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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Holy smokes, Nucky was actually interesting this episode. I wonder what Richard is planning exactly? I hope Gillian takes out those creeps. If only she'd stop being cruel to Richard, I would love her entirely.


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    Broken Hearts Promotional Photos


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  • 11/25/12--20:10: Backstreet Boys Mega Post

    The Second Annual


    Auction opens Saturday December 8, 2012 at 5PM EST
    Auction closes Sunday December 16, 2012 at 5PM EST

    Incredible Platinum Packages to the top 10 bidders
    Bidding starts at just $1500

    BONUS: The top paying bidder gets to ride to the venue with Nick in a limo with just 2 other fans!
    Part of Proceeds benefit Charity either as a spot or spots to the event designated for Make a Wish or Dream Foundation recipients and/or a monetary donation by Hang With the Band.
    Backstreet Boys on The Talk:

    It's Christmas Time Again

    I Want It That Way

    Backstreet Boys with Perez Hilton:
    Backstreet Boys interview

    BSB talk about AJ's wife's pregnancy

    Acoustic perforance of It's Christmas Time Again

    AJ is launching his new website tomorrow.


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    Born beautiful, Tyra Banks hit the genetic lottery and was embraced by the fashion industry. As a teenager, the ‘it’ girl appeared on every important cover in fashion history. Her remarkable career hit a fever pitch in her twenties, as Tyra racked up several ‘firsts’ including: the first African-American woman to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s illustrious swimsuit issue twice. She was the first woman to appear on the cover of GQ magazine and as an ‘Angel’, Tyra was the first African-American to appear on Victoria’s Secret cover. Due to her wildly successful talk show, The Tyra Banks Show, she garnered two Emmy Awards and by 2008, she was deemed by Time Magazine as, One of The Most Influential People in The World.

    The road to success was not easy for the girl who was once known for her overflowing cup size. At times the media was very judgmental towards Banks, yet she turned the unpleasantries into a mission. “Kiss my fat ass…” was the phrase that echoed throughout the universe. And with that one statement, the girl with the ‘Smize’ became a modern day feminist.

    She is the creative force behind and star of America’s Next Top Model, which is playing in over 170 countries to date. Now entering it’s tenth year, ANTM Cycle 20 will include men. The juggernaut she calls Top Model has 22 international franchises and growing, with Asia’s Next Top Model scheduled to be released this month.

    Tyra Banks has become an entertainment, education and philanthropic leader. With a New York Times Best Selling fictional book called Modelland, author can be added to her list of many talents. And with her new ABC television show called Five Head, Tyra Banks has positioned herself to be The Queen of Multi-Media. The newly Harvard Graduate is a walking think tank that has dedicated her life to entertaining the world in a wholesome manner. Through her new foundation called, THE TYRA BANKS TZONE AT THE LOWER EASTSIDE GIRLS CLUB, Banks now has a place that she can teach young people through her leadership programming about raising the self-esteem of girls and women. Now a bonafied businesswoman, Banks has transformed her life from Model to Mogul and Beyond.

    Tyra, let’s get right to business. You are what we call a game changer in the industry. You have changed the face of the modeling industry in more ways than one. Not only have you broken down barriers and made both the media and the fashion industry pay attention to a wider range of beauty ideals, you have single-handedly redefined what it means to be a success. You pushed past Super Model by gracing just about every conceivable cover and garnering several lucrative contracts. You catapulted way above the Celebrity Model status when you created the Emmy award-winning Tyra Banks Show and the super successful America’s Next Top Model. You have become a bonafied Media Mogul! What drives Tyra Banks to succeed?

    I sometimes don’t know what’s driving me, Ty-Ron… That was an amazing intro… I almost felt like I was at an awards ceremony and you were on stage about to introduce me and I am supposed to walk up in a gown and accept an award… That was very flattering. Thank you.

    You have gone way beyond what was expected… Can you give us a little insight on what makes Tyra succeed?

    In terms of success and drive, I think some people are born with it, sometimes certain circumstances push you towards success… trying to prove people wrong. I’m not exactly sure where mine comes from? But, I have this thing inside of me that, when someone tells me that I can’t do something, I become obsessed with proving them wrong. It’s a weird thing. I don’t really have people telling me that I can’t do something so much right now. Yet, I still have a need to continue to push, continue to strive and actually continue to change things up. So, I am kind of addicted to change and addicted to new. So, for instance, when I was a model… I was like… ok… I am a high fashion model… ok… enough of that. Now let’s change. Now I am going to be a commercial model. That’s a new challenge. A black woman had never done the ’girl next door’… sex symbol type of thing. Once that was done, I was like… I have always wanted to produce and write for television so, let me produce a TV show. Some of this, to be honest is a little bit of fickleness. So, I always feel like… I have done that, move on. What else can I do? Now there has been some things along the way, with that fickleness… a lot of people like to say Renaissance woman… But, I think that’s a nice way of saying, ‘child… what is she doing next? What is she trying to do right now?’ You know, with me trying to sing, you know there had been things that haven’t necessarily worked… I have just been lucky that the things that have worked, have worked in a very big way.

    Tyra, you have made several trips to China with your America’s Next Top Model Brand including Beijing, Shanghai and Macao. How was your experience in China?

    I really, really loved China. And still love China. To be honest, the food is so amazing! When I first went to Beijing and Shanghai, I actually became obsessed with soup dumplings? And would stand in lines and get them on the street. It was something that I became obsessed with and when I came back to the States, I did all this research for the best soup dumplings in the Los Angeles area and in the New York area and it was amazing to find those Asian dishes that were authentic and I can enjoy them at home. And I know this is weird… I am a Black woman and I am not mixed with any Asian blood or Chinese blood at all, but for some reason, as a child, the movie, The Last Emperor, had a serious affect on me. And I don’t know why? To this day, I can’t understand why? But there’s something that the movie did to me. It was directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. He was Italian actually, and he told the story of the Emperor’s wife from birth to death and there was something about the scenery, something about the history… I can not say that the movie was historical, fiction or true, but there was something that connected me to it. My partner on America’s Next Top Model is Chinese… Ken Mok is his name and he calls me is sister because he feel that there is something about me that he feels close and family-like too. There is definitely a connection I have had to Chinese culture and Chinese food for a very long time.

    If you ever venture back to China, what would you like to experience again?

    When I was there, I toured the Forbidden City and that was absolutely amazing to me because I got to be in the places where one of my favorite movie of all times ‘The Last Emperor’ was shot or at least based on. So, being there and knowing about the history and living it and feeling it was amazing! There’s a new hotel that was either adjacent to or in the Forbidden City… I can’t remember what hotel chain… I think it was called Aman Resorts. And I want to be able to say there. To actually be able to sleep there would be pretty amazing. And then I want to spend more time on the Bund in Shanghai. They have all of these restaurants… It’s almost like Paris. The architecture almost reminds me of Europe and then you look across the water and you feel like you are in space, Star Trek / Star Wars land. I want to experience that some more. One thing that is important to me is when I travel to different countries, that I experience the culture, not just as a tourist. So, I took the day and I went into a Hou Tang, a residential area where a bunch of families live and I had a meal in a woman’s house and I played with some kids with some water sprinklers… it was almost like a Brooklyn moment. They had no idea who I was. The kids were around 5 or 6 years old and I played with them for about an hour. It’s always important to me to experience culture without a tour guide pointing things out to me. So, yes, I have an affinity with China and I can’t wait to go back. I have gone to Hong Kong as well but, I can’t wait to go back to Beijing and Shanghai.

