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    "That '70s Show" star Lisa Robin Kelly has been arrested AGAIN -- this time the 42-year-old was busted for assaulting a man in North Carolina ... TMZ has learned.

    According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Kelly -- who played Eric Foreman's sister on the sitcom -- and a male (identified as her husband) were each arrested last night following a violent incident at their home in which they allegedly assaulted each other.

    Cops say there were no visible injuries -- and no drugs or alcohol were involved.

    Both Kelly and the 61-year-old man are still in custody.

    Kelly is no stranger to the law -- she was busted for spousal abuse back in March (the charges were eventually dropped) ... and she pled guilty to DUI back in 2010.

    in case you haven't had your daily dose of washed up has been celeb turned meth addicted crack head... here you go! Also, both of those creepy mugshots are old, the new one isn't released yet I guess.

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    rest of the spread @ source 2

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    How many copies of Unapologetic did you buy last week? 

    this post is dedicated to rihanna who never got to see rihanna back at #1 #rip

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    There have been more rumours swirling around Ella Henderson’s love life than there have been baked goods on Katy Perry’s boobs, and she’s finally confirmed that she IS ACTUALLY dating one of Union J. 
    Kind of. Sort of. That she will be in the future. We think. Sigh.

    “Let me explain it like this,” she told Look magazine. 
    “George Shelley is my best friend. Jaymi Hensley is like my big brother, JJ Hamblett is hilarious and, yeah, like…at the moment it’s hard to say [how I feel about Josh]. 
    “He’s still in the competition.” We’re assuming she’s referring to X Factor here and not some side competition of boyfriend auditions she’s got running somewhere. Although that could be fun. 

    “As soon as we’re both out of it, it’s going to go boom.” 
    Boom? BOOM? As in, boom-shaka-laka, which we all know means LOVIN’? 
    “At the moment [we are just] very close and good friends, but after the competition I’d love to see him. “I do want to spend more time with him.”
    MEANWHILE, Josh posted this picture of him and Ella together on his Instagram saying “FAVORITE @ellahenderson1!!!!!! :Dxx”[sic] after previously saying “Gonna miss you Ella! & I’m gonna miss everything we do togetherrrr!” 

    Which we can only now assume means SHAGGING, but who's to say.


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    Driving home from the Santa Monica advance screening of Universal's Les Misérables on Saturday for Academy members, I spotted a huge poster for the movie on a building in Westwood which proclaims it is "A musical phenomenon about fight, dream, hope and love." I turned to my companion and said that this is a rare occasion when those words more than match the deed.

    Indeed, this movie is the most thrilling film I have seen in many, many years, perhaps ever.

    Remember, I have been in the movie business in various ways, mainly producing, for 60 of my 80 years, and have worked with some of its best talents, ie. Billy Wilder. I must have seen several thousand films in my lifetime, and I happen to believe that the British magazine which last month proclaimed Hitchcock's Vertigo the best movie ever, over Citizen Kane, is bonkers.

    Neither of them hold a candle to A Place in the Sun, Red River or Godfather I & II. But Les Mis is another kettle of fish altogether. I think that it lifts the movie 'art' to a new dimension of excellence and excitement, which has not been seen before since perhaps Abel Gance's tri-screen Napoleon in the '20s.

    3D is exciting and important when handled well (Ang Lee's Life of Pi), but it is a technology more than an artistic achievement. Here, from the moment the screen opens up to reveal a long line of convicts hauling a ship into drydock in early 19th century France, we are caught up in spectacle that is both majestic and intimate. The fact that all the dialogue is sung immediately sets the mood that we are in for something special.

    Director Tom Hooper (The King's Speech) joined with several cast members to speak briefly to us before the screening, and he admitted that seeing this sea of faces in front of him has finally convinced him that the film is finished. (He also mentioned that it was two years ago Friday he had opened The King's Speech in New York, and went on to win the Oscar for that.) He related that he had actually wrapped this film at 2 a.m. Thursday (Thanksgiving) evening in time for two screenings in New York on Friday at Lincoln Center arranged by the inimitable Peggy Siegel, and a friend who was there told me that the film was interrupted by applause 14 times and received a standing 10-minute ovation at the end.

