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    Warning: If you’ve yet to watch Sunday’s Dexter, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on….

    The question posed at the start of Dexter Season 7 — How exactly does a murderer convince his sister to come around to his serial-killing ways? — may have officially been answered this week, when our titular Dark Passenger made a move that could have broken, but ultimately began to heal his relationship with Deb. After witnessing the lieutenant’s devastation upon learning that incarcerated baddie Ray Speltzer had been set free, Dex took matters into his own hands and — following quite the fight — offed the killer.

    Normally, that would have been retribution enough, but not this time. Taking a risk, our anti-hero called Deb to the scene of the crime and told her that not only was Speltzer gone, but that he had killed him. Her response was not one of anger or fear, as was the case with a similar conversation in the season premiere, but rather the interaction went pretty smoothly: Deb: “Did you do this for me?” Dexter: “No… How do you feel?” Deb: “Glad. What does that make me?” Dexter: “Human.” TVLine spoke with Jennifer Carpenter about the possibility of a new outlook for Deb and why that final scene played as a seduction of sorts. The actress also reveals what the rest of the season has in store, including a forthcoming finale that is “satisfying on every level.”

    TVLINE | What an episode-ending scene! Is Deb finally, truly accepting Dexter?
    Everything that Deb thought was true about Dexter isn’t anymore; it was all a projection. So, for now she’s just trying to get the whole picture and the real picture. At the end of Episode 4, it starts to come into focus for her in a way that is both surprising and, dare I say, understandable. The thing that’s true about life on this show is that there must always be forward motion, So even though Deb may not have a place for all of the things she’s discovering, she has to keep the momentum. Like politicians, you may not always believe that it’s the right thing to do, but you have to make a choice in the moment. She’s under pressure and doing the best she can.

    TVLINE | I can’t tell you how happy I am that they touched on Rita and Trinity in that dream sequence. It had to happen.
    I thought it was brilliantly crafted on the writers’ part, because I feel like it encompasses exactly how Deb processes things. She shoves the difficult, complicated things that make it hard for her to deal with everyday life into the corners of her mind, and it’s in a dream that she realizes what she imagines could have happened between Rita and Dexter and Trinity.

    TVLINE | What was it like shooting that scene?
    In the most generic terms, it was awesome! [Laughs] It was incredible to play something I felt like I actually needed to play. The thing that I kept coming to this year with the writers was that I didn’t know where they wanted me [as Deb] to be, or what they wanted for me to build for them this season. I felt incredibly lost, which I’ve never had before because Deb has always been pretty easy to read, emotionally and otherwise. So, this dream, in a weird way, allowed me to write my own story in, to have my own feelings about how it all was coming together. I learned a lot about how to proceed as an actor through that episode.

    TVLINE | You say you felt a bit lost, but as a viewer I can assure you that it’s been incredible to see such a strong, smart Deb this season.
    I agree. I also think I discovered a lot of that in playing the scene in the church in the premiere. It wasn’t a gift I expected to get playing that scene, but after we came back from the eight-month hiatus and I started to actually process what it meant for Dexter to stab someone in from of Deb, there was a part of [her] that was rejoicing — ‘Thank God! That explains everything!’ There was a take at one point that looked like I was just ordering a pizza, just figuring out how to use that line and it wasn’t loaded with anything. And it was in that moment, where Deb starts to shake and cry a little bit, that she realizes that was how she truly felt; her heart was breaking, she was terrified, she was lost and that was when Dexter’s seduction started, to confuse her away from that feeling. This whole season for me has been about exploring not only what she was feeling in that moment, but what does it mean to her? I dunno, I could talk in circles about this forever. [Laughs]

    TVLINE | Speaking of seduction, that’s kind of what the end of this episode felt like. There were also some subtle romantic vibes, which is something executive producer Sara Colleton told TVLine will eventually come back into play –
    It will?! [Laughs] No, I know what she’s talking about. [Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm......]

    TVLINE | What can you say about that? Are we witnessing more seduction, romantic or otherwise? Or is Deb just accepting him?
    Anyone who does what Dexter does has to be seductive at some point. He can look at a person, know what they need and deliver, which is why he can manipulate so gracefully. The tease at a possible relationship between the two last season was really a tool to let Deb discover and not attack when she found out who and what he is. At the end of the day, a real relationship is about intimacy and endurance, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a sexual element for them to be relating to each other in an intimate way… which they are. I can see why the writers might have picked that up and used it as a tool, and I can see why audience members would recognize their connection in that way. [ilu Jen but this makes no sense].