    America’s Next Top Model is viewed in over 170 countries, and has over 22 international editions. There are versions of Top Model in America, as well as, Canada, Africa and so many more. Are there any plans to expand the brand into Asia?

    There was a China’s Next Top Model at one point. I think it had one or two cycles. I am not sure how long it went. I am in the process of making appearance in Pan Asia’s Next Top Model. I think that’s every single country in Asia except for main land China and Japan. As far as China itself, I don’t know. I think they need to bring it back. There are a lot of Chinese women with amazing features and there’s a lot of tall women, which the fashion industry loves. China’s the perfect place for it (Top Model), I just don’t know why it didn’t continue there.

    You have become the architect behind introducing women who have the ‘new’ look with different features, different ethnicities and different body shapes. What special look are you looking for outside of America?

    I visited Vietnam’s Next Top Model, which I know it is not China… It’s the same continent. It got down to three finalist and we were discussing who we thought should win, with the Vietnamese team and I really wanted a girl to win that was from a village. She had no electricity. Just from a simple village. Her skin was darker. She had very high cheekbones and had very indigenous features. I was told by the VNTM staff, that her type of beauty was not the type of beauty that was heralded in Vietnam. I found her beautiful with my western eyes. From my point of view I thought that she was absolutely stunning. And they said that she was not an aspirational beauty. I said, all the reason why she should win! Because there are so many beautiful girls with darker skin, that do not have porcelain skin, that have her type of features. She’s the aspirational version of that type of girl. She should win so they can help raise the self-esteem of girls that are not born with white skin in Vietnam. So that was my push. Culturally, I am coming from a totally different country and I respect their culture but, at the same time to me, a universal theme is a stereotypical type of beauty. And if you think about us as African-American ‘light-skinned’ girls… I am not confused in anyway as to why I was successful as a commercial model… you know, when I changed my career. A lot of my success had to do with my coloring and I understand that. I get that. I still think it is important to highlight darker-skinned Black models or white girls with freckles all over their face, big curly hair and brown Asians. Just things that are not considered the typical beauty. So, I was happy to do that in Asia.

    Now we all know Tyra HAS MILLIONS OF FOLLOWERS ON Twitter and Facebook. Twitter alone, you have 6 and a half million alone. Do you have fans in China and are you able to ‘Tweet’ to them?

    Yes, I am active on the Chinese social media via Tencent and Sina and post the same updates on these sites that are posted on my American site. I try to get it as personal as possible to the region. I never really shown the pictures that I took when I was in China. I haven’t shown them publically, so I decided to start showing them on Tencent. I can really speak from a place of really having been there and spending time there. It’s something new for us and hopefully when I go back I can take more pictures. I just think it’s important to speak about the place you have gone to from the heart. Not just because China I big and hot right now … so let me get on there social media. No! I truly want to show that I was in the region and appreciated the people and the culture, which is important.

    With you being accepted into the new Chinese Social Site, many Asian girls will benefit from the positive and cheerful words you share. I know they will appreciate you girl empowering messages.

    Yes, I think it’s a universal message. Female empowerment, reaching for our dreams and dreams being possible to grasp… I think that’s universal so, whether it’s Google Plus, Instagram or Tencent, I’m still trying to spread universal messages, internationally through popular social media.

    Speaking of positive affirmations and female empowerment, can you tell us about this new word you created? What exactly is “FLAWSOME”?

    I didn’t create it, but I have been using it. I saw it once and I said, ‘Oh my God, that’s amazing!’ And to me, I think beauty is so much more interesting when it’s not perfection… when it doesn’t look like a ‘Barbie’… when there are so many different elements that create something that is different, quirky and unique. To me that’s FLAWSOME! Which is YOUR FLAWS + YOU’RE AWESOME = FLAWSOME! So, I saw that and I thought this was so cool and I really wanted to relate this to women’s physicalities and celebrate the fact that none of us look like Barbie dolls. It takes me a long time to look like one. It takes three to four hours of hair and make-up and even then, I am still hiding certain things such as cellulite and many other things that I am hiding to look a certain way. So I wanted to celebrate uniqueness and things that are different as well as imperfect. We are awesome, we have our flaws and we are FLAWSOME!

    Your look that you created is very powerful and I have noticed that you are aware of the impact it has on others. Because of that, you have embraced women and created platforms to help women feel better about themselves and to embrace their own flaws. Is that part of your “FLAWSOME” motto?

    It really is. Even when I created Top Model, I didn’t want to do this show where there was a bunch of girls that were ‘cookie-cutter’ beautiful or pretty stereo-typical girls. It was important that I had girls that were plus size girls or girls whose skin tone were not the stereo-type we find in the beauty industry. Or girls with big foreheads, eyes that are too far apart, gaps in their teeth… things that were quirky and not stereotypical. And I think what has happened over time is that it has raised the self-esteem of girls who were not even trying to be a model. They will send me pictures and ask, “Tyra, is this picture FIERCE? You know, I am trying to pose like your girls.” And they don’t want to necessarily be a model, but it has done something to them as on-lookers. Every week when I am telling a girl that she is beautiful and she is not a typical beauty… I guarantee you there are millions of girls that look like that one girl on my show. And she represents that ‘beauty’. And that’s making her feel beautiful as well as the young ladies who look like her. They all understand that they are beautiful. With Top Model, there’s a lot of ‘candy’ and fun and it is a Cinderella story, but there is so much medicine in there too… messages about being professional or not giving up or having a look that is not typical and embracing your uniqueness. I consider uniqueness to be very beautiful. Hopefully, we are changing what beautiful means and introducing new beauties to the world. I think this is the success of the show and the success of the message.

    Your nurturing skills have been something you honed early on in your career. You created a camp for girls back in 1999 called TZONE. Fast forward to 2012, and you’re getting ready to expand your influence on young girls with the launch of The Tyra Banks TZONE Center, a new partnership with The Lower Eastside Girls Club in New York City. Is this the manifestation of a lifelong passion of yours?

    I started a scholarship fund for girls at my high school. I graduated from high school at 17 and I was really fortunate to have a modeling career where I was making some money after I graduated. So I created a scholarship fund when I was 19 for Black girls to attend my school, who may not be able to afford to go to this private school. They have to have had great grades and do community service. So, that’s been going on for almost 20 years now. And then from there I decided that I wanted to start a camp for girls called TZONE. “T” is a play off the first initial of my name and “ZONE” is like a safe place in which these girls can be themselves and not worry about bullying, not worry about being perfect and we can open up and share our insecurities. And I had this camp for many years. When I started my talk show and Top Model at the same time, my schedule became crazy and I wasn’t able to do my camps like I used to. I tried to do it a couple of times without me being there and I would just show up and say hi… I hated that. I hated not being able to connect with my girls and not know their names when I got there, I just cannot do this. So, I put the camps on hold and I just started getting money from different organizations that I had to raise girl’s self esteem. And one of the places that I used to give money to was The Lower Eastside Girls Club in New York City. A couple of years into it, I had heard, that they were starting a 30,000 square foot facility for young girls. I always wanted TZONE to grow into a specific place with brick and mortar, where girls can come everyday’s as opposed to just in the summer. So when I heard about this, I heard they were looking for some additional funding and we approached them and said we will give you your additional funding and we want to partner on this and create a leadership center within this huge space. So now I am a part of this wonderful dream come true and place for young girls.

