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    Nude, the third scent from the pop diva, has already been unveiled online via Rihanna's twitter account, the star telling her followers - "Make sure you smell sexy, especially naked, this fall."

    After her whistlestop 777 tour, the pop princess launches her 'Nude' perfume in New York City.

    Nude, the third fragrance by pop star Rihanna is set to launch Black Friday, the day after the Thanksgiving public holiday.

    Nude has already been unveiled online via Rihanna's twitter account, the star telling her followers - "Make sure you smell sexy, especially naked, this fall."

    The star's perfume site and other sources have limited information on pricing, but Rihanna's last scent Rebelle currently retails at Macy's at $59.00 for the 3.4 oz. bottle. Fans will also expect to indulge in the Nude bath and shower gel and scented body lotion.

    Rihanna has recently returned from a rapid world publicity tour, called 777 (seven shows in seven countries in seven days), for her latest album Unapologetic. The singer's single "Diamonds" has already gone straight to number one around the world while the album is expected to shoot to the top of the Billboard 200 by Sunday.

    Black Friday has become a shopping institution, with retaillers offering heavy discounts and opening early in order to boost sales before the holiday season.


    Feel free to turn this into a beauty / fragrance post also share your black friday stories ONTD

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    Anna Kendrick talks working with Jake Gyllenhaal, style secrets and girls' nights in with GLAMOUR as she promotes amazing new movie End Of Watch.

    GLAMOUR.COM End Of Watch is a real edge-of-your-seat film - did you know as soon as you read the script that you would have to be involved with it?
    Yeah, you know it's funny, even with really good scripts I find that I end up moving around the house a lot and in between scenes I'll make myself a coffee, you know, fidget and this one was really unique in that the second that I started reading it I was pinned to the spot where I started reading it, and stayed there the entire time, it was such a page turner. It was so exciting and so different and yeah, I basically called my agent immediately and was really excited about getting involved.

    G: There are a lot of action scenes, but Janet's story really gives it grounding, especially in the scene when you're recording a message for Jake's character, how much was that improvised?
    It was an interesting process because we had a lot of freedom, and David encouraged us to which added to the realism of the film but what ended up in the movie was at least 90% his words, you know, it was such a tight script and so well-written, we found more and more that it could exist just exactly as it was on paper, and, yeah, there were little moments that he added here and there, but that monologue in front of the camera, was, believe it or not, all written by big, tough David.

    G: How important do you think Janet's story is to the film?
    I mean definitely, I felt a tremendous sense of responsibility for grounding the world that these men exist in, because that's what was part of the appeal when I read the script and that was something I said to my agent, I remember reading the script, normally playing the wife or girlfriend wouldn't be interesting, but in the context of this film they really give so much heart to these men and it makes it feel like these men aren't just a badge, or a number or a statistic, you know, they don't exist in a vacuum, they're really putting families on the line and their lives on the line.

    G: Having said all that, was it really manly on set?
    Yeah, I think so. But weirdly Jake and Michael and David are such gentlemen at heart that they were so on their best behaviour when the women were around, so it was a nice combination of both. They were definitely this beautiful little boys club, but at the same time they were really concerned about making sure that Natalie and I were comfortable and had everything we needed, it was really sweet.

    G: What was it like working closely with Jake?
    He's incredible, I think he really has a knack for understanding other actors and what they need and he's incredibly supportive and he was really protective of me on set and you know in this lovely way, where life kind of imitates art, the first scene I shot with him was the scene when I meet his friends for the first time and it really felt like I was meeting my boyfriend's friends because they had been working together for a really long time and I really felt like I had to prove myself to them, and at the same time Jake felt like he really had to watch out for me so, yeah, it was really lovely.

    G: When you're portraying a relationship like that, a relationship in the early days, how do you rehearse for something like that, how did you go about that with Jake?
    Um, actually our rehearsal period was really unique and perfect. David wrote a scene that we never intended to shoot for the movie that was our first date, and how we met and we rehearsed that scene over and over again even though we never planned to shoot. And so then it felt everything moving forward had a real timeline and a real base of reality.

    G: They should have included that in the film!
    I know! It was just one of those things where everything had to be based more or less around Sam's footage so there was no way that we could have recorded the first date without Sam freaking out!

    G: How do you think Michael and Jake keep the audience on their side? Because even though they're the good guys of the film they do some pretty questionable things.
    Absolutely, but I think that's exactly part of it, first of all, their chemistry is amazing and they really show how much they believe in doing the right thing and I think that puts you on their side. But I think that they make mistakes and they make decisions that are little questionable every now and then makes you feel for them because you realise that they're not perfect, it really humanizes them.

