store in Los Angeles with a collection of designer clothing.

    But despite the magnificence of Lindsay's castoffs, Ali wasn't able to realize much on the deal.

    "Thirty dollars for these? They cost $700!" Radar Online quoted Ali Lohan as saying, according to "an eyewitness."

    Ali, do you need a lesson in basic economics? The shoes cost $700 new. After someone else's dirty, sweaty feet have been in them, they're worth $60 tops. The $30 you were offered gives the store room for a generous 100 percent markup, typical of used clothing.
    IRS seizes Lindsay Lohan's bank account >>

    This is also why you can't sell your $2,000 couch for more than $100 on craigslist. But I digress.

    Ali Lohan reportedly tried to negotiate the price on some items up, saying that Lindsay had worn such items as Chanel pumps and a Balenciaga purse on the red carpet.

    "These have to be worth more, Lindsay was photographed wearing them, that has to add value," she begged.

    But the management didn't budge, and Ali ultimately left the store not much richer than went she went in.

    Anyone who's ever brought old clothes, books or shoes in to sell can relate to Ali Lohan's experience -- you never get as much as you thought you would, and you leave bitterly contemplating the difference between what you paid for the items and what you received for them.

    Meanwhile, Lindsay's (admittedly kooky) dad Michael Lohan wonders where all his daughter's money went. He told Radar that she made $150,000 endorsing an energy drink. Wouldn't that help with the $233,000 she owes to the feds?

    Sure would! So where's that money?


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    I was going to try and write up a clever headline that Rosie O'Donnell is da bomb -- but that would've been lame. Instead, I just got right down to the nitty-gritty to let you know that the former talk show host will be part of the second season of last winter's number-one Canadian series "Bomb Girls."

    Joining O'Donnell, who will star as a woman named "Dottie," is Gemini Award winner Michael Seater ("Life With Derek," "18 to Life") as Ivan, a factory worker who garners interest from the girls on the assembly line, while"ET Canada'"s Cheryl Hickey and the CBC's George Stroumboulopoulos will also make appearances. 

    "We knew we had a success on our hands when 1.6 million viewers tuned into the premiere of 'Bomb Girls,'" said Barb Williams, SVP, Content, Shaw Media, in a press release. "Fans immediately embraced and connected with the little-known story of these incredible Canadian women who worked in the munitions factories during World War II. The powerful drama has a lot more in store, and this is the perfect series to kick off the new year on Global." 

    "Bomb Girls," which stars Meg Tilly, Jodi Balfour, Ali Liebert, Charlotte Hegele, Anastasia Phillips and Antonio Cupo, averaged 1.3 million viewers during its six-episode run, making it the highest-rated drama in its timeslot. Because of its impressive showing last winter, the series returns with 12 new episodes for its sophomore season (which is currently in production in Toronto until Dec. 11).  In case you missed season one, catch up Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Global. The finale on Dec. 7 will also feature an exclusive sneak peek for the upcoming season.


    Many thanks to the ONTDer who recommended this show to me. I love it! Can't wait to have Antonio Cupo on my TV screen every week when the new season starts. <3

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    Io Echo have just released a music video for their song, Outsiders.

    Io Echo, the LA duo who helped score a Harmony Korine short last year, borrow a few of the filmmakers’s fuzzy VHS tricks for the bizarrely sultry video for “Outsiders,” off their debut EP. This one stars frontwoman and Koto harpist Ioanna Gika in a custom Jeremy Scott hologram kimono, alongside a freaky Andy Warhol/Stephen Hawking hybrid. Niko the Ikon directs. Io Echo’s debut album is in the works for next year, out on IAMSOUND; they open for Bloc Party’s tour in January.


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  • 12/08/12--14:42: FRIDAY BOX OFFICE

  • Daily chart from Box Office Mojo

    Tomatometer from Rotten Tomatoes

    How was your Friday night, ONTD?

    spoiler code:

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    Caught up with the always-fab John C.Reilly, who I’ve interviewed a few times now, and that loveable larrikan Sarah Silverman, yesterday who are in town to promote their vocal efforts inside Disney’s “Wreck-it Ralph”.

    One of the true highlights of the year, “Ralph” encompasses a little bit of everything, and will unquestionably appeal to anyone with a ticking organ inside their chest. I’m as eager to see it again as my kiddo is.