    With the union between TZONE and The Lower Eastside Girls Club, what are you able do for young girls now that you couldn’t do before?

    Well before TZONE was on the raise. And when you are on the raise, there is like a tunnel vision and I didn’t have any days off. From Monday to Sunday I was doing America’s Next Top Model and my talk show. We shoot two cycles of America’s Next Top Model a year, so we are never in hiatus… ever. And it doesn’t work on a Monday thru Friday schedule when we are shooting. So I started to become burned out and I had to grasp every single day that I could. So there were a lot of things in life, from holidays with family to TZONE that I just couldn’t do anymore. Now I am at a point where we are at a growth stage as opposed to the establish ourselves stage. Now as a business, we are expanding into different horizons. We are doing different things. We have a base of success. I have an office and a C.E.O. of my company. There’s more stability as opposed to climbing, climbing, climbing trying to make it. So, I am able to spend more time with these girls now. Also, I am going to have an office at The Lower Eastside Girls Club, so as I am working on their programming, they can see me at the office and create some type of consistency and understand what hard work is about by seeing me there.

    Besides America’s Next Top Model and TZONE are there any plans to expanding your company into other areas of business?

    Yes, with Top Model, we are going to be working hard on the international version, as well as, the American version this year, we’ve added fan voting in which fans can vote into this new cycle. So, the fans have been voting for the new cycle. The new cycle of Top Model is college themed because I had just graduated from Harvard. I really wanted to celebrate beauty and brains, smart girls and unique beauty… again not stereotypical beauties. That’s the Top Model plan. I can’t talk too much about some of the big projects we are working on. There’s one that I went to Harvard for specifically… that is a really huge business and it has never been done before. So my new role models right now are Walt Disney because what he had done had never been done before. Richard Branson is really into doing tings that has never been done before. And now Steve Jobs… he continued to invent things, products and experiences that had never been done. And so this new business that I have… I know it has never been done before. But I felt like I needed business school in order to make sure that it is a success. And that will hit the market in about two years. We are really focused on that even though it is a long way away. We are doing some more television and I am producing some more TV. In a couple of weeks, I am pitching to some networks. Of course they have to say yes, but I think they will because a lot of them want it. We are starting to support female entrepreneurs. That’s a whole other business we are starting. And we are getting really heavy into the gaming and mobile apps space for digital too. There’s a lot of work that you won’t be seeing immediately until 2013 – 2014… you’ll see what we have been working on.

    Well that means we are going to have to do another cover story to see what’s going on in the world of Tyra.

    We sure will! Totally!

    You are an extremely visible personality and have thoughtful platforms and charities. You are a published author with a successful novel called Modelland. Is part of your strategy to teach young girls through the media, books and entertainment?

    Yeah, it’s always been. It’s so funny that you mentioned the word ‘teach’ because, when I retire, whenever that is… if that’s ten years from now, twenty years from now… actually, I do want to teach. I want to teach in the university. I had that epiphany when I was in school actually… in college recently. I would look at my Professors and to me they were like rock stars. I was so impressed with them and in awe of them and loved the knowledge that they were imparting. Many of them taught in an entertaining style, running up and down the isles almost like theatre. And I know I already have that from being a talk show host and being on camera and knowing how to entertain people. And then as far as the teaching; when it comes to Top Model and teaching; whether it’s ethics, whether it’s posing, whether it’s professionalism and being a businesswoman; I want to take those skills to the next level and maybe teach marketing and strategy. So, yes, that is my strategy. It’s a teaching strategy for our business… definitely. But, teaching with entertainment and fun. So like all of the work that I use, we have names for them… we haven’t used all of them publicly and I don’t know if we will. But I can tell you. It’s called “Beau-tainment”. Beauty meets entertainment… people are telling me that it sounds like you are going to light the house on fire. I know… it’s just a fun word that I use. But it is mixing the beauty industry with entertainment and making it fun, but also educational.

    Tyra, we have a big problem amongst young people. Social media sites and mobile phones are exposing teenage bullying and ‘sexting’. Young people only relate through texting now. The youth culture is suffering worldwide. How do you feel about this?

    I have my loves and hates about the Internet and mobile devices. When it comes to kids, I would love to see parents put their hand down a little bit stronger when it comes to texting all of the time and texting at the dinner table. I think there needs to be a whole level of etiquette that is taught to adults as well as kids. I am guilty of being rude when it comes to social media and texting myself. In terms of bullying, there are so many new laws in America, I am not sure about worldwide, but in America, the laws for bullying are getting strict. And I am really excited of how strict they are and I think it has cut down on a lot of bullying. As a kid I was a bully and I was bullied. I lived both sides of it. To see what is being done with bullying now is super important. But it’s a crazy time right now with kids. They are so much, more savvy than even their parents are. They are handing down their devices to their parents. They are giving their parents the old iPad in exchange for the new one. It’s a whole different world now and they are in control and in charge of technology. It’s scary but at the same time it’s exciting. There are a lot of choices for them. But, I think for kids to succeed now… a lot of them are going to have to write computer code and do things that a machine is not able to do. A lot of jobs will not be available for them because of technology.

    As far as ‘Sexting’ goes, ‘Sexting’ is totally uncool. Many kids only think about the present moment and don’t realize that they are creating a digital footprint, which will follow you forever! You have to be careful about what you put on the Internet. It can even prevent you from getting a job! Other kids… especially girls… give in to peer pressure and take racy photos for boys because they think it will make the boy like them more. This NEVER works. Girls, let him like you with your clothes on.

    You have become a champion in the fight for women to embrace their size. Recently, you wrote a letter to the Daily Beast and I recently saw you on Good Morning America discussing sample sizes in fashion. It has been reported in the media, Anna Wintour and the Vogue Editors from around the world recently met and have agreed to approach designers worldwide in order to raise the sample sizes to more realistic proportions. As a leader, what does this mean to you?

    I was actually pretty amazed that Vogue reached out to do that because they didn’t have to. They are the standard and the epitome of fashion. Vogue pretty much dictates and everyone else tends to follow with all of the Vogues all over the world. So, I was really impressed with the fact that they did that. I don’t know the meaning of why they did it. But I just love the fact that they did. To me, people were calling my generation of models too thin and we were size 4 and 6 on the runway. Eva Herzigova was probably a 6. I was a 6 towards the later end of my high fashion career. And then there were girls that were size 4 and that was considered skinny… way too skinny. What was Kate Moss? A size 2? And she was 5’6”. A 5’6” size 2 is not as scary as a 6 foot model who is a size zero. And that’s what they are today. Where is the world going? I didn’t know what a size zero was when I was a model. We didn’t even hear that number. I just felt like fashion was moving into a really strange place. I had so many models calling me… not Top Model girls… working models calling me, crying to me and asking me what they should do with their career because they are starving and they don’t want to stop doing fashion week. Just crazy! Models are coming to my house and they are telling me that they are going to sit this fashion week out because they gained five pounds. They were 110 pounds and 6 feet tall. I said to myself, “what is going on?” So I felt that I had to say something.