    He said to me, "This is the 800-pound gorilla in the Oscar race." If I were Daniel Day-Lewis, I would be wondering if my hold on the best male actor statue for Spielberg's Lincoln was as firm as everyone thought. Hugh Jackman here gives a performance for the ages as the indomitable Jean Valjean. I reflected on another statement made by Hooper to our audience; he stated that over 90 percent of the singing was shot 'live' and not prerecorded, many of the songs done in one take! "I didn't want any barriers between emotion and realism and truth, so for me it was very important that the actors playing these characters were producing these songs out of the depths of their souls in that moment." Did they ever!

    Oh, my God, what an achievement for all involved. Anne Hathaway, in a somewhat truncated part as the extremely fragile Fantine, breaks your heart when she sings "I Dreamed a Dream," (forget about the Susan Boyle version of this, Anne's is slow, desperate and amazing) as she sings of the daughter she will never see again, and I see a supporting actress statue in her grasp, which is kind of ironic considering the slings and arrows she received for fronting the Oscar show last year. (Yes, I was as guilty as the rest.) In Saturday's Los Angeles Times, she says that her chopped hairdo (locks cut off for sale) makes her look like "her older gay brother."

    The picture, which opens in L.A. on December 13, will screen officially for Academy members on December 15, and I predict it will be one of those rare Academy screenings where ordinarily diffident members line up in front of our building an hour or two in advance to assure themselves of seats... It happened recently to Lincoln. I am not going to go into a detailed review... that I leave to my favorites, the New York Times' Manola D. and Wall Street Journal's Joe Morgenstern, and the other professional assassins, but I must recall some special moments since I have been unable to sleep since I saw it, just running the film over and over in my head and perhaps this way I can somewhat dispose of them.

    You'll remember from the stage musical, seen by 60 million people in 42 countries in 21 languages, adapted from Victor Hugo's novel, that it depicts the story of prisoner 24601, Jean Valjean, imprisoned for 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his starving family, who when he is released from prison, breaks his parole to create a new life for himself while evading the grip of the relentless Inspector Javert. It reaches its conclusion against the June revolution of 1831. Hathaway plays a working class girl forced to turn to prostitution to pay the evil innkeeper and his wife, the Thenardiers, played hilariously by Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter, to care for her daughter Cosette. (I don't know if it was an inside joke, since Helena always wears dark glasses in real ife, that in one party scene she is also seen wearing them... were they even invented then?) Someone next to me said that when they sang "Master of the House," it reminded him of Sweeney Todd. (Incidentally, can someone explain who was the white-haired man on the steps at the end of the movie?)

    Valjean promises to care for the daughter when the mother is on her deathbed, and it leads to complications later when a young revolutionary student, Marius, falls for his ward, Cosette, played by Amanda Seyfried. I had a chance to talk to Amanda and her mother outside the theatre before the screening, and the young-looking, leggy actress confessed to being nervous and terrified at seeing the movie. Not to worry, she was excellent as the innocent ingénue. An actor named Eddie Redmayne played Marius, and he was also there. A stunning British actress named Samantha Barks, also at our screening, almost stole the movie as the wayward Eponine, a girl of the streets also in love with Marius.

    She has to cry and sing "On My Own" in the pouring rain, and Hooper said she did it "many, many times." She is the only cast member to have performed in the stage musical. Russell Crowe is a powerful Inspector Javert, and while his singing is not quite a match for the others, his intensity and presence bring a majestic attitude to a role which once remained owned by Charles Laughton in the old black-and-white film of this story. I once met two of the producers, the guys from Working Title, Eric Fellner and Tim Bevin, and remember them as cool, calm and tough customers who eschew the extraneous trappings of the business for the essence of it. (They turned down my pitch for a film about the famous art forger in London, saying they had something similar in development.) Cameron Macintosh was the tireless producer of the musical and is also a producer here. But it is the music, of course, which carries it to spectacular heights, and for that we must be thankful to Claude-Michel Schönberg for the music and original French lyrics by Alain Bonblil and Jean-Marc Natel, with an English libretto by Herbert Kretzman and the screenplay by William Nicholson. (Screenplay? It's all lyrics. Must explore this more.)