    As not only an old friend of John C.Reilly’s (left), but a big fan of Disney’s “Wreck-it Ralph”, I decided to let my 5-year old daughter Charisma have the last question – especially since she couldn’t attend the interview yesterday.

    Her question, not surprisingly, was “Will there be more [Wreck-it Ralph]?”

    And seems my daughter snagged quite the scoop (!). I shall retire now and let her take the reigns.

    According to Reilly, Silverman and director Rich Moore the sequel looks to be a go.

    “You tell her ‘there will be [a sequel]“, says Silverman.

    “They wouldn’t make [all that] merchandise, if [Disney] didn’t have plans for other [Wreck-it Ralph] stories”, adds Reilly.

    “Some of the big muckety-muckets at the studio, who I just saw the other night, were like ‘We’re talking sequel!’”, Reilly reveals. “The movie made $150 million dollars in eleven days, it broke the box-office record for Disney animated movies on opening weekend. If that’s any indication that we’ll be doing a sequel… I bet we’ll be doing a sequel.”

    Director Rich Moore is very confident they’ll be getting to work on a sequel in the near future – and he even knows who he wants in it : Mario.

    “At dinner last night we were already talking about”, he says, “So we’re talking ‘what could do they do? what kinda of things could happen? who could be in it?”

    Moore says he doesn’t plan on handing over the directing reigns come sequel someone else.

    “I love the group, I’d be crazy to ask someone else to take the reigns.”

    Mario is someone you’ll definitely see in the next one, says Moore. The only reason the character didn’t appear in the first film is because Moore couldn’t find anywhere for him to go, it wasn’t because Nintendo refused them.

    “We’ll really come up with something good for Mario to do [in the next film]“, says Moore. “To be able to present him in the sequel, would be great”.

    I know there’s been so much talk of “Argo”, “Zero Dark Thirty” and “Les Miserables”, but don’t discount “Wreck-it Ralph”, it’s definitely one of the year’s top five films. Bring on… the next level!


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    Olympian Troy Dumais will teach the celebrities to high dive.

    Fox's "Stars In Danger: The High Dive" features eight celebrities who will compete in a series of Olympic-style dives, including solo and synchronized diving, from a variety of heights (including 3, 5, 7.5, and 10 meters). The special premieres Wednesday, Jan. 9 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

    Olympian Troy Dumais will help the stars in the competition.

    Based on a long-running German format, STARS IN DANGER: THE HIGH DIVE is the ultimate test for eight celebrities who will step to the edge and take a flying leap or momentous belly flop into diving history. But, first, they must complete a crash-course in diving techniques, overseen by renowned diving coaches. After an intense training period, they will compete in a series of Olympic-style dives, including solo high diving and synchronized diving, from a variety of heights. With the help of Olympic diving medalist and commentator Troy Dumais, viewers will also get a poolside look at the courage and perseverance – as well as the twists, turns and flips – that go into turning a celebrity into an expert – or not so expert – diver.

    "Jersey Shore" star JWoww

    Pro surfer Bethany Hamilton

    "Baywatch" and Lifetime movie veteran Alexandra Paul

    "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kim Richards

    "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kyle Richards

    David Chokachi of "Baywatch" and "Witchblade" fame

    Former NFL player Terrell Owens

    Antonio Sabato Jr.

    Mentor: Olympian Troy Dumais

    Considering that plot description and those terrifying stakes in mind, a mental exercise: Imagine the length of (and the intricate clauses contained in) the waiver that each of these “celebrities” must sign, clearing Fox of all responsibility in the event of a death, head injury, traumatizing humiliation, etc. Next, another even more terrifying mental exercise: Imagine that this is not the only celebrity-endangering reality diving competition in production.

    Because it’s not! Amazingly, ABC has ordered a reality series called Celebrity Splash, which also features “celebrities” competing in the sport, based on a series that premiered last August in the Netherlands.

    Unfortunately for ABC, Fox has beaten it to the premiere date: Stars in Danger: The High Dive will air on January 9. If successful, it will likely give way to a series of hate-watch spin-offs such as Stars in Danger: The Pole Vault, Stars in Danger: Uneven Bars, and Stars in Danger: Luge. Unintentionally humorous waivers are presumably already being drafted.


