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  • 10/20/12--17:43: Tim Tebow in Vogue

  • As the football season kicks off, America’s most talked-about quarterback brings his will to win to a new town and a new team. Does Tim Tebow have what it takes?

    A perfect late-summer Cincinnati evening—aquamarine sky, cotton-puff clouds—and a low-stakes preseason game: This is as languorous as professional football gets. Beach balls bounce around the stadium, and a few high-decibel seconds of Nicki Minaj’s “Pound the Alarm” fail to stir the easy, contented crowd.

    But when a certain quarterback takes the field—Tim Tebow, a newly minted New York Jet, the most debated, celebrated, denigrated, and all-around marveled-over quarterback in the NFL—the mood shifts. Scattered booing quickly fades to an electric quiet. Thousands of camera phones flash.

    Tebow’s first play is a twelve-yard pass. A surprised cheer goes up. Two snaps later? A spinning, charging fourteen-yard quarterback scramble. “It’s a miracle!” one spectator says, only half-joking. These are Bengals fans, but already you can hear the chant begin—as if they can’t help themselves: “Tebow, Tebow, Tebow!”

    Tim is used to that reaction. This 25-year-old devout Christian heartthrob has palpable charisma, a radiant magnetism that one of his fellow evangelicals might call a halo. The gossip pages—which have tirelessly documented his appearances on the red carpet—would call it heat. And yet critics point out that his arm is slow, his accuracy is poor. He simply doesn’t play like an elite NFL quarterback. “I have fun,” he says, brushing them off. “I enjoy life and getting after it. I still have a lot of joy doing this.”

    Still. Because he’s been getting after it since being raised by missionary parents on a farm in Jacksonville, Florida, since joining a Pee Wee football team and “lifting” with surgical tubing attached to doors until his father relented and put a weight set in the barn. Tim was a fiercely, cheerfully competitive kid—whether playing board games with his two older sisters or every sport under the sun with his big brothers. “They loved to play in the rain and the mud,” recalls his mother, Pam, who home-schooled all five children. “They even made their own golf course in the pasture."

    But Tim didn’t look like a natural quarterback; he was so big and bulky that his earliest coaches wanted him at fullback or linebacker. And yet there was only one position he dreamed about, so he and his dad sought out a team that would let him play it. Nease High School had one of the weakest football programs in the region; with Tebow at QB they won state. Next it was the University of Florida, where he took home the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore (a first) and led the Gators to two national-championship titles. And then the Denver Broncos drafted him as a backup. So much success, and yet commentators harped on his size and his bruising, physical style of play. “ ‘You’ll never make it in the NFL,’ ” he remembers them saying. “I just love that! I try to thrive off of that—off of challenges and obstacles, overcoming them.”

    He overcame his critics in astonishing fashion with the Broncos last season, scrambling this way and that, eyes darting around for receivers, slinging more than a few badly off-target passes. Yet somehow, some way, he kept winning game after thrilling game—often in the final heart-stopping seconds of the fourth quarter. He sparked a nationwide insta-craze with his knee-down, fist-to-forehead victory prayer called—naturally—“Tebowing.” He took a friendly ribbing on SNL (from Jason Sudeikis’s acerbic Jesus) and admitted to a reporter that yes, he was saving himself for marriage. Heartland churchgoers, urban sophisticates, football neophytes—everyone got swept up in his will to win. “A presence that can’t be explained but can certainly be felt,” said Bob Costas at the height of his streak.

    “Yeah, it was a very unique, very special, very humbling, surreal time,” Tebow remembers in early summer on a practice field at UCLA, where he has decamped for off-season training. He’s taking a breather on some bleachers in the shade, an old jersey emblazoned Florida draped across his knees. It’s striking how relaxed he is—not a trace of tension in his superhero frame—especially considering the scrutiny he’s under. Just months before, the high-profile New York Jets paid the Broncos millions to install him as the backup to their wobbly-looking starter, Mark Sanchez. Both QBs are young and photogenic—and only one of them can lead the team this season.

    Tim insists that he and Sanchez get along. “It’s not fake,” he says. “I can say that honestly I’m rooting for him to do his best.” And you believe him. Tim’s upbeat energy is contagious, and his favorite word, fun—he drops it 29 times into an hour-long conversation—has an almost narcotic effect. This is fun, you think. No wonder everyone wants to hang out with him. Last spring, Tebow was the center of attention at the Vanity Fair Oscar party, and at the Met Costume Institute Gala, in a crisp Ralph Lauren Purple Label tuxedo, he made all the girls swoon. “He was sweet and really nice and totally unfazed by it all,” says the NFL-obsessed model Karlie Kloss, who made a point of being introduced. “He’s got a good sense of style, too.”

    “He’s a force,” says Jon Hamm, another passionate sports fan and one of Tebow’s newfound celebrity pals. “Completely genuine—nice and funny and down-to-earth. First and foremost he wants to be a football player, not a media sensation or have a reality show.”

    True—and he recently batted away rumors that he’d appear on the next season of The Bachelor—but Tim is starting to think beyond football. Going to A-list parties, employing stylists, signing with powerhouse Hollywood agency WME—it’s all part of a plan to expand his network and draw attention to the Tim Tebow Foundation, with its outreach programs to hospitals and orphanages here and abroad. “You can get looked at in a certain light, or people think, This is this type of person, he wouldn’t do this. Sometimes it’s fun breaking those norms,” he says. “There are a lot of goals and ambitions that I have in life, things I want to accomplish. Who knows? I mean—it could be politics one day. I want to have a life that can help people.”

    A strapping young UCLA football player named Luke Gane passes by the bleachers and gives Tim a shy wave. Tebow practically leaps to his feet to say hello. “What’s up, man? How you doing, buddy?” Last year the Make-A-Wish Foundation flew Luke, who was afflicted with a rare life-threatening blood disorder in high school, to Denver to meet his hero. They slap hands, and Tim marvels at Luke’s fitness and size. “He’s gained 60 or 70 pounds from where he was when he was sick,” he says. “Awesome kid.”