    G: There's an amazing dance scene at Brian's and Janet's wedding, was that fun to film?
    Yeah, it was kinda fun, it was little embarrassing but it was pretty fun. But Jake was so reluctant to do it, and so grumpy about it that I felt like I had to rally and be, like, the Mom who's like 'Come on, it'll be fun! I'll give you a snack afterwards if you do it!"

    G: Well he looks like he's having a great time, so you did a good job…
    Well, yeah, he's a great actor!

    G: What do you want people to take from End Of Watch, what did you take from the film watching it completed?
    It obviously takes place in the world of the LAPD and the stuff that they come up against every day but I think it's about family, it's about who you choose to surround yourself with and it's the family you choose as an adult, you know, it's a universal theme.

    G: So, we're excited about the last Twilight film coming out - is it weird that you're not in this one for the first time?
    More than anything, I feel like I'm just excited to see the movie, I didn't have that little window into what it was going to be, I wasn't on set for any of those days so I'm really psyched to see the movie.

    G: So you'll be watching this one as more of a fan?
    Oh, absolutely.

    G: When it comes to this side of promoting a film do you enjoy the premiers and getting dressed up for it?
    It's funny, it's kind of a pain in the butt and it's a little stressful, you try and wear the right things and look your best, and it's always a little bit of pressure. But with this one, it was weirdly kind of nice, Jake's so nice and he's so sensitive to women so like every time America Ferrera, Cody Horn, Natalie Martinez and I would show up for a premier he would be amazed that we would look so beautiful and complimenting us. He's really good about it, he's one of those guys that you're like, 'Your Mom raised you right'. So this one was weirdly fun because Jake and Michael were so impressed that we scrubbed up so nicely.

    G: You've worn some amazing dresses over the years, what are your style rules when it comes to dressing up for the red carpet or do you just put your trust in the stylist?
    I guess I like having somebody there to push me out of my comfort zone because it was left to me I would just wear little black dresses all the time, so I definitely have opinions but I like having someone there I trust to say every now and again, you can wear a long dress or you can wear something with no back, and we will manage to find a bra that will fit that, it's going to be okay.

    G: What advice would you give to petite girls?
    I guess the thing I've learnt from starting this whole red carpet stuff, is that everything you buy you should get tailored. Which is really annoying but I never knew what a big difference it made, I always thought things fit me but then I tried something on that actually fit and was like, 'oh no'! So, yeah, I mean I am tiny, I am 5'2, so I think getting stuff tailored is a thing, like getting sleeves taken in, I never knew was a thing that people did. So, yeah, that's been a learning curve.

    G: Do you have a style icon?
    Cate Blanchett, I think there's never a moment where she doesn't look like the coolest person on the planet.

    G: What does your beauty regime consist of? If you were going to have a girls pampering night in, what would you do?
    I got this Arcona Wine hydrating mask, and I always have extra pairs of really fuzzy slippers around so if friends come over, they can slip those on.

    G: And what's up next for you, after End of Watch?
    Pitch Perfect comes out in, I think, December in the UK and that's like this crazy a capella movie I did, and then after that I filmed a comedy with Miles Teller and Bryan Cranston called Get a Job and then I did an improv movie called Drinking Buddies with Olivia Wilde with Ron Livingston and Jake Johnson.

    End Of Watch is out 23 November 2012

    Bonus: the Annas being qt on Thanksgiving

    & a new/old interview on the "Pitch Perfect" set

    sources: 1,2&3

    tyfyt <3

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    Walking with Mike in Toluca Lake October 27th

    With Luca leaving her Mom's House

    Leaving Yoga Class in LA October 28th

    Walking with Luca in Hollywood October 28th

    Going out to lunch with Luca in Los Angeles October 31st

    After voting in Beverly Hills with her mom Susan November 6th

    At Pilates in Los Angeles November 6th

    Leaving Bristol Farms with Luca November 11th

    At Babies First Class in Hollywood November 14th

    Heading to Canada with Luca and Mike November 15th

    Going to Pilates in Studio City November 20th


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    There’s a few viral images out there from Texas Chainsaw 3D, which continues the legendary story of the homicidal Sawyer family, picking up where Tobe Hooper’s 1974 horror classic left off in Newt, Texas, where for decades people went missing without a trace.

    Included are a newspaper clipping that ties the events of the first film to this sequel, and a simulated artist’s rendering of some gloves that Ed Gein – the real-life serial killer inspiration behind Leatherface – fashioned out of human skin. There’s also a look at an apparently forbidden evidence box.