    TVLINE | What would you say about the rest of the season to someone, like myself, who has really loved these first four episodes?
    I’m with you! That is so good to hear, because I swear to God we do it by audience. That’s all we care about; we just want to make them happy. This season flew by. I feel like I blinked my eyes and suddenly we’re finished shooting. I have never been more excited to see a finale in my life. It takes me 15 seconds to get wrapped, get in my trailer, change clothes and get out — I am famous for it! They just leave my call sheet on my car, that’s how fast I am. And I stayed after work to go up and watch footage of the last scene. It’s so satisfying on every level. I’m so proud of this season. I can’t wait for people to see it. It feels like we are back in a great, big way.


    This makes me excited for the finale!

    What do you think of this season so far, ONTD?

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    What's new, Buenos Aires?

    Mr. T, the French Bulldog! (not a boxer as the site suggests)

    Elvis Presley!

    Andy Warhol

    Donald Trump

    Justin Bieber

    Honey Boo Boo

    DOG POST, y'all.

    Source: ABC News, Flickr, Mercury News and my own photos

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  • 10/22/12--11:43: Willow Smith hates everyone
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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “Pretty Little Liars” beauty Ashley Benson is dating “127 Hours” star James Franco, Page Six can reveal. The pair were spotted wandering around downtown and in Washington Square Park together earlier this month, and late last week were seen hand-in-hand at the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride. A source tells us, “They have been seeing each other for a little over a month, but things are going well.” Reps for neither Benson nor Franco could be reached.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    There are certain properties movie studios don't blink an eye in pushing through the production factory — "Oh, Peter Jackson wants to make a new Lord of the Rings movie? Where is my checkbook?" — but then there are ideas that take a little more convincing. For that, there is the American Film Market, an annual circus where producers, directors, and actors announce potential projects and let the people with money buy in.

    One such project, unveiled courtesy of the AFM website, is an adaptation of the Off-Broadway musical hit The Last 5 Years planned by Richard LaGravenese (screenwriter behind The Bridges of Madison County, The Fisher King and Water for Elephants and director of the upcoming Beautiful Creatures), with Anna Kendrick reportedly attached to star. The actress, who broke out in her early days on Broadway, has had no shortage of work in recent years: she earned an Oscar nomination in 2009's Up in the Air, costarred in the Twilight series, and recently showed off her singing chops in Pitch Perfect.

    Written by Jason Robert Brown, The Last 5 Years takes an unconventional approach to the stage musical, making it a tricky show to adapt to screen. The show follows the lifespan of a relationship from the points of view of both the man, Jamie (from the beginning to the end) and the woman, Cathy (starting at the end and tracking back to the beginning). Kendrick will play Cathy, a struggling singer who falls for up-and-coming author Jamie. No song and dance showstoppers here — The Last 5 Years is closer to a play of monologues than a typical musical.

    Kendrick's musical background makes her a solid fit for the unique adaptation, and an enticing part of the package for a film that will need a stylistic touch to stay true to the original material. Much like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or Memento, the show fluidly moves between moments in time, and operates without the type of moving parts that make movie musicals big and showy. LaGravenese has a tough nut to crack, but as AFM has proved in the past, the challenge may be part of the appeal. Whoever comes on board to back the film will give Kendrick one of the meatier parts in her career.

    But as talented as Kendrick is, seemingly perfectly capable of leading an entire movie on her own, she'll need a male co-star, and there aren't a ton of young, musically inclined actors out there with her kind of high profile. There's the cast of Glee, of course, but I can't imagine Kendrick doing anything with Cory Monteith other than eating him for breakfast; Darren Criss is a real possibility, as is Jonathan Groff, a Broadway veteran who played Rachel's boyfriend/nemesis Jesse St. James. The most obvious casting choice might be Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who does some singing on the side and is currently attached to a remake of the Little Shop of Horrors remake. But would he want to take on a second musical in addition to everything else he's got going on?

    Feel free to let us know in the comments which young actors you'd like to see take on a musical, and we'll keep crossing our fingers that this project comes together and Anna Kendrick gets to star in a movie musical the way God intended. 

    sources: 1&2

    yassss anna is slaying rn with all these projects
    who do you think should play jamie, ontd?