    It’s the kind of heartwarming exchange Tebow thrives on, and it puts him in a happy mood. “I definitely, definitely want a family,” he says. Except there’s no Mrs. Tebow on the horizon. Rumors swirl from time to time—most recently after track star (and fellow self-described virgin) Lolo Jones tweeted that Tim had a secret girlfriend. In his best-selling autobiography, Through My Eyes, he acknowledges he’s picky with women. Ask him what he’s looking for, and he laughs delightedly—not embarrassed in the slightest. “I’ve been blessed to have an amazing mom and two amazing sisters—so they set a very high standard,” he says. “Obviously looks play a big part. Being attracted to someone plays a big part, but there’s also so much more than that for me. It’s about finding someone sweet and kind—and that has a servant’s heart. It’s about finding a girl who likes me for me, and not because of what I do or who I am or the name.”

    In the meantime, Tim most likes spending his off-field time with his brothers and sisters, “playing Taboo, Catch Phrase, Mafia, Monopoly till three or four in the morning,” he says. As for adjusting to life in New York, he’s buying a house near the Jets’ training facility in New Jersey. “The city itself is a little overwhelming,” he says. “It’s going to take a while before I actually build up the courage to drive in.”

    Courage? Tebow? He gets up from the bleachers and recites a favorite quotation, one he’s taped to his wall since he was a boy: “ ‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.’ ” And then: “I feel so fired up! I can’t wait to go out there and play.”

    Cincinnati is his first chance, and Tebow plays only two quarters. The Jets lose, but it’s just the preseason—a time for coaches to experiment. The consensus on Tebow’s performance is mixed. He had a couple of thrilling runs up the middle, but he didn’t score a touchdown and threw an interception late in the third quarter. So for the moment the question remains—how much will Tebow actually get to play this season? “It felt good to get in there and mess around a little bit,” he says, unwinding after the press conference, secluded in a private room at the stadium. He’s dressed in a purple V-neck T-shirt and a polished, eye-catching cross. He’s already thinking about the next game, you can tell. Already thinking of the work he’s going to put in between now and that Sunday. “Even from practice on Wednesday to this game, I’m improving,” he says, a determined light in his eyes, a gentle smile on his face. “Every single day I’m getting better and better.”


    LOL at him saying he's picky about his women. We all know it's because he wants fight4thislove and hasn't realized it yet.

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  • 10/20/12--17:44: Paris Hilton's Beauty Tips!
  • Pulchritudinous entrepreneur and icon of modern celebrity, Paris Hilton, gives you some wonderful tips to feel good, and keep yourself lovely.

    Take A Personal Approach To Scent

    Follow Paris Hilton's lead by choosing a fragrance that is meaningful to you. Paris chose Jean Patou's 1000, the first perfume she ever wore, because it was the scent her mother used when Paris was just a kid. Paris also wears Jean Patou's Joy, a reminder of another special person in her life -- she says it "just smells like my grandma," who passed away from breast cancer.

    Of her venture into perfume making, Paris said, "I wanted to do a fragrance because I feel like it's such a big part of life."

    Paris has released a number of different perfumes from her billion dollar fragrance line, including: Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton for Men, Just Me, Just Me for Men, Heiress, Heir, Can Can, Fairy Dust, Siren, Tease, The Passport Collection (Tokyo, Paris, South Beach, St. Moritz), and Dazzle.

    Focus on Your Lips With Gloss

    Get Paris Hilton's signature look by drawing attention to pink lips with a layer of lipgloss. One of Paris's favorites is Chanel Glossimer lipgloss in Astral #104 -- just the perfect touch of glitter. Smoky black eyeliner and soft blush complete this polished look.

    On her days off, Paris likes to keep makeup to a minimum, with just mascara and gloss, like MAC Prrr Lipglass.

    Indulge in Regular Facials

    According to Paris, the secret to her fresh, glowing complexion is a weekly spa facial.

    Although, not all of us have the means to go to the spa so often, we can all begin by practicing good skin care at home. Exfoliating treatments and a great moisturizer can make a big difference. Paris recommends her friend Kate Somerville's skin care line, saying, "I use all Kate's products."

    Take Care of Yourself

    According to Paris, "I just think it's good to just take care of yourself and get massages and drink water."

    We could all use this beauty advice. Eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep, and drinking plenty of water all help you look your best. Massages are nice, but optional!

    Start Young

    Paris Hilton's skin care advice? Start young. Don't wait until your skin starts showing signs of aging, which might be sooner than you think. Get a good beauty regimen going, and always wear sunscreen -- you won't regret it!

    Be Nice and Smile!

    We can all learn a thing or two from Paris' smile. A sweet flash of teeth does wonders for your face, giving everything a natural lift and a soft sparkle. It's easy, it's free and it will change the way people see you. Nothing is more attractive than a girl with a polite demeanor and a positive aura!


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    Reality TV can actually do some good in the world ... just ask "X Factor" finalist David Correy who found his birth mother after 25 years of separation ... all thanks to the show. 

    The 26-year-old David -- who is in the final 16 -- told the judges during his first audition that he was singing for his birth mother -- whom he'd never met -- who gave him up for adoption from Brazil as a baby. 

    Sources close to David tell TMZ when his episode of "X" aired in Brazil, a woman named Luciene Lima recognized the baby pics shown in David's segment and had a gut feeling he was hers. 

    We're told Luciene went through the Brazilian court system to trace her adoption -- and her findings led her back to David. Luciene, not knowing how to reach out to her long lost son, contacted the local media. 

    Our sources say a local paper was able to track David down in the U.S. and tell him about his mother. 

    We're told a DNA test has not been performed, but so far everything matches: the birth certificate, the orphanage David came from and the timeline. 

    A close friend of David's tells TMZ, "David is so happy -- and he can't wait to meet her for the first time."


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    Adele and her boyfriend Simon Konecki have welcomed a baby boy, according to reports.

    The 24-year-old singer and her 38-year-old beau brought their child into the world last week, according to The Mirror.

    “Adele and Simon are ecstatic at their new arrival,” a source said. “She was over the moon that they were expecting their first child together.”

    In August, Simon told the Mail On Sunday, “The baby is coming so soon. I’m very excited. Adele is doing well and we can’t wait.”

    Adele revealed the news of her pregnancy back in June.