    In theaters January 4, 2013, the slasher is being directed by John Luessenhop from a screenplay by Adam Marcus, Debra Sullivan and Kirsten Elms. Dan Yeager, John Dugan, Bill Moseley, Alexandra Daddario, Sue Rock, Tania Raymonde, Scott Eastwood, Gunnar Hansen, Tobe Hooper, Paul Rae, Keram Malicki-Sánchez, Ritchie Montgomery, Trey Songz, Marilyn Burns (The original final girl), Shaun Sipos, Thom Barry and Richard Riehle star. It’s been rated “R” by the MPAA for “strong, grisly violence and language throughout.”

    The original film was the scariest film I had ever seen as a child, but I think after seeing all of the sequels and remakes I'm not too excited to see this new film. Plus, these viral images are pretty boring. My Sidney Prescott tumblr is better than this crap! What are you favorite viral marketing campaigns for horror movies? I really liked when The Ring (2002) sent out the cursed videos on VHS.


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    The star-studded musical is the first film directed by British filmmaker Tom Hooper since he won the best director Oscar for 'The King's Speech' two years ago.

    Les Miserables Anne Hathaway - H 2012

    Universal's highly-anticipated awards contender Les Miserables, the first film directed by British filmmaker Tom Hooper since he won the best director Oscar for The King's Speech two years ago, screened for the first time on Friday afternoon at Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall. No movie musical has seriously contended for the best picture Oscar since Chicago (2002) won it a decade ago, though several have tried, including The Phantom of the Opera (2004), The Producers (2005), Rent (2005), Dreamgirls (2006),Hairspray (2007), Mamma Mia! (2008), and Nine (2009). But, judging by the loud applause that followed every one of this one's big numbers -- which were performed byHugh JackmanRussell CroweAnne HathawaySamantha BarksEddie RedmayneAmanda SeyfriedHelena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen, respectively -- and the raucous standing ovation that the film and its key talent received once its credits started to roll, that could certainly change this year. At the very least, Les Mis joins ArgoLincoln and Silver Linings Playbook in the top echelon of this year's contenders, and puts Universal back in the thick of the race for the first time sinceFrost/Nixon (2008) was in contention five seasons ago.

    At about 3 p.m. EST, Hooper came out before the packed house to introduce the film, and told the crowd that he had only finished working on the film at 2 a.m. on Wednesday morning. "You are the very first people to see the film," he said to cheers. He then noted that The King's Speech had begun its theatrical rollout on Thanksgiving weekend two years ago, and that last night, at his first Thanksgiving dinner, everyone was asked what they were grateful for. He said that he can now say, "I'm grateful that I finished it [the film]... I'm grateful to the thousands of people who have been on this journey, particularly the wonderful cast... and I'm grateful to Victor Hugo[who wrote the novel upon which the Broadway play upon which the film is derived], who unfortunately can't be with us."

    When the film finished roughly two hours later, Hooper was joined on-stage by several unannounced special guests -- Hathaway, Redmayne, Seyfried, and Barks -- for a Q&A moderated by Columbia University's Annette Insdorf.

    Journalists in attendance at the screening had to agree not to review the film, but can offer general reactions. Mine:

    • Whether or not the fact that Hooper used the actors' live on-set singing (as opposed to re-recording it in post-production) -- which Universal touted in a recent featurette -- actually enhances a film more than it compromises the quality of the music, audiences seem to have been sold on the former. Any "first" also makes for a great talking-point on the awards season campaign trail. (Incidentally, all of the musical numbers were also shot in close-up and uninterrupted takes.)
    • Hooper could become only the 19th person to win two best director Oscars. Considering the fact that most film people hadn't even heard of him three years ago, that's pretty amazing. He seems to inspire a great deal of loyalty and affection from his actors -- who rehearsed for this film with him for nineweeks before the cameras started rolling -- which matters, since actors account for the largest branch of the Academy.
    • Hathaway, a Hollywood darling since she blossomed from an ugly duckling into a princess in her breakthrough role, is probably now the frontrunner in the best supporting actress category. As Fantine her screen time is brief, but she makes an indelible impression, particularly during the showstopping "I Dreamed a Dream" number. Moreover, she has some great talking-points: she lost 25 pounds for the part, and you can tell -- she's all eyes and teeth in the film; she spent four months working with a vocal coach before the nine-week rehearsal period in order to learn how to make her face look relaxed in a close-up while belting out a number; and she cut her hair off for the role even though it meant she'd be almost bald on her wedding day ("When I eventually looked in the mirror I just thought I looked like my gay brother," she told the audience).
    • In Valjean, Jackman has finally found a screen role custom-made for and worthy of his talents as a great physical specimen who can sing as well as anyone who can also act. He even lost 30 pounds in order to play Valjean as a prisoner in the film's opening scenes. But this year's best actor Oscar race couldn't be more competitive, and, despite giving a career-best screen perf (you'll have to forgive him for Australia), he's no sure-thing for a nom -- remember that Chicago's lead male Richard Gere was snubbed the year that his film won everything. That being said, if he hits the campaign trail hard then his unequaled off-screen charm should put him over the top.
    • Crowe, who plays Javert, was the only principal cast member whose singing was not prominently featured in the film's first trailer and featurette, sparking concerns in some circles that he must have struggled. As it turns out, the Oscar winner, who got his start in musical-theater back in Sydney, actually acquits himself quite nicely as a vocalist.
    • Barks, who played Eponine on London's West End production of Les Misfrom June 2010 to 2011 before returning to play the part in this film, is very good and could join Hathaway in this year's relatively thin best supporting actress category, but that is not a sure thing. Frankly, her prospects are probably compromised by the fact that co-stars Seyfried, as adult Cosette, and Carter, a Madame Thenardier, are very good, as well.
    • Theater buffs will appreciate Hooper's inclusion of Colm Wilkinson, who originated the role of Valjean on the stage, and makes a cameo in this film as the bishop.
    • One original song, "Suddenly," was written for the film, and it too, of course, will be an Oscar contender.
    • During the post-screening Q&A, Hathaway revealed that her mother, who was in attendance, had also played the part of Fantine in a Philadelphia production of Les Mis that was mounted when Anne was just seven; her mother initially played the factory worker who got Fantine fired and understudied Fantine, but eventually got to play the primary part on stage. Also, Seyfried, who heretofore was not widely known as a singer, revealed that she had played the part of Cosette in an amateur production of Les Mis when she was 15.


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    Obligatory: Ian McKellen needs a tag like 10 years ago

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    Gerard Butler has said he is still single because he is waiting for Priyanka Chopra.

    The Playing for Keeps actor revealed that he nearly missed a flight just so he could meet Chopra.

    He told IANS: “Last year, Priyanka was here [the US] and I was going out of town to a wedding.

    “I stay in Malibu and she was coming to party at Malibu and I couldn't meet.

    “I was even thinking of missing the plane and going and saying hello because I hadn't seen her in a long time. But we are in touch all the time.”

    He joked: “I am still single because I am waiting for Priyanka Chopra.”

    The Scots star first met the former Miss World during a visit to India, when she hosted a party for Butler.

    Playing for Keeps is out in America on December 7, and in the UK on January 1, 2013.


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    Ten years after she was abducted, Elizabeth Smart is penning a memoir about the nine months she was held, often in chains, and raped almost daily.

    Now married and a senior at Brigham Young University, Smart, 25, is co-writing her story with Chris Stewart, a Utah Congressman-elect.

    "She has taken a professional outlook on this and is able to talk in an impressive way about these things frankly," Stewart said.

    "She is not shying away from this story."


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    The holiday shopping season is underway and shoppers are hitting the big-box stores to grab the best deals they can find. However, music fans looking to buy discounted albums are having a hard time finding Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded — The Re-Up’ at some retailers. What’s up with that?

    When the Queen Barbz stopped by Power 105.1 recently, she explained why her album is not available at the big-box stores. “It’s hard to get the album because the stores basically said that the last few re-releases they had put out did not do well and they didn’t want to take a chance,” said Minaj. “So Target and Walmart [are] not selling the album. And Target is actually my biggest retailer. They’ve sold the most Nicki Minaj albums ever; thank you Target, but I wish you could have sold this one … it kind of sets you up to fail.”

    We are totally shocked by this news. Minaj is arguably the biggest-selling female rapper in the game right now. ‘The Re-Up’ has garnered positive reviews and the Barbz were hankering to cop the re-release. Here’s hoping that her digital sales trump the retail sales.

    Minaj is not letting that bit of bad news ruin her enthusiasm for the album. The ‘Freedom’ rapper is happy that the Barbz were able to have some new music that she proud of.

    “At the end of the day I’m happy that I was able to put the music out,” she says. “The real reason for me to put out ‘The Re-Up’ is because I wanted to have a bridge between this time and the third album. I wanted people to have music that I really stand by.”

    Video @ the Source

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    Influential popstar, Paris Hilton, has returned to the studio in preparation for her upcoming performance at India Fashion Week. Paris has been creating amazing music in her home studio with DJ Poet. Paris' return to the studio comes just days after her song "Last Night" leaked, which was met with a highly positive response.

    now let's all take a moment to listen to the glory of Last Night 

    let's hope she debuts a new song in India!