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    Cuba is going to ban reggaeton. The Cuban Music Institute is leading a backlash against the music genre that they deem both “vulgar” and “mediocre”.

    The Cuban Ministry of Culture has formally announced this week that it plans to ban the “vulgar, banal and mediocre” genre of reggaeton music in Cuba, and to place sanctions on individuals and organizations that promote or facilitate it.

    Those who oppose reggaeton and similar musical genres in Cuba have not spoken lightly of their distate for it on cultural level. Graziella Pogolotti, Vice President of the National Union of Artists and Writers of Cuba (UNEAC) – the cultural organization deemed the professional union of Cuban intellectuals in post-Revolution Cuba – has previously said that reggaeton is “vulgar”, “sexist” and promoted a “lack of values” in the glorification of capitalism and personal wealth, which they argue stands in stark contrast to Cuba’s socio-political history of socialism. The UNEAC has also previously put forward suggestions to Cuban authorities on how to limit reggaeton’s promotion and distribution to the wider public.
    Such measures now seem to be nearing completion across Cuba this week. Plans to prohibit reggaeton will extend to limiting the broadcasting of reggaeton music in public spaces such as eateries, bars, state functions, offices and public transport, as well as use in radio and television programs via state media outlets. These sanctions will also extend to the individuals who either perform or promote reggaeton. Musicians could potentially lose their license to perform live music if they perform reggaeton in public places and risk being struck off official records, posing a threat to their future employment possibilities.
    The driving force behind this national prohibition appears to be justified by authorities on two levels. The first, that reggaeton is a direct threat to Cuban women in its hyper-sexualisation of women, which leads to an ingrained objectification and demeaning representation of women in society overall through “aggressive, sexually obscene lyrics that deform the innate sensuality of the Cuban woman” which “projects them as grotesque sexual objects.” Secondly, that this is “backed by the poorest quality music” which stands in contrast to ‘authentic’ Cuban musical culture, with its history of salsa, rumba, jazz and the multitude of African and Caribbean influences that have come to permeate traditional Cuban instrumentation.
    More at Source:

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    2405121dtwsquad (1)
    NEW YORK — It all came down to Friday night (December 7) at Z100's annual Jingle Ball concert: Would One Direction and The Wanted finally settle their nearly monthlong feud?
    Well, if it's up to The Wanted, they will. After trading jabs through interviews and on Twitter, fans of One Direction and The Wanted — who, at one time, were on friendly terms — were worried there would be a boy-band showdown at Madison Square Garden, where they were both performing Friday.

    On Monday, The Wanted said they could "get arrested" if the argument with 1D escalated, and they've been hyping the face-to-face meet-up for quite some time, recently telling MTV News, "If you got an actual problem, come see us in New York."
    On the Jingle Ball red carpet, we caught up with The Wanted's Jay McGuiness and Max George — who was appropriately wearing a T-shirt that read "You Mad, Bro?" — and they revealed that in the spirit of the holidays, it was time to put the feud behind them ... even if they're still unsure why it went as far as it did.
    "It seemed to start as a joke," McGuiness said of the back-and-forth. "But then the tone got a little bit nasty, so I just like to see how they feel about it, because I didn't like what I read. I think it's probably best that we peace a little at Christmas."
    This isn't the first time The Wanted have attempted to make amends with One Direction: George admitted that he reached out to them earlier about a possible truce.
    "I invited them for a beer a few months ago," George revealed. "But they didn't take me up on it. Hopefully we bump into them after the show."
    McGuiness added: "Peace and love at Christmas!"
    It seems Directioners and the TWFanmily can rest easy, because this battle of the boy bands has come to an end — for now.
    "Big & Best of 2012: A Year End Celebration Presented by T-Mobile" goes LIVE at 12 p.m. on 12/12/12. Watch for eight hours of showstopping performances by Bruno Mars, Miguel, Grace Potter, Metric, Alt-J, Thompson Square, First Aid Kit and Dustin Lynch, plus surprise guest appearances, prize giveaways, special editions of "RapFix Live," "Big Morning Buzz Live," "MTV News After Hours," "You Oughta Know" and much more!