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    "The Vampire Diaries" season 4 will continue next week with "The Rager," episode 3, which will introduce a new character in Phoebe Tonkin's Hayley, and in an interview Entertainment Weekly shared Thursday, Julie Plec addressed what she could mean for Caroline and Tyler's relationship.

    Hayley is the werewolf who helped Tyler break the sire bond to Klaus last season, so Klaus isn't exactly going to be happy with her either—if he knows that who's she is, of course. Either way, he'll see her as someone he can use to try to get between Caroline and Tyler (he's not over Caroline, and we have to admit, we like seeing him pursue her even though we would never want to see anything happen—Klaus is still Klaus). According to Plec;

    "The expression of glee that Klaus gets on his face when he realizes that Tyler might have been holding this as a secret from Caroline is priceless. Klaus is up to no good for a good portion of this season. He’s not on his best behavior. But watching him try to drive a wedge between Caroline and Tyler with just the control of gossip is actually superfun. Of course, Tyler is gonna have to try to take back that power and save his relationship and convince Caroline that she can still trust him."

    We can't wait to see how this plays out, but considering what Caroline and Tyler have been through, they deserve to have some time together—and to be happy during that time. It seems like they're always being interrupted by some sort of danger or some kind of drama, and that's just going to happen once more with Hayley in time. But what will Tyler be keeping from Caroline about his experience with Hayley? Is it as bad as Klaus is hoping so he can use it to his advantage? We would think that Caroline would be at least a bit grateful to Hayley since she helped Tyler break the bond, but is there more to the new werewolf in town than meets the eye? That's what we're expecting because this is "The Vampire Diaries" after all.

    In the end, we expect poor Klaus (at least in this regard) to once again lose out and for Tyler to fully explain himself to Caroline and keep her from being too angry about anything he may not have told her. We'd also like to see Caroline and Hayley bond at a certain point (though we don't know how likely that is) if only to see Klaus' reaction once he learns that his plan to get between the vampire he wants and the hybrid she loves isn’t working.


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    family fued

    Dina Lohan says her ex-husband Michael's attempt to stage an intervention with Lindsay was just another ploy to make himself relevant again ... and had ZILCH to do with LiLo's well-being.

    Dina tells TMZ ... LiLo has made it clear she wants nothing to do with her father, but MiLo will stop at nothing to get back in her life ... even if it means spreading lies about her health.  

    As TMZ first reported, LiLo called the cops on her dad yesterday after he showed up at her L.A. crib to stage a so-called intervention, claiming she'd fallen off the wagon. 

    Dina says, "This sole act by my ex was not an intervention nor was this extreme antic sanctioned by any member of Lindsay's family or her professional team of handlers." 

    She continues, "It's all about her father obsessed with making a name for himself in the news once again. It's sad and I hope he stops masquerading as her father in public and starts acting like one in private."

    FYI, this is the first time Dina spoke out about LiLo since police were called to HER home earlier this month -- after she and Lindsay got into a nuclear argument over money.


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    Aired Friday:

    Nikita premiere
    America's Next Top Model
    Shark Tank
    Baseball Playoffs
    Primetime: What Would You Do?
    CSI: New York
    Blue Bloods

    ABC and Fox tied for number one in adults 18-49, while CBS was on top in total viewers.

    Note: Due to live baseball coverage, FOX's ratings are subject to more than the usual adjustment in the finals.

    On ABC, Shark Tank garnered a series high 2.0 adults 18-49 rating, up 11% from last week's 1.8. Primetime: What Would You Do? earned a season-high 1.6, up 14% from last week's 1.4 adults 18-49 rating. 20/20 notched a 1.4 adults 18-49 rating, even with last week.

    On FOX, Baseball scored a preliminary 1.7 adults 18-49 rating, though that number will probably be adjusted in the finals.

    On CBS, CSI: NY earned a 1.2, down 14% from last week's 1.4 adults 18-49 rating. Blue Bloods scored a 1.3 down 7% from last week's 1.4 adults 18-49 rating.

    On NBC Grimm notched a 1.4, down 13% from last week's 1.6 adults 18-49 rating. Dateline NBC earned a 1.3 among adults 18-49, even with last week.

    On the CW, America’s Next Top Model garnered a 0.6 adults 18-49 rating, up 20% from an 0.5 for the last original episode on October 5. The season premiere of Nikita scored what we believe is a series low 0.3 adults 18-49 rating, down 50% from a 0.6 for the last season premiere on September 23, 2011 and down 25% from a 0.4 for the season finale on May 18, 2012


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    These are Top 25 Book Reviewers on Goodreads (infographic)

    Every once in awhile someone asks me: “So what business book should I be reading other than your own?”

    My answer is always the same: “Read what’s hot on the New York Times best seller list for business books.”

    But think of how many influential books are not on on those lists. Books like Goldmith’s Paid to Think, Faktor’s Econovation, and Brito’s Smart Business, Social Business are all books business leaders should be reading, but may not know about. I raise this point because there needs to be a better way to discover great books that matter. And there is.

    Goodreads has quietly grown into one of the most prolific social networks for book readers. In just the past few years, Goodreads has grown to 11 million members, created 20,000 book clubs and have shelved 395 million books. “We want to own book discovery – we’ve built the best way to discover books online and we’ve got 11 million registered members that agree,” Otis Chandler, CEO of Goodreads told me.

    While today, most of the most reviewed books on Goodreads are either fiction or classics, over time I believe we’ll see more interest in non-fiction books as the site grows in membership. As with most successful social networks, they tend to start in segments with a lot of passionate users then spread to other areas.

    We’re moving from a world where Publisher’s Weekly, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal pick winners and losers, to one where the crowd is doing it. Instead of professional critics offering singular opinions, passionate book readers like you and me have the chance to shape a book’s success. It’s a brave new world, and the industry can’t continue to operate like it’s 1984 anymore.

    Want to see the future of how books become hot or not? Let’s start with the Goodreads top 25. These are the people that can help books become popular.

    But for his part, Chandler is focused is on helping people find the best books for their own needs, “We have a long way to go with discovery, but we’re focused on it. Especially people in your network. We want to tie it to a user in a personalized way.” Chandler also believes his company will be able to use data analytics to help both authors and readers produce better books and better informed readers.