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    Jennifer Lopez has remained silent and ignored the rumors that she and backup dancer Casper are getting engaged and continues her “Dance Again” tour in stride despite her recent nip slip.

    It was a few weeks ago that JLo was caught in Paris with a giant diamond ring dazzling on her finger that sparked engagement rumors, but the former American Idol judge isn’t paying them any mind.

    Despite the fact that the mother of two has been dating the 25-year-old for a year now and he’s great with both of her kids, the two claim that they haven’t made any plans to tie the knot.

    While some of the rumors of engagement still seemed possible, one anonymous source tried to spice up the rumor a bit with some details that seemed very hard to believe.

    The unreliable source told Star Magazine that the “Dance Again” songstress was planning a “staged engagement, which may or may not be followed by a staged wedding.”

    The source went to try to convince the publication that this is all part of a scheme for the couple to make “global headlines” and that Lopez will pull out all the stops “to make magazine covers.”

    It is hard to deny the fact that there has been a whirlwind of free publicity surrounded the “Goin’ In” crooner, but a staged engagement for the sake of media attention seems like a stretch.

    At the end of the day, the 43-year-old Bronx native has never had a problem getting cameras to be obsessed with her, with or without a fake marriage in the works.

    If anything, it seems more likely that the young dancer would want to use his girlfriend to get media attention… not the other way around.

    Even if the “On the Floor” songstress did want to plot to get more media attention, her back to back wardrobe malfunctions on their own have proved to be enough to get the job done.

    While performing in Bologna, Italy J-Lo’s Spanx made their own debut as they peaked through from under the star’s skin tight glittery cat suit.

    In addition to her Spanx showing through her sexy ensemble, the skin tight outfit slipped down a bit too far and exposed the Latin pop star’s nipple on stage.

    Pictures of the nip slip immediately received national coverage and Jennifer’s nipple suddenly became a bigger celebrity than the songstress herself.

    Luckily, however, the “T.H.E” singer took it all in stride and with the help of her back up dancers covered up her exposed cleavage and went on performing like a pro.

    Source 1

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    Friends producer David Crane has revealed that Ross and Rachel almost didn't end up together.

    The long-running NBC sitcom came to an end in 2004, with the on-and-off couple of Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) finally reuniting in the finale.

    Speaking for a new special documentary for the upcoming Blu-ray collection of the comedy, Crane said that he originally planned a "vague" ending for the pair.

    "At first it seems so expected [to have Ross and Rachel back together]," he said. "Maybe not, maybe we do some kind of vague 'we're not together and hope for the future' [ending].

    "[We later thought] screw that. People have been waiting 10 years. Let's give them what they want, but let's do it really well."

    He added that he was emotional upon seeing the final scene, saying: "Even knowing it was coming, the moment when she comes through the door, I'm a sucker for stuff like that."

    The Friends Blu-ray box set collection will be released on November 12 in the UK, and a day later in the US.


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    This is a blind riddle.

    When Duana got married in July we all got together to surprise her and produce a video of us, her friends, re-enacting her favourite scene from Sister Act 2. When this celebrity couple got married, a few members of their friends and family produced a video too, intending to play it at the wedding. They took to the streets, interviewing homeless people and various other citizens who can barely afford pasta let alone a vacation, to express how sorry they were not to be able to make it to the wedding and offer their well wishes.

    This was supposed to be... funny?

    Again, let’s stress that the two famous people involved here did not conceive of this idea. And I don’t know yet if it was actually broadcast at the event. Hopefully their family and friends realised it was a dick move at best, and profoundly offensive and disgusting overall. Hopefully they realised they were being assholes, walking around making fun of those who are suffering and hungry. Hopefully they buried it and made a contribution for good, in honour of the happy couple, instead of using the homeless to entertain, while everyone else sipped champagne and ate olives. Hopefully.

    Because who needs friends like that? Who needs family like that? Do you believe that the people you spend time with you reflect who you are? And if so, what does that say about these two stars?

    This is not about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.


    Pasta. Vacation. Olives?

    Sounds awfully a lot like a recent Timberlake & Biel Italian wedding: wedding

    On Thursday, the bride and groom hosted a party for guests who hung out around open fires and dined on fresh-made cheese, local olives and wine

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    BEGIN AGAIN VIDEO (won't embed)

    Taylor Swift's 'Red' to Sell Over 1 Million in First Week, Sold 500k Yesterday Alone

    Taylor Swift is poised to become the first female artist in the Nielsen SoundScan era (1991 to present) to have a pair of albums sell more than a million units in a single week.