    In terms of the age thing (Vogue is asking for models to be a minimum of 16 years old)… I started when I was 15 in Los Angeles… not internationally but locally in Los Angeles. And I did fashion shows and local stuff. I didn’t have any problem with being 15 and being a model. They set an age limit for fashion shows? I am not sure as to how I feel about that because for me… it’s not so much about being too young… as it is about the over-sexualization of a minor. I think there should be things that are protecting a minor on a runway or a photo to keep them from being too sexy.
    But we have children that are acting in movies and they’re 10 or 3 years old and there is no mandate on that because they have unions to protect them. So to me it not about being 15 and you can’t do a fashion show. It’s about having a school teacher on the set. Are kids getting certain breaks every 4 hours? That’s what we need.

    Although you have evolved into a television creator and media executive, Top Model still allows you to channel your inner model. You are as sharp as ever. We just finished shooting a cover story and it was absolutely phenomenal. I have been telling everyone how you interpreted the clothing and how your performance level was still very sharp. You really took the clothes and made them come to life. Do you miss anything about modeling?

    I actually don’t miss modeling and I think the reason why is because of America’s Next Top Model. Because for the last 10 years I have been conceptualizing photoshoots with my team and editing film. And even been doing a little of modeling myself on Top Model with photo shoots I use to do for the show that I am actually going to start doing again as a model or even as a photographer. So being in the world, has not allowed me to really miss it. But, when I was on the set with you… I was just talking about this to my make-up artist Valente´ the other day. There was something about being on the set with you guys… your photographer Udo and you and the lighting and actually with you guys shooting video and just there being such amazing clothes and the music with Tyga was pumping! I actually enjoyed it! I really had a good time! The last three years of my modeling career… I didn’t really enjoy it. I really wanted to be on the set of my of my television show and producing and directing. And I didn’t really want to model anymore. But what was so amazing with the two days that we shot. I thought you were just on point with the clothes and it just really inspired me. And it made me bring back my high fashion poses and facial expressions. And I think I probably did things that I didn’t do as a young model.

    Speaking of modeling, several Supermodels have returned to modeling. Are you open to the idea of doing a ‘special bookings’?

    I don’t think so. For me… if there is not an article connected to pictures of me, I won’t do it. I don’t want to be a Rapper like Jay-Z or an athlete that retired and then comes out of retirement. So for now, I am going to say no actually. I will move like a model, I will do a photoshoot like a model, but it’s important to have an article about what I am doing as a businesswoman connected to it. I am always about forward movement. Will I walk on a runway again? Who knows? It will probably be for something that I am producing myself, as opposed to something for a designer. As far as the comebacks, I will let my colleagues do that. I am going to forge ahead with my business. But I love that they are doing it! I think it says a lot for the aging of a woman today. Because I think a lot of them look actually more beautiful now than they did when they were models… with their maturity in their faces. I think that is a good thing for women of a particular age to come back.

    We first worked together in 1994 and you were a teenage star and Super Model. You told me then, you wanted to be a television producer and you made that happen. How does it feel to live in that which you envisioned for yourself?

    It feels really good. Modeling chose me, I didn’t choose modeling. Meaning, I was a 5’10” girl and somebody came up to me in high school and said that I looked like a model. I said, “really?” And a couple of years later I started because that person came up to me. It wasn’t something that I was looking to get into on my own. But film, television and producing is my passion. I chose it. It was something I wanted to do since I was 9 years old. That feels good to actually have a goal at 9 and then to be living that dream… it probably one of the most exciting things for me in terms of my life’s accomplishments. Being able to make the transition from modeling to being a producer and then also for that transition to be honored and respected by the public, I am the most proud of that; more than any magazine cover.

    You could have done what people expected of you to do. Create a fashion line, a cosmetic line… You could have done anything. What led you to the path of Harvard Business School?

    I chose to go to Harvard because over the years there would be certain things that I felt a little bit too in the dark about. Whether it was accounting, certain strategic things, terminologies that was said to me during business meetings with certain people around the table… I don’t like being that in the dark about things. I also felt like, in order to take my business to the next level I needed school. A lot of people that I look up to, that run certain businesses had graduated from business school. I was really lucky to have had mentors around me that said, the reason that you looked up to that person is because they graduated from Harvard and they used those principle to get to where they are. Or they graduated from Wharton or Columbia University… so I learned from these mentors that the best thing for me to do was to go to school. And it changed my life Ty-Ron. My life has changed. I see the world in a totally different light now because of school.

    You have spent the last three years studying at Harvard Business School’s Executive Management Program? This is serious… How did you balance work and going back to school?

    I was in school under an alias and tried to dress down as much as possible, so I couldn’t be tracked in school records. So I got a lot of, “Oh my God… You look like Tyra Banks”, for about a year and a half. And then the press got out, so I decided to tell the truth because there were a lot of mistruths being said about my program and what I was doing. How did I fit it in? The school is not three years consecutive. It’s an entrepreneurial program and it’s for people that run their businesses and they know that there’s no way that we could have gone to school every day for three years. So we would go to school for a month and then we would go back to our businesses, incorporate those learning’s into our businesses and then go back school. It was a back and forth program that allowed us to still run our businesses. But it was pretty intensive when we were in school. It was mandatory to stay in dorms. So, I was in dorms, sharing a living room and kitchen. And thank God I didn’t have to share my bathroom. It was pretty intense studying in my pajamas with my roommates. We had 180 people in my class and only 18 were women. So, there were not a lot of women in my program.

    You have become thee full embodiment of the title ‘Role Model’. What inspires Ms. Tyra Banks the businesswoman and who inspires Tyra Banks the person?

    I love… even more than being in front of a camera, I love being in a business meeting. And I sometimes wish that being in a business meeting would be what the press reported on because you would see me a lot more publically. Most of my career is spent in a meeting… dressed sharply, looking really great; negotiating over a table, strategizing or coming up with new marketing plans or new ideas. So that makes me really, really happy. And again, Walt Disney, I look up to him for creating a company that is still up and running to this day and it means the same thing today as when he created it. Which is that family entertainment, in which the whole family can enjoy. From theme parks to TV to film, I just love him (Disney) and that business. And Richard Branson because he took existing businesses that already existed like airlines, mobile phones, the music industry, but he put his veneer on top of it and made them extra special. I love flying Virgin Airlines. He didn’t invent airplanes, but he took that business and made it better, made it hip, made it interesting. And then I love Steve Jobs. He took things from mid air, nothingness and created a need that we didn’t know we needed. And so that is what my next business is. It’s something that we don’t even know we need or want. But, I’m hoping that the public feels that they need and want it. As far as personally, I really connect to my Mom. I love my Mom. I love her morals, her ethics, her standards and values. Thank God she is my Mom. So I was able to stay away from drug and alcohol and temptation and guys taking me on the wrong path because of the strength she gave me. She’s my everything when it comes to a moral compass.

    You have extended yourself to share your philosophies and life lessons as a keynote speaker to several organizations. What’s the core message that you look to leave your audience with?

    My core message when I keynote falls under different themes. My audience is rather broad. It’s typically women between the ages of 13-40 years old, in addition to gay boys and men. One of the things I talk about is a ‘tunnel vision sacrifice’. Anyone that we look at that was successful at something, there was a heck of a lot of sacrifice involved in that. I spoke to Harvard Business Students MBA’s right before I graduated. And one thing I ended my speech with was on, not chasing the money. Don’t chase the money… chase the passion. Because that’s what is going to keep you happy and motivated and jumping out of that bed Monday morning. I think a lot of business students chase money and then they burn out. They have early retirements, not because they want to retire and chill… But because they hate their job and they are miserable. I don’t chase money. Not chasing the money, I think, actually helped me and my company because I didn’t just throw my name on a bunch of things. We could have been making hundreds of millions of dollars more, literally, hundreds, with me just throwing my name on and doing this and selling that. And I never did that! It was always about the things that made me happy. And then the money came from that. And money comes and goes. Our company makes a lot sometimes and some years we are not doing so well. But, as long as I am happy and getting up and being passionate about what I do, that makes me happy and I feel successful. And for years, I didn’t do anything else. I was just working on America’s Next Top Model after my talk show ended because I was burned out. I was tired. It wasn’t fun anymore. And finally, I found these three new businesses we are starting that are about happiness and not about money. But if the new ventures are successful, me and my partners are going to make a lot of money. I think that happiness is so important. Passion.