    I have often written about how social and mobile technologies will upend traditional businesses – arguing that the world must go social. When I make those arguments, sites like Goodreads add exclamation points. We’re at an enormous inflection point, but still most traditional publishing businesses are playing by the old rules.

    But as with any transition, there’s both a huge challenge and opportunity. It has never been easier to produce a book and it’s never been harder to make it successful. Anyone with the inclination to write and publish a book can do so within weeks – no need for a publisher, editor or even a good idea.

    It is why 50 Shades of Grey was made popular in part by Goodreads. It did it without a marketing budget, without a publisher, without a formal review, without a publicity campaign – 50 Shades of Grey became popular through word of mouth and social networks.

    Yet critics hated it, but fans made it popular. So who should we trust?

    For me, there are no “professional” critics that matter anymore. In our new social world, the crowd must decide. That means authors and readers everywhere now have greater access to each other and the best books won’t be held back by traditional road blocks. Obviously, for authors, this makes it more essential than ever to have a solid social media plan, to be accessible and to build a following – because relying on the old publishing guard won’t cut it anymore.

    That age is over.


    “On Dublin Street” Moves Uptown

    Looks like another indie title won’t be returning to IR’s bestseller list next week. And it isn’t due to lack of sales.

    Today’s Publisher’s Weekly reports that, “In a major deal closed during the week of the Frankfurt Book Fair, Lauren E. Abramo at Dystel & Goderich sold the bestselling self-published romance by Samantha Young, On Dublin Street, to NAL for seven figures. Kerry Donovan acquired the title for the Penguin imprint in a two-book deal, which includes a currently untitled follow-up.

    The novel, which Abramo said has sold more than 150,000 copies (n digital) in one month, has appeared not only on the Amazon bestseller lists but also on the lists for the Wall Street Journal and Apple. In the book, which is set in Edinburgh, a woman is awakened (sexually and otherwise) when she meets the intense brother of her new flat mate.

    From everyone here at IndieReader, best of luck, Sam!


    Keep Your Eyes Out For 'Cool, Sweet, Hot, Love'

    The next big thing in YA books-turned-movies might just be here—and despite all the trend forecasts predicting such things, it's not a dystopian post-apocalyptic magical fantasy romance between a human girl and the sea monster who loves her. (Although can someone write that book? WE NEED IT.) Actually, the latest book to get snatched up by a studio before it's even been published is a total change of pace from the usual: a cerebral, intellectually driven little story called "Cool, Sweet, Hot, Love." According to Deadline, Warner Bros is already circling the film rights for this one, which is hitting shelves sometime in 2014.

    Despite what you may be thinking—and we know what you're thinking, you filthy beast—this isn't a steamy romance. The novel by Erin McCahan follows a super-smart teenage linguistics enthusiast as she explores the meanings of different words to different people; the title quartet are the ones she's researching.

    And while there's not much known about "Cool, Sweet, Hot, Love," it's safe to say that all the buzz surrounding it is a fascinating change of pace for an industry that usually saves its lustful slavering for the paranormal romance category. Think they know something we don't? Or is Hollywood just breaking out of its rut?

    Do you know anything about "Cool, Sweet, Hot, Love"? Theories? Rumors?


    Plans for ‘Twilight’ spin-off beyond ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ in the works, says insider

    In June rumors surfaced stating Summit (and now parent studio Lionsgate) was already considering ways to continue the Twilight franchise beyond the five films.

    Now a new source has come about offering a couple more particulars., who we discovered through Bloody Disgusting, heard today that “they’re onto the [Breaking Dawn] follow-up,” but a decision hasn’t been made as to on what type of medium it will be created.

    The aforementioned source says they’ve heard it could be a television show or a film spin-off set in the same world as the Twilight Saga but not centering upon three lead characters Edward, Bella, and Jacob. One idea currently being tossed around would focus on the Wolf Pack.

    To us, a Wolf Pack show or film may be the best bet. The studio is likely looking at the runaway success of MTV’s Teen Wolf which, if you ask us, was only created because Twilight popularized wolves (the show is based on the 1985 film of the same name) in recent years.

    The other big question concerning the continuation of the franchise is whether or not Stephenie Meyer, the book series’ author, will be involved. Then there’s Melissa Rosenberg who penned each of the five films. Both women had a key role in the success of the book to film adaptations.

    With publicity for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 set to begin in a couple weeks, the cast and crew will naturally be posed questions about whether or not they’ll miss the franchise, and that may lead to questions about their interest in a reboot or spin-off.

    When these rumors initially surfaced over the summer, Summit denied a “remake” but didn’t comment on a spin off. “We will happily support Stephanie Meyer if she decides to proceed in any way,” they said.

    Films-turned-TV-spin-offs may be a new trend. In August, Joss Whedon started developing an Avengers television show for ABC based on his film but not using those same Avengers heroes.

    Breaking Dawn – Part 2 promotional material uses the phrase “forever” – now you know why.


    'Divergent' Casting: 5 Picks For Four

    For fans of Veronica Roth's "Divergent," the wait for a movie adaptation of the beloved dystopian YA thriller has been defined by brief moments of wild excitement followed by long, painful silences in which nothing happens, there is no news at all, and seriously Hollywood what are you trying to do to us WE CANNOT STAND IT ANYMORE. But at last, things seem to be moving forward: September brought reports that a release date has been set for 2014, and yesterday, rumors surfaced that Shailene Woodley is in talks for the lead role of Tris. Which means that now is the perfect time to dial up our "Divergent" obsession to 11 and offer up five strapping young actors who could play opposite Shailene (or whomever!) in the role of Four.

    If you haven't read the books, some background: Four is the enigmatic Dauntless instructor who guides Tris through the dangerous initiation into her new faction. He's brave, bold, mysterious and—of course—a sexy beast of the highest caliber. So, who's on our shortlist of potential actors to play the role? Check it!

    Steven R. McQueen
    This exceptionally handsome gent is a "Vampire Diaries" veteran, but he's only barely dipped his toe into the waters of big-screen roles. What better transition than the familiar ground of another YA book adaptation?