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    20th Century Fox and Dreamworks Animation’s 2013 Film Slate Dec 6th 2012


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    What do you do when your debut album is heralded as a modern dance masterpiece? Well, if you're Katy B you gather a stellar cast of collaborators – producers Jacques Greene, Diplo, Geeneus and Zinc as well as Jessie Ware, Wiley and Iggy Azalea – and make an EP to give away for free.
    Danger, a stop-gap before the new Katy B album is released early next year, is an impressive reflection of what she's into right now. So while the Jacques Green-produced Danger slowly emerges through beats and twinkling synths, the bouncy, Diplo-assisted Light as a Feather shows off her more playful side, while the delirious Got Paid is completely bonkers and that's even before Wiley shows up. The highlight, however, is the seductive Aaliyah, produced by Geeneus and featuring Jessie Ware. Framed as a modern update of Dolly Parton's Jolene ("Aaliyah please don't take my man, although you know that you can"), it's deliciously danceable and melancholic.

    Danger (Jacques Greene) / Aaliyah ft. Jessie Ware (Geeneus) / Light As A Feather ft. Iggy Azalea (Diplo) / Got Paid ft. Wiley (Zinc)

    • You can download the Danger EP for free here.
    Source: Guardian

    Aaliyah ft. Jessie Ware (Geeneus)

    Tweeting about the EP, Katy B wrote: "I got an early Xmas present for you all in a bit. To say thank you for the support :) Too much Love!!!! X"

    Katy B is expected to release her second album in 2013. The follow up to 2011's 'On A Mission', the London-born singer recently claimed her new material is about growing up and becoming independent. "Standing on my own two feet is inspiring new lyrics for the album, due out early next year. I'm making the transition from being a girl into womanhood and finding out what my responsibilities are. It's the first time I've lived in the real world with bills to pay, and that's coming across in what I'm writing."
    Source: NME

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    Timothée Chalamet, who plays Finn Walden on Homeland, performing a number from LaGuardia High School's production of Sweet Charity on a regional CBS channel.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Let's begin this post with the red band trailer for the new Evil Dead Remake.

    It's clear we're getting the full horror vibe from this. I have to hope that the slapstick and comedy will be present and that the trailer is just a way to lure people in who aren't familiar with the Evil Dead.

    Also, the original is on Netflix Instant right now, so go and check it out.

    Next we have the teaser for the Carrie remake.

    Now this looks interesting. I love teh book and it seems like they may be taking the book's idea of being a mix of a ton of different set ups, such as a book/congressional hearing/eye witness testimony. I'd love to see them really delve into the full scale of her rampage and the absolute destruction she weaved.

    Finally, let's look at some articles from the SCP Foundation.

    For those who don't know the SCP Foundation is a collection short/long stories about various artifacts. It's a bit like the show Warehouse 13. Each artifcat is either Safe (poses no real lisk) Euclid (poses a danger, but can be controlled) or Keter (World Ending). What makes the site fun is the variety, from super serious monsters to stupid little fun things like a megaphone that spekas directly to your mind. I'll post some of the best here.


    Object class: Euclid

    Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-173 is to be kept in a locked container at all times. When personnel must enter SCP-173's container, no fewer than 3 may enter at any time and the door is to be relocked behind them. At all times, two persons must maintain direct eye contact with SCP-173 until all personnel have vacated and relocked the container.

    Description: Moved to Site19 1993. Origin is as of yet unknown. It is constructed from concrete and rebar with traces of Krylon brand spray paint. SCP-173 is animate and extremely hostile. The object cannot move while within a direct line of sight. Line of sight must not be broken at any time with SCP-173. Personnel assigned to enter container are instructed to alert one another before blinking. Object is reported to attack by snapping the neck at the base of the skull, or by strangulation. In the event of an attack, personnel are to observe Class 4 hazardous object containment procedures.

    Personnel report sounds of scraping stone originating from within the container when no one is present inside. This is considered normal, and any change in this behaviour should be reported to the acting HMCL supervisor on duty.

    The reddish brown substance on the floor is a combination of feces and blood. Origin of these materials is unknown. The enclosure must be cleaned on a bi-weekly basis.

    Item #: SCP-001

    Object Class: Euclid/Keter

    Special Containment Procedures: Because of the nature of SCP-001, no containment procedures are necessary. 24/7 monitoring of SCP-001 is to take place from a safe (10km+) distance from a pre-determined location (Site 0). The location of Site 0 is known only to the current SCP administrator and the single Overseer-level Agent of Abrahamic faith (O5-14) assigned to monitor SCP-001 from Site 0. Said Agent is authorized to take any action necessary should SCP-001 become active, and is required to immediately alert the Administrator and all other Overseer-level agents should SCP-001 show any change in behavior, as this may constitute the beginning of an XK-class end-of-the-world scenario.