    Well you have made me very happy. Happy to do this interview with you and I have one last question. Where did you put your 2 Emmy Awards for the Tyra Banks Talk Show?

    My Emmys… My Momma’s got my Emmys… nice and safe. I don’t like looking at awards everyday because I feel like they can make you lazy. So, I give them to my Mom and let her look at it everyday. They are symbols of the hard work she put into me. Her sacrifices allowed me and my team to win those awards. But I don’t look at any awards everyday.

    Text & Interview: Ty-Ron Mayes

    Style Director & Producer: Ty-Ron Mayes
    Photographer: Udo Spreitzenbarth
    Co-Producer: Oscar Reyes
    Make-up: Valente Fraizer
    Hair: Shar Rae Tucker for Anthony Leonard Salon @ Oribe Hair Care
    Manicurist: Fleury Rose (Artist by Timothy Priano)
    Styling Assistants: Polina Roytman & Kat Briones
    Photography Assistants: Cooper Joel Penn, Ernie Slaughter & Luciano Pio
    Studio: Go Penthouse
    Special thanks to Patricia Black at Albright Fashion Library

    Published in Issue 37 BLACK, 2012

    you don't know me, you don't know what I've done to get here

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    •Running errands in Manhattan•
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    •In NYC•
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    •Walking with Flynn•
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    •@ W magazines 40th party wearing Balenciaga•
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    •Random Instagram Shots•
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    The 2012 Soul Train Awards Winners:
    Best New Artist: Elle Varner
    Centric Award: Leah LaBelle
    Best Gospel/ Inspirational Performance: Whitney Houston & Jordin Sparks’ “Celebrate”
    Best Hip Hop Song of the Year: Kanye West ft. Big Sean, Pusha T and 2 Chainz’s “Mercy”
    Best R&B/ Soul Female Artist: Beyonce
    Best R&B/ Soul Male Artist: Miguel
    Album of the Year: Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange
    Song of the Year: Tyrese’s “Stay”
    The Ashford & Simpson Songwriter’s Award: “Tonight (Best You Ever Had)”: John Legend ft. Ludacris
    Best Dance Performance: Beyonce – “Love On Top” Best Caribbean Performance: Sean Paul’s “Tomahawk Technique” Best International Performance: Estelle’s “Thank You” Best Independent R&B/ Soul Artist or Group: Eric Roberson Best Traditional Jazz Artist/ Group: TIE
    *The Robert Glasper Experiment: Black Radio
    *Tony Bennett — Isn’t It Romantic Best Contemporary Jazz Artist/ Group: Esperanza Spalding-Radio Music Society


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    If you are reading this, it means your television has just finished showing you the Lifetime biopic Liz & Dick, starring Lindsay Lohan and Grant Bowler as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. And you must have a lot of emotions.

    It wasn't all bad, was it? There were definitely some shining moments during the 123 minutes of Lohan-ness, but unfortunately, those came with moments that may have given you pause. We present the best and worst moments from Liz & Dick:

    The Best Moments:

    Faux Drunk Grant Bowler: Richard Burton did love his booze, and seeing Grant Bowler slur and stumble through half most of the movie was actually a very entertaining part of Liz & Dick. It led to a fiery viewing party debate on whether Bowler was actually drinking during shooting to get through production.

    Lindsay Lohan's Genuine Smile: Did you see it? It didn't come often, and it was mostly while she was sitting in the director's chair reminiscing with young Richard Burton about their lives together. But that eye-sparkle that first made us fall in love with the Lohan came about more than once during Liz & Dick, and we shall cherish those smiles forever.

    The Costumes: If we were watching Liz & Dick with Lohan, our conversation afterwards would very much be like this opening scene of Friends, with Lindsay as Joey and us as Monica. We can safely rave about the clothing in Liz and Dick, from the movie costumes to the luxurious dresses that Elizabeth Taylor favored. It was fun to experience that time period through the eyes of the wealthy couple. And the lighting was good, too.

    The Worst Moments:

    Lindsay Attempting Real Emotion:
    You could tell she wanted to capture the tumultuous and often times painful aspects of Liz and Dick's marriages (the tears, the fighting, the passionate embraces), but she just couldn't quite get there. And when you fall flat during those emotional scenes, you fall hard and right on your face. And everybody winces and averts their eyes uncomfortably.

    Lindsay's Wavering Accent: Elizabeth Taylor was born in London, so she's supposed to have an accent, albeit a slight one. Lohan did her best to stay in that accent, but she often slipped into her normal, American-accented husky speaking voice. Let's just say this, if you were playing a drinking game and you took a shot every time Lindsay slipped back into her American accent, you're probably in the hospital right now.

    Knowing Lindsay Could Never Be Liz: The great Elizabeth Taylor was intoxicating and seductive, and you couldn't take her eyes off of her when she was onscreen. You certainly can't take your eyes off of Lohan in Liz & Dick, but not for the same reasons. As accurate as the costumes are and as hard as Bowler tries to be Richard Burton, Lohan will never be Taylor. And that is the bottom line.

    Michael Lohan On Lindsay Lohan’s Film Debut: Screw The Critics

    The long-awaited premier of Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor hit Lifetime Sunday evening after a barrage of criticism.

    But daddy Michael Lohan tells RumorFix exclusively, “screw the critics.”

    Although the father and daughter aren’t talking, he’s still defending her.

    “Due to the content, I had to step away from some of the scenes,” Michael tells us, “but regardless of what some of these so called critics (who don’t have an ounce of talent in their bones) say, Lindsay proved that she is an amazing actress!”

    He continues,”This was a different role for her at a different time of her life! Yet, she still has what it takes to be the Lindsay Lohan that is one of Hollywood’s top actresses! Just imagine.”


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    This summer we told you that Michael Fassbender was set to star and co-produce in the Assassian's Creed movie adaptation and today we have a bit more insight in what we can expect from the film in the next year or so. Ubisoft's chief sales and marketing officer, Geoffroy Sardin, sat down with to talk about the future of the brand, and included a statement that leads us to believe we might see some Assassins Creed action next year, which is a lot sooner than we thought!

    In that interview, Sardin said quote "Another thing that is very important for the lifecycle is the transmedia offer. All the figurines, the books, the publishing, and we have a movie in the next coming year. So it's not only about games, we are talking about a global brand"

    Now, we doubt that he means that we will see a movie in the next year, but we can speculate that he might mean the start of production. Looking at the timeline, perhaps filming would begin in the fall, seeing as Fassbender is going to have his hands full in X-Men: Days of Future Past, which starts filming in April of 2013.

    Assassins Creed 3 was released October 30th and brought in around 3.5 million during it's first week, which essentially doubled Assassin's Creed:Revelations sales, so we can assume that more and more of you are becoming fans of the game, and perhaps will help us weigh in on the movie!