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  • 11/24/12--14:22: Drake's grandmother passes

  • Drake's Thanksgiving was indeed a sad one.  The emotional rapper lost his grandmother, Evelyn Sher, who he often speaks on being very close to.  Details inside on what Drake had to say about her passing...

    The "No Lie" rapper took to Twitter recently to tell his fans some sad news in his life.  His maternal grandmother, Evelyn, passed away on Thanksgiving Day.  He revealed:

    “Rest in peace to my grandmother Evelyn Sher. What a day to go...thankful to have had the times we did.”

    He mentioned her plenty of times in his songs.  And once even turned over the mic to her as she was recorded giving him a message, which was used on his "Look What You've Done" track off his latest Take Care album:

    All I can say Aubrey is, I remember the good times we had together and the times I used to look after you and I still have wonderful feelings about that.  So God bless you, and I hope I’ll see you.”

    And it seems like Drizzy may harbor a little guilt over not tending as much to Ms. Evelyn these last few years.  He rapped on his "The Resistance" track back in 2010 (Thank Me Later):

    “I heard they just moved my grandmother to a nursing home/ And I be actin’ like I don’t know how to work a phone.”

    SOURCE 1:
    SOURCE 2:

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    Azealia Banks: Rock glitter make-up

    Azealia Banks has shared the secrets to her glamorous and glittery style.

    Azealia Banks's favourite party make-up is layers of "glitter" until she gets a "foil" effect.

    The star appears in a video for her campaign with online clothing website ASOS where she shares her essential party looks and beauty tips.

    Since she burst on the scene in 2011, the rapper has become as well known for her statement style, as she is for her musical talent.

    "My party make-up is glitter, glitter, glitter, glitter. I love glitter," Azealia revealed. "I like it hard and rocky on your eyes so it looks like foil."

    The standout celebrity always rocks her own unique look that includes pulling off hair colour changes from purple to pink to green and back again. She explained how confidence is key to looking great no matter what you put on.

    "My last minute party outfit is a blouse and a skirt. Even thought I know I look like a kid in a blouse and a skirt, if I don't have time to think then that's what I'll wear. If you show up inappropriately dressed for a party then you just have to work it," she explained. "You're already there, you are there for a reason what else are you going to do? Leave? Pump it, do it."

    Azealia also gave some failsafe advice for party dressing. She says it doesn't matter what you have on as long as you have perfectly groomed hair and nails.

    "A good styling tip is make sure you always do your hair and your nails because if your hair and nails are done then it doesn't matter what you have on," she finished. "Someone will forgive you if your hair and nails are nice and shiny."


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    The 2012 holiday shopping season is officially here, and we know you've got plenty of music fans on your list. Don't race off to the store in a panic;'s annual holiday gift guide is here to help with rockin' ideas for everyone. Among our 30+ suggestions, check out this year's hot toys -- from One Direction dolls to Chris Brown's collectible figurines -- to a slew of new pop star perfumes (Justin Bieber's Girlfriend, anyone?), fashions, books, concert films and much more. There are also plenty of more eclectic choices like Beck's sheet music album and Nicki Minaj wigs. So get out that list, check it twice, and get ready to give your loved ones something very merry to unwrap. And no, we won't tell if you end up buying a little something for yourself.

    Famous Fragrances
    A few pop princesses (and one pop prince) released perfumes sure to entice shoppers this holiday season. Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday perfume, the rapper's first fragrance, is designed to make any of Minaj's Barbz feel like a superstar. If you're looking for a sexier perfume for that special someone, there's Rihanna's Nude, something the "Diamonds" singer knows a thing or two about. For something edgier, there is Lady Gaga's Fame eau de perfume -- and the perfume liquid is literally black like the box. Friends will be 'red' with envy when they take a whiff of Taylor Swift's new Wonderstruck Enchanted. Our recent poll showed that lots and lots of folks are interested in who'll be Justin Bieber's next girlfriend. Turns out it's his Girlfriend scent, a perfume any Belieber will like right down to its pink and purple spiral bottle.

    Hip-Hop Shirts
    Though we're still all eagerly awaiting the release of his debut album, rising star A$AP Rocky has spent his year designing a line of T-shirts and tank tops for street outfitter KarmaLoop. With slogans like "ASAP Life" and "I Be That Pretty Motherf---er," the collection is sure to turn heads among the hip-hop fans in your life. Want something that pushes the boundaries even more? Check out A$AP's T-shirt with a nude model whose chest is covered only by the "Goldie" singer's embrace. If your allegiance lies with Maybach Music, check out "Amen" rapper Meek Mill's new Dream Chasers line with Marc Ecko Enterprises, which features old-school sweatshirts and classically inspired tanks.