    Should SCP-001 become active in any way, personnel are required to immediately consult the Patmos series of Emergency Orders. Decoding algorithms for Emergency Order Patmos are to be maintained on-site at Site 0 in the possession of the designated observer, and are to be transmitted to SCP Foundation offices only in the event of SCP-001 becoming active. Foundation Personnel with vital roles in one or more variants of Emergency Order Patmos are to be advised to take the following precautions.

    To maintain good relations with one or more organized Abrahamic faiths.
    To maintain, on hand, a supply of the following: holy water, a rosary, crucifix, cross, or other symbol blessed by an Abrahamic cleric of bishop or equivalent higher rank, a copy of Abrahamic scriptures, and standard emergency supplies in mobile form (bug-out bag).
    In case of a premillenial rapture scenario, all vital personnel are to designate a secondary operative of non-Abrahamic faith. Said secondary operative is to be informed of the location of the primary designate's copy of Emergency Order Patmos and memetic kill agent innoculant, and is to be kept on ready status to take over the primary's duties as necessary.
    To maintain familiarity with all other SCPs involved in possible XK-class end-of-the-world scenarios.
    Description: SCP-001 is a humanoid entity, approximately seven hundred (700) cubits in height, located in an undisclosed location near the intersection of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The following features are known about the entity.

    A number of luminous winglike appendages emerging from the shoulders, back, temples, ankles, and wrists of the entity. Although an accurate count has never been established, most observers place the number of wings at anywhere from two (2) through one hundred and eight (108), with the mean number being four (4).
    A weapon, possibly a sword or knife (SCP-001-2). The weapon appears to emit flame at a temperature rivaling that of the sun, based on spectrographic analysis, although there appear to be no destructive effects from the intense heat on the surrounding area. Any entity that approaches within 1km of SCP-001 is immediately struck by the weapon and obliterated from existence. Any and all hostile actions taken towards SCP-001 have resulted in the annihilation of the attacker, regardless of range (see incident report re: Indian Ocean Submarine Missile Experiment, December 26, 2004)
    SCP-001 appears to be standing with its head bowed in a gesture of supplication with SCP-001-2 held in both hands point-down in front of it. Since originally recorded by the Founder over [DATA REDACTED] years ago, SCP-001 has not deviated from this stance.
    Human beings exposed to SCP-001 report hearing a voice in their heads, giving them a directive which the subject reports cannot be disobeyed. The most common directive is, "FORGET" which results in the subject walking away from SCP-001 with no memory of having encountered it. On rare occasions, however, other directives have been given: the most famous of these is the one given to the Founder ("PREPARE") which he has claimed formed the impetus for founding [DATA REDACTED] to catalog and contain any and all supernatural and/or paranormal artifacts that represent a serious threat to the current existence of humanity. This is the organization now known as the SCP Foundation.
    Observers have reported that SCP-001 appears to be standing in front of a gate of immense proportions. Long-range photographs have occasionally detected what appears to be a pastoral grove within, containing numerous other entities of the same composition as SCP-001, as well as several fruit trees of unknown composition. Of particular note are two fruit trees of immense proportion near what appears to be the center of the grove: one, it is noted, appears to be an ordinary apple tree, although the other bears a fruit unknown on earth, described as [DATA EXPUNGED].
    It is the avowed belief of the Founder that the gate which SCP-001 guards may be the gate to [EXPUNGED] based on correlations with ancient Babylonian texts and the Dead Sea Scrolls. In which case, one can deduce that the entity known as SCP-001 may be [EXPUNGED].

    Addendum 001-a: Experimentation re: SCP-001-2s effective kill range.

    1. EXPERIMENT A: 1 Class-D Personnel instructed to approach SCP-001 as closely as possible on foot.
    Result: Upon making visual contact with SCP-001, subject is ordered to "LEAVE." Subject immediately turns away from SCP and walks away. Despite repeated orders to continue the experiment, Class D Personnel refuses to obey and is terminated. Upon termination of Class D Personnel, all research staff involved are immediately obliterated by an unknown force, presumably SCP-001-2

    2. EXPERIMENT B: 1 remote-operated research robot remotely guided to approach SCP-001 from the ground.
    Result: Upon approaching within 1km of SCP-001, research robot is obliterated, presumably by SCP-001-2. All further attempts at remote reconnaissance have the same result.