    Jesse Williams
    Okay, we'll admit it: At 31, Jesse may be a teensy bit old at this point to pass as an 18-year-old onscreen...but with the role of Four calling for dark hair, piercing blue eyes and a certain gravitas, he's certainly packing a lot of, um, qualifications.

    Matthew Lewis
    After years of playing the overlooked, doofy Neville Longbottom in the "Harry Potter" franchise, Matthew is perfectly positioned to step into the spotlight as the star of the "Divergent" adaptation. And considering that he's become a bona fide hunk of late, all he'd need for this one is an American accent.

    Diego Boneta
    From bit parts in "Pretty Little Liars" to his big breakout in "Rock of Ages," Diego has been an impressive new presence in Hollywood of late; we like him so much, we even added him to the cast of our new show, "Underemployed." But hey, if Hollywood wants him to ride the Dauntless train, we'd offer him a ride to the station.

    Alex Pettyfer
    After getting passed over twice as a possible contender for major roles in "The Hunger Games," Alex deserves a serious look for the next big YA book-to-movie adaptation. Plus, he is number four, you know.

    Which of our picks do you like best for Four? Have any ideas of your own? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!


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  • 10/20/12--18:33: It's Tearing Up My Heart...
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Oh, no. We guess they're not as close as the Backstreet Boys. It seems that former NSYNCers Lance Bass and Joey Fatone were not present for Justin Timberlake's big day.

    Joey was living it up in L.A. Friday evening, and was asked about the wedding, which took place in Italy that day. "I'm here, ain't I? Isn't it this week?"

    Hmm. Additionally, Lance was in San Diego at the time of the wedding, rallying for gay rights.

    Reports put Chris Kirkpatrick in Italy for the festivities, but so far no one knows the whereabouts of JC Chasez.

    We do know that there were about 150 guests, including Jessica Biel's former 7th Heaven co-star Beverely Mitchell, Saturday Night Live's Andy Samberg, and music producer Timbaland, who has worked with Justin on many songs, including "Cry Me a River" in 2002, about Justin's relationship with Britney Spears.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    "It's great to be married, the ceremony was beautiful and it was so special to be surrounded by our family and friends," the couple told PEOPLE in an exclusive statement Friday.


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  • 10/20/12--18:48: My Life As Zooey Deschanel

  • Hello. My name is Christine DeLuna or, to others, “The Girl that Kind of Looks like Zooey Deschanel.” I prefer Christine.

    When I cut my bangs two years ago, I wanted a “hip” change. I’ll be vintage, I thought. Not the case. For two years now it’s been a daily stream of “you look like that girl from New Girl” or “you look like that girl from 500 Days of Summer.” I’m always polite. I smile and say, “Yeah, I get that a lot” like the movies tell you to do. But on the inside, I’m cringing.

    It’s not that I hate Zooey Deschanel, because I don’t. It’s more that I get mixed reactions. Usually when people ask if I know I look like her they’re nice about it. But, there are times when it gets uncomfortable.

    I can’t even count the amount of times guys have used “my alter ego” to pick me up. Gentlemen, do not use the “You look like Zooey Deschanel. She’s hot” line anymore. Besides the fact that I have no idea how to handle someone hitting on me in general, it just makes me think you’re into me because I fulfill some creepy fantasy involving her, her glasses and sex in a library. Next time, you’re better off asking my sign.

    I’ve had people start out polite and then go into a rant about how annoying Zooey is. I’m not Zooey so don’t use me as a means to vent your frustrations with her. On the flip side, there’s no need to get creepy fan-like with me. Again, I’m not Zooey; I’m at the grocery store. You don’t need to tell me how awesome she is like I’m about to sign your New Girl season 1 DVD.

    People tell me it’s not just the hair. They say I dress and act like her too. I see it, but I don’t need you to point it out to me.

    Zooey does not own the rights to cardigans, high-wasted shorts, and flowery dresses. I’m free to wear as many cardigans as I please…in the summer…or at a club. She’s not the only one that’s allowed to make up songs about what she’s doing. I’ve been singing, “Come here bus; come here bus. Don’t forget about us” since I was seven. Maybe my friends should stop and consider that maybe Zooey Deschanel is copying me and not the other way around. You never know.

    I’m still not fully over how annoying it can be, but I’ve learned to laugh off the Zooey stuff more. I’m not going to stop dressing as I do or change my hair completely. (Maybe I’ll stop the singing in public; it makes people uncomfortable.) I’m not trying to make this about personal identity, but I guess it is. So here’s the advice from someone whose friends and family consider her Zooey Deschanel reincarnate–before cutting your bangs, seriously consider the repercussions.

    Besides Stacy Dash, which celebrity do people tell you you look like, ONTD? If you don't know, post a picture of yourself so we can tell you!

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    Amy Poehler took her sons Archie and Abel to a costume party in Beverly Hills today.


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    Britney Spears goes Bridezilla: Singer plans to wed former manager "within weeks"

    Star telling anyone who'll listen that she’s ready to ­become Mrs Jason Trawick and is already on a diet for the big day.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Britney Spears is ­looking exceptionally good of late... probably because she’s turned a bit Bridezilla.

    Yes, she’s finally planning her wedding to her boyfriend and former manager Jason Trawick.

    In fact sources close to the star here in LA tell me the ­wedding will happen “within weeks” of wrapping up her work on the live X Factor USA shows.

    Not only is Britney telling one and all that she’s ready to ­become Mrs Trawick, she’s also taking her health seriously and is on a ­Bridezilla diet to be in the best shape possible.

    My source tells me: “She’s put a treadmill into her X Factor­ ­dressing room and is making sure she’s ­jogging as often as she can.

    “She’s taking her look ­incredibly seriously and has said she will ­dazzle with her outfits and her body on the live finals of X ­Factor.

    “It’s very much a countdown to the nuptials right now... we’re ­talking within weeks.”

    The pair announced their ­engagement last December after dating for three years. But of course Jason has been part of her professional life for donkey’s years as he used to be her agent at William Morris Endeavor.

    This week the singer was said to be “on the best form ever” as she filmed her part in’s new single Scream and Shout.

    She looked stunning in a Herve Leger dress and black gloves. She even insisted on stylists cutting out the midriff area of the £1,000 dress to show off her toned tum.