    Think of the songs which have enthralled you over the years, and then be prepared to be astonished at how they sound when sung by these talented people against the realistic settings of torn-apart France. "I Dreamed a Dream," "Bring Him Home," "One Day More," and "On My Own"... just glorious and moving. I must admit I cried many times throughout the film, and I was not alone. Someone today said there was a poster in the works: The film that makes grown men cry.

    I read that it has taken 27 years to bring this version of Les Misérables to the screen. It was worth the wait. It is the cinematic musical experience of a lifetime... and I am thrilled that I finally got to see it on film. (No digital here.) You will be too, trust me.


    French Movie Poster

    Aaron Tveit as 'Enjolras'

    Review Source | Poster Source | Stills Source

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    robert pattinson's troll twitter account tyfyt


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    @ Children in Need's Designer Pudsey Auction

    Out and about on November 9th in Ldn

    @ The 58th London Evening Standard Theatre Awards

    Out and about again in Ldn (November 21st)


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    Mia was among the fans who met Bieber prior to his concert at the Scotiabank Place in Kanata Friday.

    Heather Pruder said the meeting with Bieber was everything her five-year-old daughter had expected it to be.

    “He's very polite. Mia was the last person they brought into the meet and greet and as soon as he saw her his whole demeanour just completely softened,” she said.

    “I think he wanted to have a few more minutes with her but his schedule didn't dictate it,” she said.

    Mia Pruder is being treated for muscular dystrophy and mitochondrial depletion syndrome. Since late February, Mia has undergone numerous surgeries, life-threatening situations and a full tracheotomy due to her condition.

    She was the focus of a Facebook campaign, Biebs for Mia, aimed at getting her a meeting with Bieber.

    In June Mia received a video message from Bieber and her mother says she seeks out anything Bieber-related she can find on the Internet.

    “She knows how to Google him.”

    The family knew they had tickets for the show in April but it was not until last Wednesday that they found out for sure that they would meet Bieber in person.

    In addition to meeting the singer, the family enjoyed VIP treatment at the concert.

    “She absolutely loved the concert,” Heather Pruder said.

    “We were treated really, really well.”

    Originally they had seats right in front of the stage platform.

    But show organizers decided the seats were not safe for Mia, so the family was moved to front row centre before the curtain went up.

    “The show was delayed because of our movement,” Heather Pruder said.


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    Rihanna has defended her recent '777' tour.

    Journalists and fans who were taken along for the jaunt - which visited seven countries over seven days - were disgruntled after Rihanna apparently refused to speak and hang out with them during the flights.

    "It was different having to do your job but also have 200 guests come along with you," she told Nick Grimshaw on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

    "They all want you to host a party every time you get on the plane after a show but you really only have that time to sleep until you get to the next country. Sometimes it was a two-hour ride to the next country and that was all the sleep you would get."

    She added: "I knew I had seven countries and seven shows and I had to save my voice.

    "I didn't go crazy. I didn't party too hard. I did have fun though. I tried to get everybody involved but sometimes you just wish you could give more."

    The hysteria surrounding Rihanna's no-show on the chartered Boeing 777 came to a climax during a flight from Berlin to London, when an Australian journalist streaked down the plane in protest.

    Rihanna's seventh studio album Unapologetic became her fourth number one record in the UK on Sunday (November 25), and is expected to be her first US number one later this week.