    There's no denying that 2 Chainz has made a mark on rap music this year, with spots on "Cruel Summer" and his very own album, "Based on a T.R.U. Story." In recent months, 2 Chainz has served as the face of the Respect My Vote campaign and launched a meme turned bestselling T-shirt. Featuring a cartoon Barack Obama throwing up peace signs and smiling from ear to ear, the 2 Termz shirt is all the more popular and relevant following President Obama's recent reelection. 2012 turned out to be the year of 2 Chainz *and* 2 Termz.

    Rockin' Books
    There's no better time for reading than the holidays when free time meets cold weather, and there's a bountiful crop of musically inspired books newly available for this season. After giving the band's new greatest hits collection "Grrr!" a spin, pick up The Rolling Stones's "50," a retrospective hardcover that details the group's storied career. Though he's busy touring for "Quadrophenia," The Who's Pete Townshend found time to reminisce about his life and and life in music in his memoir, "Who I Am." Collected by Beatles biographer Hunter Davies, "The John Lennon Letters" chronicles the candid poetry of one of the world's greatest songwriters. Or settle in for a thorough read of "Bruce," writer Peter Carlin's authorized biography of Mr. Springsteen. Looking for something lighthearted? Try Justin Bieber's second book, "Just Getting Started," full of pictures and anecdotes about the "Believe" star's life on the road.

    Pop Toys For All Ages
    ONE DIRECTION DOLLS: Hot on the heels of their No. 1 album "Take Me Home," One Direction members Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis are immortalized in plastic as lifelike dolls that will surely work as stocking stuffers for the boy band lovers in your life. Part of the "What Makes You Beautiful" collection, these poseable pop stars come with signature outfits that ultimate One Direction fans can instantly recognize.

    TWISTER DANCE: The classic childhood board game comes back with a very "Toxic" twist, this time with a poppy soundtrack helmed by the likes of Britney Spears, Willow Smith and Ke$ha. Rather than other dance-inspired video games, Twister Dance also contains original remixes of songs like "Till The World Ends," for which the "X Factor" judge filmed a brand new video clip. You can even plug in your own MP3 player to soundtrack your own toe-twisting dance party. With Twister Dance, bust out your best Britney and break a sweat at the same time. Who knows? You might be on your way to dance stardom.

    CHRIS BROWN'S DUM ENGLISH COLLECTIBLES: Toys aren't just for kids anymore. Take Chris Brown's artistic line of collectible figurines, a collaboration with contemporary artist Ron English and Made by Monsters. The series features creative, hard-to-find mini pieces that quickly achieved collector's item status for the lucky thousands who got their hands on the expensive trinkets. If you're looking to splurge, Dum English toys featured a $20,000 fiberglass sculpture among its inaugural offerings, limited to 20 pieces. Now that's opulent.

    Beck & Bjork: Eclectic & Collected
    Beck delivers a unique format twist with for his first album in almost five years that's so beyond retro it's possibly futuristic. "Song Reader" features twenty brand new songs -- but you are in charge of actually performing the tunes. The album arrives in the form of sheet music, never recorded by any studio musicians. It's the perfect gift for the musician on your holiday list who's looking to up his or her indie cred -- what's cooler than saying you played a song by Beck that he's never recorded?

    At the other end of the format spectrum this season is Bjork. Following a series of sold-out shows around the globe in support of her recent album "Biophilia," the Icelandic singer and multimedia maven has now released the next of a series of must-have related mercy. "Biophilia Live" is a hardcover book that features gorgeously rendered, glossy photos of the live experience. To accompany the book, Bjork has enlisted a roster of big-name producers to remix "Biophilia's" wide-ranging tracks, including rappers Death Grips and indie superstar Omar Souleyman. Looking for something more unique? Bjork is there to help with a handful of exclusively designed vinyl records that offer the same remixes with original artwork.

    Concert Movies
    There's no better way of feeling like you know a musician then seeing them them live, but when you can't, concert movies are probably the next best thing. Though LCD Soundsystem called it quits in 2011, fans can now relive the band's epic last show in "Shut Up And Play The Hits." Michael Jackson was known for his live performances, and one of his best has just been released with "Michael Jackson Live at Wembley 7.16.1988," an iconic show from the king of pop.

    Since tickets to the upcoming "Take Me Home" tour have almost entirely sold out, check out the lads from One Direction in "Up All Night," chronicling the British guya as they tour the United States. Katy Perry, meanwhile, knows a thing or two about live pop too, as evidenced by the candy confection that is her "Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D" documentary. "Sade: Bring Me Home - Live 2011," meanwhile, brings heart and heartache to the ears, raw and beautiful.