    My spy says: “She had her groove back and she looked and danced ­brilliantly".

    “There’s a throw-down section where she performs a solo dance on a podium, and all you hear is, ‘It’s ­Britney Bitch’. And then she danced like ­crazy.

    “She’s got her groove back. X Factor has given her a new lease of life.

    “She wants to show people what originally made her so famous again.”

    This is Britney’s third wedding,­ ­following a 55-hour marriage to Jason Alexander and her union with the ­father of her children Kevin Federline, which lasted less than two years.

    Brit and Kev have two sons, Sean Preston, six, and Jayden, five, but their marriage ended in 2006.

    I can’t wait to see what this Britney wedding has to offer. No doubt there will be a big magazine deal in place for us all to catch a glimpse.

    OMG! Can't believe she is marrying! She will finally lose her virginity O.O Also, I need S&S ASAP!

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    When it comes to nip slips, Joanna Krupa just might be the queen bee.

    After suffering from quite a few boob-revealing wardrobe malfunctions, the Real Housewives of Miami star let it all hang out while grabbing dinner at BOA Steakhouse in Beverly Hills Thursday night.

    Going braless in a beaded, sheer top, 33-year-old Krupa emerged from the restaurant with both of her nipples visible for all the world to see.

    And the former Dancing With the Stars hoofer didn't seem to mind.

    Referring to her clearly seen nipples, one of the interviewers outside the restaurant told her, "You show a secret... sort of." She didn't look so surprised and just said while smiling, "Is it? Oh well... You can look but you can't touch."

    Commenting on Honey Boo Boo's family, she said, "When I first... I look at them, I see heart attack and cancer".

    Kara Keough Gets Engaged to NFL’s Kyle Bosworth!

    Kara, the daughter of Real Housewives of Orange County’s Jeana Keough, got engaged to NFL linebacker Kyle Bosworth last weekend. The proud mom shared her joy by tweeting, “My daughter just got engaged. Kyle Bosworth really surprised her!”

    Kyle popped the question on the beach, and then Kara was greeted by a bunch of her friends who were hiding nearby. Kara also received a congratulations of sorts from Mother Nature. “Right after I said ‘Of course’ a giant wave came and crashed over us. If that isn't an affirmation, don't know what is,” she tweeted.

    Kara met Kyle at UCLA while she was earning her degree in Interpersonal Communications Studies. The two now live in Florida, with Kyle playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Kara working as a marketing coordinator in the area.

    New RHOBH Star Marisa Slams Teresa!

    As fans of the Real Housewives series, we have to wonder: what do the stars of the show think of their regional counterparts? Well, new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Marisa Zanuck answered our question recently in this surprising interview!

    Marisa, who was was at the grand opening of Kyle's new Beverly Hills boutique, told RumorFix, “I don’t like the New Jersey Housewives. I’m so sick of seeing Teresa and her family fight. It’s annoying. I don’t want to see it anymore.”

    The new reality star is married to producer Dean Zanuck, son of producer Richard Zanuck and grandson of Darryl Zanuck, the co-founder of 20th Century Fox. So Marisa doesn’t feel like she needs to be politically correct.

    “Teresa seems like a bitch,” Marisa says, “I don’t like Teresa. Maybe at first [I liked Teresa] in the first season. But then she was so mean to Danielle. She went over above and beyond what she had to do to make her point. I don’t like women like that. She’s mean.”

    By the way Marisa speaks, it looks like she’ll be a refreshing addition to RHOBH.

    Teresa Is Terrified Of Losing Her Fame Says Joanna!

    “Teresa Giudice has picked fame over her family and friends.”

    Those are the candid words from star Joanna, who made it clear in an exclusive interview with RadarOnline that her reality show counterpart has her values completely mixed up.

    “Every family has its issues but you don’t hit below the belt,” Joanna told Radar, criticizing Teresa’s actions. “She doesn’t need to be this low to make a name for herself. Everybody already knows who she is.”

    Teresa has played a key role in accusing sister-in-law Melissa of once being a stripper, a move that has infuriated and alienated family members.

    “You don’t mess with family. Teresa took it a step way too far hitting below the belt with Melissa and the stripper thing,” Joanna said. “Everyone loves fame and money but you don’t do that to your family.

    “I don’t know what Teresa is thinking but she’s lost herself in the world of fame. She’s scared of losing it so she’ll do whatever it takes to stay on top.

    “There’s no reason to disrespect your family. I can’t even imagine doing that. I guess some people love fame too much.”

    A Timeline of Adrienne and Paul's Nasty Divorce!

    July 2012

    Adrienne and Paul announced their plans for separation after being married for nearly 10 years. The couple initially said that the decision was mutual after spending the last few years of their marriage at odds with one another. Both issued public statements saying that while unfortunate, they only wanted to do what was best for their three sons.

    August 2012

    After rumors that the two were working on their relationship to stay together, Adrienne filed for divorce, citing "irreconcilable differences." The two were also reported to have both signed prenuptial agreements.

    September 7, 2012

    Paul had his request for temporary custody of their three kids denied by a judge. He claimed that the children were suffering emotional abuse under Adrienne's care. The judge denied his petition because, he claimed, there was no proof that any harm was coming to the children.

    September 20, 2012

    In what may be construed as an act of retaliation, Adrienne then moved to take out a restraining order against Paul, claiming that he was physically abusing their children. Adrienne said that Paul, on separate occasions, hit one of their boys and threw the other in a corner. She also said that she was scared because Paul carried a gun.

    September 21, 2012

    Adrienne put the family home, often showcased on RHOBH, up for sale. The house was put on the market for $26 million.

    September 27, 2012

    Paul was granted access to his kids through supervised visits, provided that he turn in his gun. More rumors of Paul's temper arose from family friends and from Adrienne's family chef, Bernie Guzman. Though social workers found no evidence of physical abuse toward Adrienne, Bernie claimed he witnessed many physical fights between the two, especially after Paul had been heavily drinking.

    Adrienne also claimed that Paul had abused her, saying in her sworn declaration, "Paul has often shoved me to the ground, pulled my hair and yelled at me. Most recently, in July 2012, he shoved me to the ground with enough force that I hit my head on the floor when I fell."