    According to industry sources, first-day sales for "Red" (Monday, Oct. 22) surpassed 500,000 units
    , including a record opening day sum at Target, as the mass-merchant scored exclusive rights to the album's deluxe version which includes three additional songs and three remixes. According to sources, Target shifted more than 160,000 units.

    Though not confirmed, unit sales at the iTunes Music Store appears to have also been record-setting. The digital retailer reportedly accounted for nearly half of all units sold on "Red's" first day of availability. With that start, "Red" should break the first-week iTunes sales mark, recently set by Mumford & Sons "Babel," which moved roughly 390,000 units just three weeks ago, according to those in the know.

    Swift's last studio set, "Speak Now," debuted on the Billboard 200 chart dated Nov. 13, 2010, with 1.047 million units. Only one album since that date, Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" (1.108 million) has surpassed 1 million units in a single week. Gaga's final number was aided by Amazon MP3's sale pricing of the set at 99 cents for two days during release week.

    If "Red" reaches 1 million units in the current SoundScan sales week (which concludes this Sunday, Oct. 28), it will be the 18th album in the Nielsen era to reach that magical seven-figure threshold.

    Only three acts have ever surpassed 1 million units in a sales frame with a pair of albums: Backstreet Boys ("Millenium" in 1999 and "Black & Blue" in 2000), 'N Sync ("No Strings Attached" in 2000 and "Celebrity" in 2001) and Eminem ("The Marshall Mathers LP" in 2000 and "The Eminem Show" in 2002).

    Final numbers will be announced next Tuesday evening, Oct. 30, although Billboard will update the sales progress of "Red" throughout the week.

    Red has also received critical acclaim. Rolling Stone calls her “a turbine of artistic and ambition and superstar drama… a 16-song geyser of willful eclecticism.” Entertainment Weekly raves, “Sublime…Red should be required listening.” The L.A. Times says: “Red burns with confidence. She seems to have crossed some sort of emotional threshold to the assured words and music of a star… There are no bumps on Red...only clean, perfectly rendered American popular music.” The Washington Post called the album “another winner… She connects with clear, concise, relatable love songs that are thrown like punches and steeped in everyday details.”


    Taylor Swift GMA Performances


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    The coolest indie actress around visits Niagara Falls

    Back in 2008, SPIN rhetorically asked if Michelle Williams (Dawson's Creek, Brokeback Mountain) was "the coolest indie actress around." Four years later, we have a definitive answer in the form of Wild Nothing's new music video for "Paradise," a dreamy drifter from the Virginia act's Nocturne LP. In the Matt Amato-directed clip, which premiered on Pitchfork, Williams hops a plane to Niagara Falls, and we take the trip with her, staring out the window, hearing her read from Iris Murdoch's 1975 novel A Word Child, and eventually winding up face-to-poncho-wearing-face amidst the glory of the massive falls.We all know Wild Nothing's Jack Tatum likes a good story, and it's hard to deny this beatific mood piece with its totes adorbs star.


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    During Soundcheck





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    Once Upon a Time Ratings Rise

    Sunday evening saw ratings for ABC’s fantasy drama Once Upon A Time rise with the introduction of Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) to the series. The boost in ratings benefited the rest of ABC’s Sunday evening line up with soapy drama Revenge and struggling supernatural series 666 Park Avenue also seeing a rise in their ratings.

    The second series of Once Upon A Time continued on ABC on Sunday night as yet another story-book character was introduced; the highly anticipated debut of Captain Hook to the fantasy drama. The arrival of the character to the series boosted its ratings with 9.7 million viewers tuning in scoring a 3.3 18-49 rating.

    As stated above the rise in ratings boosted ABC’s Sunday evening line-up as a whole. Revenge pulled in 8.6 million viewers with a 2.8 18-49 rating while the broadcasters’ struggling new series 666 Park Avenue finally halted its ratings decline. The supernatural drama, starring Vanessa Williams and Terry O’Quinn, pulled in 4.9 million viewers with a 1.8 18-49 rating. A welcome reversal of its fortunes even if its performance was still relatively modest but if 666 Park Avenue can continue to increase its ratings from now on then its future may be secured.