    I just finished Assassin's Creed 3 recently and I have so many feelings! But for now can we agree that Haytham is simply flawless? (and oh yeah, I guess you can talk about the movie too if you want)

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    Dutch Prince Friso, brain-damaged and in a coma after being caught in an avalanche eight months ago, is showing some signs of improvement, the palace says.

    "Recently, Prince Friso has been showing small signs of consciousness. This condition is referred to as 'minimal consciousness," the palace said in a statement yesterday.

    "The prognosis however remains very uncertain and the medical team is still very worried. It will still take many months before there is any clarity on his condition."

    Prince Friso, 44, was transferred to London's Wellington Hospital in March from Austria after being buried by an avalanche on February 17. Doctors at the time said he might never regain consciousness.

    The father of two, and the second of the three sons of Queen Beatrix, was skiing off piste in the Lech resort with a friend when the avalanche struck.

    At the time the avalanche alert level was at the second highest, meaning there was a particular risk away from the prepared ski slopes.

    The Dutch royal family had been vacationing in Lech, where it regularly spends its skiing holiday, when the accident happened, and members of the family made daily visits to the prince's bedside in Innsbruck before his transfer.

    source + original ontd article

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    Isabelle (Sarah Jessica Parker), Kurt & Rachel - "Let's Have a Kiki / Turkey Lurkey Time"

    Quinn, Santana & Brittany - "Come See About Me"

    Quinn, Puck, Mike, Santana, Mercedes & Finn - "Homeward Bound / Home"

    Tina & New Directions - "Gangnam Style"

    Warblers - "Live While We're Young"

    Warblers - "Whistle"

    source 123456

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    During the Thanksgiving season, we offer our gratitude to Providence for the things that make life bearable and occasionally awesome. Me, I gave thanks for my wonderful family. For the grace of a home, a job, reasonable good health and moderate financial security. For having gotten through Horrorcane Sandy mostly untouched, and learning in the process some valuable lessons about the underappreciated modern wonder that is electricity.

    I’m also thankful for not having to singlehandedly defend the Northwestern United States from marauding communists! That would totally suck. Especially if I were an untrained high school kid with raging hormones and Walmart-grade munitions, as is the conceit in the movie “Red Dawn,” which opened this week in theaters across not-yet-occupied America.

    For those of you who lived through the Eighties, the movie is a pumped-up remake of the kitsch-classic 1984 original of the same name, written and directed by Hollywood red-meat specialist John Milius. (Besides “Red Dawn,” Milius is notable for having co-written “Apocalypse Now” and penning many of Clint Eastwood’s most famous Dirty Harry lines, including the immortal “Go ahead, make my day.”)

    Like the original, the new “Red Dawn” stars a gaggle of young Hollywood hunks and hotties as a group of footballers and cheerleaders — I originally wrote “ragtag,” but these kids never look less than Hollister-model-perfect even when they’re climbing out of dumpsters — led by my favorite Hemsworth, Chris, who has proved he can charm his way through preposterous films in the past (“Snow White and the Huntsman”), and who capably fills the late Patrick Swayze’s combat boots here as Jed Eckert, “Red Dawn’s” main man with the guerrilla-resistance plan. (This remake’s Jed can at least claim the benefit of Marine Corps training as he sends his Wolverines to war against heavily-armed adult invaders. Also, the hammer of Thor.)

    Hemsworth is joined by Joshes Peck (of Nickelodeon’s “Drake and Josh,” looking to make the tough pivot from tweenstar status) and Hutcherson (lad-in-distress Peeta Mellark from “Hunger Games”), as well as Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s son Connor, making his major motion-picture debut. There are also girls, who are pretty and don’t get much to do. Anyway, these kids are the last remaining resistance to a surprise whirlwind invasion of the continental U.S.

    What makes this attack particularly surprising is that the nation behind it is North Korea, whose geographical location and general starvation-related discombobulation put it very far down on the ladder of potential threats to the American homeland. And what makes this surprise particularly awkward is that the nation staging the assault on the Starbucks-spangled landscape of the Pacific Northwest wasn’t supposed to be North Korea at all — in the remake’s original script, the invading forces were Chinese.

    According to “Red Dawn” producer Tripp Vinson, the reasons for the switch were practical. “We had to make the change because the studio that originally financed the movie, MGM, went into bankruptcy, and came out of it without a distribution arm,” he says. “And to make a long story short, no one would distribute the film if the enemy was China. This was the reality we encountered. So we made changes to the opening sequence, did some slight editing and visual effects work, and changed the invading army from Chinese to North Koreans.”

    There are fun, escapist moments in “Red Dawn” for those able to suspend their disbelief at its ludicrous setup, traverse around its gaping plot holes and swallow its manipulative, horse-pill jingoism. There are quotable zingers, some overcharged action (including a tour-de-force chase sequence early in the film that probably burned off a good chunk of the remake’s $80 million budget) and the girls are pretty, as is Chris Hemsworth.

    But none of this is enough to offset the brain-punching reality of what the filmmakers had to do to make this movie releasable — reskinning its central Asian invasion to swap out China for North Korea.

    It’s not surprising that China’s consumer clout is large enough to make distributors flinch at picking up a movie that would be unreleasable in that market — the second-largest in the world, and one with an endless appetite for Hollywood films, especially those that boast over-the-top action and eye-popping special effects.

    And if anything, the change actually lends some ironic verisimilitude to the casting: Many of the actors playing the film’s primary enemy roles — most notably Will Yun Lee, who plays still-Chinese-named enemy commander Captain Lo — are in fact Korean American.

    No, the bemusing thing is that this simple solution the producers arrived at is one that plays readily into classical stereotypes: Those that depict Asia as a Mordor-like alien netherland where every hand wields a weapon and every weapon points at the throat of the civilized West — and those that treat Asians as an interchangeable, all-same mass. Can’t offend these Asians? Well, let’s just say they’re those Asians instead. A little cosmetic adjustment to flags and uniforms, and we’re off to the races.

    We’ve seen the extreme results of this phenomenon: Chinese Americans wearing “I’M NO JAP” badges during World War II to avoid by-blow hostility directed at Japanese; the murder of Vincent Chin in 1982 at the hands of Detroit autoworkers looking to get revenge on Toyota and Honda; the undifferentiated attacks on Sikhs mistaken for Muslims and Arabs. Xenophobia is bad. Blurry xenophobia is, arguably, worse — at a minimum, because it enlarges the potential target pool.

    It’s obvious that “Red Dawn”’s producers were primarily motivated by Gen X’er nostalgia, not a particular desire to milk — or feed — geopolitical anxiety. “Look, our focus was to create a story that people would enjoy, and that would avoid disappointing everyone who, like us, were fans of the original,” Vinson says. “To me, the movie is about these kids stepping up in an impossible situation — the ultimate underdog story. We make it clear in the very beginning that this is an alternate world, it’s a different America. So it’s not about who the enemy is. The enemy could be anybody.”

    But if this isn’t our America, and if enemy could be anybody — and given that the film’s appeal is inextricably rooted in us-versus-them jingoism — why bow to the darkest fringe-element xenophobes and conspiracists by making them Asian? Why even make them human? (As versifier Beau Sia put it in a somewhat epic Twitterpoem on the subject, “Why not centaurs invade Maine? / Just as probable.”)