    October 7, 2012

    Adrienne and Paul reached a custody agreement with the help of their lawyers and a mediator outside of court. While Paul wasn't granted the 50/50 custody agreement that he had hoped to obtain, they were able to come to the consensus that she would maintain full custody, and he would have visitation rights. The restraining order, however, remained in place.

    October 16, 2012

    Bernie Guzman published pictures of Adrienne on his Facebook page depicting many bruises on her back and arms that he claims Adrienne suffered at Paul's hands, He claimed that he published the pictures of his own will and not at the prompting of Adrienne.

    "Now you know who and what he really is. Adrienne Maloof was pushed to the ground. Punched and beaten. He is a beast," Bernie wrote on his Facebook page. "Adrienne would not press charges ... She was worried about her children and the custody battle ... what would happen to her children when they were out of her sight. A mothers worry."

    October 17, 2012

    Paul's lawyer, Marty Singer, issued a statement to TMZ denying the validity of Adrienne's abuse claims.

    "Any suggestion that the photos show my client struck Adrienne Maloof is complete fabrication," he said. "No physical assault ever occurred. I can't speculate how these marks occurred. I know the woman does martial arts."

    Although this sad spectacle is probably far from over, the two of them make a different kind of spectacle of themselves on the upcoming season of the RHOBH, due to air November 5. Hopefully, it won't be anywhere near as tragic as a retrospective that her co-star Taylor Armstrong had to live through last season after similar allegations were released toward her husband, Russell Armstrong.

    WetPaint, E!, RumorFix, RadarOnline, BuddyTV

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  • 10/20/12--20:21: Goodbye Gossip Girl.

  • Last day of filming.

    His hair >>>>>


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  • 10/20/12--20:21: SNL Post: Bruno Mars

  • Oh man I was napping today and had an awful dream I woke up half an hour after SNL started and I was panicking to make a post but imgur changed its layout and it made no sense. ONTD stress dreams plague me often. But whatever.

    Quick Gifs & Caps:
    Or just search the #snl tag on tumblr.

    Live Links:
    (Or go to and look for NBC)

    Here is the rundown for the season so far.
    Week number, Host, +SkitsWithHader -SkitsWithoutHader

    Week 1: Seth MacFarlane +6 -6
    Week 2: Joseph Gordon Levitt +7 -6
    Week 3: Daniel Craig +4 -6
    Week 4: Christina Applegate +4 -6
    Week 5: Bruno Mars +6 -7


    Opener: Second Presidential Debates (Hader) (TOM HANKS)
    Monologue: Why am I hosting SNL? (No Hader, only Keenan)
    Brad Pitt for Channel (No Hader, only Taran)
    Haters with Sunny Taylor Tompkins (Hader)
    Brad Pitt for Taco Bell (No Hader, only Taran)
    Pandora Internet HQ (Hader)
    Sad Mouse (No Hader)
    Bruno sings
    Weekend Update (STEFON, Hader)
    Haunted House Robots (Hader, Hanks)
    Brad Pitt for Franklin's Dog Condoms (No Hader, only Taran)
    Wilderness Lodge (Hader)
    Dr. Zizmor's Tattoo Removal (No Hader, only Teran)
    Stefon Introduces Bruno Mars
    Donkey Punch the Ballot (No Hader)

    Hader Skits

    Skits w/o Hader


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  • 10/20/12--20:30: Merlin 5x04 Promo
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    HIT drama Downton Abbey could be heading to cinema screens after cast members revealed plans to turn it into a Hollywood movie.

    The worldwide phenomenon was originally ­­ supposed to finish after the third ­series, currently showing on ITV1.

    But cast members now believe a fourth series will be commissioned, before the Crawley family’s story ­concludes with a feature film.

    A show source said: “Hollywood bosses are especially keen to make a film adaption due to the show’s success in America.

    “A fourth series is now 99% certain but the worry is ­leading cast members will soon leave and follow film ­careers to capitalise on their new-found fame.

    “One option is to conclude the drama with a feature film after series four, which would be a huge box office hit.

    “It would end the show on a high and then free up the cast to pursue Hollywood careers.”

    Show writer Julian Fellowes, 63, is said to be open to the idea but wants to keep the same team which produces the TV series.

    Hugh Bonneville, 48, who plays Lord Grantham, ­confirmed possible plans ­saying: “A feature film could certainly be one way of ­concluding the series while it is still at its peak. It is hugely popular all around the world, so anything is possible.”

    Brendan Coyle, 48, who plays jailed Mr Bates, added: “Julian already has an Oscar for Gosford Park, so why not?

    “Downton is, to some extent, Gosford Park the TV show.

    “It would be interesting. It would complete a nice circle from Gosford Park.

    “Downton is not a novel adaptation, it is open-ended so that enables Julian to do what he wants with it.”

    The record-breaking drama has become a massive hit across the globe. It has been sold to more than 100 countries since first airing in the UK in September 2010.

    It has also won numerous awards, including a Golden Globe and nine Emmy Awards.


    How legit is the Daily Star? I don't think it's super legit. But I like this idea. I think one more series + a feature film would be a perfect way to wrap up the show. And then Queen Michelle will be free to take over Hollywood like she is destined to do.

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  • 10/20/12--22:47: Freddie Stroma for Da Man
  • Cormac McLaggen from Harry Potter and the Hot DJ from Pitch Perfect Dresses Down for Fall

    that chest fuzz... mmmmmmm

    British-born up-and-comer Freddie Stroma is not one to shy away from a challenge. He was doing a neuroscience degree at University College London when he landed the role of Cormac McIaggen in the uber-popular Harry Potter series. The role forced him to give up his studies, but once his time at Hogwarts ended he returned to UCL to complete the difficult degree, saying in an interview it “would have been a shame to just throw it away.” Since then he has taken on films that have put his musical skills to the test, namely the modern fairy tale A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song and Pitch Perfect, a comedy about college a cappella groups that comes out in September. His next movie, The Philosphers, brought him to Jakarta, which he told us came with its own unique set of challenges…

    DA MAN: When did you first decide to seriously pursue acting as a career?

    Freddie Stroma: Well, I managed to get an agent at the age of 18, the summer before I started university. I was juggling my degree and different acting jobs and once I graduated, I decided to carry on full time.