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    Written by Vince Mancini

    I just found this letter to and response from Bruce Lee – whose 72nd birthday would’ve been today - via the always fantastic LettersofNote. I put Bruce Lee in the headline because he’s got the name recognition, but the real star of this exchange is Roland Lee. The turn of phrase “Furthermore, he picked up a hammer and hit himself all over” is brilliant, and I could read it ten times over and still laugh every time. I want that worked into my epitaph somehow. “He had four loving children, having retired after working for the Illinois Railroad Company for 42 years. Furthermore, he picked up a hammer and hit himself all over.”
    As to the what/where of the letter, Shaun from LettersofNote says: “In the 1960s Bruce Lee answered a bunch of fans’ letters via Black Belt magazine. Many are reprinted in this book (‘Dear Bruce Lee’).”

    Anyway, great letter, and happy birthday, Bruce. We’d trade that crusty old sack of farts Chuck Norris for you in a heartbeat.


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    We all struggle to pick which One Direction star is our favourite but Miley Cyrus has revealed that she takes a shine to Zayn Malik.

    Speaking to MSN UK in a Skype interview, Miley said, "Zayn Malik is my favourite.

    "I always remember that my friend said me and him have matching hair.

    "He's my favourite. I think he's the cutest but yeah I do know who they are."

    We doubt Zayn's girlfriend Little Mix star Perrie Edwards has anything to worry about seeing as Miley is engaged to Liam Hemsworth.

    Miley also spoke about her music and revealed, "The genre is something really new, something that hasn't been done… it's a mixture of a twang with more hip hop beats."

    So Undercover is out in the UK on 7 December 2012.


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    Facing a growing backlash after telling passengers who were set to sail on a themed cruise featuring cast members from RuPaul's Drag Race that they themselves could not wear drag, Carnival Cruise Lines has now relented and dropped the drag ban.

    Here's the letter directly from Carnival's president and CEO Gerry Cahill:

    Within the last 24 hours, we became aware of a miscommunication between Carnival Cruise Lines and, who have booked a large special interest group on the upcoming Carnival Glory cruise departing December 2, 2012.

    The group, "Drag Stars at Sea," includes several performances by stars from Logo TV as part of a series of private events onboard. When the group was presented to us we were advised that only the performers would be dressed in drag during the private events. However, we are now aware that this was not clearly communicated to members of the group and therefore anyone who wishes to dress in drag may do so. Please keep in mind that our safety and security procedures require guests to present government-issued ID, and to be recognizably that person.

    At Carnival, we are proud to carry more than 4.5 million guests every year and we welcome them all aboard. We do not practice any form of discrimination against the LGBT or any other community. We sincerely apologize for the miscommunication and for any unintended offense we have caused.
    Given this misunderstanding, anyone on this cruise who wishes to cancel for any reason may do so and will receive a full refund of their cruise fare, as well as reimbursement for any non-refundable travel related expenses.

    We constantly strive to provide our guests with a fun and memorable vacation. We look forward to welcoming everyone onboard Carnival Glory and again want to apologize for the misunderstanding and for any offense we have caused.

    Gerry Cahill
    President and CEO
    Carnival Cruise Lines

    The Drag Stars at Sea cruise is set to depart from the Port of Miami on December 2. The event features dozens of cast members from the popular reality show who will be performing in private events restricted to people who booked through the gay-owned travel agency Al and Chuck Travel, but participants will be traveling alongside regular cruise ship passengers.

    Before the cruise, Carnival sent out a letter informing passengers that they themselves could not wear drag. At first it seemed that Carnival was afraid they may upset families also aboard the cruise, but then Al and Chuck Travel informed passengers that the "no costume rule" was adopted after 9/11.
    Of course, angry passengers quickly discovered that Carnival has hosted Halloween cruises where passengers were free to dress up in costume.

    With a mess like that on their hands, it's no wonder Carnival has since relented.


    This is a follow up to this post. I like how over the course of 24 hours they released three different statements going from "Think of the children" to "Drag is banned because it promotes terrorism" to "lol jk we're accepting of all people this was a miscommunication we swear!"

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    Kim K has been named the most searched person of 2012 on Bing, regaining the title for the second time, after losing out to Justin Bieber last year in 2011.