    Given the appeal of the fantastic in contemporary cinema, I think Vinson and his fellow producers missed a huge opportunity — especially given that we no longer live in a time when people associate the color red with the threat of global communism.

    Why not aliens instead of Asians? Extraterrestrial invaders, attacking from a staging base on the red planet Mars! At least advanced technology would provide an explanation for some of the plot’s obvious gaffes — an EMP attack that knocks out nukes and radar but does nothing to cars, consumer electronics and the power grid?

    Or why not go with Beau’s sarcastic suggestion, and depict an assault from the mythical creatures of faery — elves and trolls and goblins, spirits of fire and creatures of darkness, wielders of the red metal copper due to their fear of deadly iron?

    Hell, why not an uprising of the undead, an invasion of vampires, who have decided to make their unlives easier by rounding up and lobotomizing humans and keeping them in camps like cattle, milking them for fresh, red blood?

    Of course, these decisions would’ve had to have been made when the film was in development — and they would’ve required a producing team willing to make a clean creative break with the source material they loved. But remakes that acknowledge how times and tastes change are a more sophisticated form of homage than mirror-image reflection, and while they’re riskier, they also stand a better chance of breakout success.

    Wolverines against nosferatu! “Red Dawn” meets “Breaking Dawn”! Don’t tell me that wouldn’t be huge! Every underdog trope, every patriotic theme, every soul-stirring rally-to-the-flag moment could remain intact, without the potential to inflame hate — unless, that is, hating Twihards is a crime…and if so?

    Guilty as charged, officer.


    Then there's the racist/xenophobic reaction of Red Dawn on Twitter:

    SOURCE:Wall Street Journal

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    THE ONE WHERE Finn finds his dying dad and spends some quality time with his (half) sister.

    VERDICT In several ways this week’s tale echoes the second episode of Misfits series two. There, Nathan discovered he had a brother he never knew about. Here Finn not only discovers he has a sister he never knew about, but also finds the father he never knew he had, dying of cancer no less. Crucially, it also echoes that episode where it really matters, with a story that goes for the heart.

    As if Finn’s dad suffering through terminal cancer isn’t bad enough, the real tragedy is that Finn’s new (half) sister Grace is suffering just as much. There are some powerful scenes here, particularly the moment where Grace realises that she has been keeping her father alive for purely selfish reasons.It’s weighty stuff, but it never quite hits the emotional highs of seeing Nathan’s brother tragically shuffle off the mortal coil, or the authenticity of the disastrous relationship between Nathan and his dad. Something doesn’t quite ring true, and as a result everything feels a little rushed. Dan, for example, is very trusting of Finn, letting him loose with his daughter despite barely knowing him. It doesn’t help that half the time Finn isn’t taking the situation remotely seriously, cracking jokes while being choked to death by his sister, for example. It works as a wonderfully absurd moment in the middle of such a tense scene, but it feels misjudged at a point where more gravity is required.

    It took me till last week to get on board with Finn as a character, so perhaps I was missing something before, but here he seems to be flexing his comedic chops by channelling David Brent, with a plethora of bizarre ticks and humorous running gags. Air quoting “from the bar”, slamming Alex (“from the bar”) for being gay before clarifying it with: “nothing wrong with that”, and correcting himself whenever he forgets to preface sister/brother with “half” – each is repeated numerous times throughout the episode, each time more rewarding than the last. The pre-credit sequence, where Finn is confronted by a truth about his mother no son ever needs to hear, is blackly comic in the best possible way, you can’t help but feel bad for the little guy. Finn also (finally) puts his power to good use again by distracting Alex (“from the bar”) with a beer can. Misfits has never been just about the powers, but this year the gang are using them less than ever before.

    Grace also brings out a sweeter side to Finn. The “getting to know you” night on the town may be focused around stealing Jess away from Alex (“from the bar”), but drawing permanent ink face furniture on Rudy is a genuinely endearing morning-after bonding moment and just the presence of another woman as a temporary part of the group gives the show a much-needed change of dynamic.

    Rudy is as endlessly entertaining as ever. He fulfils more of a comedy light relief role this week, but every scene he features in is superb. The fantastically insensitive grief counselling, suddenly appearing in the bar so he can get in Grace’s knickers, drawing a Hitler moustache on Finn at the worst possible moment, continually claiming “no-one’s more upset than me”, Rudy never fails to raise a smile.

    There are some intriguing developments in the Alex (“from the bar”) arc, but the “is he gay?” shtick in his flat is a disappointingly unimaginative trope. The scene where Jess punches Alex (“from the bar”) is an odd one too, spoilt by some iffy ADR and slightly awkward performances.

    And that final scene… was Finn right all along? Somehow we doubt it.

    IS IT JUST ME OR… Does Jess go to the toilet A LOT?

    CONSTANT NITPICK If EVERYONE seems to know about the storm, why isn’t the place swarming with journos yet?

    SPECULATION Rudy seems to have sexy-time dreams about Barbara whenever he sleeps, given that we’re finally going to see Richard Saunders next week, could Barbara be appearing one day as well?

    CHARACTER Finn has “Hit Me Baby One More Time” as his ringtone. And he’s the one throwing around accusations that other men are gay…

    JUST WRONG OF THE WEEK “Anal Mary” seems like the obvious choice, but I’m more inclined to opt for the probation worker’s graveyard jig. Starts off weird before quickly descending into complete and utter wrongness.

    THE POWER HOUR Grace has the power to bring people back from the dead, but not as zombies and without healing them.

    FEATURED MUSIC “I Walk” by Mister Lies and “Re: Stacks” by Bon Iver both can both be heard this week.

    IT’S WOSSISNAME! You may recognise Finn’s dad as Francis Magee, who played badass Knight’s Watch recruiter Yoren in Game Of Thrones.

    Finn’s almost-dad Roger, meanwhile, is played by Justin Edwards, who you may recognise as snivelling politician Ben Swain from The Thick Of It.

    “Yes, that’s brilliant, using your dad’s cancerous tumours to get into her knickers.”

    Greg: “Do you know how I felt when my dad died?”
    Finn: “No.”
    Greg: “Have a guess.”
    Finn: “Sad?”
    Greg: “I was fucking ecstatic.” Link to the promo cause I cannot embed :'(

    Stormy Source
    preview source

    next week's preview looks good and what you think about grace's power?

    [Mods fixed the pic but had to link the promo since UK is too lazy to make an embed code that works/upload on youtube/tumblr]


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    Latest Magazine Covers of Popular Androgynous Male Models Andrej Pejic and Stav Strashko. Who do you think looks more feminine??

    Stav Strashko



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    He may play a stockbroker in his new film, but life certainly isn't all work and no play for Leonardo DiCaprio's character Jordan Belfort.

    The actor took part in a game of tennis on Friday as he filmed a scene for The Wolf of Wall Street.

    Sporting a pair of grey tracksuit bottoms, a zip up black top and white T-shirt, the 38-year-old actor looked extremely focussed on the game which took place on a court in New York City.

    The star seemed to clearly enjoy his opportunity for exercise and fresh air, smiling broadly at intervals during the match.

    The movie marks the fifth collaboration between legendary filmmaker Scorsese and the actor, with the Titanic star playing real-life stockbroker-turned-convict Jordan Belfort who founded Stratton Oakmont aka The Boiler Room, a pump-and-dump scheme, in 1987.

    The film is based on Belfort's autobiography and it follows the bad boy of finance who eventually spent 22 months in prison, attended rehab, and is paying back over $100 million to duped investors.