    Smokin' Stocking Stuffers
    Diplo is certainly best known for his beats, but who knew the Florida-based DJ/producer had his own herb grinders for sale through his website? The tiny wooden boxes are stamped with the image of his cartoony Major Lazer character alongside the ML logo, "Lazers Never Die."

    One of the most famous smokers in music recently now has his own smokable product line, but it's not what you think. Snoop Lion (aka Snoop Dogg) launched a tobacco cigar line called Executive Branch made with premium product imported from the Dominican Republic.

    Mau5 & Minaj Fashions
    NICKI MINAJ WIGS: Plenty of fans have been clamoring to dress up as the brightly colored, sparkly queen of rap, Nicki Minaj. Her Minajesty heard her people's cries and responded by selling seven of her most iconic wigs through her own website, which include the shocking neon pink hair from her first ever MTV Video Music Awards performance and her bright blonde hairpiece from 2011's "Rocking New Year's Eve" midnight show. The wigs are the perfect poppy gift for adventurous Barbz and Ken Barbz alike.

    DEADMAU5-WEAR: This year, Deadmau5 has mixed fashion into his EDM empire. Working with California clothing company Neff Headwear, the DJ/producer launched Neffmau5, his first official clothing line. The collection offers hoodies, T-shirts and hats with the popular Deadmau5 insignia. Hey Deadmau5, how about next year you make your gigantic mousehead masks for fans to buy? Many folks like to pretend to be the man inside the Mau5.


    Shopping/gift ideas post imo!! How was your black friday, ONTD?

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    Homeward Bound / Home - Quinn, Puck, Mike, Santana, Finn & Mercedes


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    Few television-related stories have been more welcome this autumn than the news that BBC4 has confirmed its aquisition of the wonderful Parks and Recreation.

    Forget the Emmys showered on Modern Family: this Amy Poehler comedy, which centres around the oddball employees of the parks and recreation department in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana, is arguably the strongest sitcom on US television right now, making its late arrival in Britain all the more surprising.

    So what makes it so brilliant? As with many great shows, the key can be found in its evolution. Scripted by US Office writers Greg Daniels and Michael Schur, it was conceived as a vehicle for then Saturday Night Live star Amy Poehler and started out as a sort of companion piece to their earlier show, using a similar fly-on-the-wall mockumentary technique as it followed Poehler's Leslie Knope, a mid-level bureaucrat with delusions of grandeur, around her daily grind.

    In truth, Parks & Rec's six-episode first season isn't that good. It took a while for the principal cast to get comfortable and the show seems to be laughing too much at Poehler's ambitious Leslie rather than with her. Yet stick with it, because those glitches were swiftly sorted out and the final episode of the first season sees the show find its feet.

    That it did so is in large part because of Poehler, a naturally warm comedian who convinces you to root for the kind-hearted Leslie and her love of all things bureaucratic. Her fumbling towards success became portrayed less as Michael Scott-style buffoonery and more as the product of an admirably cheerful vision of the world. This is a woman who throws an annual Galentine's Day celebration on 13 February for all her female friends, who loves waffles and whipped cream immoderately and who has a celebrity crush, brilliantly, not on Barack Obama but on his wild card vice-president Joe Biden.

    Whether marrying penguins, organising harvest festivals or running for office, Leslie's view of the world remains so ludicrous in its optimism that it's impossible not to root for her: you laugh at her errors but you still want her to succeed. She's that rare thing in an American sitcom, a female lead who actually has female friends and spends time having ordinary conversations with them. Her well-drawn relationship with best friend Ann (Rachida Jones making the most of what could be a thankless straight role) not only ensures that Parks & Rec routinely passes the Bechdel test (wherein two women meet and talk about something other than a man) but also provides us with a rare example of a believable on-air female friendship.

    As Leslie's character stabilised, so the cast around her came into focus. We learned to love her libertarian yet luddite boss, the magnificently moustached Ron Swanson (a scene-stealing performance from Nick Offerman), a man whose only true weakness appears to be women named Tammy; were amused by her co-workers, the lecherous Tom (played with sly perfection by stand-up star Aziz Ansari) and the apathetic April (the wonderfully deadpan Aubrey Plaza) and won over by Leslie's offbeat romantic liaisons, played by a host of rising comedy stars from Louis CK's mild-mannered police officer to Adam Scott's serious, socially awkward Ben.

    Giving one of the best performances of all is Rob Lowe as Chris Traeger, probably the only person on earth as enthusiastic as Leslie. Lowe's relaxed turn is not only one of the highlights of his career it also demonstrates the show's real strength – its lightly worn charm.

    For Parks & Rec is a genuinely warm-hearted comedy. It both likes and is interested in its characters and because of that – and also because they are well-drawn – we end up liking and being interested in them too.