    Bieber slipped to 2 in 2012, with Miley Cyrus coming in at 3, Rihanna at 4, Lindsay Lohan at 5, and Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Aniston, Nicki Minaj, and Taylor Swift rounding out the top 10.

    As for some of the other categories, Peyton Manning was the most searched athlete, ‘The Avengers’ was the most searched movie, and surprisingly, ‘American Idol’ was the most searched TV show.


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    Miranda Kerr is the most famous face, and figure, of Victoria's Secret but it appears she’s may have been forced to reconsider her relationship with the lingerie brand, following a report by Greenpeace that has exposed its manufacturing methods.

    The charity investigated 20 brands, including Victoria’s Secret, to assess whether toxic chemicals were used in their products. The report, called Toxic Threads: The Big Fashion Stitch Up, found the lingerie giant were guilty of doing so and this has now reportedly forced Miranda to reconsider her relationship with the brand.

    The Australian model has built up a reputation as a champion of green products, she owns her own organic skincare line, KORA Organics, as well as being an advocate of naturally-sourced ingredients. She is also the global ambassador for Earth Hour, who are in partnership with WWF. And if that wasn’t enough evidence of Miranda’s pledge to protect the environment she’s also promised to offset her carbon footprint.

    Martin Hojsik, a spokesman for Greenpeace, told the Mail on Sunday that the levels of harmful phthalates present in Victoria’s Secret underwear were so high that ‘if that product was a toy it would not be permitted in the EU.'

    Greenpeace is campaigning to see these be replaced with less-harmful substitutes.

    Both Miranda and Victoria’s Secret are yet to respond to the reports but it’s feared if she does hang up her coveted angel wings, other high-profile models will follow her.

    What do you think? Should Miranda Kerr end her relationship with Victoria’s Secret following this report? Let us know below.


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    Check out these new pics of Selena Gomez on the set of her Dream Out Loud photo shoot in Los Angeles!

    The 20-year-old actress showed off some cool looks from her upcoming Spring collection, which will be available at KMarts nationwide.

    “Don’t stress as much. Every little thing seems like the end of the world, and it’s hard to step back and look at the bigger picture. That’s what I’m learning to do,” Selena recently shared with Teen Vogue about taking her own advice.

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    Gabriel Aubry took another lump in his war with Halle Berry today ... a judge just rejected his bid to have the restraining order removed ... which means he still can't visit with his daughter Nahla.

    Gabriel had gone back to court today to ask the judge to lift the emergency restraining order that was issued against him on the day he got beat up by Halle's fiance Olivier Martinez.

    Initially, the restraining order was supposed to stay in place until Dec. 3 ... but today, the judge acknowledged there was a clerical error ... and the order can only stay in effect until Thursday Nov. 29.

    The order prohibits Gabriel from going within 100 yards of Nahla, Olivier or Halle.

    Gabriel wanted the order to end TODAY -- but the judge shut him down.

    Now, Halle and Olivier will have to go to court by Thursday if they want to keep Gabriel away from them and Nahla.

    From Radar Online A judge has ruled that Gabriel Aubry will be allowed to resume visitation with Nahla, with unspecified precautions in place to protect her safety. Story developing…


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    The man who appears in the video in which the "Two and a Half Men" star called his show "filth" has a long history and loyal following.

    The emergence of Angus T. Jones' video testimonial for religious group the Forerunner Chronicles -- in which he trashed Two and a Half Men as "filth" and said he no longer wanted to act on the CBS sitcom -- came as a shock. But the man behind the Christian organization has long been at odds with Hollywood, pop culture and liberal America.

    Christopher Hudson, who calls himself the Forerunner, is a Seventh-day Adventist who is famous for the fiery sermons he gives in YouTube videos. In 2009, he gained notice for publishing online a documentary called The Jay-Z Deception, in which he accused the rap star of being a Freemason who released his Blueprint albums to celebrate his journey up the ranks of the organization and his links with Satan. He also says Kanye West and Rihanna are part of the conspiracy.