    I mean how could anyone not tune in to watch this? crying tho cuz he's married irl.. like wtf dude

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    How You Can Save 'Mockingbird Lane'

    For those who don't know the backstory, Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller was charged with rebooting The Munsters for NBC and tapped Jerry O'Connell, Portia de Rossi and Eddie Izzard to star. The pilot for Mockingbird Lane was shot and delivered to NBC, who decided not to put the show to series, instead opting to "burn off" the episode as a Halloween Special, airing October 26.

    But, like many of The Munsters, Mockingbird Lane could find itself resurrected if fan reaction is right. At least that's the hope, according to star Jerry O'Connell, who rang up this morning to talk about this unconventional series, what future episodes could look like and how Mockingbird Lane is like The Walking Dead meets The Voice! Do you feel like you're promoting a TV movie or the first episode of a potential series?
    Jerry O'Connell: Listen, I'm not a producer; I'm an actor. That's a question for Bryan Fuller. That said, I kind of get the feeling that NBC, who has been very supportive, is waiting to see how it's received. I don't know if ratings are as important as general reaction. This is the network that airs The Voice, where America votes for people to stay, and social media plays a huge part in that. So I think NBC will fire up Twitter Monday morning and see what people are saying about it. We're just living in a different age now and the audience will ultimately decide if it goes to series or not. I have to believe that shows like The Voice are influencing television decisions these days. There’s such access to the audience that why not take advantage of it.

    PHOTOS - 10 Hottest Former Child Stars Do you understand why NBC didn't move forward with the series?
    Jerry: Look, I'm really proud of this show. I've watched the pilot twice, I love it, my wife loves it. But it's a tricky show. It's a family show, it's a monster show, it's got comic elements, it's very dark and it's pretty graphic. I mean, there are two open heart surgery scenes and some monster deaths. This is sort of like The Munsters meets The Walking Dead. It's a darker re-imagining of an iconic show. Were you nervous about reinventing a character who is beloved by so many people?
    Jerry: This role was very scary. I'm on Twitter, I know when [my casting] was first announced a lot of fans of Fred Gwynne, who could not have been a more talented person, weren't thrilled. This was a scary undertaking for me. But I wanted to work with Bryan Fuller and I knew this was going to be my one shot for doing that, so I couldn't pass it up. How do you describe the show?
    Jerry: Visually, like most of Bryan's work, it’s stunning. The Munsters have to move because our son, Eddie, is entering puberty and unbeknownst to him, when the moon is full, he turns into a werewolf. It's about having him come to terms with not only being a monster, but a Munster. Herman has a lot of trouble explaining to him that being a Munster is something to be proud of, but also, to be careful of. Meanwhile, Grandpa wants Eddie to fully embrace being a Munster and not be ashamed of his monster side. Bryan has told me if the show goes ahead, things are just going to get insane. Did you guys have these conversations before or after NBC decided to air the show as a TV movie?
    Jerry: They were conversations that came up during the casting process. It was a pretty long process for me to get this part. They wanted to make sure this was the right decision. I met with Mr. Fuller and Mr. Singer a number of times and there were some things that trickled out. Herman is going to start a zombie apocalypse after I get into an argument with this man and bite him. So we have to stop that. The Creature From The Black Lagoon is going to try and have an affair with Lily. We have access to the Universal creature vault and Bryan plans to use that to the fullest. What do you think of NBC's choice to air the pilot episode as a TV movie?
    Jerry: It's a tricky show and that's why I think it's so nice of NBC to put it out there. This is a show that has not been done before. The Walking Dead is extremely graphic and visually stunning, but it's a pretty scary show. At the same time, we're a family show and spend time talking to our son about going through puberty. It's a strange show and I don't think anybody knows what to do with. It's going to be different, but everything about Mockingbird Lane has been different since day one. It's unlike any other television project I've ever worked on, so why should the release of it be normal? We're a weird family, we're a weird show, everybody who has anything to do with making this show is weird, so let's be weird about how we air it!

    I need Bryan Fuller to have a TV show on again, you guys...

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    If Vogue editor Anna Wintour gets her way, fashion houses will shy away from clothing Ann Romney, this according to a recent Fox News report.

    Let’s take Monday night’s presidential debate for example. "Honored to see First Lady Michelle Obama wearing our Spring 2013 dress at the final presidential debate," tweeted the account of fashion label Thom Browne. But there was stony silence on Twitter from OscarPRGirl, who officially tweets everything Oscar de la Renta, whose dark teal dress draped Mrs. Romney during the debate.