    3. EXPERIMENT C: 100 pre-programmed research drones instructed to approach SCP-001 from multiple angles simultaneously.
    Result: Coordination is successful, and all 100 drones cross the 1km mark simultaneously: however, all 100 are simultaneously obliterated by SCP-001-2. Designated observer at Site 0 reports that SCP-001-2 appeared to "strike in all directions at once." SCP-001 did not deviate from its stance while this took place.

    4. EXPERIMENT D: Wire-Guided missile fired from a distance of 3km.
    Result: SCP-001-2 obliterates weapon upon crossing the 1km mark, simultaneously obliterating the launch site and killing all personnel.

    5. EXPERIMENT E: Multi-Warhead Intercontinental Ballistic Missile fired from SCP nuclear submarine "Nautilus."
    Result: See Indian Ocean Submarine Missile Experiment, December 26, 2004

    6. EXPERIMENT F: SCP-076 and Task Force Omega 7 instructed to approach SCP-001 on foot.
    Result: SCP-076 refuses to carry out mission, despite not being informed of the mission's nature. Upon being asked why, SCP-076 replies, "No. Just no."

    7. EXPERIMENT G: SCP-073. Due to the results of experiment F, SCP-073 was not informed of his destination until arriving at Site 0.
    Result: SCP-073 approached the site on foot. Upon seeing SCP-001, SCP-073 became distressed and asked to abort. SCP-073 was ordered to continue. At that point, the symbol on SCP-073's forehead became [DATA EXPUNGED]. Experiment was terminated due to [DATA EXPUNGED] See Addendum 001-aa.

    Addendum 001-aa: By executive order of the Administrator, no further experiments are to be carried out re: SCP-001. No further SCPs are to be exposed to SCP-001. SCP-001 is not to be used to dispose of dangerous SCPs. Please see revised containment procedures for details.

    ADDENDUM: On ██-██-████, the following errant transmission was received by Foundation Personnel.


    ATTN: All Foundation Personnel.

    The following message was received at approximately ████:██:██ this morning from Site 0.

    SCP-001 has left its location. The Gate is Open. They are riding forth.
    Oh G_d, it's so beautiful…


    Because of this event's confluence with the recent breach of SCP-995, the opening of SCP-616, and the activation of SCP-098, the Foundation is required to immediately begin preparations for an XK-class end-of-the-world scenario. SCP-076 and SCP-073 are to be secured immediately. All personnel are to unlock and decode Emergency Order Patmos-Omega, and follow all orders within. Site 19 is to be secured, and all nonessential SCPs and personnel terminated and/or destroyed. Repeat, because of this event's confluence with the recent breach o SCP-995, the opening of SCP-616, and the activation of SCP-098, the Foundation is required to immediately begin preparations for an XK-class end-of-the-world scenario. SCP-076 and SCP-073 are to be secured immediately. All personnel are to unlock and decode Emergency Order Patmos-Omega, and follow all orders within. Site 19 is to be secured, and all nonessential SCPs and personnel terminated and/or destroyed. Repeat, because of this event's confluence with the recent breach of SCP-995, the opening of SCP-616, and the aktivation of SCP-098, the Foundation is rekwired to immediatelebegin preprrations ffr an XK-class end-of-theworldsenario. SCP-076 and SCP-073 @re to be secured immediately Cain and Abel my two sons, I amcoming all personnel are to unlock and decode behold, I stand at the gate and knock and if anyanayansdfysffollow
    aall alla khaf3242!$$@andisawanewheavenandanewearthandthefruitofofof
    ███ [SIGNAL LOST]

    Upon contacting Site 0, O5-14 responded that no such message had been sent from his location and that SCP-001 remains inert. The transmission was initially determined to be a hoax. However, close examination of the transmission reveals a timestamp dated [DATA REDACTED] years in the future. It is theorized that [DATA EXPUNGED].


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    What are the best books, movies etc featuring mermaids/mermen? What is your fave thing about them? Would you like to see more representation of them in pop culture?
    Basically an all-things mermaid post.

