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Oh No They Didn't! -

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  • 05/04/17--08:28: Narduar vs. Seth Rogen

  • Nardwuar the Human Serviate caught up with Seth Rogen in Vancouver, for a 30 minute interview. They talk about Wu Tang Clan, growing up in Vancouver, his high school yearbook, his classmates famous classmates Nathan Fielder & Jessi Cruickshank, finding porn as a child, his movie the Interview and much more!

    Bonus Nardwuar Throwback! Nardwuar VS. Destiny's Child

    In 2002 Nardwuar tried to interview Destiny's Child, but they were too busy and sped away on a golf cart without warning.
    Source 1, Source 2

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    The Olsen twins are the queens of keeping a low radar, having everyone convinced they are blank canvases with dry souls - and they are, if you compare them to their doe-eyed, smiley younger years.

    But Vanity Fair has shed some light on Mary-Kate and Ashley's secret party ways, saying that the twins arrived when the party started to really kick off, but right before Rihanna was getting ready to leave.

    "The Olsen twins had just arrived and made their way to a spot toward the back of the room, where they parked themselves with a group of friends and enough cigarettes to last a year on a desert island. At 3:30 A.M., as “Wonderwall” blared throughout the club, both Olsens screamed the lyrics, hands in the air, and it was impossible not to feel nostalgic—you can’t watch the Olsens smoke cigarettes and dance to “Wonderwall” and feel nothing."

    Mary-Kate and Ashley were also seen at Studio in a School's 40th anniversary in New York yesterday (May 3). Studio in a School is a non-profit organization that provides visual arts programs to NYC's youth.

    Sources: 1, 2, 3
    Ashley's skin looks amazing tbh

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    Thank you for all the love & concern that's been pouring in since Tuesday. Although I'm much healthier than I was a year ago, complications arose from my most recent endometriosis surgery. When the healthcare of so many American women, especially our trans sisters, is at-risk- or already nonexistent- I am lucky to be in the position to seek help when I'm in pain. To those in that privileged spot- never forget that we are blessed and can pay it forward by supporting Planned Parenthood and LGBTQ clinics like Callen-Lorde with our 💰 and ⌚️. I also want to remind all the women suffering from chronic illness that we aren't weak- quite the opposite, actually. We do our jobs with skill even when we're struggling. We care families even when we can hardly care for ourselves. We serve major face on a red carpet when we feel like lying face down would be more appropriate. I'll always be proud of those Met Gala pics- not just because I felt beautiful, surrounded by art and magic, hugging my best friend tightly, but because they're evidence that women contain steely multitudes. Just that morning @dianafalzone sued Fox after they took her off air for disclosing her endometriosis. But they're the ones who lost when they fired her, because everyone who's anyone knows that if you can battle chronic illness there's nothing you can't take on.


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    source 2

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    - she got divorced last year after a 23 year long marriage to her first husband

    - this will be his third marriage

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    Today's hosts: Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Jedediah Bila and Whoopi Goldberg
    Today's 🔥 topics:
    The View discusses Ivanka's latest book. Sunny comments on how tone deaf the family is. Whoopi is angered at Ivanka's misuse of a Toni Morrison quote. Sara asks why she even released the book. Joy responds she only released a book so that 45 could read something. The panel talks about that damn pesky emoluments clause. Jed wanted her to talk about her own experiences and not rip off other people. Jed didn't feel that she was authentic with the book.

    The panel rips a new one on the Housing Secretary Ben Carson who made a comment about how housing looked too comfortable. The segment becomes a discussion in regards to welfare and the lack of research and understanding from the current Housing Secretary and the administration.

    SOURCE:1, 2

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  • 05/04/17--09:30: ONTD Roundup
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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Do you piss glitter, ONTD?
    1, 2, 3,

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    “I design or pull pieces that make me feel a certain way - things that I can wear with my clothes, things that I can wear out, things that I can put on and dance around in my house and no one has to be there.” - @the_native_tiger featured in @vmagazine 💋 wearing our Liza Bodysuit (link in bio)

    source 1234567

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    "#2 can you even."

    Trixie Mattel, real name Brian Firkus, is the first RPDR alumni to release a country/folk album. 'Two Birds' has been receiving rave reviews and praise from critics.


    she's a little bit country, i'm a little bit garbage

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    · In has-beens corner, Fabio (yes, Fabio) lamented to Tucker Carlson (yes, Tucker Carlson) that California governor Jerry Brown has taken the side of criminals with regard to prop 57, which increases chances of parole for non-violent offenders
    · Fabio (Fabio!!!! In 2017!!!!) said that coming from Europe he's "seen this movie before," that CA is facing a crime "epidemic" and tells viewers (your racist uncle, probably) to take the side of police


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    favorite song from the 70s??