    As Hudson alleged in an interview in 2009, Satan is "using mediums like the music and the fashion industry, which are enticing to us on a very base level, dealing with our senses to draw us out of a reasonable, rational relationship with God."

    In The Jay-Z Deception, he says: "The Blueprint albums are markers in obtaining degrees in the secret organization known as the Freemasons." The 2001 first album, he alleged, marked Jay-Z's acceptance into the organization, while the second album a year later marked his step up in the group. He said the third album -- released seven years after The Blueprint 2 -- marked the rapper's obtaining of the Third Degree in the organization, which meant that he could lead lodge meetings.

    Hudson was very much opposed to President Obama's re-election, and afterward posted a video urging supporters to open their eyes to the coming menaces of gay marriage, marijuana legalization and the damage done by Hurricane Sandy.

    In 2011, he claimed that reports of the death of Osama bin Laden were part of a conspiracy and that the terrorist mastermind had been dead since 2007. In 2009, Hudson released a video in which he called masturbation an "unnatural act." In the video, called "Voice of a Prophesy," Jones said that he is still a virgin.

    The actor described turning to religion during his parents' divorce, after experimenting with drugs.

    "When I look back now, I see that … the enemy was trying to push me in a different direction," Jones said. "But God ... pulled me out right at the last second."

    Hudson has also claimed that the death of Michael Jackson was a conspiracy, calling it a cover-up for the pope's proposing a "new world order." He said the pop star's July 7, 2009, memorial service was a distraction for Pope Benedict XVI's call -- in a document issued that same day -- for a global political body to help pull the world out of the economic crisis.


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    Are they or aren't they? Usually a question reserved for couples who might be dating, but the duo known as Jelena broke up after two years together then, little more than a week later, seemed to have gotten back together once more.

    Who knew a haircut could cause such chaos? The former Hannah Montana actress started an e-riot when she Instagrammed a picture of her bun getting chopped off, later debuting a controversial, bleached blonde pixie cut.

    The on-again, off-again pair made it official (and forever!) when they tied the knot at the Borgo Egnazia resort in the southern Italian city of Fasano, becoming arguably the wedding of the year and definitely the most anticipated one.

    After months of conspiracy whispers, rumors of diva-level hospital antics and some seriously fierce maternity ware, Beyoncé, along with husband Jay-Z, welcomed a daughter in January, the princess of hip-hop.

    Not to each other, lest you be confused. Mr. & Mrs. Smith themselves made it official when Brad Pitt put a ring on it in April. Just a few months later, Justin Theroux popped the question to his Wanderlust costar and Brad's ex-wife, Jen.

    Somewhere, Oprah's couch is in mourning. Katie filed for (an unexpected) divorce from her Mission: Impossible husband in June, and the split was official shortly after in August, leaving plenty of time for Scientology theories galore.

    The final installment in Christian Bale's Batman trilogy was one of year's most anticipated movie, but no one could have predicted that a gunman would open fire on a midnight screening in Aurora, Colo., killing 12 and injuring countless others.

    It was a shock to the music industry and on Grammy weekend, no less. The legendary songstress died at the Beverly Hilton hotel as a result of accidental drowning, heart disease and cocaine use. She was, and is, missed by millions.

    First, Prince Harry was snapped butt naked while partying in Vegas. Shortly after, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, was photographed topless while vacationing in France. Katherine sued because of the photos, Harry just blushed.

    For the Breaking Dawn duo, forever seemed to end very abruptly. Bella Swan herself was caught with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, leaving K.Stew to plead for boyfriend R.Pattz's forgiveness. Which he gave.


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    On the Show.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    In Between....
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    First from the left.


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The "sample" watermarks are all hers. That's how she uploaded them to IMDB
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    I noticed she uploaded them recently, probably to capitalise on the renewed interest in the show. Can't knock her hustle.

    source, 2, 3

    her twitter

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    Angus T. Jones (Two & a Half Men)
    Dick & Liz criticized

    Fran Drescher & Joan Collins

    The cast of A Christmas Story performs


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