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    It's back, ONTD! Love complaining about how crappy music this days? How award shows are such a joke now? Or that the nominations for these things always suck! Now's your chance to have your voice heard and come up with the same fucking nominations as the actual ones despite complaining about them year after year; it's the 2013 Grammy Awards!

    Last year, this actually worked out well. For the most part, people followed instructions, and I thought it was worth it to post the winning results. Since the actual Grammy award nominations will be announced tonight, I thought I'd officially start this up again.

    How it works: Tomorrow, I'll put up the official nominations post. There, you'll list your top 3 nominations for each category, and in about a week, I'll tally the five nominees who received the most nominations from members, and they'll be up for community vote.

    How to choose your noms: Basically, you can nominate any song/album/artist you want, with some stipulations:
    1) The eligibility year for the 2013 Grammy Awards is Oct. 1, 2011, to Sept. 30, 2012. If you're not sure if something you want to nominate is eligible, then check Wikipedia/Amazon/etc. Please pay attention to this rule, because lots of people don't bother to check before nominating and it's annoying etc etc etc.
    2) Songs/albums have to have been released in the US to be eligible. Sorry, Pixie Lott :(
    3) The format for nominating is Artist - Song/Album.

    SONG OF THE YEAR (lyrics only)
    RECORD OF THE YEAR (the overall track)

    BEST POP PERFORMANCE (performance = song/single)





    I'M SERIOUS ABOUT THESE RULES. If I see just one that doesn't abide by them, your whole ballot is being thrown out. Don't be that person!!!

    I'll leave this post open for comments, so you can discuss potential nominees, who you want the real Grammys to nominate, ask questions about nominating, etc. The nominations post will be up soonish.

    Yay award season!!!

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    Tim Urban, whom you might remember from American Idol season 9, has done Taylor Swift a big favor! He’s written the inevitable break up song she’d be penning after the split with current boy toy, One Direction’s Harry Styles.


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    Lady Gaga arrived in, St. Petersburg, Russia, on Dec. 7 and just hours prior to touch down, expressed her gratitude to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev for opposing laws that forbid minors from receiving information about homosexuality.

    The Mother Monster took to Twitter and posted: “Thank You Prime Minister Medvedev for not standing by your party's anti gay propaganda law & instead supporting my show+fans all over Russia.” In a second post to Russia’s PM, Lady Gaga posted: “Prime Minister Medvedev please accept my gratitude I am looking forward to performing in RUSSIA & celebrating our cultures coming together.”

    Nine regions, including St. Petersburg, have recently passed bills imposing fines of up to $150,000 for providing minors with information on homosexuality, as this information is deemed by law to be “homosexual propaganda.” In a Dec. 7 interview, PM Medvedev said, “Not all relations between people can be regulated by law,” speaking to the anti-gay laws that are currently in place. On Dec. 19 The Duma, which is Russia's parliament, will consider the nationwide ban of these educational materials.

    The 26-year-old mega-star has been a longtime supporter of the LGBTQ communities and has never shied away from giving her support. Of course in typical Mother Monster style, upon landing in St. Petersburg she tweeted: “Just arrived in St. Petersburg Russia I'm so delighted to see so many monsters at the airport. Take me to the ballet!”


    dees laws are dumb as hale. get it 2gether Russia.

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    Amid the hyperboles and endless opines, the Internet often offers the greatest insight. Under a 15-minute YouTube clip of a 2011 Hot 97 interview with Frank Ocean, there’s this comment: “I’m trying to understand him, his vision, his music and he’s not letting me,” writes stlukesroosevelt1. “That’s great!!” Almost every synopsis of Frank, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter who’s either gay or bisexual, fixates on his ambiguity. This year, he’s done exactly four public interviews for his Def Jam debut, Channel Orange, including The New York Times—where he described his slumped posture as a protective “outer shell” for his true self, the one we know mostly through his music—and the obscure French magazine Snatch, which called him “un personnage hors-norme” (“a non-standard character”), in an article titled “The Abyss of Frank Ocean.” You could say he’s not a star, or the most reluctant we’ve seen in years. The fact is that Frank, an artist who relishes white noise, has ignited a voluminous conversation in pop culture with little volume. 