    Why the silent treatment from the usually chatty folks at de la Renta? Rumor from the fashion industry is that Wintour, known as someone whose nod up or down can make or break careers, favors Obama and wants leading designers to shun Mrs. Romney. Wintour has even approached leading designers like Thakoon Panichgul and Marc Jacobs to design products specifically for the Obama side of the aisle.

    “Wintour’s connections and influence in Hollywood, fashion, and society aren’t merely pretty, shiny things to have around; they have become vital to the financial success of the campaign,” Noreen Malone wrote in next month’s edition of The New Republic. “She is in search of something more than a victory in November; she wants politics to take fashion seriously.”

    The glamour trendsetter has been a steady contributor to the re-election campaign of President Barack Obama and contributed $500,000 to his campaign and an additional $96,000 to Democrats, according to a story published in The New Republic.

    Women’s Wear Daily claimed 53.9 percent of fashionistas gave money to Obama, while 45.9 percent donated to Republicans. “The fashion industry is predominantly on the left,” said fashion publicist Lee Everett of LaunchPad PR. “It’s such a disservice to so many brands who could benefit, to the other ’50 percent’ of the country. For the sake of the fashion industry, it should remain apolitical.”

    What happens if Mitt Romney wins? “Anna Wintour will have no power to block Ann if her husband is elected President, it will be a totally different ball game. I think then we will see the Carolina Herrera’s and Oscar de la Renta’s coming out. Let’s face it, regardless of whether you are a Republican or Democrat, everyone wants to dress the First Lady,” said celebrity stylist Amanda Reno. “It is like an actress who comes to Hollywood. No one cares about her until she gets her first big movie, then all of the designers will fall over themselves to dress her. For Ann Romney, getting into the White House is like getting that big movie.”


    Points to anyone that makes a binders full of women + Anna Wintour gif or macro.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Pretty Little Liars actress Ashley Benson is dating her Spring Breakers co-star James Franco, but has learned some exclusive dirt about how these two got together -- and the bridges Ashley burned in the process.

    Before hooking up with James, 34, Ashley, 22, was dating Justin Bieber's pal Ryan Good so she became fast friends with the Canadian singer's girlfriend, Selena Gomez, who was actually the one that got Ashley the role in Spring Breakers!

    "Selena feels used and kind of punched in the face seeing as though she got Ashley the role and Ashley just used the opportunity to break her friend's heart," the insider revealed to

    "After Emma Roberts turned down the role because she didn't want to gain weight for it, Ashley practically begged Selena to get her in front of producers for the part. She did, because she thought they were all friends, but it was clear early on that Ashley had something going on with James."

    According to the insider, Ryan started feeling like something was up because Ashley was usually quite possessive and insecure in their relationship, but when she all of a sudden didn't have time for him, Justin and Selena didn't know what to say.

    "Once the shoot wrapped, Ashley told Ryan they needed to 'slow down' and then booked a flight to New York City to go see James' art gallery showing," the source said.

    "Selena is pi**ed off that she went out of her way to vouch for Ashley, only to have her dump Ryan. She got the role and she got the man, but she lost a good friend."


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    Look, I’m a staunch proponent of the not-exactly-controversial notion that “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is the best song of the alternative era, and I’m generally pretty uncomfortable when opportunists use Nirvana iconography to sell shitty products or agendas, but when it comes to “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” I’m never sure where the line is drawn. Kurt appropriated the phrase from a bit of graffiti scrawled on his wall by Kathleen Hanna; the line was a reference to Teen Spirit deodorant, a Mennen product aimed at teenage girls. So I probably shouldn’t feel too much moral indignation just because CBS greenlighted a new sitcom called “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by The Big Bang Theory‘s Dave Goetsch. But still …

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The multicamera comedy revolves around an 18-year-old budding entrepreneur who forgoes Harvard and instead opts to launch a multibillion-dollar Internet company from his garage with the assistance of his sister, best friend and his 1990s indie-rock parents.”

    Irrespective of the title (which is a thematic fit, I guess, but still makes me nauseous), that synopsis doesn’t exactly describe any “1990s indie-rock parents” I know. Let’s say they were born in 1970, had a kid at age 24 (in 1994), so he’s now 18, they’re 42 … It’s not impossible, but it just doesn’t scan right for me. Also, why the hell is he launching a “multibillion-dollar Internet company from his garage”? Wouldn’t some of those multibillions cover office space? Wouldn’t you want a professional veneer on a multibillion-dollar operation? It just doesn’t make any sense. Of course, the lyrics of “Teen Spirit” didn’t make any sense either, so … QED?