    Yes, it has some great jokes from prize-winning miniature horse Li'l Sebastian to any number of lovingly ridiculed small-town events and, yes, there's something brilliant about the way in which it tackles dry political minutiae with a light touch; civic bureaucracy appears almost sexy.

    But ultimately, this is a show that works because of the kindness at its centre. You'd run a mile to avoid most sitcom characters; the Parks & Rec gang make you want to genuinely hang out with them as friends.

    Super-excited about this. Hope it does well :)

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    For the second time in four years, Leonard Cohen brings his bolo tie and baritone to Calgary, this time at the Saddledome. It won’t be as intimate as his 2009 show at the Jack Singer Concert Hall, but 2009 reviews from friends in Edmonton said he made Rexall Place feel like Cohen’s neighbourhood coffeehouse.

    Hyperbole tends to flow from people not used to spouting hyperbole after they sit through the 78-year-old’s charming, three-hour trips through his catalog.

    Almost as good, and sometimes better, are the many sublime covers from the many, many artists who take on the poet’s unparalleled lyrics. With some great difficulty and some lousy brandy, I divined a list of 10 must-hear Cohen covers.

    10) R.E.M., First We Take Manhattan. From the I’m Your Fan compilation. “Remember me, I used to live in music. Remember me, I brought your groceries in” — with an anxious urgency only Michael Stipe can offer.

    9) Buck 65 and Jenn Grant, Who By Fire. Rich Terfry at his whispering best, and Jenn Grant is reliably angelic. The instrumental break will stop you in your tracks, so best put down that chili spoon now.

    8) Beck, So Long Marianne. This song, for Beck’s record club, captures the celebration of the original without sacrificing his Beckness. If you want to something weird and fairly blasphemous, view his Suzanne.

    7) Willie Nelson, Bird on a Wire. The late Johnny Cash‘s “Unearthed” cover may get more attention, but to me the definitive country cover is by Ol’ Willie.

    6) Feist, Closing Time. From the new Sarah Polley film, Take This Waltz. I did not think this song could be covered. One should never doubt Feist. This clip from the movie, which bobs in and out of the unreleased song.

    5) Teddy Thompson, Tonight You Will Be Fine. What is it about second-generation musicians that make them so deft at Cohen covers? See #4, #1 below.

    4) Martha Wainwright, Tower of Song. A song it took her a while to realize reflected how she felt about music. I saw her play this at a bar in Berlin; I was there by myself, but the Montrealer-on-Montrealer performance brought me very close to home sweet Canada.

    3) Antony, If it Be Your Will. The humble singer stands before his Lord. Through his humility, he reaches such great heights.

    2) Tori Amos, Famous Blue Raincoat. Tenderly captures the sadness, the mystery — in the way Tori Amos can slow down anything on a piano without actually making it feel like a ballad.

    1) Jeff Buckley, Hallelujah. Yeah, I like the k.d. lang version immensely as well. But nothing drips sexuality like Buckley’s version. Yeah, I know that Hallelujah covers are the most overdone thing this side of Gangnam Style parodies. Don’t care. This is one of my favourite songs, full stop.


    personally, i've never heard a leonard cohen cover i liked

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    Drake Bell and Daniella Monet stars in the new promo below for Nickelodeon’s “A Fairly Odd Christmas” movie.

    The movie will premiere on the channel on November 29, 2012 at 7/6c. In the movie Daniella and Drake Bell team up as the characters Tootie and Timmy Turner and they have to work together to save Christmas. When his good intentions get him in trouble with Santa Claus and land him on The Naughty List, Timmy must find a way to save Christmas before it’s too late. Do you think they’ll be able to do it? The TV movie is executive produced by Nickelodeon hit-maker Butch Hartman and is based on his Emmy Award-winning animated series The Fairly OddParents. “Fairly Odd Parents fans loved the first live-action version of their favorite show so we decided to bring back these great characters in a Christmas adventure,” said Marjorie Cohn, President, Content Development, Live Action, Animation, Digital Nickelodeon Group.

    A Fairly Odd Christmas is based on the animated series and characters created by Butch Hartman. It is executive produced by Hartman, Lauren Levine, Marjorie Cohen and Fred Seibert. The movie is directed by Savage Steve Holland. Teleplay by Hartman and Holland and story by Hartman, Ray DeLaurentis and Will Schifrin. Scott McAboy serves as co-executive producer. A Fairly Odd Christmas is produced by Pacific Bay Entertainment. Watch below, and let us know if you’ll be tuning in when the movie premieres on the Nickelodeon Channel. What do you think?


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