    The chatter began with his 2011 mixtape, Nostalgia Ultra, accelerating in early July after listening sessions for the morose Channel Orange. Rumors that the man born Christopher Breaux planned to come out bisexual flew amuck when a BBC journalist noted: “On the songs ‘Bad Religion,’ ‘Pink Matter and ‘Forrest Gump,’ you can hear him sing about being in love and there are quite obvious words used like ‘him’ and not ‘her.’” The hear say compelled Frank to post a diary entry-like letter to Tumblr—aptly on Independence Day (originally typed on Dec. 27, 2011)—about his first love with a man. The emotions were complex but the admissions simple: “I was 19. He was too.”

    With 730 words that trumped everyone else’s actions, Frank became The Man in a 2012 that saw Nicki Minaj prefix her name with “American Idol judge” and frequent collaborator Jay-Z clock in a lifetime’s work (open a stadium, launch a music festival, host the Obamas) in a single month. Remarkable feats, sure, but no other entertainer sparked a more vital dialogue this year than Frank. His same-sex revelation gave Black music a belated progressive push while enticing more (deserved) interest in Channel Orange. Next to today’s leaderless genre of R&B, which spews more molly music than true blues, Ocean’s body of work feels like a necessary anomaly. “It’s similar to Radiohead or an artist you discover and really get into the visual that music provides,” says Akinah Rahmaan, Def Jam’s VP of Marketing. “His music takes people away on a journey. Every song is a story.”

    To cynics, Frank’s viral reveal was a PR stunt. The truth is it was a defining moment. “That was not a conspiracy or created to sell albums,” assures Rahmaan. “We didn’t know how he’d be received. When we saw the positive results of him freeing himself and being that candid and vulnerable, we supported him.” Days later, the U.K.’s The Guardian snagged the first interview where Frank addressed his penetrating love letter. “He seemed a little shell-shocked by all the attention, but he was surprisingly willing to talk about it,” says deputy editor Rebecca Nicholson. “I suggested that writing that letter was brave. He disagreed. It was astoundingly modest of him. He’s a smart guy and he’s got a lot to say, but he says it quietly and calmly. Which I think shows great confidence. He was incredibly Zen.”

    Many pegged the act as Frank’s “coming out” and rushed to parse its impact (Daily Beast’s “Frank Ocean’s Coming Out as Bisexual Changes Homophobic Hip-Hop Genre”; Time’s “Coming Out In Hip Hop: Frank Ocean’s Powerful Moment”). Others tiptoed and stressed that he only mentioned “that one time.” On July 9, he made his first post-Tumblr appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, a gig booked two months pre-letter. After a brief huddle, he and Roots frontman Questlove settled on performing “Bad Religion”—a confessional ode to “him.” “The plan was to make a huge impact by word of mouth, but his [letter] obviously changed that,” says Late Night music booker Jonathan Cohen of Frank’s TV debut. “Every now and then, we’re lucky enough to be present in the studio for a moment like that, where there’s sort of an air of uncertainty in the room. It was one of the best performances we’ve had this year, if not in the history of the show.”

    There, in front of 1.75 million viewers, one week ahead of schedule, Frank announced the iTunes-exclusive release of Channel Orange, a debut that’s as courageously innovative and individualistic as its author and certified Frank as Mr. 2012. Even with compelling, if somewhat wobbly, sets at the MTV Video Music Awards and Saturday Night Live, Ocean’s promotional push seemed more like cautious steps into the spotlight. “He’s an artist’s artist,” says Cohen. “He’s still processing how to handle the sudden attention and the best way to move his career forward. The sky is the limit for him. It’s just a question of how comfortable he is with playing the game.”

    Four days after the letter, @Frank_Ocean passed the million-follower milestone. “Last summer I had 1600 followers,” he tweeted. Add that to breakthrough shows at Coachella and Lollapalooza, epic collabos with Pharrell Williams (“Sweet Life”) and Andre 3000 (“Pink Matter”), an invitation to open for Coldplay and an album that’s sold roughly 400,000 copies and you have a Man of the Year who’s as necessary to our forward movement as he is mysterious. “His image is brooding, sensitive. His tweets are obscure. In my opinion, that’s as much of a construct as Lady Gaga’s eccentric art-house showgirl,” says Nicholson. “That doesn’t make it insincere or dishonest, by the way. I just think it works for him.”

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