    It chronicles his debauched life, with scenes including Jordan and his wife having sex on piles of money, dwarf throwing and orgies.

    In fact, a few days ago, DiCaprio was pictured filming long smouldering kissing scenes with older British actress Joanna Lumley.

    The Absolutely Fabulous actress was dowdily dressed in a mid-length floral dress and matronly jacket for her role, looking little like her usually glamorous self.

    Even between takes it seemed the pair were enjoying one another's company, sharing a laugh and staying arm-in-arm as they warmed up in jackets.

    British star Joanna is a grandmother of two, who has been married for 26 years to conductor Stephen Barlow.

    She has previously expressed her admiration for her younger co-star, telling Contact Music: 'Leonardo DiCaprio is enchanting. He's professional and kind and courteous. Everyone loves him and he's not remotely a big starry star.'

    Meanwhile, DiCaprio is back on the dating market after his split from a 23-year-old underwear model.

    He appears is in no hurry to give up the single life, having dated a string of gorgeous women, including actress Blake Lively and models Bar Refaeli and Gisele Bundchen. He recently split from Victoria's Secret model Erin Heatherton amidst reports he wasn't ready to settle down.

    A source told the New York Post's Page Six: 'Erin wanted things to get more serious between them, but Leo is not ready to settle down.

    'While it would seem amazing that he wouldn't want to settle down with one of the world's most beautiful women, Leo leads a charmed life.'

    Meanwhile DiCaprio is featured in this month's Details magazine where he calls The Wolf of Wall Street a 'really wild, nuts movie' and his character in forthcoming film Django Unchained as 'one of, if not the most, despicable, indulgent, radical characters I've ever read in my life'.

    DiCaprio saves the Day: How Leo persuaded fellow A-lister Daniel Day-Lewis to appear in Spielberg film Lincoln
    It is a role tipped to bring Daniel Day-Lewis his third Academy Award, but director Steven Spielberg says the British actor initially rejected the offer to play President Abraham Lincoln.

    As Lincoln garnered rave reviews in the US, Spielberg said Day-Lewis, 55, sent him a letter in which he expressed his regrets, because the role was ‘just too intimidating’.

    Spielberg was going to offer the part to Liam Neeson, but another A-list actor stepped in to save the day. The director said Leonardo DiCaprio persuaded Day-Lewis to take the role. He added: ‘Leo has never told me what he said to Daniel.’

    Day-Lewis portrays the 16th President of the United States in the eagerly anticipated drama about the final four months of the President’s life.
    The Gangs of New York star is known to be a method actor, becoming fully immersed in the character that he is playing.

    And Lincoln is no exception, with even Spielberg directly referring to Day-Lewis as ‘Mr President’ during filming.

    The film is based on a biography written by Doris Kearns Goodwin, Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, and follows Abraham Lincoln and the political manoeuvring that he undertook during the final throws of the Civil War, in his quest to outlaw slavery.

    Spielberg recently told Entertainment Weekly: ‘Our movie is really about a working leader who must make tough decisions and get things done in the face of overwhelming opposition.’

    Spielberg revealed: ‘I was calling [all] the actors by their character names, ‘That was something I felt was important to establish a little authenticity, maybe even more for me than for them.’

    The film, which arrives at cinemas this November, also stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tommy Lee Jones and Sally Field.

    OT post since my title sucks imo

    source | 1& 2

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    It seems as though spending $100 million on two failed campaigns for Senate has left pro-wrestling magnate/ "self-funding Republican" Linda McMahon light on cash. Either that, or her campaign is cheap and vindictive (or inept).

    Recently, several of McMahon's part time campaign workers complained to a local news station about not being paid after the election. McMahon's campaign then sent checks to those workers, but the checks bounced. Cruel and vengeful prank, actions of a bankrupt campaign or just an administrative mistake?

    Just an innocent mishap, says the campaign.

    "Checks have been mailed to campaign workers. Replacement checks were issued for those who did not want to wait for the mail," campaign spokeswoman Kate Duffy told WTNH. "The original checks were then voided once replacement checks were issued." They plan to follow up with staffers who reported receiving bad checks.

    Fair enough, maybe. But how does the campaign justify this?

    Twaine Don Gomes was one of the people who first complained to News 8. He was handed a check, but he says, the campaign told him they were mad that he came to News 8, so he got a little something extra in his envelope.

    "Basically he handed me a check with a condom in it, told me I was screwed," Gomes said. "That's the rudest gesture you can ever do to a person, it's like spitting in a person's face."

    His check bounced as well.

    A little harder to explain that one, huh?

    It's also worth noting that some of the bad checks were cashed at check cashing companies.

    "We already paid the money to the people and we were just looking to get our percentage which we charge two percent," said Troy Stokes, M&M Check Cashing Co.

    M&M Check Cashing on Howe Street had been cashing McMahon's checks all through the campaign, but all the checks dated November 8th have bounced.

    "We're out right now, $1,600," Stokes said.

    On the one hand, it's great the part-time campaign workers got their cash while screwing over predatory check cashing companies. On the other hand, as Wonkette points out, it's typical of McMahon's campaign/the GOP in general that the workers they attempted to rip off were poor enough that they had to rely on such establishments in the first place.

    All in all, $100 million well spent.



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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Don’t look Gwen Stefani! The Bush frontman and dad of two was spotted taking a hike with his boys Kingston and Zuma — and getting cozy with their hot young nanny!

    Gavin Rossdale is a doting dad to his sons Kingston, 6, and Zuma, 4, especially while his wife, No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani is busy working. But during a recent family hike, Gavin was photographed with his hand on the family nanny’s young butt.

    The rocker, 47, was spotted out hiking on Nov. 25 in Los Angeles with his two boys and their nanny — and on their stroll, Gavin reached out and touched the young blonde’s derriere.

    Gwen was nowhere in sight, and has been busy performing concerts with her band No Doubt nearly every night at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles.

    This comes after reports he and his wife of 10 years have been having marital problems. “Gwen thinks she always has to keep an eye out to keep him in line,” a source told Life & Style magazine in October. ”They often fight if he spends too many late nights out with his friends,” the source added.

    Although the photo could be innocent, it wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity hooked up with the family nanny. Jude Law famously had an affair with his nanny while he was engaged to Sienna Miller, and Uma Thurman divorced Ethan Hawke after she found out his indiscretion with the family’s help.


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    Puddin' is a live action comic strip.

    What did Tom Hanks do to wind up with such totally different kids???

    Colin >>>>>>>>> Chet Haze


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Duane Martin and Sheryl Lee Ralph have joined Tia Mowry in the Nick at Nite family comedy pilot Instant Mom.

    It was roughly 2 months (in July) after it was announced that Mowry would not be returning to BET's hit scripted series The Game next season, that Nickelodeon snatched her up for its nighttime cable network (which targets adult viewers), to star in the new scripted family comedy sitcom.

    Created by Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment, and written by Warren Bell and Jessica Butler, Instant Mom (which is based on the real lives of Bell and Butler) centers on:

    ... a 25-year-old party girl (Mowry) who trades in Cosmos for carpools when she marries an older man with kids.

    Duane Martin will play the older gentlemen with kids; Sheryl Lee Ralph will play Mowry's mother, and rounding out the starring cast will be Sydney Park, Tylen Williams and Damarr Calhoun, who'll play Martin's character's 3 kids.

    No ETA yet...


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