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    - Her name is Sophie Brussaux, she is a former porn star.

    - Is three and a half months pregnant.

    - Has already hired lawyers to secure a paternity test and ha check!

    - Drake is pissed, allegedly.

    ONTD, y'all think this is true ?


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  • 05/03/17--16:56: Hulu goes LIVE

  • -Hulu will begin to offer LIVE television
    -Will offer 50 channels to choose including the 4 main networks+Bravo/TNT/HGTV and more!
    -Will cost $40
    -Right now beta testing is only available for
    -50 hours of cloud DVR storage

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Now if flop CW and AMC got in line....bye bye DISH

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  • 05/03/17--17:48: A Beyoncé IG Update.

  • Source;( X )

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    • Chris once thought that he could get away with cheating on his ex-wife (Malaak Compton-Rock) "because he was the breadwinner." His response now: "That's bulls--t. That actually goes the other way. My faults are magnified. Your significant other, if they really love you, has a high opinion of you. And you let them down."

    • Chris cheated on his ex-wife with three different women.

    • During his Alimony Tour, Rock admitted that he is a "piece of s#%t" for cheating on his ex. The couple shares two daughters, and they were married for eighteen years. The separation started in 2014, but the divorce was not finalized until 2016.

    • Chris does not want to put the spotlight on his divorce. "It's not fair. I have a mic, she doesn't. God forbid people are bugging her in the supermarket. That's not cool. I'm going to have to see her at weddings and graduations."

    • More about his divorce can be found in his recent Rolling Stone interview.

    Have you ever been cheated on, ONTD?

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    In the war of Andrea vs Zeke, Andrea struck first and Zeke was voted out 5 - 3 - 2 over Tai and Sierra

    Source: TV/CBS

    Please put unaired spoiled discussion under an lj-spoiler cut!

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    “CHASE CONTINUES TO TORMENT OLIVER — Oliver (Stephen Amell) returns to the mayor’s office and faces one of his most pressing issues yet – the forced release of dozens of violent criminals prosecuted by Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra). Meanwhile, a crate is delivered to Oliver’s office containing a mysterious corpse encased in concrete. Laura Belsey directed the episode written by Marc Guggenheim & Sarah Tarkoff (#521). Original airdate 5/10/2017.”

    source / source

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    • Godzilla vs. Kong is now May 22nd, 2020 instead of May 29th

    • Game Night moves from February 16th to the 14th, 2018

    • Untitled New Line Horror Film is on September 7th  2018

    • The new Scooby-Doo movie Scooby moves from September 21st 2018 to May 15th 2020

    more @ the source

    Are you excited that we wait one week less for the gladiator match of the century?

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    Ryan Tedder (songwriter, record producer, and lead vocalist of pop rock band OneRepublic) sat down with Access Hollywood to discuss in concise detail what it's like working with Adele, Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, and Selena Gomez.


    Adele('Rumor Has It')

    • He wasn't down to write any ballads, so they did something tempo
    • Adele sang the entire song in one take

    Taylor Swift('Welcome to New York' & 'I know Places')

    • Describes her as "goes beyond talented"
    • She sent him voice memos of her on the piano, communicating how she's hearing a song
    • "With Taylor, you function more as an editor. She has a million ideas, and you're more like, 'this one, not that one', because she's so good."
    • Says, for Taylor, you're more producing than writing songs, "she can write everything by herself."

    Camila Cabello

    • Says she's one of the best new up-and-coming artists
    • Didn't have crazy expectations, since, "[on girl groups] you don't know what to expect; it's like, you're one fourth or fifth of a girl group, I have no idea how talented you are. And [Fifth Harmony] was manufactured."
    • Says Camila is a phenomenal lyricist who wants her music to have a nod to her Cuban origin

    Selena Gomez

    • "Sweetheart, amazing, the nicest," also says she is "so calm and confident"
    • She knows what she wants, "if she doesn't believe it, or feel it, she's not singing it. She's not keeping it."
    • Can't predict what will make her album, but is ecstatic about the tracks they worked on
    • She will have a different sound
    • Doesn't want to go into much detail, but says they "did a very, very heartfelt, goosebumpy mid-tempo."


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