    DA: How did you snag the role of Cormac Mclaggen in Harry Potter series? Did getting that role change your life?

    FS: It was a standard call from my agent for an audition. I auditioned with the casting director and the tape was sent to the director David Yates. About three weeks later, I was told I had a callback at the studio. I went for the read with David and then once the scene was over, he told me in the room that he wanted me to do it. I was completely shocked, also because I didn’t know what I was going to do about the final year of me degree. Harry Potter was a much bigger project than my previous jobs. So it was a big step in the right direction. Personally it didn’t affect me too much. Some attention on the internet was about the most of it.

    DA: If you could learn one spell from Harry Potter and use it in real life, which would you choose?

    FS: I think it would probably be “accio”. I would love to be able to summon objects. Although, I would probably end up using it to just get my phone when it rings or to get the TV remote. With great power comes great responsibility.

    DA: We are very excited to see The Philosphers since it takes place in our hometown! Can you tell us a little about the story and the character you play?

    FS: I had a great time filming in Indonesia. The story is set in an International School and takes place in the last philosophy class of the year. And the characters slowly discover more about themselves, their friends and their values. I play a character who is a bit of a jock but only in the sense that he likes sports. He’s pretty playful and confident.

    DA: You spent quite a bit of time living in Jakarta while shooting the film. What were your impressions of Jakarta and Indonesia?

    FS: I had been to Bali ten years prior and one of the same impressions was that everyone smiles a lot in Indonesia. It’s a very beautiful country and we were lucky enough to get to travel around. The thing that I remember the most about Jakarta is crossing the roads. It was terrifying. We would cross the street muttering “confidence, confidence, confidence” while the cars and bikes would drive around us. It felt like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, when Indie crosses the invisible bridge.

    this is my least favorite of these photos...I think it's the hair

    DA: You got to work with one of Indonesia’s most famous pop stars, Cinta Laura, on her home turf at the Jakarta International School. What was it like working with her? Did she give you and the rest of the cast a tour of the city?

    FS: Cinta Laura was a pleasure to work with. She is a very sweet and kind person. She helped us a lot with learning about Indonesia. She was our Liaison officer for all Indonesian matters. She showed us a few places to go to in Jakarta that were pretty cool.

    DA: What is one philosophical tenant(sic) you try to follow in your life?

    FS: I suppose the golden rule, “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself”. I think that’s a pretty good code to live by and the world would benefit if everyone did.

    fuuuuuck me...

    DA: You’ve demonstrated your chops as a singer on screen in the movies Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song and the upcoming Pitch Perfect. Are you a trained vocalist?

    FS: I play guitar and sing but am not trained. I would perform at school and it was something else that I liked doing. So once I started acting and I occasionally had to sing in auditions, it was useful to have.

    DA: You are known for being quite the scholar, having completed a neuroscience degree. Why did you decide to study such an intimidating subject?

    FS: Well, I studied Maths, Biology, Chemistry and German at A-level and wanted to carry on down that route. And to be able to study the brain scientifically just sounded amazing. It’s the best degree in the world! (in my opinion obviously) I didn’t study Neuroscience with any intentions of a career in research or anything. It was just a subject that I found really interesting.

    DA: What is the most interesting thing you learned about the human mind while you were studying it?

    FS: That’s a very difficult question because there were so many interesting things to learn. One module I did like had to do with consciousness and the theory of mind, so learning what makes us conscious beings and at what age we are considered to have “theory of mind,” because this gives a very fundamental rule about how we exist, by prediction.

    DA: If you couldn’t be an actor, which would you rather be: a neuroscientist or a singer?

    FS: I suppose I would say singer. I feel like being a neuroscientist would possibly be more fulfilling but the basic joy of singing and music is a very powerful thing.

    this photo does it for me

    DA: How would you describe your personal fashion sense? Any brands you tend to stick to?

    FS: Non-existent. I don’t have a very good fashion sense. It’s something I haven’t put enough time and thought in to. Brands I stuck to growing up would have been Ralph Lauren. And by stuck to, I mean what I was given to wear by my parents.

    DA: Which actors’ careers do you most admire and would like to emulate?

    FS: My list of actors that I like constantly changes. I feel like there are also many that I admire but don’t think I could emulate. Actors that inspire me and most actors I would think are Marlon Brando, De Niro, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Daniel Day Lewis. More recently I’ve enjoyed watching Michael Shannon, John Hawkes and Sam Rockwell.

    Who Da Man?

    It's apt that he's in Pitch Perfect, because I'm certainly pitching a tent for him...

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    Kelly Rutherford is supported by her brother as custody battle takes its toll

    Eating Chipotle:Stars, they're just like us!

    She has said she is living a mother's worst nightmare in the wake of her ex-husband's win in their child custody case.

    And Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford looked tense and frail as she joined her supportive brother for lunch in New York on Monday.

    The 43-year-old was stylishly dressed in a fawn coat and boots, and although she hid her eyes behind dark sunglasses it was clear the fight over her young children is causing immense strain.

    The Melrose Place actress broke down on The View as she discussed a ruling that would allow ex Daniel Giersch to keep their son and daughter, ages five and three, in France.
    But the US-based mother-of-two, who has vowed to appeal, said she has drained her earnings to pay off legal bills - and must keep working to afford the fight.

    Rutherford, who married the German businessman in 2006, separated three years later when she was pregnant with their second child, and divorced in 2010.

    A bitter custody battle ensued, and on August 28 Los Angeles Judge Theresa Beaudet ruled the children should remain in France with their father, who they'd been visiting over the summer.
    Complicating matters, Giersch's visa was revoked earlier this year and he has been banned from entering the US.

    As a result, the couple will continue to have joint legal and physical custody with Rutherford required to fly overseas for visitation.
    'I have to keep working to be able to afford this [the custody battle].
    'I have been through pretty much everything,' Rutherford said. 'It’s just been crazy.'
    The judge gave custody to Giersch as it was her opinion that Rutherford had repeatedly tried to cut her ex-husband out their children's lives.
    Rutherford said she is consulting with lawyer Alan Dershowitz to get the children, who are American citizens, back to the US.


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