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    Mimi Imfurst and her band Xelle dropped their new video for their single Queen late last night, after the premiere of Rupaul's Drag Race All-Stars where Mimi Imfurst, and teammate Pandora Boxx, were the first to be sent home. The single features several of the Drag Race All-Stars and a few regular Drag Race Alumni.

    Xelle's album also went live on iTunes in conjunction with the release of the Queen video.

    Source: Youtube and Mimi Imfurst's twitter


    Cute, Catchy, and Fun song. I was at a Rupaul's Drag Race Event this past weekend and they were filming clips of the girls dancing for this video. Shanel was SLAYING from what I saw but it doesn't seem that she's featured much in the video. Oh well. Nice to see my Queen Jujubee stealing the spotlight once again!

    0 0


    Frank Ocean Sets A Radio Record
    Frank Ocean: The crooner's "Thinkin Bout You" continues to make waves, this time on the Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop airplay tally, as it completes the longest climb to the top 10 in the chart's 19-year history; it skips 12-10 in its 25th week. After lingering in the 30s from April to July, the song fell off the list before re-entering in August. The record for the longest climb formerly belonged to Kirko Bangz, whose "Drank in My Cup" took 23 weeks to crack the upper tier (March 31).

    Frank Ocean At Last Night's Clippers Game 
    Frank Ocean attended last nights Clippers vs Warriors game in LA and it looks like he went for free according to his Instagram.

    chicken. free chicken.

    Frank Is Nominated For A People's Choice Award

    Favorite Breakout Artist
    2 Chainz
    Carly Rae Jepsen
    Cher Lloyd
    Ellie Goulding
    Frank Ocean
    Hunter Hayes
    Lana Del Rey
    Of Monsters and Men
    One Direction
    The Wanted
    You can start voting now at:
    He will lose this to One Direction or whoever decides to show up.


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    Taylor Swift is poised to become the first female artist in the Nielsen SoundScan era (1991 to present) to have a pair of albums sell more than a million units in a single week.

    According to industry sources, first-day sales for “Red” (Monday, Oct. 22) surpassed 500,000 units, including a record opening day sum at Target, as the mass-merchant scored exclusive rights to the album’s deluxe version which includes three additional songs and three remixes. According to sources, Target alone shifted more than 160,000 units.

    Unit sales at the iTunes Music Store appears to have also been record-setting. The digital retailer reportedly accounted for nearly half of all units sold on “Red’s” first day of availability. With that start, “Red” should break the first-week iTunes sales mark, recently set by Mumford & Sons “Babel,” which moved roughly 390,000 units just three weeks ago, according to those in the know. The projected first-day sales of “Red” along with full-week estimates from industry prognosticators point to the set most likely surpassing the 1-million sales mark in its debut frame.

    Swift’s last studio set, “Speak Now,” debuted on the Billboard 200 chart dated Nov. 13, 2010, with 1.047 million units. Only one album since that date, Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” (1.108 million) has surpassed 1 million units in a single week. Gaga’s final number was aided by Amazon MP3’s sale pricing of the set at 99 cents for two days during release week.

    If “Red” reaches 1 million units in the current SoundScan sales week (which concludes this Sunday, Oct. 28), it will be the 18th album in the Nielsen era to reach that magical seven-figure threshold.

    Only three acts have ever surpassed 1 million units in a sales frame with a pair of albums: Backstreet Boys (“Millenium” in 1999 and “Black & Blue” in 2000), ‘N Sync (“No Strings Attached” in 2000 and “Celebrity” in 2001) and Eminem (“The Marshall Mathers LP” in 2000 and “The Eminem Show” in 2002).

    Final numbers will be announced next Tuesday evening, Oct. 30, although Billboard will update the sales progress of “Red” throughout the week.



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    Alleged Republican Britney Spears says Obama "has swagg".

    Although tight-lipped Britney Spears often shies away from talking about politics, people have often known her to be a Republican - landing on many lists of those voting for Mitt Romney.

    Britney Spears has previously worked with President Obama's Anti-Bullying campaign early last year, showing she doesn't mind crossing party lines. It was also recently reported in a StumbleUpon survey that Obama fans also prefer Britney Spears.

    However, today Britney tweeted President Barack Obama a special message and video which asks which presidential candidate has The X Factor - throwing doubt into her political leanings:

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